I can't accept the fact that simple people are really simple?
Is one person thinking more productive than a bunch of people talking about what other people used to think?
Do you like my little wisdom illustration based on Anthony DeMello?
Is humanities training most valuable ? (It would be wouldn't it ? An opponent can use words in an unusual?
for the same some sources new look questions an aguly?
Do you think love makes you weak?
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
Philosophy: What are some positives of being in the external world that Bertrand Russel says?
Can "free speech" and "political correctness" co-exist?
examples of philosophical skepticism but what is philosophical is it skepticism?
Do you agree with that morality plays no role in determining if a law is valid?...?
What Happens After We Die?
Is the best society one that maximizes the participants’ happiness?
Nostradaums 'Spelling Corrections Welcome"?
where is GOD todays?
A decision you once made which you now regret?
Why do some people in here insult and ridicule others?
If you become Devil for a day what would you do?
what's the claim difference between absolute and relative knowledge?
if we somehow had ALL the planets colonized, which one would you want to live on, if you had to leave earth?
what is beauty?
Why do people like ONE DIRECTION?
what was socarates view on freedom and justice?
What is the philosophy of life?
what is the important of knowing the right of the accused?why?
Can we only find true happiness when we are in love?
If all the good stuff is a sin what will we do in heaven for all eternity?
another question for buddhists: na as a meditation tool?
What is the secret of Life?
Logic question!! s!?
If you could change into something else, what?
What colour is your soul?
Is there any hidden agenda behind the theory (propaganda) of sivashanmugam?
Is there a right way to do wrong things?
Do you think Western scientist and modern Western thinking is too quick to throw the baby out with the bath?
answer this honestly?
How does Socrates search for the nature of justice reveal the superiority of justice over injustice and any->
how can life be i yamen?
Whar came first the chicken or the egg!?
in LIFE, which is more important: how YOU want it to be or how it wants YOU to be?
How would you depict the psychoanalytical concept of the 'gaze' as a tattoo?
What is it? What do you have to say?
Did you learn anything about yourself or change your way of thinking if you took an Ethics class?
Why is One Direction so poplular?
An asteroid is on a collision course with the earth and you have one hour left to live.?
I need help on a philosophy essay questions?
How do i win at life?
wat do they mean when they say Money Makes the world go round?
how many of u believe in powers that are beyond our contol?
Will I ever be free ? a poem seeking answers, please comment?
If you could choose, would you rather be happy but poor, or rich but unhappy?
which came first the chicken or the egg ????
What ethical code isn't arbitrary?
What is life? pleace kindly explain it to me?
Can you remember your first Deja Vu?
Does a successful person know from Young age that they will be successful when they grow up?
why do we seek answers?
How to find yourself in life?
I imagine things and then they happen?
If happiness were national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
Need help on criticisms of Plato's theory of the forms?
Do you believe that if your gay you go to hell?
what is the secret to being truly happy?
Can someone explain John Dewey's concept of moral faith?
What is defined as a lesson about how to act?
is it true that liberal minded people gravitate towards careers that help people in some way?
what is the one rule you live your life by???
What is priceless in a human being ?
what is the hardest thing to learn? why?
Isn't life more worthwhile, more glorious and enjoyable....when you know all things?
too many times we try to impress people that we don't even like. Any comments?
What's the best, most thought provoking philosophical motto?
Is life just a joke/game.?
US Storm...?? Nature Has Begun To Show her Powers.? ENd of The World.?
If I would let you time travel to right 1 wrong from the past which one would it be?
Is violence justified in the name of liberty?
Is "I just know" an acceptable reason?
great wealth greater responsibility, big strength biiger responsibility.
Utilitarianism vs. Deontology?
Do you follow other's beliefs and ideas about what is, or do you make up your own mind?
Why do people accuse me of being emotionally empty?
whats the importance of the zodiac system and how it helped shape stronomy for future philosophers?
what is life?
True or False for this genetics question?
What is your greatest temptation.......?
Are you very curious about the world, what is your level of curiosity?
What makes a man, a man?
Have you ever said "I give up on life" to yourself?
can you tell me some differences of Plato and Aristotle?
If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow at 6 AM in the morning, what would you do?
Do you fear and blind yourself to your own dark and primal nature...?
What is John Hick's argument on pluralism?
what is the FEELING you hate the most?
"Remember, happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have...?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Please help me resolve this?
What are the flaws of GE Moore's arguments in Defence of Commonsense?
Advantages of cynicism.?
The New Year is 3 weeks old now.How is it going so far for you?
When Descartes says Cogito ergo Sum, doesn't that already presupposes the existence of an 'I'...?
I think people think I'm stuck-up since I'm quiet. How can I change?
What's your favourite Big Bang Theory moment?
Is your intelligence based off of genetics?
what do you usually WAIT FOR, but never SHOWS UP?
is "post-apocalyptic" a contradiction in terms?
Are these the sorts of problems a project like Collins submarine computerization might run into ?
In your opinion how do heredity and environment relate to the development of a child?
Assumming there is no God. What do we replace him with ?
Being religious/christian in order to avoid being anti-social?
can any one around her help me with the definition of life?
Do you believe that when we die the only place we end up is underground as eventual worm food?
How you you find the strength to Persevere???
What can I ask, 'the bottom-line', on Yanswers that will benifit?
If money is no object, what would you have like to own?
What does knowledge smell like?
I feel like life is monotony after bordom. is it ok to be this way?
love is blind,is it so?
where are the atheist ,free thinker girls?where can i meet them?
What does it means to you....?
Do we know of another planet that could support human life?
Don't you think it's a major problem that politicians are more rhetorical than philosophical?
