Performing Arts

how can i learn some easy magic by which i can impress the hard people?
A good stage name...?
is it easy to learn guitar by book?
Whats better for a beginer to play a violin or clarinet or flute?
What re some men's names starting with I and isn't Ian?
I need a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some steps to becoming a young actress?
does anyone know where i can find the warped tour 2009 line up with the times the bands are playing !?
Where can you find Steve Tyler version of the national anthem he sung for the world series?
What do you do when you feel unmotivated?
im 13 and love to sing. Where can i go ?
What is the easy type of brass instrument to learn?
what do i sing best?! (videos included)?
What do you think about this guitar solo cover?
How do I play Happy Birthday on the French Horn?
Question about Rent the Broadway Version?
Do you Think Jason Dunn Is the hottest band member in Hawk Nelson???
A clarinet question................?
i need invetation because iam one of the companies will represent in piedra stone fair so what will i do ?
Are there different guitar sizes?
Where can i audition for comedey shows?
real guitar or guitar hero?
Stage Fright Problem Music related, I need to have my problem fixed by the 10th if possible...?
How to play Variation 10 of Pgaganini's Caprice #24?
Marching band..what instrument do you play, or are you colorguard?
Where can i find monlogues for Speech Tournaments?
Can anybody help me find a name for my school's girls choir?
Anyone wanna share something they heard from a good guitar on youtube about how they practised as a kid?
What would this custom guitar sound like?
Good Yamaha Flute to Play in a Youth Orchestra?
How often should I clean my trombone?
I want to learn info about a pianos (Please Help Me With Info)?
what to do & is it too old for me to START to become a famous dancer at 17?
What should i play, bass guitar or electric guitar?
How to get this sound electric guitar? it is to DIE for?
How to become an actress?
my hammond organ bass pedal continues to play after i release the pedal. how do i fix it?
where do you play your pentitonic scale for the key of A minor on the guitar?
what are some good songs to dace to for a church talent show?
When did they start costruction on the Sydney opera house?
Keyboard question about octaves up?
Songs to sing at a talent show that is upbeat?? I will answer your question!?
How do i write a death monologue?
Does Anyone Know the exact fingering positions for Yngwie Malmsteen's "Arpeggios From Hell" on guitar??
OK guitar players which is better, strap locks or no strap locks? whats you fave guitar style & brand?
Are there any acting or talent camps you can go on in England?
do you think I should follow my heart and sing?
i need a large glass tank (to put water in) i dont need a fish tank i need a wide tank with a dept of 1ft?
My friend and I are trying to learn how to sing....?
What kind of loop pedal should i get?
How to play the guitar for a 13 year old?
SID And Theater Situation?
Who died a couple weeks ago while performing "corteo- cirque du soleil?
how to hold onto my pick?
What drum sets are great for starters?
Junior High scene kids?
what can i play for my gcse solo peice?
Can a ElectricViolin Make Sound With Out Amplifier?
How can I make my Acoustic Guitar sound LOUD?
Anyone know where I acn get free sheet music for piano and vocal?
guitar problems?
Were can i find christmas scripts that i can make into a short film?
Was the one who created Barney the Purple Dinosaur on Acid? Was he running with the one who created Puff??
how does the raven magic trick work?
Singing doesnt have to be a talent these days?
How can I obtain perfect pitch?
Can't play D Chord Guitar?
Should i quit marching band?
Beginner guitar player.. should I get 3/4 or full size acoustic?
is 17 too old to be a contortionist?
What is the easiest type of guitar to play?
Why do you play an instrument?
Is it too late for me to start violin?
GCSE Drama Comedy key skills?
Which Guitar is better?
i need help writing a song?
drama drama drama?
Are you a musician?
Your class having a karaoke party. Do you get up there and sing?
What is the jury in music?
What is a good bass trombone model?
why do some people think they can sing but really....?
how to find list of metallica songs?
why is there cellos?
why cant i find a singing auditions?
how many instruments can you play?
Calling all those of you with a musical ear: what do you reckon on my harmonising skills?
How do I get out of doing guitar lessons?
Would Writing a Song for a Girl Creep her out?
Bass with S on headstock?
should i get a new guitar teacher?
Do you like going to the orchestra and why not if you don't?
Does anyone know some good ballets?
Am 20yrs old, am i too old to learn Guitar?
How do I learn to do a vibrato?
sleeping is bad or good habbit tell dialy how many hours i will sleep?
Restringing a guitar?
Where can I get the cheapest Warped tour tickets?
What is a good bass overdrive pedal for under $100?
need saxophone renting help!?
What's the best way to buy a used violin?
Acoustic guitar with a missing bottom strap pin (End pin?)?
where can i find good acting companies in the LA area?
My mother will not let me sing or act, at all! No choir, no lessons, nothing. Any suggestions?
