Does anyone here have a logical premise by which one can conclude that the universe had no beginning or end?
can i get a motivational speech for the future?
philosophy rousseau question!!!!!!!!!?

what is the purpose of asyndeton?
Can money buy happiness?
Do you believe in capital punishment? Why do people feel its wrong?
would you like the good news first.. or the bad news?
Why don't we all haves same perspective ?
What do u think about İslam?
Is truth really fiction, and fiction truth?
where is an hermetic order of the golden dawn organization located in west palm beach , Florida?
What is your favorite quote?
What is the meaning of Ovid's "We strive for the forbidden" ?
i would like to learn how to scream, like lamb of god, chimaria, killswitch engage, that kinda thing, any tips
Do you think that in this world we'll ever make no polluted cars? Make contact with aliens? Or Discover God?
Define Resorcefulness as stated in the bible?
if the dogs were let out. who crapped in the kennel?
Would anyone like to be my mentor for life?
Do you think that atheism lacks scientific evidence?
life sucks, but who wants to die.....?
What is the meaning of life?
what is the cause of poverty ?
was wondering if anyone could help with these natural deduction proofs I'm lost.?
I'm scared that nothing exists and it's all just in my mind?
Is Answers an example of the 'Marketplace of Ideas'?
Relations of Ideas vs. Matters of Fact?
Save your mother or save your baby?
any acid fans? (conscious Minders?)?
what is the difference between consequentialist and nonconsequentialist?
how do you define sexual satisfaction?.. does virginity still count for man's satisfaction?
Do you believe in God or a higher power? Why or Why not?
What do you think is one of the most mysterious things in life?
Significance of Shiv Lingam...?????
What do you want in life?
How to capture a good man's heart................?
What is the meaning of life?
Would Collins project start to look like "Without a Trace" or "CSI" or "Cold Case" (TV shows) ?
Is there a meaning to life or Message to life?
I am dissapointed with life as a whole?
Any tips for my first day of highschool ever?
What is Herot?
what is the source for unhappiness in the world?
Why 'this statement is true' is not a statement?
Would humans have developed flight without flying creatures for inspiration?
do people ever actuallygo into a debate/argument trying to learn/educate, or just for the sake of being right?
what is the thing that you can't live without?
What is the best in life ? & Why ???
Who were you a year ago?
Who is John Galt?
What can be the most useful idea that I can get out of my Western Civilisations course?
What is the best philosophical quotation you have ever heard?
I am interested in reading Kierkegaard?
Why am I greedy? I just made $60 bucks in gambling... and stopped. But, I feel empty cuz I stopped...?
Why is "common sense" seen as a good thing?
Do the wealthy have a responsibility to support the poor?
2nd part of my essay!?
Is preaching religion in schools right??
Colonial injurie and what is thier cure!!!!?
What is truth? Can truth be both objective and subjective? Is there a difference between truth and fact?
Do you guys agree that dreamers are?
Is there proven facts that self image reflects the way people see you?
Is life really easier for an idiot ?
talking of classical and operant conditioning responces are external which would it be or would it be both?
What colors represent the emotions sad, broken, depressed, and not happy?
Compare and contrast for Plato and Aristotle?
What is time without math?
"healty ears will be able to listen to sick words"trying to find the meaning......HELP?
what's jeffersons political principles and philosophy of agrarianism?
Do you agree that money is more important than everything else?
Worst scumbag in the world ever ???
who was the greek phiosopher That said "information is power?
Is the world ending in 2012?
what are the arguments presented by socrates in his defense?
How do i stop needing people for me to be happy?
Extracting algorithms for human behavior?
Does the human soul have weight?
What God is the right God? is it Jahova, Alla, Budda? or is there any God at all?
why can't g.e.moore conclusive prove premise one?
Why do we exist?
What simple things do you love?
if you know what you know and know what you dont know what else is there to know?
Materialist, dominance and postmodern feminism?
what's the meaning of life ?
Why do people take back cheaters just to become a paranoid detective?
Philosophical Concepts...?
luck versus hardwork?
3 empty words-i love you?
Unexpected Hanging Paradox?
What does the future hold for me? I am of low intelligence and morals.I have no respect for anyone or anything?
Why does censor valid philosophical questions?
Is this a new 'psychological disorder'?
what was the turning point of your life?
What would you do without me?
my life goal is become astronaut ,what can i do?
Life isnt what it used to feel?
Does my cat think.........?
Do you ever feel all the disappointments in life only happen to you?
"No man is born evil. Discuss" essay help!? :(?
How can people believe in things like souls ? There is no soul, there is no heaven and there is no hell?
What is fate? I could not understand its phenomenon.?
What is the meaning of life in your opinion?
what could a life philosophy be?
Do you agree that everyone in this world is brainwashed?
The most important thing in life is it love?:?
what is the significance of the title 'touching the void'?
What is the highest obstacle in attaining a realization of Truth?
which is safer, alcohol or cannabis?
Could god/God possibly create "everything"?
further notes on god is intelligence, true?
In your opinion, what is one of the hardest decisions a person has to make in life?
for s, define love?
What would you want written on your tombstone?
A lot of people cite Josephus as a firsthand account of Jesus' existence? Is he a reliable source?
I could name countless brilliant jewish men and women from art to philosophy & so on..Can you name 1 muslim?
Why do people think it's wrong to step on bugs?
What if a new nation in the future, created a constitution based on John Stuart Mills theme of "On Liberty,"?
What is the life of St. Anecito Y Eucebio?
What is it meant by, "if you take care of the means, the ends will take care of themselves"?
If we can live once, why not more than once?
