The love of money is the root of all evil? Agree or Disagree?
There's an outfit called ICETS that runs courses of training in investigative skills. I've been puzzling over?
What does a downward sloping marriage line that crosses the heart line mean?
Life is predictable and boring?
Can you see God?
Why is this the world I never wanted?
I think my time in this world should end....?
Stoic Ethics: Why should virtues be the ultimate good?
i am excited for my life, starting a fresh new life and my meaning of life is to live a wonderful fabulous?
Survey Two?
ok everyboby talk about the american dream my question is what is the american dream /?
is the bible a valid document?
what is phenomenology? how did it emerge and what is it saying?
Imagine that somebody from another civilization asks you what a human is. What you will answer?
Who is R. Delongprie?
You have a bad headache?
what are some practical examples of aristotles doctrine of the mean?
Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed, why is it important to you?
why we do love?
Ü Common sense: How do you define it?
unexpected life events for infancy (0-3 yrs) ?
Do animals have souls?
What are the differences between late modernism and post-modernism?
What are the strengths and limitations of assuming human nature to be deterministic (i.e. a result of external?
do you know any thing about the battery harbour?
From an Atheist. Would, say, bringing the world to a 'Utopia' state actually be bad, in a sense?
cristians and jews?
Is there a place where I can be who I am truly am without fear?
Do you know who one direction is?
Heidegger and Sartre: Nihilation?
What does this Rousseau quote mean?
who said that......................?
My fortune cookie was missing its fortune; does this mean someone stole my soul?
taking written test for class c drivers license in tx...?
Happiness is the result of the combination of which three factors?
What Causes Us to Feel Very Strong Connections with Certain People?
Last quesion for the night - I'm tried of LiFe are you?
Can anything in our hurried and very crazy lives be described as "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"....…
what is the golden lion?
information on himalyas muneswaras & about their daily activities?
A hand with my Philosophy question?
This is really stressing me out:Will we die 2012 and how do you know?
I believe in forgiving BUT never forgetting. What do you do?
What Epistemology mean to you .... ?
What is the meaning of life?
Will the world really end this year 2012? Is it possible?
Do you agree, why? Not agree, why? As human beings all on the earth are equal.?
What is your greatest achievement of this year?
So...Is Love, intelligent?
Is a happy life really possible?
How did niccolo machiavelli made the world a better place today?
does self interprition never remake love from seeing how others behave when thinking about it*?
How does santaria connect with god?
What opportunities are you grateful to have had?
Is "keeping no expectations" the only way to be happy in life?
If you could ask me one question what would it be?
What God is the right God? is it Jahova, Alla, Budda? or is there any God at all?
Which proof of Descartes is this?
as i GROW with my QUESTIONS, do you GROW with your ANSWERS?
So what's the question?
do you think life is a mindless procreating machine?
Thought Provoking Time!!! If...?
Is it immoral for two people to be in love when one is 16 and the other is in their early twenties?
How can our physical bodies contain a mind so vast?
Please answer!!!!!!!!! =)?
What is the most Magnificent thing that you have ever seen and what made it so Special?
What color(s) is the sky?
Analyze the two statements?
How many of u r affected by ur parent's divorce?
Why do people waste a lot of money in celebrations?
What do you guys think of, "You are what you hate."?
What do you find beautiful in general?
Where do thoughts come from???
If a man says something in a forest and his wife isn't there to hear him, is he still wrong?
Why was the Chopra question put to a vote?
' If you remember the 60's , you weren't there . ' - What does that mean ?
What do you think is more important - your soul or mind?
why do so many people question life?
Fraud World of Sports?
What is the best way to enjoy life to the fullest and also doing ones's duties together?
Propositional logic question about De Morgan's Theorem?
what is new evangelicalism?
why I see the moon on my eyes?
What do you think will cause the end of the world?
Do muslims feel that americans are animals?
If God ask u to choose.............?
Is Christmas period ( November 25 - December 31) kind of depressing for most?
What is social freedom?
What do "happiness" really means?
Ethics related question!...?
Are all opinions valid?
Philosophy Help Neeeded?
what does the salto of a woman result in?
Do you think that the objects of our addictions become our false Gods?
determine whether or not it contains an argument. If it does: 1) state whether i?
Who Can Tell I Who Wear The Atef Crown In This Age?
While flying your kite, what do you think about?
How do I make my life more interesting!?
when alone, what do you think?
Is there no such thing as world peace?
how can the on-line community influence to cease co-operating in repressing the dissidents in China?
What is or are the difference(s) between stupidity and ignorance ? Please provide examples to illustrate.?
Do you believe that God is real?&Do you believe that God hate sin?
Have any person see the God?
Why both good and evil people on earth progress?
What is direct and indirect perception according to Berkeley?
why im i so codependent? how do i fix me and just learn to joke and be sarcastic?
Is there a platform (a website) where people from different countries chat ?
How many hours do u think uve spent in a year on the internet?
does the thought of dying scare you?
Chicken or Egg?
If nothing + nothing = nothing, then How did the universe (something) come to exist?
How did the term "every other one" come to mean do it half the time... skip one do one?
What is the fundamental pattern of Nature?
What are Rene Magritte's most famous paintings?
A Philosophical question?
Is there anything I can do to make my wish come true?
What is the most important part of the book?
How important is truth ?
realidades 2, page 3?
Nietzche's views on biblical morality?
What could I do with a bachelor's in philosophy?
What is the most beautiful thing about the following..?
Where does philosophy end & science begin. Is philosophy just science without experiments?
what is the meaning of life?
Do you think more clearly using a word processor?
when the (only) coffee machine in MC will be fixed? and alternatively when can i have anice espresso in MC?
What is Parfits theory of the self? and what is Hume's bundle theory?
