How can we search for oneself?
What are the main distinctions between Hume's relations of ideas and matters of fact?
When you close the door to your heart to other's, aren't you also missing out on love?
what are the six sextets of dhamma?
Would this make everyone in the world happy? (Read on)?
What if..............?
I'll be what I want to do....?
Humans are basically individualist ?
What is the only thing which will comes along with us until our last breath?
Why are so many places in the world (America included) poor and backwards?
Answers deleted my answer as against their guidelines. I asked for an explaination.None forthcoming.WHY?
Is the world really going to end?
Does the human race deserve to survive?
I need Help !!!!!!!! I had a debate in my philosphy class. Here is my issue....?
Why do some people assume I'm of the ignorant persuasion?
what could be the belief system of successful people that drives their life ?
the first thing that comes to youre mind when you hear someone say god?
If you could chose your existence or not?
What would you do to make the most of today?
why cant people stop looking at a glass half full or half empty, and just call it as it is..half??
how will life be like when the world starts to end?
What makes you incredibly happy?
What is the normal means to treat strangers?
Who wants a quick ten points?
What do you think will happen next?
why can't humans live in peace ?
Is genetic engineering an ethical issue?
I always think what other people see and what there life is like?
if life ended, what or who would you like to come back as ??
Would it be more fulfilling to have a given purpose to life or make your own?
I want to know about the Order of the Knights Templar. Can anyone enlighten me?
If I said "It all works out in the end!" Would you think me a fool? If I said "It will work out, faith?"
What are you more afraid of? Life . . . or Death?
are we born with a gift?
If money is the root of all evil, then why do we need it to do even the most basic necessities?
If God has control over everything, why are you not mad at 'him'?
Please help me with this question!!?
Are than any graphs or charts on ethics and psycholgy in the workplace?
please expalin fragment by Paramendies in detail! helppppppp =/?
GOD doesn't need us!!!?
philosophy help ! ASAP ! ! !?
if all things run out, like lit candles, whats the point in lighting the candle in the first place?
MLK's philosophy on education and economics?
Locke's political theory ?
Philosophical Question: What are some rules for proper manners/behavior in the late 19th century (1800’s)? Al?
Is convolution better than evolution?
Is every little thing that happens to us a result of Karma?
What is the meaning of life?
Platonic Rationalism - HELPPP?
What is the meaning of life?
Can we live with technology?
Do computerization projects involve grand achievements, intrigue, and skulduggery ?
what are the four levels of truth?
In Plato's "Gorgias", why does he believe that rhetoric is conversational?
What are your aspects and how will you use them to ahieve your goals in life?
Need Help Translating the following Logic Question into a symbolic expression?
what do you think will happen to me?
People who are very honest with themselves are also prone to certain shortcomings. Is that so?
what are some instinces where someone's conscience might steer them in the wrong direction?
Who the top ten people who have many Rolls Royce cars?
What are your responsibilities as a human being?
People that tell others to kill themselves?
What do you treasure most in your life?
what is the meaning of life?
What are the central themes in Citizen Kane?
What fails to amuse you,for the time being,without being incoherent?
When does 'Anti Realism' becomes relevant? Is it related to 'Anti Realist'?
Does happiness increase with age?
How can I get contacted with a renown author/publisher of novels,poems,plays...I need aninstructor /publisher.
How do you react when someone you would rather forget, reappears back in your life?
How do you know when a smile is real?
How long is a lifetime a minute or 107 years maybe the baby died one breath short of perfection, last time?
According to Little, Does virtue as knowledge consider evidentiary demands in the evaluation of desires?
How do we know that the life we live is real?
Define life in just one word.?
My strange thought...?
What is the name for chocolate in Lyra's world?
AY who said ¨all good things in moderation¨?
Let A be a non-singular real square matrix. Show that ATA is symmetric and positive definite. What happens if?
There are 2000 different religions in the US. That is a fact.?
Is love the most potent force of the universe?
What is the life of St. Anecito Y Eucebio?
If you act differently than you otherwise would, are you at risk of changing your personality?
What does your freedom look like?
Can an intelligent person find peace?
If there was no money could there be status? If so how would it be measured?
What is the meaning of life?
if u can choose the age that u die at what age would that be???
What are Self-Regulating Genes?
what are Rousseau's views on alienation compared to Marx?
Philosophers,How i can end my Hyper senstivity ?
Is there a way to control what and who you dream about?
According to Immanuel Kant how does one know what is right?
people said love is abstract. what do you think?
What is the meaning of LIFE?
will you join me?
metaphysics of confucius?
What keeps you going everyday?
How do I form reconstructions for Philosophy?
What country is most likely to become the next world power?
Alter-ego names? suggestions needed!?
Is having pride or judgement of your physical appearance bad for spirituality?
Why is life so worthless?
What on earth does "living in the moment" mean?
Anybody out there get anything from (THE CATCHER IN THE RYE ?)?
what does Searle mean by the terms syntax and semantics?
What is Bertrand Russell asking in The Problems of Philosophy in the last chapter The Value of Philosophy?
Why is there such a lack of commitment in friendship lately?
Have you begun defining your life's purpose?
I can see, hear, and feel things that are not their, is it my imagination?
Are you the same online as you are offline?
How do we begin to develop a dialogue with our higher self, or 'the witness'?
Can you see me?
When is it that you will find the real purpose of living?
how do u think we all can make(including me) our world a better place to live???
can anyone give me the definitation of New world order?
What "legitimate" philosophers did Ayn Rand draw upon?
What defines your identity?
What if you have the power to ?
It this sounds great or not?
How do you prove your innocence?
What's your understanding of existence?
Consider how difficult it is to change yourself?
Are those souls that are vino-less, philosophically lost?
why does nobody spell definitely properly?