What do you make of this quote?
What would Nietzsche think of Kant's theories of enlightenment and truth?
Why does everything have to be so complicated?
Where is your glimmer of Hope in your life ?
if god created the world - who created god?
"The only worthwhile literature is that which makes you think about your own life"?
Who is Yours ?
Biblical armagedon to happen if obama gets reallected?
City or suburbs...........?
Why do you humans.???
Do not we all have the same 'amount' of curiousity?
Do you believe in evolution or in creation?
In which book of Plato's "Republic" can I find Plato's view on Reality?
I am looking for a rare book entitled something like, 100,000 Years B. C. Giordano Bruno may be referenced.?
I need philosophy Help please!?
what is the meaning of life?
Philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas?
In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, what does he mean by this?
Rank these three according to your priorities. LOVE, CHARACTER and SUCCESS?
how come the news always features the badness of the world and not the goodness?
how is that one of the worst traits?
Do you have anything to say that has not been said before?
According to the Identity Theory can a brain state be true or false?
When is something or someone TRULY happy and satisfied...?
What is Alva Noe's thesis (main argument)?
Why human do not like the truth and just like an imagination?
what was before the time god came in existance?
my poem your thought collaberate?
If you weren't a human being, what animal would you like to be?
can convert the name?
Going through life are there things that you have known and just taken them for granted, and later thought?
What is father hunger in men? How does it affect them?
Why are you scared of death?
Why can't anyone produce a photograph of god?
(Where) can I find an online copy of Frege's 1918 paper "The Thought"?
how to improve my life?
If you try to tackle the ultimate Qs in philosophy, is it necessary to have a God-complex or approach humbly?
Is it a Dream if you know its impossible?
I took the road less traveled by?
What careers make the biggest difference?
What was the most difficult question that you had to answer?
If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?
What will life be like in 20 years?
Are men intimidated or threatened by strong minded women?
How God reveal Himself in man's dignity?
What do you do when you hate yourself?
You die and wait at the gates .Which of these questions will God ask, to let you in Heaven?
what is your wish in life?
I want to kill myself?
What is the spritual meaning and spritual interptation of marks gospal - feeding the 5000?
Suburbs vs the city....?
Could you imagine being ATTACKED BY YOUR OWN PAW?
Is there times when you just want to keep to yourself?
Hear me out please... Girls sex beauty depressed and contradicting myself.. Help please?
if you were able to make one wish,what would it be and why?
What's the difference between vague and non-vague concepts?
What makes you cry?
Search your heart and mind before answering: How would you answer this moral dilemma?
Someone finally perfects a way of life/garden, then suddenly for it to all disappear into nothingness?
How is life like as a hematologist?
What If...?
what do you know about bergsonian duration?
True or False: I can make you laugh?
Why do we sometimes deny the feelings of do we recognize it as love?
Philosophically and ethically, who is more at fault, the seller or the buyer?
What does the Sheep from The Little Prince symbolize?
Where do the extra's in your dreams come from?
Which would you prefer? To be blind or deaf? and why?
Why is analogy effective in a speech or in public speaking?
what is beauty?
What does Spinoza mean by substance, attribute, and mode?
Should footballers be paid more than nurses?
If you would realize absurdity of your existence how would it influence your daily routine?
What is the "meaning of life"?
How is Aquinas's fourth argument similar to Plato's Scala Amoris?
list 2 behavioue that can reflect hayaa life style .?
What dose i love you no homo mean?
Do you think you have rights?
Who created God?
Objective thinking required--please help.?
when the world ends, what will be the last words said on earth?
Logic Question: Can fuzzy logic include the laws of thought?
what do the posters that say "God is dead." and Nietzsche is dead." mean?
Why the inadequacies of these theories led to the development of the 4 principle approach (principlism) to eth?
How does the soul detect forms in the afterlife without a body in Plato's theory of the Forms?
What is enviromental justice?
Do it yourself diety: Can the god you percieve exist?
does money really bring happiness?
Are you happy tonight?
what is the action and renunciation?
how can i have an indian girlfriend?
What makes you think you exist?
Hobbes idea of the cause of Human war and peace.?
what is the most diffecult part in interviews ?
would you go back to sleep?
What's your secret?
what is the meaning of life?
Is power some sort of weekness ?!?
Is the notion of a society without rule disorder an idea that doesn't actually exist?
Does anyone have an extra butt to lend?
Philosophically speaking, what is the most comforting possession?
well...another one...?
Happiness, Pain which one stays for more days in your heart ?
what did 2pac look like after he dead?
i loved one girl when i proposed to her 4yrs back she didnt gave me ans. after 4yrs she proposed me. what i do
what is counting your blessings means?
What is The Desologoi?
Is it possible to live without marriage?
What are you deepest beliefs about life?
When we are fearful.. angry... anxious... unhappy... or jealous.. are we truly experiencing a state of love?
What makes you young at heart?
What is your greatest fear?
The dead end cul-de-sac......?
What Does This Quote Mean?
what's the best thing that can happen in one minute?
Could we be manipulated in a plot to shape reality?
what are dreams made of?
Are you very philosophical or practical..?
Are cultures developed solely by religion.?
Where do you draw the line between looking out for yourself, and just plain selfish?
Arguements against porn?
If Hannah Montana was being strangled would it be funnier if she was barefoot or had on shoes?
Why do we all have to die?
i called in sick yesterday and today (which ofcourse was a lie) as i just didn't feel like going.....?
Why do people use avitars that are not a true reflection of there selves,???
If you could, would you want to find out when you were going to die?
Was there ever a moment in your life when your words seemed to get in the way?
