Performing Arts

Memorization tips?
Whats a good acoustic guitar?
What do you think is better to learn to play the piano or guitar? why?
i am 26 do u think i am too old to persue a carrer dancing?
what's the best costume for our choral recitation? need an answer ..?
Is using a capo cheating?
I need help on playing the guitar!?
when does the dracoola festival starts and where it takes place?
Learning how to play bass?
What is an average cost for Stage Set design?
How can I a violin to my advantage?
Does anyone know of a good talent agent?
piano or guitar harmony expert please help?
Which would be an easier way for her to watch a film?
What if you like a guy and you go out with then and then the dump you the next day?
Life as a Professional Dancer?
Can you tell the name of reiki training institutes in Jaipur "India"?
I have a question about Pageants?
do you think laughter or the comedy weakens the seriousness conveyed by the play?
Can a 5oz bird carry a 10 lb coconut?
How can I become an awesome rhymer?
What is your favorite Gospel Hymn?
Flute chords of only hope?
Guitar: What do I learn now?
How do I over come stage fright?
What are some good contemporary plays and monologues?
How many times of singing the same song make u tired?
Are this Guitar equipments good enough to play an Electric Guitar as a beginner ?
Whats a good song to sing?
Whats the diffrence in playing a bass guitar from a 6 string guitar?
i need a musical theatre audition piece?
I need some love song suggestions...?
how long does it take to learn to play this ?
calling all oboe players!?
does anyone work as a tribute singer?
How can I learn to do a back handspring?
I've been thinking of taking up poi (firestaff dancing). Any tips?
Dance vs. Gymnastics?
im interested in model/acting but im unexperience and i dont know if i should take classes or find a agent.?
If you suddenly became a rich and world famous musician, what would your stage name be?
Funny Skits for 2 people about 2 -5 minutes long? Please help!?
are live sex shows considered "performing arts"?
Where is the root note in a guitar chord?
I need a script for "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown".?
How much time it is neccessarilly needed to be able to learn the guitar in a playable state?
Question about becoming an actor?
What is the best college marching band out there?
Should I join Highschool Orchestra?
Do you know the website that suggests songs from Broadway musicals according to what you input?
Anybody remember the movie 'Grease'?
Why is there a pic of Sitting Bull in Outkast's Idlewild Blues Video?
Can anyone tell me the fingering for this piano sheet music?
Audition songs similar in style to Christine from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"?
Does anyone know where to find a good Uke instrument?
Perfect pitch vs. relative pitch?
What are some good violin brands in the 100-300$ range?
What kind of strings, Steel or Nylon for an acoustic guitar?
What acoustic guitar is better, Martinez or Cort?
A question on Shakespearean times?
Any song suggestions (possibly Disney) for singing on the Disneyland Main Stage?
In music, what is the meaning of H moll?
Is Sweetwater a good site to buy guitars from?
What should I Sing Tomorrow for school kareoke? Appropriate PALEASE??
Help with translation to Spanish.?
what website can teach me how to sing rock song properly?
Some trumpet help!!!!! Please!?
help with the glass menagerie?
is the Randall rg200 guitar amp good for playing metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, etc.?
do i have a chance of being a professional violist????
Is there a step size calculator for marching band?
Does anyone know anything about the CHristian Drama "Tales of the Undertaker"?
How would i slate for an audition?
is it easy to learn guitar by book?
How can I get better at guitar?
Help with clarinet scales!!?
How do you show that one play is better than another?
how do I calm my nerves?
How to start acting or any good schools?
What are the chances of a boy being a famouse singer or actor?
Weird sound on my guitar when playing certain frets?
How to repair Ballroom Dress?
How much are guitar lessons?
What is the greatest Broadway play ever?
Venues for bluegrass bands?
I want to learn Dragonforce on Guitar?
what's the best flute for a beginner?
Do I sing good? What type of voice to I have?
I need help learning how to play the guitar please?
Who is the funniest character in "Once Upon A Mattress"?
Funny Songs to Sing for a Cabaret?
How can i make money for a guitar?
Good entry level drum set within $350?
im trying to learn some avenged sevenfold songs on guitar but the tabs are hard any ideas how to play better?
did anybody get a call for a j.o.n.a.s audition yet?
Where I can find the piece 008 by Herb Duncan online?
Need Help Picking A Song ! ! ! 10 EASY POINTS !?
I am about to buy a guitar and I am just learning to play. What should I get for a guitar?
Unemployed but have a special talent?
Do you think musicals are cheesy?
How can I join WCOPA?
Tips on learning to play guitar?
What is a good broadway solo for a female?
is the British Actor Anthony Andrews still alive?
Am I too old to learn learn how to play guitar?
What is the best way to compile a repertoire list?
What the perfect emontional song for a lyrical solo?
how can improve my siging?
Is it hard to learn and play the harp?
Questions on "Theatre"?
Having trouble blowing the clarinet? Help?
Can someone tell me where I can rent or buy a BIG HEAD costume?
sax question (anyone could answer it)?
Can you play bassoon with tiny hands?
Britain's Got Talent Audtion Process?
I haven't restrung my guitar in about four years?
Who watches Paris By Night/Thuy Nga? Help me out?
Shakespeare era instruments?
How to convince my parents to let me have a talent agent? URGENT?
Over come stage fright?
When was Herbert Kingsley's, the composer who wrote the music and words to "The Green Dog" birth and death?
Eva Cassidy 'I know you by Heart' instrumental for free?
What was the first African-American Broadway play? Help!!?
How do you cope with being untalented in what you love?
What is your favorite broadway musical?
Who has ever heard of WICKED?
