Performing Arts

Do u know a site?
How do I hold guitar strings down?
How can i avoid being nervous when i sing tomorow?
How do I teach myself to sing?
Was niccoli busscoti a real violin maker?
Does anyone have a full list of all the women who played G(a)linda in the Broadway musical Wicked?
where is the present location of "Monalisa" Painiting?
Should I get a Maestro By Gibson cheap acoustic guitar?
What are some really great singing tips...?
what's a good Broadway musical or play for a 12 year old girl?
How much does it cost to get pads on a flute replaced?
How do you set up a bass guitar effect pedal?
is it true that Paul Mccartney played all the instruments in "Silly Love Songs"?
Is censorship a greater evil than absolute freedom of expression?
how can i learn the guitar on my own?
Which drum set do you recommend for a beginner/intermediate?
Should I consider music as a career?
I've got a chorus concert tonight? Any quick singing fixes?
I need some major creative help!?
s p balasubramanyam?
Is anyone here going to Burning Man?
which piece do you consider more difficult to play, moonlight sonata 3rd movement , or Lizst's La Campanella?
Who are the comedians that are a duo and sing, its business time?
What do performers do when they are sick?
What is the best DVD version of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung?
Is it weird that I use words like "she" and "her" when refering to my flute?
learning how to play guitar....?
Where can i get slow floor music for gymnastics?
Will there be a High School Musical 3 and 4?
If anyone has the Christina Aguilera sheet music or intrumental 2 da song reflection plz e-mail it or reply?
Band geeks: do certain sections have stereotypes?
How long would it take me to learn cello?
What is the difference between grand piano and piano?
Has anyone here ever studied mime? Serious question?
Is my husband good enough to be in a band?
Where can I find a full moon/black sky theatrical stage backdrop for rent?
What would be a good belting Broadway song for me to sing?
Why do musicians have so much energy on stage and off stage ?
How do yo feel when you feel the word MUSIC?
Seriously...? Bullying.?
How clever are you?
what did you think of britains got talent?
Tips for getting rid of nerves during a vocal audition?
Should we rediscover our love for Opera?
Good songs to sing for an audition?
Learning to play the mandolin?
Fatigue and Euphonium Playing?
How to do a "king cobra"?
Hello, I have several jazzmusic projects that I am trying to sell to third world countries and I can't?
Is origaimi easy for begginers ?
Guitar novice seeking guitar expert's advice?
What is a good audition song for Fiddler On the Roof?
What music book would you suggest to a nw begginer at Electric Guitar.?
Cello Studies: Where to go from here?
Do you think I'd be better at the arts or academic careers?
Where can I find Sheet music of Hungarian Dance No.5 for violin?
Are there any Broadway shows out in which there are spots for a fourteen year old triple threat? :-)?
Harmony Help?
Who likes Gilbert and Sullivan?
What are some Traditional Russian Folk Bands?
Do you think the sounds a violin produce is very sad?
Edward Furlong?
Does your voice sound different to other people than it does to you?
How much can I sell my guitar for?
I need suggestions and links to a Shakespeare Monolougue that is powerful yet short?
clarinet- grainy sound? how to fix?
Any tips for my recall?
Criss Angel does a trick where he uses several forks and bends then and stuff, How does he do it ?
Can Thrust Stage be used in Concerts?
Acting Courses in the UK?
GOOD BANDS! ? awsner this one! :)?
Bippitty boppitty Bip?
is water really for your vocal cords? Why dose soda bad before you sing?
Is it possible to sing opera without any professional help?
Who is the brightest star ever on Broadway, living or dead?
acoustic guitar?
how do i read tabs for guitar?
Settings for a danelectro fab overdrive pedal?
what classes should i take?
does anyone have sheet music for trumpet accompanied by acoustic guitar for "your guardian angel"?
What are some good screamo/techno bands?
have a heart like jesus skit ideas?
Ive just got a job as a solo singer in pubs/clubs/hotels, do i use my real name or have a stage name?
Can you give an appraisal for Artley flute, solid silver with B foot, in perfect condition?
Does anyone know any simple, good magic tricks?
During the Middle Ages, drama was used by the church as a method of?
What is a good bass trombone model?
Where can I find a list of musicals that high schools are currently doing or are available for high schools?
how can i get back home to kansas? and get that guy a brain?
Stopping a bassoon from smelling ?
How can you train your voice to sing better?
How can i hire a talent agent?
acting/drama classes melbourne?
i'm married semi-closeted 40 yo bi female in theatre, so what's the best way to build a les/bi community?
Where can I get really cheap theater tickets?
what's the best costume for our choral recitation? need an answer ..?
How can I get over my nerves?
phantom of opera 2 in toronto seat question?
I'm confused on scales. Do you start and end on the same note, or go through every note?
Thinking of taking up the oboe? Any advice or tips?
Electric guitar humbuckers?
How to belt a D5 - Linda from Wedding Singer Audition?
my name is Drew and i need a good nickname?
Does anyone know of really thorough online guitar lessons?
Learning both electric and classical guitars ?
WHat Direction do you play the piano in at a concert?
The Musical "The Producers" ?
wango tango tickets??
What are good songs to audition with?
is it easy to spin a drumstick ?
Is it better to do a slower of faster version of Lullaby Of Broadway for my audition?
Audition for chicago the musical?
I'm auditioning for a flute solo, but I'm SUPER nervous. Help me get over my fear?
who invented the bow of a violin?
i think i have a lefty guitar can i switch the strings around?
is becoming a musician a good career choice?
What tone of voice does J.R.A sing in?
I am 13 do i sing okay can i become better?
What song for this drama performance?
I need somebody to help me for my singing demo in leeds west yorkshire?
