Why do people gossip?
I am A devout christian & I love touching myself in the Name of Jesus & wait for marriage, is this a sin?
if Aliens create Earthling when we die is our spirit goes to another planet?
What other than the human brain can contemplate its own existence, infinity, the universe, and the unknown?
How to become successful?
Death is a blessing...even just its existence?
Is "! Answers" a waste of time?
why do bad things happen to me and good things happen to bad people?
Do men prefer 'comfortable' girls or 'high strung' girls?
What is a compelling remark?
Explain Kant's categorical imperative in simple terms.?
Is anyone genuinely happy?
if you saw skid marks in the seat of a pair of girl's panties, would you still go for it?
Can you recognise external change...?
Do you like to help people?
how do you make desicions?
Do you believe we are morally obligated to obey our country's laws?
Hume and Descartes.. What is the argument about his Archimedean Point?
Were you born a Questioner or an Answerer?
Is vengeance the vicious version of justice?
What is that prime instinct for progress in human nature?
If you had one wish, what would you use it for?
Does Your Suffering Matter?
Well then why do i want attention?(why am i self destructive) ?
IF all men are pigs, why aren't more women lesbians?
what is the Gajakesariyoga how to help full in my life?
Saibaba serial on star plus?
Is Christmas period ( November 25 - December 31) kind of depressing for most?
Is human logic flawed?
What makes the world a better place?
on what basis would you physically attack somebody?
What are examples of naturalism in Jack London's "The Law of Life"?
If you could change any event in history what would it be and how would it change the world we live in now?
Do you believe in coincidence or fate?
Things to do while pulling an all-nighter by myself?
Frederick Nietzsche and Christian/altruistic values?
Do you think plato values sense experience?
Why was John Locke the philosopher disliked?
What is the life expectancy of someone living with TTP but was treated?
Can someone give me a basic explanation of "Indefinite Dyad"?
If you were Immortal, what would you do w/ eternity?
Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life?
How poor have you been, I am poor, but spiritually rich...?
which is more IMPORTANT, to be FAIR or to be TOLERANT?
Who's happy where they live?
Faith versus Science? What is the right path to becoming a better person?
Is choice a good thing?
How have you developed mentally since you were younger?
If you were God, how would you end the world...?
What's your Favorate Emerson quote?
Can you talk about the future using past tense?
What does the quote "if youth knew; if age could" mean. That their problems are solved with time?
What is your own experience with workplace culture ?
Why pay to live on the planet we were born on?
what is the secret of being a wise man ?
What's the meaning of this song?
What do you think is more important in general: objective or subjective truth?
Did the Collins submarine computerization people [guard constantly against other people’s attacks and ?
In which direction will humans continue to evolve?
What is the first word that enters your head when you read this?
In areas of knowledge such as the arts and sciences, do we learn more from work that follows or that breaks wi
Dreams about my teeth falling out?
Are all humans good at heart and just do the not so good things throughout life?
Do you think people "feel" emotions in the same way?
What you don't know scares you the most?
How long's a piece of string?
Why cannot I divorce and remarry?
creation and destruction, any difference?
Is it wierd or is there a scientific explanation?
Question for a experienced one.:-)?
International World Peace Day is Sept. 21 -- what should we do for that day?
Suburbs is the land of appearences? What do you think about it?
A Danish Blogger has challenged to place Quazon there? Do Danes have a sense of humour?
Why are there always stressfull and threatening times in every adventure? Can there ever be an all happy adven?
anybody know wat this mean-- 'as Goethe said:'Only between all men can that which is human be lived fully.'
Question about Philosophy: Logic?
Do you believe there is a cure for Love????
What is the real cause why they hide the writings of Judas?
What Is the different populations and ways of life?
A petition to the Queen of England against her giving the top award on Her Majesty's Honours List?
Who is the greatest mind of all-time? The one who impressed you most with his/her intellect?
What is a reason that the speaker in Thanatopsis gives for people not needing to be sad about dying?
If every single human being who ever lived had had the intelligence of Aristotle or Newton, how would...?
What is the best feeling in the World?
Love is buullll don't you agree?
I WANT LUCK...How to get that?
Philosophy people! Need help with my paper?
What is the meaning of life?
I think everyone is greatly motivated by other's approval as we are all motivated by our emotions in this?
Do you agree with this quote?
Do we alwas meet people twice in a lifetime?
Does the sword have buddha nature or not?
What is living life at its fullest?
Why has society got a negative perception upon certain things?
What is the 'game of creation' for Nietzsche?
Any philosophy buffs familiar with Seneca?
Give me a proper meaning of the term "Kenotic Entelechy"... It has something to do with Transactional analysis
Finish the sentence, to seek wisdom is to......................?
Do you think we're a doomed species?
What is "Imagination"?
what is your first name? do you like it? if not and you were given the chance to change it what would it be?
lol. ok will you read this??
why is school so important?
If you could live forever.. What would you live for?
How closely has your life turned out as you expected?
what is your view of judaism?
Place to find cheap Philsophy Textbooks?
Why do bad things happen to good people, and vice versa?
What is the philosophy of modern man?
do you speak "perfect " English?
what are your thoughts about feminism?
Why do you get up every morning?
Is it possible that too much love can kill us?
Is there any platform where seafarers, shipping companies, maritime institutions could meet and share importan?
Do questions come from the question continuum?
A question about Michaelangelo's Last Judgment?
Did Fedrico Nietzsche say:"the forgiveness of sins is perpetual and righteousness is not required"?
is life fair?
Why must life always end with death?
what philosophy uses in explaining its intrigues?
wat is the difference between btween a necessity and a want wen NOTHING IS COMPULSORY?!?!?
rate my writing im 15?