Summer Preforming Arts Camp?
how to learn playing piano?
why does william wallace paint his face blue in the movie braveheart?
Does Anyone Know The Comparison Of Greek And Renaissance Actors?? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Self Teaching Guitar Tips? END OF TIMES?
can you sing the song its a hard nock from annie life as a solo?
what do you think about the art of pole dance?watch this and tell me...?
I want to know at least five great musicals?
What is a good song for a beginner to sing?
Any tips for convincing my parents to take me to LA?
What kind of wa wa pedal should I get for my digital piano?
How to hold a saxaphone?
How to make sterling silver flute SHINY?
Which instrument should I play?
Does Zaneeta Shinn have any dancing solos in the Music Man Jr.?
what song has la de da in it?
What Song Should I Lip Sync In The Talent Show?
What is the difference between SAG and AFTRA?
How do I tune my Acoustic guitar?
Should I play an electric guitar ?
Does anyone know the name of this song?
is there any mariachi auditions for young adults in SAn Diego?
Are guitars easy to learn? i will be teaching myself?
Chord Progression?
song in which girls can do solo-dance?
Where can I find the Stageplay for Funny Girl?
How can I play different rhythms on different hands on piano?
Why cant i sing loud?
Singers! What is my voice part? What is head voice? How to I extend my range?
Problem with my alto saxophone?
I love you but I can't be with you songs?
Harmonizing question?
IDEAS for christmas performances?
What is the highest note possible a human can sing?
how do i act like i dont care when im getting told off at school?
What opera should I take my mom to see?
Overcoming Singers Stagefright?
how would i get a record deal?
Are my fingers magic or am I high on Ether?
What is a pentascale?
How hard is it to learn to play bass? Which is easier upright or bass guitar?
do you like the sound of a bamboo flute or a silver flute more?
How do I get discovered?
Any Christian rockers in Central Maine?
Song and Dance Solo for Male Tenor?
Learn to sing online?`?
What is the strongest marching snare head?
need to do more than 2-3 pirouettes?
What you guys think about frida kahlo ?
Planning a band practice?
strings that come with Yamaha fg720s?
My friends making a band what should he name it vanishing lights or bloody ending?
Which Guitar brands are better, Epiphone or Yamaha?
Bass Guitar Strings!!! HELP!!!?
What are the notes on a guitar?
Is whistling well considered a rare talent?
i heard KCostner performed a lewd act on some girl at a scottish golf course.?
hey need to know fast?
where can i buy a really really good acoustic guitar?
Where can i get rent or buy a snow white magic mirror for a production?
If you were ahead of a successful business, what would you look to gain from sponsoring a musical event?
Can you get names engraved on Acoustic guitars?
What songs/pieces should I learn how to play on classical guitar?
Any Guitar Players Out There?
what are some cool places in new england to see acoustic performances? Like Coffee shops?
Carol by Candlelight at the Sidney Myer Music bowl Choir - anyone know how you can get into this choir?
Would you say I have musical talent?
My parents doesn't support me wanting to do music when I get older?
How can I relax myself? read discription.?
Full, half, deceptive cadence?
How do good singers prevent injuring their voice from belting?
What is the trill on flute for C above the staff to D above the staff?
where can I get a listing of suzuki instrumental summer camps?
any good acoustic songs?
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
what are the steps for teaching yourself how to play the guitar?
What is your talent or skill that sets you a part from all the rest?
Is a Ibanez a good guitar company?
How Can I Get More Motivated To Play Guitar?
Whats Your Favorite Musical?
songs for suessical audition?
How do you play low C and B on Alto Sax?
what is the purpose of Music in the Curriculum of Teaching?
where can i find information on the broadway show "Black and Blue"?
How many people out there can play an instrument by ear?
musical theatre characters for dance solo?
how can i get lessons for heavy metal drumming and than years later heavy metal guitarist?
What are some good top 5 lists?
I have an Ibanez JS-100, and I was wanting to know if ZW emg 85/81 pickups will work in this model?
FREE Mp3s... Would you listen & give your opinion on some songs I wrote? which one do u like the most?
What should I name my guitar?
Why did Darryl One, conductor of the Modesto Symphony Orchestra resign?
about how much do you have to sing for a high school musical tryout?
How do I make a youtube video become famous?
While My Guitar Gently Weeps tabs?
Does anybody know anywhere where you can learn how to hypnotise free?
Why do we have to learn about Romeo and Juliet?
So few master the guitar, why so many unsuccessful?
The Phantom of the Opera, 25th anniversary in Royal Albert Hall in London?
what is the average price of acoustic guitar?
Joining school choir.?
What instrument is the easiest to learn? Guitar, Keyboard, or Violin?
Street performing act?
How to best learn guitar?
Have You Ever Auditioned For Anything?
What are good ways to get over stage fright?
What song should i sing to an audition ?
Pan flute part for Flogging Molly's "Devil's Dance Floor"??
First time to strum a guitar..?
can someone please help me identify this handsome man?
What would you do if you met EminƎm?!?
what does a fashion designer do?
Questions about Babes in Arms? The musical?
Singing is my passion but.....?
Is it being a celebrities,looks and talent is the most important ?
How do i become a comedian?
do dancers have to be bought a new outfit for every show, if not..where do they hire their costumes from....?
Karoke music question?
How to impress a big director?
In Cirque Du Soleil, there was a man and a woman on blue silk that hung from the ceiling. Can anyone find it?
How do I go about putting more air into my trombone?
Will you tell me what you think of my video?
Role-Playing News Websites?
I want to earn money with my talent, what should I do?
