"perspective is everything", what does this mean?
can you really be a narcissist who cares?
what does maintain your life means?
Is it possible to hate yourself?
Don't you hate it when someone asks a question that stirs yur interest to answer with honesty and experience?
Why does suffering generally lead to wisdom?
I may have poisoned myself?
looking for life time pariener?
Why do people like to comment about news stories in Y!A mail to anonymous people? (gossip?)?
Could you change your life style to be with some one that you have fallen in love with?
Books in the library and reading?
who is the most important person in your life?
What is functionalism?
if today was the last day of your life what would you do tomorrow?
How do you characterize this stuff like Psychoanalysis,Marxism,etc that seems science but is not science ?
Quine's argument toward Hume's Fork?
If you had to give up one of your five senses for a week, which would it be and why?
What is truth?
Why is aristotle so stupid?
Do you think you are smarter, more dumb, or equal to the average person?
What is metaphysics?
If you were able to invite any three (3) people...?
Am i existing? or just living?
why is everyone so angry!!?
kant;s view on the only priciple of the will?
how do we know god is a man?
why is it when people think a lot at nite they cant sleep?
What things shape the way we think?
Do you believe in God because you're scared there is not one?
Is "Do we have free will?" the ultimate question?
Why does this happen to me every day?
Can there be any such thing as perfection, in your opinion?
what do u think a leaders lifestyle and objective should be i.e a christian leader?
Did EVERYTHING happen for a reason?
is TRUTH fixed or flexible?
Why do people try to explain away things that contradict their perception of reality?
Why is it often possible to tell how old someone is by their voice alone? (if talking on phone with them)?
does God actually exist?
How do you tell someone who's saved your life...?
Is Kant’s assertion that there can be judgments that are “synthetic a priori” a contradiction?
is there ever a true truth?
WHY do metrosexuals dress like idiots? They do know they look ridiculous right?
Born in the wrong time?
Is such a calculation really possible?
do you ever ask yourself "there must be more to life?"?
What is my Kua number?
Drug addiction and hardships in relation to philosophy and music?
What is this 4th Dimension that we are entering and manifestation about ?
who would you feel sorry for?
Who is the enemy of human?
Who do you honestly believe will or should be the person to touch you the minute you die?
did you say goodbye to life already?
This may sound ridiculous?
Shall we or not?
If for once in life you can choose what to see in your dream before you sleep, what will you choose?
What do all beautiful things have in common ....?
If you could What Motto, Quote or Saying would you...?
Do you always look down to yourself......?
dharmaram vidiya kshathram's last yer philosophy result?
Is this saying TRUE: "Some things NEVER change"?
would you rather be a PIANO or a GUITAR?
for you, can a person be FAITHFUL although he's not RELIGIOUS?
Explain how Fitzgerald's life parallels the Great Gatsby?
is there any1 here know a lot about criminal law?
what is the philosophical definition of 'good' and what is the reasoning for determining good?
What will make you happy?
What characteristic/behaviour of your husband/wife was decisive for you to marry them?
Are we sure there was no involvement ?
Why do psychics need doorbells, surely they would know if someone was calling?
According to Descartes, what distinguishes knowledge from belief?
Why does everything bad happen at once?
How about no?
A question about Plato's republic?
What is the purpose of marriage?
To convert a sentence into standard form?
What can bind us together?
What is the difference between living and non-living things if one day everything is going to fade away?
If there is no such thing as luck and luck does not exist....?
How would you LEAST like to die?
What is your favorite quote?
What was life like during Northern Renaissance?
What is the greatest question?
How, when and as what did the universe self-create?
In newcomb's problem, would refusing to choose cause a halting problem in the predictor?
Philosophy-Paley-Existence of God......some input?
Thomas Aquinas scholastic argument process?
whats the importance of naming things correctly?
You're on your death bed and you are about to die in 3 seconds what will be your last thought?
just find , what is the reason they except terrisom , use humanity , explain life and love for human thing?
What was Zeno’s argument that change is an illusion?
"Speak when you are spoken to"......Do we need to wait for that?
What were the contributions & claims made by Ludwig Wittgenstein and what was his (Wittgenstein's) background?
What was the easiest time of your life?
why do beautiful girls often get less handsome husband?
What writing by a philosopher talks about two objects that require a third to fuse them?
Do you ever feel like it's all pointless?
Having trouble interpreting and reading Aristotle?
was a proponent of the coherence theory of truth.?
How do i decide what I want to be for the rest of my life??????:O?
why is it most men prefer to sleep in the left side of the bed?
How do a person find GOD?
What is the highest IQ score that anyone can get?
What were William James' criticisms of philosophy as a means of discovering truth?
Why do people spend so much of their valuable time chasing after essentially useless awards points?
If someone tells you not to do anything they say, is it possible to follow their instruction?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the best job to do in this world??
Topic of heated debate for young intellects?
What is the difference between a Hasty Generalization and Fallacy of Division/Composition?
if you could remove any word from human vocabulary, what would it be and ...?
what is at the end of the universe?
how do creationists explain that bacteria become resistant against antibiotics?
Do you love yourself?
What is the meaning of "ethos"?
described three mode of philosophy?
Life..what does it all mean?
When using a pen, do you prefer the colour black or do you like blue.?
If God created Heaven and Earth, then Adam and Eve, where do the dinosaurs fit in?
How can I tell a selfish,inconsiderate person what bothers me about them without them having a tantrum?
How critical would Jesus be on modern day religion?
what is the death penalty called when the peson being exicutes wears a black robe and mask and stands?
will the world really end in 2012?
are things the way they appear to one actually that way.?
Are the staff in an organization a litmus test for flaws in the organization ?
Describe happiness?
