What is the most deceitful race in Humanity....?
Whats the difference between love and obsession?
What is a Religion?
Shall i stop asking questions........??
What is the best way to spend £200 with my soul mate for entertainment?
Valley of the death. What the meaning of it?
I have a desire to write a book, but..............?
Could atoms be the universe's version of pixels?
If you could ask a question of the wisest person in the world, what would you ask her or him about life?
Is it childish that I won't talk to girl I'm interested in?
Do you think the world will end in 100 years? ?
What would you do if you found a nuclear weasel?
Hi! I need some articles on african american literary criticism. Any website I can turn to?
Should we live our lives as if today is our last day?
what does hume mean by custom and habit?
In your opinion what was the most important part of Life Of Pi?
are astrological predictions correct or just a hope.?
Do Atheists have guilty feeling? If yes, why should they have?
Did you find this article a shallow attempt to capture Emersonian spirit?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the best quote or piece of advice you've ever heard?
How do you picture silence?
If Death is the only real certain thing in your life and the only uncertain thing is when? What is death?
Is it possible to determine the meaning of life witout religous influence?
Whould you beleive in the term BLACK-SHEEP of the family, Because they dont match up pretty deep emotional hu!
What makes/would make you happy?
How do you call people who don't believe in pure friendship nor in love?
How do I get a little freedom/ space?
Hernia time...?
What is the most important thing in your life?
describe the historical development of Continental philosophy’s existentialism and phenomenology as a response?
How longer until life as we know it changes?
Why is there so much fear of commitment lately?
What if this is all a dream?
how do we live?
Dostoevsky states three points as to why a person Revolts against reason.?
What would make you lose trust on humans.....?
Suppose that there is a rock, and that someone smashes the rock into several pieces. Aristotle would say that?
What would kant and mill tell you to do in this situation?
What is the best in life ? & Why ???
Should this maxim be adopted by AnswerERS?
What does it mean to, "see the world for what it is?"?
Does human life begin at conception? yes or no?
Song! Help?
What is the secret of life?
Give me a number by which you can remember GOD...?
What is the most valuable thing you own?
What is love? If focused on fear not gentility it lacks charity causing economic destruction?
how do people test faith?
can anyone tell me how to attach a picture to my questions as I want to know the meaning of a piece of art.?
Do you think having EVERYTHING you want all the time would be worth Living?
if this is a rhetorical question then what would be the most ironic answer to be incorrect?
The unanswerable question: What is the meaning of life?
What leads you to your current state?
What stirs a mind towards crime ??
"I tend to be in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time"?
*ABOUT YOU...What makes you happy?
"Computers can't ever lie!!"..... do you fully agree with that statement?
What are your thoughts on " wilderness philosophy" and the power of seven?
do you know who you are?
If you could be someone else - would you?
What is a good reason to forgive someone?
what was friedrich nietzsche philosophy?
What is the biggest problem with teleological theories?
Need help with utilitarianism?
What fallacy is it when someone avoids a question by pointing out a fallacy?
what is the true meaning of Occasional amnesia?
If humankind was to evolve, what do you see changing?
Do you mostly have regerts for things you havent done or for things you've done?
If time is an illusion,then how do you explain the aging process?
How much of Kant do you see in Wittgenstein?
How does philosophy differ from "sophistic" and from "dialectic""?
Do you considered yourself ignorant?
"It's the little things that change people-not the big things"-agree or disagree,and why?
What us man-made misery & female-made misery?
10 points! If seeing is believing then how might our sense of sight help us to construct the world around us?
Why do people fear death? ?
What was the most magical moment you've had?
Born on the November 29,1990? what's your occupation? what are your hobbies\interests?
Can loneliness drive you insane?
Logic Arguments deductive vs. inductive?
To what limit can we "know ourselves", understand ourselves?
Which works by Nietzsche mainly discuss Nihilism?
what is a car?
If you choke a smurf wat color does it turn?
Can anyone corroborate that "adorexia" is a real concept, rooted in Hellenistic Skepticism?
How do I make up for 8 years of painful life?
What do people do when they are not worrying about illegal immigration, gas prices, wars, and American Idol?
What was the beginning of life?
what is the secret of happiness?
Is there anything impossible in the world?
what is your drug of choice?
What would you do if you knew your child might not survive?
what is the real reason behind the success of a man?
Money can buy happiness!?
What kind of world do you want to live in?
Love or Honesty...which is better...?
Is jealousy good for us?
can someone tell me how a contemplative life is the happiest, and what does that mean?
I realize im turning into a bad friend. how do i stop myself from behing obsessive? im too clingy.?
In Scientology...what is a psychological "clear"? and how it is achieved? what is purpose?
How long does a person can have difficulties at a stretch?
Is it shallow to be into fashion?
can you please cite an example wherein love of money creates evil?
Are, Atheists and Theists, both trying to define something?
Why GOD created first the man and then the woman?
What does my professor mean by "gained" here?
suppose u are?
If you could change something about yourself what would it be ?
Poetically describe depression.?
Who in history would you like to have been friends with?
how is life in luxmberg?
Is there a view only of delight and not of discovery? of contentment and not of benefit?
Why do people always busy and have ear phones plug in their ears?
"I love you" ....what is your sign to indicate that?
which thesis sounds better # 1 or 2 it is for a philosophy essay?
If you look both ways before crossing a one way street, does that mean you're a cynnic?
what is the quote that goes like: culture is the foundation of knowledge?
Different ideas of the light and darkness (shades) in humanity?
What is synchronicity?
What are you thinking at the moment?
dont you realise you're going to leave this planet one day?
Is a clear consceince a sign of a bad memory?
Question about sin and free will?
