Performing Arts

who is the best musician in history?
Dramatic, villanous pieces? HELLLPPPP?
How can I return to liking trumpet?
Proper guitar effect pedal chain order?
whats a good upbeat broadway or oldies song for a 14 year old girl to sing for a solo?
What happens if I plug into both the line AND mic inputs on the same channel of a sound board? Will both work?
Guitar: What do I learn now?
how many questions have u answered 2 day?
Can I play my drums during daylight hours?
ok i have been dancing for about 5 years and my teacher wants me to do a solo should i go for it?
Is this a good guitar?
What is the best clarinet mouthpiece to purchase?
jamie foxx had a number one album what was the name of the record?
I can't do a backbend plz help?
Does anyone have advice on how to make myself sing higher?
Does Jason Aldean have several tractor trailers?
GCSE Solo Perfomance song for a female soprano.?
good music for cello?
Is the Jupiter JFL 511E II the same as the JFL 511ESSC?
is the "Phantom of the Opera" a film or a musical?
whats wrong with my guitar?
what are some facts about contemporary dance?
Shouldn't questions on sexual techniques and experiences be included in the "performing arts" category?
What's the best guitar amp out there right now?
Where can i get a free monologe?
Proper way to give an actress flowers?
How to stay peacefully in this world?
What instrument is ideal for beginners?
The best guitar solo of all time?
How to not be nervous at auditions???!!!!?
How to become a Drama Teacher?
Do you play the flute? I do!! SURVEY EASY 10 PTS just for answer!!=]?
too many people play guitar these days. agree?
What person/ people from glee are altos?
i want to do a crab but dont know how?
Whats the strumming pattern for Broken by Secondhand Serenade?
I need a female 1-2 minute monologue. Any suggestions?
Is it easy to teach yourself the violin?
How would you rate the musical "Wicked!"?
Question. Need some Advice.?
What is the normal age group to attend a one direction concert?
Babe I'm gonna leave you - led zeppelin tab?
an original song i wrote!!!!?
How to be a stand-up comedian?
Why do they put acoustic strings on acoustic why cant they just use electric guitar strings?
How do I get my harmonic squeals/screams as good as this?
I can't play piano in front of people?
What is a good stage name?
Can some on tell me...?
The Break Pedal Is Soft What Reason This Could Be?
Im not keisha!! im wait i am keisha but not the famous one gosh~~~?
Bass Clarinet??.....?
My guitar amplifier emits a loud buzzing noise when I'm using distortion?
Why/How did Marilyn Monroe become such an icon?
is there a performing arts school outside of Milwaukee in southeastern Wisconsin?
Can my friend go to my broadway audition with me?
what is the most upbeat (happy) color?
If all the world is a stage, what part are you playing?
Good beginner banjo for 200?
What to wear to a Broadway musical?
What's the hardest instrument to play? (In your opinion)?
where can i find the FREE steven cravis sheet music for "through the kaleidoscope" read details?
how many guitarists- pro and amateur- in the world?
What major should you study to become a voice teacher?
Help! Plz With Singing!?
How can I get over my fear of playing a trumpet solo in front of an audience?
How can i be discovered for dancing w in texas?
Why are so many people asking the same Tchaikovsky question?
Is $175 too much for this guitar setup?
What do you think about my voice?
Good intrument to learn?
Can I ever go anywhere with the violin?
How Hard Is It To Play The Flute. I Want To Learn.?
i have songs and poems written by me and i am looking for poten tial buyer?
what is a five or more word ending in ft?
Is book of Mormon musical tour coming to Texas?
Ive decided I want to make Acting a career?
What is an equal opportunity talent agency?
Should I play guitar?
Guitar problems! Need help :S?
Monologue Ideas?? Help?
12 MAJOR scales prob!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some good audition arias for a lyric baritone?
What is your favorite musical.. or song from a musical?
What and how do you..?
How do I get my voice to mature?
How do i do an input list for sound design?
How much should an intermediate guitar player spend on a Fender Strat?
can i become singer?
How much more efficient is economy picking than alternate picking?
where can you go to get a great singing coach.?
What is alternance art-wise?
chippendale dancers!!!!!!!!?
2 Questions about the broadway musical "Newsies"?
Good idea for a duet acting script?
Xylophone music?
Tube amp buying advice?
problem with bending strings on guitar?
How hard is it to learn how to play the acoustic guitar? Is it easy to learn it on your own?
What is the biggest difference between a original Floyd Rose and a Licensed FR?
Does anyone know where to get the SCRIPT version of Death Takes a Holiday?
how do i play guitar?
Wow, Can You Believe Freddie Mercury and Eric Carr Are Now Gone 16 Years?
a good instrument to play?
A guitar question????????
Has anyone heard of the Dresden dolls?
my hammond organ bass pedal continues to play after i release the pedal. how do i fix it?
How can i use autocard to draw?
what do you think is better? The Hammond B3 or the Piano.?
Prop ideas for skits?
Bad taste from breathing in, harmonica, any ideas?
Ideas of songs to sing too?
Good Talent Show songs?
Ibanez EW20ASE or the AEF30E?
What are some good piano magazines out there?
What to wear to a theatre dance audition?
what size is a standard adult acoustic guitar? Is it 38"?
Does anyone have a Giovanni roll out keyboard and if so how do you like it?
What guitar should I buy?
how do you play high notes on trumpet i know you have to tighten you lips but where? and how?
Hey people that play guitar!?
How to sing for a musical?
Which do you prefer acting, singing or dancing?
How do you tune a piano?
How old should a child be before starting music lessons like piano or violin?
