Performing Arts

what more can I do with my amazing talent?
what song can i play with d,c,e,g,and f on the guitar *kinda easy*?
What type of electric guitar would you recommend a beginner?
what stage was david copperfield first performed on?
Are there really talent scouts on youtube?
who can tell me more about music school in calgary?
The role of a secretary as a public relations officer in enhancing customer's satisfaction in an organisation
please help!!! 10 points for the best answer?
marionette puppet wood read description?
How do you read Guitar Tabs?
I want to audition for Frank Sinitra high school in Queens.?
dancers please help!?
I'm going to be preforming a music solo and I'm nervous, help!?
I'm currently using Sennheisser 66 shotgun mics for crowd mics, and am looking for other options.?
Which performing arts college should I go to?
How to play "Lost in Hollywood" on electric guitar?
I need a sad, male showtune for a tenor?
Is the guitar player Esteban (Espinosa) blind?
Difference between Mellophone and Trumpet?
centres for block print in vadodara
Which Southern California city.........................?
Could you guys rate how well I sing please?
list all uk miss world winners?
I am currently 16 and want to start ballet, am I still able to?
I need to find flute sheet music?
I dont want to play the guitar, but i want to play the guitar?
what is a good song me and my sister can sing for choir for the christmas concert?
If you could have any kind of superpower, what would it be? Why? Would you use it for good or evil, or both?
I'd like to know the 10 leading artists in rock and roll album sales (worldwide) and where u2 and AC/DC rank.
Acoustic Guitar Beginner?
Where should I keep my fingers on my musical keyboard?
What is an uptempo/fast song that a 17 year old base/baritone (mostly base) could sing?
How to repair a banjo tuner it came OFF?
Any stories on how you overcame stage fright?
Need help identifying a Kay acoustic guitar?
How does a good singer get noticed?
Lyrical/contemporary song choices?
Who teaches clarinet on sunset park brooklyn?
Who is the best female singer of all time??
anyone know where I could get a live performance of the Diva Dance from the Fifth Element?
Metal Guitar Solo writing?
Whats and epic clarinet solo to have in a portfolio?
Hey! I need help please! Thanks!?
How can you look cool on stage with a guitar?
Pop Songs of 2010-present that can be dance as a Classic Tango?
how many pieces did fritz kreisler actually compose in is lifetime?
does anyone know any real magic? please show me.?
Broadway songs for group of guys?
Diff between Spanish guitar method and Classical guitar method?
Do I have any talents?
in the movie Match Point, why did the main character marry his wife in the first place?
shoud i take piano lessons, flute lessons, or clara net?
base and electric guitar?
Bagpipes do you love the sound of them?
Moving from Kansas City to Minneapolis? Good idea or bad?
Need help with a loop pedal!?
Does the oboe and the bagpipe sound good together?
Please help!!! I keep failing because of these horrible nerves...?
What should I sing at my audition?
What are the notes to Baby by Justin Bieber on Clarinet?
Can anyone here make some guitar chords for a song?
Can you learn how to play the piano by yourself?
Whats your most bizarre talent?
I am interested in classical guitar but dont want to spend money on it.... read please?
What is the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano?
How to repad a saxophone?
Is it too late for me to learn to play guitar?
Bass Guitar Help Please!!!!!!?
Dancers (professional or majored in) please help me?
acting classes/school/camp?
How to read sightread music?
Lowering my guitar's action (strings too far away from the fretboard)?
hey does any 1 know where i can find really good examples of performance poems? i need some asap?
What do I do about a lousy violinist in the neighbourhood?
I need some beautiful Broadway duets. For a mezzo soprano and a baritone/ bass?
Singing Audition..nervousness?
I need some guitar tips?
Is there any stage combat shcools around the nc area?
what are the Beach Boys voice ranges?
Bassist help!?
Do guitar necks warp if all strings are removed?
How can i get a boy like an hip hop artsit named Marques Houston??
What are the best dance schools in gloucesteshire?
Trying to find a duet piece?
So Kitty is out - did anybody else get fed up of watching her sing in her knickers?
what do you think about the future of mime theater?
Hey, I need to WOW the judges. Can you help me?
i play guitar...any way to get fingers working faster?
me singing?
Am I slow at piano? Look inside pls!?
Does anyone know how to get in touch with the original Ompa Lompa small person?
lil wayne's lollipop on guitar?
I can learn accoustic and electric guitar at the same time, right?
Dancers conditioning?
To Musicians: How do you....?
I want to learn to play guitar from the very beginning. Is there any institute for the same near ashok vihar?
What is percussion in school band?
Does anyone know where I can find piano sheet music for "Crawling" by Linkin Park?
read and tell me what you think?
Stage Fright PLEASE HELP!?
irish/jigs for violin?
Good Songs to Sing For An Audition For A Musical?
Is Bundy a good quality flute or bad quality?
Why do foreign singer lose their accent when they sing in English?
how to become a model/actress in new york?
Audition for college, need a song to sing?
Any good pop songs for a 14 year old to sing?
How do you get that sandy kind of rough sound in a saxophone?
How to play guitar and sing at the same time?
does anyone know anyt ips on how to hold a vibrato on the flute or bari sax?
How was it possible for Bethoven to produce music when he was deaf?
Celtic Woman Ticket Interest?
Which school would be better to attend for a degree in film, L.A Film School or Cal State North-Ridge?
How do you apply for drama schools?
Has anyone ever been in a violin solo competition, if so tell me how it was??
where can i read "how i learned to drive by paula vogel" online?
Favorite classical musician?
who is von cello?
Guitar Question?
Hindi Flute Sheet Music?