What does it takes to be someone else....?
If humans brains are basically similar, why is there so much disagreement about music?
Is it wrong to kill???
I've been reading Allan Bloom's book Giants & Dwarfs -- what do think of his attack upon moral relativism?
Do U believe in TRUE love?
What are some philosophical and practical costs and benefits of Kantian ethics?
By saying "the unexamined life is no life for a human being to live," Socrates means we should inquire...?
Do people actually have different perspectives of beauty?
Are we selfish?
If humans were the only living beings?
You can herd sheep, but you can't herd cats. What about humans...?
Glassen’s categories of Deontological and Aeteological moral terms?
Ways to make myself more populour?
What is philosophy, and a lot of things interest me will taking this class fascinate me?
philosophy is i know not what?
What is your prediction for today?
Tell Me The Common Way To Come Out From Sadness?
can you explain to me Badiou's theory?
Do you think that people can engineer their own happiness?
God doesn't exist. But where did the concept of God come from?
Seventh-Day Adventists :What is the diet that adventists keep?
What was Jean Vanier's philosophy of human relations?
What are the limits if any to individual autonomy in decision making?
What annoys you the most in discussion/debate?
Once someone becomes a Buddhist Monk do they change their name? And if they leave the "Monk-hood"?
how the less fortunate make a difference in life?
Anyone know what user posted this two years ago?
Need MAJOR help with Aristotle/Philosophy question...?
does women love or use men for there benifit???
Do you believe in God?
Hi, can someone please give me sentences with these words (the philosophical words)10 points best answer?
Will the world end next month?
What does worth to be lived for?
Thomas Hobbes' views on "The Fool"?
Why is no good will left inside all people?Why most of the people enjoy hurting other?I wish to change it all!
Can man live without war?
Talk or be Silent?
what is the ideal way to live life?
At your death bed: What would your last words be? OR quote famous last words.?
Moral Dilemma!?
How do you cope with the Philosopher's curse?
Describe the tree of life.?
if you could see in to the future...?
Muslim tell lie under the garbage of Al Takeyya?
Can your smile light up not only you but others around you and why?
Why Socrates says ''a life without investigation is not worth living for''?
What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
DO you believe in Science or in God?
The Fall of Rome? The Fall of America? Is America now becoming the next empire to fall? Is it all over?
Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave?
What does life revolve around?
what is the meaning of life?
Kai Nielsen, how would you analyze her arguments for utilitarianism?
are people who do not think they compromise themselves dangerous?
Can anyone please analyze this passage form Jane Eyre?
Will my life get any better ?
What is the most important thing in your life?
Have you ever had a moment when you wished that you could go back in time and?
Descartes, Locke, and Hume's ideas about what we can know.?
what is the most difficult part of doing great things?
does anyone know the name for a mythiological air god or something?
major tenets biocentric ethics?
Can God make a rock which he couldn't carry?
What is something you wish you know 10 years ago, that would improve your life today?
why is the word dyslexia so hard to spell?
To What extent do your efforts to influence others rely on your position or title(exercising power)? If your?
Who was the first person to start counting time & are they to blame for us getting old ?
Do you think there is any real hope in all this sci–fi sounding staff? Explain your answer.?
What could be a global concern in your area?
Can you do it in life?
Am i selfish by wanting expensive things?
Why so serious?
How many years it would take for analytical wiki to replace the existing academic systems?
why is 42 the meaning of life and the answer to everything?
What were the strengths and weaknesses of Confucianism?
How is Gorgias claim of nihilism self- refuting?
Where should we go for truth?
Is money really important for you?
is the world going to end in 3 months?
Do you agree with my philosophy?
The Longest Night of My Life?
what are the differences between:(1)Neo modernism . (2) new modernism .(3) post modernism?
Why is it that some people like to take your peace of mind away ?
What do you think of this quote?
What is the meaning of S.Darko?
what is good for a fresher to join?mind tree or infosys...?
Can Man Live Without God?
Do you think if something is meant to happen it will happen?
ღ What makes you feel powerless?
What is Philosophy?
what is a perfect life?
i think, therefore i am, what sense does that make?
Have you noticed the joke in "Roger the Alien" in American dad?
Does it matter where we are going as long as we are ahead of schedule?
If you could know you future, would you?
Is life complicated, or do you have it totally figured out?
Are you ready for the end of the world yet?
I am like to natural beauty?
God's word of life?
don't you think its time that humans were dead so the animals can have the world back?
What is Your Reality Like?
Why is the village dance a source of inequality and vice, according to Rousseau?
what is the substatial ethics?
Do you think life is logical or illogical, why and why not?
Is there a better life in Mexico?
why do we live so long?
what is the goal of the thanking of god0?
Are you planning on watching the debate?
Would you finish this sentence?
In your opinion . . . what makes love last?
ancay ouyay peaksay igpay atinlay?
What heals a broken heart?
i need help on philosophy of logic?
What does this "Compassion, empathy and tolerance sans indifference further the progression of humanity" mean?
If you were given a chance ... ??
so... how about tomorrow?
what does marx mean with "guild system" and how is it replaced, please give me quotes if possible?
hi? i lost my ACER mp3 player!!!!!!?
Without Love, _______________ ?
What is John Rawls's reason for thinking that justice applies to the basic structure?
What REALLY happens when we die?
What is the true meaning of life?
What is the worst thing that can happen to you?
Life is calling...How far will you go?
What do you think of God?
Human nature and nature, what is the relation?
Is the badguy often the one using bad language...?
What is the soul [psyche] in socractic view?
How do you think the world will end?
Are there any philosophical invariants?
which one is an argument or non-argument?
Need help understanding a passage from Leibniz...please help!?