According to James, a "genuine option" is living, momentous, and unforced.?
Do you think the world will end in 212?
Why does Descarte (in meditation 1) feel he cannot trust mathematics?
What day would you want to repeat?
What do you like the most about your life?
After i die will i ever be able to feel myself physically again?
What do you do when there is nothing more to wish for?
HELP on The Transcendent as Metaproblematic?
what are some criticisms of Plato's Form of the Good?
which light that is not manmade, shines the brightest?
What is the meaning of life? ?
Does anybody know of any good books to assist one's reading of Kant?
Where is the wisdom in here?
Why I don't know what to do with my life or what I want from life?
I feel there are subtle clues throughout my life. Am I going crazy?
Suppose there is no LAW against drug-pushing ......?
Do you forgive easily?
freedom vs determinism?
How do we lessen suffering in an ordinary world?
was man more advanced in the stone age, or , is he more advanced today , in the space age?
Is the world really going to end in 2012?
why each and every day of life is not similar?
does anyone feel the mind is as vast as the universe itself. or consciousness is as vast as the universe?
can anyone explain what virtuous activity is according to aristotle?
what is all knowing and all seeing and can hear you and what you think?
what will cause the extinction of humans?
What is your response to this statement:?
John locke right to property max points?
Why is the village dance a source of inequality and vice, according to Rousseau?
Between St Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, who has had more influence on Western philosophy............?
If you could fix one problem in the world what would you pick?
do you often think abt a purpose in life?
How do we perceive nothingness?
What is ?
what is a person? what are the components of a person?
This is why religion is important, this is an answer?
Where life starts,where it ends?
What keeps billionaires going in getting more money?
Philosophy Essay Help!?
What is the meaning of life? :)?
Do you think one day animals will revolt against humans?
Who is Tim renown dating?
what are you free of? & what still binds you?
Can genocide bring around anything postitive?
In philosophy, what is a dialectic?
Do you have a purpose or a reason?
Do you agree with this?
Logical implications?
what is idelogy about?
how about choosing between staying in my country...close to my fam and friends ? or moving to a first world ?
What is the difference between birth and death as per philosophy?
1.)Discuss the importance of knowledge in relation to decision making.?
if TIME TRAVEL is possible, is it more DANGEROUS to go back in time or go jump to the future?
How to live life to the fullest without living in regret for what you've done?
LOVE can make TIME pass ....... ?
What do you think is the saddest ancient mythological story?
Why do people have fear?...Because they dont no if ther is any existence after death?
Why should we wear clothes?Why not be naked like animals?
Why was the blue water he used blue if he knew that green water turned the elephants purple upsidedown?
Why do we want to know knowledge?
How do I apply Nel Noddings ethics of care and Feminist Ethics to a real life situation?
God said to love your enemy, the system says that drugs is the enemy. should i love drugs?
Love is the strongest or weakest emotion in ones life?
Is it a blessing to be friendly to everyone, or is it?
Is Ethics the same as Religion...?
Whats ethical dilemma ?give an example of an ethical dilemma experienced ?
Is everything predefined or we are free to decide and to which extent ?
what does Hegel mean when he says negation of the negation?
Y ppl dont realise that actors cannot even move a stone in reality but still worshipped?
Are you sentimental? And touch you most in life?
What matters to you most in your life?
Would you rather be risky or safe?
Do you really believe that the dinosaurs died out because of smoking?
If there are no new surnames and surnames are sometimes lost by mariage having no sons, then will we all end?
Is Spinoza's work still relevant today in any way?
Isn't the "jerk" in the group that one person that sees the truth?
If life is so important, why is it so fragile?
Similarities and differences in the philosophical views?
If God chooses you for the job after he decides to retire, can you handle it?
should i feel angry at this ?
what is the meaning of life?
in LIFE which is more DIFFICULT, the WAY UP or the WAY DOWN?
What did Aristotle mean exactly by the "Either God or beast" quote?
Considering the world around us, can we say that insane human beings outnumber whatever sane humans are left?
Provided nobody's perfect & I'm nobody, am I perfect?
Is it logically possible for a non-Human with Human-level intelligence to be as evil as Humans are?
what if God was really one of us??
If you have given a chance to ask God one question, what will it be?...?
What is the underlying agenda when someone regularly aggravates & blatantly gossips about a calm person?
life is like....?
i wanna prove my charecter and behab with my friend?
Are we humans any different than The Nazis?
May I have some Gospel passage(s) which state that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone?
Does art mimic life, or does life mimic art? just a fun question :D?
if you ask the wrong question, is it expected to receive the wrong answer?
what am i going to do if i lose a contest?
Do ghosts exist?
Why do I have a hard time being regressed?
What do you think you can do to be a better man/woman?
How would you let your walls come down?
What are the assumptions that Machiavelli makes in The Prince about the role of man and nature?
what would I chose? to continue being a Seminarian or not?
philosophy of biology?
"Greed" Classification?
what do you think about underage drinking and doing drugs?
What is the nature of the Bible: real or fable?
how does love creates posssibility of evil?
How does Spinoza prove that Substance = God = Nature?
What does love mean to you?
What are the important things to know about the writings/standpoints of St. Thomas Aquinas?
What is your definition of beauty?
Would you WANT the gift of seeing yourself as others see you?
Is it perception that colors the world?
Why dose money make the world go around and not love???
Do you agree that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom?
I think the world we live in, stupid people are the majority, and so are those runs it, what do you think?
Are you scared to die? Yes and no answers please explain?
what is hen bane does it get you high?
How does an introvert person become extrovert?
What are the major forms of proof as presented by Aristotle?
Should one live life with or without emotion?
