If you have been very depress and your life's been a total mess and your struggling to act normal?
Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
Help me with my philosophy homework!?
What are your opinions on these types of people?
What would you like to ask?
Why does planet earth need you?
If you had one wish what will that wish be?!?
$10,000,000 for your life?
How one should describe weakness and strenghth at the time of interview, if interviewer asks?
Who's the Indio king of chukkas?
With apologies to Luigi Pirandello, right you are if you think you are?
would the world be a more peaceful place if we didnt have any kind of religion?
People are always fighting for the "One true belief"...?
Once you get your hand on the "forbidden fruit", is it always rotten?
Is it a moral duty to seek our own happiness?
do ypu know what the bible is for?
what is rene descartes view on how we come to attain knowledge and what/how we come to knowledge.?
Karl Marx and G.W.F. Hegel connection?
How well can you move on from an argument?
Is Hume right about the limits of inquiry?
What is your tip for life?
What are the flaws in Hume's Compatibilism?
Do we only live once?
When i say "heaven" what comes to your mind?
What is your view on time?
How do I know the universe isn't centered around me?
when will the world end?
WHAT IS the purpose of life?
Where is the best place on earth?
With reference to The Matrix, what is reality?
What's a decision in life noone should have to make?
Can human understanding be sufficiently explained by theories of objective truth?
Why sometimes we start forgetting the names, things and even humans.?
what are the jobs that philosophers have in the modern world?
what is the essence of being a chicken?
What can be achieved by doing nothing?
Is "significance" in life important? Or should we be content just floating through existence happy to be here?
What does the saying "Every cloud has a silver lining" mean?
Does Descartes derive his physics from his metaphysics?
Is suffering really necessary for human wisdom?
antonym of "free will"?
What is the Greatest Evil in this world...?
Simone de Beauvior and Michele Foucault?
Is Philosophy just bourgeois obfuscation of the nature of reality?
What Plato think about common people's ability to make informed political decisions?
is it true that life begins at 40?
What is the meaning of life?
Whats your main reason for living the life you have now?
Logic: Amphiboly, equivocation, missing the point?
The minor premise of a categorical syllogism contains the subject of the conclusion?
What are some things that a married woman should never - ever - say to her husband?
if life was like a box of chocolates. what would be the name of your box?
relation? or no relation?
how do we look after the enviroment?
If I'm the answer what is the question?
If you think your life is very important to you, then why you can't think other animals also ?
What causes Anorexia progess to a fatal state?
what is your opinon on the question: "why is reading important?"?
What are you feeling passionate about at the moment?
What, exactly, is the human condition?
Why do men build walls around themselves when they have been hurt in life?
would you lay in a coffin underground for 24 hours if someone offered you a million dollars?
How do I know I'm awake?
I nearly died once; would my life be a lot simpler if I had?
Has Anyone Else In Answers Used Zensufi Park For Different Philosophical Insights?
How do you win an argument with a genius?
Philosophy: What would Hume, Kant, and Mill do?
Am I Evil? He tried to destroy me! How can I rise above?
Does brilliance evoke involuntary enthusiasm from you?
Do you live the life you like or Do you like the life you live ?
What are the two things you only want to have in this world?
What is one word you think the world should embrace?
Why toddlers & kids forget, forgive and move on so easily?
what were the philosophical movements of the seventeenth century?
Can you imagine what life would be like if all the?
sincerity in a person is in his heart. How to know what is in anybody's heart.?
Why is love seen as being a warm emotion, while evil is seen as cold?
why it is round pizza in a square box?
Is there any meaning to life, and what happens when we die?
If you could solve all the problems of the world with just one word what word is that?
Which do you associate yourself more with?
When will the cows come home?
Is a punitive or welfarist approach best for the British education system?
HELP ASAP active listening: paraphrase content, paraphrase feelings, perception check and non verbal behaviour?
Where can I get a nuclear weasel and how much would that cost? And what’s a nuclear weasel anyway?
Are MORALE and INTELLIGENCE always compatible? Or can a very smart person be horribly mean and evil? Why (not)?
What does your freedom look like?
why live life the right way?
Did you marry someone opposite or very similar to you? Tell me your love story?
If there is life behind a song, what one best describes your existence today?
Use the first nine rules of inference to derive the conclsuions of the following arguments?
Are the numbers 4,8,15,16,23, and 42 really the end of humanity?
Do you think (or are you) you would be a good poker player ?
which among an unconquerable MIND, unbreakable HEART or indestructible BODY can make you the STRONGEST?
Is it better to be correct and universally disbelieved, or wrong and universally believed?
is there really such thing as "evil" and "good"?
If God is for us, who can be against us?
What was W.E.B. DuBuBois young life like?
little helps guys on phil :)?
Does Angels Have wings ? if so who said so?
Question to older people: What were really the "best years of your life"?
Motivating quotes/ What you would tell the future you if you saw there life was going nowhere?
Can a simple question catch us slumbering along paths of wisdom?
Is it still considered moral behaviour if you did the right thing but the only to avoid punishment?
Some philosophical questions to bring up with a girl?
Definitions; Mobil platform,Dashboard?
Do you adhere to Confucius' rule "Do not do unto to others what you do not want others to do unto you" ?
Do you ever suffer guilt or remorse for things your ancestors did?
Do you happen to know who said that? "Deus sive Natura"?
what organizations/groups are there that deal with intellectual/freethinking topics?
is 'functionalism' in the philosophy of mind compatable with chomskys view of language?
Do anyine agree with the theme allegory ? Why or why not?
Do you prefer to Tame the Corrupt or Corrupt the Tame?
Why do loaded/complex questions always provide the correct answer?
Utopian Socialism vs Scientific Socialism?
