Performing Arts

Who came up with the ugly term "flautist"?
How can I convert accompaniment music from guitar chords?
How to play 2 octave d scale?
Where can I find?
Do you think its too late for me to start playing guitar...acoustic specifically?
What are the lyrics to the song because we believe by andrea boceli?
how does music and dance link together?
Hi im a 14yrs old.i love to sing .but the problem is im shy.everybody know you cant be shy to become famous..?
which is considered as the best-ever work of leonarda da vinci?
should i give up my dreams?
what are typical appaearance fees for top musicians or bands?
Where can I look for low level jobs at a Movie/TV Studio?
can anyone give me the simpliest origami rhino\spider\wolf\griffin\phoenix or hydra?
When a hip-hop artist and his posse travel by air, how do they transport their guns (unless by private plane)?
who is your favorite artist? or picture/sculpture and why?
I want to learn to play blues guitar. What is the best guitar and lesson books/DVDs for a beginner?
broadway musicals.?
Should my daughter audition for the school musical?
where do i look to apply for orchestra?
question to those who have taken/given voice lessons?
is this enough to become a model?
Developing (shred) guitar technique?
Tips for reaching notes F (the one on the top line) and higher on the clarinet? Also, other clarinet tips?
Learn how to play the guitar?
Is my violin worth fixing up?
Where can I find some older DCI shows?
What is the difference between a Fiddle and a Violin?
How big are competitive marching bands usually?
best pianists alive today?
Can someone help choose a song for my 12 year old?
How hard is the audition process at Boston University?
keyboard players? how do you choose to amp your keys?
What are the best performing art colleges (not universities) in the UK?
Should I use this piece for an orchestra audition?
Who/What inspired you to pick up an electric guitar?
how can turely become an excellent singer??
Somebody beg some help from u?
Need help finding somthing?
Is it healthy to make love to your partner more than three times a week?
Violine learning - Beginer?
How much should I practice bass guitar?
talent show songs?
What are the most famous violin concertos? Degree of difficulty for each? (e.g. Tchaikovsky, Beethoven)?
Difference between?
Are there different types of Banjos?
Dancing, modeling, acting, or basketball?
if i can ????
What are good electric guitar multi-effects and amps to buy within $100-$250 dollar range?
Free cello sheet music!!?
where to find volunteer dancers in a festivals in dallas?
Thinking of learning to play - is it too late?
Guitar string height above body (not 'action')?
Which of these headshots is best do you think?
My wife is going for an X factor audition tomorrow. But?
needing help on buying a ukulele?
On a scale of 1-100 how brutal is this?
(guitar) i've got white spots/ bloches on my guitar and they are making it look bad!?
Difference between up tempo and ballad?
how can i sing really good?
whats a good thing I can do for my acting performance?
Don't you hate when you are playing guitar... then some 10 year old prodigy kid just shows you up..?
Why do clarinets squeak?
I need a Piece, If your good at songs Help me?
Benjamin Calypso in Joseph?
Who are the Slickee Boys?
What is your favorite broadway musical?
Is the Squire by Fender bulletstrat a good electric guitar for a beginner?
Does anyone know a non-shakespearian monologue that I can use for a modern Romeo and juliet audition?
My new guitar has action that is a bit high, but the frets buzz a bit much. Does that mean I need to....?
What are some good songs to learn on guitar that a beginner can play?
whats another word for foreplay?
Does any body know what my real name is????
What would be a decent quality microphone for a live band for vocals?
What is the guitar that John Petrucci uses live at Tokyo?
I want to learn how to play the acoustic do I go about that?
Mr. Scandalous:- How big an ELO fan are you?
What is musical texture?
How not to develop calluses when playing guitar?
about to write a new script on a spiral notebook. how many pages do I need to write so it can be long enough?
What are some good dancing movies?
What exercises do they have you do in choir?
O2 Academy question? Really confused?
What's your favorite quote from a Shakespearean play?
Should a guitar neck be flush with the body?
How Do I Change My Guitar String? EMERGENCY?
What are some good audition songs?
Can I play well on drum set?
Should I buy a used guitar?
Where does Beyonce come from!?
what two country singers you would like to have do a duet?
Talent agentssss????
Did singer Barry Manilow recently win an Emmy? If so for what?
Online Sites for Slam Poetry?
What do you think of my niece singing?
Do you know how to play guitar?
Does any body know what my real name is????
What is the hardest instrument to play?
Guitar string gauge for Whole Step Down?
give me songs that i can sing really badly, loudly, while crying?
does any one have skip to my lou notes for flute?
who ever had a piece for a speech choir, can you give me some...?
How to find a showing of an opera this summer?
what can i do to not be nervouse when performing?
Learning to play violin, acoustic or electric?
where did the need for orchestral conductors come from?
How do I gain the title of Concert Pianist?
How do i hit a china cymbal correctly?
Best way to learn ukulele?
How to sing like this?
I want to be a singer and i dont know what i should do???
How can I tune my vocal chords?
What do you think of my singing?
How to be a jazz drummer?
What are some improvising ideas for playing over a i-VII-VI-V?
What do you think?
song choice help please help?
Is learning guitar difficult?
A question about humbuckers on a Strat...?
what are some good guitar songs i should learn?
Aria Acoustic Guitar?
Any1 seen Stomp?
Can I learn to play the guitar if I can't extend my left ring finger by itself?
What parts are there in the musical Carousel?