What are 7 virtues that you follow/believe?
Philosophy cafe in socratic questioning style for high school class?
If you had God's powers for one day how would you use them?
Do you think life is too short?
Socrates in the Apology question.?
Theory of coincidences and irony? Is there a name?
What are the 3 most important values or ?
Who are you pretending to be?
What would you willfully die for (hypothetically speaking)?
Is "The Devil" Real?
Does life have any meaning or a purpose? What keeps you going through the daily drudge?
What is ur favourite sight in Nature ?
Descartes Fourth Meditation?
does god forgive all sins if we repent and try and live in harmony with his laws?
what's the best way to makes one's self smarter?
what is the difference between common sense and the sense of humour and why is common sense so uncommon?
We are not in the Tribulation so why the question?
How do you define success for this stage in your life?
What was W.E.B. DuBuBois young life like?
Is it right or wrong to say Believing in God is a metal disorder?
s a college student, where do you see yourself in relation to this statement?
Who took over from Admiral Oscar Hughes on new submarine project ?
How often do you can I make myself better fix the things I dislike, not for people but for?
False Prophets???????
How do I know you exist?
About the theory of human nature by Confucius?
what is your best feelling when you are doing something?
do you find the imagination more important than knowlegde?
Is the toughest kind of man, one that is willing to die for what he believes in?
what is the capital of usa ?
What is going to happen in the future?
If you had the cure for Aids would you tell others or profit?
Is life all about being earth-shatteringly excited about someone besides yourself and your God?
how do we use Hedonistic Utilitarianism today?
Is imagination limited to the life of the brain?
What are you most HAPPY about?
What do you believe the meaning of life is?
I need help w/ a few questions concerning the philosopher Thales, help!?
Why is philosophy important and what contributed the greek people to discovering philosophy?
Is annoyance the same thing as sensitivity?
does the beauty of the person distracts you while talking to them?
Your words of truth, do you believe in God?
Why do I have to pick one life story?
Is all of this world just lies?
How valuable is a good friendship?
Benefits and costs of a life of service?
If someone cheats u in business, what should one do? Should u try to get yr dues even by pressurizing him?
Agree or disagree and Why?
where do you find the meaning when all around you seem empty?
What are the main points of Zoroaster's philosophy, and where do they recur?
i'm 15 and i study in turkish school?
How do I know that the universe exists and is not just my imagination?
Where can I get a record of the latest developments in Chess openings?
In what real life situation may you come up with this question?
Inside of a spoon, you're reflection is upside down?
Why is it not acceptable to make fun of Islam?
an equal rights question?
How do you know you are you?
what's the closest thing to "hell on earth"?
Aristotle and John Stuart Mill?
The ethical program in Philosophy?
What makes human beings want to live?
What (or) Which (or) Who comes to your mind when i say "Poem"?
Do you go after what you want in life?
Will insanity benefit or hurt me?
Can you define existence and prove it exists?
Should I change?
Why does this happen?
What is the meaning of life?
who said, "There is no greater testiment to God than man alive."?
In the end when you really find yourself you will realize that life is just miserably?
WHat are your main aims in life?
Where on earth are you least likely to find intelligent life?
whats your reflection on this quote ?
Is there even such a thing as right and wrong?
Life help opinion please!?
you know world mans charactor?
What are the basic truths of ethics as a science?
When is the world supposed to end?
What created the universe? Can things pop into existance?
What are you Really afraid of?
For the most part,why aren't people empathetic towards others?
Why does God give us life and then make it so miserable and depressing?
‎"While walking in this world, I got to know that living for truth, we actually walk for illusions."?
What would be the first question you would ask a psychic if you went to one ?
If Adam and Eve were our only ancestors, were all the relationships since the incestuous?
According to Bible concept v all r sinners; including a newborn child! Do u accept this? comment.?
Do you think that you think your own thoughts?
What is the Philosophy behind Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?
what is the difference between destiny and coincidence?
Is it a coincidence that many philosophers were cynical/misanthropic people?
Describe your life in ONE word!?
What are all the job on rebirth ro?
What scares you the most about life,or your life?
why as humans do we hate the things we do not understand?
In The Crying of Lot 49, why is Pierce Inverarity so important?
does tapping your fingers make your nails grow3 longer?
If God has absolute knowledge (even of the future,) does this negate free will?
Money may buy some pleasures. Can it buy happiness?
Is there anything worth dying for? Or is the continuation of life more important?
What should a philosopher call himself aside from none or what are the other names he should call of himself?
Who was first? The egg or the chicken?
whats the point of getting married?
interviewer said "i dont think your wait will be futile"! should i be happy?
Does this make you sheeple happy?
Would you help and help and help, until the goal is achieved?
How can I convice myself to not brag because of this cousin?
What are the features of an emotional or romantic approach?
TrueLove does not need 1 particular day to express itself,It is always felt around yourself from your loveone?
Should I stop dreaming?
Did Jesus Christ die in India "Kashmir"?
Free will...?
How do we reconcile the old Wittgenstein with the new Wittgenstein?
who is john 3:16?
what has this world come to?
Yes or No??????????????????????????????
who is carl sagan and why are people talking about it?
If you found $100 bill on the floor in Walmart, what would you do?
I say tomato. How do you say it?
Do you think it is possible...?
Qualities of effective leaders?
What came first..the chicken or the egg?
what makes you smile?
What makes a human wise, smart, intelligent?
How can I eliminate pain and negative feelings from my life and maximise pleasure and good feelings?
Essays on Courage & Survival of the fittest?
Atomic statement?
Are we deluded? Is a blanket all we need?