Whom to follow ? to my inner men , to spirit or my mind ?
What happens when you assume?
how does Descartes epistemology compare with that of Montaigne and of locke . in western civilizations 102 the?
What's the meaning of life? Is there a meaning? Is it merely self-defined or absolute for all?
Please provide me with the Symbol for Native Spirituality. Thanks, Rosemarie?
Why do people ask so many questions?? how are you ,, how is everything.. cant life b without answers questions?
Gandhi was and is a philosopher true or not?
I talk to myself.??????
do you get bored quikly?
"If you were re-living the same day, over and over, and nothing that you did mattered, what would you do"?
How would we convince a blind atheist that the moon and the stars exist?
Are we really morally responsible agents despite the fact that we had no control over our own formation?
living things and there environment?
in one word describe "your dream"?
How can an INFP personality type remain strong in a toxic environment?
Were there competing philosophies for how to run Collins software project ? Was software available to support?
Is there anybody in the Atlanta area that wants to learn and practice Judaism?
Universal Themes of Murder on the Orient Express?
At least one religion I know of promises GODHOOD to its adherents. Would YOU like to become a GOD?
do All HELLOS end with GOODBYEs?
Elaborate the philosopy of Homer that man is the creator of his own destiny?
What is the Defective Norms of MORALITY ......?
What are some life tips or advice you have?
Do you agree with hobbs or locke on weather people are born good or evil?
Does this intersect with your experience on any safety-critical software computerisation projects ?
Is it bad to use villains as an inspiration?
Anyone got any ideas about "Choosing the good vs. the good choosing you"?
What is something that always encourage you to do good things in life?
philosophy question! plato's republic! easy for those who philosophize!?
What do you think the Pineal Gland is for?
4. Evaluate the dispute between compatibilism and incompatibilism: is there any way to reconcile the thesis of?
List of faux-pas to avoid if you go to China?
Do we "accept the reality of the world that we are presented" ? Is this statement true?
What is your life philosophy?
Is there even such a thing as right and wrong?
The end of the world will be soon, if current trends continue?
"to heed the urgent inner voice, embracing destiny, not choice"?
How often does age actually matter/ is it always just a number?
how many senses does the human have?
Name one great thing in life that is free?
Senses - your favourite smell, sight, sound, taste and touch?
Happiness is:?
Would you be "save" if you dont believe in Jesus?
God or Devil or Me ?
The question? God does he exist? Or will we find nothing?
What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?
How to overcome failure?
What is Chronos and Kairos (sp?) time? Can you please explain them both to me, and what the differences are?
What is your life worth and would you?
If there really is no after-life, no God, or anything...what happens when we die? Is it just blackness?
What is the ultimate question?
Is plato contradicting him self , here?!!!!!!!!!?
What Are Your Top 10 Views Of The World?
What wisdom did you learn from your parents?
Should people have the right to deprive another of their rights, if they both believe it's right?
are humans stupid?
My neighbours son is a delinquent. Is it all right to shoot him?
Do you think the longest answer will always be chosen as the best answer because it signifies an uncanny...?
What defines your identity?
mistaking correltation for cause fallacy? example?
Are we as humans free or not free?
Isn't this dangerous? Why such distinction?
What would be your last words?
Opposites exist where you would never expect them to be? the grass greener on your side?
Is there a limit or measure for righteousness or unrighteousness?
Survey : In whom/what can you see an image of God ?
Is it ever too late to start "documenting" a computer program ?
Where are you? Are "you" closer to your foot or your shoulder?
Do non-conformists conform by not conforming?
Is bad to want more??? Do you think my philosophy is wrong?
Criticial Thinking Question Philosophy?
reality or surreality?
what does richard swinburne say in his theistic response to the problem of evil?
what is abstract hypothesis?
What was Dio trying to say with the song called "Heaven and Hell"?
What species can I spend the rest of my life with,i've gone off humans,they're shite!?
Who in your life loved you the most?
what do you think would happen?
If people didn't live in disaster areas there wouldn't be any natural disaster?
More's Utopia, The Tempest, and humanism?
Do you live because you think there is no tomorrow, or do you live because you think there is one?
Why does God Hate me so much?
Chance and Destiny, synonyms?
Does Australia exist?
If god made everything(living and nonliving), then who made god ?
how did moral and ethical principles in Judaism influence the modern world?
Why does Kant think that the rational will is bound up with the end of humanity?
I have a few questions about how and why Socrates believes we should seek the truth on how one should live?
Define your own situation right now ?
Why are you scared of death?
How about a massive Vulcan mind-meld? Would you share your thoughts and feelings, to make this world...?
personally do you beleive that man has soul?why?
Please can someone help me with a Powerpoint on moral philosophy please i need it by Tuesday 11-15-11 !!!?
Contrast your life working in a cottage industry as a weaver with your life as a factory worker...+10 answer?
Can you fill in the blank: ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER ____________?
Does "God" exist?
Why are humans capable of such beauty and such destruction ?
what are some of the main themes of James Mark Baldwin?
What is the most important thing in your life?
Are there any buddhist koans or stories that have humorous elements?
isnt it funny that people say god created us when its really us who created him?
You are dying, but afraid of which direction you are headed, what would you do next?
If you concentrate you will feel the energy of my soul through this messages. Only if you feel it answer me.?
quote help please anyone thanks?
If you could take any 3 people, living or dead...?
Can people survive without each other's attention?
What is meaning of "real is just a matter of perception"?
What is the meaning of life?
HLA Hart and John Austin's idea of sovereign?
Between Hope and Fear?
In his myth of Superman, Nietzsche often alluded to three people: Goethe, Napoleon and ? Who was the 3rd?
