If humans evolved from apes, Where are the semi-evolved ape-men and why does the evolution seem to have ended?
Kierkegaard Leap to Faith?
Is there a website or a blog where people seriously discuss about philosophy and share ideas?
How do I do altruism? Sounds like I might get something out of it!?
Is the world really going to end because of 2012?
If you were given another chance to live ur life.what will you do?
Why are humans the scum of the earth?
Aristotle's definiton of the virtues of characters?
Has anyone seen an angel?
With the end of the world less than 24 hours away (Official) what will you be doing today?
Was there sufficient funding for Collins to ensure the contract was persevered with ?
Is your life your own, or do you feel obligated to others?
What would happen if..?
2 Variables for Procrastination?
How are automated systems designed and built ? Is there a Catbert or Dogbert person supervising everything ?
What did Plato learn from Socrates and theoretically develop in his dialogues?
Does anyone else see this world as a sand box?
"Do nothing that is of no use" -who said that?
What is constructive that I could do with my time?
Work-related ethical or moral or ok?
What is the meaning of life?
if i were an ANGEL and i ASKED you....?
What are some of the best quotes you have heard?
I've been thinking about good and evil ...?
did dragons ever exist?
Do you think it's wrong to commit suicide? Why do most people think so?
modernization and imperialism, and to the overall class theme of "The Liberal Revolution."?
What is the most difficult lesson that you are working on?
is there love in heaven?
If heaven turns into a cookie and you ate it, what will happen to you?
What is the Prior of Sion?
Did you know that existentialism is a kind of intelligence?
What would spiritualists think is reason that a 4 year old would be kidnapped & James Bulgar ?
In what way are you your own worst enemy?
Plato's moral theory?
What is the reason for your EXISTENCE ?
Need Entry Level Philosophy Help?
what is the weaknesses of coplestons metaphysical argument for the existence of god?
ღ How come just one moment can change the love you had for a person...?
.."How long til my soul gets it right?"..?
What is Objective and Formal reality?
What were Nietzsche's beliefs on morality?
What do you do if you feel your family don't love or respect you?
How would you live your life if you had 5 years left and..?
Is this fate or luck or what else rules our life.?
what is Socrates tone in the allegory of the cave?
What is it?
The Grand Inquisitor?
Immanuel Kant: Why should we be ethical?
Can life have meaning if your dreams are unattainable?
Was there a carefully documented system ? Were there very detailed negotiations ?
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?
Where can I find any information on Octavio Paz's Philosophy?
what are your thoughts when philosophical trouble brews within your bones?
My husband thought I was being oversensitive, when I was offended by what he said to me. What do you think?
How do you achieve self-stability....?
What do you think your purpose for being on this planet is?
Does power have meaning if the one's under control don't know or don't recognize the value of your supremacy??
What is the best question you can think of to ask?
How would you summarize Edmund Burke's conservative philosophy?
What would you do if there was no tommorrow?
Is selfishness the root of all evil?
Why do people falsely believe in a personal God ?
Why has god been ignoring me?
Who would win in a fight Buddha, Jesus, or a cranky libral?
is the technological singularity movement just transcendentalist christianity disguised in science lingo?
Why is self-pity,self-praise considered wrong..?
can we choose between bad and good?
Have any of you suffered a cardiac arrest?
If you could choose between wealthy ,Smart or loved?
How does "making fun" of someone at school usually start out? and how quickly catches on & why?
Which would you choose to live? You or a criminal?
About which of the following do Hume and Descartes disagree? For the purposes of this question, consider Desca?
What is the meaning of life ?
Love? Is love him and the elements essential pillars underlying or merely and isolated from the same or is in?
Why is it said that "9/11 was the death of irony?"?
Do you think that there is any soul staying in our body?or it's our body is just a machine?
True or false? Thales assumed that where there are differences, there must be something that is the same behin?
Essay over finding philosophy?
Tell me, is there a God?
What Is Life?
What is an autobiographical incident?
Complete this sentence: Life is like _______?
what is "music miracles" ?
Logic truth tables help?
Do you believe all desires lead to disappointment upon their fulfilment?
Do you feel like your life is empty when you read fantasy?
What effect did the Scientific Revolution have on Enlightenment philosophy?
To Whom Does The Consciousness That Sees And Hears Within The Brain Belong?
What's happened to the Colin's project lately?
What is the answer to the "To be, or not to be" speech?
Propositional Logic: (R&H) -> -B, H&B, -N -> -M / (M->N)&(R->N)?
auguestine's understanding on god?
Why some believe in Nihilism?
Is there really a right answer?
Kenya's violence is acute but Human right commission itervenes later not in time. Can any one alrm them ?
If a mime falls in the forest and no one is around to hear him, would he make a sound?
Plato's Republic: Education of Warriors?
Who is a real hero?
Is it possible that a barcode scanner is a god?
Best Preferred takin Decisions with your MIND or SOUL?
Question about Heraclitus and "Logos"?
If you were on a plane that is crashing towards the earth...?
Where is a good place to find philosophical events that are going to happen?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
do u know you r having hidden potentials?
What is the tiniest thing that has made the biggest impact on your life?
why does it always rain on me?
whats the fastest way to get direction in life?
Plato's Allegory of the Cave?
What is Life for you ?
Love or Honesty...which is better...?
If justice is wisdom,whose quote it is!?>wisdom is time<?
What does this quote mean?
how afrcican people still did not get true enough knowledge to help thier people?
Would you debase yourself just to get some money?
I've just opened my last beer, what will I do now?
Why do we classify our knowledge?
What use does Hobbs Make of the doctrines of Materialism and Mechanism? Are they important 2 his ethicaltheory?
How can a fish swim without water, a bird fly without wings, and a flower grow without dirt?
If the world thinks of peace on World Peace Day 11/11/11 will peace happen?