Isn't it ironic that smiling too much can hurt?
If you could change an event in your life, what would it be and why?
How could we of got an idea of what is good from God, if we disagree with what God thought was good?
What does Heraclitus' fragment 88 mean? What does it say about existence?
Is life like the movie Groundhog day?
Is Mathematical Knowledge Empiricist or Rationalist?
We are given a time limit in Life, what's the most important thing to accomplish?
why in this time no body trust any body and always there's doubt in every thing ?
theme of discipline and desire inbhagavad gita and Mahabharata?
wats the meaning of life?
Life is fair-rebuttal for probable question?
Everything changes you?
Is natural beauty and artistic beauty the same .... ?
What important advice would you give to a young person about the world?
Have you given up on love?
Is there a common root cause of all problems? If so, what is it?
tell me about a life parner is it better 4 a man r not?
In a world of similarities and redundancy, what is the significance of striving or struggling to be different?
could you think that my answer is going to win this one & tell what you think about it?
Do you agree with me that everything begins and ends in the mind?
What is the value of thought/idea?
Why do we fear death?
In short, please explain, what is miracle?
What roles, if any, do freedom and individuality play if you were to be an accident?
deaming about a portalet?
Why do we fear death?
Philosophy and argumentation question?
Why do we even try? What is the point? Who cares- we all die anyways. Why even live?
My father used to always say, "Onions are the staff of life." (see details)?
What would be a good 21st century equivalent of the old question "why must I be a teenager in love?" ?
A tortoise ed a nut. Then jumped in a pit. Then dived in a sea. Is it going mad?
Why is it that we struggle to see what others see in us as attractive?
Is it true that once you've had sex for da first time u always want it?
What's the point in life?
What is "range of the moment" consciousness?
Tell me, am I paranoid for thinking this?
do you know any thing about academisem i need to know?
Please state the “dream argument” and indicate the class of beliefs that this argument targets. (Descartes)?
What are the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES in the metaphysical philsophy of Kant, Hegel, and Marx ???
What is the meaning of life?
I am not, therefore I think. True or false?
Why do i feel sad when i think of fun things in the past that will never happen again?
explain what you think when you here the word "awe"?
Describe yourself in seven words?
what would you like your epitaph to say?
A Possible Scenario that I want to ask about.?
If God has control over everything, why are you not mad at 'him'?
did you achieve the american dream, doyoo wan de hamerican drim?
If you invited trouble, Did you send it a thank you card for showing up?
How to be mentally tough?
Is Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams Worth The Read?
What does "to know" something really mean?
philosophy paper question?
If Jesus, Mohamad, and Siddhartha (Buddha) could have a conversation, what would they talk about?
which among NO manner, NO individuality, NO brain, NO guts & NO sense of humor is closest to NO PERSONALITY?
Can you make money doing what you are most into?
Do you honestly think Racism will ever be a thing in the past?
True = Not this universally correct?
Should I remain a Loan Officer? Or, should I change my career?
What in human nature would question and seek answers?
Please explain whether Descartes’s standard of truth is mainly psychological or rational.?
which is worst, to be CAUGHT in ur own TRAP, to FALL INLOVE with ur own reflection or to LAUGH at ur own JOKE?
why god create angels?
What do you call yourself in your private moments?
What is the greatest quote you have ever heard?
Spinoza's philosophical positions ?
What Scares you the most?
how does a continuous improvement philosophy benefit a business?
If yer eye got poked out in this life, would it be waiting up in heaven with your wife?
Where can I find a commentary on Aristotle's "On Dreams" (De Insomniis)?
What is "I"?
if you could go back in time would you kill a child?
IS Heart is SYMBOL OF LOVE??//?
Were you an artist, would you rather be an unrecognized and poor genius, or a rich and celebrated mediocrity?
We see the sleeping in the underspell who is the one who will find the spring?
What one thing would you like to teach everyone?
What is the role that logical contradictions play in Kant ethical theory?
Are Jews the cause of all evil?
Philisophy and Memento Explained?
'First-person shooters' and consciousness?
I'm so sick of the world....?
If time is the measurement of the progression of reality. by tczubernat) what is reality? what is real?
In the haste of our daily lives, what we aren't seeing is life is too short right?
Concerning Suicide and Selfishness...?
Do you really think the world will end on December 21, 2012?
What Do You Know About the ‘‘PERISHED NATIONS’’?
Why are spiritual raincoats?
Was "Collins" software the same as "new construction submarine project" software ?
Are you a happy person?
What would Kant do in this situation?
What are the contributions of debating to the society?
Why is Esi Aliyev So Cute?
Do you believe in coincidences?
Imagine the collective knowledge that humans have gathered...?
How God can deny the fact that we are from Him?
Husserl and Decartes?
Are we truly free...?
if your LIFE is a COLORING BOOK, what color would be dominantly USED?
Jazz course or centreparcs? Which should she do?
does mind machines work?
Question on the old ideology of Manichaean ?
Is love possible without friendship ?
Why is it important to maintain care value such as Empowering service users?
Are you one of those people who think something big is coming in 2012?
What have the following got in common?
Is there only one 'shortest' way of doing the Right thing?
sit relax and let the grass grow by itself... any coments?
what is the ultimate question?
Why were utilitarians committed to maximization?
thats about it.the text is all about what i want to know.?
Seriously, did people way back when think the world was flat?
What keeps us from being truly happy?
How many people can YOUR heart accommodate in a lifetime? :)?
What is the meaning of life?
Laws in the internet world need to change?
What is the transformation matrix for a reflection over the line y= (√3)x followed by a dilation of 2.?
