According to George Berkeley, how many existences do our experiences reveal?
Existentialist philosophers?
What is a personal goal you want to achieve someday?
how can a man keep balance between emotion and reality?
Now what.......?
ABORTION QUESTION for you to ponder???
whats inside you?
I would like to date actors/directors how could i go about making that a reality?
Do u think that ghosts are real?
what would the world be like if money didnt exist?
Do you hear God when he speaks to you in the Silences???
How do you enjoy your life?
Help with philosophy, John Locke, Personal identity and Free Will?
Anyone found out the meaning of life yet?
Is is possible to live a fulfilled and happy life without sex?
Does this Qualify as Synchronicity?
I Just realized that I Will be dead by the year 2100. is this depressing?
what is the best thing that you have in your life?
Is this a good question?
The self/mind as the fifth dimension?
If you had no possessions,money,shelter,food, loved ones, what would make you want to keep living?
Would you want to live forever ?
If you are a philosopher by activity what word can humbly regard you?
When i say "circle" what comes to your mind?
why we slip latenight?
Is it true in formal logic that....?
describe individual theories poverty?
What's so "bad" about being racist or homophobic?
what are the main factors that makes work enjoyable for people?
Why bad things happen to good people?
what is the purpose of our existance?
what do you think about the Mediations 1 and 2 from Descartes? And what quote interests or puzzles you and why?
How do you discern truths from lies?
Metaphysical questions in the movie the island! pleaseeeeeeee?
you want to rise above a bad situation?
would we learn the full range of human emotions?
What dream do you remember was the most profound?
What does GENADM mean?
How do I make myself do what I'm supposed to in my daily life?
how can I attract my husband towards myself?
I do love the Word, don't you?
Why are all the philosophical questions unanswered and all the unphilosophical ones are?
If you had 3 wishes what would they be?? and please be specific about it?
if you can KEEP one part of your Body YOUNG FOREVER, what would it be?
what is theory language?
Do you ever feel anytime something good?
Help with master-slave morality, please?
Does God desire EVERY PERSON to be saved, or just the predestined "elect"?
Is there life after death? True or False?
What question do you want answered?I?
I'm reasking a old question now, teleportation with water, ever try it?
How does it feel How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home?
1.Give five definitions of philosophy from 5 diferent authors.Give a speech using present tense only in 15 lin
"He's in dance." Is what type of statement?
What would a person who truly never lies be like?
Would life be worth living if we didn't change as individuals?
Philosophy hw please help....?
What would you do if you had 3 months to live?
is this passage an argument or non argument?
how can a man love in a world where there is no love?
what is the significance of human life?
How would I relate existentialism to "change" or changing in an individual?
How can you truly not care about what other people think about you?
Philosophers in disagreement with Nietzsche's The Birth Of Tragedy?
Ponyfag? Really? What's with people?
What does Aristotle mean when he says that the state is a creation of nature and man is a politcal animal?
Does anyone believe...?
What's Mencius' relevance in the world today?
What are the four gate-keepers which are pillars to the Realm of Freedom?
What do you call someone who believes in free will?
Which cities I don't need a car to get around in USA?
Can you think of you Uncle by marriage brother as Uncle even thought you not strictly speaking related?
My brain isn't???????????????
What's better crafting mama or cooking mama world hobbies and fun?
WHat do you do when that fire..and conviction is gone inside you and you feel there is no hope left,do you?
What's more important: science or art?
does the way you approach life matter?
Life as we knew it by Susan Pfeffer summary?
what is the meaning of life?
who is the founder of hotmail?
What is the world's biggest buzzkill?
who is more appealing plato or aristotle?
What Is The Point Of Living If Your Just Going To Die?
If you could rename yourself, what would you want it to be?
how do i know my family history?
whic is hard... smile or cry ?
Where can I find "The Gay Science" by Nietzsche online (i.e. website, e-journal, etc)?
What is success in real sense?
What is friendship? Philosophically.?
So there you are, hanging on a sheer cliff by your fingertips...?
What is your definition of a friend?
''IN MY LIFE....''?
Why should we study Aristotle?
Why are some people so damn ignorant and stubborn?
What are your goals in life?
Why do Men and Women Get on better with the Opposite Sex?
Questions about Colorado or similar locations around the world?
Is the weight of soul 21 Grams????
I want to kill myself?
Has anyone ever considered this question?
Meaning of drive in relations to computer?
what's the most user friendly child safe browser for kids?
If humans didn't exist?
what is social space?
When will all questions cease to be posed? Or what will be the last question?
what's the best philosophical book you've read?
Can the world be a better place? some people here pick your curiosity ? and you wonder what they are going to say next ?
God vs. Evolution - tell me you're views?
Atheists, what is outside the box(universe)? If inside is Me then outside should be He?
"2001" has now passed and we seem to be so far behind...why do you think such is so?
What makes you feel vulnerable?
How do I develop a support system for myself?
What are the differences between reasoning and thinking?
What is the relationship between a just and a free person?
What is the love?
what is the'golden rule' of confucious?
How do you turn a guy on?
Descartes’ proof for God: Why does he think he needs it and what is the structure of the argument?
Philosophy: Rewrite this syllogism in standard form, and name its mood and figure?
if you could fly or be invisible, which one would you choose? why?
EXPOSING THE CATHEDRAL OF DEATH...please share your thoughts?
what is the golden mean between lying and total honesty?
what is more intelligent ,to ask a question or to give an answer?
What fills your day? What do you do?
do you have faith someday you'll be able to a travel in an eye blink?
