Smell Of Foot Sign Trained The Falling Separateness...!?
Suppose one day your hearing was gone. What would you feel or do about it?
How has Kurt Cobain's life affected his songs?
What is crystal imperfection?
Thinking in terms of mental acts, is or are there difference(s) between knowing and believing something?
What will be something heroic about our times?
What is the answer for unanswerable question in life ?
is it possible for a human to live without love?
will one ddirection continue their video blogs soon?
Is happiness bought?
Does God have a wife?
If quitters never win, and winners never quit, then why quit while you are ahead?
What is the most profound statement you have ever heard, read or made?
Why diversity is important for success?
Why dont you believe in evolution?
Does anyone have a favorite Buddhist quote they would like to share?
What item could I use to represent my philosophy for Aging and Society & Culture...?
How i wish everyone of us live in a Utopian Society but why is this not feasible?
who is bradforf from one direction?
Thought that I was living all along but I was wrong as my Life has only just begun, how do I?
I would rather be dead than not be myself?
why do we say " Bless you " when somebody sneezes ?
how do you explain perfect?
What is your opinion about an INDIAN?????????
Can anyone out there prove that this question is valid?
If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
are humans realy the dominant species on this planet?
Can most of the philosophy majors in USA find good jobs easily after graduation?
If you could ask the world one question what question would you ask?
My eyeball fell out of its socket!!!?
Is love real or is it just an illusion?
What should be..... Compliment in life or life in compliment? Why or why not?
What would you like to make your life complete? (Not money)?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the most important thing in life to know?
why is the sky blue?? be creative?
what is the meaning of life any ideas?
How do I find out what I want to do in life?
when i will gain my confidence and how?
Do you think the world will end in 2011 or 2012?
im 17. in love with a 24 yr old married man. we have the greatest connection possible on earth.?
Why is evil a challenge for Christian theism?
Philosophy Help! What is the difference between an empirical bridging claim and a conceptual bridging claim?
Reading Pascal's The Wager, is Pascal a philosophical theist?
Is there such thng as a loss ness monster?
Do you find people who got disadvantages(ex.their loved one died) more capable of life?
utilitarian philosophy would it be OK to help convict an innocent person of a crime if it prevents mass riots?
Will we be able to teleport in the future?
Question about Reality?
Will the movie "The Invention of Lying" shed any light for me on projects that went pear-shaped ?
I need to create a meaning for my life. Suggestions?
What are the names of some Australian philosphers?
self made tatttoos please help :]?
what is the definition of "ethics of war"?
A quick question about the philosopher, Voltaire?
What the heck does this mean!? i'm not getting it !?
Should I hoard my thumbs upping and stars, my wealth of pebbles?
where did I leave my socks at?
Who is the happiest person in this world?
Is not believing in violence even in a self defending situation foolish?
How do you define love?
Why some people are like this?
what are ethicals works of plato.?
Poll: In your opinion, how will society as we know it end?
How big of a priority is your family in your life? Why?
There is something unreal about the world around me, yet i can't put my finger on what it is?
Is it "right" to attack people who deny others' rights?
What is the meaning of life...for a cat?
what are the kanji symbols for peace and inner peace/calm(ness)?
Why are we here?
Why do your organs need fat?
Are Trix really just for kids?
In 150 words what is the meaning of life.?
Who is Plato talking to in Plato's Republic?
What will bring happiness in our life?
life is existing, what about death?
The Republic-Plato? Please please please HELP! PLZ!?
In your opinion what is considered a successful life? Do you think you have one?
Is love the most important human emotion?
If we are born to die, then is life worth living? Bonus question: Can we really accomplish anything if true?
How do you think the world/human kind will end?
What does the minority have if they have no power over the majority?
What are the lessons that life taught u ..?!!?
what would the world be like if...?
is there always a resounding yes! after every ?
What is the real meaning of life?
Does God exist...? How could I prove he does or does not...?
What values does a true friend have that differs from a friend?
If morality is subjective...?
Want to tease your brains???,answer this one....?
The bible is the word of reality, and therefore the word of Logic?
Have you ever had the feeling that your peers are way ahead of you in life?
What are moral aspects and ethical implications?
What do you think is the meaning of life?
If you could teach the whole wide world to be a thug and harmony, would you?
What would you do if you could live for ever?
just posted a film Q, and got a religious geek answer?
What/who is the one thing/person in your life that affects you the most?
Which of the following is NOT associated with Plato?
What is the importance of neurons to one's behavior?
john dewey self and subjectivity?
non-deductive arguments?
what is National Debt?
why shud u even live? wat is life? wats the purpose?
Why is the slowest driver always at the front of the pack?
What is Machiavelli’s opinion of Christian Virtue?
What scares you the most about the answers people put on this site?
Why is character important in a relationship?
Just tell me, Yes or No?
what is the name of the book which premise is 2 men whose life goal is to know everything about everything?
How to have a 'deep' conversation with someone you're interested in?
Do you enjoy philosophy that creates a smile?
Is it an exaggeration to say that the fate of the world is hanging in the balance?
Not just physically; How would you interpret DEATH?...And why does it sound the scariest thing ever?
why do humans love to create.?
Is this an OK thing to do?
Why did God make bedbugs? What possible excuse could there be?
Is believing in something really a choice?
what do you value most in a human being?
what are phones in phonetics and how are they different from phonemes?
