What is an achient proverb I could link to pro-homosexuality?
In the short story pauls case, where is his love of beauty shown ? Best answer will be chosen in one hour !!?
What did you do when you were falsely accused?
How does North become South when you look behind you?
Does life ever get easier?
Could someone explain in detail the specificity of the three types of Aristotelian knowledge (theoretical etc)?
Thagard's Theory, Community, Historical Context.?
What is the significance of computer graphics to the society ?
Is love qualitative or quantitative?
How about good deeds? Have u ever helped someone else? What did u do?
Philosophically speaking; I need someone to talk with, will anyone please message or email me?
If you weren't the sharpest tool in the shed, what would you be?
When human being must have thought of a poem first time ?
What do you think about the Pices sign?
I want to kill myself?
how many languages do you speak ?!?
Will life get better after college if I continue to stick and out, or am I going to be depressed forever?
What's the real reason people die?
Career In Psychology Seeking Advice from Experts, Intelligent Human Beings and answers Philosophers?
describe the context of the dialogue "euthyphro" with reference to the whole discussion about holiness.portray?
How is a human being classified as good?
How could the world possibly be overpopulated?
Interesting Question??
Philosophy question ?
are you a man of the world?
why did the chicken cross the road?
"is human spirit burning with false flame"give reasons in favour or against?
What's something you're very generous with?
What are your dreams and goals?
What is the word of the day :) ?
Is it morally wrong to exploit human nature to solely benefit oneself?
The ideal Aristotelian vs. the ideal Confucian?
what is your opinion about these prophtes:Christ,david,mohammad?
what is the famous quotations of the philosophers?
Anyone heard of John Rawls?
What are YOUR views about murder sentences?
Does everyone has something they'd like to change about them selves? Whats yours?
Do you care what others think of you?
Which philosophy would you have used to 'bring order to a disordered world?
do you want the world to end in 2012?
What does it mean when I say I am?
Is Remi saying her 2 year old is ignorant. Some of the best, most original abstract art is done by children.?
What would you consider a direct reference to negative existential beliefs?
Franz Kafka- what does this quote by him actually mean?
Summary of G.E. Moore's "Certainty"?
Is nature sexist?
Thessaloniki: Is there any metaphysical/new age/spiritual shop there?
Easy ten points. Who's this individual?
Do your questions reveal more about you than your answers?
How does one take "a dump and a half"? At what point does one conclude the first dump? Is there intermission
Do u think u can make it fine without a college education?
Does the member control the man?
Where can I find an original writing by Franz Brentano (German psychologist)?
if there was one thing that you wouldnt do what would it be?
? ? ? Is love enough ? ?
If you could choose the music at your own funeral, what would it be and who would play it?
What does Dong Zhongshu’s example of the rice stalks show about his view of human nature?
How do work places recruit successfully ?
Have I ever hurt your feelings?
To all the atheists. What if you're wrong?
Does anyone know how important you are?
if This day was somehow skipped from ur life wud ur life had been the same?
"Their Eyes Were Watching God" QUESTION!?
Were there any "loose cannons" attached to the Collins submarine computerization project ?
--why does malcolm mistrust macduff at first??
Please help me shoot down this argument?
Nature-Emerson How would our attitude toward the stars change if they appeared only once every thousand years?
What is something that you REALLY want to know the answer to?
why DON'T people belive there is a God....?
Is happiness only real when shared? OR can one be truly happy being alone....?
Given life's inevitability, is it grossly obvious in its reactions?
"first impression is the last impression", Do you agree?
life is totally unfair?
How was the Earth created? Science vs. Religion? Opinions...?
Please summarize Wittgenstein's philosophy on the mind, if you please! Thanks!?
If you saw a rat as large as a cat sleeping on your couch what would you do?
what is the meaning of Paramedic? why it is important?
why? (This bit's padding to get the extra chars)?
does any one kno the meanings of nature associated with love?
Would you rather be a king in Hell or a servant in Heaven?
What is "Truth"?
hinduism is a culture offering more freedom.can it survive in the long run.?
Can/dose hatred make you stronger? / Can hatred give you strength? why/why not? If you say it depends ..?
im only 17 years old and love philosophy, isn't too early to start redeading it?
What have you learned from reading Camus?
is there such a thing call "LUCK"?
What defines a person's identity if it could constantly be changed in the course of improving oneself?
Is it true?
is your glass half empty or half full? Why?
What is the meaning of life?
Is being a musician really a viable way to live comfortable and make a living?
Does LOVE keep you SAFE or VULNERABLE?
which philosopher believed that the boundless is the source and essence of all things?
Whoever thought of this is surely a sick man?
i have stopped dreaming?
How can there be something from nothing?
How to avoid boredom?
Absent makes the heart grow stronger?
What is the main ingredient of life?
i download messanger but it doesn`t go on?
words and numbers and musical notes...?
what is non self at a philosophical stand point?
Will the world end in 2012?
Where does the other sock go?
How much is too much?
Do we oversimplify the past?
together we can ideas?
Do you believe you were put on this earth for a purpose?
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
What would your ideal funeral be like, this isn't a serious or religious question it is a joke?
What is Your best guide in life...?
If my wife is alone in the woods and there is no one around to hear her, is she still bitching?
Do you believe in the Big Bang theory?
The ULTIMATE question. 42-010?
philosophy question help?
I'll be what I want to do....?
love is the essence of life. do you agree why or why not.?
Why is the whole point of life for survival? are we essentially trying to reach something?
From a philosophical point of view is not a claim about self-hood more reliable and/or believable than...?
Do most people "put on an act" for the public? ( if so why?)?