For those of you who can actually play guitar?
how many hours to practice cello?
How to memorize note positions on upright bass?
Songs to Audition for?
Do all actors in theater have to sing well?
help me read this guitar tab please!?!?
How do I write a stageplay?
Question about an alto sax scale.?
what really happened at woodstock?
what are some characteristics of a good voice?
I stopped playing piano and now I want to start again. Will it be possible to get to a grade 8 level?
what major/minor is best for becoming a PR agent?
I Need A Stage Name :-), Any Suggestions?
vocal range?
Beginner's guitar help! I cant even play chords!?
Nervous for my piano recital!!?
anyone who can play guitar please help me!!?
I want to write a musical/opera but can't come up with a topic that I like.?
My cousin want my electric guitar so if i send him through shipping will he have to pay custom for it or not?
where is the spit valve on the clarinet?
Got a minute? Wanna hear me sing?
do yo believe in magic?
Best way to learn acoustic Guitar?
what instrument can i play if i have a problem with my hands ?
Short dramatic audition monologue?
What instrument should I play?
what is a LARGE group of musicians called?
are there any websites with free sheet music to sight read in bass clef?
What type of electric guitar should I get for my first electric?
What type of a voice does Leona Lewis sing in?
What would I got to college for to become a talent agent?
i love to sing and how do i submit my song to itunes?
Some Tips On How To Sing?
What should I wear to an opera?
Good accordion for beginner?
Suggestions for an improvised fretboard?
what do you think about my voice?
I haven't restrung my guitar in about four years?
Can't get up from a bridge?
Songs to sing for an audition?
Good Break Up Songs/Being Left Songs?
Nyssma scales for level 3?
good guitar?
Beauty Pageants?
Does this sound fishy to you? - advice needed?
new to high school winter guard?
How to I set up a rehearsal room for my band?
What are the top music departments in the south?
There are 5 genres of groups featured in cultureshiok namely Dance, Vocal, Drama, Performing Martial Arts and?
If you have1,0000000000 what would you buy?
What song should i sing for talent show?
What are good techniques to refrain from voice strain?
Do Pianos get nervous before a performance?
Can you whistle like you don't know how?
Guitar Question! Help?
State Drama Question!?!?!?!?
Do all of these pieces have a flute part?
Help with bending electric guitar strings?
(Violin) What strings do you play low 2 on when....?
Are dancers hot? if so what about them?
What are the ins and outs of being in a orchestra?
will i be a good performer on stage singing country?
I need some advice on buying a guitar.?
What is meant by the term "natural reading style"?
What Bass should I get?
learning how to play the guitar?
Where can I get a copy of the instrumental music played in Disneyland Paris at Christmas?
What's THe Difference between Heavy Bass Strings (.050-.105) and Light Bass Strings (.040-.095)?
Back to movie smoke,,lol?
I did terrible today at my audition?
Has anyone acted in "Under Milk Wood" and can you give me any adivce for my audition?
where do circus performers sleep?
How much should I tighten my clarinet ligature?
What's your favorite musical?
Which is easier to play-Acoustic Guitar or Electric guitar?
Should i practise being good at guitar or guitar hero?
How can I become a leader in my choir class?
What things can damage/increase your singing voice?
Auxiliary guard/ Color guard?
do you think the judge was unfair??
Will there be a Genesis reunion tour , soon ?
Acoustic guitar battle! Martin GPCPA3 vs Taylor 314ce?
Essential elements for viola?
What does it mean if a broadway musical is performed in "concert style"?
I can't play the flute with my braces on?
Do you sing or play a musical instrument?
Is this a good beginner drum kit?
I dont know much about guitars but i want to know what is the cheapest price of a guitar?
what kind of harmonica is this?
Not sure if my guitar is tuned correctly?
How much does it cost to join John Robert Powers?
Where could i buy cheap acoustic drum kits without bidding?
Can i sing?? Take a listen? :) ?
Is it easy to learn to play a guitar?
What to do at a PIANO club?
what is the easy and best way to learn how to play guitar??
does anyone know how old James Blunt is?
what is a good title for a christmas program?
I need a good DJ NAME!!!?
All pointe dancers! I just got over surgery and i need help!?
What is a good theatre to put on a performance of the Nuter?
Reputable Talent Agencies in Toronto?
Do I have any chance of a musical career?
What is a good piano piece to learn?
Are these good song choices for a musical theatre audition? (please comment)?
question about african musical tradition?
Can you colour and and and add designs to your electric guitar?
PLeasEE HELP!!!?
Does Arsenal Make good guitars?
What is a good bass trombone model?
How to find you're talent? URGENTLY.?
Is it possible to put EMG 707 pickups on this guitar?
What Kind Of Instruments Are In A Rock Band And How Many Members Are In A Band?
What website can I get accurate guitar tabs for free?
What are some good duo love songs?
Which concert band instrument has the highest range?
What is a good Opera on dvd to write a reaction paper?
are there any poetry reading clubs in jacksonville, FL and where.?
If you were a stripper what would be your stage name?
Help with Picking a somewhat Lesser-known Musical Theatre Competition Song?
What are the notes for these piano chords?
Why is my brother reluctant to join a band, we both play guitar, I agreed to play anything...?
10 POINTS! the best acoustic guitar tuner?
Other than Weeki Wachee Springs, where is the best underwater ballet?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical?
How much does a typical guitar lesson cost?