Formal versus objective reality?
please i need help with a philosophy paper on waiting for godot explaining Existentialism!!!!?
What D-d-d-doth Life?
GUYZ and GIRLZ. What would YOUR favorite date be like?
Why do we (as people) assume that we have answers?
whats the meaning of life?
what is respect for authority?
_____assisted Socrates in escaping from prison?
what is the true meaning of life?
When was the last time you seriously wanted to end your life?
What advice would you like to give to young people basing on your experience?
Should I pursue my own happiness or the spreading of happiness to others?
There must have been someone actively interfering in the Collins submarine effort. Who was it ????????????????
Family business..........?
If you recieved this, what would you write in it :)?
if i could READ your MIND, would i be FASCINATED or get SCARED of YOU?
Have you gotten some thankful news today?
What was the happiest moment in your high school life?
first random word which comes to ur mind ?
Why are "stolen moments" pleasurable to some?
will love tear us apart?
What is the worst thing to violate?
what has the euthyphro dilemma got to do with god being supremely good, the source of law and moral goodness?
Is he right?
Is blind faith a good thing?
Logically Speaking...?
are you afraid of your dreams?
Would you treat other animals differently if the could speak ?
What's the point to life?
Can you believe how long 1 billion seconds is?
If a tree falls in the woods and every living creature on earth is dead, does the tree still make sound?
which is more difficult? forgiving yourself or others for the same mistake.?
What is the meaning/message of the song Hearts and Minds by Ivoryline?
Utilitarian/Kant and how they would deal with real life problems?
Descartes is considered an epistemological _____ ? plz fill in the blank philosophers?
In the medieval era what does "-ides" at the end of a name stand for?
what is more harmful: underconfidence or overconfidence.?
title of prose/letter to dying mother describing meeting god for lunch/wiping last tear away/leaf of tree ?
What is the difference between man and animal?
Remember this question...?
Theory of Knowledge question.?
Complete the following (use your imagination)?
Has Science really solved the mystery of Belmez faces?
Why does life have to be like this?
whats the driving force in your life? money,power,status,god?
Is it wrong to want to be popular just once?
Understanding the Times- Philosophy Question (:?
in what areas in your life are you most free to do what you want? and in what areas do you have least freedom?
If all mankind were to strive for one goal, what should it be?
The philosophy of comfort: Are you with your loved one, cuddling and cozy?
Will we see and know our pets in the afterlife?
Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman?
What is a one word phrase for "the best thing" or "the ultimate goal"?
Why do people pray to god? I think it's a waste of time?
What type of Philosophy books do you read the most ? who is your favourite ?
You have to press one of two buttons, button A means 500 of your countrymen die, button B means 1000....?
can money buy happiness?
Which is the HARDEST to SAY: im SORRY, iFORGIVEyou, iHATEyou, iLOVEyou, iDONTloveYOUanymore, or GOODBYE?
would u rather be an unhappy human or a happy pig?
If you could choose but one wish... What would be most important to you?
My take on relationships, am I wrong? What would you add to my description? Thanks for any help!?
Why would God be male?
what are the sighs of love ?
what to do to kill boredom?
do we have a purpose?
Is Armageddon inevitable?
what makes you different from the rest?
I am so sick and tired of living; what do I do?
why is Greek mythology is important?
What type of love is created by the illusion of separation?
what is robs number i wont tell a soul?
Do most people here consider themselves to understand irony?
Which concept of Enlightenment is true? The Hindu or the Buddhist version of Enlightenment?
Philosophy-What are the "tidy-looking dichotomies" J.L Austin is attacking in "Sense and Sensibila"?
For people who familiar with Karl Marx and Althusser's Ideology Theories.?
whats the difference in being intelligent and in being wise?
Does It Hurt To Be Smart?
What’s better, a nuclear weasel or an atomic meerkat?
Is it good to be yourself and think independently?
Where would you be tomorrow, if you didn't do what you did today?
When I was 10-yrs-old, I used to steal Real Estate "For Sale" signs hanging in front of people's yards, and...
what does reductivism mean in philosophy?
What is your ambition ?, What inspires you to have this ambition in life?
What is the lesson that Pain has taught u in this Life??
What is most important to you in this life?
Has "spaghetti coding" been cut down on ? Has that helped ? What about spaghetti changes to "duty statements"?
Why is it that people who are truly evil and empathy lacking ever get what they deserve?
How can some people ignore the truths of the Bible ?
would machiavellis advice on how to be a good ruler be effective today?
Reid's “The senses give us immediate contact with a mind-independent reality.”?
how to make 14 million in 2 days?
Why didn't Camus like the label of Existentialist?
Do you ever have to remind yourself that you have no future?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
which one is more important money or peace in mind?
So its Demeber the First?
I want to committ suicide...?
The scientific study of love and compassion?
is silence the best weapon?
what are medieval, contemporary and modern periods.?
which one is an argument or non-argument?
if you could choose, which would you prefer: being mortal or immortal??
what's abt girl character?define?Explain?&exampls?
"Do you think that money is the most important thing in life ?
the main conclusion and premises for david hume's "of skepticism with regard to the senses"?
Could Marxist theory be considered Daoist?
What is Duende to you?
What is the meaning of life?
What's your bucket list?
Why am i a mistaken identity???
Is it possible to "cheat" even if you are on a break from the relationship?
Works of philosophy every undergrad should read?
What must one do to stop thinking about past mistakes and move on?
I wish to know the meaning of life, without mumbo f'n jumbo, what id it?
Voting third party - think it makes a difference?
Do you believe people can change??
do you think better collectively or alone?
What is most important in life?
If you were given a chance ... ??
Common Philosophical Metaphor, "Seeing the Light"?
"Is something good because God commands it, or does God command it because it is good?"?
are most people in Generation X/Y nihilists and borderline sociopaths?
