Would you follow a philosophy or philosopher you didn't like or agree with?
Why does it not say men are adulterers in Matthew 5:31-32?
wats the logic behind anyone's life?
What was Thomas More's defining philosophy?
What's the percentage of people who like you versus who don't like you?
Why would someone in good health become a philosopher?
Who wrote the saying "freedom with their exception"?
what will i do if pressure arises on me without probable solution?
Did it ever occur to you that you are a waste of life?
Can anyone explained to me about the actual meaning of Absurdism(philsophy) below?
I don't know how I can show my feelings and tell my own opinion to my friends...?
What is the greatest gift we can give to each other?
If you could point to 1 feature of human beings that makes us different from all other life forms, what is it?
Is the universe deterministic and chaotic or truely random?
Why would u want to destroy the world trade center......... what would there be to benefit.?
which is important money or happiness?
Can thoughts exist without the awareness that something is thinking that it is thinking?
what have you learned from answers and from life?
. Concerning Meno’s question at the outset of the dialogue (“can virtue be taught?”)?
Would you rather be the HOUR, the SECOND or the minute HAND on a clock?
Will mankind ever breakway from the concept of God?
is romance a quest for what's meaningful, what's truly important? therefor, is romance true philosophy?
"pornography should be banned from the internet"--your views..?
Is Descartes just a figment of my imagination?
Can you come up with a word that does exist, are you creative enough?
Did human and dinosaur exist here at the same time?
Is this life worth living?
What are the Sophist's arguments in Plato's Republic for injustice? What are Plato's arguments for justice?
What is the doctor's view of marriage and childbearing the awakening?
What defines your moral behaviour?
Is charity only a masquerade?
Do you hate your life?
If you wanted to try reward systems on mental illness what reward could be used?
what is the view of utilitarianist on death penalty?
Love has the power to wipe the pain?
Which gender yields quicker to love...?
Why is what a more imporant wod then when, and who ever thought the word where would be so annoying?
Is it right or wrong to say Believing in God is a metal disorder?
which is more popular pro choice or pro life ?
What do you think of Aquinas's view of causality and time.....................?
I'm a determinist, but does that mean I was always going to type this?
Has the desire to rewrite a better ending seduced you to reconcile a relationship that maybe you shouldn't?
Archetype Inspiration?
Why is there something rather than nothing?
How does philosopy and religion affect modern day science?
can you imagine a better future for yourself that doesn't involve eternal warfare or living inside a computer?
Blonde, Brunette, or red?
Talking to your self is the first sign of insanity how?
I can't grasp the concept. how is there nothingness outside of our solar system?
what is your biggest motivation in life?
Plato's theory on knowledge in "The Republic"?
How do you describe color? Is it even possible?
Does anybody really really know what happens after death?
would you say Christopher McCandless is an example of Transcendentalism?
Are you able to find beauty within everything surrounding you?
Utopia Help: Utopia By More?
what is your opinion?
Why we always compare with others?
How we can keep happy to ALLAH?
Is a software quality assurance group invited to attend lower level working meetings to monitor status,?
Can you make a living in the field of Philosophy?
Can this be an objective statement?
Mass extermination! ]:-}?
don't want to appear rude - but can't invite her back?
Did God actually create women? If so, why are they so treacherous? Could they be pathologically deficient?
isnt it funny that people say god created us when its really us who created him?
is it true what they say,that..?
definition of philosophy?
What is this...piece of existence?
How about no?
One day it will all come to pass..Til then what's your path?
what makes the mayan doomsday/new life or whatever any different to other doomsday predictions?
What is your gift?
True or False - money is the root cause of all problems of the world?
Explain the function of bijection? Is it Hume's principle?
I think i want to kill myself?
Is it true that there are knowns and unknowns;known unknowns;and unknown unknowns?
Most wanted thing of our life.......?
why is there only one monopolies and mergers commission?
is the anything such as you've won your self a Travel cheque cause you are the one millionth user?
I don't see the point anymore?
What's an universal statement about utopia?
who is responsible for us?
What are some lessons in life you feel are worth sharing?
How do you stop creating emotions you dont want and start creating emotions you do want?
Why people are so selfish?
Best text sms sharing websites?
Is it good or bad to worry too much about what others think?
How can you be more wiser?
Was Hitler sane or insane?
What is defenition of love?
How to understand Life and is there any quick path to realization adding a factor of dedication?
what is next afterlife?
Should Animals have more Rights than a Human Foetus?
What's the real reason people die?
If Zombies were taking over the world?
Was Christ Jesus HOMELESS?
What form of government did Confucius favor?
Life is a long pain that everyone loves?
I make Ethical descisions, based on situation. Am I not a moral person? How can morals exist?
How can a person have more confidence without feeling arrogant?
Would You Rather Be A Genius Who Is Totally Unable to Move Or Be A Mildly Mentally Retarded Pro Athlete?
"pornography should be banned from the internet"--your views..?
What exactly is Albert Camus' stance on the notion of hope?
Do you ever feel that he isn't listening?
Everyone has their favorite decade why is yours the best?
is there a life after death? has there been a testimony about it?
can a human live forever?
What is the meaning of math and why does everything revolve around math?
what percentage of people do you think are bitter with life?
what are care values exactly ?
Are poltergeists and jinn the same entities?
Why love is not an emotion...................?
What is meditation suppose to do?
What are the below statements, metaphysics, ehtics or epistemology?
what is right ? and what is wrong ?
the meaning of life?
How do you inspire dissent?
how old are you? see more?
Why is the god of earth?
Do you read every day for some time?
How often do people need a "conversion management" methodology (for example a squadron commander swapping
Even if you are atheist, don't you believe the doctrine of Jesus is a good philosophy to live by?