What is the best company (brand) for acoustic guitars?
whats the best way to learn how to play the guitar without going to lessons?
Dance Sites?
How much does it cost to have strings put on a guitar?
Help me please...?
What kind of strings, Steel or Nylon for an acoustic guitar?
about singing?
I have been trying to find sheet music for Yerushalayim shel zahav for hours?
How do i pulloff on a higher string while the finger im going to do the pulloff to is on the lower string?
Good bass guitar to get?
New World School Of The Arts Audition Help?
Is A Squire Fender electric guitar good? It'll be my first electric?
WHY CANT I SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Can guitar picks be made out of metal? ?
guitar instead of bass?
Should I keep on continuing to play my violin?
how long has Joseph the musical been around?
Do I have too much things?
What should I do with this amazing opportunity?
casting actors?
where can i find a website that teaches simple riverdance?
I'm trying out for a high school musical, what should I sing?
How can I lower my range as an alto?
what song should sing for my solo in chorus?
What would be a good song to sing or a song to dance to in a YG audition?
Monologue or Website?
What is a good Mezzo-Soprano or alto song to sing for a performance?
I Need A Cute Couples Duet For My High School Variety Show. Any Ideas?
Guitar Question?
how can i learn to play acoustic guitar?
what is classical literature?
What's the definition of dance according to you?
was william shakespear the only play write of his time?
how can i conduct a workshop aimed at teamwork through music?
I am a playwright/ performance artist and published author seeking to stage an Off Off Broadway?
Bass or Electric guitar?
What kind of guitar is good for a beginner?
Does race really matter when auditioning for SMent?
Identify This (Woodwind) Instrument?
What are your pet peeves?
How to act like a sick person?
Would a PRS SC sound like a les paul if i put les paul pickups in ?
How much is a stetsbar?
Are There???
Do you think I am a kid?
How long do I have to join SAG-AFTRA after receiving my 3 waivers?
How could I teach myself guitar ?
Where do they teach aerial silk in northeast england?
Whats the strum pattern for if you seek amy by Britney Spears???(acoustic guitar)?
Is the song The Well by Casting crowns appropriate to sing when the sermon is about welcoming strangers?
How much should I sell my Takamine Acoustic guitar for?
Need sheet music by Mary Leaf?
Can i perform a backflip without being double jointed?
What instrument should I start?
What instruments are typically in a high school band?
Need to show them talent!?
What's that under there?
i have no idea how to tune an acoustic guitar. help!!?
Can anyone write a different ending for this monologue?
I have to play center-mid today and don't know what to do?
What the best and easiest woodwind instrument to play (please answer!) ?
One minute to impress at an audition - what should I do?
Should I be offended he touches guitars other than my own?
my piano sustains every note i play even without holding the sustain pedal down?
how to be a good dancer?
Should I do marching band?
So i just got guitar pro on my cpu and I was wondering what are some good beginner rock/metal songs?
Name some famous English actresses from the 1600's.?
What are some good songs to play on the piano?
What should i name my violin?
Stage fright fear overcoming?
guitar biginner....?
polleras rojas for colombian cumbia dance, where can I buy some. any .com addresses ????
Is "Moments" by One Direction hard to play on an acoustic guitar?(please, only guitar players)?
How do you tune drums?
Bar Chords?
whats that little b at the beginning of sheet music? how do u play it?
Visual kei members from anywhere!?
Guitar string question?
who sang "As Time Goes By"?
How to get permanent marker off of the wooden neck of a guitar?
I am going to Blue Lake tomorrow and I have a few questions?
what is my vocal range?
whats a good guitar learning book/dvd?
Is there a site where I can find info on a comedian called 'big red'?
A New Bari Sax?
What is the regular tuning on 5 string base guitar?
My friends and I are entering the school talent show this year and can not find a song!?
Is it possible for a singer not to achieve vibrato at all?
Who do you really regret not seeing performing live before they died?
good place to practice with no money?
I'm trying to find a song to sing?
What do i do if i have no talents? I cant sing!cant dance definatly cant do art never exelled at sports.?
While playing my trumpet I breathe out of my nose and my neck bulges. How can I fix this?
Should i start to play the violin?
What are some good upbeat kids songs?
Should I buy the Franz Hoffman Prelude Violin?
What is a good excuse?
I can sing well and have performed in many shows. I want to be singer can Any body help me. babakinglali@
How can I get over stage fright?
What fully weighted keyboard/ midi controller should I get?
Do you think miley cyrus can sing?
what are some of the basics to acting? i want to teach myself how to act, play a different role?
What is the theatrical show that involves horses & music? It's been to T.O. before. I think it starts with a C
Can anyone learn to play an instrument?
what's up with my voice ? Help please !!?
Does anyone know the lyric from the Vinette Carroll musical, don't bother me i can't cope?
Troy (from high school musical) costume?
Right Handed Stratocster switching to left?
What major is needed to become a voice over artist.?
Why does my sustain pedal stick?
what became of actress Isabel Adjani?
Ukulele and Guitar match well together?
how can u slove a t puzzle?
When learning how to play the piano...?
Help on choosing a guitar :)?
Is playing the bass guitar or electric guitar hard?
What do people mean by "a professional dancer"?
Where can I find sound effects? ?
X factor audition song?
Mel Gibson?
i want this guitar ?
What should Sing for my GCSE performance?
Am i too old to be moving into a new and creative industry?
What song should i sing in an audition?
how to get over a guitar plateau?