Is there any link between the earthquake and God?
What makes you instantly happy?
is aquirius guy perfect 4 cancer girl?
Do We Really Have Free Will?
What is the meaning of life?
what is the definition for line?
Do u know what's the purpose of ur life??
Is it possible to be an optimist all the time?
Whats something you can feel but not see?
What is the difference between being alive and trully living?
How do you see love?
Are you afraid?
how can your surrounding influence your perception?
pro and against Hobbes?
if you got a million dollar and needs to spend it in a day, how will you spend it?
Please answer as my questions as possible and make them short?
Do you feel something good is going to happen today?
If scientists developed a drug that made you perpetually blissful but unable to think rationally, ....?
How is life in america cool,stress,or sad?
The end of the world 2012, help?!?
Whats the difference in Ghost and Angels?
which among an unconquerable MIND, unbreakable HEART or indestructible BODY can make you the STRONGEST?
im searching 4 god & i find comfort in many of seethers songs i believe they believe what do u think :)?
question about marxism?
does Arthur Schopenhauer have any awards for his books or his life?
Does "new management" usually oust the existing management, and take over, demonstrating the superiority of ..
What is the greatest Vratam in the World? Why?
What is the meaning of death ?
Do you keep a calm demeanor in arguments?
If you were given a chance to live forever but all your loved ones will go on, would you take it?
who the hell is psyborg the diagnosed diversity?
If someone is all powerful and can do anything, can he/she create an object they cannot lift?
what do you think about osho rajnish?
Can "viatical payment" and "patient trafficking" be related ?
What is the cause of turbuleoce? Phenomenology?
Do you think certain things in life...?
Have you ever had the feeling that something big is changing, or will change in your life......?
Can you mentally change your personality/character?
Can there be breakthroughs without obsession?
What is the "Doctrine of Swine" Objection To Utilitarianism?
what is organized perception?
Does anyone know any philosophers that deal with Artificial Intelligence?
How to live life- "To seek the greatest value of our action." -Steven Hawking. What does this quote mean?
who are some people that followed machiavelli and succeeded?
Hunger is the only thing that we live to satisfy, isn't that something that doesn't require argument?
education, money, happiness which one is the most important?
Might this theory be used to carve up an organization for one's own base purposes ?
Should good, decent, kind love ever be compared to (referred to) a weapon of harm or destruction?
Isn't every day a beautiful day?
Whats Ur opinions on gay relationships and marriages ? and if ur going to be ignorant dont bother to answer?
are you always as happy as you appear to be? I love your humour it appeals to me?
Whats the meaning of life?
Responsible for anything we do given the absolute freedom?
what is habitat?
what is the main reason for human's fear in/of the world.?
in philosphy who proposed that change was fundental reality?
Is national pride a good thing or bad?
Was I right to erupt in rage last night?
Do you wish you were perfect?
What do you think about this dilemma?
Are we really that hungry?
what is Blastocystis Hominis?
are we under Determinism?
tell me everything you know about Aristotle's definition of a tragic hero!?
If life had a reason...?
If men are from Mars and women from Venus, what are they doing together and why?
Can anything beat the denial of the blue pill?
Are you sure you could live without God?
Is there such a thing as insignificant grief?
What is the goal of a scientific method.?
what does it mean to "take a shot at someone's pride?
Hard question....?
Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected ?
Is the world gonna end in 2012?
Question about Socrates and Three Theban Plays?
Which is the best Philosopher?
the following are all examples of Empirical sciences except?
Morality & Law are intimately related ........?
Can hatred run as deep as love?
How much did get for being a tool of Chinese oppression?
How do I alter course?
Which came into being first: your front or your back?
do you think life is fair?
Why are humans generally unhappy?
"Bad politics is bad for business."- How is this quote present in the Novel "Life of Pi"?
How old is old?
Could a question in the philosophy forum ever be considered a "violation"?
Why does my life suck so much?
What is your tip for life?
Do you truly have one "favorite" something?
Life..what does it all mean?
What is...................?
Can u tell me Polus,Callicles ,Gorgias and Socrates's main idea about rehotric ?
Behavior switch - what would u think?
what is your worldly quest?
How can we explain the decline of religion?
Is Freedom More Important Than Morality?
When it is said that your stick doesn't float,what are they referring to??
Meaning of "life is just so daily"...?
what's a good resource for detailed info about medieval and on beliefs about Sophic and classical elements?
What is your opinion of Domestic Bliss?
where is god?
Do you think time would be better measured in metric?
This is the first time I know for sure that God helped me to get level 4?
Are fetuses considered living based on the biological characteristics of life?
Which renaissance philosopher do you think devloped the greatest contribution to Humanity? Explain your answer?
Is 'waiting it out' all you can do in some situations?
what came first the chicken or the egg and why??
please assess my blog
Were we all born to die? and some for others?
Why do we attempt to delve into conceptual and/or cognitive fronts that appear to be utterly beyond our reach?
Is it possible to still enjoy attention from others when you no longer desire attention from others?
How do you solve deppression?
Should mental illness be defined as such? Can this be Stigmatizing?
Theory of Knowledge, (Epistemology, Justification) ????help?
If you are a good person and do good things...does that mean that you will have more luck in life?
In new submarine computerization project was the number of levels of testing of the software during its?
What do you do when you cannot read a signature. Any tricks of the trade out there?
Would you rather be risky or safe?
Have you loved others Enough this life? or no longer believe?
Can all human Knowledge be organized ina hierarchic structure byimportance and if so, what area isat the top?
Which came 1st, the chiken or the egg?
Will my life always be to serve others?
What would you do if your loved one died in a week?
Italian Philosophy: Buonanotte miei cari.?
