~POLL~ What do YOU think is the most profoundly impacting dividing force to the human race?
what is the purpose of life?
how do you see your life in 10 years time?
public or private school, which is better?
What percentage of the people on this forum actually have any idea what philosophy entails?
whats your problem in life?
Philosophy question! Robert Nozick's "s believes that p" explanation?
is it LOVE, FOOLISHNESS or mere INSTINCT to Jump and try to SAVE a loved-one drowning...?
why is god such an asshole?
God gave us Earth to share equally. Why are we dividing within us and creating inequality?
What is the opposite of "self-reliance," according to Ralph Waldo Emerson ?
Which was the best year of your life?
What is the knowledge which makes every study structured?
Can G-d create a rock so heavy that he would be unable to lift it?
What would you choose if you had a choice of....?
Why would I be humble before any but God?
How to be the master of your mind?The hindus call "goswami".?
How to live and be happy?
Hang on. If Collins project had "integration problems" doesn't that imply someone mucked up the "integration?
Is philosophy a good alevel to take?
If i drink 4 cups of tea, 3 glasses of coke and a pint of milk, what time will 92 bus be due?
Is God one only, then how come we have so many Temples, Churches, Mosques different totally?
Who is GOD?
Are you aware of what you spend your time thinking about? Do you keep a journal?
in LIFE, what is the HARDEST thing to Learn?
State the greatest achievement in your life. How did you (or someone else) get there and how long did it take?
Why do we exist and what's the meaning of life?
How does the Ed Norton character in Fight Club embody the modern predicament of nihilism?
Why was John Locke the philosopher disliked?
Why does the Universe exist ﭢ?
Are Neanderthals still alive and with us even to this day?
If money is the root of all evil why do churches want it so much?
The 15 year old who committed suicide, How do you think this could have been prevented?
What does it mean if i only think in emotions and pictures?
Is there a way to fake human emotions?
how could i change totally my personality to the one i dream of having always?
Why do we need to keep promises according to utilitarianism, kantian ethics, social contract theory and virtue?
Why do coffee prices change depending upon the time of day ?
Help I really need to know?
why? deceptively simple question isn't it?...?
Would beauty strike your eyes or heart?
How do I find peace in my physical life?
Do you think philosophy makes any sense?
What's the best use of my time stop (with expandable bubble) power?
From which moment our life really starts?
What is Anscombe's view on morality?
Who supported Socrates?
Aristotle: What does it mean to be a good person?
What legal practice should be made illegal, and what illegal practice should be made legal?
What is the most significant ideological invention in the history of mankind?
what is your interpretion?
what is the standard thiking in the world?
Where are all the motivated people the motivational speakers motivated?
Is every wish a selfish wish?
What is the most important thing in life?
is there a question which does not have answer ?
Who to cut down a tree on hometown the game ?
Give either aquinas' cosmological argument from motion or causality for god's existence.?
should a person believe in astrology?
Is it normal to always think of a pet dieing?
How do you feel about this quote taken from a Japanese girl living with physical disabilities?
If Everything Ends, Then What Is The Point Of Starting?
What sized chunks of the philosopher Nietzsche are digestible? A whole chapter takes an eternity.?
What enneagram type are you?
Have you heard of the "Sperm Theory" ?
My life is like the Truman show, proove me wrong?
Had next planet be inhabited with our staunch enemies, would we all earth be united?
How to make the world a better place.?
How does jealousy feels, they say jealousy is a human emotion I understand that part. Im asking how?
Explain in detail how Caso's philosophy was a reaction against positivism.?
If you could describe a perfect life with just three words, what would they be?
where can we store ALL our files online for FREE online?
LIFE on Mars or LOVE on Earth?
What is Human Freedom? do we really have freedom?
Does anyone care anymore?!?
What is the meaning of life?
What is Gettier's counterexamples to the standard view of knowledge?
If you could pick one person to have a conversation with, dead or alive, famous or not, who would it be?
Is passion good or bad?
prove that you exist?
Is it ok to take offense ?
I need info on plato and classicism can you hlep me?
Do you like telling other people what to do?
Complete the sentence : Never forget __________?
If life on earth is still evolving?
Should life be lived as it is, or as it should be?
4 rules of reasoning in Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"?
Why do you support abortion?
what does the wall represent in Plato's Cave Simile?
What shape do you imagine all of time and space to be?
Is the life philosophy "All or nothing" good for reaching success in life?
Philo question. ADHD plus Deep Thinking plus Music = Misery Catastrophe fun!?
Is it not immoral to go against human nature?
Is 'man' inherently good or evil?
Are you happy or sad???????
socks on first? ....or pants in first?
if u could have anything in the world what would it be?
what is easy in life?
How Do You Turn An Enemy Into A Friend?
Have u looked for love in all the wrong places? Or all the right places?
In star trek, the body is "beamed" molecularly, but what about the soul?
Suggest any philosphical topic valid for research ?
What are the top most unrealistic details regarding the traditional concepts of what a Utopia would be?
if you had the chance to be the opposite sex for one day , what will you do at that day !?
What is one thing you believe in?
Do we seek the truth or does the truth seek us?
Have you attained the true wisdom?
Whats wrong with the world?
Which was first, the egg or the chicken? Why?
Does money define happiness?
How come something i wanted turned out something i didnt want?
Is it true that our life is ending one minute at a time?
What is the relationship between commodity racism and contemporary representations of others?
what is the meaning of life ?
Have u ever read a book that changed your life? For the better?
If everyone you ever loved died because of it?
Is god good because he's god or because he does good deeds?
When is the world going to end?
The relation between Aristotle and Plato?
Need a great thought against "emotions"?
who according to you is god?
who lives a better life- a Hindu Monk or upper class western person?
what does disease is not the cause of death mean?