Is inhaling helium bad for your singing voice?
Is PST3's a good set of cymbals for Rock/Metal drumming for a intermediate player?
what kind of guitar should i get? im a beginner & dont know anything about them?
How good am i at guitar?
Can you put Steel strings on a classical guitar?
what is bali barong?
MangaNEXT 2007?
From clarinet to tenor sax for Pep Band?
Good Guitar (Acoustic/electric) for a beginner? -Few other questions-?
Does it take talent to play music?
How can i contact josh groban?
Does anyone know the tuning for Apologize on guitar?
Where can I get a list of music for solo and ensemble this year?
How do I know if I Mastered a guitar scale, so I can move on to another guitar scale?
Help me please! Taylor guitar! 10 P O I N T S !?
what do i sing best?! (videos included)?
Is Chopin's Berceuse in Db Major considered a "major" work?
How do you take a picture and make it the 'watermark backgound' of a slide?
Where can I find tabs for piano ?
Audition for chicago the musical?
Where can i find a good sponsor?
HOOP DANCERS!!!! please please please help me!!!! 10 POINTS!!!!?
what you think about belly dancers ?
What is a really good humorous interpretation for a girl or whrere could I find one?
why do i get this popping/clicking noise on bass guitar?
Why do people not like Shakespeare plays?
Poi groups near Philly?
What brodway musical i the song "forgiveness" from?
Class A B flat clarinet solo?
why his leg so easy to break?
can i use a Kahler 7330 Fixed Bridge tremolo system on my guitar?
Radiohead or Coldplay?
Need Help Picking A Stage Name?
Shall I buy my guitar with the case or only with the strap for the start?
Where can I find free sheet music?
I need a 2 minute angry female monologue from a film. I'm looking for a powerful piece. Can anyone help?
How do guitar companies determine thicknesses for guitar picks?
Poll: Who was your favourite artist when you were under the age of 13 ?
If You know you can sing but are afraid to do it in public. What do you do?
Why do I fall in love with my choir director?
what time is American Idol on tonight?
Is this normal? Or should i leave?
What instrument should I play?
can you write songs with a bass?
what are those ribbons they use to make rows called?
Anybody done a Missoula Children's Theatre play?
I started playing my flute again. Is it acceptable to use lip balm for dry lips while playing?
What instrument(s) do you play?
Transposing question.?
are washburns better or worse guitars than johnson?
would it be alright to learn bass guitar without knwoing how to play guitar?
French Horn?
Is it possible to master the drums, piano, and violin?
Cannot match pitch in singing?
A good 5 string bass to get? Or should I get a 4 string?
What age is best to begin voice lessons?
Fret Buzz on fresh strings?
Number Systen used to catalogue in a music library?
I love you youre perfect now change?
Does anyone know where to get the SCRIPT version of Death Takes a Holiday?
how do you learn to play the guitar?
What guitar tremolo system is better zr or floyd rose?
my teacher told me sing a solo for my school play but i'm a really shy person, what do i do?
My concentration is very short, therefore is it okay to practice guitar 17 minutes 3 times a day?
stage fright?
How to sing higher for boy? PLEEEASE!!!?
What are some tones of voices?
How to get my start as an actress?
What to wear for modern / contemporary dance?
Are there any good clarinetists out there who are willing to do something for me?
What are some good performing arts boarding schools?
Can you be good at something if you have no talent?
Does anyone know a good solo for a teenage female mezzo-soprano?
violin playing issues...?
the history of gothic rock?
Hungry Rabbit Jumps Casting Call. Where and when are auditions? Does anyone know?
how much money does a porn star really make?
What is the first step in becomming a performer in the entertainment circle?
What is your dream job and how do you plan on achieving it?
I don't know if II can sing?? I sing along to linkin park songs mostly?
what kind of ukulele should I buy?
POLL: How well can you sing?
do any of you know the name of a singer, had a video some time ago, in wich he was pushing a piano uphill?
A song that had the lyrics ha ha ha ha recuring all thought it - 90's hit, what was it?
My cello is making a weird noise...?
Any pro pianists out there willing to volunteer there skills for a 40something mom to make an audition video?
Good tips / ways on improving your vocal range?
Is it bad to not use your pinkie when you play power chords?
Sheet Music for Clarinet?
Would be harder to get a play you wrote preformed or a movie script made into a film?
Is "Flight" by Craig Carnelia in a musical?
Where can I find sheet music for the song "The Crime of the Century" from the musical Ragtime?
Do silent brass mute systems really work? How much do they cost?
How do I control my tone better?
How do you sing and play simultaneously?
How long does it take to get good at playing piano if you play everyday?
What is a good private performing arts school in Los Angeles?
Girls: What is more attractive? A hot great drama actor? or a hot great dancer?
Music Conservatory Help?!?
If you could teach your butt to sing one song...?
musicians, how do you connect with your audience?
How does being a suicide girl work? do you model once then thats it?
How to play "Lost in Hollywood" on electric guitar?
what would be a good girlie song too sing at a talent show?
What would be a good beginner guitar?
What is the difference between SAG and AFTRA?
which is better?
unbelievable magic trick?
Anyone Know Any Really Good Songs?
What does anyone know about Jeff Rawle the actor??
How to choose a beginner electric guitar?
how do you start off an acting career?
Is playing a Classical Guitar difficult? Do Classical Guitar plays use chordes or do they use?
what is a good violin cello duet music?
Does anyone have any hints to playing Kiss Me my 6pense none the richer?
INstrument HELP!!!?
For all Guitar players! beginner or advanced!?
Do you think marching band is a sport?
easy guitar tabs?
pseudonyms for artist?