What would a world - that is the opposite of this one - be like?
hume's argument that reason serves as a slave to the passions, what are his main points?
How is quality possible in software development ?
wat is your favourite quote/saying?????
what is the birth sighn for early may?
i just realized im turning 20 tomorrow...?
Have you ever thought about what the voice inside of your head sounds like?
how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
If you could live in any past era of history what would it be?
what happens if you tied a buttered toast, butter side up on a cat?
Why do I give myself false hope?
You don't need god or a book to be a moral person, but you do need faith?
I want to live forever what can I do?
If you could tell all the millionaires i the world one thing what would it be?
Does the design argument proves god exists?
What is your opinion on the relationship between certainty and doubt?
How does nature influence literature?
Why is it that people have more fun than anybody else in the world?
Going from being a close friend to a friend?
how can you explain a calamity that suddenly come?
What is man and what makes him happy?
Should we use the harm factor in the things we do?
do you believe we have "souls"?
When do you decide life treating you good?
is it just m or the more complicated a series is to a certain extent the better?
A question for Sir Paul McCartney. Now that you are 70 and coming to the end of your life why not build a?
do you think,if humans survive the sea level rises ,we will over time develop gills?
is a solitary life a meaningless life?
When you were lost the person you love the most and it was your mistake how do you feel then?
When some one says they are sorry, is it good enough?
What would a person act like if they knew everything?
what is ur favorite name?
Why do people still think this?
What philosophical discovery did Wittgenstein make that Kant didn't see?
is perfection boring?
none sexist question but why do woman go to the toilet in pairs and what do they talk about?
do you ever think about the q you are asking here?
Where can I find "The Sinews of Peace"?
Is it through death that we understand life?
opinions about the quote: ''if you risk nothing, then you risk everything''?
How to survive an intro to philosophy class...?
In light of the administration's continuing lies and deceit, why aren't americans more upset, even protesting?
why ask so much question?Is this a nature that kept human race alive to centuries?
Lets see who really has deep thought....?
what is practicality of abortion?
How do I know that you are not just a figment of my imagination?
In the Allegory of the Cave, what do the people carrying the objects that cast the shadows represent?
Do you believe everyone has a purpose in life?
Is choice a good thing?
Where would art and music be 300 years from now?
Why do some people act emotionally distant when in a relationship?
What is the most wise thing anyone has ever said to you?
Do we always visualize language?
what does "leave mediocracy to the masses" mean?
Can you have an existentialist metaphysics?
Why is distancing yourself from someone seen is wrong?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I'm the only one who thinks we're missing the lesson to be learned from Amanda Todd?
What is the sacred book of the Mayas called?
what is hate?
Will there be athiests in Hell? (I already know the answer just wanted results)?
How is influence and manipulation similar?
What do I need to know about Immanuel Kant and his works?
What is one word you need hear today?
A woman committs suicide and goes to Hell. Scary. Do only child molesters and Hitler go to Hell or....?
Have We lost our vision in life?
If you want to save the planet first get rid of the most deadly "virus" - humans - agree ?
What are some entertaining philosophy books?
Kant's three step process?
How to individuate an action?
if you could make up a maslows heirarchy of spirtuality what would it look like?
Are really tall people genetic mutations a kind of alien human hybrid?
Aristotle question help ?
Do you recognize your kindred, even when you have not really met?
What do you know about Ralph Emerson?
If you had to name one person who is most like your alter ego who would it be and why?
How would you react if I said "the weak must die"?
What does this mean? It's on liberty?
If you had infinite power in your hands, what would you want to change?
How does Husserl's figural moment connect the authentic and symbolic number represenations?
To be or not to be that's the question?
When is greed bad?
what is the meaning of life?
Christ and God same person?
Opposites Attract?
Does believing in the following indicate that one has "issues" with wild fauna?
What is the meaning of life?
Is a diamond more corruptible than a rock?
Logic Does it Exist ?
me and my friends elements-Philosophy (i put this in here to get the right catagory(my show all catagorys butt
You LOVE me...You LOVE me NOT... what would the last PETAL tell me?
earlier disappointments have led to the birth of fear in formulating fresh goals, How to overcome the fear?
The gnome at the bottom of my garden has just thrown 3 eggs over the wire. He's threatening more carnage!?
how do you enrich YOUR life?
what can I do to keep life interesting,have enough of everything..?
Do we Always have a CHOICE?
Where does willpower originate?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
what is the religious foundation of Fannie Lou Hamer's activism?
What is the cause of omosexuality according with philosopher and scientists ?
Secret life of bees; Metaphor!?
Do you think it is fun to have a rival?
What is your reason for living?
To whom Srimati Radharani got married? and does or not?
I feel like there's more to life ?
What is the purpose of existence of the universe?
On computerization projects, is there normally a panel of people who might view early trials of the system?
Why does Marxism require humans to be perfect? Is this possible/impossible?
Is Peace a fools concept?
Is life inherently painful?
Will you set a candle in your window this Samhain's night to help guide the lost spirits home?
What is Epictetus theory of ethics?
Does anyone know what they're purpose on earth is , or do some of you already know the answer for yourself?
Do you see God's blessings in your lives every day?
Is it true that drowning is a really peaceful way to die?
What's a good book for me to read?
Is it better to start with no hope, or have hope and be let down?
What is the importance of K'in to the Mayans?
Why does it come as as surprise?
What do these quotes mean?
Whats the point to continue living?
What is the nicest thing about your life?
How do I know that there is life after death?
If you won 11 million dollars tomorrow, what would you do?
List of good things in life?