Argument from Subjectivity?
why and for what do u live?
how would your life be if you were the most beautiful person. If you had all the beauty that a person can have?
should a person aspire for more than they already have even if they are content?
Could someone explain the theory of forms?
What are the major tenets of philosophical pragmatism?
What is your opinion of designer babies?
What is life's greatest illusion?
What is love to you?
Is materialism falsifiable?
Everything I understand is perceived in my brain, what if I have no body, what if there is no world or no soun?
what would you think about if you were all alone?
What breaks your heart?
Is the world gonna end this year?
is referring to someone as judgemental hypocritical?
Literal translation of "Because I could not stop for death"?
Can anyone help me interpret "The human voice is the organ of the soul.", by Longfellow?
how can i spoon up and out of me completely, the mushy misanthropy that is deep inside of me?
In your own words, please tell me your understanding of World Power.?
Why do we have to die eventually?
Do you think this will last forever?
Negative possibility are multiplying as we speak (Meaning)?
What do you perceive this to be about?
In what ways does "Rashomon" parallel Plato's "Allegory of the Cave." How does the woodcutter represent a rete?
it seems we know (some speculate) so much....?
what is the soul/heart and where does the name come from?
are you mama son or daughter ?
Do we have absolute liberty?
what makes a person successful at life?
what does it mean that you are scared of death?
What's one thing you're always be crazy over?
What will my adventure/Experience be like?
If you had all of these things....?
"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. " Do you agree?
What word would you use to describe this?
How can we get people to think more and believe less?
Do you pretend you don`t mind for everything you left behind?
what is your goal in life????
would you hug me if i had a sign saying free huggs?
what should ppl do 2 know the TRUTH of LIFE??to know wats BEST 4 THEM??
Would a project (say Collins submarine computerization) be vulnerable to "disruptive innovation" ?
Art that reflect on life?
every body wants 2 go 2 hevan but no body wants 2 die? why..............?
What is the purpose of life?
Were there bugs in Collins software ? How'd they get there ?
What would happen to carbon dioxide levels and hydrogen ion levels if you held your breath?
what are the top conferences in philosophy?
Do many upper middle class people like watching American Football? (if so, why?)?
What's your most memorable moment of your life??????
Is the statement "Not all humans are smart" particular or universal? Negative or Affirmative?
Does everything taste like chicken? Or does chicken taste like everything else?
what is the happiest experience in u r life?
if numbers are infinite and distance is measured in numbers then how can we touch things?
if life has no point why cant i just do whatever i want and if it has a point why cant i do what i want?
A source contains 8.0mg of an isotope of strontium which has a half-life of 28 years.?
Best advice you've ever been given?
What is the most important invention or innovation that has happened during your life-time?
What frightens you more than anything?
Do decisions make you an outcast to your society ?
What is the philosophy behind the Wizard of Oz?
what is the meaning of the story of the ring of gyges?
what is the meaning of life?
Why is St. Thomas Aquinas' Five Ways to prove God's existence convincing?
Negative possibility are multiplying as we speak (Meaning)?
Why are people easily offended?
Maxim and Law by Kant?
Ever you thing what is propose of life?
What kind of dinosaur has a hunch?
how do you know what god wants you to do such as ministry, evangelizing,?
Are we more alive or more dead when we are detached?
Compare and Contrast Plato and Socrates?
What is the BEST thing that could happen to you?
Essay help....Philosophy and Hamlet?
What does this video mean. Is this video funny.?
Why do we all have diffrent voices?
What happens when one has poor memory on joyful life experiences?
In Philosophy I have a paper due regarding my opinion of the health care system.?
Would you say that a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
Does anyone other than me exist?
Descartes believes God never deceives humans...?
Does it always takes time to realize something thats gonna change who you are...?
What defines who we are?
Noise is the ground and silence is the sky, in what ways can i find the medium?
which is more important social control or truth?
What are some things you know to be "absolute"?
What do you love the most about planet earth?
What is better to be right or to be liked?
Do you love things that need helping?
[Logic] What is meant with this?
What does "I'd rather be a coward for five minutes than dead for the rest of my life" mean?
Could someone explain the theory of forms?
What's the greatest thing in life?
Beauty or intelligence which is more important to people , with reason?
what is the point of life?
What happens if you shoot yourself with a gun - what will your senses experience next?
Which word in the English language would you consider the most ambiguous?
Limbo, 4 oficial documents of the Catholic Church; 2 Ecumenical Councils write about it: Not enough?
Why do people think it's a crime to be a introvert?
How do you feel your reality?
Is it normal to have absolutely no sex drive?
What are the major factors behind the rise of romantic attachments as the basis for marriage?
taking deep breaths? does it calm you down?
How are Sophist and Philosophers similar?
how to do summary and reaction paper out of a long philosophical idea of a philosopher?
Why shouldn't be everything in one?
I thought Thomas Metzinger's philosophy was common sense?
Do you agree with the statement that 'wealth is ultimately meaningless if not shared'?
What is system computerization predicated on ? Does the effort always succeed ?
if GOD were to ask you for 1 very GOOD REASON for him not to DESTROY the world, what would it be?
What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
Spartans vs. Samurai?
How do you define "freedom"?
can I stop being gay?
What's it all about?
Would you rather be mean or stupid?
I lost hope and I'd rather die?
How many Zeros in a google?
What is the dividing line between the "possible" and the "impossible"?
"You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world."?
What are some things I could do to prove I'm more responsible?
how do u know jesus didnt sin?
would you tell me why we have been created and who has created us?
