Performing Arts

What is a nice and portable musical Instrument?
How Much could I sell this guitar for?
How Do I Sing!? 10 Points?
What is the dress code for the musical WIcked in chicago?
Stringed Instrument?
Should I play baritone for marching band?
Besides myself, what other good-looking and talented people are born on August 13?
Rate Martinez Guitars from 1 to 10?
What do I do about blisters on my tongue, and what can I do to prevent them next time?
Which dancing style is most versatile?
starting guitar lessons????
How to learn to sing better when no voice coach is available?
Does this sound like a A major cord?
What guitar chord is this?
How to improve intonation on cello?
What do you Wear for a dance/ vocal audition?
Guitar hammer on pull offs question.?
what instrument can i play if i have a problem with my hands ?
Clarinet case?
In musical theater, which composers/lyricists wrote new musicals in a short timescale? Were they any good?
Is it true girls prefer guys that play the guitar?
How can I spark the arts in my city?
What church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, puts on "The Living Cross"?
Daughters clarinet sqeaks when warming up?
Why is it that when people sing, thier accents disappear?
Cecilio Violin cvn700, is it good for in between advance and intermediate?
Where can I get a minecraft guitar pick?
How Do I Become A Dj?
Does Guitar Hero III (3) have the best Guitar Hero engine?
What should i wear for prom cuz i'm performing?
how long did it take you to fully learn piano music notes?
Where should I keep my fingers on my musical keyboard?
Out ofsheer boredom what's your favorite guitar?
Do you have to be somewhat happy to be complete?
Best sites for free sheet music and vocal score-- I'm looking for music for broadway songs/ musicals...?
can you write songs with a bass?
How can I further my guitar skills?
what kind should my first electric guitar be?
How do you play the guitar?
what do you think of kids dancing, modelling?
who is sergio mendez?
How do I over come stage fright?
why do they reject me because I do performing arts?
What is your favorite broadway song??
Does any one know of ANY GOOD private dance lessons for hip hop and ballet? Thanks...around los angeles?
looking for a cute christian easter play/skit for children to perform in a church setting.?
I need a voice coach or school?
Has anyone got any tips on how to be a contortionist?
Female solo songs from musicals at a grade 6 (or higher) standard?
RCM Grade 10 lvl Piano Concerto?
What's a good thesis to make for a speech (on family)?
Levitation: how does it REALLY occur? Criss Angel does it, and to others....How??...?
Is it possible to learn to sing WELL in a span of 1-2 years without ANY prior voacl training?
Where do I learn Guitar online?
Ever heard of Model Management Inc.?
Was Beethovens 9th symphony a spiritual work?
Piano: Quaver in treble clef and bass clef?
What would be a good violin group name?
Why does John Lee Hooker sound like he can't really play guitar sometimes?
What's the difference between an Flugelhorn & a Mellophone?
For 10 easy points,can someone give me the best answer to how can I do a split without hurting myself?
What are some good upbeat acapella songs?
If I'm a thespian do I have to come out of the closet...?
where can my 11year old son use his talent for playing the drums?
guitar learning help?
when you audition for classes @ john casablancas, what type of questions will they ask you?
im trying to sing up for new emil adress but i dont know what should i name it so give me some idea im male so?
Who is the best stand-up in Canada?
Modeling or dancing situation? I neeed YOUR opinion.?
Can i get live feedback With My Sony Lightsnake USB Guitar Cable?
Vocal Performances Tips?
Didn't Fred Astaire sing "Where or When" in a movie?
Can I get a decent guitar amp for between 200-300 dollars?
Is there a common structure in Mozart's music that makes it classically appealing?
How to become a better Dancer?
Can you please give me some advice?
I can do a girls find that sexy or not? Wondering...?
Could I be a female model?
What's the best way to stop getting a sore throat when I sing a lot?
Is this violin any good?
Can someone help me out with guitar tablature?
More watts doesn't necessarily mean louder, right?
How to deal with performance nervousness?
What relatively inexpensive options (under $300) are there to record guitar / vocals onto a PC?
Is the Bob Seger song, "Turn the Page", about a handsome cab driver?
Who died of a tooth ache in his heel?
easy songs to play on guitar?
which instrument should i learn next?
Limited child modeling realistic?
How do I do a clean pick slide?
Is there a word that describes the pause between the end of a performance and the audience's applause?
Designer Skyline Tabs? {[Owl City]}?
I need a weird talent.?
Is guitar easy to learn if you play bass guitar already?
How long will I wait in line at the TImes Square TKTS booth this Saturday (8.29)?
do you have to be hot or good looking to dance and sing in front of an audience?
Is there anyone who wld be willing to give free guitar lessons via skype/oovoo?
Is performing at a convention allowed?
Are Official guitar tab books 100% accurate?
Can Somebody Finish This Dark Monologue For Me?
Can anyone tell me, if not the exact price, an estimate of the Ming Zheng model 110 bow?
what 5 chromatically adjacent scales should i play for my audition?
Trying to find a Female monologues?
Where can I get an agent? ?
Whats the point of a Guitar Capo?
What is a good excuse?
Good Starter Metal Mouthpiece? (Alto Sax)?
Is it strictly necessary to know how to dance to enter a perfomring arts college?
GuiTaR Ch0RdS?!?
should I study theatre arts?
Criteria on which to compare musical theater and opera?
Can anyone help me learn to be a ventriloquist?
Where can I find a trumpet clamp for marching?
Will somebody write & sing a duet (male-female) with me? I have writer's block ?
Good tips / ways on improving your vocal range?
im a 14 yr old female alto looking for a broadway song good for my voice range. any suggestions?
what song do they play in john tucker must die when the cheerleaders are cheering?