Is life complicated, or do you have it totally figured out?
what makes pity the such a horrible emotion?
Perceptive ability, or, introspective ideology, is it an attribute givin at birth, or can we acquire it ?
What's the meaning of life? Whats the point?
What is one thing new you have learned about yourself this year?
When is someone ugly?
Are you afraid of death???????
Are we all just dust in the wind?
When will man be adult enough not to let his mind be controlled by others' thinking?
what is meant by 'amused to be dead?
What exactly is the "Bardo" (between lives area)?
Is there a definite explanation of the origin of "blocked memories"?
How do you know your affinity towards something?
what question can you ask to know who's lying?
is there any hope for the youth of the next generation like me?
True or False: We live alone and ultimately die alone?
Do you have an active imagination?
Young people under 18 who have made an impact on the world?
What possess someone to become a terrorist?
Will we ever be able to prove our existence?
if your body has the exact same scent or odour as another person?
Is this weird/unnatural?
what makes us and some animals to want to live like families ??
what is realism and who are the realists?what are their views?
So, Doctor J . . . why do people resist change and how do you account for those that embrace change?
How to deal with jealousy?
Discuss the significance of Hobbes's negative reformulation of the "Golden Rule."?
what are some philosophical responses to Thomas More's Utopia?
The most important thing in life.?
If a tree falls down in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Why we look into others what is hidden inside us?
what is benesprit?
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." what does that mean?
what is it that make human beings attracted to nature & yet social animals in need of social & built contexts?
what is the most troubling aspect of living?
What does "contra-causal" mean in relationship to "free will"?
Does anyone knows "LARASATI" means for?
Does every action in our life affect somebody else in the world ?
now can anyone give me a very fast synopsis of faust?
Do you subscribe more to the necessaritarian or regularity view of the world?
did i just proove that i DON'T exist?
Can you finish this. When a man grows old........?
quote on adult swim 1/31 about music & something about just being exposed wires and flashing lights w/o humans?
What is the philosophy?
any body out there know about camphill? what are your views on it? please no stupid answers?
Living... is it humanity's way of delaying the process of death or prolonging the process of existence?
feel like i am just existing and not living, but what is living?
What does Marcus Aurelius think happiness is?
nostra aetate meaning of life?
Subcription files????????????????
Why not confront people more....?
Every living creature on Earth dies alone: Do you love yourself?
What does ‘loyalty’ mean to you?
Is god id there ? Yes means give examples or resons or prove?
medical school...what do you think will happen?
Which is better and why?
what caused the big bang?
What happens to us if we refuse experience...?
Is buddhist ethics consequentialist or nonconsequentialist in nature and why?
what energy is the dark shadow thats pins me to my it the grim reaper or?
Can you give me a small background of who Zeno of Elea was?
What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you?
how come milk is considered veg?
Which is better?...Philosophical question?
meaning of lifer?
How do these things happen?
How does one go about changing their thoughts?
Are these the basic human rights we all deserve?
The Philosophy of silence?
what have you realized in your life so far?
Who left a written account of the last days and death of Socrates?
what is Freud's dynamic unconscious?
What ever happened to decency on the Internet?
strumming remembering sunday by all time low?
which part of the bible says that tion is a sin?
What is the good life?
Everything Happens for a Reason?
Is God/Jesus the ultimate being? read details pls!!!?
What will a mirror never tell you ?
where was dan in real life taped?
I need help understanding two quotes from Plato's Crito?
discuss kant's views on what makes an action right, and what it is that gives an action true moral worth?
What should be the punishment for a friend that betrays you?
How useful is Heidegger's 'The question concerning technology'?
Grow up fast get old late?
What does the future hold for me? I am of low intelligence and morals.I have no respect for anyone or anything?
If there was no more evil in the world, would there be any good in the world?
do you ever wonder if we live in a multi layered universe....?
What does the saying "Boys Will Be Boys" actually mean?
Do animals have a soul?
Philosophy in Medicine and the law:organ harvesting where state prisoners who have been sentenced to death ?
When will,the world finally gain its freedom?
Nietzsche versus Kierkegaard?
need a utilitarianism example?
what came first egg or chicken?!?
What is going through your mind this very second?
what is GOD?
Which way is your way? "By the Book" or "Seat of the Pants?"?
Whats the most important thing in life ?
How do I become more selfish?
We squash bugs, why do we feel bad when we kill something bigger?
What is entrepreneurial spirit? Actions that show E.S?
please read rev. 22:15?
If you could describe a perfect life with just three words, what would they be?
When does confidence go over the line and bleed into arrogance?
Why is it "wrong" to eat humans, but ok to eat other species?
What are some valuable things to have?
Have you ever had a happy cold?
what is your connotation of death?
If technology could change your sight, would you be bad if you changed how your spouse looked?
what is the best idea that no one has ever had?
What happens when the whole world is rich ?
All of you should really watch this and tell me what you think??
Should we stop voting?
Why does history repeat itself?
What is your biggest regret in life?
I had a best answer to one of my questions which said "Without answers, questions are useless." Is this true?
if you were a genius?
Do you turtle? W hat does that mean?
So im reading common sense the book and what if?
Is imagination or knowledge more important for life?
Can anyone point me to some good resources on Nietzsche's Environmental Philosophy?
Why is Kant's viewed as "scientific"?
What is more important, to love or to be loved?
are humans basically good or bad?
Pongal, sukkot, erntedank, maras taun - celebrating ________________.?
Paleys argument from design?
If you were given a chance ... ??
is there any way to counter Gettier's argument against Justified True Belief?
Are humans BORN humans or BECOME humans?
Why do you suppose atheists dominate the spirituality section?
Where is the FORMAL DOCUMENTED HISTORY of causal determinism?
