what keeps you going ?
What is the name of the belief that business should be motivated by the desire to make a profit?
where satan live now?
i want to kill myself?
Do men really KNOW what love is?
What is it that you want, and can't have?
Which world would rather live in?
is this argument valid or invalid?
What last made you smile?
Could someone help me to understand this segment?
If you could plan a freedom ride in the world today...?
Some things the allegory suggests about the process of enlightenment or education?
Urge for sex is urge for death?
When did this whole hater thing get started?
Q about Jus Ordo, Just Order, God's Order out of "City of God" by Augustine.?
Does confidence = DGAS?
The World will end on Wednesday?
Who's more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?
we are born destined to die, sentanced to death at birth . . . .?
Why does quality bounce around like a plane landing badly ?
In some disciplines, can a person make a career out of bucketting other peoples' work ?
what is your opinion?
Does everyone here, look like their avators?or atleast close to similar??
in your opinion what is the worst thing that can happen to a man in his life time?
guess why no one is buying anything cause we are strapped?
Why do people feel the need to fit in so badly that they don't question what they have been told?
Who most deserves the Darwin award?
what is there to do in life?
Which criminal deserves a greater sentence, one that acts on instinct, or one which plans and thinks?
Does silence hurts more than words .........................?
Why doesn't the government legalize a?
do you believe life is a journey?
Yes or no? you decide !?
did you know a young man thinks about sex every 5 minutes?
is good/evil human concept?
If time is an illusion,then how do you explain the aging process?
Is it a fact that human come from monkies (Please, no subjectivity) ?
Please help I want to hurt myself?
Who's the most important philosopher alive today...?
Are you more likely to be a genius if you are disabled?
what do you OBEY: your THIRST, your INSTINCT, your CONSCIENCE, your COMPANY, or the SOCIETY?
Questioning life's philosophy?
Are we witnessing the end of freedom of religion?
Am I perfect?
If "Life is a bowl of cherries" and I'm the pits ... What happens to the stem???
who wrote the bible?
what is the basis of obligation? how far does it extend?
why must I take over the world?
why do we have C, Q and X in the alphabet when they are sometimes used in the same manner as S and K?
what is empirical science and its knowledge situation?
Which of the following is true about office friendships?
How to be more productive?
full form of DOG?
what is the point of life?
Trainer Brian sends out Magikarp!?
Philosophy is not just about asking endless, wordy-play questions.........?
Why do we exist? What is our purpose in life?
What kinds of things are grotesque or fantastic? 20 different things, humans, animals and inanimate?
What can you do today that will help you grow?
Is this the end?
What's most improtant in a persons life?
Would we rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpletion?
What is Voltaire trying to say through the fact that the chief rabbi and the Grand Inquisitor (Cont.)?
what is "normal"?
What character in a play of Theodectes is quoted in Aristotle's "Politics"?
what is the answer to todays noggin hoggin question?
What's an example of a "short circuit" in a sophistic argument?
Men or women? which is smarter?
On a computerization project, do we need to distrust the experts, just as a jury would distrust the experts ?
Can you find opposition between...?
Other Sites to download philosophical articles, journals and books?
what social role is played by socrates when he compares himself to a gadfly?
is being bisexual bad?
Is it possible to be only myself, live/think the way i want, don't care about what people think about me? How?
What percentage of ! answers answers is trolling or false in philosophy?
what was the name of the philosopher that used the four square chart to show the benefits of believing in god?
Do you believe what you believe because you believe it?
What was Jean Jaques Ressaus philosophy on Man's responsibility to one another?
What is inside of a Mandir?
Are you in love with Burger-Bob and his stepmother John?
What does 'forgiveness' means to you? What is your perspective on that ? Why?
what are your morals, values..? ideals.. your own definition to this..?
Can you love someone without trusting them?
Life...philosophy...death...all these things my mind races about?
How to Make a True Life Intro?
What would be the perfect job for me?
Does it irritate most people when cashiers "Get a little too personal"?
Is it possible to return yourself to a more innocent or pure state of mind to turn more romantic?
if you could?
Would this insight help computer projects ?
Why do we see certain colours as dangerous?
Can one believe in both evolution and God?
Aren't dreams REAL in that they are atomic particles that have been put together to create a world of imagery?
what happens when u die?
what is pseudo realism?
Ever had a dream for your life?
What are some examples of fictional concepts!!?
Would I look different if my personallity suddenly changed?
what more do you expect to get out of life?
Why is it so difficult for us to practice what we preach?
Is randomness inconstant conjunctions? Don't these give rise to creativity, and mental flexibility?
The oracle in the Matrix...?
What is the possibility that there's evil in you?
What is the most powerful English word besides 'love','god', or 'jesus' ?
What is immanuel Kant's definition of retributivism?
what would be a good incentive for debate if Sbs is your plan?
What is the concept of the "Modern Soul" in Foucault's "Discipline and Punish?"?
If you had a machine that could answer any question you asked it, would you ask it when you were going to die?
If God created the Universe, blah,blah, blah. Who created God?
HOW MANY is it?
The artist's Muse: I'm looking for dialogue about her psychological character. Any groups talking about this?
what could be the arguement of this picture?
What was god thinking when he made the universe?
Lao-tzu and his works?
What is your point of view on euthanasia? if you had the choice would you take euthanasia away?
why did i just get a horrible feeling that the world is going to end?
underdetermination of perceptions by sense data?
In Apology of Pluto, what does the oracle's saying inspire Socrates to do?
who would you feel sorry for?
Describe the historical developments of both traditional and modern ethics.What's the connection between them?
Of course I'm using the socratic method in which I instilled in Socrates?
A Day At Kennywood Options??
Should I leap from the edge of this building?
love??? what is your opinion?? mine..? love at its finest :)?
Does philosophical discovery lead to creation?
