What is the meaning of life?
Why do people need to work? Why cant life be free to enjoy?
If you were to meet your soul mate or a kindred spirit that has an affinity for you?..?
What would life be like without hope?
predicate logic practice?
If a supplement existed to increase longevity of life for the wealthy, and you were offered, would you take it?
Whats something you can feel but not see?
why do we seek answers to questions we so know the answers to?
Here are the Rules for "Most+Intricate+Best+Game+Ever" How well can you play?
Does the BIRD know how HIGH it can FLY.... Does the FISH know how DEEP it can SWIM?
How did Francis Bacon influence the modern society?
Please leave comments. To abandon such beliefs completely, THE HUMAN RACE WOULD DIE From the Book White Noise.
describe "life" in one word?
Modification to the question about how philosopher came with the answer of only one god?
Wuts the purpose of life?
why is man so tribal..religion politics, race, family, soccer team,?
Custom Pendant/Baron Samedi?
What makes a great philosopher, great?
Why does life seem so difficult sometimes? Or is it all perspective?
How will you know if you're befriending a serial killer or other evil person in here?
Do you believe in the concept of a 'soul mate'?
what is the true meaning of life?
What makes you the happiest?
What is the nature of happiness?
According to George Berkeley, how many existences do our experiences reveal?
here is a question to think about...?
What do you regret the most in your life?
why does a guy/girl thinks that it is acceptable to physically abuse the ones they say they love?
I'm standing outside a gate, the keeper asks, "Why do you not enter?" I do not see myself outside, why enter?
Have you ever had a dream that you wouldn't wake up from until you reached...?
if u were god would u forgive the devil?
do you know anything?
Does fashion/trend dictate rhythm or does rhythym dictate fashion/trend?
I'm assuming I'm wrong, so how come these three Augustine quotes aren't contradictory (like they seem)?
If a man is in the forest and says something and a woman wasn't there to hear him? Is he still wrong?
Everybody is not good.Everybody is not bad.?
A good way to separate Politics and Personal Gain?
High School ?!??!?!?!?
what is the meaning of life?
Which belief is more effective, Random or Permanent?
What are the reasons people choose to remain childfree ? Why ?
can adopting the aesthetic attitude keep humanity from destroying nature?
Jean Paul Sartre belief in God?
what is the meaning of life?
How to remain cool and calm when lots of things to be done in limited time?
Prove God exists and I'll give you 10 points!!??
What do you do if your family has a negative effect on your life?
What does every body think of my poem.?
Are most things accomplished Consciously or Unconsciously?
Do you think a human life is worth more than the life of an animal?
Can anyone prove God's existence?
Do you believe in a God?
Why is the donation of 1 living person's organs to save 5 commonplace or acceptable?
How did Locke and Montesquieu differ?
Do you believe that the mind is a physical thing or immaterial?
what is the a series and b series theory of time?
How do you get rid of the ego?
Who among you has heard of or read the Philosopher RODAN OF ALEXANDRIA?
What's the best come-back when someone says "You're just unlucky!"?
a priori and a posteriori?
Do you agree A GREAT LOVE is RARE in one lifetime ???
Philosophy ..... PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
How can I be more self confident?
what does Descartes mean....?
How does an individual attempt to reconcile the desire to act independently with the need for security?
why do you ignore zeus?
when in last every one has to dieand go empty handed, why we work so hard during our life time?
What is an analytic definition? ?
What is your deepest personal value?
Aquinas and the big bang?
Is it possible to gain without loss?
what do u mean by knowldge leaders?
Why are we all so scared of getting hurt?
What does faith means to you?
Evaulating Human Conduct; what's its importance to ethics?
What is the worst catastrophie that you could imagine befalling on you, God forbid?
Which is better: Religion or herpes?
What is an example of Philosophy of diversity?
Why does the last paper of any book takes longer time to be read?
If practice mkaes perfect and nothings perfect then why practice?
Your thoughts on this statement about conciousness?
AGREE OR DISAGREE situation questions?
Have you ever been stuck?
why men go to war?
what does this mean?????????
How do regulative ideas help to classify Kant as an empiricist?
How do I start my life? Live on my own?
At what point in life will i truly be happy?
Did Nietzsche think there was an inherent 'necessity' in nature?
Is smaller and weaker more loved then bigger and stronger?
what would you have if you could have anything?
How does the seeker seek itself?
does anyone know the answer to this?
How does a person's response to a question determin their value system?
Why is it that so many people blindly believe what they are told without ever questioning the accuracy of the?
If you could have the world to yourself and a few select others, like in the movie The Stand?
Did heartoffire have a great viewpoint?
to get success which matters more , hardwork or luck.?
Could Collins computerization have been done better ?
Help, trying to find Hubris, Arete or Citizenship in The Allegory of the Cave?
Need opinion black soul or world coming down?
If a man says something in the forest and no one is around to hear it; is he still wrong?
if you dont believe that poison can kill you, will you die from eating it?
what is the height of innocenece?
Do you ever have a dream or even a vague recollection of your birth?
Do you think life would be any different if we were all crustaceans?
Books on Just world phenomenon?
Why don't they teach meditation in philosophy classes?
Who are you?
What does "idealistic tendency" mean?
What is the purpose of having life on earth?
How does one filter knowledge?
which is more foolish, philosophy or fossils?
Is it possible that by the year 3000 it is likely that robots will do all the working and it'll be great?
I have no girl friend eveer in my life if someone want to be just answer with your e-mail add?
Go back in time and change your life in various ways? Would u like to do that?
12-21-2012. End of the world?
Help on concentrations improvement..?
i am the most beautifulgirl in the beloved sats .is he right?