If you could choose what to be reborn as?
What do you wonder about ?
If you could clone yourself...?
What if we are all interconnected at a higher, deeper level, what would you do for your fellow men/women then?
Do you think the world will end?
Why does God love us?
what is diurnal variation?
If there was one dream for your life that you didn't follow, what would you say it was?
What are some criticisms of Hitlers race views?
what the event things happen in the world?
Why I receive religious comments to my Philosophy questions?
If you could live your life by one quote, which would it be?
So is this a good idea or philosophy?
What is the best religion?
Are leaders born or made..?
Help! I needa newspaper article about Philosophy -> which either contains epistemology, ethics or metaphysics.?
Does Descartes having an idea of the Evil Demon prove that the Evil Demon exists?
Please answer this question honestly.?
what is the easiest job in the world. And the toughest.?
What was Neo's rebirth outside of the matrix?
The Law Of attraction and Love?
If there is tree falling is forest, will it still make noise, if there is no one hearing it?
Does life worth living or worth passing, what do you think?
Can somebody write a song for me or a little diddle Tom waits stile?
What level of individual freedom do you see in Salem?
What if “now” is all you have for eternity?
how do remittance agents remit money or send money to other countries?
Is you're life really worth it?
if you r the only person alive in this world wht will you do?
How much money do you need to make you happy in life?
Psychology/Philosophy of War: Facing Our Enemies: When Killing Others Kill Us Inside?
what's the meaning of life?
What's the individual's responsibility to the community in The Happy Life by Bertrand Russell?
Do people change or do they just get to know each other and oneself as days, months and years pass by?
Do many people smoke to relieve "psychological tension"?
They say I think i'm better than them, but what if I just don't know how to converse?
Why is it so funny when someone trips or falls down?
What is annual gross?
What is your greatest fear?
How did clapping your hands start in the US?
Can anyone please advice me on how to live a purposeful life, i dont wanna waste my life.?
If I told you a secret would you still keep it as a secret?
Assuming that atheist are correct in saying that God does not exist...?
What's the difference between anti-foundationalism and post-modernism?
What to do when one is in a no win no gain situation?
i need help on my phil hw!!!?
How can a Couple Live in Peace :(?
What Does it Truly mean?
How do you define "thing" without using synonyms?
How is philosophy a walk on the slippery rocks for you?
Who said that 'giving is receiving' and 'stay positive and the world will respond' ?
If there was no right or wrong, good or bad..............what would there be?
Sufi poetry is known for?
What key factors for success would likely have been forgotten in a safety-critical project ?
One thing that would complete your life?
what is the axiology of naturalism?
I wonder who can give the most intelligent definition of either "insanity" or "sanity"?
What do you embrace in your life?
What is your truest, deepest heart's desire?
What does the word puffin make you think of?
augustine and self-discipline?
Question about warrant?
why does your heart hurt when you feel emotional pain?
Am I a therian, or is that not a good term for what i feel?
What are your opinions on 2012: Doomsday?
Why do we want to know the meaning of life?
What is gold and is it actually important?
what do you think of this poem?
Just feel lost even though I have everything going for me?
Descartes Argument Summary?
what is a ghost?
What is the meaning of life in your own perception?
The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. can you tell me what this means?
apply this to your life?
whom is the first pere or dad of people?
why are some things fun and others are not?
7. Match each character with the appropriate action or characteristic from Sir Thomas Malory’s “The Sword and?
What is your favourite quote?
if you were a character in a book who would you be and why?
How do you know if your luseing your mind?
i need a quote that has to do with "things arent always as they seem" for my intro paragraph?
Quine's argument toward Hume's Fork?
why it is difficult for man to cry?
What is Kant's Third Categorical Imperative?
Are we only avatars?
If God EXISTS, why does he allow people (atheists) who say THERE IS NO GOD to live?
do you think the world will end in 2012?
why is that everything that goes up must come down?
how can I get people to treat me seriously?
Your ultimate lifetime supply of . . . . . ?
Do you stultify what I perambulate?
Does God really love everyone?
If you had to choose, between Happiness or Money?
What is an interpratation of the conflict in the play Antigone between Creon and Antigone.?
Why was Immanuel Kant so important for the Englightenment Age?
What's an answer?
If reality and fantasy were not distinguishable?
This is 2006 and we still have boundaries of nations, still we have wars.?
do we really remain "alive" after death ? will we be still thinking ?
Charles Darwin or God? Why?
Philosophers: Which will you choose beauty or truth? Why?
What do you love about life?
Do psychedelics enhance creative and abstract thinking?
What makes a Woman a Woman?
question for buddhists. does an enlightened person still get angry sometimes? do they ever feel sad?
if u had 3 wishes against your soul by the devil,what whould u do?
Which of the methods for arriving at a belief that Peirce identifies does Nietzsche privledge (there are 4)?
Do you agree that there is no difference between Atheist and Christian? (Or Buddhist, or Moslem…)?
What is your big 5 for life?
Can we know anything, about the material world, with absolute certainty?
Can parkinsons shorten your life?
When am I going to die?
What type of a girl enjoys being PURE EVIL to those who she thinks deserves it?
Will the World End? This year?
Do the ideas in "Dhammapada" help today ?
We are all doing the best we can do, right?
Do some philosophers believe you have to earn a soul ?
Is it possible to destroy the internet?
Is there another reality outside of this reality?
Are You Pretty?
i met my SOULMATE but we can never be TOGETHER.....?
What's "Happiness"? And how to reach it ?
Why do you ask questions when you know, there is no answer?
why should we live until we die?
What is social anarchism?
A ethics question; is it ethical to kill one person to prevent 4 deaths?