In how many and in what ways do thoughts exist within your house?
what is the point of being alive?
What argument does Hume use to prove ethics is based on feelings?
With the world the way it is, what are some logical reasons for having children?
Is our life already predetermined before we are born -some say yes?
how would you feel if you were elected world leader for a day?
Is it possible to survive without LOVE in our lives?
How much do you believe in destiny?
can you give an 18 y.o. advice?
Which one are you?
What writing by a philosopher talks about two objects that require a third to fuse them?
Describe one of the most difficult lessons you have learned in your life.?
what are the benefits of increased self awareness?
What does "Don't portray your image" mean?
Are you at ease with the thought of death?
If God really created everything would he be such a simple idea that can be understood by the human brain?
If you wanted to be 100% truthful about everything, what would be the consequences?
What is worse......... being shouted at or being ignored?
Why some persons are selfish???
What is the Matrix?
Which one describes you?
Does Hick believes all religions will have an easy time accepting religious pluralism?
For a safety-critical project to be succeessful, how would one ensure "accessability" of the existing or .....
''Revenge is a waste of time. Forgiveness is better.''?
What do you know about the Dharma-Ending Age?
Is it really worth going on when you feel so dead and dissconnected inside?
Are you going to the bus?
way some people do mistake about talking of prophet mohamed s?
What is love....................................…
Why do human beings make mistakes?
What makes you happy?
How does Nietzsche use Zarathustra as an ideal?
What do you think would happen if there were no death for human beings?
It is increasingly harder to concentrate because I feel like my mind is outside of my body... ?
One thing that made you happy today?
what you in.?
how to get a better life?
Why is the universal dialetic have such a Kantian response, vis a vis the struggle to avoid nihilism?
Why were there so many geniuses in ancient Greece?
if you were given the option to know about your time of death... would you take it?
i am the ultimate or am i?
Life is about controlling your cries and smiles. Agree or disagree?
Do you agree that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom?
4 rules of reasoning in Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"?
how long it takes to clean a dirty mind?
How shall I grasp it? Do not grasp it. THat which remains when there is no more grasping is Self.?
Why do i feel so sad?
What did you exchange for your happiness?
Do YOU 'think' more than you speak?
Can you imagine what life would be like, if we didn't have an imagination?
Is money evil? What do you think?
Is there a such thing as having too much knowledge?
What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?
How do you think the world would be without humans?
When does night world strange fate come out?
Do you think love is natural and killing not natural?
Truly Believing Will Make Things Come True?
Who sings 'The World Awaits'?
How do you imagine the voice of God?
What is this spooky thing that keeps happening to me?
Where life starts,where it ends?
Is permanent happiness, secure prosperity, and abiding peace a foolish dream?
is the Tao a pagan religion or a state or mind or what the hell is it anyway?
What are some entertaining philosophy books?
Who is the Patron Saint of Holy Sheet?
One area in which virtue theory has played a prominent and useful role is in:?
Philosophy/Logic help?
Whatever you are by nature, keep to it, never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for AND?
What is the safest assumption?
Is sex the only thing that drives us?
How would you apply Deconstruction theory to "Twilight"?
To take a concrete example, would a safety-critical computerization project have been likely to meet the...?
I'll be what I want to do....?
Why is there a need for this site.....shouldn't we all be working or something?
In reality, however, humans are not separate independent beings; they are nodes of universal process.?
could you provide a synthesis of five concepts of semantics that prove that man is the center of the universe?
I need your opinion! ?
tell me how to get out of "being down"?
What are Aristotle's necessary conditions of flourishing?
what do you think will happen on 6/6/06?
i'm half mediaterrain half celt?
Why do I feel empty?
Is truth to be sought or a way of life to be lived?
what is life?
what is love?
tell me what is the reason of life.y we are alive?
Why is love greater than faith?
how that computer is beneficial to human?
What is "Schrodingers cat"?
Someone say to you you have a way about you and its not all about the way you look? what does this mean?
Who was the one to discover strings could create pitch through vibration?
Immediate Inferences, Conversion?
What is the difference between morals and ethics? Please elaborate.?
Not everyone has the ability to excel in academics?
whats more unsettling to human actions?
what is the ultimate goal for a life?
Does anyone know the entire Lord is my shepard passage from the bible?
Ethical or not... What do you think?
In LOVE,------- why do we FALL?
Is love a state of consciousness?
Do you have a personal philosophy?
Is the world a cold, terrible place... or a warm, beautiful place?
Who was the greatest philosopher of all time? ... Why?
How do you define love?
No No more Is there NO more of more?
If you could kill someone, would you?
have you ever dreamed of achieving something or doing something then you were shocked with the reality?
Why bad things happen to good people?
How to stay focus at work?
What is the Ultimate Outstanding Event?
Do u like forgiving people?
if the river's water is always moving does the river exsist?
Ancient Greek letters had a numerical designation Rome knew it; where can I find information on the system.?
Is there a question to which no one can find an answer?
how to get revenge on multiple people?
What is your own definition of "lonely?
Do you appreciate long answers for mundane questions?
Do you think we are reaching an age of true collectiveness?
What is the "saying" that has had the most meaning to you and why?
Is it possible that psychology may be pseudo science? & Menatal illness may be a Greatest delusion?
Mean Spirited or Self Hatred?
something is wrong...?
Forensic psychologists understand much, but how can evil be understood - or goodness?
What is the role that logical contradictions play in Kant ethical theory?
How do you want to die?
Tell me your definition of HAPPINES?
develop a questionnaire to help you decide whether a candidate is the right choice.?
