Performing Arts

What is an audition fee?
Playing The Guitar?
Where and when should i get a bass guitar?
Where can I find great monologues?
Do i need a soundcard for a Numark MIXTRACK DJ Controller?
Im having a Birthday party soon and i need to book a performer?
audition for a talent agent?
Thoughts of switching from a flute to a mellophone?
*UK ONLY* Pricing up my old Squier and amp?
How note is a 4 string bass guitar?
Programmable Drum Machine or fruity loops for drums?
celtic insruments???
Do people use an ear plug during presentations to feed them their speech?
Does anyone know if Sam Elliot has a email address and what is it?
how do i pose a 4mth baby for a photo shoot?
Cant play guitar hurts?
Guitar Tab For "thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged" by As Cities Burn?
How I can learn really HARD music REALLY FAST?!?!?!?!?'?
If i put liquid nitrogen on my guitar, will that improve my playing?
how can i learn the guitar?
What is a good site for printing sheet music?
can some one give me a vid on someone playing the bass for smoke on the water?
Hello,Where may I find stepdaughter poetry?
What exactly is the vocal process?
How do braces (jaw expander) affect brass playing?
What is a good 60 second comical monologue?
has any body heard the rasta version of dark side of the moon called dope side of the moon?
Can I actually take a few of guitar exams together at once?
Looking for an old piano solo song "By A Waterfall", part of a collection, where do I search?
Are there any magicians in the US who will design grandiose, high-tech illusions for community theatres?
If you play the piano, how did you develop a love for it?
Is it so difficult to make it as a dancer?
Can someone please explain to me everything in these audition requirements?
How can u become flexible asap? ?
Dancing or singing............................?
James Cagney - did he have a brother by the name of William Cagney??
What's more tragic: talent without ambition, or ambition without talent?
Is a Yamaha FG 700S a good Model of Acoustic Guitar?
Southern Waitress Monologue?
Height to be a Stunt Double?
What is your favorite Broadway Show?
crazy train drums help please?
Violin suddenly sounding screechy.?
Is a short audition good or bad?
Where can i print free anime sheet music?
What are the best films worth watching?
How am I suppossed to breathe?
the birds and the bees?
Should I stay in marching band(color guard)?
What instrument should I learn to play after the guitar?
What's a good beginner guitar?
Why did Fender make Stratocasters with screw in tremolo bars?
How To Self Teach Cello?
need help with finding popular ukulele songs?
I Need help on the guitar im building?
Pom-Pon Squad Audition Requirements?
How can I teach MYSELF to Play guitar w/o lessons?
Any advice on learning to play the guitar? Should I attempt to teach myself, pay somebody, watch videos?
Chuck Norris is the greatest, right?
This question is for pianists,profesional musicians, and peopel who play piano for fun?!?
Low notes on oboe, and left hand e flat second octave up from the bottom?
i love to sing but i don't have confidence that i can pull it off?
Who is the original singer of the song, Save the Last Dance for me? And who wrote the song?
I'm trying to find a Songwriter who lived in Bloomington, IN and recorded the song "In the City" in 1978.
Can I change a right handed guitar to left handed?
How to not have a hoarse voice?
How do I get to the school website for The William Edoar Jr. Public Charter School For The Performing Arts?
i would like to know r their any millionaires that would like 2 give me money, just out of kindness?
What's the difference between a prelude and an overture?
West End Kids Audition?
how long does it take to learn how to play the guitar?
Anyone know if you can play Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria on ukulele?
What's in a nuter drink?
show me pictures of inside the keegan theatre?
If I want to go into musical theatre as a career, what type of dance should I take?
Can my teacher be my acting agent?
Fret buzz for no apparent reason?
Is comfortably numb solo hard?
Should i go for it? please answer:)x?
Voice lessons?? Best answer five stars(10 points)?
Where can I find footage of Eva Peron?
What Is A Good Choice Duet For Two Alto Girls?
can i put olive oil in a tuba valve?
Would you listen & give your opinion on some songs I wrote ?? Need some ‘honest & unbiased’ opinions please
First time restringing an old guitar?
Any sites where I can get basic-intermediate guitar/chord vocabulary?
how can i get Gin Blossoms tablature, BESIDES WHAT is posted on
how do i emo screetch???
When I sing slow I'm good ..but I lose my control with the fast songs?
What to expect when auditioning for a movie extra?