WwIII??wat can happen to earths creatures?
Is just saying 'I love you' enough?
Do you ever feel like you wish you could share something with someone, but just could not do so?
what is the most important discovery have made?
Am I humble if I say I'm humble?
What do you think? If we knew the meaning of life, would it make life any easier?
when do you think the world will stop?
What are some questions that are always/sometimes in your mind?
voltaire famous philosopher?
target could be all of thing that we think about that on the live.?
How does making people smile make you happy?
5) How do artists portray spiritual elements and a lack of corporeality and physical world?
One Life To Live........?
A question about the "beetle" in a box?
What is the difference between utilitarism, deontology and virtue theory regarding euthanasia?
the golden rule, what's your view?
How does what you know about yourself differentiate from your world view?
What do you consider to be the root of all Evil?
what would it take to achieve world peace?
your most romantic dream?
Is this enough to end my life?!?
What is one thing in life you want?
Why is the world coming to an end?
What is the nature of normative ethics as laid down by Socrates?
Why some persons are selfish???
Are morality plays effective today?
What is a carnal mind?
How can I find the meaning of my life?
Does pure love exist?
How many levels of trust do you think there are?
Which are the universities with the best philosophy professors? Who are they?
Who was Diogenes?
how to live your life as if everyday is a holiday?
Isn't there more to life than making money and getting married?
What kind of person do you want to be remembered as?
what is E.f.t?
Why fighting for truth is always harder than spreading lies?
What should we follow if the heart and the mind are in conflict........?
Do you think knowledge causes fear?
If good intentions were osmosisly read would the world be a better place?
why is there evil in the world?
Why do I feel so sad for no reason?
why are men soo sexist?
How many Vamps are out there?
Explain Aristotle's statement:?
Two statements are contradictory if they always have opposite truth values?
What is better to have and not need it, than to need it and not have it?
What's most improtant in a persons life?
isnt innocense in adults a curse?
Question to older people: What were really the "best years of your life"?
Whats the ultimate relaxation for you?
Is the purpose of life to be happy?
Ignorance is boon or curse ?
What can you say about goth fashion...?
If I make a written statement and use a "." and then say period after that, am I being redundant?
Can pain and suffering ever be erradicated from human life?
relativism, utilitarianism, and Kant's ethics?
So what's the big deal about being a human?
What are the most important spiritual principles in your life and why.?
absolute possibility vs relative possibility?
What are any post-Hellenistic classical texts that talk about Hedonism ?
Example scenarios for Feminist Ethics?
what is the best word in the world?
What philosophy advocates the world is already an individual's property?
how can american survive the mother nature of the earth?
Were the Stonewall riots a ZPG initiative ?
Did Utilitarians agree or disagree on animals being of humanities moral concern? And why?
When "we" are finished saving the world, who's gonna save the world from "us"?
With reference to The Matrix, what is reality?
If I move house is there a shift operator describing this ? Would knowledge of laplace?
What is your motto? Read more before you answer the question.?
Geez, how difficult IS it?
If you had to choose, between Happiness or Money?
Do you believe in GOD?
What is a possible Question/Hypothesis i can make on this topic?
Is any part of the da vinci code proven?
Philosophers: Which will you choose beauty or truth? Why?
Is free will and acausal-will the same?
Mermaids Vs Lamnias?
Do people care?
What is something that's always beautiful?
Is our definition of naturalism too exclusive?
Does life need evil, sadness, hardship?
Can you choose to believe?
I feel the light betrayed me?
How, according to James (in “What Pragmatism Means”), is pragmatism a philosophical method?
can a valid argument have a false conclusion?
why must we be so precise in use of terminology in anatomy?
what, according to you is the world's greatest power?
How far to go before you know it's too deep?
Why do I always get the shopping cart with the messed up wheel?
What's worse? Regretting doing something or not doing something?
If one intentionally shoots to kill another, who later was found ..... ?
I want to be the happiest man of the world. How will it be possible?
Can someone please read this?
If you had no debt, and no dependants and we're free to do what you wanted. what would you do?
What are the main differences between epiphenomenalism and property dualism?
do you believe in a parelle universe?
What’s the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing'?
what do i look like i should/or do for a living?
EXPLAIN THE QUOTEEE?????????????/?
What are your thoughts on Nietzsche's "The Birth of Tragedy"?
To resolve... With in the word "resolve" when I look at it I see the word love, and it makes sense it takes?
What would you like to ask?
This is an experriances sharin forum?
What do evil people want besides to rule over the world?
What roles do philosophers play in American society?
Categorical imperative and dilemmas?
what is the way to be like yours dream picture ?
how beautiful your mind is?
Points for best answer only?
The use of torture, what are your views?
How do you know that you are happy?
Utilitarian justification for this action: organ harvesting when sentenced to death ?
How would the world be different if there was peace?
John Dewey?
What is the Collins submarine effort ?
Immanuel Kant's theories; Do you disagree with any of them? Why?
Picture a family of chimps in their natural habitat...?
Why at times problems come from every direction....?
ancient philosophers and upbringing children?
5 things that make you happy?
Does the human race deserve to survive?
Do you govern yourself by the laws of the land or by your morals?
Do you ever look at the good in life in a whole new way?
Earthlings: will you be surprised when you wake up one morning and we already taken ier the world?
If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound, and if it does make a sound, does anyone really care?
did philosophy has any results untill these days?
Which is better life sentence or death penalty?
Does any attribute, quality, or skill distinguish you from everyone else? How did you develop this attribute?
what did ludwig wittgenstein mean by defining philosophy as "i know not what"?