Clarinet playing high notes?
Does anyone know of a fan site or where i can get picture of Lynsey Brown, she is a dancer, in forbidden?
I'm in a play and I need a last name. My first name is rumplesiltskin. Any ideas?
Advance Christmas Piano Sheet Music Arrangents?
What is the best ukuleles for amateurs to buy?
Songs in the same style as Penelope Cruz's - Cocaine?
What is the best city to learn improv in?
Finger picking?
What techniques did Bob Fosse us as a director/choreographer?
Could someone post Petronius' suicide monologue from Quo Vadis? I want to make it my audition piece. Thanks
Will I be able to get into Interlochen Arts Academy?
what are the major minor melodic and chromatic scales for a alto saxophone?
Must sell 314 tickets by February?
Can anyone find a bass clef for clarinet 12 major scale sheet to the 9th for me please?
Does anyone know any good jokes and if you do tell me please!?
Any suggestion for a good song for father's day for me to sing it to the church?
how can i find a pretty woman fond of acting as dead?
Distress call for all girls,Ladies and woman!! I desperately need ur help!!?
How to act like i'm better than everyone else through facial expressions?
how do you say disc jockey in spanish?
What is a good play for a teenage girl monologue?
*Help!* Is this a Classical Guitar w/ Nylon Strings or A Acoustic Guitar w/ Steel Strings?
Is it possible to use programmed drums in a live setting?
Do you play a musical instrument?
What Happens To My Lips When I Play Alto Sax?
Should I audition just for the hell of it?
solo drama performance tomorrow any tips on how to get past the nerves?
Is it weird for a guy to play thr ukulele? ?
Is the Maestro Gibson a good guitar for a beginner?
What's up with my Boss RC-2 loop pedal?
Cirque du Soleil?
Can crooked fingers limit your guitar?
What's A Cool Instrument to Play?
Can you write a good poem....?
Huntington, WV drum lessons?
Indian Dance Piano Notes?
Is there a mode I should learn first on guitar?
What is good song for a 13 year old to sing to try out for a musical?
should artist focus on creating things pleasing to themselves or an audience?
I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up?
24 yrs old. Want to learn the drums? How can I get started?
What is the fastest way to learn how to play the guitar?
What is the name if this Shakespearean monologue?
Which part is bigger in The Crucible: Abigail or Mary Warren?
cornet playing after braces?
Can't fix the action space on my guitar?
lead acoustic guitar players, what do light acoustic guitar strings sound like on an acoustic?
Finger picking patterns ?
in your opinion what is easier to play a regular guitar or bass guitar?
Does any one know where i can listen to online radio...WHERE I CAN PICK WHAT I WANT TO LISTEN TO?
What is the difference between stage left and left?
what would a minor scale look like on the staff?
Starter guitar what to get?
Wasteland air was popular once?
would my plan for the near future work?
Switching Drum Kits, Need Help?
Whats better a electric guitar or a bass guitar?
Does anyone know the lyrics to "the Heart Is Slow To Learn"?
do you know some good sites to learn baton on?
What should I play for my piano audition?
how do i get over it!!!!?
Names for a guitar?!?!?
how to sing like a mermaid?
How do you become a film director/script writer?
I don't know much about suessical the musical. Does anyone know what the characters are and what it's about?
What would be a good performer name?
Which is better for lead guitar, the Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul?
What's Ur Take On Fender Squier Bass Guitars ?
How do you become a legitimate go-go dancer?
What was the type of bass guitar played by the guy in earth wind and fire?
Can someone help me with learning some important Guitar skills?
I want to start gigging. what do I need to do?
i cant seem to get this song ''unchanged melody''?
What clarinet to buy?
Can I change the colour on my acoustic violin??
what is the difference between opera and opera buffa?
Guitarists: What was your first guitar?
My friend says he was doing pornographic dancing at the weekend. Does any one know how this is done?
Are electronic drum kits OK for a beginner drummer to learn on?
Is inhaling helium bad for your singing voice?
Help! My voice s when I'm nervous! And why do altos want to be sopranos?
Worth studying a short course @ East 15?
Is it normal for a college music major to take 21 credits per term?
Preforming arts (middle schools) in Chicago?
when is too late to have vocal lessons?
is there any name for the type of harmony used by such singers as the Andrews Sisters?
Acting & singing? Hellllp?!?!(: ?
I need a monologue... suggestions?
Do Schecter Make Synyster Gates' Schecter Replica's Left Handed?
Music Editing Help Please?
Does anybody know how to play nobody by wondergirls on guitar?
Do you think your voice sounds annoying when recorded?
Me and my friend...?
How can I find similar people in my area....?
the musical annie question?
i need an opinion...what should i do?
Will guys be amazed if they saw a girl drummer?
Here's a question for people who play 'trigger' trombones...?
Help with Finale Notepad 2008?
I want to be great at playing piano, but It's not my talent :(?
What instrument should I learn to play?
How much money does a good electric guitar cost??
Birthday song for guitar with chords?
Are there any guitar plays who can help with a small problem im having?
My guitar teacher sucked, I want to play music, but I can't...?
How can I do magic?
what is the difference between noise and music?
How hard is it to become successful as a comedian? Is it worth my time to try?
Compare Petrof and Nordiska pianos and which would you recommend? What are strengths and weaknesses of each?
Best way of practising guitar that will help me progress faster? (10 points)?
Original Oratory! Opinions pleaseee!?
Can i learn how to play a real piano and read the music sheets on a keyboard?
Do you HAVE to be able to read music to get into Juilliard?
I would like to audition for Juilliard?
Can somebody explain the attributes of a soprano saxophone?