Waiting to achieve your goal?
if god created earth and the universe to be perfect why all the flaws in man?
How IF all the Bullies get hanged as punishment..?
Why do we think of consciousness as..?
if the DOOR is CLOSED, would you think it's LOCKED?
what is the meaning of life?
why should we study Mahayana Buddhism? give reason.?
what is the meaning of "hunky dory" as in "everything's hunky dory!!"?
if a CHILD asked you to PROVE GOD's EXISTENCE, How are you going to do so?
Did Logical positivists mean to get rid of logical tautologies?
What are hot dogs made from?
What is the MEANING of LIFE?
How do you prove something is an ideology?
silly question no.1 Do dogs go to heaven?
why human marry?
Whats my purpose?
have you ever carried out a random act of kindness?
How do you think the world is going to end?
what is living life about?
What is your opinion on Sartre?
₪ღ Which makes SMARTER CHOICES: the HEART or the MIND?
Can communism remedy capitalism?
Do we really have free choice, or do we just feel that we do?
Know any positive life quotes?
Is philosophy a good alevel to take?
Is philosophy always serious business? :)?
Why do people react negatively when I say I don't want kids ?
what happens after death?
According to James, skepticism is always the wisest attitude to take toward an option when it is momentous.?
Do I have a chance of getting into grad school?
Is it possible to reason deductively from experience alone? How much can we come to know this way?
if globalization makes us culturally indistinguishable would we still have war?
Does the beauty of the world ever make you cry?
How can a person be ready (or not ready) at the same time? (see details)?
I have a wart on my eyeball... can i get it removed?
what is the hyperpower of the world and why?
Help! What criticisms does Kant deontology face?
is life a journey or a destination?
You go to board a train; one of your shoes comes off and falls through the gap onto the tracks. What do you do
Life is about changing it to be a better place for the living is it not?
What is the single most important problem in philosophy? Is it suicide like a several others have stated?
If George Dubya Bush was an actual bush for one day. what would you do with him?
Right now, what are you happy about?
If a tree is in a forest and no one is around does the tree still hear you?
What are some philosophical themes in Educating Rita?
Regarding philosophy, if it is an informal fallacy, it can not be in a deductive argument?
good, etart of life?
is it necessary to become some one in life?
What sacrifices did you have to make to obtain a successful career? Was it worth it?
Am I missing something? I am so happy to be single?
Where Can I read Pink De Ikou Mangas?
Do you believe you are a figment in the imagination or intellect of some deity ; or, do you believe you are?
why do we ask questions?
Do we live life for ourselves only..?
Prove to me That you Exist.?
What is the hell man? Who is the hell man? Which is the hell man? Whom is the hell man? How is the hell man?
How people perceive things differently?
Question for an experienced one.:)?
Is this practically the same thing.?
How do you make the world a better place?
what is red coral tree in feng shui.?
common human experience across the planet?
How Can i Overcome Lazinesss?
Is fear an important part of Love?
What is your judgement on Thought Predictor in the context of modern academic fooling and wheelings?
what do you do if nothing makes you happy?
Who are you?
Is there anyway to become or appear shorter?
do you think i would be able to hypnotize someone else without God's help?
Please help me understand this: THE MANNEQUIN OF THE SECOND SKIN?
What does Kant mean by this?
What thing symbolizes you and why?
If you could travel back in time and give one piece of advice to your past self, what and when would it be?
How life forms and what happens after death?
What's the difference between being content & being happy?
why are women so fickle minded?
do we get use to pain or does it really go away?
What will ur Epitaph say..or What you write to be written in ur obituary ..?
Love or money that makes the world go 'round?
how can i develop and grow and maintain peace of mind ' and body?
What's your choice of drug? And why?
How do I decide what to do with my life?
How is the world going to end?
What are charles peirce's four methods for establishing/fixating belief?
OBAMA LIVE VIDEO, he wants to bankrupt COAL INDUSTRY. might this be push we need to be environmentally sound?
how do u think we all can make(including me) our world a better place to live???
Anyone know the meaning of the andean cross?
Do you believe that the Human mind can never grasp the real truth of God?
If the whole world was on one side.......................?
I'm a tree hugger...what are you???
what is the difference between positive and negative liberty?
Why do you follow moral absolutism?
What do you think of, "he who gets hurt will be he that has stalled?"?
What is "The Fast Life?"?
Whats the gift you give to someone who has everything?
Is there a FORMULA for happiness?
is it true that only self discipline brings pleasure.?
When I am unknown I am something. Yet when I am known I am nothing. What am I?
What comes first? Fun, or financial stability and education?
Do you think that there will be evolved creatures on mars?
What is the meaning of life in your own perception?
Does She Love Me?
Why are human beings not created equal?What are your insights about this?
Do you think normality is subjective?
what is it that makes a person unique?
How are Heraclitus and Rationalism or Empiricism connected?
Fallacies ,please help me with thes?
should regions in clark county school districts be broken down into smaller regions?
How does psychological egoism differ from philosophical egoism?
What's worse; eating ALL of the food and not telling, or leaving only a small amount?
How would you distinguish between 'religion and spirituality' and 'philosophy'?
In "Some Moral Minima" Lenn Goodman?
"Outline an Argument for Skepticism about the External World"?
If the person you were engaged to marry had an accident and became a paraplegic . . . ?
My girlfriend has black hairy tongue because she chews tobacco What can she do to make her breath smell better
why didn't the nurse or juliets parents see the vial?
Social contract theory?
Do you let your life unfold before you, or do you try to control it?
What would you never wish for in your life?
When do you fuigure out what you want out of life?!?!?
if i DIE now, would it matter HOW i LIVED?
Kant successfully established that sense data alone provides knowledge.?
Today I am an Oxford Don and I major in philosophy. What is your philosophy on life?