Who became the the first director to win a tony award for both play and musical in one year?
Where is the best place to buy Broadway tickets?
Buying a used guitar?
Alternate word for I Love you?
Any good screamo..?
What are some good, current songs (last 5 years or newer) by female Christian artists?
Am I too old to learn to play the guitar?
How difficult is it to learn to play a Penny Whistle, if you have no experience or musical talent what-so-ever?
talent or no talent? please help!?
Drums vs. Guitar?
short stories to recite for competitions?
Is classical music elitist?
What songs should I learn to play on ukulele?
How to not be disappointed if I don't get the part?
Why do we say merde before performances? Where did it start?
is Sid Caesar still alive?
Do you know this Monologue?
Songs to sing for an audition in head voice?
What musical instrument did or do you play?
Is it true that Wicked the broadway show is going to be a movie?
Does anyone have Buy U a Drank sheet music or Beautiful Girls sheet music??
Why is it that i lose my breath so easily in my usa goldstar flute than my selmer? please read?
What are the best songs to play when you have a headache?
Dance song in magic mike first club scene?
how long is dirty dancing the musical?
how do I improve on my flute?
whats wrong with this slash sweet child o mine solo 3rd part?
How do I get my mom not to come to school performance?
singapore!!has anyone in singapore bought the criss angel levitation DVD?
Guitar players with short fingers. Please help me.?
What instrument should I play in my high school band?
What instrument doesn't require your hand/fingers...if there is any ?
What is the easiest marching brass instrument?
Who actually knows what a Donkey punch is?
Does anyone know which acting schools in california are good?
Are there any ballets in southern California?
Buying guitar strings....?
guitar string gets detuned with increasing fret?
what are some good non clasical songs on the piano that are kinda simple but popular?
Any guitar suggestions for beginners?
any happy, upbeat instrumentals?
I need some infomation on Bali Masks,whats it used for, the origin.?
Would you like to watch me play guitar?
do you think I have the voice?
i need a one minute monologue for a school audition this saturday atthe talent unlimited school please help me?
I hurt my finger playing bass guitar?
I've been playing electric guitar for around a year now. I play metal.?
Guys and dolls audition!!!??!?
Do you like my singing?
define music?
where can i buy montana OTR taging markers?
Why is music undervalued as an academic area?
Equipment bands should have while playing on stage?
Musical Theater career?
Who plays the drums for LMFAO at live shows?
What are the best hip hop dance instructional dvds ?
What should I sing for Middle School Talent Show?
can someone help me over come?..?
Does the size of your body corrolate with the size of your voice?
What should I sing for the talent show???Help! need song!?
what pageants are in michigan?
What song should I try to sing :) Worth 10 Points?
How long is Jim Gaffigans Stand Up routine?
What does "RGTR" mean in the tablature?
What songs are extremely easy to play on guitar.?
HOw do you tune a guitar?
Any dancers willing to give me advice?:)?
What guitar brands do you recommend?
Ideas for a high school benefit concert?
Is there a good website with information about musical theatre?
I would like to play in a symphony, what instrument is the easiest to learn?
Do you think I am a good actress? check out my youtube videos? (:?
Was William Shakespeare against women and if he was why didn't he put women in his plays?
How do you tell what scale a violin piece is in , just by looking at it ?
Does anyone know of a good vocal coach near Lancaster, Pa? PLEASE!!!!?
How long will it take to learn all eleven positions on the violin?
Do you know any good skits about friendship?
How hard is it to learn guitar?
how long shoud u practice and is it bad to practice 4-6 howers a day for a 14 teen year old?
Pick a show to see...?
Where can you get sheet music of the songs in High School Musical?
Has anyone ever auditioned for Dollywood? Specifically as a bluegrass musician, but any info would be awesome
Where can I get Casting Calls and Audition Notices?
How much is a regular acustic guitar?
How do you get to be an extra on the UK soaps?
What do you think of my singing?
What Is The Loudest In (DB) Can A Theatre Be?
Very Consufed!? Help!!?
What type of intermediate/professional alto saxophone should I get for college?
I need the ABC about stagelighting for our little theater at church. Can anyone help me? (
Was wondering if this is acceptable to use for a headshot?
How can "Art" be best defined? Please answer as it is very important Visit
My daughter (honors student) is graduating from middle school this year. We just love Rent.?
should i??
Is learning to read sheet music easy?
violinist gopalappillai,s daughter?
How much is an amazing 4 piece drum set?
Mixed and conflicting relationships? do u know any from a movie or story?Mixed and conflicting relationships?
What is a good beginners guitar?
Don't new bands make you feel old?
What insturment do ya play?
Why hasn't "Majik" become a science?
Is it really hard to play the guitar?
Can you help me with finding a monologue?
What did you think about WICKED the musical?
What are some good songs from musicals that a guy could sing?
What is death jazz?
How much would it cost to fix my acoustic guitar neck?
What are some good senior gift ideas for the Saxophone section of the marching band?
Have you heard of "Broadway to Bagdad" recently?
Are you ever 100% satisfied with your guitar tone?
What's the difference between a Musical, an Operetta, and an Opera?
I found a guitar, is it any good?
What is a good audition song for a 15 year old male tenor?
How competitive is it to get into NOCCA?
is there going to be a ghostbusters 3?
What is the oldest known violin peice?
I want to change my surname. What should it be?
Pls, is there any diff btw hobby and talent?
Marching band: stepping off with which foot?
What do you admire most? a Dancer, a Singer, an Actor or a Filmmaker and why you choose it?
Tips and critique for trying out for a symphony-orchestra?
Concerning Maske in Blau?
