More on time travel experiences , PEACE?
Do u think there is such thing as perfect life?
When looking at a sunset, a full moon, or something of great natural beauty, have you felt yourself expand as?
The Meno, knowledge vs. true belief/right opinion?
What truths can I ask a guy?
How susceptible to peer pressure are you?
Can Atheists be good people?
ultimate pleasure is in inner peace and it comes when we execute our ideas. is it so?
can a cancer date a virgo?
is a discursive split is the same thing as a paradigm shift?
What moral does A.N. Prior derive from the exclamation "Thank Goodness that's over!"?
Has man progressed to the point where he about to destroy himself?
Is these argument invalid or valid? explain please.?
How to develop passion for something?
If you could get God to do one thing to prove his existence, what would you ask Him to do to convince you?
Did staff recruited for Collins project have binding agreements ?
Did you ever think that not thinking is the best thing you should think?
where do i get a Straight forward un ambiguous answer? NO ESSAYS?
Do you really know who you are at the deepest level of your existence?
What is the theme of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison?
Life is time pass OR time pass is life? How?
science/ odds of gettting with a girly man?
How would you describe the relationship between humanity and nature?
What the most peaceful place on earth?
If someone were to pay you 5 million dollars would you go without human contact for five years?
a cow has four legs so everything with four legs is a cow true of false?
What are the lost books of the bible and what does each one talk about?
What is Hume's attitude towards custom?
who is the creator of universe?
What are the four agreements?
Is it self denial or lying to yourself?
Why do most people want to be Followers instead of Leaders?
Why do people try to preserve innocence?
Critical thinking versus useless thinking? Define.?
How would you describe seeing/vision to a blind person?
Was Collins software successful ? Were automated tests that should have been run, and might effortlessly?
What do each of the elements in Platos allegory of the cave represent?
What pleases you the most?
Do you feel amazed how people are and look at each stranger that passes you
Why do i keep seeing Myleen Klass in her underwear?
Self knowledge in A Street Car Named Desire?????????
One Conscious Energy?
When is the law of non-contradiction not true?
For what, if anything, would you be willing to "risk it all?"?
In your opinion do you think the world should have 1 king?
Where can I find sensible, intellectual conversation i.e. just conversation.?
where does a logical conclusion come from?
An organization will have sets of business rules. Do the rules inevitably "induce" a "structure" ?
is it possible after we die we are reborn as somebody else b/c everything on this earth is a cycle. so yes no?
why do some people believe true happiness is not possible to achieve?
Moral and Political questions?
Why some people get along when they are far away and doesn't get along when they live close?
Who was the best greek Philosopher?
Is it true that time flys by when your having fun?
Has process philosophy any application in management?
Do you ever feel the urge to work by candle light on a windy night?
which is important money or happiness?
What will the world be like in 2050?
Whatever you are by nature, keep to it, never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for AND?
which cames first, chicken or the chicken egg(very importent, please answer!!!)?
What is the quickest way to learn a language?
Two bees or not two bees?
Is what people take to be real in fact an illusion?
What's the point of caring about people?
do you think that people are basicly good, or basicly evil?
Can someone help me understand this statement?
is it safe to scoop your own poop?
Does anyone believe unquestionably the story of Adam and Eve?
how would you define "the simple things in life" ?
How do you find your "calling" in life?
Is an atom a tiny planet in a very big universe ?
What is the meaning of life?
can you tell me, why do true friends lie?it hurts...?
Am i the only one? but im not that sad? then why?
In the first meditation, why does Descartes decide to imagine that he is dreaming?  Do you think that you coul?
Can you list all of the religions?
How do you see love?
Is this bad for a story?
If something is potential can it emerge without a causation?
How is having one or two "leaders" for an entire country democratic?
How you will get satisfaction in life?
Are you Thankfull to Nature?
alien abductions?
Utilitarianism.... an example please?
I just want to know why?
What type of lifestyle is commenly sutable ?
What is the meaning of life?
Is there any Demand of Yoga Teachers in USA and European Countries ? Brothers and sisters advice me Please?
Life is really depressing?
What if self is an illusion but its an illusion thats not?
why does getting rid of your ego open up so many view points?
Why are habits tough to break?
Ignorance is evil BUT Isn't it those knowledgeable are more dangerous and likely to do evil ?
was EVE really created from a rib from ADAM?
Is it me, or is everything just ***t?
Intellect vs creativity, are they mutually dependent or independent?
Is there "power" in a name?
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet...what the heck is a tuffet?
What reason do you personally have for living?
What are some things symbolizing life?
How to live a so-called good life?
According tp Descartes how can we account for the fact that we are sometimes deceived?
from your experiences do you believe karma exists?
none sexist question but why do woman go to the toilet in pairs and what do they talk about?
Do you have religious friends?
How can I get something from nothing ?
Where does imagination come from?
Whats some advice on life?
Can people really handle the truth?
In a nutshell, what do you think of philosophy?
Divine Command theory as an ethical theory?
is capitalism then the answer to the global problem of poverty and injustice? why?
Why do I (my spirit) feel disconnected from my physical body at times? Is this normal or a hallucination?
Describe yourself in one word.?
what is the best part of life?
Explain some of Plato's philosophical beliefs as illustrated by the Allegory of the Cave and the Apology?
Meditating with Asthma?
the philosophy of social darwinism appealed to some american businessmen because it justified their belief tha?
Philosopher's definitions of rhetoric?
What effects has Humanism had in the arts? Are these effects an influence today?
How to find what I am missing in life?
What would you do to make the world a better place?
Does Plato really solve the problem of knowledge aquisiton?
What am I based on personality?
What makes You truly a good responsible Being in Humanity..?
If you died right now, how would you feel about your life?
What's your favorite quote?!?