"life is what you make it"?
Individualism exists within the limits of society?
Why do people think they are smart?
My brain isn't???????????????
"Your beauty is your personality"?
what would be the perfect question that will be answered by millions of people around the world?
In Existentialism why is it important to act on free will and choice?
Is love is needed in the life ?
how would descartes and berkley answer this question...?
Does the dance of life occur not yesterday or tomorrow, but only here at the still point of the present?
What exactly is love...?
What is the hardest rock in the universe?
what is the on thing that always brings a smile to your face?
Can a circle be upside down?
Is that you in the mirror ?
Is my grammar right? 'thats just beyond the extent of an average pedophile's intentions'?
What are the major forms of proof as presented by Aristotle?
for those who don't believe that god exists, what proof do you have?
Hypothetically, if our modern society was described in detail in a book published 200 years ago...?
What will it take to end world hunger and create world peace?
What must one do in bad times?
If you are aware of who Curtis Edward Clark is?
What drives human to believe in God?
Would you rather be a ROSE or a SUNFLOWER?
if life is without objective meaning and purpose why care?
When did "carpe diem" begin?
Why is God hitting the US with hurricane Sandy?
“What is the most thing in life, you’d like to achieve?
If my mother had been born one year later I would be one year younger?
Why in this world can we not believe in the power of ANGELS?? I Love them all!!?
What do you desire the most?
Nothing past this...........???????
What inspires you on a daily basis?
Who rules you-your heart or mind?
Does this sound like a good life plan?
Please comment on Ramadan on the Philippines?
What one emotion would you like to eliminate from your life? Why?
How you compare and contrast the thought of beauty with Plato and diotima?
Is it true that when you set your mind on something, you will achieve it?
Do you think that the objects of our addictions become our false Gods?
Agree/Disagree:there are two types of people who will tell you that you can't make a difference..?
Is the quality of mercy, or at least compassion not strained, even if I feel sorry for low lifes?
are there angels?
Proof that either Tweedledee or Tweedledum exists..?
What do you think life is all about ?
what was the greeks punishment for murder on 380 BC?
Why all the desireable things in life are either illegal or expensive?
what is the best way to destroy old memories?
What is one food that can be shared within lots of people?
did Niccolo Machiavelli fake his own death?
How do you get out of your own way?
what's the meaning of life?
Could we really separate public life from private life?
What if...time don't heal wounds?
Is it ethical to acheive honest gain through the unscrupulousness of others?
A True Master is one that shows the True Way..Do you believe that?
Can you ever be truely happy?
If God is all knowing and powerful why are there such tragedies in the world?
In your opinion what is the greatest challenge the world faces today?
Is wisdom a balance of intuition and ethics?
Can you take your mind to the notion "whats making you think your thoughts"?
Does having plan B mean you are not really committed to plan A?
How do you get what you want?
What is social science?
I have a strange theory to ask?
What is The Meaning of Life?
What do you think about this??????
What lessons in life have you learned today about yourself?
in the apical clearance fitting philosophy, the lens should position?
why god create you in this world ???
Is this good so far? Please use your true opinion...?
Discribe NOTHING.?
Do you LOVE One Direction?
"A man who hasn't found something he is willing to die for is not fit to live"?
Would you try anything just to feel better.......?
What is your definition of a rich man?
nostradamos, do you think he was really prophisizing all that?
What percentage of all money is wasted and what percentage is well spent?
Do you like to make others laugh or smile?
Are we alive or dead with the knowlage of life?
When does silence convey more meaning than words?
What do you think of this quote?
why do some people think sex is a good thing?
Do you wake up as a happy person?
is anyone gonna care when i die?
help on philosophy derivations?
What can i do with my best friend for fun?
Are these arguments valid or invalid? Please explain?
What would you say is the source of misery in your life?
Which one is better?
Agree or disagree: academic success is not important nowadays?
If the whole world follow you, would you like where you took it?
What is ego, why is it bad how to control or destroy it ?
If HUMANS took the same amount of time and effort it took to learn how to walk, to learn to be intelligent and?
How can a person feel content and self-assured with people around?
philosophy sentence to symbol help?
If, prior to the Universe there was nothing, what exploded to cause the Big Bang?
What is 'self' influenced communication?
Is happiness a decision?
Anibody has a dream from the future?And does it happened?Because I have!?
If you could resurrect one famous person, who would it be?
if there is a GOD why do so many people get sick and die everyday?
evolutionary theory of religions?
in a world with 7 billion people where you dont know do you justify you existence?
What is the most hidden evil power that beset mankind?
why's it i used to be lazy and its easier not to be lazy anymore?
How our "Belief Systems" are formed ?
Rather have a baby BOY or GIRL for first child?
what is the essence of being a chicken?
What kind of person do you admire most?
What are some different ways that intelligence could be measured ?
what is you want to do in life?
whiich r the TOP 100 theme parks?
What was Rousseau's ideal government like?
Do you believe that coincidences are real, or that they are the universe's way of telling you to pay attention
Where is Marxism found in the story Little Red Riding Hood?
Philosophy question involving killing and dying?
Curious question, what is ther more important than the following scenario you will experience?
What do you think of the philosophy in this poem?
The more we know, the more we become ignorant?
how to win a failure?
why do we like the way endorphins make us feel?
What is the next big resource/commodity that humans can mine, harvest, or otherwise discover and use?
How does race help shape/ affect the society we live in today?
Where may I find a great place for political or philosophical lectures in N.Y?
If you were to define two sides of your personality that are most contradictory what would you say and why?
Why is life so diapointing?
How will the world as we know it change on December 21 2012?
do you think chinese people is the most intellegent people?
Is generosity really a virtue? What are your opinions?????? :)?
Cartesian dualism tenets?
