Define, write examples, and explain the relationship between fact, value and policy.?
Whats the stupidest question you've ever heard/witnessed. If theres such a thing.?
Suicidal, Please Help.?
What are some movies that can compare to Plato's allegory "The Cave"?
'wait it out' philosophy?
Philosophy question please help!!?
What To Do When Life Is Boring?
Who rules you-your heart or mind?
Can violence be justified philosophically?
Do all good things eventually come to an end ?
how God made us good life?
What are your views/ thoughts / feelings on Misanthropy?
If you wanted to say something to the whole world, what would it be? Say it here...?
Namesake by Jumpa Lahiri????
I hate myself because I'm gay?
How do you know there is a heaven? Or when you die your dead?
What is your take on existentialism?
Does this seem reliable?
What constitutes the basis for human freedom?
Is more like a friend, a therapist, or a freak show?
How to start a drastic change.....?
do you agree with this...............................?
what is the best word in the world?
Dante Alighieri's humanist philosophy. Please help!!!?
what is transcendentalism?
can anyone explain what virtuous activity is according to aristotle?
If one could harness the power of Chaos, and immerse himself within it, what should that man do?
Are you afraid of death? Why or why not?
What song do you want played at your funeral?
Help in Aristotle's probable impossibility vs possible improbability!?
would you like to see the death of us?
why do u think god created human beings.even though he has created many animals and species?
Does God Exist?
can you really change someone's life by just saying "hi"?
Best philosophy chat room?
Why cant life just be simple?
do you know who is mevlana ?
Do you think the world will end in 2012?
what is your solution for the world?
If everyone got EXACTLY what they wanted, would we be ok?
definition of technical knowledge?
Is your happiness drawn from the head or from your pocket?
what can philosophy do for africa?
What is a Gnostic?
What came first....the chicken or the egg.....?
What has always been and will always be?
Please Explain How is Success Easier Than Failure?
how do I built my self esteem?
How to read a person like book?
If I stole your money, how would that make you feel?
Othello act 3 scene 4?
If cows produce milk, and women produce milk as well, does this mean women are cows too?
LIFE on Mars or LOVE on Earth?
What was the cause of the Buddha's death?
If man is the measure of all things, then why can't I get a suit to fit?
Outline-- whether military humanitarian intervention can be justified under the various religious ethi?
Why are there wars when humans have the ability to resolve conflict?
“All good things come to those who wait”. Is patience really a virtue?
If you could pick an age to be.What age and why?
How could I meet up with Zak Bagans?
What does Socrates find wrong with this?
Will I be alone forever? ?
How should we think of *the things that exist *as "physical objects" or as "change-events"?
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
When do you know it is over?
What are some possible answers to Descartes dreaming argument?
HELP!!! Aristotle info needed....?
What is an impression?
Why is it important to maintain care value such as Empowering service users?
Do you believe in BAD LUCK?
What is the difference between confidence and stubbornness?
I like asking strange questions. What questions do you like to ask? What do you think about this word: Beast.
Does anybody else love their life?
Life is just passing me by?
What is considered a "Postmodernist Historian"?
do you agree with this...............................?
Do you think the world will end in 3 months?
does anyone know a website that has summary of Heidegger's works?
If you could know you future, would you?
Can someone identify any literary devices used in this poem by T.S. ELLIOT?
i am so confused right now?
good evening ladies and bruces...?
Why do we have to lie and pretend extorting, lying, and manipulating is evil and wrong?
What are the best philosophy books you've ever read?
Have you ever taken the wrong things seriously?
What's the cure for sanity?
Why are or why not are stars fundamental units/entities of the physical universe?
Are there many people on here with a sense of humour? It seems about 15%, am I being unfair? lol?
what ads uses emotional appeals such as attention, affiliation, escape, or prominence?
is it still REAL happiness if it is...........?
which is your favorite motto?
what is the best Yoga book available?
What do you imagine yourself doing ten years from now?
What do you personally think about people who major in philosophy?
is Epicurean philosophy hedonistic (only read a brief synopsis) or am I misunderstanding it?
hate breeds hate. love breeds love. get it?
What is the worst thing about intelligence?
How do you spit game?
How deep are you,give an original answer!?
"wealth does not pass 3 generations" what are your views on this?
How to find Happiness, in a cruel, cold hearted, selfish world?
If you are one entity why do some act like multiple entities?
Who said "The work is unfinished, the workmen are tired and the master is growing impatient."?
how do u resist temptation?
Do you think?
Does ! envision its role, as becoming the Mind-Police?
Has there been a moment in your life that you wish you could just disappear from this world? Why is that?
Is "Always remember what's here today could be gone tommorrow" a good life motto?
Is man, As Jean-Paule Sartre said, condemned to reinvent himself?
Do animals have minds?
Do you post a QUESTION because U DONT KNOW the ANSWER, or U already do ,U just want SOME1 to AGREE w/YOU?
Will u tell us about the worst day in your life? And how u survived it?
What is meant by ideological configuration?
who would u like to disappear of the face of the earth and why?
what to do with my life?
Question from Cambridge Philosophy admissions test.?
I just feel extremely sad.?
How do you see beauty in a thing?
What's it like to be a being of chaos and/or power?
Did a demon try to seize control of Collins project ?
is there two ways to imagine things in your head?
Why should I live at all?
Why dont' we use the guillotine to execute criminals?
Are you happy in life?
Aren't people arrogant to think that we're more special than any other living thing?
Who will cry when you die?
Carole recently asked a question I strongly disagree with Answerer 3. (Please Read)Why believe in Miracles?
What do you want...................?
I m depressed............?