What is the best technique to memorising lines?
what sound does the electric guitar make?
good musical theartre songs 4 groups thats NOT from broadway?
Good Les Paul copies ? - Electric Guitar?
what is the importance of lighting design in theatre?
what do you think of the yamaha yfl 221 flute for a beginner?
Can you tell me the name of some famous circus companies?
What are some songs to play on acoustic guitar with a good strumming pattern?
What's the secret to being able to sing perfectly -- or nearly perfectly -- on pitch and in key at all times?
Can anyone recommend a intermediate acoustic guitar?
Would this be a good piano keyboard for a beginner?
What is the easiest/quickest way to leanr how toplay the guitar for someone who is a hopeless complete idiot?
What is a monologue in the show Terranova?
European jobs with Disney-art and crafts.?
Where on the internet can i get theatre tickets?
What is the best Guitar (acoustic or Electric) to get for a 9 YR old? See Details..?
Does it really matter how you hold a recorder?
What makes a good singing teacher?
How do you start a band and get famous really fast?
I want to join cheerleading next year for high school?
Can I record my own singing into the computer and send it as a file by e-mail? How is it done?
What's is the easiest instrument to learn how to play?
I need some devotion ideas...?
where can I watch full length the Glass Menagerie onlinefor free? I would really appreciate your help.?
How can someone who does not read music call himself/herself a musician?
guitar help?
What instrument...?
How long will it take to become good at the violin?
does anyone know where i can get piano sheet music for 'pretend (reprise) by lights'?
Suggest some easy songs to play?
how much do people in the music producing endustry, just starting out usually make on average a year?
how can i?
What is the most easyest way to learn how to play guitar ?
how do I learn to sing like Whitney Houston?
where can i trade my electric bass for an acoustic bass?
What is the normal depth for an acoustic guitar?
Can i become a professional dancer ?
What are some vocal exercises to help with the sound of my speaking voice?
who is better criss angel or david blaine?
I feel really stupid...but whats an MFA?
Good guitar effects pedals?
How to play loud on the contrabass clarinet?
Good tips / ways on improving your vocal range?
What are the standard facilities/space reuirements for performing arts theater? for backstage also is asap?
can anyone suggest any good "sad" songs?
Who originally said, "It's better to burn out than to fade away"?
Trumpet Playing Problem?
What do I need to record myself playing violin, piano at home?
which are the best acting universities in new york?
can i have an example of a speech choir piece?
what are the processes involved in stage designing?
What's your view on a self-taught musician?
Does anyone have some simple magic tricks that work?
Where did the Christmas tree in our office learn to sing like that?
have the judges on the x factor gone completely mad and deaf, the contestants i saw tonight are just awful.?
What if i don't play guitar for a week?
If you can play the guitar?
advice on what guitar to buy?r ?
Review of WICKED the musical?
does anyone know how section 11 row j is at the comcast center (tweeter center for the performing arts)?
am i beginner in guitar world... suggest me a guitar...?
What are some Theatrical songs?
What are some good websites where you can video blogg?
Is it possible for a blind and deaf person to play the piano?
Will I be able to play a guitar?
what is a pay scale for theatre designers, such as for lighting/sound/scenic/properties?
black and white (not race related)?
I don't have any talent. How can I build one?
If I want to master the guitar, what should i do first?
What instrument cable is the best for a bass guitar?
Where can i find a good monologue for a female (14yrs old)?
What's the Cb fingering for flute?
Sabre help !!!!!!!!!!!!?
Confused about this guy's comment?
how to develop you own voice and look?
what are the rituals of the mariachi dancing?
difference and feel of a 1.72 and a 1.8 nut on seagull guitar?
Broadway duet for an alto and tenor?
Laguardia High School Audition?
Any suggestions for good fingerpicking songs for beginners??
how do i pose a 4mth baby for a photo shoot?
can i sing???please look?
Why haven't I improved with my guitar playing?
What are your favorite musicals?
How do you play Godsmack's Shine Down on Harmonica?
Broadway Musicals...?
When washing leather cheer shoes in washer what do you use?
Do you have to know how to read and play music to be in 8th grade band?
I'd like to learn either acoustic guitar or violin, but don't know where to start?
What is the best instrument a 5 year old can learn to play at this age?
Should I become a model?
how to play guitar?
Anyone know what guitar this is?
Why do I still suck at guitar?
how do you make a shofar?
what kind of ukulele should i buy?
How to play the flute?
What is the flute fingering for E sharp?
Which one is true?
how much can i sell my madame alexander dolls for?
What is the trill on flute for C above the staff to D above the staff?
my fingers hurt when playing guitar?
stripping songs?
what do you call someone with very flexible voice?
What kind of guitar should I buy?
Is it ok for a beginner like me to to play a electric guitar first?
I have a boss me-25 pedal ?
Best electric guitar for a beginner?
acoustic guitar playing help?
How much is my old clarinet worth?
Where can me and a friend go play guitar for money?
Dont you think is a good deal to buy a used les paul standard for 1700 unstead of a studio for 1100?
Is 16 too late of an age to learn music enough to make a career out of it?
I touched someone's guitar, and he seems really upset about it. What should I do?
How can I really get in the buisness of becoming a major model or actress?
What is the most hysterical, hilarious monologue?
What kind of guitar should I get, and what's the lowest price for a nice guitar?
Questions regarding Berklee?
please help me!!! i am a musical theater student and WHENEVER I TRY TO SING, NOTHING COMES OUT!! i need help?
I want to be a prima ballerina?
musical theater dance song?
anyone know of an upbeat/contemporary audition song?
Where can I fined a good short comedic monologue?