Is the trail you are on now in your life the one you want to take?
how would you go about defining your personality?
Does a DICHOTOMY require Absolutes?
if you could choose the way you die.... what would it be?
What's a better gift for a seven year old boy.......?
Is the portrayal of Nietzsche in "When Nietzsche wept" anything like how he really was?
How do you guard your heart from Evil???
How can I avoid rules made from my parents?
why every one interested to know GOD?
Why do "we" have superstitions and why is 3 seen as mystical?
Understanding a James/Stuart Rachels quote?
Sensitive = weak ?
Negative patterns / outlooks we reinforce in children...?
how your idie about technologi ? it is optioned human or human in the optioned technologi?
why is understand culture essential?
When your head and heart tell you two different things.?
I see in many an eye that measures me, the moral / mortal sickness of the mind - too unhappy to be kind.?
Free will and the unbreakable laws of nature.?
what is the meaning of life?
Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite, would you like a toasted tea-cake?
What is the best way to live life?
what is the self. is it love are we all love?
why do wise people ask stupid questions?
Misanthropy, is there any reason why I should not be a Misanthrope?
Love or Money?
Ios5 Imessage free all over the world?
How does linguistic modelling works in Philosophy?
What lends meaning to your life?
Do you think or believes UFOs exist? (Next).......?
life is ambiguously based on relevant situations that take place?
Is love a part of sex or sex a part of love ?
why do people dont always face the fact in this life.?
Is money the root of all evil?
What are some things *you* think might be perfect?
every opportunity has a shelf life?
i see dead people im scared and no one believes me?
Is life turning out the way you thought it would?
Movie The Question of God?
Hi All;) Is it possible for a person who's nothing but a figment of your imagination, to be smarter than you?
What can i do if im absolutely DESPERATE for money? like donating blood, ect.?
what is consequential ethics, non consequential and virtue ethics?
What is 'Philosophy'?
What's the biggest or clearest message of Hope you've received in your life?
how to know if you are a lesbian?
Why do ppl try to enlist their virtues to justify themselves?????
If you could do it all over again what would you change?
Is a world without work or labor possible? and desirable?
Why do people think that nature can accurately identify the essence of that which is?
What's an example of empirically verifiable (in the weak sense - partial)?
how do i know that everything i see,touch or hear is not just my imagination?
Please answer this question honestly.?
Are my reasons valid to prove I'm no team jumper?
How do we know that we are going forward in time?
Philosophical implications of quantum physics?
What is the signifigance of the word "Mimesis" to the study of art?
He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. ~ Marcus Aurelius?
Can an entrance be put anywhere?
Which Chapter of Augustine's Confessions does he talk about evil very specifically?
what are interesting/clever/cool facebook statuss?
what is the the relationship between ethics and religion and their influence on education and culture?
Help with Thomas Moore's Utopia and Plato's Republic?
Would it be immoral for . . .?
Who knows Karl Jaspers' Unconditional Imperative? Can you explain this?
What are culture traits? what is one example of how culture vary from place to place?
Could fate be good or bad or is it only bad?
IN RESPONSE TO Deepak Chopras question WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SOUL WHEN YOU DIE? Do you believe there is a soul?
What is there left to discover?
Does the concept of "war crimes" screw with your head lol....? is the world really that bad?
Does your happiness depend on what others think?
I hate being an introvert. What do you think?
How do you refute "skeptics have faith that skepticism is true"?
How to gain encouragement to go on, even when hard work doesn't give satisfactory results ?
Between Hope and Fear?
were can i get a summary of Elaine Pagels Adam, Eve and the Serpent?
What is the meaning of life?
Help!! On Aquinas' Argument?
What are we learning in teaching ?
Which Philosopher would say this:?
What would happen if?
who is having a real freedom an animal or a man?
Tell me about your nightmares......what are they?
Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance help?
whats the next thing you are looking forward to?
Untimely death?
What is the meaning of life?
What did he mean exactly? Please help for the sake of my studies!!?
Suggestions on a "New Though"church in NYC?
When we die, what happens to us? (not physically)?
What if the person causing trouble fro the rest of the team is a self-styled leader ? Is this good advice ?
Is Inner beauty more important than physical beauty in a sustainable relationship?
Is ambition necessary in life? What if I dont have any big aim in life?
Am I the only one of whom actually wants to change the world?
did god created this universe?
What is business knowledge?
who is Plautzu?
What is there in a smile that melts a heart?
4 characteristics of human beings?
Was Gandhiji politician or spiritual sant?How we remember him in what form?
I have often wondered....?
what is a cool Drug Use is Life Abuse logo?
What is your 'Gold at the end of the rainbow'?
ADAPTL Theory In The Nature of Our Reality?
Please recommend two good books on : "the notion of the subject in philosophy" and "beyond experience"?
Being religious/christian in order to avoid being anti-social?
What are you most scared of?
What would you become if everything about you were known?
If love is a stronger feeling than hate y is there more hate in the world?
Is There Marriage In Heaven?
Are the philsophies of Buddha similar to Bodhidharma's?
how can I trust that every body do exsist? I mean everthing could be just a 3D image.?
Is the elementary process of what defines a friend bullshit?
What is common sense?
Help with my opening paragraph about Plato?
Can a person start the life all over again? And how?
How the philosophy of life is probably of people who like "Mc Mansion" style neighborhoods with materialism?
Tell me your final wish, Please ?
What is the best cure for sanity?
How do big computerization projects survive the "integration" stage ? Won't there be too many people in the?
why most of the people (not me) think that work is the purpose of life?
Which came first the chicken or the egg? And how you know?
What will you do at the end of your life - and beyond?
Descartes' First Meditation Arguments?
