Performing Arts

Becoming a voice actor for anime and such but...?
How should I prepare for my leading worship the first time?
I need help with singing?
Can anyone learn to play an instrument?
What's the difference between contemporary and traditional musical theatre?
Suzuki Acoustic Guitar?
What is the proper way to hold/use a microphone during a performance?
How do you insert a reed (wooden piece) into a mouth piece for a clarinet?
What are some good songs ?
what are the answers to year 7, term 4, sheet one answers. thanks Heep's guys!!?
Which acoustic guitar pack is better?
hi hru.i have read ur messages.they r good .thanks for me.bye?
How do I learn how to consistently sight-read on the flute?
Who is your favorite opera soprano? And why?
Can swollen tonsils affect flute tone?
Who is the artist? A french-Black plays guitar and has Caribbean- reggae feeling to it. Any suggestion?
Suggestions on how to get rid of stage fright/ nervousness?
Bassoon Solos?
I'm trying to find Diane 3 inch hair pins. No one seems to have them. Help!?
Is the Tom Jones' syndrome common?
what are the dates for the honda civic tour?
Is talent rock a fake organization?
Am I a decent singer? How to improve?
Should I invest in getting a 2nd guitar?
Need advice and ideas?
Good cheap acoustic guitar brands?
Justin Bieber apologizes for throwing up?
How difficult would it be for a 14 year old to learn bass guitar?
Is learning to play the guitar difficult?
Why are the Jonas Brother Far superior to Led Zeppelin?
Where can I learn more about my piano?
Okay I believe its my amp but I want some actual feedback from other people.?
Violin Solo?
Why is my clarinet perfectly in tune when the barell is out about half a centimeter?
how to boost voice performance ?
drilled holes in guitar changing the sound?
Guitar Learning. Help?! D;?
I need a filler job for acting?
Need A Raw Emotion Monologue?
does anyone have the sheet music for someone to fall back on?
Moon Special Effect...please help!?
Sheet Music for Flutes?
I am an aspiring film director, but I don't know if I'm good enough? Can anyone test my skills?
what are some good songs right now?
Buying a ukulele? Help?
what are some good skits for a talent show?????????????!?
Where can i start my acting career as an amateur?
Can you play a soprano saxophone if you know how to play an alto saxophone?
Are Poms okay to use for color guard?
How many curtain calls did the performers make at the premiere of Verdi’s opera Aida?
Help with acoustic guitar strings?
do you sing in the shower?
can i get calluses for guitar in 2 weeks?
Are u still a singer if u can't always hit the right notes?
are sign twirler jobs really a good thing to do?
Where does Phil Collins live?
Any one know a good violin store near Houston, or Katy?
Is burswood electric guitar a good guitar?
What Sort of Questions do they ask you at the National Theatre Youth Audition?
What do female stage magicians wear?
guitar or bass cant decide?
Who's better Back Street Boys...OR...Nsync?
I heard that it is easier to pass JYP's audition than SM/YG entertainment. I wanna sing & dance. Help?
where can I find the information of Somalia dance?
Should I go thicker or thinner with tenor sax reeds?
Besides the Internet and pawn shops, were can I find Tisha Campbell's CD "Tisha"?
e flat clarinet reeds?
How can I become a singer? I am only 13 and i love to sing, but I am scared to sing in front of people.?
Whats a good way to learn the guitar if you dont have the money for lessons?
Do bassoonist normally have big hands?
How much can I sell my Acoustic guitar for?
Which digital 8 track recorder looks best to you?
What chord is G# B E?
What saxophone should I get?
Good music to play on bass?
How do i overcome my stage fright? D:?
i need to play louder?
2009/2010 ♫♫♫ ßẠƞÐ ϾẠɱҎ ♫♫♫?
Tips for a songwriter?
Which guitar should I buy?Acoustic-electric or acoustic?I'm beginner.?
what is a free software to make backing tracks?
Happiest place in the world?
Good songs for high school band to play?
What are the notes to the chorus of Jingle Bells?
Can you believe it?
What city is the suburb of Mexico that starts something like Zapotit???
Increasing Vocal Range?
Most dangerous martial art?
Nightmare Before Christmas: The Musical?
how do i get rid of the calouses?
Good songs to play on an electric guitar?
Should I choose singing tenor or alto?
Any song suggestions for a talent contest?
How long is the Cirque Dreams Holidaze Show?
Good Acoustic Guitar songs?
What's the term in music to describe when people drag out one note, instead of briefly saying word?
Is there any point to using a multi-effects pedal on a 6505+ combo amp?
Can acoustic strings be used on a classical guitar?
Children's music recital- charge each performer a fee, or have a door charge?
What are some good songs?
How do I make my tremolo stay in tune better?
how do i go about geting into a exotic dancers?
who was the first to brake a guitar on stage?
Do people in Theater make decent money?
pedal for guitar harmonics?
im having some trouble playing a B chord on my guitar. Im really having difficulty reaching the frets...?
Can you learn to play the guitar with a classic guitar?
I'd bang Jewel, wouldn't you?
how to make jumping octaves on the clarinet smooth?
i have a guitar competition in school,i'm 12 years old.i want to know which song will i play for the program?
Los Angeles Vocal Coach?
Why is my musical intrest always mocked?
Any advice on learning how to play the guitar effectively and efficiently?
Why are so many people "drop tuning" their guitars?
Female duolouge?? For teenages?
What Are Some Great Musical Songs From Any Broadway Musicals?
What is your favourite Pantomime? And why?
How do u use your diaphram?
So ive broke it down to a yamaha acoustic electric and an ibanez acoustic electric?