Is it an art or a science?
WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? I think all of us do!?
What kind of circumstance or event would make you believe in the existence of a God?
what comes First to Mind if i say "PERMANENT"?
who would you choose as a partner: one with a powerful brain or one with a kind heart?
Do you think Having dreams is important ? Why ? What's your dream ?
real goal of human life?
If you are a god what is the first thing you will do .?
How is the hypothetico-Deductive model not totally empirical?
Any one likes Billy Joel's "River of Dreams"?
Odd thought - consciousness and time?
What is the right way to find unity in diversity?
Is putting faith above reason for the weakminded?
Trying to forget someone you love is trying to remember someone you never knew!agree/disagree?
If you touch your right hand with your left hand, which hand do you feel it with?
Plato's Republic - does he discuss justifiability of war and military preparedness?
If we Consider Socrates' explanation of his way of life in the Gorgias.?
PLease explain the Brand Building process of Anil Ambani in detail?
this is a question?
what's your favorite quote and why?
Are you a Pirate or a Ninja?
Why would someone believe there is a moral set of rules?
Will the world really end on December 21, 2012?
Based on the following philosophical works I've read lately, what are some you would recommend I read next?
Worth Remembering name five.?
God created us in his image... What image is that?
do you believe in war for peace?
how can I get peace?
Why do we live when we all must die?
Why do most people either believe or disbelieve that knowledge is possible?
do you like your life?do you scare to change it?
Do you agree with Kant's philosophy on "universal law"?
what kind of people turn philosophical in nature?
Question regarding life...?
Life is too short to____________?
In the christian faith, if you don't attend church, will you go to hell?
Why do some of us love tv so much?
Who's Your Favorite Ancient Greek Philosopher and Why?
What are the most confidential verses from Bhagavad Gita?
What are all the different names and guises of the devil?
difference between symbolic world and natural world?
Why is there this presumption that people who go to school are smart? I'd SCHOOL more than half of them...?
What are some of the logical thinking fallacies?
What is the difference between living a life or surviving a life?
What is meant by shock of recognition?
If wisdom comes with age...?
Is it possible 2 feel hatred 4 someone,knowing that at the same time they don't deserve to be hated?
How do you imagine the voice of God?
Which is the best way to improve english?
What is the Absolute Truth?
who would you feel sorry for?
Do YOU believe"all men are created equal"?
Can the Roman Empire be considered as a pragmatist?
Does anyone actually use these Machiavelli-inspired laws or are they purely satirical? Law 34?
Transcendental pieces on the importance of being true to one's self?
If you are at your happiest, what are you doing at the time?
Insoo Hyun, Gerard Magill, John Robertson, and Carl Cohen's definition of a person?
is rape councelling done by every psychiatrist. or will it be like, a person who does rape councelling is diff?
in hume's opinion is there any empirical evidence for cause and effect?
What is the 5 things that you cant live without?
Why do people act like they are afraid of others for no reason?
what would light "taste" or "smell" or "sound" like?
what are the top conferences in philosophy?
it is possible to think about something that doesn't not exist?
MaryAnne Warrens space man analogy on abortion. What does she mean?
Do those who are not Christian burn in hell!?
I lost my inspiration? Please help?
If you knew you only had one more month to live, how would you live it?
What can I do with my life?
how is the parson can tel future world?
Which is more important, preserving your individuality or pleasing freinds and loved ones?
How do I know that I'm not God? How would I be able to tell?
how did Voltaire influence political theorists, philosophers, educators and historians?
What is occulemency, because I don't know?
Montaigne thinks we should remain quiet about our bodily problems.?
Where is freedom?
Criticisms of boethius in relation to free will and omniscience?
What are the similarities and differences between the philosophies of Rousseau and Hegel?
Where would your Utopian society be located?
do u find..?
Which greek philosopher believed every human being was born with innate evil within them?
define yourself in 3 words?
Meaning and Explanations of the sentences?
What is the difference between chinese culture and korean culture?
Is Nothing something? if Yes why. . . , if No why?
What is the bigger reason for DOUBT !! lack of "knowledge" or lack of "confidence"?
List your reason for life?
what do you do if your were in my shoes?
What is your definition of "All that glitters, is not gold"...?
Convince me life is worth living?
Connotations of love, pray, forever, smile, and life?
Why do we as humans have organized religions when more death and hatred seems so come of them than good?
Do we really have psychic abilities?
What id the greatest adventure one could embark on?
first random word which comes to ur mind ?
What is absolutely certain in your life?
is the behavioral influence ever really dormant?
Is it best to be in your comfort zone, or out of it?
A Very Strange Question About The World?
why george w.bush hates muslim?
What's a good way to overthrow the British Monarchy...?
Is reality tv shows reality?
What is the most loveable thing in world?
What is the name of god?
What is the difference between Ontology and Metaphysics? What are the similarities?
is it true.................?
Why is KINDNESS more associated with STUPIDITY than INTELLIGENCE?
Can anyone give me a Philosophical Review/Analysis of the Movie Babel?
why life is a struggle?
How Can I better Apply My Self Since i Lack Motivation?
Is God justice where nature fails?
How Does American Freedom Encourage Citizens to Be Generous?
Do u use the Categorical Imperative (Kant) in ure daily life?
did you have a happy Friday the 13th???
What if you are blind in love what will u do?
How's Life???????????
Proof using Fitch Rules Premise #1 ( A or B ) ...?
What is the defective concept behind “The paradox of omnipotence”? What is the allegedly superior concept?
If a male friend says ''Im getting a heat rash from you''. What does it mean?
what is the difference between Expression and Representation and Symbolism?