Religion and Neitzsche at opposite ends?
Is there any existance of Hell and Heaven ?
Are we in the Matrix?
What's your favorite color? Mine is Green. What's your fav. Place and why. And how do you feel when your there
Calling all nihilists ...and everyone else too.?
What is good software ? Was Collins software "good" ? Against what criteria ?
Is eating more than one plate at an all-you-can-eat buffet selfish?
ad captum vulgi?
if a tree falls in the forest and no ones there to hear it, does it fall?
are we really as loving and concerned as we appear here on answers?
what is my alter ego?
Which of the following is an example of a secondary quality, according to Locke?
What happens in life to people who cannot think abstractly ?
Do you agree with this quote?
what da f***k why cant we be friends?
how do you pursuade your parents to do something?
What does Aristotle mean about practical wisdom,as that which enables us to reach eudaimonia?
Am I procrastinating? Or just expecting too much from myself?
What in your life is like the signifiance of this season? (Please read on)?
Is there an after life when i die?
Given a choice would you serve evil and become rich or serve good and defend humanitarian principles?
how many times have you thought about death?
What are the similarities and differences in the philosophical developments in Africa, the Americas, and Asia?
Where are memories kept?
What are you most passionate about?
What is your purpose in life?
Do we live life for ourselves only..?
what has been your satisfying moment in business?
On Collins project, had someone "gone off the deep end" ? Were they regulating the software development?
How do you really love and value yourself?
Can you really state what you believe in with just a few words?
Advantages of cynicism.?
Why does this happen when I write?
where could you find happiness?
If this site closed down would you be upset your years of Q & A vanished?
Is the God of philosophical reason the same as the God of religious faith?
Do you agree or disagree with this?
What cartoon character are you most like?
how it being with one u like,love is it depressing?
Is good and evil universal, or is it a matter of perspective?
does god exisit?
What purpose does the human experience serve, what's next, and why ?
If you could go back in time and change 3 things from your past what would they be?
I lack motivation...?
who is the drunkest man on earth at this moment in mook?
Who is your favorite conservative Philosopher?
How can you tie in StarWars, Arby's, KimChee, Haggis, and zombies together to make something good?
How to make my life better again?
is wittgensteins private language arguments widely accepted?
Can God exist?
What is Ryle’s central argument against Cartesian Dualism regarding an explanation of the mind/body problem?
What is more important to you (and why): Love, Money or Power?
Which philosophical books are on your "must read before I die" list?
Can any guide me in Philosophy....?
What is the greatest desire of your heart?
What is the symptoms of sidhi?
Do you know of a book/website with information on reading a persons body language?
How Would The World End In 2012 Thing?
What word or words makes you smile?
Can you laugh at yourself no matter how hard you fall?
Are we human?
Last night in my dream, I was speeding in a car, can the Dream Police ticket me?
True or false: Creative people have bad memory ?
What are the similarities between Socrates and David Thoreau?
Is life the beginning of death?
can money leads to living or dying, in context of happiness?
Please can anyone help me out with true & authentic Predictions for the future?
How did our universe come to existence?
If you feel suicidal, just read this?
Argument Reconstruction: Identifying main conclusion, intermediate, and premises in direct support?
I have seen this list before what do you think of it?
Do mentally challenged people go to hell?
what are these types of literature: theoretical , self-referential ,lachrymosely autobiographical?
is this optimistic or naive?
Will God Provide a World Government?
What is something you cannot undo in your life forever ?
If you where able to erase one bad thing you have done in your life.. what would it be? ( just one!!!! )?
How can projects such as Collins computerisation (oz submarines) supposedly be fouled up, when there are ...?
Too many laws and too little justice done agree or disagree?
Could someone please explain to me Marcus Aurelius' "World-Nature" philosophy?
Which is more difficult, quantum physics or metaphysical thinking?
why dont we know?
what is love between two strangers?
Are you afraid of death?
If you had one day to live what would you do?
What is Aristotle's conclusion in Nicomachean Ethics book 1?
why would a computerize intelligence create a consciousness?
Do you give as much respect to your fellow man/woman as you feel You yourself deserve?
Days are flying by again, how do I make them slow down?
Do you believe in destiny?
Who was responsible for the first differentiation of note?
Which life path will bring me the most success?
What is the lesson that Pain has taught u in this Life??
Whats the worst thing that ever happened in your life? (don't worry you don't have to put your name)?
How can I succeed in my own strengths? ?
discussions that led the founding fathers to insert the anti-establishment clause into the U.S. Constitution?
Managing Twenty-First Century Ideological Conflict?
If u r winning 20 million today what will you do ?
What is on your current bucket list?
Is he right?
Does hope lead to quiet desperation?
define yourself in 3 words?
If you were given the god power of manipulating reality what would you do with it?
Did it ever occur to you that you are a waste of life?
What is your interpretation and personal application of the words "prophesy", "prophetic", and "prophet"?
Do you think we fall in love with people that reflect our own deepest values?
When was the last time you wanted to be a cave man or cave woman?
Preparing your treasure trove for the next life?
How is the idea of happiness different, The Stoic vs. Aristotle?
What is the biggest asset of your life?
What's the meaning of life?
does anyone know somebody i could talk to about philosophy?
What is your happy thought for today?
What is the belief that the universe does not follow logic called?
Why is this a paradox? Can you solve it?- REDUX- people were overthinking this.?
What does the American Dream mean to you?
Help please! (Which philosopher was this?)?
why we don't love the souls ..why we belive what we see faces r fake .they misjudge us in choosing a purehuman
Are teenagers misunderstood, or do they just think they are?
what's a human with lamprey mouth for his face face called?
In vedas it is written all is nothing but a mass of thoughts. Is there anybody who can prove it?