What does Plato mean when he uses the word immortality?
As the world churns what you do now is?
How would you define to "Live Infinitely"?
Is opinion a problem for humanity?
What is the purpose of reason?
Do you think this is strictly a coincidence? What makes you believe in the unknown?
Chinese Philosophy in american society?
why did god create us?
Is kindness weakness?
i need help please!!!!!! on Plato in philosophy?
is it just me or when you hear happiness is a warm gun?
what are the definitions for Pre-moral and Pre-political?
I feel so lonely...what is wrong with me? Please, no one responded last time I posted...?
What is the secret of success...................?
What defines you, or fulfills you... what are the 5 things that you are most proud of in life?
Am i remotely normal?
In a duality of 'Is' and 'Is not', would 'Is not' still be a part of 'Is'?
Do you believe in life?
If you were given just one lifetime opportunity to get back the time that passed by, would you take it?
What is the best bit of advice you have ever been given or you can give about anything.?
comment on this statement?
What is the Universal Truth (In 1 sentence)?
How come some people hate you eventhough you are being true to yourself....?
What do you think is the most pain full way to die?
Why people die? and why we take it so easily ?
to light a candle is to cast a shadow.?
Ugliest quality a person can have?
Ella Esta la amore de mi vida means that she is the love of my life right?
Why happens so..............?
be honest: has someone ever given you a peppermint because you had bad breath?
With almost unlimited wealth, where would u live and how fabulous would your primary residence be?
Do human beings have an inherent sense of morality, or is all morality learned behavior?
How do we obtain peace on earth, do we go with the stereotypes and judge all with our made up taboos?
Has anyone else changed very much for the better from being a part of !Answers?
what makes man essentially different from others creatures?
How do you describe the fact that a problem cannot itself be its own cause?Is illogical the right word?
Suggest any philosphical topic valid for research ?
what sort of rabbit was peter cotton tail ?
Is fantasy better than reality?Is a dream better than an imagination?Is a trance better than sleep?
What is love?
What is the meaning of wife?
Does Jaakko Hintikka consider mathematics as a language?
What would happen if...?
Is there anything more inspiring than having your world view fundamentally challenged?
What are the oldest beads in the world, excluding perforated natural objects, such as seashells?
what human behaviours do you hate the most?
Is War inherent to human condition?
what is better in your opinion,islam or christ?please answer as ahuman,without any attention to your religion.
In an argument, how would you respond to someone who said: "That's only your opinion"?
Are you outgoing or shy?
Is Liminality another world?
There are three major problems in this world.?
Life is full of ups and downs, which one did you enjoy most?
what is Socrates tone in the allegory of the cave?
What is the meaning of life?
If you have one..who is your favourite philosopher..except yourself?
Do you beleive all of are lives are predestined.?
If there are 12 million people over the age 75 living in USA, then what happen to the other 200 million people?
I'M GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If you knew that today would be your last day on Earth, what would you do?
Does that I can imagine my funeral give a good argument against the idea that life after death is incoherent?
why do i feel this way?
what is the hardest thing to learn? why?
Do safety-critical computerization projects have test automation ?
a country or business is merely an organism. Define growth as it applies to people?
Why are the inflationary expectations self-fulfilling?
One more literature question, please???(what does a candle represent in literature)?
What is Life? what is the meaning of life? what is the nature of life?
What are you thankful for in this world and why?
Is being strong willed wrong?
did anyone have this nightmare?
immanuel kants view on the mind was?
i need peace of mind in life?
When was the last time you received a great nugget of knowledge while doing a mundane task?
How can I apply Immanual Kant's categorical imperative to a current issue?
how to raise funds for charity?
Suppose tonight while you sleep, a miracle happens?
Are you weird?? if so why... tell us... (come on weirdos...)?
in philosophy, what is free will vs determinism?
Is it true woman are more rational and balanced in their thoughts and emotions?
Why are some Dark nights soooo long?
if birds of the same feathers flock together, why do opposites attract?
Can anyone explain... ?
what is the definiton?
Why do we become trapped by our own mind?
If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people in the world?
What happens when u die?
Is there anything in this world that cannot be achieved with hardwork?
Would you tell the truth?
If we have a bad feeling before we do something wrong(instead of afterwards) would we live better lives?
What's your favourite word?
When does life truly start?
what is love and how does it happen?
What if it's a wonderful life took place today?
If you were born again (reincarnated) what would you be? Animal or Human?
on what basis are we owed anything in life?
Given a chance to correct 1 mistake in your life, what would that be?
Are you on the side of the Cowboys or Indians?
Do you over think and analyse too much?
Is life the real hell?
what is the stuplime in very simple description and explanation?
How can I help myself feel happier?
Why do human beings make mistakes?
why do people who`s old is getting blind,deaf,?
Did the Collins submarine computerization people do this ? Did they stay in business ?
what would you be?
Are we really perfect with our imperfections?
Most philosophical or inspired phrase you have heard in country music?
Or what would it even mean if we could prove it was?
as i GROW with my QUESTIONS, do you GROW with your ANSWERS?
Why can't I find something/someone that makes me happy?
Why does time appear to pass more qickly as we get older?
Woman should stay home and man go to work?
Can Humans Survive Out Of Pizza Forever?
If you could point to 1 feature of human beings that makes us different from all other life forms, what is it?
Which is Yin and Which is Yang?
What gives you hope in difficult times?
Is nature suffering? If so how?
Is the human lap a real, existing thing?
Junus Emre, poems in english? Where is it possible to find them on the internet?
[Logic] What is meant with this?
What is a huminist??
What is Love? ********?
Why did Douglass’s initial response change? In other words, what made him feel insecure?
every human is born tainted with evil, and that men are born savage, driven by their instincts.?