Is Elvis still alive? If he's not, when did he died?
Is playing the ukulele anything like an acoustic guitar?
Help with new guitar pickups?
What are some good tips for making it onto Broadway?
a question for tap dancers / teachers?
I need to get an Interview from a Bunraku expert/professor. Can you help me?
how do you make a mask like the one in requiem for a phantom?
why can I only sing songs from musicals ?
School of Performing Arts in Kansas?
How to add dynamics on sibelius 7?
How can I get a grant for a playwrite and a songwriter?
What do I get my boyfriend for his senior recital?
What song should I sing for my audtition?
what are some good ballads to sing (read details)?
where can i watch 2 girls 1 cup?
where is singer mary hopkins?
What wind instrument would be the easiest to learn? the flute? (For a Marching Band)?
Is it hard to learn marching band routines?
Best guitar to buy for beginners?
Minor pentatonic guitar scales help?
Dancers, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, HELP?
why do some people hate andrew Lloyd Webber?
why when i try to play a different note on the tuba, the note wont change?
Can you give me tips on getting better on the guitar?
what are the most popular sites for theatre (performing arts) jobs in Chicago?
How can I teach a choir to sing well when they know nothing about music?
how to teach yourself to sight read?
Tickets for Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre, London?
why is it that kids like willow smith get an unfair advantage?
What Are some good ideas for role playing?
How can you make things or yourself levitate?
Should I Buy A Keyboard or a Piano?
Any good guitar theory books?
Piano players?
long island school?
Where can I find cheap Flute Lessons via Skype for an intermediate to advanced player?
Who did you want to win the eurovison 2008 song contest????
When will my guitar arrive at the guitar store?
Question for Blue Star DCI members!!!?
How do time signatures work? (guitar)?
is the banjo a hard instrument to pick up?
what are some good songs to play on the guitar for a beginner?
Acoustic song cover- Too much head voice?
How long can you breath under water?
do any of you like or love drew barrymore?
Is there a product I can put on the headstock of a student flute to make it easier to make a clear note?
how to use the diaphram to sing?
is it better to get leads or get a more professional experience?
How can you tell a good quality violin from a cheap one?
How does a poor student get a good accordion?
Has anyone ever heard of / purchased a Pearl River piano?
can you take a original acoustic guitar and make it into an electric acoustic guitar?
what will you do if you are unvisible to all for one day?
Is it worth learning now?
Acting Tips for a young actress?
Tarzan Broadway-next locations?
What is the frist step to learning to play guitar?
which of these showbiz careers would you choose from the following: actor/actress or musician/singer?
How to develop my talent for accents?
has toby scived today ?
What do you wear when you're practicing tap dance?
Can you be a good guitarist..if you teach yourself?
I wanna learn how to shred the guitar. How can I start off on this path?
i need a good song to sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which should I play Clarinet or Flute?
Is there a difference in notes between a electric and acoustic guitar?
How many notes does a clarniet have?
I am 13 and is this alright? Do you think if i practice everday for 3 years my voice could become good?
How can I learn guitar pretty fast ?
Vocal Coach in Bay Area? Do you know any?
Verse Choir?
regaining vocal range after being sick?
What's the best Standard series ESP Guitar?
Bass clarinet & case?
where & how can i find the guitar pro file of every little thing she does is magic by sting?
Violin or Viola: Which should I choose?
8th grade talent show songs?
What string do you use on Jazz guitars?
how to play closing time on guitar?
Maria Callas, do you think. .?
I need help finding a monologue?
can ghost songwriters make alot of money?
Help finding a good dramatic monologue for an audition?
If a note is flat in one measure, is it assumed to be natural or flat in the next if nothing's indicated?
how to do a solo skit for cosplay?
I have written a musical - would you like to name it?
Why are so many people afraid of public speaking?
Flute Quartet Music...?
What makes a good guitarist?
What will the judges think is the most difficult talent, and what talent can they easily understand?
i really like to sing it is my passion but how do i get started in the bussiness?
Secret Policemans Ball.........who was the mime artist?
How can I learn to play guitar?
Help me find guitar!!?
What causes glass 2 break whenever someone sings a very loud and high-pitched note??
What is bugsy malone about?
Best Guitar Player Of All Time?
What is the seating capacity of ICC Theater in Grand Rapids, MN?
What kind of clarinet should i get?
Ending for drama script?
What chord is this? (D tuning, not standard)?
what is the best guitar fuzz pedal to get?