Is this a weird thought "The butterfly effect thought" My life seem like one big episode but more so like the?
When truth is unfolded, will there be victory?
is empiricism an effective route to knowledge?
is there an ANIMAL in every HUMAN being, and vice versa?
Does the breaking down to realism (the realm of real) have an importance in everyday living?
Are people accurate judges of their own happiness?
Do u think w/the economy how it is it's smarter to jump on job oppurtunities rather than speculate?
Whatever Happened to Good and Evil Shafer-Landau?
What are the differences between Descartes and Berkeley against what is real and what is not?
In which book of Plato's Republic does he talk about capital punishment?
Why does religion make no sense to me?
Can one's behavior be explained by one thing: self-satisfaction?
If a tree falls over in a forest and there is nobody there to hear it - is there still a noise?
Am I disrespectful .... ?
If there is no god can you kill people?
How would you define heaven?
What or who inspires you to thrive to be better as a human being?
If humans evolved from apes, Where are the semi-evolved ape-men and why does the evolution seem to have ended?
Utilitarianism = "Doctrine worthy of swine"?
What do you think of this school shooting note?
(Long question) What makes something unethical? Is it the act or the consequences?
Do humans have moral obligations toward animals?
why should we only pick one best answer when there may be several equally good ones?
"Thoughts without content are empty, intuition without concept are blind"?
whats the 1 thing you feel you can share with todays youth that you just know will make a difference?
Are you an elitist? What about you makes that stance in life acceptible?
What makes your life special?
in general do you tend to not regret things?
Do you believe that the male ego is more fragile than the woman's?
Why do we have dreams?
ZEITGEIST 2 Addendum?
Emotional/psychological baggage--are you traveling light on the train of life or do you need a freight car?
is life a beautiful bi**h?
Hainanese island has SAN YA and san means 3 pple. imao. ?
How am I supposed to just let go and accept that I'm not friends with my friends anymore?
what does adaequatio intellectus ad rem mean?
What can we know for sure?
What would happen if the entire world were atheists?
What fruit is that you cannot the inside but you can eat the skin(or the outside part). Try to eat the fruit t
What are some arguments in favor/against execution of Socrates in Plato's Apology?
what is the difference between existentialism and metaphysical solipsism?
How Much Choice Do We Have In Who We Are?
Is the following valid or invalid? Explain your answer.?
What did he mean exactly? Please help for the sake of my studies!!?
for someone who is interested in philosophy,where do i start?
How are these valid conditional arguments? (philosophy)?
Was Ayn Rand the most enlightened woman who ever lived, or something else?
What made you smile today?
Where do you draw the line?
Solipsism it true? Or a bunch of BS.?
what is the sweetest thing in the world?
Am I a murderer?
What is it called when your state of mind affects how you interpret things?
If a man sets out to achieve nothing, and does nothing, has he achieved something?
how in the world is humanity going to survive?
Does 'move on' mean i did not love enough or that it was not true love.?
What are you the most ashamed of?
Why Does Having a Therapist feel like Your Being Brain Washed?
Where is philosophy of mathematics now?
If you found one billion dollars inside your Christmas stocking what is the first thing you will buy?
what came first the chicken or the egg? and could you explain why?
what is the meanest thing to call someone without cursing?
what things can we do to improve shoes, toothbrushes, clothing, toiletries and anythin else u can think of?
what is more important to church leaders? Is it the poor people OR the precious statues they crown w/gold?
Have you ever been told something that changed your life?
Is there any publication on comparative study on major religions of the world, to show they are same basically
Which of the following is an example of a "negative self-fulfilling prophecy"?
Why, because I need to know the answer to....why?
wtf is wrong with my life?
Ii servived the end of world,im so happy anyone wanna share some love,chuffd to beans,realy realy so happy :-P?
Which groups are not important to the agenda setters?
Do you consider yourself to be wise?
comment on this statement?
Which philosopher took part in a 1737 competition to study the subject of fire?
Why do we humans question what the meaning of life is?
is human special among other species or they are only regular species with better brains.?
Anyone know this love quote?
Who would you let die?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
How does it feel How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home?
How does Descartes's method of doubt basically work?
Parallels between The Lesson of the Moth and Harrsion Bergeron?
Why is it that there can only be one god?
Should one interfere with an empty can in the aisle of a train floor?
What makes you YOU??
How do you TAME your own ego?
Should we see things 'As They Are'?, or 'As They Ought To Be'?
Why does most of life revolve around money?
Does infinity extend inward as well as outward?
Greeks vs German tribe, 500-145 BC, Greeks' scholarship prospered, but from 1500 AD it's reversed? Why?
I think I might have invented/created the universe. Is this possible?
3 empty words-i love you?
what scientific evidence (if any) conclude why people feel lazy or are lazy?
Why would a God,who is supposed to love/care for you,cause you pain and sufferings?
characteristics of life ?
If a wooden ship has all its parts replaced is it still a ship?
Does making a correct decision can alter one's belief...?
It is said we are created in the image of The One who is perfect, then why are we not perfect?
So tell me. Do these silly little points really mean much?
What are the socratic paradoxes?
Which one is the true one? Islam, Christian, Jewish.?
what must a prince do to be esteemed according to machiavelli?
does everyone want to profit from your death?
Given a choice of keeping the life that you have now or starting from scratch which would you do?
What happens to a 'Rejected Thought'?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the design argument?
Discuss the main difference between early and later deism?
Was this an ad-hominem circumstantial attack?
What is the point of life?
If a tree falls in the woods...?
I have material for a book. Otherthan sending it to agents, publishers,what canI do to find financial success?
What happens when you are scared half-to- death twice?
does god realy exist?
What is your favorite way to escape the world for an hour or two!?