Is God a man(human being)?
What do people need most in this world to make them feel happy?
What is the meaning of life then?
am happy for no reason at all:p?
What is the meaning of life?
Is being 'the best' ... The Best?
The meaning of life? It doesn't matter as long as you don't think about it right?
What's the difference between 'the truth' and 'the facts'?
Can you really define reality?
Why is the Logical Argument the one of the best for the problems of Evil?
If you could rename yourself, what would you want it to be?
Good academic sources/sites please for Environmental Philosophy: Nietzsche, Deep Ecology?
who created god .and who is the 1 that crated the 1 who created god and so on?
riddle me this, if i have four apples and they magiclly turn into oranges, how many apples do i have left?
What is the meaning of life?+ why is there something at all why is there not just nothing? ?
Do you believe that our smallest,least signifcant thought, word,& action have real consequences throughout the
what is most important thing is in the world.?
What do you think of history as a subject, how is school history relevant to our lives really?
why is man destorying the earth?
have you a ''favourite'' ''philosopher'' that just got it all on point for you?
What are some moral theories besides the utilitarianist and deontological ones?
How would a typical day in your life would look like if your life were perfect?
Why does humans (most of 'em) want to believe that there is a higher power?
Why don't I feel empathy for humans like I do animals?
What is it about life....that fills your mind with the thought "I want to discover"?
why do we baulk at abuse?
What happens after death?
Life is so precious and to live and enjoy !! Do you agree ??
Is God greater than, equal to, or less than, Love?
Can you buy a lens made by Baruch Spinoza?
DARKNESS AND ISOLATION...what do you think they make you-spiritual or insane?
the proverbial question, what is the meaning of life?
who is your inspiration......?
how would some of the idealist of capitalism react toward modern day capitalism?
How to change or be happy?
Is there a great possibility of dying of laughter?
In More's Utopia, how did Utopuis found his kingdom?
What does it mean to be in your mind a lot and is that bad for you?
Would you kill one person to save a thousand?
Is bill gates naive for this?
If we are born with a soul?
What is an Argument I could Make?
What does time provide for the weary?
Could you give me examples how language brings with it its culture, its ideas?
What was the most important question that you were ever asked?
what is time? not what is the time but what is time itself?
What is counselling like?
Who are you?
Have you ever been told something that changed your life?
Man vs. Nature....Who will win the ultimate fight?
what can u do 2 get less DISAPPOINTED??i always try and fail!!!!?
Explain Glacons account of the origin of justice?
Is killing our ego best for world peace?
What about nuclear power, what do you say to THIS?
Do you try to think before hurting someone that that person also has a soul that gets hurt?
Are you confident, arrogant, or ignorant?
How does Aristotle think about the happiness and function of humanity?
What will happen after this meeting?
How can a simple embrace change something... everything?
Wheres the beef?
DEfine "god" in a single sentence.(just curious!)?
I was alone in nothingness when I realized I existed, but then immediately as I came to be aware of myself...?
Does god really exist ? has any one seen him ? if yes please explain me!?
how about way to searching best lady?
what is the secret to success?
Naturalsitic observation?
is Existentialism philosophy alike zen?
What is the very worst thing a person can do?
When people are sitting in their caves watching shadows flash on their computer screen walls?
What is Heaven really?
When a buddhist goes through his cycle of meditation, what feelings is he experiencing?
who can look at the seeds of time and say which grain will grow and which will not?
what are the different ways to open someones third eye?
what is the FEELING you hate the most?
what is the greatest gift a parent can give to a child?
What is an Empath?
what does hume mean by custom and habit?
If you seek for an answer but you failed to find, what will be your next task?
Do you ever dream about waking up and starting your day?
Nudity, What is it aboutty?
how to increase the personality?
machiavelli vs. thoreau whose idea on government is superior?
Why does life does this to people...?
Why is it difficult to understand the immortality of the soul?
Western Philosophers and the good life?
How to understand Telepathy?
what is arsimak?
What are William James views on introspection?
20 years from now, what would i be?
How does the reply 'bite the bullet' succeed in defending Classical Utilitarianism?
what comes first? the chicken or the egg?
What Caliber Would You Use To Save Your Own Life ?
Would it be nice if there is a reconcilitation between science and religion?
What do you think you are worth?
Allegory of the Cave and the Truman Show?
Can nothingness create?
Are certain patently impenetrable notions such as infinity & nothingness our links to the continuity of Being?
how do i establish a state?
In propositional logic, how can an argument be formally valid but not truth functionally valid?
Am I extremely weird for doing this?
what do you think is the meaning of life?
is it ok to do experiments on my pet monkey?
why is it a problem to explain qualia in functional terms....from a philosophical persepective?
I have come to my own conclusion. I feel like I am grieving, I lost my faith.?
can you satisfied your all desires if you got the magic pencil?
do you think,if humans survive the sea level rises ,we will over time develop gills?
What is man's greatest weakness?
Traveling? Literal journey of self discovery?
What is the meaning of Superindividual?
death life define it?
How science and philosophy affect every man's life ?
what will happen if i top this leaderboard?
Does reality extend further than the material world?
Is the glass half empty or half full?
What do you think is much more important in life : love or money?
How do you get over being betrayed by someone you thought you could trust?
am a born again christain &am known 2 be very religious ...but some people think its kind of weird.. DO YOU??
Which concept of Enlightenment is true? The Hindu or the Buddhist version of Enlightenment?
Unconditionally Valid Forms?
Is every little thing that happens to us a result of Karma?
what is the secret of being a wise man ?
Are we all figments?
What did I do to piss off the Universe?
