Thoughts on Gender Reassignment in Children? (Puberty Suppression)?
IF Death is the opposite of Birth???. . . What is the opposite of?
If a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
My mum was telling me how it is bad to get attached to pets and also to things and people. Is this realistic?
What does 'Life teaches, Love reveals' mean? ?
DO YOU believe in taking revenge?
How to have a deeper understanding of philosophy?
Who am I? What am I meant to be in life?
What could be one's biggest dream?
Is it ever right to do the wrong thing? Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?
What do you think the defintion of "All that we are is the result of what we have thought" ?
Do you judge people according to who they are, or what they do?
critique on this staement by earnest hemingway?
Philosophy of toleration?
Hello are you happy or sad ? or confused ?
Why do we create?................?
where is great waters?
Would jesus have been against sex before marriage if preventives was accesable?
DMT and the allegory of the cave philosophy?
December 21, 2012 really end of the world?
Woman's the most beautiful creation and man the most intelligent many agree and why?
What do you think of human emotions?
If you are good answering and finding answers on the internet why do you make questions on ?
Is falling in love a choice or a chance?
Is Post-hoc fallacy a part of causation in the causation-correlation argument?
marriage is an institution?
philosophy help pleasee!!?
What would ethical cultural relativism say about an individual who changes cultures? What actions is right?
Is it good to remain nice to someone who has stabbed you or used physical violence towards you?
What are good and bad things about being in your 20s?
Is anyone genuinely happy?
If God has control over everything, why are you not mad at 'him'?
Is man "good" without intervention? What would be more intervening than google?
what do you do when you are alone in an elevator?
What would you say makes for a "good ethos"?
what was before the time god came in existance?
How does rationalism conenct to the following?
what will u do after leaving ur computer.?
what is the meaning of respect?
should we bring back hanging . for those who take the life of another?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
According to James, a "genuine option" is living, momentous, and unforced.?
Life is a LIE unless you add the F, so what does the F stand for?
Does anyone read Vernon Howards books?
What do you think of this quote?
Is it ok to answer a question when you don't know anything about the subject?
How does Inwagen claim determinism and free will are incompatible?
Is Love a Weakness or Strength?
Why do people say "The alarm just went off" when really it just came on?
What flavor is your smile?:)?
if you could describe today in one word what would it be?
Can anyone give an outline to MacIntyre's Virtue Ethics?
in general what are the main things people regret in life?
Question about the Existence of Universe and the existence of everything?
whay would Jesus buy?
12 12 2012 what comes to mind to you?
How did you improve you finacial problems?
why are people so gullible?
how do you fill the emptiness inside you?
Ketchup, or Mustard?
Why do we always miss our dear ones, when we tend to live our lives in our own way?
anyone got a quote that describes the world today?
I took the road less traveled by?
what do you consider success to be?
Why are people mostly excited by the irrational and/or the unexplained?
how can being a sociopath be "bad" when most people are?
Why cannot we live forever?
Does QUITTING always make one a LOSER?
what do you guys think the reason of R&B is?
Has anyone ever thought the only truth in this world lies in contradiction?
Has Pentecostalism caused more good or more harm to the Catholic Church?
Absurdity and Suicide?
What is the notion of "vendetta"?
Were all people poor in GDR?
What could you get rid of?
moment that changed your life?
which of these can be dated using Thermoluminescence dating?
how does descratres explain human error?
If you were invisible how would you take over the world?
Are we still confined by our race?
What do Hindus believe about humans that are evil and why they are given so much intelligence in their life?
Are William Paley's arguments for God's existence convincing. Why or why not?
Lili, tell me more about Platonic eros?
God/Jesus/Holy Ghost? Is this plausable?
would religion be dead and buried in a generation if................?
How do you find direction when your unsure where it is you want to get too?
Anyone know of any books that help to understand Wittgenstein?
Philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas?
What is the goal in life? How will you know if you have had a good life?
Does it scares you?
Does anyone over 40 feel that?
Who, in your opinion, is easier to live with...the highly principled person or the unprincipled?
Can someone give me an incontestable example of metaphysics?
If humans desired a more equal world, should the world be more equal than it is?
How does one feel unque in a world full of similar individuals with similar possesions?
is this Stupidity or Love?
If a tree falls in a forest...?
Capstone project ideas?
If Anselm says God cannot be thought not to exist,...?
Why haven't scientists made real life KKnightmare frames or Transformers?
when will we die like when will the world come to the end?
"One should not imagine oneself to be one with the eye or independent of it or the owner of it." Who said it?
What is the biggest thing in the world?
Is the ancient philosopher Nostradamus' Prophecies predicting our future or of his own time?
What is it that makes you believe in the existence of God?
Correct ...:- Destiny makes you ?or You make your destiny ?
what is beyond the invisible of your spirit?
What does God, Devil, super ego, ego, and Id have in common?
If sex were not enjoyable, but only a duty, would the human race endure?
just ooooooone more literature question???(honestly this time!)?
Is there more to the world than we really know about?
If you were to take on the goverment, how would you do it?
What is a logical reason a person should stay alive at all costs?
Is volunteerism the only way to understand philosophers?
How do I determine my own future?
how can some one control his own desires as it is normal biological reactions to certain visual stimilus?
I haven't been happy for years what can i do?
man is god?
Do you judge a book by it's cover?
Addict... Stop Watching News?
Living the life in rock n roll way, does it worth?
Ways to develop analytical skills?
follow 'dannistewarttt' on instagram. I will love you forever?
How do you know that you know anything?
You are responsible for each and every thing which happens in your life-agree/disagree?
what is your opinion?
What exactly does a divine command theorist stands for?
