Performing Arts

Who are some famous Broadway actors/actresses?
Ultra sound whistle?......?
What are some good musicals for high schools?
Help me please?
How can you tell if you can sing good or not?
I'm scared?!?
Can anyone find/come up with skits for these verses?
A good stage name for a teenage girl?
Who plays the trombone?or bass trombone?
What instruments do you play and what instruments are you good at?
was there an all girl chorus group that used fans in their act called the fan fan girls?
Will an archtop guitar sound like an acoustic guitar when its unplugged?
How do the terms 'peformance' and 'theatre' contradict each other?
how can i became a hollywood singer & an actress?
Can someone creative please help?
How can you train your voice to sing better?
Usually how long does it take to master double or triple tounging on a trombone or baritone?
How long did it take for you to be familiar playing the guitar...?
Electric guitar????????
How to creatively call someone on stage?
What's a good duet that middle school girls can sing at a talent show?
What does this guitar symbol mean? (kinda looks like wants me to slide but not sure if i should hammer)?
How does one become a virtuoso?
What happened to Claudio Arrau's children? Arrau's children?
Am I A Baritone with Tenor Quality?
who was center snare for scv?
What is some recording advice for a Band Ensemble that includes Brass, Percussion, and Woodwinds?
differences between ballet and modern.please i have project due Jan.16. I'm trying to get as much info.☆✎♡
Non stop Diziness.. Help?
What are the best colleges for Musical Theatre in USA?
i am a great fun of barbra Streisand?
What Are Your Top Ten Fav Musicals?
Info needed on Stepfanie Kramer.?
In your opinion, are pageants bad if the child wants to do them?
My first acting audition: "write your own monologue and expect improv"? Please Help!?
Tips for bass guitar?
What is your favorite song from the Phantom of the Opera?
i want to print my own wedding invatations from my house using my printer and my computer can you help?
Buying Electric Guitar for Daughter?
Does anybody know who Elliott Smith is?
What is the secret of quick-change artists?
How hard is it to play the Violin?
Would writing a song about a Girl creep her out?
As a guitarist, do you make love to a girl or your guitar?
Is it difficult to teach yourself acoustic guitar?
I need help finding a musical theatre song for competition?
Does Matthew Bellamy have a girlfriend ??
Any ways 2 get rid of a breaky voice,get higher notes and use the diafragm?
Opinions on an audition song?
Who is your inspiration? :) ?
Difficulty learning guitar?
Creative uses for electronic components like LED , diodes , resistors etc?
Where is a bagpipe store in Malaysia ?
What are some good beat songs for the talent show!??
anybody know the tabs to Cristo yo te amo?
what is a tragedy? what is in the plot? how is the music? the costume? the themes? the diction?
Oboe/String players! or anyone musical! :D?
i want to be in a band someday or be a filmmaker help?
Where can i find monologues from Tony Kushner, Naoimi Izuka, Susan Lori-Parks online?
Does anyone know a good solo for a teenage female mezzo-soprano?
RECENT acoustic/indie songs about love?
How does a teenager break into a singing career at the age of 12 ?
How much would this guitar be worth?
Digitech Vs Electro harmonix disto pedals.?
A monologue from When You Cure Me?
Singing Opertunities?
Good electric guitar for a beginner?
what are some easy songs to learn on a acoustic guitar? i just started playing.?
what type of sax does aldo reed play?
Which capo would be best to use for a regular acoustic guitar?
Please critique this song i wrote!?
why is christina rossetti important to the 19th century?
what are some tips to start a band?
What kind of distortion green day uses?
Are there such things as minor scales or other such scales?
I know my purpose is somehow dictated by the arts, but I don't have the talent for it... Help?
How to show Expression while Rapping?
Where does Eddie Vedder stay in NYC?
easy acoustic guitar songs?
How ready am I for improv class?
Is there anywhere you can buy Cats the Musical Costumes?
What should i sing for my auditon for Into the woods?
guitar players: do you go insane without playing?
Acoustic-Electric guitar strap problem?
Acoustic guitar - Gibson or Taylor ??
How do I teach myself how to play a guitar?
I want to fulfill my dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood? But how...?
any ideas for a song i can sing as a solo?
Any fun song duet song ideas?
what is a single bell in an anklet of bells for dancers called?
Any good books that can help with with singing/acting/dancing/musical theater? Anything about broadway?
I want to learn an instrument but which ?
What does oyaheya mean?
i live long beach, CA and i am trying to find private guitar lessons help?
Buying an amplifier...?
i need a acting audition plz?
what do you think about the drums? are them easy to play?
How do you do this magic trick work?
Give feedback on a song?
Why does the trumpet only work on second valve?
how to get more people to think of me as a dancer?
Playing guitar problem?
What monologue should I do?
How can I sing with more power? ?
Who or what is "Harry Komo"?
What is a good character dance song for a 8 year old & 13 year old duet?
I don't like the sound of my voice, is your voice something that is possible to improve?
Is barbizon a scam ? is it good place to start ?
How To Write A Monologue?
How to learn guitar for free?
i can sing some what, but i would like to be better at it. i need lesson but i don't know how much it cost?
how can I design backdrops?
Why do people care what over privileged, underskilled actors are doing or saying?
i need a monolouge for a female?
Are Lazzaro clarinets any good?
How to find a producer or agent?
learning how to play guitar?
What are broadway traditions for giving directors gifts? onesa girl ones a guy. what do i give them?
Does anyone know any simple, good magic tricks?