What is life for?
would you give up control for equality?
What has been the most difficult change you have made in your life?
After a year of not speaking would we better people?
$42,000 a year life style?
Why are some women easier to fall in love with than others?
Who chose God to be who he is?
Blackouts of dead people?
Be Honest Can an ugly person be happy?
How did literary theory jump from Saussure's linguistics to Barthe's narratology?
what are some good influences for a philosophical mind?
How did you find out who you are?
What are 'Shastras' and 'upanishads' mean in sanscrit?
For and against arguements- gay marraige.?
Ii servived the end of world,im so happy anyone wanna share some love,chuffd to beans,realy realy so happy :-P?
In your opinion, what is the single most detrimental thing to a society or culture?
How often do you ponder the idea that life is ultimately pointless?
What is the difference between an appeal to popularity and a bandwagon fallacy?
What is the proof that Archimedes actually shouted "Eureka!" while having a bath?
What would a line in nature seen everyday would be ?
Wouldn't you agree fiction is taking over the world?
Do You Beleive On me???
I feel disconnected from myself and everything lately..?
how can i find one who continued my way?
What is the tiniest thing that has made the biggest impact on your life?
Learning method is depends upon humanbeing interest or inborn quality-justify which is correct.?
Time: Linear or cyclical?
Philosphy question Help! intrinsic,instrumental, expressive value?
differences in traditional and moral ethics?
why does everyone underestimates me ?
what is the meaning of life?
Why God created Universe and made humans to suffer?
Why do humans long to be loved by others?
Are we wrong to desire the greatest longing of our souls?
A friend who seems to have fallen of the face of the earth told me this?
What are we pursuing?
Is the very breathe of life, merely a metaphor for the absence of culture among our profuse society?
Make a table to show the similarities and differences of the ethical theories of Aristotle, Kant, and Levinas?
What are the signs of self hatred?
what are 10 ways ppl always cheat money?
How can I determine my MBTI once and for all?
What is Marxism and what do they believe in?
what is the driving force within a person?
How long have you been preparing for an eternal Life?
this is a long question. but it will tell me what kind of person you are.?
which came first the chicken or the egg ????
Wine and religion both make you a happier person, which one do you prefer?
What is the feeling that is both happy and sad?
Human Nature is what ?
Is the reward worth the risk?
What should I do tomorrow?
Can you answer this multiple-choice question *AND* explain why your answer is the correct one?
How would u redesign the human body? What changes need to be made?
what do you feel most strongly about in the world?
How does a person be non-violent or passive-resistance?
What do you think ??
What was the best day of your life?
Is God really there??If yes, why doesn't he syop the injustice????
There may be many unanswerable questions but are there any unaskable ones?
Ever wish your loved ones would just die peacefully so you know they're safe?
i want to be respected by my family members,how will it happen??
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
what is going on with greening inner cities?
Giving birth to kids is an asset or liability ?
How do we cleanse religion of the nonsense, the scientific mistakes and all that's morally wrong?
What is the difference between Mind and Soul?
Have you felt God with any of your senses,where he lives. Help me in meeting Him.?
Perfect makes a man Perfect ?
What does 'being' human really mean?
what's the saying "judge me and i'll prove you wrong..." ??
what is your goal in life????
If Muslims and Christians believe in Miraculous birth of Jesus,Why not the Jews?
Tell me something very very interesting?
who are the likely winners of this years nobel prize in the six fields?
RANT! Letting it all out! Go for it!?
What's the difference between property dualism and emergent dualism?
What you wanted to be ?
What do you think this poem means?
When was the first question and what was it?
What is love no love intresta?
10,000 years from now, will it matter to anyone or anything what any of us did or did not do today?
Is sex appeal about beauty or something deeper?
Smile on your face?
Someone once said something to this effect, do you know who?
How could Collins submarine computerised system be delivered late ?
Do you believe all desires lead to disappointment upon their fulfilment?
This is your chance for help, What is your psychological immorality?
is really of any help, walk 30 mins. at day with my drepression?
Individual souls are only born once by God but several times by man?
What are the implications of humanity?
What's a question you would never ask and WHY?
What may be the main reason for losing confidence?
If you were locked in somewhere for the night or weekend?
What if...time don't heal wounds?
Would you save the world if you could?
Does Free will exist?
What does this video mean. Is this video funny.?
a theory of everything and god dissertation. any advice?
what's formal logic and nonformal logic?
2 questions. In John Locke's philosophies, what was the role of the body? What was the role of God?
Does true love have its own eternity?
How's life for you?
Three frogs are resting on a log. One decides to jump off. How many are left on the log?
why can't humans live in peace ?
what are the 3 things that u will bring on an island??
What came first the chicken or the egg?
What is the difference between Hindu and Hindi?
What is the meaning of life?
You are jumping off a cliff. What would your last thought be???
wayne sumner abortion a third way?
who would win in a fistfight, me or gratefuldead06?
Why did Plato write the analogy of the cave?
Hi All;) ..What is the value of human life?:) ..?
Why do you choose to stay alive,why not die?
Types of suffering?
What are books that explain the libertarian understanding of human nature?
What makes a person a loser?
Which is worst?
What is the fundamental or basic nature of we human beings?
If an organization develops software, would the organization need rules ? If so, would the rules "induce" a?
from what species do we revolve from?
What is the one thought that scares you ?
Anyone have thoughts on emotivism as a basis for morality?
How is the concept of dispositions used by philosophical behaviorists?
OK, so what's the speed of dark? LOL?
Alexandria Genesis (Purple eye disease)?
God is created us based on his love to unify us,why do we like diffrences&make war to get d peace?
"If the END justify the mean" ........... so ?