Why am I sad???.....?
Could much love kill?
how do you cure boredom?
Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
How to have a peaceful life?
What are all of the worst human qualities?
When using a pen, do you prefer the colour black or do you like blue.?
"..Have you come here for forgiveness, have you come to raise the dead, have you come here to play Jesus.."
Wouldn't it be good if we could live without a care?
would any one agree that ezio from assassin's creed is a existentialist?
why does Frye favour all students being taught the humanities?
why don't you people believe in God?
Does it make me insecure if I do not like to receive compliments about my looks from men?
philosophers: the atheist or the God fearing man?
What is an example of inductive/ abductive reasoning in politics?
The greatest piece of advice...?
Emotional Freedom technique EFT for healing from emotional abuse?
what's it all about?
why is human mind is always looking for something better in life?
A level philosophers, does this make sense concerning reason and experience...?
I don't want to live on this planet anymore?
What will you like to be remembered as after you die...?
It's warfare we're dying, believing we're winning.?
If there was a time in your life when your emotional attachment to someone was detrimental, when would it be?
What is your religion and did you ever thought about converting to another religion?
What is your favorit word?
do u believe that opportunity knock only once?
I really want to give BA's here. Help me out?
How political ideology and political philosophy be differentiated? what exactly the differences between them?
why to people love others?
Why do Weather People.........?
what is the sweetest thing in the world?
Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full?
What is a Modern day Taoist mage?
What is normal, (read on)?
What do you hate most?
What makes you cry?
What are you willing to die for?
do you think the best part of your life has already happened?
What do you want out of life?
Thoughts are many, questions are none? Can you answer me what i can't ask?
“Get a life!” Do I have a life?
what doesn't change in your life?
Is love a part of sex or sex a part of love ?
I'm about to lose my job but have a plane ticket to a tropical island paradise, do I still go?
how do i kno wen its tha rite time 4 me and my girl 2 make out?
Questions regarding the philosophy of MICHEL FOUCAULT: Freedom...?
What is your own definition of willpower?
Can the human brain handle all the knowledge and info there is to know, would it ever reach maximum capacity?
If you love someone and have committed yourself to one another...?
who's your unreal dad or loved?
What do you compare yourself to?
why do we always try and simplify the complexity of nature?
Why do people LOVE one direction so much?!?
Why do guys get bullied for having morals in life? What's wrong with having morals?
do you think its weird that?
Is this an eloquent message of "body language" being acted out, or is it a blunder?
what is beauty to you?
How did the premature deaths in Ralph Waldo Emerson's life shape who he became?
If you DON'T want to have kids, please list your reasons?
When ANGELS Talk what do they sound like?
Mind Blowing Philosophical Quotes?
Has anyone used inner vision to perceive dark matter and or inner visions of lower dantien and qi/chi?
If someone you loved died suddenly, and you were given one last chance to see them, what would you do or say?
How do I tune my mind into a different frequency?
do business rules have a pedigree ?
How can I prove P-->¬P : ¬P without using RAA in 11 lines?
Meaning of this saying a day of nothing yet a day of everything?!?
How age human life in world?
Why is Meursalt (The stranger, Albert Camus) an existentialist?
if you could go back in time?
If only Christians go to heaven....?
Ever feel like your not being used to your full extent?
Why is death important?
Does love contain carbohydrate?
would my self portrait painting sell?
Any genius on existentialism?
What's your greatest fear?
Which is better - an internal or external locus of control?
what did you want to do as a child and what are you actually doing now???
Who is the wisest person on earth?
If you would write your SECRET on a piece of paper, WHERE would you keep / hide it?.. Why is that?
What was kants proof for the existence of objects existing independently from our perceptions?
Is Spinoza's work still relevant today in any way?
Is there sex in heaven?
Half of knowing what you want out of life is knowing what you have to give up to get you agree?
What is the final thing to know for all existence...?
Where do we start diffrenciating reality and dilusion?
I feel like the human race is worthless?
what are structuralist and post-structuralist theories in literature?
if you retired from your job today, what would you start doing tomorrow?
What is the kindness thing about your character?
How do you follow your dreams if something gets in the way?
What makes you human?
personal reactions and reflection on Descartes Meditations?
How can people believe in things like souls ? There is no soul, there is no heaven and there is no hell?
How come that SOME others misunderstand the difference Between "Acknowledging and Teaching"? While conveying?
What is the psychological reason for this?
Letting go is in our conscious control the only thing stopping us is negatives beliefs/ self talk?
what can I do to acheive the following things below:?
How would you explain change?
How does the pragmatic methid relate to nominalism,utilitarianism, and prositivism?
David Hume question...urgent!?
What is the life span of a document?when 2 dispossed a document?
What is Rousseau's view on the social contract?
What is the biggest mistake you have done is your life? Do u have dare to share?
I have this theory on the Universe, God, & The Human Mind, can anyone give me your opinion?
What's Life's secret password for today?
Since Science is a procedure to discover the truth...?
What do you think life is about?
Do you know anybody who is truly Amoral?
Chicken or egg?? Anyone decided yet?
How do we make things last when we will all be here for a moment?
Do you think this is the fullest unequivocal fact in attraction?
what is the worst part of working at a cash register?
If you could grow an extra body part, what would it be?
If you could have one person understand you better who would you pick and why?
Adam and Eve where creations. Correct? So did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
Who are the loneliest people in the world? And why do you think they are? Do they deserve to live then?
Do you like this commercial regarding "crazy people"?
What do you do when feel like you have no one to depend on and every boby depen on you?
"A man who does not enjoy doing noble actions is not a good man at all"?
could we be literally looking at our past when we look up at the stars?
what is meant by the polis proceeds the individual?