What is worth more points, the "bat-wing" or the "goat"?
How can I get my comedic talent noticed by someone in the comedy field?
sites to learn how to play a casio?
Good bye song?
How can I be a ventriloquist? How do they do it?
was the jrp auditions held in san jose a scam? ?
line 6 toneport kb37 record drums?
Simple question for guitarists?
When do I lift the sustain pedal?
What is the normal depth for an acoustic guitar?
"This is Spinal Tap" critique?
What else can I do to prepare my voice for a choir audition layer today?
Who knows where to get gig tickets?
Associates in Fine Arts Theater (Technical/Design)?
The piano theme from "Pride and prejudice"2005?...?
What do you need to set up at a craft show?
how do you do Diaphragmatic breathing?
does anybody know what guitar this is?
I wanna expose my composed music from home studio?
Is it true that most female porn stars need counseling after they "retire"?
Starkid Productions - will they still do LWL?
Anyone know of some good classical music guitar tab books?
hey who can play moby dick drum solo?
what is harder to learn how to play guitar or piano???
Does any one know if phantom of the opera the live play is in Ontario anytime this year?
Good songs for a High School Talent Show?
What are some magic tricks you can do with a ring?
who did musician johnny rivers marry. did he have children?
How do you recommend I learn to play the guitar?
In a typical major college marching band what instruments and how many of each usually make up the band?
Do you play an instrument?
Why do so many people dislike Fall Out Boy?
know of any good monologues?
Meaning of Female?
How do you play the A note on the 3rd string on the Violin?
Where to start with a music career?
I need help with my choice..?
I'm looking for Birgit Nilsson's autobiography - the English translation. Has it been published?
What are some songs similar to rhythm of the night for marching band?
Is Oprah really gay?
who were the rat pack?
is there some online thing I can use to start learning to play guitar?
What are some good sad songs for a video tribute type thing?
what are the muscles to use when singing?(exhale)?
Where can i find the instrumental version of teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift?
Good talent show songs for alto voice?
How much would this guitar cost & extra info?
What a cheap college in california where you can learn screenplay writing?
How to play Higher by creed on the guitar?
what is a good song for a dance recital that starts of slow then has a big finish?
Can you help me think of a song to sing?
what is the last stage of love?
What instrument should I give a solo to?
What needs to be capatalized in a screenplay?
What is an accidental in minor thirds?
is this a good rap song hear it please im only 12?
Is my guitar broken or is it something else?
Is the ukulele easy to play?
can you add notes into a guitar scale?
Dotted quarter note tempo?
How much would it take to replace all of my acoustic guitar strings?
What are plays that don't have acting just dancing called?
Which is the best place to start off a music career?
PLEASE ANSWER!!!!??!!!!!!!?
Which fender amp model has a better, bluesier tone?
free hand technique/ one handed roll on drums?
What are some good love piano songs?
How can I learn to do a back handspring?
anyone on here is/was on colorguard/winterguard?
Are There Any Classical Pianists Out There To Help Me?
can anyone tell me any famous clowns from the past?
Has anyone ever met the Polish Composer Krzysztof Penderecki?
Anyone know any good, but cheap acoustic guitar sites on the internet?
what is the best guitar for beginners?
Is it normal to hate your own voice, when you hear it back after you recorded it?
What do you think of my guitar playing?
what is a cheap headset intercom system for a school theater?
creative things to do for homecoming talent show?
can I sing? u be the judge?
Power amplifier compatible with speaker?
Hey , where can I find an acoustic guitar below RM100?
What are some good talent agencies or agents?
Will playing a flute after eating ruin the pads like candy will?
Musicians, how did you decide on the instrument you play? How do you think most people make the decision?
What guitar tuning is this called?
Appropriate dance songs?
How can I convince my parents to let me join marching band?
When did The Clash play a concert at The Roseland Ballroom in NYC?
Can someone suggest a song to sing for a concert?
Can anyone help me make up a rifle routine for colorguard?
Do you fancy showing your talent on a large scale?
What does that switch on semi-acoustic guitars do?
A good stage name...?
Does a Video recording of the original broadway cast of "Grease" exist?
pit bulls fan club adress?
What are some good, more contemporary songs about rain?
Does anyone know how I could fix the way I talk easily?
Where can i find one of those clubs where you can go up on stage and cite some poetry?
Does anyone have good videos of males step dancing?
What are good songs to do a lyrical solo too?
you want to send messeges to me?
How do I become what I want to become?
Speech and debate? Mostly Interps.?
Dose anyone know the best dance store/catalog?
How to write guitar solos?
best site to learn how to play bass guitar?
where can i find 8-10 lines of text for a voice/acting workshop?
good musical song?
whats a good song for a hiking mime?
guitar solo?
What exactly does Broadway do?
How can I contact Off-Broadway producers?
Colleges with amazing arts?
electric guitar humbuckers problem plz help?
Clarinet Marching Band Section Shirt Idea?
Stage Freight. Need help?
Should I do marching band even?
Whats a good program that can teach me bass?
Questions about buying a bass guitar?
neil young question?
Reasons To Play Guitar?
How to get rid of stage fright!!!!!?
I tuned my guitar where do I go from here?
DOes anyone know hoe to get your vioce back ?
For how much should I sell my saxophone for?
How can I get info on old clarinet?
Which is harder to break into,anime voice acting,or the music business?
Most beautiful sounding stringed instrument?
Directing a Play?
How do you sing through your bridge?
what is the difference between culluloid and pearl guitar plectrums/picks?