What are the 3 most important values or ?
what is the meaning of life?
What's the difference between your soul and your conscience?
what are the strenghts and weaknesses of the pragmatic theory of truth?
SUICIDE, your thoughts on it?
What are some interesting points about Descartes philosophy?
which one do you think is better?
If you could bring one person with an early death back to life who would it be?
what did you want to do as a child and what are you actually doing now???
How would you react if Jesus Christ himself told you that he is not God but merely his messenger?
Any suggestions for books on logical empiricism for starters?
Can you picture a color you have never seen?
What is reality? There is no spoon?
Let's be honest: is there a real possibility that Mitt Romney will be the next President of the U.S.?
Symbolic logic help please PHILOSOPHY?
What is true happiness?
do you think twice before thinking?
is your house divided against itself?
why people try to prevent someone from suiciding.?
Do you ever get the feeling that there is no free will and we're all a bunch of robots acting out a...?
What if you found out everything you thought you knew was a lie?
If Jesus were beheaded, would the symbol of Xianity be an axe?
howt o become a open and broadminded student?
i don't know if these questions are for philosophers or what?
Philosophy of Psychology on Freud, Searle, or Jackson?
What would be your wish?
How old is too old to marry?
Cogent argument with false premises?
why is it that when I write inspirational quotes or reminders, I don't see to care for them?
What is (the notion of) sameness?
Is it beneficial to have too much food, clothing or privacy?
Is universal oneness and pantheism the same thing?
If you met god what would you ask him/her?
What is the difference between Pierce's Pragmatism and that of James'?
if all chimpanzees look the same to humans, do all humans look the same to chimpanzee?
philosophy help please!?
Why do we love in our existence?
How can a person be ready (or not ready) at the same time? (see details)?
Is this civilized?
I love the sound of the music from India ...can anyone suggest aC.D that would be available in the U.S.A?
what is Ontological reductionism?
(Tough Question) Who would you save?
Why some teenagers act so harsh towards their parents....?
What's your purpose in life?
I am looking for NPOs planting trees in the world.?
I am too lonely, no one to talk to or understand, no job, feel like God is ignoring my existence..?
what did you LEARN in CHILDHOOD that has HELPED You Grow Up as WHO YOU ARE right NOW?
POLL: What is your personal perception of the universe ???
If you could go back in time what part of your life would you change?
What makes something Humorous or Funny?
Fortune Cookie: "Someone you know is waiting for your praise"?
Mothers day Help from Artistic beings!?
Momma's boy... How to be a good friend to person like that?
i'm getting glasses will it change my life?
Happiness is...............??
Ethical Theory In John Orlando's essay on Downsizing?
What's the difference between Hegel and Kant?
Objectivist view of aesthetics..?
what makes human being to live together and love god?
Is unconditioned stimulus introduced first?
What is the one emotion you wish was stripped away from you?
What is music? What is it?
describe your alter ego and how it differs from yourself?
Why is the First Cause assumed to be singular? Or, rephrasing, once you admit one exception to the?
what is the era of good feelings?
Is money everything??
Argument research paper ideas? Must be Environmental?
does a person actually feel anything certain???
Is there one day you'd like to relive?
True or false? Robert Goldman contends that ads always have a political agenda.?
What do you like the least in your life?
What Can You Take From Someone That You Cant Give Back?
What do you think this means?
MAN can do anything whatever hard it is.... agree or not?
What is your favorite quote?
I am so amazed at all the of the cities and countries on here!! Where are you from?
What do people think about utilitarianism?
Do you all think this will go on forever?
Should mediocre persons be allowed to ruin others lives?
DOo HOLY GRAIL of JESUS still exist & DID LEANARDO DA VINCI encoded secret of HOLY GRAILl in last supper?
If you saw another you (like in a parallel universe) what would you say to that other you?
what is the significance of god?
can someone help me learn how to "visualize?"?
Fact: Tomorrow will NEVER happen?
Why do people love their children?
We're here for a reason......aren't we?
science begins to change Society and Philosophy. Why Do you think this happens?
why do people scan the frequency of life in search for misery?
What meaning are you creating for your life?
If we were never taught or grow to see love or emotion, what are the chance of us still having it?
Is Epicurus right to argue that by having expensive tastes, it makes it harder for us to live a pleasant life?
Why do you believe that there is more than one God?
Is it possible for someone to rely or need others to be happy.?
Are there any monist models of mind/brain?
What do you think 'philosophy' is and is about?
what is the meaning of life ??
can you explain transcendentalism?
What do Athiests believe happens to you when you die? ?
Is there a God?
What happens to a proud gene pool when it is forced through generations of indignant existance?
What is the fundamental defining feature of the Classical School?
Isn't it true that I am some sort of god?
What makes you happy?
Is it wrong to be happy?
Do you believe in God because you're scared there is not one?
what is a genius exactly?
Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Is " You are my heaven" considered a metaphor?
What is something everyone in the world believes?
What is the actual source of 'envy'?
When u woke up today, did u jump out of bed with great enthusiasm?
Does everyone have a right to liberty?
Does Money equal Happiness?
Synchronicity? Could this be what is occurring?
is perfection the opposite of love?
What are the psychological,sociological,or philosophical issues in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"?
Would u consider urself an optimist, or a doom and gloom sort of person?
Do you feel it coming, guys?
Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
How important do you think logic vs intuition is, in deciding beliefs and making decisions?
