Personal Finance

How can a person who lives in Rome pay off a credit card with Euros?
eligibility lic housing loan?
401k or 403b?
advice on benefits for parents to be........child tax credits etc?
Need help for my debt?
I won 70 quid at an illegal rabbit fighting contest the other night. How should I enjoy my winnings?
I am looking for a loan of 3,000 i live in the uk...however i have no credit history whatso ever! ?
if you were givin 50 thousand dollers right now how would you spend it?
How can I get a council house?
Should we get the money out of my hubbys 401K to pay off credit cards?
Bank account and first job setup?
How to deposit cash in NZ to AUS bank account?
what proportion of my net salary should I be paying out in respect of my mortgage each month to be safe?
If I'm only 14, can I get a debit card?
how long can you get unemployment for?
Can a Debit card bank account balace go negative?
Should I stay or should I go?
Mortgage repayments?
Is it more important financially to lock in a good mortgage rate or pay off outstanding credit card debt?
Banks closing accounts when people reclaim their charges?
Debt problems (short).......................?
what do people use to keep track of their finances?
i went to this center for education program today and they asked for my ss card and my id?
Can you really make money online? If yes, How?
whats a good way to make money for a 14 year old?
Are the banks open?
personal bankruptcy in ontario?
can i transfer a the installment of a personal i took from national bank of Abu Dhabi from Dubai to Cairo?
How do you become a kid millionaire?
The difference between a credit union and a bank?
fully vested after 3 years, will I get anything if fired/layed off after 2 years?
How much should i pay them?
need to find a monthy payday loan?
Can federal taxes be taken for child support payments?
i need an at home phone job that is free no fees no cost?
does m&t bank charge a dormant savings account fee?
How fast will my checks clear?
My daughter received a 1954 20.00 bill from a bank ATM that counterfit, how can we tell , what can be done?
how much does a banker earn in south africa?
If I set up monthly transfer from Chase checking to savings & back again, can I still avoid monthly fee?
How much money do you need to have in the bank to feel secure?
How much can you withdraw from a bank of america atm at one time?
Where to cash a western union money order?
How do i cancel my neteller account?
35% of $1250.00 is what amount?
What should I do with my 300 dollars?
wat is Creative Accounting?how to do Creative Accounting?
Should I quit my Job? i have no money from all my bills..?
A question about constantly going overdrawn with natwest?
Bank etiquette and when should I complain about an employee nosing in my business?
How much should I save per month?
Retirement plans in England?
How much info do I HAVE to divulge to debt collectors?
Money isn't everything,?
I have financial troubles. I can go on, and on.?
What's a good way I can rebuild my credit?
Ever had your money just get up from where up put it and run away?
How can we escape this payday advance ferris wheel?
How much cash is in your wallet or purse right now?
How can investors own stock indirectly?
Making money online -buying,selling?
I have all of these ideas! how can I make them happen?
how can i make money?
How to make 30 bucks in a weekend if you have no jobs but you're 16... lol?
May I say a personal THANK YOU, - to an MP, - for ONE recent, DECENT act?
how to earn money from online?
which websites offer the best free personal Online Bookkeeping service? thanks?
Could I earn enough money to survive by doing this?
International money transfers....?
Can an adult cosign so that I can have a verizon plan in my name?
how good are the payday loans from the internet, are they good or bad idea.?
What can a teenager do to make/save money?
If my paypal is empty do withdrawls automatiacally go to my bank account?
I'm 15 and I have 6,000 dollars cash?
How many credit cards is too many?
How can I turn a check into cash?
Whats a good way of making some money for summer?
financial intermediaries include all of the following except:?
can I get a wage garnishment while making payments?
Help Managing my money wisely?
In what order should I spend my money?
what is the best way to spend 100 dollars?
when will I get money?
What is the fastest way to become a good typist?
should the United States get rid of the Penny?
has anyone heard of rockworth financial lending source?
Any ideas for help?
How can i get rich??Whats the most important thing to become a rich person..?
What are your experiences with online savings accounts?
Can i pay ebay by cash instead of paypal?