How Can I better Apply My Self Since i Lack Motivation?
Is there a movement, school, philosopher/s aiming to return philosophy to its practical/traditional concerns?
If the world actually does start ending on December 21, what will be the first thing that you do to survive?
what benchmark defines?
A very interesting and enriching aspect of?
which r the TOP1000websites?
i need help please!!!!!! on Plato in philosophy?
How much happiness can you afford?
If you read about a project and it looked to you like there would have had to have existed a software quality?
John Rawls and Nozik..what do they say about poverty?
Do you take life serious?
Is the world gonna end this year?
How do I get my mother to stop beating me?
Does classical theism show how religious belief and practice can go beyond reason without being superstitious?
Computer Science or Philosophy degree??
How do you know when a friendship or relationship is real and pure?
How would you define evil?
Do you agree or disagree......?
What if this, is all an illusion?
what is the meaning of life?
Why do some face repeated adversity?
How can I be sure, in a world that's constantly changing?
Philosophy. How to tell valid from invalid and deductive from inductive?
Why are Airbus problems seemingly dismissed as "pilot error" ?
Are you your Body? if Yes..why and if No why???
Does the less space occupied by an object or say dense object, means the more time has warped in it?
What is normal?
Do you believe in fate?
Can you raise a child to be moral without religion?
Don't you think the whole personhood debate is being overhyped and over-conflitcting?
Why am I alive????? my husband left me and i have no life or love :(?
do you think life is fair?
What are the differences in Locke's theory of knowledge between primary and secondary qualitites?
What are some command mental disorders?
Kant and the Inquiring Murderer?
what's the most profound thing/quote you ever heard?
Can you Love the Father (God) Without Loving the Son? (Jesus)?
How does one become a Unity Church minister?
What do You make of Theories?
Why don't people save more money if they are concerned about money?
answer the person with the closest guess will get ten points?
Durga saptashati Sanskrit?
what might become the problem of divine theory in the future?
Do you believe in the concept of a 'soul mate'?
Help understanding Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling?
Killing myself.. Depressedd?
does anybody else think the ontological argument is bollocks?
how does logic help us attain the truth?
In the Utopia described by Plato in the Republic, he required ____________ as a part of the government regula?
The laws of thought determine the bounds of what is real- T/F?
Do you create your own happiness?
What is the reality that death is innoscent and that the innoscence is tainted with society's judgment calls?
Is satyagraha also functional in today's world where Human for its own profit uses money or muscle power....?
If you "go back" and change how something happened... honestly, what event would you do differently?
What is your . main motivation . to live?
I do not comprehend these?
What do you worry about tomorrow or about the future. What or who will determine what tomorrow should be?
Do babies who are cloned have souls?
War...What is it good for? Jesus has a sense of humour?
what is philosphy? what do different philosophers have their own difinitions?
how to improve positivity and smile more as a man?
Would this have helped Collins project or was it already being done ?
Acording to Jeremy Bentham, nature has placed mankind under the governance of 2 sovereign masters;(MultChoice)?
when do the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?
How often does the obsolete factor apply in the existence of almost everything?
The Power of Ideas: How are pragmatism and analytic philosophy uniquely American movements?
How difficult is it to speak a truth?
Is this an invalid statement?
Why do most people live a fake life, knowing others also live false lives, don’t they feel absolutely empty?
I am thinking of renouncing. Should i?
How can one know that his/her love is vital or pure??
Will there be another IMATS in the US?
True or Not.......?
Does anyone know the philosopher that said; it was best to die, in the best moment in your life?
What does it mean to be Justice?
Purpose/ meaning of the soul assignment ideas?
Can you think of a symbol for the Kingdom of God and explain the meaning of the symbol.?
can some one describe 2 differances between symbolic interactionism and neo-marxism?
what is happiness to you?
What happens after we die?
If you HAD to have a LABEL stuck to your FOREHEAD, what would it say?
define LOVE in your own words...?
Metaphysics priest in florida?
Hi everyone! I am new to this P:, Question: Was my friend manipulative? How can I tell if someone is?
The philosopher G. Berkeley attacks the distinction between primary and secondary qualities by arguing what?
What constitutes your true self: the soul/mind, the body, or a combination therein?
Can one be a saint without believing in God?
How old would you say I am based only on this picture?
Are there elements of male chauvinism in Francis Bacon's of marriage and single life?
Why does my mood alternate from happy to angry or sad, for no apparent reason?
from where does feelings originate...?
If you found one billion dollars inside your Christmas stocking what is the first thing you will buy?
Which of these, in YOUR opinion, is more likely to be REAL (i.e. actually exist): God or Aliens?
Is it easier to open a heart to love or hate?
what is black and white and read all over?
What makes the world go round?
part 2 of 20pts!!!!!!!!!!?
Modus Ponens question?
The love of money is the root of all evil? Agree or Disagree?
What's the fastest way from point A to point B?
want two points for free? one of you can be chosen for the best answer!!!i'm very happy!!!?
how is misleading reasoning used to influence others.?
Is the Ontological Argument good enough to demonstrate the existence of God, or it is just a logical trick ?
Do you think its possible to Love someone too much?
humes problem of induction?
What do you think of these reflections..............?
Does quality accrue by leaving computer source code unmodified ?
Is the world really going to end in 2 months?
Why do people think money buys everything?
I need your advice peoples...?
Have you ever had an experience with Sleep Paralyis? if so, then what happened?
Immanuel Kant's theories; Do you disagree with any of them? Why?
Does the apple really fall far from the tree?
Is Fate Real or is life random?
If you went back in time and gave your young self info to be rich, when you get back how would you enjoy the $?
How to lower your self awareness?
Where did the parents of the last generation go wrong?
why is SIMPLICITY not so SIMPLE to attain?