How would the world look if people stopped believing fables, fairy tales, and propaganda?
why do a man get upset?
Does anyone know where I put my clean socks?
what does love live life proceed progress mean?
Why do I feel so sad?
Your biggest pet peeve(s)?
''Is falling in love" natural or cultural?
Forgiving or Forgeting the wrongs ? which is best?
Has anything came true from any dreams you've ever had,did it happen exactly like in your dream?
The _process takes place when one pursues an argument both to see where it goes and to find out what he or sh?
Do you all actually exist, or is it just me?
Joan of Arc's life simplified?
Is the involuntary opening after 8 million human reincarnations to voluntarily seek God the same as breathing?
Thought for the day, Did you like it ?
How come its he who laughs last laughs longest?
Why is there a word for 'nothing'? It isn't anything is it? How can it even exist then?
if practice makes perfect and no one is perfect then why practice?
How can we meet with GOD?
Can we prevent death, disease, and old age?
Is forgiveness the first sign of being weak?
Is there really as many worlds as there are people?!?
My Earlier Account had been hacked in which i had done hard work should i make new account ? advice me?
Logical & Rational ........?
is there a god?
If I sent you on a wild goose chase, what would you bring back?
Translate the following into predicate logic using the indicated letters?
what does the judgment of taste create?
What objective support is there for "g" as a factor in intelligence?
'Pacifism is dangerous'. Do you agree/disagree?
What does success mean to you?
How the spirit really work on your life? And what kind of spirit is good for you?
If "ignorance is bliss" and "knowledge is power", which would you choose and why?
Life and death... Who/what determines who to live and die?
When majority rules, is majority always right?
Prove it to me.?
Once you are in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes of were buried in for eternity?
How do you get over boredom?
Which peace is harder to maintain or even realize: internal peace of mind or world peace free from war & why?
what is life and why were we born?
Philosophical question (part 1)?
Are you comfortable being the CENTER of ATTENTION, or do you prefer to let others be in the SPOTLIGHT? :D?
How does it make you feel?
whats is the meaning of life?
Does everything evolve?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
What does this word mean to you?
What is your idea of Heaven?
How the world begun in greek mythology version?
Kant argued that a finite set of examples, such as your care not starting due to a dead battery?
The internet is a better tool than books to gain general knowledge in a field of study. Agree or Disagree?
I don't text (much) I don't watch movies, I don't drink Starbucks; am I invalid?
What's the best advice you've ever receieved?
Whats the best thing in the world?
What do you mean by destiny is it true?
Is borrowing/lending and perhaps going bust good for the economy ? Was Madoff good for the economy ?
For YA Autodidacts; can you call or entitle yourselves autodidact or independent scholar of____?
Do you think you would be happier if you were wealthy?
What is the nature of being?
What is my future, when i reach my goal. i known my entire life foretune.?
what did you do in the past week that made someone happy?
POLL: What is the ideal life?
if world was not like this as it is now? then what else could be done? better or worst?
Will Arnett Now really, didn't we tell him NO all ready?
Peace is a lie, there is only passion?
just minut.u thing without ur live in earth .if you can.?
What makes you... you?
Why doesn't anyone bother to put down what they think?
Would you rather be Mortal or Immortal and also Explain if possible.?
What can't you do that you wish you could?
concept question?
Is there such thing as a dumb question?
Does DGSE have some sort of Frankenstein bureaucracy, or is that just in movies like "Agents Secrets" ?
Why i'm so much ****** up by life?
If you had your very 'own' tree....what would you decorate it with?
Thoughts on Ayn Rand?
what is the quote that goes like: culture is the foundation of knowledge?
Basic Philosophy question?
Which emotion rules you heart most of the times..?
Would you like to live forever if you were granted eternal youth?
Symbolic Logic- finding 11 arguments?
hey can some one help me with defining a few quotes, that Voltaire wrote?
What came first the chiken or the egg?
Is math the truth and only truth?
What is your opinion on this? THANKS!!?
How to get involved in life?
Does knowing who's to BLAME help SOLVE the PROBLEM?
Do you believe in life after death and why?
what is life?
If your days were color coded...?
If you are...?
How can you be "out of your mind" when your mind is inside you?
what is endless ???
Should being anonymous on this site, give you free reign to be a rude and abnoxious as you can to others? What?
If you could change the world, what would you change, and why?
how the svcience is harmfull for us and how we can it mainimise?
Nietzsche and the Will To Power?
which website can i visit to get a biography for Robert Wyland?
What is happines?
who said (and i paraphrase) not knowing is very frustrating but thinking one knows is insane.?
Would you rather have wings that don't work, or flippers that don't work?
What will happen if I dont do my cummunity service?
i need help with a riddle it involves someones life?
A question about Destiny?
Who is your favorite super hero and why?
What is happines??
Where in Barnes and Nobles is the Dianetics book?
Anyone think debating in front of 70 millions of Americans would be intense?
What will you do at the end of your life - and beyond?
How can i learn more about Psychology and Philosophy?
What do you usually do when you are heart broken?
Why is depression useful?
"how does hegel use kants philosophy of self to generate his own historical conception of philosophy"
How to measure Time outside the ticking clock?
Is life worth living without your true love?
Translate the following and use a refutation tree to determine whether it is valid?
Is there anything that make human entertain ... with no harm....?
what's a jesus complex?
kindly describe "the truth" in only one word !!?
What's the best thing about being human?
how do you like or want HEAVEN to be for you if you could chose?
Is the Pioneer Fund still supporting genetic research?
Will mankind ever get beyond greed?
why do christian fundamentalists live by a double standard, yet proclaim to live by the rules of the bible?