What are some good bands?
What's some really good acoustic remixes of up beat songs?
I want to read music (i'm a dummie) in Bass Clef; Any help with a method (Book or CD)?. Remember Easy Level.
How do i get into the music industry? I have a year to make it happen?
Is it ok to learn how to play guitar on an electric?
what does an E# look like for a CLARINET?
Can someone find me the guitar version of Shenandoah.....?
True Bypass on a guitar pedal?
i am looking for song the iniskillin dragoons please?
What book/s do you recomend to learn how to write for musical theatre.?
what is your favorite soap opera?
Guitar help...please....?
Whats the strumming pattern for Broken by Secondhand Serenade?
Alternates job in marching band?
Lyric help!!! (LoveGame by Lady Gaga)?
Choir piano - (voice exercise help)?
Dress for The King and I?
Fun and upbeat songs to sing for a talent show?
which monologue should i use for my audition?
If your life were to made into a movie who would direct it?
Who taught Elton John to play piano?
Do you like In The Belly of the Beast and how could I turn it into a play?
Aspiring guitar player seeking tips.?
Do anyone know any facts on the flute?
a on guitar is the same as what on tenor sax?
Overcoming Singers Stagefright?
What is the most easyest way to learn how to play guitar ?
What is your fave guitar brand?
Acting & Singing career?
Which double bass pedal should I buy DW7000 or DW5000 series?
Is Mendini by Cecileo a good brand for flutes.?
What acting/drama school did Reece Witherspoon go to?
Question about MSOBA Solo and Ensemble?
What universities or conservatories in florida off a piano camp for the summer?
music counting help!!!!!!!!!!?
How to read guitar tabs?
I want go to juilliard ?
Can i learn how to play a real piano and read the music sheets on a keyboard?
I've pre ordered a CD from HMV. Will it arrive at my house on the release date?
Whats the alltime greatest american rock band?
Easy songs to play on bass?
Muse Tour Dates?
drugs in the Nuter ??
looking to buy a guitar... any suggestions?
is it right?
Songs to sing for a talent show?
I need pantomime ideas?
Would anyone know any recording studios in NYC who record Classical Indian Music?
A good eletric guitar?
Do I buy an electric or an accoustic guitar and why?
Have you ever seen "The Lion King" musical?
What do the performing forces in Lux aeterna consist of?
how hard is it to learn the piano if you are 16. is it to late?
Why is RENT better on stage than on DVD?
whats a good price to charge as a DJ at college house parties?
Is a musician career really that hard? Why?
Can music instructors play instruments at a professional level?
decent amp for running pedals through?
Is it possible to level a whole continent to its foundations?
Where do you like to practice/play guitar other than at home or at school?
what is your fav. color black,blue,green,or purple?
What is the best graduate school for conducting?
Headshots: what do you all think of these two pics?
What song should I sing at a church this Sunday?
How can you play a bar chord without straining your hand?
why do actors fall on empty boxes when shooting a "falling scene" rather than something softer like, pillows?
What Can She Sing?
What grade/level is this ?(viola)?
Can someone go into great detail on how to tune a acoustic guitar with an electric tuner?
Anybody know where to find a good pitch tendencies list for e flat clarinet?
Guitar calluses help...?
does anybody know any good acoustic versoins of hardcore songs?
Post-Secondary Performing Arts programs in Canada?
Guitar!!! ??
Where to start for a 17 year old wanting an acting career?
Tired of trying to fit into the music biz?
What are nice electric guitars?
How can I become a successful voice over actor?
Searching for a marching band video...?
easy and fast recital hair styles?
In your opinion, are pageants bad if the child wants to do them?
Does anyone know where I can find an orchestra sheet music translation of Nothing Else Matters - Metallica S&M?
O2 Academy question? Really confused?
Help..I need suggestions?
When I go to New York, should I see Wicked or The Lion King?
Auditions in or very close to maryland?
what colleges will let me double major in musical theater and music ed?
I need to memorize a 2 minute long poem/script...?
Should I sing my own song?
Should I buy this guitar?
What should I sing for the glee club I am trying out for?
do you think i can overcome my problems.?
where can i find a keyboardist for my church?
Electric guitar????????
Where can I get good quality oboe reeds?
Easiest Metallica Guitar Solo?
How do you tune a guitar yourself?
Learning to play an instrument as an adult.?
Where can I learn advanced music theory?
i really need help!!!!?
why arent there guitar tab books for megadeth or pantera?
Which musical should my high school do?
Anyone know what guitar this is?
in an audition...?
I'm confused on scales. Do you start and end on the same note, or go through every note?
Harp lessons? how can I get them?
Have you ever been to a Muse concert?
Guitar Finger Pressure Tips?
To my fellow guitar players out there?
Good song for an audition?
How to self teach bass to self?
can i play the guitar?
How do you get into juliard?
Why is my guitar alternate picking not getting any faster?
Guitar newbie questions :)?
What music calms you down?
What kind of scream is this?
who does how do I love thee and in what play or poem?
What Irish songs are there?
pageant ideas for the talent portion?
Guitar Question for Norm Jones?! Again!?
Best way to master the guitar?
I need some ideas for this dance solo of mine..?
Is learning to play an instrument like learning to type on a keyboard without looking at it? Time and practice?
How many musical instruments are there in the world. (nearly)?
Where can I find good ViggoOrlando Pics?
About how many people actually are in Walnut Hill School for the Arts?
Could some one record themselves playing the lyrical and technical for this years all county audition on flute?