Nothing is true, everything is permitted?
Please help me with a quote/phrase?
What is your point of view on 'forgiveness' ? Why?
What if the bird will not sing?
what are better, odd or even letters??
... how do you imagine me?
___________ How do I read?
Need some help with philosophy assignment please?
Why does Barrett think ours is a particularly self-conscious age?
Why doesn't God stop evil directly?
What is going to happen or what should i do?
happiness is nothing but an illusion?
What's the matrix?
Greco-Roman Wreath Meaning?
What was Weirob’s argument against Miller’s case for the soul as the same thing through time ?
How can you trust other humans?
Why is it so hard to follow you own advice.?
Serious question. (i.e. not chat )Do you judge a book by it's cover?? So do you judge a person by their avatar
which is easier to do, to COMPLICATE a SIMPLE Life or to SIMPLIFY a COMPLICATED Life?
take a born , but do not have the moment , why , what its that , having life , but donot have the moment?
Do you believe in god? Why?
What will you take away, or hope to take away from YA when the evening is done?
I have just reached my daily limit 4 answering Q's.?
what is the emiricist theiry of imagination?
A million dollars or true happiness forever? what would you pick?
If God created the Universe then who created God?
What if we found a time & space worm hole?
what some examples of the four fuctions of myths?
What is the rational of desire?
what do I do, stop go, fail succeed, live or die?
Living life like you have something you want to prove, is it worth it?
Men Only: If a woman beat you in any sports would you be turned on ? Yes or No?
Is philosophy the opposite of religion or science?
Is truth absolute or relative?
why is it so hard to forget insults - and how do we not take them personal?
What's your vision of the future?
Can you imagine what life would be like, if we didn't have an imagination?
Can introvert and extrovert relationships last?
What is your favourite quote?
Is religion the cause of orthodoxy? Or is it some universally accepted "rule"?
If there was another planet with humans on it...?
what is the point of life??
Is it a bad thing to be too independent?
Am I missing something? I am so happy to be single?
What is in our life which doesn’t need to update or upgrade it?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
What can I do with a B.A. in Phylosophy and Modern Languages (French and German)?
Distinguish between hate and dislike ?
Who are the Top 10 philosophers of all time, in your opinion?
first impressions are rarely measured in knowledge?
Which is more important ? Self preservation or species preservation ?
What comes to mind when I say heaven?
who/what inspires you?
What does victor want to accomplish in life? ?
Who controls the present?
Is there nothing worse than aggressive stupidity?
What do you reckon is the best sound in the world?
I need help on simplifing m y topic for my senior thesis on race im a philosophy so do anyone have any ideas?
What is humble assertion and how may I incorporate that into my life?
why Buddhism believes in re incarnation and re birth?
what to say to a mother that lost a baby, because the serogate mother decided to keep the baby?
Does this ever happen to you?
What or who did Aristotle not believe could be held morally praiseworthy or blameworthy?
Why did so called god created life...i mean it just sad why would he do such a cruel thing?
What makes you smile in life?
What makes a human being a human being?
discuss: until proved otherwise, opinions deserve equal regard- their origin notwithstanding?
What is your philosophy on life?
why is life so tough when you grow up? it was so damn easy when i was younger? ( I am 19 years old!)?
why is change so difficult?
Am I a dream or a delusion?
Is peace really possible when war mongering/ profiteering is so profitable?
How am i not being myself?... from the movie I <3 huckabees, have you ever asked yourself that?
how are Socrates' elenchus and Kant's categorical imperative similar?
will roxy's desrtoy your organs if used along time?
Does what you believe actaully affect the reality you experience?
Is life a just a dream, and death is waking up?
How do you react when you know you've disappointed someone close to you?
Is every act a selfish act?
What is your flashpoint -?
What Is Happening to Romneys Lead?
I am weak at symbols but not at critical reasoning and philosophy, so what form of logic should I use?
2 part question about ethics?
Will Money Destroy The World?
why other say that friday the thirteen is a bad day?
Why exactly are we so addicted to asking and answering total strangers questions?
Will collective unconsciousness ever evolve to create a single world culture? If not what it's function?
If I attempt to fail in my quest to succeed, will I achieve success or merely fail?
What does Walter Benjamin mean he says...?
Why does a chicken cross the road?
What is Gnosticism?
why people become egoistic for no reasons?
Why does it hurt to feel human?
What is the best way to keep yourself and everyone around you happy?
What is the power of Islam? One day, Will it rule the whole world?
how can life be so amazing one day & completely horrid the next?
Why do humans feel the need to question life?
if you were offered the chance...?
"Would you rather have a million dollars or lose a loved one?" I know a shocking question..?
Would you prefer a multi polar world instead of unipolar?
would the idea that man had reached the pinnacle of knowledge be a bit disappointing to you?
What do you think of God is She or He really have no personality?
If time is an illusion,then how do you explain the aging process?
What do you want out of life the most?
Do you believe we are all equally capable of committing evil acts?
What is the significance of peer group in the socialization process?
What is the significance of the cosmic vision in the Bhagavad Gita?
can good exist without evil?
Does money buy happiness?
What's your True Identity ?
what should i do with my life i want peace,happiness in my life but how tell me ?
a description of the contingency argument?
what is the meaning of life?
Define Recasting, Echoing, or Expanding in Infancy response...?
hi ... i want to open a new digital photo color lab in kolkata with good features,?
what the event things happen in the world?
My Bohemian Life biblical references?
Explanation of David Hume's theater metaphor used to describe personal identity?
What exactly defines a "MOD?"?
Do you identify with the objectivist or relativist view of ethics?
if you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be? why?