What's the best way to illustrate the relationship between error and sin in Descartes?
Okay, now I don't want a bunch of mystical crap and all that, but what is the meaning of life?
what are the strengths of rationalism over empiricism ?
Help Socrates?
Why does God have so much patience with us?
What are your thoughts on the infinite?
a man dreams hes a butterfly when he wakes is he a man or a butterfly dreaming of being a man?
Question about philosophers?
we should speak true or not?
I have to go to new depths, how far should I swim?
has anybody heard of a lady named lilith that came before eve in th bible??
Why do people have to be so afraid?
Suze Orman's 9 Steps To Financial Freedom?
What is life?
Do you know about some English songs that...?
what policy for internet access and use filter software do you think is appropraite for elementary& highschoo?
John stuart mill: free speech?
Is there such thing as the perfect man?
Dreams: Is there a cause behind it? What is the meaning of a dream? Has your actual dream come true? Describe?
Are there 5 easy steps to becoming a warlord?
How fraile is a human mind?
What do i do my teachers are driving me crazy?
Are religions the cause of evil in the world?
what is the purpose of our existance?
How do you find the lost Word?
Why's the bird Albatross considered as a symbol of hope/success/brightness etc?
What way of life does Socrates believe aims at the good without consideration of what is pleasant?
Meno - Plato help on a question!?
What is Jane Macgonigal's defination of Play?
How can we achieve a lasting worldwide peace?
Are fate and evolution in conflict with each other?
what is the most meaningful sentence you have ever heard in your life?
proofs of the existence of god and the human soul (descartes) - impact on western culture?
What is Just not Fair?
If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
... how do you imagine me?
Are you happy with yourself?
Dont really know what will happen?
How can satisfaction be achieved if the only way to contentment is to seek more?
Are some people actually born to be unhappy in life?
What is the "lyrical ' I ' "?
What's the most important in life?
Conspiracy theory anyone?
What may be the difference if someone polished black over white or white over black?
Meaning of "Inceptual"?
which is the most important: love, life or money?
why not let go?
what's wrong with racisism?
Is this the end of the human race as we know it and are doomed or will we get by all this?
Who is considered to be the father of mordern philosophy (He was aslo a renowned mathemathician)?
If you could go back to high school, what would you do differently?
explain Irenaeus' Theodicy?
If you were God, how would you end the world...?
how can you face your probem if your problem is your face?
why do we need god? i dont understand?
=if(b8=1,"ASK",0) BUT if we put =if(b8=ASK,"1",0) there is no result how we can get result in such condition.
IM SO DAMN ANNOYED! im in the UK and its 2.00am?
Are we gonna die 2012?
How can you find your smile?
Why are you so smart?
Books on existentialism?
what are deontological theories?
Is there such a thing as cleuriphilia (inordinate love of clowns)?
When does humility become a handicap?
Isn't this ironic?
Where do thoughts come from???
What's at the END of your own RAINBOW?
What happens when you're told to...?
My Bohemian Life biblical references?
How did Alan Turing's life affect what he wrote?
How do you guide your observation for it not to become a judgement?
Knock Knock neo will you enter the matrix?
If Life is a game, what are the rules?
pterodactyls are the coolest animal to have ever lived?
I always know when my Friend is lying cause he gets mad when he is caught. How many guys do this?
When should you trust your intuition and when is it playing games on you?
Does someone steal from you because they lack respect for you or has it to do with their own lack of values?
Could it be true that everyone is actually innocent, and guilt is an illusion?
How come I can talk to myself as if I were talking to someone else?
Do you think that Religion is a brainwashing? "they use the same method"???
What is "self-love" ? If it's not in the "selfish" meaning, what are good things and bad things about it ?
who is sexier britney spears or paris hilton?
Where can we buy a piece of peace ?
What do you love about your house?
tasting menu question?
What are the six systems of Hindu philosophy?
What was thomas jefferson philsophy on life?
what is the relationship between family and the state in antigone?
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
what came first the chicken or the egg..?
ღ What makes you feel at peace?
Why is happiness more desired than sorrow when oftentimes, sorrow drives us closer to self-reflection?
Who am I? What is the relation between my body and soul? What is the role of God & Zodiac on my life & soul?
If you came across a book containing all the answers to life would you read it?
For Machiavelli, who was worthy?
creation or evolution?
What is essential to life that people don't ask themselves before they die?
Is Religion or Science more important?
Ontological arguments, can any one?
What does philosophy mean to you?
What if I have kaleidoscopic Eyes?
What is love.............................?
Do you believe that in 2012, the end of the world will happen?
What is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom?
How to be happy? lol?
Is being a short-term success in music or football a blessing or curse?
Is anybody know that why is/are he\she\it/they on earth?
Hi All :) ..What do YOU think WE need MORE of, and WHAT do WE need LESS of in LIFE :D?
How does social structure influence behaviour?
Plato, Descartes and Hume...?
Do you believe in destiny?
Tell me something very very interesting?
What exactly is solipsism?
Everytime the moon is full i get really hot?
Does this make pakistan people mentally deviant?
Truths about human nature in life ?
Why do people make sacrifices that they don't have to make for another person?
If your name is Chillin & Grillin, do you ever vote on a best answer?
Pain is.........?
what is love??
who's the one to blame?is it love?or something else?
how come milk is considered veg?
Why does Glaucon claim that one should not simply want to be just, but that one should want to be believed to?
Death, Gentlemen?
Why I decide to be a loner?
If you could change careers instantly - have all qualifications and land a great job - what would you choose..
Do you have a kooky neighbor?
Is Marx right that the interests of workers and capitalist bosses are wholly incompatible?