Could it all just be a dream?
Is consciousness like a wave held in a falling domino chain except energy keeps it going?
Was Oz's "new construction submarine" project defined ? Was "Collins" project defined ?
Where can I find a list of philosophical questions like this?
What do you believe about Jesus?
Can we abhor slavery and embrace royalty at the same time?
To be, or not to be? That is the question... Explain your rationale please.?
Is there any question, which has no answer?
Are you a closet "Collins project" watcher ? Good luck if you can understand what was happening. What WAS?
What Is the different populations and ways of life?
What is Success to you? Do you learn more from your success or failures?
I just found out that my husband is having an affair, should I buy a pirhana fish?
Content and conceptual frame?
Fate decides our lives? hardwork doesnt the matter?
What role does justice play in post-colonial philosophy?
do you ever feel you can see things that others can't?
explain two criticisms of the view that God is supremely good, the source of moral laws and moral goodness?
Is music truly subjective?
Should humans destroy the Earth?
How to be happy even my days are always like this?
Would you sacrifice to safe the whole world?
what is meant by lateral thinking:?
What came first? The chicken or the egg?
How does Durkheim explain causality?
Does real love actually exist? Hatred toward modern day love.?
What do you think will happen?
do you think that we are all juged and watched by god?
If I were to ask a question just for the sake of asking, how many people would answer for the sake of 2points?
Who among the following is NOT a contractarian?
What's the main thing you want to achieve with your life?
What is the importance of chapter 6 in The Beautyful Ones Not Yet Born?
What makes a person cool?
what does traditional incompatibilist conception of free will mean?
What will be the Wu-World Order when Wu-Tang rules the Universe?
If perception is the automatic function of consciousness, and conception is the power of free-will............
What does seem to you at this moment in your life that's so far away beyond your reach but yet so close..?
what is real!?
judism, christianity and islam, sooo alike and have tha SAME GOD, why the animosity?
I have been studying the Master Key System and in Lesson 18, Number 16 refers to a VCR.?
when is the world going to end?!?
Is life meaningful if miseries can be completely deleted?
One crazy move in your life help!?
what's your motto in life?
What is the best place on earth you have ever been to?
should i drop philosophy for chemistry?
What is the meaning of being able to get anything you want?
if you could have a discussion with god about anything (except religion) what would it be?
What is your worst fear ?
hey 2 dun u know doggies are always jealous of u at all the times of what u are doing, caring & earning haha?
Creation vs Evolution.. What are you against and why?
why do humans exist?
How does an attitude of gratitude solve unemployment?
Political and Moral Philosophy give us mix of what ?
is it true that we live in deeds,not in years?how?
How do you prove we were born inherently evil?
What species can I spend the rest of my life with,i've gone off humans,they're shite!?
why do they call u.s.a "america" when America is really "south america and north america. "continents"
whats with libyans we help them get there freedom and now theyre killing us ...whats wrong with these people?
If I built a super computer and I programmed it to... open to read entire question...?
Have any person see the God?
How do you kill your self with out pain?
Does the brain rest when we dream during sleep?
Help! Secret life of bees!?
tell your life story in 6 words?
Is it fair to say that God loves everybody except the filthy atheists and homosexuals?
Biggest mistake you ever made?
How do most people move out of their houses?
Ayn Rand: do some people here actually agree with her ideas/philosophy?
Where does the, so called, 'Christmas Spirit', go after christmas?
what are some things that will lead men to kill other menn with no more compassion than squashing a bug?
Is life really easier for an idiot ?
What is the difference between Aristotle and Kant in this moral dilemma?
Concept of FUNCTION (with atleast two examples) in every day life?
How is it that I am?
what is existentialism?
how long should an academic year last?
Are the God's envious of mortality ?
What is lifes' purpose?
what do i get when i mix a cow and a horse in a pool?
Does everything happen for a reason?
If you knew you where going to die in 6 hours what would you do? Assume the clock starts at this moment.?
Help Me With The Essay???????????????????
Is there anyone who knows that how many lives the soul need to nullify its karma?
Why does D’Holbach believe that we have no free will? How does he answer the objection about the poison?
What is the point of life?
Do you think it is better to be loved by one or the entire world?
Is it ever a sacrifice if things are done out of pure willingness?
what's the one thing you should do while you're still young?
for you which matters more, BE RIGHT or DO RIGHT?
What does the phrase "brave new world" mean?
How do you deal with people's incompetency?
Has the idea became the institution?
Shouldn't Collins project have been like a chess game, where people make the best moves when they have the?
What are you living for? What is your priority in life?
What on earth should I do with my life?
Have you ever changed your mind about a belief you held?
What are you passionate about?
How can we build confidence within ourselves?
How can we practice Gandhiji’s principles in our lives?
explain why Frankfurt and Wolf think that history doesn’t matter, using some of the examples provided by Kane?
Why is the problem of Freewill a problem for moral responsibility?
How will you prove your existence ?
If you had to sell your life as a computer game, what would you call it and how would you market it?
Which is the easiest system in the world for ultimate realization of Truth?
Can you define existence before me?
How can anyone call themselves American, when no one lived here 400 years ago?
Will poverty ever be history?
Does anyone like my poem?
Is it the case that suicide must be always ethically disapprovable ?
Heteronomy of the will vs. autonomy of the will?
BE GOD (fill in the blank) "Thou shalt not.....................................…
What is a worldview to you?
Suffering object??plis answer?
I hate living on this horrible planet, why shouldn't I kill myself? This awful tear filled existence sucks?
What would happen if Casca killed Caesar alone?