A question about 'Mamihlapinatapai'?
Does love exist?
If you want to fail and succeed, which did you do?
define LOVE in your own words...?
if you could remove any word from human vocabulary, what would it be and ...?
When were the seeds planted that has given us the fruits of our beloved planet?
What's your vision of the future?
ive got no looks no money no personality what should i do?
What ways can you apply human capital management theories to your work situation?
If you could only remember three moments in your life....what would they be?
Life after death: Yes or No?
Plan A or plan B better from a philosopher"s point of view?
Formal symbolic/Propositional logic proof: DeMorgan's Law for quantifers?
Would you rather be LOST IN LOVE or BLIND IN FAITH?
How do you descirbe happiness?
Are we alone in this realm so vast, known as the cosmos?
Do you consider yourself to be a good person?
what does it mean to know a "thing" by heart compared to knowing a "person" by heart?
What does this mean? Can you help please?
Pro Tanto vs. Prima Facie Evil?
what is theory of Rawls Veil of ignorance?
What happens when your emotional thoughts trys to chain your whispers?
What is the Sameness of Matter Theory?
Is dmt a door to the spirtual world?
How is John Stuart Mill’s philosophy different from Kant and Hume?
Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?
How would you feel if you wake one day and all automobiles disappeared?
Why do we humans write about LOVE? What do YOU think love is?
Have we banished G-d into exile (please read, it's not what it looks like)?
Why should we use our freewill to be good?
Does Christianity teach its followers to be suckers? Re being kind to the ones that cause you harm?
Ever wonder why did you fall in love with an online user and you don't anymore?
do any animals ever ask themselves whats the meaning of life?!?
End of the World 2012! Who's Prepared?
Give me the name of a person that means the world to you right now in your life and tell me why?
If you argue a lot.......?
If abortion is free choice, then if I`m the father why can`t i choose then for life????
How does Voltaire's Candide disprove Leibniz's Theodicy?
What will you do when the world ends?
If u did a good deed for someone today, what motivated u to do it?
If burning CDs is illegal, then why sell CD burners?
My friend cindy thinks being stinky is cool. Is it?
What's an example of how corporate ownership affects the style or content of what is covered as news/political?
Does purchasing a thing mean you own it?
A level RS...What is a Form in philosophy?
Do you think that if we really travel in the speed of light, we could actually go back through time?
What are the interaction/intelligibility problems for the phil. of mind?
Who did you want to be as a kid?
If you knew a woman who was pregnant...?
i m a average student but i luv to dream. should i dream or not???
What do you think of the anti abortion stance that life begins at conception?
What problems might patients cause if attached to the Collins software projects ? do I get a life??
Would someones job affect how you viewed them?
what was the first sign of the ability of humans to act inhuman under tremendous stress?
How do you find happiness?
Sometimes I get really down?
how do you fill the emptiness inside you?
What are your thoughts on suicide ?
when in your life have you been your happiest, and why?
Anyone know the 736 essential rules of pagansim?
i need a love outlet ?
what one thing would you add to your life to make it better?
If you have 26 odds and ends on a table and one falls off, what is it an odd or an end?
Why does the soul need chicken soup?
If you were able to bring back someone who's dead to a living state, who would it be and what would you say?
What's the real meaning to live in this life?
Have you ever noticed that when someone answers your Q, it's only the answer that's right for them, Not you?
What can be taken away from someone who strongly believes he already has nothing to lose?
what can I do to feel better.?
Can you say that you are truly happy?
Is something really "wrong" or "bad"?
Do you think revenge is typically fueled by jealousy?
kindly describe "beauty" in only one word...!!!?
How do you think that discovering that religion is fake would change the world?
Does a DICHOTOMY require Absolutes?
Mulan: Taoist or Confucist?
In all of the things one individual can do, to improve the entire state of humanity,where would you class...?
I have this theory on the Universe, God, & The Human Mind, can anyone give me your opinion?
How did the concept of of God , entered the human thinking.what made them to imagine and visualise Him ?
we will meet and accede your expectations with our true dedication, extensive knowledge and aggressive strateg?
why canti fall in love?
Is peace only attainable through conflict?
What's your purpose in life?
does the friends you keep reflect what type of person you are?
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.?
Can anybody here define what Ayn Rand's "sense of life" is?
Is anger always justified?
What philosopher in the book Sophie's World was hung for his beliefs?
Do you think "answers" might be more interesting if we knew what country or province the person answering ...
Which of the following does Bridgman foresee as a possible consequence of the universal adoption 6?
Why do we humans question what the meaning of life is?
Why is the fruit so appealing to many?
Hom.o homini lupus est, do you agree?
What is the meaning of life?
What are three reasons that Socrates believed philosophy was necessary?
Whats the meaning of life?
What is it meant by 'moral absolutism'?
does love more about trust than happiness?
Do you believe that love at first sight is genuine love?
What is Happiness?
Is it normal to blog about your life in general?
There will be peace or war on the earth within next 10 years?
Whom in your life do you like to impress?
Is his meaning of "love of your life" correct... cos I'm confused?
What is Wrong with Humanity?
How do you know we humans have a soul?
I'm trying to think of a quote by a Chinese philosopher, about how we're naturally self-centered because we..?
In developing a computerized system, various versions of the system are produced. Who votes on what version to
What do you think of people who hate philosophy?
How can there not be a God?
there is a lion called frush he wants to get rid of all lions in the world to keep all lionesses for himself?
what really matters at the end of the day?
What is one thesis from Kant's Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics and a criticism of that thesis?
How is William James pragmatic method related to the nominalism,utilitarainism, and positivism?
The Puzzle of Sex - Peter Vardy?
Is theism a worldview? What about Atheism?
what does this sentence mean " Dickson guaranteed his own freedom, so he could work for that of his brethren"?