What is the Saddest Story you can think of? (I need it for a dance)?
Do you think the sounds a violin produce is very sad?
learning to play guitar?
Great songs for low vocal range?
How do i become a, machinima director, and get a tons of subs..?
Guitar Rig Kontrol Pedal?
Which monologue should I do?
How much does spritzing air (with water) help remove dust from the air?
i am in the band at school but i play flute and sax. i am very good at both but withch one shold i stay with?
sheet music for musical?
Unfair Orchestras?
where can i meet people interested in acting in some film projects around the csulb area?
How do you sing with your diaphragm instead of ur head voice?
should I learn the clarinet or the tenor sax?
What do you need to know before you start learning a musical instrument?
What is a good instrument for me?
INstrument HELP!!!?
Luna guitars: What is your opinion of guitars made by Luna?
Does anyone recommend a good guard camp besides Smith-Walbridge?
I need to find a school that's strong or at this point just has music, improvisation, and dance.?
What are some nice acoustic guitar songs?
what is the term for this person?
Two contrasting pieces need for audition?
What is the difference between a standard and custom guitar?
Can anyone learn to sing?
bass pedal sizes?
What is the definition of a par 64 and what are their bulb types?
In which dress woman looks more pretty?
A recording of Paganini Fantasia for Cello and Double Bass Klaus Stoll, Jorg Baumann?
I want to learn how to play an instrument, but which?
Why is there treble clef and bass clef and not just one?
hey whats the best acoustic guitar?
What is the best way to approach songwriting on guitar?
What scale do you use for improvising(guitar) most songs?
Should I do a solo?
CALLING ALL ACTORS!! What is a good monologue that I can perform that does not involve too much since i am shy
Please tell me according to my chart can i take up performing arts especially dance as my career and will?
Someone tell me an awesome musical to listen to?
What the difference between a Fender guitar and it's Squire counterpart?
Is there a talent you would like to have but don't?
60s rock band with Father and son?
WHy didn't i get the lead in the musical??
what are easy beginner songs for guitar?
The A string on my isn't as loud through an amp?
who played the lead roll in the motion picture Ice Station zebra?
good songs to play on the acoustic guitar
Whats better a Marshall Class 5 or Marshall MA50C? Do they sound the same?
It is more hostile than death, what is it/?
Would it be alright to learn ukulele right now?
The Little Mermaid (Broadway Version) Auditions?
I squeak when I play my saxophone, but why??
I need suggestions for a good male voice pop ballad that includes a bridge.?
Romanian cello?
Does anyone know of a good first job in North Carolina for one who wants to be involved in the music world?
Any suggestions for a duet?
What Kind of guitar is the acoustic of blink 182??
Do you think I'm a good singer?
Guitar strumming help?
Symbols in Surrealist art and literature?
Any tips for learning how to play the piano?
how can i teach myself to play guitar??
piano or guitar?
heloo..i m performing solah somwar vrat...sooo can you tell...what can i eat during fast?
How can anyone like the generic, soul-less, cliche ridden music of Bon Jovi?
People say i have a good voice, but I have stage fright. How can I overcome it?
Do you have to like someone to find them funny?
What are some suggestions for a 3rd year trumpet?
What are good songs for 3 girls and 1 guy to harmonize to?
Where to find free piano scores?
Where do you by body paint for people?
Performing Art- What does the press do in a dance company?
how do I get my kids into modeling and acting.?
What is a "fixed Wah"?
Should I sing in the talent show?
your favorite guitar solo?
I want to start a record label and i don't know where to start can somebody help me out?
FIRST THEATRE . which is the first theatre in U.S.A ?
where can i find Title: Synecku Synecku performer: Varmuzova Cimbalova Muzika to purchase? thanks?
Do you have any connections with anyone in the music industry?
Is this monologue okay for drama class? PLEASE ANSWER!?!?
Cello songs are too hard for me!?
O.k. tell me if I am just not the average person but I don't think these guys skits are funny.?
Any 1 minute comedic Monologues (male)?
Help in choosing an acoustic guitar - Is the Luna Eagle good?
Can any1 tell me what the e flat scale for bass guitar is?
Guitar chord help please?
sing and play guitar at the same time?
Job as a go go dancer?
Do people who play guitar hero, do it cuz they know they will suck on a real guitar? which takes real practice?
What Song Should I Lip Sync In The Talent Show?
songs to play behind a bullying scene?
Is the Bassoon a really stupid instrument or what?
is the flute easy to get down?
What should i sing for my auditon for Into the woods?
Music theater/Dramatic arts help?
where is the best place to fix a ed acoustic guitar in chicago?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
What is the name of the percussion instrument like a tambourine but semicircular and without a skin?
How much do Broadway Actors work?
Why USA people call them-self AMERICANS?
Hey cconsaul and chessmaster - why is the "Top Ten" list for Performing Arts messed up?
Cool musical instruments like Guitar?
What are some good Shakespeare soliloquies that are around 35 lines from a tragedy??
whats a really easy way to learn to play the guitar?
What is better and easier to play? Clarinet or Flute?
Listen to my song and let me know how terrible my voice is?
How can I find the price of my guitar?
i need a musical theatre audition piece?
Hey , where can I find an acoustic guitar below RM100?
Learning the guitar, couple questions! ?
How do I make unweighted piano keys feel and play like they're weighted?
should i becume a topless dancer?
Tap dancing musicals? 3 words? easy 10 points?
I forgot how to play the guitar!?
IS it best to take air in through the nose or mouth or both when breathing for singing?
Am I tone deaf or not?
How to use a guitar tuner?
1-2 minute female monologues?