Jusifying a proof with Predicate Logic?
Four Questions: What is the purpose of government? How do you feel about your nation's current governm . . .?
Do you think the world will end in 2011 or 2012?
Can Someone please give me a summary on Immanuel Kant and the good will?
"it is not the ape nor the tiger in man i fear,it is the .........." fill in the blanks.?
Philosophically speaking is this a petitio principii fallacy and is the following sentence a weak analogy?
What can i do to make my life more exciting?
Why do we live this life if we all gonna die at some point?
can you describe your life in one word ?
What came first? Oxygen or life in the planet Earth?
Am I weird for thinking of death all of the time?
If you smashed a clock, could you be accused of killing time?
Do many people use the law as their standard for morality?
wish we had a slightly better life and made more money being poor sucks?
genealogy of Morals please help ?
Can anyone tell me what my dream means?
for what is something better than nothing?
Have you ever suspected that the universe is made for YOU and that the rest of us are nothing but scenary?
What if it turns out the God is really Alfred E. Newman?
Why does behavior change with group size?
What do you want out of life the most?
Why doesn't human cloneing bother people?
are you wearing a MASK, a VEIL or a HELMET?
Punishment by imprisonment doesn't work?
What are the weaknesses of Mill's Harm Principle?
What is the relation between Logic and Syllogism?
Does life give you tests to see if you will "settle" for less than what you want?
Was someone "not the full quid" recruited to the Collins project ?
When is someone ugly?
I have collect some money ,what can i do marry or get a new car?
What does a purple ora mean?
True or false? According to Noe, thought does not get its content or meaning from environment and...?
Immanuel Kant and the concept of justice.?
Why do we always want what we can't have?
Is the human race eventually gonna get extinct ?
is it possible to make the globe a single country and live anywhere without any visa?
Explain the philosophy behind the "Death Wish" movies.?
Where p,q and r are propositions, which are the following are true, and which are false?
How to overcome my past? It is a bit long but please read. I am 18.?
If enough people wanted to join me in creating an egalitarian community all of our own, would you join?
What is the difference between the mind-brain identity theory set forth by J.J. Smart and?
Can you yell fire in a crowded theatre if there is a fire?
Why is 'freedom' associated with capitalism...?
Sleeping & eating are weird- what do you hate to do the most, but you would die if you didn't do it?
What gives you the chance to find out who or what you really are..?
what is the origin of Fortuna Favi Fortus?
If a good person dosn't believe in God but helps his fellow men, then why will God bar him from his kingdom?
Who were some of the great persian/iranian philosophers?
In order to achieve meditation, is it better to let your vision blur or re-focus?
what exactly are biblical principles?
What is virtue to Aristotle and Nietzsche?
Is it morally acceptable for a doctor to lie to a patient? what would be a situation where it would be ok?
why does not satan kill himself, if killing/committing suicide is bad and considered a sin?
What is the pseudoscientific method (generally)?
where can i find god?
What did Paul Watson want to accomplish?
Why are Christians so pushy with there religion?
What should be the goal of our life?
Do causality apply equally in the world of natural and of social science??
Do you believe people can change??
dose fug sway actually work.?
Who in the world is or has been able to put the cat amongst the pigeons? Without success or with some?
How do you cope with impending death?
give two reasons why the earth mass is designed for life.?
what type of bagua mirror is best for a martial arts school?
Who is the most important person you know?
Would you sell your soul to the Devil if he offers you the world?
Pain&grief everywhere..why this world is so bad?
Asian Games in Doha, Qatar?
Can vocabulary be finite if there is an infinite no. of neologisms?
Is peace really the absence of conflict?
Is it wrong to pick on children?
Why do you want to live?
what is the meaning of life?
How do i meet honest and compassionate people,who can be true friends.?
Easy Points: Moral Poll?
What is Philosophy of Moral Nihilism ?
Who's the philosopher that somehow stated that our 'lifetime' is hanging in two opposite "nothing-ness" ?
Can words truly express the meaning of Love?
What is the difference between "life stages" and "life stations" in hinduism?
I was thinking today?
Where does philosophy end & science begin. Is philosophy just science without experiments?
whats W.V quine philosophy?
Men don't cry, do you agree with that?
Is God Necessary for Morality? In this case, any God for that matter?
possibility of doubt vs reasonable doubt ? (philosophy)?
Why is suicide morally wrong?
Why do the socializers antagonize the anti-socializers?
What is the best way to succeed in life?
what, do u feel, is the purpose of human life?
Why is life so hard?????
what is life like in a squatter settlement?
Am I trying to kill myself without knowing it?
what iz the fear of death called?
Why is everything rubbish?
Which do you think would be the best way to go?
How would you describe 'Love'...?
Do you think that feeling love or hate for someone can blind you to the truth about him/her?
How can I get rid of Hukups?
what are your thoughts on...?
Is religion a mutation or a natural process?
Philosophy: Explain the differences between naturalism and materialism?
David Hume's belief that knowledge is acquired through sensing experience was termed "radical."?
What do you think about "seperation of church and state"?
Do you believe that the death of a parent makes you strong?
When you feel you have been just so good,How do you Pamper yourself?
why we have to put name of every one .in the world.?
How would your life be different if you were wealthy?
for an analogy argument, if there are such a thing called civil rights then why not smokers rights?
what is your state of mind right now?
What is the meaning to life?
Would you rather be poor and happy, or rich and miserable?
What if the world has run out of good people such as you......?
is there any hope for the youth of the next generation like me?
i want to die,life is boring?
what is the phillosipers stone made out of?
Do you believe in the unwritten "Law of reciprocation"?
Did you ever wonder if there is a parallel universe....?
What makes you feel proud of yourself?