Why do people think money buys everything?
What is time (and you can't use the word "time" in your answer)?
Question about EST.. I'm confused?
is "while" a conjunction or a disjunction?
What is better a smartie or an M & M?
Can someone explain the Liberty principle and the difference principle?
What do you need right now?
is love better than hate or they both the same?
Is Jesus on the Earth right now?
what is the meaning of life?
How can anyone believe in religion when it was written through the hands, minds of mankind?
What is the greatest Vratam in the World? Why?
Could God create a rock that he couldn't lift?
I feel like I'm not human... What am I?
The overpopulation myth? That the world is overcrowded? ?
What is Aristotles conception of Eudaimonia?
Was Alexander VI a narcissist trapped in a frantic effort to secure alternatives ?
what's the purpose of life ?
What's the philosophical meaning of "blood is thicker than water" ?
The greatest piece of advice...?
Love, Faith, Hope.. and the GREATEST is Love, but which is the BLINDEST?
What is life?
How is Martin Heidegger different from Karl Jaspers?
Do u believe in astral projection?
If you could choose peace for mankind or billionaire status for yourself, what would it be?
What is a real life example of the angry old man archetype?
Do you think my poem effectively conveys a 'carpe diem, live life to the fullest' attitude?
What is your first wish/desire you want to full fill when god appear infront of you..?
How we can become smart?
Can someone help me summing up Blaise Pascal's philosophy in a paragraph?
What has this endeavour set out to acheive?
Deepak Chopra: Does the Image go with the Message!?
Are you afraid of dying? Why, or why not?
What is the purpose of livng?
shortest definition for LOVE?
Can you change my view on life?
how can i identify my philosophy?
What is your Escape?
What are the arguments for mind/body dualism? What are Churchland and Ryle’s criticisms of dualism?
Can we live with technology?
If you had the chance, would you run with the bulls in Pamplona...?
If Jesus Christ was God, then how did he talk to God? And if they were both Gods, how can christens be monoth?
What is the greatest problem of mankind?
What's your purpose in this world?
Is Religion a force for good or evil in the world?
Should some wealth be taken away from super rich people in United States and be redistributed?
what is the sweetest thing in the world?
What are you afraid of/apprehensive about?
Why do people make such a big deal out of...?
Do events in your life happen for a reason?
define love?
How can you be sure about existence?
Why do we feel guilt when we lie?
Why should i live, whats the reason?
Besides science, what are 3 other approaches to knowledge?
If you could rename yourself, what would you want it to be?
I searched and found an old friend on facebook would it beweird to add them? i domt want seem like a stalker!?
what is life?
What is your big 5 for life?
if the world was ending what would you say to whom?
Does Giorgio Agamben teach photography?
Why do we all die?
What would life be like without hope?
I don't need to know your name, but does it have a meaning?
In what respect is postmodernism different from modernism?
2012 end of the world?
"Go and sit in your cell and it will teach you everything". What will you learn by being a hermit?
is there an aesops fable for or some similar piece of philosophical advice for procrastination?
Does the thought of the possibility that you may die at any given moment scare you?
Is there anything that you hate?
what the HELL is that smell?
Why is it when I talk about humans being useless and cruel?
what happens after death ? Is re-birth a reality or abstract imagination?
Has any animal ever sacrificed its own life for another animal (including the human specie)?
How to make a mother happy?
I want to have fun, what is the best way? I do not know how to have fun.?
something that sounds like "ching dow(?)" , in Chines (?), meaning may you live 100 years?
what hinders you from reaching your true potential?
If you were to sell yourself....?
Psychology question here! Please, look!?
What else is still adorable...........?
If I told you I love you, how would you react??
Will there ever be happiness, in a lonely old soul, that reports questions?
IS this poemok if not what can i do to make it better =)?
Does anyone know a German philosopher whose name sounds as [volfgang gigerich]?
If you could sit down with anybody (alive/dead) and have a conversation who would it be and why?
If we are all humans?? then why do we all look different?
Remember when being old referred to anyone over 20? And "Race issues" meant arguing about who ran the fastest?
Where does innocence go?
I've never thought about that before. Have you?
what is the big bang theory.?
How do you deal with people that... :) ?
When you are in the middle of a difficult situation that you honestly believed you could handle............?
Do we look better in a mirror than in real life?
Think QUICK! What is the FIRST word (only one!) that comes to your mind when you hear the word "money"??
In The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, How are Puritans captives in a sense too?
Disasters - free will, or fate?
Why are dreams better than reality?
I'm 14 and I don't feel real? I feel like I'm unconsciously doing everything why?
How did I do this?
Story about a rabbi who visits brothels?
What is the meaning of omne trium perfectum?
If a child holds out a tray filled with diamonds, silver, and gold. What is the most priceless object listed?
What qualities required which can be considered as true success in a man's life and living?
Is there such thing as perfect life?
what makes Descartes think that a body is always divisible - why any physical body can always be cut in half?
When we are condemned to be alone for life, what can we do to stay alive?
Is this line going anywhere?
what is the meaning of acquisitiveness motivation?
If by some chance we do come back as other animals what would you want to come back as? And why?
Does a good hot dog feed the hand that bites it?
I am just tired of the things I am going through and I feel empty inside?
is there a God and i've read this it made me confused: so is there a God ?
If you are suffering excruciating phantom limb pain would it be immoral to pay a prostitute to alleviate it?
What would you like to make your life complete? (Not money)?
what would you do if the world come to an end tomorrow?
what does ichiban- multapod mean?
what is the meaning of life?
what does existentialism mean to you?
How come people hate to be wrong?
I am a human being; My first job in life is to seek God and commune with Him; My work is not my identity.?
What proof is there that God exists?
what is the meaning of your life?
Why did Shakira only exhibit four of the five elements?