How important is Truth in your life?
where is the love?
Does everyone have a right to go wrong?
what animal would you be?
Are human beings naturally good or naturally evil?
Animals: do they think?
Philosophy Inspiration ?
When a leash around your neck means freedom...?
Is it true that if God did not exist, man would have invented him?
If Hell was spending eternity with the two persons you hate the most <SARTRE> who would your two be?
If rabbits' feet are so lucky, then what happened to the rabbit?
what would a person who is a relativist beleive?
According to Hobbes, which two needs drive human action?
How would your life change if you definitively knew you'd live until you reached 250 years old?
What specific philosophy would this person believe in?
If your enemy keeps you close does it mean you keep him closer?
How effective is private security? What more could be or should be done?
What is your favourite thing about planet Earth?
Do you have what it takes to fulfill someone's desire(s).....?
Do you settle for imitation or do you want the REAL thing?
Do you believe that god gives us opportunities or the law of attraction?
Who said : If u reveal your secrets 2 the wind, u should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.?
what psychologist said, "The "very old" need faith in their lives"?
Do you believe in destiny? Can a person change his/her destiny, or is it set in stone?
what's the differnce between lucifer and Satan?
When you have problems that may require a hole in the desert are you a "Do it yourself or hire a pro" person
Can i convince you that it is best that i kill myself if you agree with me ,it would really make me happy?
How can I better combat and resist the evil and darkness that is you people and your society?
Explain either Chisholm's or Frankfurt's account of free will. - Philosophy 1500?
What is "real"? How do you define it?
What do you want your dying words to be?
On what basis should one be respectful to strangers?
differentiate between absolute&relative morality?give their examples.?
Different Duality ideas?
What's your favorite(s) simple pleasure?
Why do the Human Beings discriminate against each other?
Obligations or Responsibility ...?
Why do we laugh without a reason ?
If you were to die tomorrow, how would you have lived your life?
Do I have time for one more question before I go?
kindly describe "women" in only one word...!!?
Who will destroy the planet, God, Humans, Or Something Else?
what is this thing that fish loves, doctor hates and children eat. 13-letter world?
Opinion on living life alone? ?
Does one feel slightly depressed when do a tedious menial job such as working on something mechanical?
What is REALY important?
What would U do if the world ends tommorow??
Will the human race someday understand where it came from and where it's going?
Would you eat the banana that was going bad or a fresh one from the bunch?
Movie The Question of God?
Would a "computer programming support environment", or its people, need to "identify their foe" ?
How do you deal with being fired for doing what is right? flatten the boss' tires?
What is the safest city on earth?
Why is it that my Memory only works in One direction, Backwards.?
Is the year 2009 the start of the end of the world?
Your views on death.?
What are the different definitions of power according to different Philosophers?
if you've read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, help me understand something?
Could we live without money?
If dualism is true, how is it evidence towards the existence of God?
If you had the choice to live forever, would you?
what is the meaning of life?
meditation six:Descartes?
What is the most genius quote ever quoted?
Whats the most effective way to make a difference in the world?
according to you ...what is your place in the universe?
Would there have been "profiling" during the 1970s, desperately trying to avoid recruiting people who would ?
How to be down to earth and charismatic?
can someone explain why friedrich froebel is idealist philosophy?
Cheesiest thing?
What is the difference between someon who is a pessimist vs a person who is a taoist?
What kind of person do you admire most?
Faith in Math?
What is your preferred fare, Trope or Tripe?
What do you gain out of being atheist?
What is life scientifically?
what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?
do you think theres a danger of the world heading towards a world war 3?
Describe one of the most valuable lessons you have learned in your life?
What is the difference between the Descriptive Essay and Narrative Essay?
Descartes arguments in his Meditations?
Is procreation morally reprehensible?
What is the most honourable way to commit suicide? I am not planning on doing this until I am 50 (a long time)?
what is the best word in the world?
What do you do when life hands you lemons?
Who suffers more in life .....?
What kind of pain do you fear most?
What do you call someone that likes to observe people and make jdements afterwards?
What would you do if .....?
If someone calls you evil for showing frustration with getting bullied, does that really mean you're evil?
do we have enough time to learn from our mistakes,is life long enough?
What does mom mean to you?
The World will end on Wednesday?
what does the number 999 signify?
If your life depended on it, could you figure this out?
What were john locke's views?
Why does anybody do anything? I mean, no matter what, the end result is the same-death. I mean, once you get?
How can worker demonstrate acommitment to the philosophy of positive ageing?
Why did Descartes think that his having an idea of God proves God exists?
define intelligence?
Why am I never happy with myself?
can we know when to trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge?
what is more important in your life money or love?
In one word please describe the U.S.A.?
if an atoms has a strong desire for its outer shell electons, its is said to have a high______?
what do you think of this einstein quote?
What was it that made the biggest impact in your life to date ?
what do you think will happen in the near future?
Prefer to be a listener or a speaker?
Hi All;) .. Do you ever wonder if the path you have taken in life is the right one?;D?
How would you describe ‘freedom’ in your own words?
Hi would you help me with my homework (short interview of 10 questions)?
Recently finished college...unsure of my path in life? Depressed(?) and pensive about the future...Help?
which is the HARDEST to OPEN, one's MIND, HEART or SOUL?
Why is a philosophical system never complete, no matter how complex...?
Do stories mean anything if you have no one to tell them to?
what do you feel most strongly about in the world?
how to be happy even in hard times of life?
What makes you cry?
What makes you the happiest?
What is dramaturgy? and what is it used for?
How is ethics related to communication?
What makes Indians flourish despite obstacles like corruption, brain-drain, poverty, and population crisis?
Who made the music for the opening of "Salò, or The 120 days of Sodom"?