What are you 100% sure of?
why do we have war in stead of peace in th world?
who or what is "god" 'the universal energy'?
What one book has made the biggest impact on your life?
what did god do before the creation?
What is the secret of success...................?
Just how free are you?
Does this question have any intrinsic value?
What is the point of life?
Is it possible that much of what we think is good is actually evil?
becoming a better person through morals?
How to lower your expectations from other people?
Can somebody give me a free reading on my love life to come?
What's The Meaning of Life?
Philosophy of Science Students: Deductive-Nomological Model of Probabilistic Explanation --HELP?
What makes us human down here on earth in this body?
if the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what's the road to heaven paved with?
True or false? According to Putnam, if someone who had never seen a dog, was given a picture of a dog, the...?
why do old people have to leave their homes despite the love they give to their children ?
is osho rajnesh original in his philosophy?
Where did the very first material in the universe originate and how did it eventually become infused with?
explain "most progress is most failure"?
which is greater; hope or fear?
Who is the greatest person on Answers? I can't decide?
Law of three stages, real life example where all three come together?
Could world leaders be communicating with Aliens?
What is the best thing you've ever done for another person, in your opinion?
Has anyone read Dante's world?
When is it no longer considered coincidence?
Give me one reason why life is worth living?
As well as a continual search for potential new staff, do we need continual search for the office psychopath?
why does the truth hurt????
What is the best use for cat skin?
Who has changed your life in the world of music and why?
Help on memory improvement?
What am I?
i think left-handed is sexy. you?
What did I just say?
What is Career in Buddhism ?
Is Wisdom obtained by age or experiences?
Would someone explain to me the "Poisoned Pawn" metaphor in Mondadori and Morton's 1976 Modal Realism article?
Sorry about this, but still vexed. What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?
How does certainty effect manifestation and outcomes?
Significance of a "Badger and a One-Eyed Toad"?
Ontologically Separable Descartes and Plato? Please Help!!?
As the world churns what you do now is?
Help with Madame Bovary?
Why are people so ignorant and biggoted about Islam?
Why is prostituion illegal?
Why no one see the real picture about "Freedom Flotilla"?
What are the only real things you need in life to live comfortably?
What is the purpose of life?
Why does everyone think there is a meaning to life?
What is the soul?
Is true death the death of the mind?
How do you oppose divorce using St. Aquinas thought/ideas?
what is know thyself. To know one self is to understand a deeper meaning of who we really are.?
Are ethics purely a human invention?
How longer until life as we know it changes?
Has there ever been a time when you thought everyone was on the same page only to find out they were not?
If today would be the last day of your life, what would you still want to experience?
Why does Hume say there is no empirical evidence for cause and effect?
BE GOD (fill in the blank) "Let there be......................................…
How to be a leader without being mean to your followers?
How can you hear the voice of God?
Why is Marxism soo controversial? I've read about it - what's the big deal?
Why do they only come out at night?
If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be??
What really is the question?
If you could change your job right now and get the job of your choice what would it be? And Why?
What is philosophy from your point of view?
What does this song make you feel?
What is my fate?
Identify the inductive fallacies.?
what is a morally relevant fact?
o.k who thinks that we've already been here before....?
As HUMANS, Why Do We Feel Agression Towards SNAKES, Literal COLD Blooded Snakes, Does It Have To Do With EDEN?
What is love??what are the messurment of true love? How could we get true lover?
Why in life, problems/situations DO NOT have readymade cut- n -tailored answers/ solutions ?
What should I have to do,if I should have to love by all the others in this world(with no one exceptional)?
Is science more of an external reality than induction?
Birth is the begining of death?
Are you really happy? Do you deserve happiness?
philosophy is i know not what----can u tell me what wittgenstein means?
what is heed theory?
what is your opinion about the creation?
If you could pick any age and stay there for the rest of your life, what age would you pick?
Does everything really happens for a reason?
If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?
What would hurt more, if the love of your life died or left you for another?
What is your opinion on
Why can't we all live as one? Why do we go to war? Why is everything about power and not love?
Philosophy paper help?
Do we have free will or are we pre-destined?
Distinguish, according to David Hume, an impression from an idea as clearly as possible.?
Are you passionately devoted to your purpose in life?
Who owes karmic debt under mind control?
what was the happiest day of your life?
Which makes people act more foolishly - love or hate? Why?
who is the philosopher who inspired the themes for the book fight club by Chuck palahniuk?
Do you think anger can sometimes be a good thing?
Can you fix 0 depth perception?
Ho do you get to be in someones line of sight all the time?
Was Thomas Paine a deist?
What is really important to you?
would you like it if life was perfect?
DMT smokers who are willing to open up on the WWW as their alias or true indentity, please share?
There's an asteroid on a collision course with earth! (hypothetical)?
what happen if all the animal speak, think and drive like human being?
Why do people find its necessery to believe in a god?
how many clowns are on the earth?
The Matrix Hypothesis?
What's the first thing you turn on when everything goes dark?
Is it possible to be in love with someone you created in your mind?
Are you afraid of boredom?
Why do you live ?
Did this happen on any of your pet projects ?
When you find peace within yourself . . . .?
do you think this is right?
What is the difference between attitude and arrogance ?
Of jack of all trades and master of one, which has more edge in your opinion and which do you prefer to be?
From a logical perspective, how can we complain when kids don't "appreciate" education which is forced on them?
Who to cut down a tree on hometown the game ?
what is your Dream drawing high capacity?
If the answer is 42...what is the question?
Do you trust to yourself?
where people go after they are die?
How can i expand consciousness?
what is love?
If you won £3 million, would you be greedy, or generous?
what is the sense of life?
on what is human equality based?