Is there a God? Justify your belief.?
What do you think are the most serious problems in your Country?
what do you consider success in life?
is it theend of the world Texas on one end and central china on the other.?
What does the statement "You can't HANDLE the Truth," teach us.?
Is the world really going to end in 2012?
these ''sectarian'' car bombs ,anybody keeping score on which sects?
Would u rather be unhappy and rich or happy and poor??
The intention of the artist, agree or disagree with this?
in the CIRCUS of LIFE, are you the Clown, the Magician, the Flying Trapeze, the Lion Tamer or the Ring Master?
In which do you believe in more : Darwin's theory about evolution or Adam and Eve ?please motivate your answer
Why do we keep seeking stability in an unstable life?
what is your opinion about men crying?
~~@ Predicate Logic~~!?
my poem about life?
Being truly free; what is it to you?
Why do women say different to what they really feel?
Who says 2 x 2 = 4?
I Love Madeline Nancy Crowley-Cahill, eh?
analysing the conflict theory?
Those 25 yrs & older who belonged to large social organizations like sororities/ fraternities: do you still?
Nietzsche Quote - He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How?
Ursula K. LeGuin?
Will the world actually end in 2012?
What is a symbolic payout?
How does Hume's idea of the self seem to undermine Descartes' claim that I exist?
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”?
Is it true that having a car today is a boon?Why?
What in life is a never ending search?
What is the most important aspect of the human imprint that we humans should be improving?
What would be the result?
Does something that has to be pimped have a valid claim to be the ultimate truth?
Should scientists and academics be dispassionate?
why is jesus gay?
how stupid are american for creating Isreal, is it because we don't want jews here?
What is the meaning of life!?
If you could share one piece of knowledge...what would that be?
what was platos two world cosmology?
why is akon known as a convict in his video"sorry, blame it on me"?
What does it say of humanity when evil must fight evil for the greater good?
Are you FOR or Against Capital Punishment?
Are we, as a human race, headed into the right direction or the wrong direction?
Why do I notice things others don't?
Women: What's your philosophy on men?
Are you "proud of our military"...?
how do we know that heaven and hell actually exsist?
Do you believe in fate, destiny and things happen for a reason or do you believe we control those things?
Even if you know helping will do nothing, is it worth it to try?
in hume's opinion is there any empirical evidence for cause and effect?
does God exist?
Do you think that people enjoy being poor?
Hi All;) .. Why do most men think they are smarter and/or better than a Female?;)?
Does anyone have a heart anymore?
Spinoza, Leibniz, and Descartes essay review.?
What are the 72 true or false items use in self Appraisal Questionnaire in Recidivism (SAQ)?
EXCUSE ME ladies and gentlemen. what is the purpose of life?
WhIs there such thing as the perfect man?at would you like to ask?
to identify a particular industry that you think meets the criteria for Perfect Competition or Pure Monopololy?
Who were philosophers of the Renaissance?
Sartre: We are ourselves in so far as we are not ourselves.?
Is a sham marriage justified by God?
strumming remembering sunday by all time low?
Is it possible for man to live without fear?
Ever been really excited to share some news and go to your phone?
Why would u want to grow up and be anything? Why not just exist and contemplate?
whats the meaning of the phrase "Everything is in Order Within the Chaos", any guesses will help?
Why does being a test tube baby irk the hell out of me?
Is an all enveloping consciousness the only way to know everything?
When will we be able to live to 1,000 years old and how smart could 1,000 year old people be?
What's next after mankind?
Is fear simply not understanding?
What is the basis in a superior attitude?
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
How do you know if challenging yourself everyday is working for you?
Why are YOU important?
Can anyone truly answer," what is the meaning of life?"
what does thease words of wisdom make you think about ?
if your thoughts were food, what food whould they be?
A poem. I need a title?
Do you know The Art of Living and Sudarshankriya? Have u experienced it?
Why? why? why? why why why?
quote about doctors and the human body?
What is the colour of love? / What do you imagine the colour of love to be?
what happens when u die?
How do you go about finding your dream place to live?
What really came first, the chicken or the Egg?
If I gave you a million dollars, will you be any different than you are now?
What's the most beautiful word?
Would you like to live forever ?
What do you think about this??????
How are Leibniz' necessary and contingent truths related to innatism?
i want peace in my life? can i get by yoga or sex or prey ?
Do you think there will be a point in life when zombies could take over just like residenet evil apocalpyse?
explain: reality is things or substances and change is only a transition.?
Do you want to be HAPPY or Do you want to be RIGHT?
what is the meaning of rebeld?
How would Jean Jacques Rosseaus' make life better?
What is this asking?
Can someone explain Descartes Argument and Berkline relations?
This is a long shot?
Do people run away when you attempt to share your philosophy?
In what ways can you measure LOVE and ETERNITY?
What is the meaning of life?
If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
Can anyone compare and contrast both philosophers PLato and Parmeniedes about reality?
Would the world be a better place if health came first?
What is Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
is your glass half empty or half full?
Imagine, if you will, the following circumstance...?
What are some signs of The world coming to an end??? Armaggadon or Apocolypse.?
If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be??
how did descartes relate to the theory of free will ?
How perfect can humans become?
why do i get everything i do? :/?
if you had 3 wishes but money was not one of them, what would you wish for?
does anyone know where I might come accross a ABEC Smiths Clock platform ?? They are very rare, thankyou?
Who does Socrates enter into a dialogue with in the Apology?
Why is being popular so important to everyone? or is it?
What is it like after death according to science?
Wots lyf? wots lyf to you.?
what are the problems with popper and kuhn's views, if any?