I wish to learn Pottery. Can anybody suggest me how to go about it in Pune?
Ideas for a peace not war picture?
lip sync assignment for theatre?
My guitar amplifier emits a loud buzzing noise when I'm using distortion?
what song should i use if im going to sing solo ?
i was in a school play and now it's over and it was so fun i want do do anoter play like that what do i do?
Does your pinky give your trouble when playing f # M?
What are some good songs to choreography my stalker duet to?
What musical instrument can you play with small hands?
What stage name can i use?
Does anyone have the sheet music to Phantom Regiments 03 show?
Is it kind of pointless to learn electric bass if you're not in a band?
What if you only have $100 for a flute?
Challenging, not-classical violin solos?
Whic guitar style is better to learn if you want to play popular music?
Are linkin patk songs easy to play on guitar?
Why do so many professional singers sound off-key on live TV performances?
What should I sing at my grandmother's funeral?
What 4-digit number am I? · I am greater than 4,000 and less than 5,000· The sum of my h?
Cookin rox mi sox.?
what do these notes mean?
Is Scott Weiland really a bisexual?
What is the best way to learn a new voice or accent?
What song do you sing really well?
If I can play the fife decently, will flute come easily?
in what ways is as a lay dying a comedic farce?
What low-budget musical celebrated 40 years of New York City shows, on May 3 2000?
Who was rhe singer of The Rolling Stones that died?
Do you find it easier to play guitar with?
Want to know more info about the Darknight Rises?
my daughter wants to learn to play a instrument?..?
Where are the magicians Penn & Teller currently performing?
Why dancers get paid do little?
Talent Show Help Would Be Appreciated?
What are some good audition songs?
What's a good way to incorporate more emotion in to my piano playing?
Does anyone know any good website that can help me with my singing?
does anyone know any up beat acro solo music? it is allowed to have words. or no words. no course language, :?
where can i find tha name of a song if i only know some of the lyrics and not artist/?
What's a nice chord to play instead of 'F' on guitar?
looking for versatile amp?
Do you have a natural Talent? What is it and?
I want to do some magic tricks, who know some that are easy to remeber?
Suzuki Acoustic SUA-D Guitar?
Who has Broadway gone dark for?
Why are Steinway Pianos so Expensive?
How to play fortissimo on violin?
which guitar is easier to learn on an acoustic or electric ?
Should I learn to play violin?
Me and my friends are doing our first lyrical trio and we were wondering which songs are good for competion
What kind of ukulele would you recommend?
does anyone think they will make pocahontas on broadway?
What is the best Mic and Amp?
two ******* at a crime scene?
Describe the timbre sound of the oboe?
i love to sing and my parents dont want to pay for perfetional help so i can become a perfetional what do i do
Where can I find a handmade violin?
How do I tell my brother to not fear stage fright?
How can you tell if you need a new guitar?
Spector Vs. Ibanez bass. Please help.?
Does it take talent to play music?
Is a short audition good or bad?
whats the key center of an A5 C5 G5 progression?
Which Wagner opera is a good place to start?
I love to sing, but I would love some experience. Advice, please help!?
i was watchin a magic show i?
If Marlon Brando was not the greatest american actor of the 20th century who was?
Places to buy Dance Studio Supplies?
I need to see a piece of sheet music!?
I need help with my pageant???!!?
First flute lesson tomorrow. What to expect?
I am looking for lyrics. elyrics to: "Put Your Shoes On Lucy" I belive it to be written in 1947?
How do i overcome stage fright?
Can I get to 8th grade on the tuba in 6 years?
How to get fingers to bend for guitar cords?
Singing career or Science, Law and Politics?
How can i become less shy making speechs infront of a audience?
What are some good percussion ensemble songs?
What's the best way of getting into proper acting and singing in the UK, when you don't live near a big city??
When are the new schecter guitars going on sale?
What is the deal with "La"???
Who knows of Ravel?
Should I switch from flute to oboe?
there was a ballad recorded in the 60's or 70's called "Lay Your Head Upon My Shoulder" who sang it.
Whats your favorite instruments?
How do you play the Funeral March on bass clarinet?
Where are the microtonal intervals in Sinead O'Connors "Nothing Compares 2 U"?
should i try acting???????
I am a PERFORMER, seeking a stage. How can I best start?
electric guitar question which electric guitar should i buy if it is my first electric guitar?
I'm going to be in a play but I need to do a british/english accent. Do you know something that can help?
i have an instrumental competition coming up?
About not performing app?
What is a way to get my voice in good condition?
My high E won't tune properly?
Any song suggestions (possibly Disney) for singing on the Disneyland Main Stage?
What musical artist were popular during the Vietnam war?
what are some easy guitar songs to learn in standard tuning?
How hard is it to learn violin?
I have a question about the g note on the e string with bass?
Can I put water transfer temporary tattoos on a guitar?
How do performers dress in different apparel quickly?
Question for those of you who have ever written a song for the guitar? (or another instrument for that matter)?
i need a song to sing at my granmas funeral?
Looking for a new flute, need some advice!?
Why is there no info. about a guitar company called MANN?
Are there many boys at Performing Arts schools?
Does a small hole in a guitar affect sound?
Short, Comedic Monologue Help?
What do I need to know on how to make tryouts for middle school level.?
What's the best way to improve my singing voice?
Need help in making a Musical band?[BEST ANSWER-10 POINTS FOR SURE]?
why is piano considered a percussion instrument?
Who is the beauty queen in the US?
What do the metal knobs do on a guitar???
What song does Jade sing in her audition in Tori Goes Platnuim? Please help! :)?
Where can I start my acting career?
when did "the producers" first come to broadway?
Bass and Guitar Questions?