Why wild life is must for us?
Last night I saw the devil...but at the same time I heard God (both metaphoric), does anyone know what I mean?
god isnt real, hes just in your mind?
Using one word, how would you define your persona?
Had lying been invented on the Collins project ?
If you have a serious disease and no treatment,and all doctors said you will die soon,what u will think and do
what is the meaning of the story of the ring of gyges?
Why is it that where I see everything you see nothing?
what is life? what i the purpoe of life?
Where can i find the text of Ciceros' hortensius?
If you were going to die in 5 minutes and you had the button that could destroy the world at your fingertips?
Has a bug ever saved your life?
Can you logically refute that I am Dracula?
Using one word, how would you define your persona?
What practical use does philosophy have?
if you could DESTROY one thing in the world what would it be?
I have no desire to do anything anymore...what should I do?
the short happy life of francis macomber ending?
How do you re-build your life?
What's your motto of life?
dancers how do you market yourself and strive for excellence?
Smile of a child is one of the best sights in the world ? Do u agree ?
money, love, happiness, which would you pursue first?
How does Peter van Inwagen define determinism?
What will be the the next revolution? Or what would you like it to be?
Why doesn't the GOOD TIME last for long?
If a tree falls in th the forest does it make a noise?
how do you start a royal family?
Who laid the egg of christianity upon the ashes of Alexandria?
What is worlds greatest high?
What does this biblical phrase my teacher left me mean?
Is God . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?
"I want to create my own philosophy society for gifted minds, but where should I start and how?"?
Does social evolution dictate that the next great teacher or Buddha has to be a woman?
what is your favourite saying....adage etc????
What in life would make you happier?
Why "new money" people act this way towards lawn maint. people or "service types" ?
Why should we study Mary Wollstonecraft today?
If you die tomorrow, what is the one thing you'd wish you would have done today?
Complete this sentence, " I opened the boot of the car and forced myself to...?
we the children of the future (nietzsche)?
Where can I find interpretations and commentaries of I Ching (book of changes)?
How do we relate to others?
Now that the devils 666 computer will not rule the world who will rule world?
How might we make the best use of existence?
What is the BEST ADVICE you ever got from someone?
If the Imams could order the Muslims off the streets because Aussies were angry at what the placards said?
HELP: What is a current event that can be explained by a philosopher?
What do you find inspirational?
as i GROW with my QUESTIONS, do you GROW with your ANSWERS?
What is your opinion on Dr Wayne Dyer and his philosophies?
Do we have innate ideas?
Consciousness-is it life?
What have I got lose?
Where is Carmen Sandiego?
Do you believe in destiny or do you think we make our own fate?
What is pessimistic meta-induction?
can anyone who would like to explain what love is and how to love?
philosophical physics quote..?
Have you ever wondered that evrything in the past was "erased" or did not really happen?
We need a new slave morality for the future?
What's the difference between "persistence" and "stubborn"?
What is the ultimate question?
How can soul make a mistake according to Plato's philosophy?
How does one comprehend humanity?
Are you a humble person?
What is reason?
If you knew a psychic that was 100 percent accurate what wouldn't you ask about?
philosophies of Education?
Well, I've had my !answers fix for the day, and I for one feel much better--how about you?
What makes accolades deserved after making a presentation?
What is the best answer to this question?
What are Wittgenstein's main ideas on his Tractatus Logico-philosophicus?
Can anyone give a concrete example of this philosophical statement?
Are all children born with "imagination"?
what do you think the true meaning of life really is?
what does Aristole say about education?
Do you believe we should reintroduce the doctrine of natural selection?
Are you mad that you're going to die one day?
Are you still hiding in that anicent emotional cave?
Herbert Spencer adopted what method for society?
What is in your fantasy world?
please help where is peace?
Do you think this is the fullest unequivocal fact in attraction?
please give two putative counter examples against narrow and broad objections to dreams?
Which kind of art does not refer to the natural or objective world at all?
Is there any approach and or philosopher who aims to make philosophy practical for existence?
Do you like my 'revolutionary' idea for an 'Online Revolution'?
Does it really have to get worse b4 it gets better?
symbolic logic philosophy help? proofs?
What is our species destined for?
Happiness is.....???
Could my dream come true?
I just watched the documentary Zietgeist, What stance do you take on these issues?
Why does Fanon say the following quote? and what do you think Fanon’s criticism of Sartre is?
What words would you use to describe your life?
What is the point of celebrating birthdays?
What do you see as fulfillment in life?
Why is quality so elusive ? It seemed to be with Collins software (according to Google Books anyway)?
What is Reality really?
People ! What are your major goals?
Who would like a watermellon without seeds?
What does this quote mean to you, how does it relate or not relate to you?
Is is always easy to isolate an argument in a speech or written piece??
what might your last words be if you were about to be executed?
In your opinion, is there such a thing as an absolute fact?
Is beauty relative or a specific quantifiable universal standard?
human cleansing?
Why do people think they are smart?
If two wrongs don't make a right, do three lefts make a right??
Does it make sense to look at myself in a perspective that is artistic or is that crazy?
What are the properties of every gemstone that gives benefits in terms of astrological manner?
Do you believe everyone has a soulmate?
What's the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
omg WHAT IS MY GF DOING??????????????????? WHATS WRONG WITH HER????????? HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is the best society one that maximizes the participants’ happiness?
a D&G ATP question on the geology of morals?
How old are WE, or is it me, even the avatars are looking younger?
What kind of conflicts could self-reliance cause?
what was Aquinas's purpose in developing natural law theory?
Surprise me! show me a trick. With your full strength?