Lonely hearts, try again, lonely now, your were lonely then. State the movie or state the singer of the lyric
Practical Jokes? Have you done them to others, had them pulled on you?.. What was the best?
chattel in a acoustic?
I'm looking for open auditions for musicals/plays in Tampa... can you help?
What does it take to become a performer in disneyland?
How do I prepare for a variety show when I don't really know if I'm singing well enough?
Need to show them talent!?
learning to play the guitar... bruised finger tips!?
how did aalya die?
If farting is socially unacceptable why is it so funny?
what happened to mozarts children?
how should take the the response when a musician plays in only one key.?
(a)What are the characteristics of a Noh theatre play and how is it performed? (b) What symbolism is involved?
Can you be a good guitarist..if you teach yourself?
Who originally wrote the music for the musical Phantom of the Opera?
Learning guitar help.?
How does this plan sound (musicians)?
What do you think? *photos included*?
Any tips for MPA tomorrow?
The net is filled with Halloween stories and pranks. But do you know any good scripts for a real 'Scarefest'?
electric musical instrument invented before 1940?
theres something beautiful within my grasp and its at the end of the show when the dancers look at past dancin
how hard is it to play the guitar?
How can I reduce fret buzz on my bass guitar?
Can somebody tell me how to teach myself acoustic guitar over the internet?
Doed anyone Live where i do!?
Can you sing with a British accent?
What is your favorite Broadway musical of all times?
does anyone know how to contact Adrienne kennedy the black playwrite / artist from USA?
best place to buy tickets?
How to prepare for a music festival.?
Fairytale theme duet?
How much is my guitar worth?
where could i get the dance steps of sakuting?
Comedic Female monologue?
how do you sing?
4 movable barre chording on acoustic what is a good nut width 4 big hands?
What type of electric guitar should I get for my first electric?
Can u steel peoples stuff in minecraft and keep it?
How do I learn to sing without getting lessons?
Will be another phantom volume?
Is a guitar ready to play out of the box?
Why is it "Neighbours" (female) stars seem to go on into a musical career after leaving the series?
Whats your favorite Orchestra instrument ?
Music from Hairspray?
Can you guys explain these acting styles? ?
would u rather a guitar or drums?
I'm scared to put myself out there and be discovered,help me?
I want to learn keyboard, but what kind do I buy?
Any good non-love acoustic song (english) which I can sing on stage as a duet with a guy?
What is a good intro song for the P.E.A.C.E Group?
does the epiphone les paul 100 guitar and amp pack come with a gig bag or a strap?
Can anyone sing professionally?
what is the best group to sing gospel music in the whole world?
Can i transform into an animal?
Can we learn shredding with gibson les paul double cutaway model guitar?
Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing in an imaginary menagerie?
what are the notes for the into of Mr. Brightside?
This may be a dumb question, but I'm not sure if the bass guitar is written in bass clef or treble?
Can anyone tell me when and where the Marvin Gaye play will be in Dallas, Texas?
Why do I screw up while playing the piano in front of an audience?
Do you like character roles?
Should I learn on acoustic or electric guitar?
What position do I shift to for these notes? And what note is it?
is it gay for a 13 year old boy to sing in his school talent show?
Which book do you think would be better for a beginner drummer?
Who could link me up with an American Producer, likely to be interested in an insider's story of slavery?
Im trying to learn telekinesis can anyone help me out.?
Question regarding symphonies and orchestras?
where could i get the dance steps of sakuting?
Laima Vaikule- date and place of birth-Russian/Latvia's singer?
Drummers who perform, Do you always keep the same tempo when playing a song?
Why do I still feel only intermediate guitar level though I have roughly 700 hours of practice time?
what are the best electric guitar strings?
Do you have any musician quirks?
My son wants to play guitar he is only four which is easier electric or acoustic?
How Do I Quit? ( 10 easy points)?
Are Sonatina flutes bad quality?
What do you love to hear most? Piano, a Saxophone, a Guitar or a Violin?and why?
Does anyone here play the clarinet?
What role does Drumming (rock) play in society?
Guitar help for beginner.?
In Phantom of the opera what instruments are played for the charecters ?
What are cool things to do for a talent show?
How would i get a specific guitar tuning?
Good items to learn club juggling if you don't have clubs?
How do you do this magic trick work?
Opera fans -- What's your favorite comedic opera? Why?
baritone & normal acoustic guitars..!!?
The greatest singers of all time who were they according to you?
Tell me where you got your headshot in North Hollywood.?
how do u get ur mom 2 treat u and ur sis and bro equal?
Vocal Performance Programs?
What is the right age to start violin lessons?
What song to sing for West Side Story audition?
Do you think Marching Band or Colorguard is harder?
How do you flick the reed on the saxophone?
Does anyone know how to play "Waste" or "Billy Breathes" by Phish on guitar?
Should I learn to play piano?
Les Miserables Questions?
How to play A-ha "Take on me" on the Piano?
How long should I practise my guitar ?
Good Guitar (Acoustic/electric) for a beginner? -Few other questions-?
How does the Selmer Paris 62 alto sax works with the third ocatve key?
learning to play the piano at age 21?
Tips to becoming a better euphonium player?
how do theatre performers "give back" to the community?
what are some good love songs?
What id A major key dropped 5 steps?
Is "I Think My Girl Is Bi" by Omarion appropriate for a SYTYCD audition?
what is the saddest monologue you have ever heard?
having problems holding bow of my violin?
Is there such a thing as a left-handed guitar, or is that stupid question?
Benjamin Calypso in Joseph?
Help! Please... i need a song i can sing.?
Where would be the best place/website to learn the solo for November rain?
