Would this better describe the philosophy of Mill or Kant?
Can you grow spiritually in a paradise?
if you were BORN AGAIN, but you can only KEEP 1 THING/TRAIT/PERSON from your PAST LIFE, what would it be?
Can we know anything for certain?
What is "the force" in real life?
what does augustine mean when he speaks of the love of god?
Does this mean god exists?
What exactly did Larry King mean when he said this?
Nostalgic memories from when i was younger?
What Really Happened>...?
Are there contradictions in the Bible?
what does being rich mean to you?
what is the gender of TIME and why give reson plz?
Necessity and Liberty by David Hume ?
there is a village where the barber shaves all those and only those who do not shave themselves.?
what do you lust after the most in this life?
If we are reincarnated, How come there is population growth?
what is the life?
Why is life so tiring and frustating?
is it True that for every BABY ABORTED, another BABY loses a SOULMATE?
did you ever reached that POINT ?
why sho.uldnt you this q.uestion?
What is my greatest strength? What is my greatest weakness?
What exactly does a Tridecagram mean?
Does Pascal offer a proof of God's existence?
How critical thinking applied to a religion and faiths?
What is love?
I need any information on what foes it mean to a girl to be a girl.?
Is god real how was the world made and why do u knw so much shittt?
Does loving Death take away from Loving Life?
What word comes to mind...?
Are you sure you want to be evil and mean?
What is something you consider truly beautiful on this earth?
Can anyone explain Mamonides classes of people?
who is the hero of the world who is loved by all humanbeings once?
what is fredrich nietsche's favorite food?
Is it wrong to kill an animal for food when it is not necessary?
how do I write a recommendation for a student?
What actually is nihilism?
Dreams in the mist... where your feet never touch the earth.. Where we live another life.. or is it little?
So yeah. i need help?
Does this give any insight into hiccups Collins project might have experienced ?
Anyone who had logic class in philosophy Please help!?
What will bring happiness in our life?
Aristotle-The prime mover?
What does "others" mean according to aristotle, confucius, socrates, and plato?
what is happiness?
If you could choose how to go, what would you choose.?
The self/mind as the fifth dimension?
If someome on here, told you "No-one on here, knows the real me anyway..." What would you do?
Are you the same online as you are offline?
What was the most profound spiritual moment of your life?
how can u believe in god?
if global warming is real...?
Is it probable that the whole of humanity is living in somebody else's dream?
who else is tired of all the ists, ians, and isms of this world?
what dose manage means?
Can you help me with this blog?
do you still belive in adan and eva after all those theories about big bang and the newton`s evolution?
"Trying to do the right thing, play it straight.."?
a categorical syllogism with A00-2 mood and figure is valid?
What is the perfect defination of QUESTION?
How does David Humes explanation of what goes on in such a situation differ from Descartes wax example?
why is God named God in English?
Is radiation and humanity the Ultimate war?
What is the value of adopting a traveling mindset?
Are we free from Canadian Govertement proxy or ar we "born free and enslaved by society?"?
Why is love seen as being a warm emotion, while evil is seen as cold?
What drives you?
what was mahatma Gandhi view on true love and marriage and knowledge?
Can humanity be saved? What's the end of the human race? Heaven or hell?
when your FAITH went missing, where should you start SEARCHING?
how can people who lie, cheat or steel live with them selves after they do it?
can you also give 5 significant events u hope will happen in your life and how they will influence you.?
where do persons go after their death?
which is greater compassion or understanding?
if your aunts brother is not your uncle what is he in relation to you?
Would you kill someone to?
How to unite large numbers of isolated, struggling people in a way that produces real wealth...?
What would happen to you?
Why do we consider humility as something to be proud of?
Symbolic Logic Question!?
What school of critical theory is opposed to marxism?
If you get lost, how do you find back?
Definition of Pure sensuous concepts by Kant?
Who authored the following summary of a quote, "Judge a worldview according to its purest form?"?
interviewer said "i dont think your wait will be futile"! should i be happy?
What causes people to commit such evil crimes?
This is a 'one word' question in Philosophy. First to answer right gets 10 points.?
Difference between greed and selfishness?
Can sharing knowledge be dangerous...?
What would you do if I told you that anything you thought you could do you could do easy as a program comand^?
Is 'certain' a redundant word? Do we just mean 'highly probable' then?
What is the name of the website for the Redemptorists in the UK?
What's The Meaning Of Life?
Every one and every thing use it, even god use it wat is it?
Is living social better or groupon?
What comes AFTER postmodernity?
I will be opening a writers fourm; what are your thoughts?
Which kinds of occupations do people have who live in not the super rich neighborhoods..but like the 8.0 ones?
will the antichrist walk on water and turn water into wine?
Is anyone annoyed with the sterotype of being EMO?
Do I have a brain?
How long is a piece of string theory?
What torments you more - having said too much ... or too little?
what do you think Jim Morrison and Slavoj Zizek have in common?
What does "overeducated" mean?
How does the philosopher Hume account that necessary connection is an important part of our idea of a cause?
Can time cure anything?
Further reading on idea of "scientific reincarnation"? Not religious reincarnation.?
What makes you the happiest?
Secularists: Ever feel guilty for bringing children into a world that always has been & always will be corrupt?
What is the lesson that Pain has taught u in this Life??
How come God has always been portrayed in the public arena as a man?
Memories we share together.. moments no one else will know.. How often do we take the most memorable events in?
Does this progression of/to Love make sense?
what is the significance of middle age and medieval time? why is the medieval time is known as the middle age?
why are you disagree to philosophy of anaximander?
If a Woman's Heart is an Ocean of Secrets, then What is a Man's Heart like..?
am I the only that believes philosophy is a science.?
Do You Have A Personal Philosophy?
does land exist in the ocean of the soul, if so, where can i dock my ship?