Why did Socrates refused to compromise his morals just to be acquitted by the jury?
what is the summary of plato's "allegory of the cave"?
What can I do to avoid my natural tendency to be such a selfish prick?
What are the Top 5-10 things you want in Life?
Is Mathematical Knowledge Empiricist or Rationalist?
Why do you thing that racism exist???
What happens after we die??
What do you associate with the words "order" and "chaos"?
What makes your life worthwhile?
Which of Nietzsche's writings best represent his master-slave morality?
If vegitarians eat vegitables......?
if there is an option of knowing what age one will die,would you like to know?
Does not going to church really only earn one a one-way, non-exchangable, non-refundable ticket to Hell?
If you were one of the last 3 people on Earth, the other 2 being your brother and a woman you don't know?
If you can't do better. Then how can you criticize?
The child is father to the man - Wordsworth?
If you are Happy, what is the that which keeps you happy ?
Francesco Petrarch?
How can i live a beautifull life?
Would you like to have immortality?
What would you do if you have to choose between your responsibility and your desires?
what is your life's porpose?
Is Remi saying her 2 year old is ignorant. Some of the best, most original abstract art is done by children.?
What's your opinion on Gay Marriage?
Is it good to be a pacifist?
Look around and evil exists?
where did the words two cigarettes in the ash tray come from?
what is there "somewhere over the rainbow"?
nothing in life is free, can you prove me otherwise ?
Is the hokey pokey really what its all about?
best philosophy book you know available on net?
what would yall do in a place were there is only violence?
Love is nothing but an illusion,Agree or Disagree?
where can i go in life?
Would this eliminate a lot of the problems in safety-critical software development ?
Can I make more money from peace or war...?
This expression is right? Help me~~!!!?
Why do people always worry about other couples?
Can someone please give me an outline over Friedrich Nietzsche's thoughts and influence?
Why is it that I'm never happy with what I have?
How can a disabled person read a book?
Interpol-Leif Erikson.?
Is anything more fundamental than dualism? If so, how would it be defined?
why do we get on and off the bus, while we get in and out of a car?
Husserl and Satre?
for monstesquieu, was humankind good or bad? why?
Do you think we're free if we only have negative liberty?
How do you empty your cup...?
Is sadness more deeper than happiness or are they both equal?
Why do you play even though you know you are going to lose?
Have any arguments been given against rational presuppositionalism?
what do you think about the dictum "I think therefore i am"?
Have you ever wondered if you live in a toenail?
Why ask why?
if no is no,why do we say yes and not on?
why some people worship devil?
To you, what is the one thing that is unchanging throughout time?
What is the most important question?
How does grandparents help influence the development of self concept in a infant?
Are you in love with ur life?
Why are people curious?
She don't wanna be with me no more?
What is a total mystery to you?
Happiness is a decision not a destination. What are your views on this statement ?
What's the bigger threat: Terrorism or Corporate Greed?
If Immium- decays from 20g to 5g in 1,000 year, what is its half-life?
Why do people HATE JEWS???
Is Plato's Cratylus the only thing he's written about his theories on language?
Where can I buy a philosophy paper online?
Why do people believe in mystical things?
Music with words or without words?
What do I say to my old friend so I don't scare him off, I want to be friends again?
Would you really be happier if you were richer?
Are you a Libertarian?
Is there more to life than this?
Do those hurts of old hurt a little bit more or a little bit less?
describe your self in one word!?
Philosophy quote by Bertrand Russell?
why did mary sue drop her boyfriend calvin last summer?
how annoying is bible qoutes when used in answering a question?
What do you love most about life?
What is an ethical theory? Do we need ethical theories to act ethically?
What are some ethical theories relating to child labour, low wages, suicide?
How does the movie marley and me show a meaningful life?
What can change the nature of a man?
should the past be let go?
"wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you have preferre?
What is the meaning of life?
why we say love is blind?
would You rather be a CACTUS or a SEAWEED?
Lie mangled by the bronze spear ?
Please could you help? What do you associate with the words "chaos" and "order"?
If everyone is different, how can people be "normal'?
What is way to get perfect happyness?
Where does Socrates say that when someone does something wrong without knowing that it was wrong...?
2012 End Of The World Is Fake?
why are we living in this world if its going to end leaving nothing for anyone?
Has GOD created us, or WE created the GOD ??? To whose benefit ???
Hume's view is that an 'ought' proposition cannot be deduced from an 'is' proposition. He means that 'ought'?
What is more important to you? sorry or thanks?
how can iget the e-mail address of Jehovah's Witnesses?
who is the happiest man in the world one who lives with his family or who lives alone?
What would be the definition of a Style Traits?
How do you over come the fear of public speaking?
Love is buullll don't you agree?
What state does the show: "The boondocks" live?
When you're lost, where do you go to look for you?
what is the meaning of life?
Can you please elaborate or explaine this statement:?
How Do You Do?
what is the best thing to do to avoid crime of passion?
What fallacies are associated with assuming what another person thinks?
if we all LIVE for a Reason, do we all DIE for a Reason?
need some advice! i hate lying to my parents but i feel like i have no other choice?
if there is no HELL, where do LIARS go?
What will you do if today is the last day of your life?
Is time real? - - - - - -?
What are the lost books of the bible and what does each one talk about?
Is it acceptable if poor hungry people steal food in order to avoid dying of starvation ? ?
this world is made for human then what is the main aim or purpose of man for god.just enjoying or else?
why did god create the animals?
What would you take if I gave it to you?
"If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it...." Why considered philoshophical question? name in mayan glyphs?
Will people, or the universe in general, ever run out of ideas?