Please HELP! Should I run away?
I seek adventure but where to find it?
Is this true?
· If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
what makes you happy?
can any one at all define true love?
Why do we often realise things too late?
are friends a downfall or helpful?
The Meno, knowledge vs. true belief/right opinion?
Opinions on my essay?
If you had to kill one of your children or they all died, what would you do and which would you choose?
how can we live in a world where these things happen simultaneously?
What is your own developed concept of self?
At what time in life do we come up with the most profound realizations?
What really is the question?
How can Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics apply to today's ethical questions?
What does "no good deed goes unpunished" mean?
What is: Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, Morieris ?
What does it mean to be a "good person"?
Is your life out of order, under construction or beyond repair?
how does dogen zenji in shobogenzo answer the question what is education?
What dose it mean when your a.r has green and red lines in when you type in a code?
what is an example of "true evil", that isn't actually "indifference" by another name?
What is the purpose of having friends if you can't rely on them?
What you will do if someone...?
Why is it that LOVE is associated more with the HEART than with the MIND?
Do you believe in the concept of 'luck' ?
If a girl is goodlooking, emotional, honest & humble, how the world will treat her ?
Communication word definition please help?
Does Descartes make a differentiation between mind and soul in "Meditations on First Philosophy?"?
I need help finding a certain Friedrich Nietzche quote.?
In Mythology there is a snake that eats itself continuously. What is its name?
Are you comfortable speaking your mind openly?
Is there a point in falling in love?
What if you mowed your lawn and found a car, would you just be a Red Neck ??
What is the point of life? If you just die anyway and loose everything you worked for?
How do you feel about nature and human life?
How can i complete the wall?
What is ?
What was Socrates' third hidden accusation?
In your opinion, what what is fate and does it exist?
how wud u define infinity??
If you were given just one lifetime opportunity to get back the time that passed by, would you take it?
If God exists why would he have to explain himself to us and do what we want?
What would be ONE WORD that describes human beings in your opinion?
will 2012 be the end of the world?
do you agree with socrates that people who do evil deeds are ignorant of the "badness" of tha act they do?why?
Descartes vs Hume philosophy paper?
What is a humans self defence?
Does the world exist purely for my entertainment?
If we all die suddenly??
What is the cure for a disease called "jealous"?
i am so confused right now?
LOL, how many lies do you believe in?
Gotta make some money?
If the distinction betw analytic & synthetic stmts was destroyed by Quine's essay "Two Dogmas of Empiricism"
what is the most important thing in the world?
Where do you think the future is headed?
Although Mary Daly has criticized traditional religion, she has NOT made the following claim:?
where do birds die if they don`t fall from the sky?
What is the biggest satisfaction in life?
How stupidly or indecisively can you answer a question?
Do you belive in spells?
Ishmael; If you were a politician?
What should you do when you fell your friend don't help you as they should?
Do you think popularity has any benefits/disadvantages?
To what extent is our selfhood constituted understood through language our narrative?
Would your life be better or worse if you knew the day..time..and place that you were going to die?
What is more terrifying?
Who is superior: Mother or God?
where can i get a good copy of DESIDERATA ?
Does a baby know that he exists?
Does silence hurts more than words .........................?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
Why do I feel like I'm always losing in life.even when I'm winning ?
Why is you should feel happy, but you aren't?
Their Eyes Were Watching God?
If GOD and EVILS forces controls human beings thoughts and action, then Y to blame us.?
Do we consider accidents and misfortunes part of our destiny?
would you rather have nightmares about llamas or koalas? why?
Do you think the world will end in 2012?
What is the% of goal achievers?
Sorry about this, but still vexed. What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?
What comes after cultural materialism?
what is the meaning of life? jejejejeje?
What is the difference betwenn a perfectionist and a critical rationalist?
A question about moral nihilism?
im ugly, dumb, boring and a loser loner. do they have datign sites for ppl like me?
What are similarities in the ideas of Plato and socrates?
The nature of man question ?
Would you rather be persecuted or ignored?
I have a question....?
What is your favourite time of the day? and why?
Which came first, the chicken soup or the kneidl?
How would you feel if your husband decided to leave you to go on a trip with his friends?
How "free" do you think your will is?
Can anyone truly be Guilty and as a result is Justice an Ideal.?
Philosophy Section; Does F.E.A.R eventually turn into H.A.T.E.?
If you could solve all the problems of the world with just one word what word is that?
How would you describe yourself?
What is the average life time of car?
if you were GOD for 1 day.. What would you do ?
how can man be considered to be the primal kind, when man kills other spicies and eats them?
Epicurus: What about the Gods is not true?
your opinion on an argument?
Do you believe that failure is never fatal and success is never final and that it's the courage that counts???
Good analogy of this quote?
could we live in moneyless socity?
if God created us..Who created God?
Whats the most important thing in your life?
Whats the meaning to life?
If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?
What do you think is the biggest problem with the world today?
Who is monitoring the shift in human consciousness and how?
Could caramel cheesecake be used as a means to an end, and not a "why"?
If birth is the opposite to death . . .?
What is the HARDEST question to answer in this life? That we can NEVER answer it till the end of our time?
pro life people, with out using the phrase: its murder, explain why you are against abortion?
How can I apply Immanual Kant's categorical imperative to a current issue?
humanity is tearing me apart?
Anyone who knows about the philosopher Nietzshe, How does the "will to power" manifest itself?
What would you say is your true feram and would you even try living it?
i broke a mirror how do you stop the seven year curse?
Why do people believe in God?
In what ways does the critical edge of epistemology influence society?
What do you think? Is it 'Fate' per say?