Is it the eyes or the mind that see?
Is world peace really real?
"I imagine that yes is the only living thing"?
Which animal has more social life than humans?
If your house were burning, aside from your kids or pets, what sentimental things would you try to grab?
How does being moral help?
Are there those times you just cannot help yourself?
what's the meaning of life?
Will the world really end December 21, 2012?
Can a man have feelings for more than one woman?
Whats the deepest thing you've thought?
I will not love you for the rest of your life but for the rest of my life mean?
ok...this is a tough one... " Why"?
Why do (doubtless) well-meaning friends feel the need to push you into doing something?
do you think that money makes people happy or not?
is MONEY everything?
Is this a valid argument pattern? Confused!?
How do you gain knowledge?
When a man loses his pride, does he lose everything?
explain how the from of television make you feel and how it affects your life?
How are supporting counterfactual conitionals, symptoms of nomic necessity?
What is the Worst TRAGEDY in LIFE?
Will there be future (world) leaders that have the power and ability to rule the world??? (Details Inside)?
Is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?
Do humans have the rights to define RIGHT and WRONG.?
Is the internet a breeding ground for morons? Do any North Americans know how to write proper english anymore?
What else in the world is materially and immaterially free?
can you enumerate the effects of a rapid population growth?
Is sex the ultimate happiness? How can u compare money, happiness and sex?
What do you feel like doing?
what in Marx's vision of the future would make Khrushchev's claim plausible?
WHAT did we do before the internet?
What is the one thing that according to Psychology sets CRAZY and SANE people apart?
Is Qualia real or not?
Which way is up?
What teachings of Greek philosophers related to the universe and man can be found in Greek drama, lyric poetry?
Are we the champions ?
What is the significance of the cosmic vision in the Bhagavad Gita?
why is school so important?
Explain the meaning of the title of Popper’s article: “Science: Conjectures and Refutations.”?
can you cite examples of love that creates evil act?
What is Pessimism and optimism?
If the world thinks of peace on World Peace Day 11/11/11 will peace happen?
Y Do People Change Themselves In The Presence Of Others.?
WHAT IS philosophy?
Who is Theseus?
where do the warriors slain in battle go ...according to Norse mythology?
What is your definition of perfection?
Why are cuss words so...bad?
grew up in a toxic home, will I ever find anyone who can love me and treat me kindly?
what are the two strands of rationalism, put as basically as possible?
What are some interesting, funny things that happen to you everyday but never really notice?
what is the difference between an ethical problem, issue and a dilemma?
whats the name of that poem??
What is Saint Thomas Aquinas's philosophy?
How do I know I exist?
During your life, have you ever changed the way you think?
Murder . . . . Bad?
Do Emerson and Thoreau recommend Plato's Republic?
octavio paz life, his marriage, wife....?
Having a baby..?
What did the Stoics mean and what did they not mean when they said that the ideal of life is “apathy?”?
Poem- end of this world- not stereotypical- somewhat philosophical- care to comment?
Please give an example of foolishness?
define raltive concept?
It's often said that the simple things in life are most precious. What small pleasures make you the happiest?
Help!! Understanding 3 quotes from Nietzsche and Dostoevsky!!?
How to meditate properly....?
What is really interesting in anybody?How do u choose just him /her?
Is it possible to get something from nothing and how would one actually know?
is it right to value kindness?
If you could skip one part of your day, what would that be?
In the "Transcendental Deduction," Kant identifies two forms of sensibility that are necessary for any experie?
What happens if i cut myself?
how is newtonian mechanics reduced to general relativity?
which photography do you like more black and white or color and why?
If you were a flower, what type of flower would you be?
How would you sum up your own philosophy on life?
What if a new nation in the future, created a constitution based on John Stuart Mills theme of "On Liberty,"?
Dilemma...... Would you rather?
what one thing would you subtract from your life to make it better?
What time of year makes you feel the saddest?
at which ages do males act or are "macho" and when and why stops?
I found a six leaf clover today. What does this symbolize?
Why can't we have it all?
Sophie's World?
man according to christian?
What is the ugliest thing in the world to you?
When using a pen, do you prefer the colour black or do you like blue.?
complete this sentence: have you ever wondered why...?
Is to observe the same as to interpret?
What's the most painful death possible?
I Have No Conscience Or Sympathy For Others?
What would the empiricist, skepticist, and the rationalist say about the mind/body problem?
a question on crito by plato?
How can you bring your mind to the most honest level?
I want to know... when people tell are kind.Do you observe yourself and see something?
would you like to have everything your way?
How does one obtain peace?
Philosophy paper help! Plato's Allegory of a Cave.?
What came after existentialism?
Have you ever really considered the "adventure" of life?
Why do we care about ourselves?
Who is the one person on the planet, who you think is more full of "good" than anyone else?
Matrix Life vs Real life Philosophy?
What are the responsibilities of owning a mustache?
Could atheism be classified as a religion?
If a tree falls in the jungle (read on)?
where is reality?
Have you ever tried to beautify the trivial and ended up with something fantastic?
Is it possible for one to create a new philosophical school?
What's the difference between a pipe dream and your life-long passion?
Time is the father of truth, its mother is our mind...Do you agree?
how do you explain consciousness to your chair?
How would you compare the ideas of Socrates with those of Pericles concerning the concept of civic virtue?
whats the name of the UNIVERSAL GOD?
What would you consider as "A no man's land"?
Why many do not like "Christian Conservatives" in USA? & are many well off financially?
Is philosophy a method than a body presenting knowldge?
What is the meaning of life?
What does it mean when someone tells you that you need to "find yourself"? Is that a valid reason to breakup?
Why is the barber riddle such a big deal? Isn't it just silly drivel?