Voice/Singing lessons near Farmington, Connecticut??
Where could i find a Buffet Elite clarinet?
6th Grade Band Ad!?
I need a sarcastic or just really funny monologue for a teenage girl! HELP?
Any good names for a drum line cadence?
how can one develop students' dance skills?
How did you learn to play guitar?
What is a good book to teach yourself guitar?
So, I have a question...?
Best place for ballet for a three year old ?
Never used to get nervous but recently started having trouble with stage fright?
How do people seriously play instruments?
How much would it cost to get a new strig strung on my guitar?
Where can I get the original Repo! The Genetic Opera?
Good songs in Italian?
How to have a good audition?
Best place to busk/street preform?
Musicians--what do you feel, and where do you feel it?
what is the connection between Gian-Carlo and Amahl and the Night Visitors?
what is the name of a famous ballet?
Know anyone in Illinois that knows how to play a Yamaha Electone organ?
should i learn the piano or guitar?
What kind of strings, Steel or Nylon for an acoustic guitar?
My saxophone sound isn't very good?
Could Frank Zappa play the guitar?
Guitar pickups question?
what do u think about?
When did Shaespeare realize he had talent?
How do I get someone to find out they can't sing as well as they think?
What are a few good musical theatre pieces for sopranos?
How can I train my voice to reach one more octave?
Describe "Brokeback Mountain" in one word! And will it win the Oscar for Best Picture of 2005?
To all big Broadway musical fans....?
Funny song to sing for talent show?
What is and easy trio for piano violin and cello!?
Where can i get a replacement A key for my Alesis Qs8.2?
What would be a good audition song for me?
What should I look for in a bass guitar for a 5th grader?
Is the song "Accident Waiting to Happen" for The Drowsy Chaperone considered modern?
Miss Jefferson County WV?
Is anyone interested in taking an 8 week course on TV/Film Audition prep in NC from a Network Casting Director
How long does it take to develop a decent voice?
What is powderpuff football?
If Cinderella's glass slipper fits perfectly, why did it fell off?
I have played & recorded old hymns from arrangements by Kohlmann on my keyboard. May I sell this CD?
Baton Twirling- 3 Baton help!?
My partners left handed and i want to get him a guitar for christmas do you have to buy a left handed guitar?
which would be a comfortable to play electric guitar around Rs.20000 ?
what is the best way to learn where all guitar strings are with your right hand?
Does royal blue work with chroma keying?
High octave aladdin ( a whole new world) violin duet?
I have heard about person, but...?
where can i get really good guitar lessons?
Do you think "The Actor's Studio w/James Lipton" is pretentious?
Best metal guitar equipment for cheap.?
how long does it take to learn the guitar? (considering im practicing everyday)?
What guitar should I get?
Do you think starting to play violin at the age of 15 too late?
Would you rather buy a guitar off the wall from guitarcenter or ebay?
Church duet?
How to deal with stage fright?
Difference between Distortion and Overdrive Pedals?
For physically challenged actors: Do you have difficulty getting meaningful roles? Please explain!?
bellie dancing instructions?
Color/Honor gaurd rifle techniques?
what shall I do to act in amovie?
I play with this band, tell me what you think of one of our songs. (link included)?
Funny broadway solos for females?
Is it possible to study electric guitar as an instrument at conservatoires in Japan?
what type of guitar do you want?
What are your favorite songs to play on acoustic guitar?
This is a question for dancers, preferably lyrical or contemporary!?
im teaching myself guitar n finding it hard finding an easy popular song 2 practise. anyone know any? help?
can you play guitar hero 1 and 2 with a guitar hero 3 guitar?
Would this be impressive at a talent show?
Who would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and a chimpanzee?
How to get a better belt/pop voice?
I'm in performing arts in school!?!?!?
Patterns to make traditional chinese silk jackets?
Any tips on how to disguise/distort my face?
If there's a sharp (#) behind a note it goes a note higher right?
is it cool or lame when a girl plays the drums? ?
How do I fix my flat clarinet?
Honestly, am I a bad singer?
Why does the D string on my acoustic guitar sound weird?
Where in Plano can I get a sitar?
How can I play a solo on the xylophone really fast?
i want to learn to play the guitar... quite badly?
who was the black singer denied permission to sing at Carnegie Hall by the DAR?
Need some tips for playing the trumpet.?
As a beginner, would a harp be a bad instrument to learn to play?
If you could give a large amount of money to help any organization, which would it be?
What to sing for school thing? Help!?
SM Audition question?
Acoustic Version tabs?
I really want to learn how to play the guitar, but I have no idea how to start?
GREASE- Jan audition song!?
i need some advice on buying a guitar?
I have a history project and i need to make a time line with 8 events about me.?
Is there a way to tell when an actor is going to use their understudy in Broadway?
i which website i can get free cool and simple magic tricks?
correct spelling for sean conery?
Easy songs to play on acoustic guitar?
what are some ways to fix and airy tone on clarinet?
What is a good audition song?
Guitar sages- need your help to choose best...?
When will my Voice Change?
What's wrong with my alto saxophone?
What is the music genre of the scarlet pimpernel musical? O.o?
3 female alto singers.. Songs?
Following on from my previous question - what makes a BAD singer?
Is this an ok stage name?
Re-trying to play the trumpet?
how should i position my SM57 on my snare?
Is it possible to play circus galop on piano?
How many of you want to learn guitar & why can't you learn it?
Are there songs that you CAN'T sing?
O Mio Babbino caro or De Vienni?
I would like to play in a symphony, what instrument is the easiest to learn?