Got in a fight with the bartender tonight over his tip...Did I do wrong?
To you I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition.?
When will eugenics cure the world of sickness?
can someone doubt in subjectivism?
starships were meant to fly..but people will destory you before you touch the sky.?
Do you think we're in the end times?
If hedonism is defined as living through pleasure but a pleasure which must be hidden...?
What is a person's destruction?
Why does it take so long to get hired for the TSA Security TSO Officer?
Who is your favourite philosopher?
what is the influence of......?
Why is Christianity a profound philosophy of pessimism?
Why are the rainfall & the snowfall usually depicted as the theme of an everlasting sad romance?
You did something wrong ......?
Are you taking up my umbra?
Why ppl dont think practically & logically, & ignore it frm being the best way of dealing wid things?
Do you think the world would be a better place if humans were born without egos?
Is it inevitable that we are all going to die?
Question about Judas Iskariot....?
did you know that there is twice as many eyebrows as there are people on this planet?
what is depth perception?
Why Did God Create Existence?
How God looks like?
how does objectivism relate to subjectivms?
True or false? Noe believes that we do not know how to produce conscious experience by directly stimulating...?
is it true that beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder? how is it possible?
How do you understand GOD?
Do you agree that we have a moral obligation to try to be happy?
Do you fear death?
How would you explain the Gestalt principle of "Emergence"?
Why does a man need more than one woman ?
this question has been bugging me lately and i need the truth, is 2012 the end or what?
Is medicine right or corrupt?
why are we cruellest to the people we love most?
Describe Rene Descartes' philosophical project in his Meditations on First Philosophy.?
The negative I struggle to prove is the non-existence of god(s). Has anyone a simple way of proving this?
Do you believe in Truth? Do you BELIEVE, or do you KNOW?
Does this statement make sense? (philosophy)?
what is you want to do in life?
Is TIME our enemy or our friend? Or something else?
Please, please help with Frege and a sentence meaningfulness?
if you could have one moment with God what would you say?
Whistle Register question?
what came first, the chicken or the egg?
How like philosophy........?
What gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day?
Would Plato allow this to be played in the Republic?
each of the five different ways that Aquinas argues that God does exist.?
If you knew that you'll die in 7 days, what would you do?
Why do i feel pushed to be someone im not. ithappens every time im on vacation?
What Confucian value is this?
How can strategies for critical viewing limit this influence?
Help with Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics.?
A tough dilemma about your sibling?
If time is relative,isn't EVERYTHING relative to your on perspective,or interpretation?
what percentage of united states population lives in urban areas?
where i can buy clone?
What superhuman powers would you like to have?
How does logic and reason relate to relationships, religion, and ourselves?
If you have one day left to live what would you do to spend it?
What are Hume's 3 arguments against Descartes Achimedean Point?
all reasoning is said to be thinking but not all thinking is reasoning.explain further?
I believe we should be able to decide wether we live or die. what do you all think?
Is our imagination limited by what we have already experienced?
By the way, what keeps you honest ?
If you knew you only had 1 day to live what would you do????????
A word or name to call us Humans. (Not interested in negative connotations)?
Is truth absolute or relative?
How would an ethical relativist handle the issue of FGM?
What do you think is our biggest problem: Class, Race, Culture or Religion (Ideas)?
If someone wants to spend his time alone and far from society, does it make him either a beast or a God?
if there was a way to make ONE species of animal be able to speak and understand english, which do you choose?
What are Paulo Freire's views on the banking-concept of education?
Is Islam the beast?
Is Love a Weakness or Strength? ?
In propositional logic, how can an argument be formally valid but not truth functionally valid?
Do you think the world would be a better place if euthenasia were available to everyone?
can reason be used to prove and disprove the same thing?
What's the movie about existentialism called?
How do you feel when some calls you American Monkey?
how i'm i gonna be a great man without getting into school?
Explain the core ideas behind nihilism, and why it is positive or negative.?
what are aristotle's 3 keys to virtue?
Is this life worth living?
Is there such thing as physical paradox?
Is time relative or absolute?
what is your IQ?
How to be
Where can I find a basic explanation of Emmanuel Levinas' philosophy?
what is a good or bad person?
should we remove the word "God" from states and Federal documents?Why or Why not?
What's the happiest feeling in the world?
Evolution vs. Creation very EASY answer.?
I think, therefore I am ... I am, therefore I think ... what's the difference? Is it a cultural one?
Is it possible to hate yourself?
what are examples of noble exalted nature?
Do you believe the grass is greener on the other side?
Would firing a missile to test Collins software cost say one million dollars ? If the test doesn't work, do?
what is the most important thing in life?
Have you read Jean Paul Sartre?
__________ takes TIME?
Do students live in a Socialist universe in school, then face Capitalist world upon graduation?
Paraphrase something from Sophie's World please?
help with facts on utilitarianism?
What do you think abut for fallosantrik sistem ??
What do you feel is the primary cause of mysery in the world today?
I am searching for truth. Where can I find it?
Is it Ok to learn Vishnu Sahasranamam by myself or should I learn it from a guru?
Do you believe in karma and if so have you experienced it?
kindly describe "beauty" in only one word...!!!?
Why do adults always talk about "The Real World" are we living in a different universe?
Is Religion or Science more important?
Is life better than death?
what question might aristotle and Aquinas ask about Nietzsche's morality and slave morality in reuards to wome?
Where is the center of the universe?
What are the little things that bring you pleasure each day?
what do you think about the dictum "I think therefore i am"?
What comes to your mind when i say....?
if u cud own one thing....?
what is the aim of living life?
Which quality do you look for in a friend ?
Who are the epistemic authority, what is the epistemological problem, according to these PHILOSOPHERS? help!!!?