Is it true if you believe hard enough?
Is suicide the quitters way out?
do miracles exist?
I want to marry a rich man so I don't ever have to work hard. How can I make this happen?
Why is it so hard to understand nature's nature?
What are the components of your bodily image?
what is the total of 1+1?
A Million dollars today, but you lose 10 years off the end of your life, which is unknown. Do you do it?
The meaning of I Heart Huckabees?
What is "Life"?
why do old people have to leave their homes despite the love they give to their children ?
What does everyone think about life after death?
Do you find happiness within yourself? :)?
What is death, Is it an aesthetic thing?
What happens at death?
need quotes on dreams by philosophers?
is there any reason why i shouldnt kill myself?
Is Love way more important than Anger?
What levels in the hierarchy of life do ecologists study?
What is your opinion on Radicals (anything)?
I feel so bad for no reason?
Could you risk your life to save the life of someone unknown to you?
You are a metaphysical numbskull?
At what age can true love be found? (youngest age)?
Truths of absolutes and Truths that are Relative?
Will the world end? 6-6-06?
What do racist people want?
How do I tolerate people?
Can the blind lead the blind?
What's the greatest experience in your life that you wish everyone else could have?
What will happen if there is no love left in your heart?
whats the driving force in your life? money,power,status,god?
12-21-2012. End of the world?
Is Aristotle an ethical relativist?
whats the meaning of divine chaos?
Are you happy in your life now?
is there a hole for me to get sick in?
what are your favorite adjectives for the personality you like?
What is a purpose of my life?
if machines take over the world, will they make movies about humans taking over the world?
how to change my mood?
GLASS half full or half empty... Dose'nt it depend on the size of the GLASS?
Why is laughter so important to a happy and healthy life?
in most societies, ppl believe they need to have money or power to be happy, can one re-trained themselves?
What on ground a baby eagle see while it was so easily pushed down to learn flying?
Can I addict myself to studying?
How many times has "What is the meaning of life" been asked on Y/A?
What philosopher said that the fourtunate have the responsibility to help the less fortunate?
who like One Direction/?
Can a gay guy ever fall in love and marry a woman?
Montaigne's arguments in favor of skepticism?
What is freedom?
What is the Socratic method?
What do they mean when they say "The Truth will set you Free"?
Can you tell me a book or article that supports John Locke's philosophy?
Is space infinite?
how are the times broken up for your after school activities?
whats the rising action of DEAD IS A STATE OF MIND?
To who you consider to be the best human on this earth?
Do you just look, or really see?
What is meant by the term Existentialism?
What would 2nd order questions be for these three?
Survey : In whom/what can you see an image of God ?
What is the meaning of life?
is craig hitler?
what would you do if Obama was added to Mount Rushmore?
Have you ever wondered if you are living your life the way GOD planned it?
What is the criteria to know one is right?
God's planet, then is there a devil's planet?
What is Nietzsche talking about in the 5 paragraph on the article morality as anti-nature?
In "The Apology," Socrates argues that?
what is the self. is it love are we all love?
What Would You Do If You Were A Zombie?
Who said this quote,Would some be the gifty give us,to see ourselves as others see us,it would many a blunder.
Complete the sentence : Never forget __________?
are there people who never find true love?
why is there a nees to study computer?
what is the best way to destroy old memories?
What is the secret to Ignorance?
Complete this setence: i live my life for?
About the theory of human nature by Confucius?
Is it better to be a hypocrite and deny it? Or admit it and accept it?
What is a lesson you could learn from Finny (Phineas) from A Separate Peace?
What comes first in your life - your family or God?
When did you last give to charity?
Sartre: We are ourselves in so far as we are not ourselves.?
how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tossie pop?
what's the different between culture and customs? what are the specific definition about them ?
who would win in a chainsaw fight, big bird or the cookie monster?
Is gold considered a color also violet, tourqouise , cyan and maroon?
Augustine's Influence on Martin Luther?
philosophy is 'I know not what' (discuss)?
what evidence is there that man/woman has a spirit or soul?
What is the thing that makes the thing itself (the thing)?
If there are people in this world who can tell the future then why do they need door bells?
Hey? Did ya ever take an emotional bullet??????
What is character of character?
When you are thinking, do you have a conversation with yourself or does a little voice speak to you or...?
Do girls like sex?
Do you all actually exist, or is it just me?
Protectionism refers to the philosophy that:?
what do you feel most strongly about in the world?
What is "culture of resistance" or "street culture of resistance"? I am not fully grasping the concept?
what is innocence to you?
Agree or disagree...?
What's the point to life?
Best inspirational/motivational lines that changes your life?
How ethics may relate to other sciences?
Difference between a restricted choice and an ultimate choice?
Life is a rip off true or false?
how can i get a life?
My best friend says he's gay and wants to be striaght?
Do you consider 8 years a long time...?
Would a person who thrives on control and manipulation create a computerisation project to thrive on ?
What is the notion of the ethical for a natural law theorist and what are the bases for his claims?
Love is buullll don't you agree?
Do u think god really exists?
How did you decide what to do with your life?
i'm asking this in this section because there might be more active people here, sorry if its not too relevant?
Question about a categorical proposition?
I have no questions, can you help me?
is there still racial segregation in the usa?
What is incestuous communication?
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself.?
Reasons so as to why God Rama can rightfully be hailed as a God?
What are the roles of Science and Ethics when it comes to Cloning, Designer Babies and Stem Cell Research?
What's the wisest thing a wise man can say?
Ethics and morals. What's the difference?
is it about winning or about HOW you win?
Could you ever be happy being a brain in a jar in some mad scientist's workshop?