Program where i can type musical scales?
Could you give me the exact models of these guitars?
Good free website that teaches music theory for guitar?
what's your favorite Broadway play?
I injured my pinki finger and I used to play the guitars?
How do you find out which actor is playing that day?(broadway)?
any one know where i can get free sound effects from eg(cheering and clapping)?
Marching Band cheerse for woodwinds?
Quotes about music or arts?
question about pick ups?
How many pop stars who had Billboard #1 hits in the 1950s are still alive?
How to hone my stand up comedy skills?
What should I be doing to practice?
Is it possible to learn how to play the guitar well beginning at the age of 21?
can a 16 year old learn to play the piano and paint?
How can I make money as a pianist?
Clarinet playing high notes?
broadway or big screen?
What pieces does The Marriage of Figaro consist of?
Am I a good enough singer?!?!?
Do I have permanent vocal damage?
What are some really great singing tips...?
are these good guitars?
Do you know how to play the guitar?
am i too old to learn music or dance?
Have you ever hired entertainment for a BIRTHDAY gift?{like a dancing dog,or someone tap dancin or singin?}?
why cant i find a singing auditions?
How do I become a singer/actress??Only 14?
should i play guitar or bass?
Drum Cover - Psychosocial By Me (Vid)?
I want to take up the cello but am I too old?
How much should I charge per 30 min. piano lesson?
Any good clarinet books?
Good acoustic guitar songs for a talent show!?
Any monlogue character and situation ideas?
How to lubricate the joints of the flute that slide together?
Winter Rpyale piano?
Whats the best, least expensive way to purchase tickets for Broadway shows?
Does playing guitar help you sing better?
classical MUSIC question...?
5 String bass strings wont fit?
Is this an ok stage name?
where can i find a 15 minute video of a belly dance Performance?
Middle school talent show??
There are 5 genres of groups featured in cultureshiok namely Dance, Vocal, Drama, Performing Martial Arts and?
What is the most commonly learned musical instrument?
does David copperfield put on a good show?
What's the best (music) keyboard brand?
What is Vide Cor Meum about?
what song should i sing for my talent show plz give me some ideas cuz i cant think of a good song to sing?
can any one do career in ARTS?
Using distilled white vinegar on a trombone?
Using a Yamaha PSS-170 keyboard as a MIDI keyboard?
How long do I have to play guitar?
Can I play the Sousaphone with scholiosis?
Is it a good idea to start a Soundgarden acoustic duo?
what is a title for the playbill in event?
I am a pretty skinny guy. What are some good ways to get your arms bigger, without any help from shakes/roids?
Can you help me find a good online resource for songwriting?
Do you like to play guitar when you are upset?
I can sing wonderfully, but can't draw for beans. Am I artistic?
Learning How To Play An Instrument?
What would you consider the best guitar learning method?
"rules" of bass guitar improv?
I haven't restrung my guitar in about four years?
Questions about learning guitar?
Contemporary Musical Theatre Help?
Do you think I'm a good singer?
what colour is the flower in midsummer nights dream?
Best Acoustic Guitar For A Begginer?
Wanna hear a real annoying tune?
How do I fix a buzzing string on my electric guitar?
How heavy is a Kevlar marching snare?
Can Any One Recommend Two Elizabethian Monologues?
how does the raven magic trick work?
Does Anyone Know the exact fingering positions for Yngwie Malmsteen's "Arpeggios From Hell" on guitar??
broadway alto songs under 3 minutes?
I play the guitar but is it shameful to use software to generate drum sounds?
Guitar Help?
Switching from trombone to sax (Bari/Soprano)?
Sheet Music For "My New Philosophy" DUET?
What's the saddest thing that you could ever write about for a monologue?
Whom do you consider the greatest martial artist (kung fu / karate champion) of all times? Past and present?
how is it like there?
would these be good to do?
In a 2 to 5 minute stage play (skit) is it neccessary for the "actors" to wear costumes. I am new to drama.
How do I inspire myself to practice my guitar?
Does anyone know of any Cirque du Soleil shows in Ontario?
Cliffs of Dover intro help!?
Agents in Australia !!!!!!!!!!?
What would encourage such ridicule as I receive from my Broadwayish style of singing?
help to find good audition songs?
Stage Fright Problem Music related, I need to have my problem fixed by the 10th if possible...?
I want to be on broadway!!!!!!?