What is the ultimate purpose and/or goal from following all of the steps in "The Art of Seduction" in order?
In this technological, scientific age, why do so many people still cling to ancient and backward religions?
What is the difference between a zygote and an infant?
Were you like a burro in spring when you thought you'd won, politically?
If you were offered $500,000 to kill an unknown person...?
How is ideology and bartleby the scrivener similar/relate?
Last stupid religious question, I swear.... To God even?
I cut myself for the first time?
Are you scared of the following?
word question?
If you could solve one problem effecting the world today, what would it be?
Is everybody going crazy?
What are the only real things you need in life to live comfortably?
What can you make of this?
If I said, "I love you" would you run or would u stay?
can life get any worse?
what do u think of the begining of all time , of the world beyound and the feuds going on??
How to have a consistent morale in our life?
if a tree falls and there's no one there to hear it, did it make a noise?
Does God talk through you?
Do you agree that everything in life comes at a price ?
Are men intimidated or threatened by strong minded women?
Do we all live in a world of perception?
What would you do knowing the Monty Hall problem?
what about hapiness ?
How fast has your life flown by ?
Dreams about my teeth falling out?
what would you wish for if you knew you'd get it?
what is the formal and material object of ethics? please explain.?
What causes war?
Plato & Ethics?
Explain how the creation story in the Bible presents God as a craftsman involved with his creation.?
Do you feel like you are a winner in life?
dose god have free will?
If you could hear all the colors would you care if you went blind?
Morality? What is the basis of morality?
any philosophers out there? does any body know the difference Between plato and sophists?
What according to you makes life worth living?
Do you agree that saying a person is out another person's league is ridiculous?
If you could start over the last five years of your life, would you?
Want to tease your brains???,answer this one....?
Is it really TRUE that we only DO things without any benefit at all..?
what is your pet peeves?
where is the absolute safest place to live on earth?
How do you cope with being friendless?
What came first the dinosaur or the chicken?
If you had the "Chinese Water Torture" done to you for a week, what would happen to you mentally?
Are there many witches working solo in Adelaide?
Relative defined by Absolute?
Is the material world more important than the spiritual world?
What's the meaning of life?
People talk about being kind, polite and having couth...Do you believe that you need to have couth in your?
Are some girls just born DEVILS or what?
what is a good saying to live by?
What does this quote really signify : "Love, until it hurts"?
What will happen in 2012?
What is inside of a Mandir?
Why do people feel the urge to answer others?
Can you logically reach the conclusion that life is not worth living?
What happy thing can you achieve that for sure won't go away?
Under what circumstances does morality supersede the law?
what would be the relationship?
I think therefore i am. The greatest mistake in philosophy?
What is the world's greatest problem?
Why does this happen?
Why do people fear death? ?
Does somebody know the answer for this riddle ?
Possible to master every thing in life?
what would you do if you found out you were going to die tomorrow?
Are you a 'good person'?
who is the best in the world?
Should cloning be aloud? Why or Why not?
Is all that we know merely a deconstruction of what truly "is?"?
Hegel's Interpretation of a Constitution?
Is it wrong to accept some principles as axiomatic without evidence?
What are the consequencies of overcrowding motivation ?
Why do you think universal literature......?
Why must you stereotype me this way?!?
Do something as inner soul exist with in every human?
Which is easier : changing yourself or waiting for others to change themselves?
To what extent does classic liberalism impact a society? - Correct my answer(short)?
is your PRESENT SELF What you had WANTED to be when you were still a CHILD?
What is more precious, money or time?
color theory?
Why don't teenagers listen to their parents since parents know more?
YOUR thoughts on this story ... thought it was neat and wanted to SHARE :)?
You have the chance to go back in time and assassinate Adolf Hitler before he assumes power of Germany...?
What does self imposed crisis mean?
Can someone explain to me the concept of existentialism within Simone De Beauvoirs The Woman Destroyed?
who created god?
If you were walking in the middle of an ocean and a tire fell off...?
Why do you read and what, specifically, do you get out of it?
What if we are what happens when god and the devil come together?
can you die for love? what do you think?
How can Plato's philosophies relate to a Linkin Douglas debate? the grass greener on your side?
What is Niccolo Machiavelli's definition of a hypocrite?
According to Frankfurt, would a drunk driver who hits and kills someone be morally responsible?
when you look at the mirror, do you like what you see?
What is New Hedonism?
What is the prisoner analogy in Sartre's existentialism?
What would you do if you saw a person getting murdered???
What are you sick and tired of?
Why do "we" find some things cute and others disgusting?
What can we trust and believe?
if you were a 23 years old and didn't have to work yet, what would you do with your time?
how does love of money create possibility of evil?
Where's the Middle of Nowhere ?
Any PUAs out there? Need a simple opinion?
Which Silva Method program is better?
Plato's Allegory of the Cave?
How do you see without looking up in the sky?
where will we be in 5 billion years?
Why don't more people think about philosophy, politics, and propaganda?
Are we free?
Do you think that feeling love or hate for someone can blind you to the truth about him/her?
Do you believe in Char ma?
In Jan Mukarovsky's theory of receiver centred theories, did he support inherent value or consequential value
God exists??
What is the best feeling in the World?
Why a i always sad??
translate: nunc est be i benedum?
What do you think the perfect human would look and be like?
Which is more important, awareness or pleasure?
if you caould be one animal what would it be?
When does a pebble become a stone, and a stone become a boulder...?
Must everything be personal?