Where can I buy modern/popular sheet music for my violin?
I have no talent....?
Do you where to get christian pantomime costumes catalogers?
How can I get more comfortable in front of crowds?
Has anyone noticed the pronunciation of Los Angeles and Fresno has changed from TV soaps in the '50's?
What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?
how to look someone in the eye without looking away?
What is the name of the Schirmer's duet book that includes a song called Tone Picture No. 6?
i have an instrumental competition coming up?
i have a jazz dance and need the name for it?
is kuch na kaho a indian music?
How big is the box for a digital drum kit?
Songs that go with the theme of Antigone?
Can you please tell me how to build an indian (from india) pvc flute?
how to connect guitar to reason 5?
Favorite Elphaba and Galinda from Wicked?
How hard is it to play the violin?
I can't figure out how to use my multichannel guitar amp foot-switch.?
Anyone know any good websites to learn how to read music?
Does any1 kno where the Theatre Communications Group is located?
How can i become popular ?
how can i get into acting/singing but has no previous experience but has the talent?
Summer Performing Arts/Acting Workshop Camps?
Has anyone been to any IPOP audtions, is it a scam ? is it a good thing to go to ?
how to tune guitar to open c6 tuning?
Drum Major Try-Outs?!?
How to make a week go by fast!! 10 POINTS?
Aspriring Comedian needs some advice?
Why can't I play piano?
Guitar players: I need to convince my parents to get me a guitar?
easiest electric guitar song to play?
Should I learn to play guitar?
Looking for a new guitar! Can you help me?
Antonius Straoivarius faciebat cremona 1713?
How to learn choreography quickly?
what's a good talent agency/agent in Melbourne/Sydney?
Dean vs. Jackson vs. ESP?
What major is needed to become a voice over artist.?
What Makes You Beautiful on Violin?
What do I need to do to become a voiceover artist?
what am i doing wrong?
What happened to the US tour of Phantom of the Opera?
I want to learn how to play guitar, what guitar should I buy?
What monologue should I do!?
Where can I find sheet music for Into The Woods and The Mystery of Edwin Drood (specific songs)?
how can i get rid of stage fright?
What are the best performing art colleges (not universities) in the UK?
What are the things to look out for when buying a bass guitar?
Can you name some popular Chinese singers/groups from the 60's and 70's?
how or where can i learn to play a electric guitar ?
If you had to play an instrument, what would it be and why??
Trumpet Valve Casing?
What is the form and structure for the play Accidental death of an anarchist?
Looking for affordable acoustic OM guitar?
Would you recommend a electric or acoustic guitar for a beginner?
What person/ people from glee are altos?
What's your favorite instrument to play?
How long does it take to learn to play guitar solos?
how tall is Gong Li?
Is it ok for a 22 year old to start learning the Piano?
I play double bass, is learning Cello hard?
What topic should I talk about for a duet act?
Anyone know the cause of why my 1st string (High E-String) on my electric guitar always pops??
stop blood from congealing?
Phantom of the Opera Tickets for Sale/Exchange?
why are band ppl so annoying?
Should I upgrade my Stratocaster, and how will it affect the resale value?
How do I fix my guitar?
Is the oboe difficult to play?
is this a good rap im only 12 any girls my age email me to
Why Do You Go To A Stand Up Comedy Show? What Do You Want To Get Out Of It?
Has anyone ever told you that you can't sing, but you think you can?
Should I buy a double horn?
College Audition Song?
would u rather pick RED or blue????
What's the best monologue to do for an audition for a stage production?
Fast car guitar piece?
Need Dramatic Interp speech?
Is it easy to learn how to play the cello?
can any one help me in finding some of the best book in learning classical guitar for beginners (Free) ?
I wanna be a guitar god?
When is australia's got talent audition dates for 2013?
What instrument should i play?
How do opera singers maintain their good voice?
Is it okay for a guy to sing the song pontoon by little big town for talent show?
is screenwriting practical?
Complicated poems, for an audition?
Could someone tell me a scene is Shakespeare's "As You Like It" with 5 characters, two girls, two guys?
joining colorguard?
what's the hardest wind instrument to play? A clarinet or an oboe?
What John Frusciante's amp set-up?
should i sing skyscraper at prom?
a question for bass guitarists?
If u play an instrument........?
Should I do marching band even?
Will you prove me right?
What's one talent you have?
Can someone tell me if Chopin's Op 64 No.1 in D flat Major is written in the Mixolydian mode?
Good monologue for an audition?
What do you think of my song lyrics?
what is good for my voice...i sing a lot... what should i do?
For all those interested in drums, what do you think of the idea of a Multi-Aural Drum?
What is a good college for acting, dancing, singing?
Taylor swift easy songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Do you think Elvis is still alive and paying child support to Pricilla?
How can a 13 year old become a singer and get a record deal?
Who was the first black Broadway star?
what do you guys think of this monologue and how should i end it?
Is it hard to teach yourself to play acoustic guitar?
how hard is it to learn the piano if you are 16. is it to late?
Is the 'Rusty Trombone' safe?
what is the phonetic pronounciation of Jussi Bjorling, Swedish tenor.?
I am 14 turning 15 in oct. and i would like to become a cheerleader.I have no experience is there a team 4 me?
Ways I can help tune my voice with Billie Joe Armstrong's?
Is it possible that I could just not have it?
Does anyone have a website or book that has good monologues?
Can you help me write a quick 3 minute play?
performing in public?
can someone please tell me ALL the voiceover people for bbc three?!?!?!?! x?