Can someone please help me and explain this to me?
If my argument hinges on a fallacy, is that convincing evidence it is false?
ayn rand believes ethics are based on the ......of emergencies?
In easier terms to understand, What is the human condition?
Do we have to die ?
why do they make cigaretes if its bad?
I'm looking for some way to get Preacher Phil hensen? CD"s on AA A WAY OF LIFE.?
Do you want to live on this planet anymore?
what is the meaning of the deficit perspective?
Anscombes criticism of humes fallacy of composition?
Can ethical naturalists resolve their own Euthyphro dilemma?
How might a group exhibit loneliness after finding there were no others that could form some other group?
What would Aristotle say a body is?
How to tell a genuine free thinker from a pseudo one?
'As an optimist, I am quite pessimistic about pessimists!'?
why does socrates think that a life devoted to sensual pleasure is NOT the best life?
Compare & contrast existentialism and Nietzsche?
why do so many people believe in unproved,mythical ideas,like fairies,unicorns,etc.?
What would happen if?
what are two ideas that science accepts but which cannot be confirmed empirically?
what is wrong with these things?
is there PROGRESS in PEACE?
In your opinion, what is the ideal age to have children?
what is life really about!!?
Have you ever tried to do something completely unexpected just to try and change fate's plan?
What is the meaning of life?
I keepp asking myself is really really really true?
Who's your favorite philosopher?
How complex is the world?
Can you "Just Be" what ever you want to be?
What's your opinion on sex before marriage?
"Existence is the cause and reason of our knowledge,while eternal knowledge is the cause and reason of existen?
what is an open question argument?
Nearly 40% of Americans think marriage is obsolete. Many people find marriage irrelevant to achieving goals,?
If life is a dream, what is death?
What are the words Never to say to a woman?.........?
Is money the most important thing in life?
What is the cause of your rebellion?
Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?
Jail Birds. (What do you think it means?)?
What are Callicles declarations about human passions and desires?
Can you have very little money and still be happy?
If only Christians go to heaven....?
what is my belief on morals? is it nihilist?
Finish this phrase... Happiness is...?
How are Virginia Woolf's views similar to Marx and Mill?
What were William James' criticisms of philosophy as a means of discovering truth?
Who said "The unexamined life is not worth living"?
Whats the meaning of we are life by emarosa?
A man goes from point A to point B then returns to A at a faster speed, will he arrive before he left?
Why do we even try? What is the point? Who cares- we all die anyways. Why even live?
Do you believe their is an answer for every tormenting question?
Can someone explain to me who is "They"?
Is happiness a choice?
How could we know that that someone is telling the truth?
Do you believe in luck,faith or just coincidence?
Am I not suppose to have love?
Where is the line between confidence and *********?
What is the most positive thing you did today?
What's the relationship between friendship, virtue, justice & self-love according to Aristotle in The Ethics?
Did Collins computerization have the normal checks and balances?
Kierkegaard and Nietzsche difference question?
Is family traditions by Senses Fail a ballad?
· Do you believe that things are fated no matter what, or do you believe your actions can change the course?
It's one of the oldest things ever, but it's confusing?
A question to all world.....?
The singularity is near?
destiny love fate what do you think?
What are the differences between dumb, oxymoron and dork ?
What happens when Evolution has finished?
Do some people have an exaggerated estimation of "software engineering" and "system engineering", believing...
What is your purpose in life?
Im a single guy and my power switch if fluctuating?
If everything is everything, is nothing part of everything ?
Do you think our destiny is determined by chance or choice?
Will things eventually be like the show evolution (no power) ?
What do you think about that 2012 will be end of the world ?
What is right?To live with someone whom u love or to live with someone who loves u?
Does contemplation of death detract from the enjoyment of life?
What is priciplism view or approach on Abortion?
What's the most important sentence of all time?
Is life an Illusion??
what is your reason of being?
Do women really think their smarter than men?
When is it going to be my time?
What would you like to ask?what value of x will make this proportion true? x/35 = 3/7 a. 5 b. 7 c. 11 d. 15?
What do you like better?
If my girlfriend falls over.........?
What can't you go without?
Does humor come in more flavors than just irony?
Difference between Maieutics and the Socratic method?
do you think the eyes really are the windows to the soul?
What is the purpose of human life?
Whats the best way to live life?
Which people do you think are most successful in life?
Is there a plan you have for getting humans off of this planet and out exploring once again?
Can you handle the truth???
Which city ??
Who are you...?
How are we similar? Do you...?
Why Don't People Know the Difference Between Like and Respect?
Why we should live with many contrasts in the life?
what can I do to feel trust for someone?.?
What sparkles in your life?
What are some things you can do to improve your life if you have nothing going on?
plato and the forms please help me ASAP?
how would you describe 'life'?
problems with occasionalism and parallelism?
Was there some sort of (presumably unintentional) sabotage of the original Collins submarine computerization ?
If you die tomorrow, what is the one thing you'd wish you would have done today?
What is the Best Question EVER asked?
Do you believe complete happiness is in your control, or beyond your control?
Can Jesus warm up a burrito so hot that even he himself cannot eat it?
i need help with LIFE!!?
Why is everything there on earth that we need?
Is it normal to be jealous of my best friend?
What is perfection in your view?
What is one thing compells you to live?
what is 1 half time 2 thirds times 3 fourths?
philosophical questions?
Can we justify trust or only hope for its self-justification?
What's more important, love or success?
Does government funding threaten the integrity of the arts?
Philosophy Homework Help? Part I.?
illl FREE FREE providers for everybody ,?
Can you swap a bad habit for a healthier habit?
who would u like to disappear of the face of the earth and why?
Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to me?
Would you take the chance to live life again while keeping all your knowledge and memories from the last life?
Are these good methods to becoming enlightened?
Help with philosophy final! Kant's categorical imperative?
what do you hope to have more of?
Is it possible i was born sad?
Do people not like saints?
Are you afriad of getting old and dying?
How can I gain self-confidence?
What is the greatest problem of mankind?
What fears u da most.?
Which beauty used such things??
Your perception; Is life Beautiful or Ugly?
Which philosopher (or maybe politician) said this?
"I cannot ber to look at myself". Whats the I and whats the myself?
what is your most regretful moments in your life?
How does one bring about a total revolution of the psyche?
Who is a biblical hero who promoted peace?
What is the meaning of life?
Big is power or dominance or ego ? Or something else ?
Even if we can prove things are moving from non-existence into existence, how can we prove it's not caused?
21st Gen'tion thinks & acts a lot faster.. Fact or Misconception and Y.?
Hi All;) .. Do you ever wonder if the path you have taken in life is the right one?;D?
Whats it like to be in love?
Socrates third proof?
what is ur moral towards life??
Who/What were you in a past life?
Can you be wise and innocent at the same time?
If ignorance is bliss, why do we seek knowlegde?
Do you know that you are loved?
Nietzsche's Morality as Anti-Nature: Which readers did you think he wanted to get across to?
Is there a Teleological suspension of the Ethical? Can the ethics be suspended in extenuating circumstances?
Do u think u can start a band at any age (from 18-40)?
How can we Anglo-Americans guard against the tide of French Relativism and Social Constructivism?
What your comments on the current turmoil in Jamal Mohamed College?
Why can't I find something/someone that makes me happy?
Forget the chicken..Why did the squirrel cross the road?
Are humans themselves responsible for all the misfortune and troubles? Your view is of great importance to me.?
what does it mean to be free?
Philosophy Question for Philosopher?
when we die?
If your girlfriend's teeth were rotting out of her mouth and smelled would you still date her she won't brsh?
is it legal to sacrifice myself to save a few people out there who needs any of my organs?
is there a STRANGER WITHIN us all?
Agnostic Idealism in the modern world?
Is he who goes prone upon his face better guided or he who walks upright upon a straight path?
If you could live a moment forever, what would it be?
Do you think people who claim to be Agnostic are just afraid to admit they're actually Atheist?
is 2012 end of the world?
Why am I not an energetic person....?
How many years do we need to learn that anything means nothing at all?
Rank these three according to your priorities. LOVE, CHARACTER and SUCCESS?
why do why bother living?
bertrands russells meaning of philosophy?
If evil can not conquer good, can good conquer evil?
Why do I exist?
Ideas for a vicious murder?
A simple, but mind-blowing question: How do I think of I & you, compare to, how do you think of you & I?
Is it normal that I don't question life and its meaning?
Dick Clark's 3 essentials to life. One was music, what are the other 2?
What's your scariest supernatural experience?
why humans are created and for what purpose?
Is it always enough a reason to love someone just because he loves me ?
No difference among things can be identified by comparison if they have no thing in common for comparison-Why?
What was Thomas Aquinas Philosophy on life?
What is Aristotle's conception of virtue?
A question for believers in fatalism and supernatural judgement after death.Does fatalism negate sin?Read full?
Does a relationship serve any purpose but procreation?
Is this an effective visual argument?
Is committing suicide a sign of cowardness???How can u say so???
does love truly existt?
Philosophical question about the movie "Collateral"?
If you have one day left to live what would you do to spend it?
"I'm not are all f*cking insane!"?
Do you worship Satan?
Do the cyberbullies always ruin your life?
What makes You chuckle..? In life..?
Why does no one belive in Hell?
Is determinism compatible with free will?
If there is no god life is meaningless?
What General Patton was standing in your kitchen each morning, giving you a pep talk before you went to work?
Why is there so much hate out there? What has happend to the world we live in?
what does it mean to say that existentialism "brings philosophy down to earth"?
Can there be nothing.....?
what does subcollective mean?
What is the greatest Vratam in the World? Why?
What's your first thought when you look up to the sky?
how would life improve if people showed more love? how could one grow more love in their life?
Does LIGHT have 'Weight'? And is DARKNESS 'Heavier'?
If the people who made Israel are passed away, then Israel is the property of today's Israeli's?
Did any of your school teacher/s inspire you..if so how..?
What knowledge of art can be gained by focusing on the audience's response?
If you had an insanely high intelligence, do you think you would lead a happy life? Or a lonely/depressed one?
nos vamos a morir en el 2012?
"Everything happens for a reason." True or false?
Is The Moment of Death or The Moment of Birth affect you more?
are we doomed in 2012?
Do you think that we have distorted the work of the purest minds, the prophets?
Does Foucault's book "Discipline and Punish" offer a theory of law? What are the arguments for and against?
Why do people keep asking the "meaning of life"?
I need to know if this true or not?
Is all of life just a dream?
Why cant i sleep??????
What is more powerful, love or hate, and why?
What is amazing about our world?
Have you heard of the technological singularity?
Wouldn't an admiral have 20 ways of checking a proposed change to a system, 8 of those ways producing?
How does one free the mind?
What is business life cycle?
What is vulgarity and obscenity?
What do we all have in common?
In need your opinion?
What do YOU think would happen?
How do you symbolize these propositional sentences?
what is the meaning of life?
what about parallel universe is it theoretically proven or a pure imagination of someone?
Why does God allow suffering in the world?
what is the meaning of life?
Describe your perfect life?
At the ends of the earth, where the hopes turn into despair and the silence reigns.... What?