Where does someone seriously interested in magic and illusions go to learn the skills needed?
What colour were the magic shoes worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?
Help with guitar scale patterns?
why does my guitar sound sloppy in E flat tuning?
I need one song for a sixteen year old alto voice?
How long can we last without sleeping?
What songs can I expect Pretty Lights to perform live?
If you are gifted, have you ever made fun of the mentally disabled people?
Is the D6 crafter guitar a good one?
What is a good brand of acoustic guitar for beginners?
public speaking help!!!!!?
is there a new websites that has jimi hendrix concerts that you can download for free?
Monologue subject?
Ticket for the color purple for less than $100.00?
What are Good Solos For Women (Alto-Soprano)? 10 Points?
where can I apply online to be a movie extra?
Good, funny Broadway duets?
Guitar maintenance?
questions about joining the circus?
How can I earn much money?
How to throw the best holloween party?
houdydoody theme song help?
Girls, what are your honest?
how do u play death note ???????????????????????????????????????
Can anyone help me with a contrasting piece for Turegano by Federico Moreno Torroba?
I want to learn guitar and maybe start my own band lol?
what are some good songs appropriate for school, that have 3 part harmony?(Soprano, alto, bass)?
How can I get over this "nervousness"?
Is it to late for me to become a profesional musician?
what does classically trained mean?
What order should I learn tricks for glowsticking?
do you have a talent?
How long would it take someone who has never played piano before to learn Debussy's Claire De Lune?
Are There Any Classical Pianists Out There To Help Me?
I need to sell a guitar, where is the best place to do it?
when I sing it some times is hard to find the correct key in which i am to sing also to hear the right key,?
How do you prevent your guitar string from rusting fast?
What is the guitar in this video?
how come when british sing they dont have an accent?
Dramatic Prose Pieces for Forensics?
Can I audition for SM Entertainment in Chinese?
what do u think of my friend's bass playing?
Should i learn Drums or Guitar?
what can a ten yr old girl do for a talent contest she will not dance or sing?
How to clean a flute?
what are the elastic strap on the back of canvas ballet slippers for?
For a piano beginner,which is the better option between YamahaP-70 & NP-30?
Heifetz, anyone?
Help identify Harmonica.?
what is the best Fender Acoustic guitar to the model?
What's a good guitar for an "upgrade"? (beginner)?
Pre-Chorus Competion Tips?
Which of these electric guitars should I buy?
What to do what to do?
Guitar help?
What is the easiest type of guitar to play?
What violin does Itzhak Perlman play?
Which is a good guitar package to buy?
Can anyone name this Chrismas children's musical?
Am I doing something wrong?
Can you name a musical instrument that can't be used as a weapon?
i take voice lessons is it effective?
how to paint on A4 paper?
what do you think of someone who likes to play piano and guitar? is this acceptable lol read details...?
Why was Romeo and Juliet so famous?
What do you remember about The Beatles? My mum remembers Ed Sullivan show performance.?
Choosing a musical instrument detailed answers plz!?
good songs to learn with an unplugged electric guitar?
Does anyone know of a place in Memphis where I can rent a flute besides Amro?
What is your favorite Broadway musical of all times?
I'm writing an essay on the ongoing "war" between theatre and cinema?
What song should I sing?
How far does culinary arts date back to?
what should i watch out for when buying a ukulele?
Best affordable marching band trumpet?
what is the fastest way to learn to play the guitar?
monologues set in the 1930s?
When are SmartMusic due dates? What time?
Do you think we should go into the talent show?
What was Mozart's favorite instrument?
what did mimi die of in la boheme?
I want to get into Burlesque so badly!?
Is "Martin DCX1E" a good guitar?
Favorite Broadway Show?
sm entertainment global audition?
where can i buy an acoustic guitar and how much does it cost?
I need more information famous historical and currrent tap dancers?
I'd like to teach the world to sing...where do I start?
What should my stage name be as a Burlesque Dancer?
Why, when I am watching an instructional video, does the voice break up continually (not referring to music)?
does anyone know any good songs from famous musicals?? please help?
Exercises for evening out stick control (major help with opposite hand) for snare?
Good scene for two girls.?
is the keytar returing to coolness, in modern music? And/or, would you go to a show that featured a keytar guy
help me out with this tab/tuning...?
Why do people like rock music when it is total c*r*a*p ????
Is there anyway i can practice my embrochure in clarinet without having a clarinet.?
How do you play this chord on guitar properly?
how to become a comedian?
Do you hate "Cats" as much as I do?
What pretty opera music is there?
my alto sax wont play?
Plugging a guitar to a keyboard, then the keyboard to an amp? (s)?
When are YG Entertainment company audtions?
What makes a good storyteller?
Is it too late for me to start playing the guitar?
how do i get over stage fright?
What Is A Demo Reel ?
Is there anywhere in the midwest US to see any kind of grand guignol type of show? I live in St. Louis.?
B Flat Clarinet Players?
How to sing with an accent?
I have a 1959 MARTIN guitar to sell. How do I get a fair price?
How do I become Anime voice talent?
Whats a good way to start learning electric bass guitar?
Does any body know any good father/daughter songs?
How do i find my Vocal range and how many octaves i have?
how long is a full size electric bass guitar?
Do you need to have a teacher to learn how to play the guitar?
Is it possible to earthbend?
who is the greatest metal guitarist of all time?
Oboe Comparison... Yamaha or Buffet?
Faries for girls what could the lads be (fancy dress)?
i really want to be a backup dancer!!! do you know how i can?
Is it necessary to use a metronome?
Do you know of a good summer camp for orchestra or a violinist? I'm 14 years old.?