How much does an A string on the cello cost?
What electric guitar brands to stay away from?
Wher can I find a copy of The New Coon Creek Girls CD, "The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore"?
How do I level out my tremolo?
WE NEED A GOOD GIRL GROUP NAME.. Our names begin with H,C,K but we cant think of any good names..HELP!!!?
Where can I buy tickets for Andrew Bird's concert in Portland, OR?
What musical instrument should I play?
How should i go about starting in stand-up comedy?
How long did it take you to learn to play advanced solos like from bands like Metallica?
Audition Songs/Monologues for teen girls?
should i get a pickguard for pickguard-less acoustic guitar?
Is this a good guitar starter kit?
How would I find out about hot topic in store performances in my area?
what are the last 32 bars of "don't rain on my parade" by barbra streisand?
What is the best thing for cleaning a flute? my uncle gave me his old flute so i could use it for scho?
How easy is it to play the oboe?
How do I download Garage Band to my create own music?
Audition for godspell?
this is ruining my life!?
Why do I have such a hard time writing songs for my guitar?
i am looking for an apprenticeship in theater work!!!?
To all bassists, which musician is your inspiration?
bass playing advice ?
Good song to sing for a talent show?
Song to sing in pageant?
Can you list guitars with Kahler Trems?
How much does a Choreographer usually charge?
please help if you are a dancer?
Any music festivals in Spain June 2008?
about music (piano/keyboard)?
Do I have the body for a male model?
Why did people hug each other from the chest? why not from legs?
What guitar should I buy?
Any1 know any sites on how to do some good magic tricks?
what would be a good instrument to learn to play?
Which instrument should i learn to play?
A Few of easy guitar songs to start with?
is there any circus in brooklyn now?
Teach me how to sing?
Do you need a permit to play guitar in a public place?
who's The singer Mandy Moore ?
A particularly resonant instrument is the __________.?
is dance or figure skating better?
I need a comedic monologue for males that is 1 minute long. Help please.?
How can I clean my flute?
Twloha Hevy and Light?
Does A Bear shiit in the woods?
How can I make a makeshift recording booth in my apartment?
what should my stage name be for americas got talent?
AMTC convention question?
what are the top ten US orchestras now?
Screaming and Singing like rock singers ... Possible Risks ?
Inspiration for my play?
How much would I make playing guitar at venice beach?
GUITAR PLAYERS ANSWER THIS. Holy Wars picking intro.?
60's flashback...which was better, Cream or The Byrds?
easy way to memorize the notes on the guitar fretboard?
Are cameras allowed at Metallica concerts?
Music Composition?
How to become a professional dancer?
Help Smelly Violin!!?
When do you know that you should change your voice teacher?
Is it ever too late to start playing the piano?
What are some good places to perform open mic comedy in Los Angeles?
how to get an oklahoma accent?
where to start an acting career?
Hello, i would like to know Dennis Kelly (Author of D.N.A) contacts? thank you in advance?
how do musicians change the lives of others?
Could somebody suggest a good concert flute for a beginner and give a rough idea of price ?
OMG did I deserve this???? Would you have done this to me?
Has anyone heard or peformed J.S. Bach's Sonata(s) for solo keyboard?
What's a good broadway showtune to sing for a chamber ensemble audition?
What Does Strum and Pick Patterns Mean For Guitar?
Plz getting 2nd guitar?
where is a really good funk guitar lesson site?
How to breath with flute?
K, about the basses and bass amps?
I need a name for music festival?
what types of monologues attract judges attention in an audition?
Does anyone have suggestions for digital pianos that are on the inexpensive side?
Motivate myself to play piano?
How many times do I have to play the piano before I'm good at it?
this total jack*** in my class says that football is way harder than marching band, what would u tell him?
Is it to late to start playing the snare drums in 9-10th grade?
What are some level 5 NYSSMA songs for the violin?
What do I need to do to get a record deal? I am a very good pianist and singer...?
How to convince my friend to buy a guitar instead of a bass?
Where can I find some really good love songs?
Pop Show song?
I'd bang Jewel, wouldn't you?
WHAT SHOULD I SING FOR TALENT SHOW?!? (no foul language and nothing about smoking or drinking)?
Guitar Begginer Help?
My 14 yr.old son wants to be a film actor. He is a natural. What is the best way to get started?
How can I give my music an eastern/indian vibe?
need help learning guitar?
what is THE MUSIC?
What strength reed should I buy?
fastest guitar shreder?
Story tips?!?
Good pop alto audition songs?
PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do!?
best song ever?
I want to compose music, how do I start?
Why do people use clamp things on the guitar?
if there was one guitar player you could be(live/dead) who would it be?
Where can I find information on an Acoustic Guitar I just got?
i need some fun 80's song for talent show please?
Learning to play violin, acoustic or electric?
Hardest Decision i have to make.?
Where do you like to practice/play guitar other than at home or at school?
Is popular music inferior to classical music?
Is it too late?
How do people know how to play songs on guitar?
Will I ever be able to play a barre chord on the guitar?
What's an easy way to learn the bass clef staff?
Summer Gymnastics Lessons for TEENS?
Audition form question?
I want to learn how to play the electric guitar, is it hard?
Is it true that it is easy to learn the drums but hard to perfect/get good at?
My sister wants to become an actress. How should we go about this?
Where to start for a 17 year old wanting an acting career?
Why won't my daughter's clarinet play C for her?
how you with space to grow time to think tools to use?
what is needed to write a song?
Why is learning the guitar so hard for left handers?
How to remove the clear coat from an acoustic guitar?
is it possible to perfect a short orchestral excerpt in 2 weeks?
EMG 81 and EMG H4 Pickup Hum?