Have you ever heard the saying "it's a great life if you don't weaken"?What do you think it means?
why do the humans explain himself: action, attitude?
That pretty girl on here said something I didn't understand about vaccines?
I think human rights R more abt freedoms & positive responsibilities rather than abt restrictions:do U agree?
What would you choose if one of these two senses were taken away and why: deaf or blind?
Is it bad to drop off the face of the earth?
Why do people try to become persons of success rather try to become a persons of value? (Einstein docet)....?
From 1 - 10 what are your two favourite numbers ?
What would you change, if you chould change anything from the past?
Why was my God so good at killing innocent people?
Timing, Stress/emotional self management, Managing college life, Culture, Diversity and communication?
What is the moncurse of life ?
I have a question concerning theological books.?
what is the meaning to the song happy by leona lewis?
what are the strengths and weaknesses of ethical egoism?
Can't I do anything right?
Barely Able To Cognate Right From Wrong, Those Dependent Have Been Subjected To Torture in Serbia-- Problem???
philosophical question?
Do you think Imagination helps you develop your creativity ?
What state of life, according to Aristotle, best unsures happiness?
Whats the meaning of life ?? ?
How does Spinoza prove that Substance = God = Nature?
Do you think that being emotionally distant with others is a negative thing?
why all the unnecessary hatred?
O.K., Let's asume that I have become GOD. What should I do next?
we have birthdays....what do u think of?
what would happen if the world was backwards?
Online or offline confession?
which is great money or fame?
What are some original critiques of the cosmological argument?
Do you think I'm a show-off for saying this?
Do you always look on the bright side of life ?
Do you know a good link about history of rhetoric?
What do the next hundred years have in store for us?
Tell me reasons why Plato shouldn't ban artists in the republic?
what are those little things that move around the stars like insects?
Is in it funny how little things could impact the whole world?
Is there such a thing as Evil or Good?
Consciousness, you believe in consciousness beyond influence of the brain?
What would be your answer to some one who?
Plato's Republic?
If you gave money to charity, which ones would you choose?
very important question please help!!!!!! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!?
what is the meaning of life.?
What could possibly be better?
How would you deal with discrimination,with the wide global racial and religious partitions?Assimilation?
Determining Arguments (Critical Thinking)?
What's the point??????????????/?
What is the height of Optimism? What level of Optimism should a person have?
If you could have an out of body experience, what would you do?
what is the meaning of life?
Why are there more philosophy under an outhouse than they are in this forum?
How would you define Love in one word?
How do we define Reality?? what is Real??
Does anyone still believe in a.. crazy little thing called love?
What must one do in bad times?
What makes you sad?
Why and how does anger arouse more sexual feelings for many?
What is better - to be a cat without nails or to be a dog without teeth?
Is there someone you'll never forget?
are coolness, newness, funness, and ignorance the only real differences usually between being a child and...?
What is the difference between meaning, idea, and concept?
Aristotle version of freedom?
Can you explain me what is wrong with me?
are the colours we see what everyone else see's as well? or are colour blind people un-colour blind?
If there are software problems in a safety-critical computerization project does that imply there's a bug in?
whats your view on Jehovah's witnesses?
Marcel's criticism's of Sartre?
According to William James, "truth happens to an idea". What did he mean by this claim?
SMOKING. Evaluate the argument. Is it a good one?
what's your favorite something or someone in da world?
The authority of reality?
Is there a logical explanation for emotions?
Stream of contiousness or ocean?
what date is the end of the world supposed to happen?
What Is Love............?
Would you change how you think about me when i tell you i'm GAY?
Issues such as souls, spirits and the like?
is there any one in this world.,...devoid of problems?
i think we-as the world should invent an extra day at the weekend to enjoy?
Where would you be tomorrow, if you didn't do what you did today?
Is there a reason why should Yolo* Tell in Y!A email that David T is her man...?
Is is possible to think too much?
Would you be somebody else so that people will like you better......?
if life is so great why does bad happen everyday?
is there a place on earth where ugly people are actually the ones who get everything handed to them?
Do you agree or disagree with the following view on life?
Can you please explain Nietzsche's concept of eternal recurrence?
if you could some up this 'thing' called life in one word, what would that word be?
For whom would you "change"?
What z your soundtrack of your life?
What is Jeremy Bentham's Philosophy?
where was the bible written?? were apples easily available at the same time?
how would you save the world?
If you only had 1 hour to live what would be the last thing you would do?
are people naturally violent?
Philosophy, AA, AC, DA, DC?
Can someone please explain to me how Newcomb's Paradox and The Prisoner's Dilemma relate?
can any one Believe...?
Why do most people prefer to live a fake life, instead of improving their real lives?
Definition Essay Ideas????
help with candide?
Using one word, how would you define your persona?
If you were a candy bar what would you be?
Does racism effect you?
Has anyone ever had a dream that you didn't want to wake up from?
Why does it seem like the people you care most about are fleeting?
how long before he realises?
What sort of things might an omnipotent being find difficult to do?
What unites all people in the World?
there is a bible quote that starts "come ye laden with trouble and toile and I shall ... thee" what is missin
How can infinity exist?
Thomas Hobbes Question Philosophy question?
What is this existence we perceive?
I prayed for leaves, and now spring is here, did the trees hear me?
What philosopher challenged the theory of Divine Right?
How can destiny be justified in terms of justice if at all it exists?
What makes YOUR boat float?
Do terrorists have any ethics?
What is a real life example of a prisoners dilema?
what is the best way to die?
Life's not fair?????????????
If going by attraction is superficial?
Your thoughts on this (for people who have read Think and Grow Rich)...?
How would I convert this sentence into Standard Form?
should i leave her?
Why do people ask for advice about things they already have their mind made up on?
The Most thing important is a child's life?