How do dreams influence or affect the structure of reality?
Why "earth" came into existence before the "birth" of "breath"?
which is your favorite motto?
What is the importance of human communication ?
What exactly defines a "MOD?"?
What are the differences between Indian and western philosophy?
How would you describe love in 1 word?
In your opinion, what makes a dumb person?
if you can't REACH the FRUIT, would you CUT the TREE down or wait for a ROTTEN fruit to FALL?
What is freedom?
Can you tell me how much wood would a wood chuch chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Is my theory, that life has no actual meaning, but is in fact a natural process , true by your opinion?
If there's one band that could save the world, which band is it?
GREAT philosophy in life??? (yearbook)?
Do u believe in past life?
Contrast Descartes, Locke, and Hume's ideas about what we can know.?
Please HELP! Should I run away?
Does any one else feel like life is hell and misery?
Is a "fire and forget" subsystem easy to integrate into a system ?
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it really make a sound?
How do personal ethics is related with organisational ethics?
Who loves being by themselves?
Explain BENJAMIN Franklin’s plan to achieve “moral perfection.”?
Help with William Lane Craig's "The Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Anthropic Principle"?
could people live without love?
Why do we have a soft spot for something.....?
Why do people need to know the meaning of life?
The term for false-consensus people?
Why'd it take so long to discover the oblivious.?
Is it normal that I feel nervous and uncomfortable around my friend?
Truth , Love , and Faith ... ?
why would God do this to us?
Is there such thing as nothing?
Is it okay to compromise on ethics to kickstart your career.?
Is there any objective right or wrong?
What is the thing you find funniest?
What is life and the meaning behind it?
Anything around my house that could give me an acid/ecstasy trip?
how can we pass from one moment of time to another moment of time?
Why doth thy tears cascade upon thy lips? What burdensome secret are you bearing?
what is life??
Could you rank the strata people fall under on, say, a scale of 1 to 10,000...1 being the highest?
Would you have an abortion if...?
What is the color of your soul??
What is it that causes us to do things we believe are "wrong"?
Agree or Disagree: What goes around comes around?
how does television help produce what we...?
is my life over? yes or No?
Which version of the declaraton makes a powerful arguement for freedom? jeffersons original text or congresss ?
What is life for?
Who to cut down a tree on hometown the game ?
Could super storm Sandy be considered as deforestation of the concrete jungle?
why are americans arrogant, frenchmen sissies and russians crazy? who makes up stereotypes?
What is your definition of perfection?
Prove god does/doesn't exist?
What are some CONS to social Darwinism?
How should "satisfaction" be fed?
Which philosopher is the most thought provoking?
I want to end my life ..;( :,( :'( .. ?
Why can i never get a straight answer?
Immediate Inferences, Conversion?
What does John Dewey view as the relation between reason and experience?
who killed malcolm x?
How can the memories of tomorrow snatch one's attention?
Is rationality the way to go?
why are so many people bad at spelling on thiss?
What is it that we love?
Do you believe that our night time dreams have any kind of real meaning to them? ......?
what difference if any do you see between anarchy and chaos?
Augustine's Influence on Martin Luther?
What is it that you can't get enough in life?
How do you personally feel about a song, which discusses Philosophy, Homosexuality and Religion all at once?
is a zombie apocolypse going to happen soon and what should i do to keep safe?
is it WRONG to willingly SETTLE for SECOND BEST?
i am disturbed, what should i do to get peace of mind?
What do trees do when you turn your back on them?
how do you deal with the feeling of "regret"?
If you could know the truth -- the absolute TRUTH?
What is Bipolar Disorder?
what is the meaning of this " There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about?
Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to me?
What songs make you tearyeyed?
life science help please <3?
why is Aristotle's definition of autonomy inadequate from a feminist perspective?
book four of the republic?
Does rhythmic voice even exist?
Do you like it when it rains?
If God exists why do we suffer?
Are hallucinations more real than physical reality?
Where's God?
what is life?
Why world look so beautiful when one is in love?
I love making wishes but I'm concerned, Have any of your wishes ever come true do you know ?
Name the 5 most corrupt action humans partake of?
Dont u think that we are getting to know each other by this !Answers?
Why do we continue our education when we benefit nothing from it?
Do you accept that anything and everything in life's false and only death is the ultimate truth?
 ▒What would lead to trouble when u thought it could cure the pain & what would lead to pain if only u could..?
How to have more self-control? I need tips?
is there anything scarier than a ghost?
what is AM PARTNERS 661 ?
How does one prove that there is an external world?
You know we have all hadda good laugh :)?
Why Does Man Mourn Death And Celebrate Birth?
Why do doctors hate communism?
What's your point of view on life? What is life (according to you) ?
What is Marxism exactly?
Is love an instinctual attraction?
What is the biggest problem of your life..?
Perfect makes a man Perfect ?
Is hating someone attaching yourself to them?
What are all of the worst human qualities?
is god the most selfish?
A higher shift in conciousness?
In philosopy what is the diference between teorical and practical discipline ?
If there was a magical portal into the mind of anyone, through whose eyes would you want to see the world?
Is peace a goal that humanity can achieve?
what makes you happy?
If someone invented a perfect weight loss pill, would anyone still say big is beautiful and stay fat?
what is the difference between Expression and Representation and Symbolism?
Freud: civilization and violence?
If you’re in a bad work situation, should you give it your all or wait for a better situation?
How quick are you to accept bad stories about people?
ATTENTION:What should we do 4 our webshow?
Would you blind a dudesun to advance your goal?
Why do we often forget the repercussions of our actions?
Is psychology important for philosophy?
what is your drug of choice?