What is the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
What about the number 666?
How do you decide what's best?
Are we technically living in the future?
Where might I find the recovered fragments of "A Treatise on Education" by Aristotle?
Who's the best at chukkas?
is the world waiting for me to reach out, or is it already taken?
what is your star sign?
What happens to god when we conquer death?
Instead of calling yourself a philosopher can you call yourself with the philosophical school you belong to?
Would this be considered a type of fallacy?
Any online material written by Dr Dale Turner?
philosphical views.... i am lost help.. can someone explain me what is he saying?
why DON'T people belive there is a God....?
Who sings 'The World Awaits'?
How can we notice the wisdom of others, while setting in front of our mirror?
We live in a Fake World?
will i ever get the love of my life back?
A stranger is a friend you haven't yet met... yes or no?
Should i get A World of Keflings?
Do you believe that you have to let go of the past to become who you can be in the future?
Should I kill myself?
How are thoughts entered into ones mind?
If there is no proof of god, why do we believe that god exists?
Has your life turned out the way you expected it would?
Is it an art or a science?
in the moment that you want someone so much how do you get that across to them,when there are deep feelings?
Why do I feel "an electric vibration" in my body when viewing self help subliminal videos?
what 3 things can't you live without?
Does God Exist?
If "team X arranges to set objectives, and team Y arranges to meet those objectives", would an "office?
which came first the chicken or the egg ????
Has anyone discovered the second part of Heidegger's famous work, 'Being and Time'?
I don't have much of a reason to live?
Locke and Innate Ideas?
Why does this happen?
How does culture + religion define certain things in terms of respect?
You are in a solid room, all thats in the room is a mirror and a table, how do you get out?
Have you forgotton something?
If you always expect the unexpected, then is there a unexpected?
Philosophy Behind Music?
Why doesn't "God" give logical thinkers irrefutable evidence of his existence if they cannot accept faith?
explain pls.. "i like to rest on myself really rest and think what's best"..?
I need help with reconstruction in philosophy by john dewey?
what are the two basic forms of logical inference?
What are the top three best bits of wisdom, or advice that have had a positive influence in your life?
What is the major driving force in your life right now?
Will the human population ever decrease?
Is technology bringing us closer together, or making us more isolated?
Where does one find a community of people who want to live in peace harmony etc.?
Do bitter people create a bad life or does a bad life create bitter people?
Should one prepare for one's death?
Would you rather have great wealth, great genius, or greath athletic ability and WHY?
Why do people keep asking stupid questions?
Is fear a great motivator for you?
Are you weird?? if so why... tell us... (come on weirdos...)?
How will live on earth be in 1million years from now?Will we ba able to live for ever?
what philosphers would disagree with Descartes method of doubt?
Why are humans unpredictable?
Off hand, what do you think "zarauberzang" means?
Will the world end in 2012?
What does it mean to be famous (truly)?
Are you worried about the slippery slope?
Does it bother you when people dislike you?
Is anyone familiar with Pierre Bourdieu and his work?
What is Pessimism and optimism?
What music are you listening to right now?
What do you think of, "he who gets hurt will be he that has stalled?"?
What age is a woman past her prime?
can you say anything to those who make light of your problems?
99 % of me is similar to u and the rest 1 to an another .. i never existed but was always there? explain theam
If most people are not sociopathic, why are most posts on this forum as such?
I made a wish that I think came true, how can I reverse it??
What's the hardest thing about life for you?
What is a socratic dialogue question in Crime & Punishment?
who is maria montessori?
What's your opinion on this?
If winners never quit and quitters never win, who came up with quit while you're ahead?
what does freedom mean to you?
In times when fear seems to be the only companion, how to find courage to let it go?
What is the meaning of hyphenism?
Philosophy about the Book of Eli?
What is man's greatest weakness?
What was the uniqueness about one God in Moses time?
How do you demarcate between God and Nature?
he oldest living person) (might have been younger than someone alive?
Which is more important Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual Health? & Why?
Is this all there is to life?
what is the MEANING of life in 3 WORDS?
are there any answers-type forums that are buddhist themed?
Are you ready for the end of the world yet?
"you can't love anything too much in this world" u agree or disagree? why or why not?
Does Collins submarine software still work properly ?
Does every question have a answer?
Whats the meaning of life?
what do care the most during your everyday life?
Do you believe in reincarnation???Why??
What is meant by merging with the absolute? What does this look like in practice?
what things make you happy?
If you could be invisible what would u do?
a question on crito by plato?
How do you define these things?
Why one does those things that he/she knows would be mistakes and would badly affect his life ?
Can someone please help me and explain this to me?
When you set out to produce software is there a risk that : 1/ the "software development site" will never be?
What is Clontology?
What is the meaning of life?
Sometimes I wonder if I'm psychic or just psycho. What do you think?
Can "civilization intelligence" vary through the decades? Rate 70's, 80's, 90's, and this decade somehow.
Does it make sense to look at myself in a perspective that is artistic or is that crazy?
When "computerizing" a system, do people just "wing it" or do they actually read the contract documents, and
Atheists: Why get married?
If you lost your job .. house .. and everything else .. and became homeless .. what would you do ?
my life is can i make my life better?
Why did Bertrand Russell dislike Immanuel Kant?
How do people get over trust issues?
Why people here post 'religious' answers to PHL questions ...?
Why was bush reelected?
If you could ask God one question what would it be?
Does my non-conformist life style offend you?
do you agree or disagree?
Is 'Anyone' worth our 'tears'?...?
Is there a gene that controles the behavior?
What's the main points in Descartes' "Principles of Philosophy?"?
How do we know that this isn't all just a twisted dream?
what is the most important aspect of much ado about nothing?
whats the best thing in the world?