What is a good flute?
Montagnana type cellos?
What are some romantic songs that are accompanied with acoustic guitar?
Too old to learn and instrument?
I need 15 facts about italian opera fast!?
How can a person get rid of nerve problems and stage fright?
Am I too old to become a good guitarist?
Need help on this one... BADLY (please and thanx)?
I have a question about the g note on the e string with bass?
Who is your favorite professional String Quartet?
Can you put Dimarzio IBZ pickups in a different brand of guitar or different ibanez?
i want to learn to play drums. i don't read music and have little $... where can i start? thanks!?
What guitar would you rec. for a beginner? And that's good quality?
What is the advantage of a fretless guitar or bass?
Playing the guitar right?
what note value 1/2 of a whole note ?
What is the best city in the USA for an aspiring teen/ young adult to move to?
Why do child dancers enter and exit stage so weird?
Shadowside – Theatre of Shadows torrent, Zippyshare or Mediafire link?
Is Amourous a good name for a girl group?
What do you think of this guitar player?
Does anybody else think...?
What is the definition of a programmatic symphony and pragrammatic overture?
Thoughts on my singing? (comments please)- video?
Question for guitar player?
What would be a great name for a band?
How can I become dark, angry or fearless?
Whats your fave musical?
Does anyone know any well-known musicals with a lot of parts and dancing??
Do you think that guitarist who play the soft romantic songs to atract girls are a insult to all guitarist?
what is the difference between noise and music?
My voice is disappearing?
Can i major in music in college with no prvious exp on the instrument i intend to play?
What does it sound like I did to my wrist/hand while playing guitar?
What is your favorite music artist?
please make me a rhyming poem about a annoying older male cousin at age 12?
what is this sing??
what does a stage director do?
Whats the difference between the sound of a tom and a note on an stringed or key insturment?
How to keep from being nervous?
My violin says "Copie de Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1721" can I get some backround?
Any dance school ranking in the US?
How to prepare for a music festival.?
I get nervous when speaking infront of a crowd :( ?
Who is Ruth Ann Swenson married to? ... I read in a San Francisco magazine that...?
Suggestions for a son's first distortion pedal for Christmas....?
Guitar beginner?
What can you do to become a better flute player?
clarinet vs alto sax?
Can My Friend and I audition for high school together?
Do you think I have perfect pitch?
Who knows some basic jazz dance moves?
My flute pad is sticking? How do I fix it?
What are some easy popular songs to learn for the acoustic guitar?
Sing your favorite song for me?
Is it possible to lower ones voice?
Do you like to sing? Please awnser.!?
Is a 39-year old man too old to learn to play the banjo?
Should I buy an Acoustic guitar?
Getting into acting help?
How many voice lessons per month would make a difference? Should it be once a week?
Where can I find a light weight colorguard rifle?
what are EASY guitar tabs that will still impress people? I am a beginner. I can play hey there delilah?
What is a good acoustic guitar maker?
How to play better/sound better on Tenor Trombone?
where can you take gymnastics?
where can i buy a kitsune mask?
I've just started playing the guitar (I'm 15), do you think it's too late to be really good?
Is it possible to change a recessed Floyd Rose trem into a tune a matic or tone pro bridge? If so how can I?
Do you like to play piano and how long do you play at a time?
must i be good at playing an instrument to be into a music college?
WHAT instrument should i learn... for the first time? any ideas?
Girl names for a play!?!?
How does one attain the head voice?
What strings should I use for my Washburn acoustic?
What are some good classical pieces to learn on (solo) cello?
does anyone know any good websites for keyboard/piano tutorials?
HELP! Chromatic scale with 2 octaves for flute?!?
I am having a problem with power chords on guitar?
Where can I find funk bass guitar arpegios or any tips on improving skills?
Cort acoustic guirars?
Hey, do any of you play an instrument?
How do i convince my mum to let me audition !!! Help nOw....?
What brand(s) of "low-end" $ TROMBONES are reliable?
where is judy kahn?
How would you play this (violin)?
Why won't my daughter's clarinet play C for her?
I need an agent!!! HELP!!!!!?
How do you palm mute and play other strings at the same time on guitar?
Finger Callouses/Strength?
How does a poor student get a good accordion?
Tube amp buying advice?
Should i start with an electric guitar and an acoustic one?
Should I start on a electric guitar or acoustic guitar?
How are pointe shoes made?
What would be the best song for me to sing for the holiday concert?
My fingers tear open when I play guitar .?
How Do You Play a 20 hole Tremolo Harmonica?
why do i play guitar right handed but play guitar hero left handed?
How can I stop my pitch from quavering and wavering and being unsteady when I sing a long held note?
Tips for reaching notes F (the one on the top line) and higher on the clarinet? Also, other clarinet tips?
i have to sing tomorow.....what can i do to not loose it over night!?....and should i warm up in the morning!?
Where can I find free sheet music for flute for the song The Meadow from New Moon?
who is the singer with more # 1 HITS IN USA?
Capo Guitar Help Needed.?
What do you learn in a college music conservatory?
do you like to sing in fornt of large crouds.?
is there rococo opera??
Females: Do you look at a guy differently when he plays an instrument?
Where can I buy some old red velvet stage (theatre) curtains from?
Which of these two guitars can play Metal and Rock?
Where can I take guitar lessons in Mid-MI?
where can i find the refreher for New York teacher certificate?
Do i sing bad?? (VIDEO)?
Trouble with my Native American flute?
Help, I have an audition for a burlesque troupe in two weeks. Can anyone suggest a good song to use?
Is it ever too late to learn how to play an instrument?