I need to find free downloads of christian flute solos....?
What guitar should I get?
piano notes of If we fall in love by yeng constantino?
Is this a good start to a script?
what instruments do u play?
Auxiliary guard/ Color guard?
What is the best acting agency in memphis,tn?
guitar soloists help?
Playing an electric guitar?
mp3 플레이어 뭐가 좋아요?
who is cuter chris brown or B5?
can i make a living as a musician?
Anyone have any music festival advice?
How can I get over my fear of playing a trumpet solo in front of an audience?
How good is korina for guitars?
whats the best way to get into acting? or musicals?
Advice for a contemporary speech for an audition?
Performing arts colleges in north east England?
Should I quit violin & join marching band?
What does a "Dancer's Lines" mean?
What can actor's write off on their taxes?
What does guitar center usually pay for used gear?
I'm trying to find a song to sing?
Where would be the best place/website to learn the solo for November rain?
What is magic? and how can somone gain the abilties to make magic?
Help!! How can I find out if I can really sing? I don't want to be one of those people with false hopes.?
scene for three
FOR GUITARISTS: In your oppinion what is the best brand of electric guitar have you come across??
Clasical Guitar??
What is the best way to learn guitar?
does performing arts discriminate?
Why is my clarinet squeaking when nothing is wrong with the way i'm playing it?
If you could teach your butt to sing one song...?
One Direction opinions?
Famous inventors for a band name?
Piano Help?
What to do about severe stage fright?
I sing Japanese.?
Nylon Guitar Part Broken.?
how to make Cinderella's glass slipper?
What age is it good to start doing "it".?
Questions about guitar amps?
I sound just like a girl when I sing and when I talk!?
What's the best type of Music?
Off broadway/lesser known alto songs?
is the londons west end the equivalent to broadway? is it the theatrical epicentre of the uk?
Who is Herand Markarian?
Who sang the song "Over The Rainbow" on ABC's American Inventor this past week near the end of the show?
What would be a good high school musical?
Would you recommend the Epiphone Les Paul Jr. for a beginner ?
How can I start a punk band??
how do i clean my tarnish flute using toothpaste?
Anyone know what guitar this is?
i need a depressing/sad monologue -- help!?
New bass guitar, help for sound and type, and Practice techniques please :)?
Colorguard IS a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Do i look like a disney princess?
What is the song (from a musical), that is about a woman who's spouse had died?
Do you have any advice for buying an acoustic electric guitar?
I need help with my choice..?
how do you get a job a the renaissance festival?
how to sing better...?
What's the deference between a Fender jazz bass and a Fender Percussion bass?
What is a dancers body?
What is that peice of music called?
How do you get a Five Finger Death Punch "Canto 34" guitar tone?
Orchestra concert etiquette?
William Shakespeare questions?
If you must perform for friends, would you sing, dance, or act?
Appropriate dance songs?
Are Idol auditions for 2012 complete and if so when would the new schedule become available?
Where can I find Neckpipes for Baritone Saxophones?
which is the fastest drummer?
Music you (ladies) what like to see a male stripper dance to?
Why was one of my questions removed??? It was a performing arts question??
About how much should I expect to pay for a cannonball tenor saxophone?
Why do I suck at guitar?
How do I get better at acting?
Double bass have some questions?
would you go to say goodbye to her?
how much is a used acoustic guitar?
Does anyone know of some good online sites for learning the 5-String banjo ?
I'm learning to play drums and was wondering if it is easier to start with a single bass, or a double?
a love triangle story idea?
What song should I sing and play on guitar for a school variety show?
what is the working enviroment for professional dancers?
Ibanez V70ce ~ Guitar center mistake...should I keep it?
how can i become actor if i am shy??plz dont say a school play?
Are there any songs that match this monologue?
I broke my High E string but?
Circus-y moves for marching band?
Vocal Lessons. I need someone close to Orange (the city )or at least in orange county who is GOOD.?
what would be some good musical acts for an elementary school's talent show?
what are some easy songs to learn on a acoustic guitar? i just started playing.?
How to prove that I am talented to my choir teacher?
How does an actress get started in Commercial work when she lives in NC and not CA or NY?
tips on relieving nerves before a show?
Should I still play guitar?
Why does my guitar sound different?
I don't have friends and I'm upset?
Are Crescent and Austin Bazaar guitars any good?
Should i join theatre?
Stepsister Audition For Cinderella Musical? 10 points to the best!?
What are the notes for the B Major scale on a flute?
I play the flute?
Guitars !.!$:83736!383?
What's a good guitar to start out with?
i lost my voice and need to perform tonight (singing) what can i do to get it back?
I want to learn to play an Acoustic Guitar, im 15?
High school skit ideas plss?
To improve singing?
What do you have a passion for?
What is the material of the dance floor for ballet performance?
I have a friend who would really like to become an acttress?
Is music theory necessary?
Can I learn to play the drums with this ?
When you go to a concert, what's more important: Sound or Lighting?
Not happy with the sound of my guitar?
How do I tune my guitar to drop b ??
Group or private music lessons?
What do you guys think?
How can I get an electric guitar to sound like a French Horn?
I need a funny/comedic monologue for big audition!!=]?
Is learning guitar difficult?
I'm 13 and I wanna be a burlesque perfomer?
Is anyone doing performing arts at Bracknell and Wokingham college?
Can someone help me choose the right instrument?
B flat thumb key of my flute is sticking! Help? ?
how do i build a fashion show runway?
Guitar sting gauge changes?
Does anyone know of a person with a performance degree who is struggling?
a description of a concert you attended?