If one has all the answers - why would one need to ask a question?
What does Socrates mean by the "Divine Voice" or "Spiritual Sign"?
what is your greatest fear?
Man is Being-in-love. can you give your own reflection to this?
how far is hinglish from english?
Why doesnt the average person strive to reachthe maximum of their potential at EVERYTHING they do?
Can you explain the Pythagorean Abstinence of Beans?
How am I supposed to just let go and accept that I'm not friends with my friends anymore?
what do you value most?? innocence or experience?
what is the most important charismata?
How was the universe made?
What is the method that Descartes presents in the forth Meditation that he claims will keep us free from error
Can man live without having a centre around which he generally thinks and works?
What is a new humean?
What do you think is the meaning to life?
What makes a person "hot"?
do you constanly feel mixed emotions during the day which cannot be expressed really without feeling silly?
Is there word "jolt" correctly written in this sentence? If not, please state why if you can?
whom will you chose?
how do we shape our identities?
In the movie Legends of the Fall other than Suicide..what other psychological themes are there..give examples.
How to do meditations properly...?
Why is freedom of conscience important?
I just realized I wasted my time trying to find God.?
Should idiots know?
Is it better to be ruled by your heart or by your head?
For a guy who was wrong about everything, hasn't Paul Ehrlich had too much influence over thought and culture?
Does a belief in existentialism necessitate a belief in moral relativism?
thoughts on utilitarianism?
Do you Believe?
Is postmoderism a foundational development in the history of philosophy or a fleeting aberration?
If you don't know the answer to this question, why are you bothering to answer?
What is Karl Marx's criticism of capitalism and his explanation of Alienation?
Among the differences between Greek monotheism and Semitic monotheism?
How can adults be so cruel . . .?
How can I get over feeling guilty about not being able to go to work?
What would you say are 3 things that are necessary to live a happy life?
Do two wrongs make a right?
example of knowledge vs. ignorance?
What is 'Tao Te Ching'?
Why didn't he thank her?
In order to achieve good results, or achieve anything at all, do people liberate their minds ?
what is the only truth of the life?
Can technology offer solutions to any problems that we may come across?
Congrats 2 me! I have been 9 years not ANG PAO oredi for my Indian New Years Chinese in Singapore IMAO! hahaaa?
The Game of life? Human resources?
What is the essence of a woman in this age of computers?
do any philosophers work with logic gates in electronics?
dose any body know when DE Sofo, or Pizarro, Erik the red, explored, or for what nation??
Do you look at each day that passes as another day closer to death?
in what year was plato born? what's the significance?
Philosophy help needed please?
If there's a bustle in your hedgerow should you be alarmed?
What keeps u going in life ? In persuit of what ??
In 2012 will the world really end?
can someone please tell me a little bit of St. Augustine?
URGENT! What is the relation between Maddys theory of sets and the causal theory of knowledge?
What is the meaning of life?
What is a symbol for persuasion?
How people influence communication in an organisation?
what does kant's theory of knowledge all about...?
if you lived in an imaginary world then you left it how can you live in the real world and accept it???
Are we mired in the philosophy project?
If you could solve one problem effecting the world today, what would it be?
What is Hero Complex?
Would you be willing to kill a loved one?
When will computers and/or animals become as smart as humans?
What is the name of the story where the two animals fall down a hole and only one comes back up ?
What prevents you from wanting to commit crime?
Sartre, existentialism questions! Can someone please see if I am correct about these?
what is the meaning when someone feel "insecure"?
Is there a Biblical reference to patience is a virtue?
who is the most destructive human being alive?
Whether I will gain my goal of life?
Do you believe in thought-matter?
does enforcing your will necessarily deprive others of doing the same?
is there really a time for everything? or should some things be ignored because they upset the applecart?
Is it possible to be honest in a corrupt world?
The end of the world is tomorrow, what are you going to do today?
what is the uniqu size of the penis wich makes man perfect?
I'm totally irresponsible, live paycheck to paycheck, and party too much...How many children should I have...?
If only Noah's family was the only family that existed after the flood how do we exist? Are we all related?
what do you think the purpose of music is?
Meaning of god all over world?
Which is more important to you - the journey or the destination?
In Chinese Philosophy, Is human nature originally good or evil? Support or justify your answer.?
Can anyone really be "objective"?
Come on guys logically be realistic,if god can not heal/cure cancer how do you expect him to create Universe?
How important is Self-reliance in achieving goals?
Do you have the same observation with Plato that art is erotic or violent?
How the hell can I get a job so that I can afford to live life?
Do you use Psychology as a Preferred Science?
if you were gana die..?
If your worst enemy was hanging off the edge of a cliff, would you save them or not and why?
Do you consider yourself to be wise? Give me an example of your great wisdom?
Does judgment always lead to discrimination?
i need to know what country this flag belongs to...?
Was Collins software a badly run project staffed by the odd psychopath or two ?
Have you ever killed a living thing?
How is Alan Watts alive, making podcasts (cutting through the matrix) when wikipedia says he's dead?
Schopenhauer's on the suffering of the world QUESTION!!!?
Sources of personality types?
Is the office psychopath happy to fan rumours ?
heres a fun question we can all answer :)?
How can I avoid talking to my mom while living under the same roof as her?
what did you think about the Martin luther king's speech on boondocks?
What are in your opinion advantages and disadvantages of being blind and why?
All major religions promote peace. Why is it, then, that there is so much discord in the name of religion?
Can a virtuous man or woman be miserable with just one outhouse?
Is there a God? Is there a living God/gods at present amidst us? If yes, who and where are they ?
Is there any point to hatred?
i am in two minds ,i am hesitating to take a decision,,,wat should i do ?
What should be the AIM of life?
What is the goal of Mankind ?