Please help me improve my performance!?
I love music, and my goal is to become a DJ. Where do I start?
How much for a custom guitar made for you?
does playing with vibrato on flute use more air then it does without vibrato?
Bought a bass and amp, looking for a bit of advice?
Any good violin music suggestions?
obout a new styl of dancingcall krunk or krupt?
this is for singers only plz?
How do you sing low without your voice getting all gravely?
When you get a DBA, and want to use a penname...?
Is the Biscayne brand of electric guitars good?
'Absurd' monologue ideas?
I'm not getting ANY commercial/print auditons what so ever?
Hi , i need songs to sing and dance to any ideas ?
how much time it take to learn guitar?
pointe dancers... do you tape your toes?
Quick question about learning guitar?
I'm to shy!?
Anyone know good female acoustic guitar players/singers?
Guitar book for beginners?
What are some common popular musicals?
Since the french mime Marcel Marceau died, do we like have a moment of silence?
Does anyone know of any good songs out there?
How to start playing the ukulele?
How can I become famous?
Peavy Vypyr 15w question?
difference between buffet r-13 and e-11 key material?
Please answer about guitars!?
what instrument(s) do u play?
how do you make a shofar?
Angry female monologues?
What kind of guitar should i get?
Should I get a new guitar?
Choosing Instrument??..?
Any recommendations for a good guitar with a whammy bar?
i want a different and weird contemporary dance solo song to stand out and tell a story.?
What horns do you recommend for professional use that isn't holton?
what is your talent .....?????????
Is there such thing as an only dance choreography generator? create dance routines online?
austrian pianist known from his prolific recordings especially of the beethoven sonatas"?
why wont my high E string on my acoustic guitar tune???
Mime story and song???????
Has anyone??
Can you put Steel strings on a classical guitar?
How much does a double bass weigh?
A list of George Gershwin popular songs?
I need solo advice!!?
Where is Jim Morrison Burried?
Does anybody know when a movie about Wicked the Musical is coming out?
Monologue Help?!***20***?
Did the "Roxyettes" dance group exist AFTER the original group became the "Rockettes?"?
I have awful stage fright, can't sing in front of people, advice?
What is a good hard case for a MU70 ukulele?
What kind of guitar do I have?
Violin pieces for talent show?
I suck at flute, I feel like quitting already? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER I'M DESPERATE?
Please Rate The Following Singing Voice!?
i need to stop 2 girls from doin a dance in the talent show?
how do you sing english madrigals?
How can i sing better?
I just got an Acoustic Guitar and I really need...HELP!?
Why is it SO difficult for men to put the toilet seat down after they're finished so I don't fall in???
PLEASE! I WANT TO SUCCEED! Do i have talent?
How good of a first guitar should I get?
I LOVE colorguard and want to get more involved.?
How to get involved in music?
Who here wants to be a proffesional dancer? What r u going to do to get there?
What would be a good gift for a violin player?
What are some online film contest websites?
talent show ideas please?
Learning to play guitar?
Where can i get a decent monologue?
Want opinions on my song?
Violin Audition help!!!?
Help me with my drama homework?
Does anyone know of a good vocal coach near Lancaster, Pa? PLEASE!!!!?
I'm saving up for my first guitar-any advice?
Should i learn guitar scales before learning chords?
Need HELP for a stage names.?
Should I learn to play the violin or guitar?
what are three stanislavsky improv ideas?
Who was apart of the Original Broadway cast of Rent?
Is it foolish to write a screenplay on a college c?
Question for musicians...?
My guitar strings are too thick, and buying new ones may not be an option... Any suggestions?
What should I Wear to Rehearsal?
what do you think is the best scene or part of the play the crucible?
a good drummer program?
Is it easy to play the Drums?
Hello i want to start singing and i need some tip's?
What is the difference between an executive producer, producer, and director?
help with chords on guitar?
what career choices will charley have after big bro?
which new pickups should i get!!! emg 81/85 x or blackout ahb2/ahb1?
This is a really big problem!?
guitar lessons for my little brother?
How can i strengthen my voice to sing both alto and soprano?
does anyone know where i can get cheap piano lessons?
acoustic guitar effects unit (compression)?
How do I play the C chord on guitar?
Solo male musical numbers?
Which classical guitar study text is better- Frederick Noad or Aaron Shearer?
Anything related to mediterranean drama?
what time is it in the us now from belfast?
where can i buy alexander rybaks violin book of sheet music?
Modeling or dancing situation? I need YOUR opinion.?
how can i become a professional model?
Does anyone know some songs like...?
What sounds better? Alto saxophone or tenor saxophone?
Any "fantastic" pantomime ideas?
Musical instruments!!!?
What all do we get to learn from doing theatre?
I need help discovering my talent?
I was asked to sing at a talent event!..What to sing???...?
Which instrument is the easiest one?
Do you have to be a good singer to be an actress?
Do you have a special talent?
Will a guiter tuner work with other instrument, such as a trumpet?
What exactly is "belting", in terms of singing?
Did Ludwig von Beethoven ever perform any music?
an alto's vocal range....?
Can anyone out there play the accoustic guitar?
is three days grace a christain band?
How to evoke emotion from audience?
How soon would i be able to play guitar?
Does anyone know how to find this person?
Ambient guitar methods?
Audition coming soon need advice?
Can anyone out there play the accoustic guitar?
How to impress a big director?
How would you sing like James Hetfield in his early days?
Why is it so hard to learn guitar?!?!?!?
Guitar notes instead of tabs?