Modleing audition help?
Easy way to learn bass?
Do you think I can sing?
What is a good song for a middle school chorus to sing in a concert?
What are some great ways to learn the keyboard?
is the flute girly???
How Do i Get An Audition ?
Dancers please help? I need a song?
What violin can i get a Rock n' roll sound from?
How much would a "glass violin" cost?
How to read this guitar tab part?
My flute smells weird?
What is the best way to learn new positions on the violin?
should i get electric or acoustic guitar?
Nylon String vs. Steel String Guitar for Beginning Child?
Can I learn to play the guitar by myself or is it better to take classes?
What instrument do you play?
If i wanted to use a song in my musical...?
The name of a famous cabaret singer; her first name is Barbara?
How to become a proffesional trumpet player?
Ho to become more flexible?
Who do you think the caused the tradgedies in Romeo and Juliet?
I want to start a band with my friends but some of them don't like each other?
Do blondes like "blonde jokes" and do women that dye their hair blonde like blonde jokes?
Can i play an electric guitar in a council house?
Is there a good video or DVD about the life of brahms? Something like a portrayal of him?
What is the raga of Sri Abhayaambaa of Muthuswami Dikshithar?
How can I learn to play guitar? ?
Can anyone tell me the name of the plays that Oakley Hall III produced with the lexington conservatory theater
performing arts camp ?!?
What kind of drum heads do some famous drummers use?
What are some dramatic female monologues?
Who knows a good agency or agent? in the DC area?
If you play the clarinet(or are experienced with clarinets).. HELP!!!!?
What brand of banjo should i get?
Do you think the musical 13 will ever return to broadway?
is 80 dollars a month to much for guitar lessons?
How do I correctly set the inntonation on a Jackson RR1 Guitar?
I can't seem to locate a copy of Lonne Elder's play, Splendid Mummer. Help!?
Can anyone give me some free sites to send in for script/screen writting contests?
I wanna get a dancers body as soon as possible?
Can a Caucasian looking girl audition for SM?
What instrument is harder: Flute or Violin?
Who Holds Performance Rights for "A Clockwork Orange" A Play With Music By: Anthony Burgess?
My 16 year old Shakespearan actress- aspiring daughter would like to meet English actor Alan Rickman. Ideas?
Solo female musical theater song? For Districts competition?
A Good Contemporary Monologue?
Shopping site to buy guitars in india with Cash on Delivery option?
Seating placement auditions!?
Who formed his 16-piece band in 1952, was considered the leader of one of the premier swing bands?
What to do about role in Into the Woods?
tango shoes?
Where can i find free printable sheet music for flutes?
Electric strings for acoustic guitar easy on fingers?
what is a good song for me and my dad to sing at church?
Guitar Lesson- Urgent need.?
Are there any recordings of Elena Roger on iTunes for sale?
where can i find good monolouges?
How do you brush out a tahitian otea skirt?
Guitar pole piece help?
This question is for anyone who's coached or trained Vocalists?
menemenli mi? kuruçaylı mı?
Do anyone one know of a great vocal coach in Connecticut?
What is the most memorable performing arts performance you have attended, and why?
What will help me have a perfect voice?
What's that under there?
What can I do to sing stronger/better?
Is it true that likin park band seprated?
Question about voice lessons:?
which instrument is older the lire or the flute?
I'm depressed?
Any info on this Decca guitar?
Is it legal to transcribe a guitar lead (note for note) of a known band and then sell the transcription?
How should I get rid of spray paint on my guitar?
I have some ideas for some celebrities, and want to register or copywrite these ideas as my own, how?
what does it take to become successful in modeling?
clarinet solo?
Broadway songs with spanish in them?
modeling carreer?
What is the first thing to learn about guitars?
i have an important question!?
where can I find a 30" diameter tambourine?
Music and broadway room?
What is this thing that goes across the sound hole in a guitar?(video in description)?
So iv'e pretty much dropped out of school to play guitar as a professional. Any tips?
How long is Cirque Du Soleils's Iris showing?
What song should i sing for the talent show?
is learning guitar easy?
Learning both electric and classical guitars ?
Criticism on my singing?
where can i buy a cheap keytar?
Training yourself to hit the high notes?
How do I make a song?
What is a good 60 second comical monologue?
What guitar chord is this?
how many guitar scales are there?
does anyone know of any good tricks?
Enlish men and Germen men sing together in England?
need a name for a band?
How can I get 'Mahabaratha' written in Tamil as simple songs, for making a costume dance drama?
Good songs for a choir with a main soloist? The age group is 12-14.?
I need some flute help!!! (Sixth Grade)?
Is Oprah really gay?
Besides representing the Straight Edge movement, what else does the symbol 'X' represent or stand for?
Guitar and lessons?
How much does a violin for a beginner cost?
i need help writing a song.. any tips?
Which acoustic guitar should i get, fender fa-100 or fender squier?
Any ideas for a talent show song?
why am i nervous when i play the guitar?
What should I replace my Martin DR with?
New X7 help Please!!!?
Do tone deaf people think that they always sound good?
Trumpet embouchure problems...any professionals/experienced players want to help me out?
What does this mean in music?
How to start producing you own techno/trance songs?
Is dance an art or sport?
How to add dynamics on sibelius 7?
Joe McBride?
how do you tell the difference between rosewood or mahogany back and sides on an acoustic guitar?
Broken Cello?