''Revenge is a waste of time. Forgiveness is better.''?
Does the beauty of the world ever make you cry?
What is the ultimate truth?
i am a student.i hav been through ups and downs in life but i want to know that what is the secret to success?
do I have a happy,perceptive wise and understanding heart?
What is True Love??
Can we perceive the whole but not its parts?
How do philosophers use brain research to reject Descartes’s view (The Ego Theory) and to?
Would you rather be a tumbleweed or an oak tree?
How can i become more knowlegable?
If you were related to one animal which would it be?
What is the best object to compare generation Y to?
Tell me why u dont believe in God..and y not?
What wud u do if u cud ever be invisible for a day ??
What Is The Point Of Living If Your Just Going To Die?
Is beauty really needed for love?
Why can't we all just get along?
Why do we think when people fall that it is funny?
What would you take if I gave it to you?
how do i find ghost ,where and when?
When you die, what's the last song you'd want in your head?
Why is the fervent desire for change being shown by some of Luther’s followers disturbing to him?
What do you believe in "why BUDDHA came to this world"?
Why is life such a malicious ****, and why is it so unfair?
What is your goal in life?
Remember the days when people actually took responsibility for their own actions instead of trying to blame->?
Durga saptashati Sanskrit?
Is the man's greatest desire happiness or is it freedom?
We desire for life, truth, and love, BUT do we find these in their fulness in this life?
Do we have Right to Die?
What is the meaning of life?
True or false: "The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference."?
Looking for books that blend philosophy into the storyline?
What is your opinion about the novella "Candide" by Voltaire ?
Why dose everything go wrong in my life.?
did you run away?
Putting 2 and 2 together makes the Flag what is this Da vinci Vo doo ?
why is it important to control interruptions?
A superior race that believes it is inferior, How dumber can humans get?
Is the world a calamity that churns and burns and takes the gold from the mould before throwing away the...?
What ignoble thing would you like to do anyway?
What did you exchange for your happiness?
what stores in your area would you consider to be, "the little man" still in existance?
Non religious purpose but confess anyway !!!! :)?
What does this phrase mean to you?"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything"
My question is: What is mathematics?
what is the real meaning of life?why we live and why wedo not live?
If you had enough money to retire for the rest of your life, What would you do for amusement or a hobby?
Myths and legends accept various interpretations. Do you believe that they been created in ?
How do you get the biggest "bang for your buck"?
What is it, to be a philosopher?
Do you think you have a split personality?
are we lords of or lives or we are dependent on destiny and have nothing to say? who or what rules our live?
what is the order of the classical conditioning processes?
"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions"?
How can I raise my conciousness?
which came first the chicken or the egg?
What would happen if?
what is the role of man in the society?
Is there any meaning to life, and what happens when we die?
Do you agree that a girl is a girl even if she was born with/has a penis?
are there people who claim the law of attraction works in their lives?
What is the seal of liberation?
A questions to vegetarians; if you had to would you kill and eat an animal or eat an baby that had just died?
where does it all begin ?? and where was it when there was no beginning ?if it dosent begin how it ends ?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal?
What is your political philosophy?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the purpose of life? Why are we here on earth?
"Life is like a game of chess, changing with each move" What do you think?
how nature influence architect nature and personality?
how do you pronounce the name of "Jean Paul Sartre"?
what do you question the most in life?
What is your opinion on Radicals (anything)?
What is LOVE (to you)?
Do you say 'they' or 'we' more often?
Does selfishness lead to lose more money?
If you can change one thing in your life, what would that change be?
"Acceptance tests" were run on a safety-critical system and the system was "accepted". Do I need to be able to
What is the most ironic part of mankind?
How many of you think you are wise? How many of youthink you are fools?
Would you survive in a world without compassion?
Dreamt that my sister-in-law vomited on me?
Do you believe that each difficulty that you face in your life that wisdom and strength will be given to you?
who is ongari maththai?
Who is the most intelligent person alive today?
How did you overcome the most tragic moment in your life?
Philosophy homework help!! Please someone help me :)?
what does an empire state of mind mean to you?
Propositional logic symbols?
what differentiates Jean Paul Sartre from other philo writers in terms of views he holds?
What's the difference between charisma & love, metaphysically?
commandments of human relation?
Do you think it is more important to talk, or to listen?
what is a Tort Law? real life examples?
How do coincidences arguably show on a stronger level that god exists than a real miracle?
Do you agree...."Love is a game that two can play and both win"?
If you could kill any 1 person past or present, who would it be and why?
y mom-in-laws can never be mom & they always give all their sons & treat daughterin laws as spareparts
What do I do with my life?
Should the US put tanks, jets, troops, and nukes on the Chinese and Russian borders to keep them under control?
I am looking for online audio or text lectures or sermons by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Karl Barth?
If I had sex with my own clone?
dose the size of the population enhance knowledge or something else?
What is the meaning of YOUR life?
Whats your Philosophy?
How is Locke not an empiricist?
Being prepared in life.?
You have one more day to live. What would you to make the most of it?
What is the utility of sacred art (music, paint...) for God?
Are you a genius?
entity in ancient ontology?
In one word, what do you think of this sympathy note for someone who lost his loved one?
Why does life, work and business just seem like a ratrace?
What age would you like to be for the rest of your life?
How would you describe life in one word?
how is life?
Is your conscience the voice of God?
where are we considered from? the place of birth, the place of parents's birth or nationality?
If life is a sea, what's your boat ?
Kant... what is the relationship between good will, duty, and inclination?
what is the thing that you can't live without?
Do pastors know there is actually no god but decide to decieve people or are they ignorant too?
Is humanity evil?
What kind of people think that man's will is free?
Should i kill myself?
In 2012 IF the world does end what would your reaction be?
Thank you for sharing your answer guys im sad really really sad i spent all my salary to processed that ?