How does Plato address love and virtue in de anima?
How does anything have any meaning, if the only way we can describe things is that they aren't something else?
If you could be anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?Who would you be with?
Does anybody really really know what happens after death?
will machines one day will destroy human emotions?
Would you agree or disagree with this statement?
Yes or no.. Decision making?
Kant's phylosophy .... really important !!!?
Innuendo and/or No Fallacy?
Statistics report of infeildity rate in all countries?
Teenager here who dosen't know what to do?
Are you comfortable with the Unknown?
people talk about the universe helping or guiding them along. who ia behind the universe is?
why do we die?
what was Nietzsche major elements?
Is smaller and weaker more loved then bigger and stronger?
Whom do you think is the greatest person born on earth?
How does Hobbes interpret religion?
What is your dream in this world ?
what is ur strength?
Can we measure the power of "thoughts"...? How?
Is this the right room for an argument?
Is there a reason for today?
Is it more essential to develop beliefs or gain knowledge?
How will technology enable the collaboration process in the future?"?
POLL: When was the last time you felt truly happy in your life ???
according to socrates character lysis ....?
Why do people get married? Is marriage pointless?
Over my head--disillusioned by the oppression of society,facticity,and the finality of one life.advice please?
can i hope somone to answer my question? (please read details)?
What is the most important thing in life?
Why is this NOT an argument?
when you look up to the sky?,whats the first thought that comes to your mind?
Are you a hero? Do you believe in it?
Could a physicalist believe in God?
to what extent does the changing image of the american media contribute?
what is the point of life??
If the Tortoise said to Achilles any good logic is things to be writing down then what is good logic?
What is the true meaning of Tailiksun?
The Socratic method is best applied to:?
How do we as a society curb so much negative talk in our lives?
Was Collins software system pre-fabricated ? (2 portions of an Airbus were built at different locations. They?
What are your thoughts of the love of God pertaining to the new creation in us?
what the HELL is that smell?
Translation of : "Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love:
It is said the measure of a man is not how he acts when things go smoothly, but when he is challenged, true?
What if when you close your eyes, everything disappears?
According to you, how you will define your life?
it could have been a much better place to live in BUT _________?
What happens to a dream deferred?
If, stinky is bad, then yknits smells good????"?
What will tommorow hold?
How to live in the time like this?
What is human's greatest weakness..?
Are you innocent or corrupt?
Is myth telling a rational activity?
Living life comfortable doesn't help you get wiser..?
Life of Pi versus Secondhand Lions?
How can I get the adress of a person from polska?
Which do you like better - eternity or infinity?
"Plato's analogy of the cave tells us nothing about reality" Discuss?
Does chaos only exist in our imagination? Or am I imagining that?
Are Imaginary Numbers still (fictitious, absurd, false) or (sophisticated, subtle) relative to Real Numbers?
What would Socrates think?
Anyone know about Diderot?
How would describe the feeling one gets when "mentally stressed" or "mentally tense"?
Agree or disagree - "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."?
What is the meaning of life?
what is the 12th demension?
Where can I get a pentagram of solomon? how can I chage the pentagram?
Best advice you've ever been given?
I could have been any one of a billion species, so why am I a human?
filipino well-known artist?
I have 2 i's plus 6 i's..and your day is brighter, cause a kite, that once flew WHAT, not who, am I?
What was supposed contradiction in simonides poem and what was Socrates 3 interpretations?
When does a joke go too far?
In American Philosophy it is called "VOID" what is the russian word for "void" which as the same meaning ?
Philosophy for living?
Am I true to Myself?
I feel like lack of psychedelics is making me stupid?
Learn truth and be unhappy, or stay ignorant and be happy? Ignorance is bliss?
Need help with some Plato questions. I'm very confused?
Is there a downside to beauty?
How can we best express our appreciation for the awesome gift of life?
What are some important life lessons you learned?
How do you convince yourself your OCD is irrational?
do u think god loves atheists too? or does he atleast care about these people?
Why do we find humour funny?
Heidegger and Sartre: Nihilation?
Does Agnosticism Make Sense?
What is happening to the world?
Any psychics good with names?
If you could think of one thing all humans have in common what is it?
Differences and similarities between Althusser's and Levi-Strauss' theory of societal structure?
Are innate ideas the same as a priori?
How to say 'no'. to especially you love and care.?
Why is it so important to look behind our past,but not to repeat them.....?
Would you rather lose all of your memories or never be able to make new ones?
why did got create us if we are just going to die again?
Why does cutting myself help me?
A question about a Quote/Saying?
What's the cure for sanity?
Do you forgive easily............ ?
Do you know who will make the end of the world?
Can LOVE stop TIME...Can TIME stop LOVE?
are you the master of your UNIVERSE?
Separate Peace Question?
Who, when and how was the order of letters in the english language determined???
Why must people always choose sides and base their entire life on this side??
Your whole life you have wanted something, what is it?
can someone please explain this about Hume?
I require help for my philosophy. (ALL ANSWERS ARE WELCOME)?
what is love to you?
How do I cut out consumerist greed?
In your opinion, what makes a happy/great-life?
Summary/meaning of Parfit's "Personal Identity"?
In Plato's Allegory of the Cave, what does the light represent?
making an impact to the world??????????
Spartans vs. Samurai?
what the meaning of Black?
What was the patriots cause during the american revolution?
when are you happiest?
who is the greatest love of your life?
"Is something good because God commands it, or does God command it because it is good?"?
Can you "phase" in & out of our particular reality if you're philosophical?
What do you think of life?
Philosophy help please!?
Who is your favorite philosopher and why do you identifiy with that person?
What do you really think went through Nietzsche's mind during the last years of his life?
when i find out god ? live or after death ?