If you could compare yourself to anything what would it be and why?
Could I start a religion based on my philosophies?
Explain why the milesian philosophers are said to be the first real scientist?
when is an answer not an answer?
why we do love?
what arguments did René Descartes make concerning the reliability of history as a form of knowledge?
What is the most happiest thing a human being can ask for?
The mind is more complex then we think, how many emotions do we touch in a day?
How would you feel about a world where mirrors never existed?
why do we need god? i dont understand?
If there are no verbal equivalents in the Hopi language does that mean no temporal sequence is experienced?
Why is sirious called the Dog star?
If a good person has evil intentions, can a bad person have good intentions?
What do you call yourself in your private moments?
How do you destroy the universe by screaming?
we think we see who we are but how do we know its not just a emotion we feel and we see what we want to see?
is nihilism something to be overcome?
How do I get started in philosophy?
What present would make you laugh?
Why does the desire to control the things we really can't?
tell about my future ,my date of birh is 25/07/1980 ,time 2.08 am birth pace adoor{pathanamthitta dist,kerala,
To what extent do u agree or disagree;There is no ultimate truth ,everything depends on our points of view.?
Do we need to know the parts to know the whole?
Was Alan Watts enlightened?
Are religions suppressing scientific truth?
Was there ever a moment in your life when your words seemed to get in the way?
If you could know the age of your death, would you want to know?
what were the impressionists rebelling?
How can I tell what makes an inductive argument strong or weak?
what are these people talking about how many times was science proved wrong we will not die tomorrow?
According to Berkeley which of the following best states his view?
i met god yesterday he is not happy at all.?
What is the secret for a successful living?
what is Omkar? everyone can hear this om or not ?
Is spiritualism good for body, mind or soul?
why are there so many different religions? so confusing !!There must only one God !!?
Wise philosophers I call upon you for the answer that has plagued mankind for far too long?
what were carl jungs' theories on the function of art?
Have you ever changed your life?
How To Make Your bestMate Happen?
What does this make me?
if you could somehow make it so that you had never been born, would you?
What does this even mean?
Do you agree: nothing heavier than air can fly?
what is meaning of life for u?
How does Parmenides arrive at the conclusion that Being is the sole ontological category that has a referent?
Has human progress so far made us better people? If not, then why?
What is it referring to, language or thought?
Isn't the "jerk" in the group that one person that sees the truth?
how do you know when you're on the right path in life?
Why do dreams and imagination fade as we age?
What is the real meaning of life?
what is the best university to study philosophy in USA?
What is the definition of magic and what does it consist of?
Why do people feel they must force their religions onto others?
What will be the thing you regret on you death bed?
Is life worth it........?
What is wrong with the world where you live?
What would you like to make your life complete? (Not money)?
what philosopher denies the contingency of morality on human nature and desires?
Is Love a Weakness or Strength? ?
is ego necessary for a human being?
Philosophy Essay Title Understanding Help-Slightly Confused...?
every one knows what is bad and what is good .any body knows how thin is the line ,or there is no line at all
Humanity evaluate argument help!!!?
Is it wrong to ask you to SMILE? THIS IS NOT A QUESTION!!!!?
Would it be a justified moral act to go back in time and kill Adolph Hitler before he could kill anyone?
what is really difficult to do in this world?
2 Choices, and you must choose 1. What would you rather die from?
“Don't pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.”?
Do you let it happen or make it happen?
What would a perfect human look like and act ?
does our mind ever stop thinking?
Yes I have a question. Its boggling my mind!
whats the meaning of life?
What are some good impressions for me to try?
How much[quantum] do you need to be happy?
After how many hours do most people feel "hungry" again and ready for another meal?
What is an "egocentric" person?
Existentialism and Greek Philosophy (Plato and Socrates)?
why are aliens depicted as evil for conquering earth, when humans do the same to their own kind?
Do you think that it is competitiveness or cooperation that counts in life?
Hamlet and "Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions."?
How would an ethical pluralist handle the issue of FGM?
Do you think there are multiple Universes?
Is Psychology a science?
How did Utnapishtim come to “enter the company of the gods and to possess everlasting life”?
if every-human tried to make life better for each other..what would be the result?..?
How do you relate predistanation to Estuicism?
What truth does the bible speak of life today?
Which philosopher came to the conclusion that there can only be one "god"? and, how?
what is world ?
What is your definition of success? What is the secret of your success?
Are we good examples of what we want in the world?
Father James Joyce and Aquinas' Cosmological Argument?
What is the point of life?
If a tree falls in the woods...?
How much of what you do is for yourself?
What is it like to have an identical twin?
Who is responsible for this misquote: "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it..."?
Goodnight - What will you dream of tonight?
What is the meaning of life?
I want to learn more about The Noble Eightfold Path?
Why are we the one who suffer?? especially in love relationships?
how do u think we all can make(including me) our world a better place to live???
What is the tree of life kabbalah about?
what makes a utopian community?
i need to know if it is true or false ?
Does the philosophy of Jesus lead to one conclusion?
Does every action that we do fade into nothingness, or continue to exist in alternate universes?
A philosophy of Al-Matrix||||||?
They say the fight is more important than the outcome but what about terminal illness?
Often it's essential to say "NO". (The longer you hesitate in saying no, the greater the chance of your?
Can you fall in love with a computer.?
If the gold-digging hypothesis is true, does it follow that the evolutionary gold-digging hypothesis must also?
How can something exist without a cause?
explain what epicurus thought about desires (natural/necessary)?
what is the rule of transitivity of implication with examples. ?
Is it wrong to laugh at this (see details)?
are free will and determinism not compatible?
will human beings evolve further?