Should I get this guitar? (really really cheap for some reason)?
Should I play English Horn in high school?
What metallica songs should i learn?
What is the best way to memorize lines in acting?
Is whistling well considered a rare talent?
What is the best way to mic a snare drum with drum mics?
Why when i record to myself my voice sound bad?
Is 15 years old too old to learn how to play the piano?
My floating bridge electric guitar's string keeps breaking from the bridge?
Is it too late for me to be a professional dancer?
what book or dvd would be best for me at guitar center?
What are some simple techniques to practise so I can get used to tapping with two fingers?
Caption Head?
violin theory??!!?
Trouble thinkingOf a stage name?
Do i have a good guitar set up in your opinion?
How do you play piano by ear?
What is the name of the humor Jim Carrey is famous for again?
Getting Ready For A Trumpet Solo?
Audition Pieces- Bari Sax?
can i still play guitar?
Guitar geeks/experts needed!?
Do you Guys think I can sing?
what is the best audition song for "Aida"?
I love music but i suck at it?
Should we bring back castratos into the opera world?
I'm a senior on our color guard and we have a new instructor who hasn't done it before. She thinks she knows
where is there a list of different exam boards who do singing exams - particularly pop singing?
best guitar for beginners ?
What is a good song to audition with?
How to get over the fact taht i suck at guitar?
How to start training to become a CIRCUS AERIALIST?
Are famous conservatories bound to listen to pre-screening recordings before considering resumes, marks,etc?
Does anyone know any good male and female duet songs?
should i play the 1st or 3rd movement of concerto in a minor?
what is you can expect to learn at music (guitar) lessons?
Where can I find financial aid for children to attend performing arts schools?
How do I sing?
where is there a jesus christ superstar free music download?
Fantasie Impromptu question?
Epiphone vs Fender for me?
Can anyone show me proper links and steps to learn how to step ?
why do people tear up when they sing a song?
What are some good broadway songs for girls?
I got my first movie speaking role. lots of lines. How can I best prepare?
Can anyone recommend good guitar lessons?
Where can I get my guitar strings repaired?
Modeling modern confusion?
how to make jumping octaves on the clarinet smooth?
Music theory--I play the trumpet.?
Where can I find Broadway music without vocals?
what songs are on 24 Italian Songs & Arias, ed. G. Schirmer or 26 Italian Songs, ed. John Paton?
RENT live on Broadway or other play houses ?
Decreased funding in the arts?
How are the qualities of these clarinet brands?
Requirements for teaching music.?
Which guitar should I purchase?
What are some good love songs?
When is fantasia's last performance in the color purple?
What size is this Guitar ?
What factory processes to make guitar parts?
wat song can u sing with a cold?
Does anybody know where I can find a sample of this song?
Calling all those of you with a musical ear: what do you reckon on my harmonising skills?
can any bady send me the address i mean e- mail add of Mr (chetanai) this is his character name of dolysajake?
Wagner's Siegfried was represented at Palais Garnier Paris France?
Difference between Elixir Phosphor bronze and 80/20 bronze?
Best guitar for beginners?
What is the easiest instrument to learn?
How many people does the sydney entertainment centre hold?
Can Ozzy Osbourne still sing?
Is the Maestro Gibson a good guitar for a beginner?
Is it weird to go to a concert alone?
Auditioning for high school with Fur Elise?
What should i sing for my ragtime audition?
What exactly are tube amps?
Is my voice good when it comes to singing?
I was tuning my guitar and while I was tightening one of the strings it started making noise?
What's the funniest wat to die?
Cant play guitar but I can?
What is your dream role to play?
Performing an aerial?
Should I Get An Electric or Acoustic Guitar?
I need help brainstorming modern songs to sing at my school concert?
Where to start learning the bass guitar?
Which guitar?
Cruise is crusin for a downfall......?
looking for a circus camp?
Is it possble to learn to play guitar via internet ??
How should I introduce a performer in an event?
Did Soda play in the Raleigh, NC area in April?
How good are the Alfred's Piano tutorial book and CD series?
Do you know of any sad french music?
What should I Sing?
music people...?
Six Flags Fright Fest auditions. Help?
Easy songs to play on a guitar?
Guitar questions. Please help?
How did Bob Marley contributed to the American music?
Would Michael Jackson get on the top 12 if he joins to American Idol if he could sing and dance good as 80's?
Guitar progress help?
ok someone in percussion help me?
Does the Callus on your fingers from playing a guitar help you play the guitar better?
I'm starting marching band next year and...?
Do you truly want to feel GOOD?
what's a good gift for a band director?
What is the best way to save money when you are an artist on a budget?
oboe rental?
what is the yearly salary of an actor?
Is learning to play violin hard?
when we are in trouble who helps us god or parents ?
should I get a left or right handed guitar?
Are there any good dance or drama classes in New York?
Caught between two instruments?
What talent would you exploit to become a celebrity?
will getting a lip piercing effect flute playing at all?
What Does it take to be a succesful singer?
Higher and Sharper Voice?
Has anyone been to Glimmerglass Opera?
Piano chords in the key of E???
i want to play guitar?
string orchestra diagrams?
Drummers who perform, Do you always keep the same tempo when playing a song?
Any songs not about broadway and connect to nyc?
Fender Mustang II amp doesn't have mids?
What are some GOOD acting schools in california,LA?(s best answer)?
can you douce with chocolate syrup?
strange question??? Does anybody know what they mean, in rap songs, when they say "diamond in the back" ?
How much is a 1975 S Yairi classical guitar worth?
How difficult is it to learn to play guitar?
Instruments easy to learn!?!? EASY 10 POINTS!?
funny skits and funny poems?
i wanna learn two more instruments??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??help!!?