If you were to be precisely cloned, would you get along with yourself?
Can You ..?
Meaning behind - children see things very well sometimes and idealists even better?
in your opinion, Is being 'educated' the same as being 'intelligent'?
If you could ask Emily Dickinson one question, what would it be and why?
This is not a question. How should I answer it?
Can a SIN be inherited?
Do you believe in God???
Why can't we all live as one? Why do we go to war? Why is everything about power and not love?
what does "no more begs"maen?
What is one word that describes your philosophy?
Just because 'chory' doesn't understand the question, is it fair for him to abuse the asker?
What is the most important?Money,Love or Knowledge.Select one and give reason.?
why do christians always seem to force thier beliefs on you ?
Need a Summary on "Treatise concerning the principles of Human Knowledge Summary" By George Berkeley
How do YOU define being a "success" in life?
Is Samsara still the state you live in?
What are Hume's 3 arguments against Descartes Achimedean Point?
What does the peace sign next to/over your eye mean?
what is the apocolipse?
Prove to me That you Exist.?
Is anyone born evil?
What makes you feel closer to God ?
what is the point of life?
What's the difference between meta-darwinism and neo-darwinism?
Does somebody knows what is TG13 or who they are?
Subliminal Messages In Sight, Could there very well be subliminal messages in other senses as well?
Metaphor Symbolism, is unified within the conscious node of the physical universe's op art like pattern?
On a project such as Collins set-to-work of computerized systems, would you expect : "A proven development?
who here is possibly hatin on anyone?
Why does reality have to suck so bad?
In what real life situation may you come up with this question?
Why do so many uninformed people hate President Bush?
If I told you a secret would you still keep it as a secret?
did you make a difference today?
What do you think about love?
'i suck more than i do' ..... do i ? can be possible?
Hypothetically, what would happen if you could cut a conscience in half?
Why killing is morally bad?
Will I ever find love........?
What is the ******* point?
What happened to the two doves when Abraham made the covenant with God?
When you die how long will it be before people forget you, how many weeks will it be before you're forgoten?
Why does nothing, EVER WORK?
Should I stay in San Diego or go back to Missouri for awhile and record an album there?
Why do people like to label other people's choices as mistakes only because they disagree with them?
Rawl's Mature Theory of Social Justice?
Is this statement considered a slippery slope (philosophy definition)?
Did You know why Jesus Christ my son doesn't responded to your call?
What is Neo-Tech?
which ages do teenagers usually start making fun of other class mates and which ages do they stop?
What was your first thought?
Can opinions be wrong?
Do you really need that much an ideology so long as you have ideals?
Do you believe everyone has a purpose in life?
When you go through a painful you have any energy left to smile..even if you does it feel?
Do you belive in the immortality of the soul?
Poll for Ladies - Agree/Disagree - "Mother-in-law can never be a mother"?
What is the ONE thing you could not live without?????????
Am I Jesus Christ? ?
to whom we have to marry?
Where can i buy the three books Meno Phaedo and Phaedrus?
What would you like to ask?
philosophy question about Kant and Locke?
what is the cutest thing in the world according to you?
Is there inherent necessity in nature?
What do you want written on your headstone?
Do you believe everyone has a purpose in life?
True or False: The Internet is a meeting place for mindless sheep.?
Do you ever feel lucky that you are a human being and not an animal?
Can the contradiction between scientific and religious theory be solved?
Will the world really end in 2012?
contrast the religious and Philosophical worldviews with the evolving Ecological view?
Parents of teenage or adult children: Is being a parent overrated?
tree falling in the forest?
what was kants proof for the existence of objects existing independently from our perceptions??
What does the Gaia Theory make you think of mankind?
What love we give will be the love we take in the end !.?
Develop an objection to the claim as Socrates develops it in the Meno?
Do we always have to LEARN the LESSON the FIRST TIME we commit the MISTAKE?
if you were a SHIPWRECK, what would be your Most Valuable TREASURE?
Do you agree with my statement?
Subjectivity relative to consensus reality?
What is the philosophical definition of reliogious language?
What would this ideal be called?
What's the meaning of life?
why philosophy is considered as the sum and summit of all human knowledge?
Have you ever had consistent thoughts or racing thoughts all the time about driving off the road?
wyhat is the inclusive language means?
Would humans naturally learn to walk without their parents assistance as small children?
how can u know that u r with ur soul mate?
If an organization develops software, would the organization need rules ? If so, would the rules "induce" a?
does anyone believe that religion is a cult?
large penis and karma?
Family problems, are they normal?
Could God drive Himself crazy if He wanted to?
What's the best life advise you've ever been given?
Give me one REALLY good book for the case of theism, and one REALLY good book for the case of atheism?
Do animals lie..........?
Follow up to how did the universe come to existence...?
what is Bakhtin's Theory of Carnival?
If practice makes perfect, and nobodys perfect, then why practice?
Tell me something very very interesting?
Money Vs. Happiness (What would you choose and why?)?
If I'm determined to make sense of the world, am I in for a big disappointment?
What gives you hope in the most difficult situations of your life?
What is your view on poverty? How can it or can it not affect children?
If we do not ascribe to religion, and we want to develop primary ethics to develop law from, how do we do it?
Kantian ethics confusion?
Who cares about u?
To live the only life you're given or to live for the afterlife?
John Locke's political philosophy is known as Classical Liberalism. What does this mean? How would EITHER Hobb?
im 17. in love with a 24 yr old married man. we have the greatest connection possible on earth.?
According to James, skepticism is always the wisest attitude to take toward an option when it is momentous.?
Does anyone over 40 feel that?
Do we have 6th Sense ?
If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
I will drink life to the last -in this line used metaphor but what is the comparison ?
Where could I learn about successful safety-critical projects ?