How does Hume defend his claim that all metaphysical beliefs should be "committed to the flames"."?
I am waiting till the day conservatism dies, can anyone tell me when?
What is something you desire ?
Do you ever wish that you have a different life than the life you have NOW?
What's the meaning of life?
Yes... which one is better?
Are you strong enough to with stand sad and beautifully tragic love songs?
Who said "There are no selfless acts?"?
is LOVE a matter of DICISION? or an ILLUSION? or a true FEELING?
How does Jung’s recounting of his patient’s dream of the “scarab beetle” (in “On Synchronicity”) suggest a dif?
Why our spiritual leaders, of all religions and sects, are not helping in reducing curruption in India?
Thought for the Day?
Who is GOD?
What is a fictional concept in philosophy and what are some examples?
What is in the job description of a music therapist?
Other than the accepted understanding, what is blasphemy?
I need to know if this is correct. I had to put the correct fallacy to the statements.?
Why do racism still exists?
Why, according to Descartes, would denying God be a contradiction (essence vs existence)?
Where did the day go?
What's the point of life?
Research Paper on Self-cultivation in Confucianism?
If God really loves us so why do we suffer?(atheist or not your point of view counts for me)?
Is there a happier place on earth than Walt Disney World? Does anybody know a happier place?
is it better to be happy or aware?
have anyone read "Shakespeare in the bush"? what is it about?could anyone summarize it?
Is it better to sleep more hours or less hours?
What is the meaning of life?
What is love?
What are you proud of?
About Thoreau?
Why should i feel scared?
"I was not. I was. I am not. I do not care." MEANING?
Was it possible that Socrates didn't write any of his philosophy because he was unable to write?
Is it easier to be sad than it is to be happy?
Philosopher help!?
Someone PLS help me "What did Immanuel Kant think of Causation, how does it differ from Hume?
Can anyone give me a detailed answer on how we gain knowledge from John Locke's point of view?
Is revenge a hard road to travel?
why are people still looking for answers in places already found empty of them?
Do you believe that it takes a little intuition to truly understand anything?
Philosophy homework help, Kant?
what is the most beautiful thing that eyes can see ?
Is happiness a choice?
How can I make a better life for myself and my children?
What is the difference between an existential problem and a social problem in fiction and film?
What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?
what is the part that dreams play for enkidu?
What do you think about this viewpoint regarding free will and predetermination?
Do you think the rules or laws brought by society?
Why the "heavy metal types "of males you see working at autoparts stores think they are Bad?
What time is it?
If you had one breath of life left, what would you use it on?
What makes your blood boil?
Are all humans judgemental? Or is it just my **** family?
I had a dream last night about a friend?
what's up with deja vu?
is everything gonna be an illusion now?
philosophy help?? just a few questions about Descartes!?
Define : love is pain?
What is Hume's theory on moral philosophy?
Why the majority people of the World are suffering, while a few rich are enjoying life extravagantly?
What happens to the face of the other in the virtual?
We want everyone else to be perfect? Are we perfect? How much we put our efforts to make our life perfect?
what are the 5 most important things to learn in life?
what is the meaning of "life" for you?
can tell me what is meaning of O.K ?
have you ever made an fool of yourself?
What's the difference between Plato and Aristotle?
What's the meaning of life in afganistan when all i have are giant orgies without women and osama bein laden!!
Can you have an immune reaction to a person?
What is the point in life?
How do you endure through something you really hate ?
Do you have to be a man to be cocky or can women be cocky as well?
Tactics for going to sleep tomorrow?
What is Time?
What is your opinion in the 2012 END OF WORLD theory?
what is meant to happen on this day?
how can i know what i like?
If someone murdered your most loved one and was given the death penalty would you watch?
How much is a lot of money?
why do we believe IT will never happen to (ME) ?
If humans didn't exist?
What do you imagine yourself doing ten years from now?
Who wants to be frozen to then be unfrozen without dying, but it is year 3000?
what is success really means?
magick with out tears?
How can you relate abacus to real life?
is addiction really a problem............?
If you had an envelope with the date you was going to die. Would you open it?
If you were given a chance ... ??
Any real reasons why I'd want to not kill myself on December 31st, 2011?
what is the thought comes in GOD mind to make the life .what is ultimate aim of our life.?
Harry bosch's philosophy has always been everyone counts or nobody counts. it makes him good at his job but al?
Create a valid deductive argument if the conclusion is that you know how to think.?
Should Love always = happiness?
What is the most profound and mind boggling thing you know?
Who motivates you in your life?
What is the philosophy of Logic?
Do we "know" more than we can say? What do you think?
Law of attraction to meet someone again!!?
What is Nietzsche talking about in the 5 paragraph on the article morality as anti-nature?
How do you get through a sad day in your life?
What is Logical Positivism?
Please-help me, i can't stop questioning and answering in thiz room.?
why is it peopl have different levels of thinking?
What is the reason for the "Dark Goddess Kali, a vayrayogini, to display such a long mocking tongue? At what?
Do you think wishes come true?
how you ever had an assault from your girlfriends dad???
If someone makes a mistake, is it easier for you to hate them or help them?
how are we able to open and see the contents of a book that is being sold?
if you came to know that...........?
What was Platos view of the good life?
Whatever the demerits of a system, if people test the system informally, won't the test tools acquire?
Philosophy on 4 different states of mind?
When did you first feel like an adult?
Isn't there a way to be happy and successful without going to college?
Did man really create god?
what is more important to run a business,money or ethics?your opinion?
have you ever touched the sky?
Do you think knowledge is power?