Need help playing chords on guitar?
how does dance music and drama relate?
Any ideas for a duet for two females?
what would be a good audition piece for the role of Golde in Fiddler on the Roof?
Why do so many pop artists sing in an American accent?
How do I learn all of the chords on the guitar? Some are like at the sixth fret.?
what is the average ticket price to go see a theater play in the United States?
How can I overcome my fear of performing??
How do I heel my fingers in two days enough to play the bass?
Which wah pedal should i get?
Where can i learn how to tune pianos? I wanna tune my piano.?
Will there be a season 7 of America's Best Dance Crew?
Can I become a dancer?
What makes a good performer, a good artist in the classical arts: ballet, theater, classical music ?
How do I become a professional singer?
Connecting a microphone through a loop pedal?
Is it possible?
Is 17 too late to start learning electric guitar?
Where can slow dancers go to be in music videos and perform on stage?
How do you learn how to sing like other people-e.g. Stephanie Mills?
I have a audition tomorrow! Any ideas how to not get nervous?
can you buy just the guitar and drums and still play without having to sing?
how to get in shape for marching band...?
Can I get any cheap violin lessons in Toronto?
What are the thickest guitar strings commercially available?
How do i get to Carnegie Hall?
Can Left Handed people play the guitar ??
If I want to master the guitar, what should i do first?
What should I look for when buying a pipa (Chinese instrument) and where should I buy it? )?
I want to audition for the Governor's School For the Performing Arts but i don't know....a lot.?
Where would talent scouts for Cirque du Soleil actors look?
Where can I buy flute books?
How should my pedal board be set up?
How do you choose between "alto saxophone" or "tenor saxophone"?
Where do I go from here -Acting for film.?
Can you help me find an obscure version of Gershwin's "Summertime"?
what do you think?
Does a beginner guitar player have to start out with a 6 string?
what are EASY guitar tabs that will still impress people? I am a beginner. I can play hey there delilah?
What should I do to become a better guitar player?
Can i use CRL to get Rust off the bridge of my guitar?
what are some good books for learning music compostion techniques?
i need to know some information about flute care?
What is the easiest instrument for a 13 year old to learn?
list your screen name hear so i can get over 200 and beat my friend?
is it easy to learn guitar on the internet?
What does the M-Audio Axiom do that the Radium does not?
Without going to 'in person' formal guitar lessons,?
how many years did The Fantastiks run on broadway?
How often do Broadway musicals rehearse (how many hrs)?
What equipment is good for recording electric guitar?
What's up with some dancers going barefoot like in "So You Think You Can Dance" That has to hurt!
Will Ferell Monolgues.?
what r good monologues for a 12 year old?
who's rita moreno?
Should I take bass guitar lessons?
What is a broadway song for a pin-up girl or sailor dance?
What kind of day job should I look for?
Has anybody ever heard of Linda Layman modeling agency?
Can you decapitate someone with a violin bow?
What is a very good bass and cheap to buy?
When it comes to auditions if they dont ask about your resume/photo/portfolio would you be concerned?
winterguard hair / makeup ideas?
Does the ability to play the piano by ear come with experience?
What would be a good audition song for the Beast?
How can I get over my fear of playing a trumpet solo in front of an audience?
What is a guitar tab?
Am I being an unreasonable director?
What would be a good story for this?
Do I have perfect pitch?
Did I get the right strings for my acoustic guitar?
Universal word for all?
How does one become a talent agent?
Good music for stomping?
What is a Broadway/torch song expressing a sense of loss?
Is 15 too old to enter a pageant?
Can I audition for SM Entertainment in Chinese?
What are the truly great krautrock albums?
which colour is better red or blue?
How long does it take for callouses to form when starting guitar?
What intervals should I learn?
What is a good song to?
Which broadway should my High School put in production?
how can i find my talent?
Am i too old now?
I'm trying to find places where I can go to get some music i've come up with copywritten.?
Hair too thick to put under my hat for marching band?
Bass Guitar Question?
Have you seen The Broadway Lion King Musical?
About The Tragedy of Macbeth Movie?
What are some good solo songs to learn on guitar?
how do you find the grade level for a piece of music?
Are there any copyright issues concerning cover songs performed in places like coffee bars, street corners...?
Why does Lady greensleeves have green sleeves?
Good musical songs for 16 year old Baritone?
Anyone got any suggestions for a comedic topic for a one act play?
With classical guitar training, how do I use that to play country, pop, folk, rock fingerpicking songs?
What did you name your guitar?
What would my voice be classified as?
Need lyrics of Don McNeal's Breakfast Club song 1930s Chicago radio.?
making an acoustic set?
How do I start to play the guitar?
What are some of the most underrated Broadway songs?
How Much Should I Sell My Clarinet For?
How do you convince someone with a great talent that they are talented?
Aerial Silk Classes in NYC?
How do u end stage fright?
once a stripper, always a stripper?
how we become perfect?
Anywhere to get a cat musical costume?
What musicals have drinking in it?
what instrument should i play?
How big is the orange county performing arts center?
what is the political reasons why and when noh theatre developed when it did?
What is Marshall Plan?
Why do my fingers hurt after playing guitar?
Best place to play fur elise?
Where can I learn how to play bass online?
About Shakespear's "The Tempest"?
In need of a new flute....preferably gemeinhardt?
Is it easier to play a clarinet or a saxophone?
Do excellent college pianists really have the potential to become professional, well-known pianists?
Best seats for Cirque du Soleil?
is there a chord progression where the bass goes up the minor scale?