When you do not "connect" with someone or just simply can not get along with someone.. do you?
what is the difference between TRUTH and FACTS?
Ethical issues with IVF.?
What comes to mind when you hear the word October?
Come up with an ethical principle and then a counterexample to that principle.?
Anyone here had a chance to read S.N. Lazarev books?
I seek adventure but where to find it?
How does the music affect your life during the day?
According to Kant's idea of autonomy, is there a link between freedom and morality?
Does it mean anything that there is no present tense?
is begging wrong if your not in deep need?
Explain reflective agency?
State specific problems created by industrialization that nineteenth century communists were trying to address?
According to Little, Does virtue as knowledge consider evidentiary demands in the evaluation of desires?
How does aspects of your daily life relate to human bio?
How does santaria connect with god?
What do you think of death?
Am i simple minded? ............?
What if your ideal said you were wrong in following the right way?
Why don't they just give the rabbit some tricks?
Which Came First????
What is infinity? is it endless or not defined? what is it?
Why is life so tragic?
If you were 100% politically correct, would you be able to draw your next breath?
What is the best introduction to the thought of Immanuel Kant?
What is the meaning of life?
Are you ready? For the great depart?
Is the world going to end in 2012?
What is Christian and Buddhism Philosophies?
notions of scientific progress?
Hi All;) .. If you could either go into the past or into the future, which would you choose?;D?
How do I know what I know?
How was life for you around the 60,70, or 80's? U.S?
HELP! please help me understand what this mean: CONTROL SYSTEMS.......?
Are you agree beleivers potentialy are dangerous.?
What does success mean?
Is there a chance I have suppressed my memories?
what do u do when your life dream falls apart ?
Do you think people can truly be happy?
what makes life worth living ?
What is true happiness?
My boyfriend was looking up his ex girlfriend on the internet. What does that mean?
How to get rid of thoughts..?
Philosophy Help! PLZ!!?
have you ever done / experienced a radom act of kindness?
What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
What is utilitarian moral maxim?
Can people be powerful than God?
What are some of the examples you have found of government in your daily life?
what is the purpose of life i don't need any answers based on gods!!!?
where are yu going in life?
The Man Who Was Thursday?
Biography of Vivekananda??
If you had a month to live what would you do before you die!?
What is a soul and how do you prove it exists?
Can you trade futures with someone?
Need help with Allegory of the Cave?
favorite "quote" and why, if you can say.?
what must one do or have in order to be happy in life?
Are there any modern stoicists?
If ignorance is bliss, is intelligence a curse?
Which do you think would shock the Catholic Church and the Catholics more? (A repost)?
What Do You Do When You Realize...?
Have you ever had a "time of purity" in your life?
What is Godly love? How is that different from men-women love?
What is a symbol of "New Love"?
how can i take over earth?
what do you mean by political and social influence on employment relations?
who said 'there is no substitute for a good education'?
I need help on coming up with a debate for my philosphy class.?
Thomas Aquinas and morality.?
according to you what is important in life to survive?
What is happiness?
What major should I get? I'm really compassionate for people?
Whatever is to be represented must be an invariant. What is your opinion on this statement?
Did God really create the world in seven days?
Does money makes any difference in relationships?
From a nihilist point of view, is there a point in not following your human nature?
If you had no living family. Would you sacrifice yourself for the human race to live on ?
If you take away the complexity in things... it would be reduce to?
Why didn't nature make every person attractive?
God created us in his image... What image is that?
Where, if at all, does Machiavelli discuss faking one' owns death as a political tactic? Book and pg # please.
what is the password to ur heart?
are dreams an illusion of reality??
I feel empty inside and i can't describe it?
Who Are You Really...?
follow this amazing blog that makes you feel better about life
I dont understand the majority of people?
is it morral or immoral to have physical relationship with other than your life partner?
why do people lie when they dont need to?
You have one wish?
Are you absolutely sure that there are no absolutes?, if so....why?
If someone could prove that God doesn't exist, should he?
If you took a trip and only took left turns, where would you end up?
Why can't I move on without my bestfriend!?
How can we be free from fear?
would you Rather be a MATCHSTICK or a CANDLE?
Descartes argues that God's existence and moral virtue,?
21st Century Inventions!?
Why do you think being evil tends to be more fun, hypothetically, rather than being a good person?
why can i find one who continued me ?
the fallen trunks now and then interscept the traveller and he gets lost in croocked ways amid the?
If u wear many "hats", would several extra heads come in handy?
What's your life motto?
Has any philosopher ever argued that all properties are scalar?
Why does hope spring eternal?
according to you what is weakness?
What do you think might happen in 2012?
Plato or Socrates writing?
Who is sad because we have to go back to reality?David those poems where great I loved the third one!?
Idealism- what is the philosophy of idealism?
Does Socrates’ conversation with Euthyphro give evidence that Socrates is pious or impious?
Your Autobiography: How long and how does it end?
is existentialism the ultimate in rationalism?
What is the problem with allowing contradictions?
how many times do u lie per day?
Have you seen this before?
complete the following (use your imagination)?
who is the author of "to err is human to pursue stupid"?
what is the foundationalist (cartesian) approach to epistemology?
Y would God give an 8 year old kid cancer, let her suffer then die at 9 years old?
Where would you like to live? Why?
What is the meaning of life?
Can someone explain the Euthyphro dilemna?
If you were a misanthrope who is disgusted by being human, in which painfree way would you kill yourself?
Time flies when you're having fun....or....Time's fun when you're having flies?
When you're dead is that it, or is there an afterlife?
I don't want to live anymore?
The World's Hardest Riddle?
Does it matter any more who your friends are?