What is more important-Love or money? Why is money God for some?
bible old testament who?
in what ways can the invisible man be seen as an elaborate critue fo the virtue of humility?
What is the asnwer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything.?
what type of questions do you hate on here?
Philosophy: David Hume and God?
What is your opinion of this philosophical quote?
10sec before you die... what would you wish for?
What is Phantom's philosophy?
Compare Hume and Kant on the role of reason in moral judgment!?
Nietschize God is Dead quote question?
If you could have one free service in your home every day, what would you choose?
If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, who's on Jupiter?
Who do you think you really are?
What do these things represent in literature?
I am needing some info on Venus!?
Philosophy paper confused ... the crito...?
What is the most obvious lie??
Why don't some people know what it is they want?
what analysis did George Berkeley offers in place of the materialits physical object account?
What is the best way to listen others?
Why is everything always in the last place I look?
A question intended for those independent/autodidact philosophers, not enthusiasts or students?
As soon as we get up from a nightmare, we laugh at it. Do we do the same to life after death?
Can you guys help me..?
How can I turn my life around from empty, poverty stricken and boring to productive, happy, and fulfilling?
Name of this logical fallacy?
Do you know that you don't know?
what is the average IQ level of a person?i know that a mental guy's is 60 and mine is 124.please ANSWER and no
Do YOU think you can HONESTLY say that you can tell the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOVE and LUST? EXPLAIN?
Besides quotations from religious texts, what other evidence do wehave that there is life after the body dies?
Is intelligence a curse?
Can someone help me find a philosopher who says this?
Why is fat chance and slim chance the same meaning?
What is Your passion in life?
Is it better to be a millionaire or very happy person?
What is the quote you live by?
why are men incapable of being faithful in a relationship?
Frank Lloyd Wright motto?
hobbes philosophy essay topic?
It is said happiness punctuates is never consistent. how far is it true?
Who said, "Do we sing to be happy or our we happy because we sing?"?
Why be a moral person?
Can you die of sorrow?
what would yall do in a place were there is only violence?
How to bring sanity in the society?
Apply Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperatives to suicide, torturing prisoners, and adult-child sexual relatio
I observe that just after finishing highs chool is still is not good enough for most of youngsters to decide?
why are human traits assigned to everything thats unknown?
If life is a lock, then what is the key?
Is producing safety critical software orders of magnitude more difficult than is usually estimated ?
do you like grapes?
What is up man?
Would you say you are a scientist?
So, now some people think that telling someone the truth as it is, is rude…?
WHY (i will give ten points)?
What you want to do before you die.?
If you could be anything other than a human what would it be?
dont answer nor try to open this question!!!?
If actions are stronger than words, why is the pen mightier than the sword?
Random stuff about my life what should I do?
Where can I read about philosophy?
Help me out from this sin?
Is the following a problem for your pet safety-critical computerization project ?
why should we study Mahayana Buddhism? give reason.?
Why shun ego and desire when it shapes who we are?
Can you define "being humble" in three words or less?
Reason for living?
why people ar so materialistic? why are they money minded? even they forget friendship for all this artificial
What is the meaning of life?
With enough intelligence, could one take on the goverment?
Can u tell the difference between: human being and being human?
Do "Alexander VI"-people tend to muscle in, and take over projects ?
Is tolerance an objective or subjective value?
Can we look to mythology to answer life questions?
How many people believe that aliens have already visited earth?
What moves must a person make to prove that they are not a chickenshit?
What do you think true love is?
How does our state of mind manipulate our perception of time?
How can you have law and order in a paradoxical universe?
how do u know when someone is weird?
True or False: you'd be treated much better and have a nicer life if you were Kobe beef stock?
born & die the recycling when it will be stop ?
Who's the Indio king of chukkas?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
What was the incident that munshipremchand can't forget in his life?
What is a simple definition of Semiotics?
and i am so lonely teah there is a better place than this emptiness?
Did five red apples study Nietzsche - Beyond Godd and Evil?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
Is comparable worth or worthless????
whats the meaning of life?
What sort of controls would be needed to prevent this sort of doctoring of safety-critical software ?
Does this intersect with your experience ? It reminds me of a safety-critical project my organization was ....
What causes one to harass another with such strong conviction, but become completely humiliated when ignored?
is it selfish to feel 100% entitled to the finest things life has to offer?
Is there going to be an I See No Evil Part 2?
If knowing that you know nothing is true knowledge, why is true knowledge hard to come by?
do american people beleive in god?
What 10 things do we know but do not have tangible evidence for?
I had a strange dream where I was a superhero a couple more; just wondering what it means.?
Why do I have such high expectations for myself!?
earth is the only place time exists, right?
How Do You Mask Your Insanity?
How does language affect the way we see things?
Am i going insane with the world?
Manatee project.....=D?
I saw end of world in 2060. Why once the world ended I would return as the Messiah in China?
If you and I put our minds together, can we change the world?
Does it ever bother you knowing that one day you will die?
So, the Washington bureaucrats finally admit the obvious, and tell u that UFO's are here from elsewhere?
What is one thing you're sure of, that no one can change?
What's the best thing of winning a competition twice in a row?
How does technology increase and or decrease the existence of life?
Unlocking the doors within my mind?
What is the Point of life?
Is it possible that mankind evolves one day to a point that we can surpass "God" itself?
If you are laughing at yourself, are others laughing with you or at you?
What makes people happy?
What is Life, are we in somebody else's book or TV or computer or painting? Are we sure on this kind of stuff?
Guys: How many of you like the idea of dating a virgin?
How do you justify people...?
What is the possibility that there's evil in you?
What do you love most about life?
Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?
What is the sole purpose of our existence?
what is our pholosophy for a great lesson in life we all should know?