What are you're favorite songs to sing?
Are Sir Andrew Lloyd-Weber and Julian Weber brothers or father and son?
best quality guitar for 250-300$ for...?
Brass articulation in the low range?
Is comedy worth pursuing for a naturally shy person?
rate my monologue for me?
i want to start a death/heavy metal band!!!!!! ?
How should my voice feel when i sing, to sound how i should properly sound when i sing?? Please help?
Can I learn electric guitar without learning regular guitar first?
how do you play ob la di ob la da on the bass?
what are some good songs to play on the piano?
What makes you think of Phantom of the Opera (besides the mask)?
Is 16 too old to start playing guitar?
does any one play the flute?????
Sweet songs to learn on guitar for a beginner?
How to play the cello part on a flute?
What are the names of American music conservatories that allow double-majoring in two performing specialties?
What is a good song for a teenager to do a dance solo to?
Is the Tanglewood acoustic guitar model TW28TSB made in China is legit Tanglewood product or not?
I'm doing a fashion show next month and the theme is Alic ein Wonderland. The song is called tea party by Kerl?
Piano fingering?
what is the phone number of sa re ga ma pa little champs?
I want to be an actress should i fearful my dream? why/why not?
Hello, i would like to know Dennis Kelly (Author of D.N.A) contacts? thank you in advance?
New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts?
Can you find original Broadway musicals on tape or DVD?
what do you need when you buy an electric violin?
Funny jokes or pick up lines for Mellophone players?
when u buy pickups for a guitar, are they both in the box?
What is a contemporary monologue?
Question about JYP auditions?
The Tuba City (Warrior Head?)?
Jupiter Symphony - what size orchestra would typically perform this work?
How to build an empty tomb for a passion play?
Do I have the talent to sing?
Creative writing competitions?
A little help with magic?
Guitarist please help me out with this?
The best clarinet I can buy?
How important is it to have a performance portfolio for theater, drama, music, dance, sports, etc.?
HELP? My clarinet has a mind of its own!!?
What is the difference between classical music style and classical music period?
whats the best bass guitar and most demanded as well?
Why do I feel the rush to be good at guitar?
Should I take acoustic guitar lesson ?
I have a an electric guitar and on the neck it says "California"?
Is 25 too old to learn the guitar?
I HATE playing clarinet?
How do you start a drum solo?
Violin shop repairs gone wrong?
How do you get ahold of Robbie Williams? And how did he know that I sing that song Angel nearly everyday?
talent agency?
How to read this guitar tab part?
barbizon is a scam ? What?!!?
I want to take piano lessons, but is it worth it?
What something good for an 11 year old girl that likes music and wants to play an instrument?
How does a local drum teacher go from 20 students to 40 in 2 months?
What Electric guitar shall i get?
how do i learn 2 play violin
When I play any scale, do I play the root of the scale first, or do I just play the scale's finger positions?
What is required in a dancer to join a Dance Company?
John Stainer Crucifixion libretto score?
Please Can You Help Me With My Monologue?
I have a Trevor James flute and when I play.....?
What instrument do you play?
"What is the status of Chicago's musical reputation by today's standards?"?
what types of monologues attract judges attention in an audition?
How to further a young singer's chances of success?
does anyone have guitar sheet music for....?
Does anyone know any 7 minute sad mologues for a teenage girl?
PA power amp question?????
anyone else as crazy over shakira's new song as i am?
Is there such a thing as a classical drummer?
how to become music manager/music agent? could a person become a music manager/music agent?
A giant bird cage, a dozen roses, and some skis?
My marching baritone has a cloudy appearance on the bell. Is there anything i can use to polish the brass?
What kind of guitar do i have?
Is Chris Foulke in shows at Holiday World and Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana for 2006?
Name for 12 person SATB Vocal Jazz group?
How do you use the double french horn?
Need a bassist for band!!!?
How do i connect guitar effects pedals?
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 vs. Fender Blues DeVille 410?
who is your favorite Christian Music Artist?
what are the most nudest romantic animes ever?
Playing guitar without pinkie?
How do you "sing from you diaphragm"?
What's the best way to mic an acoustic for live performances?
What would do if you could no longer play your instument?
how do i get rid of this fear?
How to play fortissimo on violin?
what is a "turnaround" in music?
What is the coolest electric guitar I can buy?
Easiest instrument to play?
I am having trouble making an embouchure on my clarinet.?
I want to learn magic? What is a good place to start?
There's a talent show coming up... I've never showcased my talent before?
about singing?
Beginner guitar difficulties?
Things to check when buying a 2nd-hand upright piano?
What theatrical style is Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" ?
Which of these two guitars can play Metal and Rock?
who knows a realy good, upbeat verson of the song 'NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS'?
Singers: How do you write your lyrics?
Electric guitar strings on acoustic guitar?
How do I become a voice actress?
Guitar sages- need your help to choose best...?
For all Guitar players! beginner or advanced!?
Can you look at a piece of music and know what it sounds like in your head?
Who is Gyorgy Ligeti and what is his Musica Ricerlata II inspired of?
Comedic monologue for an audition this week?
What is the best guitar brand out there?
How do you clean/disinfect a harmonica?
Show Choir Competitions in Adelaide?
Do you prefer acoustic or electric guitars?
When creating a song: Should you start with the instrumental or lyrics?
Please help, need a fully weighted MIDI keyboard for under £300?
Joining the Young Magicians Club?
is there a program that converts bass notes to a piano?
acoustic and/or electric guitar?
Who is the best classical cellist out there right now?
Is it good to learn standard picking on the guitar or is it a waste of time?
Answer this right!?
anybody know the name of a singer who turns rap songs into other styles of music, like swing or ballroom?