Would it be a good idea to apply to jobs without references?
How do people become poets?
What are you're flaws ?
How do you overcome failures in your life?
What does Nietzsche say about the body?
Who laid the egg of christianity upon the ashes of Alexandria?
If at least 4 billion human beings concentrated at the same time, could we stop the earth from rotating?
is there a reason why morality is NOT subjective?
What do you feel you will never have a chance to achieve in your lifetime?
My friend says focus on Efficiency robs our 'goodness' as no quarter can be given. What do you say?
Poll: Name one certainty in life apart from death and taxes?
how does CRT monitors work?
Why did the universe become self aware?
Why is Morality such a touchy subject?
is god there?
Why problems are so easy to make?
How is violence on TV related to violence in other aspects of life?
what is the nature?
If we were invaded by aliens from another world, would we make good pets?
how do you cure boredom?
how do you make a sad person smile?
If the audience ultimately is the judge of argument ...?
Can anyone help me to understand Martin Heidegger's concepts of the 'authentic(ated) self' and 'fallenness'?
what is your deepest fear?
Do our morals eventually fall prey to our emotions?
hi, unemplyed stand up comedian looking for any work to tie me over untill i get a breakthruogh. any hints?
What is Henry Thoreau saying in his essay "Walking"? What is he trying to get across I don't get it.?
What are the symtoms during your period?
Is the Bible the only source of the word of God?
how to make 24 million in 2 days?
ticket stubs and brochures from vacation?
Do you beleive in evolution where things happen by chance, or creation where there is a designer?
In which dialogues does Plato/Socrates address the soul and it's parts?
what does the colour green signify?
what does History is a child building a sandcastle by the sea, and that child is the ... what does it mean??
"Plan on a page" ? Would "Decision on a page" make more sense ?
PLEASE HELP!, Is this a good personal statement?!?!?
Is God one only, then how come we have so many Temples, Churches, Mosques different totally?
Can anyone think of an ironic or philosophical way I could dress up as a superhero for a fancy dress party?
Which is better - success or happiness??
Why am i a robot but i look human?
Are there people who need some hugs and love "more" than others?
Name the 5 most corrupt action humans partake of?
Is it strange how I perceive the years of decades in order like a patterned calendar in this way?
Need help on Utilitarianism?
How can I minimise pain and maximise pleasure in my life?
Is it morally right to steal from mean rich men to feed those in abject poverty?
Thomas Hobbes Political Philosopher?
Thomas Maritain Essence/Existence?
What did Plato mean "Nothing is real because everything is always changing or becoming something else"?
What is the difference between an INTELLIGENT man and a WISE man?
A better career for an intelligent, creative and thoughful individual with a strong sense of intuition?
Do you think while you are on this earth plane you will fulfill your destiny?
What is the difference between date,date and date?
Is this lying? Is this deceiving? Is this wrong? Oh god, someone please clear this up for me please!?
Is it true to say that every emotion given is one received?
What do you think your purpose in life is?
enumerate and define the end of human act?
what is the most vital thing in this life?
On the Collins software project, was there some sort of reign of terror by a NSW criminal, or was that project?
Does John Milton's "Areopagitica" represent only a partial advocacy of toleration?
What are some books I can/should read about Philosophy?
What is the symbolism of the pocket watch in Pan's Labyrinth?
tell me about some urban legends??????????????????
If humans didn't exist?
is string theory explained by ancient Egyptian beliefs?
Tape, and I Dream I Before I Take The Stand?
Is legal positivism arbitrary?
Do you some times wish you never had to sleep that you could live without it?
Before each of us is born, do u suppose God asks us what sex we prefer?
What can be a worst "loss" for You....?
how hard is it to play zombie by the cranberries on the guitar.?
Why does this happen alot?
How should you pose questions about security-critical, or safety-critical, systems ?
karin ericksons philosophical points?
what does a STRAIGHT LINE signfy for you?
what is Aristotle saying?"?
What website can I go to that will interpret my dreams that is FREE?
Why does media misguide everybody on all matters to common man throughout the world?
Do you think the God is exist?
Most annoying limosine liberal?
Does observation serve us well? What's hidden to most, the observer sees? Why?
Is it too late for a fresh start?
What does it mean to find oneself?
What would you rather do??
Do u like your name ? what does that mean ? Are you like your name?
In your opinion, what is the meaning of life?
Why is it important to be nice to people?
What can you love forever?
Is it true that cannibals won't eat clowns because they taste funny?
which of your emotions is that hardest to HIDE?
Why must some people see any kind of spiritual person as having NO INTEGRITY?
what is the meaning of life?
do we need to lose something in order to gain?
Healthy thoughts or Healthy friends?
do I have the philosophers stone?
why do i always feel sad?
Do you want to live forever? Yes or no and why?
Alexander Pope: Epistle To a Lady?
when a body dies is it a thing or still that person?
What is camperbelle beauty?
How can I tell the difference between thought and soul?
Do you honestly think Racism will ever be a thing in the past?
If you could be any 1 thing in Nature, what would u like to be and why ?
how to keep your interests alive ,without any feedback?
Complete the following (use your imagination)?
it makes me happy when your checken die , more than when my own checken makes an egg , why ?
What do you love in life?
Can Courage be Taught or Cultivated?
"Defense of Free Will" Tibor Machan?
What is \Post-structuralism?
How much money do you need to make you happy in life?
What is Michel Foucault, "Panopticism," from Discipline and Punish about?
Why don't we really see the world around us?
where am i going and what u think about ur life?
Why is breaking wind funny?
why do you bother staying alive?
Where do you want to spend eternity?
how about this, guys, what do you think...?
what is the meaning of life?
When humanity is going to be more important than money?
who said "what the answer?" "what's the question?"?
Does "plagiarism" need to be defined to allow "plagiarizing" from "anti-plagiarism" documents ?