How much would you be willing to pay for a piano?
How does one develop an appreciation for Opera?
what is this guitar worth?
how do i use a guitar strap on an acoustic guitar?
what do you think of slam poetry?
A 15 minutes radioplay script for 6 people?
what new acoustic guitar should i buy?
Why do I have such a hard time writing songs for my guitar?
WHere can I find one of those clappers? Ya know the Clap On Clap Off?
how to develop a sexy voice?
What is your favorite quot if its the same as mine i will give you the best answer?
What is that melody in the Clorox mermaid bathroom ad?
What Would Be My Perfect Broadway Role. ?
should I edit out the lettering in the video?
Monologue for an audition?
what are some good love songs?
Trying to locate web address or other contact info for a monthly theatre book (plays, scripts, etc) club.?
What techniques did Bob Fosse us as a director/choreographer?
i have a grad degree in drama, wanna teach, where should i?
Buying sax supplies (online)?
i m about to take guitar lessons,what kind of guitar should i buy as a beginner?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
Why do clowns wear white paint on their faces?
What low-budget musical celebrated 40 years of New York City shows, on May 3 2000?
What exactly made The Beatles the greatest group in history?
what are good christmas plays or skits for children?
Is it stupid to do the THRILLER dance by yourself?
Recommend a guitar multieffect processor around Rs10000!!?
can anybody help me with finding a music school located in new jersey?
New Music Director at my Church?
Which bassoon reed brand?
What do u look for in a performer?
Did the grateful dead get kicked out of woodstock?
What did you think about Pavarotti?
What is a good song to sing at a reciatal?(for a teen girl)?
how to play this tab?
What is some great flute music?
can i sing ????????????
What is the difference between a talent agent and a manager?
What is a good Casio CTK-700 upgrade?
Can anyone out there play the accoustic guitar?
How To Stop Guitar Fret Buzzing?
Song for a bass voice?
I'm a girl and I have a stupid low voice, are there any exercises to make my voice higher?
If a year in the life is measured in love, as RENT says, what's the unit for measuring love?
I haven't restrung my guitar in about four years?
How is that people don't know when they don't have a good singing voice?
I never thought about a job in male modeling!...but I have received a many suggestions from my friends ...?
Marching band immature section?
Is this alto saxophone good...?
Gibson or Epiphone. Is it worth it?
What is the name of the greatest violinist of our century?
Who is "Father Dip" in Velma`s song in "Chicago"?
Anyone know what technique this is? Guitar Players! :)?
Can anyone become a singer?
Is playing the guitar a turn on for girls?
I have some questions about Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan?
How often should I practice my instruments?
can I do my own monologue?
can anyone help me with guitar?
Park West in Chicago?
need ten facts about Frida Kahlo please anyone help!!!!?
who is the best american comedian?
Can't play Ab on guitar, can you help?
How many or u play an insrument if so what instrument?
dose any know the meanings of "Dimhymn"?
What music instrument should I learn?
What do I need to make oboe reeds?
How to write a script?
whos creative? I need Ideas!?
Removing guitar scratches on my PRS Paul Allender?
I have not chosen art as my key stage 4 option, but i am interested in a career, is there anything i can do?
what are the violin notes for simple and clean?
How do you get started becoming a professional dancer?
Color guard routine ?
how to choregraph modern damce routine?
MIDI keyboard? advice?
Help?!(details inside,I need a good play monologue!)?
Increasing Vocal Range?
explore talent a scam?
is it possible to play guitar fully without a pick ?
Spring awakening hairstyles?
How to buff scratches out of my snare drum chrome rim?
An easy unique and cheap instrument?
what are some real sounding drum sample packs or drum machines?
is it hard to play kingston trio on guitar?
Looking for an Adult Piano Method...?
how do you get a singing voice back?
Can someone tell on Jason Latimer Cups and ball routine what the song is?
Help with this pageant question?
Zildjian or Sabian.....?
What do you think of this guitar?
Which flute should I buy?
Why does i always feel insecure about my future?
How can i get over my stage fright?
Why do people cry?
what's this? Nightmare before christmas guitar chords.?
Does anyone know what key Duran Duran's "Love Voodoo" is in?
Advice for a starting fiddler?
I need an idea for a character from a play that I can create a make-up design for!?
What Monologue is suited for me?
know any good acting classes?
websites to learn guitar?
is the newyork film acadamey in universals studios a high school and boarding school?
Is the 50 dollar rogue mandolin a good one to get?
were to go to get a pome copyright?
Is it impossible to lick your elbow?
hey drummers...?
Names of any good emo/scene/punk/techno/screamo bands out there?
What would be a good electric guitar?
what does classically trained mean?
everytime i play my clarient, my troat starts to close up and hurt and no sound comes out of the clarnet?
4 string yamaha bass guitar?
Does it matter the price I pay for a guitar?
are there any performing arts schools in Manchester/Bolton(UK)?
Should I buy another bra?
Where can I get the program for 2007 New Year Concert from Vienna? The Vienna Phil Orch site does not have it.
is it possible for someone to forget how to sing with vibrato?
If you could teach your butt to sing one song...?
beautiful soul, because you live, as long as you love me, or i lay my love on you?
I AM REALLY MAD NOW !!!! ***Can someone answer my question please i had asked this question 10times allready!!
Where do I start if I want to play guitar?
How can I not have stage fright?
If you could get any type of ACOUSTIC guitar, What BRAND would you get?
Where can i buy a cheap gibson les paul guitar for less than £200?
How long does it take to learn to play the guitar?
famous dancers from oklahoma?