What in existence would come out similar shapes such as the exact similarity?
Is there any philosopher you dont like at all?
I have noticed that very few people can actually think critically nowadays. Why do you suppose this is so?
Why do I keep imagining it ?
Define: 'you will not be required'?
Why are people afraid to say hello in an elevators???
should the war in Iraq continue?
What argument could I make about the Rigveda?
The most fundamental question. Did god create human beings or humans created god?
How does one find what one wants in life?
Can there ever be truly impartial scientific knowledge?
If someone betrays us once, can they betrays us again?
Get serious. Do you really think it's possible to have peace on earth?
R u happy in your life ? ? What is your goal in life?
What is the difference in mental attitude , philosphies maybe of people who want everything clarified always?
How many of the great Philosophers tore apart conceptional thought and saw it for what it is?
Does God exist?
why is it so hard to make free nexon?
I have no reason to lie nor do I care?
Help, Philosophy Question... Cause And Effect?
Account for the lack of an ethical theory in Marxism?
what is the meaning of life?
E-prime, please tell me what you think of this?
I'm sick of this who-likes-who game?
Why is the EASTER BUNNY so important to so many when it has nothing to do with EASTER!?
Epicurus vs John Stuart Mill?
If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call ?
Love is a source of happiness or cause of happiness.?
are the general messages in these ideas the same or do they differ?
Is there such thing as an opinion?
Which point of view most closely mirrors real life?
Jesus said , love your enemy.. and why these Americans hate muslim? Why don't they love muslims? THe enemy?
Why do some religious believes conflict sometimes leading t owar? Does this suggest that there is no true god?
How can you develop and maintain a positive self-concept?
I am a prodigy. This is my work. For the ages. I throw gems before swine.?
Do people laugh or cry when a clown dies?
what would you be?
what dose this mean on the "the world without us"?
Why does it seem that, for most of us, the thing that our heart most desires is the most unattainable?
Why did God create Evil ?
Is one love all we need in life?
Do two wrongs make a right?
What does the FLAME of the candle REPRESENT?
Are you living your life to it's fullest?
What is your definition of agnosticism?
Do you have a favorite Tao Te Ching verse about leadership and governance?
why is the word right mostly used in speech ...example.. are you all right?
If a person asks to be killed, and his friend kills him is it murder or suicide?
Can you give your opinions, what first comes to mind when you see this... (Link to photo is on my profile)?
Why do we keep on depressed for a past old bad memories when we don't feel like laughing for an old joke ?
What knowledge of art can be gained by focusing on the audience's response?
what is the womanist view on patriarchy?
perfect people?
How far would u go for "obsession"?
Is medicine wrong?
What is the PHILOSOPHY of laughter and adventure..?
what's teh way of combat with hypocrisy?
What is the difference between good and evil, black and white, color, meaninglessness of thoughts?
Who said, The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of the cheap price.?
The hand of the wolf that feeds you should protect the ones you love...Agree....or not....?
What is a rhetorician?
Why does Leibniz think it will be advantageous to construct a universal formal language & calculus of reason?
Am I a good man when I wish eternal damnation for someone who disagrees with me?
What is the one dimension that cannot be measured?
Do people treat money as an idol or a god?
Why do some people here give smart a** answers that the questioner would obviously not choose?
How can I be happy again?
Have you ever had a completely original thought, what was it?
What is "relativism" and "absolution"?
Can this happen to your section developing safety-critical software ?
Is the human imagination infinite?
how can we eliminate misery?
What's yellow and scary?
Is it possible to count your thoughts?
Why do I get all sensible answers and other people I know get stupid ones?
What is the one thing you truly love in your life unconditionally?
Who wrote "Epiphany" and what is the message that is conveyed?
Why do we use nonparametric tests? Describe a psychological research situation or scenario that would use a no?
what are the 7 virtues?
Considering traits, what animal would you and your family members be?
Philosophy ❀ Is Philosophy really a medicine for the soul?
What is the best thing you've ever done for another person, in your opinion?
Philosophy Calming The Wind: Why do whispers fade in the twilight and fairies disappear at dawn?
Philosophy question. Please help?
What is the key to happiness?
apply this to your life?
whats your view on Jehovah's witnesses?
If you could write a letter to a loved one (either still here or deceased) what would you say?
Destined for failure?
What are the sources of virtue and knowledge, according to aristotle?
police and soldier which one is better?
Can someone actually "make" you feel beautiful, or is it simply the gentle kiss of flattery?
Is being emo cool?
what would your wish be if you could have anything/?
Here is a question nobody will ever get right...?
Why does my life suck?
when I was born i was so surprise I didn't speak for a year and a half?
Why is Aristotle's four causes convincing?
For Collins project, during the software detailed design phase is there a software enginering group which?
"Just as the ocean is never full of water, neither is your heart full of love"?
meaning of modernism, modernity, modernization?
Do you ever wish that you have a different life than the life you have NOW?
If God is all powerful why does he allow wars?
Can someone answer this question?
Were foreign intelligence services so stupid that they could not see there was office powerpath politics?
Your death is certain. Then what is the object and purpose of your birth?
what is the gr8est motive 4 humans 2 work harder and harder??
If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
What Defines True Love?
what is the Asherim?
Dialectic (Socrates/Plato)?
This question is simple, what is life?
am i realy living in the matrix ?
Why does time seem to accelerate when you are around the one you love?
What is total happiness?
Why is there no 'happy ending' in this world?
Do you belive in God and what is your proof?
what do you think would make your life whole therefore not wanting or seeking anything?
Is it right that we have a choice?
Is SILENCE golden, silver, or has it rusted with time?
Does philosophy still have a place next to science?