How important is CHANGE, in life..?
Whats the point of life?
Is Mill an Act or Rule utilitarian, and why?
Social life going down?
What else in the world is materially and immaterially free?
Is life anything more than a brief span on earth, with nothing but eternity on either side of this existence?
Is anything more fundamental than dualism? If so, how would it be defined?
Should we, as citizens, trust legislators to tell us what is in the best interests of the state?
How can the synthesized a priori be beneficial to the world's operstions?
What would Plato & Aristotle think about "The Office"?
I have no friends and I am completely isolated?
What is 'truth'?
Which one do you think you can live without more and why?
Philosophers..Opinions wanted please!?
do u believe in hell?
What is the highest authority on earth?
Is this considered a scare tactic?
Is this quote relevant to your pet safety-critical project ?
i like HER but i dont like poeple AROUND her? what do you think?
What if all the fish in all the oceans and seas died, and all that was left was the fish in aquariums?
True or false: Knowledge is power?
What is the best way to live life.?
what is at the end of the universe?
What is indirect voluntary act....?
finaly i found jesus and i thing that is my turn to hide. What do you thing?
Would there ever come a day when we could take another's pain just as we can their money, or say, kidney?!?
how do u "deconstruct" Pope Bendeict XVI's Deus caritas est?
what does blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay mean?
Did you make any compromises in your personal views this week to survive?
what are current world freedom issues?
What geographic feature at times made life difficult for the Moche of South America?
I feel lonley, have no gf/bf, hardly any friends, what is the purpose of living in this suffering life?
What would be more intimidating and why: Being face to face with an angry male Lion, or an angry Grizzly Bear?
what is your definition of politics?
bad humans are made or born?
Is memory and thought separable?
if your PRAYERS were unanswered, do you usually believe it's NOT MEANT to be or it's just a MATTER of TIME?
Is it normal to feel this way or am I just a selfish person?
Why is the rich are usually so selfish while the poor generous?
Am I here?
what you mean by subjectivism?
you know world mans charactor?
Will two identical brains in identical state produce identical thoughts, emotions and decisions?
Any books or sources on this question, "Is there any agreement about Buddhists over the nature of Nirvana"?
Poll: Do you believe rednecks will one day take over the world?
Why is the philosopher the only truly brave and temperate man? (Phaedo)?
The Philosophy of Jesus was authored by which U.S. President?
What is rationalism and how can it be used to analyse litterature?
Standardizing/ evaluating this argument, premises/ conclusions, critical thinking HELP!!?
Have you fulfilled your potential in life?
Being-for-itself is what it is not...what does sartre mean?
The intention of the artist, agree or disagree with this?
"You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world."?
infinity exists in various ways in our daily life.Its manifestations are many. can u name an instance where u?
which lasts the LONGEST, True FAITH, True LOVE, OR True FRIENDSHIP?
What makes someone a hero?
What type of fallacy is this? PLEASE HELP NOW?
Do you think it is more important to talk, or to listen?
What would it take for you to feel like your life had fallen apart?
How to be a good friend to others when I have already lose faith in humanity?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryears?
is there any god?allah and catholic believers, do they have the same god?
Who hurt you the most in your life? And who has loved you the most?
Who is responsible for global warming?
Does anyone know about the constellation 'Libra'?
does this question really exist?
Niccolò Machiavelli, who had a similar philosophy to his?
whats relativism (philosophy) and please give some examples of it. :)?
What is the cause of hate?
Where can I find a good philosophy forum? With lots of activity?
What should I do about this psycho I met?
if you got to do one thing in life over ..anything a complete do over what would it be ?
Can a person ever be happier than they have been sad, and vice versa?
what causes greed and lack of value for life?
Does anyone think that there is any truth in the di vinci code?
What is karma.......?
If your uncle's sister is not your aunt, what relation is she to you?
If a tree falls but no one hears it does it make a noise?
If a tree grow up towards the light and down towards the earth .......?
isnt everyone so obsessed with themselves that they stop finding time for others?
Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time do you think this is true in your own life?
what is your opinion about this?
What do you do when you realize that everything is ********?
What is Nietzche's definition of justice?
What is the regress problem?
did u say treat pple well but i have no life so where come friends to be treated nicely unless doggies SPY me!?
Perhaps i should write that as one question: What the hell is going on?
What is something precious that you have learned about life?
Am I cruel for making it a game to kill insects?
What are the ten commandments of Philosophy?
What is STUPIDITY ? :))?
what is the point to it all?
have you met your own expectations or are they impossible to attain?
Do most people feel awkard having to simply TALK to others in customer service?
utilitarianism and DNA profiles?
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
What's the point to life?
In your opinion, would it be considered suicide to give up in the face of tragedy?
What is the easiest way to get peace ?
What do you mean by foolish people?
What would life be like if money didn't exist?
Is "software integration" simply "software development" ?
What would men do if all the woman on the planet disappeared?
Love is blind now what to do?
can you prove to yourself that you actually exist?
Do you agree that women .. in general .. prefer a man with a big intelligence instead of a man with a big .. ?
Could I get some philosophical advice about my future?
Recommend good books on Aristotle's logic, categories and metaphysics?
Are you truly happy and content with your life?
As a guy is it ok to hit a Girl if she hurts me first?
why western people used to call chinese people"BANANA"?
What is your one direction otp?
Is Huxley successful in his criticisms of his own novel Brave New World? What were his criticisms?
we dont need religions any more--what do think?
If Beauty is skin deep, how deep is Intelligence?
Without the Magna Carta, do you feel we would have ever had the constitution.?
Does any one find the habit of answering a question with a question quite tiresome and lacking imagination?
Is it okay to kill a fly?
According to Gettier, justification, truth, and belief are: a. unnecessary for knowledge. b. insufficient fo?