Good method for playing chromatic scales fast on piano?
how do i fix this without lessons?
famous modern day pianists. similar to yiruma?
Why is learning the guitar so hard for left handers?
im doing vocal performance and i need a song!?
Would a classical piano recital be a good place to shout out "PLAY FREE BIRD!!!"?
Know any good songs that would suit the theme of Anorexia?
What distortion pedal do i use with line 6 spyder 15 watt?
inverted flam tap?
Best musicals/opera's?
Tips on how to not be nervous?
what instrument should i learn?
the phantom of the opera?
How can i overcome having stage fright for my school talent show?
Does anybody know where can I find shadow puppetry script??
quilification for teachinf movement classes?
is it easy to play the guitar?
average price of a bass guitar?
I cant play guitar, simple things!?
Why do my fingers hurt after playing guitar?
Is playing the electric guitar hard?
What guitar should I get?
Opera, straight acting?
DO you play an instrument?
I need to know! What is easier to learn? The Bass guitar or Electric?
What musical instrument did you play as a kid?
Preforming Arts or Music Schools?
Where can I find good sheet music for free?
How do you sing?
What was your favorite all time rock concert? who -why-when?
can you ask your agent what type of roles you want?
I've plateaued on electric guitar?
Who performed the role of 'Bella Swan' in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" (2012) ?
a talk in the park Alan Ayckbourn,?
Is this a good audition song?
what is the best audition monologues for a guy?
Can someone help me with my hypersensitivity to high sounds?
How can I make money as a pianist?
Should I even do this on stage?!?
how many times do you have to practice until you can play without the sheet music?
Violin pegs keep moving backwards?
I'm looking to buy a new Bass Guitar can anyone Help?
I hate doing solos for my instrument?
Did you know this about Don Ho's grand nephew?
Audition for school band?
I don't know what kind of guitar I have?
How to overcome stage fright?
Title for a horror movie?
I'm 16,guy, and I 'll be in a play,in a girl's role (19th century) how can I get used to wearing female shoes?
Where can slow dancers go to be in music videos and perform on stage?
How do I get over stage fright in one night?
SOS Please Help Me, I have no idea how to sing!?
Trying out for HS marching band percussion sophmore year - no previous experience in band, little with drums?
Is it bad for guys to like songs sung by females?
I want to sing.....?
who do u think should be in the rock in roll hall of fame?
I need broadway songs?
Where is lights and when is her next tour!?!?
violin, is it hard?
Mouthpiece question (low brass players!)?
can you give me a piece for a speech choir..?
Violin for advanced Musician?
Do You Think I Sing Good?
should i do this show?
Dance moves for Thriller...?
i want to edit text on jpeg file?
How hard is it to learn to play the Mandolin?
Is this a good guitar for beginners?
In addition to guidance, should a conductor also be a showman?
What type of oboe reed should a beginner use?
Does one have to have a certain kind of lips to play piccolo/flute?
where can i find a good quality acoustic guitar for around a hundred dollars?
I did something so crazy need help.....?
What do you need to set up at a craft show?
What is the best scene or area to start a hardcore band?
drama in the drama class?
What sort of make up would be needed for a dance performance?
Need help with Bb Clarinet Reeds?
How many kids does Angelina Jolie have, is she married?
Whats instrument is earier to learn to play, Guitar or Keyboard?
how do you play an A sharp in third position??
Asking violists: What excerpts of music do you run into most of the time on auditions?
Do you have to know how to sing in order to become apart of a local theater?
what year did john lennon get shot?
Is this a flute worth getting?
do you think it's wise to sing this song?
how do i play that song on my clarinet?
About voice recording pls help any ideas?
Do you have to become great at an instrument to be make good music?
How to polish my bass clarinet? ?
how can i get to be in a broadway play?
Overdone monologue question?
Is whistling well considered a rare talent?
Presentation about italian renaissance theatre?
Why do some less talented actors succeed?
les paraplies de cherbourg?
Which String Instrument to Play?
What do i do if my mouthpiece gets stuck on my trumpet?
Audition Song?
i write poems and am taking a guitar could i make my poems into songs?
What song(s) can I use for my dance audition?
how does oh brother where art thou relate to the odyssey?
americain idle.?
Where kan i find a program to play songs on the clarinet online?
it will take how much time to learn guitar completely?
i would like to know r their any millionaires that would like 2 give me money, just out of kindness?
Help with Trombone Improvisation - ASAP - Please?
how can i make a straight mute and cup mute for a baritone/euphonium?
Yamaha No.120 Nippon Gakki Guitar?
Only serious answers please.....?
Is this guitar finish possible?
What are some good alto saxophone brands?
Your HONEST opinion on my singing?
Do you believe it is possible to place 3 apples in your mouth, keep them there for 60secs, then...?
Looking to Learn to play the Guitar?
Is this a good starter guitar?
Should i go to drama school?
Double bass pedals for drums?
Should I play guitar left or right handed?
guitar, pedals?
Keeping Alto Sax in tune?
Are you looking for a song writer buddy ?
please be honest do u like my poem??
Can't decide on a guitar ?
Can anyone tell me about a Mark II Clarinet?
I have to ask....What does "skeet" mean? It's a slang term used in music videos...?
Good songs to busk on a guitar?
The following are all components of what? •Positioning of actors on stage •Scenic backgrounds •Props and co?
Why is this in that way?(guitar )?
What stunt is performed by a "funambulist"?