What is it Like to have your life flash before your eyes?
What to do with my life?
Is philosophy utterly useless?
does anyone else ever get depressed on sunday? and why?
Can you please recommend a philosopher. Who in your opinion has the most interesting theories?
Why is this site so popular?
Would Computer Science really be significantly retarded if B. Russell didn't develop his system of logic?
what is white tantrika?
I feel like i have no one to talk to or be myself with?
Is it better to learn from your own experiences or save yourself the pain and learn from those around you?
Can anyone define love? (and I dont mean the dictionary's Definition)?
"An examined life is not worth living". Can you explain this in your own undersanding?
Question about identifying thoughts as yourself...?
Are people generally good or bad?
what is the view of cultural relativism?
Would you rather focus your life on a good job or a good time?
Is major in Philosophy good preparation for law school?
is it "wrong" to seek out punishment?
What type of language is the language to discussed the meta language which is discussing the formal language?
If you were able to build a machine that could become 1000 times more intelligent that you, would you build it
Aristotle and Education-- what did he say about learning and teachers?
Why does almost everyone on this board answer questions with opinions and not facts?
Why is it "wrong" to eat dog or cat, but okay to eat chicken or beef from cattle? ?
What is the Fourth Drive Theory?
Who said "Man as knower & as a posr of an immortal soul...?
1)how can logic help in the attainment of truth. 2)philosophy is '' i know not what ''.discuss
Just a sense of life? Stupid?I don´t know. Good,if You are with me and I know you are give me the answerPLEASE
Gradations of the refinement of what we know as matter...?
Which model of swift desire is forever best?
Philosophy question of the day?
Why would a woman stare at another?
What do you think of this situation?
Haste makes _____.?
Philosophically, is there a moral dilemma?
How many lives have you lived?
What will replace our demand on fossil fuels?
Ignorance vs. Knowledge: Which is more dangerous?
How to survive as an existential nihilist?
Is it ethical to use animals in war?
True or false? According to Putnam, if someone who had never seen a dog, was given a picture of a dog, the...?
who cares? & what does it al matter?
What is the point to live?
Online or offline confession?
Will I be mad after all or is it a passing faze?
Would you feel the pain of every individual on the world?
In this life...HONESTLY?! What matters? what matters? to keep you appreciating life..WHAT MATTERS?!?
What does William James mean by "the wider self"?
If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Do you know who you want 2B?
If you desperately needed a heart transplant to live, would you accept one if you knew it came from a rapist?
Is non-therapeutic genetic manipulation morally acceptable?
what do you do when your hopes are destroyed?
How to do something wrong without leaving any proof or being caught?
If I were blind my whole life, how would you describe what green looks like to me?? i bet you can't answer!?
Who is the orator and philosopher who is called on Romans to work together?
If you are a complete pessimist, does that mean you are positively negative?
Do you regard every day as a gift? ...a challenge? endurance test?
What is YOUR purpose in life?
Why don't people commit suicide when they're really happy?
I am 24 years now?
I am seeking the source of the phrase "I have become my enemy" (or similar)?
is it better to be stoic or to wear your heart on your sleeve?
How do you destroy the universe by screaming?
What little things do you guys find inconvenient in your life?
Would a safety-critical computerization project normally involve pre-agreed algorithms to be fielded in the?
How is your life based on your salary?
I don't understand life??
why r people so rude?
Anyone know where I can find an image of Hume's Fork? Can't find one!?
How Can One Devote His Self to Change For Better?
Why do we see ugly people as ugly, but see attractive people as attractive?
I have a questions on looks as far as mating and dating and befreinds ppl. Could this be coicidental or life?
What is the most creative outlet you have?
What is happiness?
Philosophies on the importance of life and justice?
What was Kiri Kin Tha's first law of metaphysics?
They do individual justice whenever. But the social one ? When ?
I am lost and have never known who I am or my purpose,how can I find myself and mature into adulthood?
what would be the price for ultimate power and knowledge?
Howmuch trust is there left in todays affinity "relationships."?
The oracle in the Matrix...?
Who said: Be at War with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every year find you a better man?
how can i make a reductio ad absurdum for “statues are like living systems"?
What is love? can anyone describe?
Would humans naturally learn to walk without their parents assistance as small children?
Anyone here fan of the show Firefly?
Need Help Translating the following Logic Question into a symbolic expression?
wat happens to people after they r dead??
Why do misanthropes assume that any species that were sapient would naturally have better morals than Humans?
What is your first wish/desire you want to full fill when god appear infront of you..?
how do you deal with the feeling of "regret"?
How hard is it to be you?
How can the human race survive the next hundred years?
Who were the great Renaissance men connected, that brought some impact that affected to Da Vinci's works?
If you could start over the last five years of your life, would you?
What is the book you would have most wanted to write?
I want a muse! How do I get one?
what is the meaning of life ??
What do you think would happen if there were no death for human beings?
how do i motivate myself to be better as person?
what would you be?
Please just give your opinion on who?
What are the lines on the scrotum of a male?
What the god damn ****?
Why should there be an eternal life?
What do you think about my plan for life? Im 13?
How did you learn what it meant to be a man/woman?
If MONEY is NOT everything... WHAT is EVERYTHING?!?
about money ! what do you think about it?
Where can I read Plato’s claim that only what is unchangeable can be known?
Help understanding a poem?
Contemporary Media's Representation of Philosophies, Ideologies, and Theories?
Is it more important to do what you love or to love what you are doing?
Define boredom in your terms!?
Is it really a closed-loop, if it can be "cut"?
If you had the choice of...?
Plato's theories of knowledge and reality, as simple as possible?
Without Religion, will we live like ANIMALS?