Easy character to dress as from a musical?? ASAP?
Oboe/String players! or anyone musical! :D?
What is a good free online website to learn how to play piano?
How to become a working actor?
Instrumentalists out there.?
Do you count to yourself "1, 2, 3, 4" before you start singing/playing a song?
Can a right handed person play a left handed guitar?
What's a good way to learn the guitar?
Can I make quality music using Apple's "Garage Band"?
I want to be a life model?
Are there any color guard groups for adults over 22?
what are the 3 main types of vocal music heard in a opera?
College audition song ideas?
Is anchoring a bad technique for guitar?
Is it too late for me to become a famous actor?
Mandolin hard to learn?
what are the notes for he's a pirate on the keyboard?
Which instrument do you like to hear and enjoy most, the one that touches your soul deeply?
Ideas on peaceful, portable instruments?
How to make 15 year old girl look like a 15 boy?
Anyone know the notes for Westside story Somewhere on saxophone?
Does anyone know any tricks to becoming less nervous?
What is the sexiest instrument for a guy to play?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good contemporary processional song?
Is it normal not to be able to access a part of your voice unless you do vocal rest?
what would be a good stage name for me?
pointe class teacher?
Do you think I'd be able to play the bass clarinet?
what are some good songs?
What songs i should sing and play in the guitar?
Fret board?
If I'm learning to sing in my 30s will I ever develop vibrato?
How do I learn to play guitar faster?
Is it too Late?
what religion banned mime?
why did elizabethan actors chose to do their job?
Can anyone here make some guitar chords for a song?
how can I connect with Luisana Lopilato(argentinian actress)?
is my cousin a good singer?
what is a good duet song that isn't about relationships or love?
how does and extra become one without all the EXTRA charges and scams?
Good acoustic song to play at open mic night?
Which one would be the best musical instrument for a kid to start learning music?
can any one think of a good ending to this script? ?
Questions about the National Circus School, Montreal? (students of the school please answer)?
what song should i do at my talent show?
what brand of guitar does glen hansard play on?
Was Jim Morrison a Genius, a Jerkoff, or Both?!?
Any good tips for starting to play bass?
a name for a signing group of 5 or 4 girls?
does anyone know the plot summary to the play Getting Out or know where i can find it?
where can i get a drum major mace for a Child?
has any body heard the rasta version of dark side of the moon called dope side of the moon?
Guitar help??????????
im teaching myself guitar n finding it hard finding an easy popular song 2 practise. anyone know any? help?
sing and play guitar at the same time?
Sudiologic XP {vs.} Studiologc PRO?
Can You Teach Yourself How To Play Guitar?
How do I apply a guitar scale?
Do you consider learning and playing songs on piano, practice? is anything else really necessary?
Guitar Amp - problem?
Audition for school band?
What's the TRICK!?
Anyone have suggestion's on a great song for two people to sing preferably a male female song?
Is there a classification for a person like this?
Is learning the acoustic guitar hard?
i failed my choir audition. I'm feeling really sad. advice please?
can you teach someone to sing?
What are some good songs for girls from musicals?
Do I have to do an accent for this monologue?
can you douce with chocolate syrup?
What is a grace note and how do you do it on a guitar?
what do bypass pedals do? is it the same as a loop pedal?
I need a person to portray in an individual performance.?
Finding an acting agent... begging for help?
Most Impressive Magic Trick?
What does it mean if you are a very"proficient"guitar player?
What is the most over-rated opera or play you've ever seen?
Do all you musicians, singers and composers realize what a gift we have in music?
I used to play the flute from 5th grade - 8th grade and I was really good. I'm almost 23 now and I really?
i want to know some websites in US just like google on which i can search more info thanks?
What are some good Broadway songs for a belting voice?
should i customize my epiphoje EB-3?
Hi, i'm a violinist and i'm playing for a wedding in September. Any suggestions? I have to play at least 4?
Pretty songs?
What is the easiest way to memorize a monologue?
Is Wednesday Addam's Camp Chipawa Monologue Comedic or Dramatic?
Help with half hole on the oboe?
does elle hayes still model if so where?.has she changed her name?
Group or private music lessons?
Favorite acoustic songs?
i need a song for my cabaret?
What talents are out there that are both entertaining and short in length?
How do I get started with modeling and acting?
Do you have to wear leotards in the flying fruit fly circus?
how many year does it take to become a magician?
What motivates you to play guitar?
What does a violinist train to, in terms of pitch? A piano?
Do you/I have a good sense of sound?
Guitar Strings?!?!?
What is a good song of the Beatles to sing to your class for a musical play with more then to people ?
Would Michael Jackson get on the top 12 if he joins to American Idol if he could sing and dance good as 80's?
Can I discover my talent by joining contests??
I'm learning how to play guitar and my fingers are soo sore!?
Do I need GCSE Drama to study performing arts at sixth form, college etc?
britens got talent??....please help?
How do you alternate pick?
I'm having trouble double-tonguing on piccolo?
Didn't the Beatles release another Album after their #1 Cd? If they did, what was the name of that CD? thanks
Poem search?
Why does my guitar string rattle?
How do i levitate without touching the ground or with strings?
Is it easier to learn to play guitar on acoustic or electric?
Artist manager or an agent can help a new artist?
How do i become a singer at 12?
How to whistle through fingers?
What instrument do you play?
Drum Major?
How do I make a 7th chord on piano?
What should I wear for my play?
How can I get a good mark in music?
Someone help me identify a really strange time signature in this song?
what is the best for the money electric pickup to install on amedium priced acoustic guitar?
I wanna be a good public speaker. help?