What is awareness IF one fails to see the beauty that lies within the other being?
what s hermeticisim?
can anybody help explain the main differences between Plato's and Aristotle's theory of the soul?
Explain the meaning: "Grass will grow and nothing more."?
If u knew your life would end at midnight, what would u do in your remaining hours?
Is reality our dreams?
How would you feel if you knew you were to die forgotten and unloved?
Why so much diversity on Earth, is it not enough space in the Universe?
evil or wise what r u?
what is your thought on .....?
Does STEVE JOB ideas fueled the smart phone revolution?
my world problem....?
Have many people stopped watching local news and even national or world news since internet came out?
In philosophy what do the Latin words ens and res mean?
Where do do you want to go in life?
What exactly do you SEE when you look at an OLD SHOE?
Can you enjoy yourself without having fun?
Jean Jacques Rousseau?
Philosophically speaking: Which is the better pathway...?
This is an experriances sharin forum?
Thomas Aquinas: Faith and Reason?
can I fly?
In 1968 Qantas had its own ticketing system. It uses Amadeus now.Did it get value out of the system it used to
what is the "LOVE"?
Intelligence & Wisdom .... ?
What is one thing you love the most about life?
literary criticism deconstruction?
Could animals teach us how to be a human?
English to Latin Translation?
What is your opinion about Marketing?
Is this valuable of no?
What is your sociopolitical ideology?
Could you love a robot?
What are the main things/factors that would make you switch or leave your job right now?
What exactly is Metaphysics?
provide names and characters of renouned philosophers?
Who in your life loved you the most?
What's your view on on the claim that contemorary communitarianism makes on the enligntenment?
why do people belive in destiny?
When you accept the inevitable do you find peace?
Is this a question?
how does the tree in "A Separate Peace" has to do with temptation?
What are two definitions of piety that Euthyphro provides in "The Euthyphro" and Socrates' disputations?
is it true the worlds going to end in 2012?
what is the purpose of your life??
What's the one thing that you can't live without ?
What would a person who tries to benefit only others and hardly himself be called?
Which of Aristotle's works is this passage alluding to?
what do you think of Confucian philosophy? how good a philosophy is it?
What is doing shrooms like?
How did Rene Descartes come to the difficult conclusion that assessing truth/knowledge is not an easy task?
Are you expressing the change you wish to see in the world?
What philosophies are there? How many?
What was Plato's Influence on Ancient Greece?
Why do that movie "Heaven can wait" seem so real to me?
What is the difference between the methodology used in Human Sciences and Natural Sciences while experimenting?
What do you think it's like to see the world through the eyes of a baby?
Help me with philosophy pleaseee?
What is the most interesting thing in the sky?
Does everyone have an alter ego?
What is better for life, a high IQ or a good personality?
What do you think might be wrong with Plato's structuring of society?
Is it better to be a realist or an optimist?
Who is the world's biggest thief ?
what would you do if you were trapped in a white room with white walls and a white ceiling and no doors?
How can u be a good humanbeing?by being wht othrs want u to b or by just being urself &doing wht u believe in?
I need help witht his question about philosophy?
What 3 things would you NEVER give up?
Are all religion good?
Is sex evil?
how does mediocrity in gustave flaubert relate to marx, nietzsche or kierkegaard?
What does Marcus Aurelius think happiness is?
If you could have any one power in the world, what would it be?
why are we programmed to reproduce?
Do you believe in freewill or fatalism?
What is the lesson that Pain has taught u in this Life??
Guidance Counseling?
what are the implict premices in these?
What will your last thought be?
how do you know if you're crazy?
what are we living for?
What is your favorite quote?
Are you happy with the way your life's turned out?
WHat are your main aims in life?
Beetles Fans: John Lennon, encaptulate world peace from Savage computer hacking what a protest?
Which makes people act more foolishly - love or hate? Why?
Who wins in today's world:beauty or brain?
if we all have "shards of the one" in us can we individually achieve greatness alone?
name one thing you would love to be doing right now?
What is your life worth and would you?
i want toknow about theries of succeeded people.?
'Marriage is just a piece of paper,' do you agree?
why there is so imbalance in the world? why some people are blessed with all good stuff of life, and some poor
If life kill you, what does the death do?
"Simplify, Simplify" (Thoreau) How can I prove that's referring to anti materialism?
The only thing constant in life is change, what one change about yourself do you wish to keep constant?
Is there any hope for this world?
If you only have 24 hours to live, what is the first and the last thing you would do before you die?...?
Is there a scientific explanation for consciousness?
Does knowledge of Richard Wagner's political beliefs change your opinion of his music? Why or why not?
How does one go about destroying the world?
Is the world really supposed to end in 2012?
Why do some people are brilliant some are dull?
How do I know with absolute certainty that your red is the same as my red???
What is your preferred fare, Trope or Tripe?
would this be considered operant or classical conditioning or neither? I study really hard for a(n) exam that?
Why won't anyone answer my questions?
Was Collins software a dependable system upgrade ?
Do you think that life is fair?
for you,what is better:have beauty or intelligence?
Would these be sensible questions to ask, regarding a computerization project ?
Should some wealth be taken away from super rich people in United States and be redistributed?
Best philosopher ever in your opinion?
Can you define wisdom?
If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?
if you could?
What does Philosophy prove?
Does unconditional love really exist?
If the legendary king arthur were alive today,and you his personal fashion dresser, how would you dress him?
Life is......................................…
Can anyone help me with a poem about self confidence/esteem?
Is utopia's avenger ongoing still?
do you think soon they'll be rehabs for internet addicts?
Focus. The story behind it?
How do I continue living when I'm like this?
philosophy question! anyone please give me your insight!?