Is pondering the meaning of life an unadulterated waste of time?
When people merge consciousness with technology what will decommissioning your consciousness feel like?
Antiquarian History?????????????????
Can you please give me your input on this saying and the meaning behind it?
Your opinion on this?
What does Machiavelli try to accomplish by referring to fortuna?
What do you think the perfect human would look and be like?
Does being alive and living mean being happy and having fun.?
what is ur favorite name?
mind control ways?
What number do you pick?
what does attempted manslaughter actually mean?
Do you believe it is easier to gain someone's trust or to lose it?
Can a person be at two different places at the same time?
In the Manuscripts, Marx's main conclusion seems to be "the positive abolition of private property will result?
What is EGO in your opinion?
Did you know that Contagion is contagious?
How can the concept of "tradition" be abused?
what if we created super advanced computers and robots?
If there was one piece of advice you could give me, what would it be?
What was your first impression of God when you first started reading the Holy Bible?
What makes you smile?
Why do I feel empty?
do you think life is very unfair?
philsohically, what personality type is prone to fatalism?
what is wisdom?
Could you list me the most important critique addressed to Thomas Aquinas' proof for the existence of God?
Would you prefer to make love with the same person 3000 times or 3000 different people once?
What are the most effective criticisms of the works of John Gray (political philosopher)?
Are Americans finally coming to the conclusion that their political system is broken?
What are some Quotes or Values you live your life by?
what is tha main idea of human right #4 "no slavery. what are your thinkings about it?
What's your view of hermaphrodite and religions?
What is the interl conflict for man vs self????????
Can you lose EVERYTHING by losing ONE THING?
Which is worse regret or rejection, which would you rather live with if you had to choose?
Did Yoda know something we don't know? Does speaking backwards give us more wisdom?
what is the view of Aristotle on perfectionism.?
Insight on Epicurean Readings?
What was your coming-of-age moment in life?
What's your greater purpose in life, or what do you want?
The World will end on Wednesday?
What is the #1 threat to the existence of humans ?
Do you believe that by having a good mood,everything that day is gonna be fine....?
When person holds you close to him'her.. when you cry and just feeling close to the person?
What is the purpose of life?
Yes or no.. Decision making?
What do I do now?
Is it necessary to believe in God in order to lead a moral life?
What is the religious signifigance of Hindi women piercing their noses? is it related to an energy meridian?
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
what's the most profound thing/quote you ever heard?
what is superman`s cape for?
Why is my bod not the main attraction?
How do you interpret the prose?
Philosophy-- fallacy identifiying examples 3 help? 10 points WILL be rewarded!!?
Will women always feel inferior?
Explain Hobbes and Locke's positions on human nature and how they affect possible political systems?
Why is it so hard for some people to get get settled into a job they can do?
What would happen if God disobeyed his own laws?
Do you know any groups for philosophy?
To whom was God speaking when he said, "Let there be light."?
Have you ever tried to think how insignificant humans are considering the vastness of the cosmos?
Is MAN basically GOOD or EVIL?
are we allowed to ask rhetorical questions?
True or false? A contrast between two things is a kind of analogy?
If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be??
Philosophy argumentative essay confusion?
dead people?
what are some freedom quotations by philosophers?
Greatest quote of all time....???
What is unconditional love?
If u wud be given a chance to wish for 1 thing even just for 1 thing,wht wud it be & why???
Is it possible for a person to be born without the mental ability to feel or experience any sensations of fear?
Isn't the only absolute truth that we know of, The one which states that is the only absolute truth we do know?
Can someone proof read my paper? (Short Essay)?
In times when the mind forgets, can the heart help it remember?
How should we live?
Do you guys think the author uses a natural law approach in his article?
What is your deepest, darkest secret?
human nature?
i dont seek materialistic objects?
If you ruled the world, what would you do to improve it?
Honesty-- the best policy?
why is Greek mythology is important?
Limbo appears in the Gospel as "The Bosom of Abraham", Jesus Himself mentions it. Is Limbo now empty?
Can someone explain to me what FREE MAISON is?
Can someone help me with Leibniz?
Define evil . . . . . .?
what is the claim and purpose for Socrates meets marx:Private property chapter?
Honestly who is your favourite philosopher?
Is Love a Weakness or Strength?
What do you consider to be an unethical or immoral action?
Is it immoral not to get an abortion?
Yes or no??????!????
is there is god?
How to prevent something from dominanting your thoughts?
Why are masters of craft rarely appreciated in their time?
Why do i have to scracth my head before i can think?
Is it normal to always think of a pet dieing?
Will Yoga Really Increase Brain Power?
What were the 3 biggest influences or choices that helped Jeannette Walls achieve a better life?
What is an example of a logical consequence that is not a tautological consequence?
My philosophy on life?
Is one love all we need in life?
Is it true that "reality" can't be defined, only experienced?
Is bolt bus still in existence? Can'tfind a number or web link????ind a number or we?
Have you ever been sexually attracted to a family member or a person of an inappropriate age? How did you deal
Have you ever thought that life has no meaning?
If nothing is everything then is everything nothing?
To do justice requires philosophyzin and to philosophize necessitates becoming just.Explain?
20 years from now, what would you be?
Can a boy and agirl be friends?
why did other philosophers bother to respond to the ontological 'argument'....?
Would you eat someone in order to survive (providing they were dead)? Or would you rather starve to death?
Heidegger's "an introduction to Metaphysics"?
What sound would you miss most if you could no longer hear it?
if you had to sum your life in one sentence/ phrase what would it be?
If there were 2 people left on earth, and you were one of them...?
Were the 108 systems in the Collins submarine designed to work together ?
what is the definition of ideal life?