What would you do when you see the world ending?
If I don't believe in God's then which of your Gods will punish me first?
What's the relationship of virtue to human nature?
Can knowledge about argumentation be sufficient for philosophy without too symbolic or mathematical concepts?
Do you think that lexicality is reality?
How can I pursue dreams for the better in my life if people have power & control over me & evil opinions?
The matter of facing a fear is to understand it, right?
you are the mast of every situation?
Growing up seems so hard!?
If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?
What do you think of Thomas Hobbes?
A few philosophy questions in need help with?
When you look into your eyes, do you see somebody there?
What's LIFE??
what is die ?
i need information on how to promote lectures by independent authors?
Why do we dream?
What word rhymes with orange?
What would you say it is that makes a person human?
will we ever achieve world peace??
Young people under 18 who have made an impact on the world?
Is it really as "cut ampersand dry" as The Lone Ranger would have us think?
Instead of answering my question, ask me one!!?
What role does fate have in my love life...I had plans to .....?
How are cities mapped, not on Google mind you, but in reality?
here is a question to think about...?
How do we expect God to help us if we have taken him out of everything...?
Do your passions drive you? I don't mean love......but the passion you have for your job....?
what is meaning of life?
Does anyone know anything about Realism?
What's something I should do before I die?
How fast is your time running out?
What if your family has a negative effect on your life?
Does an organization have a linear response function to information ?
Do you live in your own little world? Does the rest matter?
would you kill to save your life?
If you could be an inanimate object, what would you be?
There are millions of people in this world, then why are you born?
What's that philosophy called?
How do you write an essay on dualism (mind and body)/????????????
What brings human beings together, yet allows us to keep our individuality?
Is there any questions that really have no definite answers?
Considering how Crazy the World is, do you think GOD could be a WOMAN?
What makes a human being 100% happy on earth?
Tao Te Ching question ?
I wanna be evil.....?
can you encourage me to become a good listener in society.?
is it possible that everytime a tree is cut down, a child is born?
what does martin luther king when he says self purification?
Are you much of a dreamer?
Creative minds only..How am i qualified?
How can any one make ones life beautiful ?
do you REALLY believe the world is going to end in 2012?
how do i do transcendental meditation?
Is life a dream ?Or do dreams help us living a better life .?
Now i am your student, please can you bless me with one good lesson which others havent taught me yet, please?
Is it wiser to be slient or to speak?
I am not suicidal, so don't start talking all this BS to me.... but here is my question about suicide?
Determinism or free will?
What does achievement mean to you?
Please explain the Davinci Code?
When people don't understand something,do they always resort to rudeness?
A question on ethical theory?
identify the key elements of self reliance as defined by emerson?
Poll: Your view of the world?
Life according to you in one word?
Why does everything taste like chicken?
Can communication come off as a chess game sometimes? Even if Im just a listener. I notice?
I'm granting you one do-over in your life. What will you use it on?
What do you really long for?
Are you good at considering the third, fourth, fifth, etc. options?
Given the argument: S = (N v H) / S v ~N // S > H ?
if you wake up tomorrow and it will be your last day ,what will you do?
How was Truman Burbank an Empiricist from the film The Truman Show?
As humans are living longer, is 40 becoming the new 30 and 50 the new 40?
Theory of Knowledge short story?
which is your favorite motto?
What are the difference between Socrates thinking and Karl Marx thinking?
A man has everything but everything.What can a woman give to this man ?
Is there a god?
Should remembering god be made mandatory or compulsory all over the world?
What belief system would I fit into? Please respect my beliefs you dont have to agree but please respect them!?
why do I exist?
What three common-sense moral intuitions?
What is cack handed?
what is the square root of america?
when do you think the world will stop?
Is it Possible? Can I do it?
Do you know who said this?
What is the point of life?
Did you see Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”? What do you think is the philosophical message?
What qualifies a person to be a genius?
How can I ask good questions?
What would you like to ask?
What is the rest of this quote "---sits in the middle and knows".?
Is there a God?
how to become sucess in life?
what is life? please tell me?
Can't I know other people's existence simply because they so?
Why are there wars when humans have the ability to resolve conflict?
If life is an illusion, what is Death?
Plotinus emanation by the One?
What keeps you grounded :) ?
How would humans truly act in a an unruled world or world of chaos?
When you hear "gabroosh" what comes into your mind?
What would you say devil if you face him?
How can I turn the dangers of baby cribs into an argument? or anything it does not have to be cribs?
Perfect Love...Your views...?
Does the work psychopath exploit the following information :?
Why am i only asking useless and stupid questions in the philosophy category?
what does it mean that you are scared of death?
Are whites in higher strata in the human evolution tree?
What is the meaning of life?
I have strong scruples...I draw the line at crossing over into porn in my T.V. viewing life...?
"... what will you tell your grandchildren about me?"?
What is the best job in the world? Why?
Why Socrates is not a sophist? How are his motives and method of doing philosophy different from the sophists?
What could this mean?
what is the true meaning of life?
What is the meaning of life?
If god does not exist, where did the world come from?
What's the historical significance of Thomas More's "Utopia?"?
According to George Berkeley, experience reveals what?
When ,if ever, do you feel violence is justified?
is it because they need everyone to love them or they need to love everyone?
What exactly is the definition of a god?
Your I.Q. score? If u could have chosen it before your birth?
Why was transcendentalism created in Cambridge, Massachusetts?
The night grows old as do I, how will this night end for you?