Is it important to live?
Christianity vs mythology.?
which way is your way in life: lead, follow, or get out of the way?
What defines a person, the motive or the deed?
can a christain be a philosopher?
What's Schopenhauer main positive point concerning the ethics of sucide?
Can religion save men-kind?
Is there always a smile on the emotional side of you?
Drug addiction and hardships in relation to philosophy and music?
How we dan get peace of mind? can money give us peace of mind?
Simmel and Pragmatism?
Which is the happiest place on Earth for you?
Can Atheists be good people?
“The object of knowledge is what exists and its function to know about reality"?
Do you believe in the phenomenon "Soul mates"?
When u see the poverty round u does it move u to do something like...?
It is right to steal from the rich in order to give to the poor.... ?
the contrast between the purposive and the functional approach?
Rene Descartes: What did he doubted? & what did he believe in?
Please Listen To Voice from My Heart?
would you rather have a chance to drink wine with jack kerouak, or kool-aid with ken kesey?
See if you know the answer to this?
Is Science a belief?
What did you learn today?
Why do so many people wallow and moan all the time?
What does this quote mean?
Do you live by your heart or by your head?
Why do we grow old, wither, and die?
How does one come at spritual ease?
the fallen trunks now and then interscept the traveller and he gets lost in croocked ways amid the?
Do thoughts trigger emotions or emotions trigger thoughts? What do you think?
What is post-modernism?
what is a ruling idea or an anit ruling idea?
What are the difference between Socrates thinking and Karl Marx thinking?
What do you think it would be like if the human race had a mating season ?
Do you believe there is a cure for Love????
Does this computer I'm typing on really exist?
Science says that nothing can't come from nothing. Does this prove God?
what would be a good operational definition of variables for this idea is smoking a addiction or just a habit?
What you are waiting for is waiting for you to come true?
Complete the sentence : Never forget __________?
if you know what you know and know what you dont know what else is there to know?
Can you describe your imagination?
Can someone claim being a good person?
Why must we grow up?
In which of Plato's works did he present his concept of Platonic Ideas?
Hey drampor!!! What is the time event quotient?
Are you good at recognizing when it is time to keep your mouth shut?
Why does socrates refer to comics? what role do comics serve socrat but especially plato?
The World as Will and Representation.have you read it?what is it about?
Are compassion and kindness obligations that we owe to society?
why do humans love to create.?
the "masks" in Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl?
Are you living a sustainable life?
What, according to Jung, should one’s goal be when one experiences enantiodromia?
detail articles on Plutonic love. love that doesnt need sexual friendship the base of it?
How does Aristotle help us to identify the good for humans?
Complete the following (use your imagination)?
what makes life so beautiful?
I had a lug nut when I went to the store, but the lady in the men's hat department gave me head?
Elocutionist question?
Is there any1 out there who knows why we yawn?
a) What is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition, for having a monotheistic religion?
what are the artistic goals and/or artistic philosophy of the era modern realism?
What are your dreams and did you pursue them?
what according to Socrates, is the main purpose of oratory? Whats is the prevailing view today?
Quick Philosophy Question on Callicles?
Do you think prejudice will continue to be in life?
What is the best site to find out how to find out things with out knowing what you are supposed to find out?
What 5 Words Most Relate To You And Your Definition of Leadership?
What its means, pls tell.?
Who had the greatest influence from your childhood on how you are today?
So far, what has been the best year of your life?
Intellectual Virtues are ..... ?
Do most people bore you?
How to handle and overcome workplace bullying and politics smartly without losing peace of mind?
What is your definition of Intelligent?
Plato and "minding ones own business" ?
What are some strong emotions or concepts?
Prove the validity of this: (~h V j) V k - premise 1, k -> ~i - premise 2, therefore (h & i) -> j?
who is your inspiration......?
which among the colors BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, RED & BLUE is the STRONGEST?
Fallacious inference from "If A, then B" and "not A" to "not B" - "Denial of the ___________"?
How is mathematics an 'a priori synthetic judgement', instead of something that is analytical?
How love happens?
pros and cons of rational egoism ?
Do you know yourself?
Philosophy collingwood, principles of Art?
Which philosophers are very passionate writers?
What is the most existential, thrilling and common experience amongst all beings including gods and demons?
What are the main reasons why people choose to remain childfree ? Why ?
New Mythology to Explore the, Terminologies of Quran and Different Dimensions of Life?
Rene Descartes's evil demon can not prove that he himself is not controlled by an evil demon right?
voltaire famous philosopher?
Is love necessary to live?
Could this actually be the reason why?
Why do world leaders go to Bohemian Grove?
the psychological factor in behavour that explain personality differences?
How do you comfort those in time of need?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Do you agree?
If you could have your own dictatorship, what would some of your laws be?
What does this quote mean?
standing tonight, at the edge of the cliff,?
Instead of world peace, why don't we preach power?
Do mice respond to high poplulation density?
Why do humans ascribe 'purpose' to things that cannot have any inherent purpose?
If you had one wish, what would it be?
What is the hardest truth to accept in life?
What is more important, humans or laws?
Why do ppl have different colored eyes, its not lke skin color. Skin color is differ bcuz of weather, bt eyes?
who do you think will win?
Intro to logic! Philosophy.?
how does one get organised in life?
What do you think is the ultimate source of connection to people or something?
Was Nietzsche really an existentialist?
Moral Dilemma...........?
What do you think is the meaning of life?
What is your life time motto, and why.?
How does an organization ensure that the key factors for success are being followed ?