What "standard" was Collins software developed to ?
If small things hurt a lot then why most of we does ignore small/minor things?
Are you responsible for your suffering or somebody else is?
does the friends you keep reflect what type of person you are?
If you could write a ground-breaking philosophical book what would be the premise?
What is a cool collective type of person? ?
How is the world going to end?
Who is the supreme personality of Godhead?
In frankenstein, describe the shift in tone when victor says,?
Can someone give me a definition of Existentialism?
IF you COULD HAVE one question answered by God WHAT would it Be??
Why do girls, even college age girls, develope Celebrity crushes?
2 part question. How would you descibe a person....?
Who are the people who drain your energy and who are the people who energize you?
Why do people get angry and shoot?
What is the answer to Life, The Univers and Everything?
Does time feel faster the older you are or when you are younger?
Is this a question?
If my actions are determined, does that mean they cannot be free?
Are true leaders born or made?
I had a best answer to one of my questions which said "Without answers, questions are useless." Is this true?
If there are "software integration problems" with a project, might I infer that a suite of authenicated?
Does infinity actually exist?
What's a question you would never ask and WHY?
If one has more wealth than enough, is it a blessing or a curse?
If Nature could speak to you... ?
Has the economy effected you?
What constitute "Kiss" ? Desire or Love ? How ?
Substitution Instances - Constructing Arguments?
for every thing there is a creater so, who creat the GOD?
What are the important features of natural moral law?
Do you believe there's life after death?
Compare and contrast three scenariosin the Matrix with three illustrations of Descarte method of radical doubt
would you Rather be a GARDEN, an ORCHARD, or a FOREST?
what is nothingness?
What are some good current books in philosophy?
Are there really three sides to every story?
Can we speak with god ? When and Where ?
what is the significance of middle age and medieval time? why is the medieval time is known as the middle age?
perfect people?
What are the features of an intellectual or classical approach?
what's ur philosophy about life?
True or false - Having kids makes your life miserable ?
Philosophy paper, please help?
who is your inspiration......?
what is the real aim of the human life?
How long can you keep a lie?
Why do i feel hatred towards everyone?
You are the last human left not in captivity. Do you join your captors willingly?
If you could know when your going to die...would you want to?
Do you think prejudice will continue to be in life?
What is the subject matter of...?
How can I prove that God is good, aside from Faith?
Utilitarianism v. Hedonism - what's the real difference?
HEY IT WORKED FOR ME....try these for you?
Why everbody ask shitty Questions?
do you think its a bad or a good thing to be a firm believer in karma?
Is it possible to obtain a stick with only one end?
"Some trees grow very tall and straight and large in the forest close to each other?
Acess the importance of priori knowledge. (Tips on what to put in this essay)?
Why do some people consider "what is the meaning of life?" to be a question without an answer?
if you could, would you?
what is modern religious thought?
who would win in an armwrestling match, ghandi or buddha?
Philosophers: The greatest obstacle of human happiness is EGO. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
In your opinion, how does one know that they're attractive?
What does it mean if someone says you're a blessing?
why do people run after money their whole life.?
What is the Zen Principle??
What do you think of the term accept yourself? is it a bad advice?
Something for ALL 2 Consider and Think About:?
if spiritual love is unconditional why can't God love us unconditionally.?
According to Ayn Rand, why does a human being need a code of morality?
Please interpret this passage...i think i know what it means but im not sure?
Which one of the following statements best characterizes Arnold's view of the world? A. The world is a confusi?
Can we humans put ourselves in danger by knowing too much?
What is the best language to express your love to others?
what is the worst thing that could happen?
why are ethical issues philosophical issues?
what is the secret of a happy life?
what is the most beautiful and meaningful sentence you have ever heard in your life?
Does everything happen for a reason?
Thoreau's View of Natural Order?
The question of God aside, how many here could live by the old Biblical Law?
Is it true that whatever happens,happens for the good?
Do people judge u based on how u look?
Why do we consider black cats bad luck?
What is nothing?
When I die, will I get my wish?
different philosophers defining happiness?
What are your life goals?
Small french gift to give to a class (relevant to the philosopher Jean paul sartre)?
how far has one have to go for a matric dance?
What is the major driving force in your life right now?
What is the symptoms of sidhi?
What is your biggest fear about the future?
um what is sex in your opinion?
Reality but a dream of one man or will?
what is the Euthyphro Dilemma?
Al-Farabi works about life philosophy and morality?
Is this argument valid and sound? Logics?
Does "god" (the void) have "need" feel hunger's desire...was "god" (the void) lonely?
Does it scares you?
Why so many follow public opinion?
why do i dream-or suddenly i have this ideas and things to do in my asking this at ?
From what in your life do you derive the most meaning?
Are perfect facts (data) and imperfect facts (information) mutually exclusive propositions?
Does Hume believe the conclusions of these two arguments are incompatible with each other? Why or why not?
Do you think that 'blood' letting, that could save up to four lives, is bad?
If I could travel in a spaceship in a straight line as fast as I wanted, would I:...?
What makes you feel alive..?
I want my life to end any help?
Have you ever eaten a mastodon? With mustard on?
What is a good definition of contrapuntalism?
What do you think of 'Depressive Realism' ?
Why we are trapped in our bodies? How can we get out of ourselves?
what is truth?
According to Alva Noe, what is the grand illusion?
How do u confirm that u r not dreaming? and that u r living the true life!!!?
A question for those who think questions might be the key to unlocking the inner knowledge within?
examples of integity in the air force?
Why should we help others?
In your opinion, What is the worst thing anyone can do?
Why many people can't get enough in a life span?
i feel so bad for taking an innocent life...?
Do you fear? What? How? Why? When?