What scene should I do for my Drama performance?
What is the easiest marching brass instrument?
I turned on the TV this morning...?
has anyone heard of the actor ted schneider?
In Aida are there any 'funny guys'?
Favorite Friends character and Why?
How can i improve my voice?
What are some important themes, in the glass menagerie by Tennesse Willians?
My family doesn't understand?
What is the name on this guitar?
Can i still be a dancer?
Guitar pickup advice?
does anybody know where i can buy strap buttons for a ukulele?
How long will it take me to learn drums?
What is a fouette?
Beatnik Questions!!!?
music sponsorship, scholarship, financial aid?
what is the age of blanche in a streetcar named desire?
What's a good hard rock/heavy metal guitar under 400 dollars?
do you have to live in dallas tx to go to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts?
when is amitabh getting back to work?
Who is the Russian opera singer who performed the banned song inthe movie White Nights?
Why is the OBOE and FRENCH HORN the hardest instrument to play?
Birthday Party ideas for 15 year old girl :) x (read full info)?
in guitar how do you play an f sharp minor chord?
What Song Should I Sing For My School Talent Show?
What note should I tune my toms to?
Erasing breaks while approacing upper register?
which support muscles am I supposed to use for singing?
What should you wear to a 2pm off-broadway show in NYC?
I've heard a lot of bad things about John Robert Powers. Can anyone give me some information about the company
Where can I find piano sheet music for a 97 year old lady who is visually impaired?
do you like your parents?
How to use a pick and get good at guitar?
Is it possible to get work experience at reading festival 2010?
A question about music?
More than words guitar tabs???
How much would you pay for a good electric guitar?
Love Drumming, but Neighbours complaining?
Where can i learn guitar fast and easy?
Does anyone else think Morecambe And Wise were overrated?
where can i go to online to submit a video for an audition?
I would like to know more of the opera singer of old times named Giacomo Lauri - Volpi.?
Can I learn how to play piano with a keyboard?
Should I even do this on stage?!?
Need guitar strings beginner! Online order only !?
Where can I purchase Ballet Trocadero videos?
What foods should vocalists eat/avoid?
What are some easy piano pieces to sing with?
HELP!!I'm undervocal stress... : (?
Should i start to play the violin?
What's the best college to go to study acting?
how do they put braces in your mouth and does it hurt?
Lestat question?
What song to audition with for my Grease audition?
Aspiring model! Please help!?
What do i do about my crappy rythm guitarist?
Dont violin players go deaf on the ear that is closest to the violin?
What brand of guitar would most likely have strings close to the frets?
How to learn guitar online?
I'm 14 and want to be an actress.....?
guitar question?>????>?>?
If you're putting on the play 'Oklahoma' and you only have 4 guys will it work?
How to play guitar if I have short chubby fingers?
I want to learn Soothsayer on saxophone?
Broken tuning peg on guitar?
So Kitty is out - did anybody else get fed up of watching her sing in her knickers?
Please suggest popular songs that American high school teenage girls are interested in?
Has anybody heard of One Source Talent? If so, is it a scam? Is it worth my time?
is "my new philosophy" from YAGMCB too overdone for an audition?
Is 22 too old to start playing the guitar? ?
guitar tabs?
Where do I learn to do circus tricks?
How to get my voice back fast?
Most important university of music in USA?
What is a good guitar for a beginner?
is £79.99 a good price for a steel string guitar?
Is it legal to play guitar at a public place in India?
What is the best way to get hit by a car without dying or suffering any lifelong damage?
How much does it cost to be in a drum corps?
How To Count Beats While Improvising?
How to become a stand up comedian?
New instrument 16 years old?
Which is better to learn - jazz or hip hop dance?
What constraints, if any, have an impact on a musical composer's ability to express individualism?
If you are really good with music and transpositions, please help me with my problem!?
does fat help you sing better?
Flute songs?
What kind of guitar does Brantley Gilbert use?
is this a good rap im only 12 any girls my age email me to
Monologue on cultures or erasing hate or erasing violence?
Should I spend $300 on a play?
Best way to learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
Are cover songs illegal?
Is Harry Styles currently single?
What is the tempo for "The Machines" by Gary Gilroy?
Is this a real agent?
where can i find Autumn Leaves sheet music( tuba or baritone horn)?
How can you prevent calluses from going away, does washing hands and lotion make them leave, I wanna keep them?
Can anyone identify this opera?
Good Broadway Musicals??
FEMALE: Do you think I have a good singing voice?
Musicians: Which note does piano gives to flute to help it tune before a performance?
High E string on acoustic guitar too bright & overwhelming?
Good song to sing for a duet?
any technical theatre people online?
Should i switch from electric guitar to bass?
How do I sing better?
How to get rid of stage fright? i want to sing in a talent show but im kinda scared?
Who likes "Twelve Angry Men"?
Help with merengue homework!?
GUITAR: Why does my B string buz when the capo is on the 3rd fret or when I press my finger on the 3rd fret?
Picking a guitar, please help?
Which of these delay pedals is best for playing "Welcome to the Jungle" on electric guitar?
are there any good artists i dont know about?
Any one know the chords to viva la viva by 'Dirty Heads"?
can you seriously get famous of youtube?
can i have some of the basics on girls?
Amarilli, mia bella sheet music anyone?
Is there any dance classes in Los Angeles that teaches kpop dances?
What should you know going into the pageant world?
If you were to make a chase video...?
When is it best to start taking private lessons for your instrument?
I need theatre help .....?
Is the Trost-Organ in Waltershausen, Germany one semi-tone higher than usual?