Should I get the Epiphone dove or the Epiphone hummingbird?
MARIAH CAREY is the coolest ever..don't you think?
Universities that Accept Harp Musicians?
Which guitar pedal should I get first? EQ or overdrive?
What to do at a Redcoat audition?
my question isif you could change the past what would it be and why?
is there a veena teacher in valsaravakam? His/Her contact number please?
where can i buy alexander rybaks violin book of sheet music?
What are the different musical instruments used by the Visayan people, especially Waray, Ilonggo and Cebuano?
What is the best electric guitar for a 13 year old beginner? ?
How do you report abuse in the operations of a non-profit youth orchestra in CA?
how do i get over it!!!!?
What is the proper way to breathe when you sing????
Does anyone know of a good 2 1/2 minute monlogue?
Trios for One Alto Sax and Two Clarinets please?
How do you solve a problem like Mariaaaa?
how long does a givson acoustic guitar last?
anybody know where i can get a load of guitar picks?
What is the Importance of Cello Rosin?
what song did jason castro sing on the tv guide channel?
Are there any performing arts high schools in WA?
Does anyone have any tips on Auditioning for an opera company?
i need to get better at guitar soloing and need help?
Where can I get the free music sheet for God Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts?
What is it like to be a musical theater major in college do they teach how to sing even as a novice?
Color Guard?
How do u change pitches/ play the french horn?
Bassist having Issues with band? HELP!!?
Who are better guitar players, left or right-handed people ?
i need to find free be our geust from beauty and the beast for piano, where can i get it?
What are the chances that I will be able to play guitar again?
I am auditioning for Julia in the play The Wedding Singer. What song will they most likely have us sing?
how exactly would drama clubs offer me an acting agent?
My son is starting guitar lessons with a 3/4 Fender guitar. What picks are best to buy?
acoustic guitar bridge?
how can i sing higher without using my falsetto. and why cant guys merge regular voice with falsetto?
any michael jackson fans?
Do you know any good monologues for an audience?
What is the average range of a DCI Baritone player?
What level should I be playing tuba at?
Could you list your favourite South and central american Folk-Guitar communities/clubs on Net?
My flute will not play E,Eb, D?
Which guitar should i get? Schecter vs Ibanez.?
ballet, jazz, or tap?
strange question??? Does anybody know what they mean, in rap songs, when they say "diamond in the back" ?
epiphone explorer "korina" question?
Can you play fife music on a flute?
if i ted in public could that be classified under performing arts?
is 27 too old to be performing in a band?
is a cole clark acoustic guitar better than a taylor?
What is the piano music played on the BBC program 'Top Gear' during the Vauxhall Monaro 'Drift' segment?
Performing Arts College in Ealing?
How do you double tonuge on the clarinet?
Trumpet (or brass) players help?
should i join marching band?
How hard would is be to play both Bass and 6-sting guitar?
What motivates you to play guitar?
Mexican folk dance. What are they?
What are some talents aside from singing,dancin,drawing, acting, and playing instruments?
Help with choosing a Musical...?
How to get a smokey, raspy voice?
Do you like cheerleaders or dancers more?
mellophone spit problem?
Who sing the theme song of Monster Garage & from witch cd?
Ways to get on pointe quicker?
Comedic Song for Theatre?
how can i get over to my negative approach?
Talent Show songs?
Digitech Vs Electro harmonix disto pedals.?
What Can You Play On Guitar?
I have a friend whose voice is lost very easily....?
Does anyone know of a good poem to recite for a competition?
I have written a musical - would you like to name it?
I need help stringing my guitar?
I just receive a 6 hole flute and I don't know what comes next... like how do play it?
i want to start recording?
Footjoint hard to insert on used flute?
Is Hip Hop an art form or a means to objectify women?
Anyone know of a good Translation of "Se Vuol Ballare" from the Marriage of Figaro?
Does anyone know if it would be possible to rent or purchase the score for "King of Pride Rock" from Lion King?
Phantom of the opera?
About what's the cheapest acoustic guitar I can find at Guitar Center?
Is poetry better than sex?
Is the Fender Mustang III good for distorsion?
Moonlight Bells--the Short Story version--do you like it?
im going to be in marching band. i start band camp in the summer. whats it going to be like?
How can I mute my drumset?
Marching band questions?
what's your favorite Broadway play?
What are my chances of getting into these universities...?
QLD Safety public safety?
does diana ross still work?
How can I remove the label from my clarinet?
How much do street performance permits cost?
Help With Album Finding?
is my friend and me a good duet?
How do I improve my guitar playing?
Help with trumpet mouthpiece?
Was Richard Wagner part of the Romantasist, Impressionist, or Realist era?
Learning to play guitar?
What is the best and fastest way to learn guitar?
What are the teen music summer day camps in Orange County?
Dramatic Interp. (speech!)?
what is the easist instrument to play?
Best drum set under $1,000?
This a good idea for career?
For people in HIGH SCHOOL BAND! I have a question about Solo & Esnembles STATES.?
I want to get my son's headshots taken. Anyone know a LEGITIMATE place to get them done in Los Angeles?
How hard is it to learn how to play the violin?
Tips for someone planning to learn guitar?
Is it too late? I'm 14...?
ballet or bollywood dancing?
Could anyone tell me the italian tempo terms and their ranges in BPM?
Girls, do you find a guy more attractive if he plays the guitar really well?
i wanna play guitar?
Can you reuse the spring flowers commonly used for magic tricks?
Ever been to PRFD conservatory of fine arts? What was it like?
What is singer Cory Daye doing these days?
What else can I do to improve my song? (In the End II)?