What is Anti-Realism? Can you explain this concept to me?
do you think its possible to not exist at all?
If you were to die today, how would you like to be remembered?
What is the dumbest way to die?
What's the first thing you turn on when everything goes dark?
What is Ashtama Sidhis?
okay just a fun question to see if you agree? not a real hypothesis?
How is The Hunger Games a reflection of our own current society?
Does Patience knows the value of time?
Culture.............what your op-ion?
im writing a paper for school i need answers asap what is art????
which is one is better realism or instrumentalism?
Hypothetical question…?
did you have the time of your life?
Which ethical theory can be used to interpret ethics?
what does berkeley means by ideas?
Where do we find perfect peace?
how to be happy?
terms according to the nature of referents?
hey, for what did we exist??
Your opinion: What if we finally going to live in this world?
Why are humans such idiots?
experiencing feelings of euphoria/weightlessness?
define We inherit nothing truly, but what our actions make us worthy of?
What should I do about these? I felt bad for not answering?
Is there any love left out there?
help with this sentence of aristotle?
How do I know I'm really me?
How does plato confront callicles' argument?
To solve David Humes skepticism regarding anyone ever proving that our xperience of objects actualy conform...?
2013: end of the world?
can I always get what I want?
Why is it so hard to just BELIEVE in Jesus?
if everyone lived a life as what we do in the US, what would be the total anthropogenic emission of co2 .?
If we are reincarnated, How come there is population growth?
What actual evidence is there for the existence of free will? It seems to go way, way further than it should?
Is anyone born evil?
Is there something you enjoy doing only by yourself?
I just need some words for encouragement?
What is the hardest thing to do?
The space between spaces?
Where are the Ramanujans of our century???? The genius of our century?
this is a long question. but it will tell me what kind of person you are.?
Have you ever been proud of the smell of your own noisy farth?
Do you think the meaning of life is irrelevant just as long as we're happy?
Is life fair? Questions must have at least 20 characters.....?
if you were gana die..?
what's something that never changes?
Philosophers: Why do religion exists?
where i can find information from matador?
Global Warming. Where is it going?
If life is a journey, where are you on your journey?
Why do the good die young?
Homework help needed to understand question regarding Jesus and/or Socrates and contemporary relevance?
Why is American society today called a "do-nothingism" society?
what are the ten commandments?
How does sound enhance the film clip you watched of any action or horror film?
I need a quote, help?:)?
meaning behind "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"?
why do people of india worship those gods that does not exists ?
Website or book with complete collection of character archetypes with modern day examples?
how to find out whether she likes you or not?
why i have to live?
Who laid the egg of christianity upon the ashes of Alexandria?
Why would god put "souls" in a firey pit forever? is that not evil? Y not just let the sinners die.?
What is the "OTHER SIDE"?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the main point of Hobbes' Leviathan?
who said "what the answer?" "what's the question?"?
What is pluralism? Why is it closely related to freedom?
what are LAPD's organizational goals and what are there ethical standards?
can there be three mothors for aone child. one is real mother the otherone is imagined mother last is friendmm
What year did this things happen?
What is the meaning of Life?
What do you do when you are...?
The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others? Your thought?
Tell me about my JanamKundali,Life path ,Please check details?
Is it worth it to write down my ideas if it causes me stress, because I can't always do it?
WHAT in Life is most important in your opinion?
whats your choice?
Philosophy One Sugar Please: How can an insult flavor happy moments?
Is it rude to use CAPS when asking a question on questions?
Do you know anything about the philosopher Airistotle?
philosophy essay help! Aristotle and Augustine?
Do you have an opinion?
What is the purpose of life, work and school? INTERESTING QUESTION!!!?
...why do people do things which they know will hurt them or make them unhappy?
Moral and Political questions?
what is the aesthetic conception of evil under Augustinian's theodicy?
what exactly is a fate worse than death?
What do you think is the best argument to refute this?
Survey Question?
What would you do if you knew...?
Is the Bible the word of God?
help with finding fallacies?
Y does the man always hold the woman's hips & the woman encircle his neck while kissing.?
The relation between Marxism and Violence?
Do work colleages cover for the workplace psychopath ?
when do you plan to pray?
is he really that much of a bad influence?
rorty suggests that pragmatics tend to see humans and human ethical behavior from where?
How to help a man care take?
Philosophy questions? (Your Opinion)?
Why don't people ever RSVP?
Does the trees makes noise when anybodys is listening?
Is The Moment of Death or The Moment of Birth affect you more?
What Scares you the most?
do you know why the day starts at 12 instead of 1,is it?
what is your motto for life?
What is your idea of beauty?
What are three examples of systems (like organs) in your body?
What is Fate***********?
In reality, Who came first? The man or the woman?
what are your present views of morals , values , virtue ,and ethics?
In the life we are finding a perfect person but...Wouldn't it be better learning to see an imperfect....?
what is "Animal Liberators" is about?
What is the importance of expressive behavior for Wittgenstein?
Did Parminedes believe that the sun, moon, stars, milky way were always there and never "originated"?
How did Alan Turing's life affect what he wrote?
What does "i think, therefore i am" mean?
“Virtue is persecuted more by the wicked than it is loved by the good.”?
All things considered, do you really think that man was made by "God" or an evolution of a lesser organism?
Why do people say "the sky is the limit" when there are footprints on the moon ?
Is it morally acceptable to kill for your own survival?
How do we stop people from killing in the name of god?
What is the greatest power we as Human Beings possess?
what came first the chicken or the egg..?
Movie on philosophers/philosophies?
what do women find attaractive in a man's face?
Do u like your name ? what does that mean ? Are you like your name?
Is this a question?
If Adam and Eve gave birth to Kane and Able who did Kane and Able marry and how did their wives get there?