Ship of Theseus and the philosophical problem that arises with it?
philosophy of open relationships?
what to demand from God, wisdom or luck?
Someone please read this whole thing and critique?
What makes human beings want to live?
Can someone throw light on Sufiism.....?
When is it okay (check all that apply)?
hans jonas notion of modern technology vs ray kurzweil futuristic scenario on nanoscience and nanotechnology?
What's the best thing about life?
If they did invent time travel, if we stopped the Europeans from killing the Native Americans...?
Do you think people would be stronger if there were no emotions involved in life?
Distrb. Justice, Gov't and Citizens?
how is truth stranger than fiction?
Who can explaind the difference between us and animals. From a evolutionairy point of view?
What is Clontology?
What would a line in nature seen everyday would be ?
At heart, human beings are basically...?
What is the point of life?
Why were all the Prophets in The Bible all men?
Agree or disagree - "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."?
What is 'truth'?
Does it pay to be good even if no one is aware of your good deeds?
True or False: whoever gets the last laugh is victorious?
Why do we hurt the most the ones we love the most?
What is your idea of a perfect life?
What was an argument used in Descartes' third meditations to prove the existence of God?
would you die for your beliefs?
What is something you would never do?
I want to nominate HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj for Nobel Peace Prize. Who Can help Me?
how many peoples here are atheist ?
If you could paint the world would you and how?
why do old people have to leave their homes despite the love they give to their children ?
Simone de Beauvior and Michele Foucault?
Life n limb + natures revolt ?
Can you share some words of wisdom with me today?
Please Help me answer these questions ?
Love or Honesty...which is better...?
What is blestian?
Did man invent the myth of god?
Is something actually gonna happen a rapture or the end of the world?
what is the meaning of life?
Were the changes to Collins plans, post contract-signing, entirely without merit ?
What do you think about noetic science?
What's a situation where the ethically right decision can only have a negative consequence for everyone?
Can we define ourselves?
Philosophy question please....?
Are we trapped on the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional sphere?
Does your life suck?
Why is life so repetitive?
what is it that im experiencing?
How funky is your chicken?
What is the meaning of life to you?
Have you ever wondered where you'ld be now if you weren't here?
How important is our desire for communal acceptance compared with our desire for individuality?
Most of the times we are either living in the past or future what is the best way to remain in PRESENT forever
Is there more than one god?
Govervnment John Locke?
Aristotle and the mechanical view of the world?
Why do hillbillies get such a bad rap?
when you will be totaly free ?
How much would you get money if you win the machine slots in casino?
How does one Try new things without feeling Pressured?
What qualities (other than character and competence) do you think might be important for establishing ethos?
Why is 'if' the middle word in life?
which rr the TOP 10 sites?
Is there anything left to sparkle about in your life?
Can children, teenagers, and young adults be philosophers?
if over-population is real...?
Are WE due more from you if what you do pays more?
why do we always ask question about people helping people?
What is a male opinion to a woman in her late 20's being a virgin. Adult question and adult answers please.
Gettier (the coin example) and Justified True Belief analysis?
What do you think of present day philosophers?
I find hard to understand story books?
In need of interpretation of this guy I like?
What goes up but doesn't come down?
question on utilitarianism?
No sex drive on Cipralex, want off.?
Does enlightenment not last forever? Since die only to live, let go to grasp, stop to continue. Endless.?
would we learn the full range of human emotions?
Do you believe in a god?
Do you think our society is becoming larger than we can manage?
2012 world ending?
school story help plz thnx?
Describe perfect happy life plan?
How do you know when a friendship or relationship is real and pure?
What is the Importance of Beauty in Human Life ....?
What is the best thing that can happen to a dead man?
is it a dream is a goal, An inspiration, A dream is where Hope lives?
Did you know that every moment is your happiest moment?
What is your understanding to the meaning of life?
Would you say that there is a definite meaning of life for us humans or do we make our own meaning in life?
what is really difficult to do in this world?
Hi, Does anybody have the essay"The purpose of philosophy" by Isaiah Berlin?
do we need a religion?
Arguments are never...?
What would you say devil if you face him?
If someone calls you evil for showing frustration with getting bullied, does that really mean you're evil?
Please explain this philosophy of Machiavelli?
Tell me, what is my life without your love?
How is Equilibrium (2002) related to reality and the truth?
Why did Shakira only exhibit four of the five elements?
why all human like to done something wrons 1st then regrad?
About Thoreau?
What is ressentiment? Why is Ressentiment tantamount to nihilism according to Nietzsche?
what animal would you be?
Just viewed a property and there is a burnt Bible in the garden, what does that mean?
What would you do, if there were no barriers, obstacles blocking your path to your dreams/desires?
What is eliminativism?
Would you say brothel creepers are the opposite of jackboots? They are types of footware.?
Would you rather be AWAKE or ASLEEP when the WORLD ENDS?
Does meditation allow your brain, and thus your mind to grow (hence become wiser)?
what's the meaning of 'zen cohen' ?
What things have you lost...?
What is the timewave zero theory in the simplest terms?
Is uglyness also in the eye of the beholder?
You feel lonely, but you ARE alone in this are in a country far away...?
how can i be happy?
when someone ask whoat the importancece of mine in your life?
What is the distinction between shame and honesty?
Agree or Disagree: What goes around comes around?
if you could stay the same age for 10 years, which would you choose and why?
does the way you approach life matter?
1)durga bhavani has one power in his hand with that power durga bhavani create all things what is that power?
Quotes about character ?
can you still be happy without a partner....?
what are the social imapacts of superstitons ?
does Kalām cosmological argument assumes something can not come into being from nothing?
if you're an animal, what would it be? why?
What don't you like about yourself?
What's your thought of the day?
What is the purpose of seeking truth?