What is these Chord progression?
where or how can i learn how to do altissimo on alto saxophone?
Desperately seeking sheet music!?
is it ok to buy an instrument on craigslist?
i want to know how to make home made guitar effect foot pedals. i wanted to start with the delay effect pedal.?
cheap but quality acoustic guitars?
Monolouge, one to three minutes. Help!!?
What does it take to be a backup dancer?
whats belting?
a question for experienced guitar players?
Guitar playing question.?
i keep opening my mouth when i perform?
Seeing as is the current situation of music i wonder if It makes sense to want to become a singer?
What voice should you use if your trying out for a musical?
What shold i do for my schools talent show!?
What is pakhawaj?
Are the Flute and Piccolo uncommon instruments?
HELP! A'capella Doo Wop group needed!?
Are senior citizens abel to learn rapid fingering on a clarinet?
What does this mean?
Did Streetlight Manifesto make any music videos?
Is it hard to learn the viola?
Anyone have any good monologues?
screamo helpp?
Which are the best guitar strings?
Lyrical solo songs???????????????????
When illness forced Johnston out of The Doobie Brothers, what Steely Dan alumnus took his place?
Should I go with John Casablancas?
should i give up on guitar?
Have you ever sang in a Choir?
drummers sitting in on unfamiliar sets.?
What color guitar should I get?
beyonce or alicia?
How similar is Bass to Electric guitar?
Do i play the piano good?
Whats a cool thing to play on a first act drum set?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical?
Do you know any Music artists who were in college and started there music careers while the were in it?
All I want to do is perform..? How can I convince my parents?
I might quit guitar lessons?
Virginia Reel the Folk Dance?
How do I tune my Acoustic guitar?
Good songs for a solo performance?!?
What do YOU think of African Americans in Phantom of the opera?
What kind of ukulele should I get?
what does ritualised movement mean in drama?
What is some basic information about choir?
Are there any ONLINE resources to find monologues?
How do I sound? Feedback is appreciated (:?
How can I loosen up my fingers for the piano?
Will my drums be okay in the Garage?
the audience that attended shakespeare's plays?
What is your favorite musical number from the stage?
How dressed up does a man have to be to go to the Opera in Paris? Suit? Blazer? Tux?
I need to upgrade my flute?
where do I find a list of sound effects to teach children when learning a skit?
Has Gwen Stefani had her baby yet? News of her pregnancy broke in January...what is she, 11 months preggers?
Where Can I find A thousand miles sheet music for the piano?
What to do with my sousaphone position in marching band?
What is the song called from center stage that says "dance" a lot?
whats the average size of a----- 1) marionette puppet (including it's strings) 2) the puppet theatre ???
ive been very interested in HEYDAYS - [arbo]sonic clarinet, have you seen these or similar ones?
Is there a low-cost way for an aspiring actor or actress to be "discovered"?
i need a karaoke version of the boogie woogie bugle boy from company b?
I need guitar chords playing style ?
how do i replace a guitar string?
How does a piano work?
how to play a guitar with only 3 strings?
How do you remove tarnish from flute.?
I can sing and dance but i'm afraid to go in public and let them judge me, what should I do?
Do actors on broadway usually make it to the big time?
Is it really hard to play the guitar?
Voice lesson help???????????????????????????????
Should I allow a student to play in a recital without practicing?
NYSSMA JR HIGH AREA ALL-STATE (performing arts question)?
Is it possible to play the guitar w/ 5 strings?
I am auditioning to join the circus, any ideas what I should put in the video?
Many have toldme I have a great voice, how do I get over stage fright?
Where can I download free sheet music from musicals?
What is a good soprano song to sing for an audition?
A duet for boy/girl (friends)?
How do you retie a trombone trigger string?
When I sing my voice sounds funny? ?
using the last three strings to play guitar?
Honestly, who on this planet likes Celine Dion????
Stanley Kubrick is great master of cinema,What's your idea?
How do you know if tou can sing or not?
what do i need to change with my embouchure?
How hard/long does it take for me to learn the violin?
what are some easy queens of the stone age songs to play on guitar?
need help w/ guitar stringing?
Audition tip's Guys and Dolls?
What is the best clarinet reed brand?
whats up with this harmonica?
I love being dyselxia,?
whats carole bayer sager upto now?
Looking to start playing the drums, oboe, or saxophone...?
What makes the cheap electric violins bad? The sound? Or the playability?
when did the first Miss America pagent take place?
where did the saying "Break a leg "originally come from and why do we say it before a theatre perfomance!
who is the best guitarist in the universe?
Should I Go to Performing Arts School?
How to determine correct type of strings to use on an acoustic guitar, according to the model number?
unfinished nuter?
What are good break up songs for teens?
Can I sing?
What are good songs for 3 girls and 1 guy to harmonize to?
Dubstep specialized schools in California?
scala britains got talent?
What is the message in the Phantom of the Opera?
What's a good song to sing for a solo competition?
anyone got any audition advice?
Can a player with asthma learn to play a wind instrument ?
Do all acting classes cost money?
what metallica songs do you suggest to learn?
should i enter a free poetry contest that i could win up to 10,000 dollas?
Sick drum beats?
Does playing the trumpet alter the appearance of your face?
What is the name of the frequency instrument that the pitch is changed by hand motion?
What's your favorite sing by...?
Good songs for freshman to walk in with? Captain America themed?
Is this guitar good guitar for a 13 year old?
can i find where a violin teacher in gloucestershire?
how can i go about being a real actress right away. i dont want to waste my time going to acting school.?