Isn't that scary that some people now got used to live in the dreadful side of this world ?
I need to find arguments, premises and conclusion.?
Do you believe in God?
does life have to be tough to be real?
Why do you think Aristotle believed that the prime mover was what all matter was moving and aspiring towards?
What makes it so beautiful?
What are some books on self-observation?
If you could rid the world of one thing...?
What would you describe as a simple pleasure in life?
Is this called deception?
why are you agree to philosophy of anaximander?
who am I after all?
What is the sole purpose of life?
Is emotional freedom technique [EFT] easy to learn?
what exactly is defined as a university and what is it's role in society?
If i destroyed all humans, what would i be? evil or saint?
Is there such thing as an infinite number?
Sartre, existentialism questions! Can someone please see if I am correct about these?
philo-sophia help! asap?
Palmistry: chained heart line?
Weird surreal experience?
when Ghandi died, did he go to heaven?
Science says that nothing can't come from nothing. Does this prove God?
Help on philosophy quotes!?
What would you like to ask?
What does it say about a person if they barely pick up there feet from the ground when they walk?
Does everything in life happen for a reason?
If you were God - how would you treat the world?
Is the idea and notion of "soul mate" a reality or a fantasy?
Do you think the word happy as we know it, makes people unhappy?
who is the great philosopher in this world?
What is the ultimate question?
When you say things to others,either good or bad,does it make you observe yourself?
Standard vs. Metric?
Ever felt naked, depite being fully dressed?
Is your happiness drawn from the head or from your pocket?
are their such things as an afterlife?
What surprises you most about humankind?
Why can't I ask the question "Why?" in the philosphy section?
Should people be afraid of death or just take life as it comes?
What is Descartes regulae about? 10 points?
where is this world headed?
Could "cholesterol-reducing medicine" have hurt a safety-critical project ?
Which medieval-modern thinkers write about temperance?
What is the most important lesson you have learned in life, so far?
What permitted Montesquieu the freedom to travel throughout his life and to study the government of various?
which is EASIEST to OPEN, your ARMS, your MIND, your HEART, or your SOUL?
Does infinity actually exist?
Why is there such a debate about morality being subjective or objective when it's clearly subjective?
Which is better uncharted 2 or modern war fare 2 and why can some body compare both of them?
What in your opinion would be the one major event in the world that would bring us all together?
which urge is stronger: man's thirst for knowledge, or his hunger for pleasure?
The world's a lemon. How do we make lemonade from the sucker?
If Death is a Natural Part of Life, Then Why Do We Feel Grief When People Die?
I Hate my life ????? Please Answer !?
What thought is killing you?
i just began writing a blog about life & love - - tell me what you think of it?
What is your belief? God,? Is there a god? If so where and who?
Are you holding onto something that you need to let go off?
A moral question....?
What is your interpretation of the final chapter of Nietzsches 'Ecco homo'?
do you agree with this...............................?
Do you shave your butt?
Why would a "God" let awful things happen to a young child?
Soupy think its possible to find a soul mate as a teen?
what keeps you going ?
are the spears used by bull figthers often laced with poison ?
do i have chance in life?
Marx's distinction of labor ?
what is the best thing that you have in your life?
What is time? and thus what is meant by ' The man died yesterday'?
what do you think is the scariest thing about being a human?
What Are You Good At?
What causes your love to turn into hate?
Why does Descartes reject the traditional learning of his time?
why human not satisfied what they have???????
What keeps you from committing suicide?
Confucius and Aquinas question?
What is true love to you?
What is an example of beauty?
how do you except for the future about life?
Few days back I asked a question in both Philosophy and Religion & Spirituality.?
Is the idea more important or the implementation?
What makes something/someone beautiful?
if you were offered the chance...?
If u could choose one moment from your life to live eternity in, what would it be? Describe it.?
i think i figured out our purpose of existance, does it make sense?
What is the meaning of life?
how old are you? see more?
whats your motto in life?
if a person with multiple-personalities tries to commit suicide, is it a homicide?
Which Existentialist do you like better...........?
why man has no contentment in life?
What do you do when a certain moment strikes you down?
Can something be failure without meaning or intending to do it?
Majority Rules? Is the truth determined by how many people believe it?
essay " man him self must be the centre of education"?
Will the world end in 2012?
Do you think that there is any soul staying in our body?or it's our body is just a machine?
How far is the East from the West?
Do you understand yourself?
What was the fit of the people developing testing and evaluating the Collins system and the hardware and?
How to remain happy always?
Is a Jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?
In Rome do as the Romans do. Answer this from the details?
Biological influences on perception?
What are some differences between Camus and Sartre's philosophies?
Do animals have a soul?
Why is it that there can only be one god?
Is it true? Can you have anything if you want it enough?
What aspect of humanity is partitioned off from science’s ability to understand or control it.?
Help With DeMorgan's Laws?
what inspires you? absurd answers welcome..?
Dear grown ups, how many of your dreams and goals actually came true?
Who is/ was Mythopoeicon?
Why was there such a great loss of life on The Titanic?
Is the hokey pokey really what it's all about?
which is the most TRUSTWORTHY guide through LIFE, your Emotion, your Logic, or your Faith?
can knowledge be beneficial, destructive or both to society?
What decision do you regret most?
Is it inaccurate to judge a person's personality from the way they treated you?
What is your opinion of people's claims of religious experiences? Are they evidence of the existence of a God?
what does it means "a person with a loving Nature?"?
Can a cogent argument have a false conclusion?
What are aristotles moral values?
Happiness on Earth: Can you be counted in the mostly happy bunch? Why?