Are memories and emotions stored in the brain or the soul?
What do you do in your life often that you think is creative or helpful?
my life is can i make my life better?
I might die?!?!? HELP?!?
how do you tell if your extremely disrespectful?
Which part of the body first goes tothe god after death.?
Does anybody really know what time it is?
How do I make peace with God?
Philosophy question, Kant and utilitarianism FEMINIST?
Is fear simply not understanding?
What would you do if there were nothing but happiness in the world?
Why take life serious if there is no objective point?
What is the difference between a deontological and teleological ethical system?
How fast does things change?
Making a important and right decision?
how can i respond to this?
to do it with a "smile" or to do it with "love" ?
wot do u think is after space?
What would you choose -- Living with a dream (or) Living with a human being?
If someone transcended time, how would we know?
Do rituals reinforce spirituality or pollute it? Should the spiritual have rituals that are naturally physical?
enlightenment thinkers song project help?
Can nebody tell me the easier ways to handle the raodside romeos?
Why are humans on earth, whats our purpose..?
What do YOU think came before the big bang?
Which KEY would YOU use to OPEN all DOORS?
Random thought provoking ideas?
what little things make you happy?
What path did Nietzsche envision for science? What direction did he propose it take?
Is life really like a box of chocolates yu never know what yu gonna get?
Is there a question that has never been asked before?
When you die and are buried in a coffin are you aware of being in a long box?
what keeps you MOVING ON... who's BESIDE you, who's BEHIND you, what's AHEAD of you, or what's INSIDE you?
what is sleeping?
can anyone relate???
why not opine m4y0n41s3?
Did the number zero did damaged the number system and hide several insights?
Karl Marx is... : the Jewish Messiah (Moshiach)? an alien humanoid? a god? a prophet of a dark god? a cyborg?
Do you believe no one is unique because everyone is different?
Is it possible to hate yourself?
Are there any scientific conclusions on re-birth cycle ? i.e Does a soul exits?
If the nature don't gives us eyes then what happens?
"No one is perfect" is it a excuse word. Everyone has to work towards perfection right?
what is the meaning of life?
What is Cultural Relativism? And what would they say about murder?
I just finished Petco application and I feel like my soul is dead?
Does God Have Feet?
Frank Lloyd Wright motto?
Why don't they just have a section on sex and get it over with?
What is the magic in your life?
If all people came from Adam and Eve who did we get all these different races?
what is the meaning of life?
Would this is nihilist, existentialist, or libertine thinking?
What is the difference between an animal and you?
What is a virtue according to Aristotle? How does one acquire a virtue on his view?
Can there be nothing.....?
Wouldn't life be easier if we all could just admit that we're idiots?
No single person or event causes another's reaction?
Can any two things be identical?
What is life's purpose?
What is going through the mind of a man when he is not occupied ?
Which is better? To discover something not as amazing as suspected, or to discover its better?
Would you be a bodysnatcher or a human?
if the DOOR is CLOSED, would you think it's LOCKED?
do you wish it was the end of the world right now?
What is your own definition of "love?
If god is all knowing and the creator of all things, is he responsible for evil?
Who authored the following summary of a quote, "Judge a worldview according to its purest form?"?
Can your dreams or desires ultimately make you happy?
What does the first line of Aristotle's "metaphysics" translate to?
Haste makes _____.?
What's the difference between Soul and Spirit?
Why does John feel he needs to commit suicide in Brave New World?
Your thoughts on best friends...?
Does sound last forever?
Thinking about it, who are you?
Changing your name to honor your stolen heritage?
Do you think God and Christ are different beings and that Christ "progressed"? Aren't God and Christ one?
Isnt it funny how some folks can take your word for something, never deciding for themselves?
Who loves being by themselves?
Why do so many of the philosophy questions not really belong in the philosophy section?
What role does change play in the life of human beings?
Do mentally challenged people go to hell?
Does any one know of any good books by Joseph Campbell?
Are people generally good or bad?
What do you not want to happen in life?
How do you see friendship.....?
what would you define as the true meaning of life ??????
where did men come from?
reason behind life liberty and pursuit of happiness ?
What argument does Hume use to prove ethics is based on feelings?
Can we possibly use higher dimensions to understand God?
why am i so jealous?
What is the key to happiness?
How are the philosophies of Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre similar?
do you think the best part of your life has already happened?
eightfold path relevance in today's society and evidence why or why not?
Is it ever possible to think too much?,... what would be the positives and the negatives to over thinking?
Ethics Question About Medicaid?
How can I make myself become a better person?
Do you agree...."Love is a game that two can play and both win"?
What to do when part of a belief system collapses?
Some people want to have eternal life, but wouldn't it be boring to live so long?
Buildings, clothing, tools, music, literature, would be considered:?
What one thing should be done to create harmony in the world?
existentialism in ayn rand's "anthem"?
Is time real? or is it only a persitent illusion? (seriously)?
Plants have feelings...Agree or Disagree ?
How do I get rid of stupid people in the most fun way?
Anybody want to take a personality test?
Close ur eyes... what do u see? Shapes? Colours?
Where does human life gain value; what is the source of it's value?
Would it be that simple analysis is a form of judgment?
Which of these are irrelevant premises?
lucid dreaming?
What are the effects if a child grew up without a father?..?
What is the secret to changing my life?
What's the difference between, 'disagree to agree' and 'agree to disagree'?
Hitting the mark - Intention vs. Actuality?
To love and have lost is better than to never have loved at all? Agree or Disagree?
John Locke's political philosophy is known as Classical Liberalism. What does this mean? How would EITHER Hobb?
Does your life have a "sweet spot"?