Does Quinn agree with Ishmaels assessment of Taker religions?
wat do they mean when they say Money Makes the world go round?
Can we attain knowledge without language??
is life important ???
What would be an example of a person having an existential crisis?
whats your secret?
What one thing makes you truly happy?
Humanities question.. please help me out. I don't understand this?
Daydreams? How do you use them to make your life better?
Buildings, clothing, tools, music, literature, would be considered:?
When we are fearful.. angry... anxious... unhappy... or jealous.. are we truly experiencing a state of love?
what does a.r.m.,u.a.f.f,and c.a.m. stand for?
is the bible the word of god?
what is better to follow, ur head? or ur heart?
How certain is our apprehensive capacity?
Was Ayn Rand selfish?
why is research important?
Compare and contrast Thomas Hobbes and John Locke's ethical system?
How disturbing will it be when u wake up in the morning as a member of the opposite sex?
Some people when they see a Cockroach and start Jumping ,screaming and running as if their life is going to?
where can i find real peace?
If you could be an animal, what animal would that be and why?
why do babies recieve more gifts than elders??
What is the meaning of life?
Does this offer you any insight or explanations about "human nature"?
is there more to life than just having fun?
Where is the best place to find happiness?
Is there one Devil or are there many devils?
it is said that man is always in sought of true happiness, but what is this true happiness?
There is only one God, why would he have a son?
What are you willing to die for?
How to embrace life more and to be an inspiration to others?
Third man argument by Plato?
what is the meaning to life it self.?
Were determinism and predestination considered mainstream thought at any point in the past?
How can the world achieve a lasting peace?
Who postulated the concept of the collective unconscious?
is it possible that life exists elsewere other than our planet and will humans ever discover it?
Is it a free world when we can't blaspheme? I just wondered?
Is there a person who knows everything?
Which japanese mental discipline art fits this description?
What is the truth behind a Fata Morgana?
I am interested in joining a philosphy discussion group. I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.?
Hippies: shouldn't we allow them to be who they are without trying to steal away their mojo?
What scientific principles were applied to develop the Elevator?
Can you tell me of one book that has changed your life?
Why does everything go wrong in my life?:'(?
where can i get one?
what is mans preset in life?
If you could eliminate one emotion from the world, would you? Which one? Why?
What are the versions of somatic theory of personal identity?
Plato what think about Philosopher?
how to prove love in a photo ?
is prostitution a wrong thing to do?
The Sport of the Gods, Berry Hamilton's tragic flaw?
What did the first man said to the first woman?
We tend to run from problems.Are not problems in life help shape us to become who/what we are today?
What would the world be like if there was no mirrors?
When you look in the mirror, who would you lke to see starring back?
Question about philosophy and folklore?
Do you think we should have less memory ?
Can you explain this Nietzsche 's quote in depth?
What is the problem of other minds?
Do computing projects come with a pre-packaged mythology?
Hamlet and "Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions."?
What can I do to make my life better?
Analyze the following.?
What do you think of Thomas Hobbes?
What if it is the insane who are the sane and the sane who is the insane?
what do you understand with the quote "The DEVIL lies in the details"?
What is the connection between habit and moral character, for Aristotle?
Plants have feelings...Agree or Disagree ?
Do you really understand bureaucracies ?
what does Philosophy means?
my mind is ont in imagination is far beyond the limit,?
What would you like to have named after you?
DA Li Irma Tu Niki Sabin,pa Java SE berate?
Survey Three?
Is permanent happiness, secure prosperity, and abiding peace a foolish dream?
Did you ever have strong eye contact with a stranger that made you feel psychically connected to them?
What is the strongest criticism Karl Marx would have for Plato's theory and vice versa (Plato-Marx)?
why is the sky blue?
What is ur biggest flaw?
How did comic book movies get so big?
Do words mean anything?
Take a concept (such as education, individuality, authority, crime, or art) and try to discover something new?
how do i do this? help me plzs D=?
Happiness in life is good luck and who you know breaks.?
Have you ever looked down on your mother as if she is beneath you?
What is the proper role of philosophy according to the early Wittgenstein?
what's so odd about making 'stay more in touch with family and friends' a goal?
How will you know if you're befriending a serial killer or other evil person in here?
How could we psychologically handle the reality of multiple universes?
if a tree falls in the forest ???
explain the way to construct these truth tables..contradictory, equivalent, consistent or inconsistent?
Should we do away with the, Electoral vote's so the, American people's vote's will count for a, President.
Philosophy and ethics help!!!?
How epithet is releated to the odyssey?
What is a tragic philosopher?
If this is the question.........what is the answer?????????/?
try to explain your life philosophy in one sentence?
Do you think the definition of smart / idiot differ from Men and women point of view?
don't we all have bigger fish to fry than each other?
At what age did you meet your true friends?
Do you believe in soul mates?
existential themes in Just Like Heaven?
What is the true end of man? Humboldt?
How can you discover?
What does this picture make you think?
when in your life did you first realize you would die someday?
Does a thing called Mind exists?
Using history and at least one other area of knowledge, examine the claim that it is possible to attain knowle?
what is your secret to hapiness?
Why doesnt anybody truly say what they feel?
If evil exists, who's to blame and where did it come from?
Do you agree or disagree with my opinion?
How can one really find themselves if, they're not looking for themselves?
Types of intimacies and their significance?(reposted)?
what does it meant?she talks with me nicely but didn't answer my message.?
What does "Be yourself" suppose to mean? ^_~"?
What is the meaning of to just "BE"?
Is it possible to find happiness?
Philosophers: Is fasting a virtue?
How to earn respect from someone who hates me?
Why do people say "everything happens for a reason" when something bad only happens?
Why do I get turned on by music?