Could my chair secretly be a ninja?
What was Socrates' third hidden accusation?
What do you do to make your life richer?
If God is "perfect", then why aren't humans?
Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creavity?
Why does a living person drown and a dead person float?
What are some character and personality traits of Calpurnia?
if there was a way to make ONE species of animal be able to speak and understand english, which do you choose?
What do u belive ghosts or no ghosts?
How to control imagination that are beyond normal?
If God has control over everything, why are you not mad at 'him'?
What is the meaning of life to John Cottingham?
tell me a fact that most people dont know?
Is it possible to buy good Karma?
The most simplest path for moksha.?
What do you think about virtue ethics?
which Holds more SECRET, the DARK or the LIGHT?
Is life full of people pretending to be happy?
What stereotypes about politicians are present in Plato's writings The philosopher King?
Does Freud's Oedipus complex theory explain why some men date older women?
which tree do u like?
Do you agree that "things never change"? Why or why not?
what does proplectic mean?
why do girls like to gossip more than boys?
My Supervisor and research on Kafka?
Do you think the idea of integration really works in conflict resolution? Why or why not?
What do you know when you know that you don't know anything?
What am I?
what website is better life at i couldn't find it?
twin flames signs?
What are your opinions on transhumanism?
Who would you like to be stranded in a storm with.......?
Why do we wish something that never will be?
Is it normal to be possessive towards somebody you love ?
Who rules you-your heart or mind?
The life of an atheist is easier than that of a theist - Agree or disagree?
Is life what you make it?
what is a soul?
Why does life suck these days?
What is a question that should never be asked?
Is there someone you'll never forget?
Is the internet bad for mental health?
Which state of mind is better in the following scenario?
What is Descartes Definition of Ideas?
I'm granting you one do-over in your life. What will you use it on?
13. Explain the difference between Nature and Nurture when it comes to human determinism.?
What do you think Gallileo Gallilei believed about thinking/thought as a philosopher?
What is your opinion on this situation?
Why God is so cruel with all of us?
Ive been writing this poem for a while now, is it any good? please be honest?
Do you feel worthy of your Mothers love?
Philosophically speaking, Is your biggest challenge...?
if animals evolve (can reason and talk) in future, how will we justify to them why we had to eat them?
What is Line of reflection?
What do you live for??
you see the size ah that chicken?
If you had to choose: Morality or Survival - which is it?
How far does individuality go, and is there an end to new ideas being created?
You have to sit through the storm to get through the sunshine?
Death is last day for your life !!?
Is it possible to imagine a colour that doesn't exist?
what is the best stratagie to survive a unprovoaked ninja attack?
What is the use/main fact of humans to live on planet earth?
Are we need a big answer for total guastion? Are we need a little answer for ourselves guestion??
Is it true that religion is the only way to have peace in mind?
Would you like to know your date of death ?
is living together before marriage a bad idea?
psychologist philosopher about depression human, suffering and life?
For a man, is the desire to have a double life or hide certain aspects of you life from your partner normal?
what is difference?
According to Anaximenes, to apeiron......?
Analyse factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent.?
Philosophy - The regress problem? ?
What is the all time best quote ever said that makes you think?
How would a Virtue ethicist view a cigarette ad?
An aposteriori statement is one that is learned by experience.?
What is the most beautiful word in the english language?
Can an imagination be considered or counted as an experience even if it only exists in one's mind?
which person [living or dead] has had the biggest impact on how the world is today?
what is the difference between langauge and culture?
If you could change one thing about you what would it be mental and physical?
If Life were like a bracelet and each jewel represented a bright moment would you say..?
How do you respond to someone , who says that you are strange ?
What is the transfinite-ness of The Absolute Infinite?
Solipsism and Rationalism?
Would a legacy system have been employed, to help computerize Collins system ?
Philosophy paper - aristotle's virtue ethics?
What do you think the relationship is between money and happiness?
Have you experienced a sort of culture shock in your daily life?
What is the one thing that you know for sure?
Has life been good to you?
would you rather be capable to read a persons heart, mind , or soul?
What word do you use very often and you just can't help it?
Who is the enemy of human?
Atheists:Can atheism determine any sexual ethic that sets limits to human behavior?
My life is a complete nightmare, and I'm a worthless moron. Anyone have any...advice or something?
What is Yoga Vasistha?
Would this phenomenon be likely to affect a project the size of Collins submarine (supposedly a big project)?
"even today there are moderns among us"?
john rawls question?
What Religion is God?
does your TRUE SELF show in PUBLIC or in PRIVATE?
How did Humans and animals get eyes?
Which informal fallacy is being made in this article, particularly this statement?
What makes a person scared of success? low self worth or something else?
how will i apply selfishness?
What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?
What does Success mean to you in your own lives?
Who do you think has made a difference?
How to prove to your parents reponsible?
Which one of these do u prefer most ?
Do u think money buys happiness?
True or false: If I don't think it's bad, then it's not bad?
If only poor are in heaven then how the hell will the pope get in with all his gold and treasures in vatican?
Ethics of Racial Profiling? (Would Mill or Kant or Bentham Agree)?
this is a symbolic logic (method of deduction) question.. can you help me deduce it?
what was jean-paul sartre's house like on christmas day?
Why is the concept of causality philosophically problematic?
what is your favirote colour?
When people build software, do they ever capture in a data base an audit trail showing every step, so that the
What surprizes encountered you today?
the apology and the republic......?
Why?Answer with websites knowledge is the trivia to questions. Iam on a computer i what your answers dont all?
Tell me please! What comes first: love or beauty?
Examples of Cicero being a Pragmatist?