What is the goal of a scientific method?
What Do YOu Think Is better To aSk?!?
What are chill's just exactly?
why is man destorying the earth?
Do you think those that read the patterns of life are the truly cultured?
How do we know?
Poll: Do You Fear Death?
Let's acquire serious self-knowledge by preparing a written self-portrait in the major life spheres, describe?
What is your favorite copy of Plato's Republic and why?
What should I do with my life?
What's wrong with saying negative comments about yourself if they are true?
What foods are good for happiness?
What would you like to see right before you die?
Which way is the right way of living?
How do Nietzsche and Aristotle's views differ on the 'good life'?
how do you know the Right choice when makeing choices?
I"m looking for a video copy of the debate on god's existence between Copleston and Ayre?
What is an existence, if you are barely existing?
Who can better enjoy every waking moment than someone who's stared death in the face and survive?
Does LOVE set RULES... Does LOVE follow RULES?
is this our 15 minutes?
what is the meaning of life?
“the strong do what they will, and the weak suffer what they must” Explain?
I want to nominate HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj for Nobel Peace Prize. Who Can help Me?
When there is no vision, people perish..?
Is loneliness the price of true freedom?
What are three reasons why John Locke is the most influential philosopher?
Are rapists victims themselves?
What does it this sentence mean? Do you agree or disagree with it?
What do the following quotes mean? 10 points?
Why does tootiecaca mean?
Spinoza's philosophical positions ?
what defines a superhuman?
Why are born only to suffer and die?
How would describe the feeling one gets when "mentally stressed" or "mentally tense"?
Why does ppl have 2 ear and 1 mouth???
If given a chance to ask God,what would it be?
!!!!What where the basic ideas of Bertrand Russell's personal philosophy?
man is creator of god? (personal reaction)?
why the greek made greek temple?
Whats the gift you give to someone who has everything?
What does it mean to be human?
If any one likes coldpaly music, please offer your views ;thank you?
What are the chances I would be a human and not some single celled organism unless. . .?
I need some poems about city environment(s art) or urban landscape?
What is the meaning of happiness in a life of poor person, money or?
What are the five most important things in your life?
The most important thing in life.?
Does Nietzsche's "Will to Power" make more sense than moral values?
do tourists enjoy travel in India ?
Whats the difference between Hubbard's Scientology and Earnest Holmes' Science of Mind?
why i made this by:me?
How can you be sure you are the same person you were a second ago?
Can you help me define "throw people off"?
What is the basic claim or formula used by subjectivists to evaluate works of art?
What's worse than death?
What has been your biggest lesson in life so far? and at what age did you come to understand it?
i would like to ask of the Meaning of Able Man's Theory?
Does quality tend to disappear from computer projects ?
What makes up a modern man?
If you were granted one wish,what would it be?
Suposse you have a very wicked son and you know he is going to commit atrocious crimes;should you stop him ?
John chapter 8 verse 34 what is the meaning to this verse?
How do you know what to do/decide, among many informations & opinions?
IS Knowledge Power?
How do you answer a question personally?
Is this world an Illusion? If so, what is real in this world?
Is the karon evil??
What is the most meaningful and/or memorable quote or saying you have ever heard?
Describe your idea/vision of a UTOPIA.?
What's the best advice you've received?
Do you feel that Sgt. Bales is getting too much simpathy by the media?
Why does my mom insult me?
How do you sign into Endless forest?
I ate an 8th magic mushrooms last night and looked at the world from the Hollywood sign: Why do I now feel?
What is the best nature for Tailow/Swellow?
which life do you like school or the current life?
Is it possible to live a happy life without material possessions?
How does the music affect your life during the day?
Help! I think I'm not breathing right for singing!?
Besides the Five Senses, what other SENSES are there?
Who believes that aliens are actually angels, and demons, and why?
Is it really the end of the world on 12.21.12?
Deductive/Inductive Arguments?
What made my cousin act like this before he dies, he said he heard his dad calling to him?
Can we miss what we have never had?
How does one determine the abstract meaning - of anything or any subject?
What is......tomorrow?
Question about deontological philosophy?
how i must left fat?
What is the meaning of life ?
What is the meaning of YOUR life?
Is culture a burden or an opportunity?
How to meditate on things, obejects or ideas like my goals or verses from Tao Te Ching?
I'm 15, I need some life advice?
what is more dangerous for human- SUPERIORITY complex or INFERIORITY complex?
What Martin Luther king speech is on Linkin park song "Wisdom Justice & love?
Do psychedelics enhance creative and abstract thinking?
Imagine you could live in somebody elses body and live their life, who, what, where , how?
What if, when you die, nothing happens?
which lasts the LONGEST, True FAITH, True LOVE, OR True FRIENDSHIP?
Opinions on ACAPU Theory?
Where can I find the (English) translated works of Yi I (Yulgok?) Also the works of Yi Hwang (Toegye?)?
what is the meaning of life if it ends with death?!!?
Buddha: what does Buddha actually teach. Peace. Happiness. Spiritual enlightenment. what is the big deal.?
What is your definition of “having sex”?
what is perfect voluntary act?
Do you agree that in this world, there are only 3 important things - money, sex and more money?
what is the best advice about life in two words?
what is causing this? can someone explain?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
Water, Earth, Wind & Fire. Which are you?
What is one job you would NEVER do?
Could you be out of this world or right next door?
Why were there problems with a computer project's software ? Was it a programmer rage related incident or was?
are there people who are not meant to be happy?
What does the phrase "beyond good and evil" mean?
What would you do if you just had one day left to live?
They say practice makes perfect . But nobody is perfect. Then, why practice?