Do we choose to be offended?
At what point in your life does the World crush your spirit?
Whats the meaning of life??
If you ruled the entire world what would be your first commandment?
is there GOD??? if there is, prove it?
Where can I purchase designer handbags knockoffs wholesale?
Saw Elvis at a Kwik -Stop in Lubbock, TX; "Globe" or "Enquirer" ?
what should we do when our friend betrayed us?
What is the difference between objective reality and objective truth?
who do you love the most in your life and do the people you love less, know what ranking they are?
What Will I Do? No mental motivation ?
Is this suicide or a hostage situation?
What are some of the problems with the education systems of today?
What one thing do you love to do during the day?
anyone know about this type of superstition..?
why do we ask what?
What are some Biblical values ?!?
Are shortterm powermongers hopefully mistaken in the long run ?
When your parents die is it ok to kill yourself?
What's it like to take opium? how addictive is it? this is for research?
How wrong could you be that I am right?
Why is the Zen or other Budhhist concept of Enlightenment?
What is everything in life?
Is it possible to Live a righteous life in a sinful world?
wat is more favorable , to b more beautiful , r more intelligent (select one)?
What is Knowledge ..?
how attribution influence peoples behavior in an organizaton?
Is the narrator of Sartre's "nausea" insane?
Was I prescribed too much MGs?
Identify whether arguments are (1)inductive or deductive, (2)valid or invalid, (3)strong or weak. Explain why.?
who is to say we should seek happiness over suffering?
Which of the following is included in Empedocles' philosophies?
If by thinking, a person is. How can someone who does not, or cannot think, be?
True or False: You just agree with whatever philosophy suits your lifestyle or ideals without questioning it?
Definition for a branch in philosophy?
s! Which philosopher said that we as citizens surrender certain liberties for protection from government?
What makes you have faith in God?
What difference will it make if I put off reading Derrida?
When do you think the world is going to end???
How do you live your life?
How would you live your life if you had 5 years left and..?
How can I access my super conscious?
How young you are and how old you are ?
why are we afraid to die?
Do you think reglion and faith are possible for the same reasons that Nazi Germany came about?
Should one interfere with an empty can that's rolling around on a train floor?
What is the root cause of sorrow in the world?
what do you do when you are alone in an elevator?
Is there a god?
Describe Caesar behavior to his people , the world and Antony. how would he describe Caesar toward him?
URGENT!! I have one day left!!! Yes or no?
What to write on a book for birthday present? Poets and philosophers - help.?
Is there a way to fake human emotions?
what is your proof that a God exists?
Evil vs Insanity? Is there a difference?
What did u see in the foreboding DARKNESS last night when shadows spread across the landscape?
Why does man demand instant gratification?
Is God the only subject each of us is truly an expert on?
How can I prove this true...were can I take reference?
If an umbrella had feelings would it be happy or sad if it rains?
Can one be considered selfish due to their words and not just their actions?
Alienation from human nature?
what makes Man happy for ever??
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
IF you could choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die....?
Is it better to work towards a greater good or to work toward your enemies downfall?
how I can raise my morale ?
I'm trying to figure out my world view?
Have you ever seen sunshine on a cloudy day?
philosopher's view on human nature? PLEASE HELP!?
What is the difference between Personality & Character ...... ?
where do you place authority?
Why is love so important in life?
Prove or Contradict the following statements:?
what is the purpose of life?
What is a complicated concept you have trouble understanding?
Using the socratic method, what are good first and second order questions i could ask...?
Which university or organization is the most vibrant and productive of new ideas in philosophy?
Can anyone please analyze this passage form Jane Eyre?
Why is life worth living?
What are Kant's merits in your opinion?
Sentential Logic Question?
Where should I go to get my PhD in continental political philosophy in the USA?
What exactly do you SEE when you look at an OLD SHOE?
Tell me something inspirational and important...?
Why is life worth living?
Friends i had Topped in my Internal Exams of Philosophy,now Please give me advice and Motivate me for Finals ?
What is the difference between real happiness and genuine happiness?
what was Solon's 10 rules to live life by?
Do we need meaning and purpose or is BEING content enough?
Does not trying your hardest lead to regrets?
Do you believe in God???
how does one avoid asserting they're right?
Who has been making the purchasing decisions ? There used to be mainframes which could do the bulk of the work
Philosophically speaking, do you feel mind and body work together, or are they separate?
What's the cause of your unhappiness?
Would you opt for The Reti of you knew how well that system works?
Have you ever had enlightenment or do you want to reach it?
whats the one thing you want to accomplish in life?
How do you help a bothered Adopted person?
What does the first line of Aristotle's "metaphysics" translate to?
What does extemporanea mean?
is life a question or an answer ?
What did Foucault mean when he said "Freedom of conscience entails more dangers than authority and despotism."?
Can you logically reach the conclusion that life is not worth living?
Are you a cute, silly, little, philosophical garden gnome?
what's the best philosophical book you've read?
Quick Riddle (should take a only few seconds). Please respond if you can...?
Philosophy Vs Sociology?
Read this paragraph and give all forms of input, please.?
if you could have one moment with God what would you say?
Argument in support of the spontaneous generation theory?
Integrity : How do you define?
What's your philosophy of life?
What's it called when you learn about something and then hear about it all the time?
How do people who okay genocides sleep peacefully?
Should we have proof about something before we speak about it?
How does man relates to nature?
Could this happen on a real project ?
Why man (the humankind) always look for God?