Why do anything if were going to die anyway ?
Philosophy Logic?????
What its means, pls tell.?
what are the thingds you don't like to yourself? what are the things you like to yourself?
Why do we fear things that are not real?
who is john piaget?
Do you belive in heroes?What is a heroe?
What is it 'we' as human beings strive for?
Why is the world the way it is?
what is the reason why God gives you life?
how is it different from the views prior to descartes?
What are the steps by which Descartes tries to extricate himself from skepticism?
the best things in life are........?
To what extent does authority affect one's ability to know?
why does everything have to be right or wrong?
Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? How can we know what 'beautiful' is?
Questions about 2012 End of the World?
Do you see life as half full or half empty? Why?
How to interact more freely?
Is something irrational always absurd?
If you've read Robin Sharma's THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI...?
Is it possible for someone to love another unconditionally?
what does capresious mean?
"No one would describe me as having manners, even though im always holding doors for people."?
What is the significance of the forms that the 3 prophecies in Macbeth assume?
Can you solve this IQ question?
bala says... law is for maintaining a balanced society..basically human existance is selfish in nature hewin?
If you met a talking fox, would you:?
Relationships based on your animal and color?
When is it a good time to give up?
Why do people insist on using God as an argument?
Is consciousness a perpetual force?
If human race managed to survive in the next 4 million years, would we evolve?
If this were your last day on Earth, what would you do?
What are strategies for use of rhetorical scare tactics?
WHO said this quote?!? "today you cry for your mistakes...."?
Is it just me or is it very difficult to take a side in a war?
If there is one thing holding mankind back from being truly civilized, what would you say it is?
why do people exist?
what do you think is the worst human trait to have?
Does anybody know the email id of the great Dr. Wayne Dyer?
is there life after death? is there anyone who has sum experience in it?
Do you agree that Abortion is wrong?
what do you think?
if the world was ruled by a class of people and most if not all were of one race....?
do you think it is better to hide your feelings, or be open?
How do the intellectuals of the world...?
My 9 yr old daughter would like to know, if God created everything, who created God? Can anyone help?
Why would a utilitarian seek incentive compatible policy for anything?
Is language our master or our slave?
Kant? Big exam!!!?
Do you believe in GOD?and would you do all that his ask to the best of your abilities?
What is the humans purpose on Earth?
Virtue Ethics and the Good Life in Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics...?
Are people really supposed to depend on outside things for happiness? Then how does a person do that?
why are people attracted to self destruction?
DARKNESS AND ISOLATION...what do you think they make you-spiritual or insane?
do you feel like life is long enough?
If everyone wants bliss, and ignorance is bliss, Why doesn't everybody want to be ignorant?
What song is this- "I'm talking about us i'm talking about destiny i'm talking about everything that matters?
What would be the most precious treasure you could have?
If you could know the age of your death, would you want to know?
how can i take over the world?
Curious question, what is ther more important than the following scenario you will experience?
Can true love happen twice?
What is your philosophy on life?
Is it wrong to be honest?
If abortion is considered killing, why isn't the fetus buried? Who would Mourn?
Social Darwinism and public issues?
A question for women...?
What is a social commerce platform?
How do I cite Descartes and what does (AT VII 25; CSM II 16–17) mean?
what is my destiny?
can ever a wish come true?
How do you define "human" ?
Would this insight have helped ?
Muscle memory? Dependent or independent of the subconscious?
is LIFE the GIFT or the GIVER?
Would life be better or worse if you could undo all your actions?
Why do Christians live their life by an ancient book?
has anyone ever became completely aware of themselves in a dream to the point of total consciousness?
Is this a good example of a strawman argument in response to a Question?
Do you believe that by reading this something bad will happen to you in the future?
Can someone define 'TRUE LOVE' for me.?
Would you say that we are all motivated to do something by beneficial circumstances?
Can rain make you feel lightheaded?
Glass half empty or half full?
Forgiving or Forgeting the wrongs ? which is best?
If you are sad...what are you doing ?and what do you love to do??!?
What is more important to your education? The intrinsic value or the instrumental value?
What is the purpose of life?
What are you Really afraid of?
What must a person who has been consumed by negative thoughts do to be happy once again?
Why do people need God?
Who you are?
Why do we say that"this is beautiful, and this is not?",in other words, what makes us sense beauty? and How,,?
How does Aristotle's idea's about actuality and potentiality link into his idea of the four causes?
i need qoutes for able to do something?
Would you say that a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
What is the word for realizing that everyone's life is just as complicated and complex as your own?
Were determinism and predestination considered mainstream thought at any point in the past?
what are the branches of philosophy?
"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"?
Is the glass half empty or half full?
How is respecting others as a leader effective ?
why did god create different coloured people to live in this world why not just one ?
When you Die, Is there really a Light that blinds you from going to heaven?
discuss the criticisms of biocriminolgy?
What does Objective mean in Philosophy?
Little traces of them.. after they have left.. The echo of their laughter still ringing in your ears. So many?
Need help on the Matrix!!!!!?
Why is love so important in life?
What is doubt?
What can not be destroyed nor created?
According to utilitarian ethics, moral standing belongs to:?
Could our desire to escape reality not be due to fear but due to the fact our reality is not actually real?
Help with Sentential Logic/ SD+?
What is the best thing you have ever done?
Do you beleive in the existance of Good and Evil?
why when we lost someone or something hurts so bad inside?
On a project similar to Collins submarine computerization, how would staff build-in enough (that is, massive ?
what is the meaning of dax luca?
Is it identity that defines choices or choices that define identity?
How much philosophy is in a three layer chocolate cake?
What are the main Ethical views of Socrates, especially discussed in the Apology?