Is my life really over?
Have you ever wondered what a brilliant mind?
Could this actually be the reason why?
Advice from a fellow Philosophy academic?
Whats a analytical point of view for Robert Graves' poem "Babylon"?
What parts can be removed without altering its function?
after i've smoked my stuff and drank all my whiskey, is there anyting left on this earth 4 me 2 do?
what is life?
Why do most people prefer to answer, than to ask?
Where should we go for truth?
Do you think humans would be better off living like animals?
i have a razor from Occam, but it is blunt. how do i sharpen it?
Did anaxtonenes exist?
What are some similarities and differences between ethics and morality?
I have no motivation in life. Help?
Why does the world and everything we know, exist?
what do you think of time travel?
Is it normal that I don't feel like life is beautiful? ?
What are the things you think but do not say?
Do money and fame truly make one happy?
Taking the day off. An American Revolution?
Is deconstruction a casually bellicose ideology / methodology for addressing causality?
What personality traits do you admire most in others? ....and least?
Aquinas' cosmological arguments for the existence of God?
In philosophy. Difference between intrinsic and extrinsic value.?
If time is an illusion,then how do you explain the aging process?
How does epistemology influence society?
Can it be called truth, if it is subjective?
how to become genius ?
what is worse than death??
How many times should you try and fail before you give up on trying?
Arguments against monism & Eastern views as definitions of nature of reality & arguments for dualism?
"MIND" over "MATTER" ?
Is it better to try to do good and acidentally do harm, or to try to do harm and accidentally do good?
What is normal, (read on)?
Is gravity responsible for people falling in love?
Determinism and randomness?
Someone PLS help me "What did Immanuel Kant think of Causation, how does it differ from Hume?
Would you rather be LOST IN LOVE or BLIND IN FAITH?
What is the meaning of the phrase "One glance most kind that fell like sunshine where it went"?
What do we all have in common?
Has anyone else read "The Lucifer Principle" by Howard Bloom? What did you think of it?
i meat somany girls that want to hang out but i still dont find the right one. what can i do?
Can you be in love with love?
Are you a better person today than you were yesterday?
How many of you are there?
i lost faith ......................?
Rationalism/Empiricism strengths/weaknesses (for an essay)?
Do you believe in in the existence of extraterrestrials?
PHILOSOPHY TV: There was a tv series quite a long time ago?
what is your star sign?
what is the sense of life?
Secret To Happiness?
Is the elementary process of what defines a friend bullshit?
Writing a paper on the philosophy of Karl Marx in comparison/contrast with 80's pop-culture?
what are the worst things that could happen to a human?
How to kill a past love?;(?
Where would we be without rhetorical questions?
What would you choose?A life full of fun,sex,adventure,heartache,death OR.......?
Why does this remind me of Collins software ?
Does the game of chess have any philosophical value?
What is that you are ready to die for?
Please read the following quote from German philosopher Novalis?
How are machines good for humans?
Do you think the labels created in life have blinded many people?
What is your social class?
how do i move on in life?
what is the meaning of life?
The world is an oxymoron. the question that i have is: why does it depend on itself not making sense?
What is ur favourite word ??
What is Logic?????????
do you think art is an important subject in school?why?
What is your definition of love?
Are our earthly solids relatively liquids with respect to a piece of dense solid from Black Holes?
Does "evil" exist?
How many people actually believe the world is gonna end in 2012?
Which worldview - Faith or Naturalism?
Could a person plan/ understand stuff without a language or just even "Think"?
What is the initiation for entry into 'the third rail' membership?
what is love in your opinion?
The Bible or Evolution. What d'ya reckon and why ?
What do you do when you don't believe in god or have hope in man anymore?
what is this Webb site really about. what do you get as you move up the levels?
What is the goal of consciousness/mind according to Descartes?
why does the child enjoy watching the ripples he made by throwing a stone in the pond?
To drink from the cup of life can either taste bitter or sweet.. We can savour every mouthful or spit out the?
Will you see the end of the world or your world will end, which comes first?
why do women bargain more than men when buying cloths?
What behavioral trait/belief structure in humans has been the most detrimental to society?
Two different worlds...How far can one reach?
Not Anyone..... why is it that you answer questions, but never ask any?
What Makes you so MAD or ANGRY?
What do you believe occurs after a person dies?
What is your greatest temptation.......?
According to Marx(Multiple Choice)...?
I feel sad for no reason?
The world is ending in 10 hours?
What’s the difference between settling for things and accepting the way things are?
Tomorrow Never Dies, is it true ?
what is the meaning of "hunky dory" as in "everything's hunky dory!!"?
Is Religion or Science more important?
Who will you save when the submarine starts to sink? your girlfriend or your bestfriend? (choose one only)?
Is God an aetheist ?
If you could go back in life knowing what you know now...?
Has the sword of truth and honour rusted?
Do you feel like your life is so boring compared to others?
is there any hope for the youth of the next generation like me?
Does this ease the pain caused by the nincompoop in the key position on the safety-critical software project ?
If it becomes you, why would that kill those?
What brings you happiness an joy?
If you discovered something previously unknown, What would you name it?
what are the causes and effects of premarital sex?
What boundaries should exist between personal and professional life?
Is happiness just a state of mind?
does every question has a answer,if yes then what is a question?
Why is the door knob?
Do you believe that social media sites are ruining our generation?
Moving to New York city?
What is your philosophy on human space exploration?
What are Plato's 3 different classes for the state?