Do you believe God has all the answers?
What role does leadership play in creating an environment that supports knowledge sharing?
What causes events to happen?
how many hats do you wear in one day?
what do you think of my vision for my future?
When using a pen, do you prefer the colour black or do you like blue.?
What is your view on abortion?
It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit?
Can we live & really be happy in today's world?
Philosophy question [Easy][Help]?
How to describe boredom?
What is the omen when you spill a cup of coffee on the floor and then your friend spills a sprite?
does anyone know what Photo image is good for describing an inner journey ?
Where can I get a record of the latest developments in Chess openings?
DEFINE the meaning of life in ONE word ......?
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
voltaire famous philosopher?
what motivates you ? job, life, school?
tasting menu question?
What are 3 characteristics of God that Descartes discusses throughout the meditations?
what to do when life becomes empty....?
I am a studeny of philosophy & I want to know about the latest knowledge in theories of consciousness.?
Is fiction a lie that in the end tells the truth?
Are all concepts only definable by their opposite? i.e. love/hate, good/evil?
What animals live in a tropical rain forest?
why is the grass always greener on the otherside?
how i fell when i love some one?
3. Why does Irigary claim that history would repeat itself if women simply reversed the “existing order”?
Does every question have a logical answer?
Do you think if someone betrays us once, they will be able to betray us again?
Does having lots of anger bottled up inside make people go insane?
How long do you hold grudges for?
Is it wise from my part?
Why are G W Bush's actual photographs printed in newspapers so goofy? Why is he photographed in silly poses?
How would you measure success?
I will attempt suicide soon because I have lost interest in life??Please advise me why I should c?
happines or money????
If you had to name the event that most challenged your faith in the human soul, what would you say?
Is age the basis of death?
Have you ever been Defeated by Love?
Do you ever take the time at night to look up at the stars and just ponder about life?
What wise words about life should somebody always keep in mind when life is hard...?
what will the world be like in 2106?
for those who dream?
"There are some people who live in a dream world, and some who face reality; and then there are those...?
Whether creativity comes naturally or it depends your thoughts, Imagination, mindset, etc?
If I choose your answer as the best, then what would you like me to say under Asker's Rating as a comment?
Why i become a reciver of other person feeling?
Is our universe the brain cell of a higher being?
Would "health care facility", "managed care facility", "rationed care facility", "euthanasia facility", be?
real life example of an informal fallacy?
what happen if you take your empathy to extreme?
What are the sub disciplines of communication?
What are some sources of normativity?
to what extent can the categorical imperative be useful when debating the issues surrounding euthanasia?
How would you define spiritual wisdom?
How do I look for stronger influences?
Could jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?
The truth is I don't want to let go............?
Does "systems engineering" have loopholes ?
If you come to a fork in the road: Should you take it?
Is there a common root cause of all problems? If so, what is it?
do you agree that life is not bed of roses?
why does Socrates want to know what is piety?
What it is, what it was, what it will be?
Economic Nationalism is a Philosophy of War?
Don't you think ultimately all of us love only one person in life - That is we ourself ?
How does it feel How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home?
If it could be shown that . . .?
Does philosophy give the world a panoptic vision of the world?
What is ?
can two paralell lines meet?
What is a Fundamental Truth?
Who said "Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions...."?
What can we learn about the nature of knowledge from Gettier cases?
Homo homini lupus est, do you agree?
What is so unethical about capital punishment? or... why is it necessary?
Are dreams real? (Philosophy paper) Arguments for and Against the belief of Dreams?
philosophy: what is epiphenomenalismt, causal closure, and dualism?
how many times have you regret it something?
At the ends of the earth, where the hopes turn into despair and the silence reigns.... What?
I say tomato. How do you say it?
Dogen and birth and death?
When is it ok to play the bad guy/girl? Or is it just wrong?
egoism project help please?
enumerate and define the end of human act?
Those who do not believe in god what is the reason ? They want proof for god's existence ?
Does the Bible contain some satanic verses?
what did you think about Watchman?
Will humanity forever be one big feudal system?
Find inner peace or maybe cross something off a bucket list?
Would winning the lottery realy make you happy?
Information Pls?
Why are we born if we have to die?
What makes you want to keep on living?
what is the difference between meaning and purpose?
Are you in control of your brain or is your brain in control of you?
Does your smile harmonize with colorful flavors?
Is my kindness a downfall?
what makes you happy?
Do you believe in Fate?
About charity 2?
are we(humans) the bad part of this world?
Bruno Latour's ideas?
What would you do if you can live your life over again?
Is it ethical to kill food animals humanely, just because it makes the meat taste better?
What are the character traits associated with plants and animals?
How can i make my life better?
Is darkness another form of light?
Philosophy degree? Why do people have a problem with it.?
what does it mean to be african american?
According to Plato....?
When is a good time in your life to throw out the tv and video games?
How to solve this logical proof?
Would you opt for The Reti of you knew how well that system works?
How do you know it's true love?
I have lost the ability to sit down and read a book for pleasure. It has been years. Why would this happen?
Why doesn't the government let us do this?
Is religion a virus of mind?
what should i do if there's nothing left to do with my life?
Is it better to be a bigot than open-minded?
What is the secret of life?
Is Christianity a burden or blessing to mankind?
I Need A Good Out Look On Life?
Money Vs. Happiness (What would you choose and why?)?
If a person is poor but they have very good character, do you consider them to be a failure?
Do God solve our difficulties ?
Is it possible to subscribe to consequentialism without endorsing vigilantism?
What colour was jesus?
What is John Rawls's reason for thinking that justice applies to the basic structure?
What are the basic principles of Neoplatonism?