Any idea of new media in performing art?
anyone know how to get famous????????????????????
Can swollen tonsils affect flute tone?
Any1 seen Stomp?
what is the perfect guitar to start with ?
I don't know what to do for a talent show that's in 10min?
Where in Atlanta can you find African music performances on a regular basis?
Why they call "Oscar" for the Cinema ceremony?
are there any colleges that major in performing and media arts? if so what are they?
Why do I fall in love with my choir director?
Instruments easy to learn!?!? EASY 10 POINTS!?
Should I learn alto saxophone or acoustic guitar?
what in your opinion are the greatest and famouse phrases in songs of the latest 4 decades?
Oh god, my wrist is in a considerable amount of pain, is that good?
Who played Mary in There's Something About Mary (1998) ?
Which should I go see? Ka? or Zumanity?
What does the percent looking thing on a music score mean?
My parents want me to quit playing in a band because of the late practice schedule?
Does anyone how to do an irish dance that is easy to teach preschoolers?
Learning piano at 20?
where can i find some people to play in my band ?
beginners flute questions please help?
If you play the clarinet(or are experienced with clarinets).. HELP!!!!?
really good guitar pedals for metal?
i live in the uk .. what is a good musical to go and watch?
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater question?
B.C. Rich Mockingbirds?
how do i record?
How much $ could be earned through sale of sheet music of a concert band work?
When does Gran Torino get released in theaters?
My new philosophy (it's a broadway song)?
Is there anywhere you can buy Cats the Musical Costumes?
ballad help?
Should I play guitar or piano?
need band name idea's?
Who is the best SINGER Alisha Keys , Usher or Keisha Cole?
what to expected at a drum corps camp?
What Make & Hardness Of Reed, For A Beginners Soprano Saxophone?
What is the best quality acoustic and electric guitar/?
tell how oratorio and opera are similiar and tell how they are different.?
What was your first encounter with Theatre and the experience it gave you?
a good guitar parts online website?
Good songs for one guy playing guitar and singing at a high school talent show?
What brand is widely considered the best acoustic bass guitar?
what is the name of the orchestral piece in....?
How can I understand musical structures of songs better?
17 and Looking to direct a musical.?
What are these models of guitar?
Dunlop Crybaby Guitar pedal?
Suitable audition song for West Side Story lead?
How do you join the circus?
What are the best Music Programs(vocal)?
What are some good Classical Guitar Songs?
I'm looking to buy an electric guitar. I'm just starting out, and I want to learn to play metal. Any tips?
I did'nt get the call back, does that mean I'm not in the show?
I have to speak on stage thursday in front of hundreds of people, how do i battle my stage fright?
Clarinet tonguing trouble?
How do i stop singing from my nose, it's hard to stop sing from it.?
for the ones who perform graffiti .how and why did you started performing graffiti?
Did I get a good deal on this guitar half-stack amp?
What's your favorite broadway musical/song from that musical?
Any ideas for a talent show?
Do i sing okay for a 13 year old when i get older will i become better?
Tips and advice on songwriting please?
How long to learn oboe?
why his leg so easy to break?
Me and my friend dont know what to do for talent show?
Is principle II violin chair decent if i got a 250/260?
Does anyone know what key Frankie Avalon sings "Beauty School Dropout" in in the movie version of Grease?
How to prove that I am talented to my choir teacher?
difference between a keyboard and a piano?
music eduication major?
how i can sing like this?
Is Criss Angel for real?
Is the Sonare SF5000 Open hole flute good?
Do you like Numa Numa Dance ?
How do you rate Bono as a guitarist?
What is this known as in theater??
I need expert advice... I'm a model...Can you help me?
Should I learn Violin, Cello, or Viola?
Relationship between cassio and othello?
Where do you rent books and such for high school musicals like The Secret Garden?
What is the Italian musical term for "with feeling?"?
Any good performing arts schools in Illinois?
can u dance 24hours?
johor maps?
Any1 know of warm ups that singers use?
Has Kyle Landry ever had sex?
What do I choose???- HELP!!!!?
how can i record my performed playing guitar?
My name is uchenna allen, I'm an upcoming artist and troubled in chosing a stage name?
How much does a decent electric violin cost?
making my own beats?
Can someone shed light as to the following chords are correct for Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor?
How much would it cost for the cheapest drum set I could find?
Can anyone tell me how to play a beginner version come together by the Beatles on acoustic guitar?
why do violin players hate viola players?
Customizing a guitar neck?
how many strings should i get? (on a guitar)?
What's your favorite Broadway musical?
Piano fingering?
Where can I buy an Erhu?
give me your top to music genres
Which musical instrument should my daughter learn?
Does guitar grounding issue require new pots?
Name/lyrics of opera song?
what songs were produced by john lennon while he was high?
Am I right to assume most male actors are "on the pink team"?
were can i find the serial number on a saxophone?
How hard is it to get into Broadway Triple Threat?
How hard can I push my daisychained amps?
Is a Sabian 20" B8 ride a good choice for a begginer?
Actor/Tenor in need of suggestions!!?
Sad Saxophone Solo? NOT Jazzy?
guitar help?
how can I play the keyboard with perfection?
How clever are you?
First solo performance, and I am so scared! what do i do?
Which song should I sing....?
the theater, the theater, whatever happened to the theater is from what movie/play?
There is no female around the world Imagine what wouuld be?
When is it the right time to get an acting agent?
Favorite acoustic songs?
how should i set up my guitar amplifier to get a good megadeth/metallica sound?
How do you choreograph a sword fight scene in a play for teens?
I need help, please read?