Are we doomed. I wan't to know if any of you think that we are deserving of life.?
As for your concern, does life have meaning?
The gnome at the bottom of my garden had some drunk leprichuans over. They set fire to me. What do I do now?
What is butterfly's effect?
do you believe in cultural relativism or ethical absolutism?
If you saw another you (like in a parallel universe) what would you say to that other you?
If a demon or creature attacked one of your loved ones?
Can you prove that your will is free? Really?
How do I know you exist?
you said,"fundamental are the buildinbg blcks for fun?
what are your opinions on forgiveness?
Complete this sentence: Life is like _______?
does existentialism necessarily preclude theism?
Love is such a universal word.. Why is peace not so?
name a place where there is absolute silence in life?
Which is more enjoyable / healthy: a life with consistent moderate comfort or a life with big ups and downs?
how long do you have to live in a country before you can call your self a citizen?
is it true that the amount of times..?
What is the meaning of life?
If atheists believe humans evolved from a single cell... where did that cell come from?
When you have love in your heart, don't you experience miracles every day?
is it true guys compare every girl to their mother?
Is it true that religion is the only way to have peace in mind?
do you believe in god?
Did Patrick Swayze really study philosophy?
Is this life............?
Isn't the idea of Sophistry Contradictory?
If you could kill someone, would you?
If you could have any talent when you woke up tomorrow what would it be?
which is more important social control or truth?
truth trees / indirect truth tables ?
What is Emerson's "Self Reliance" about?
Is there anything left to discover?
Is there always a tomorrow? Is time really infinite?
What is the point of living, when there is no God?
does love has disadvantages to human?
if i love you and god loves you doesn't that by syllogism make me god?
Does it really matter what you do in life ?
modern technology is creating a single new world culture do you agree or disagree ( i need a short essay )?
Whats your darkest fantasy?
Can you point out the fallacies and misleading uses of language in george bush Farewell Address? HELP!?
Are there any ambient nature shows? ?
“Everything is connected. Everything matters.”?
Is the universe is opaque, translucent, or transparent?
Why does it hurt to feel human?
why do people recrate life if they know that in the end is death and sorrow?
discuss how you feel about life when you see this image.................?
Why is the answer to life, the universe and everything...42?
Why do we live and why do we die?
What will you say to God if you get the chance to meet him?
Money is a friend or enemy?
Does everyone become dead inside eventually?
according to u what is ethics?
Is there really life after death?
Why are knowledge claims from the Natural Sciences as valid, or more than other Areas Of Knowledge's (AOK)?
what is the difference between transcendentalism and Romanticism ?
What lends meaning to your life?
How would you prefer to die?
What would you give up every last one of your worldy possessions for?
What is it like to be human?
what happens after the death?
who would attract the most attention on a crowded street, jesus or spider man?
Why is 'freedom of disposition ' important to capitalism?
What does it mean if you listen to all kinds of music?
What is True Happiness? Are you truly happy?
What Is the different populations and ways of life?
Who in your life recharges you?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the difference between a dead man and a sleeping man.?
whats your favorite quote or saying???
Lady or the tiger?
Do you think false dichotomies are funny?
Will i be rewarded for awaking people to reality?
Do you think kindness is subjective in the perception of humans?
if i ask you to "LEAVE me ALONE!"..... would you just WALK AWAY?
Is art the only true expression of spirituality?
What are the qualities of a REAL Man..?
How would you structure joined-up-thinking? And why is it so important that we do it?
Are we perfect beings living in an imperfect world?
What can we learn from the greeks and plato?
Should Philosophy reorient itself to the more practical?
why don't you people believe in God?
To be a star or not to be a star?
What is your description of love?
It is said that there is a thin line between love and hate, how can this be if this is true?
Considering how you life is going,would you say your glass is half full,or have empty?
who is beter - an uneducated person with a nice personel who has ethics or an educated person with bad manner?
i feel really sad that i feel/think this way lately i enver used to be like this?
which urge is stronger: man's thirst for knowledge, or his hunger for pleasure?
Is intolerance and hatred of stupidity evil?
did u have a weird dream last night?
why does the dalai lama think that universal compassion is a necessary condition for real happiness?
If you discovered something previously unknown, What would you name it?
Whats makes you happy?
I"m freaking out!!!! HELP ME!!?
When will the world FINALLY end?
Can a history buff on the Aztecs please answer this question?
I need help on a logic proof, please!?
what are the possibilites that humans had better technologies and have lost knowledge since?
If you had a chance to talk to God what will u ask?
Were you like a burro in spring when you thought you'd won, politically?
Do you think animals apart from humans have a conscious mind?
Why havent you gotten started yet?
Do you believe in the phenomenon "Soul mates"?
Help Philosophy homework!?
What makes one arrogant in anothers eyes?
Are there any ambient nature shows? ?
What makes you laugh everyday?
An infinite timeline implies we should not exist. What is this known as?
Honestly, what would you give your life for?
What's the meaning of life?
How can you end an argument almost immediately?
How to love things/persons from a distance?
Has the idea of fate ever played a role in your own life?
today my practical exam of UNIX ?
if you could live forever would you?
What is your life’s lessons ?
Is Buddhism profounder than Christianity?
if you can only speak ONE WORD or ONE SENTENCE all your LIFE, what would it be?
what exactly does virtue mean?
What defines human nature in Descartes' opinion?
What is a reason that the speaker in Thanatopsis gives for people not needing to be sad about dying?
If you were granted one wish,what would it be?
what is parajarasis? it's a term of greek tragedies?
Meaning of “The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory but progress.” Joseph Joubert?
What do you think of John Searle's idea that object-/subjectivity is a spectrum?
What is destiny? Is destiny just another word for not having a choice?
Friends i had Topped in my Internal Exams of Philosophy,now Please give me advice and Motivate me for Finals ?