Why are Shakespeare plays so popular?
Can you guys explain these acting styles? ?
If i was playing the piano for 3 years, what grade would i be roughly?
I can't do a bridge!! Help!!?
What are your favorite orchestral instruments?
What are your favorite girl bands?
why do people perform with a headset mic and a handheld ?
What is the dress code for the play Wicked?
Is there any simple way to learn to play a Guitar without going to classes or engaging a teacher?
Trumpet MouthPeice help?
How do you learn how to read music??
What is the name of the song that Christine sing on stage in the 2004 film Phantom Of the Opera?
What are some good acting agencies that someone could recomend?
what are the easy way for beginners to play la la land by demi lovato on acoustic guitar?
how should you adjust the truss rod when changing to lighter strings?
Can you get names engraved on Acoustic guitars?
Do acting classes help?
followup to my Opera question what if there was a person that made you find a new found love for classical?
I'm the best ballerina in the world!!!! do you agree???
what means DOLCE VITA?
There is a talent show at summer camp and I had planned on singing, but I have lost my voice. Any ideas?
What song should I sing for my school's Variety Night?
Where i can learn or in which site i can get tutorials of buddyrich the great drummer?
Will a different guitar sound different in an sp-10 amp than my squier strat that came with the amp?
How do you "sing from you diaphragm"?
Marcel Marceau is dead. Any thoughts?
Where can I find this marionette?
Is there any website that will teach me how to play guitar for free?
What is a voice reel?
i need a good love song ? help please :)?
Who is your favorite composer?
An Orchestra. I am the conductor. What is your instrument?
How do I get more views on Youtube?
what instrument do you play?
What is the average salary of a circus performer?
How to get my Mellophone to project better!?!?!?
Fruity Loops Chopness?
What would you do if you were me ? Should I Go for a vacation or a Music Theory ( Grade 6) Seminar?
What is your favorite musical instrument?
Question about guitars?
Does any body care if the Academy Awards are cancelled???
How am i Meant to Quit my guitar lessons but so my parents are OK with it?
anyone here who can play the violin? or harp?
What bass strings should I get?
What can I call a TALENT I have..?
Are saxophones usually the ones who are to play a solo in a band?
Which drum set should I pick?
help me find a theatre company in dallas/ richardson Tx.?
how do i get a good singing voice?
Best type of Sustain Pedal?
How do I convince my parents to let me play an instrument?
how long is dirty dancing the musical?
How do i truely live life to the fullest and find out what is my true purpose in this world so i can be happy?
Guitar & pedal help?!? Need suggestions.?
what do we call the japanese art of flower arrangement ?
could the show music affect the judge's score?
Is playing an electric guitar just like playing an acoustic guitar?
Is it possible for one's voice to be too loud for his/her ears?
do i need a 88 electric keyboard to play river flow in you and kiss the rain by yiruma?please help me fast!!!!
If you had the opportunity to go to the opera for the first time. What would you see?
I need virtual audience to practise my performance and public speaking?
What is the monologue "the wait" about?
B.C Rich Revenge Warlock Selling?
how to read guitar tabs ?
how you learned the guitar?
I love singing but am young what do I do?
Bass guitar or drums?
I need an 90's song?
My friend says he was doing pornographic dancing at the weekend. Does any one know how this is done?
What is the song used for "Martal Arts Hops?"?
Should I go to Choir if...?
Do you think the Graveyard scene in Phantom of The Opera was good? ?
Need Help Picking A Stage Name?
What do i need to make beats
ever heard of???
does anyone need violin lessons in northern NJ?
I'm going to start playing guitar what do I need?
do meyer music flutes suck?
what woods should i use to make an electric guitar?
Singing without Talent?
How much is a regular, good, guitar?
Why does my Alesis MultiMix 8 echo?
How does one master the mellophone quickly?
What does " screen play" mean ?
Do you like the Renaissance Festival?
Audition Song for the musical "Gypsy"?
best ESP LTD electric guitar for intermediate and pro guitarists. (affordable price like under 300$)?
i want to play violin, is it possible and should i?
What type of french horn should I buy?
What Should I name my minor characters?
Is La Quifa a dragqueen?
Drama club experts, or specifically stage managers/student directors?
when we are in trouble who helps us god or parents ?
how do you go baroque?
looking for a song for a team at work?
What instrument should i play?
I'm 13 and I wanna be a burlesque perfomer?
how does music and dance link together?
Why does everyone want to play the guitar?
(UK) Can anyone recommend a good guitar setup service?
Has anyone ever heard of Donna Groff talent agency?
Any like Michael Flateley's Lord of the Dance show???
I am in forensics and i have looking for a really good prose piece.?
What does it sound like I did to my wrist/hand while playing guitar? If it's tendonitis will I be able to play?
What does it take to be a sucsessful model???
how can you differ between a real and fake xiao flute?
Singing: Is it possible to only be able to sing one type of music?
Chinese products????
need help learning guitar?
most romantic song to sing to a girl?
He didn't touch my guitar last night - but he might do it in the future - Please advise?!?
What would be a good song for a preformance?
Guitar Delay Pedals: EFX Pedal Gurus Help?
Is it possible to play the Acoustic Guitar by ear?
Do talent agencys support music?
What's the fastest and most efficient way to improve at guitar and play "cool songs" pleasing to the ear?
What do you think about the "Rosemary's Baby"?
who wrote "vivace" and "dance??"?
Who was the first black broadway star?
Tempo marking question?
What musical instrument should I learn?
Is there such thing as an only dance choreography generator? create dance routines online?
Trumpet: i noticed my adams apple moving while doing lipslurs. is this bad?
does anyone think they will make pocahontas on broadway?