Can dreams destroy your reality?
If a male friend says ''Im getting a heat rash from you''. What does it mean?
what is your real name evry one ?the name is u named?
If you could find out what those close to you think and feel about you?
If telling a lie does significantly more good than harm, is it okay? What are the conditions or exceptions?
What Do You Think Is The Meaning Of Life?
Why do humans feel a need do indulge in violence?
Is "quality of experience" the ultimate business metric ?
UK people...Eddie Izzard's books..any??hard to get here in US?
why do you think most poets, and philosophers lived their life alone, or lonely?
What is the meaning of life?
Deep and beautiful love quote?
How do I show that the sentences A&B and B&A are equivalent in SD?
No man is an insland discuss?
I want to kill myself, how should I do it?
Where is love?
two wrongs dont make a right i disagree?
what is your life's blueprint?
reading from the end?
why do we have war in stead of peace in th world?
Why should a human being be afraid to die?
What words do you live by?Your mantra.?
esto es para la gente cristiana.?
I feel like i mean nothing to the world...?
What are the intellectual virtues of food?
Why is age always an issue with people whether young or old?
what would be you ideal thing to happen after you die?
How can first-order logic be applied in practice?
I don't trust anyone?
Where can i download the full text of the book "The Passion of Western Mind"- Google search couldn't find!!
If a demon or creature attacked one of your loved ones?
I don't have a life, does it matter?
If you could hear all the colors would you care if you went blind?
Does personality begin with identity?
Is Philosophy and Ethics hard?
What is amazing about our world?
how much money you need to be happy in you lifE?
Would Plato be for or against the legalization of a?
What is virtue according to Aristotle?
What keeps YOU preoccupied?
Is it right/wrong to call somebody a bigot if their views don't fit with yours or the mainstream?
Do you think shouting can solve arguments or does it just fuel them?
do you believe in God?
what is marx's concept of alienated labor?
What would be the last things you would say before you die?
How can people want to live?
the united states is a wealthy country; therefore, sam jones must be wealthy?
If God can do anything, can he make a square triangle?
what has been the proudest moment of your life till now?
Guitar note and tab help.?
what is prima facie principles?
Why does tootiecaca mean?
What are the things money can't buy that are good?
What is the purpose of life? Why are we here on earth?
Is there enough time?
How do you feel about the philosophy of nihilism?
just how many ways to live are there any way?
Which one is correct?1.To be nice to those irrespective of their bad behavior.2.To distance oneself from them.?
What is the persuasive tone of Plato's Allegory of the Cave?
who is the father of boat nature?
Which book and movie had made the biggest impact in your life?
What is your ambition?
If given a chance, what mystery of life you would have unlocked at the very beginning?
Is let go of ego the surest formula for sublime happiness.... is that how love and relationships make us happy?
can we all come together as one?
What could be the greatest thing man can ever come up with?
1. When we use the concept pf the health continuum, health is considered to be?
What are the cons of being a nonconformist?
who was here first the chicken or th egg?
Which is more valuable, freedom or security? Why?
if brain controls body mechanism, why do we feel pain in heart?
What really makes you feel happy ?
Is ignorance the key to happyness?
What is EST? What does the acronym stand for? What is its purpose? What is the basic principle?
Can someone explain Nietzsche's and Stowe's argument against Idealism?
How do you know you are you?
Is it the thought that counts or the mistake that matters?
Why we believe those things we have never seen?
How do you move on with your life?
Dont you just want that miracle to happen that will change your life forever?
Belief in GOD.?
Shih tzu i dont think you have ever fallen in love?
Philosophy ! Logic Translation!?
If Death is the only real certain thing in your life and the only uncertain thing is when? What is death?
Plato or Socrates writing?
Will girls ever rule the world?
What is the meaning of life?
What is greater than Happiness?
are there universal principles to justice if so what are they? (Plato & Aristotle) views - Please help me?
Is the world going to end today (May 21, 2011)?
What is the lake of fire mentioned in the book of revelation?
Tell me web sites about great people with difficult childhood(it just inspires me)?
If you could just be.......what would you be......and what would you like to do?
Compared to the vastness of the universe, does human life have any real significance?
People say trust your instinct & listen to intuition - but how do I know what my instinct & intuition say?
Is it better to die young?
will humans and computers merge in the future?
Is Classical Civilization a good A level?
is ghost really staing in this world?????
Is there is a reason for everything or nothing happens by chance?
Should test be a way to see how smart a person is?
Do you like to create mischief and mayhem.........?
Do you believe in Darwinism (evolution)? Why or why not? Explain.?
What is your definition of beauty?
What to do with my life.....?
Last stupid religious question, I swear.... To God even?
What does it mean when you dream about someone?
What is one decision u made that effected your whole life?
What does 'real beauty' mean to you?
If you could have 4 people to dinner, living or dead..who would they be? ( and why)?
if you don't avenge someone you love, does it mean that you don't love that person?
What would you do if you have to choose between your responsibility and your desires?
My brother made me laugh during a funeral for a family member. Our lost one was 90 and lived life. fine. But?
Name ten ways we are free.
For 2012 do u really think they would a 50_ 50 chance it will happin or one really knows?
Buddha: "the Awakened One" Can Anyone be the Buddha. Peace. Happiness.Awakened One..?
Who do you think is the greatest man in the world.?
I'am tried of the evils of humanity so I want to end my life?
If humans didn't exist?
Can we reach the stars without the thorns of life?
Evolutionism or Creationism, what do you believe is true and why?
do you love life..?
philosophical approaches?
HELP! My hair!!?
Should I kill myself?