How do you walk off stage after an intense and emotional monologue?
i know how to play violin, will that help for guitar?
What do you think of these guitar riffs?
I Have recently finished drama at college and wanting to know the next step?
Guitar messed up by luthier? What should I do?
Why are certain intervals in music scales called perfect as the 4th and 5th are called?
I need to know whether or not Antonio Machin used to were white shoes. Please help!?
how do you know if you sing good?
Does anyone know of a place where i can find...?
discussion of film an american in paris?
Can I pay someone to tab this song?
Is it ok to sing gospel professionally if you're white?
Do you have to warm up before singing?
Can you help me find Filipino culture body arts, visual arts, and performing arts? can you please name one?
I have just been told I have reached level 2 and decided to celebrate by listening to La Cumparsita a tango.?
First step to Acting?
What is a good guitar i could get for under 250?
I want to start learning how to sing. Just so I have an okay voice and don't embarass myself when i try?
Should I sing this song to my teacher?
Got a minute? Wanna hear me sing?
What are the best UK acting agencies?
white oleander or blood diamond?
I need to learn how to sing REALLY GOOD in 48 hours HELP ME!?
What brand for amp heads suits me?
Broadway Show in New York?
Am I too big to be a professional ballerina?
are the princesses in disneyland real or they are just animated ?
how do i know what kind of guitar strings to buy?
What are some exercises that make your fingers stronger for piano?
How do you play the C major 3 octave scale on violin?
Is it better to be self taught or to have a guitar teacher?
What intruments does Jimmy Cliff play?
What is the easiest way to learn to play guitar?
Acoustic Electric Guitar help?
Best (inexpensive) Acoustic/ Electric guitar?
who knows the number for the ACE Performing Arts school in Castle Hill, Australia ?
Good Alto Audition Songs...?
does anybody know how many pieces mozart wrote?
What should I sing for my Wizard of Oz Audition?
I found hard to play barre chords! I play an acoustic guitar, any tips?
What would be a good dramatic monologue for a drama class?
guitar: theory or no theory?
Actor/Actresses Questions?
What are some Broadway plays/musicals from 1907-1909?
Help Singers Help! Advice Needed!?
What is the name of the greatest violinist of our century?
I hate the practicing the piano?
Whats up with my guitar?
Bass Guitar... What one is better?
What is the best way to set a Mellophone on the floor?
Should i start to play the violin?
What should i sing for my auditon for Into the woods?
how can i stop laughing so much??
Does Anyone Know any good auditions for kids?
I need an audition monologue?
Oboist wanting to learn another instrument for marching band?
Finger style/acoustic guitar nails 101?
Does anyone know who Joe Satriani is?
Is an autoharp an easy instrument to play?
Easy way to learn notes on guitar?
What does "RGTR" mean in the tablature?
How do I help a 7 year old flute player create a sound with limited time?
what films have lots of footage of those chorus girls with really glittery costumes and tall feather headress?
About Clavinovas, what does hammer graded mean and what do you call the feature that controls sustain?
I'm audtioning for American Idol in a week. What song do I sing?
flute tone advice?
whats a good minor song to sing?
The Scene Aesthetic's higher voice?
how do time signatures work?
Recommend a digital multitrack recorder.?
Reading Festival 2012 Alternative Stage days comedian's/artist's are performing?
Where can I buy violin strings?
Luna brand guitar quality level?
How much could i sell my 1929 conn shooting star alto sax for?
What's a fast way to learn the electric guitar?
How do I unstick a piano key that sticks?
Where can I find guitar sheet music for Batucada by Isaias Savio?
Who are the best opera singers and what are their best works?
for an agent to represent you as an actor does it cost you money?
Is it necessary for you to be a good vocalist before you can be a good vocalist critic?
if i want my career to be acting... is it good or bad for me to make comedy videos on youtube? why or why not?
What are the best things to do in San Francisco for teenagers traveling with a favorite aunt?
Is CCM (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music) one of the premier perfrmng arts/music schls?
How can i become good at guitar fast? and not have to pay for lessons?
cute love songs to learn on a guitar?
What is a DIAPASON in a church organ?
Do actors on broadway usually make it to the big time?
How difficult to play is Poulenc's Sonata for Flute, 3rd movement?
Clarinet bell stuck.... I need help, fast.?
is learning how to play drums hard?
What is delsartism in American dance?
What instrument is best for me?
why do singers stand in the crook of a piano?