What is the number one obstruction to world peace?
homework help please?
how to define time?
I am lost and have never known who I am or my purpose,how can I find myself and mature into adulthood?
what are the key elements in the imagery used in the allegory(Plato's Allegory of the Cave)?
What is "the senses deceive us arguement?" What does it accomplish?
Do you get embarrassed?
God is omnipotent, present, and omniscient then explain the planting of the tree of the knowledge of good&evil?
is it true that pessimists are the ones who can see life as it really is?!?
Why do Muslim terrorists blow their 'brothers' up?
Is there a Philosophical value in a small gentle creature like the "Caterpillar"..?
What provokes the sweetest defeat?
How does one make a decision to make themselves happy without allowing outside influences stop them?
What is theWorld persantage of Christianity?
what would you think about if you were all alone?
At the end of the day is it safe to say, we are all in this thing called "Life"... together?
does anyone ever agree with me?
What does it takes to make something of yourself?
in strawsons book analysis and metaphysics, why is logic relevant for Quine in his quest for that which exists?
Do you enjoy making others happy?
What do you call this logic form?
Why is kindness so important to you and do u think u are considered a kind person to others?
Why are we the one who suffer?? especially in love relationships?
why do we need god? i dont understand?
What do most people expect?
Why do we say "hahaha" when we laugh hmmmm?
How to make life easier ?
Philosophia problem---Categorical Imperatives?
helpppp i beg you i might kill myself?
will the world end in a month and a half?
Good works of Rene Descartes?
· If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?
Who else agrees with this phrase?
Anyone agree with Ackerman's "Why Doctors Should Intervene?"?
Are you when you thought you were?
if FOREVER has no END, does it have a BEGINNING?
What does it mean i treasured you?
What is the meaning of life?
Is it possible to divide the world in just 24 countries?
Friends - choose the best answer to my original question!?
What does Plato Say about marriage and the nuclear family?
True/False: Romantic love doesn't exist?
Correct ...:- Destiny makes you ?or You make your destiny ?
Do the wealthy have a responsibility to support the poor?
what are the significance of ends and means for kant and mill?
What are repressed memories and should they be admisable in court?
what does everything is fine love your government stand for?
What is the philosophical viewpoint that humanity lives under the strict laws of nature?
What is the symbol of your life, if you have to choose one?
Did you know why the Uber Mensch is such an interesting?
Sometimes I feel like giving up on life because I'm shy. Advice?
help with life!!!!!!!!?
It costs so much to be a full human being that there are very few who have the enlightenment, or the courage,?
Why is life so hard?
Is watching pornography a sexual perversion, according to Nagel's definition?
I have no sexual desire based on a traumatic experience will I ever be normal ?
What is the key of success?
why do bad things happen to good people?
Which random object do you think most represents you?
Who or what told you there was no God?
If time is not a constant, then what about our wrinkles and brittle bones?
Topic for my philosophy paper?
Why do people waste their life falling in love?
kindly describe "beauty" in only one word...!!!?
What does a woman really want in a true relationship?
What is the meaning of Life?
At what age, or point in life, should one stop partying and settle down.?
What is the most efficient/effective way of helping humanity get over its belief in gods and spirit worlds?
what does this really mean?!?
Discuss the relation between objects and objects of knowledge?
I am very lonely and unhappy :(?
People, why won't you admit this?
What does Aristotle mean by this quote? (see below)?
In what circumstances do the ends justify the means?
In your own opinion, what is the ideal age to be independent?
What comes to mind when I say desires?
please give me more examples of fallacy of begging the question?
How subjective is beauty?
How do you free your mind from opression?
What is Life? Explain it in one word?
which is the meaning of life?
how can i be unforgotten?
When the umbrella isn't big enough, who gets wet?
do you have any speech how to introduce yourself?
What is the most memorable lesson you have learnt?
Is love and feminism related?
Hi All :) Why are fools and fanatics always so certain of themselves, but wiser people are full of doubts? :D?
What is the Da Vinci Code about and is it a true story or something some hollywood guy thought up?
What the world needs now is ?
Is it morally right to keep someone alive that doesn't want to live?
What personal philosophical epiphany has had the greatest impact on your view of reality and truth?
If you were granted One wish?. One only "No Cheating" what would It be?
Are you weak, or can you handle life?
what is a rhetorical question?
Why do we perceive Fraser's Spiral as a spiral?
What does this phrase even mean?
i'm half mediaterrain half celt?
Is it bad to be a non-conformist?
What is your favourite thing about planet Earth?
Was this a problem and if so did it impact on any safety-critical systems being acquired ?
Should I determine the factors that lead to best type of existence as a human being or...?
Need Help identifying types of fallacies!?
In the Collins project, or any other project, could someone be tweaking the specs in attended mode testing to.
What's the happiest feeling in the world?
Why is the Dalai Lama more ofter in the US than Tibet & why is he marketing himself so widely??
Is kindness weakness?
is it true that if you close your eyes for 100 years you will die?
What's YOUR philosophy on life?
Would u reather have WISE heart or EMOTIONAL mind?
Do you think a human life is worth more than the life of an animal?
Are Jews the cause of all evil?
I feel the urge to purge. Is it dangerous if I only do it once?
honestly, tell me pl do you like what you are?
Do you think there is anything permanent?
describe the insights that biochemistry has given about the life and the living processes?
How many people liked Tree of Life?
what is the definition of aria?
Why baby born deaf? Is there act of god or some scientific reason ?
When will the new gods start popping up?
science student asking a question on 'introduction to continental philosophy', thanks?
Happiness overrated...?
The world has multiplie colors why do we worry about how well our beef is cooked?
Is suicide the only way out for a non-comformist?
Are human beings evil?