What do you think are the main reasons we fall out of love?
help with circular reasoning, making my life a misery?
how can anyone buy this scientology crap? I mean am i the only one who sees how truley rediculous it all is?
what is this commercial trying to say?
Can a theory be proven wrong and not right?
Can someone be Truly happy IF?
Should I be content with being wealthy, or try to do something rather than just laugh at others?
Which is the best way to convince anyone of...anything?
people always want to "save the earth" and "save different" species,but why does it matter?
If you are a christian and have statues of egyptian Gods in your home, it having them considered idolatry?
there is going to be one man-made thing in heaven. what is it?
where do Imaginations (and Dreams) come from? especially 'other-worldly' type of Imaginations / Dreams?
Fear is, as a rule, rooted in uncertainty of preferred or desired outcome, isn't it? Then why do we fear death?
What if you had a CLONE?
What does it take to let go of pride?
Do you believe in fate?
Do we really become that which we hate?
is philosophy garbage since it can not be proven as true or false?
Why is it important to have a figure to look up to like your mother and father?
How do you remain optimistic on a bad day?
Help with Philosophy Questions?
What are some girl names meaning misunderstood, uncertain, confused, or hidden within? Or around that?
how do you increase will?
in your opinion, if...?
Who knows when is the end of the World? We know is comming!!?
what are the different jobs we can do to get mental and physical peace?
Why are we predisposed to believe that everything that happens in our lives must have a purpose?
Self knowledge in A Street Car Named Desire?????????
What are the 3 necessary conditions for the right of first occupancy of land? - Rousseau?
If a person criticise your flaws to your face, do they usually badmouth you behind your back too?
does anyone knows how to get an e-mail from a hi5 profile?
Way behind mature-wise?
what is a dmn gooon?
Was Ayn Rand's books and work controversial in her time?
why do we ascribe human qualities to nature?
2012 end of the world?
How can I stop being pushy when things don't go my way?
What's the law of identity in logic?
how does being a citizen of the world intellectually relate to being a member of a local community?
what is best in indian girls?
if people are poor, it is largely their own fault?
a person who considers it is very important that things should be correct or genuine?
What is your favorite Life quote ?
For those have OCD: how do you stay strong everday?
Who was accusing Socrates of the crimes?
when do you think it'll happen ?
What other ways can I calm myself down other than hurting myself?
What hurts you the most?
can you describe the philosophy of John Locke?
does my philosophy makes sence. in objective reality there is no positive nor is there any negative objective?
Is Anything for Definite?
In fenial tradition of the string of what if questions; what if...?
Is it true...........?
do we need a religion?
Do you really need a house to be "Home"?
Kant's moral theory or Utilitarianism?
How do you know if you have a good imagination?
Explain Kant's categorical imperative in simple terms.?
Truth or Happiness? what do u choose?
When you take your last breath, what will you have accomplished that will leave a mark on mankind?
Philosophy-themed Playlist. Need suggestions.?
What is the meaning of life?
PHILOSOPHY Question-- help!?
Please do tell me about your own self :)?
How does Aristotle's account of theory of act and potency to explain the account of sensation?
Is it possible that much of what we think is good is actually evil?
real life example of an informal fallacy?
where can i find more information about Epistemology Philosophy
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
logic class contradiction -> valid?
What are the contrasts between Locke, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche with respect to their epistemological views?
Alientaion solution- Schopenhauer?
What matters more, the existence of the universe, or the existence of human life?
Can an introvert learn to be an extrovert?
do you believe in "time"?
How is Failure a success?
what is the definition of course of ultimate extinction?
Mathematics: Empirical, Analytical or Synthetic a priori?
Lyrics to Stairway To Heaven - meaning?
Can anyone help me with this problem?
Was it wrong of me to name my pet dog after my deceased Great Grandmother?
When you pass on to the next life, what do you want to be remembered for?
Is "you mad, bro?" suppose to get a rise out of people?
what is the way to be like yours dream picture ?
Philosophical: Dulaism versus Monism?
What philosophical questions does the movie "House of Sand and Fog" asks?
do you reckon the world would be a better place if money hadn't been invented?
Why do ppl laugh?
what was socarates view on freedom and justice?
What exactly is the essence of mind and body for Descartes?
which man is the most happiest man in this world?
Has anyone seen the tv remote?
The Hippocratic Oath is "First do no harm..."?
although i believe in god but one wish of mine never comes through i want peace and happiness of my daughter.?
Why do I like humans response/reaction never the human "it" self their actions are super funny lmao?
What are some of Plato's methods of aquiring knowledge?
Does our modern democract reflect the "will" of the people? why or why not?
Life's too short for ________?
why do cops have to wait for the bad guys to shoot at them before they shoot back?
What is the purpose of life?
Where does happiness truly come from?
what are three things you cannot live without?
Difference between Maieutics and the Socratic method?
What is the school of ethical thought advocating concrete ethical principles that can not be violated?
How can I stop feeling insecure about the colour of my skin?
Philosophy of Education of just Philosophy?
What do you think about these quotes from Brad Pritt on Christianity?
A question of creation vs evolution?
Why does this happen?
if you could bring a loved one back from the dead???
whats a more fancier and shorter way to say the peripercal characters do not care to have human connection?
Hume's idea of necessity...where does it come from?
“Am I who I am because God said so or am I able to be whatever I want to be?”?
Does Nothing Exixt?
If one neutrino can be in two places at the same time...?
What is life's, biggest mystery, to you?
What is love???
What contribution to the world, will you invent something new, bring an end to something or make other happy?
What's your purpose in life?
a question?
What do you think this means?
What are some knowledge issues to do with Drug Trafficking?
What was John Locke's philosophy concerning government? How is this similar (or not)?
what is the secret of happiness?