Is the world goin to end 2012?
Might a large safety-critical system start cannibalising itself during its construction ?
What do you think about Scientology's OT VIII? Do you think it is true?
Are you capable of loving someone without asking for love in return ?
Why do I feel so sad all the time?
What Exists In A World Without Love?
I think life is meaningless, live it meaninglessly, without any interpretations, just be................?
what is the true meaning of life?
Where would you be tomorrow, if you didn't do what you did today?
Do you think Karma exists?
How can can Thomas Hobbes and John Locke be applied to the film "Boyz In The Hood"?
categorical propositions help, need explanation why?
Virtue Ethics and the Good Life in Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics...?
Do we believe what we see?
Whats your life story?
Could god/God possibly create "everything"?
will peace prevail?
Philosophically speaking if your not sexist?
For Collins project, does the software quality assurance group develop checklists to be used for monitoring?
Why is it that the people who like peacefulness always have something crazy and adventurous happening to them?
Valid or invalid syllogism?
What's Raul's philosophy in Phantom?
why is life so difficult?
I Like My Bum The Way It Is. Are You Happy With Your Bum?
Are we are thoughts..........?
What are M theory and the string theory and what are the differences?
If you have to suggest one ADVICE for your Doctor, what it would be?
Urgent help on Kant!!!?
Why did Socrates deny Thrasymachus' definition of justice?
What am I missing in life?
What is "No Mind" like?
What is the greatest story never told?
How do you measure time.......?
What is the difference between stubborness and perservance?
Would you rather....?
How is success noticed ? (One expects some sort of fluctuation in quality. Who decide how much fluctuation?
Can we realy make it happen?
Might a proper goal of the Collins project be to explain why we believe as we do about the project ?
What is a benchmark?
What's Good About Being Bad?
If you could have one wish, what would it be?
i have name, fame,wealth and health so i must be happy but i,m not. why?
Something from Nothing Question: Could it be the case that there is no "nothing?"?
I think, so I exist... If I don't think, will I still exist?
Who was Solon and what did he do that affected democracy?
An interesting approach to explaining the potential of our minds, any opinions?
understand and decode ancient symbols words?
why the pain is the only way how myself as a personality grows...?
Whatever you are by nature, keep to it, never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for AND?
If god made everything(living and nonliving), then who made god ?
What is more important to have in life: Love or Money?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Do some computerization projects have equivalent problems to the following ?
In what sense is Saul Kripke said to have made metaphysics respectable again?
Did Christine help or hurt Phantom?
Have you died at least once in your dreams?
Who are Free Choice Paradigm?
Please help with forum?
Can you give me a five sentence essay about the gift of self?
Could my house be haunted?
Can you tell me about the deconstruction of Jim Gilchrist?
When Would Using a Allegory Or Metaphor Defeat The Argument Or Stance Taken?
What were Thomas Hobbes's feelings on freedom of speech?
tell me SOMETHING than can Never Ever be TAKEN AWAY from YOU?
What is a good thing to do if a person wants to stop living in the past?
Do you leave the vinyl warning stickers on extension cords, or do you tear them off?
is abolishing inheritance justified?
What's the time?
do you prefer life to be easy or not?
Did whatever the equivalent of cookie poisoning is occur on the Collins project ?
what is your proof that God doesnt exist?
y do we ask question ?y we always want to know more?y don't we take it as it is?
Existentialist critiques of political system?
Why Is Becomming and wanting to be a Better Person Hard to Do?
what is the life after death?and why should i do always good things? what is heel and what is heaven?
Never make a decision when u r emotional .. True or false ?
Who has ever felt like you know the right thing to do, but you are not able to do it?
What are your guys thoughts about this quote regarding trusting others and deceit?
can someone explain compatibilism for me?
What exactly is reality?
True or false - Money can buy you Happiness?
What makes you sad?
How would you cheer yourself up? I'm feeling down, undervalued and very negative what do you suggest?
why do i always have bad luck?
Can anyone explain... ?
Do you support my theory?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of calling God Sempiternal?
what are mackie's criticisms of john hick's soul making idea?
If the stomach can think, and you abused it could it ever think of suicide?
What does Hyrarotherium?
who am I really....?
comparing ad contrasting the Buddhist sage and Confucian sage?
if you have a choice, will you live again?
What Is the different populations and ways of life?
We can put a man on the moon but we cannot solve starvation in third world countries... WHY?... Just WHAT is?
What was the Philosophers stone much sort after in medevial times?
Am i too old for being happy?
Exactly how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
Arguments for atheism?
do you wish it was the end of the world right now?
How much different do you think society would be if...?
When will we see that there's nothing here?
can someone define the term "Indian Surround?
What is the one palace on earth humans haven't chosen to have their marriage?
Can you be brave if you don't understand the thing that scares you?
if you could bring a loved one back from the dead???
Is death a beginning or end and how does one know unless they swim in an ocean of faith and belief?
Is there such a thing as fact, or is everything just theory?
What is your opinion on this?
What's the best advice you've received?
are you at peace with yourself????
A couple paradoxes?
POLL: What makes you happy in this world ???
what would you wish people say about you in your funeral?
Is our life already predetermined before we are born -some say yes?
What makes you happy?
what's your favorite proverb or phrase?
When is Pacifism a refuge of cowards?
What is love?
Can someone give me examples of plato and aristotle regarding the soul?
Do you believe man that is basically evil or good?
what is the meaning of Philemon?
How do you argue with someone who has already made up their mind before you've even opened up your mouth?
Philosophically speaking.. Somewhere over the rainbow.. Is there a place that you go to, once in a lullaby?
for MonaLISAme's?
why we do love?
Tocqueville, democracy on america?
What 1 word best describes your life right now?
What is God? Does he really helps everyone? Have you seen God?