Which of the following is an example of a fallacy?
is anything "infinite"? (besides concepts like math)?
Why are humans the scum of the earth?
explain teleological?
what is stronger, hope or fear?
Is this an example of an intensional or extensional definition and which specific kind is it?
What does it mean to be human?
Who are some philosophers that agree with Confucius?
Did it ever occur to you that you are a waste of life?
Atheists: should a man work to eat ?
The saying that it is the mind not the age that matters needs some clarification. Please enlighten me.?
If you could have one wish what would it be?
What is the main cause of disobedience by children ?
what is the first among equals?and give me example?
Why is the eye of the world on south africa racism when racism is just as big in the uk and us .?
what is the meaning of this quote?
Utopia Question?
When you die how long will it be before people forget you, how many weeks will it be before you're forgoten?
If a person was drowning and you could easily save them and you knew they were on death row? Would you?
are you a better person today than 5 years ago?
Within the first days-even hours-of birth, experience does not influence development? true or false?
whats the meaning of life?
Have you ever had a lucid dream?
How do I make time stop? I don't want to get old?
Virtue ethicists compared to others?
Homer + Hesiod disagreed on the birth of ---- WHO? ?
why cant ppl answer difficult and mind boggling questions?
What do you think about thoughts being put in your head?
what is peoples perception of what hell is?
When people in your life pass away, are they really "watching over you"?
Is it true that whatever happens,happens for the good?
I feel like there's no hope for my future. Do you have any advice for me?
Name the 5 most corrupt action humans partake of?
Logic and reasoning Philosophy help!!!?
what are your three top priorities, what are your top three goals, how do you plan to achieve them, what's imp
Do human beings possess free will?
Valhalla or heaven, which would you go to and why?
Is LOVE Dead??!?...?
Do you think Niezsche knew and read Søren Kierkegaard ?
For the sake of argument, let's say that most everybody is egocentric, so why do you think that it's not...?
Is this a sensible decision?
Life is fair-rebuttal for probable question?
1# Fear of sharing your faith?
What is the most beautiful man-made object?
How many times did U help?
Would you save my life under any circumstances, even if it meant losing your own?
Help! Kuhn's Paradigms? Philosophy help?
What do you not take kindly to?
Would you make love to yourself if you could?
Do we believe in concepts bec we create and define them to fit the facts we know & the values of our culture?
What is the conclusion of Bhagavad Gita or the Vedas?
Who is the greatest person on Answers? I can't decide?
Has any one read Man's Search For Meaning by Victor E. Frankl?
Protection of the nonhuman primate species or a single human being? Which should have higher legal protection?
I have no locks, hinges, key, or lid, yet inside a golden treasure is hid, what am I?
What is the exact source of feelings?
Why is it "bad" to single out people, for purposes of humiliating them and ruining them?
what is your favourite saying....adage etc????
What is the most important thing in the world to you?
how old are you? see more?
The discovery of fire was mankinds cruelest curse?
whom will you chose?
We three always stay together...and yet we are so different, "I, me and myself " . What do u infer ???
where is krishna?
Hmm let me think...?
Why is the world filled with so many pricks?
How do you survive the most trying times in your life?
Aristotle ethics:the golden mean?
A quote from Aeolus in the book The ODYSSEY OF HOMER?
whats more vicious thing to be?
Life is going so fast, what can we do during our day to slow it down?
Anyone want to join the positive movement?
What's the best thing in your life?
I feel like there is no point in living and suffering?
Is life a game?
Has Y!As become your hiding place?!?
What comprises the "complete" series of Plato's Socratic dialogues?
3 things required to have a peace of mind?
Does life have any meaning or a purpose? What keeps you going through the daily drudge?
Whats your philosophy on life?
What is evil really? Please elaborate.?
What is the meaning of life?
do you think looking too young is a disadvantage?
what is the meaning of life?
what is the difference in machine learning and human learning?
Plotinus emanation by the One?
Which is the best speculation here? Or what would you offer as a better guess?
If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, who's on Jupiter?
Should we believe on Horoscopes?
When can one truly say he is free?
descartes on skepticism and aristotelianism?
what does religion mean to you ?
If nice alien beings landed in your town and offered you a one-way ticket to their home planet would you go?
Is this just my imagination?
The problem of evil? How does god let evil happen in the world?
Why are Christians so pushy with there religion?
in hume's opinion is there any empirical evidence for cause and effect?
utopia will begin in the mind?
what is life?
What happens after death?
What aspect of anglo saxon life discussed in life in 999 a grim struggle is also in full view in beowulf?
Forgiveness makes a person weak - Agree or Disagree....?
what do you do if you have been married to someone for along time and they dont care about anybody .?
What, if anything, makes u happy, contented, and at peace with yourself?
american frases?
Logic vs religion?
What is your favorite quotation?
Why am i different or is there a reason behind it?
Does it means that everything is gonna end when someone you care a lot hate you....?
Who Is More Gangsta and Thuff ?
When was the last time you just stood in the rain instead of run to get out of it?
What cannot be identified?
Get serious. Do you really think it's possible to have peace on earth?
how is life in luxmberg?
what do you think about this link?
what does this sentence mean? "Don't try to be different for the sake of being different"?
What do you think of Ego and It's Own?
Do you think that Atheist's have stronger moral values than people who believe in God?
what do I say to somebody who said "kiss my ***"?
When people write a computer program, do they also keep a kind of replayable animation of how the program was?
dream declaration?
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, role of duty?
What is the most important thing that life taught you ?
Do u want the Day of Judgement 2 happen in ur lifetime?
if you know what life is worth. you would look for yours on earth?
Explain Game Theory.?
Are you full of love or what?
Metaphysics help-Maritain?
what is love?