If I do not think wot am I?
Could you live w/o a cell? Isn't it funny, how people CAN'T live w/o a cell?
If there was a huge ocean of hatred, and one drop of pure love was put into it, what would happen?
What do you think about that NDE where the guy said he was in hell....?
Criticisms of Hume's ideas of personal identity.?
If something is good for me, then it must be good for everyone. True?
what is standard action based ethics?
Do you think the shooting death of abortion doctor George Tiller is justified?
IF there is a highly advanced civilized life outside the earth then, DO they also get bored and depressed?
what were the ideas of justice in Plato's Republic and Apology?
Why are you born in this world ?
Should jealous exist on the job site?
finish this sentence~ i think_________is the coolest thing in the world, don't you?
Which one is more fearful, dying people or dead people? Why?
Be happy because I win and be happy because you lose. Only who has EGO is disturbed about?
Is a person defined by the actions they do consistently?
Are all people equal? If yes, how do you explain the difference in significant roles throughout history?
How could ISO9000 work ?
What is the way to Happiness? Does your happiness depend on others around you?
Does anyone else feel like something significant is about to happen?
How do you find balance in life? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
can't we live without love?
Are some questions just beyond human understanding?
Why would a project like Collins submarine computerization be successful ?
We hate only those people once we loved then whats the meaning of love?
How can knowledge bring happiness in life?
I'm 13 what is the meaning of life?
Does everything happen for a reason?
When you do push ups, are you pushing yourself off the ground or are you simply bench pressing plant earth?
Who is the most Important person in history?
Freaks and Geeks?
Did you build a foundation for the walls you built?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
Do you really understand bureaucracies ?
Don't you think marriage is a game where both opponents play from same side?
Why is life si hard?
How hard is it to come up with an original thought?
meaning of we ask and ask- Thou smilest and art still,?
Is it odd sleeping on my stomache?
What are your wise words for the day?
What is your justification for believing/disbelieving in the supernatural?
What does "fight for the weak" mean to you?
What does epicureanism (materialism) say about the world's existence?
How do I know that the universe exists and is not just my imagination?
Why the wall between Love and Hate is so fragile ?
Why is breaking wind funny?
Is my other car your Mom?
Emerson vs. Thoreau Question?
whar are some of the most famous quotes or sayings in the world and who is africa's most famous person?
Which three words would you use to explain or describe how you FEEL?
Whats your Philosophy?
The Universe. What Do You Make of it?
What is a meaningful life?
could we be of alien origin?
If there is no such thing as a dumb question, what kind of questions do stupid people ask?
What you hope you were wrong?
Do I have time for one more question before I go?
life is contagouse i get infected and now i'm crying?
what does ichiban- multapod mean?
What's the point of this ! thing: to figure out questions or to get points? Yes, I'm talking to you
How to control something which is out of our control ?
Philosophy theory ? Input and ideas please ?
I keep having these very awful and vivid dreams... anyone know what they represent?
Why are many questions answered by means of God?
what is the main different and commonality between plato and paulo freire?
Do you think Plato's Republic is bullshit? yes/no? why?
does the phrase"there ain't no success like failure and failure's no success at all"mean anything to you?
Can you tell me more about the virtue of selfishness??
are we sad?
What is one thing you love the most about life?
What type of fallacy are these statements?
if God is almighty, is he a woman and a black man and lesbian and gay and straight altogether???
what is tha main idea of human right #4 "no slavery. what are your thinkings about it?
Why does Pyrrhonism seem so absurd to most people?
Is there an Afterlife?
Is this why I'm a loner?
Which is important for a just city?
What do you think about my new made phrase via seas?
pls give me some examples of univocal term, equivocal term and analogous term......?
Freedom... is there really any real freedom left in this world; has there ever been true freedom?
what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
How you you find the strength to Persevere???
This is how I feel about life. Anybody else feel the same?
how much is your life worth ?
Acording to sum philosophers, 2 insist that 1 should show tolerance toward other cultures, since morality is..?
The moral obligations of democracies?
define love?
What is REALLY the MOST IMPORTANT thing in LIFE?
Athiests vs Secular Humanism?
Is this a good question?
Why does everything have to be "now"?
When you need love, do you remember to open your heart to RECEIVE it?
Life's Questions and Answers.?
what is rationalism?????????????
what is the most amazing thing in this world?
How are you making the most out of your life, knowing that one day you will be dead?
Does being alive and living mean being happy and having fun.?
why do i have to raise a question or topic here?
Is there such a thing as organised chaos in respect being tidy or houseproud.?
How do large projects work ?
Are dreams real? (Philosophy paper) Arguments for and Against the belief of Dreams?
What is the possibility that the end of the world will happen?
Could god/God possibly create "everything"?
What is more important for man - career or family?
Does anyone know what happens to us when we die?
"find me an example of the icon named <Theotokos of Areovindus>.?
Are All Art Works (all forms) Political? What do you see as poltical?
what am i living for?
What are YOU AFraid of?
What is the best thing to do when someone is alone?
if walls could speak, what would they say?
why do you believe in god when he does not exist?
why do u believe that god exists/doesnt exist?
Is surealism better than watching goldfish playing footall with melons?
If you had enough money so that you never had to work again?
Hey ppl, what's the most thing you are afraid of in this world??
How to suppress jealousy?
How does God look like?
Does it make you feel sad to see what we humans have done to this planet?
What is the difference between morality and righteousness?
Someone said their motto was "Go straight and turn right", what does that mean?
Do you really think "Life is a Box of Chocolates"???
I have a wart on my eyeball... can i get it removed?
Do you like philosophical questions here?
Who has been a positive influence in your life and why?
What does this Rousseau quote mean?
philosophy: what is the difference between telling a lie and keeping a secret?
I need a quote related to this?