Dreamboat by Hum need help for meaning!?
What advice would you give to "Honesty" that is being tempted to participate in a masquerade?
What are some cool sayings?
How would you connect Romanticism with Phenomenology?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
why is it so?????????????
Would you rather be comforted by a kind lie, or hurt by the cruel truth?
What is Euripides view on war? And how does he prove it?
where is society going?
what is the psy. theory that utilitarian principle based on?
Is Islam the beast?
How do you know you are not dead right now?
Is it better to be a millionaire or very happy person?
is there any connections regarding Rousseau's contention on General will to Archetypes? thanks?
Can not enough sleep kill you?
predicate logic practice?
Why do so many Americans strive for things they do not need and will not provide any lasting fulfillment?
Why do these people have to be alive?
Shine Like the Star that You Are.....................................…
Would an existential importance be an importance to existence?
Why is Alfred Nobel still considered a "Hero of Peace", even though his invention is used for war?
Why and how does Martin King Luther's letter relate to education?
What can i do to help myself?From young i always beign bullied in school now i become no confidece at all?
what is it like when you mean do you still have life?
If you could ask the world one question what question would you ask?
Where i can learn about philosophy online?
Why do people use ! Answers when Google is faster and more accurate?
why is the grass always greener on the otherside?
what really matters at the end of the day?
Is it easy to fall in love?
Where can I download the communist manifesto in pdf format?
Memorization vs. Dynamic Thinking: Which do you think is more important?
Epicurus and "Letters to Menoeceus"?
Why do you fear or worry about death?
does Shakespeare support the notion of "noble lie"?
I'd like this sort of relaxing/meditation music but what is it classed as?
As the alien craft rose, taking all that was precious to me, what should I have done?
Valley of the death. What the meaning of it?
Why do people find its necessery to believe in a god?
What part of Rawls’ theory of justice is most like Care Ethics?
What might be some of the advantages of living in Utopia?
Cyber sex how to get?
Explain Parmenides' belief: Being is rational & only what can be thought can exist.?
examples of macro and micro perspectives?
Is happiness contagious or is it primarily a chioce to get up each morning?
Was there (human) knowledge before (human) language ?
I Am Contemplating A Passage. "Thinking Is A Disease" Any Thoughts?
Is Ayn Rand one of the greatest human beings who ever lived?
What's the purpose of marriage, if there is so much "work"?
rules of validity in a categorical syllogism?
When I look human activities from the top of a high building, It looks ridiculous?
What is the purpose of sadness and hard times?
What is "tortured logic"?
How do I get to the place where Eckhart Tolle is?
Would the Olypmpics still happen...?
would you rather be a SALMON or a GOLDFISH?
How are you describe a coward?
do we have justice?
What is Hume’s Paradox? What is the philosophical relevance of Hume’s Paradox to the practical sphere?
what r smoke jumpers and what do they do?
Does your skin separate you from the world or does it bind you to it?
what are ethical judgements?
Why does society make such a big deal over suicide? We did not ask to be born so why ask permission to die?
whats wrong with society today :O?
An interesting approach to explaining the potential of our minds, any opinions?
What is being selfish in a good way?
Name one thing you could not live without?
who was Rumi?
Where is paradise . . . .?
Why are people brainwashed so easily?
Do you think compassion can extend from biological relation?
Give me one reason why life is worth living?
Why has the idea of plastic beauty invaded our society with such force?
Why do some mistreat others for so little?
modal logic?
Delaying world war III?
where is home to you???
There has to be something more?
In scientific terms, what exactly is "NOTHING"? Could it be possible that this "NOTHING" exists?
What has had an influence you?
what was gods first thought..??
Why is money such a big thing in society?
Does this sound like a logical career path? Or is it likely to fail?
Why aren't amazing things happening to me? I have a substandard life. How do I become one of the lucky people?
Does everyone find their soul mate in life?
Putting arguments into standard form?
Why does Voldemort continue down his twisted path of life despite the multiple chances he has to turn back?
Nietzche's attack on modern Christianity is still valid -- on what major points does it rely?
What are some good non-academic books on philosophy?
Is there anything that cannot be questioned?
when do you plan to pray?
Does the constant state of change keep you perhaps more solidified?
How to achieve 46&2 perfection?
Tomorrow Never Dies, is it true ?
Why do we have to be dying to find out, truly, how to live?
Would you rather.....?
What is your bad habit that needs to improve?
The Secret Life of Bees motif?
How do you enjoy your happiness when you are sad ?
Hard incompatibilists view on moral responsibility?
Is the hit movie, "The Matrix" based philosophy, psychology, ontology or just very good fiction?
What is the meaning of life?
how to tell a rich man from a poor man?
Could the present day sites be used as a modern equivalent to the Agora where Socrates questioned passersby?
I need and opinion! i dont know what to decide?
This will make you think?
Which destiny would you choose?
What are some moral and key aspects of naturalism?
Nothing left for me...?
Was Reddy right?
If you could be a different race for one day which would it be and why?
Were these problems for Collins project ?
If u had to sum up all of existence in 1 word what would tat word be?
If humans attach meaning to words, can words simply mean weapons that we use to survive psychologically?
Will the world really end in december 2012?
does god really exist? is there is any evidence? abt devil? can we worship devil?
Is the life of a fellow soldier worth more than the lives of 50 innocent civilians from the opposing side?
Arguments: Thesis met with the antithesis, met with a synthesis? Are conclusions ever meaningful?
what is end-in-itself?
Can you make a translation key and symbolize this statement completely? It's a philosophy question.?
is it possible to want just what you can get?
How do I know you exist...?
Definition of social allegory?
What is Reality really?