Is it rationale to believe all that exists came from dead and dumb matter and energy rather than from ....?
what change theme brought to philosophy Socrates and the sophists?
Why must people assume?
You just witnessed a murder and the murderer saw you witness it. He eventually takes you hostage.?
Which philosopher (or maybe politician) said this?
If love is a stronger feeling than hate y is there more hate in the world?
Why am I this way (I feel so guilty about it)?
If u had been born into a royal family, would u be pleased or not?
do u believe in bible?
The sun was about to go supernova. You could save one person on earth. Who would it be?
why do people dislike the rain?
~~Predicate Logic.4 ~~?
What is success and how can One really achieve it?
What is one thing about yourself that nobody else knows?
Is there any scientific theory to explain why life plays out as ironic as it does?
How do i kill myself without the consequences?
Who is the happiest person in the world?
What is the key to your success in life?
What is your favorite way of expressing yourself?
if FAITH needs no PROOF, what is it BASED on?
Which is more macho- bringing your poodle to the bowling alley, or your pitbull to a fashion show?
Is it cruel to threaten slaves with complete freedom?
What does it mean if a guy asks you for advice?
If you found out (after a year) your baby was switched with another one at the hospital...?
Why do we love in our existence?
Why do we care so much about the human race surviving in the distant future?
what is the most valuable thing in the world?
Is it possible that in a near future robots can have Free Will ?
How did 'the Cow eat the Cabbage'?
what's a website that gives you free essays without the need to register?
Software development methods would typically say "prototype each proposed change". But how is this "policed" ?
If you live by the expression "carpe diem" are you likely to end up being continually disappointed?
What is the most important thing in life?
What is "Schrodingers cat"?
Why is it the more you know the harder it is to take action?
Do you think intentions speak louder than actions?
The end of the world...?
Do you believe that all things happen for a reason? good and bad?
Where are the philosophers of our age?
If god destined our life, then why did he create Buddha and Mohammed and others along with their followers?
Do u lie atleast once in a day ? Without lieing u can survive?
Who was the pre-Socratic philosopher who postulated the existence of other galaxies?
What emotions can animals (other than humans) feel?
I think of myself as a child with the soul of a clown that forces me to blow it at the most crucial moments?
philosophical physics quote..?
can you find nothing at all, if there was nothing there all along?
is it true that all we need is love ?
every human dissapears tommorow, what would be left of your life in 500 years? will select best answer!?
If God made the heavens and the earth then, who made God?
how can we end up with psichiatry?
How do we let freedom ring?
how could God have reated himself out of nothing?
What should I do with my life?
Is capital punishment more humane than life imprisonment?
3 things u would take on a desserted island?
What would happen if someone saw red as green and green as red?
If I put 1 bacterium in a bottle and after 1 Hour the bottle is full.......?
Biblical Parallels in Grapes of Wrath?
What Would You Do...?
2 adjectives and 3 verbs to describe the philosophers Rousseau or Montesquieu?
Wouldn't life in Heaven become dull and meaningless after some time?
Please share a song or something that brings the desire of life in you?
True of false: Life is about cheating the system?
what happens to the soul?
What do you call a person who always likes to ALWAYS be in the picture or in front of the camera?
Who created heaven and hell?
what is the signigance of colors for life feelings / emotions status of life?
can someone give a concise summary of?
Has anyone ever heard that we are the most alone when we are in a group of people?
I am happiest when I'm...?
How many people believe in reincarnation? and Karma?
summarize what Mckinsey is saying in "Obligations to the Starving"?
What makes life so beautiful?
The ULTIMATE question. 42-010?
What is the most important thing to do in your lifetime?
am I the only that believes philosophy is a science.?
i got this dragon in my room and he wants to sell me girlscout cookies?
What does dad mean to you?
morals, morality is somthing we subjectively make up... they dont really exists objectively in the real world?
Why do people base their happiness and well-being on whether or not they're in a relationship?
Is memory required for sentience?
will any girls out there can love a person with 3 kids already?
what is a theoretical overview?
What is the likely future for mankind?
State 3 ways to handle stupid and emotional people?
Do any of you wish you weren't born around this time?
URGENT! What is the relation between Maddys theory of sets and the causal theory of knowledge?
is really age can effect you entering new post??
what's the effect of a human being treating others like tools? what happens to the psyche?in the end?
Help with Philosophy?
When did you first DISCOVER LOVE?
Why does everyone who feels sorry for bullies seem to think that anyone who doesn't feel the same way is evil?
Is influence and persuasion wrong?
WHY PEOPLE doesnt understand all human feelings ..if we can do this there will not be any prob in this world?!
what is materialism from a metaphysical understanding ?
what is ethnic awareness and how does it develop?
Can Money Buy True Love?
Can someone give me an incontestable example of metaphysics?
what lessons can nature teach us?
What would it take to make you happy?
living meaninglessly is better than dying great, what do you think?
Are there any books that actually go through the bible and prove or disprove prophecies in an unbiased way?
what is a good saying to live by?
What are the important things to know about the writings/standpoints of St. Thomas Aquinas?
Could "Anarchy" be defined as "The absence of a Master or Sovereign"?
What are the good things in life?
what is the meaning of life?
Help me understand why David Hume doesn't believe be have a "Personal Identity"?
Love or money????????????????
The NCAA March Madness tournament is a metaphor for evolution?
If you could ask anyone in the world one question, Who and What would you ask?
What are the central tenents of the Ethical theory known as Utilitarianism ('Act Utilitarianism')?
Ethics question on one of Plato's writings?
Really, how can Anyone Brainwash you?
How do I live the simple life?
Why should there be something but not nothing?
What is the question that doesn't have any answer ?
What is something that always makes you happy?