How did the One change into the Individual? Isn't this the ultimate question of science?
How do you become as shrewd as hell? Like know people inside out and outsmart them?
Should we be fearful of death?
To what extent should governments reflect the will of the people?
Who do you think would have a better life: A completely worldly personality or a completely spiritual one?
A question in Logic-Is the logical form important or the content of argument important while drawing inferenc?
What is the point of life?
Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has contentions? Who has complaints? Who feels hurt without cause?
What is your definition of TEMPTATION?
How would you define faith, love, and hope?
if a genie gave u 3 wishes wot would they be?
What is the biggest threat to the survival of the human species?
Name 3 things that you find unacceptable?
Why do that movie "Heaven can wait" seem so real to me?
We dont choose where to, what's the reason for someone be born with so less and others with so much?
do you think its a bad or a good thing to be a firm believer in karma?
What are the differences between Spinoza's God an pantheism?
Which is more important to you - the journey or the destination?
Rabindranth Tagore's "Punishment" - What is he trying to show about human nature...?
With what arguments Frederick Douglass justify stealing? Does moral responsibility alter?
Does Zen stress the concept of Guru?
Do you need another life to find the first one?
How likely is the u.s. to go into another depression?
Is there an upside to our growing tendency to disregard any concern for the truth.?
Is there a link between A Posteriori Statements, Contingent Statements and Synthetic Statements?
Bridge players .plz ur help..?
What is the meaning of human life?
what is the mood in henrik ibsen's "when we dead awaken"?
How is allowing something different from not doing something?
can you answer this??
would Sartre buy Apple, Dell, or PC?
Is anyone here capable of contributing to the annals of philosophy?
i love whome what happen why?
what do you think would make your life whole therefore not wanting or seeking anything?
What does your NAME mean??
when we die is that it?
i have name, fame,wealth and health so i must be happy but i,m not. why?
How can us succeed in our lives?
when was the armagedon predicted?
How did environment influence human personality? explain?
Do you think humans are first generation of humans or other similar species except monkeys?
What was Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Theory/ philosophy?
Whats your soul's desire?
Who knows about the naturalization of philosophy, or visa versa?
How does love-making create a greater bond between two individuals?
Is there a logical explanation for emotions?
Why does everything have to be "now"?
Best day of your life?
I don't like excitement or boredom...?
Why is one afraid to ask???
Why do feel like ive gone through life already?
when will God physically appear to me?
Why am I so standoffish?
To what extent does art reveal truth?
How does Plato's Worldview Compare to Aristotle’s Worldview?
How do you personally rate whether or not someone is smart?
What does achievement mean to you?
What Is The Collective Unconscious ?
Was Collins submarine software developed in a sequence of one or more dependable upgrades ?
Why do people do things like answers?
Life is too short, so why do we keep living in the past?
Do you believe in a creator?
what is the computational representation theory of thought (CRTT) and why is it considered functionalism?
If you cloned Beethoven and prevented him from being deaf, would he compose greater music?
Was Aristotle “baptized” by medieval philosophers to make his works more approved to a medieval audience? ?
I'm seriously considering preaching Atheism in a public forum. People need both sides of an argument right?
anyone read & can they help me get thru: K. Wilber's: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution?
is sex the ultimate healer?
To be, or not to be, that is the question. Discuss how you feel about this statement.?
If you don't "Go With It" will it really take you where it wants to go?
What would you do after you became one of the witnesses of a crime?
Do you believe in truth?
In your day to day activities at home or at work, do you ever analize a syllogism for validity?
If at first you don't succeed, _______?
Are there any Objectivists in Cincinnati?
Simple Definition of The God Hypothesis?
what does women really want ? sex ? money ? true love ? true friendship ?praise of her beauty or everything?
Knowledge is power? Do you agree or disagree?
Who, or what, sabotaged Collins software project ?
immanuel kant's greatest contribution to urban life?
If you could decide what will be written on your gravestone, what would you have inscribed?
If God can do anything, can he make a rock so large that he cannot push it?
What is something that always encourage you to do good things in life?
Fear 2 question??????
If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?
I can't find the desire to want somethig really badly?
Do you think all problems are created by the human mind?
If you are over 40, Would you go back and face everything again? The laughs The heartaches? The tears?
Why is this a paradox? Can you solve it?
Which Country is the greatest in the world? Maybe there isn't a greatest?
Ain't this quote is false - "U cant change past but making future bright is in ur hand"?
Has society moved beyond postmodernism?
Can someone explain to me who is "They"?
do you believe in god?
Why are you so smart?
what did you LEARN in CHILDHOOD that has HELPED You Grow Up as WHO YOU ARE right NOW?
when you let go of youre questions, the answers wil come?
Can Schopenhauer's philosophy be seen as the starting point for Nietzsche's way of thinking?
If 1 is Evil, 10 is God, where are you on a scale of 1 to 10?
How much would you sell your soul for?
Did "God" Create Us, Or Did We Create "God"?
Is 'Control' a Matter of Mindframe or Education?
Do you think humans are stupid?
Philosophy and the outdoors: Have you ever floated on a cloud of whispers?
What should I do with my life?
Why, according to Plato, is temperance so important to a "just" individual and a "just" society?
What personality flaws would be linked to level "-2" "capability immaturity"?
How to help save the world?
Why do people do alot of things that aren't necessary, but just indulging and squandering?
What is conciousness and how do you know that?
do they sterilize the needles before a lethal injection???
The happiest person in the world is _____________________ ?
Suggest any philosphical topic valid for research ?
Bible commentary on Job?
Is Scientolgy a cult?
Any good personal quotes or philosophies?
Do you have a purpose?
Is philosophy a good alevel to take?
Is your Life Unscripted or Scripted ?:))?
To what extent is our knowledge of what is right and wrong based on media perception?