What to do?
Is coach sandusky is being set up and is he completely innocent? thats what my dad says?
Why didn't Sartre like institutions?
do you resent that you're going to die?
When is your future behind you?
what is your opinion?
What was your happiest moment?
The truth, small word, it should be short and clear?
does wittgensteins private language argument refute skepticism and solipsism?
I am an athiest. Why should I become a believer of religion?
Do you think OPENmindedness is valuable?
1/7= 0.142857142857..... and 22/7 =3.142857142857 then why 1/7 is irrational while 22/7 is not?
How can one stay happy while he/she is surrounded by a pool of sorrows?
Baruch Spinoza Or Soren Kierkegaard?
Deadlines amuse amuses you ???
are you afraid from dying ?
What motorvates you in life?
Is Paul dead?
what is the difference between a non-demoniational church and presbytrian church?
What are some John Locke theories?
Hi, I'm Hector Guerrero Lara and I want to know why ignorance is bliss.?
Ever wish that you were at least a somebody?
How vain are you....?
what is your ideal better half in your mind?
what is platonic realism?
what do i do with my life?
Você entende o que falo?
How Would You Andswer...Ethical Dilemma?
what you 'VE regretted in your life ?
What is "immoral behavior"?
Can we travel through TIME?
Which do you want? A life on earth or a life in heaven?
Do you understand this?
If ABORTION is wrong, why is the DEATH PENALTY ok?
Is there away where I could hypnotise myself?
Is sexual equality possible?
Evolution or Creation?
What is the simplest way...?
in the function world when those purple before you saw even but then?
Do you think life is a test from God?
can this ever happen?
If you HAD to choose, how would you wanna die?
Maths is induction, RE is deduction?
How to distract your mind, and think more positively?
negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes?
Memory improvement help......?
What would Confucius Do? Look down in details......?
Just my observation.... Are we becoming more and more animalistic and less and less human?
If pain is the seed..?
What might happen if everyone agreed?
what have you learned from me?
Is the law attraction a spiritual law or it's real?
Suppose we learn how to copy ourselves as we are now. If a copy is never activated, is it murder to destroy it?
what makes life worth living ?
Is it fair to say that God loves everybody except the filthy atheists and homosexuals?
Which Philosophical argument would you argue on a debate being in favor of "Do Technology benefits youth?"?
What are some jobs that robots/machines can't replace?
what if there was no such thing as money?
Is worse Se.x without love or Love without se.x?
wwwwwwhat are lovers?
Making things right.....?
Is the world going to end in 2012?
There are so much evil in this world, why have children?
Where did the art of meditation originate from?
What makes you happy in life ?
what is the major difference between god and human ??
How can we get along?
if you could go back in time?
What extinguishes your flaming ego?
a jellyfish just asked me for a quarter. i think he will use it to buy booze. is it wrong for me to say no?
Believe me it's a philosophical question?
What is your opinion on animal testing? What is acceptable? What is not acceptable? And why?
Does the excitement make you come back, and why?
Universe and human and earth creation question?
Are women better leaders?
Do you ever think this?
What was the first smart phone to truly capture the imagination of consumers and software developers?
are animals capable of evil?
Is it possible to feel lonely, yet happy at the same time?
If catholic priests, nuns and popes don't have sex why are all of them so worried about it?
What do you think of common sense?
If a demon or creature attacked one of your loved ones?
What do YOU think about Humanity?
Why do all good things come to an end?
what are the general philsophy of the basic tenets of basic education by M.K. Gandhi?
Have you seen this video? Absolutely amazing, stunning?
What type of work do you prefer?
Why is it that religious people seem to be the most hypocritical?
Why did Stoics (Stoicism) value self-control over all human virtues? and what about their idea of the logos?
what do you do when you are in love with a celebrity?
Please explain the Natural Theory of how the mind knows the world?
Would a person covering up his own mistakes need a phony set of business rules ?
What did the life teach you for these years?
Whats the NUMBER 1 thing you HAVE to do in your life! The most important thing that you want to do before you?
Why do parents act like they can do no wrong?
What do you think beauty is based on?
how can i destroy whole world in a minute?
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
3 things required to have a peace of mind?
Is Reality Something Worth Clinging On To?
A meaningful life is what?
Can art be objective?
Is homosexuality unnatural?
do you know what is the cuase of western people doing suicide or group suicides?
which piece of art can be compared to the matrix?
Howmany licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
what is a life and what it is mean?
How to be happy and keep others happy as well? What is the secret to a successful, stress free life?
Which do you prefer, a perfect sunrise or a perfect sunset?
a conundrum - please answer!!!?
Is the world endlng in2012?
if you had a second chance to live your life over, what would you do differently?
What is a dispositional capacity? See details. Pleeease?
What is the purpose of humans in this world?
what are the social philosophies of indonesia philippines thailand singapore malaysia?
Would u dine at the Road Kill Cafe? From the menu, what would u order?
I want to see GOD. Can anyone help me.?
Can you be a christian and a nihilist?
Do you consider yourself to be wise? Give me an example of your great wisdom?
what do you know about islam?
How important is faith in a relationship?
So I am reading "The denial of Death" by Ernest Becker and am not agreeing?
Philosophy question. Please help?
What is William James' view on causation?
when your at work and you daydream... what do you day dream about?
where is rael ?
What kind of items would reflect one's self?