Weird dream .. My boyfriend goes to jail?
Jazz piano advice?
I really need a fun jazz/pop solo [NOT BROADWAY AND NOT SLOW] something fast and upbeat!!!HELP?
Why is it that instrumentalists can perform with music in front of them but vocalists cannot?
Looking for someone to write a song...?
What should I sing formy audition song for Cats the musical?
What's a ten minute scene between two people?
Help me find a violin bow with synthetic hair?
spansih guitar/ harp music?
AUDITIONS for teens in the UK?
What guitar is this? can anyone give me a link to it?
Where can I practice my acting?
Please give me some ideas for my Pantomime!?
I wanna learn how to scream?
electric guitar shop in downtown Toronto?
Where can I find videos that teach you how to play closer to the edge on the electric guitar?
How do memorize my monologue by tomorrow morning?!?
Where can I find tips about songwriting online?
Tips for my audtion....going against an enime/friend. Any ideas on what I can do, to have a good voice?
Harmoica instruction book?
Am i too old to be moving into a new and creative industry?
Is Explore Talent a good site?/?
Guitar strings, nylon or steel?
I want to be a performer but Im so shy!?
where can I find guitar/bass/keyboard transcriptions of Nine Inch Nails?
Handel:Why don't they get it?
how do i become become a better ballerina?
what is taal?
Can my hollow-body guitar be repaired?
Where can i learn guitar fast and easy?
Where can I play an Olson guitar?
Do I have to know how to play an instrument to study music performance in college?
what are some words ending in co?
what name should i give to my ibanez prestige guitar?
what is a metaphor for beauty?
What is a good song to sing for a high school talent show?
Does anyone know the steps to reel around the sun from riverdance?
Any Electric/Acoustic guitars that have smaller width/thickness of neck?
Where can i buy EMG 81's and Emg 85's? I looked almost every cant find those certain pickups?
everyone who plays guitar?
Musical/G&S song to sing as a soprano duet?
How to become a better dancer? and choreographer?
Does anyone no what Shakespeare play this line is off...."shuffled of this mortal coil"????
Grade 4 tap dance songs?
should background dancers get more credit for their work?
i need a new ukulele?
Any good modeling show coming up in Mumbai, or delhi ?
Name three of shakespears plays?
Does anyone have or know where to find the tab for the acoustic version of "Slow Dance" by Framing Hanley?
what song should i play for my school talent show??
What is the life of a teenage competitive ballroom dancer?
I'm starting to learn piano?
What would be a good keyboard choice for me?
Okay, your house is on fire and....?
Family Channel actors thinking they can sing?
Beginner Dj?What materials should i get?
Was Henrik Ibsen a feminist?
Anyone have ideas on making my talent show performance amazing?
How to sing better please answer ?
What was the very first rock concert you ever attended & what year was it?
What is the term for this type of person?
How do you drop a guitar down half a step? can you do it with a tuner?
How Do You Sing From Your Stomach?
What makes marching band the coolest thing on the planet?
Question for guitar players (bass)?
what is technical production?
What do you think of my guitar pro. tabs on ?
Where can I find songs appropriate for a theatre audition...?
advanced mary did you know?
Any open calls for a major movie??? In los angeles? Any good FREE open casting call websites..?
Do you belive in mermaids?
musicals similar to xanadu?
do you know a song i could do for my audition?
can u plz HELP me with this!?
What do you love about dancing?
How do I find an agent?
Breathing Techniques (Breath Control)?
High C to D trill on Alto Sax?
taran adarsh?
I need a teachers outline for the lion,witch and the wardrobe?
Saxophone and I have been arguing?
Please rate this song!?
Guitar for beginners?
what can i do about a girl that cant sing?
Marshall amplification problem?
Easy acoustic Guitar songs to play?
whats wrong with my guitar?
how to self teach yourself acoustic guitar?
im going on Britains got talent and i need help!?
I'm 15 and I would like to be an actress.?
What should I look for when buying a new guitar?
Please give me some ideas for my Pantomime!?
What's the TRICK!?
Romeo and juliet?
What's the significance of Esmeralda according to Helene Segara?
PEOPLE! is this going to happen in college?
Where to film my monologue?
What is a good bass trombone model/make?
Why is Avenged Sevenfold such a great band?
What should I do regarding a parody/cover on my new CD?
What kind of acoustic guitar steel strings should i buy?
Crazy talents?!?
Any Flute Players out there?
how to do you learn to shred on the guitar?
shakespeare for ninth graders?
how 2 develop good sense of humor?
I have my GCSE music performance, any ideas of a good high-alto song?
Why does my boss mt 2 make a fuzzy buzzing sound?
how do i become a better drummer? Ive been playing for 9 years but was never consistently hardcore. any tips?
is 80 dollars a month to much for guitar lessons?
How old is Ashton Kucher really?
are there any job vacancies for actors,theater producers,session musicians,stage managers in new york for 2008
im trying to sing up for new emil adress but i dont know what should i name it so give me some idea im male so?
does any one know about king diomond fates warning or mersyfull fate?
a nativite play with speaking parts for 16-18 year old chinese students?
Your favorite song from a Broadway show?
How to take a good headshot of myself at home? without any help?
Can I do a level music?
How do I fix this problem I have with guitar ?
Does Mate Kamaras have a girlfriend?
What are some good ideas for a VBS act or presentation?
Whats good practice for drumming?