Seville guitars? Heard of them?
Does anyone know the top 5 dance colleges in the U.S.?
What exactly is gain, mid, treble, bass, etc... in guitar amps?
why when websites give you guitar tabs they dont tell you how many times to strum them?
So, how do you double tongue on the oboe??
Help with updating voice over demo?
who are the members of maykel & salsa mayor
am i a good singer?
Tickets for Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre, London?
Help? With some Romeo and Juliet monologues?
would it be safe i i played my guitar in the rain?
Does Dekalb school of arts have acting classes as well?
Lamb to the slaughter drama peice?
Is "Domino" by Jessie J apropriate for a 13 year old to sing on America's Got Talent or the X Factor?
How can i become less shy making speechs infront of a audience?
I need to find a song from a broadway musical to sing for graduation?!!?
Cirque du Soleil Corteo is showing at what venue in Boston, MA in September?
When I play guitar in front of people what do I do when I make a mistake or become embarassed?
How is the arrangement on the Newsies vocal book?
Why do all guys that play guitar have long hair??
Auditioning for Pippin?
Drummer, what do you think about these???
French horn rotatory plate screws? HELP?
What are the differences between a viola bow and a violin bow? Can a violin bow be used on a viola?
How do I choose between my two loves? Music and Football( american)?
Musicians, what are you thoughts on ASCAP, BMI or other performance rights organizations?
A good beginner's guitar?
What to wear for fright night as a teenager?
i need help on improving my singing?
I don't know what to do with my life. Help?
Any good acoustic guitar songs like "If It Means A Lot To You" by ADTR?
Well im f##k#d teachers are gona go skits?
Well... I'm back with more clarinet questions!?
how to get a modelling or acting scout?
Clown camp?
Where can I find a simple, powerful, inspirational, christian song to sing at church, played by a guitar?
Where can I purchase Priddis Karaoke tracks that are for performances and don't contain background vocals?
how can i sing better?
I have no talent but I really want to perform for my residence's CoffeeHouse Talent Show!?
Doe my voice have *potential*?
What's a good way to learn how to play the guitar?
Who is the gaucho amigo?
Does anyone know how I can obtain dissertations from professors?
Buying a guitar soon serious question?
does anyone how to memorize sheet music fast?
What flute brand would you suggest for an intermediate flute player (4-5 yrs)?
Guitar question: I'm embarrassed to admit that at this time of life I feel the need to acquire a guitar tuner-
Help for acoustic guitar making?
How do i read bass scales that are shown like this? ?
Teen pregnancy monologue?
How do you organize a gig?
dancing or acting class?
Why aren't guitarist reverred like a violist or a piano player..?
Where does "DO" start in the key of E?
Can you learn/play both classical guitar and acoustic?
What's your idea about Al pacino?
What are some Musicals from/set in the 1930's and 1940's?
Do you think i can sing well?
Is this a good idea?
Would this guitar be too big for me? comment please?
Would this be interesting for a talent show?
Do I have a talent in directing?
Violin teacher question?
Where would be a good city to live if your really into theatre and dance?
The bridge fell off the Viola how to I get it back on?
how to find better bharata natyam teacher!!?
People who are into MUSICALS!?
Who is the weirdest Musician?
What do you think of my singing?
Im not sure what to get: Guitar or ukelele?
How to convince my parents to let me have a talent agent? URGENT?
i have an interview with a talent agent and i dnt know what to wearrr? help! please?
what should i do? acting when im older?
What are good audition songs to sing acapella?
What's a good amp to use with an epiphone g-310?
Who sang "when I saw her face (music) now I'm a beliver!..."?
How to record drums that sound like those in "Tramp" by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas?
Does Stagecraft count as a fine arts credit in Arizona?
Are there any good, free online guitar lesson video series?
What song should I do for the school Talent Show?
Why is the OBOE and FRENCH HORN the hardest instrument to play?
Following on from my previous question - what makes a BAD singer?
What's wrong with my voice and how can I correct it?
What are the best shows on Broadway right now?
How does one go about getting into the piano bar business?
I'm auditioning for dance at HSPVA any tips ,pointers, or things i should know?
How do I learn to play guitar FAST?
picking out an audition song?
What Club Do I Sign Up For ? Drama or choir ?
teach me how to put a string on an a electric guitar?
Is there something wrong with my voice-- do I have callouses on my vocal chords or something?
how much can i turn a string when putting new strings on my guitar? I only have each string rapped around the-?
Who is the composer of"The Wizard of Oz"?
Acting Groups for Teens in Chicago?
What r some basic n specific strumming & picking techniques for acoustic guitar for a beginner to learn?
where is a good place to learn how to play guitar.?
How do you get your songs to record company's.?
Anyone know any good songs..?
How good will a "custom epiphone coronet guitar be"?
Musicians: Which note does piano gives to flute to help it tune before a performance?
Why can't I learn music?
Important is International Performing Arts Academy is real or is it a scam?
Which type/brand is a good acoustic guitar strap?
I need to know how to cry for a play.?
why does people today rether chose beuty from kindness??
Fatigue and Euphonium Playing?
how to become famous at 10 Years old quickly?
What are the academic requirements of joining a pit orchestra?
What Is A Good Broadway Song To Audition For Jesus Christ Superstar?
Anchorman flute solo?
My mom is signing me and her up for belly dancing.?
I'm breathing with my diaphragm but my throat still feels tired?
James Ivory directed Vanessa Redgrave in "Howard's End" & what other film/s ?