I was told by my father that I need to go on a budget and I have to give an accounting of my monthly spending?
what is the best FL college savings plan? the FL prepaid or the college investment plan?
How many people are in the "1%"?
Can I get fired for asking why I was not getting paid the amount that I and my boss agreed on?...?
does anyone know the name of a computer program that can balance a checkbook?
How can I raise my credit score ?, fast it is a 580 and I need a 620?
Paying a mortgage with your partner, does anyone split it as ratio to the highest earner? or do you pay equal?
i need to earn 2000 by friday anyone have any ideas?
How to make quick cash?
How do I stop spending/save money?
I haven't gotten my social security number yet.?
i just received a date for a court hearing about a debt I can't pay - what generally happens at these hearings
will money bills set of airport metaldetectors?
Anyway to get scammed on Paypal?
Why do bank transfers take 2-3 business days?
I am separated from my girlfriend and need to get my name off the mortgage.?
What would you suggest I do with my savings off 1000+/month?
I have a 1950 $50.00 dollar bill and wondered how much it would be worth?
how much is the average electricity bill in new york city?
how can a 14 year old earn money?
How hard is it to get a small business loan?
I accidently bought something on amazon?
How will I procure cash in a short term basis?
PayPal won't send me the beginning two small payments?
If I want to get a loan for a house in the?
any one have any good ideas how to catch a thief?
What's the best way to invest money in the Philippines?
I got an email about making money from home with the internet.?
A decrease in net worth would be the result of?
What are some good ways to make money?
should I withdrawal my money from my 401k account?
Help with Walmart prepaid credit card?
where to get help with utilities?
apply for sss member penalty loan condonation program for individual member?
I don't think my employer is paying me right.?
How can a married couple, living in Houston, TX, make 45k each and still not have any money?
Has anyone made money from
why does money go so quickly?
If I depsoited $200 in the bank and it doubled by 18 percent how long would it take to double??
If I die and I owe 111,995.80 in medical bills who will be responsible for those bills. I am married?
I am being chased by a debt collector. Can I go directly to the original creditor and deal with them?
Online payment using Thai Credit Card?
How much money do you need to make a year to have a good living?
im thirteen and i need more money what can i do to make more?
Is it stupid if I cash out a 401K from an old job that has less than $2,000?
does anyone know where i can get a loan from i have bad credit so cant go to bank,my income is 250 a week?
How can I transfer funds from a US credit union to the Dutch Postbank. I have a giro account.?
Were do i get a free credit score without joining anything?
(uk) What's the best secure bank method to raise your savings through interest rates.?
What would you do with $50 dollars?
If someone gave you a thousand bucks ? ?
Will giving my mom money to watch my daughter affect her social security?
I am going to buy a home in 1 year. Can I lock in mortgage rates today?
can payday loans be discharged in bankruptcy in Kentucky?
Exceedingly Rich People: How do you get that rich?
How do I teach my husband to manage money?
will my car be repossessed in this situation?
i need to make 500 dollars with in the next 5 days are thier any suggestions. It is an emergency?
which superanuation fund should i go with?
Wells Fargo overdraft protection HELP!!?
if i put 30,000 dollars into a regular savings account how much interest will i make?
how many checking account do you need?
How to earn money fast!?!?
has anyone been to a storage auction?
How Do I make $100,000 a year?
Can you fix my credit?
It has been said that a man can not get financially wealthy buy hard work alone, do you believe this?
calculating project cash flows from assets?
if my puppy chews up a personal check from someone, is it tampered?
Is $1,600 A Week Good Money?
should I pay off my mortgage?
Can i pay every two weeks?
ATM Pending charges??????
In a car loan amortization schedule is the first advance emi paid to dealer reflected in the statement ?
Can you ask your bank to prevent your account from going into an unarranged overdraft?
The WarZ Wont Refund me!?
How do I get my credit score? Ideally for free.?
Do I lose my family allowance?
Legal question?
what the best way to some one to make money?
Bank of America & annoying phone calls?
Whats the quickest way to make money?
New regulations with pay day loan companies?