Is LOLipsism a coherent philosophical stance?
If you had to identify, in one word, the reason...?
if everyone were like you would the world be a better or worse place?
Why in the world do I feel sorry for inanimate objects!?
what is love and how does it happen?
Is happiness just a state of mind?
Where are we going?What are we doing?Who does need for true love?Come with me now...and make me happy!?
would you kill a "puppy",if you"Knew"it would grow into a killer-dog?
why do we want to "kill" things that are different from us?
Why can't buddhists eat garlic or onion?
To a certain extent, could a similar question be asked in a "computer system computerization" review meeting ?
Who wants to do my term paper that I am putting off?
Does heaven exist?
Why should I seek to acquire "Point's" vis a vie Answers? How will points add to my joy?
have you noticed ying and yang?
what is love to you?
What's the biggest injustice in the world?
The best things in life are free?
Help! Will i die soon?
is being happy or sad a choice?
If humans evolved from apes, Where are the semi-evolved ape-men and why does the evolution seem to have ended?
What could I do...?
Isn't watching what you say just as important as watching what you do?
I don't understand the poem Departmental by Robert Frost. Do you?????
Why is empiricism considered an epistemology and not a metaphysics?
How do people live on in someone's memories?
There is a noticeable shift in 'philosophical' emphasis between Marx and Weber. Which one?
whats the point in living if were just going to die?
is life worth living if you have no one who loves you?
Which "words or compliments people give you"get to you so much that it feels overwhelming?
Who is the enemy of human?
what philosophers believed in doing whats right for mankind?
Who is the greater of these men a thief , an alcoholic, a wife beater or the drug addict?
Have you ever been amazed by the fact that your alive?
Could you please tell me what does this quote mean?
i am looking for a quote. It is about a person becoming a wise person or prophet once away from home.?
if your born a homosexual then why do so many people marry oppisite sex then go to same sex? is it by choice?
tell me one thing how can we make each and every person happy?angel;?
If you had life to live over again, would you do anything differently?
is being humble something you're taught or learned?
Where do I begin reading philosophy?
Is science being conservative towards maths????
Who said "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer"?
what are your thoughts on this "thing" that I wrote..?
do you know about mind power?
giving up is bad? its just another thing created by us humans no?
What does this mean? Humboldt?
Isn't it a lack of self-assurance/confidence if one isn't truthful in expressing personal opinions?
What is Voltaire trying to say through the fact that the chief rabbi and the Grand Inquisitor (Cont.)?
What is the purpose of human life?
What is the meaning of life?
When you no longer find happiness in a certain place, would you leave it and seek elsewhere or...?
Marxism in Brave New World?
how are value systems constructed?
Why does It always happen?
if you were allowed to, would you ?
explain plato's prisoner?
Is : “The Earth is slow, but the buffalo is patient.” an antithesis?
what is peoples perception of what hell is?
If you had one question to ask before you die what will it be?
do we always have to fowllow what our heart feels or desire?
Kant's categorical imperative suggests that ethical acts are those?
Why do I get all sensible answers and other people I know get stupid ones?
How can I be the very best like no one ever was?
help, where do i go for answers?
I want peace! What should i do?
Is it a nice thought to want all the bad people turned good...?
What do I bring to this gig I am going to?
What is Cosmology? Metaphysics? and Materialists?
differentiate between absolute &relative morality?
If get approached by a male stranger in a supermarket parking lot at paranoid most would be?
Are some riddles not meant to be solved ? Collins submarine project ?
If you could have one wish fullfilled ..what would it be?
Compare & contrast existentialism and Nietzsche?
describe your "mood" right now in only one word please.?
Do you feel like you are a loser in life?
Has Answers changed your life overnight and got you hooked like me?
What are the difference between Jean-Paul Sartre thinking and Karl Marx thinking?
Do you agree with what marcel says : suicide is the only real philosophical question?
Can any criminal continually redeem herself of himself; can wickedness be negated with goodness?
Do u think it makes sense to vote for non evil even if it has no chance to win?
why don't you people believe in God?
Phenomenology v Epistemology in Context of Idealism, Materialism?
What is the meaning of YOUR life?
One word you love and why?
Some of us know our own weaknesses. Some of us hear about our faults from volunteers. Are they the same things?
Did Collins project stumble in the 3 key areas alerted by Fred Brooks in his book "The Mythical Man-Month"?
How do I stay in this constant state of enlightenment/internal tranquility?
Do you ever wonder if there is an ideal thing u should be doing?
What is failure?
Locke's view on women in government?
Do you remember when you realized that you had a skeleton?
True or false? According to Noe, Hubel and Wisel mistakenly begin their investigation of the biology of....?
why is heaven upwards and hell downwards?
What does Epicurus mean by human happiness?
what would u like to to hav in return from a beggar???
by the time you learn the rules of life, are you too old to play the game?
When we die, does our soul go to Heaven or Hell?
Is misanthropy on the rise in the world today?
Car-Pooling: Is it Ethical?
Why are there so many religious nuts?
How to apply Kant’s Categorical Imperative?
what was before the time god came in existance?
What ambition do you have in life? What goals have you achieved by being motivated?
If you had to chose which one of your five senses which one could you live without?
beings and their types?
Should one prepare for one's death?
Is this proof some humans do have telekentic powers (ect. Ect.) or simply intecipation at it's best?
13 Virtues. =/?
What are the problems with competitors in regards to personal identity?
The meaning of phrase "Rebellion of conscience"?
How does a lying monster view life? in love? in identity? in humanity?
If you could go back in your life and change anything, would you?
What is the greatest thing that a human has got?
how do you know when your life is not worth living any more?
what make the man great and eternal?
Are you for or against the DEATH PENALTY? Why?