When's the last time you actually cared what another was saying...?
Do I have to tolerate intolerance?
Why has materialism run amuck?
What is worth more than your life ?
How do you find out whether it's fate or not?
isn't life one massive mircale?
" You can be anything you want to be". AGREE or DISAGREE?
Fugitive Slave act - Basic tenets?
How would you interpret this?
Why do you always want something more,if you can't have it?
who ever believes in GOD, needs there heads read. evaluation is what made us what we are today. your all in de?
I have Maseege from #21277 what is this???
What is the connection between creativity, your imagination, and having a vision?
What is the meaning of donald ducks atom bomb?
What does it mean "to be free"?
if you dont believe that poison can kill you, will you die from eating it?
What will you do? why?
What do you think about philosophy?
Do you think that Plato's concept of Forms is simply a theory with no business in fact?
What is the greatest enemy of mankind?
Mind over matter, or Vise versa?
what philosophical work/works could be described as sysiphean and why?
What kind of a screwed up world is this?
What was Plato's Influence on Ancient Greece?
Are you a master at making excuses?
If a plane crashed on the border between Belgium and Italy, where would they bury the dead?
Shadows are only the proof of the existence of light.?
Who's most likely to tell the truth?
What is the Dialectic of Marxism?
What if I call the thing that made this universe with it's real name?
I want to become a doctor.i love natural beauty and want to live in villages of kasmir.but my parents dont'.
living in the lap of nature?
If a sign reads the following...which objects or activities are banned and which are allowed?
Philosophy help needed please?
To what extent should world leaders be concerned with the quality of life of people in Lest Develop Countries?
does short attention span limit your life span?
the relation between a name and a sign?
I have this feeling I could be doing something more important?
Is Islam the religion of peace (& for those who blame the terrorists/extreamists' reputation of islam then?
which is the minimum(BEST) age for loosing virginity??????????
Why man (the humankind) always look for God?
Did nietzsche refer to himself as an immoralist? If so, what text? What was his quote?
Did Boswell say 'Refute what- you haven't done anything'?
Just what is a "crimany"?
How does freedom of conscience (or liberty of conscience) affect our world today?
where does the allegory of thecave take place in?
why do we need money at all¨?
if you were an alien who visited earth for the first time, how would you describe humans in one word?
How do people go insane?
Philosophical thoughts on the following :what is consider non-existent?
Do you remember what were you doing on this day one year ago?
am easily angered how do i overcome it.?
what did Desmond Tutu mean by the term humaneness?
Do you creationists still disbelieve evolution, in the XXI century?
Why should we care for other people?
Were there bugs in Collins software ? How'd they get there ?
I was just wondering, do you feel that practice is always more important or just in the majority of situations?
If you could push a button - instantly reducing human population by 3/4, thereby saving the planet - would you
What do you believe are the greatest barriers to world peace?
Why do people struggle to accept that 0.99999r (r for recurring) is numerically exactly equivalent to 1.0 ?
Did Adam have a belly button?
What are the main criteria for something to be *empirically* verifiable?
what is human and divine ego?
"you can't love anything too much in this world" u agree or disagree? why or why not?
Are some people's feelings more important than others?
am i a pigment of my own imagination?
In what passage and body of work did Herodotus make a reference to EARTH MILK in relationship to the Pyramids?
True or False : Money brings happiness ?
List things I could do to change my life for the better?
Why do the greens support the Mugabe government?
What are Zen Koans;explain?
Peter Singer/Tom Regan what do they share in common and why?
how many really good people are in the world?
What is the meaning of life?
is Scientology really science?
Why do i feel sad when i think of fun things in the past that will never happen again?
what are some strengths of anselms ontological argument on gods existence?
Does God exist?
How would the world be different if people began to follow their own dreams?
Was Collins project subject to this phenomenon ?
Do you think that there's deepness to be found in something which is considered shallow?
Copyrighted Personal Astrological Profile.?
what is your opinion of Aristotle's prime mover?
If I stop answering questions will you start answering them for me?
according to you what is important in life to survive?
is it LOVE, FOOLISHNESS or mere INSTINCT to Jump and try to SAVE a loved-one drowning...?
When is matrix said to be singluar?
What would Kant have thought about Aristotle's view of morality and good?
When life gives you lemons....?
If a baby is born in space, would it be an alien?
Which came first, God or Man?
What do you consider absolute power? (and do you think it's attainable?)?
What makes people gay?
Does kindness need a witness?
If another "you" would come from another world he is EXACTLY like you, how would you be with him/her?
How come when you're sad...?
We all know that technology has changed the world, so my question is: what hasn't changed?
In the life we are finding a perfect person but...Wouldn't it be better learning to see an imperfect....?
Are there any philosophical ideas in the media?
Do you believe that our brain can be capable of create our own after life?
(political philosophy) Marx and Engels on socialism and democracy?
Subject-Sensative Invariantism and Contextualism?
what is the philosophy behind ecodiversity careing?
Please Help Thuycidides, Kant, Weber?
If you were the last person left living on earth what you do with your time?
If time waits for no one what do you wait for?what do you not wait for?
why does religion turn me into a monster?
If the pen is mightier than the sword, why do actions speak louder than words?
What's something you're passionate about?
who is God?
is money bigger that everything in life ?
How will you know if you're befriending a serial killer or other evil person in here?
Survey : In whom/what can you see an image of God ?
If you owned your own planet, what would it be like?
have you ever carried out a random act of kindness?
is it true that, theres nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for?
End Of World Is Near......Scientists Doing Something Or Not?
What is it 'we' as human beings strive for?
Would you rather..........?
about special writing (link's awakening) , Wow it always amuse me this, Please tell me your Opinion About it.?
what do you describe the world we live in a metaphor way ?
Why is man scared of death?