What is a tool for the Guitar the you can put on and...?
Do u think it is ok if 2 people dance on the same song in a dance competition?
How can I be famous over night?
I want to be on Broadway?
methods of arnold schoenberg?
im going to get my first acoustic guitar tomorow and i got 400 hundred dollars to invest in it somebody help?
how long does it take to be a self-taught contortionist?
I get nervous when speaking infront of a crowd :( ?
What grade is this piece on guitar?
I am to give a musical performance for the first time. Is it correct for me to bow or curtsey at the end?
Random question: If a Sax player doesn't play jazz... what kind of music is he playing?
Proper vowel pronunciation?
some girl wants to fight me?
Digidesign Eleven Rack?
How do I sing in a hardcore band?
Is there any websites that teach you how to you would for high school?? know.?
What electric guitar should I buy?
I'm 10v years old and want to audition for americas got talent when it comes to atlanta but my grandma said no
Help choosing a talent for a beauty pageant?
What would be a good song to sing at a solo night?
Headshots question.. Please answer?
how long does wicked the musical last?
Teaching myself to play guitar?
modern songs to play on cello?
What are songs that meet the requirements for NYSSMA level VI for soprano?
I might have stage fright????
Music beginner, where should I start?
what is a good opera song for a girl with a medium high voice to sing, and where can i get the words for it???
how much is my strat worth?
When a guitar tuning requires the B string to be tuned to a D, do I tune up or down?
♪♫♪♫Which Marching Band Insturment is Best?♪♫♪♫?
Male ballet dancers body?
What is a secret talent u can learn easily?
How do you create one of those lighted signs from old game shows?
How do i make my electric guitar sound better???????
What is the best website to find local acting jobs?
Help me find a preforming arts boarding school?
Do you prefer to play with others, or do you prefer others to play with you?
Is there a website that will allow me to submit an application for my firearm owners I.D ?
what is the best way to pass time and not work and still pretend to work?
Can a male baritone,sing a Karen Carpenter song?
Where can i find a good monologue for a female (14yrs old)?
Does anyone know about the show Dance moms and what are your favorite dancers?
what is a good beginner motercycle for a high schooler?
how to get smat in marketing?
name for arts center?
who are all of the artists who sang the song "Yesterday"?
Classical Singing competitions on the US east coast?
What advice does anyone have for a teen with a dream?
If money was no object, what type of Saxophone would you own???
for a guitar you can get a clampy thingy for the strings , whats it called ???
Orchestra Music Camps In The Cincinnati Area?
How to shred on guitar?
How to become a better musician in high school?
CAN you sing?
How do you play a B flat on a flute? I just need to know the fingering for it.?
Theatre Fun: What are your favorite lesser-known musicals?
I want to ask about any problems that D&G company(clothing) has been facing with during 20 years?
violin, is it hard?
Why are pop stars considered talented and "musical geniuses" when their music is repetitious and....?
Saxophone yas-575AL????
What instrument should I switch to for marching band?
What should I do about my acting and sing career how do I get it up and off the ground?
Do you think i could play the guitar?
What is the musical form and texture of "old time music" played with a banjo and fiddle?
sing voice help?!?
How do you play when the saints go marching on alto sax?
what are the keys in guitar?
How much would it cost to repair this guitar, and how much could i sell it for?
what are some great songs? for theater peeps!?
How do I improve my sound?
What is the difference between diaphragm breathing and shallow "everyday" breathing?
help make a dream come true to a girl?
Can someone give me some tips on how play a song on the flute?
Do I have a cheaply made violin?
Do you have to be able to sing to be in theater of Julliad?
I need a good audition piece for a school musical?
Acoustic guitar strings sounding dull?
What was the best broadway show that you have ever been to?
does anyone know how to do any cool simple magic tricks or illusions?
What's the name of that opera group with four hot European guys who sing modern songs?
Anyone looking for a piano or cello teacher in the NY / Long Island area?
What guitar amp type/wattage for garage band?
Really need help on Julius Caesar question. Please help I would really appriciate it a lot.?
I'm having trouble with the flute?
how to behave in an interview?
music GCSE?
what do you think is the sexiest instrument somebody could play?
who is the mysterious character in the nuter?
How many symphonies did Frederic Chopin compose?
where can I find the lyrics to "soneto de la noche"?
Im trying out for drum major i need help with ideas for routine. Any advice/help?