Do you think California will go completely bankrupt in 1, 5 or 10 years or never?
Serious comments only please! Blogging.?
what would you do if u had 5,000 in cash and wanted to make it grow over one yearwhat would u do and no banks.
How To Make Money Fast?
How can I pay bill on line?
What is the best and fastest way to make money online legitimately?
I need money and I want to know if taking my clothes off is a good idea?
How to transfer my pension as direct deposit to Egypt, looking for Citibank. How much I'll be charged monthly
what is FHA MIP and is there any way to get rid of it ?
Hey! Now get $1 MILLION for expressing how you would like spend $ 1 million!?
Where to cash pay check?
i have no bank account, no credit and no job but i need money now desperatly?
A quick way to make 100$?
How to earn money easily on the net?
Where does the majority of the money you make for the month go to?
How do you pay resuarant bills as a kid?
what is the quickest way to earn money?
if you won the 120M wot wud u do????
What is a credit adjustment?
How to borrow money??? fast?
How do I save $300 quickly?
Ok So I have around 480- 515$ And I was wondering What should I Buy?
Someone owes me money but I have no proof.?
What is the best website to recieve free stuff and best way to make money online? Please Help!!?
can a bank transfer money from one account to another without my authorisation?
can i go into a bank and exchange half a 5pound note?
what is the best bank to open a bank account?
Why does a check need to be endorsed before deposited?
I make $24,000 a year me and my friend?
How can I earn money-about $20+ a month?
I have no idea what this means?....scam?
can i still recieve my purchased items if my paypal account was limited?
How can a 15 year old make money?
Is there really any way to get a debt collector to stop calling me without paying them?
how can I become a millionaire by the age of 18 if im 16?
How do you live on a $100.00 (one hundred dollar) budget for a month?
What does this mean: UD Back out ATM Deposit?
Should I declare bankruptcy?
how do I get away from PNC mortgage?
i have 401k questions help?
What should I do with 500 bucks?
How to raise $1500 FAST?!?
When does the pending clear?
What are the best interest rates on savings?
what is your money saving routine?
Anyone help me with my husbands navy les?
how to file HSA distribution?
are there million dollar bills?
Why are loan fees an INCOME instead of EXPENSE?
Where is all the money?
Do you think an income of $48,000 a year for a family of five is not that good?
What are good ways to make lots of money and quick!!?
Why it is said that bankruptcy should be the last option?
How do i flippin get out of debt??????
What should I get with hard earned money?
I am thinking about getting a loan to pay off my credit cards.?
What's the fastest and most effective way to make money on ebay?
PayPal to Bank Transfer?
Bank of America:Processing, what does it mean?
Best place to learn personal finances?
Any Ways to get QUICK money ?
Is it better to start an emergency fund or pay off debt?
Credit Card Debt question?
Can you make a living out of trading stocks and options?
How is Dubai's debt having such an inverse effect on Americas financial markets?
Mom has lots of debt..if something happen to her will I be responsible for it?
Please Help With Adjusting Trial Balance!!?
What should I buy with my wages?
Moving in with my partner, finances?
I am looking at getting a Debt Consolidation Loan?
what do i do I am BANKRUPT!!!!?
Family member persuading husband to file for bankruptcy. Legal advice needed!?
If you won the lottery,what exactly would you do with the money?
If you won 100,000,000 dollars what would you do with it?
I need a loan for debt consolidation, are there 1 year loans based on salary?
If I don't pay my bill and my bill goes to collection while I move to other city and change my address?
can you go into a bank and ask for £9 out if account?
I nned extra money! single mom please help!?
Do you consider me poor?
How can I earn money fast?
Why was my debit card refused?
How do i deactivate my account that i made in Cedar Finance?
Paypal refund. I need Help!?
How much debt are you in?
Pocket Money Help Please?
if you won five thousand pounds what would you do with it and why?
where does a 14 year get an easy summer job (it doesn't have to pay a lot)? please help, I really need one!!!!?
Can they make me take Christmas week off without pay?