Out of these Bass guitars, Which is better?...?
i feel like my voice is horrible?
i want to be an arts teacher(what do i have to do to get in with a portfolio)?
What is a good broadway musical number for a high school performance?
$300 spend more on guitar or amp?
What is the, the book of mormon on broadway about?
International talent showcase waiting for Callback?
Does anyone know good places in jacksonville florida to get a good vocal coach?
Which one takes longer to learn how to play guitar or piano?
this is probably a super dumb question, but what kind of classes are considered "Visual/Performing Arts"?
Is $200 dollars a lot for colorguard!?!?
What other instrument should i learn to play?
What do you feel who you bite into a York peppermint pattie?
is there any good websites that show you powerchords (for guitar), especially in the punk style??
Drummers/Percusionists can you guys help me out?
Dramatic, villanous pieces? HELLLPPPP?
leakycon a very potter musical 3D tickets?
What clarinet is good for marching and concert season?
Should I quit playing guitar?
what is the last stage of love?
Should I Play The Trumpet?
Is the guitar the easiest instrument to teach yourself to play?
my bro is mean!! i need help?
Pinch Harmonic (Squeal) Problem?
does any body realy know of a relaxing pessure point?
Easiest Simon and Garfunkel Song To Play?
Where can I find a handmade violin?
What is a good beginner drum set?
What are some helpful ways to memorize lines for a play?
Performing arts schools ?
What subjects do you need to be an anime director?
Do you like Phantom of the Opera?
"KING AND I" . what's the true about this movie ?
problem with a korg triton le 88 key?
How come Pocahontas was never on Broadway?
I am going to Blue Lake tomorrow and I have a few questions?
What song should I use to audition for Meg Giry (mezzo-soprano) in Phantom of the Opera?
Best and Quickest way to learn the Classic Guitar?
I need to get classical ballet courses, written, any document that can hep in order to help a ballet teacher.?
is it me or is paris hilton's song stars are blind actually good? and her voice is actually nice?
Would this guitar be good?!/1 HELP?
I'm a drummer and I'd like to learn another instrument ... but what?
Who would you say is the current world number 1 ballerina?
Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one(s) and why did you choose to play it/those?
Does anybody know where I can find a vocal coach at in Chicago, Illinois?
Is there a way I can buy this guitar?
Do the bass and the guitar have the same notes?
whats the best instrument to start a child on?
where is actress Kathleen Beller now?
Does anyone have suggestions on where to purchase a headset for a theatre stage manager?
How can I make a duet??
anyone have any songwriting tips?
I'm a male pianist and all the GOOD pianists I know are girls...?
Guitar Center: What is this exactly?
Help with guitar bridge?
Pulse/tempo issues...?
Anyone know where I can find a Voice lessons in Oswego, NY?
using a 20 watt guitar amp to play with drummer?
Do you know where??
Is the Vintage V100 as good as (or nearly as good as) an Epiphone Les Paul?
For Tattoo lovers only! What do you think?
ASHLEY BANJO-DIVERSITY-britain's got talent (:?
Is guitar easy to learn to play?
stage fear..........?
Are there any free accent sites/materials online?
Does anyone know of a good electric tuner for cello?
midterm monologue?
Do you think my daughter is a good singer?
What do you want to see.......?
Do acting classes help?
Need help finding beautiful commercials?
Taylor swift you belong with me?
How can I learn to flutter-tongue on trumpet?
what strings come standard with a fender squire strat?
What Songs Show Off Your Voice?
How can I make the violin more fun?
What's the difference between rhythm and lead guitar?
What can I do to get noticed as an actor?
I auditioned for Disney 365. When should I expect a callback? Have you ever auditioned?How was your experience?
I want to buy my bff a french horn. But which one?! HELP!?
attire for opera?
Advice on learning bass guitar?
What kind of viola do u play?
What type of electric guitar should a beginner buy?
Help! I need a song!?
What do you do if you don't have any courage while playing your instrament?
girls what instruments do you play?
Global Talent Agency?
I have a friend who like to fight a lot .but every time i tell him that is not good for he.?
What is the best type of mouthpiece for a tuba player to use?
Can't decide : learn VIOLIN or continue Guitar?????
What schooling do I need to go through to become an Art Director for a magazine or film?
How would I go about getting my two year old into acting?
Is 27 to old to start playing piano?
how can i go about being a real actress right away. i dont want to waste my time going to acting school.?
How do I whistle through my fingers?
Who's from Korea?
I was gonna start learning a new instrument any suggestions?
I there any alto parts in Spring Awakening?
looking for Tin Machine video. Anyone help?
What are some good FREE online guitar lessons? (for beginners)?
How do I play this note?
How long does it take the average person to be good at playing the guitar?
Is 15 to late to learn guitar?
Need help identifying this guitar?
I'm staged fright please help me?
I'm taking violin.. possibly guitar..?
How do you properly strum a Ukulele without a pick?
Why can't bands keep undergarments thrown on stage?
Do anybody know where can i lear magic ricks for free?
First kiss was a stage kiss...was it normal to feel sparks?
What are your favorite A Very Potter Musical/Sequel quotes?
How do most people learn how to play guitar?
Fingering??? HELP!!!?
Why does my voice sound breathy when I sing?
Actor, what state is great and awesome to start being an actor?
What song shoud I sing at our school concert?
Musical theatre song for boy tenor/baritone 13 years old?
How to march tenor/quad drums without it bouncing?