Do you belong in this world? Why or why not?
would you take someone elses life to save your own?
why are there so many similarities between christianity and mythology?
What is "the truth" behind Theosophy?
If you study philosophy, exactly what do you study?
What's going to happen 2012 ?
what type of person joins a religious cult like the unification church?
will you change the face of !answers, and ask proper questions?
I want to be successful in life, but "people say ;you must be dedicated, truthful, harworking, endurance,
will you forgive at least one person who has wronged you?
If you anti conform to the standard way of things are you conforming to the anti conformists?
Do we have Right to Die?
How to resolve a question that has no answer?
Values, discovered or developed?
Can anyone suggest any good reading on the topic of the self in Philosophy?
Philosophy Degree? pointless?
What the hell is wrong with me!!!?
Which is more enjoyable? BeastaIity or NecrophiIia? Why?
And so, God said only 8 days left until the end? What would you do with them?
Thoughts on capital punishment?
Who might have said this?
About Second Life Muting?
MONEY vs LOVE wich is most needed in life..?
Help on Plato's Theory of Forms: QUCK 10 POINTS!?
Where did God come from?
from where we are and where we are goining?
What can we be certain of in life?
Philosophers: Why do you think evil virtues are necessary in a society?
Your words are immortal?
How do you know you're dead?
Why does Paley rest his analogy on a watch rather than a rock?!?
Why are we all so scared of getting hurt?
How did the way that Locke and Hobbes' states of nature were, influence on their sovereign's role?
Why do we live our lives striving towards the future?
Is this a real ghost picture? I think it is.
Doubt - Is There Existence Of God?
Is bad to wait with contempt for the post-apocalyptic future?
does life have a meaning?
Did Collins software project set off on a self-degrading path ?
What is the most favorite thing you love about your life?
Is it worse to follow a wrong philosophy to its logical conclusion, or to fail to do this with a right one?
*Feel Crap* No motivation & Feeling not quite "with it"?
Is monica a head?
Have the trials & tribulations of your life made you stronger or made you feel damaged?
I can't stop analyzing my thought processes?
What do you live for??
What is your most prized possession? Why?
is life worth living?if so why?
What is your philosophy?
What is the meaning of Universal Brotherhood ?
Why do I feel like its me VS all of you?
Have you ever felt that ur life means nothing?
Plato takes the soul to have three parts, corresponding roughly to reason, emotion, and desire.?
Is Wikipedia getting into the charity business? Should it?
What does convey the matrix of creations?
What are different moral Philosophies of Business..... and more importantly.... Who cares?
So, what great secret did the brilliant meat take to his grave?
How does individual accomplishment depend in some sense on other people?
Is Don Quioxte insane or insightful for seeing Aldonza as Dulcinea?
What is BLUER than BLUE?
if you were allowed to, would you ?
why are there more questions than answer?
"dar o cu é facil?" isso não é uma piada?
if money doesnt grow on trees why do banks have branches?
Interesting Question??
Is it normal to feel like this when doing zazen or buddhist breathing meditation?
What would you do if you have to choose between your responsibility and your desires?
what is justice for plato, aristotle, and john locke?
Describe life in one word.?
For you biblical scholars out there, is there any significance to Cain choosing to live east of Eden?
Philosophers, I have a question?
Can anyone recommend a good Linguistics encyclopedia?
How to improve speaking skills?
how can you prove that a paper about descartes exists?
what did you learn from your life just tell me one wisdom?
How to define myself?
If there be a GOD, which GOD is the real one and how can I know it for certain?
How would you describe a white room?
Are people good or evil?
Are you more or less?
World Peace or Inner Peace? What's your preference?
i need a website that has (complete) great works of philosophy on it.?
Why do I exist?
What misconceptions about life did you have as a child?
Compare & Contrast hypocrisy & hubris?
why were Aristotle's works banned at the University of Paris in the early 1200's?
Do you believe Things happen for a reason?
Collins question - Were people who possessed this ability impeded in their work ?
Relate These Quotes?
What does failure teach us about life? What does success?
Who controls the present?
religous folk: can you prove that god exsists?
What would you change to your reality?
Do you believe in heaven and hell, if so what is your idea of either?
Should mediocre persons be allowed to ruin others lives?
does this therotical law make sense ?
Where is heaven and how do I get there in a hurry?
Don't you hate it when you are eating breakfast and a llama steals your chair?
Can I ever discover love ???
Why do we humans write about LOVE? What do YOU think love is?
Which is commonly taken advantage of, one's innocence or ignorance?
Why did Sodom and Gomorah get destroyed?
according to you want is good and what is bad?
How does your parents gives you the most meaning in life?
Pain is.........?
can u be friends with someone better than you?
What is the difference between GOOD and EVIL as Absolute Notions?
When is it the best time to stop knowing?
What's the point, what am I doing?
What is the purpose of life?
What are Thomas Hobbes and David Hume views on God, Natural Law, or Reason in ethics?
is lost planet 2 open world?
Is confidence possible without pride..?
Can you dry these crying eyes?
Do you know where you're going to, do you like the things that life is showing you?
Philosophy - symbolic logic question!?
Why is it wrong to kill humans, but not animals?
Can a human being collapse under its own weight? Like a super-nova?
People 55+: do you feel old, or have you already understood that age is nothing?
Is nonsense truly nonsense or perhaps something different?
Do you really feel you are appreciated by others in your life and why?
Along with arthropods, annelids and gastropods, which foods remind you the most of our days on the pond?
Help with identifying informal fallacies!?
I'm looking for speeches with emphasis on the word "challenge?