What song should i sing for my audition?
What is the hardest instrument to play?
What plays should I read?
What do I need to know about recording a V.O. audition mp3?
a wicked up day by halye!?
Any good high-beat broadway songs for an audition?
Did Martha Graham attend an arts school?
Which kind of guitar to start with?
RAT2 Distortion Pedal turning amp volume down?
do you like Vin Diesel as the next Hannibal Lecter?
Hollow body guitar repair estimate?
From Guitar Hero to Actual Electric Guitar?
What easy instrument will I learn to play?
Which song are you going to sing to me - and why?
can i sing? video included?
how would you play " /9 " when seen in a tab?
What are some steps I can take to become a screenwriter?
EVor JBL (for live sound)?
Will filing the nut on my guitar make it easier to play?
What is the best way to compile a repertoire list?
Tips on how to sing for beginners?
Who sing juesus i want to be like you?
spoken word poetry in california?
unbelievable magic trick?
songwriting question?
How can i practice how to sing?
What's the difference?
Opera question? Need to know?
Which Danelectro Guitar should i Buy?
Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone? Is it good?
Audition tip's Guys and Dolls?
How do you learn how to sing like other people-e.g. Stephanie Mills?
big production in school YAY..stage fright...?
how can i gain independence on the drum set?
Gettin into acting in high school?
Should i attend my interview at one source talent?
What is a good private performing arts school in Los Angeles?
is rapping an art? is it poetry?
Is the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive a good effect pedal?
Do you play the guitar and write your own songs?
I have to perform a published monologue for an audition. Does a self-published monologue still count?
have u ever heard James Blunt song " No bravery" ? if not listen via this link and tell me what do u think?
please help?
what is this type of keyboard called and where can i get one?
When I play my violin, I can't keep my bow in the same place. How do I fix this?
Live stage setup, trying to use all available mics?
Topic to teach non-music people?
Are drummers important to anybody?
easiest way to learn guitar, if you only knew by shinedown?
what is another name for working rehearsals?
What amp settings did Johnny Thunders use?
How to get over the fact taht i suck at guitar?
Guitar sounds out of tune, but my tuner says nothing is wrong?
who's got the most soulful voice you've ever heard?
How to learn guitar online?
I feel stuck with my guitar playing?
What can I do to stop getting so nervous?
Which instrument is the easiest one?
Can I get a decent guitar amp for between 200-300 dollars?
hi i'm gagan i just want to know about that now what can i do yaar?i had done +2 (arts) now what i have to do?
how do i get over it!!!!?
Hii the washburn wj5s B acoustic guitar worth buying for an intermediate player?
What guitar amp tubes should I buy?
How can I repair my Alto saxophone ?
What guitar strings should I get? [<$10]?
what are some good love songs?
Acting if you're willing to read and help. (preferably people with experience, and knowledge)?
is it easy to play the violin?
what is low fi music?
Musical Ideas Please?
Theatre Audition?
how to plan out a drama performance?
can you add notes into a guitar scale?
Can you help me pick a very good book for teenage monologues please?
where can i find the fray live on the pbs soundstage?
My Parent's Don't Know I Can Sing!?
How do you become a Comedian?
A good christmas songs for kids?
Who liked the Spice Girls' music in the '90s more than in 2000 (if anybody herard the CD "Forever" by them)?
Where can i go to read the play 'To Burn A Witch' Online By James L. Bray?
How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Which song to choreograph?
what are some acoustic, Folk and kinda Soft Rock artists?
Learning the major scale?
what type of guitar is this?
How do I properly play Baritone?
Is flute better than piano, or vise versa?
How long does it usually take to learn the violin?
Do you think I could make money juggling?
how to play a guitar with only 3 strings?
guitar help?
Who is the celebraty you hate the most?
How do I know if I'm good enough to audition for a performing arts school?
what instrument should i take up?
How can I improve my left hand's speed on bass guitar?
Help with Digitech Whammy pedal?
what guitar chord should i use?
ibanez, esp ltd, or schecter?
ok, so im needing a website to find these chords and........?
When is it too late to learn the Piano?
Plz help with guitar effects.?
Should I reply to this ad?
What kinds of professional dance pays the most?
whats is the name of this cirque de soleil style?
Weird clarinet noise?
how did u become a singer?
Acoustic guitar stringing help?!!?
How to cry?
What is good monologue.?