Can you provide information on a flute?
Is it possible to learn how to sing or is that something you have to be born with?
must i be good at playing an instrument to be into a music college?
What's a good beginning banjo book?
sitar importets in usa?
Will someone help me learn these songs by ear on piano?
Acoustic guitar why do i need to tune my guitar everyday?
Lazy Town!?
is it a good or bad sign when you audition for practice and the director wants you to audition again for real?
I dont have anyone to help me buy a guitar?
What should I name my bass guitar?
ESP H-1001FM or Schecter Hellraiser C-1?
which of the following music instruments is easier than others to learn and play?
can i teach myself to play guitar?
wow. im a UKULELE first timer: READ! :)?
I want to start learning close up magic, how can I start?
DO YOU reckon that your voice sounds different when recorded?
The best book on how to learn acoustic guitar for beginners?
can them new face wipes haurt a teddy bear if wyped on there fer?
Is there a class action lawsuit against IMDb to remove birth dates from their website?
Should I teach myself keyboard or bass guitar?
Which double bass pedal can i get for the best deal?
How do you keep from getting dizzy playing the piccolo?
do i need to go school when i have talent?
How do you whistle a shrill blast?
Do people who are physically fit sing better?
I feel like I'm not making any progress as a drummer, any advice please?
how can i exibit my arts work international?
How do you keep from strumming notes you don't want to strum when playing a guitar chord? Any tips?
Is the Kayne/Kustom Guitar and Amp Pack any good?
What is a good audition song?
who do one knew about arthouse cinema?
help girl band names???!!!!?
concert band seating arrangement?
Can people gain musical talent through hard work?
how do i get over stage fright?
Why is there flowers on Chris Fehn's drums of SlipKnot?
What are some good acoustic-electric guitars for 200-500 dollars?
Is it bad for a guy to play the violin?
Talent is a pursued interest. In other words anything you're willing to practice you can do?
can someone help me find a quitar strap?...?
what is poetry ? to brasil folclorikdance travel?
When will I need to replace my guitar Taylor 814ce 2011 version for a new one?
Help with a guitar beginner?
What tuning do you use for your uke?
A good song for a band with a piano 2 flutes, clarinet and 2 guitars?
Photoshoot ideas? please help! I'm desprate!?
what would you say is your talent in life?
FILM Monologue. I need your ideas. :D?
How many notes/fingerings does a Tenor Sax have.?
How much is this guitar worth.?
Do violin strings age?
$300 spend more on guitar or amp?
How do i Know what note im hitting?
Is age 14 to old to start getting into performing arts?
i need to play louder?
As a performance artist, how do you keep your 'stage fright' under control?
What is the best website to find local acting jobs?
Looking for piano duet - want a more pop culture genre?
I am a beginner with strong musical background. What guitar model would you recommend?
Is learning to play the fiddle/violin hard?
How to get somebody to talk slower?
What song did I play on my Clarinet??
can anyone write me a monologue?
DSP Entertainment auditions?
I just watched a video of a 2 year old playing scales on piano, when should I blow my brains out?
Can u define what is beauty?
What songs about hope and winning can be performed in a dance?
Talent show song ideas?
I'm a guy but I think I have an alto voice?
what is the sexiest electric guitar there is?
What song shall i sing for my x factor audition?
Minor scales for tenor sax?
Zildjian or Wuhan or Sabian or Paiste?
What are good open hole flute brands????
What is the correct way to be sitting at a piano? How do you know if youre too close or too far away?
Is hiding a speacial talent normal?
How can I fix my buzzing problem on the trombone?
i want to paint an electric guitar for a summer project...?
How many music conservatories are there in Paris?
Why do people cry?
Can someone please provide me the link (or info on where to go) to check the union status of a movie?
What type of guitar should I get?
What would be a good electric guitar for me to buy?
Help with the basics of being a DJ.?
Singing question???
Does anyone have paper cut outs or templates of scenes from the phantom of the opera?
Where can i get an electric guitar for $60?
How do I start to learn the Oboe??
What are good musicals for a High School with some limitations?
musicians, how do you connect with your audience?
Need help with stage fright please?
Is it cool that I do contortion?
Where can i buy a costume type Lord of the Rings Evenstar pendant cheaply?
How do you start to learn guitar?
Which guitar pedal should I get first? EQ or overdrive?
flute instrument?
whats the difference between a maple back violin and a rosewood back piece violin?
What personality-"quirks" did / does the character RUPUNZEL have in The Shakespearean plays?
does alto clarinet an use a neck strap?
I want to learn how to play a guitar. Also some suggesions on a good guitar to buy?
how to become a Famous classical pianist?
suitable audition piece for hms pinafore (alto, for chorus)?
A fun career that requires LOTS OF TRAVELING?
How do I get my singing voice back?
Where can i download true colours by Ane Brun?
should i??
Where should I go to get a Clarinet exam (for levels) In TORONTO?
If i play gh on expert how will i fare on a real guitar?
Is there a technique to putting a vibrato in your singing voice??
Junior in high school, been down a long road, plans changed. What do I do now?
How to hone my stand up comedy skills?
Romeo and Juliet??
Why do most successful male signers sound like musical instruments?
Is a Peavey 5150 good for metal lead guitar?
What is your favorite key?
music production question?
Are Tenor ukulele's tuned and played the same as Soprano ukulele's?
If I have a serial number of a guitar, where can I look it up to see what model/year the guitar is?