What is the musical instrument where the top spins and has metal beads that make percussion?
oo oo miss?
wat is a good guitar i can buy for $300-$350?
Which guitar would you buy?
20 person script ideas?
Why are bands of america bands so weird?
What are the basic principles of audio restoration?
what are some acoustic, Folk and kinda Soft Rock artists?
How can I share my talent with the world?
On a top 100 guitarist list what place should johnny ramone be in?
What Violin bow should I get my friend?
Good duet songs?
is there a website where people can perform (musically or other ways) for one another?
QUICK! good songs to sing....(please read!)?
What kind of make-up should a guy wear onstage?
My alto sax's #G keeps sticking, how can I stop it?
nyfa question PLEASE answer?
Can i add a strap on a classical guitar taht doesnt have a strap hook?
how can i get cheap tickets to cirque de soleil?
this is a easy one. what walks on four legs in the morning,two legs at noon,and three legs at night.?
Sax players, how can I do the glissando technique on alto sax?
How do you properly strum a Ukulele without a pick?
In Romeo and Juliet did...?
whats a realy good guitar that sounds good?
How many years of practice does it take to become an opera singer?
Need help on deciding on a guitar?
Why is it when I sing loud, my voice sucks, but when I sing in a softer way, I'm good?
where can I purchase rubber sardines to use as stage props for my son's play?
What do you think of my poem?
Can piccolo damage my ears if I play it only in marching band?
colleges or universities that do not need an audition th get int their dance programs?
Is 28 years old too late to think about starting an acting career?
How can you sing at 7:15 in the morning and still sound good?
How to have a good audition?
what songs do boys in 5th grade like?
I want to go to acting school?
whats the perfect ballerina foot?
is the kalos electric acoustic guitar worth buying?
Where can i find free sheet music for a dream is a whish your heart makes or.......?
I want to be in a circus how can I get in one?
Okay I need answers about barbizon modeling?
Berklee 5 week Program?
What time is Britains Got Talent on tonight?
do you recomment to buy discography of an artis you want to listen to ?
On a scale of one to ten how dorky is the clarinet?
Is this a good beginner Bass Guitar?
Are chords for bass guitar and 6 string guitar the same?
Does anyone know where I can find FREE clarinet music??
So confused.....nylon or steel string guitar?s?
Any reviews for the CONN Professional silver trumpet Brand: 52B?
How to get a talent scout at my talent show?
What are some good violin competition pieces? And some performance pieces?
How does one attain the head voice?
Learning how to play the Guitar?Need advice!?
What should I play for my audition?
Got my new rifle, don't know what to name it???
Bessie Smith: soprano or contralto?
how could we win emcee?
Who was the first women to perform the role of quiteria in the ballet don q?
Would this be an okay guitar for a 16 year old beginner, or is to to "kiddish"?
how can i make myself sound like i can sing?
i want a site that provides real free songs download from the 80s with no registration wanted?
Is it easy to get a job in the film industry in Hollywood?
PERFORMING ARTISTS of ALL types please tell me your WORST performance nightmares.?
Performing a play for preschoolers, don't know what to perform?
how did u become a singer?
School, music, career .. Confused?
I need some help, I want to write a letter to someone about getting a part in a movie what should it say?
What is the specialisation of musician L.Athira?
I wanna be a guitar god?
Has anyone seen the musical Wicked?
Do you want to be in my band? begginers/intermediate whatever welcome..?
what schools did Luciano Pavarotti go to?
best recommended opera for beginners?
Does this sound fishy to you? - advice needed?
Who or which band performs the opening theme music to the U.S. version of NBC's "The Office"?
What scale does the guy from The Black Dahlia Murder use in his solos?
Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster bridge replacement?
I need help for performing arts h/w!! ?
Where should I move? What should I do to meet like-minded people?
What is the most hysterical, hilarious monologue?
Does anyone have a real fight story?
singing/acting auditions?
I need some devotion ideas...?
what shows would you reccomend to watch in London?
How do you choreograph a sword fight scene in a play for teens?
looking for capoeira classes in las vegas south side?
I injured my pinki finger and I used to play the guitars?
Ukulele: Good quality for beginners?
whats the best advice for a woodwind player who wants to march drum corps?
Is it possible to learn mandolin on a violin?
Is 25 years too old to learn to play the guitar?
Voice lessons............?
song help.................................?
How would I start a career in voice acting?
If I get a bass, do I need a stand too?
How can i get to sing on x-factor or America's got talent?
help me please? how can i find a bandmates from United Kingdom or U.S.A?
Fall out boy competitions?
Where do you go to meet new people in Ipswich. I have just moved here and don't know anyone.?
in Georgia what is the second round all state audition process like?
Musical Theatre Duet Songs?
Are Mayhem Fest Pit Tickets for August 4th still selling?
does anyone know any site's that may help an aspiring actress?
What musical is the song "Jimmy" from?
I can't get out the low c#,b, and b flat on my sax. i need help ?
A song performed on the piano?
Help with audition songs?
How did the Magic Ball on Americas Best Dance Crew Work (ABDC)?
What musical should I see next?
Can I learn to play piano @ 24?? Or is it too late??
Is there a performing arts school?
where can i sell my bass guitar online?
what guitar has these specs?
I've heard alot of opinion's about how to sing, but i wonder what technique works better (can you tell me)?
Anyone know any talent agents?
Anyone know a great solo piece for Oboe?
Beginner: learning to play guitar?
Why do seasons have 13 episodes in general?
Music from The Hunt for Red October?
guitar lessons....????????????
How can I become a comedian?
How do I play c flat on the flute?