What is it we seek in our lives ????
What's the meaning or the idea of Friedrich von Schiller's poem "Human Knowledge"?
Explain the 2 teological arguments. (Aquinas' fifth way and Paley's argument.)?
Help design "Bad Philosophers" motorcycle jacket 'colors'?
Do you know who one direction is?
What happens to you when you die? Explain?
why people need sex ?
What does "dear" mean in Thoreau's Walden..Where I lived, and What I lived For?
Messages shaping the communication climate of a relationship can be both verbalk and nonverbal. True or false?
Is it right that Jews make cakes with christian blood?
two questions - advice please?
You say you don't believe in time?
Have you ever heard of A.H. Almaas?
How is life considered a real experience if it exists surrounded by nothing?
does quality have the rights to stop production?
What comes to your mind: when you think about death?
who is a wise person?
Big Bang theory (show) question?
How do you think the world will be in the year 3000?
Acoording to Mead how does a child develop...?
Are you on a Mission to achieve something?
what is love, truth and righteousness and what is feminity?
Would Bart Cummings be an excellent software developer ?
which love is strongest---lovers,friends or family?
How do you start your day ?
Why is the binding problem a problem?
Can nothingness create?
Parallels between The Lesson of the Moth and Harrsion Bergeron?
What If...?
what does this mean 'peace attained by force is no peace'?
If you had one question to ask before you die what will it be?
what is the meaning of life?
Can you watch t.v. without actually looking at it?
What is the most wise advice you've received in life?
How should one live his or her life?
which was the best day of your life?
Whats the most important thing in life ?
what is man's greatest need?
What do you make of the following vid...?
How do you know when you are finished doing nothing?
What makes life worth living?
Has any animal ever sacrificed its own life for another animal (including the human specie)?
need advice about hobbies?
What's the point of letting the severely sick live?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say MELANCHOLY....?
If you could ask God three questions and get answers right away, what would you ask?
What do you think you have more of, knowledge or wisdom?
How patient can you be in life or in trying .. (continue )?
Does this year feel "weird" to anyone else?
Do you try to be normal?
Fidelity & Respect.?
What is a seripthor?
Is a Ferrari of any use in a jungle?
What is the purpose of life?
I feel like the world we live in is really coming to an end soon what are our chances of survival?
what might your last words be if you were about to be executed?
Given the Following Premises?
Who invented the nuclear weasel, and when?
What is failure?
How would anyone REALLY know what happens to you when you die?
''Revenge is a waste of time. Forgiveness is better.''?
Who's Your Favorite Ancient Greek Philosopher and Why?
I Love Madeline Nancy Crowley-Cahill, eh?
I'm granting you one do-over in your life. What will you use it on?
{hinduism} how can one reconcile conflicts between generally accepted practices based on ordinary knowledge...?
was Kant a stoic??????
IF ICOULD... Fill in the blank?
Life is a journey from birth descending into decrepitude.....?
Confucius and Aquinas question?
What Had Happen?!!??????
Poem,comments ?
what has been your biggest problem in your life? I need to compare mine to yours plz answer soon?
Would you be in a better position should you made that decisive decision...?
So tell me, if I broke it, how much does it cost to have it fixed?
Do you think kindness is subjective in the perception of humans?
Which is better?
i can hold down very large woman against her will for 3 hr, why americans angry at me for that?
When you hear "Germany," what do you think of?
Can someone from the MINORITY represent the MAJORITY?
If you could do anything all Day long what would you do?
What is your opinion?
Love or knowledge?
what i must do????????
Do people really want to here the truth on here or are they looking for an answer they like?
nothing in life is free, can you prove me otherwise ?
How did confucious chinas most notable thinker help us.?
Rationalism and Empiricism? Which view is right?
What is the 'something' from which existence is made?
Spinoza's doctrine of parallelism?
What's the MAIN difference between the Eastern & the Western poetry besides....?
critical thinking,although an acquired skill, is a necessary tool for effective communication in ethics.?
Should Obama be held responsible for the U.S. citizens killed in Yemen by U.S. drones?
Business ethics question--What is the difference between ethical relativism and ethical idealism?
Is this world designed for humans or by humans?
What IS The Question?
Is happiness contagious?
Why does Sartre argue that there would be no negative realities in the world without human to disclose them?
Are Libertarianism and and Free Will synonymous?
What's a more universal concern for humans? Love or Faith? Why?
'On Darrow's argument, all crooks get off?' What does this mean?
Is everything a figure of your imagination?
What should I do? I feel alienated by a decadent and weak society?
What is the meaning of life for you?
Does death have to come before dishonour?
Definition of "ethical commitments".?
How can you hear the voice of God?
What is the american canon?
Is there a correlation between mental illness and creativity?
how will I change peoples perception that I am a gay though Im not. and I hate being judge like that.?
There's this old adage about people who laugh or smile in the face of defeat.?
Question help please?????????
Who is the greatest existentialist?
who has faith. Faith an way that is easy to understand. But this is not enough?
has the whole world gone mad or is it just me?
How do i get more and more people to like me (high school)?
What is the difference between Plato's world of forms and reality?
Why does man demand instant gratification?
how do you know you are in love?
Philosophical question (part 1)?
Are there one in a lifetime chance opprtunties?
Generally speaking, what inequalities ignite a womans potential to become irrational....?
What will David Hume endeavor to do in the text that follows this opening sentence? ?
how about this, guys, what do you think...?
If my wife is alone in the woods and there is no one around to hear her, is she still bitching?
what two factors influence quality of life?
What makes you happy?
How does it feel to have a true friend in your life?
Can something exist before it's thought about?
What deeper insight does the New Law give us in relation to this commandment...?
how do hobbes and hegel's philosophical methods differ?
what is God?