Which guitar should I get?
if u have a slide whistle that is 27cm long how long should it be to play one octave higher?
What is so significant about a Stradivari 1721?
Does anyone recall a song from the 1970's, the title was "Grayhound Annie" ?
Suppose you could punch any celebrity- who would it be?
Where can I download or print lead sheet music for "FREE" (for the piano)?
do you think human actors should be replaced by animated characters in the genre of performing arts?
Is there a way I can buy this guitar?
what your disfunction?
Which capacitor should I use for my electric guitar?
On the play Clouds by Aristophanes, I need these questions answered.?
I have a question about Magic Tricks.?
How would you adjust an oboe reed if it is hard to attack on the lower register?
Shouldn't the government attack us again, so we'll be grateful for just being alive?
What is a good excuse?
Is there any website that will teach me how to play guitar for free?
How many times has the band Rush performed in Boise, Idaho?
I need Instrument help!??!?
What's a good guitar to buy with a budget of £200-250?
Most beautiful sounding stringed instrument?
What is the best transversal flute I could buy within the $100-150 price range?
did don henly ever go solo from the eagles?
Is it too late for a person at 16 to learn to play violin and paino?
When did you first start playing your first instrument?
Would you recommend a electric or acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Musical for a high school production?
How to overcome stage fright anyone?
Ballroom/latin dance lessons (Victoria)?
is there a music store in Roseville, CA that sells guitars?
creative things to do for homecoming talent show?
How do I get a good heavy tone with my Marshall head?
What does ' upcoming ring cycle' mean ? ( its about opera and theatre and all that jazz )?
Can face paint mess up a flute or damage it?
Would it be possible to find the 1986 Phantom of the Opera Broadway play on DVD?
What are some a capella duet songs?
double take studios?
Anyone play classical guitar?
Where Can I Get a "Kyser Quick Change" Capo?
URGENT-Shy beginner actor seeking advice!?
How Do I Reduce Buzz/Feedback on my Guitar?
What makes overweight people sing better?
Where can i hear the sound of an electric violin?
Violin solo suggestions?
is this a good guitar to get for my first one? what are the pros? what are the cons?
Some talent agent called me but I think it's a scam?
Where can i find violin sheet music for The Butterfly?
Little mermaid on Broadway tour?
Criticism on my singing?
How many hours should I play electric guitar to play perfect in two years?
Something is up with my guitar?
Where is the best place to sit at the Prudential Center for a concert?
How good are the greg bennet acoustic guitars?
Who hated High School musical?
Any Difference Between These Guitars?
Eb clarinet embouchure?
Josh Groban?
Need an easy popular piano piece to play that uses both hands.?
What is a good duet (alto/soprano) that's not from a musical?
How does one develop an appreciation for Opera?
Reasons why I shouldn't use guitar tabs?
Is it bad to not use your pinkie when you play power chords?
How big is the Kramer Focus 420SL bass guitar?
What are some good songs for an 11 year old to sing?
Online Clarinet part to Ibert's Trois Pieces Breves?
please help! i'm a flute player and we have auditions for bands coming up!?
where did jasmine villegas start showbiz?
When is "Wicked" coming to Seattle?!?
When is Artscape being held this year?
who can help me with my competition tomorrow?
about how much homework do they give in Laguardia Arts High school?
Duet for 2 girls from a Musical?
College Audition Songs?!?
Billy Zane Broadway Recording?
ideas for a performance (happy ending by mika)?
What should I sing for my audition?
My dad says the country is only safe when a Texan is in charge. true?
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious hand movements?
Have you ever lit a fart?
Is this a descent Viola?
What To Do With My Script?
what are notes to Carol of the Bells on tenor sax?
What are some good acoustic/electric songs to play on guitar?
lead acoustic guitar players, what do light acoustic guitar strings sound like on an acoustic?
I play my drums A LOT. Should I play a little less for the neighbors' sake?
What do you think of my poem?
How do I play the violin?
Does anyone know the chord progressions for "What I've been Looking For" from High School Musical?
Classical song ideas!!?
Which of these two songs should I sing for the talent show?
Does anyone know the song that the choir of frogs sing at the King's funeral in Shrek 3?
Who CAN Sing?
does anyone know????
Alice In Wonderland Photo Shoot Ideas?
What Broadway songs should I sing for an audition?
What is the difference between art and entertainment?
I have a music education degree, but can't find a job! help!?
Tell me something that a man cant do better than a woman and forget all the giving birth stuff, What job?
Rue's Farewell Free Sheet Music!?
Who is the most famous Azeri tar maker?
I need a female solo musical theater song!?
Can I join the SM global audition 2013?
I just got a first act guitar, did i make a mistake?
How do I find my natural talent?
What's a good solo song to sing for a solo in a winter concert?
How do u sing Solfegio ?
What is the best way to learn the drum without buying a drumset?
Tchaikovsky piece for 14 year old?
Which mouthpiece should I use?
On guitar what does this mean?
I have a question about acoustic guitars and heat?
Defying Gravity Solo Sheet Music?
What guitar synths do you guys use if any?
how can i get admission into st. mary's university 4 apost graduate study in d faculty of media prdctn
Any advice on how to sing?
Marching Band?
I need a list of great guitar players for my 11 year old to get inspired by.?
Bass vs. Guitar, is bass better?
Approximately how many talent agencies are in the United States?
How do I re-learn the clarinet?
I need a song to perform a song and dance in a competition?
Good earplugs for sleeping?
Good or bad brand guitar?
How can I make eye contact with my audience and avoide stage fright?
What are the best seats for Cirque Du Soleil?
Is it hard to get into Juilliard?