Where can I find good and free how to play guitar vids online such as how to strum.?
What instrument is Louie Armstrong famous for playing?
where can i get free printable viola music worksheets?
I want to Runaway to the circus!?
Guitar string broke for the first time?
What is wrong with my high e string?
Band Camp Skits, anyone?
do you have to tune a guitar?
Is SM Entertainment going to have audition in 2013 at Singapore?
need to fix strings ?
1minute monologue for a teen girl for school?
Has anyone seen Jackie Burns as Elphaba in Wicked?
How much does the world spend on gambling?
How do I convince my mom?
How can I get over my fear of performing?
Should I get a normal Dunlop CryBaby or CryBaby Bass pedal?
learn to sing?
when should you get your second guitar?
how hard is it to learn the piano if you are 16. is it to late?
Can someone teach me how to play guitar?
music counting help!!!!!!!!!!?
Would studying music be a form of intellectual activity?
can anyone please tell me what kind of flute this is?
I need a big, belty, easy to learn audition song!!?
Vivaldi 4 seasons help please?
how to sign up for cirque du soleil classes?
Good gift for an amazing pianist?
Does anyone know how I can conntact Rami Malek?
what can i do to become a famous singer?
is playing drums really hard ??? i wanted to play it for my first instrument ??good idea?
How do I sing in Far Away by Nickelback in D?
How can I move my fingers faster when playing the violin?
What kind of guitar is this?
I have a fever NOW!?
why get a guitar teacher?
If you a bassist does it pain you to see people who think bands are only made up of guitar drums and vocalists?
Acoustic guitar help PLEASE!!!?
Any idea for Male-Female Duet Songs?
My violin bow is leaving white marks on the strings.?
What are the best schools to study Recording Arts or Audio Engineering ?
Is playing a cello very difficult?
songs to sing for talent show?
What is the best instrument for me to learn?
What is the best Fender Tube Amp?
What song should i sing to audition for Rent?
How do I learn to play the Guitar?
know any acting agencies/ casting crews?
where can I find an old tuba that nobody wants anymore?
is learning to play the violin hard?
x factor who is pleased?
My 10 yo child was chosen to be a character (a man) in a performance in a local theatre. Should she go?
What are some Broadway plays/musicals from 1907-1909?
What is the difference between playing electric guitar and acoustic guitar?
Christine Daae's monologue from Phantom of the Opera?
Why does my guitar make noise when its not being played??
where can i find a free downloadable sheet music for the snare drum solo called "Tornado"?
Lights for live shows?
How can i become famous and successful without all the fame?
Can I make it in this amazing school?
How can I sing like????????
Which acoustic guitar should I buy?
how do i make myslef cry while i am acting!!????
The tendency for Romanticism in music can be found in:?
Questions about Australians Got Talent?
Idk what's wrong with my guitar?
Which of the following productions was the first stage musical to incorporate dance in a featured manner?
can't get flute lessons?
Duets from Plays ; with a Female and a Male in it !. *?
what is the first part of ..........make strange bedfellows?
It's Spring, and the stench of TROLLS is everywhere!?
How do I buy tickets for the Met (opera)?
How to become more confident ?
Marching Band Drumline Question...?
What can I sing for my talent show?
Is this acting/modeling school a scam?
I want to become a band manager?
How do I play this little jingle on the guitar?
If somebody who can kinda sing learn to sing better by getting lessons?
Concert E Flat Chromatic Scale Two Octave Bflat Clarinet?
I need a 2 minute monologue?
Is anybody Really good at guitar? i need help with a chord?
PERFECT song for audition??? :)?
Zoom G2.1nu VS Boss ME-25/50 Vs Digitech RP355 Vs Vox Tonelab ST?
Intermediate songs to learn on guitar?
What are the five best Film Noir movies?
does charlie chaplin suffers from depression?
What is this from?
What is a good beginner guitar?
singing hard funk?how to do?
How do you make a scratchy throat go away?
What would be a good starting mandolin for someone with musical experience?
Help With Performing?
Wireless Patch Cord For Guitars?
Best classical song??
How to do the splits again?
What should I do about this?
did you get a degree in music, what is it like? and what kind of jobs can you get with a degree in music?
how can i beat my stage fright?
Can I do a monologue for a pageant?
whos the italian guitarist who plays classical, he died around twenty years ago.?
What are some funny talent show ideas for 11 year olds?
any one know any cool websites? where do u like 2 go?
any classical song? dramatic, strong...?
help where can i find this...?
Stride Shift commercial actors?
does anyone know how to make a sculptural form play music?
I'm a natural at Guitar, how long till I can Master the Instrument?
Can the chinese levitate?
how to deal Stage fright?!
Help understanding key signatures?
I think I damaged my falsetto?
Am on Fret number 4? acoustic guitar?
Is it better to use a metronome or just play along to the song your practicing?
Who is the killer from the play 'Ten Little Indians' by Agatha Christie?
What are some classic Orchestra Peices?
How much would you charge for giving casual harmonica lessons?
Which demands more creativity? Rap or Rock.?
Good song to do a contortion routine to?
what's the tuning of guitar when bands like gunsroses play in a concert?
Will my range increase? am i a tenor for definite?
I love you but I can't be with you songs?
is this poem any good?
What is the best acoustic guitar and what is the best electric guitar for a beginner?
What to do for reflections this year?
is it ok if ...?
How to develop a powerful voice?
If you play an electric guitar without it being plugged in will it sound acoustic?
If you were to make a chase video...?
magic trick help?
songs like only hope by mandy moore to sing for talent show? im 15, female.?
How to de-fret a bass?
How old were you when you first started playing a musical instrument?