How many times have slept in our whole entire up until now? Im a teen.?
What "words do you live by"?
If your life ended today, would you consider you have lived in despair, or not?
Which philosophers did George Berkeley influence?
If you could have dinner with one person ...?
Who else is sick of the meaning of life?
Did you know that.........?
Is it true that giving advice can be easy but when we get into the same situation our own advice is not useful?
Does historical materialism base politics in economics?
Why is it that people do for me and I dont remember? I always remember what I do!?
When do you consider an embryo becomes a human being ?
where can I sign up for remedial lessons in life?
What is Plato's account for human virtue, on behalf of the human soul?
What are the most trivial topics and questions to ask people of this generation? (2000-2012)?
Utilitarianism = "Doctrine worthy of swine"?
what do you think about the spirituality in india? plz write from which country you are.?
how do you make a sad person smile?
taking life to the next level...?
Being true to yourself?
What is the meaning of price mechanism?
What is an intelligent Christian?
What are you willing to die for?
How could a perfect God create an imperfect world?
End Of The World is Coming Soon!?
is it possible to recreate the impossible?
If no one is perfect, then how can practice make perfect?
What's a 'life-style' choice that in your opinion is often misunderstood or exploited by society?
Can one person make a difference?
How do you fit a square peg into a round hole?
Need help with understanding!!!?
Does anyone feel that time is getting shorter?
Do you live your life as an exclamation not an explanation?
If you could ask anyone with one question, who would you ask and what?
If a man receives pleasure from inflicting pain to another...?
What was the name given to Aristotle's God-like figure?
What is the best translation of "Philosophical Investigations" by Wittgenstein?
What was W.E.B. DuBuBois young life like?
last question for the night - are we here to learn or to ask smart questions?
What is the onething you would most like to change about the world ?
Why do people believe in God / the soul / the afterlife?
why when you LOVE someone you need to be LOYAL? I mean love is spontaneous and loyal is a matter of decision..
How is perfection different from oblivion?
As You drive you will develop the ability to estimate?
what is moral values? List the types of m/values? Critically examine the issues of m/val & character formation
what makes life worth living ?
What happens when we trust each other ?
What are the colors of promises? Elaborate please.?
Only tomorrow, today will be yesterday. What do you think of that?
For you, what is something worth dying for? :)?
What is meditation suppose to do?
can a valid argument have false premises and false conclusions?
why do people lie when they dont need to?
What is love? Explain Love.?
If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
What makes funny things funny?
What is your opinion on "hate"?
As we head towards a more preverse world then we thought possible, has there been a study?
Instead of answering my question, ask me one!!?
How can you stay happy and calm under all circumstances in your life?
Does life need to have a purpose?
What makes love so meaningful..? And colorful like rainbows, and sparkling stars..?
What do objects in Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" represent?
What's the most important thing to you in life?
What is the purpose of human life?
What comes to your mind when i say nothing?
What is the meaning of your display name?
doing the ultimate sacrifice?
Why is there life on earth?
Are you an atheist or a believer?Do you feel this is the best way to be or is it simply the only way you know?
does God prefer Muslims or Christians? Or does he love us all equally?
What should I do to make myself happy?
What Will Happen When All Female Dissapear?
I jumped clear from the explosion just in time to see my.........?
Do you think one day animals will revolt against humans?
when do you think the world will stop?
Are you a graduate of England's Summerhill school (or other alternative ed. school)?
I need help in basic logic in philosophy?
In which way would you want to change/impact the world?
Money or fame?
The concept of knowledge in India and the west?
Philosophers: How do you resolve the problem of evil?
How do we gain consistent control over our thoughts and deeds in daily life? It should be practical.?
Why did Antony Flew leave atheism?
what is life?
Does confidence = DGAS?
I want a muse for my desktop. Not just the usual hot woman but a woman I can worship and that will motivate me?
In your views, what is nature?
what is men's reason for marry?
In your opinion, is there such a thing as an absolute fact?
Does my philosophy of life sound selfish and greedy? what do you think?
why men have nippels !!!?
If you tell your leaders to evaluate their staff, aren't you saying "Don't waste time looking in the mirror ?
So we know the answers 42...?
Would a person covering up his own mistakes need a phony set of business rules ?
If the Copenhagen Interpretation in quantum physics is confirmed, what will be the effects on religion?
How to make myself seem clever?
what are the main points of Karl Marx's economic philosophy?
what is absolescent?
If god exists then devil should also exist. Agree or Disagree? Please provide a explanation.?
Is the Abilene paradox, and the idea of groupthink for that matter, essentially the same as peer pressure?
are you normal ?
what is the reason of loving god us ?
How does compassion lead to hope? Why is creativity a sign of hope?
What does Sartori mean by "conceptual stretching"?
Thomas Aquinas had no doubt that all knowledge was both interrelated and capable of being synthesized into a w?
Have you ever seen a girl who you would actually consider breathtaking?
Is the world ending in 2012?
What is the real meaning of humanity in this unreal world....?
What makes some walk the path of darkness, while others choose the light?
Do whores enjoy sex?
Does each person create his own reality, or are there absolutes that exist regardless of human opinion?
People between 25 and 35: do you feel young, old… or what?
What does it take to be truly happy?
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Who's really in control?
Would you rather be a tree, rock or stream?
The Deepest Secret of the Universe?
How do you know if you are a good person?
Why do human beings have hair on top of their heads, but NOT on the bottom of their feet?
What does it mean to be an informed, compassionate, and capable global citizen?
How does Confucian thought challenge your world view?
What is the initiation for entry into 'the third rail' membership?
How does Aristotle define?
A question for the intelligent?
What good is philosophy?