An Appeal How Long Will Injustice Prevail? Do Simple truthful people survive the harsh world?
Why do people fart and wait to see if it smells?
Free Kierkegaard ebooks?
Has the bird of paradise ever flown up your nose?
What Is The History Of The Ying-Yang?
Who else finds the concept of infinity unnerving?
The world won't end in 2012 will it?
As friends, what is our obligation to one another?
what would be an inappropriate thing to say to someone when you first met them?
is that true that whatever is good is not for free or is expensive?
why is it that people can make more money with their mouth than people that work with their hands?
if you could ask God for one thing, what would it be?
how did you manage to find me?
In what way is transcendentalism the perfect example of what it is to be American?
if you have the POWER of PERSUASION, what would be your Favorite COMMAND?
Ever seen the "Striptease of Miss Life " ?
what if C-A-T really spelled DOG?
Do you believe in coincedence?
Why will God judge people?
Death is an unavoiadable fact. Are your minds ready for it yet?
Do you ever feel like it's all pointless?
doing the ultimate sacrifice?
If I am a lawyer, and state that "All Lawyers are Liers", am I lieing or not ?
How do people get eggs in a glass jar?
What is the Best Question EVER asked?
what is the best question for i don't know?
Will I ever be able to fully trust anyone again?
"When all else fails"____________ (fill in the blank)..... be creative!?
what is the meaning of life? Why do you think God created everything and everyone?
When should a bridge be burned?
What do you find beautiful in general?
Your thoughts on armagedon?
What would you ask if you were faced with God and had only one question?
Ideas for observation?
show must go on or we weren't born to follow????.....?
What kind of Fallacy is this?
When something is missing from your life, do you go out and search for it or wait for it to find you?
Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?
Attached to the Collins project was there a cartoon Kenny Poo figure who was diverting attention to mickey?
What is better to wear for a important party?
Elaborate on the definition of Atemporal?
do animals have race issues?
transubstantiation was it not an invented doctrine, unscriptural?
what do you think of this video?
Will anything bad happen in the futrue?
Would you rather be rich, beautiful, smart or happy?
Objectivism catching on in academia?
What one experience strengthened your character the most, so far?
What is the difference between personality and ego?
Roman roads......................?
Can we expect to find a place on earth where there is peace of mind, always?
which is more difficult? forgiving yourself or others for the same mistake.?
To choose or not to choose please help I need advice?
What percentage of human are really honest and good soul?
what is the most avant-garde thing u have experienced?
what is the sequence of the game art of murder?
some say there is no life after death...but...?
If a tree falls in the forest and i am asleep in the forest,?
What do you think of life?
The very thing you wish to control in another person will be the thing that will destroy you?
Why is so hard to find true friendship in this days?
What happens if a billionaire or multimillionaire wins the lottery?
If its not death, just what is the opposite of life?
when god created man and woman with reason and purpose, why there are gays and lesbians. are we defying god.?
does anyone take this advice seriously?
Is neurilemma a neuron or neuroglia?
what is the meaning of "a closed mouth gathers no feet"?
please help me to attemp my tok essay number 1(evalute the role of intuition in different areas of knowledge)
What philosophy is there to be found in a Saturday morning?
What is a famous Artwork Representation of Heaven?
Will life in general ever be what it used to be?
Are there many people on here with a sense of humour? It seems about 15%, am I being unfair? lol?
what is the full meaning of MAN.?
Why do people make such a big deal out of...?
Are the things that are most valuable to you that u will lose when u die, worth suffering for all eternity?
What are the main differences between Epicureanism and Stoicism?
Are we better off being without sometimes?
What will give u strength n courage to face life when u have even lost faith in god??????????????
Why would a professor work to ensure a particular student is paying attention?
What is the life span of sony sdc-h55 flash?
Is there always something in nothing?
What kind of TITLE do you ASPIRE for?
Im sleepy, How do i deal with this?
is the world very dangerous place?
Who like really likes thier life thsi year?!?
Are u a space alien visiting/living on Earth or a human being? Do u have proof of your real origin?
If you could undo one moment in your life, what would it be?
Is this a positive qoute?
Is there really somewhere over the rainbow? Do you hope there is like I do?
There is no proof god exists. Can I rely on proof he doesn't exist?
Is there really life after death?
How to define God? Who is the powerful god ?
whatdo you think the meaning and/or purpose of life is o sages of the internet?
Which is more amazing? The Universe or the Human Mind?
how does nagel use the distinction between the subjective and objective point of view to argue that a physical
in the name of liberty is violence justified?
Given Shankara's metaphysical viewpoint, which of the following is an example of superimposition?
Must the world adopt Plato's theory of the Rule of the Wise? Must only Philosophers rule the world?
What are some Quotes or Values you live your life by?
what event in your life has changed you in negative way?
if you were deaf who's voice would you hear when you're thinking?
What is one word that best describes you?
"eck principle loving thought or lighthearted ider".?
why are people obsessed with their libido/sex drive?
What are the four noble truths of the Buddha?
ok i wan to know how i can imorove my willpower?
What do we all have in common?
Why do we get scared when we see horror films???
Do you live a false life? And if you do, don’t you feel empty, doesn’t it feel like wasting your life?
What do you think the meaning is behind this image?
A Quantum Mind (The Nature of Existence)?
How can I tell if I'm awake and not asleep and dreaming?
Someone ask me a philosophical question yesterday and now I am asking you.?
Which destiny would you choose?
Can a computerized system's software be refined by means of "provably correct transformations" ?
Why do i feel like i want to do something artistic with my future? I feel trapped?
Is forgiveness a necessary subcomponent of horse scrotal boil or is tears love money moeny moeny?
why are they like this?
what is your biggest fear ?
what would u do if u feel u r lost MENTALLY????
Will we ever see them again??