Is the purpose of life to find the purpose of life?
Does purchasing a thing mean you own it?
If God is all Good how can he let animals suffer torture at the hands of man?
What do I do to add new addresses to my !messenger list?
if the big bang really happened why are there no pictures of it?
Does categorization of mythology deplete interests of history?
How do you differ bad from good or good from bad?
Do you know who said this?
Is moral nihilism good or bad? Is moral relativism essentially self-contradictory?
Why do you think Plato and Aristotle would agree?
Why does life feed on life?
"If truth is beauty, why don't people get their hair done at the library?
Is It Okay To Litter In Outer Space?
Motivation before a race?
what is more important - Knowledge or wisdom?
In what respect is postmodernism different from modernism?
what happened to mark farner is he really allright?
what is the ultimate question?
What's Teleological and deontological?
Do you ever proclaim ideas, which you have no proof or evidence of?
What's your life motto?
is there any scope in M.A. philosphy?(in india)?
Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative?
How does social class influence diversity forms in families?
If tomorrow never comes, will TODAY be enough?
What brings the most enjoyment to your life?
So he almost gave up but then....?
How will Life as we know it change, when we discover how to live longer/forever?
Why MUST there be beginning and end?
When you pop your clogs, what would you like written on your grave stone?
how to be happy?
When is life ending ?
man and a genius man what is the different ?
knowledge of the sciences and the arts:which is and which is not dispensable.?
Survey One?
What were Immanuel Kants formulations of the categorical imperative?
There are many languages spoken, but is the only truly universal language, that of love?
Is the social contract invoked by John Rawls an adequate method for a theory of justice?
How do you meditate? any meditation for beginners? please help?
Did you ever think about the fact that the life we live can be a dream or our dreams can be our real lives?
do you believe in the theory that the movie Matrix suggested?
What is your life time motto, and why.?
"all our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave"?
Philosophy xx1 (deductive reasoning - sentential logic), (Categorical Syllogisms)?
do you know who said that?
why is paris hilton famous and why do people care about her?
Is it okay to have a place so close to your heart and desire to have a similar place someday?
Why do some people want to have children?
Why does humans (most of 'em) want to believe that there is a higher power?
What is the word of the day :) ?
Do I exist purely for the entertainment of others?
Constant confrontation because The Verse is is in constant confrontation?
Do you ever feel like everybody is talking at you, or is it just the echoes of your mind that you can hear?
What is the most worthwile use of time?
What did John Stuart Mill mean by en lighted utilitarianism?
What's the MOST HURTING word (or phrase) that could be said to you EVER?
“What makes you happy to be alive?
Do you think life is really worth living???
What is the thing you cannot live without?
Cant seem to deal with my fear of dying?
Whats the best way to find a profound conversation?
what is dayshavoo?
can someone give me a summary of paulo freire pedagogy of the oppressed?
Danger is in the Heart or is in the Mind?
how is it impossible to be treated unjustly willingly?
Do you think smoking is cool?
if u can choose one thing u can do if u pay for it., what will it be?
What is one thing that you just love to hate?
whats the latest?
What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
why we say love is blind?
Atheist,we dont feel any miracle in nature becoz we r used to it...right?
If other lifeforms exist, How can the same God who sent Jesus to redeem a fallen creation also be present....?
What is a time paradox?
have you ever made an fool of yourself?
which is better, sadness or loneliness?
what happens if you hope too much?
having a frnd is imp. or having a good frnd is imp.?
Tell me what you think about my poem please! You can also rate it too if you'd like?
Who first said "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool"?
5 fact of the cherry blossom tree?
Can anything really be perfect?
What is lmc of 6,14,21?
How do we forget the past for it is beyond our domain? How do we forget the future for it is beyond our reach?
What is serendipity?
"Reality is only in the perception of one's mind"?
Is it possible to imagine oneself fully rational but......?
What happens when you fight the sadness but then it takes over you?
in what way and how are we related?
which is more STUPID, hanging on to something you DONT LIKE or letting go of something you LOVE?
Does this make sense ..........?
How does Descartes arrive at the conclusion that the idea of God is the most clear and distinct
Is a conscience something that is real or are we just conditioned to pretend to care?
how should i start off the introduction for my paper? please help?
how to be an optimist?
Ideas for expressing feelings?and examples of you expressing feelings?
Why is Morality such a touchy subject?
Finish this sentence please, life is ____________?
What is love? How to love and be loved?
according to norse myth those drowned - end up where?
Are morals man-made? Killing is "wrong", yet we kill all the time (bacteria, etc)...?
where are the Quranists?
What's the meaning of life?
When Collins software or earlier legacy software crashed, was a log file automatically produced which?
Are actions backed by good intention just...?
The unexamined self is an unfulfilled self quote? What's the exact wording?
If you know your in denial, then are u in denial?
Is this the right room for an argument?
knowledge society definition?
Why so serious?
A comprehensive book on logic?
What is the ONE thing a woman needs to be happy in life?
Are Descartes and Hume's view on knowledge and how we obtain it relevant today?
Am I right about deism?
Do people in a permanent vegetable state have consciousness?
what is the most troublesome clan of people(reffering to religion that is) on the face of this realm?
how do you get peace in your life?
If you were to die today, how would you like to be remembered?
Do you think life is unfair.?
What is meant by epiphenomenalism and why did Jackson defend its ideas?
What is the secret to obtaining wisdom?
If tuna is the chicken of the sea, what is the cow of the ocean?
what is the life and works of a philosopher name Robert Johann?