How long should I practice my flute for?
What do I buy to attach to my violin to make it into electric to plug into an amp or software? Its an acoustic?
Have you been to the play the "Nuter".?
how to convince parents to let me take piano lessons?
How can i get better in playing a guitar?
im having trouble drumming?
Can a Cecilio Mendini give you metal poisoning?
What amplifier brand is best for metal playing?
Is there stability in performing arts?
Which violin bow is better?
Do you think i could make it as a singer?
Funny Songs to Sing for a Cabaret?
Does anyone know the Designer of Kate Beckett's dress on Castle EP 5 Book Party?
what's your favorite band?
When choosing an electric guitar, does brand matter?
What type of cameras are used on solo girl adult websites such as next door nikki, katesplayground?
Where did the idea of clapping at the end of a performance originate from?
I need information about Ghazi Kahwaji a designer from Lebanon?
What is the theater production with Rita Moreno called arriving in San Francisco this month of March?
How to get better at gymnastics?
how long did it take you to fully learn piano music notes?
Why don't theater actors get into Hollywood?
My clarinet!!!!! from walmart?
What are best clean sound guitar songs?
how long does it take for a (smart) person (and quick learner) to grasp basics of guitar?
terrible stage fright?
Please help...?
Do you guys think OnSource Talent will get me some good opportunities?
whats a good name for this?
Good guitar tab websites?
Who should I take improv classes from?
learning to play the guitar quickly and cheaply?
I have to sing on Friday and my voice is basically lost or really raspy?
I need a list of cheers?!?
How much do u usually earn from becoming an opera/classical singer?
is ther a site wer one can see guitar tabs of anime songs?if ther is wer?
did you get a degree in music, what is it like? and what kind of jobs can you get with a degree in music?
Good electronic drums for my 15 year old?
Le Petomane was a French musical farter. Are there are similar performers nowadays?
where can I find guitar or bass transcriptions of the following Tool songs:?
who is Simon Rattle?
I need help trying to find an agent...?
Wicked San Francisco special code or offer for advanced ticket sales?
Should "Brokeback Mountain" win the Academy Award for Best Picture of the Year? Please explain why.
What do you think? Poetry?
Hey there. Is there any good guitar lessons websites to learn celtic guitar?
what was the first band formed by neil young?
What are the steps to become a professional actress?
Good male audition songs?
Are there any skilled guitar techs on this site?
Where can I find the theme from E.T. for the french horn?
Who Plays BONGOS? i need to know some basics...?
A guy wants $60 to adjust and change strings for my guitar.?
Can anyone help me with my drama.. Me and my other friends are going to perform infront of the whole class.?
I need help asap!!!!!!?
would American music exist as we know, it if not for the influence of the west Africans 18th/19th century?
Why do so many people play guitar and very few know how to tune it?
Easy to Intermediate Rock Songs To play?
Help with Blue Lake placement audition?
Who sings the song "In My Daughter's Eye's?
I want to find a good string quartet for my future wedding. I live in Bucharest so i need a romanian quartet?
How good does one have to be at playing guitar to be able to impress girls?
wat is a good guitar i can buy for $300-$350?
Is it normal to have scratches on an electric guitar?
what would a minor scale look like on the staff?
does anyone know where to find a "high school musical" script?
Where can i find the SCRIPT for "Variations on the Death of Trotsky",part of All in the Timing, By David Ives?
What could be my nickname? My name is Rosemary.?
Where can i find free drum tracks of songs to play along to?
Do you think Guitar Hero is a bad influence on kids in terms of learning REAL instruments?
What song should i choose for my audition?
I want to give drum lessons and want my own place to do it what should i look for?
How descriptive do you need to be in a script?
What's wrong with a guy playin flute? ?
What is a good song to sing to my husband?
Sad Breathe Taking Songs?
RENT question.?
Stage Fright?
What is a good cheap guitar amp thats good for metal?
Guitar or Drums?
What should i sing? ?
Is it too late for me to start dancing/acting?
learning guitar is easy or hard?
How early should I get to a general admissions Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys concert?
Lyric Soprano here or not?
Is there a song that was cut from The Phantom of the Opera?
double bass pedal?
What accent to people use in transylvania?
Can anyone recommend some good vocal warm-ups?
Where do I begin when buying a guitar?
does anybody know any mind-blowingly good songs?
is there a film version of Antigone?
Electric guitar help?
i want to sing but how do i tell my parents?
Should I use this name as my performer name even though _______________?
Are my Acoustic Versions of Linkin Park's Songs good?
What are some good audition songs?
What's a good quality keyboard I should buy?
What are the chords to Irving Berlin's "What'll I do"?
How do you format a resume?
Musical Keyboard Question?
i have guitar next semester....?????
Is clarinet better or violin?
I am fifteen years old and?
What is the normal cost for a voice teacher in Michigan?
Does anyone know where & how I can get piano music to the original compisition to "My Heart Will Go On"?
how will i become a better singer than Hanna Moatana?
Have a problem about Dance Schools?
is there a singing/dancing audition class near temple city or los angles, california?
Guitar Callouses, when will they come?
For pianists:Which is the most difficult piece of music to play for you at the piano ?
Guitar strings problem?
Should my friend's backing dancers use earphones?
can I still play violin with a fractured wrist?
does anyone know where I can find a video on how to play "Starlight tears" on the piano?
What's a good way to incorporate more emotion in to my piano playing?
ATTN: Dancers, dance instructors, choreographers, designers! Where can I buy these?
How long should i practice violin to get into cleveland institute of music?
is solo acoustic guitar performance enough for promoting my music on youtube?