What is a good way to make myself smile?
Is it logically possible to believe in both the God concept and extraterrestrials? Why or why not?
Who is Cloyd Bird?
What kind of an after life do you want for yourself?
Do you agree...."Love is a game that two can play and both win"?
What's the difference between feeling and emotion?
How much pain is there in the world? How can we measure it?
What is the ULTIMATE act of LOVE?
Can we see God?
what does "One is apt to overestimate beauty when it is rare" mean?
What's the difference between your soul and your conscience?
what do they mean when they say it is a set up job?
Is the end of the world really at the end of 2012?
Is/was there a person like this involved in Collins submarine computerization effort ?
If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
What does it mean to be human?
Does an organization structure equate to code or pseudocode ? The chart is an algorithm.?
A is for ADVENTURE, B is for BEAUTY, C is for WHAT?
What is Rawls Veil of Ignorance?
What mistake in your life do you regret the most?
What is 'Philosophy'?
One Last ________________ Before i __________________?
Can God be childish at times? and mature at other times?
What are you Really afraid of?
What is the Theory of Formalism all about?
Could the people in heaven be happy if they knew they had friends and family in hell?
why are there so many religionsa?
what is a real wealth in life?
what adefrent betwen love somwen or i like somwen?
what cards am i holding right now..i mean now..i mean they
Does man usually offer to carry female friend's handbag? Being gentleman or keen in the girl?
what question can never be answered?
If Jesus comes nowadays, do you think we will try to crucify him again?
Will Money Destroy The World?
what is the definition of "happiness"?? I mean in personal, not according to the dictionaries.?
What does the saying " It requires a great deal of faith for a man to be cured by his own placebos. " mean ?
This guy got me so pissed!! What to do?
What is/are your favorite(s) two color combinations & why ? Explain it as clearly as u can in details ?
Is there anything more desirable than contentment and satisfaction?
life is like....?
If we are nothing but energy and matter,and thought is energy which is made up of matter, then WTF are we?
If you will be given a super power, what would it be and why?
what is aristotle's view of the doctrine of the mean?
Nietzche's Concept of Evil?
Is life turning out the way you thought it would?
What is the most inspiring Quote you ever heard or read?
Stephen Hawkins is wrong, God created the Universe?
A pointing directly away from Answers is directly toward the essential?
How to make me life more interesting?
If the earth rotates on an axis then what way is up?
what is right ? and what is wrong ?
Are personal teachers more important to recognize, than cultural teachers?
What is the purpose of life?
you have a room where when you were in it time stopped and left time restarted what would happen if you died?
What will happen in the year 2012?
Did I leave the iron on?
When You're Old, Are You Going to Keep Being Exactly the Way You Are Now?
Do Agnosts pray? When in times of trouble whom do they turn to?
What you say and why.......?
career help needed?
If everyone on this planet jumped up at the same time and landed at the same time what would happen?
How much does a a life scientist make in a year?
Do you feel free?
what does Hobbes mean by "Liberty"?
which one would u prefer, to get what you want, or to get what you need?
Don't you love when nice surprises happen?
When LOVE fades away, what is it's last REMAINS?
In your own very personal opinion, what is your views on a misanthropist?
how can you believe nothing existed prior to some big bang, by no stretch of the imagination?
How would you define an "Ordinary Person" ?
Do you think the human race can continue to live forever?
If you could find out when and how you will die, would you want to know?
how to sharpen hunch?
A claim that can be related to allegory of the cave?
What are the more important things in life?
If you could paint your life with a colour .what colour would it be?
If Love escapes the five senses......then how will you find love?
What is the BEST ADVICE you ever got from someone?
Lucid Dreaming Question...?
Is first at First the nexus of the Universe?
What quote or saying best represents your philosophy of life :) ?
How can you tell the difference between fate and tragic flaw?
Why do we whorship God. I think it is useless?
Is this a contradiction?
Is having a lot of money necessary to be happy?
Do u think negativity will make ur life negative?
Compare Religion with revelation?
Truths about human nature in life ?
how can i tell what i think until i see what i say?
What one thing should be done to create harmony in the world?
how useful can YAHOO ANSWER be in the exam halls?
What can I do to improve fast? How do I prove everyone wrong?
Is it better to have questions or answers?
Why do people think stepping on bugs is cruel?
Are there any 'Messianic Jews' out there who can clarify what being 'born of water' means in John3:5,6?
Can we compromise with Death ?
Are you a....?
Meursault (The Stranger) a stoic or an epicurean? Or both? Or neither?
Where to meet nice guys?
Why do people never say "it's only a game" when they are winning?
do you think this is right?
How many times has "What is the meaning of life" been asked on Y/A?
european bording schools?
who said that christ is christian?
Can you give me a five sentence essay about love is total,eternal and sacred?
Questions bout society(not necessarily ours) and other things?
One weakness of every human being?
Why it just happen to me?
what role does critical thinking play in decision making?
Do we oversimplify the past?
Do you think it's human nature to be constantly worried and stressing over stuff?
What is the nature of the universe?
Do you enjoy listening to other's opinions.......?
Who thinks its too bad only English is spoken here.?
is the feeling of dislocation or feeling out of place a common feeling?
Is fun?
What is Descartes trying to accomplish in his Discourse of Method?
How secure is your safety-critical software ?
What's the meaning of life?
In plain English words, what is Global Consciousness??
Who are the top philosophers of the 21st Century?
What is the difference between science and philosophy?
If there are difficulties in integrating a new system, would that imply that the corresponding legacy system?
which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Dreams about my teeth falling out?
pls help me tennis Pros!!!!?
Are we telling the truth today?