Cello harmonics, redux.?
hILaRY DUFF is the most bess SiNgEr everr!?
Can I still learn contemporary dance/flexible moves?
How can I incorporate a wedding, a funeral and a hospital scene into the same script?
Guitar help: is there an alternate fingering for the F chord?
Does anybody know how to build the matrix levitation/ muscle suspension gimmick?
opinions on how i sing?
How do I learn to play guitar?
When do kids hear from LaGuardia HS of the Arts, if they got in?
Drama classes in Adelaide?
If i had sex in public, would that be a performing art?
is 18 too late to become a contortionist?
Where can I find information about the actor Richard Jordon?
where is there a good cello summer camp near Illinois?
When does an agent call you back after a showcase?
Transposing English Horn to Clarinet?
what do you love admire most a dancer a musician a writter or an actor?
Should I start off learning acoustic or electric guitar?
does anyone know a song that is easy to sing but good if you want to show off your Voicee?
I already know how to dance, and really want to pursue acting, what are some tips for me?
Acoustic guitar duet ideas?
Guitar help! I can't make my pick perpendicular to the strings?
Does anyone know how to get a grant or scholarship for an individual in dance?
when i sing i can hit whistle resister notes but . . . . . ?
good song to perform at a talent contest?
How similar are cellos andviolins as far as difficulty, and the placement of your fingers.?
Does Matthew Bellamy have a girlfriend ??
Im trying to break the official record for polishing my trumpet in 1 day. Does anyone think they can beat me?
Im a 13 year old director?
Has anybody here discovered Darin Zanyar? Check him out please; do you think America will like him?
i need help finding a trombone solo what do you think i should play?
how much should i sell my guitar for?
What kind of guitar does Brantley Gilbert use?
Why are amp heads of a lower wattage than speaker cabs?
What are some good girl guitar brands i.e. Daisy Rock?
Is This A Good Guitar?
i want the words to the song if i never knew you it was on the steve harvey show morning show?
1000$, is it a good price for a Martin guitar model D17 ?
What is the difference between a violin & a fiddle?
What are some good tips for getting over stage fright?
What is a cappella??
How do you sing and play guitar at the same time?
What are some good songs to sing at a school talent show?
dancers only?
What gauge electric guitar strings..?
How do you mute excess string noise in sweep picking with your left hand?
What is an average cost for Stage Set design?
What should I look for when buying a new guitar?
How much money do you think I could get for a flute....?
where can i find a website with the masquerade song from the phantom of the opera?
Accents.Why do people lose them when they sing?
Romeo and Juliet questions... please help!!!?
Does anybody here plays the alto SAXOPHONE ?
Should I audition to be a drum major?
Do you think I'll eva become famous.....?
Guitar Notes?
Did anyone get their results emails from YG Entertainment about their 2012 Global Audition this year?
How to start learning guitar?
Should I try out for my school talent show?
.What instrument group has the hottest guy in it?(BAND CLASS GUYS,NOT GUITAR AND STUFF!!!)?
exactly how many times do i have to change my guitar strings?
SOCAPA summer programs?
Does it exist a guitar day?
Where can I learn how to juggle flaming knives?
What are your top 5 musical instruments?
how can i sing better?
Should I buy mick thomsons new signature guitar?
How can I get over stage fright and feel comfortable on stage?
Droplets by Colbie Caillat? Guitar..?
Any way to improve my chord-changing when doing finger-picking?
How long have you been playing your instrument?
What guitar should I chose?
my guitar sounds wierd?
how do you determine age of buffet crampon clarinet?
What should I do to become a better guitar player?
anyone know a monologue about the death of a father? or parent in general?
guitars lessons?
Audition song help!!??!!?
Good songs on guitar for begginers?
Is the flute a fun instument to play? And is it creative? What are some good songs I can play with it?
I live in California; how can I contact a music publisher and a music promoter in Spain and/or Italy?
I cant effort to buy a new drum-set so is there any way make a set of drum pads?
which of the following music instruments is easier than others to learn and play?
How do I get over stage fright? Please Help!?
What is your favorite key signature (Major and minor) to play in?
what type of pick do you think is the best to shred and play sweep-picked arpeggios on the electric guitar?
Dog names?
How many different types of agencies are there, relating to performing arts?
What is the name of the song that Christine sing on stage in the 2004 film Phantom Of the Opera?
Singing, acting, or dancing?
What's a good song to sing for a competition?