Do you need to go to college to become a comedian?
cute love songs to learn on a guitar?
what can i say about Brahms' Concerto for Violin and Cello in A minor?
Who is your favorite opera singer?
How much could i get for an Epiphone les paul standard at guitar center?
I want to start a cosplay group. I need a good site.?
Where can i find stage and entrance props in spore?
Scene Ideas For Drama Class?
andre rieu?
Do you have to be somewhat happy to be complete?
What are some U.S. colleges where I could major in music recording or music production?
How long will it take to learn Little Wing on guitar?
does anybody no a really good beginning for?
fender classic player jaguar, fender mustang or baja telecaster?
Mucus builds up when I sing. What can I do?
Does this sound like a good song to play for a open mic (for extra credit in one of my classes)?
How long do you think it takes to become flexible?
How to start off acting career?
Do you think my daughter is a good singer (part 2)?
What are good Broadway songs for a female belter?
whats some really good i miss you songs of the rock persuasion?
Anyone know of any good Sister songs?
What Guitar and Guitar Strings Should I Buy?
Can you name a famous male dancer who wasn't gay? Can you prove it?
Do I need a grad degree in music to even consider auditioning for a nearby orchestral position?
Can a song be used for a Dramatic Interpretation?
please make me a rhyming poem about a annoying older male cousin at age 12?
Is it better to set a play/film etc. in your own area rather than another place?
Whats a bridge humbucker? (Guitar)?
What is Erika's last name who tributes as Lady Gaga at Canobie Lake Park?
electric guitars?
beautiful soul, because you live, as long as you love me, or i lay my love on you?
I need an audition monologue?
What should I do for my first anniversary?????????????????????????????…
Directing in 5/4?
Help to identify the brand of of strings or guitar?
Singing and the "Inside Smile"?
What is your favorite musical?
Need Flowy and Dramatical Modern Dance song?
What are some popular clarinet?
how can I joing east enders? do they do any audition for new actors?
Favorite song to play in your instrument?
is ballet considered a sport?
something i never understood about guitar?
HELP! Performing axiety..?
Should I leave my family and friends and follow my dream?
What is Strummer saying on Clampdown b4 the words "what are we gonna do now" something about helicopters
guitar lessons?
How much can I sell my guitar for?
pseudonyms for artist?
What scale/mode are these notes in?
What do you clowns think of mimes?
What is meant by describing a guitar pickup as "hot"?
Is it difficult to learn to play the guitar on your own?
Magic tricks??? Please Help?
First chair flute!!!?
Quick question about guitar? s best answer?
My husband wrote a play - a brilliant political satire but can't market it.?
How can I find lyrics to Black Gospel songs online?
Paranoid Guitar solo.?
do you like the name katey?
a fake mountain climbers axe?
Best guitar for a beginner?
Quick question about my voice?
Whats the best dance to learn as a male for the club scene?
Are you ever too old to learn a musical instrument?
Need help for Broadway project!?
what does bolshoi as in bolshoi ballet mean?
does anyone know any good songs?
what are all the percussion instruments you use by hand?
How do I distort my guitar?
Can a total novice in acting attend drop in improv classes to start out?
What are some good songs to sing at year 7 formal?
What was the last concert you attended?
best high school comedy with a cast that is mostly women?
Buying a good acoustic guitar for beginners in london?
Who do you think is the most influential artist/musician of the 1960s and 70s?
What kind of guitar should I buy?
Which is harder to learn Guitar Or Piano?
Nuter audition!?
Who's the best artist of all music?
please teach me how to play the song just the way you are in guitar.whats the chords of that song.?
Vivaldi - Four seasons?
what kind of education do you need to sing?
If you could get any type of ACOUSTIC guitar, What BRAND would you get?
I have a piano recital coming up. I am really nervous. Any tips to get rid of nervousness?
who is one of the most influencial musicians in history?
Into The Woods Monologue?
Is this a good Idea? Has it ever been done before?
To all guitar players...Do any of you suffer with my problem? I have played guitar now for many years, But?
"dark" redish stains on new guitar strings?
What is the live music scene like in Salem, Oregon and nearby cities?
How can i keep from getting nervous while playing guitar in front of an audience?
How to get over stage fright?
how do you get rid of stage fright?
Blood Brothers Cast? (18th June - 30th June 2012)?
I was personally asked to sing at a event as a talent act.. & i have no idea what to sing!?
where can i find the sheet music for "I'm not waiting" by Andrew Lippa?
Bottom lip during vibrato?
where can i find sing sing sing with harry james's solo written out for trumpet?
Renaissance or medieval-esque guitar songs?
what do you drink to keep your voice strong?
what are the chords on an acoustic guitar for rise against's "prayer pf the refugee" or where can i find them?
What do you clowns think of mimes?
How can I train myself to not laugh at funny things?
Intermediate/advanced songs to play on electric guitar?
why or how did william shakespeare die?
What would be a good for a magician?
im taking the strings off my acoustic so i can bring my guitar on a plane with me, can i use the strings?
If you can sing the "blues", can you also sing the "oranges"?
Least expensive instrument of these?
Is ballet hard?
Can you sell Literature on Deviantart?
Gibson Les Paul question?
How should i start learning how to play guitar?
Has anyone ever told you that you can't sing, but you think you can?
Why don't people believe someone when they say that they can play a musical instrument?
do I sing or not?
Need advice/info about theatrical contacts?
What song should i sing for the Show Choir audition at my school?
What song should I juggle to for the talent show?
I can act, and i can dance, but not the best singer. Could I still pursue Musical Theatre for a career?
Is Dee Roscioli good as Elphaba in Chicago?
Are there any male dancers in St.Louis?
Nerves, anyone else/how to get over it?
How do i get rid of stage fright?