Will you still keep doing everything you're involved with ,even if no 2nd term for guys? Kudos to ya'll thk u?
Does God make more sense then evolution?
Are you cynical all the time?
ok idk what to do i just want to end my life?
What is the hardest decision you have ever made in your life?
Is money the root of all evil?
philosophy personalism. explain?
what is the meaning of life?
Why should we accept what we can't change?
1000's of children are dying in Africa, yet people of the West just want more and more?
Should the Asker be aloud to choose the best answer?
what motivates you ? job, life, school?
Do emotions moves human forward or the opposite?
Best way to study?
Can someone youve known for 1 year know you better than someone youve lived with for 20 years?
Plato and Socrates (Absolute Truths & Idealistic Absolutes)?
"Nothing can come from nothing", therefore God must exist?
what do you miss most about childhood ?
Are we master's of our own destiny or subjected to fate? Or both? Or neither?
I almost don't like to be happy?!?! I want to be sad!?! What is wrong with me?!?
how do you know if you're crazy?
when you look up to the sky?,whats the first thought that comes to your mind?
Why all of us always receive a golden key on the 21st birthday from anyone we love dearly?
what is the meaning of love?
diffrence between confidence and overconfidence?
Did your perceptions of the same sex change after you became spiritual?
What constitutes a good argument?Use examples to illustrate your answer.?
They say patience is a virtue, but what is the best way to learn patience?
Islamic Scholarship contribution to Europeans?
should i kill the devil?
my mom says i should have my second head removed because he always bites my ear and headbutts me. should i?
what is sufism?
Do you have any words of wisdom?
What can't you say no too?
Do you deserve to live? Do you think everyone deserves a chance to live their life to the fullest?
if god is everywhere then why does'nt he stops all the suffering ?? or is he so powerless ? give detail answer
if a genie gave u 3 wishes wot would they be?
are you really LAUGHING or just FAKING it when you write LOL?
Can you choose to believe?
Why are proverbs always written by individuals?
Is the rainbow or the pot of gold more important?
Who Can define term''human''..?
There is only Consciousness and the universe is just the interplay of Light arising in Consciousness?
Who are the best looking men/ women?
Is it logically possible to exist after your body dies?
mere or just differrentiate?
who is the author of life asked death quote?
Are we all animated cadavers on our way to death?
one thing you don,t like about your life?
We're screwed aren't we?
what does thease words of wisdom make you think about ?
"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. " Do you agree?
Wine and religion both make you a happier person, which one do you prefer?
Can you provide me with a summary of Aristotle's "Categories"?
What does desire have to do with in "A street car named Desire"?
What is a simple philosophy that helps you get through the day?
Is it better to be better than to be anything?
What will we experience after death?
Is there any body called to be perfectionist?
Do you have to answer this question?
What in life will remain a mystery forever?
Is the right to life absolute?
How does one confront his inner demons?
question about Aristotle on and action being virtuous ?
If you could ask one single question, what is the question?
Thomas Aquinas...PLEASE demonstrate the relevance of the thinker’s ideas to a contemporary ethical issue.?
To do or not to do , that is the question?
how far is infinity? Where did we come from and why are we made of flesh?
What is the point of life?
How will you know when you've finally made it?
If I am the only person in line, am I at the beginning or the end?
Question about Cultures of Mexico and Central America?
How do you easternize your life?
Why have I always been the second choice of everything?
Why we judge persons from the first sight according to them look or money?
what is your happiest memory?
Did Twain read/interact with Nietzsche or vice-versa?
why do we always ask question about people helping people?
if you know what life is worth. you would look for yours on earth?
What roles do juveniles play in organized crime?
How does Plato think common people are likely to respond to the wise person (the philosopher)?
How much good (or evil) can much knowledge, but little understanding make?
Does anybody know of a way to slow down your perception of time.?
does any other species hurt each other in the way humans do?
Can anyone give me a brief outline of how to answer this?
what will you choose for your course.. your own choice or your parents?
How to properly write PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS?
How is the world going to end?
What do you want most in your life right now?
do you think; The world is a magnificent mistake?
Has anyone heard of the legacy center in NC?
How can I see through my personality? Make the x-factors numerically identifiable, as well as lovable?
If you had £200,000 to spend on anything you liked how would you invest it?
does anyone share my veiw of what happens to our soul?
Is the following equation true? Truth=Universe=God. Explain.?
Don't like your newborn baby, just leave it in the safety deposit box?
In which level of biological organization does life begin?
Riddle me this?
What is your favorit word?
Does anyone remember the album by Bill Cosby, "Why is There Air"?
Okay, how's this for a philosophy question?
why we are here ?not somwhere else ?
What does evil look like? ( in your opinion)?
What if any, is the relationship between happiness and the moral good? between the views of Mill and Kant.?
Where does the legend of Santa Claus come from?
Good reasons to stay alive?
What does this quote mean: “Reason itself is fallible, and this fallibility must find a place in our logic.”?
Where does a good and happy life come from for Augustine?
is life motile extensions of the environment and vice versa?
Is the average American evil, or just incredibly ignorant ?
how can you say that the truth is really the truth?
Is there really any logical basis for being moral, if you're an atheist?
how many vedas are in HINDU religion?
Can you learn to Love without SELF-INTEREST?
Which comes first, money or happiness?
What is the purpose of The Republic?
Derive conclusions using the first eight rules of implication.?
Why do people use the phrase "You do realize ..."?
Can you think of circumstances in which creative freedom should bow to social responsibility?
What do you think would be best based on the utilitarian virtue?
T or F: You know humanity has reached a low point when you have to attack generalizations and wild assumptions?
To what degree have you actually controled the course your life has taken?
What is existentialism's view on love?
what is the meening of life?
What are some jobs that robots/machines can't replace?