If we found that the human race was the only life form that exists in the entire universe...?
help with candide?
Will anyone care to read a blog about motivation?
will you giive your opinions?
who comes first a hen or an egg?
Does thinking make you happy or is it a catch 22?
my boy friend have three girl friend me making them four what do i do?
If you could wish anything upon your worst enemy what whould it be?
HEIDEGGER WHIZ, i need your help. s.?
How do you find the strength to do what you know in your heart is right?
can you satisfied his all desires if you got the magic pencil?
If all problems contain the sollution ! Whats the problem?
Is there any question, which has no answer?
What is cosmic retribution in philosophy?
What's the purpose / meaning of (your) life?
Do you believe in a perpetual entity?
Why Only children look forward to getting older and the rest of us wish we could stop time.?
Is "Brownies For Thud Mackie" not the most hilarious thing you 've ever heard?
What makes you happy?
What are examples of aphorism for "SHARING" ?
Is intelligence all that we need to survive?
If you could pick you sex from birth, knowing what you know now, which gender would you have chosen? Why?
What is the highest authority on earth?
what is moving rock?
What is the very first assumption that every quest of knowledge must make?
what is the meaning of life?
Explain the essence of paradox and how it relates to the law of contradiction?
Do you believe the less your heart beats the longer you will live?
Why do you get up every morning?
what do people with no social life do?
What are the main points between Socrates and Callicles in Gorgias?
What skill is the most important in life to survive?
What are the things you find rare in life?
Is it hard to be you.......?
Do u have any idea about Anna akhmatovas Lots Wife ?
Analogy between Descartes and Archimedes?
Descartes most famous question?
Meaning Of this quote?
What are Aristotle's four causes?
Is beauty really needed for love?
What does it to measure success?
what is the aim of life?
What is the COMPLETE meaning of my name?
Why do people fear death? ?
What is your greatest fear in life?..?
I Like My Bum The Way It Is. Are You Happy With Your Bum?
How do I prove my potential theory?
When is to much, to much?
How long would it take a human to perish if they never bought ANYTHING?
A duet for two girls?
what is the correct answer to cbse philosophy question explain the notion of rita can any1 help me out?
What are your biggest regrets that haunt you everyday?
Why do so many people focus more on what they haven't got?
Has anyone written software that would use heuristics to look for very high risk in a project ?
what is the kalam argument?
Philosophy: What is the difference between internalists and externalists conception of justification?
Do you think there will ever be peace on Earth?
How many times a day do u cuss???
What the f**k is wrong with the world?
if you had one dose of truth serum to use on ANY PERSON in the world, who would it be and why?
What does this quote mean?
why take the easy way out?
Are you only an office powerpath if your projects are fiascoes ?
Do you feel it?
Dualism and negative properties?
Will you give up your secrets to someone who loves you enough?
A 'right guy' is made or born?
What are Hobbes’ political theories and his perspective on human nature as expressed in Leviathan?
Isn't being excess hairy sort of a curse?
what do you think of Alan Watts?
What is actually "American Dream"? Any examples for people who have achieved "American Dream"?
How does communication with others and with self have created INTER and INTRA Personal Knowledge that.........
give me some information about Philosophy?
Can we hate? Is hate also a freedom?
Is the "office powerpath" often a puppet, being bullied by someone else ?
How does one learn to be happy again?
What does "to know" something really mean?
will any answer do?
"Smile... tomorrow will be worse." Do u believe in this?
Why on coming to this world we don’t have choice?
Any of you majoring in Philosophy?
what is wish...?
What is the purpose of life?
"Life is short.Time is money"?
if LIFE is a JOURNEY, are you the DRIVER, a PASSENGER or just a HITCH-HIKER?
Philosophy augustine question ?
Can Every lie leads to the truth?
what does it mean, what will be possible reflection of it, and to what it refers?
I Need Your Opinion Please !?
what does a gift of jonny walker blue signify ? ( yes there is a meaning to it in the business world )?
Why do I become a RACIST SKINHEAD NAZI if I announce my pride in the fact that I am white?
are there people who are geniuses but chose to abandon their gifts and lived a normal life?
What is the ultimate sacrifice?
Why do some people are brilliant some are dull?
What is your Deepest Desire?
Independent, dependant, subordinate clauses, and simple sentence help???
What is the meaning of life
Pragmatism: What is the difference between Jame's and Pierce's view on pragmatism?
help pls? philosophy hw?
Couldn't you say that government has created poverty?
What is the purpose of life?
whats the diffrance btween right and wrong?
All words to homily by Frederick Perls:"I do my thing & you do your thing.I am not in this world to live up_?
can I get a quote on shyness?
if allah told muhomed to have sex with 9 year old ayisha does it mean that allah and muhomed were both pedos?
having a goal is state of happiness?
What are the areas of knowledge in your opinion?
Carl Sagan used to comment on the Earth being overpopulated?
How did the universe come to be – did it always exist? What is beyond the cosmos? Is there more than one world?
What have you learned from the invasion of Iraq?
Is there anything on the earth, which is created by somebody called "GOD" GOD there?
Is "freedom" a misleading concept?
why life is so unfair to some people??
what is philosophy? and the scope of it in this modern era?
What does it mean to be a man?
Heaven and hell are in us?
how could this happen without some "higher power"?
Plato vs Aristotle Forms?
why am i such an angry person?
Philosophy quote by Bertrand Russell?
Am I having some kind of hallucination?
What is the definition of reality verses perception?
How is Thomas Hobbes wrong about state of nature?
Should one of the Collins programmers be in the Programmer Hall of Fame ?
discuss Aristotle's view that man should not live in solitude?
Help with an informative speech on Buddhism?
What are you doing? I know what I'm doing.?