What are the reasons for saying Kierkegaard is an "existentialist?"?
Is anger a result of conflicting human interests or is it a built in human trait ?
Quote: "time conquers all"?
what is self regulation?
Question on functionalism...?
Is there more to life than a 9-5 job, bills and a mortgage?
Could somebody please ask a decent question?
Whats the point in trying when trying gets you no-where?
Where can I get a record of the latest developments in Chess openings?
D make Does LSyou truly learn that the world is only driven by the invention of novelty?
Nothing left in life?
Selective biblical literalists have a great objection to any theory of evolution, explain why.?
Does being unique lead to being more happiness or less happiness?
does the rain falls 1. and than grass grows or rain falls cos gras has grown ?
Describe, in your words, the transition when fear becomes fascination?
Is altruism just an excuse for self righteousness?
Is gravity responsible for people falling in love?
How come fairness is not fair?
"Literature encourages us to challenge the world we live in" What does this mean?
Why do feminists support sexism against men?
What does it mean when someone uses your name ofter?
If there was 'answer' to the meaning of life would one be able to comprehend such?
Just like social network abbreviation (lol,rofl, xd) are the emotions of new generation has also shortened?
try to take a path less traveled by?
What is knowledge.......?
How to do well in philosophy class?
is this passage an argument or non argument?
Why Life Sucks?
Is there a way to make this dream possible?
What does this quote mean?
What are the greatest things in life (apart from love) ?
do you belive in god?
What in life would make you happier?
how did i get "over the hill" without ever being on top!?
Is it better to be famous or better to be smart?
Are you afraid to die?
ok...this is a tough one... " Why"?
I don't know what to do with my life it's scary?
Just viewed a property and there is a burnt Bible in the garden, what does that mean?
what was the great philosopher Levinas thoughts on death and death sentence?
When would you find yourself at the peak of hapiness?
which is more important social control or truth?
what is life?
if white was black and black was white would we use black-out to correct mistakes?
Don't we just exist to reproduce?
What is proof? Is it something that we create or exists?
What has been the commo theme underlying various meanings of society?
Girls, do you think we're more attractive if we just talk nonsense?
What makes you happy?
I feel i am cursed. dont want to live. what do i do?
what is the color of envy?
how can one gain high motivation?
What if North Korea is really a utopia and our government is actually censoring everything?
Why is life cruel mostly to people who have so much love to give?
What is NOT true about US city life and the people who lived in them? Choose the INCORRECT answer that does no?
What answer doesn't require a question?
Contemporary Philosophers?
You have to press one of two buttons, button A means 500 of your countrymen die, button B means 1000....?
Spiritually speaking-What is your source of Happiness? Where do you look for it?
What is the possibility that there's evil in you?
If you had the answers to all of life's questions, would you charge for the information, or share for free?
Is it worth it?
Data compiled from answers used for secret psycho-analytical purposes?
Best way to kill emotional pain? [Instant, very quick solution needed!]?
Why do you think so many people are struggling?
Was Socrates a just person?
What comes to your mind when you hear "influenced"?
Reid's “The senses give us immediate contact with a mind-independent reality.”?
Why do we blame people for things when it is usually circumstances?
What would Jesus really do?
I feel guilty when I'm charismatic?
A question i've thought about since i was about seven?
do you like kant as a philosopher?
Is there proven facts that self image reflects the way people see you?
What are your thoughts on marriage.....?
i need help with philosophy !! Kierkegaard and Marx?
Why is Young Life Show weird?
Tell me about a situation (argument) in which using statistical or logical evidence would be more effective th?
Are you a "Glass is half full" or "Glass is half empty" person?
what would you choose, to the right but no one is left or to the left but no one is right?
Please help me in this philosophical essay : "I, the little man, in front of the big world" (raw translation)?
If "Love is blind" then what about "Love at first sight"?
Do you think the world is coming to and end in 2008 like the myan's believed?
Why am I always having evil thought when I'm sad or frustrated, I don't like it and want it to stop?
Is anybody familiar with yagnas by choice, that can be performed to remove obstacles???
do you sometimes find reason for happiness in life but then realize everything is just bs?
Have many philosophical works have you read? / Has any of these changed your life in some way?
Why is Life so empty and meaningless?
What is happiness? can you fake happiness?
is there a god?
You Ready to use your imagination ver 4.0?
Explain the relationship between Aristole and Plato
When emptiness surfaces inside of you what do you do?
What stops faulty reasoning from being introduced into a computer system and then the faulty reasoning being?
is your glass half empty or half full?
what's in the mind of a dog?
An argument with all true premises, a true conclusion, and fallacious reasoning?
Describe the unusual ppl u hear from in answers?
Thomas Aquinas: Faith and Reason?
why was the poet William Blake considered a romantist,and how did this affect his work?
how did Voltaire influence political theorists, philosophers, educators and historians?
Is God one only, then how come we have so many Temples, Churches, Mosques different totally?
Has anyone noticed that before he wrote scientology, L Ron Hubbard was a successful science fiction author?
Count on your blessings?
Who is the most intelligent person alive today?
body sheme?
what are the symbols and their meaning found in plato's "allegory of the cave?"?
Could it be possible that someday countries stop existing and a world's goverment start working?
What are co-relations of Philosophy and Psychology?
Why can't we all be friends?
What's yellow and scary?
What do you think about life,How to define life?
Is there such thing as perfection?
how can i know that the person whose email add.i hav is still using his/her email id.?
Wouldn't any high-profile safety-critical computerization effort be determined by whatever existing...........
what would make you happy?
Did Ayn Rand really die broke?