Can any all-encompassing philosophy be free of assumptions?
what was Aquinas's purpose in developing natural law theory?
Too much input! Is that not so?
Who was first quoted saying "a rising tide raises all boats", besides JFK?
how to improve my communication skills?
Describe the historical developments of both traditional and modern ethics?
What is the difference of Intuition from Conscience?
Are y'all ready for this?
when you read/hear BEAUTY what comes to mind?
Debating suicide or coming out as gay?
Love is not ___________________ ?
Assumming there is no God. What do we replace him with ?
If existence as we know it, is too sophistocated to have occured by chance, is a creator the only explanation?
What is the root cause of all sorrows and sufferings in the world?
is a morality based on the virtues and vices more plausible than impartial moral theory?
What is the power of music, why do humans gravitate towards it?
Does everything happen for a reason?
What is the greatest crisis a human being can face?
And, what are you waiting for......?
What is the difference between knowledge and beliefs?
What did Hume mean by "No is implies an ought"?
Do you ever want to hug someone..?
Is there only one way to hear what God has to say?
What is Hayek's concept of spontaneous order?
How can I feel better?
What's men periclitado?
Why did the policy of "Assured Mutual Destruction" prevent nuclear war when disarmament talks did not?
To Travlin' Grama -proof of Evil?
how does jealousy, competition, and friendship all interact in "a separate peace" (book)?
Ya or nah? "Music is the medicine of the broken heart"?
when everything goes wrong and life has no where to go?
what is the secret to being truly happy?
What does this video mean. Is this video funny.?
With only one gallon of pure drinking water left on earth, how valuable would it be?
"Money is God, God is Money" Yes or No?
what you know about john stuart mill philosophy?
Why do humans lie?
Why do we live? Whats the point when we just fie anyway? I dont get it?
Karl Marx Theory of History Question?
How can we prove the existence of God?
favorite quote?
Does God exist?
What do you think is much more important in life : love or money?
Why do we live when we all must die?
what do you think the world needs now???
give u thank god but what is finish of it/?
Why is "Why?" the most important question?
another question about memory?
What percent of your Halloween candy gets eaten by your family?
kindly describe "the truth" in only one word !!?
Was a ruffian involved in The Collins software integration ?
Why does Meatwad Get The Honeys?
Is peace only attainable through conflict?
Where is God to stop wars around the world??
where can i download Russell,Bertrand's work called A History of Western Philosophy for free?
do ya know what the meaning "an arm and a leg means"??... i was told the answer but wanna see some answers
Does anyone take comfort in the fact that nothing in this world matters?
Why dont the jewish people answer unjewish ones in chatroom or etc and why are they this much proud !?
Do you think left-handed artist are more creative than right-handed?
world peace is possible, but is it likely?
Amnesic and dealing with the present?
How does Darwin's species concept differ from Aristotle's?
John Rawls vs. Robert Nozick?
Theologians: Can you explain your understanding of this quote?
If you could have anything you desire wether it costs or not,what would it be.?
Will you be dishonest...?
Do you ask questions to find answers, or to see what other people will say?
Is there a computer in heaven?
Why must life always end with death?
What are the three main arguments of Descartes?
What do YOU think is the meaning of life and why?
Is ti just little old you, or a philosophy book you carry around?
How is your life on Earth ?
How does man's desire for perfect happiness spring from his nature?
What qualities in a person make you inspire or follow them..?
What is the underlying agenda when someone regularly aggravates & blatantly gossips about a calm person?
Which philosopher said something about our thoughts being like soap suds in the washbowl of nothingness?
Are you very feared by very own People you know?
At what age do you truly know what love is?
Do you believe in free will or destiny? To what extent?
I have know the real defination of Life. I am 28 years old but never seen my future. What I do?what is life?
Love it Or Not?
why the humans are most Dangerous mammals in this world.?
Does any attribute, quality, or skill distinguish you from everyone else? How did you develop this attribute?
Need help starting this pleasee?
How was life ever possible for you before brian boitano?
What are your thoughts on this quote?
what is the square root of happiness?
I would give my life to not to die. What does it mean to you?
Which is NOT a main theme of Existentialism?
if all fails , would you take justice to your own hands?
Do you think that always just missing obtaining everything you wish for creates character?
If a tree falls on a park ranger in the forest and no ones around to hear it, does he scream?
Sigmund Freud?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
where is your happy place?
How is the life of a mariner?
Is it just luck where and when you are going to be born?
Does knowledge of Richard Wagner's political beliefs change your opinion of his music? Why or why not?
If you could give 3 of your best qualities to your "worst enemy" Which would you give and Why?
What are the levels of esoteric study? I know novice and initiate, but what follows?
If you were granted one wish,what would it be?
What do you think a folly act is?
What is Simone de Beauvoir's "Ethics of Ambiguity" about?
What arguments do people have in favor from Free Will, Determinism and Soft-Determinism?
Is it perception or is it reality/?
According to Heidegger, what is metaphysics, why must it be overcome, and how is it done?
i dont know what to do??? somebody can give an advice?? i really need that.?
Books that explain more about spirituality?
what's the meaning of life?
Philosophers: What ultimately am i and you living for in this world?
Met a girl who is completely similar to me, not even personality wise, like every aspect of life. ideas to why?
how to be active in speaking and wrting tasks.?
Why is having a child centered approach important?
Is the good defined independently of the right?
What really came first, the chicken or the Egg?
When you face a defeat, what motivates you to get up and fight again?
What is the meaning of life?
Can you still love another person if you do not BELIEVE IN THEM?
Can you describe your imagination?
why are people born with love..I truly mean love..and other peoples version of love are just passing phases?
what is the meaning of life for jews?
what's it all about?
Can someone explain Kant's ideas about " a priori synthetic" "a priori analytic", and "a posteriori synthetic"
John Locke vs David Hume on personal identity?