What are some good interview questions for an ethnomusicologist to ask native musicians?
HIgh school musical 2?
whats the name of the instrument that looks like a flute but you hold forward?
Is the "Roses Are Red" monologue from a published play?
Is the Phantom of the Opera a broadway play, or an opera?
aint misbehavin inner monologue?
What are the best bass clarinet reeds?
Performing Arts High School?
where can i find FREE online euphonium lessons online?
English translation of "La Lecon"?
Good *Pop* Contralto Audition Songs?
what are some good contemporary songs that I can use for my solo next year? I'll be competing as age 16.?
Where can i buy bass guitar online that ships worldwide ?
What's the best non LTD ESP Guitar?
Will I make any progress at all practicing only 30mins a day?
What to sing for a talent show?
I need to know how to write a good persoanl statement for uni?
What order are the bands playing in for Cruefest?
Whats better to play? Saxaphone or Flute?
What are the notes for A minor scale for the cello?
how much is my 2009 acoustic gibson guitar worth?
What was your favorite first year Band/Orchestra/Recorder song?
where are alanis & norah jones ?
Drama Assignment - Funny?
m starting a dance class for kids, which includes jazz, balle n free style. suggest names!!!?
In Les Miserables, what does Fantine die from?
Celebrities that might be good politicians?
Is it my flute or me?
Is there a spiritual music section anywhere at Answers?
how to sing more in tune?
How hard is it to learn violin?
How would I incorporate my skills as a high school band director in the US into helping people world wide?
Songs for my girlfriend on an acoustic guitar?
Is it possible to buy a full set of nylon strings for an acoustic guitar?
Learning to play the guitar. Any pointers?
Songs to sing for school play tryouts.?
Taylor swifts talking voice?
Fun and Showy music for flute.?
mamianka: Please Read! What does this market look like?
What guitar should I get? (200$-350$)?
I want to learn to play the drums....?
how do you write a screen play?
who is musician Anne Bredon?
I need advice about what I should look for when I buy my first violin?
Where can i buy a JT-30 microphone?
Dramatic monologue of a criminal?
How do I clean - or at least improve - the animal skin drumhead on a traditional wooden drum?
Who will sing the role of Arturo in NYC Metropolitan Opera Bellini's Puritani on January 11th ?
I don't seem to have a talent?
What is the best instrument to play as a solo musician? Help!?
Sex teniques (solo) for a starter.?
What is the correct pronunciation of "Epiphone" guitars.?
how to make better tone quality on my flute when i play a high A?
Appropriate sussex location for an american soprano (_A _T _E)?
Does anyone know where i can find any videos that go backstage at broadway or west end shows?
How can I be a better pole dancer?
How much should I charge for work as a Voice over talent?
Where can I find a fingering chart for a B Flat Mellophone?
Do I Sing Good!? 10 Points?
how the heck do you play tabs for guitars?
how do i sing?
how to learn the guitar ?
Why are there so few good alto parts in musical theatre?
Where can i find really easy but effective guitar tunes to learn, and they have to be easy?
Dropped my guitar on its face, dont know whats wrong?
what are echo rythmic patterns?
How much should I sell my Acoustic guitar for?
If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?
I'm wearing a beard of bees for national beard awareness day today. What are you doing?
whats the best way to learn how to play the guitar without going to lessons?
Advice on improving on Oboe?
what is the best audition monologues for a guy?
What is my guitar worth?
When Starting Guitar What Is Better Acoustic Or Electric ?
Looking for some stilts?
what is better for a play 3 girls 2 guys or 3 guys 2 girls?
Would a sunburst finish affect a solid top acoustic guitar's sound?
guitar question? help please?
Be honest...ever taken a?
voice lessons in louisiana?
Is there any simple way to learn to play a Guitar without going to classes or engaging a teacher?
I have an acoustic guitar (Texan, dreadnought size) but only play it twice a year....?
What Tuning For 3 String Lap Steel?
What is a GOOD Guitar Duet?
What website has the Phantom of the Opera pictures I'm looking for?
What are your thoughts on this guitar?
Should I take on this student?
The Suzuki Books for Viola?
My Electric Guitar String Just Broke!?
Was Mark Wahlburg ever a member of new kids on the block?
When did The Clash play a concert at The Roseland Ballroom in NYC?
Should we rediscover our love for Opera?
How do I fix my guitar?
What is a good beginner electric guitar?