You are ready to retire. A glance at your 401k statement indicates that you have $750,000?
I paid my title loan after my car got repossed, can they still keep the car from me?
Does the reduction in Social Security change the amount for Retirement Income Plans at gov't hospital?
What is the best checking account balancing interest and service?
How long does it take to receive a Wells Fargo debit card?
how can a 13 year old make 70 dollers fast?
my company value is 22 million euro is my net worth 22 million euro?
If I signed up for a HSBC Basic current account would it be a Visa Debit card?
i need a loan if for about 3000-5000 before thursday?
How can i get easy money?
How do personal checks work on ebay?
PayPal money transfer, when!?!?
Ally bank vs citi bank...?
What are the normal bills to pay a month?
brought on ebay and the money hasnt come out of my bank with paypal?
I want my money back?
How to spend 450 dollars?
Best ways to make money online?
I need to refin my home equity loan,Countywide mortgage won't refin my loan,said i have too many credit cards.
Should I pay off my mortgage or keep money invested in stock market?
Besides the bank where else I can cash a check?
Is cashing money orders and cashing them at my bank for someone else legal?
How old do you have to be to start a retirement plan?
Ing Direct?
Which Bank?
western unions, "wire transfer"?
My broadband provider, PLUSNET, took money from my bank, I DIDN'T OWE under a different name. Is this LEGAL?
what is the local currency in India?
how can I make money fast to pay back $400?
Can I still claim ema (UK)?
. When interest rates increase or decrease how does this affect you(or people)?
My bills are automatically deducted from bank account but payee says...?
My sister is a million dollars in debt?
how much money do you need to open a savings account usually?
Bank Account Privacy Rules?
are there ANY legit companies out there that will grant a loan to someone w/crap credit w/no co-signer???????
I am an impulse buyer. how can i stop myself from buying unnecessary things?
All that I have left of my savings....... I was so naive!?
By when will my retirement money be deposited to my account?
how can i earn 180 $ ?
who sings that song, "i;m so horny"?
i need a good way to make money online?
Bank account for foreigners students?
Bank account at 16?
If you agree that America is heading towards inflation, where might you put your money to keep it growing?
Think you got it bad? My new boss told me my rate of pay was $ which is 10 bucks less than i normally get? & Can I buy stuff from both using the same account?
Is $1,500,000 enough to retire on if primary residence is paid for? I am 50 yrs old and family life span is 90
401k strategies agressive?
what is the main factor that helps college graudates get jobs? are grades a huge factor?
Income confusing me...?
whats the best way to be rich?
Have you had a debt free Christmas?
Am I wrong?
How should I use this money?
HELP! can some please help answer my question?
Can i get a ssi application mailed to me?
What should I use my money on?
Can you pay for a hotel WITHOUT a credit card? ?
does anyone know how to really make money using the internet?
How Many hours did I work?
How many stamps do i have to put on my envelopes. Some weigh more then others is there a standard ?
My friend owes me money and I really need it back..what do I do?
If I'm on title w/my dad, but not on the loan. Dad lets the house go am I liable for the house?
what is going on with the 2009 stimulus check?
how i can reach rich man?
where to scrap plastic for cash in houston texas?
how do i print out a paycheck copy from
I need to make some fast money - how?
What is the best way to save money? Matress? savings account? Investment?
data entry typist?
What bills would I have to pay with an apartment?
whats a really good paid survey?
has anyone sat the CF1 exam?
Visa Debit/Money/Check Question?
Indians Earn Rs.250000 monthly. Easy form filling jobs?
Where can i get a $2000 Loan, when I have no credit and no cosigner?
my wife lost her debit card, can you help me find it?
Where can I get a loan for 3000, I don't have the best credit.?
How does ING earn money from accounts such as the 'Savings Maximiser'?
Which 403b company would you work with?
Is a loan a good idea?
I received a Multi million dollar inheritance...?
How can I earn money?
what are your living expenses? how to cut back?
Ed bought $2,000 in stock shares one week before the stock price dropped $10.00. If he had waited for the pric?
In Michigan, is my father responsible for old hospital bills of my mothers after her dealth?