Who is Emerson? What does he have to do with Philosophy?
What defines a generation gap?
Would you say that all human beings are fundamentally the same or fundamentally different?
There is no such thing as a poor philosophical question.There are only the poor philosophers.?
If a person permanently loses all their memories are they the same person?
What you you 'philosophers' think?
What is there 'not enough of ' in this world?
Why do We as a Society dislike Complexity?
Why is it that I only understand trancedentalism when I'm feeling existential & vice versa?
how is God a craftsman?
max 10 definations of philosphy of different thinkers.?
what is your opinion about the invention of atom bomb?
Can you define atheism for me?
Did Godzilla eat YOUR homework ?
What's the best technique to use to change your subconscious beliefs and/or perception?
What is your identity???
Please help me understand this: OVERLOAD/AN-AESTHESIA .?
Are marriages still relevent today, or would a bachelor lifestlye be more fulfilling?
Do you think that if you think positive things will happen better for you?
if god exists?
Are humans the most "evil" beings?
if i am what i have and what i have is lost.. then who am i?
In times when clever humans try to put words into your mouth, what do you do?
How crazy is life for you?
Does anyone actually use these Machiavelli-inspired laws, or is someone having a lend of us ? Law 20 :?
What would you do when you found yourself falling in love with your imagination?
Is Dewey right when he claims that: the thing actually at stake in any serious deliberation is not a different?
What are dreams made of?
What do you think about John Locke?
Can figure out a persen's personality by reading their answers?
Is it sometimes better to never ask why?
I don't know what to do with my life it's scary?
Is there a way to make this dream possible?
What is the simplest truth in your philosophy?
Buildings, clothing, tools, music, literature, would be considered:?
So I heard an allegory but I can't remember what it is or what movie it was on. Can you please help?
How did Marx deduce the essence of private property through the 4fold alienation of labor?
Did Collins software integration effort resemble Aeroflot Flight 593 ?
Happiness is......................................…
I want to do psychology, philosophy and linguistics at Oxford?
Did God create MAN or did MAN create GOD?
How do you free your mind?
What if your family has a negative effect on your life?
What circumstance gold will not?
What kind of jobs can we get as "Philosophers?"?
Who else thinks technology is getting out of hand?
why are there moments of sadness in life no matter how humane or kind one is?
Are we in our 2nd cycle of life?
What someone would mean by saying.."Sorry, I have to change my persona,I have been talking to salesmen today"?
Which Is Worst, Failing Or Never Trying...?
can SADNESS manifest as............?
what is the happiest thing you have experienced?
Does Harris-Moore's capture make you feel dead inside?
How would you describe life in one word?
what's the meaning of life?
If you could ask the wisest being in the universe just one quick question, what would you ask?
do you believe you can do anything?
Why is fantasy so much better than reality?
Are you ever afraid that you aren't "living up to your potential"? like you've made the wrong choice?
What does an existential nihilist think about suicide?
If you really had intelligence what would you do?
Can anything be objectively bad?
Will the world really end in december 21 2012?
Engels' laws of dialectics.....?
What can't be learned from those that agree with us?
what are your thoughts on my looks?
Why do we need God?
Compatibalist views on 'A Clockwork Orange?'?
Do you subscribe more to the necessaritarian or regularity view of the world?
example of a good Inductive argument please?
What was the happiest day of your life?
Why do humans feel the need to question life?
are you poor ?
how to improve luck?
What kind of TITLE do you ASPIRE for?
Why do guys get bullied for having morals in life? What's wrong with having morals?
Which is version is better? The book or the film?
Is the year 2009 the start of the end of the world?
What is human destination in a perfect world?
Which ancient philosopher was called the Stagirite?
What do you think about eternal return?
my mind is blocked, what to do?
What is considered to be masculine behavior?
do you think a database is an appropriate analogy for the existence and creation of humans and the universe?
Why are people afraid of being asked "why"?
How to live life below the rest of humanity?
in a world plagued with war, genocide, and intolerance, how can today's society ensure that future generations?
What makes a human being 100% happy on earth?
Deriving conclusion for Philosophy with symbols?
if you just drift around doing dead end jobs all your life have you wasted it?
is it me or is all the world either greedy or just evil?
Plato's Allegory of the Cave?
What is the meaning of life?
How can one transcend the Human Experience?
Some Crito questions for you philosophers.?
What does this mean?: Green are my eyes, Blue are my lips.?
Philosophy Homework Help?
Is being catty just like.... the bdsm of flirting?
Can someone explain to me the concept of existentialism within Simone De Beauvoirs The Woman Destroyed?
What is your definition of simplicity and complexity?
Anxiety and Boredom - can we fight them with Logic? Do we even want to - and why?
give my your favorite quotes please.?
Is our life is meaningless?
How does Willy Loman relate to Tiresias (In Death of the Salesman)?
what does disease is not the cause of death mean?
What Is The Meaning Of Life In Your Opinion?
What are some differences between perception and interpretation or do the two go hand in hand?
What is the ingredient of love?
What is the key to true happiness?
what is the answer to todays noggin hoggin question?
Do you believe...?
what is the message of Sleeping beauty?
Would you take the blue pill or the red pill?
What were you like as a child?
How to save the world? (Please explain your answer)?
"essence precedes existence" or vice versa?
Everyone,( despite religion,race,age,political stance,sexuallity&morality) should answer this.?
What specific freedom does Voltaire feel is essential?
If given a new planet how would you build / run it?
What was your happiest moment?
How does Socrates, in his trial, use irony to attack those who profess to know more than they actually know?
Do you believe you control your own destiny?
What are some things symbolizing life?
What is the meaning of life? (why is it meaningless)?