What do you love most in the world?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
***is the basis we call society truly stable? ***?
How do you get inspired to be calm in the midst of this chaotic world?
What is the ultimate goal/purpose/meaning of life?
What is the sound of silence... describe it?
proof why hitler faked his war recored?
what do you call a woman when he husband die and she is single for life?
If 7 11s are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then why are there locks on the doors?
If you could be any celebrity..who would that be?
Do you think that we all have too much time on our hands as a society?
A question of Perfection.?
Which is "more" important; the minute or the hour?
Is it possible that conventional wisdom was invented by bullies?
Why time is important in effective communication?
Of all the supernatural and weird things which one is most likely to be true?
check out my new original genuine?
David Hume vs. Occam's Razor?
Philosophy help!!!!!!!?
what certainty we have that we are not just living a Dream. Are our senses fooling us?
When do you think the world will end???
Since evil is a challenge for Christian theism how do theist meet this challenge?
According to John Dewey in the Reconstruction....?
is the relationship between artist and model necessarily that of subject/object?
My life is at a critical juncture. Should I come out to my parents?
What would happen if Electricity is cut off from world for 7 days?
Can a gradient exist without polar opposites?
should literacy be a requisite for the exercise of suffrage?
What type guitar does taylor swift use ?
How to maintain my confidence around the person I'm attracted to?
I'm supposed to write a paper on a great thinker still alive today. Any suggestions?
Judicial System : Oath taking..?
What is the purpose of our life?
Are we living in the end of time?
Utilitarianism and Kant's Principle of Humanity?
Can I get cyborged when I die?
why is it that Africa suffer"s so much pain in all angle?
Scary picture pop up?
Is it fair to say that Market individualist judges are always formalists?
Do you know the date of the end of the world?
What did Socrates say about bravery?
Would some safety-critical subsystems need appropriate preset values, or are such systems typically such that?
does life get better?
What person dead or alive influences your philosophy on life most?
How do you achieve bliss?
what is life about?
Is existentialism subject to change by its own accepted definition?
What do you think god was doing before he created the universe?
If I am ambidextrous, will I still live shorter? Are we also dumber than people with one dominant hand?
What (if any) has been an Elusive Dream for ... YOU?
What is the beauty of being able to see?
Why aren't amazing things happening to me? I have a substandard life. How do I become one of the lucky people?
What would you tell a promoter who arranged a gig for you under ethical circumstances you did not agree upon?
is there any body with an idia what kind of people exist in venus and how do they behave.?
what factors determine a persons world view?
Why do you think it is impossible to obtain world peace?
Why do human takes birth if he wants to die?
How would you persuade your feelings/emotions to follow your logic/reasoning?
What are the 3 types of Mysterians?
who are u?
is intention important or only results?
Is trying to impress folks, a mental prison?
Is it true that love arrives when you're not looking for it, or when you least expect it?
If a tree falls but no one hears it does it make a noise?
Is it possible for life to be perfect?
The World is hell' six feet below dirt there's Heaven agree or disagree?
Is the best way to get rid of a telemarketer to ask them if they are naked?
Should we Sacrifice the Few for the Benefit of the Many?
How do you handle betrayal? If what was done to you was really horrible, are you willing to forgive?
If you could have a one word philosophy what would it be?
Who is responsible for the way you react to a situation?
Which gets you further, intelligence or motivation/determination?
"When the wrong loves you right"?
what is the opposite of fear?
Virtue Ethics and Kant’s Categorical Imperative help?
what is the thin line between love and hate?
what do you fight for most in your life?
What is the difference between personality and ego?
In which of Plato's works did he present his concept of Platonic Ideas?
Whats the strongest objection to Act Utilitarianism and why do you think that this is an objection to the...?
A potentially life altering fakery.?
Do you always look on the bright side of life ?
suppose you have three days to go, what will be the three things you would like to do.?
If you looked outside right now and there are four big teenagers on the roof of your car what would you do?
If we are born to die and we all die to live, then what's the point of living life if it just contradicts?
Have you ever had a near death experience?
if MONEY grew on TREEs...?
Which is more relevant to oue life, philosophy of religion or existentialism? How and why?
I need help solving these problems for my Reasoning and Critical Thinking (College) course by tonight!?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the purpose of life and it's meaning ?
What's the best advice you've ever given anyone?
What do you want freedom from?
What comes first for you?
in the past, who were worst off the jews or the blacks, & y?
Apology of Socrates defends DEATH and not LIFE?
How far can you take science?
If you were owed a lot of money by a govt would you pursue it?
Why is the world ending again?
What would you give up everything for?
What do you think about a quote by Aristotle...?
What is the difference between Nietzsche's "new barbarian" and "overman"?
Is it possible to have full control over everything we do?
Why should I work if I'm happy drinking beer? Doesn't everyone else work enough and pay taxes?
Why is the whole point of life for survival? are we essentially trying to reach something?
how do we know hat is right and what is wrong?
Is this a valid argument pattern? Confused!?
What does Hume mean by a "necessary connection"?
What if the light at the end of the tunnel was a train?
Maritain Perception Question?
what does descartes argue for cartesian dualism?
How important is being truthful to yourself?
What is the initiation for entry into 'the third rail' membership?
other options?
What was realism in the Victoraian age?
meaning of holy week for catholics?
I heard a tale of a rich man, he says "If you work very hard for me, this to can all be mine." How does it go?
I really need to talk to someone..?
Do you think Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but it is about learning how to dance in...?
Is sex evil?
Nothing lasts for ever?
What was David Hume's most important contribution to the world?
What is the best question in the world?
why are you here?
What would you like to see in a online 'dating site' profile?