I am looking for a Youth orchestra that travels around the world preforming, any help?
where to find one-minute plays?
how do i fix my guitar?
is 2puc really dead?
What instrument should I learn to play? ?
where can i get a good dvd on how to belly dance?
Become famous arts project - How?!?!?
can i do this dance for an audition?
How do i become a successful singer songwriter?
What guitar effects would you recommend buying?
What are the Trumpet notes for Ave Maria?
what type of marching step does your color guard use?
Doc in West Side Story?
What would be good and cheap headphones for recording guitar?
historical background of cordillera music in the philippines?
What should I do to fit the neck heel into the neck slot?
What sites or organization are looking for songwriters?
How much costs me (an electricguitar+effector+bag+necessary attachments+amplifier ) in the USA directly?
how can I repair a trumpet bell?
Does no one out their no anything about Roland dyens ? fantastic french guitarist and composer.?
You must choose: Gibson or Fender?
Why does opera make some people cry?
where can i find a dvd or other info on basic principles of liturgical dance?
I want to become a model but I don't know where to start?
Easy Acoustic guitar Tab songs?
I want to go into Recording Arts at LMU but I have no previous experience... will I make it?
What exactly happens at a Drama School audition?
With some modifications, is it possible to put bass strings on a guitar and guitar strings on a bass?
Two questions about trumpet range and increasing volume?
Am i too old to learn the Violin?
Where to find an audio recording of Handel's Messiah online?
14 yr old wanting to act?
What age would you say is best to start burlesque dancing?
Tips for playing piano better?
8-bit Fuzz Pedal Schematics?
Will a Satin finish guitar get glossy after a while?
Where can I learn to play Hate Me on the piano?
How long does an average stand up gig last for a well known comedian? ?
Do street performers in Boston need a permit?
Good Christmas Songs?
what do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Know of any companies/websites/shops where I can rent-to-buy a tenor saxophone?
Does a new ESP EC256 guitar really has scratches?
i need a web site that has music i can play on a keyboard?
How to play mellophone with big lips?
Am I honestly a bad singer?
Drum Corps Question?
Good site to find monologues?
musical theater question?
How do the x factor auditions work?
Where can I buy theater character shoes?
What is ur favorite band and y?
Easy songs on Guitar with Barre Chords?
Is this a good talent show song?
Urgent color guard help?
any good monolauges for a drama tryout ? :) urgent .?
I'm looking for a way to start an acting career?!?
Has there ever been any complaints of a Windsor Alto Saxophone? Or should I buy from a different company?
Do you like Passion's and days of our live on the TV?
I wanna learn how to play guitar, can i start with electric?
Pageant beginner help, for 13 year old girl. Please help me?
Is this an artistic thing or I'm just weird?
How long is the Phantom of the Opera running at the Venetian in Las Vegas?
can ghost songwriters make alot of money?
what are the 2 advantages of the arena stage?
Any ideas on sites where I can look up accompaniment (lyricless) music tracks?
What schecter guitar is satin black with a yellow outline?
Can anyone show me website with all the MAJOR SCALES for trumpet?
Should I play English Horn in high school?
Where on the internet can i find free sheet music from broadway shows?
spirit bands?
Can you teach yourself to sing?
which is the best show currently running in London?
When I sing I sound good to myself but when I record it I sound bad, Why?
acting agent not doing her job right?
Which is your favorite opera?
Is this good enough for someone whos been playing the guitar for 1 year? (Video)?
Does the width of the rim of a drum head denote the tone/timbre of it?
What would cause intonation problems on a wraparound bridge?
WTF is wrong with Britains got talent?
What should I run my Vocal Microphone To you? Can I use stereo speakers, a guitar amp?
How important is an AUTHORIZED Martin luthier?
Any tips on how to beat nerves?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any ideas for a duet song one highish (alto) or above and one low (alto)?
Where would be the best place/website to learn the solo for November rain?
How much does a Buffet Clarinet cost?
What is the best musical to watch?
Anime Cosplay opinion needed!!!?
How do i become a voice actress for anime?
Good Classic Rock Acoustic Songs?
12 MAJOR scales prob!!!!!!!!!!!?
Flute or clarinet, which one should I play?
SHould I take an acting class instead of recieving birthday gifts?
What do you think of learning or playing the guitar for the sheer joy of it?
Choosing A Song [help ASAP]!?
Good names for a Praise and Worship band?
Christmas song for dance routine?
Oboe question........?
Can you suggest some good guitar exercise?
Should I wear a back brace for marching snare?
What is the best way to get hit by a car without dying or suffering any lifelong damage?
Which notes do I play please?
Strumming pattern HELP!!?
How does one become a good singer?
Do electric guitars and acoustic guitars share the same kind of strings?
Can you buy the rights to perform Clue (the movie version) as a play?
Is it impossible to lick your elbow?
What is it that opera singers spray into their mouths/throats before singing?
What is a good song for a guy and a girl to sing as a duet?
Is it too late for me to study music in college?
which one should I see: Lion King, mary Poppins, or Tarzan?
How do I create my Artist Portfolio?
Phantom of the Opera?
Is there a person that can have the three different voice type?
How does playing venues and stuff work?
Distress call for all girls,Ladies and woman!! I desperately need ur help!!?
can you start acting and modeling at 16 with no experience?
Bass or Electric guitar?
What should I sing to him?
Can I take out all guitar strings when changing strings, or should I go one by one?
What do I do????????????
What church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, puts on "The Living Cross"?
How can I learn to play this song by Taylor swift? (guitar)?
What easy instruments are there?
I've just been offered a job as aporn star?
What guitar speed is considered "shredding"?