Answering and asking questions, how does this affect your life?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why we live in the year 2006?
I don't understand this quote?
Humanities II Question?
tell me ladies do you find this offensive ?
Curious Question?
"Every achiever that I have ever met says, 'My life turned around when...'" What is your opinion? Who said?
how do make this argument into a symbolic form?
do you agree with this...............................?
Please - any criticisms of Descartes' First meditations?
Do you think there will be a scream4?
what do you know of the inner nature of man: the ultimate potential self?
Asnwer this please!!?
What's more important, freedom or security?
Dejavus..why do we get them?? What've you been seeing??
Do you need a reason to be happy?
Why is suffering such an integral part of human life ?
How do I know I am real?
Unifier and complementer?
If you take out Religon Whats wrong with being gay.?
do you think people like us are strange?
Article 9 of the UCC-Cicero’s observations? Whay Do You Think Of This?
What is your darkest secret?
Has the game of Life become a Risk of Downfall for Civilization?
Will the world really end this year?
What is the purpose in one's life?
How do you describe strength?
Intelligence or Humor?
What is the purpose of your ..... Philosophy... ?
Is crying a sign of weakness?
A question that wil make you think.Very Important!!!!!!!!!!!!
is this true?
Is genetic hybridization the only hope for our future (LONG)?
Would it disturb you if, upon your death, your body were simply thrown into the woods to rot?
"Home Sweet Home"..................................?
Which Silva Method program is better?
beanz #9 answered my question. who is she.?
can hatred ever be turned into a constuctive and productive force?
Euthyphro is surprised to see socrates on the step of the court . why is this important in understanding socra
Aristotle's relationshp with the Church?
If you met a talking fox, would you:?
What is the color of silence ?
Why do fake flowers never die but real flowers do die?
In Your Opinion Why/What Was The Single Most Important Person, Place, Event, Or Idea...?
How would you interpret AND analogize this concept into a real life setting?
What is the BEST FEELING ever a person can experience?
Philosophy Logic?????
What is the worst possible trait in a person?
What do you think of people being able to "sense" bad emotions, negative emotions?
Is it wrong to be bug/reptile-racist?
What is happiness what does it mean to be happy?
Is Pascal Boyer an Atheist?
Do u believe that everyone is born with a talent that could be used to make money with?
What 1 word best describes your life right now?
Who do you think Confucius would endorse in the upcoming election and on what grounds?
Does it feel strange,day by day... we are growing,we will be old... now we are young...years will?
Is bill gates naive for this?
do you know who said......................?
Is there 2 people in different parts of the world with the same exact personality?
As a species, should we tell?
what do u think about suicide?
What makes the least sense to you that goes on in the world today?
Should we really believe in GOD? What can happen if we don't???
dose anyone believe in love at first site?
meaning of mending wall by robert frost?
determinism? libertarianism? compatibalism? or fatalism? which one do you think is correct, and why?
What comes to mind when I say?
If you are asked to think one last thought on earth then what would that be?
What is your theorie of life after death, a fantasy or acceptances of death.?
Philosophy 1: In general, what are Aristotle's views on appearance and reality? - Thanks!!!!!!?
anyone familiar with aristotle? specifically, the politics?
When do events that don't happen not occur?
When you love someone, is it unconditional?
How does Plato's Worldview Compare to Aristotle’s Worldview?
What does "to know" something really mean?
On a philosophical level, if you're not happy with who you are shouldn't you change yourself?
Can you give me a reason why I should not kill myself?
Is justice just a civilised way of saying revenge to appease a gentleman's conscious?
telll mi how is this year for mi studies?
how does humanities link disciplines together?
We need a new slave morality for the future?
What is the most precious lesson you have learnt from life (so far)?
You won a lottery for U$ 1,000,000 but find out that you will die in 1 day, what will you do with your price?
What type of women do men respect?
Is there GOD and Heaven?
Is Christianity a burden or blessing to mankind?
what do YOU think is the meaning of life?
moral issues relevant to daily life?
Agree/Disagree - "There is no fate but what we make"?
What did Plato mean by "Rules are for uneducated people" ?
What would excite you more, stopping an explosion or escaping fro one?
Does art mimic life, or does life mimic art? just a fun question :D?
what is destiny?does luck plays very crucial role in our lives?wut difference than between hard work $luck?
what is the greatest fear of a person?
why do they make cigaretes if its bad?
Explain Descartes’ 6th meditation argument that bodies exist.?
Want to see something awesome? Please helpz! I promise they're good!?
If your Mum & Dad hadn't met, would you still be here?
WHO SHOULD WIN X or Y? you can either take the side of X or that of Y.?
How can I survive on this type of society?
what is life?what the point is it worth living at all where everything is wrong?
What is John Lockes definition of liberty?
What Ibnu Khaldun philosophy of education?
Similarities and differences between Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes?
Why did god make some grapes seadless and some not?
what would be a "contemporary" example of life and death?
If you had the answers to all of life's questions, would you charge for the information, or share for free?
Is there life after dealth?
the five people you meet in heaven?
Life - Love = ?
Did EVERYTHING happen for a reason?
why most of the people (not me) think that work is the purpose of life?
what is locke's view of life without government?
The karma for meat eating is WAR!Do you want to go to Irak?
Is The End Near?
What will you be doing when the world ends?
Is it wrong to fall in love with a man with 3 kids , divorced twice?
what year is the world going to end?
When should You STOP TRYING?
What gets your blood flowing on a full moon?
Was Hariprasad "Swami" involed in a murder case? Does he have kids?
Is it lack of emotions or emotional numbness?
What is Socrates' theory on 'power'?