We all are puppets having our strings in God's hand. But what will happen if His fingers get fractured?
IF God created the universe who created God?
Is Esp Real???
Why do people create their own suffering and cling to an identity that causes them suffering?
For there to be 'good' must there necessarily be 'bad'?
Will there ever be a time of complete understanding of truth?
When have "interaction" with someone you kind of "enter their world" (their attitude on life)?
what's the secret of happiness?
In Albert Camus's "The Stanger" How is Meursault the "Absurd Hero"?
If you had the opportunity to see your future, would you?
What is the purpose of learning in the first place, If the result is zero?
describe the historical development, key contribuors, and principle issues of pragmatism, analytic philosophy?
what is the sanskrit meaning of agastaya?
How can we stand still and "Just Be"?
Your competition ... Formidable Opponent or Sworn Enemy? Explain .....?
How do you view yourself to people who choose to remain child-free ? Why ?
What is the one experience that every person should have that without it, human life would be incomplete?
Why the "WHY" word is in life?
What does it take to win at life?
what is platform in tech terms.?
Should a man who has dedicated life to his own learning abilities be praised any less than a college student?
I need your help to make a decision?
Is hell endothermic or exothermic?
What would happen if............?
the chemistry is matter changing to consciousness ,how the chemical reactions lead to consciousness?
I am writng a critical analysis journal on Socrates and Thrasymachus. I have to agree with one,on the(in)just?
Would you rather be trapped in a cupboard with an angry badger or stuck in a lift with a scary clown?
if you just received 10 million dollars and had to use it for philanthropic purposes, what would you do?
What is the purpose of life?
Can you nominate a contract or project or system, and a person who contributed for good or ill ?
Wha is your Idea of being free?
why is imagination important to the wrold?
Do you think that Plato's concept of Forms is simply a theory with no business in fact?
Which philosophers thinks that reality is made up mainly of conflict and suffering?
What makes a Good Person?
Do you think it would be hard to play the part if you didn't look the part?
Can one ever get the truth....?
How do you find your "calling" in life?
If you don't know the answer to this question, why are you bothering to answer?
How do you deal with those that no longer need you in their life?
Do you really like to argue for the sake of arguments?
'Hello, I'm SuperMan. I was the original but other people copied my picture.' ..?
What is the name of the realm of the Norse gods?
Is nothing something?
Will the world end in 2012?
Is love just a word thrown around these days with little or no meaning behind it?
What makes your blood boil?
Do you feel like YOUR life is spiritually fulfilling?
How to be satisfied with life?
Which need is a bigger motivating factor, money or sexual desire?
Help with philosophy, John Locke, Personal identity and Free Will.?
How can I word my claim for argumentative essay in this topic?
the face of christ?
How is ethics related to communication?
descartes on skepticism and aristotelianism?
Why can't we live forever?
Why is abortion morally, religiously, politically, and philosophically wrong?
If you were given another chance to live ur life.what will you do?
my account has been temporally suspended.!!!!!!!!! no one answering!!! please help....?
If you to try to succeed and fail, what have you accomplished?
Is 'Self-Esteem' ---------- a GAS?
do you judge people on first appearances?
if there is no LIFE after DEATH, would one LIFETIME be ENOUGH for you?
The Internet was made to waste time...?
What are similarities between Hobbes and Rousseau?
Some are predicting that the world will come to an end in 2030 ?
Crossroads of Destiny, good idea or no?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
What is your ~Sweet Emotion~?
Do you believe???
Is your life an open book?
I bet he REALLY wants it? huh?
Why is it that I never get to do whatever I've always wanted to do? Predestination? Fate?
Do omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent God exist?
What is the point of life?
Philosophy and ethics question? The cave?
what is life? what is the purpose of it?
If you traveled faster than light would you see nothing but darkness?
All religions have same basic ideas regarding morality/Isnt the world a mess because of single path salvation?
What is justice?
Anyone know a quote that people throw rocks at a tree that has fruit, and who said it?
Are there any circumstances under which you could take a life?
Who was the most advanced soul you ever met?
Sadness help? Idk why I'm sad!! Help?
am i going crazy/insane/psychotic or is it something else?
What do you suggest we do to make this world a better place?
If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?
Do you believe in Platonic Forms?
What's the point of living?
So I was reading St. Augustine`s: The Confessions, How does this doctrine of Free Will explain Evil?
How come my questions don't get answers?
Are We Living For The Final Destination, DEATH?
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
if it's possible to TALK to your old SELF from 10 years ago over a phone, what would you say?
Do we have a right to our feelings...?
what makes an object beautiful and why?
Is the whole the sum of its parts? Or is it more (or less) than the sum of its parts?
does the environment make the man or does man make the environment?
Did you know that as you grow older you become invisible ??
Was Jacques Derrida a genius or a charlatan ?
law is not really there?
How does Socratic method work?
Are pride and cowardliness one and the same as Kierkegaard claimed? What are cowardliness and pride to you?
when man uses his heart then why he does not use his mind at the same time?
Is the way of life of a people an expression of(...)?
What's the question you would never ask?
What would you consider the most important virtue in life?
What make your life most worth living?
What's stopping you from reaching your goals in life? What do you think is holding you back?
Aristotle the Greek philosopher and scientist?
do you always learn from your first mistake?
What's your life motto?
what if GURU is exalt and posited in twelfth?
Can anyone explain Wollheim's three approaches to the definition of art to me?
What's your life moto? Your philosophical way of living life?
Who's a teacher?
Do you value being a role model for children? How do you?
what is more important peace or success?
social philosophy?
What is Inner Peace? Does it depend on Outer Peace?
How is our life measured?
Does pragmatism reject impractical formal logic and replace it with critical thinking?
To be or not to be? This is the question!!!?
do you think that you are going to heaven or hell???