1. Tanner tended to be pusillanimous when it came to singing, but his younger sister had no problem performin?
if u cud own one thing....?
what should i do if there's nothing left to do with my life?
What is the significance of measurability for society?
Does your mischief take you down paths of actual reality?
Philosophy : Which is best?
Would you rather be Mortal or Immortal and also Explain if possible.?
what is the the relationship between ethics and religion and their influence on education and culture?
What is the greatest achievement of one's life??
What is the phrase that has to do with people giving advice based off no experience?
Is there such thing as this?????!!!!?
What makes "your" world go round?
is it wise for us to take the world for granted.?
If your automated test tools are telling you your safety-critical system is not of merchantable quality, would
Is your whole thought process based on mottos?
How do you think the universe came into existence? Do you have any theories of your own?
if there is an option of knowing what age one will die,would you like to know?
Descartes Meditations 7?
What is the philosophy?
A question about my race?
Where have all the philosophers gone?
Why do i feel like my life is being manipulated by an evil entity?
What has been the hardest part of/thing to do in your life?
How to deaft genral bufba freedom fighters?
Don't you think that sometimes it feels good to feel sad?
10000s of Religions!! 10000s of Gods!! Any God beyond man-made religions ?
Philosophy: how to sound philosophical and how to hold intelligent talks?
Does God Create "plastic" (ingenuine) people? or do they do it to themselves?
the birth of SOCRATE?
What is the use of life?
philosophy: how to understand these questions form The Republic?
What reason does Descartes give for doubting natural sciences?
What is our aim in life?! Can anyone sum it up briefly?!?
where are the Quranists?
What is the purpose of creation?
Happy aniversary mail!?
Just because almost everyone believes personal transformation will change the world does that mean IT WILL?
Definition of existential authenticity?
When you pass people in the street where do you look?
could it be embarrassing to be working hard on a busy day?
if you don't TRUST HUMANITY, can you ever TRUST GOD?
Is John Rawls Difference Principle can justify affirmative action? ?
Does above imply directly overhead?
What is life's, biggest mystery, to you?
What is a god question to ask to smokers?
What would the world be without....?
How can the rain forest be managed more sustainably?
Please read; then comment or tell me who made this argument already long time ago.?
Why is it considered bad to not aspire for much in life?
Is God a woman?
What do you think of my painting Life Giving Mirror?
At what birthday did you feel 'old'?
What the hell is wrong with being idealistic or having ideals?
Philosophy Confusion?
why is my life so boring?
is there anywhere in the world that a is LEGAL???
Are People Only as Good as The World Allows them to Be?
philosophy: according to you, what is the purpose of humans?
Is it a sign of weakness to display too much emotion? Would it be better if humans never felt emotion?
If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you lose and why?
I am made of organs witch are made of tissue , wicth are made of cells, witch are made of cells witch are made?
What's the difference between a duck? And ... what's rounder: an orange?
Is the metaphor "Bigger is Better" a conceptual metaphor?
How would u like to be remembered in the history of the human race? Or would u rather be forgotten?
do we wear big beaded necklaces because we feel sympathy for africa?
What is the only thing which will comes along with us until our last breath?
What is seventh sense according to you?
people out their thatbelieve bendig your elements is not real you are wrong b cuz i just bended fire and water?
I have an envelope in front of me and inside is a piece of paper....?
if all the colors we see is only a reflection of different light wages..?
Google, anyone?
Dont really know what will happen?
What is the FIRST SIGN of LOVE......?
Why are European names that are popular among blacks considered "ghetto"?
What makes your life special?
Why do I feel like nothing at all...?
if nothing sticks to teflon then how does teflon stick to metal?
Who is Descartes?
What do you think is the "most" sure way to prevent ever inflicting emotional pain?
is it good to tell the truth when ones life is in danger ?
BA major in Philosophy?
If you HAD to choose to kill someone....?
Is it good to question? Or are somethings too dangerous to question?
What are your thoughts?
If God is "perfect", then why aren't humans?
where we can find the true happiness in this life ?
philosophy Kant and mills?
Why or why not should we study philosophy? Also do you have a favorite philosopher?
What brings out the BEST in PEOPLE?
How was life ever possible for you before brian boitano?
After i die will i ever be able to feel myself physically again?
Does God really exists?
What Is The Weight Of My Soul?
When we die we _______________________???
In hindu religion there is a belief god is omnipotent, like perumal murga etc., if so why people dont know abo
Social Darwinism help me please?
What clues have been found in da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper?
If you were given $3000.00 to help change the life of a homeless person . . . how would you spend it?
how accurate is blood type personality trait to you ?
Is this a rhetorical question ?
just think .. who's me ? whats mine ?
if there is no LIFE after DEATH, would one LIFETIME be ENOUGH for you?
What is your personal definition of 'success'?
· If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Mansa Musa, one of the wealthiest rulers the world has known:?
When you look in the mirror, who would you lke to see starring back?
compare kierkegaard and freud on the purpose and future of religion?
how can i become rich?
What would you do if today is your last day and you have only one hour to live ?
How is this categorical proposition translated into this standard form?
what are some life changing books?
what is life course theory?
What are the positions of the two brands of Incompatibilists?
Prisoners dilemma?
HO< what is life.....@& ow, wow, WHAT going on (today is a checker board?)?
Will Sainsburys ask for ID when buying assassins creed 3 (Which is 18R) from the Self-Checkout?
What is the meanning of life?
Assess the extent to which the target and goal of vision 2030 on education and training have been attained to?
Whats the difference between a Vision and a Mission Statement?
dying young or dying old?
What is your number 1 rule in life of do's and dont's?