What is the root of all evil?
What is replaceability as a definition?
What do you do when you don't want to live anymore?
In the Republic, why is Socrates exploring the question of what type of social structure would make an ideal r?
If the Universe is not infinite, what could be beyond it?
if your future, was a colour what would it be?
Please explain what this means, "What does not kill us makes us stronger"?
If you kept your pride too high, what would you get? Why?
Why do you think Tupac was murdered?
Ask me a question?
How to live in peace???
what is your favirote colour?
Have you ever experienced or done anything that no other human has experienced or done?
What is Mill's argument that pleasures of the higher faculties are better in kind than physical pleasures?
Why isn't education free worldwide?
what is the ultimate question?
Is there really a forever?
Are you trying to fill a bottomless pit?
In a world based on toil, is art only a worthy endevour if it's a hassle?
why did God create me so jelous?
What are your best arguments supporting or refuting the cosmological, teleological, and ontological arguments?
What responsibilities do we owe our fellow human beings?
What is a fisherman's Ideological State Apparatus?
Is it possible to survive without LOVE in our lives?
Interfaith marriages and the principle of agency?
Cafe world task twin theory cannot ask for bowls ?
Who is the person I should marry ?The person who I love or the person loves me?
Do we love what tears our little ego down or do we love despite the hurt love causes?
If heaven or hell is a place on earth?
im ugly, dumb, boring and a loser loner. do they have datign sites for ppl like me?
Can you in good conscience judge the lifestyle of someone when yours is commonly called into moral judgement?
What were the philosophical outcome of manned flights to the moon?
what is happinesse and how we can find it ? are we satisfiede ?
Can you give me any insights into the meaning of "infinity"?
Do you know Richard Brandt?
Is the west (if there is such a thing) paying now for its indulgence?
What are the two things a man cannot hide?
I'm lost...I have no passion, no drive for life. I constantly question my purpose, I feel useless, any takers
Greatest metaphysical works?
kant help, please! will give all of my points?
HELP--I've fallen into !answers, and i can't get out!?
Website to find definition of all Phobias?
Are young people really lazy?
Whats my purpose of life?
What is the theme of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison?
Is the world coming to an end?
Eric Thomas The Hip Hop Preacher?
Can I call myself a Meta-Physician?
What makes you happy?
How can intelligent people let undeveloped individuals run this country?
who penned "let my love surround you, let give you illumened freedom"?
Should people who write interminably long answers be shot?
Marx and Mill comparison about the role of the law?
Is 'Deconstruction' an extreme case of degenerate and nihilistic philosophy?
Do We owe Our Existence to Our Nothingness?
What happens when a force that can't be stopped hits a wall that can't be broke?
why the so called spiritual leaders,the priests etc have specific code of dress or even colour of dress?
How often should we think about morals? Every second or once a day?
With a monster in the lake and a mystery in the river, would it be best to stay away from water?
identify the key elements of self reliance as defined by emerson?
Are wise acres really that wise?
Why should I allow fate to run my life!? How do I destroy/change it!?
What type of fallacy is this?
when has violence solved things?
If you were to finish the sentence "My Destiny has always been..." how would it end?
If your life were a song, what would its title be?
Do you go the extra Mile? Do you do more than is expected?
How can you imagine that we're important enough for a supreme being to take notice of our personal demands?
Is there something wrong with you if you enjoy making people depressed.... ?
"Abstract" comes from a necessary structure?
Does mastabation affect your future life?
is there anyone that you love more than yourself?
What important advice would you give to a young person about the world?
Are there any stake holders, philosophically speaking?
Is it wrong to look down on poor people and think they're inferior?
Can anyone define the word Phi chrio?
Why do changes in today`s world make it especially important to understand the concept of culture?
everyone sees them but what ARE they???
what does coincidences mean?
Do you think that women now are . more beautiful than . women that lived 1000 years ago?
Why is it important to be happy?
What does it mean if in your dream u killed urself but the person thats killing u dosent look like u but its u?
What made humanity so feudal, and what drives it?
Would you do it all again if you could live your life all over?
my husband birthday is on 21-8-1972, when will he go abroad?
Is a happy life really possible?
Man is the measure of all things, of things that are they are, and of things that are not they are not. What i?
how do you find the strength to get up ...every morning?
What would our world be like if there was no such thing as the ancient Greeks?
What is the secret of life?
How does this sound as a way of summarizing an individual's modus operandi?
For what ultimate reason does humanity fight each other? What is the purpose of fighting?
What is Death by Old Age?
What is the most important part of fear and trembling? [ the book ]?
Does money buy you happiness?
Is there an EIS-based argument FOR the tunnel?
Do you believe...."Beauty fades dumb is forever?"?
How can a house burn up when it burns down?
What is the best definition of a Starseed? How do I know if I am one?
MIGHT this have happened on the Collins elevator? project ?
iS beauty a emotion........?
Will philosophy ever end?
are you real...or are you just a figment of my imagination?
what are some similar songs to there's no sympathy for the dead by escape the fate?
What plans do you have for your life?
is seeing and touching enough to prove something?
What is choice, free will ?
Maybe a silly one, but need help with John Locke's Ends of Government?
Need help creating a formal reductio ad absurdum argument from these assumptions?
HARDEST QUESTION YOU'LL EVER SEE HERE on Y! Answers - In 6 words or less, what is the meaning of life?
What does love teaches?
Are you unique like everyone else?
What is ' The Meaning of Life ' ?
What's the fastest way to get happy?
Can one "know" and at the same time "believe"? Is it possible?
Are Lao Tzu's prescriptions for behavior realistic and practical?
Could you rank the strata people fall under on, say, a scale of 1 to 10,000...1 being the highest?
What’s your main regret in life so far?
i met god yesterday he is not happy at all.?