What is God?
Are you supportive or against same-sex marriage, why or why not?
If you had a choice between saving a baby's life and saving the planet from a nuke, which would you choose?
what is easy in life?
Who is better the philosopher insofar as he/she is really a philosopher or the prophet?
what is in Quran?
What is the TRUE purpose of life?
Which do you want? A life on earth or a life in heaven?
What is one thing you would want to have if you had to get through a giant maze?
Another query about mindfulness meditation?
Name something that limits your freedom?
How should America leave Iraq?
Would you be a bodysnatcher or a human?
Why has freedom dissapeared?
Would you prefer to die by melting or by freezing?
Are you where you are needed or where you need to be?
Are you consumed with thoughts about your own mortality?
Latin Version of the Shorter Summa by St.Thomas Aquinas?
I'm looking for the membership of ordained ministers in the national freewill bapist church.?
Oversensitive people oftentimes make wrong judgements therefore are often unsuccessful, right?
How important is CHANGE, in life..?
what are we living for?
How can first-order logic be applied in practice?
Do you believe one person can make a difference?
If you are a god what is the first thing you will do .?
Honey you got shrunk!!! what will you do?
What is the diff. between dreams and reality?
Isn't it so sad that the Human race contradicts on Hatred?
What is the voice of life calling you to do?
What is healthier, masochism or sadism?
Might a person walk around in a building with a styrofoam pointer, causing havoc, perhaps like someone out of?
how do philosopher's view discilpine in schools?
what is absolescent?
Do you think it's easier to perform good or bad actions?
how do i live a life of swed?
If a tree fell, and the results never effected any being, not even in the tiniest way, did the tree fall?
Why did my head beacome so BIG ?
Where are we going and what's the deal with this hand basket?
What are the main differences between philosophical and theological views about the Universe?
what is more dangerous for human- SUPERIORITY complex or INFERIORITY complex?
describe delacrox's later life?
Did I exist before I was born?
If I want to change myself what should I do? What are your suggestions?
What is the philosophy of Hegal?
Pro-suicide argument, your thoughts?
How cool would it be to create a real living dragon?
what thinking girl about today's boy ?
Which 3 things are most critical between 2 human beings?
if 2 OLD ENEMIES unite against a common enemy, Did they become FRIENDS?
Please help me find a senior quote?
who is God?
At the end of Chapter 67, in the Count of Monte Cristo, what proof is there that Villefort has gone insane?
Are y'all ready for this?
What is your passion in life?
why do people break up? can u list every possible reason?
what is your favorite cake?
I know all the secrets of human intelligence. Should I share them with the world and how should I do it?
What is the sole purpose of our existence?
what makes you sane?
wat do u thnk life is?
describe the danger of society based on pretense. What kind of ripple effect might occur? ?
If you could live your life over, would you?
Changing country, change the person inside?
Turning an aspect of human nature into an actual human character?
If someone opens an account...?
If these propositions are false, how can we phrase it so it makes sense?
How do we know if others we see are an illusion to us?
complete the sentence...?
Question for people who have knowledge with Philosophy and watched, "Crimes and Misdemeanors" ! Please help?
what does it cost, to live your dream?
everything is going wrong in my life.what do i do?
Hit a nail into woman's head, it would turn into a screw; heard it often; why so many people think so?
Are you ready for death?
What statement is both true and false?
Many believe there is a natural explanation for everything but can nature explain its very own existence?
How can we understand that achilles and patroclus in love with them????????
Is it true that the more you gain knowledge the more pain you get?
What question could I be asked, that if I answered it correctly would prove my genius?
What is the point of Life?
If silence could speak what would it say?
What if humans actually have no feelings?
What is the main objective of your life ?
If a tree falls in the bush and there was no one to hear it. Does that mean it made a sound when falling?
Why is your life so wonderful?
Best way to kill emotional pain? [Instant, very quick solution needed!]?
How do I learn about trust and stability?
Would you give up your life to save 1 million of your countrymen?
lanuage is arbitrary, comment.?
I find Anglo-Saxon tradition of philosophy too hard for me, does it mean that I'm bad at philosophy?
What would U do if the world ends tommorow??
Tell me would you rather be wise and happy or rich and happy? Choose your answer carefully!!!?
what is the square root of happiness?
What could be the purpose for which God created Human Beings?
Argument Point of Views?
Does epicureanism prefer intellectual pleasures to sensual ones?
How can righteousness be a source of strength?
What is the opposite of an idealist?
Does it makw a difference if there is or isn't a God?
Is there such thing as a "historians mind"?
Is there something paradoxical about you? What is it?
Would you consider Marg Simpson a moral being philosophically?
whats the quote that starts off with something like " it takes the same amount of effort to dream...?
Have you figured it out yet?
What is a hypothetical syllogism?
How Can I Be a Reasonable Skeptic?
How relevant do you think you are to the world?
How easy is it for others' opinions to sway your actions?
Is it true ? if I say " I always tell lies "?
Is the glass half empty or half full?
Life is not a rehearsal, so what is it?
How do I live in harmony with God?
Could this be true or a lie?
in which way does Descartes philosophy is related with the twelve monkey film?
please answer this...?
What defines God.....?
Postmodernism fake or what?
why does descartes think it is necessary to suppose that god exist?
Anything really necessary?
Is it selfish to use scientific means to procreate?
Is there an [atheistic] alternative to "herd morality"?
What is the meaning of life?
Who are we having those conversations in our heads with?
what is the difference between social freedom and metaphysical freedom?
How to have more self-control? I need tips?
If there is no proof of god, why do we believe that god exists?
Do we all have a right to an opinion??
What do you think about a Philosophy Blog?
Answers how it differs? difference understanding of the question or difference of general of understanding?