Is your happiness drawn from the head or from your pocket?
im willing to die, what do people think?
whats the best way to stop avoiding reality???
What Difference Does It Make?
Can Hume explain why?
what attractions we find in rubbles of in cent buildings buried under tons of earth?
Can communication come off as a chess game sometimes? Even if Im just a listener. I notice?
Why are we on planet *earth*?
With LIVING and DYING being technically the same process, do life and death share a plane of reality?
I feel so bad for no reason?
i just died, what do i do now?
Is my thinking flawed?
Is life fair?
Has anybody read any of Daniel Dennett's books?
Is karma real? If so, explanations?
can life get any worse?
I have a new web site with but using search will not bring it up?
what is the mind?
how is photogarphy used in the world today?
What do you think about love?
If you could legally clone yourself, would you?
1- How can you defeat the spirit of hatred in the Muslim radical?
What is on your mind right now?
What else in the world is materially and immaterially free?
What has had an influence you?
"This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever. ~ Sigmund Freud (about the Irish)
Ain't life screwy ?
if you were a COMMODITY, what are you mostly USED for?
Chris Jericho was right IT THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE Know it bq inside?
If I gave you a million dollars, will you be any different than you are now?
how to make 14 million in 2 days?
What is a sophist?
Winners never quit and quitters never win. Do you agree or disagree?
The paradox - How would you know you were losing your mind....?
Can we really take ourself out the picture and see the picture clearly. I never got that?
Do you think about your thoughts?
Who will think about you in 100 years time?
Forget the chicken..Why did the squirrel cross the road?
How does John Stuart Mill's approach to political philosophy compare to that of John Locke?
What do you think really happens when we die?
What was Plato's philosophy on law?
If you could have any one specific power over other people what would it be?
The half-life of radon-222 is 3.82days. What was the original mass if 0.050g remains after 7.646 days?
Is Dr. Deepak Chopra living on this earth, or a parallel universe where catch phrases alone save the world?
whats your BIGGEST fear???
5 thing you can't live without?
for those who dream?
Is Happiness by choice or by chance?
How good are you, scale of 1-10?
is it possible to get rid of all the evils of this world?
If you lead an old horse to water, can you teach him new tricks?
Deriving conclusion for Philosophy with symbols?
importance of philosophy?
Dumbest question of all time: Could God make an Ikea table so cheap, not even He could resist buying it?
He bought me a huge cookie. Could he like me?
what is backstabbing?what are 10 examples of people who backstab other ppl?
Do I have all the answers?
Is being a parent overrated?
What do you dream about?
Did "reorganizations" occur in the Collins submarine software project ? If so, were the reorganizations?
What's the. Meaning. Of life ?
Might a safety-critical software project possess a phantom integration site, with phantom staff, in a phantom?
Hobbes discusses the position of "the fool." What is the view of Hobbes' fool?
An old India proverb means "Even god is scared of naked person" Do you think it is true anymore?
Is luck a losers excuse for a winners position?
does not life suck????????????
what does this phrase mean?
How can I prove that logic is logically flawed?
Why did Kant think lying was immoral under any circumstances?
my father died and there was no will and no spouce?
How does peace work with the Law of Attraction?
what does being famous do for you after you die?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your thoughts on all of it?
What heralds in the changing of the tide? Is it the moon in her fullness?
How can my relationship be defined?
What can you say about the relativism of postmodernity?
Do you like mean people?
the POPE.?
agree or disagree ...:)?
Does man have a destructive nature?
I want my life to end any help?
money can buy everything Else why cant it buy happiness?
For anything to make sense, does it have to make common sense?
what makes people happy?
What is the Best Question EVER asked?
why do so many people work so hard to buy things they don't need?
Do you exist outside of my mind?
where on the net can i find works of j krishnamurti?
What is wrong with the world?
Where are you 'Anka' ....?
If Jesus Christ was here today, What do you think he would say about Passion Of The Christ by Mel Gibson?
What does Epicurus mean by human happiness?
what does happiness feel like?
why do people think that harry potter is satanic?
What kind of reaction-or karma- did those who practiced slavery get?
what is "true love" can it exist with being"in love"?
Is it not obvious that thousands of different religions can't all be right?
Why is life worth living if we're going to die anyways?
Is everything a figure of your imagination?
Grandpa was feeling generous,?
Does NOW exist??
Galen both denied and promoted an alternative view than the medical men that were only in the proffession for?
Are intelligent people less happy?
Do you think one day animals will revolt against humans?
Do computers have a consciousness?
Have you ever wanted to live a full life?
can you define postmodernism as a cultural phenomenon in one sentence?
How to bridge the gap between thoughts and language in order to aid one's clarity of expression?
Do babies who are cloned have souls?
Should we really believe in GOD? What can happen if we don't???
do you feel like the world has change recently everywhere?
how are socrates and martin luther king jr. different?
What is the meaning of life?
Does art influence society? Or not?
Would the world be better if we just admit our hatred towards each other?
New video on everything I've studied , thanks!?
life is only structure ,that's all?
What question would you ask the MIT computer that they say could negotiate peace treaties?
What is it that makes something good as opposed to evil?
what does the word "Esoteric" mean?
is it possible to live normally without be afraid of anything at all?
What do you believe in, Passion or Reason?
What will you if you are in deep trouble and every single door on this planet is close to you?
hey minustrone you are the only person that answered with a positive outlook. how are you?
Why does people worry about tomorrow?
would you rather be a DOLPHIN or a PENGUIN?
Why is this world so sick?
What things could you do for self improvement?
Can you die in your dreams?
Why is it wrong to kill Humans when they don't even have perfect morals?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
What makes life worthwhile?