What are your thoughts on science/ government/ life?
Is there a non-religious graphic representation of the concept of "purpose" or "meaning"?
If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound, and if it does make a sound, does anyone really care?
If money were no object, what is the one thing that would be most ìmportant to us to do? Why?
Platos Forms - what do they teach us about the physical world?
My life is just.... Awful. What are some things that will make me feel better?
If there was no human being in the universe, would time exist?
Is money everything??
what is meditation and how do to it for my peace?
Neoclassicism, Hellenism, and Romanticism?
Parfit on Personal Identity?
What does happiness feel like?
Is the term "pro-life abortion" an oxymoron?
what would the world be like if there was no music?
Why was my God so good at killing innocent people?
What the stupidest thing you ever done in this life?
reconstructing arguments & philosophy?
Why is farting so funny or disgusting but sneezing is not?
Is language a product of emotion?
What should you do when you're filled with despair?
how about way to searching best lady?
Why are some rude and unkind to those who cause them no harm?
Have you ever experienced or done anything that no other human has experienced or done?
what is going on after death?
would any of you submit to a random interview if you were stopped in the street?
Is life a voluntary journey or just a destiny ??
The world is painted with light, shade and dark... What if we could eliminate Black from our canvas?
Are we what we are because of what we are not? Or are we what we are because of what we are?
Is confidence something you can fake?
Who is the person I should marry ?The person who I love or the person loves me?
Tell me about some things that you look forward to.?
In what writtings does Nietzsche argued that nihilism would eventually cause a human crisis?
Can someone explain Immanuel Kant's formulations please!?
Being tolerant VS being insincere and misleading... What do you think of this...?
what is transcendental materialism?
Nagging women and beauty?
Are you capable of recognizing the significance of experience to retrace the tortuous progress hidden?
What is the easiest way to find what you need?
How do you know that your right?
Which is the best Philosopher?
If you had to select the most important human emotion what would you single out?
What is your motivation in life?
What are your notions of Opus Dei?
If you could put people in charge of a large corporation in a Dante style circle of hell? ?
Is virtue an obsolete value?
Is the end near...?
anyone with concerns about intercessory prayer?
Question about Life.. For clever people only please!!?
What would you say is at the centre of all human suffering? Please dont quote its to easy!?
What is DAO of TAO?
Philosophy riddle...?
What is the one thought that scares you ?
what would you rather be: a tree or a bird??
How would you describe the human features of a place?
Do you think you are going to live to see the end of our civilization?
How did Marx's words about the purpose of philosophy change history?
Are there smoke jumpers in the UK?
How does one Try new things without feeling Pressured?
Definitions of determinism?
Can you explain what Plato's theory of the forms is OR what the story is PLEEASEE!?
It your life passed before your eyes, is it possible to rewind?
situational or eternal truth?
What seperates me from other people really?
What does God think when he looks down on his creation of "human world"?
what is life?
In what areas of your life are you most free to do what you like?
Where is a good idea born?
What can i do to relieve frustration?
What is philosophical research?
Relate philosophy to the film Super Size Me (fallacies)? Does it have any fallacies in it?
What makes you just keep sitting there?
I had a best answer to one of my questions which said "Without answers, questions are useless." Is this true?
why human must kill each other?
What is the highest obstacle in attaining a realization of Truth?
What are your top 5 goals in life?
Would you be prepared?
What is Deconstruction and Binary Opposition?
what would happend if there were no borders lines created & all the world as one big country?
Design a RETROSPECTIVE study?
what comes first? the chicken or the egg?
Yes or no?
Heidegger help on "building, dwelling, thinking"?
Would it be the stuff of madness to cancel scheduled "dynamic" tests of a software system, only running the?
which of theses would freak you out the most?
What is the philosophical reason for the success of The Reti?
Why do people believe in mystical things?
what is something we all take for granted?
What is the meaning of life?
What do you think is the true nature of man?
What do you value most your logic or your instinct and why?
What's an answer?
in your opinion what is the worst thing that can happen to a man in his life time?
What do you learn about yourself when someone doesn't agree with you?
Can you MISS a LIFETIME just by MISSING the right MOMENT?
Plato's Republic - What is the Golden Line?
Do you believe in paradigms?
Does the office psychopath typically "hide the manual" so that the others never improve?
Explain the lava (1 mountain) case, including why Goldman's account handles it correctly and the JTB account d?
Why are the rich never satisfied?
To Locke, are only simple ideas and complex ideas knowledge, or are the sensations also knowledge?
Have you ever broken someones heart ? will it hurt you ?
what did Norman Rockwell die from?
Could this have happened on a safety-critical computerization project, or would such a project be somehow?
Are we mired in the philosophy project?
How hard or easy is it for you to fell empathy towards others and how does this affect your life?
what is happiness?
what is the point of life??
The picture or stainglass window that changed because of god...?
I want peace! What should i do?
How does gratitude work in the Law of Attraction?
What does it mean you dream of a turtle dieing?
The image of God, why were we the chosen?
How does plato confront callicles' argument?
What is the nature of nature?
Who'll be my soul mate?????
what is new evangelicalism?
Random Philosophic question?
Can you explain why Human Beings have desire for God?
I think therefore i am. The greatest mistake in philosophy?
Is chemotherapy humane?
Does anyone else not take people who use the "you're jealous" argument seriously?
What if it were already tomorrow?
Instead of anti bullying campaigns?
What is the point of trying to look attractive, if we think that only the inside matters?
In your opinion what do you think came first the chicken or the egg?
Would the crime rate go up if we had no entertainment in our lives?
How is your life on Earth ?
can you help an 18 y.o. girl please?
why do I lie to myself and others when I know the truth?
Why is it that everyone's questions in the philosophy section are non-philosophical?