In times when you think you have given enough, can you give some more?
Utilitarianism? workable or not?
Discuss the main difference between early and later deism?
Will my life be fulfilling ?
Is it wrong to judge another culture based on the ethics and viewpoints of your culture?
If you had one good thing to happen to you this year what would it be and why ?
what was the first sign of the ability of humans to act inhuman under tremendous stress?
If the average lifespan was 40 years would you live your life differently?
why do we ask question???
how to levitate?
Why is the truth important?
what are the characteristics of the phenomenological method ?
If we have no souls, what is the different between killing a man and broking a chair??
What is the purpose of life?
If you could make one change to your life, what would it be?
..So what?
is there PROGRESS in PEACE?
can unreal ever know the real?
Why God can not create a world wide war this time?
Is it not the privilege(honor) of being human, to ask why?
Can you be hermetic,can you be loved but do not love?
Who are you?
What would the world be like if every one got along?
What is ur most happiest moment in life?
What will be the order starting with the earliest of Universe,existence or full existence,life?
Quotational evidence of genes emotional and physical growth in a separate peace? Also his maturity.?
What is absolute monocytosis?
Is it possible that there is something before God?
Creatures man!!! what does this mean?
what do you think about when looking at the sky or do you ever look at the sky?
Prayer to God?
If reality,as constructivists assert,is a mental construction,how can we discriminate between true and false?
What philosophy do you think most people believe?
Is it true? Can you help me?
whats the point of it all?
Why do people think money buys everything?
Where would your Utopian society be located?
Who says that it's wrong to physically attack children?
What kind of an adventure gives you a rush?
What is anger exactly? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Does it ever really help?
how can i be sure that i am real ?
What is the dullest question ever asked?
Everyone tells me I'm a failure, how would I know if they are telling the truth?
Most of us agree that knowledge is power. If it is true, what characteristic of knowledge gives it this power?
whats the most important thing in the world?
Strange hypothetical question?
What is your def. of pious and impious?
How can I give the best answer?
Is sex the consolation for those who can't find love?
please help me with marting heidegger?
How would you define funny?
Do you believe in miracles?
What are moral aspects and ethical implications?
What does Wittgenstein's view of Philosophical problems entail?
What is "Holistic Instrumentalism" ?
Is acceptance a key principle to happiness?
where do persons go after their death?
What is Nietzsche - "The Gay Science" about?
Fight or Flight?
what are the craziest sites on the web?
why do ppl do makeup for their inner being?
What exists only in the books and movies?
Am I the only young person who doesn't believe in karma, fate/destiny, soul mates, afterlife, etc?
Close your eyes for 5 Secs... And what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Who created God?
What is love in your mind?
What does this mean? 10 points for best answer! I promise :)?
Relative morality question?
Why do I find myself wavering between ideas and systems?
What will happen if my Prime Minister Lee & the whole world knows about it these are the dirty dog of SG ah?
ei guys wat is a philosophical moment?
Are you happy to get up in the morning?
Is It important to be vegetarian?
the pursuit of happiness ? really?
What were Thomas Hobbes's feelings on freedom of speech?
What is Okchams razor?
Is it weird I'm happy with having no social life?
what do you really believe in??
Do you believe in Utopia? I don't, here's why...?
personal reactions and reflection on Descartes Meditations?
What are the names of 10 modern world leaders that use Machiavelli's concepts in "The Prince"?
i cant see what i wrie or what oter people are writing me...why?
How does a software developer ensure there is enough "encrypted checksums" or similar levels of reliability?
What benefits could qualities like patience, self-control and humility provide for teenagers and adults?
What percentage of human are really honest and good soul?
Are reproductive organs clear proof that a creator does exist?
Do you think changing life is induced by changing of our perceptions.?
Who believes in extraterrestrials. (Note: I'm creating a census. Feel free to coment as you wish). -:)?
man is made in the image of God;woman,the devil why do you agree or disagree?
what do you see when you look in the mirror?
If everything is possible is it possible for something to be impossible?
What is beauty?
if TIME can be manipulated, which between the PAST and the FUTURE would you visit more often?
WHO SHOULD WIN X or Y? you can either take the side of X or that of Y.?
Which car or house would represent the type of person you are?
Are people good or evil?
Why can't we break out of the Matrix?
Agree or Disagree: It's not where you doo-doo its how you doo-doo?
What are your favorite simple pleasures in life?
why some man unable to express or communicate well?
Does money really buy happiness?
How to gain/get respect for myself?
It turned 2000 and we never got our jetpacks: What the hell?
why don't people like to hear the truth? and why don't they like to tell it too?
What is a Confounding Variable?
Plucking philosophy from a chicken: Would some one please throw me a chicken leg?
will the first half and the second half of our life be exacly opposite.. ans wrt details plz..?
the least things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest things without it. by carl jung?
What is the difference between heideggers focus on philosophy and other peoples focus?
They say the fight is more important than the outcome but what about terminal illness?
Can the universe be simplified into one big math equation? (Even if we don't know it yet).?
whats a pachichi?
When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?
How would you make a post-structurslist analysis of a painting?
What meanings do suit jackets hold?
What could the world do without?
what is the secret of being a wise man ?
Need a explanation between a formal fallacy and a material fallacy i dont know the differences please help!?
Is time real?
Are we the last living souls?
If the Universe was originated from the big bang, does it mean that ...?
I have a Philosophy Question?
Is Wikipedia getting into the charity business? Should it?
Does anyone know of any biblical quotes that demonstrate the Sanctity of LIfe?