Serious answers only please...?
why do you we have to learn things that we might not even use in our career?
What is your strongest belief?
How do i feel what others feels?
Suggested readings after viewing the movie 'Waking Life'?
Why didn't God put the "bad people" on a different planet?
why dose no one care about the world in which we live in?
Is ! Answers revolutionizing the world?
What on Earth am I here for?
what are the characteristics of Sophocles' worldview?
Is it morally incorrect to make a decision based on the effects it will have on other's opinion of you?
u get to know ur gonna die.....who would u wanna tok 2 seconds before ur death?
Should we continue to waste money researching cancer?????
What does FREEDOM exactly mean, are you truly free?
Have you known some people who can never be happy?
What would you consider an Insult to your Intelligence?
Who loves this thing? I do... I could ask questions all day!!?
What mindless activity do you do that gives you a moment of zen?
What is the most important factor that determines your success in life?
How to be content with yourself while your alone/lonely ?
How honest are you in this situation?
OK!!!!!... will happiness fade beyond life when secrets are unveiled?
is it moral to single out some children to bully?
what is the multiple intelligence theory definition?
What is the answer to the "To be, or not to be" speech?
Have you ever been to the Rising Sun down in New Orleans?
Do you believe in God?
what is beauty to you?
What keeps you awake at night?
shadows or reflections?
Question about my Philosophy class?
Why is it important to understand the world around us?
bored of life, due to big changes, what i do?
Optimism and Pessimism; Is it a choice??
how's life going right now?
What is the most important thing in life?
If the physical world is an illusion, then what decides that it should look the way it does?
I want to study philosophy?
How do you handle betrayal? If what was done to you was really horrible, are you willing to forgive?
What is a good humanities topic?
Is God Real?
In Albert Camus's "The Stanger" can i get a description of Meursaut's inauthencity,authencity and angst?
what does absolute of the anterior mean?
Why did the Hellenistic Philosophers reject Plato and Aristotle?
Considering the cave Analogy is idea of the good Socrates' God?
What will save the humanity?
Do you ever feel even though you have a good job and people who love you there must be more to life than this?
in your own point of view, what is literacy?
what is self-righteous indignation? Can you illustrate with an example?
Does the future really exist in any place other than our minds?
Do you believe in God?Do miracels happens?
If you could awaken one aspect of your personality that you had as a child and feel you have lost since then?
How come I can talk to myself as if I were talking to someone else?
What does philosopher Lorraine Code think the paradigm is for positivist-empiricist epistemologies?
What purpose does the human experience serve, what's next, and why ?
please give your opinion on Decision Making ?
dear friends, i dont have true friends,what should i do?
Do we choose to be offended?
What is an autobiographical incident?
Wireless energy, what are some ways and techniques of long range wireless transfer of energy?
What will you do??
Why do bad things happen to good people, and vice versa?
Philosophy Help - Thinking mind?
What is the logic of the cosmological argument? Is this argument convincing, or is there s problem with the?
Hatsheput, for the journey to punt?
It is better to forgive or tu punish?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the pulley by George Herbert about?
Why did God create Charles Darwin?
What is the meaning of "shelter of humor"?
Should we be happy about the advance in medical researches...?
Is getting your own place as fun as I think it could be?
Is LOLipsism a coherent philosophical stance?
It is said that 'Practise makes a man perfect', AND 'No one is perfect',then why practise?
Objective truth vs opinions?
beyond the physical<the metaphysical. the bridge between the 2 worlds.not so much a question.instead i's2cTHIS?
What is the difference between knowing and understanding?
if God is almighty, is he a woman and a black man and lesbian and gay and straight altogether???
In 'Mr Vertigo' Master Yehudi carries a volume of Spinoza - which one?
Where is the glory in winning if you had to cheat to do so?
What is Bibo? How would you describe it?
Has anyone here read Diamond Sutra and Heart Sutra ?
Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? How can we know what 'beautiful' is?
God Question ppl?
how blind people see a shadow?
Should I just kill myself already? UREGENT?
Is the world gonna end 2012?! people keep scaring me!?
Do we walk paths? or do we Make paths as we walk?
What does the CHILD within you LONGS FOR?
Is karma the same as freedom?
Is logical thinking negatively correlated with the "big gender" in life?
what on earth is difficult on earth?
Can Celibacy be hereditary?
Whats the point of life?
a very good quote, what do you think?
Humans, bitter, fake, self centered, heartless??
what is the meaning of wife?
What is a good life, and how does one live it?
roark and dominques relationship in the fountain head by ayn rand?
Any thoughts or insights on 9/11?
Does it ever get easier? Life? My marriage?bills?
What did you decide to do on your own today?
do you think at times not caring about anything is a good thing?
what is rene descartes' method of doubt?
What defines a successful life?
What is the difference between Existentia, Existence and Essentia in Heidegger's Being and TIme?
How to think Positive??
Ethics and Cultural Relativism?
What is the mark of a true hero?
Can this really happen?
how did the book iqbal influence our life?
what is the best short motivation video ever?
Is it possible for a scientist to have a religion such as Christian, Protestant, etc?
Would you risk your life to save someone else?
multiple personalities?
will everyone who is not a christian go to HELL when they die?
What was Emmanuel Kant's contribution to economics?
what is the best wish for people?
Why don't we all just join forces and start a massive revolution?
distinguish between common and technical sense of philosophy?
in LIFE, what is the HARDEST thing to Learn?
"ignorance is bliss"?
If you could have anything in the world, what would it be ?
Promotion (advertising,boosting)... and psychology is = promo-psychology?
How does this poem make you feel? Be specific...?