How do I pass on my (God given) wisdom without sounding like a nut job?
If Love is the answer, what's the question?
Who were you in an past life...and how do you know?
how are you so knowledgable doctor why?
What was the cause of the Buddha's death?
Dear contributors: What do you think is ultimately stronger in life: doubt or faith?
Any philosopher who investigates the origin and nature of knowledge could be described as a(n):?
what is metaethics? and an example?
Why do I always get the short end of the stick?
Why is it that no one checks their spelling before they send?????
Feelings... who will ever be able to understand or control them?
what is a design argument?
What is the perfect way to die?
What is the nature of the beast?
Isn't This What Real Love Is SUPPOSED To Be Like?
Can you explain Plato's view of human nature?
What exists, besides rationality?
is intention important or only results?
How would you cheer yourself up? I'm feeling down, undervalued and very negative what do you suggest?
Why are human beings afraid of death?
"philosophy is iknow not what" discuss it (ludwig wittgenstein)?
Does Kant solve Hume's problem regarding causality?
Descartes interpretation of the soul?
what is the best anti-depressant?
Philosophical question for you. Why?
what is the purpose of life?
Quick question for Philosophy Majors....?
Is andy griffen dead .... yes or no?
do most "play a role" that is different than who they are when they TALK ? how about when writing?
is the WAY to your HEART easy to FIND?
What is the highest amount of paisa
How might it be argued that Leibniz's position is closer to Spinoza's than the former (Leibniz) would have lik?
Ralph emerson odd quote from self reliance. what does it mean?
Does a language exist if you're the only one that speaks it?
end of the world theories?
Do you try to be a positive influence to others?
living in the lap of nature?
If you were on a desert island and could take 3 things what they be?
Is just saying 'I love you' enough?
Why do people think that if they submit to God they lose their freedom?
Can anyone help me with Philosophy?
What behavior warrants a sardonic response?
If the goal of our existence is to just reproduce, what will that result in?
Do you think that our senses deceive us?
Is a day spent watching movies when you could’ve been working a day wasted or well spent?
which among NO manner, NO individuality, NO brain, NO guts & NO sense of humor is closest to NO PERSONALITY?
How to embrace life more and to be an inspiration to others?
What it means to describe a story as a philosophical rite of passage?
what happens if your not satisfied with life?
What do you think is the meaning of life?
what is the meaning of No Longer An Exile?
Why are there evil people in this world?
what makes life worth living ?
Are spirit & soul the same thing, or what is the difference?
I feel like punching the wall or hit something whenever I see a pretty girl?
What do you think the difference is between, knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence?
What is the meaning of everybody asking what the meaning of life is?
Do we choose to be offended?
Philosophy: Hume distinguishes ideas from impressions on the basis of their what?
Philosophy question analysis needed?
What you prefer: science or religion?
why is prostitution immoral?
What makes you think you are a good person?
Have you ever thought of this?
When will we give peace a chance ?
How can people be so ignorant?
What is the most bravest thing you have done so far in your life?
What is something that makes you Happy ?
Why is the world in a decline morally?
is eternity logical?
In your opinion, what effect has the internet had on the moral structure of modern society?
Best intro to philosophy book?
Why do people of mongolia - The mongols - Worship chengez khan?
Y Answers debate forum?
According to u what is Freedom?
Will humanity destroy itself?
Need help with final review question relating to Anscombe and her essay War and Murder?
What are the differences in focus between care ethics and traditional "justice-based" ethics? ...?
If you could have the answer to any question, what would you ask?
Would you join this train? Would you spread the “word”?
Is Love beyond the physical?
Are people inherently evil or good?
What is philosophy and ethics?
What are dimensions made of?
Are we all related to one another in some way?
Could you live without mirrors?
If I give you an I O U for ten dollars and you pass it to someone else and they pass it on is this like money?
do you always come out after ...nightfall?
If someone calls you evil for showing frustration with getting bullied, does that really mean you're evil?
Is beauty really subjective or objective? or both?
Are universals a big deal?
What do you think will happen in 1 billion years?
I can think really deeply?
Is 'let go' the best formula for the lazy?
Help with Siddhartha? (chapter 3)?
What is example of Deism in philisophical terms?
to light a candle is to cast a shadow.?
list the different theories of arts?
What is the world's biggest problem?
What is the best classic piano's brand in the market today?
Why is study of "aesthetics of film" relevant to you?
what group of people occasioned learned thinking through the development of commerce?
Why does this day pop into my mind for no reason?
Do you believe in destiny?
allegory of the cave?
If we are reincarnated, How come there is population growth?
what was the conflict between kant and the british empiricist?
Why believe in God, if everything I know about Him comes from someone else?
If you found a wallet with $300 in it, would you return it to its owner or pocket the money and dispose it?
Why does making love seem to an observer to resemble two people eating each other? What its ethical issue?
Descartes' criticism of ancient ethics?
What do you think would happen to Q&A if.......?
Love and hate, good and evil, am I like you?
Be yourself philosophy?
Do you be live in God... I can persuade you.?
18 Y.o. girl who is returning back to Roman Catholicism - please answer my questions though.?
If you could save one person from dying, who would you save? The Dishonest or The Ungrateful?
Are you content with your life?
is it true that Evolution and the 2nd law of thermodynamics contradict themselves?
What is the key concept to Aristotle's defintion of happiness?
What makes a person *good* in your opinion?
if God is almighty, is he a woman and a black man and lesbian and gay and straight altogether???
If we are what we eat, then what are you?
Why do you follow moral absolutism?
do you like peace?
Why it just happen to me?
being on my own is ok with a good conscience?
what is a real world example of newtons 1st law?
let's see what you think about this argument? Is it valid or invalid and why?