Is one of Marx's most famous quotes misinterpreted?
Is wanting to feel content too much to ask?
Proof for idealism??
I would like to know the meaning of 'Abstract Reasoning'?
What is the nature of reality?
who thinks life is too short?
Are you afraid to die?
Are you good friends with your life ?
Why is the average age of the Bedouin (nomatic, desert shepherders) over 100 years?
why are so many people bad at spelling on thiss?
Is the doctrine of the "after-life" or immortal soul, the best technique to PULL you out of the NOW....
I WISH YOu...?
Why do we people strive so much in our life and work like donkeys, when we know in the end we all have to die?
Would you like us aliens to treat you humans like how you treat your animals?
What is a Higher Order Induction?
Hegelian conceptualisation of the object?
IS IT POSSIBLE....................??????
Is this perfectly true about God?
is unununium man-made or found naturally?
Does this sound okay/articulate?
This is not a hw question. In Zen and The Art of Motorcycle what radical ideas have been written? (spoilers)?
Is racial equality possible?
Why is it that some major problems NEVER get solved. However, frivolous fun yet unimportant things spread like?
Is there something that is forever?
Within the philosophy category, who is the Q-poser and A-respondent you most admire?
Why is it important to doubt?
Check this out, Abortion is bad based on this. New analogy.?
If the concept of time was not created, how would we know how long we have been living?
what does this taoist quote mean from Alan Watts?
is morality real? (please don't answer if you are not an athiest)?
Is Life merely a Dress Rehearsal?
Which is the very biggest sin in the earth?
can this ever happen?
What does ''lol'' stand for?
How fast are you going if you are standing still?
Is it difficult for people to stop displaying favoritism?
What is really important to you..?
Where will you be 10 years from now?
Would you rather want to be full or empty?
Who is Ayn Rand and why is she famous for?
What's an argument that can be made about overfishing?
I need your wisdom, all ages and genders...?
Should heroes be defined as people who say what they think when we ourselves lack the courage to say it?
what do you think is our scope here on earth?
where's a good site where i can find satanic mantras?
The differences between rationalism and existensialism?
whats relativism (philosophy) and please give some examples of it. :)?
What is the best nugget of wisdom anyone has ever given you?
According to Mill, in terms of their personal futures, should women...?
Sin, Suffering and Disordered Passion; Comment on this claim.?
what is the hardest thing to do when you have diahrea?
You live alone and leave your home. you come home and find a new born baby in your home. is that proof?
where can i get a soul?
What is your most prized possession? Why?
is da world funna end?
what is a transcendental universalist?
What is the difference between Metaphysics and Epistemology?
what is the most joyful thing for a woman?
do ghosts exist? if so who found out what is a ghost?
If a stranger tells you never to take advice from a stranger what do you do?
What is the problem with miracles?
What is the sweetest sound to your ears?
What would the CHILD you were think of the ADULT you are today?
If you could be...?
your home is broken into while you're asleep. would you rather have a loaded shotgun or 4 strong friends?
"Does Biotechnology affect the way people perceive the modern world"?
What is "Alter Ego Day" And what to wear on it?
What is Happiness to you?
As God, and Lord of the Universe, and All of Time, would u vote for Obama or Romney?
Transcendentalism music?
If we should ban tobacco, alcohol, and/or guns, why not other things?
Punctuate this...!!!!?
Where should I live the rest of my life?
Why does the net advertise and encourage animal desires more than spiritual ones?
What is the intimate relation between ETHICS and LOVE ...... ?
What do we surrender through forgiveness?
Who are the persons those never fail in their life?
The belief of Plato that mathematics should serve as the standard of certainty and clarity for all knowledge s?
Is there any question, which has no answer?
How will be this world after 100 years?
Is there anything like moksha, Nirwvana?
How private are you? Why do you chose to keep certain things to yourself versus things you decide to share?
Favorite Quote..?
WHY does neurapraxia happen?
What do the argument from introspection for the exsistence of nonphysical minds? what problem has been raised ?
why does callicles think self sacrifice is foolish?
how do we achieve the 3 postulates? (summon bonnum)?
Is there an "ultimate reality," or is there only our biased perception of "reality?"?
how are socrates and martin luther king jr. different in their ways of philosophy?
Which one hurts? Action or Words?
Do you think being love sick is foolish or sensible?
Are Americans actually aware that there places to visit outside of the US?
What is the notion of power?
Can you prove me that all best things in the world are free?
What are examples of passions that voice actors have?
Do Randian Objectivist ethics indicate a lack of social concerns?
in your opinion what is the meaning of 'Beauty'?
How would elucidate "Hapiness"?
Will the world end sometime in 2012?
Is the love of the world the root of all evil?
what is the aim of skepticism?
Can someone help me use this identity theory objection argument and apply it to something else?
What is at the end of the rainbow?
Who said this quote???
do u think that telling a lie especially white lies are necessary?
Does God exist?
i have name, fame,wealth and health so i must be happy but i,m not. why?
How can we all expect to be treated as equal when we all want to be different?
Why can't we all just get along?
Do you feel that you can help better by asking or answering?
what is the meaning of life?
why love is necessary in the life?
Can someone be taught or do they teach themselves?
What would happen to you?
Are your questions mostly 'murderous'?
What is the biggest human weakness?
Robert Solomon ethics in business?
What doo you think of little Buddha-Nepal?
What do you think about this??????
If you feel something, does the other person feel it too?
How can I make the world a better place?
What is God's response to Job?
Aristotles vs Plato, main differences in their views?