What is VINCIBLE & INVINCIBLE Ignorance ...... ?
interpretation of"One world is aware and by far the largest to me, and that is myself, And whether I come to m?
What does hegel mean by civil society?
If Taoist opposites take you off a lifetime quest from Earth revulsion, do Earth lives spiral you back on path?
there is a puzzle about about 4 people at bus stop a friend lady and your possble best futurer lover ?
Would you like to know your date of death ?
I have many confusions and i know you will be happy to solve one of those?
Have u ever forgotten where yr house is?
I dream of wayward gulls and all landless lovers, rare moments of winter sun, peace, privacy, for everyone?
Evil or Nice?
Why do people say, "You're young, so go out and have fun"?
Is Mill's free-market place of ideas the same thing as his freedom of conscience?
what is your way of dealing with TOUGH TIMES in life ?
What point of view is used in “Was It a Dream?” How does this point of view affect your experience as a reader?
How old did Aristotle believe the universe to be?
What is the defination of objective theory?
if it's possible to send a PACKAGE to someone in the PAST or FUTURE, to whom would you send it?
What good books out there for eastern philosophy?
What is the thing in which you go back in time and you kill your grandfather and so you can't be born?
Where do I end, and the universe begins?
Why aren't computers absolutely necessary in the modern world?
What if the universe is just an atom in the tip of someone's fingernail?
why does the 'saviour' of the world always have to be male?
Argument from Consciousness?
what should we call a person who always talks about god?
what time is it?
What is your thought processor made of?...?
How important is MONEY to you?
Do you think it is sad that when we die we lose all of the education we worked so hard to acheive?
What is Nietzsche's opinion on murder?
Do you think computers can ruin your life?
without words show me how you feel?
Do we know the meaning of love, if yes what is it?
i am new to this world and i have no knowledge of anything except my own needs?
Who is the most disturbing individual ever?
What are some of Deleuze and Guattari's critiques of psychoanalysis and Freud's ideas in Anti-Oedipus?
Who (or what) do you defend every waking moment of your life?
Is it not better to be boring anyway?
what is the opposite of life?
Are you for or against the creation of a one government world?
How come that no matter how a loved one... that special one... had hurt you?
If ignorance is bliss, then who's to decide what we should be blissfully ignorant of?
Look at all these things we own: do they make us happy?
what is your deepest fear?
what is the one thing you've learned from life?
What is your definition of Beauty?
Why aren't people able to distinguish your from you're?
Plato's Euthyphro dialogue?
the reflection of the song Heal the World?
when you lose everything that made you who you are?
Why is empiricism considered an epistemology and not a metaphysics?
Do you think plato values sense experience?
what is the main theme of familiaris consortio?
Spinoza on human agency... any thoughts?
What does it feel like to kill somebody?
How did Americans all learn to talk and act very similarly?
Where can I get some online versions of writings by Kierkegaard?
do you think the eyes really are the windows to the soul?
Imagination or knowledge?
what is the hard thing in life ?
why is life so difficult?
If a criminal says "I was born naked like you.", what should one reply for this?
How relevant is the freedom of expression today with moral brigades on the prowl?
Philosophy help please?
What are the little things that bring you pleasure each day?
what is the reson of pain in life?
why people work?
What is one word you think the world should embrace?
How would you define/explain--- SIN ?
existentialism? "for-others"?
if things are already chosen for us in life....?
What should i do to make my life better ?
What do you think of this quote? "Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen"?
Peoples vibrations, charkras??????????
what is the best thing in your life??
What is the meaning of life?
What is my heritage?
what is the dating of vedas?
what is the most important thing to you?
Are you happy. peaceful and free?
What is your gift?
What do the next hundred years have in store for us?
Do you think people who are born blind, can see they're dreams?
How is L'Etranger an existentialist novel?
Why one should believe in God?
How to characterize the causal role of perception?
Philosophy paper outline help (my first phil paper)?
"In order for density to exist, there has to be some kind of sparsity to some limited extent"?
What does it feel like to be happy?
How do you know that your thinking way too much?
What do you do when life is difficult?
What is the difference between existentialism and absurdism?
what is the best day of the week?
Adam and Eve, perhaps not the first?
what is the best assessment in the world?
If 1 is Evil, 10 is God, where are you on a scale of 1 to 10?
What does it mean to be "free-spirited" mean?
What is humans' highest calling?
Is it possible to believe in God without the doctrine of any religious faith?
Would you like 3 wishes from Alladin's lamp?
Will the world end in 2012 im freaking out can some one please tell me the right answer!?
Where did i read this and what does it mean?
what's the matter with your world and what are you gonna do about it?
Do you think God put us in this body, to lead this life, to do these things, for a reason?
Do you agree with Wilkins that the following is sufficient for a group to be justified in exercising...?
What do you think about the relationship between love and moral?
What is the meaning of life?
cultural relativism point of views?
What makes a person wise?
How to bridge the gap between thoughts and language in order to aid one's clarity of expression?
What makes you impatient?
"Apology "by Socrates ?Philosophy QUESTION?HELP NEEDED?
Philosophy of Ethics Question?
If you could fix one thing in the world to make it a better place what would this be?
Fight for Right till death *HONESTLY* with self first, an easy job?
how can one reach happiness?
Why does it seem like every time a civil rights movement occurs?
What do you think about virtue ethics?
Is our destiny in our hands? The human race I mean.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of this theory?
How to be mentally tough?
What is deductive reasoning?
Please give an opinion on this idea.?
What does it mean to have subjective values? and how can i defend that in an essay?
Do you like my new quote? This is my new motto for life, I made it up today. I had and Epiphany?