What is the depth of the sacllops on yngwie malmsteen's guitar neck?
Called back for the Genie!?
Is clarinet a feminine instrument?
New Acoustic Guitar buzzes?
Does anyone know where i can get a copy of or watch the 2005 Sweeney Todd Revival?
What things should I put in my dance?
Alice in wonderland monologue?
Is it difficult to learn how to play the piano?
Stage door at overture center?
The string on my Air guitar broke.....?
Is it possible to ''self teach'' yourself acoustic guitar?
So You Think You Can Dance Vegas Dates?
Stage Fright BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone else love Jesse McCartney as much as i do? i have a huge life sive poster of him!!?
don't you have to learn the scales when you first start to play the electric guitar?
Best version of the Nuter Suite to learn on classical guitar?
should i join colorguard?
Do I sound good when I sing?
Do i sing good!!!!!!!!!?????
Is the 'Ibanez V74E V Series Acoustic Guitar in Open Pore Natural Finish' a good guitar?
Advice from singing experts?
how do I learn wrist vibrato in the first position of the violin?
marching band/band camp?
What is the best way to portray a one armed man in a stage play. Often the effect looks so fake.?
Broadway duets?
What tuning does shadows fall play in.?
How to remember a 16 line monologue?
What is a good song for a 13 year old girl to sing solo in her school concert?
I want to buy a clavinova but i don't know what type to buy or the prices (please any cheap discounts)?
What are the best bass clarinet reeds?
What song should I sing for?
Looking for a manager to help me with my music career, any ideas??
How does a teenager break into a singing career at the age of 12 ?
what is Kerala's art form?
Singing without tension - What is breathe controL?
Newbie acoustic guitar question?
I can't remember the title of this flute sheet music book. Help!?
How do you choose a voice part for a quartet?
What sort of make up would be needed for a dance performance?
The Voice Audition: What should I sing?
Does it exist a guitar day?
What is the capacity of Halle Munsterland in Munster, Germany?
How much is a regular acustic guitar?
How can I improve me voice?
Angry female monologues?
How to change these strings?
who has sold the most records in the world?
Can a combo amp be used as a speaker for an amp head?
I am not sure about my future i need an opinion?
Is Ed Sheeran good when live?
Acoustic guitars? Which are the best?
Scriptures on The Arts? (Performing Arts)?
Does anyone know where I can get a piano arrangement of Classical Gas?
Grade 6/7 standard clarinet piece-- for a festival :)?
How to write using your left hand if you are a right hander?
Can i still become a dancer for a career with the experience i have?
What stunt is performed by a "funambulist"?
Ideas for a senior vocal solo?
How to write a script?
What should my next clarinet model be? Or do I need a new clarinet at all?
How do i put a strap on a Acoustic guitar?
What to do when you have no talent?
What happened to the PRS Mira?
What should I do?
name of a beautiful french opera singer?
what do you think is better? The Hammond B3 or the Piano.?
How to start an acting career?
How can I get over my stagefright!?
Idea's Needed For LiL Girl Pageant Theme Outfit?
Buying a Violin...?
does anyone know good druming websites?
How can I improve my technique for repeating notes constantly?
What are some good songs for alto singers?
where can i download for free, the Rachmaninoff Concerto #3 played by Horowitz and Ormandy in 1979?
Any upbeat mezzo soprano musical theatre songs with belting?
What do you think of my play?
Fingering for a clarinet!!!!?
I'm nineteen years old. is it even possible to learn how to play guitar or any instrument at this point?
do anyone know where i can get a labelled of medieval drama?
don't laugh at this question... but what is a "diagnostic audition"?
How to act sad for a performance?
Good websites to learn intermediate guitar?
Acting in New Zealand?
How can I become a piano?
Opera The Magic Flute?
Looking for a Funny Poem for Competition?
Where can I find a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Broadway script?
what was the last kind act that you performed?
I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 2 years....?
how to show rain effect in a shadows play?
Can you recommend any books or websites that have book-form backup about the history of stage management?
How do i learn lead guitar?
Who is Crabby Appleton? Fictional character from TV?
what do you think(please dont copy!)?
why do people find emo music cool?
Would you go on American idol?
I want to learn the elctric i too old??
how do i know what i want to become,hat is my aim in life?
How many of you are in Band?
How to become a Nashville Songwriter if you can't sing?
requirements for porno star?
Can anyone tell me what french?
What are some background stories to an evil fairy tale character?
Sea world performer??
Having just lost my entire left little finger, will I still be able to play the tenor sax?
How do you work a metronome?
Can I put mandolin strings on my acoustic guitar?
How do I play piano without coming off as a conceded show-off doughebag?
Advanced Rock Guitar Studies and Exercises?
Can I still audition for the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts if I am in 10th grade currently?
I need a quiet musical instrument that I can learn in secret...?
i want to be an actress!?
Which pickup is used in Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Does any body know what my real name is????
I want to stay in Colorguard, but my parents don't want me to!?
Need some help for a Human Video?
where can i get a used dance floor for ballet, jazz?
Who should I be?!?!?!?
How do you fit in time to practice all your music pieces?
I am Trying to learn to play the Guitar but how can I strengthen my?
What should i sing for the school talent show.?
What could be a better piece of costume: a mask or face paint?
Guitar tuning??????????????
Any monologue suggestions?
how much does it cost to make minor adjustments to a guitar?
Looking for information on Ray Charles music. Why was his music innovating? What was different in his music?
Male/Female Broadway Duets?
Real World Audtion tape?
How can I increase my bass-playing stamina?
I'm 15, is it too late to start dancing?