What is the most dangerous animal on earth?
What is the role of non governmental organization in agricultural development?
How is 'nothing' not 'something'?
Where is the best place to learn about Romanticism?
Opinions on ' The power of positive thinking ' by Norman vincent peale?
Is it easier to be sad than it is to be happy?
Are People Created Equal?
What does it mean to be a hero?
Honestly, his do I stop getting attached to people?
In your opinion, is there such a thing as an absolute fact?
Do you worry about the possiblity of a Large Comet hitting and destroying the Earth?
what is aim of human life?
Proving i'm happy to the world?
Anyone think life is random?
If you had to kill one of your children or they all died, what would you do and which would you choose?
When does caring for another become a "responsibility"? What might is also be?
my ? is very simple. but it requires complete honesty if u should answer. here it goes,?
What is the Way to be happy in ur Life regarldless ur success !!!?
What are you most ANGRY about?
What's one thing you are doing to improve yourself/your community/your world?
What seminary or college/university in Manitoba,Canada is the best school for taking-up philosohy?
other than fear, what is the reason that people do not keep an open mind?
True Love Exist Or Its A Hoax?
what is the meaning of the name"SUDHEER"?
Which random object do you think most represents you?
What's Your Definition Of Evil?
how to make good freinds?
Does philosophy has jursdiction over religion or is it the other way round?
need help on how to construct truth tables!!!!!!! ten points for best answer?
Why don't some people believe in evolution?
Why do the French have an inferior IQ than the Brits?
Philosophy Question regarding Aristotle. Please help?
Definition of Pure sensuous concepts by Kant?
What are Some of Soren Kiekegaard's views?
How much would you pay for a cheeseburger?
what's wrong.....?
Have you ever had an out of the body experience?
Who has better hearing: Men or Women?
In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?
HOW CAN I ASK THEM to either DOWNPLAY my weaknesess or REFRAIN from writing ANYTHING?
read carefully. do i have proof god and devil exists?
Philosophy help on "the moral point of view"?
Is 'forgiveness' important ? Why ?
Were high calibre staff specially recruited for Collins project ?
Does time feel faster the older you are or when you are younger?
Helter skelter or give peace a chance? Where does your philosophy enter in?
how can i find my brother?a flood take him and we could not find him and his body.?
Are there really no absolute truths?
Is it impossible to cure a sick man who doesn't know he's sick?
What is ultimate in Life?
Would you agree that psychedelic drugs are an escape from everyday life?
Is there anyone or anything you would die for? Or does your own life mean more to you than anything else?
What word rhymes with orange?
Question Regarding Philosophy Literature?
Socrates ,Plato and Aristotle views on Logic and Argument in Philosophy?
What do you think the true Evil is?
If you do what's right, good things will come. What do you think of this idea?
About how long do you think Noah was in the Ark?
who do you agree w/ more: plato/aristotle?
Is love the most potent force of the universe?
Who created the multiple choice exam?
People always ask why does God allow suffering? the question is why do you?
Have u done anything worthwhile in the last 24 hours?
The old "whats-life-for" problem?
question about nietzsche " beyond good and evil"?
which is ur favourite colour and why?
where we can find the true happiness in this life ?
why is true love so hard to find?
What motivates you to get up every morning? :)?
When ANGELS Talk what do they sound like?
If Jimmy s corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?
Curiosity / inquisitiveness is foremost sign of LIFE in a human being ?
What was the most useless, or insulting present you have received?
Do you believe in fate/destiny?
Why is life so unfair?
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Do you know what it's like to feel love, be loved, give love and do you know what love is?
Definition of Humanitarian?
why are we afraid to die?
Anybody want to share a cabin on a mountain?
Which of these do you think describe Humans most accurately?
Did Jesus die and rise again to life?
The more you have knowledge, the more miserable you are....true or false?
What if ego wasn’t an obstacle, but a powerful tool to grow and help others?
Need advice on life...Thanks.?
How long does your dream last when you dream at night? Is it 5 seconds or minutes or something?
What is the meaning behind Mary J. Blige's song God In Me?
why time passes e faster and faster ?
According to Hume, why can we not use the process of reasoning when it comes to cause and effect?
If i kill my self would any one care?
Help with philosophy?
Is human life being taken seriously by the governments of the world?
Question to older people: What were really the "best years of your life"?
my life is nothing but rejection after rejection?
Do you believe in miracles?
how would life improve if people showed more love? how could one grow more love in their life?
Who are these people, who take time to answer random questions, without?
what is the difference between men and women (socially not physically)?
what fallacy does this argument commit?
About what do people think?
why human is alone?
if you will be a piece of clothes which piece your prefer??
Dont Answer This Question!!!!?
How to have more self-control? I need tips?
What really is the question?
If nothing is perfect and it is God Who made everything, does it imply that God Himself must also be imperfect?
Killing myself.. Depressedd?
What do you think is 'Karma' ?
according to rachels what are the three elements of happiness?
Are Humans naturally good or evil, a little of both or balanced?
can life get any worse?
Should a man cry?
Are friends more important than parents and family ???
could people live without love?
Why are we afraid of that we don't know or don't understand?
Can BIG BANG happen again for any reason?
if/when a lie is told often enough...?
What was Galileo's ideas on the differences between science and philosophy?
What gives purpose to your life?
Survey : What/whose is the first image that forms in your mind when you close your eyes ?
Who is the "Big Tape on Campus"?
Is violence ever necessary?
Is questioning one's justification a sign of ethical intelligence?
Why do people say this?
What do you think of this?
how can Bonjour's argument against externalism also be used against coherentism?
What would get a whole town roaring on Halloween? What tricks could I pull?
Would this make you sad?
Has the future been written?
How can we create meaning in a meaningless universe?