An excerpt from dhammapada is given at the below.can someone tell me what it really means?
What is Gods Motivation?
What is to become of humans? Humans seem so lost, selfdestructive. Is there longterm future for human race?
Can anyone corroborate that "adorexia" is a real concept, rooted in Hellenistic Skepticism?
the loser is...............?
Did you make any compromises in your personal views this week to survive?
Only one choice: beauty or brains?
Do you have a purpose in your life?
What would happen if I really did get my wish of feeling EVERYTHING there is to feel?
what is the goal of the life ?
What is the purpose of our life?
In philosophy, what does Hume think we can know with certainty? How skeptical is Hume and why?
Is this good advice to help protect yourself from an office powerpath ?
Is there a God?
why is the catholic church anti masonic?
What is your favorite thing about people?
what percentage of old women buy there husbands clothes?
Greek Philosophy Help?
Do you ever feel like what you do or what you are is "good enough?" Or, are you?
How does Voltaire conform to the views of the Enlightenment? What is his use of reason?
What will your last thought be?
Is true love enough to solve all the problems?
what did john wesley invented?
Do you guys believe that everything happens for a reason or that we change our own future?
if you were to choose a place (country) to live in where would it be??
What is your motto for everyday life?
What is the most evil thing in your house?
Does an office psychopath leave a footprint showing just how far the operation has gone wrong?
Any suggestions for working hard quotes?
How can i stop obsessing over small stuffs?
If not now, then when?
Are we truly happy people or are we covering our hurts with material stuffs?
Does hell exist?
What are William Paley's views for the basis of morality?
What Could Be a Statement Made By a History Professor of the 22nd or 23rd century?
Why are people who can do mean things also be lucky in others areas of life?
compare/contrast the nature of freedom, laws and rights?
what would happen if everyone were equal?
What Can I Do To Kill Time?
Why are people afraid to say hello in an elevators???
what islam is?
What is a Punnett Square used to show?
When you can see more than most people do, and frequently end up disappointed by what you see,... :) ?
What's your favorite quote?
Can't we do a slow dance?
We're all just one cosmic mistake?
How to get enlightened??
what is a perfect life?
is there someone or something far more superior than humans?
After all that you have experienced, what advice would you give a young person?
Will you world end on the 21st of December?
why is 42 the meaning of life and the answer to everything?
What was the last thing someone said to you that really made you smile?
Should I publish my paper in a national journal?
Is monogamy legitimate and/or possible? If so, what are the secrets to lasting monogamy?
What do think of the philosopher Alexandre Kojeve?
What is the meaning of life?
Why do people disagree with Gerry Spence about Freedom?
What has happened to our generation, and what is our destiny?
Why is there enough religion to incite war but not enough to instill tolerance?
if you are not suppose to drink and drive then why bars have parking lots?
I already know the meaning of "life" what I'm wondering is... What is the Motivation of "Life"?
If you grew up poor, how do you think that influenced your outlook on life?
what is the dialectic of Hegel?
Who Am I ? ???
Should i grant/curse you with immortality if you dont give me my euthanasia?
To Aquinas what was perfect power?
why dose god tack es a Innocent child's life or let so bad in the world and doesn't help us ?
How is this poem sounding for someone who's 17?
what is so genius/brilliant about some people?
was socrates justified in staying for his execution?
Is this always true ?
If Jesus and Budda got into a fight...Who would win ? ?
Ralph waldo emerson " self reliance" what is the main argument?
What is the meaning of life?
What skill is the most important in life to survive?
What is a contradicting power?
What makes u perfect?
what would happend if there were no borders lines created & all the world as one big country?
What do you think it is?
What should be the aim of life?
Common Sense?
is life nothing more than an abandoned amusement park?
is quantum mechanics a dead end science that seeks to demystify phenomenon with the use of literal terms since?
How to be the ultimate alpha!?!?
"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. " Do you agree?
Is love a state of bliss or suffering in disguise.?
What purpose do you think you were born for?
if jesus is god, and god created man in his image, he must have created, is god gay?
if you could fly or be invisible, which one would you choose? why?
What is the factor that inhibits you from 'being' totally honest?
Can someone explain "necessary connection"?
Why can't we prove the existence of God?
If this universe is holographic, information, data , how might symbols relate to actual directions data takes?
If you had the money would you buy an expensive car just to show off?
Provide a Formal Proof for the following?
What goes through the mind... of that homeless person... when he looks at you?
If evolution were true, then why does there exist that which shall not be judged as better or worse in time?
Do you believe in God?
i want a good source to know about professional ethics and its challenges?
If you could do one thing in your life what would it be?
should we remove the word "God" from states and Federal documents?Why or Why not?
Have you ever been discriminated against based on religion,weight etc if so elaborate!?
Is death is the end of everything or just a begining?
Opinion on Abortion on You Tube?
hemm... please read?
Why do people think stepping on bugs is cruel?
what's your favorite time of year???
Carl Jung and Sigmunf Freud Multiple choice question?
What are the concepts of utilitarianism?
Why can't people operate off of reason?
How Can We Achieve world peace
Can vocabulary be finite if there is an infinite no. of neologisms?
Is it true what they say?
What does it mean to be fair?
do you believe in love at first sight?
Love, faith, and hope vs. ben franklin's 13 virtues?
Did Collins project stumble in the 3 key areas alerted by Fred Brooks in his book "The Mythical Man-Month"?
Is this what humans really are?
what is the objective truth of life - there has to be one?
Questions about philosopher Tao-Tzu?
period of death?
Would "The Children r our Future" have impacted the way it did if we'd known a child molester was singing it?
What are you thinking about?
How many countries legally allow assisted suicide?
What is Plato's view of social order?
a quick question on aristotle and locke..?