Should I play th e Cambodian Xylophone or the Cambodian Pin?
help me get rid of stage fright!! please!?
What is the best country to live in for an aspiring model?
How Hard is High School Level Electric Bass Jazz Ensemble Music?
Transsiberian Orchestra?
What objectives do the scenic and costume designers often share?
What sources are good to teach myself bass?
Where can I find this contemporary monologue?
Why was Peter Pan always played by a girl in the play?
Should I sell my Line 6 Spider III amp and get a Spider IV?
Cats the musical question?
i have no idea how to tune an acoustic guitar. help!!?
When I sing or dance, I am off the beat most of the time. How can I improve my sense of the beat?
If I replace one string on my guitar, do I need to replace all of them?
Male Exotic Dancer needed in Soledad, CA?
Should I get an acoustic bass or a ukulele?
I have a question about Pageants?
How do you get an agent in LA/NYC?
Advice for buying a guitar?
should i stop learning guitar? what should i ask for for my birthday present?
Huge promblem!?
Where could I buy an Accordeon in Indonesia (Jakarta)?
Is electric guitar easier to learn than acoustic?
teen comedic monologue?
good songs for a ukulele?
How to prepare for musical auditions?
got a gig tomorrow but mate hasnt practiced ...?
Charity Concerts?
A Broadway Song??
Guitar Experts - Help?
Who teaches the best improv classes in New York City?
name any 100 famous artist?
Can I be famous for just writing songs or do I HAVE to sing them?
how do I calm my nerves?
Disney princess monologue?
where do I find a list of sound effects to teach children when learning a skit?
whats a good guitar learning book/dvd?
do i need to know how to write music if i become big?
another word for a dancer?
Which is easier to play: bass or guitar?
What do I choose???- HELP!!!!?
College concert bands?
As a left handed person who wants to learn guitar, which would be easier for me to do...?
tips on readnig tabs?
Orchestra chair stress?
Who was the phantom of the megaplex?
Whenever their is a sharp or flat symbol by the time signature, what do you do?
can good voices are makes or a good gift .?
can 6/8 time in cut-time be used in a waltz?
what are the notes for "through the fire and the flames" on alto sax?
Whats a good, high alto range, slow song?
I wanna buy tortex guitar picks and wht gauge is medium and what guage is heavy? ?
Which guitar should I buy?
Does anyone go to or know anyone that went or is going to New world school of arts in Miami Florida?
Tips for memorizing lines?
Is every guitar without a switch is a solo guitar?
Does anyone know any good websites that can help me learn to play guitar?
What are a few countries where Realist plays were performed?
Where can I get the cheapest Warped tour tickets?
Ocarina playing help?
How can i improve my violin playing?
Waht is your wierdest talent?
What are some things to watch out for when buying a cheap violin for a beginer?
What does "Josh Groban Club Event" mean???
On buying my first electric guitar?
where is the love?
Wooden clarinets: respectable brands?
songs for suessical audition?
Anyone out there play the banjo?
does anyone know what it takes to get on Broadway?
Is Julian Lloyd Weber blind?
What is the best acoustic guitar?
cheap guitar?
what are the lyrics, music notes to sing melody and harmony, and the notes on how to play it on the piano?
What is it called when Indian drummer sings beats?
I'm 16 years old. Do you think I'm too old to start taking piano or guitar lessons ?
Amp Settings questions Buckethead, Santana, Stairway, ETC?
What are some broadway like songs?
Is this guitar good enough for me starting guitar?
what does it mean if you have a powerful screaming voice?
does any one have any tips for getting my name out there? (as in preforming arts)?
What is a good broadway show tune?
what is the medieval theater?
I want guitar lessons but I can't afford it?
Can you suggest any good plays about Black Women?
Playing the sax with TMJ?
is it difficult to learn how to play the guitar?
Suggestions for a nice acoustic or piano artist would be...?
Who is the Russian saxophonist who has an album, one of which he played Phantom of the Opera?
Can I use chapsick for cork grease?
Can music be a good career opurtunity?
Dose any one know who the bassoon brothers are?
pageant ideas Broadway?
Harry Potter 6 Auditions?
Should I do my Grade 4 guitar this December or next March?
What type of music, or song, makes you sing at the top of your lungs?
where can i find a entertaining 90 second monologue for a major assesment?
What can a youtube director do?
Thinking about learning to play the flute?
I have a violin called "The Wonder" made by CG Conn. Anyone know about his work? My violin is numbered 128.?
What song should I sing for a voice competition?
If you had the musical skill and money...?
how to find a good booking agent.?
free printable timpani solo or etudes??
How many skits on Saturday Night Live don't make it to air?
What do you have to use a metronome for?
Recommend a digital multitrack recorder.?
Who should I use for inspiration?
Good accapella audition songs for high school glee club?
Increasing Vocal Range?
how do i become grand master crafter on wizard 101?
Does the size of an acoustic guitar bother you?
How do I find chord progressions using a certain musical modes ?
Will there be a rock revolution within the next decade to rectify this era of rocklessness?
Pursue playing flute or bodybuilding?
Are there any websites where I can go to download the shorter version of Don Henley's Heart Of The Matter?
how to learn guitar at home?
In intervals, what is a minor sixth from the note C?
What's the best Electric Jackson Guitar?
Will my wooden clarinet if?
What to play on guitar?
ibanez atk300?
give me songs that i can sing really badly, loudly, while crying?
Best places to source volunteer actors in the U.K.?
HARP MUSIC I giorni - Ludovico Einaudi?
How can I make my guitar sound like a sitar?
Epiphone guitar serial number?
Can you rent instruments at Guitar Center?
Does anyone have any tips on how to sound better at Karaoke?