What is the ONE thing a woman needs to be happy in life?
If god is so powerful, Could God Micowave a Burito so Hot that He Could not Eat it?
the majority of people are ___________?
what does philsopohy teach about science?
what is the meaning of life?
What movie, tv show or books represents the meaning of life?
What next?,when the person who sacrifice everything for you,just to make you"see"this world again?
what is stronger love or war?
what era of your life was the worst and why?
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever laid eyes on?
Is a vow of truth possible?
If you could view just one moment in history, what would it be and why?
How well do people know themselves?
would you rather be a SAND CASTLE or an ICE CASTLE?
Do you believe or perceive every thing we need to know is in front of us usually at the time?
what is life about? always striving for stuff when it really doesn't matter at all....?
What chance do I have for cavorting with a broad from The OC?
Is Sex the real meaning of Life?
Give me one REALLY good book for the case of theism, and one REALLY good book for the case of atheism?
How do you balance your life? ?
What type of philosophy says we base of morals on what is easy, and not what is always right?
Describe a sincere holiday card that best describes peace.?
Question about Jean-Paul Sartre's "Existentialism is a Humanism"?
How much does the need to eat inhibit your daily life?
What is philosophy called in Mass production when it's logical to produce only for majority?
Do you attain fulfillment in life when you establish a relationship with God?
are you afraid from dying ?
If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?
Would you believe a complete stranger's opinion when they could offer you no tangible proof of what they say?
Am I Jesus Christ? ?
What do YOU think is the meaning of life and why?
is life motile extensions of the environment and vice versa?
Looking into the Buddhist philosophy. Are there any specific texts or scriptures I should read?
What is seventh sense according to you?
I could have been any one of a billion species, so why am I a human?
Daoism: What does the Dao say about necessity?
Why Fortune 500 or other companies look only for 3.0GPA students/candidates?
"Life is like a game of chess, changing with each move" What do you think?
Why is the human always trying to improve?
If you had one wish what would it be?
there are so many ways to die but how many?
Does Germinale of Emile Zola(1840-1902) Contain Philosophy?
Your 70th birthday? If it were only 2 days away, would u say you've lived long enough already?
When does confidence go over the line and bleed into arrogance?
Could a state in which food was not a necessity be realised?
If i destroyed all humans, what would i be? evil or saint?
2045 Intiative (True or False)?
if God has angels, what does the devil have??
Tell me that useful thought, which no one knows about except you?
Who is undeserving.......?
Socrates "Meno" on Virtue?
What is the purpose of life in one sentence?
Is everyone narcissistic?
What's wrong in propagating hatred?
We can know only as much divinity as exists within us. what's this mean to you?
What unites all people in the World?
What valuable lesson would you, teach me?
What happens in your life on a Saturday evening?
What is the best kept secret ? And who is Whitey ?
If man decended from the apes ....why are there STILL apes ?
How do you comfort those in time of need?
Is there such a thing as true freedom and should there be?
Has Answers hurt your productivity?
Who do you trust most in your life?
Do you see a difference between happiness & joy?
Why is everyone I know so unhappy?
Do you think that true friendship is not an opportunity, but a responsibility?
the evolution of gods and ensuing ethical questions?
What is the difference between agreeing with someone and not disagree with someone?
if you only make what it costs to do something, could it be argued that there is no benefit?
If you could have three wishes what would they be?
Is life like a game?
Can some one explain what "majolica" is?
Does he go to jail with the brother or is he set free with the brother ?
How does it make you feel?
Is kantianism and Deontology the same?
Do you agree we are bound to our enemies when we hate them?
Is "red" to you "blue" to someone else?
What information do emotions convey and on what is it an authority?
Can I shut myself away from the world?
How was Truman Burbank an Empiricist from the film The Truman Show?
whats your thoughts on the observer effect?
a word to define one who lacks mercy?
What is the best way to live?
If a wiener dog and a husky had puppies what would they look like?
What modern religious precept do you think is the most detrimental to spiritual development?
The Heinz Dilemma - a doubt?
what PROMISE is the HARDEST to KEEP?
Do you agree with the fact that thoughts of today's people, people here, becomes tomorrow's philosophy?
What are the similarities and differences in the philosophical developments in Africa, the Americas, and Asia?
Can someone please explain these societal groups?
What's your favorite philosophy and/or philosophical quote?
If you could know the truth -- the absolute TRUTH?
does LOVING someone despite his or her FLAWS makes one a FOOL?
Is it because I'm BLACK!!?
Is Hegel's "philosophy" really a kind of gnosticism?
Can you IMAGINE what life would be like if we got SEX out of the way?
Please explain this question about murder?
John Locke said that it isn't possible to have any ideas without first having sensory experiences?
Do you consider murder or killing someone ART?
What does Hume mean when he talks about the sentiments?
Does the term "poststructuralism", which is basically a lit-crit term, apply to visual art at all?
What is the thesis of casual determinism? What is the problem of free will and determinism?
I have no life.....?
Do you understand life?
How do Calvinist philosophers handle the problem of evil?
What question can never be answered with a 'Yes'?
Which is better, love or happiness?
Is there such a thing as a "soul" in people? what makes you think there is (or isn't) any such thing
can the existence of possible worlds help us understand the nature of modality?
Who got the idea of big bang?
JEWS! Have you ever had to use your Krav Maga training outside of a war-zone?
Need some debate over karma,re carnation,judgement day and deepest purpose of life?
Is this the definition for roles, culture or folkway?
Should we allow other people's limited perception to define us?
What's the difference between metaphysics and phenomenology?
Do you think that the Husserl's phenomenology is a science?
does our mind ever stop thinking?
using the four step procedure to determine whether this argument is deductive or inductive.?