How does the study of the heart relate to other areas besides scientific investigation just to gain knowledge?
Is life "Continued related events " ?.?
I Want Your Opinion?
How is it that I'm wrong in longing for the joy of man's greatest desire?
How do I form reconstructions for Philosophy?
Do you sense the world will end within your lifetime?
As my fellow human being, do you wish me ill will or harm?
Was the bronze age "poppycock" or a major advancement in human history?
what is the evil genius hypothesis? Descartes?
Where was Richard Pryor when Robin Williams was Bruce Lee and the Silver Streak was gold?
This is a long shot?
What was Aristotle's orientation on ethics?
Have you ever used telepathy?
Will finding a cure for disabilities be a good idea?
Write your own Commandment ... or two or three ... 10 points to the most creatively realistic?
Do you fear poverty ?
Can I compare different types of apples?
When was the last time you observed Nature ?
What is the actual difference between a man and a woman?
Do you like your Name ? What is the Meaning of Your Name ?
Life to me is_____________??
Tell me why you don't like Mondays...?
True or false philosophy questions personal identity?
Is there such a thing as "unconditional hate"?
Extended metaphor about life..?
What is your MBTI type?
How can I get something for nothing?
Is a world without balance good?
What is the reason for life?
If God gives you a test, will he score you all or nothing or does he give partial points?
What is the purpose of the relationships of equivalence?
If love is better than hate, why is there so much hatred in our world?
Emotional Freedom technique EFT for healing from emotional abuse?
What's wrong with life?
What's thats "saying" that goes something like, "only spend time with those who bring you happiness" ?
Which one do you think you can live without more and why?
How can complexity explain conscious awareness or the colour red?
Search your heart and mind before answering: How would you answer this moral dilemma?
Coffee, Tea or Me?
What is the author trying to convey, what is the emotion the writer conveys?
Whats ethical dilemma ?give an example of an ethical dilemma experienced ?
if the stars are thousands of light years away?
Whether life taught you lesson or you learnt lesson from your life?
Are you a solipsist?
If you could kill any annoying famous person and use their life force to resurrect a dead one?
Are there smoke jumpers in the UK?
Are people more inclined towards fear or joy? Why?
Do these lines still have a meaning or purpose?
War, What Is it good for?
don't we all have bigger fish to fry than each other?
Why does religion make no sense to me?
what actually is life all about? Is it worth living?
Would you rather go down fighting, or do you believe "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day"?
has God predestinised our destiny such that some pple can never get saved from hell?
Why is life so complicated and scary?
Money or Love?
What do I need to know about Immanuel Kant and his works?
I want to kill myself?
Elementary set theory help - formal logic?
Spirituality is the blurr between physicality and mentality?
why do people always feel that they have to defend their religions, saints or God?
What message exactly doyou mean or intend to convey when you call your ideas or someone else's ideas opinions?
has anyone attended the ayn rand institute? what did you think?
Can we abhor slavery and embrace royalty at the same time?
(I'm a Christian) How do I attain a state of internal tranquility?
why we live in the world? what purpose we born ?????give the best answer?
Atheists, What created the Big Bang ?
What are some differnt ways of reading a perosns body language?
Is science better at answering ?s of life than religion? philosophy better than science? what's the hierarchy?
If you are familiar with Peter Singer Please Help me with this question!!!?
On what basis does or should politeness exist?
Aristotle & Machiavelli's beliefs?
What makes a person bold and fearless in life?
what does mean by love.who fill it?
what is the improtance of philosophy in human being? is this a good site?
why does a round pizza comes in a square box?
do you believe in jean piagets theory? please state your reason?
What it is like?..when u break away from ur usual nature..?
Anyone think philosophically wealth redistribution is wrong?
Philosophy - symbolic logic question! again!?
whats the meaning of life?
What are some good books on The Human Collective...?
Why do we feel our emotions in our heart?
Does your happiness level swing back and forth?
what is secret of one day babies innocent smile?
i need to know more about western politics and philosophy?
"He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know"?
What do you think is 'Karma' ?
where did our morals come from?
Is there a reason for everything?
Who is humble and proud of it??
Can you prove what you say is true?
Why the center of the civilization keeps moving West?
Is life worth living?
How to write an appeal against visa refusal by USA Embassy. Please help me to write an appeal?
What would you rather be doing tonight, instead of surfing the web?
It takes forever to understand one -- agree?
Existence ; What do all the verbs (am ,is , be , being , was , were etc.) mean?
Why can't we list what we can know about anything and everything?
What is the most beautiful and meaningful thing in your life?
What is valuable in life?
What are your personal views on abortion?
Which type of human charactor you mostly dislike?
Are you a genius?
How do you dream life to be in 2070?
What would you like written on your tombstone?
Love or Honesty...which is better...?
In your opinion, what is the major root cause of American stupidity, hatred, and ignorance?
Is it possible to have a condition that makes you constantly speak your thoughts whilst being unaware of it?
Do people secretly laugh at supposed atrocities?
what is the most inportant thing in the world to you?
What is Thomas Hobbes Main Philosophy?
Do you like one direction?
does being really intelligent suck or what?
What will be the order starting with the earliest of Universe,existence or full existence,life et cetera?
Random Philosophic question?
Did God create Man or Man created God ?
What would happen if..........?
What one emotion would you like to eliminate from your life? Why?
Agree/Disagree - "There is no fate but what we make"?
What does Beauty mean to you?
is this right (on Locke's Property)?
If you Could Murder Somone and Get Away With it Would You?
Why the center of the civilization keeps moving West?
What would a utilitarian or a Kant ethicist say about a person drinking at home?