What song should I sing for my audition?
Do chord variations on guitar sound the same or does it matter?
Whats a good song to sing for an audition?
favorite musicals and songs?
How to sing?
What Guitar Pedal (s) Should I Get (budget $200)?
Anchorman flute solo?
any good piano pieces out there?
What instrument should I switch to for marching band?
How to hold a long note (vibrato)?
I need a person to portray in an individual performance.?
Is there any website where i can learn how to play guitar from scratch?
Which of these guitars are best (under $200)?
Joseph Vargo NOX ARCANA?
Being alone/ On your own/ Lonely songs??
music colleges?
Bob Dylan...... How he impacted america/people?
I need 16 bars of an upbeat song!?
Why do classical guitars have nylon strings?
I need a song that will make me stand out in America's got talent..any suggestions?
What positiin to assume while marching?
Advice for a wannabe comedian?
How does an opera singer train up and protect their voice?
What strings do you pick on the acoustic guitar when you play Feet dont touch the ground by Stoney Larue?
how does the dlite magic trick really work?
DOes a guitar/bass tuner work with a trombone?
What coated acoustic guitar strings to you prefer?
Is SOCAPA a good program?
keyboard synthesizer recommendations?
is tenor Guiseppe Di Stefano still living?
Is my violin replacement A string supposed to be very wide?
What guitar is right for me?
my english is not so patch fortec star lifetime ultra?
top acoustical guitar songs?
Guitar picking hand tired?
Where can I get a custom guitar neck made?
What's a good brand of electric guitar for a novice?
Are you ever 100% satisfied with your guitar tone?
Is it better inside out or upside down?
I love to sing but I am shy, so should I do it?
How do i improve vocal range?
SAT Music? (soprano, alto, tenor) please help... ?
passed out during marching band?
How can "Art" be best defined? Please answer as it is very important Visit
How to play 2 or more strings on a guitar?
Is this considered a headshot? Answer ASAP?
any recommendations an acoustic guitar for around £300?
How can I be more comfortable having people hear me sing?
Audition Piece for Godspell for 14 year old girl?
anyone whose marched with the cavaliers?
what guitar technique should i master first to be a good guitar player ?
what causes that man at the beach with the huge gut and the hair on his back to strap on a speedo?
When you tune on a flute, are you supposed to use vibrato?
what is the best way to become a music teacher?
Anybody heard of Schill Euphoniums? If so, what's the quality?
what is S.M.D ?
I have a DW 7000 series bass drum pedal...?
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama?
In need ur help Ice Skating or swimming!?!?!?
Songs to learn on acoustic guitar?
Need Help From Experienced Drummers!?
Advice on how to appear confident?
Do you need a license to preform street magic for tips?
on scales of 1-10, how hard/easy are these songs to learn on instruments?
What's the difference between an electric guitar and bass guitar and which is better to play by yourself?
What is it like not having perfect pitch?
I don't no how to work my acoustic guitar built in tuner?
I got a new flute, but I'm having trouble adjusting?
What is: space management, voice projection, main and allegorical character, scenery, props and marking?
How to get different sounds on my bass?
whats a good beginner guitar?
how do i become grand master crafter on wizard 101?
Saxophones low notes?
i need online guitar lessons?
I Read That David Bowie Is In An "Open Marriage" is it true?
guitar purchase?
Flute replacement pads?
where are the PIT sections seats at the Alpine theatre in East Troy?
How can I audition to appear in High School Musical 3?
Performing HELP??????
what was the first romeo and ju?
Are Broadway shows cancelled due to weather conditions in New York City?
what song should i sing?
Does anyone know about the play Steel Magnolias???
What is a good flute for an intermediate player?
ways to get ready to play guitar infront of people?
Lazy Town!?
Hey what do you guys think of my stage name?
Do you prefer Drama, Comedy or Tragedy?
Questions about clarinet?
What are the fingerings on an Eb Trumpet/Cornet?
If I get a right handed guitar, could i get it restrung to a left handed guitar?
How do I play an Fmaj9 on guitar?
is it normal for actors to be able to sing?
can people with short fingers play guitar?
Upbeat audition song for female with wide range?
How do you fake cry for acting?
Ode to a Freckle by Steven Frank?
Peforming Art Schools?
to all that said it depends with what range i an im a alto?
Who here accepts P!nk's apology?
Help Me Be A...........?
What does it feel like to play the Guitar?
Need help for Music Theory AP exam.?
Is learning the guitar hard? And how do you play?
what type of guitar is best?
How are Muppets made?
Why does guitar cause me problems?
What is tragedy? Only specialists please?
What teenage actors can and can't do when not working?
what a good website to learn the get a guitar?
Acoustic Guitar Comparison?! I need help!!!?
Taylor swift easy songs to play on acoustic guitar?
does anyone know any good funk up to date bands?
How to tune my guitar?
is yamaha FG300 good guitar?
Ultra sound whistle?......?
what's a good upbeat techno song to make a dance routine to?
How does a good singer get noticed?
kids talent scouts?
how to tune my guitar?
Would you go to the circus?
What did you think of the broadway musical Wicked?
Just a few cello questions?
Can u really learn how to sing? I thought it was something that u already know how to do? ?
so this girl i like i coming over tomorrow and i need to know a good song to play for her on the keyboard.?
marching band/band camp?
What is the average salary of a circus performer?
Which guitar is best for a begginger?
why do Canadians wear strange hats and never think to visit my home(Australia) and explain the?
Should I give up guitar?
Music tips?