Guitar dynamics and speed?
an item or artifact that represents the college experience?
GYMNASTICS (read)!!!!?
What should do..not sing the song or sing it? HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi, my name is daniel , im 15 and i would really love to sing like the Jonas Brothers but i need help. addvice
How do i get jobs in LA ? HELP PLEASE !!! (: In need of advice !?
Do guitars have personalities?
roland dyens french composer., Have just found this extrodinary man and i`m totally enchanted by his music. h
vibrato hell?
What is this ammerican obcession with guitars?
Natural pageant questions? Please help!?
Best Orchestra in the Unites States?
i want to learn how to play the drums, but i'm overweight?
I just bought a guitar, what is the best way to learn to play?
Can I get flea (rhcp) sound with a Warwick bass?
A video where i can watch cirque du soleil contortionist?
Do I need to learn scales to as a guitarist?
How do I get rid of my stage fright?
How Can I Get More Motivated To Play Guitar?
how can i learn to play the piano and guitar fast?
Love story Taylor Swift for pointe recital piece?
How hard is it to get into Broadway Triple Threat?
what are good pick up lines to get girls?
I broke a string on my guitar?
Who is your top 3 favorite Christines and Phantoms from The Phantom of the Opera?
What type of flute should I get?
What musical instrument should I buy?
Audition: Musical Theatre Songs?
I am a magician and I can fart out of someone else's butt. Whose butt should I fart out of?
can any one give me a class song for graduation?
What are some fun magic tricks to do with a video camera?
French Horn??????!?
Who is the choreographer for Mario?
Are there any performing arts camps in IL?
Key signature question?
Names for a performing arts magazine?
who is or was the all-time greatest ballerina?
how to play crazy frog on the piano?
Is it too late? I'm 14...?
is it a good choice to study performing arts/music at college in regards to getting a job in the future?
what do u think is jimi hendrix's best song (guitar wise)?
if paul and ringo was going to fight who do you think would win?
Need help with ideas for a Young @ Heart Banquet?
What are the Similarities and Differences in Bharatanatyam and Bhangra.?
Help me decide which songs to sing for my arts supplement?
what's a good song to sing for a spring choral concert?
Do you think opera singing is pretty?
What's a good song for me to learn on guitar that will improve my playing?
What is a good guitar brand?
I am looking for live comedyshows to produce at a local community theater.?
Does learning on a nylon string guitar will help when i start playing steel string?
Piano Competition Live Worldwide Broadcasts?
where to get free music sheet for Dan Hill's sometimes when we touch?
Which Is Easier to Play? Flute or Trumpet?
Who trained Criss Angel?
What guitar, make, model and year does this serial code go with?
What are some good classical/spanish guitar songs?
I am looking for an off-Broadway play?
Musical for a high school production?
How to develop a powerful voice?
How to sing like a Broadway star?!?!! And tips for my own voice as well...?
Don't feel bad.Most of the people have no talent.How do you take this advice?
Need a 3 min long contempary and classical monologue?
Do you think that gymnasts?
what drum set should i buy !!!?
What yoga asanas are good to practice while spinning poi?
Adjust the Neck on a Bass Guitar?
Songs that are good examples of poetry?
How do I learn to play piano?
Any good Christian Duets for girls?
How can I convince my mum to let me into showbiz??? ?
Your opinion on an arrangement for this song...?
buying a keyboard for a band?
How does a completely white nerd teen guy like me get drugs?
what are some good "i don't need you" songs?
i have an orchestra question?
How come people say some musicians are the best dancers in the world?
what are some cheap flute brand?
what is a good song for my recital finally that everyone could dancer to?
is it weird to sing lion king?
How do I learn to read Travis picking standard notation, do I need classical training?
Does anyone know where I can go to an Anime con near PA?
Is it better to be self taught or to have a guitar teacher?
School for the peforming arts!?
should I learn to play the piano?
When I sing or dance, I am off the beat most of the time. How can I improve my sense of the beat?
What is the script actors need to learn at disney as a princess?
What are some songs to play on acoustic guitar with a good strumming pattern?
What are some good songs to play on an acoustic?
i want to record my voice for my application on voice talent where can i go?
what is the powerful word arounf the universal?
I want to be in Musical Theatre when im older?
Do I need to know how to play the ordinary guitar before taking electric guitar classes?
UWM MFA in dance good/bad?
What are some easy beginner Lute Songs?
any ideas for a song i can sing as a solo?
Theatre through the ages:What can i dress up as?
Beginner at guitar, chromic scale, HELP ME?
The circus?
Is the baritone saxophone hard to learn?
Actor/Tenor in need of suggestions!!?
what goods are made or used in performing arts?
Your Open Question: I have a custom acoustic FG37E? It only been with me for less then a year how much is it w?
Do you have a special talent?
Any Good Talent Agents ?
Custom Order Lefty?????????
Piccolo! Need some help!!?
Open mikes in london?
What are a few famous dancers?
what are some great songs? for theater peeps!?
Tips to get into Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts ?
Saxophone experts?
Help with performing on stage for audition?
what should i sing for my school talent show?
if you taught yourself how to play guitar, do you have any tips for me?
Laguardia High School Auditions ? HELP !?
Am I developing vocal nodule?
How can I get rid of this once and for all?
Is it possible to teach yourself to sing?
How can I achieve, musically, Perfect Pitch?
i want to know if there is any teacher who teaches 'veena' in valsaravakkam. contact number please!!?
anyone knows the pianist cecile licad?
Acceptance rate for music schools like Curtis and Juilliard?
Asking for cello lessons?
Guitar issuesss help me out plz?
What should I name my project?