Violin teacher question?
can u sing?
I'm making a glee club at my university and I'd like tips about what I can do to make people want to join.?
How do you get this sound from a guitar?
What state choir groups can I join?
I need to sing two contrasting songs for an audition. What should I sing?
is this guitar a good deal?
is the flute easy to get down?
Which guitar is best for a begginger?
Flute or Clarinet for Band?
What else can I do to improve my song? (In the End II)?
Any good songs to play on the piano and possibly sing to to impress girlfriends/family/audiences?
disney guitar music?
Was Wicked a good musical? Why or why not? Please refer to its relevance to the book upon which it is based.
Songs to sing for a 50th birthday?
whats a good baritone audition song for my school choir?
anyone know how to get famous????????????????????
Help finding a good Shakespearean monologue?
What kind of strings does Itzhak Perlman use?
How much is having a custom guitar built?
How to book performances in sydney?
Guitar neck size? Which one?
Best acting for film schools in Pennsyvania?
Where and or how can I find the lyrics to Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera in french or Spanish?
Anyone know what guitar this is?
what brand of guitar is good? or the best?
I need a monologue for my 6 and 11 year old girls 2 different ones?
Perfecting guitar practice. Your tips.?
HELP me WITH my SINGING please?
Difference between the Mapex Horizon HZB and the Mapex Horizon Big City?
What's the difference between base clef and treble clef on the bass guitar?
HELP please?
Guitarists, how do you know where to play the note when reading music?
dirty dirty fingernails?
Can someone tell me out to play guitar hero metallica with a controller?
In the movie Doubt, how was the ballerina dancing?
I need help finding a monologue?
In performing arts, does developing acts mean supporting acts?
where can i find online videos on practicing for snare drum?
Anyone know any good songs?
I need a good name for a benefit concert?
Edinburgh Festival question...?
best way to learn lines for script?
Which should I play Clarinet or Flute?
How hard is it to play a Flute?
Are there any alternate clefs that can be used for clarinet (besides treble clef)?
if anyone has the sheet music 2 think of me from phantom of the opera i would thankful if you culd email me it
What copyright and licensing would I need to perform Brokenville with my college?
Do you have to major in musical theatre to audition for a broadway musical?
how do you remember or develope and ear for musical notes,distinguishing between one note and another?
Guitar Customisation Help?
What's it called when a band improvises live on stage more than they do on a studio recording?
Is this a good Mandolin?
What is peculiar about the Crumb's Black Angels, Penderecki's Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima +Pierrot L
How does one train to become a sumo wrestler?
what are some songs about....?
how long would it take to be good at alto saxophone?
What are good Trombone songs to play?
Any song suggestions (possibly Disney) for singing on the Disneyland Main Stage?
Last year of dance, contemporary solo?
I want to be in a circus how can I get in one?
Help Me?!!?
What should I name my guitar?
Do I have a model/dancers body?
What is the best way to teach yourself how to sing better?
I want to star learning to play a guitar. What type of guitar should I start practicing on?
How much did the guitar effect American culture and music?
How does Criss Angel levitate over water?
How to stay motivated to practice guitar?
Suggestions for a new Bass player? Books, Websites or just helpful tips/insight?
What kinds of guitar picks do you use with your guitar?
what would you say is meant by "the power of Music?"?
I've been acting for 7 years. I'm much older now- will i get a lead part in my next play??
I need some devotion ideas...?
Guitar solo for class presentation?
Street performing act?
what exactly is a music recital?
How much marching could napoleons do ?
What flute would be best for a music teacher and clarinet player?
how is a note longer than 4 beats written in 4/4 Plz Help?
What Are Some Other Styles Of Music I Could Check Out?
Contemporary Dance Homework.....helpp!?
Is SAG the best acting union or w/e?
Can anyone suggest some good guitar finger exercises please. Best answer gets 5 stars.?
casting actors?
How to not be nervous during an auditions?
How many decibels can a 500-watt amp thrust?
I need some beautiful Broadway duets. For a mezzo soprano and a baritone/ bass?
so i have a report due....who is a really good modern virtuoso performer?
Has Anyone Taught Themselves To Play The Acoustic Guitar?
How should I introduce my cousin to music?
Can two girl cousins become singers as a duo?
Is playing a cello very difficult?
What's good things to throw on stage at a concert?
I want to buy a guitar?
What kind of acoustic guitar should I get?
Improving on Saxophone?
Somethings wrong with my saxophone?
Whats the best place to see "The Phantom of the Opera" on broadway?
anybody here want to learn magic?
How does one achieve a career in the theatre arts, such as Broadway musicals?
Tips for getting a new violin teacher?
what guitar should i buy for beginner?
If you were to audition for American Idol, what song would you sing?
Im 13 years old and I would love to meet the cast of Let It Shine I can dance and sing. How do I meet them?
What's the best version of Footloose soundtrack?
what is the best advice you can give me on trying to memorize "Canon in D" for a uil solo contest...tomorrow?
wanting to start playing guitar?
How to play the saxophone? What should I think of when I buy a saxophone?
does any know if the Yamaha flute YF2715 (nppon Gakki co. LTD is a good flute) ?
Can you say a show is one of your favorite shows if you've only listened to the cast album?
Violin on Viola da Gamba?
what piano songs to play for high school talent show?
is palatino a good brand for trombones?
How do I audition for Berklee?
Songs corrupting teenagers?
I have a lester grand upright piano in almost excellent condition. anybody know anything about this piano?
How can i get better in playing a guitar?
How to sing high?
where can you get a light blue electric or acoustic or a electric and acoustic guitar?
Where can I download free Jim Croce songs?
Why does the D string on my acoustic guitar sound weird?