Ways to earn some extra money?
What are some ways to raise a credit score?
Should I spend all my money? HELP!?
Would you pay $20 entry fee?
Can I withdraw money before it's done transferring?
Is it true that you can write out a cheque, without...?
I'm leaving my job on Fri. Should I get a loan? PLEASE HELP!?
How do i get rich fast?
How to make money at age of 14?
How much money do you need to not have to work again?
what would you do if you were given 1 million bucks in 1 week?
Is there a website where you can bad mouth a bank for all to see?
Is making $8.75 for someone who has no bills a lot?
Do waiters steal credit card info?
What is the best way to make plenty of money online ?
Is there a self made millionaire out there that can share his secrets to success or a ceo making millions,?
My income is only 80% of my expenses. Is that outrageously high? I have been spending my savings which are?
My bank is talking about offering a service where I would log in to my account on my mobile - is this secure?
Banks with telecheck?
Does anybody know how ro cancel you amazon account?
How do I find cash received from sale of common stock?
Can you live off of $30,000 in columbia, SC?
what do you think is the fastest way to become a billionaire?
how can you help your parents save money for your future?
Family loan what to do?
Where is the best place to take out a loan?
What are the 2010 Roth IRA Contributions Limits?
I am a single mum of a 1 yr old, getting no financial support from the 'so called father'.?
How do I raise £1000?
Can my mom move in with me and still recieve public assitance?
Can I take money out of my Roth IRA for emergencies?
what is the average food expense for 2 people?
What brokerage firms have the best commissions fees for buying mutual funds?
How can a thirteen year old girl do for money?
Can I pay with paypal through ebay with both my paypal balance and my credit card?
Will my package arrive early ?
Government Grant are confusing?
If i do not withdraw my money from recongnised providedn fund after retirement?
I accidentally bought an item on Ebay?
Did I give away my SSN? ?
Is a budget , A method for going broke methodically ?
my husband's credit score is 580. is that considered fair, bad, or very bad?
what is 4% of $48,000 ?
How can I increase my Credit Rating?
Minimum Pay?
where we can find hdfc debit card reward points?
Come on, be creative...What would you do with a MILLION $$$???
Which credit card company has the funny curved edge shape credit card?
Is it possible to convert a roth IRA to a traditional IRA?
If I filed a Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and now I want to repay everyone back...?
What is The Mutual Fund?
Dad died, left me 100k trust... his wife (not my mom) says she can spend it. How do I get it?
How Can i be more productive at work?
Should I sell my cd collection?
Annuity Question?
I left on bad terms, will I still get my W2?
are people still getting the extra $25. a week from unemployment?
Do you get ripped off by Bank Charges every Month?
getting a loan?
I need advice with writing a will?
What happens to non vested 401k contributions if I'm laid off.?
i would like to get a copy of the budget that Dr Phil was giving away on todays show?
Okay, if this is common knowledge why isn't everyone doing it?
Should I quit my job? I will pick the "best answer" quickly.?
what is a debit card and how do you use one?
I received a insufficient funds notice from my bank it says the charges have been paid?
How do i earn $1.00? Please good answers?
How to make money under 16 years old?
i need $10000 for surgery help?
How do I survive with $70 until Monday in an extremely boring country?
Let me boyfriend borrow money? Yes or No?
if you are a stay at home mum, what is the best way to earn money?
how do i access my trust fund?
If you had $10 million dollars what would you do with it?
Mortgage refinancing?
I'm due to retire with only a state pension can anyone tell me what benefits I am entitled to claim?
Cheap filling food. Help budgeting my money?
credit If a company makes a mistake and send you to collections can they fix it?
How do I raise $10,000 for disabled Father?
Can I get a loan for a car based on my income in Paypal? (I sell on ebay & have good credit and make good $.)?
what is the difference between credit card and debit card ?
What should I do with my $150 bonus check?
Financial question...please advise?
What should I buy with around $300?
What criteria do banks use to refuse personal loans?
how to get government housing aid?
What is the quickest way to make $10-$14 in a week?