Torn in two directions in this life, intensity of it is too much, what to do?
Why do people think the opinions of others should matter to someone with no will to live?
According to the Quran and Hadith, did Muhammad ever lie, rob, rape or murder?
what commonalities do Philanthropy, Philanderer, and Philosophy have?
Are there two sides to EVERY argument?
Is it true that most children born with dissabilities have rich parents?
I have learned more about myself?
How much is love better than war?
What is your philosophy on life?
Can you prove to me that you exist?
What do you fear most? How does this fear stop you from functioning? How do you plan to overcome it?
Who is the author of the notion of "the reef of our soul"?
half full or half empty?
Whats the meaning of life?
Dont you think the human spoken word should be much more measured?
Why is society built on so much lies?
Law of three stages, real life example where all three come together?
Are all rights illusory and fleeting?
What is your heroes in your life and how have them impacted you?
What isn't knowledge?
is there more wrong or right in this world?
are some questions, and mysteries, really worth answering?
What gives you hope in the most difficult situations of life..?
can we go back in time ?
Science guys , thinking on my recent pseudo beliefs in science, what do you think?
If Yin and Yang are to be considered laws of nature how would you go about proving them? more ...?
What is 'truth'?
What is the difference between.....?
3 philosophical ideas & refer to the arguments outlined in these ideas (nature of reality)?
Philosophy question: I know the gist of the story, can anyone tell me what philosopher this was?
What is post-irony?
When i say "heaven" what comes to your mind?
Was this coincidence ?
What is something that you MUST do before you die?
I want the real meaning of this poem in your words.. can anyone explain it to me..?
what is postmodernism philosophy?
Disembodied and abstract?
What does TRUE WEALTH mean to you?
Why do we hate each other so much? Why can't we care for each other a bit more ?
Philosophically, what is the better country in the world?
My 10 year old daughter wants to know when the world will end,any ideas? What should I tell her?
Is there a difference between a good and a moral life.?
Isn't life just a battle of the genes?
Do you seek to work for God or do you let him LIVE through you to make the opportunities in your life?
What Life Or Ideal Should I Live Or Die For?
What is your favorite philosophical statement from popular culture? Why?
Why people never try to taste their own scam?its the best way to recycle our own dirt and make a cleaner world
What is the Democritean Theory?
how is it different from the views prior to descartes?
Is money really important to make more money?
If you could broadcast a message to the whole world, what would it be?
Describe yourself in a single word?
would you be enlightened if?
Must read 'details' section first. Then answer-?
definition and aspects of human values?
if you were to be taken to another planet where youd be all by yourself but with all the basic needs......?
do you believe in UNCONDITIONAL love?..?
what is some criteria for testing wether or not a statement is true or false?
How can I change myself or be different?
Do you do what you LOVE to do? What is it that you LOVE to do?
help on argumentative essay on Free Will?
who can tell me about matrix the movie?who realy find out secret of that movie?
What does Hume believe to be the origin of the idea of necessity?
What is the main ingredient of life?
the impatient ones who despair, usualy doom themselves?
Describe, in one word, your ultimate goal in life?
Help!Was this fate ?10 points ?
Why did Kant think that lying was immoral under any circumstances?
What does it takes to win the heart of a woman?
Is this diagram an accurate representation of human life?
Do you think I live a happy life?
Does Descartes have a quotable definition of philosophy?
If I was Supreme Ruler of the World and I made the following things illegal, would you agree?
why are we obsessed with keeping things clean?
2. Why does de Beauvoir consider the idea of a woman “suiting herself” so outlandish?
dieing young?
What do you think was the very first word people invented?
If you could be any animal you chose, what would you be?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Huge, better than tiny and by how much?
Where are you, what is the weather like right now, and what are you doing?
How do you deal with people that don't know you, but go on and on making a lot of assumptions about you :) ?
What does Sartre mean by an essence?
why do u still call it building when it is already built?
wha is true of the life?
Are you afraid to die?
What's the purpose of friends?
Is there a necessary connection between cultural relativism and tolerance?
can we lie in our dreams?
does what goes around comess around really true?
Which category you prefer most to answer and why?
All effects of human existence suddenly vanish from the entire planet?
Bentham & Mill; which one wanted to maximize personal happiness & which wanted to maximize total happiness?
How diverse are mainstream mass media?
You have $20. You are hungry and five miles from home, A meal will cost $20, a taxi the same. What do you do?
if you could choose to be immortal,will you?
if common-sense is common, why is it that only a few people has it?
Is jealousy good for us?
what makes me who i am?
is it over?
Does it really matter if you are not perfect?
what will hapen after death?who am i?
feminism in victorian period and the role of gender?
Were these core value for Collins software effort ? •Think long-term•Deliver value-added solutions• .......?
What sort of things might an omnipotent being find difficult to do?
How great and profound really are the words and wisdom of Jesus' parables..?
what is reciprocal liking?
I can't define my can i find more meaning in my life?
What is the most genius quote ever quoted?
how to create a proof using predicate logic?
What does "spiritual incompatibility" mean?
What is the term for people who are forever scared of something that harmed them in the past?
Are people who call other people insecure all the time really insecure themselves?
How did Aristotle's ethics influence. . .?
Do you believe in paradigms?
"The readiness is all. Let be", can someone explain this quote please?
Differentiate arguments from non arguments?
How many non-Christian analytic philosophers are there here in this "philosophy" section??
if nature was so simple why is new so called evidence always discrediting previous findings?
How would Immanuel Kant describe the good?
2 philosophy questions please...????
Can people ever be truly objective?
what is different between positive and negative?
How do I know you exist?
Which is better? Being nice, or being right?
What are the stories behind Jacobs pillow and jacobs ladder, and who was jacob?