Is a Jeff Dunham concert suitable for a 11 year old boy?
Your opinion please????
difference between an acoustic-electirc guitar and an acoustic guitaR?
what is vocal toning?
how can I learn to play the guitar?
What does Justin Bieber think about INDIANS?
How many are accepted into Indiana State University's music program?
How much do opera singers earn per performance?
Advice on guitar choice acoustic or electric?what model?
What is a presonus firebox?
how does dance heal people?
What is the form of a rondeau?
Buying a concert Bari sax online?
Does anyone have the words to the songs from menapause the musical or know how I can get them?
I will state here. "I do not like Madona" Please tell me why she is someone to praise. Please?
stupid question - what's a good korean song that i can sing+play on piano to look beautiful?
Can anyone answer my statistics question?
Staying motivated to learn guitar? any tips?
Philly question?
What is the first secular piece of music of the WORLD? Not America. (Hint: The 2nd is Greensleeves)?
I would like to understand the tempo in the musical notation , help me please?
Ragas played by Pandit Ravishanker on Sitar?
What do you think of jelena?
when im nervous when im playing flute, i start shaking and my tone sounds shaky, too?
What vocal multi-effect pedal do board operators hate the least?
Can you train yourself to hit higher notes than your normal voice range?
Sad Breathe Taking Songs?
What is the best guitar to play barre chords on?
what is the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, about?
i want to becom pono actor?
Why do Bass guitars not have Pickup Selector Switches?
how can i become a star? I'm 16 and don't have any connections and no way out from where i am.?
I want guitar lessons but I can't afford it?
Names for a guitar? This question needs more character?
Musical Theatre Schools In London?.....?
do dancers have to be bought a new outfit for every show, if not..where do they hire their costumes from....?
Please summarize the opera "Nabucco" for me?
Dancers: Tips for Improving turnout?
I'm trying to frind a Ghostly play - does anyone know of any?
What is the life of a teenage competitive ballroom dancer?
Guitar begginer help please?
Where can i get a replacement A key for my Alesis Qs8.2?
Is it a good idea to spend $400 on and acoustic guitar as a begginer?
Need audition song for Grease!?
Is a Taylor 812ce acoustic electric guitar good for heavy strumming?
What types of magic tricks would you reccommend for a Garden/ Lawn Party?
What should i name my violin?
Great monologue websites?
I want to play two instruments...?
how can french language be made interesting and easy in mass communication?
Anyone been to see The Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil show? What section is the best place to sit?
How Do You Find Things That Are Invisible?
Is there any similar guitar to the Gibson Chet Atikins SST model?
What Do You Think About the Chooky Dancers?
Things I should look into for improving my sound engeneraring skills ? (beginner)?
Which should i learn to play, acoustic or electric guitar?
How hard is it to pick up the banjo? Any tips?
Guitar tab sights for praise and worship?
examples of how a monologue is written?
What speed of vibrato should I use on my flute?
how carlos santana holds so long his notes in song europa?
Good songs for a talent show?
Worried About Guitar Strings Snapping?
Flutes Flutes Flutes Flutes?
Where can I find a script of the entire Guys and Dolls play?
Review my fire tricks?
How Do I Play A LOW D on my Baritone BC? (euphonium)?
Do you play Electric bass or guitar? Or neither?
Artists Like the Pianist Yiruma?
how to play this tab?
I have to do a monologue for drama, how should I perform it?
Violin, wondering if lessons or learn by book would be the best approach for this instrument ?
At interlochen arts academy can you still take some classes for other majors besides your own?
Where in Los Angeles offers best audition classes?
I'm just beginning to play oboe but don't have the money for private lessons?
Where do I go next to learn guitar?
Help me to find out my talent. Please?
Can you be a doctor in arts?
Is The Spark of Creation an appropriate song to sing in church?
Which guitar would you buy?
Does anyone have or know where to find the guitar tabs for Bloodrocuted by Dethklok?
australian violin purchasing websites.?
Buffet e11 france vs leblanc bliss lb210s?
Are there black singers who can also sing the operatic style like Pavarotti and Sarah Brightman ?
What type of electric guitar should I get for my first electric?
How Do You Sing Good?
Would I benefit from two guitar lessons a week from two teachers on occasion you think?
A question on flute tone?
What musicals have you seen on stage recently and if you were the director how would you stage it differently?
what are one direction meetand greet rules?
Does anyone know...?
What are some good songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Help finding a good contemporary monologue?
What does this mean, and how do I play this on a piano?
Name of this short play?
Phantom of the Opera tickets?
Is there a difference between a contralto and an alto? If so, how & which has more of an advantage careerwise?
I want to sing A michael Jackson song for a talent show, which song should i pick?
how/why does a clarinet squeak?
Cna someone really improve there singing voice by taking lessons and doing exercises?
Im a songwriter......Need help!!?
Can you teach yourself to play the guitar?
Panicking before a performance! (easy points!)?
what is the most upbeat (happy) color?
question on playing acustic guitars......?
Is playing a 7 string guitar any different than a 6 or 12 string?
Switching instruments?
What is my guitar worth?
Which are the best hindi theatre groups in mumbai?
is this not wierd?
Proper breathing for singing?
Much ado about nothing comic techniques?
Drum Major interview help!!?
what is the difference between a stratocaster and a les paul guitar?
Is Auxilary Percussion good?
how to become modern?
Where would you be able to get an audition in G.A.?
Does anyone like marching band?
San Francisco Anthem piano notes?
Drum kit question: is it time to replace my Session Pro?
Does anyone know if there's a place in or near to ipswich where i could learn to play the piano?