What is the best memory of your life so far?
What is your favorite quote? How or does it relate to your personality?
Which statement best describes the focus of Video Art?
interesting question?
Why is Thales of Miletus wrong for thinking the world is made of water?
can you give me a short explanation of the dualism of the philosoper descartes?
Did G-d create religions?
How to stop freaking out about solipsism?
Why does hell exist if God is all-good?
to err is human but it feels divine- mae west?
Major life desicion to make...should I go back to school or shoot a movie on credit cards?
Are Forbes lists of the wealthiest/richest people right?
Is life all about money?
Would winning the lottery realy make you happy?
Does what you believe is your reality dictate what your reality is?
If today is where your book begins and the rest is still unwritten...what are your ideas for the next chapter?
were is actress yvette curtis of the 1974 movie claudine?
Have you ever felt following the right road?
The social classes in Canada?
What never ceases to change?
"Philosopher, surnamed "Doctor Mirablis" - does this mean that he was also known as Doctor Mirablis?
Which is more important the fact that you are fighting something or whether you win or loose?
gimme one reason to be happy!?
Has artificial intelligence altered wisdom?
Nietzsche vs. cottingham HELP!?!?
According to Marx, what is capital? ?
when is the world going to end?!?
Why do I care so much about non-living things?
Based on the beliefs of John Locke, which of these statements are true?
Why is it that people who think they have something interesting to respond with usually don't?
In your opinion, what are some of the most interesting topics in philosophy?
how can i have peace of mind??
what did people first think about Carl Jung's ideas?
Aristotle ethics:the golden mean?
Why does title "childhood " poem by markus natten do not have any article??
How do i act normal after over drinking?
Do you think the human brain works as a receptor of our nonphysical consciousness?
Is this the best kind of man or what....?
what is locke's argument for saying that each person has inalienable natural rights?
Christains !!! said Jesus will come back in Earth? yes or not? and why?
Do you always wipe when you go to the toilet? why / why not?
Can't we all just get a bong?
You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.?
What is it that makes you answer a question? Something that draws you to the question (interest/ curiosity)?
what exactly is a fate worse than death?
What is Structuralism? Individuality and conditioning....?
Try answering this one: Can God create a rock so heavy that not even God himself can carry it?
How to win your heart?
What is your personal definition of 'success'?
wicked people harm their associates?
Why are most the of people who answer questions are morons?
can some1 help me explain what wittgenstein meant by "philosophy i know not what"?
Anyone got any great examples of Karma proving that the bad 'guys' don't get away with it?
What would be worse than waking up dead?
How to be 1st and not last?
If you had everything, where would you put it?
Why do we find humour funny?
How did John Locke and Thomas Hobbes' views differ?
Would the love of a good woman change you or will you always be stuck with the same old bad habits?
How can we hope for something and make it come true?
Take away my first letter; take away my second letter; take away all my letters, and I would remain the same.?
Do many adults in America "model themselves" after news anchors on Fox News or CNBC news or other?
Can we be who we "want to be" on here? Or is it that we can just finally "be ourselves?"?
☇ What Makes you Happier ㋞?
What brings you happiness?
If God were to answer 1 question honestly, what would you ask him?
Would a computerization project automatically envision "overnight regression testing", "automated testing",?
This year I will be forty. Does life begin at forty?
Can anyone think of an ironic or philosophical way I could dress up as a superhero for a fancy dress party?
Explain the VIP Framwork for understanding human dignity in the context of self awareness and human purpose?
What the secret of happiness?
Is the Collins project software tragedy isomorphic to the Maguindanao massacre tragedy ?
What do you consider yourself?
one day the world will no longer exist, no one will exist who remembers me, so do i really exist?
What makes a glass a glass and a cup a cup?
survey; what is the one thing in your mind that can keep you from falling apart when times are bad?
Do you always want to be happy in life ?
What are the only real things you need in life to live comfortably?
Philosophical question?
Can someone explain Kant's ideas about " a priori synthetic" "a priori analytic", and "a posteriori synthetic"
why we are afraid of past when past doesnt exist in present?
Did God actually create women? If so, why are they so treacherous? Could they be pathologically deficient?
how do skeptics criticize the empiricist view of sense experience?
what was the best age of your life?
how do i be more subjective and less objective and numb?
Was Jem truly outrageous? Truly, truly, truly outrageous?
What form of government did Confucius favor?
realtionship of matrix movie in the real world?
If you could go back in time what part of your life would you change?
What does it mean to be a real man?
Is Love a Weakness or Strength? ?
How to find what you truly love?
if Man **** are not 'strong' ,i dont think there will be many suppoter.Agree?
What do you as a woman look for in a guy?
Creator & created.............?
What is the exact definition of "at random"?
How far would you go to defend your beliefs?
In what sense is this world the best of all possible worlds?
what makes you sure Allah is real?
What do we NOT know?
what kind of music makes you think of god?
is post modernism basically self consciousness?
How do I put my Life Back Together?
What happen if there is no night ?
What is the most basic 'element' that consciousness can be reduced to? ex. awareness, mindfulness, being..?
Is this a beautiful music video or what does it make you feel good especially the background?
What is a "sincerity requirement" and how does it relate to philosophy?
If one can travel into some sort of different world...?
What is the craziest dream you've ever had?
It's in the old casseroles that we make the best soups, France Italie who will win ?
What is the meaning of life?
What has been your biggest challenge in life, thus far?
where are the research centers in medieval philosophy in the US?
Who penned "Women should raise more hell and fewer dahlias." ?
What is the source of the nest of vermin on stinking earth?
If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan?
how one peace sand gravity in space?
William James the free will to believe?
Should you forgive someone if they don't show remorce?
What would you want your last words to be?
meaning of global culture?