If life was a game, what would it be?
Be yourself, or define yourself?
Do some creatures that have short life spans (relative to ours) and also lead short experiences of life?
what are some of the basic Marxist principles?
philosophy of 2pac shakur?
What is the Cult of the Dead Cow?
Life? Science? The meaning behind things...uncertainty?
Is terrorist a label that lies in the eye of the beholder?
Audacity of hope question?
why does gaia do the things she does in the theogony?
why it is so much easier to make the wrong decisions rather than the right?
Why do we live?
immanuel kant and deontological ethics. help me please answer this question?
Do you love your life .... If yes .... why??
When does could be, become should be, and should be become must?
applications of matrix theory in everyday life?
what is the secret of a happy life?
Would you rather hurt someone's feelings or have your feelings hurt by somebody else?
Is passion good or bad?
who's your favorite disney princess and why philosophically is she your favorite?
Can you give me a five sentence essay about equality in love?
Do you feel it?
Do you have to know everything?
Utilitarianism vs. Kantianism?
Do we know of another planet that could support human life?
If you had chance to meet GOD, what u''ll ask to him ?
How Do You Speak About The Unspeakable?
Yes or No??????????????????????????????
Ca you believe what your eyes cannot see?
will there be another volume to "blue-sky" by yuko kuwabara ?
Does God Exist? Give me irrefutable prove or logic?
Which major philosopher slept with the most women?
What is threatening its existence?
Why do you think Nietzsche disagrees with Kant on synthetic a priori judgments?
What makes life beautiful?
What are the defining factors the separate strength & weakness?
Is it a good thing that everything in the world constantly changes?
Allegory of the cave?
is it more fun to ask questions or answer them?
what is slave morality and noble morality in this context?
Citation help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can man, a finite and mortal being, truly know anything concerning an immortal and infinite God?
How can some people be so lonely when there are so many people in this world?
If you could "delete" anything in your life what would it be?
FEMINISTS men only please I need your opinion ( women if you want to )?
Isn't the statement "I think therefore I am." by Rene Descartes fundamentally flawed ?
Where do you go to relax your mind?
How would Berkeley and Hume feel about this argument?
Is nonsense truly nonsense or perhaps something different?
Kant's three step process?
What is Kant's view on what makes an action right, and what it is that gives an action true moral worth.?
What is a unique argument to make about music?
Never meet here, hope to "meet there" ...who is the operator?
What should we follow if the heart and the mind are in conflict........?
What is the meaning of life?
When God went to test the parameters of hell, Could he gotten stuck bec' he did a perfect JOB?
Did you make any compromises in your personal views this week to survive?
How does the emphasis on nature reflect the everyday life of the people?
The Myth of Sisyphus - Absurdism?
What is maturity?
What's the meaning of "Maps, growing ever more real, are much less true"?
Who are you most thankful for in your life?
Can any present Taoist practicioners lend a friend a hand with:?
Which is the most provocative and what is your personal view on each of them ?
Socratic Dialectic Vs. Scientific Method?
Conscientious Apathy?
Yes or No? You got a trophy for something in your life.?
can you start over and become a millionaire in your 30"s?
Religion and Science as one.?
Why is it not normal to be suicidal? What's the big deal?
predicate logic practice?
what are some of the names of african-american philoshers?
Is a day without sunshine, night?
Is it selfish to want to kill yourself?
Why do the outer planet aliens need to be ugly? Why are they depicted as hideous beings in movies and books?
if you have wings to fly now where will you go?
what's the life u thought first?
Why do people strive to be different from others, yet canont stand the difference in others?
If great minds really think alike, then what makes them so great?
What is one thing in life you want?
end of the world???
What is equality experiencing for the first time what does he feel as a result?
According to Simon Blackburn in his interview on the Philosophy Bites Podcast, moral relativism is problematic?
What is the difference between an INTELLIGENT man and a WISE man?
how can I live my life?
Was someone "not the full quid" recruited to the Collins project ?
How do I know you exist...?
What is the difference in day to day life for a muslim in america or abroad?
Is there a wrong Philosophy?
What is a contemporary hero? PLEASE HELP!?
Logic Question: Domains are only created to prove something invalid?
What is the most honorable trait to have?
What would prevent a person from committing suicide if he/she genuinely believes that life is really pointless?
Recommend good books on Aristotle's logic, categories and metaphysics?
If you had a time machine, went 150 years back in time, and talked to a few people, would you cease to exist?
Is belief in God is the sign of mental sickness?
if you had a second chance to live your life over, what would you do differently?
When ANGELS Talk what do they sound like?
in one of the plato's dialogue what does socrates mean by having a good life?
Does giving birth make you a good person?
they say that dhyanalingam is made up of a strong stone from central asia can you explain the science behind?
How did we get here as humans?
Justify this: it is most difficult to beat u'rself than to beat others?
I'm not like my sun sign?
Do you know the recipe for "Food for Thought"?
when will the world end?
30 second mystery?
What size were you,when you were in the semen of your father,as a soul,in search of existence?
How ethics may relate to other sciences?
What exactly did Larry King mean when he said this?
Can you give me examples of "3 part of soul" according to Plato? Which one do you belong to?
Would you rather be lucky in love or lucky with money?
Why do inmature kids ask random dumb questions ?!?
what is your favourite part of the day?
if you have recently died, could you please answer the following question?
What if your ideal said you were wrong in following the right way?
Do you need a reason?
"beauty is only skin deep" "appearances are reality"?
Value in justice? Forced education? Prevention of danger and crime? Punishment? Removing the problem?
what is the wrost thing that could happen to anyone????
Is it possible that too much love can kill us?
What do you Hate?