Is 50 dollars for an hour voice lesson expensive?
Seagull guitar questions?
How do you play a chord that is one half-step down from g?
Are there any other guitars other than breedlove that use myrtle wood?
What types of magic tricks would you reccommend for a Garden/ Lawn Party?
voice lessons in louisiana?
can I learn guitar on my own by february?
How can I really get in the buisness of becoming a major model or actress?
what are some really good songs?
for a bass baritone male voice what key would be the best to transpose Defying Gravity from Wicked to,?
is my singing good, okay or..bad?
Male broadway baritone solo?
Guitar question: should I continue playing acoustic or electric?
can i use a pitch shifter to change my guitar's tuning?
Stressed..What do I choose? Colorguard, or making money?
So how does one get into acting as a profession?
How do I become a famous singer and actress?
Where can I find songs by Amjad Hussain a pakistani singer?
Why do I feel the rush to be good at guitar?
How can I get scripts to read..?
i need a song to sing for my school talent show?
Where can i get information on local plays going on in l.a.?
Is it worth getting voice lessons if you sing terribly?
Do you have a nice rack?
How to assemble and start flute playing?
Any tips on improving trombone?
How to put a clarinet reed away in a reed case?
Can someone help me play the C major chord on guitar?
What is a "Running Subway AEA Special Agreement?"?
What type of finish would have been used on a 30's acoustic guitar?
How do I teach myself to play guitar?
Yet another guitar question?
I need a good broadway song to sing for an audition....?
How do I loosen my flute?
What is an opera or musical called when it is not staged?
Guitar pedal that transitions gradually between clean and distorted tones?
What stage performer used to ask, "Is ev'rybody happy?" ?
how to sustain a note?
Does anyone know where I can find a list of high school appropriate songs, or have any suggestions?
i need a metal guitar dvd that will teach me everything i need to know?
Can someone translate this monologue from a midsummer nights dream?
Where do i pick up my mail order guitar?
Guitar Crisis?
Musical Duet for Male & Female?
what is the forward edge of the stage called?
what is the very first ballet that pops into your head?
i need a good guitar solo to play at a talent show? something simple, not to difficult, not too easy?
what is a single bell in an anklet of bells for dancers called?
when is mindless behaviour coming to indianapolis?
Is it worth getting voice lessons if you sing terribly?
does anyone know the piano part for the spill canvas?
I want to audition for shows at Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. Does anyone have any information?!?!?
What are some good songs for a 13 year old guitarist to learn>?
I need a good girl/girl duet for a talent show!?
what low-budget muscical celebrated 40 years of new york shows on may 3 2000?
What are the four ways that jazz listeners pay attention to a jazz performance?
I wanna learn to play "freely": make up chords & harmony w/ both hands to accompany the melody on a piano.How?
How should I learn the guitar?
How to squeak as little as possible?
32 bars of good morning baltimore?
What guitar is this? can anyone give me a link to it?
Hey! I need help please! Thanks!?
Why is it that violinsts can memorize so much music?
List of natural talents?
how can I get the Asian model in this ad to go on a date with me?
Does the Blue Spark Studio Microphone have your voice sound exactly like it normally does?
how to build confidence in ourself?
How do I improve my singing?
In College, What Do You Major In To Be A Dancer?
Please read the details:?
Do lead guitarists improvise or memorize?
What sort of singer/audition is 'I Dreamed a Dream' a proper song for?
Can you please write me a one minute dramatic monologue on love?
how can i start an acting career?
Is the Pearl Flute PF500 reliable or good?
play music in 12/8 time???
Where can I find free on-line drum lessons?
difference and feel of a 1.72 and a 1.8 nut on seagull guitar?
Sheet music for 76 trombones?
i want to become a musican,am 17 is it to late?
How was Chester written out of Gunsmoke?
acoustic guitar help?
broadway voice?
Is bass guitar harder than electric guitar?
Shoes to wear for a piano recital?
How do I transpose tuba C bass clef into B flat treble clef?
who has seen La Nouba in Orlando and what was your favorite part?
How much money should I sell my guitar for?
How often do you practice your instrument per day?
Should I take piano lessons or dance class?
im just learing to play quitar..?
Can I learn to play piano @ 24?? Or is it too late??
how many plays did william shakespeare write?
PA power amp question?????
In the play, Macbeth. Are there parts in the script where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are together?
where did krump come from??!?
what are some good acoustic guitar songs that i can play or like acoustic guitar and piano like male voice and?
Did Luciano Pavarotti ever sing the Italian Anthem?
Low B-String Sound Keeps Going?
What is the best websites that shows easy Guitar tabs for Begginers?
what should i make a christmas play about ?
what is dance production?
What are the most important features of a musician's web site?
what is the best opera site on the internet?
how can i get in the spotlight?
How do you strum up on a guitar?
Spring Awakening---- Does anyone know if it is going to make a tour like other musicals such as: Wicked?
Where does Richmond, in Shakespeare's Richard III, come from?
Does anyone play the banjo?
how do i fix my guitar?
Famous inventors for a band name?
How to play extremely loud on trombone without sounding nasty?
What is the most common form of chamber music?
Whre Do You Buy Those JabbaWockeeZ Masks In Corpus Christi?
Such a thing as a good cheap violin?
i really want to learn how to play the guitar , help?
Where can I buy the Spring Awakening Score/ Sheet Music Book?
Does "Jumping Jack Flash" really have gas?
i want to be famous!!!?
Amature magic?
where is guitar classes in colaba or crawford market area?
Hans Beckert's monologue in "M"?
essay help for band please help?
what's the name of the rock&roll song which has words "great bolts of fire"?
Any violin or string players? Pizzicato question...?