Would you adopt a black, poor child from Africa?
David Hume fundamental cognitive operations?
This is a classic. When a tree falls down in a wood, but nobody is around, does it make a sound?
bubbly gloop friffy. what image did this pull to mind?
My Girlfriend is supposed to deliver in September, i Need a Boy and Girl Name?
If you could undo any one mistake in your life, what would it be?
Feeling that music is always in you?
Have you ever done one good thing in your life?
Wouldn't the "office powerpath" give themselves away innumerable times as being of poor personal?
what are the more general schools of philosophic thought of today which are popular?
What could be the purpose for which God created Human Beings?
What is the #1 threat to the existence of humans ?
What is the source (i.e. what book is it from originally?) for this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche?
Do you consider anyone you know boring, and if so, what makes them so?
Symbolize the sentence "Exactly one of the three will go"?
what does love means? define and explain.?
Which war did Modernism follow?
Can God create an object too heavy for God Himself to lift?
Why have similar inventions come into existence at similar times around the world?
What is the difference between the 'privation' theory and the 'aesthetic' perspective?
what could u like to write about life?
Will things change when reason begins?
are we living on earth faster than we should,and how can we slow down?
What do you think you were in your previous life?
True of False: you can't miss something you never had?
What is the model of the human mind? Is it like a quantum computer?
cancer religion?
Why is it that, when I'm feeling really down and depressed?
what is the worlds most fastest trains?
What is inside of a Mandir?
What is your interpretation and personal application of the words "prophesy", "prophetic", and "prophet"?
What is Stephan Korner saying in Chapter 5, page 36, of "Conceptual Thinking"?
Why would God be male?
If silence could speak what would it say?
Where are Your Thoughts Focused Right Now?
Does you wax sentimental about the utterly mundane?
My future goals...can anyone else relate?
Do you believe that you are boundless, unlimited????
philosophy question- help wanted?
Is there even such a thing as "love at first sight"?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the dynamic nature intertwined throughout the interposing forces of being, time and nothingness?
If the term philosopher are the professionals then what are those without degree yet studies philosophy called?
How do we use John lockes ideas/thoughts today?
If you choose the manner in which you would ultimately die,would you?How would you want to leave this world?
what is the difference between an animal and a human?
Would you rob an extremely rich person to feed 10 poor ones and save them from starvation?
Should children be raised gender-neutral?
Should I start using a schedule?
none sexist question but why do woman go to the toilet in pairs and what do they talk about?
What shape do you imagine all of time and space to be?
What do you honestly think is going to happen to you when you die?
why is secular humanism so dangerous for the planet?
what you think about love, war and peace ?
Will the world end in 2012?
In your opinion, does the government in Brave New World have good intentions for its people?
When somebody dies, should u b happy cause she is in a better place or should u be sad cause you wont see her?
Impossible? Should we cut this word out of our dictionaries?
I need your help it may save her life?
Does it matter if people do not understand you as a person?
i have to give a speech feeling very should i face the situation with natural confidence.?
Does the meaning of life need to be sought or experienced?
What are some problems with cultural relativism?
What do you fear most?
Are technologies being developed that are used unethically?
Having trouble understanding what an Invalid Deductive Argument is?
Is hard work God?
Is someone there who can help me???
What changes when you grow?
Philosophy Help Please!?
What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
What is the meaning of life?
Is politeness important in human relations?
In the republic, does Plato develop a theory of retributive or distributive justice?
Urgent help with a thesis (diploma) please?
Are genius and madness related ? Your views please?
What is the purpose of human life.?
If you could know anything in the world, what question would you most like to be answered?
how to be happy in life?
5 to the power of six as 2 to th power of 8 is?
Does the average person experience more pleasure or more suffering in life?
is god present in this world?
What do we truly know?
make love not war?
Anyone agree with my thesis that music which may incite tension or violence is Duelly Noted?
How people perceive things differently?
Has our reliance on language made non-verbal thought virtually impossible?
Secret hour?
Is Erykah Badu a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths?
What's your greatest fear?
How can you feel more empathy and compassion?
Is truth to be sought or a way of life to be lived?
hey i want to enter book of record. how can i get lots of people involve in it. its for world peace. Can u mai
Why people have to be devided by borders, why have to belong to one nation, to one culture?...?
Is the world really ending in 2 months or is that just a big load of bull?
Is It Really Wrong Not to Have A Job?
What is real?
are ethical relativism and ethical egoism comparable?
if GOD decided to Post a QUESTION, what do you think would he ASK?
Have you ever asked yourself who were you before your grandparents were born?
What is the meaning of hate?
Can anyone name a culture or nation or religion which considers murder stealing rape to be morally acceptable?
Can Jesus warm up a burrito so hot that even he himself cannot eat it?
please help me to attemp my tok essay number 1(evalute the role of intuition in different areas of knowledge)
In speech II Socrates has been found guilty and is arguing for ______.?
What is Life? -Your Opinion-?
what is the one thing you can never have enough of ?
what are the three most important things to learn in the human beings life?
What has eyes & cant see, a tounge that cant taste and a soul that never dies?
Where is Nirvana?
What are the characteristics of the Forest society?
i am not lier is it true ?
If you could go back in time what part of your life would you change?
what is well oredered scinece?
Why are all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto functioning here in North America?
Why water is wet ????
What does Radical Augustinianism mean?
What can I do with my life?
If I told you I love you, how would you react??
what are yerms?
Need advise on what to do please help?
Do you think beauty is overrated? Why?
Can anyone tell me how to heal people with my chi/ki? like john chang.?
Why are humans considered to be the most advanced creatures on Earth?
Who did the Romans ask what they do to honor the dead?
I have this feeling I could be doing something more important?
Could you be good without religion?
this could happen to you what would you do?