Will we ever see them again??
would you rather be a PIANO or a GUITAR?
Why do men approach easy women and not smart, intelligent women?
if the aliens are true, did God create them too? who didi he create first, us or them?
God is....?
why is honesty so difficult?
Aristotelian philosophical terminology?
Introvert finding sex?
What slogan can you best form from this theme,"‎Passion and Service Equates Organization's Core Existence"?
Do you think I have potential to be a free lance existential writer?
If the archetype is inherited by the society, then who inherited the first archetype to the first society?
where do u go when u die?
What will happen now?
Are you normal ?
Kripke opens his paper "IDENTITY AND NECESSITY" by posing the question, how are contingent identity...?
in philosophy a symbol ; a cursive x with a vertical line to the right of it and a curled line under the x?
What can everyone agree on?
Why does't glue stick to its own bottle?
How come I feel like my brain is just..disappearing?
Aristotle on virtue of generosity?
is being perverted a wrong thing?
If I stop answering questions will you start answering them for me?
i have to do a speech about the process of thinking, can you give me answers on what it is and it's process?
luke baldwin's vow what happens at the end?
where do one goes when one has lost his hope?
'What does something look like when you are looking at it?'?
What are the two most important things in life for you?
What is the key to happiness? Your opinion?
What is it that makes a "good" person?
what is the meaning of life?
If you could put people in charge of a large corporation in a Dante style circle of hell? ?
Why is the normal human mind inclined to do evil?
Is Euthanasia ethical?
if someone told u that u were going to die......?
Do you hate your life?
Is someone there who can help me???
Is "Patience" a virtue of yours?
who is Khloe Kardashian?
are dreams real? or is reality a dream?
What makes a relationship fail?
Write me a sentence or two from your mind?
Can you choose to believe?
is there a STRANGER WITHIN us all?
Am you good enough to get to Heaven?
How to refute solispsilism?
Why is everything so unfair?
What does desire feel like?
Why is it so hard to just BELIEVE in Jesus?
Are most people kind simply to satisfy others and not to be excluded from society?
What is the one lesson you learned as a child, that still effects your life today?
Interesting topics for a philosophy paper?
practical applications of logic?
what is GOD?
Do you think that homosexuality is moral?
When does humility become a handicap?
What are the ten main events in brians hunt???
why did God made such an incredible world if we will eventually be leaving it for eternity?
In Cartesian philosophy, what's the difference between the will and judgment?
What are your life plans for your 20s?
We desire for life, truth, and love, BUT do we find these in their fulness in this life?
the meaning of life?
Have you ever imagined/visualize yourself walking into a room full of people and doing something crazy?
are there "BAD" people? or just people we do not understand?
In Philosophy I have a paper due regarding my opinion of the health care system.?
what is the sadest word you ever heard?
In one word, what is the purpose of life?
Mill's Harm Principle?
what is code etic?
So, I'm just now realising that I tried to take my life 9 months ago. Should I throw I party?
should literacy be a requisite for the exercise of suffrage? why?
Do you have a purpose or a reason?
Who's your favorite dreamer, weirdo or misfit...?
Whats Your Favorite Quote?
How do you think Aristotle took insolent remarks?
If you could describe your life in one word, what would it be?
What can you say to someone whose heart has just been broken?
Is there a god?
What is this sign and its meaning?
please explain what logic is?
For a high-profile safety-critical system will its computerized systems and computerized test systems have....
Is it important to worship something?
What makes a person clever or smart?(in your opinion)?
What happened? When u wake up tomorrow and no other human beings are to be found? Only u are left?
Do you know me?
what are the differences between Mill and Kant view?
What was Nietzche's view on politics?
What is true.....thorns pricks us or we welcome them to get a prick ?
How can we understand that achilles and patroclus in love with them????????
who's gonna save me from myself?
Do u think philosophy can be an addiction to some?
What is the meaning of LOVE?
What is the difference between Aristotelian VIRTUE and Machiavellian VIRTU?
why all the violence from the Muslims, did that Mohamed guy not preach peace?
In reality, however, humans are not separate independent beings; they are nodes of universal process.?
What is the most important thing in your life?
Are there web camera volunteers who share there every day life live?
why do americans and British People speak the same language?
Why does beauty have so much significance when judging others?
What is the answer to life?
If your vocabulary had to be reduced to just 5 words which ones would you keep?
Did man really create god?
Is ninja terror a perpetual illusion demonstrated by really awesome ninja suits?
What is the meaning of life?
Does the life of Andrew carnegie support or counter the philosophy of social Darwinism?
Spiritually speaking, what is one thing you are certain of and what is one thing you have faith in?
what is a latent function for prom?
what do you do the year yesterday same time and day like in this time?do you remeber?
Some one help me with my life ?
If you could travel back in time and give one piece of advice to your past self, what and when would it be?
why is it human nature to want what we can't have?
When did the fun end?
What do you think happens to you when you die?
If you could add an 11th commandment, what would it be?
What thing symbolizes you and why?
What is AESTHETICS ......?
how does the role doubt play in human beings development and apply it to the 21st century?
Is money everything that one need to live in peace?
am 18 years old but am still in high school. do you think that i should start having sex are should i wait?
The intention of the artist, agree or disagree with this?
If this world is dynamics, what will make it static?
Do you believe Reality is conclusive or subjective?
In laymens terms--difference between ethics and morality. Which is more important to you? Why?
What does "contra-causal" mean in relationship to "free will"?
Does a network of plausible deniability help the office powerpath to survive ?
If by some chance we do come back as other animals what would you want to come back as? And why?
If there any rhyme or reason to it?
can you define postmodernism as a cultural phenomenon in one sentence?