Audition Song w/ Limited Range
How can I learn to fake cry!?
What is your opinion on the phantom of the opera stage production?
What are some arias by Handel for a bass voice?
my best friend strum pattern?
Classical songs that sound good on guitar?
What is an accidental in minor thirds?
does any one works for a circus?
How important are scales when it comes to guitar?
What songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Is there a easier way to play the G chord on guitar?
Is it okay to not have my marching band music not memorized before band camp?
Performing On The Piano?
How to start a modeling carrer and where to go?
In addition to guidance, should a conductor also be a showman?
How much do people earn busking an hour in pounds ON AVERAGE?
How hard is it to get into AMDA or Tisch?
Need some cool sounding guitar riffs?
Need help with amp settings?
What musicals should I know about?
Acoustic and Electric guitar help!?
Has anyone read the book "wicked"? or seen the plaY?
My friend and I are trying to learn how to sing....?
is it cool when....................................…
What time period did Buddy Guy thrive,perform,record albums?
Anybody know if guitar music-score-to-tablature translator software exists?
I need to learn to speak with a Chinese accent...?
Which song should I sing for my audition?
I have no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Topics to talk about when I'm on stage? I'm a comedian?
where can i find juggling equipment in and around the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne Australia?
What is the guitar pick's traditional name?:?
How much does an anime voice actor make?
how do i become more confident about singing?
I'm 19, Ido you think it's too late to teach myself guitar?
If you speak english, you can help me?
What's the song "American Pie" mean?
where can i find a guitar tab for andres segovia's version of bachs prelude (cello suite number 1) online?
A few questions on the preforming arts school "Interlochen"?
Does anybody know of a pedal that doubles your voice when you sing or anything of the sort?
Is having a YOD a good thing in a chart?
What to write a 10 minute play about?
what was the last kind act that you performed?
cool songs?
what are some easy songs to learn on a acoustic guitar? i just started playing.?
Jackson Js1 dinky vs Esp Ltd m-10?
Learning to play piano.?
How to Over Come Stage Fright?
where is bethoven's 9th being played in concert in europe in '06?
Where has the Mobius Strip been used?
Which websites have free online magic tricks?
What's the difference between the Nuter and the Nuter Suite?
calling musicians?!??!?!?!!?
i love to sing and my friends say im really good at it but i get nervous when i see the crowd what do i do?
Any help with getting over my fear of handstands?
Is this a good Mandolin?
Which would u rather see on broadway?
How does a Disney Character Look-Alike Audition go?
Songs made by what musical instruments do you enjoy most and why?
Is there a compact 5-octave keyboard out there?
Does anyone like marching band?
Need help transitioning from flute to saxophone?
Monologue on cultures or erasing hate or erasing violence?
Wanna hear a real annoying tune?
what are fine arts?
Drum line auditions please help?
How to become a contortionist?
Guitar lessons. Please Help!!?
how many people can lick their elbow??????????
what r some really good books that would make really good movies????????
Can a marshall JVM205H head work without a cabinet?
WE NEED A GOOD GIRL GROUP NAME.. Our names begin with H,C,K but we cant think of any good names..HELP!!!?
Do you think it is important if a musician shows emotion during a performance?
What Instrument do you play?
How can I get permission to print lyrics to Toby Keith's American Soldier for a funeral?
Why can't I tell the difference between a chord and a scale?
What are some good lines to use to start a story?
what is a good solo song?
Standard of dancing at UK drama school auditions?
is the band acceptance a christian band?
What is the capacity of Halle Munsterland in Munster, Germany?
my daughter wants to learn to play a instrument?..?
How to become a Broadway performer?
What do you think of my guitar abilities?
Mapex QR drum set question??!?!?
Should i be in the talent show?
How can i prepare for this?
what do you think about the art of pole dance?watch this and tell me...?
What are those instruments that you clap together?
Song for a School Talent Show (Anti-Establishment)?
Where can I find songs for an 8-holed ocarina?
do mimes perform at the circus?
Do you think Jennifer Lopez loves Mark Anthony, or is she only using him as a refugee?.?
have u ever heard of the hall of fame for dancers?
How should I get noticed as a model, dancer and singer?
Music Degree vs. Musical Theater Degree?
Which electric guitar package should I get?
How to get a SAG number?
What Career can I get with a BFA in Musical Theatre?
Should We Audition!!?
Where do you go to record a CD?
Who is your favorite music artist?
The girl on the tandem succeeds?
Is the Flute an uncommon instrument?
Ocarina playing help?
What Is The Difference Between A Glee Club And A Chorus?
What Linkin Park sing is this?
i'm am 18 now still can learn piano? iszit too late for me ?
Can anyone think of a great men's quartet piece?
How do you learn to play the keyboard or music in general?
what are seven arts?
Lack of motivation to do violin practice?
stage fright?
im looking for a guitar teachers or music schools i want to learn how to play guitar any suggestions ? it has?
are my ukulele strings retarded?
I have stage fright and I need to perfrom an HI tomorrow?
What songs i should sing and play in the guitar?
Do you have your own talent? If yes, what is it?
Which guitar should I purchase?
information on antique musical instruments?
Can you rent an instrument instead of buying it?
What about love by heart?
Ideas for a peace not war picture?
Where could I get 'budgeted' voice tuition?
I need new guitars, but I don't know what to go for...?
Which acoustic amp should i get?
Why did people hug each other from the chest? why not from legs?
What is the musical theme/motive of Agnus Dei by Guillaume de Machaut?
Have any of you read Talent?
Will my guitar be ok?
What was popular on Broadway/on-stage during the 1960's?