How do I get into a band?
What is the difference between plastic and a metal saxophone mouth pieces?
I don't have a talent?
Will a teleprompter help my fave give a Convention Speech? 10 points?
who is ville valo marrying?
Video Of Me Singing! Please Comment?
Do you consider learning and playing songs on piano, practice? is anything else really necessary?
Where can i buy clarinet reeds?
Theatre audition songs? Please help!?
How do I get the proper sound from my bassoon?
Les Miserable Question..?
How do i do an input list for sound design?
Help with finding vintage tuxedos for groom and groomsmen?
Can you wish me luck?
i need help with voice acting?
What to do if you have tension and ache in biceps and upper arm in picking hand after playing guitar?
Tips on Vibrato (violin)?
When I go into high school should I take 2 instrument classes?
Has anyone ever watched a live performance of Cirque du Soleil?
On average how long would you say it takes someone to learn to play guitar?
What are some good preforming arts schools?
Do i tune the toms of my drumset to a certain note? and if so what note do i tune them to?
who is the worlds best guitarist?
Can anyone give me a list of all the costumes used in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat?
music download for Andante & Allegro?
What electric guitar would you recommend under $400 aud?
Any sad classic songs like Moonlight Sonata?
Opinion on One Direction?
When is Iron Maiden having their next tour?
Can you lose skills by not practicing an instrument?
Interlochen Piano???
What recent songs haven't been written in 4/4?
Marking time with your feet to this warm up?
Jazz is a lively improvisational musical style that first appeared in the bustling port of?
How do I learn to sing? I dont even know where to start!!?
Good pop alto audition songs?
is screenwriting practical?
Metal distortion pedal?
Phantom Of The Opera?
I want to become an actor in hindi films, I have lot of skills and experience, how could I?
what are choices in a teenagers life?
What do you think of girls who sing?
How can I be a better pole dancer?
How to overcome stage fright when playing the piano?
does anyone know the name of this play?
What does it take to get into julliard?
Should I try out for America's Got Talent?
What should i wear for my audition?
I don't like my recorded voice!! HELP?
What chord shape do guitar players use when playing up the neck?
How long does it take to play the guitar?
Do people know how to search for answers?
I am 13 do i sing okay for a 13 year old? Can i become better?
What's a good brand of acoustic guitars?
How can I make myself practice the piano?
What are some easy beginner songs to learn on the keyboard?
where can i find sheet mustic thats actually free and not with any clubs that i have to join?
Best Electro acoustic guitar with deep bass sound?
Whats a good song to use for my final piece for drama and dance please?
Have you ever played Disney Character Look-alike?
Need help choosing audition songs?
What's the song on the commercial for The Starter Wife?
How do you memorize music?
Gibson Sg Standard Ebony vs Gibson Sg Special Faded Ebony?
Where can we dance inside for free?
What instrument should i learn to play?
Has anyone played this guitar?
Have you learned the piano and the guitar simultaneously successfully?
How to get good at playing the piano?
who is rainer noacK? does he teach student theatre?
How much could I sell this Clarinet for?
what is Bangsawan theatre? how to create stage for bangsawan theatre?
Vocal Performance Programs?
Do you/I have a good sense of sound?
In music what's the upbeat?
Am I too old to learn the flute?
Should I follow my dream?
Cover art artist We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things?
Anyone know any soft showtunes?
I'm getting to go see a Broadway play in NYC, what should i see? rent, hairspray, or phantom of the opera.
like this song ?
Need help with making guitar harmonies?
did you hear that Les Paul died today?
Role-Playing News Websites?
is david blaine's magic real?
Where is a place online where I can find clips teachin you to play organ songs or than gospel keyz????
Has anyone heard of Headshots London?Are they legitimate?
What is this tune...? Youtube video included...!?
Acoustic guitar or acoustic-electric guitar?
I want to play the guitar. What sort of things should I look out for when purchasing one?
Where can I find Balalaika tabs online?
What are Aquila nylgut strings?
Where can I find a brand new, left-handed, fretless, acoustic guitar?
I'm looking for an upbeat broadway song. Any suggestions?
what is stiffening batten?
Ability to sing well?
Are there any short term programs or workshops out there for stand-up comedy?
Beatnik Questions!!!?
The best way to learn electric or any kind of guitar.?
what do you think of this short demo i'm working on playing wise?
Guitar help Guitar strings?
i am a self taught oil painter can any body give suggessions to improve my paintings?
How do you strum a guitar? (Beginner learning guitar)?
How do you get a Five Finger Death Punch "Canto 34" guitar tone?
How can I loosen up my fingers for the piano?
I need a good backing track of Fat Sams Grand Slam from Bugsy Malone. Any ideas where I could find one?
how much do madonna's dancers ger paid?
Can you play the same songs on both types of drums ?
is it against the law for me to play my guitar and sing on a public street?
Harmonica Players... here's a rookie that needs your help?
How to find musicians for my band?
"the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" has anyone seen it?
Wher can I find a copy of The New Coon Creek Girls CD, "The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore"?
Song For Senior Solo?
What are the instruments in the Brass, Strings and Percussion sections of an orchestra?
same note on both treble and bass?
les mis costumes?
Good broadway audition songs? (details within)?
Is it illegal to borrow musical themes from composers in my own piece?
Is it okay for a guy to play the flute ?
Would it be ok if i used a solid head on the batter side and a clear one on the resonant side of my bass drum?
Would I be able to play some basic guitar songs in a few months?
What size acoustic guitar should I get?
How come when i attempt a backbend, by stomach hurts?