Have you ever experienced Platonic erôs?
Is it true that what doesn`t kill you only makes you stronger?
what is the spirit of a philosopher , could they wish to be a dancer?
Any good chat rooms for discussing philosophy and personal theories?
What would you class as maturity?
do you believe in god?
Is it sad that I am happier in my imagination than reality?
Who is nirmal darbar? What's so good about him?
Are you an observer, or a participator of life?
why do stupid people always resort to using their bibles when they cant answer a question on their own?
why do people hug everyone all the time??
Will you be Glad when the world come to an End?
Describe the human condition.?
Struggling with a cosmological argument essay?
What do you think is one thing the world would be best off simply not having in existence? Explain...?
Do each of us fill a void of just take up space?
What could be the greatest question in the history of mankind?
Do i have a calling in life... i am so lost and confused?
What would you like to be if you had a second chance at life?
If u had to sum up all of existence in 1 word what would tat word be?
Do you believe that as few as 200 people could change the psychological climate of the world?
what is your most precious moment(or possession) in life?
what is the best (one thing only) in life?
Y people not accept god,do u think a boat can float over water automatically?
serious question: If we had to justify our existence(each of us) what would we say?
What is your greatest fear in life?..?
Is it true that every time you run into a paradox...?
Do you find the beauty in the world to be painful?
What is the difference between a Hasty Generalization and Fallacy of Division/Composition?
Could someone explain to me the beliefs and practices of a?
what are the cause why there is secularism?
What is the problem with Descartes' proof for the existence of God?
Are there really only two types of people in this world?
Are we all alone in the end?
philosopher karl marx and his teachings?
Do you know what Ya-hoo means?
Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?
How is varna system supposed to be based on merit?
Philosophical question on love?
What will you find at the point of "no return"?
I can't understand it. Is it me or the peoples around me??!?
What is the meaning of life?
How many people have lived on the earth since time began?
What is Naturalized Epistemology?
What could I do to make myself less shy?
Are we blinded by the things we do not want to see? Are we too busy looking at what isn't, instead of?
Why do people like to kill beautiful things...?
Do you believe virtue is a matter of balance and moderation?
what is sin according to the book of Romans?
Why are we here? Life? The internet? The quest for completion?
if u could have anything in the world what would it be?
What is one job you would NEVER do?
the golden rule, what's your view?
Are you a bad person if you smoke a?
Is life or death better?
Thomas Hobbes Human Nature!?!?
What is the biggest decision you have ever made, and why did you make it?
What do you think of his philosophy?
What two words are used most in convincing others.?
Gak bisa maen half life 2 ultimate edition 6?
Why do people falsely believe in a personal God ?
Question about atheism proof, as part of poor design argument?
What cause someone to resort to indifference......?
what does everything is fine love your government stand for?
Why there is answers without questions than questions without answers?
do we need a counselor(those who give counseling)? What's the use of our brain then?
What do you think is the meaning of life?
What is the best question ?
definition of collectivism vs Individualism?
The mechanics of karma are?
What is a narcissist?
Do you know where your understanding of life is?
Need help with a paper!!?
can you please explain to me the tripartite soul by plato? thank you?
What is the role of religion in politics and in the life of a prince according to Machiavelli?
what is more important your ego or gods will?
Who inspires you......?
difference - BA philosophy and Bachelor of Philosophy?
What would be worse and why: Being face to face with an angry Cheetah, or face to face with 2 angry pitbulls?
what does 'nothing over and above' mean in philosophy?
Is free will just an illusion?
How come God has always been portrayed in the public arena as a man?
How would you compare our love to one another?
where have you found happiness?
Is there such a thing as a stupid answer?
How do You Define Yourself?
Virtue Ethics and the Good Life in Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics...?
Does someone who is about to die lack decisional capacity?
do you find that maturity and wisdom make you less sensitive?
In a sentence define "Objective Fallacy"?
What makes you come on answers? Boredom? seeking understanding or company?
how can i translate seperateness into english now, as seperateness is my primitive language?
Will there be truth in the absence of religion?
Have you ever truly realised you are going to Die?
What is your greatest weakness about your life?
Why is my brother being so selfish?
What is your definition of life?
Many animals are like Human because many Men, are like animals. What do you think about it ?
if it's possible to send a PACKAGE to someone in the PAST or FUTURE, to whom would you send it?
I just thought, "The road to success is paved with blood." Is it possible to pave it with anything e?
If the death is a part of the cycle of life, then what is the cycle of the death that leads to life of itself?
You ever get that feeling where you know what is best for someone but they dont know whats best for them......?
what is the relationship between idealism and realism?
Why are people unhappy?
Would Collins system have been tested to the test plan, or does this never happen in such a project ?
is God present in hell?
I have a Question over PLATO's THE REPUBLIC?
Dostoevsky's Underground Man?
Is Life fair?
What does this recurring dream mean?
What are animals to you? Nothing or incredible? Why?
It's warfare we're dying, believing we're winning.?
Where did Machiavelli keep his prints?
Can yoga or meditation cure our ailments? How?
Is this an acceptable TOK knowledge issue?
Apart from Searle who else stresses supervenience?
What's your life moto? Your philosophical way of living life?
Are you awake?
How did Pericles define Athenian democracy?
Who are we??????????????????
In life "Love" is so essential...? I mean a girls is need ?
What does it mean to live in a Capitalistic\Consumer system? and who supports our lifestyle e.g...............
Surely it easier to love than to hate? So why is there so much hate in this world?
Do you ever think that people think about thinking too much?
What is the destiny of human kind?