What to do when you feel like your wasting your life?
What is it like to have an identical twin?
Whats your favorite law?
What is your motivation in being nice to children?
Is happiness bought?
Is it morally better to eat battery farm chicken than free range - why kill happier chickens?
does anyone else think..what is the point?
what is the meaning of life?
Is there a Teleological suspension of the Ethical? Can the ethics be suspended in extenuating circumstances?
Is an approximate idea of God better than no idea at all? please help?
Have you ever contemplated suicide?
How to be more disciplined in life.?
Does "evil" exist?
If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right, Men will believe what they see. Let them see.?
If you were GOD, what will be you first project on mankind?
is there a effective way to suicide?
Was Judas the son of Satan? why or why not?
what is the true meaning of life in the materialistic and spritual world.what way we should live for both.?
what is platos argument for the immortality of the soul?
Why so many Humans hate the evil members of their kind but not their whole species for having evil individuals?
What is your idea of a perfect life?
Could you list examples where philosophy has saved an academic field/discipline from it's own crisis?
Are we all equal?
Would you agree that everything revolves around the bell curve?
can the word 'trepidation' apply to fear of fear itself ?
What is your Main Goal in Life?
Could alchemy actually work?
Is unconditional love a reality or is it just Hollywood movies?
Do you believe that:"Men are more intelligent than women"?
Is there absolute truth if yes, where can it be fined?
Ideas for modern transcendentalist song.?
what are 10 objects you could use fpr the hungergames?
What makes YOU happy?
explain, what is "luck"?
What are the different stages of acquiring knowledge according to Aristotle?
Don't tell anyone, is a "Secrete"! .....?!?
Help with my philosophy paper!?
My 9 yr old daughter would like to know, if God created everything, who created God? Can anyone help?
I feel very philosophical today so to be, or not to be?
Please help with these questions?
Does one's thought depend upon one's wish or one's wish depend upon one's thought? Hence, how does this.....?
What is First Philosophy ?
Help! What was the question?
what are these "points" all about? why is the "Easter Bunny" involved in Easter?/eggs/baskets/why are people
why cant there be world peace?
What is that one thing / feeling that unites us all as human beings?
I'm doing an experiment, and I have a question..?
What are some girl names meaning misunderstood, uncertain, confused, or hidden within? Or around that?
does any one else believe that humans will evolve beyond what we are now.or are we destined to be extinct..?
What is the importance of time?
I Need an Adventure in My Life?
What Happens to us when we die?
How long do you want to live for?
A question about understanding my life? ( big question with multiple answers chose any question i have insertd?
Do you argee with this?
Is there any Form that is not liable to Change?
What are the 2 criteria generally given by philosophers for “freedom”?
what does Heraclitus mean when he says "nature loves to hide it self"?
Where does the idea of perfection come from?
Do people laugh or cry when a clown dies?
Why is the concept of the 'unmoved mover' a problematic one?
im tired of living lol, ive got nothing to contribute to the world, id really rather leave?
What philosophy do you live by?
Do you think human behavior can be predicted and shaped?
How can there be fairies among the dead?
When are you most alive?
What if your family has a negative effect on your life?
URGENT: Do you recognize these people?
What is existentialism, in less than a paragraph?
hey i want to enter book of record. how can i get lots of people involve in it. its for world peace. Can u mai
If life is meaningless, then why do we feel compelled to search for meaning?
Which is the one thing we cannot able to see that but we can feel it?
Compare and contrast three scenariosin the Matrix with three illustrations of Descarte method of radical doubt
Can hatred run as deep as love?
Are we, HUMANS really like a herd of SHEEP that would always need to be LED?
angels, do they exist? how to see them?
Kierkegaard or nietzche?? help?
Taxi Driver-existential film?
What was Socrates/Plato's reasons for believing that the soul is immortal?
Where is God to stop wars around the world??
I think I wasted my life. Is there any way to repeat it?
What was the last thing to make you smile truly?
I need to know if life is worth suffering for in the late years?
What is sex?is it talking and smoking?
What do you think of this point of view on death?
Given these circumstances, what would you do?
What is law of change in history?
We are all in front of computers... we Love technology!?
what is the aim of human life?
All hipsters shall die agree or disagree?
In today's world Maya more powerful and all pervasive in our lives then ever?
how can make myself enjoy?
Is this something to be proud of?
How do you forgive and forget someone who caused you so much pain?
When do WORDS become USELESS?
What philosophy says about some ppl having good lives and some ppl don't ?
What were some of the right words at the right time that you received?
What do you think will be the cool thing for 2012?
how to be more focused?
Why aren't you people in bed yet?
Do abstract objects exist?
What is your earliest event of life you remember. how old you was then?
If you could take back one thing you've done in your life, what would it be?
Would you like help with your life?
Aquinas and the big bang?
After Cain was banished from eden he got married. Where did these people come from?
If you went to heaven, whats the first thing you say to god ?
If God is omnipresent, would HE be in hell too?
To Honey Boo Boo Err or not?
What is the biblical understanding of god using evidence from the old and new testament?
Let's say Honesty, Courage, Humility, Patience, Trust are SUBJECTS in school, which are you going to FLANK?
I love to have a penis inside my a.nus, what do u think?
Did Collins software effort have a feel of "The war is starting to baffle me. We are shooting at our own."?
Why do people believe that violence is the only way to restore peace?
What kind of sleeping-waking routine or time-table is important in a 24 hour day for a good life?
who knows John assaraf(American)?
What is YOUR favoite quote?
How to measure greed?
Continuity without supertasks?
What is it that you have when you "have mercy" on someone?
who originated the phrase "free bread and circuses"?
Is it possible that things change and we aren't able to perceive it?
do you believe that number 13 is a bad sign?
paltonic love or sensual love?
if there were no religion, would we find another reason to fight?