What is the exact shape of destiny?
why do some people starts to disregard physical appearance?
Can't everyone have only one religion in the whole world? If Not Why?
What is success in your own words?
can someone explain "Ideas posit reality"?
In which way is faith useful?
How can Chaos exist if there is Truth?
What is the tiniest thing that has made the biggest impact on your life?
What is your idea to make a better world?
"life is only a milestone" do you agree?
Can knowledge about argumentation be sufficient for philosophy without too symbolic or mathematical concepts?
If you could be any age you wanted, but had to stay that age for the rest of your life, how old would you be?
Does any one know what a real world example of the associative property is?
What is wrong in having certain standards for what kind of life partner you want?
Do You Have a Gaudrian Angel?
Can money buy love and happiness?
if life is nothing but a joke why am i not laughing?
is it true.................?
philosophers....what's the biggest problem in the world?
what are/is the "defusers of subjectivism"?
As of this moment (when u read this) can u truthfully say that u are a happy camper?
meaning behind this quote?
If brain transplants ever become available, would u trade your brain for another one?
What are your expectations ?....for life?
will the world end in december 2012?
I love myself and personally think I know everything but...?
what is praying?
is my life over? yes or No?
What is the key to success?
What are some things to do if you're unhappy?
what does hume mean by custom and habit?
The Judaic and Christian Traditions represent?
do you believe there is any meaning behind this?
the concept known as the antiquarian spirit. Be sure to define the concept, discuss how this concept shaped t?
suddenly i asked my self is there any human being available around?but couldn't answer me out!?
Teenager here who's dosen't know what to do?
what does it mean to say knowledge is relative?
What do you think of the policy of penalizing people for asking questions?
Which argument is it that says, If you can help someone without harming anyone else then, you ought to do so?
How do you live life spontaneously and deliberately at the same time?
Please HELP! Should I run away?
Happy go lucky, if a person is like this?
what is your philosophy on asking and offering things?
If science finds that criminal behaviors are really diseased brains, that can be we still imprison?
lets all be the monk who sold his ferrari :-)?
What is the meaning of life?
Why do we all die?
Do people really have souls?
Does submitting to authority diminish potential?
Does anyone over 40 feel that?
What is "Symbolic Exchange" -Jean Baudrillard?
is it possible to make people like you?
Is love compulsary in one,s life?
Why God is so cruel with all of us?
Why do people lie even when they know that its wrong?
How can I get myself to cry easily?
example/scenario of intelligence vs wisdom?
What would you like to be written on your burrial cross ?
What..........Is the answer to life?
can you give your opinion?
Chance or choice?(fate?)?
Motivation behind this despicable behaviour?
How often do you stop and appreciate what you have in life? Why is it, that it usually takes a tragedy to?
what do you think should be done to eliminate coomunalism and racism ?
If you say I'd sell my soul for a cigarette will God forgive you and still take you into Heaven?
I need help with philosophy readings?
Would you want to live to be 150? How about 200?
Are Amnesiacs Innocent?
What exactly is the point of life?
How far away are you from enlightenment?
I can't wait for the planet earth to end on 21/12/12?
It said in the paper that some defence systems have hiccups ? Is Kenny Poo involved again ?
Can anyone provide some ideas on a critical analysis Michel Foucault rejection of the repression hypothesis?
Major in philosophy, Minor in political science.?
What is a "person"?
What does Theodor Adorno think of the cultural industry?
Please recommend me philosophers who question life and the order of things..s?
What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
How would you prove to yourself that you are not dreaming right at this moment?
what has happen to LOvE?
What is skill without talent?
✖‿✖ What is your secret to a happy life?
What do you think might be wrong with Plato's structuring of society?
How to be humble and modest?
Does the Utilitarianism principle hold?
Sexual feeling is a trap by God for human and animals to keep the lifes in the world. Is it correct?
Explain what Socrates' means in the Phaedo when he says that philosophy is "training for death."?
Riddle me this?
What does this term/phrase mean?
I don't want to live anymore?
If you had an insanely high intelligence, do you think you would lead a happy life? Or a lonely/depressed one?
Can someone summarize Rousseau's A Discourse on Inequality?
Explain the differences between.....?
am I racist, in your eyes, if.....?
Would you die for the one you love?
Spinoza's philosophical positions ?
What just happend man!?
what goes around comes around??????????
What is life exactly ..............?
If you could change ONE thing about the world, what would it be?
Could you drink tea during your coffee break?
Why do people think it's acceptable to ban minors ( without parental supervision ) from malls?
Faith can move mountains? How?
Wha is your Idea of being free?
Do we need to be loved to love?
Why do people always remember the bad things that happen?
Who is your spiritual guide?
What does Beauty mean to you?
What are the principles governing the categorization of things?
The choices you make or the chance you have establish your fate?
why we feel incomfortable when we are called by name by a servant while we accept it from a senior?
What do u regret not doing?
why we not all the people live together to promote peace and solidarity in the World and to eradicate the terr
What is the best way to tell people if they are wrong?
Its ok to be a loner isn't it?
Is innovation disruptive ? Would that have been the problem, if there was a problem, with Collins?
Will the selfish go to heaven?
who is manager(OWNER) of !.please tell me about him (her)?
does money mean happiness? is money everything.?
If a person backstabs others, they will backstab you too?
Why are Christians mocked?
If I ask, will they answer????
What will be your first reaction if a stranger of your own age comes and slaps you for no reason?
Why do children sleep with a blanket or cuddly toy?
what is life?
is there such thing as luck?
why does everything bad happen to me ? >.>?
what is the full form of k.p.o?
Have you ever asked yourself ...why were u born who are you and where you going?Any answers to that ?