Underwear curiosity?
What will happen in 2012?
Tell one thing that makes u HAPPY & SAD at the same time?
Does you Love Me?
is your glass half empty or half full? Why?
immanuel kant 30 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the most positive thing in your life ?
Life is beautiful, isn't it?
What are the odds that you and I exist?
Why do we become 'used' to something or circumstances?
Do you believe in fate/destiny?
If you put one grain of rice on the first square of a chess board, then keep doubling the number of grains ...
What to agnostics and atheists do instead of going to church?
What Is Love ?
How do you define GOD? How do you feel his omnipresence ? How do we know He Exists ?
Where can I find humanities articles?
What do you think of this quote?
Is belief bad for learning? Is belief nonconducive to learning?
to which university in paris did descrates send his writing " meditations on first philosophy" ?
If you went back in time, and accidently prevented the human race, where would you have come from?
what are the best melodic death metal bands in the world ?
Describe Humes position on liberty and necessity, and how he thinks the two can be reconciled?
What is the meaning of life ?
Did you build a foundation for the walls you built?
how far is this valid to spend billions of money on the name of security ,cant we live with peace and love?
why people are fighting with each other for space or money!!!!!!!! they never brought with him or her so why??
How is life for the people of having lion?
Do we need governments?
why cant the past be the past???
death and life whats the connection between them ?
Would Collins design office have possessed an automated system which could interrogate legacy Oberon systems?
Ping Pong Ball hallucination?
Is there really such a thing as a good (moral) lie?
How do i know you exist?
Why do we always like to get into troubles?
There is a verse related to the end times that people try to use to prove things?
Where do do you want to go in life?
I want to fly like bird ,what should I do?
How do I cite Descartes and what does (AT VII 25; CSM II 16–17) mean?
What is the "regularity view" vs the "necessity view" in the philosophy of science?
you think it is wierd for me a 20 year old to date 38 year old man?
David Hume Of Personal Identity?
What Brings you Happiness?
What 'forgiveness' means to you? And why?
who was the philosopher that claimed that we only did good things for some sort of recognition from others?
NATURAL and SUPERNATURAL happiness ......?
You're a doctor, and you have 4 patients, 3 of them need transplants - a heart, liver and kidney respectively
Does anyone know about "Philosophical Enterprise" by John Kavanaugh?
What is disjunct syllogism and how does it work?
Half-Life question! (Not the game)?
If you think abortion should be illegal, what should the punishment be for women who get illegal abortions?
Could 'they' already be among us?
Why does hobbes begin his study of the politics with an analysis of human nature using...?
how can i find happiness in my life?
Why does this whole religion concept seems outdated and madeup?
Is God a scientist?
Which is better? Being nice, or being right?
It seems to me.. that no matter what in this world men and people will always let you down?
What Can You Take From Someone That You Cant Give Back?
Why do women like guys that wear poofy, ruffly shirts?
most aggresive creature???
After her political fame, Ayn Rand refused to speak to her Russian?
Is Suicide worth it?
how can i wake myself up??? i just turn off the alarms in the morning and continue sleeping!!!?
Why do people find its necessery to believe in a god?
How does forgetting things happen?
Could you suggest any books that talks about freedom of will?
why is it that i cannot get anwers to everything i ask.?
How powerful is your mind?
How to find your true self..?
"Cognito Ergo Sum" What do you believe about that?
What are some events that can shape your life ?
Would viewing the trailer on a different platform alter its message?
What is the VALUE of PHILOSOPHY in our LIFE?
Plato's view on abortion?
Didn't Plato believe that the four elements were composed of geometric shapes?
Is it more heart-breaking to daydream or remember?
what do you think heaven is better than our world?
Is the strictest parent always or mostly the one who understands you the most?
If I could provide you with proof of the existence or non-existence of god?
Between Life and Death...who do you reckon is more Merciful?
Are Arcade Claw Games Rigged? Is LIFE rigged...?
Red hat Linux or CCNA which platform is getting the good opportunity in ABROAD!!?
What are some ways you can dissolve your ego?
How is Equilibrium (2002) related to reality and the truth?
how does one feel satisfied?
how can i spoon up and out of me completely, the mushy misanthropy that is deep inside of me?
the strongest base in words is...?
Is it ever possible for freedom to feel meaningless?
Is it it hard to fight an enemy you can't see?
Why Justice is better than injustice quotes?
how do relationships influence a person's perception?
If you have a choice of saving yourself or the person you most love which one would be it?
Is it true that according to Jewish dietary law, pork and shellfish may be eaten only in Chinese restaurants?
Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
How many licks does it take to get to this damn center part of this Tittie Pop?
why is the meaning of "3rd eye"?
Before you marry a girl, look at her mother .. true ???
Do you believe in heaven and hell, if so what is your idea of either?
Why is understanding Descartes so difficult?
Is there a question that has no answer?
Belief in Luck or hard work?
O kay you are a shoe inn for Miss universe only you have to give your what do you want for the world speech?
Suburbs living..........?
What's the best way to live the happiest life ever without ruining your priorities?
Why did Socrates deny Thrasymachus' definition of justice?
Rene Descartes argues that all selves: (mult. choice)?
why m i alive?
The secret to immortality?
am not profissionl in ENG but i wish u ganna get it `why i do my best inorder 2 learn languages but i file:"
Question for women: How would you feel if a woman confessed her true love to you.?
Ever try to take your life?
Do you love with your heart or mind?
What does every person deserve?
what is wrong with this duuuude?
Do you really feel free honestly?
which is most FUTILE, absence of LOVE, absence of GOD, absence of HOPE, absence of WISDOM, absence of JOY?
how it works the law of attraction or the secret?
i just need you opinion about this?