Which is better Suprano 1 or suprano 2?
I need help with solo songs?
What should I wear to my audition?
which r the best hindi theatre groups in mumbai?
Trying out for Seussical the Musical?
Could I use 1 steel string on my classical guitar?
I'm having trouble tuning my guitar!?
Why am i not good at anything?
How do do you make an actor/actress cry for a movie?
New Knabe baby grand sounds dull?
Just starting out on guitar - help me out?
how do you get over writers block and stage fright?
What's the easiest musical instrument to learn and play competently?
is there specific fingerings for guitar?
I am looking for the play Mother Goose Rockn Rhyme?
Question about modeling?
How Do I Get Started in Practicing My Vocal?
Better voice........?
Who is Bill Milbrodt?
MIMES!, I hate MIMES, how do you feel about them?
Does anyone give Pedal Steel Guitar lessons in Orlando?
Can u define what is beauty?
can guys sing girl songs?
Do you want to be in my band? begginers/intermediate whatever welcome..?
How do I improve single stroking on a snare drum?
Want to start Guitar lessons, but...?
Could This Mean Something Good?
Should I try out for the musical?
musicians help please?
If you could play any one instrument flawlessly, what would it be?
How to fake cry question?
Guitar calluses help...?
what can i do to sing better? i want to sing in a band i made?
I'm reading the book "wicked" has anyone else read it yet? anyone seen the play?
What shd I tell mysekf before I start to sing/perform?
Are there any famous guitar players that started learning at age 15?
Looking for good snare drum exercises for Samba players?
Can anyone name the "art of making one's voice occur from a different place than where he/she is" ?
Why is it so difficult for me to play separate things on each hand for piano?
where did the need for orchestral conductors come from?
What is the best college marching band out there?
Can you sing with braces on?
what is opera united?
Pittsburgh area colorguard?
Could use some real guidance on becoming a better guitarist?
What website do you go to refund tickets for the canceled White Stripes Tour?
I have a stage name i want to use, how do I find out if someone is already using this name ?
Does anyone know any good colorguard websites where I can learn basic stuff?
What makes a vocalist?
Songs For A New World?
What kind of guitar is this?
What is the best guitar brand for acoustic-electric guitars?
aligning trumpet valves?
tell about great touch or kiss i want to show my girlfriend an unforgetable tast that she cant get from any 1?
How can I be left handed?
How often do you practice your instrument per day?
Ethel Merman?
what is that .com that sets up play lists for you. You say Jack Johnson and it searches for things similar?
is 30 too old to pursue acting?
what's the best technique for writing jokes?
Is It Possible?
are victor wooten's fodera basses active or passives??
Need Help With Tenor Sax Improv!?
Tips on playing the Erhu?
How loud should my bass amp be at a gig?
Is my friend a musical genius?
Dancers, tips on leg extensions!?
I am just beginning to teach my self how to play the snare drum for drumline.
Best guitar for a beginner?
pirates of penzance?
I really want to learn to sing most of all like ben burley (listen to diary of jane acoustic)?
Similarities and differences between clowns and mimes?
Where can my high school band perform in New yrok City?
Need a comedic monologue help?
where can i buy a kitsune mask?
What's the difference between a bansuri and a cane flute?
Guitar technique: String bending?
Chromatic scale for guitar. HELP?
Dancers: Split Stretches?
Should I Buy A Keyboard or a Piano?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp...?
Can someone please tell me ........?
Hey guys! My friend and I want to do a duet together for our senior year graduation next year!?
Do you think i could make it as a singer?
how do i use a y cable for aux returns and sends and how does that stuff work?
Guitar tuning and tab? Experts needed?!?
Why I am not as good as Jimmy Page or Carlos Santana....?
Do i have to buy special guitar paint?
How much does a violin for a beginner cost?
Can you lose skills by not practicing an instrument?
What are some good acoustic-electric guitars for 200-500 dollars?
Do you write a monologue?
What is your natural talent?
where can i find flute sheet music free for the artist lights.?
Whar are some good Marching Band Slogans?
what can you do with the after effects tryout version?
What are the steps of learning guitar?
Who is Gyorgy Ligeti and what is his Musica Ricerlata II inspired of?
What are some good songs a beginner alto singer can sing?
I need a movie monologue?
need help i want to learn how to play a guitar...?
I can go to bass and start alto, but is there anywat I could get up to soprano?I'm pretty sure I'm a tenor
When will my Voice Change?
what is rational theatre? representatives? works?
Why is North by Northwest considered the best Hitchcock movie?
HELP!! I have a recital in piano coming up. I am nervous. Give me advice!!!!!?
Does Juilliard have a dress code?
i really like to sing it is my passion but how do i get started in the bussiness?
Do the artists who perform on an original Broadway cast recording get an actual Grammy if it wins best cast r?
When a movie is being filmed, how do people around the actual cameras react?
Baton Twirlers? Can anyone explain how to do an illusion?
Who is the best female jazz vocalist alive?
Easy songs to play on guitar?
Hey guys, i need self-confidence!?
I get nervous when speaking infront of a crowd :( ?
Who likes "Twelve Angry Men"?
Using Evans G2s as resonant drum heads?
What do you think about my voice?
Whout whould be the cultural benifits of having music required in the school curriculum?
Will the band Eliment make the top 10 on garage bands this week?
how many trumpet players are in the philharmonic orchestra?
Am I able to re-create this on my guitar?
Does anyone know a good classical Violin Duet?
Audition Monologue Suggestions?
Is cheetah girls a Broadway or musical ?
has anybody been to a concert at the Chan Center in Vancouver BC at UBC??
What's your opinion? Piano or guitar?