"We appeal, as human beings, to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest."?
Fortune cookie: "Doubt is the beginning, not the end of wisdom"?
What do you think of media evangelists, and the topic of Pro-life?
Who/What are the Freemasons??????
Why are Christians so pushy with there religion?
What would the world be like without conflict?
What is the definition of nothing?
Isn't life sacred?
what is an adult saying that drives you crazy everytime you hear it?
How to be happy when you are not?
do u believe?
Which came first.........?
What is your solution to ending world hunger?
Most interesting physics and philosophy idea?
Do animals have a soul?
If you were on death row, what would your last meal be ?
What's Your Sign? I'm a Pisces....................?
Is Michael Jackson really dead or no?
How dose God sound to you?
waht does A glimpse at your love life reveals that you will be bridling at certain inhibitions mean?
Explaining consciousness In relation to...The New mysterians?
Did the Collins submarine computerization project "invest in" people who had no "earnings track record" ?
If I went back in time to Berlin 1939 and killed Hitler would it still be murder?
What's it like being you in all your ways?
How would we know if god or allah has some sort of psychological diseases or mental disorder?
Why do we perceive Fraser's Spiral as a spiral?
Who is your role model in life ?
we all will die! so why should we be a good person?!?!?!?
Is life full of people pretending to be happy?
Do you want to live forever?
what you say about others reveals more about you than them. True or false?
How does watching movies affect us? (especially strange or emotionally upsetting movies?)?
Anyone rather not be famous?
Why do the Human Beings discriminate against each other?
Can someone explain to me in an easy to understand way Aristotle's final cause and potential?
I need a good thesis pertaining to ancient philosophy (the presocratics, plato, socrates, etc.)?
What is the ultimate secret of the universe?
What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Did your soul exist before you were even born and where does it lead?
What is the meaning of life?
Does anyone else find philosophical texts difficult to read?
Explain Descartes' "Meditations and Other Metaphysical Writings"?
What are some Positive Truths?
Poll: Are the Pandarens from WoW Nihilists or Decadents?
Herodutus' focus on individuals makes him unsuccessful?
Do men really KNOW what love is?
How do we calm our our frustated mind .Anything practical?
Is it true, that in some people, there is no good?
Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean?
Does philosophy cause importance to be assigned?
My brain isn't???????????????
Are you awake?
How Can I better Apply My Self Since i Lack Motivation?
Bumped into my ex. We said quick "Hi" cause he was w/ another girl. He texts me wierd message after. Why?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
religious teaching/world war 1 question help?
What can we do as individuals to affect or contribute to peace in the world around us?
Why do I always have good ideas of things to do but when I have free time I just do nothing?
If your a positive person will good things happen?!?
Is it an exaggeration to say that the fate of the world is hanging in the balance?
What is true love??
how important is it to be beautiful / handsome?
Anybody on here that was talking to that girl that goes by the name Lost Love please contact me?
A Socratic Government: What would it be like?
Are you loving every second of this moment?
being blackened?..what does this mean?
What is your opinion of this person?
Platonic views in Utopia?
Who made the rule that one animal must devour another to simply survive?
Deja vu? Want to know more about them?
How can a few evil words sound so justified and reasonable?
Does being demonic pertain to chaos or power, rather than evil?
Should a man cry?
what has science done to extend life?
Tell me please! What comes first: love or beauty?
Does purchasing a thing mean you own it?
who are people that do not take sides?
Art of the Statesman requires a superior understanding of Art?
What I's the point of living if we just die anyway and we have no existence ?
If Satan doesnt exist, where does evil come from?
What is the difference between the 7 deadly sins? [More wanting to hear your views]?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Do you believe that it is possible to find axioms or form theorems concerning reality that apply universally?
how to have less conscience?
Some Crito questions for you philosophers.?
Has anyone have or had any success storys with the law of attraction.?
.s for anyone who can tell me if it's better to own a cow or buy the milk.?
Are you ready for the end of the world yet?
Essay help....Philosophy and Hamlet?
What makes a lasting relationship?
what is the purpose of life?
Is the following quotation still true?
What is "Ways of seeing by Berger" about? I can't seem to pull it up on wikiapedia.?
If you could give one bit of advice about life to the world, what would it be?
Do you think wishes come true?
What does a heart of gold look like?
In your opinion, what is one of the hardest decisions a person has to make in life?
what is matrix?
Is there something far beyond existence and death?
What would happen if Alphas became Zetas and Zetas became Alphas?
what are care values exactly ?
What is time?
Does this remind you of your pet safety-critical project ?
Why is it so hard to be really virtuous?
Platonic views in Utopia?
It is more important to discover new ways of thinking about what is already known than discover new facts?
what do you think about symbiotically or biologically eternal life?
ΙΝ GOD WE TRUST: Do you think that writing this on the dollar-bill is a misuse of God's name?
Was there some sort of vote for how funds would be spent for Collins project ?
What does lowdabar mean?
Can anyone define this, please?
Is one's (i.e yours) existence collectively and/or exclusively defined by others?
What inspires people more words or actions?
HOW WE LOOK - is it important?
whats your philosophy in life?
Describe the best thing that EVER happened to you...?
What do you think the role of individual transformation is in manifesting world peace?
what is the role of a philosopher?
Can conjoined persons share two separate minds?
Do you beleive in the existance of Good and Evil?
what's the difference between plato and cicero on the existence of God?
How did the history of Oscar Wilde's home influence his works? (Read descprition please!)?
What words of wisdom would you leave in your last moments alive.?
Summary of Birth of Tragedy?
why do i feel sometimes frighten?