Help with bending electric guitar strings?
My Friend has this talent and was wondering if it has a name.?
How much is an Ibanez Roadstar II Guitar worth?
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood?
What is your talent?
what i have to do to propose a sweet girl bindh?
What is the difference between concert and minnor scales on the clarinet?
do you know where i can find a trumpet that i can rent or borrow for atleast 10$ a month?
How do you learn magic?
How are art forms used in a Broadway musical?
What EMG pickups can i put into my gibson sg?
Is international performing arts academy real?
Can Anbody tell me which insturment I should play. Tuba Saxaphone or clarnet.?
Good scene for two girls.?
What are funny things nurses do? (like for an acting skit)?
who was the first artist to sing "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate?"?
Do you think it's impressive to be able to play the guitar and sing at the same time?
Help Singer Adivice Needed!?
how to do the magic trick shoe't by mark mason?
i can't stand my mom!!!?
What exactly should you look for when buying a guitar?
How to make a piano performance exciting?
Thirsty for fame! What do I do?
how to play faster on my clarinet?
Very Consufed!? Help!!?
Warwick bass or Music Man bass (And other bass things)?
how can i tell what my guitar is tuned to?
where can you find maze guitar tabs?
Moonlight Bells--the Short Story version--do you like it?
where can I learn ballet in Goa,India???
Best Guitar speed building exercises?
does anyone know where i can find ...?
What is the most creative form of art you have seen?
Possibly moving mid marching season?
How do you start a musician's career?
What is a virtuoso etude?
Another poem about the same thing... Feedback?
What is a " TAPURRO"?
Why does marching band have to do gay little ballet moves during shows? Why can't we just march?
Does anyone know any impressive cello solos?
How much does the world spend on gambling?
Do Germans really love David Hasselholf?
In your opinion, how would you best prepare for playing the role of Marian Paroo in "The Music Man" ?
Is there a difference in sound between rosewood and ebony fittings on a violin?
Help me find the sheet music?
everyone tells me that i have a nice body and I really want to purse my career and a video girl without having
Which guitar is better Epiphone Les Paul Standard or ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe?
why is it okay for english people to sing without an accent but when i sing in a british accent people get mad
Is there something similar to in the UK?
who was duke ellington's mother?
What kind of strings should I get?
who is the biggest selling female artist in the century?
What instrument do you recommend for me to play?
I want to be an actor but sadly I don't have the confidence?
I Aspire To Be In Broadway?
What is the best chorus pedal?
Anyone took the grade 2 music theory ?
Musical Instruments?
Speaking in public?
how many acting, drama and perfomance art schools are there in london?
do you think i can play outside my house singing/guitar please look?
where can I find practise comprehensions for year 8 ?
I need help finding songs for a showcase Figure skating program. HELP PLEASE.?
When a hip-hop artist and his posse travel by air, how do they transport their guns (unless by private plane)?
What is an easy orchestra instrument?
I play the guitar, I have recently been using a metronome. Would anyone mind answering a few questions for me?
What sized guitar do I need?
Best gauge of guitar strings?
anywhere i can get a free copy of flight of the bumble bee for marimba?
How do you pronounce the Wicked Witch's name in the Broadway musicial "Wicked?"?
is this a 5 yr old guitar hero???
Any flute songs frrom musicals?
I want to be a cheerleader but worried about what people will think. What to do? :(?
help me ...please?
Where can I find guitar tabs?
Good songs for a contemporary solo? Already thinking of like Ordinary day or Vanilla Twilight. any suggestion?
Im in the high school marching band, and im just wondering what band camp is typically like.?
what is your favorite piano concerto by mozart and why?
what song can i use as a dedication to my boyfriend for my solo dance?
32 bars of good morning baltimore?
Why is my low e string buzzing when tuned to certain notes?
what musical was it that the little girls mother died and she sang a song about a castle in the sky?
Is it a bad idea to teach myself piano.?
where can i find violin and vocal music?
How do I become famous?
Famous clarinets players?
Does anyone have any ideas for a name for a girl band?
What kinda of degree is required to open a Performing Arts Studio?
Musicals with many large roles?
How do you memorize a script?
Can i sell a solo play piano record of myself in iTunes playing famous songs like Godfather ?
Street performing act?
Bass effects pedal suggestions?
Question about JYP auditions?
Tips for an audition?
How do you use guitar picks?
Why do people think flute is easy? I don't think so.?
Who has seen the musical "Rent" It is Verry Cool..What do you think of it?
As a non-Christian, what do you think of Handel's Messiah?
Basics in dancing for musical theatre?
Flute player: Health warning ???
Can I ever go anywhere with the violin?
How do you tell what model a clarinet is?
Does anyone know where to find the guitar chords for Simple Plans When I'm Gone??
I have three choices for an intrument a tumpet,flute,or violin, which one? I need someone's influence to pick
Hairsparay Schedules?
johor maps?
Which instrument should I learn?
On So You Think You Can Dance what were the songs from the hip hop routines tonight?
Any one know a good way to learn a script quickly ?
what the action measurements on a fretted bass guitar?
Why i cant hit the high notes when i sing and my throat hurts? please reply?
Traditional local entertainer called The Whistler who performed with a top hat and painted belly.?
Orchestra audition tips? ?
How to learn to play guitar?
Setting my bass amp for grunge music?
Fender stratocaster or Epiphone Les Paul?
Someone HELP Me?
What does an Acoustic-electric guitar sound like when it's not turned on?
What string gauges are considered to be light or medium for acoustic strings?
What makes magic so amazing?
Need help learning guitar chords?
Is it hard to go from tenor to bass trombone?