Would you agree that all science is philosophy?
When was the last time you experienced deja vu and what was happening?
Whats the opposite of philosophy?
how to make the most of my time in life?
If you could not fail, what is the one thing you would want to go for in life?
Identifying premises in arguments? Is this right?
should it be legal to smoke pot?
what does the phrase "cant make me be" mean?
What was the cause for the Hundred Years' War? What was its ultimate conclusion?
what was the first sign of the ability of humans to act inhuman under tremendous stress?
What do you wish for the most at this time of year?
If contract-associated documents are created for a proposed new system, wouldn't the proposed method of?
If you had absolute proof there was no god, what would you think of this world?
Why do you humans.???
Is this the end?
Do u, like me, need at least 500 years added to your lifetime so that u can reach all of your goals?
What have been the Turning Points in your life?
Why should you care about the rings on Saturn?
help! philosophy essay...Thrasymachus,justice interest of the stronger?
Are we ready for a world revolution? And what are we waiting for?
Beyond Good & Evil: What is a naturalized philosophy?
"Talk sense to a fool and he will call you foolish" Euripides (c484-406 BC). was he right?
Kantian ethics criticisms?
I've been waiting forever; is this Godot guy coming or not?
What has been there after all in life? In this moment of journey....?
Why are we here, what is our pupose?
how can i learn to distinguish my emotions?
do you know who said that?
Are my dreams unrealistic?
What were 5 non ideal aspects of utopia?
Philosophy - what is that thing called that stops everything vs the other thing that runs through everything?
Diotima in the Symposium?
If eating for the tree of knowledge of good and evil was suppost to give us just that...?
When did you REALIZE that you can NEVER have EVERYTHING you WANTED?
Why do we build, knowing destruction is inevitable? Why do we yearn to live, knowing all things must die?
Did the stoics believe in free will?
The Greatest GOOD ..... man seek which is good....?
The belief of Plato that mathematics should serve as the standard of certainty and clarity for all knowledge s?
Is math the truth and only truth?
What changes have you gone through in your life that have made you a better person?
What have philosophers said about the Design Argument?
What do you think of my new philosophy interactive/blog site?
What does this mean...?
a stegasaurus is rampaging around downtown. should they shoot it, or let it calm down and trap it humanely?
what doesn't change in your life?
Can't feel some emotions?
Philosophy Natural Deduction Logic using "abs"?
Do you think we see colours differently?
IF you could choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die....?
Do something as inner soul exist with in every human?
What word do you use very often and you just can't help it?
"Everything happens for a reason." True or false?
Who wins??? religon or science?
"Man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains" could this quote by rousseau be related to law?
do you think that there is a god?
Would you rather be mean or stupid?
is the world is going to destroy in2012 told by Nostradamus?
I recall this philosophy re: suffering, that we ought to be grateful to all the sufferers.?
Is*awareness of self* a state or condition of thinking or is it a layer of thinking that thinks concurrently?
Please define externalism and internalism.?
does anyone else have like an intense craving for the female buttocks?
How do you think Carlos Sagan's intelligence compares to Alberto Einstein's intelligence?
Aristotle - Why is happiness honored but not praised?
Spontaneous Human Combustion?
how can we contribute to social peace?
what do you think .....?
If I was told that i will die in twenty days...?
What is the meaning of life?
I have no life in me, what to do?
Where do our problems come from?
What's Rawls' Theory of Justice?
What were some of Mahatma Gandhi's persuasive appeals?
What is the philosophy of Michel de Montaigne on education?
Is there any hope of being unite as one whole world? there's no war, love each other, etc.?
how is lincoln's first inaugural address philosophical?
Can you add 100 more ideas to my THEORY TO BECOME GENIUS FOR ANYONE?
Which philosopher started the Academy to provide a place for philosophers to teach others about the pursuit of?
what is usually the PURPOSE of a mind game?
Does a Fish feel WET?
Could you give me a simple definition of structuralism?
what is the best way to die?
Do you know who is Bernard Shwo??
If I was an alien, freshly-landed on Earth for the first time, what piece of advice would you give me?
Is it a good thing that needs are created by firms and companies??
Why is one afraid of death ?
Do animals think that cars are also animals?
Why do we feel a constant need to seek happiness in our lives?
Seeing is believing, people say, but is experience enough for knowing? What is Descartes' argument?
If you could rule the world for one week, what would you change?
How can biases and emotions influences your decisions?
What is the difference between evolution and creation (from the Christian pespective?
is my future all changed?
Why did God make some people more sexy than others?
Are we, as a human race, headed into the right direction or the wrong direction?
what were some slave plantation legends?
Is there any phenomena that best of modern critical thought can say 'we know this for certain'?
Why is contraception morally wrong ..... ???
If it was expected of you?
Is there such a thing as a "soul" in people? what makes you think there is (or isn't) any such thing
Why is life so unfair?
can you make your own fate? or does fate imply no choice?
What is the ingredient of love?
I need a summary of Utopia by Thomas More?
Do you ever wear your heart on your sleeve and what do you do?
Which is more believable?
Would u reather have WISE heart or EMOTIONAL mind?
Rastafari movement and ethics?
why is man destorying the earth?
Life in termoil help?
What what the world and society be like if everyone followed rules obediently without question?
Did you know Some Memories will take you where you need to be?
What is the secret to life?
is it easy to solve the trouble of a trouble maker ? please.?
why is it morally right to help others ? arguments ?!?
What might be some of the advantages of living in Utopia?
How many distinct Human Emotions are there?
which is easier to do, to COMPLICATE a SIMPLE Life or to SIMPLIFY a COMPLICATED Life?
im in love with tow girls at same time n they both love me too so do tell me what should i do now.?
Extraterrestrials - do you believe they exist?
How do you know a blik is sane?