"Love=The perfect con" (explanation inside, thoughts?)?
what is the meaning of life?
so if someone was to kill someone in your family would you still love them? or would you want them dead?
Was Heralitus an empiricist?
Is there more justice or injustice in society?
Why do the good die young?
WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS SONG AND BY WHOM. You know shes gone and she wont be back you must be a happy man...y
how many hearts do u think a person could break in a lifetime without knowing they did, just wondering?
Do you think I am greedy if I think my supreme duty is to myself and rest comes later?
If crime fighters fight crime, and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?
the meaning of excellence par virtue?
What can I do to LIVE...?
can you belive in GOD while believing in karma?
Who denies the contingency of morality on human nature and desires?
When do you consider life to begin? Conception? 2nd Trimester? Birth?
Would you rather.....?
Can you dry these crying eyes?
why do i feel depress and tired at the same time?
if you could clone your self what 3 traits would u keep and wht change and why?
When A Heart Is Empty...What Is The First Thing You Fill It Up With..??
in what aspect is work alienation and why?
If Foetuses are not people, is abortion morally neutral?
What do you think is the essence of wisdom?
What is the limitation for acqiring knowledge in nvivid subjects.Will some one tolerate my non-standard quest?
why wont females answer this question?
What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and found out?
what is meant by impending blues?
How do you fight a terrorist who has no want of material or spiritual things?
What people are looking for?
God doesn't exist right?
What exactly is God doing right now?
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
What is the meaning of the meaning of life ?
Aspects of Unconditional Love, the Motherly Love or more than it the Divine Love ?
rate these chapters on change (growth).......?
Why a mass attracts another mass? Is there any celestial body which repels a mass?
Is all darkness evil? Is all light good?
What is "moral dangers inherent in contemporary thought"?
if you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?
what is at the end of the universe?
why do you argue is it not right to argue.?
If your partner was to walk in front of a bus, would you jump in front to save her?
Just as there are no little people or unimportant lives, there is no insignificant work?
the meaning of life?
do you prefer to answer irrelevant questions or the intellectual ones?
Is it not true that many Animals need love?
Why can't I meet deadlines? Why am I so lazy?
what the HELL is that smell?
I want to know someways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why am I here on this earth?
What do u do when u feel like u r the most bored person on earth?
What are the advantages of being a ' Teacher '?
What are the "pillars of character"?
Where does the concept of you stop?
How do I argue with someone who refuses to use logic?
please answer this.?
If all of my potential relationships have failed, is it safe to assume it is my fault?
if you had three wishes what would you wish for and why?
What is more difficult : To Remember or to Forget ?
Who are some famous Philosophers that differ greatly from each other?
Was Aristotle a skeptic?
What do you think the body prefers violent or peaceful?
its more of paraphysics but it needs a clear philosophical mind to answer?
Which would be worse, living the rest of your existence in Hell, or not existing at all?
what did 2pac look like after he dead?
Mock Election? I need help with my platform :)?
In your opinion, what is JUSTICE ?
Sense perception in the arts and sciences?
If you could have one free service in your home every day, what would you choose?
What happened before the Big Bang?
What is significance of title, "A Lesson Before Dying"?
What animal comes to mind?
What is something that touches people's hearts more than their ears?
poetic value of creed's with arms wide open?
what is happiness,in your opinion?
does our mind ever stop thinking?
Question about Ross's prima facie duties?
POLL: What do you love so much about your life ???
• Have you ever........?
Anyone spiritual but not put a tag on it?
what is simone de beauvoir's definition of freedom and ambiguity?
Isn't it a redeeming factor that we will all end up in the same place?
It this sounds great or not?
when are moments on our life that make us conform? and who are those that do not conform?
Do you know who one direction is?
Why we feel sad after break up?
Socrates stated that the central concern of philosophy was the psyche, or soul. What does this suggest to you?
Comment on the following sentence?
Wich was the funiest thing what you did too?
Utilitarian and Liberal approaches to abortion and IVF?
Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?
How can you be happier than you are? Is it reachable?
Discuss "philosophy is I know not what" by Wittgenstein?
Does the abused eventually become the abuser ?
If your speach be no better than silence...?
What do I need to know to own an iguana?
do we know him to be a fact,is that why we believe in god or is he just our escape from our untimely death?
What do you Hate?
Descartes in the Meditations?
can anybody explain me what is the exact meaning of this qoute from soren kierkegard?
What do you all think?
Are you scared of your exact opposite?
What is Henry Thoreau saying in his essay "Walking"? What is he trying to get across I don't get it.?
Does imagination create reality through inspiration...or does inspiration create reality through imagination?
what do you think of my philosophy speech on youtube i feel its professional?
What could you not live without and why?
Why does God love me even though I'm a piece of crap?
Why is life so hard for me these days?
How are PLato's vision of what a philosopher can understand and Aristotle's view on theoretical study similar?
Has criticism lost it's meaning?
How can I really know God?
What is the purpose of life?
What do you think of these predictions from ID theory?
is it true about the fate said in the 'fate of fate' in
Can somebody solve life using a secular explanation?
Why do people always ask for simple questions to be more complex and direct?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
If you had to select the most important human emotion what would you single out?
Why do we live?
what is the difference between munificence and liberality?
Have you ever met someone who cannot understand the concept of authority?
How could infinity be scientifically verified?
Why does misery love my company?
Why was my God so good at killing innocent people?
What do you treasure most in your life?
Is this valuable of no?
Are We Born Natural Sinners / Our Human Nature is Evil ?