Buying first Guitar?
How do i become a comedian?
How should I introduce a performer in an event?
What do I need to work on?
How do i become famous?
Clarinet thumb cushions?
Can you teach yourself to sing?
How to learn to play the Piano for beginners?
Whats A Good Age To Start Playing Guitar?
A few questions about drama schools?
Is it too late to start acting at 14?
difference between an acoustic-electirc guitar and an acoustic guitaR?
whats a male ballerina called?
How do you get on the good side of your band teacher?
What kind of job can I get with my BFA in drama?
Could anyone tell me how I can find out when Jeff Dunham is performing in the UK?
How old is too old to learn an instrument? what will be easy to teach myself?
What should I play for my audition?
Upright Bass and Cello?
How much is a stetsbar?
What harmonica does roger daltery uses for magic bus?
Where can I find monologues?
What short monologue can i do for a play audition?Im in the 8th grade but its for a youth theater?
could i be a model????????
Can anyone tell what chords are used in this song?
Double bass inventor?
Is 13 too late to start dancing?
Want to teach myself how to play guitar?
How to deal with waiting for audition results?
this headset microphone comes around the left can you make it come around the right?
If you go to NYU Tisch for drama,Will you only be performing in theatres after college?
What monologue should I do?
I need to know where I can download Saskatchewan Folk Songs for free, I am a composer?
Can i choose a career studying shakespeare?
monologue ideas please?
Can I still audition for the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts if I am in 10th grade currently?
What are some good newer comedy acts with a low amount of foul language and possibly free downloads of standup
how 2make the phantom of the opera mask?
Where can i listen to malcom arnold's fantasy op. 90 for oboe?
Is there any sites or any information on becoming an actor, singer, director? I do all?
the best clarinet model?
I need to know where or how to play Wind by Akeboshi on the Flute.?
What's the best 3/4 size guitar for classroom use? Which 3/4 size guitar has the biggest body?
difference between an acoustic-electirc guitar and an acoustic guitaR?
I need monologue ideas for drama!! pls help!!?
What do you think of Lana Del Rey?
Any suggestions for Mother Courage auditions?
how easy is it to learn the violin by yourself? What are the strings- AEGH?
Does anybody know who sing those songs?
When I sing I sound good to myself but when I record it I sound bad, Why?
Need guitar help.?
X Factor?..?
What are some other scales i should learn?
where can I find Maureen's monologue of "Over the Moon"?
im auditioning for a talent agent?
Stage kiss I can't do, how do I fake it?
What does a movie/t.v. producer do??
How often should I practice my instruments?
im looking for a guitar/bass what is easier it will be my first guitar im 13 it needs to be under 300?
Anyone using APOGEE DUET???
What is the first step in learning to play the guitar?
is full lyric the right vocal faux for me?
Why is Bette Midler the greatest talent this world has ever known?
Should I switch from flute to oboe?
Does anyone know the name of the Tango used in El Tango de Roxanne in moulin rouge? Just the tango backing?
To all the what age did you start playing the drums and what made you choose the drums?
how do i go about learning guitar solos?
When is an accent, in the theatre/musical theatre schools, considered Highly skilled?
I'm doing a talent show in march and I need an idea of what song to play?
please can I find any art web?
What song should I sing for my Next to Normal audition?
Are there other musicians out there that are losing their hearing?
Is it hard to learn play the guitar by yourself ?
How to decribe a guitar ?
I need to act I'll fast?
Shoes for dancing in an ensemble?
Joseph Haydn?
what do u call a group of musicians while somebody directs them?
Does any one know how I can get a literary agent to sell a screenplay?
what female disney charactors are at least 5'4?
I want singing lessons?
How can i play the flute louder louder?
any good anti-war music artists other than bob marley?
Acoustic guitar with a missing bottom strap pin (End pin?)?
im joining band what is the easiest instrument to play?
Music Summer Camp?????
Guitar - Finger Picking help?
Can you tell me something about my Artley Flute?
i want to learn to do bollywood dancing and singing? what shall i do to be recognised in bollwood?
Is it too late to start learning to play an instrument or dance?
How do i not get bored while doing something that is boring at first but eventually gets good?
What songs does Mr. mayor sing in Seussical?
What can I buy my dance teacher for Christmas?
Should I take drum lessons?
Will my bass sound powerful at this gig?
How do I act like Meg from Disney's Hercules?
What Are Some Great Big Words To Use IN A Song?
Is having a quirky voice good?
does anyone do mime here, or is interested in mime?
My acoustic partner is booking solo gigs without me- is this fair?
Do I really need a practice pad for a snare.?
what is 1/3 of an eighth note?
Do you need a strong core to be a ballerina?
Who do you think is the most tormented character in opera, and why?
Is the violin a good instrument to play for a teeen?
(Im trying to get in to acting)..............?
how can i become Famous?
ok i need some simple argentenan guitar with tabs and lirics?
Where do I go next to learn guitar?
Music GCSE solo and group piece suggestions?
Looking for a Broadway musical song for a female with a large vocal range?
Where can i buy a button like the ne from "The Box"?
I missed Varalakshmi vratha today. Are there any other similar vratha's i can perform some other time??
major characteristics of imressionism. Refer to artistic style(?) & historic context from where it emerged.?
What are some good songs from any broadway musical that feature a female soloist?
Do people know how to search for answers?
Do you like to sing in the shower?
Too late to learn how to play music?
Hi guys can anybody tell me where i can get guitars in mumbai n which are the classes which teaches guitar?