I need some informations about CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY in dark ages. Rescue me plzzz?
Is death our natural state and living just a disease of it?
what is your reason to live?
My Life Is So Miserable,What Should I Do?
What is Unhappiness to you?
Does the human mind have mass?
What is the strongest/most convincing argument for the existence of god (out of the following)?
do you constanly feel mixed emotions during the day which cannot be expressed really without feeling silly?
Are some people meant to have been aborted?
So far, what has been the best year of your life?
Can you make it and life?
what is half life 3 beta liquid installation password?
If you could do one thing different in your life what would it be and why?
what is an ethical challenge?
If you could go back in time for any event or occasion which would it be?
Charles Stevenson quote?
Will you be dishonest...?
If knowledge is power, and power corrupts, do we go to school to become evil?
Can LOVE Grow OVERNIGHT.... is there such thing as LOVE at FIRST SIGHT?
Can you help me with questions about Platos Allegory of the Cave?
What are you most SAD about?
What are some Theories that Thomas Hobbes came up with?
What are the arguments against ethical absolutism?
What is the theme of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison?
Who changed the requirements for Collins submarine software and associated test equipment and simulators ?
Which came first, Nothing or Everything?
If HUMANS can NEVER speak again, how will it CHANGE our RELATIONS?
Can a philosopher philosophize using only informal logic?
CURTAIN CALL..... any messages before i TAKE a BOW?
Can a Scorpio man be shy, or intimidated?
If you were asked to write the new platform to revive the Republican Party, What would it include?
what were some slave plantation legends?
What is the meaning of life?
ever stopped to think, if you are living it right??
My cup is half empty, how can I change it to half full?
IF there is an afterlife... would you want to come back as who you are now? Are you happy with the person?
Is it wrong to question God?
A. The world is a confusing and hostile place. B. The world is made for lovers. C. The world is not a beautifu?
Help with first order logic proofs?
What does it mean to be bat **** insane?
Do you think it is more important to talk, or to listen?
Will the world end in 2012?
Contradicting myself..?
What happens when Evolution has finished?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy r u w ur life?
What is Yin and Yang, do you believe in it?
what are you doing nowm and where are you?
Is the sound of one hand clapping the same as one heel clicking?
Everything except the order will continue to be the same even if everything changes. What is your opinion?
Do you REALLY believe in life after death?
Does American Idol really represent the "American" idol?
Where is the what if the what is in why?
how far has one have to go for a matric dance?
Why should attempt to commit suicide be considered a 'punishable crime'? Don't we even own our own life?
If human feelings comes out as poem, then why I'm unable to write poems ?
is there a major accident in my life?
Paper or Plastic?!?
Kierkegaard's subjective and objective truth?
How can our mind determine between what your thinking and what your sensing?
What do you think about peace?
Whats is the reality or thruth for you guys?
Personal Question..Plz <:)?
Philosophical view on the importance of friendship, committment, intimacy, and passion.?
what is the meaning of life?
In the context of human existence, some climatic boundary conditions are essentially fixed whereas others are?
Arguments in favor of the "Western Canon" And what's in it?
Do you believe in life after death? And in reincarnation? Why?
creating meaning/purpose seems pointless and seems without value when life is absurd?
Are you swaying to a musical emotion yet?
what did aristotle think was the most important indication of a persons life?
what is erin-go-braugh?
What is the one thing you regret the most ?
Spiritually & philosophically, is the best answer always the technically correct answer?
Red hat Linux or CCNA which platform is getting the good opportunity in ABROAD!!?
Thinking of a person should expectation or sacrifice?
If you had to choose between your child or alien life on Marz?
How to memorize answers super fast?
Is popular culture postmodernism?
Do you like this peom? What Do you think about what it has to say?
your mission is not to accept the mission. Do you accept?
PLATO!! Please help question about stem cells..?
Is it true that the mind recreates illusions such as "ghosts"?
If some being approached you and told you it was God, what would it have to do/look like to convince you?
Do you think God exists?
What is the meaning of life?
what is the meaning of your avator's name and what does it say about you?
“What things would you never do in life? ”?
If we are reincarnated, How come there is population growth?
do you think the world will really end in december?
What is it called when you perceive time differently?
what are some influences in rosa parks life?
Why do you choose to ask questions here on this web site?
This is for Adi if your still here girl..?
How can I choose happiness?
what do love and death share together?
True or False: "Without the life-giving spirit of God man is but dust of the earth."?
When we know we are going to die one day, why are so afraid death then?
What is knowledge?
what is the meaning of life?
Can someone explain the meaning of this sentence?
why do ifeel happier when i am asleep dreaming/?
What's the meaning of life?
What makes a person become a obsessively controlling parent? and how common?
Do you think a perfect moral life is unlikely to be a happy life?
what does this Oscar Wilde quote mean " Ambition is the last refuge of failure"?
What is "Zoldan"? Does it have some special meaning in mythology or something like that?
Do you think humans would be better off living like animals?
do you think its weird that?
what is life? what is its target? what is its goal? what one most do before die?why so variations are in life?
If you are a good person and do good things...does that mean that you will have more luck in life?
What, and where is a spirit? and i'm not talkin about the alcoholic kind.?
Is the year 2009 the start of the end of the world?
What is the point of life? If you just die anyway and loose everything you worked for?
whom will you chose?
Why don't people suicide at the first sign of trouble? What motivates humans to continue?
Philisophies seen in Canada?
What does it mean "to be refined by fire"?
Hume criticizes the rationalists for believing there was innate knowledge. Why?
What do you do when you believe the whole world is against you?
If you had a loved one dying from a terminal illness, what is the last thing you would like to say to them?