Do you believe in love?
What are two ways, for Hobbes, in which individuals are unequal in the state of nature?
Can Vipashana make you realize different truths every time yo do it ?
How would you describe your life in one word?
what is your motto in life?
How do big computerization projects survive the "integration" stage ? Won't there be too many people in the?
Where would you go - forward or backwards in time?
Reality vs truth, people's hardships?
Is intelligent design like the midway between creationism and evolution?
what is the meaning of life?
Compare the good qualities of black people vs white people?
Would you want the world to end on Dec. 21 2012?
Would Plato be for or against capital punishment?
Would you kill 1000 innocent people to save your child's life?
Which according to you is the most worst thing in life than death?
Why is it that all humans basically have the same sensory organs anatomically but . . . . . .?
What is the best sound in the world?
Do we call TERRORISTs such a name to feel better and ignore thier POLOTICAL claims?
Can't we build robots who build robots in order to make massive robot armies that will do all our work for?
For philosophy experts...?
A virgin pretending to be a whore or a whore pretending to be a virgin?
Which is the suitable path for one with a heart full of emotions...................?
Why do I take life so seriously?
What is the color of your personality and why?
Do you hate your mom or dad or both? If so why?
if tomorrow is the?
Do you think there will be a god of war 4?? or another god of war game added to their collection?
If you were a flower, what type of flower would you be?
What is life exactly ..............?
what is the relevance of familiaris consortio in the presen time?
Does humanity lack a unified goal?
If you could choose anyone (past or present) to be the next President of the USA, who would they be??
What type of work do some of you do?
what is ur greatest fear?
What is the philosophy for kidnapping and ransom?
Help with philosophy please?
Give me some arguments AGAINST naturalism?
What is on your list?????
Do college sports qualify as real jobs?
Does life hold any more surprises for you?
What is the meaning of life?
Would you sacrifice your favourite family pet to save lives?
why does God let us suffer to the point that we break-down and don't know what to do?
recommendation for someones who seems to be stupid/naive?
Why are there so many people asking questions in the Singles and Dating category?
How would this change your life?
What is the meaning of life?
Does anyone know a philosopher with the same thoughts as krishnamuri (preferably still with us).?
Another socrates quote of justice?
What is the purpose of human life?
What are some lessons in life you feel are worth sharing?
Is "There is no absolute truth" an 'absolutely true' statement?
the no. of ways in which three distinguishable dices can be thrown such that the sum is 5?
When will the world end?
Something I don't understand is why there is little philosophy in this section?
Is Suicide a Solution?
do you believe in angels?
Why people or animals afraid with death?
Why is life so difficult??
Can you help me remember what this philosophical argument is?
Nietzsche’s critique of Christianity as an unhealthy morality?
The original work where this Dostoyevsky quote appears?
what is the MEANING of life?
What is the philosophy of this menagerie?
Billy Joe and Earl are homophobic. Adam and Eve..not Adam and Steve, they say. I believe them.?
injustices in patriotism, why the double standard?
Who is the better person in this case?
Is the world we live in real, and does it matter?
M O R P H E U S: Aside from a few letters, how far apart are "Anger" and "Anguish"?
What exactly is "modernist sensibility"?
Do u like your name ? what does that mean ? Are you like your name?
If you were able to invite any three (3) people...?
what is life?
When is it time to give up?
A question of morality: is it ever okay to steal?
What are some uncommon symbols for Greed or Avarice?
How to get donors for cow protection in singapore?
Do you think some other animals believe they're the most intelligent species?
do you trust your eyes to tell you what is beautiful?
Does anyones know where I can find the draft of the Delcaration of Independence where Jefferson......?
Parfit on Personal Identity?
where can i get the gopi geet(gopika geetam) from the srimad bhagvad?
Do you agree with the Platonic Socrates that the wisest man is the one who is aware of his ignorance?
what is information?
give my your favorite quotes please.?
Is Nietzsche an atheist or a depth-theologian in the tradition of St-Paul?
Is "modern management" a method of taking over a project, just as a Nigerian scam is a method of taking over
Why does everyone in love always have to end up sad one way or another?
Is ego a good quality in a leader?
what is your favourite part of the day?
theme of discipline and desire inbhagavad gita and Mahabharata?
When is greed bad?
what lies beyond creativity?
what album is "i could prove to you on" by pearl jam? its a live recording around 1994-1995?
"The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility." What do you think?
what is the summary of the "phenomenology of body" by Alphonse De Waelhens?
Do you think life is unfair or fair?
I need to write an essay on 'proof', any ideas ?
Why is the philosopher the only truly brave and temperate man? (Phaedo)?
imagination is the soul and aesthetics are the body materials of any artwork, invention, life. is it true?
Which of the following is an Aristotelian idea that Aquinas accepted?
How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Legalism?
Conversations with God, this is what I heard, did I hear wrong?
Feeling nostalgic, lonely, pointless...?
Statues and Monuments to glorify kings, generals and politicians?
What are the good things in life?
What is right and wrong with the Amish? Give me details.?
Who in your life recharges you?
How do you have sex comforable?
Who was a great speaker that used the Francophone language?
What are you, religiously? Does scientific evidence influence your opinion on spanking?
Have you ever had to prove you weren't a stationary target?
do you agree with Aristotle's claims about what it takes to be a good person?
Would it be possible to live again?
Is there a loophole in methods for developing safety-critical software?
With every small step that we take, are we one step closer to healing the world? To making it a better place?
Best answer 10 points!!!! Linked or unlinked?
What are some of the examples you have found of government in your daily life?
have anyone heard of website which have a computer generated 'hannibal lecter' where we can chat one to one ?