Do you realise that happiness is yours.. If you just believe it is?
Defining and Identifying God? - Is it Possible?
do our SOULS last FOREVER?
What does it mean when someone calls someone a?
What do you do when you seek comfort?
Why do people say we just fell in love? This seems to suggest that their brain has been overidden.?
Who was more intelligent, Benedict de Spinoza or Adam Weishaupt?
How do you cope with the fact that we're all just like everybody else?
If you could have one wish what would it be?
Why? why why?
If your faith is weak, due to constant barages of bad luck or ill will from others, how can you sustain it?
what is the meaning of the universe?
Do you live your life as an exclamation not an explanation?
What is the worst decision u ever made? How did it affect your life?
Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is Power." Is the aphoristic stmt an oversimplification? Is anything missing?
How to live more happily?
How could u argue tht Jesus Christ is God?
What's the meaning of life?
i have a email adress and i have not used it for a long time and i recently got sent mail how do i see if i?
I feel like the television is dictating what people dress like and act like, am I wrong?
A Separate Peace Question help?
Can you Explain the traditional rationalist view of human Nature?
when can you say that a proposition is contingent?
What is the one thing you would do if you had no financial limitations?
Compare / Contract the ethical models Kant and Mill?
Why do Kamikazee pilots wear helmets?
Who is involved with Urban sprawl?
"there is a time to make things happen and a time to let things happen"?
who invented God?
What would a line in nature seen everyday would be ?
what is the string theory?
What's the preferred ethics theory of an epistemologic skepticist? a subjectivist, rationalist& an empiricist?
A logic can be creative. Can art be logical?
is post modernism basically self consciousness?
what is beauty?
why are we afraid to die?
are we all INVITED to HEAVEN?
what is the meaning of life?
Reasons why the lyrics of "Breathe Today" by Flyeaf are transcendental?
POLL: What makes you sad in this world ???
Were any of you a deity in a past life?
ancient philosophers?
What's the deal with atheists?
But where can you go to leave yourself behind?
Why don’t the fundamental forces of nature behave randomly as a function of time?
Who were you in an past life...and how do you know?
what is the big bang theory.?
To be or not to be?
What's your philosophy on life, etc.?
What is man's greatest weakness?
What do you do when friends fail?
Who is the most important genius of all the times ?
Is it normal to feel sad when you leave a job, despite hating it?
whats your goal, purpose, mission, passion , in life?
what is your surrounding himself with luxuries?
How much money do you need to be happy?
Do you agree with this statement....?
What else can happen after I/you die?
Only Christians answers this about gay marriage.?
What would you willfully die for (hypothetically speaking)?
GREAT philosophy in life??? (yearbook)?
Are you scared of the following?
Isn't there more to life than making money and getting married?
What does this phrase mean "I am not my own, for I have been made new"?
do you agree with socrates when he argued that knowing is doing?why?
is the pope a catholic?
What does 'your fear', fear of?
How does a person motivate themselves to do something.?
who is the best girl in world & why?
moment that changed your life?
why is it wrong to kill?
When are people going to stop writing the letters T.S.O.L. inside phonebooths?
Egoistic attitude is due to ignorance, lack of knowledge or what somthing else?
why did other philosophers bother to respond to the ontological 'argument'....?
Is it better to regret something you have done,or regret something you haven't ?
Immanuel Kant...Intention vs result?
Was any/all of this done for your project ?
Keys to being happy in the suburbs?
Logic aside . What would you do if the sky fell ?
what is your life been control like a robot? what you gonna to do?
Did the universe comes from nothing or something? What is your view on this?
Why would someone die for polis?
Ethics Philosophy question?
What do you think of this poem for The Absolute (what you call God)?
Is immortality real in future or is just a plausible theory?
Why is life so difficult??
Can we find happiness in every situation of life ?
How Can We Achieve world peace
What are the facts concerning Earth the kingdom of ra, the feces' eater?
What is the word/phrase/term for the 'realisation of the actual size of something'?
WHY do some individuals refuse to acknowledge truth? when it is plain as day and irrifutable?
What draws us to knowledge?
Ka ka ka karma? Tibetan suffering and now oppressing forces suffering?
Life is like a walk among the roses.. You can either see their beauty or see the bugs and how much pruning?
What is this Nietzsche quote saying about man? "Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than...?
What is the opposite of how you feel?
What are the materialistic ideas on sex and love?
If only you can send the message only to who it applies to?
Lot is talked about forgiveness but if everyone will be forgiven then ain't crime will increase?
How do you behave?
In 2052 what will the world be like?
How to feel good, always?
Have you ever wondered if you are living your life the way GOD planned it?
10 points! How does sight help us construct the world around us?
questions an anthropoligist, psyologist and sociologist would ask?
What is your lucky Number/Day ?
How can I make myself into a sociopath?
Why is life an emergent property?
Niccolò Machiavelli, who had a similar philosophy to his?
if you die and have the chance to live again, would you like to have the same life?
How can i apply for a teaching job in canada,presently i'm here in china as educational consultant?
What is the biggest comman goal of Human life ?
What would Kant think about Descartes' belief in God?
How does the third causal principle form the keystone to Descartes’ proof of God’s existence?
Is it true you don't get your freedom of speech till you're 18?
Misogyny Vs Misandry.?
How does Cloud Atlas relate with the idea of determinism?
If you foot is not 12" long but say 11" is it still a foot?
In some disciplines, can a person make a career out of bucketting other peoples' work ?
What is the most wonderful thing that a stranger has done for you?
If I said "I cannot tell the truth", would you believe me?
How would your life be different if everything closed on cold and rainy days?