If you were dying and were allowed only one phone call who would you call and what would you say?
How to determine what i really am good at?
What do you live for?
what is meant by a "baseless conflict/argument"?
How will self-perception help in getting the ideal job?
Is the world really going to end in 2012?
Is there room for Miracle?
Is Competitive a way to describe your personality?
I need a good thesis statement for Plato's The Republic.?
can tell me what is meaning of O.K ?
what is the point of life?
Is it possible that without mirrors and artists we could live our lives without knowing how we look like?
What are core values?
have you ever wished you were any other creature rather than a human being ? why ?
According to the Identity Theory can a brain state be true or false?
Where do thoughts come from?
what is the philosophy behind your music?
How can we create meaning in a meaningless universe?
How would you relate the movie "Vantage Point" to philosophy?
Who are the goverment to tell me what I can and can't do?
will you giive your opinions?
What is it that you want from today which you did not get yesterday?
Ethical question?
Why is life so unpredictable? Why dont you get what you want? Why do I always find myself at crossroads?
What is bliss? What creates it and what emotions does it consist of?
What is the most important thing in a humans life?
How does Leibniz account for the existence of the sensible/material world?
Is it better to be feared or loved?
What is YOUR meaning of life?
How important is STATUS to you?
Can you enjoy yourself without having fun?
you would mistaken that state as a state of ........?
What hurts the most . .?
am afraid of dying and thinking that the universe is just gonna stay like this forever and ever ?
Can any body tell the secret of greatness?
Help with philosophy please?
There's a spider in the corner on the ceiling. Should I kill it?
what are the top 10 things to have in life?
What is/will be... your reason for having a baby?
How long is a long time ago?
What makes us truly superior to all other beings on earth.... is it our intelligence or humaneness?
When we talk about stoics, an image of a harsh man like Cato comes to my head. I know, however, that not every
Why do humans believe in god when everything is proved scientificly?
How did Lady Philosophy, in the Consolation of Philosophy, help Boethius get rid of his anxiety?
What did the dominance of slave-morality do to the world in Nietzsche's estimation?
If silence had a sound what would it sound like?
HUM100 Question...Please help?
Do you think fate is drawn to a strong will?
with so many remakes ( movies, music...), I wonder, what has happened to the "original" idea?
whats the meaning of life?
what is the secret of being a wise man ?
what is a fulfilling successful life?
Help me!I feel hopeless and wanna die!?
Discuss instances when the speaker can become a barrier of effective communication.?
i'm in europe,its 11.30pm n i'm sitting alone at home, i can hear the wind blowing outside.?
If you want something badly enough,will it really come to you?
What is the most profound quote you have ever heard before?
What is a simplified paraphrase of Leibniz’s Principle of Sufficient Reason.?
The human rights.......?
A fundamental Anglo-Saxon belief is that the human life is shaped by fate. How is this belief reflected in "Th?
Justification in ethics can be done by?
Define Your Life in ONE...Word?
What is the best compliment you have ever been paid?
Solution for Proof in Logic?
What form does hatred takes when it reach its highest degree.....?
i see dead people im scared and no one believes me?
Why is a human's life valued so much more than any other creature?
How can i be myself???????
How do you guide your observation for it not to become a judgement?
if the end of the world was to happen 2 Moro would you be bothered?
What's the subtle difference in meaning among these sentences?
For those of you that are members of the fan club, what is your opinion of the presale? I couldn't get throug
what is extrovert and introvert?
Turning an aspect of human nature into an actual human character?
Do I exist?
Was it Law of Attraction at work?!?
Do yall think this is FUN? Ur hands in the Air Please i u do .?
Why do people say this?
What makes you smile? I love alan carr what works for you?
The philosophy of Transcendentalism professes all of the following except?
Opinions on intention and subatomic particles?
Would you rather be a ROSE or a SUNFLOWER?
what is meant by "salt of the earth"?
how to gain 30kg in 3 days?????????
PHILOSOPHY QUESTION!! Argument Nagasena and King Milinda regarding souls?
What will you have written on your headstone when you leave this life?
what group of people agreed with the ideas of the enlightenment?
On computerization projects, is there normally a panel of people who might view early trials of the system?
Is it possible to have a theoretical absolute?
Can a person worship God in their private way,without being a member of an organized religion?
will ultimate gold show up on a drug test?
Why people became selfish in this world?
are you glad that life has an ending?
Will we humans ever learn from our mistakes?
What is the definition of bravery?
Valid and Invalid Arguments?
At what stage in Plato's allegory of the Cave would you place yourself?
Why Do People Cheat?
Name of this logical fallacy?
What is the difference of study and approach? is symbolism a study? and allegory is one of d approach?
what cause overpopulation is? mean they cannot supprot its people wihout side help?
what is a reformative definition?
How does Socrates search for the nature of justice reveal the superiority of justice over injustice and any->
According to the text, what is at the heart of all communication?
How will the world be,if everyone respect each other?
What is Hume's philosophy on the exsistence of God?
Can GOD make a stone so heavy she cannot lift it?
What is the meaning of life?
I was listening to a disertation on a group to do with Allan Greenspan and disagreed?
How do I keep the lust of the flesh and the lust of eyes under control?
Does jane smell like smelly poo?
Crito, justice involves keeping an agreement, and in the Republic the just and moderate (more... see detail)?
What is buddha's influence on western culture today?
what is kabbalah?
Since when CAT and mouse had enemity and why?
Poll: What is YOUR motivation to live?
why love is necessary in the life?
What, in plain english is Existentialism?
Do the animals dream? About what?
If god does not exist, where did the world come from?
If Some belive in 1 god, and others another, and if only 1 god is real, which person goes to heaven?
What does Confucius Analects 2.12 mean?
What is the difference between Mind and Soul?