What argument does Socrates give that death is probably not a bad thing?
Spinoza's view of freedom?
What is the purpose of life?
what fallacy does this argument commit?
The Pursuit of Happiness(not the movie)?
How can you be happy?
Will our next president be smart ?
What is adultry??
Without Love, _______________ ?
when will you reach a certain age?
Is a day spent watching movies when you could’ve been working a day wasted or well spent?
Who ever said this in the first place?
Why are feelings subjective?
Why do some people answer questions that could hurt other financially or personally?
Is it appropriate to use a derogatory ethnic slang name and caricature for a sports team?
What song or music would you have liked played at your birth, even if it wasn't created yet?
What is the most important part of Fear and Trembling - Kerikgaard?
where is the end of the world?
what is life?
Chance makes us friends, but does true friendship, make us "family"?
To what extent are we the makers of our own destiny or are our futures shaped by chance?
How to discover personal strengths?
Social life is said to be ESSENTIEL to humans , then why do we have a brain able to have a safe solitary life?
if you lost $6000 gambling at age 21 would your life be drastically influenced/ruined?
What is your passion?
Do we really have a choice?
Who s God? Wat s God? Where s God? y he Made Poor n Rich? CRUEL N KIND?
How do you move something that is beyond your strength....?
In 2012 will the world really end?
do you think 2012 is bullshit why or why not?
Conscious and the SubConscious - Where is the rendezvous?
What is real? How do you define "real"?
What is the difference between real happiness and genuine happiness?
The philosophy of Confucius (K'ung-fu-tzu) stresses the importance of?
Class of 1988(high school).It's been 20years.How is your life?
Who represents the Religious Neoright Conservatism in USA today?
Do you consider lying to be immoral?
Opinion: True or false, people hate because of their own ignorance?
Is "world peace" just a cover for a one world dictatorship?
In your opinion, which came first, the chicken or the egg?
"ignorance is bliss"?
could someone give me an example of formal and informal logical reasoning?
Can a woman stay in power until she chooses to abdicate voluntarily, then also choose & anoint her successor?
What constitutes as evidence for one person may be meaningless for another.Evidence is a subjective concept.?
Does Bertrand Russel mention Aristotle's "Golden Mean" in The Problems Of Philosophy?
What did Voltaire mean when he said if you believe there are no questions, if you don't there are no answers
how do i find and what is true happieness?
What is the life, is not have love ?
What do you want to achieve before you die?
What would happen if human dont have any right.....?
What is the most important thing to remember about life?
If everyone in the world was dying, besides yourself, who would you save?
how different one's state of mind or thinking is when around other people vs. when in privacy?
Can love be bought?
According to the teachings of Islam, should a good (devout) muslim dislike jews and christians?
Is it possible to kill everyone?
I want to know if progressed planets are suppose to move forward or backwards?
hi frinds what is life?
i had woken up about dreaming of rape.?
How do you go on knowing the one and only time you got to love someone you blew it and lost your chance.?
which is MOST DIFFICULT.. CURE a WOUNDED Pride, GET back STOLEN innocence, FIX a BROKEN trust... ?
Who has the right to judge our actions?
Will the world end in 2012?
What is the world's biggest problem?
How can I to be rich?
how does moral judgment differ from other types of judgments, such as the technical, the societal,?
Why are so many people lonely?
What is truth??????????????
What have you learned from your mistakes ?
Is truth absolute or relative?
Do most people bore you?
human nature through the study of macbeth?
What is the meaning of life?
I'm afraid I'll never have a boyfriend. Will I be alone forever?
a question about jesus baptism guys need help?
Platonic Rationalism - HELPPP?
"Born again" is not re-born in the world, mainly. But born of the spirit. See that (with your mind)?
Have you ever thought that when you die, everything will cease to exist?
Why do so many people live their daily lives unconscious of their consciousness?
Are some computerization projects a sequence of fake "Potemkin" projects which culminate in a true working?
I feel something really weird is going on do you?
Definition of Pure sensuous concepts by Kant?
Can you really say this is how life should be?
aristotle's nicomacheam ethics book 1 chapter 7- what is the claim?
Is sarcasm really an act of true intellegence?
When you look at the colors of the world... does it inspire you to do does it inspire you?
Is more clever people more "unhappy" people as well?
What do you believe in?
why do you start getting lazy?
what is a principle that evry body used for sucess in our life.?
Some things that you will never need in your in your daily life .......?
how can i prove that i exist?
What is the easy type of work and is the hardest one?
Oscar Romero?RE Help?
are narcissistic people flawed?
Which ONE of Superman's powers would you pick if you could have it?
how to speak in a modern English?
Share the happiest moment of your life in detail? why was it so happy?
what about life do you have questions about?
What color is a soul ?
Yohomies answer please ;D?
Philosophy: What would Hume, Kant, and Mill do?
Would you rather be perfectly imperfect or imperfectly perfect?
What teachings of Greek philosophers related to the universe and man can be found in Greek drama, lyric poetry?
What's your view on determinism?
Why is the world cruel?
Why is big business a contradiction to the greater good of humanity?
if God has angels, what does the devil have??
Are you happy with the way the world is going?
If you could know anything in the world, what question would you most like to be answered?
What will drive artwork for the next 20 years?
If you find yourself at the bottom of a deep hole in the ground........?
What is the ultimate question?
What if the CIA was using this to profile criminals?
what do you think about illusion and Reality 2012 ... ... ... ?
do you believe that some are better than others?
BUT is liberty justified by the name of violence?
what is " lol "?
Can you study metaphysics without believing in God?
When you feel empty?
can a man lie about his marital status and be honorable in other business dealings?
Reductio Ad Absurdum?
What's the most important thing in life.?
Is philosophy a good alevel to take?