Can somebody explain John Locke and his thoery of empiricism?
Choose only one answer .<for society development > love or work is more important among people ?
why do you always let me down?
pl.suggest good philosophy book for children of 10 to 15 age.whether available on net?
What is your personal definition of love?
Is every part of reality based on the equalization of a paradox?
What is a good article that I can write for my school's newspaper (about fear)?
What do you think is one of the most mysterious things in life?
If you went to heaven, whats the first thing you say to god ?
what are some of the most extreme problems can go through in life?
What does this picture make you think?
What does this sound like to you "IM NOT ANYTHING,IM EVERYTHING"?
Does the thought of your own death bother you? Could you tell your age.?
i have a tempting proposition in front of me....?
When can it be said a person has lived his/her complete life.?
If a tree falls in a forest but there is no one around to hear it did it still make a noise?
if you could change into anything. what would you be?and would you want to change back?
Would humans be able to move to a new solar system before the sun dies?
WHAT is most IMPORTANT in your LIFE?
What do you do on a rainy day?
what's the best philosophical book you've read?
Can you help me out a bit on this, I cant seem to find them all?
Are we dying from the moment we're born?
John Stuart mill Philosopher?
does anyone have any insight regarding mediums?
Is this funny or not?
Any people good in biomedical ethics? (philosophy)?
Does anyone else agree with me that sometimes I think the "crazy people" are the sane ones?
Why society are so mean and harsh to people who don't want kids ?
which came first: the chicken or the egg?
What has life taught you?
Who is killing the great chefs of Europe ? Who is alleging that CSC software for Collins submarine project did
If the earth is indeed round...?
Does free will exist? If so, then what is it? Upon what reasoning do you base your answer?
Philosophy, Seneca, Descartes, Augustine, Aristotle.?
Pondering life and my direction.. Nothing really matters?
What do you think , why you must win in this competition?
Why DO people still oppose to the truth, IF that is what they are asking of others..?
Are there any Spanish-speaking philosophers?
Do you happen to know who said that?
mean of life?!!!?
What is te time and what days us it?
Why is marriage significantly correlated with increased happiness?
has anyone attended the ayn rand institute? what did you think?
PLATO!! Please help question about stem cells..?
Why can't I ask the question "Why?" in the philosphy section?
fear is more powerful than love?
Who else is sick of George Bush and his New world order?
Is there really no need for emotion? Humans must cease feeling?
How did John Locke put an end to British rule in America?
To take a concrete example, on the Collins submarine project, what sort of skeletons might your obligatory?
Creating music involves emotions right?
What is your view of life and death?
Why was the concept of ether thought of?
From the top-left corner of my right kidney, why is wrong to say: "From the bottom of my heart"?
What is the most common killer disease in the corporate world?
how do itell my freinds a noto to the things they are doing against my wish without harting them ortherfeeling
Aristotle and the Nicomachean Ethics: see detials please?
Why is 42 the meaning of life? (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)?
Can anybody tell me who this was: I think he was a European philosopher, and the paper asked for the publics?
For what reason, do you think, you were personally put on this earth?
is there any separation in the world - either between mind and body, or between individuals?
does anyone believe that dreams are part of what we are really thinking , and is what we wish would happen?
What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
how much money does it take for college?
Best Universe to live in?
IF maybe the meaning of life is to enjoy it then why is it so hard to enjoy?
Isn't it true that I am some sort of god?
Is there "redundancy" in job design, so that, even if there is a rogue worker on the job, faulty work is......
Do you believe that gaining knowledge is one of the devil's weapon?
If i destroyed all humans, what would i be? evil or saint?
How do you want to die?
If it is all about "Cause and Effect", why can't we predict the future accurately?!?
Should I pay $$$ to get him back?
How far away is heaven?
Science or religion:what do you think about evolution?
what is the meaning of life?
does anybody know what MIA means besides the miami international airport?
what is solipsism?
could life be a disease, why do we assume evolution has?
Is there no end to my talents?
Can money buy happiness?
Is Love the icing of Life's cake?
is it easier to catch a cattepillar versus a butterfly.?
Which religion has made the most super holy people with a great relationship with god?
Is irony a cosmic force?
What wud u do if sum1 told u today was ur last day on earth ?
If addiction preceded drug use...?
what is the pros and cons of the non-regalation of dietary supplements?
just a thought..?
How does the S4 system differ from the S5 system?
Every evening, there are pigeons lined up on the power lines. Where do they go during the day? What do they do
Will the world ever be a diffrent version of the fallout 3 universe?
What is GWBush IQ?
What's the individual's responsibility to the community in The Happy Life by Bertrand Russell?
do you think this is right?
Can suicide ever be forgiven,when and why?
Why am I seeing butterflies when Im driving?
How Do We Know What Is Moral And What Is Immoral? Thank You.?
Which historical philosophers (1000-1900) disagreed with the cosmological argument for the existence of god?
How does metaphysics and epistemology support Emotivism?
How does one live life to the fullest?
What were the Reasons to delete these questions?
Why do people think it's clever to site their source as life when answering questions on answers?
How do we know that the life we live is real?
Did Nietzsche think there was an inherent 'necessity' in nature?
What behavioral trait/belief structure in humans has been the most detrimental to society?
How can I get peace of mind?
Who are you?
What are some discussion questions about Stoicism and Utilitarianism on non-humans or social interactions?
Why should I keep living?
what is the defintion of philosophy,science, and religion?
If a computerization project is running late, is it likely that dud software and dud test software has?
I need a topic on humanities that has had a influence on todays soceity?
How can i become MORE free spirited and LESS logical?
Alls well that ends well?
interesting question?
science/ odds of gettting with a girly man?
How to refute solispsilism?
why are most humans so afraid to die?
How often do you feel like it's you vs everyone else?
How would you like the world to end?