HELP!! Enlightenment Question??!!!! 10 Points?
Christians so what ?
Would you kill one person to save ten thousand?
what benchmark defines?
Is failure necessary for success?
Why do I like walking on s, lines and shadows on streets?
Why is the rest of the universe not mentioned in genesis?
What were you doing at each stage of your life..?
What do you hate ?
Why cant i play computer games and watch videos and music?
If you could not be human what would you be ?
What is requirements traceability ? What might John Anderson have thought about it ?
How do you define the line between beautiful and obscene?
do you still belive in adan and eva after all those theories about big bang and the newton`s evolution?
Do you think our liberty comes from Jesus Christ?
How would you describe love in 1 word?
Buddha: Peace. Happiness. Compassion for other humans/animals. Does Buddha want you to Rich?
is it that, the people who ask & answer these questions are bored....or just plain boring.. share pls?
what is pickickian sense?
If you were to sell yourself....?
Empiricus or another philosopher speaks of Criterium Problem? What does that mean and what is a criterium prob?
Let me rephrase. Is the formal move of science, from theory to conclusion, a logical fallacy?
Compare the beliefs of Hegel and Kant?
when talking about being human why do we compare ourselves with machines ?
what exactally is love?
was science created to try and explain what goes on in the mind of philosophers?
can you trust your gut instinct?
Is there an objective biography of Lenin?
What to do?
What would improve the quality of YOUR life?
WHY do people have to intellectually dissect God all of the time? What happened to faith?
What's the most important question?
Was Nietzsche a virgin, a loner, and a freak of nature?
what is this @?
What do you see in the mirror?
What is the role of the gods in Plato's Apology?
What little thing would you do to feel happier?
limitations of Ansoff matrix?
Is the most powerful word in the human language 'Yes'?
Is there ever a right way to be wrong?
Need help with Marxism?
Why did Hitler want the perfect race to have Blonde hair and blue eyse, when he had brown hair and brown eyes?
How can you prove u r d best??
Have we lost out sense of reality (this trend of false personalities, false lives, false everything…)?
Do you exist? Proove it to me and get ten points?
have apathy is a sing of depression & could you tell me how to help my friend?
Has there ever been a moment in your life when you thought you were about to die?
How was Kohlbergs stages of moral development used to suggest there’s a difference between female and male?
Why is there SOMETHING rather than NOTHING?
What are the ingredients in the Philosopher's Stone?
Does Bertrand Russell deal effectively with Alexius Meinong's Jungle?
The questions nobody can answer...?
what affects do mass media have on relationships?
what is the diffeerence between angels and cherubs?
Did you know God does not exist, and I can explain why.?
this is an overture: how do we reconcile enormous lust with spiritual longing?
if you knew your future would you try to change it or would you just sit back and enjoy as it unfolds?
Does Anyone Know Of Any Sites Like This? (10 Pts!)?
I have developed a nihilistic view of life, far too young?
what is locke's view of life without government?
It makes no sense, someone guide me? PLEASE!?
If you could live forever...?
What does philosophy means "the end justifies the means"?
How long have you forgot to CRY?
What would you What incident occurred earlier in Thurgood Marshall’s life that drove him always --- wh to ask?
what is Platonc love?
Is it fair to say Jeremy Bentham and Adam Smith were Enlightenment Thinkers?
Is a spirit which stops existing when the brain dies really just 'consciousness'?
Will it ever end?
The one best and worst thing about the world??
Does Citius altius fortius - philosophy always lead to wellbeing, prosperity?
why do we die?
What's the sound on one hand clapping?
the things that you learn as you work towards the goal?
Do you think life is like a movie or tv show sometimes?
Is it possible to live without marriage?
Hi All;) .. If you could either go into the past or into the future, which would you choose?;D?
Who labels intimidation as "wrong"?
What came first , the hen or the chicken?
How can a person be beautiful?What makes a person beautiful? from the inside.?
the loser is...............?
What would you do if you were the only person on Earth?
How can i use the law of attraction to prevent or correct my teeth so that i dont have to get braces?
What are some philosophy that I could connect to "The Road"?
What philosophy do you live by?
Does anyone else feel like they're waiting to die?
Philosophy students, when does life begin?
i need to unwind, how do i relax?
whts is the butterfly effect?
Does Post-structuralism apply to all of the arts and human life in general?
What is the point....?
identify whose philosophy is the most convincing about the nature of man?
If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
what is the thing that you can't live without?
Do you think wishes come true?
what is rationalism and defined ?
what is the difference between Jesus and God?
do u believe that dreams come true?
How was the staement Man is the measure of all things realized in Ancient Greek civilization?
Percieving social scripts?
Does the Mind have an eye?
Help with philosophy homework? Easy ten points.?
what is the most important thing in life?
what 3 things remind u of england?
Poll.want to live forever? yes or no?
When you come before God, and He asks you why He should let you into His heaven, what would you tell Him?
my life is ending soon?
What is a transcendental argument ?
what is life?
Account for the nature of helenistic philosophy?
If you won 11 million dollars tomorrow, what would you do?
Societys built on Religeon?
Philosophical questions on book, "A Long Way Gone"?
What are some good personalities for these characters?
Need project help: What do we want out of life?
how do you hurdle into the endzone on ncaa football 2007?
describe your own three generation, give your different and similarities?
y does human life sometimes seem like a ship leaving port without a rudder and a predetermined destination?
How does Socrates address Meno's paradox with his theory of recollection?
How was life ever possible for you before brian boitano?
How do the mind and energy affect each other?
Can there be a one without a zero?
Do I have a future in the world of work?
Okay, I'm really tripped up on the theory of "eternal recurrence" right now?