Should i play sonata in A major... or Simple Gifts for a recital with my violin teacher? (video included)?
What's a good mouth piece for Bass Trombone?
Question about the film "RENT"?
What is a good acoustic guitar for beginners?
Where should be left hand thumb when playing guitar?
Cheap Guitar for a beginner?
How hard do you hold down guitar strings when playing?
Can we have(British weather permitting) a big round of applause for Mickey Rooney becoming the longest active?
What are some cool Woodwind instruments?
whats a good bass guitar for me (beginner)?
How can I stop squeaking?
Finger tips numb after practicing violin?
Break up songs from Musicals?
What do you think of this indian drum master:?
Should I learn to play guitar?
where can a teen find gigs?
does anyone know where to find a "high school musical" script?
I'm after a bug costume for my daughter, she's 4 and has a competition soon.?
In you opinion, which musical instrument is most difficult to play?
Ibanez Jet King 1 For 100$?
about violin bows and prices.?
Did I Ruin Any Possibility of Juilliard...? 10 Points(:?
how to learn advanced pencil drawing?
How good is my songwriting?
why beatles-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da is the worst song 1st?
How loud is a 15-20 watt guitar amp?
Do I have a model/dancers body?
Do you have a senior talent shoe once a year in your area?
Help! Anyone can help with this...?
If you could bring any actor/actress back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Where can i take an adult dance class in Pittsburgh?
What is your favorite song from Titanic the Musical?
How to play high notes on flute?
Have you seen Wicked: A New Musical?
Why I am not as good as Jimmy Page or Carlos Santana....?
hi everyone ............................?
The frets on my guitar cut up the palm of my hand just below my fingers. What can I do?
Favorite musicals of all time?
Can you "throw" your voice? Is it only a style of ventriloquism? Is it difficult?
What is a good song to sing for a talent show?
how can I play the keyboard with perfection?
What is the fastest way to learn scales on the guitar? Is there anyplace with an explanation for scales?
If all the worlds a stage, what are the streets?
Root notes the guitar chords?
Guitar Tutorials?
what is the perfect guitar to start with ?
Do people in marching band really get picked on in high school or is it just a stereotype?
My flute pad is sticking? How do I fix it?
When I play my brass instrument and I am playing the notes sometimes I just blow air but my lips are buzzing.?
how long does a givson acoustic guitar last?
Help! Plz With Singing!?
where can i get private singing lessons?
What temperature does graphite melt?
Good songs to learn for guitar?
Which drum kit is better?
what is the greatest challenge in life? living like a human being???
Is the flute and Piano pretty easy to play???
is there such thing as Am tuning for guitar?
Broadway is my dream. But... (Please help!)?
In the importance of being earnest, jack is listing adresses and in the script it says n.b. and s.w. should?
How can you figure out what your vocal part is,?
Guitar Tremolo/Floating bridge problem/question?
Is it true that the sat writing test is no longer offered?
How do i make my penmen ship better?
hello friends, i wanted to ask a question on a documentary? how to make a biography documentation
how can i get a really good agent?
Whats a good european monolouge for a girl?
I want to be a comedian.?
How to tribute bands find out the harmonies and orchestral parts?
good lyric?
any views on good/ bad on my audition with britains got talent.?
How old is Marie-Josée Lord?
Tips and critique for trying out for a symphony-orchestra?
how to make working fairy wings?
What are some great fusion guitarists or guitar solos?
what i need to become a successful musical performer?
Does anyone know where I can find an orchestral score of Sweeney Todd?
Guitar Prices?
Can I play flute and piccolo at the same band concert?
Looking for info on a Hollywood Bowl program around 1943 when Madam Chiang Kai-Shek visited. Who performed?
Who wrote the 'Geet Gobindom'?
***Sonata-allegro form was the primary large structure used for the first movement in symphonys?
From Flute to Oboe?
are marching band/indoor percussion/indoor colorguard all sports?
how do you finger a concert b flat on an alto sax?
What films or book are based on some of Shakespeare's plays?
How can I incorporate a wedding, a funeral and a hospital scene into the same script?
I'm looking for some songs from musicals?
How do i get discovered?
Fruity Loops?
Are there any GOOD electric guitar magazines out there?!?!?
Is the Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas seated or standing room ?
Info on Luciano Proviano a Tenor Singer?
What is the history of acting?
how long does an extras casting for a movie last? what do u wear? if it says 10-4 does it start at 10 ?
broadway question?
How can I become famous in such a small unheard of town?
How do I squeal on the saxophone (like John Zorn)?
How much time it takes to learn a violin?
French horn rotary valves stuck?
Anyone who plays Acoustic Guitar?
what are some broadway songs?
Can someone recommend me a good guitar..?
Theatre Fun: What are your favorite lesser-known musicals?
does anyone know who fall out boy is influenced by?
Am i good drummer or ?
Should I fire my guitar teacher? ?
Poetry Recitation Anyone?
Fach's in Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience? Please help!?
What do you think of my actors headshot?
Does anybody know what scale is used for the guitar solo in the Allman Bros. song "Midnight Rider"?
How do you pronounce Corinna Fugate's last name?
How long will it take me a (girl) to learn acoustic?
Please can you describe to me the timbre of a double bass and a cello.?
What keys go well with D minor?
How should i strum without a pick on a ukulele?
Drum major audition help?!?!?! plz?
Does anyone know where to find a screenwriter's agent?
Is 32 too old to learn to play piano?
Any tips for playing piano by ear?
Corelli - La Folia Suzuki's interpretation or Léonard transcription?
Are chords considered melody or harmony?
i have a normandy clarinet serial number 3276. Age, Value, other?
What should my stage name be?
What is a good monologue to use for an audition?