What happens when you sell nontransferable concert tickets online?
wut r some pretty basic songs to learn on guitar tab?
How hard is it to learn to play the guitar?
How Should I Learn Cello?
Is KT Tunstall going to perform in the U.S. any time soon?
Does anyone know any sites for free flute sheet music?
Help, my parents don't know anything about good guitars!!?
I need a Teen Monologue by tomorrow! ?
Should Child write cover letter to agent?
Is The Phantom of the Opera actually an opera?
Is there a difference between folk and classical guitar?
whats a good talent show song?
How do I play home on the range on the clarinet ?
Buying an instrument?
On the Chopin Etudes, I haven't used rubato in excess since studying with Viardo in N. Texas. When I recently
have u ever heard James Blunt song " No bravery" ? if not listen via this link and tell me what do u think?
what is the main problem in Cirque Du Freak book2?
how can i get my voice better?
anyone have the chords or tabs for imagine by john lennon?
Clarinet or Western Flute?? help me decide!!?
good songs to sing to?
Can anyone learn to sing, or is it limited to people with innate ability?
Guitar or drums??10 points?
which is the best gibson acoustic guitar for beginners??? please mention the price with the guitar name?
When will I be able to play flute again?
How much is this guitar worth?
marius Petipa: ballets?
How much can I sell this limited edition Esteban acoustic guitar for?
Fun songs to play on piccolo?
who is the greatest pianist ever?
Where can I find the step by step moves that were done in the final scene of Dirty Dancing?
Should I stick with violin or learn a new instrument?
Good female comedic monologues?
How to get a good acting agent?
Is a Piano Considered an Acoustic Instrument?
Cool songs for a duo (boy and girl) and guitar(s)?
music theory class?
A dean acoustic or standard steel string flattop acoustic guitar?
what adresses can u send your music demo in to get a record deal?
How can you tell if you can sing good or not?
I want to join guitar class but I hv no idea on which guitar to buy nd join classes bass or electric?
what song did eli matson sing tonight on Americas got talent?
How do I best prepare physically to audition for a low brass instrument position in Bluecoats?
Has anyone seen Zumanity - the Cirque du Soleil show at the New York, New York hotel/casino is Las Vegas?
is Matthew Mcconaughey dating or living with Penelope Cruz?
Why must I keep tuning my guitar?
How can can I overcome stage freight?
Whats that one trick called that David Blaine does?
How to get over stage fright... HELP PLEASE?
How do you play concert A and concert B in a Bb clarinet?
How to get better at strumming on a guitar?
How are dance classes?
Does anyone know any good sad songs?
brass players, do you find it easy to switch to a woodwind instrument?
What flute would be best for a music teacher and clarinet player?
Getting in tune to the straight and narrow?
What musical?
Do you think I did a good job on this video?
Dramatic Teenage Monologues?
To the boys between the ages of 13 and 18...?
Real World Audtion tape?
Big Problem?
Mazzy Star ~ Flowers In December ~ The Harmonica Part.?
where can i download the nsync intro music?
Gibson Explorer or Fender Stratocaster?
What electric guitar would recommend for a beginner?
Where i can learn a good drums solo tutorial in the net?
Guitar Playing: How to Regain Originality? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Please Can You Help Me With My Monologue?
What instrument should I choose for marching band?
Should i take dance in high school ?
some guitar work from me?
Calling all really great dancers!!?
Where can I get paid for playing the guitar( I'm 15) ?
Does any one know of an indenpendent record lable online besides cd baby?
What can you say about Christine Fernandez, a local artist in cebu (SAbado na game na)?
A band in the eighties called Translator speciffically an album titled Evening of The Harvest?
What are some easy songs I can play on guitar now?
Is Animation starting to be taken more seriously as a filmaking form?
Do you need a license to preform street magic for tips?
What do you call male ballerinas?
What is a good thing to say when I make something dissappear or do another magic trick? (Something Cool)?
what kind of guitar should i get? im a beginner & dont know anything about them?
Alto saxophone neck strap isn't short enough!?
What are the diffrent types of ukelele?
How can I make my voice sound deeper?
Is it possible for a foreigner to become an actress in america?
Hey! I need help please! Thanks!?
I've played piano for 10 years and I think I suck at it. I cant play music without a sheet?
Highschool orchestras?..?
is 16 years old too late to start learning an instrument?
What is your favorite opera scene/aria/duet(etc), and why?
Which is the best ACOUSTIC guitar brand?
Voice strengthening technique??
is it true you can learn to play drums at 18?
Auditions run like a class?
how many people can lick their elbow??????????
How can I learn to play piano in 2 days?
Tips/Help for Learning to Play Marching Baritone?
Who can tell me where can i found "Chris Rock Stand up show " in French ?
Do you think I should send the letter ?
Looking for sheet music for a saxophone quartet...?
Which colour is better red or blue?
What are the notes to Baby by Justin Bieber on Clarinet?
How do you improvise and develop your own style on guitar?
hi17f.i need 2 give a speech on newly wed couples in presense of 100+ guests.can any1 help me plz?
I Need Help Finding A Song......?
What body type for belly dancing?
I want to learn how to play Guitar and Sing?
how do i overcome my nerves of acting?
how much can i sell my madame alexander dolls for?
Theatrical Christmas song?
what are the Beach Boys voice ranges?
What's the best type of Music?
how much would you pay for a clarinet?
Best Ukulele types/price for beginners?
I need some good improv starters?
who are your fav actors and actresses???
How to get a professional film crew?
My play is today, OMG!!!! My coustum is ugly. But anyways what do I do to get rid of the jitters.?