In your opinion, what's the best age to be?
Is the dual a unity or dualistic?
What happened to BuiIding 7...?
Speech on life isnt easy part 2?
Should human rights be taken away from someone if they are diagnosed with schizophrenia?
What was a daily life for a peasantwoman like?
If animals could talk and speak to you in your own language would you still eat them?
how much boontz would a boontz koontz boontz if a boontz koontz could koontz boontz?
Finding a purpose in life after losing a loved one ?
If you could rid the world of one thing...?
Please Explain How is Success Easier Than Failure?
do you think it's better to leave without saying goodbye?
What is the meaning of life? Be specific.?
What is not precious to you?
Explain Descarte's Version of the Ontological Argument?
Does love can disappear between a couple??
Education ...knowledge....wisdom?
Which statement reflects an argument of Enlightenment philosophers against the belief in the divine right of ?
Why do we loose energy with some people and gain with others?
if we know what the meaning of life is what is the meaning of death?
Why can't people take what they dish out?
Do men really KNOW what love is?
Would you agree money and religion are the two key components for war and hatred in this world?
Who do you think is smarter than you?
What is the matrix?
According to Plato, what does it mean "to be"... and why?
What was realism in the Victoraian age?
does everyone have a destiny that they cant change?
What is the thing which disappears when you call its name?
How often does this happen?
Where Do We Come From?
what's meaning of life?
can anybody help explain the main differences between Plato's and Aristotle's theory of the soul?
Does the society need more physicists or biologists?
What murdered your inner child?
what was the first thing adam and eve did after they were thrown on erth??
How much do you think human life is worth?
the tension between rationalist and existentialists? what are the signs of this division in current affair?
"Fate is whimsical"?
Why is my sister ostentatious about her Christianity but kind of puts me down?
If you were lost out in the midst of nowhere for miles without a vehicle, what's the first thing you'd do?
Motivational quote of the week?
Which WOMAN philosopher stands out to you?
what is biggest thing in the world?
who r u? soul or a body?
What is one of the most important lessons you have learned in life?
Is there any hope for this world?
Philosophy question. Please help?
Can you send me a address to YAHOO Management?
What food treat have you rewarded yourself today?
What would be your wish?
What are 2 examples of how filipinos express faith?
Why is it that you should strive for a Optimistic view compared to a Pessimistic view?
Is religion mankind's way of seeking self assurance?
10 things you would bring to live your life on an island with no other humans?
How can the hedonic calculus be applied to torture?
If there is no objective point to life, why do people take it so serious?
Are you happy at the moment ? Why ?
what brings about the fulfillment in life?
Is any act permissible if it is carried out in private?
agree or disagree ...:)?
If at first you don't succeed, _______?
In 1 word could you say how you feel about yourself today?
Agree or disagree...?
anyone have any favorite quotes they would like to share?
A question?
How can you define beauty?
Is this morally acceptable or not?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
What is the biggest asset of your life?
Are you the master of your own mind?
What to do with life?
is LIFE the GIFT or the GIVER?
what is your philosophy in and about life ?
What can I do to be happy?
Why do they put braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM.?
Are you the same person you were as a kid, say 12-14 years old?
Hi All;) Is it possible for a person who's nothing but a figment of your imagination, to be smarter than you?
Is going on?
Who wins in today's world:beauty or brain?
Are the science and the moral joint together?
Why is leisure bad for people?
Who is absent in John Locke’s political theory? What are the consequences of that absence? ?
Describe historical development of Continental philosophy's existentialism...?
What's wrong in propagating hatred?
What would Justin Stuart Mill say about a you think?
Does it matter what other people think of us?
Do We Really Have Free Will?
There are many ways to sound "Laugh"?
What Is Da Point Of Life If We Gonna Die Anyway?
In your opinion, what's the best recipe to maintain peace and harmony in a family?
What is the Toilet Philosophy?
do you ever feel change coming?
What is love?
where does ultimate happiness lie???
Is Social Contract Theory relevant in the 21st century?
Are you a hollow man?
Which is easier : changing yourself or waiting for others to change themselves?
what is life?
what is an example of sympathetic magic in modern life?
Why do the smartest, deepest people tend to be so unhappy/ "crazy"?
What's the cardinality of the number of assumptions?
According to you what is the worlds most beautiful creation and why?
Isnt Money everything!!?!?
What differences are there between rationalists and empiricists?
which person is perfect?
What is your main goal for life?
I always wonder what's it like to be dead?
How often are you wrong?
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Should people be allowed to sue a tobacco company for getting cancer from smoking based on Immanuel Kant?
what maybe the effects of music listening to the school grade of a student?
QUICK!! HELP!! Marcus Aurelius Traits and good points!?
What is one of your favorite quotes about life?
what is actually life?
CN anyone give me an overview of Marxism?
Vikings vs. Amazons?
who are the best in psychodynamic theory?
money is a motivating factor for all human achievements?
How to find out what is my calling in life?
i wanna ask a question on porn?
Who is a real hero?
If you stood for a week up to your ankles in wet manure, what would it prove...???
which one Plato vs Locke?
What do you want to say to the world?
Are you positive or counter negative?
Can you debunk this argument against free will?
Are existentialists sinners?
As christians, we are called to forgive everyone. But God forgives you only if you ask?
Reflect on Speaking tree?
How is Descarte's Doubting Methodology compatible with his ontological argument for the existence of God?
What is the definition of happiness?
Were Collins subsystems rebuilt and tested in-house to OEM specifications ?
How is America the 'land of the free' when we're anything but?
i want to take over the world! where should i start!?