Do you like mean people?
How does the Character Raskolnikov relate to Aristotle and Epicureanism?
why to create such great universe?
What's more important to you... your happiness or your paycheck?
To devlope a large computer program, would large amounts of time need to be allocated to automated unattended?
If you had a box, 7 ft. high, and 4 ft, long and 4 ft, wide. inside is the portal to your Universe.?
anyone into ghosts and the paranormal, or believe to have a sixth sense of perception?
How do you express your love of life?
Life is full of ups and downs, which one did you enjoy most?
Should Health Insurance be based on Employment?
Is this statement considered a slippery slope (philosophy definition)?
how do you control and direct your "chi" energy?
Intelligence has its limits but stupidity has no limits ( is that true )?
what is time?
Is it possible that reality is entirely different from what we perceive?
Should a man cry?
Would there be this eternal seeking if the found existed?
Could the people in heaven be happy if they knew they had friends and family in hell?
What are some great films to watch in philosophy class?
Why are people obsessed with trying to find the truth?
with what can help poor people?
what is the one thing you can never have enough of ?
What word could describe "a person who believes there is no God or gods"?
What are your favorite mottos?
How much money do YOU need in order to be happy?
Plutonium has a half life of 2.4 × 104 years. How long does it take for 99% of the plutonium to?
We are in 2012 now but why we say that it is 21st century ? it not yet 2100?
exactly what is shyness?
Would Kant believe that a Fiddler Crab could have reverence for the law?
Would this be considered stubborn or admirable?
a true friend?
I just heard these lyrics! I think theyre true! Whats your opinion on these lyrics?
give an essay about everything we see or feel is an effect of gods power.?
Are there objects that don't exist?
What is the point.......... ?
Sum up how you want the world to view you and what you want to achieve in life.?
How much power has the word IMPOSSIBLE over our minds?
What is deja vu to you?
I have 2 questions. Do you believe in god because someone told you? Do you agree with atheism?
OK, so what's the speed of dark? LOL?
How does Anselm argue for the existence of God? what is the greatest philosophical challenge it faces?
What are the basic philosophical implications...?
What are some great quotes that are clever but meaningful?
Do you believe animals are aware of their environment, or do you believe they are just reacting to stimuli?
How was the word Methodist derived?
True or false - Money can buy you Happiness?
Have you ever feel in love with someone's picture?
Why is Objectivism so popular?
Voting: Is it a civic right or a civic duty?
Exactly how powerful is beauty?
List of good things in life?
Why are all the useful finite numbers on the zero side of the number line?
Help me understand Derrida's deconstruction?
what will happen if you see a mans face on
Why Demonstrating superiority is a demonstration of inferiority.?
Is there AN AGE LIMIT for self-improvement?
How do you get the converse of an A proposition?
Why do we play at killing?
Ever read "The Book of Secrets" Did you find the key?
What exactly does Spinoza mean by affections?
Is the phrase "whirlwind of half thoughts" a metaphor?
Which side is the sunny side of the street?
Are we doomed?
What is the body?
life sometimes seems a living hell. sometimes paradise. do u believe in after life wen v hav both in here?
What will be the ultimate downfall of mankind?
One thing in your life you're grateful to have - go!?
Is it better to confront your fears or to just ignore them?
How do you craft an ideology, morality, and worldview that is true to yourself?
Can you kindly help me understand this?
Would you take the cure for aging?
Which platform should I advocate for?
Explain the importance of the first great awakening.?
Where in an "old bible" is there a mention of Cheranoyble. Chapter & verse please.?
Agree/Disagree: it's the little things in life that give happiness..?
apply this to your life?
Would you surrender your consumer goods for humanity?
The True essence of Love is ___________ ?
Philosophy - Self & identity?
Can we honestly eliminate racism?
When will society get that all people have a fundamental right to invest their own welfare in their judgment?
What do you believe in?
Is life worth living?
tell me something about Plato?
How can I handle this one?
Is it true Nietzsche was a virgin, loner, and a freak of nature?
Tell me why this world is a mess?What its all about?
If humans didn't exist?
which is more appropriate?
If you could enlighten me in one word or phrase , what would that word or phrase be?
why do we think ?
Can someone find a hole in this deductive logic about the existence of a god?
Is everything really reachable?
what is love ? how can show it?
Ayn Rand "Anthem" help?
Is there such a thing as destiny?
What are your Golden rules that you follow in life ?
why do people cry ?
Do you think God created Charles Darwin?
What happens when we die?
I accidently. It myself on a nail and italy made feel better?
Critical thinking challenge, can you best define the term "Intellectual Autonomy" ?
Why don't people smile back?
Why are knowledge claims from the Natural Sciences as valid, or more than other Areas Of Knowledge's (AOK)?
What Is Your Defintion Of Being "Smart"???
Does pragmatic philosophical tradition aims to make philosophical questioning practical?
Why the wall between Love and Hate is so fragile ?
Calling all philosophers! Who said this?
When is the world supposed to end?
POLL: What is your personal perception of the universe ???
Which comes first...'LIFE' or 'DEATH'?
can anyone ever be "truly happy" or do we compromise certain aspects within ourselves and call it a day?
How often do you rearrange the furniture of life, or do you try not to?
Is honesty overrated? Is it always the best policy? Why or why not?
Kants categories? Revision-can you please check if this is right? Please answer.?
What would you do if you were the only person on Earth?
which is WORST: Stolen IDENTITY, Stripped MEMORY or Sold SOUL?
What Does "Supernatural" Mean to You?