Step Team Uniforms?
Name 1 good Soulja Boi verse?
Identify this string, guitar-like instrument for me?
Need help tuning a snare drum!!!?
What is the name of the song that Christine sing on stage in the 2004 film Phantom Of the Opera?
Help, with my solo for solo and ensemble?
HELP!! I have to sing and im terrified to sing in public?
Plzzz Help! About the violin?? xx***********************...?
Does the guitar accessories have to match the guitar?
Where can I get an acting agent and how?
which of these two songs will be easy to play on guitar?
I want to become a producer in the music business. How would I go along doing that?
Single coil guitar pickups
Electric strings for acoustic guitar easy on fingers?
how do i know what my natural talent is?
how would you rate this guitar player?
Is it too late to learn baton at 15?
When do I find out when Dallas Summer Musicals release there season?
What's the fastest and most efficient way to improve at guitar and play "cool songs" pleasing to the ear?
does guitar center in pittsburgh teach how to read music?
how much does it cost to copyright a stage play script?
Good Songs for Guard Captain Routine?
How do you solve a problem like Mariaaaa?
guitar things to play?
What song should I sing for my music practical?
Where is the Mary Poppins (Broadway) script?
How can I get anyone to read the songs I write?
I need a song to sing for an audition?
My singing?
does any body know when american idol season 6 auditions are in portland?
Can Broadway tunes (ex. No good Deed, Memory, Seasons of Love, etc.) be played on acoustic guitar?
I'm looking for slow/epic guitar solos?
Question about the G1XNext guitar pedal?
where is a good summer theatre to work at?
Should I sing to a girl I like?
when do you get a good ear for guitar and does it eventually come ot everyone?
is david blaine's magic real?
how old is barry manilow?
Can anyone tell what chords are used in this song?
Dirty Dancing in Aldwych Theatre,London?
I need help with A nick name ASAP!!!?
Know anything about Baritone singing in Key?
When does RED close (on Broadway)?
What is an equal opportunity talent agency?
does anyone know where i can get a funny comedy monologue?
how much do ballerina's weigh?
What's a good christmas song to show off my voice?
I need help with choosing songs for a preforming art school?
who knows how to play the tuba?
What have critics said about frida kahlo?
Who are the best actors you know who have had little to know professional training?
What are some good songs to sing when auditioning for "The Drowsy Chaperone"?
which Chinese instrument should i play?
I'm looking for the best acoustic electric guitar under $1000 for fingerstyle.?
What are good songs by Nortorious B.I.G?
Do you believe musical education is important?
Stage Name Ideas Needed Immeadiately!!!!?
How hard is it to learn Poi?
What are some good monologue sites?
What performing arts colleges should I start looking at?
What should I do to help my chances of getting into the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts?
For how much does the Ibenex RG2EX1 usually sell for?
marionette puppet wood read description?
Am I a musical prodigy?
where can I find colleges in my area?
Where can I find a performance of Stephanie J. Block in Wicked?
Which amp should I choose?
which is easy to learn and use guitar or violin?
If i tied a blanket two my hands and feet can i fly?
Dress Codes should be implented 4 children nd 2 spk against the topic,cld u all give me sm pts plz
learning to play guitar?
anybody know good old songs?
i am learning guitar..but i just cant relate what i am learning to what i see on the net?
Differences between learning to play a recorder and a Native American wooden flute?
can someone write me a monologue about this?
What do you prefer the sound of: a mic'ed acoustic guitar or a plugged in acoustic-electric guitar?
Looking for a guitar effect pedal?
Any difference between a 12 year old Stratocaster and one made today?
Is a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 a bad choice?
How many people do you need to start a band?
whats your favorite color?
I want to put up a guitar cover?
What is the English translation for the lyrics of Faure's Pavane?
can everyone give me ideas on a good 2 female duet song. from anywhere... musicals to everyday songs. please ?
Are these bass guitar brands any good?
What happened to the Uniek Ludiek Sirkus (ULS) established in the 1960s in Limburg, the Netherlands?
comedian funny on stage but not around friends or random people?
Broadadway songs for an audition?
What do you think Disney's next broadway show should be after The Little Mermaid?
How can I convince my parents to let me do Contortion?
Are Orbitone drums ok for a beginner?
My friend says he was doing pornographic dancing at the weekend. Does any one know how this is done?
guitar question ...............?
What would men wear to a Cabaret?
How can i start learning how to play guitar?
new pickups??? help please?
what does allegro marciale mean?
What do you think are the social responsibilities of composers or artists (if any)?
Is this song proper to sing at church ?
How much is all my drum gear worth?
Some good songs to play on guitar?
How do can I project my voice better?
Hey cconsaul and chessmaster - why is the "Top Ten" list for Performing Arts messed up?
Acrylic nails for guitarists who only finger pick?
How long does Christine Daae dance for in the phantom of the opera?
which of these showbiz careers would you choose from the following: actor/actress or musician/singer?
we are gonna sing for the city..?
How can I train myself to play the piano with two hands?
What are some good trombone technique books?
What's the hardest part to learn while learning how to play an acoustic guitar?
Electric guitar people! help!?
how do i design makeovers online with fake people?
help with my new taylor guitar?
how do i make it big?
what songs should i learn for guitar that are easy for beginners?
What song should i sing for my x factor audition?
About a Taylor acoustic guitar?
warped tour?????
What songs do you sing in the shower ?
What is this guitar worth?
I messed up my audition...?
Is it good to double major?
Need creative idea for high school stage play about the seven deadly sins?
What kind of guitar should I purchase?