What do you practice every day?
What comes to mind when you see the word 'nothingness'?
Any word on Hare yet ?
Let's say that you just won 100 million on the lottery ,would you share with the less fortunate?
Do humans yearn for a conclusion?
what is an argument?
How patient is yearning?
General life question ?
what's the point of living if we're all gonna die?
what is your belief on behavirosim theory?
What's the most important thing in the whole world for you?
What is Inner Beauty in your opinion?
what is hope in the light of the story of the box of Pandora?
wat is the main purpose of our life ?
Does your country want its inhabitants to die for it?
Mary Shelly Frankenstein? little girl old man?
Should political candidates be allowed to lie to the public?
Do you think you can deliberately create your own reality?
If you knew you had one week to live, what would you do?
Is it normal to feel pressure to marry when your best friend does? why?
Reading Very fast + memorizing?
Can someone explain a bit about what Nietzsche has to say about humans and human nature?
what is your biggest regret in life....thus far?????
to hate and to love, which is easier ?
Why are humans so violent toward one another?
If God wanted us to be vegetarians, why are animals made out of meat?
If someone were to commit suicide on television, would you watch it?
Agree or disagree...?
Do you believe that truth in itself presents itself in simplicity?
What do you think of common sense?
Is this world still dog-eat-dog?
Is soccer legend Pele cursed?
Does purchasing a thing mean you own it?
"right" and "wrong" is a matter of opinion isn't it?
Do you have an alter ego?
In today's advancing technological world, do you feel having a strong mathematical background..?
God does not exist?
Philosophy question. Please help?
problems with fallacies?
Is first year Philosophy in university a hard course for someone who's never taken it before?
Do you believe in life after death? why or why not?
have you ever touched the sky?
Is this a common feeling?
What is the best feeling in the world?
Can someone explain the meaning of this sentence?
will any answer do?
Is it better to have emotions and no knowledge than to have knowledge and no emotions?
Is it wrong to search for the truth about GOD? his existence?
What wisdom did you learn from your parents?
i need help with philosophy !! Kierkegaard and Marx?
What would be the best job for me...?
Can this actually happen?
What D&D alignment represents my views on morality?
What Dreams Tell Us?
If you could solve something you perceive as a problem on earth, what would it be?
Which philosopher (and his book) did the Nazis use to justify their actions during the Holocaust?
What will you do if you feel that you are wasting your life for nothing? and there isn't anything worth to liv?
I just want to know other people's view/s about LIFE... Thanks in advance! Have a nice day everyone! Smile!
Question for all atheists or agnostic people...?
What was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread?
What is the crime of the children that they have to be born?
Who were you in an past life...and how do you know?
Who is an inspiration is your life and why?
Why does being honest get me into so much trouble?
is the idea of god innate, distinct, clear, perfect, or all the above?
If you could have money or love which would you choose and why?
what is the meaning of life?
Why is Life so empty and meaningless?
do you recognize magic as a means of defining and describing the reality?
Is there anyone who knows why GOOD PEOPLE DON LEAVE LONGER?
Montaigne on humanity's dual nature?
If the theory of evolution is true, would this increase or decrease the fact god created the universe? and why?
My birthday is on January 20th am I a Capricorn or Aquarius?
what makes me so different from a piece of rock?
Is there anyway I could make something that could help the environment?
Is it true that this question's answer is falsity false,false true?
What defines LIFE?
What is the main ingredient of life?
What's your favorite quote?
What moral responsibility, if any, do we have to care for our natural environment?
what do you follow : your heart or your mind?! and why?!?
How do you know the world is real?
Why do they do it?
“In your opinion, What's the secret of happiness?
what do u think about these feelings of mine and actions of others:?
What is culture? Is it possible that it may be cluster of DOGMAS?
which urge is stronger: man's thirst for knowledge, or his hunger for pleasure?
Logic form : is this sound?
can u describe rule consequentialism in terms that i can understand?
Has any philosopher ever argued that all properties are scalar?
What was the best day of your life?
what is infinity in your oppinion?
Is it possible to give a non-cultural reason for prefering 1 religion over another?
is the a meditation for getting answers?
why it was said that religion is the opium of people?
Are we truly dead if we are ...?
Explain in detail John Rawls’ notion of public reason?
Is it human nature to cheat, steal, lie, and murder?
Do u think there will be any life after death?
can you explain what epistemology you subscribe to?
Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper?
Does anyone know what this could be?
What is a formal, abstract interpretation of religious experience?
How do we know reality is truly reality?
If triangles could make a God, would he/she/it have three sides?
Where is the place of haven and hell and what is their origin?
How can we eliminate once and for all GREED, DESIRE FOR POWER and FEAR?
If you knew then what you know now, in what way would your life be different?
Is life a game?
how can i make him see and feel the love i have for him?When it means everything to me thanks!?
critical thinking fallacies questions philosophy?
Was Collins project secretly outsourced ?
what branch of logic does "argumentation/ creating valid arguments" belong?
when will the world comes to its end?
Who can satisfy you truly, but Jesus?
Why do so many people say Tiny Little, when either Tiny or Little will do the job?
Is it true that anything is possible in this world?
Who actually thinks the world is going to end this year?
Is being dead serious better than being seriously dead?
I'm wondering if this could happen?
Why do people claim Humans are " social creatures"?
If you're given a chance to choose between your dreams or your goals which do you prefer to come true?
Is it possible to endure more torture if you have a very strong will / determination ?
Is it "normal" to knock people down?
Why as you get older, your own insecurities feel more intense and keep yourself from living life to the full?