Can someone please help me with this philosophy question?
True/False: Most of the time, people's opinions are rubbish because they don't have all the facts?
Meeting people online?
I keep getting this urge to murder, what should i do?
Why are humans so impatient as to not wish to acquaint themselves with one before they judge one?
whn u meet an old(ex)lover,it disturbes ur life but whn u meet an old fren,it ads mor hapines to ur life.TRUE?
why do we always ask question about people helping people?
Is there a question that has never been asked before?
Hi!Anyone has an article explaining Michel Foucault's philosophy?
the question of being and ontological difference...?
Who had my previous question removed? Why?
Does Everybody Get A Second Chance At Life?
how to make week fly by?
Even if time were stopped wouldn't it still be going forward?
How does Plato explain the experience of?
Who are you? What is your life like?
If you kept your pride too high, what would you get? Why?
Does any believe in planet hopping in the near future?
What is Plato's crito about?
What is a person's destruction?
what is the purpose of project development?
Who's your favorite philosopher of all time?
iam currentley planning to walk around the world.what are the current world records for doing so?
How many yesterdays will there be?
Can you tell me a story about philosophy?
Is it actually possible for one person to "change the world"?
What would you rather be? Respected or Loved?
I dont' understnad what This quote means by Sartre(existentialist)?
what would you call a life without...?
What does it mean to be an ontologist?
If some reason God's existence from the "unmoved mover" arg. then how is the "unmoved mover" accounted for?
What is the simplest and safest way to become famous in the masses???
Truth behind the Da Vinici Code (no bible beatings please)?
Does God really exists?
is the glass always half empty or always half full ? are u a pessimist or optimist ?
Travellers , if you want to live, work, and explore the World, with or without money, email me, I LL TEACH YOU
Are pride and cowardliness one and the same as Kierkegaard claimed? What are cowardliness and pride to you?
who do you think you are?
why do the living disturb the dead?
can sum 1 tell me how to hyptonyse a person?? i want the actuall steps....?
Agree/Disagree: The clock is always ticking.. it's all about how productively you use that time...?
What is the meaning of life?
what is an emergent Paradigm ?
Are you weird?? if so why... tell us... (come on weirdos...)?
Life has its funny sence of humor?
has anyone ever thought about the details of their funeral?
What is your number one goal before the year ends?
Use the direct and the counterexample methods to show that these arguments are invalid?
Which can hurt more - SWORD or WORDS?
What the heck, here it goes again: Is there an ultimate MEANING to LIFE?
What is the hindu god of fear?
What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?
Is the elementary process of what defines a friend bullshit?
Does happy marriage still exist these days?
Are there any figures in Christianity and Judaism who are praised for chavilary and fighting skills?
Can there be good without bad?
how to be in a good and happy mood always?
if there was one thing that you wouldnt do what would it be?
Help! looking for ambiguous Advertisement !!?
The date and time of the end of your life? If available on the Internet, would u look at it?
what is your philosophy of life?
complete this is nothing without....?
Best quote to which you live your life...?
Is something really "wrong" or "bad"?
What Is A Full, Rich and Meaningful Life?
songs that show transcendentalism?
how is newtonian mechanics reduced to general relativity?
What is the point of life?
ღ What makes you feel at peace?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Why'd it take so long to discover the oblivious.?
Are you happy with who you are? What would you like to change?
Who is the enemy of human?
In your opinion, is religion a good or bad thing?
What was the happiest moment in your high school life?
Wanted unbiased book of Philosophy religions and science in Hindu and world relgions?
A good thesis on why A Separate Peace should not be banned?
Tell me one important thing you have learned from life so far.?
Why do people sometimes do things they know they should not do?
What is your 'Gold at the end of the rainbow'?
Would you please finish this statement...?
If we are all humans?? then why do we all look different?
Are footballers fake heroes?
Why is life worth living?
Happy Helmut… would you wear it?
Clouds hover over pyramids, lightning flashes, sparks shower; in a blink of an eye you've missed seeing?
any one taking a philosophy-ethics class and need a book?
Your opinion only....?
Can u name any one major thing ( or lesson) that u have learnt frm ur life so far... ?
Is there a way to use ! Answers to find smart people and ask them to solve tough problems in society?
Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative?
Do you think "we" are good at creating our own worst nightmares?
what is "existing" anyways?
Why do i think its the next day?
What so you think the odds are you can make music a living as an indie rock musician?
Write a response to "meditations on first philosophy"?
what do you feel when i say metro lifestyle?
Was John Lennon right when he wrote 'All you need is love'?
Will I see you on the Other Side ?
If you could think of one thing all humans have in common what is it?
If you knew you only had 24hours left to live what would you do?
I'm not trying to sound ignorant, but I really can't get the importance of school through my head?
What "you" have not experienced is automatically impossible..?
What philosophical arguments support the belief that people cannot, or should not, love more than one person?
Why does the caged bird sing?
How is an expatriot writer much like an existential writer? How do they differ?
Provide a proof for the following argument?
How to ANSWER your Enemies?
Do you think Ludwig Wittgenstein to be the most influential philosopher of the XX century?
do boys always look at smart girls?
How would you kill yourself?
Question about Epictetus and the Egyptian Protests! Please help!!?
are you satisfied with your mediocre,average lives?
drunken truths?
Sad or emotional feeling.?
what do you love about water?
Imagine that you will only live in 1 week or 7 days what do you think you can do to take care our environment?
The ULTIMATE question. 42-010?
If you could sit down with anybody (alive/dead) and have a conversation who would it be and why?
What is Locke’s response to Cartesian doubt concerning knowledge of the external world?
what is the difference between men and women (socially not physically)?
Is there any purpose for everyones life?
your fave quote?