Does anybody have any good ideas of improv style games circle games or theater games for adults who are deaf?
how do you sing english madrigals?
Guitar pickup advice?
Whats a good electric guitar under $250?
so you think you can dance or sing huh? enter here?
How do you go into a backbend?
How hard will it be for me to learn Acoustic Guitar?
Which is the easiest to learn, Bass guitar, or Drums, or Electric Guitar?
Suggestions for a song to sing?
Do the actors use microphone in musicals such as Phantom of the Opera?
Can A Contemporary Scene Not Be From A Play?
James Cagney - did he have a brother by the name of William Cagney??
who plays the diablo here?=]?
Why do people cough at concerts or plays?
Help with the basics of being a DJ.?
What is Wicked the musical all about?
Why do so many musicians lack emotion these days? Why aren't people striving for their own individual sounds?
Where Can I Learn How to Play African-Style Guitar?
What guitar strings to buy for an acoustic guitar?
I'm fifteen can I start gymnastics?
songs to sing (like gravity sara bareilles)?
what are the risks of being a musician?
What type of musician should i be?
Why is it so hard to learn guitar?!?!?!?
What should i sing for the school talent show.?
Any good, free talent agencies?
Need a good girl's STAGE NAME. *Will Award Best Answer.*?
Why is modern dance done barefoot?
Solutions for Toggle Switch Problems on Les Paul?
What is the similarity between a woman and a guitar?
What type of guitar should I buy?
does anyone know of a recording studio?
1 Minute Monologue??????
Name the software that has musical functions like drum,violen,guitar,flute?
song lyrics?
Do you have to major in musical theatre to audition for a broadway musical?
How do you play this chord on guitar properly?
I play drums, now I can't really hear, what should i do?
where can you buy backstage passes for concerts?
i'm learning to play the bass guitar but i have a electric guitar is it the same?
Clarinet exercises?
What is the difference between a violin & a fiddle?
Horror Movie Music Montage for Pointe?
How to implement scales into composition?
My little sister cant do backbend tips?gymnasts help!?
Performing Arts Schools in Newcastle?
Was learning to play guitar difficult for you?
Tips for competing in beauty pageants?
i wanna know the best kung fu coaching center in bangalore city regardless of the fee?
Does anyone know the 2007 Van Halen reunion tour set list?
What guitar pedal is good for under $30?
Dance duet costumes for 16 and 17 year old girls?
How loud should my bass amp be at a gig?
Websites to Find Talent Gigs for free??
Can anyone give me names of upbeat female solo songs from broadway musicals?
Is it better to become an actor turned musician, or an musician turned actor?
Which symphonic piece should I audition with?
Trombone Audition Help?
Which is a better guitar, the Epiphone DR-100 or the Ephiphone AJ-220s? :)?
Piano: Is it possible to learn to play piano alone?
Should I try to learn Bass Guitar or Electric Guitar?
why do people like the electric guitar better than the acoustic?
Would attaching weights to my biceps as I play guitar ruin my technique for good?
Soprano Jazz Songs Anyone?
Are Dean guitars good guitars?
How hard is it to play a Flute?
What is the cheapest but best bass guitar to buy?
How long should a clarinet last?
what dances should I learn?
How to sing alto please help!!!!?
How do i get girls with guitar?
What are the guitar scales? And where can I find them?
Does a drawing artist (painter) use any mental energy when drawing?
Do you consider learning and playing songs on piano, practice? is anything else really necessary?
Should I become a model?
What band did Marky Mark play in?
I have a presentation in English class and i am really scared to do it what are some things that could help me
What exactly "classifies" as being a Lyric Baritone?
guitar notes?
What's the best beginner accordion?
how far should strings be of the fretboard ?
Chorus fundraising ideas?
Hard Karaoke Songs?
Should I just give up?
can someone give me a good song to sing.?
Singing question???
Do you think this is a stupid reason to be mad or is it just me?
List of the songs from grease?
I thought it was to good to be true. Bono. If ur so ready to do things with your mouth, lets do it. indo Rob?
Voice Preperation? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!?
Gilbert & Sullivan or Simon & Garfunkel?
I've sucessfully been able to get the?
how to play guitar without a pick?
What's more important to you: fame, money, or artistic expression?
music video dancing? how to? get started?
how does this sound?
I need ideas please :)?
When i play the trumpet, (i'm a TOTAL beginner)why does it sound like fartingg?
Careers in music?
Does Jeff Dunham have any new material live?
never dream alone sheet music?!?
Besides Annie, What are some Broadway songs that kids can sing?
what date was my acoustic guitar takamine "jasmine" made?
I was personally asked to sing at a event as a talent act.. & i have no idea what to sing!?
who wrote the josh groban song to where you are?
what type of drum triggers should you buy?
What is a quick, fun, violin song possible/around 3 minutes?
Can I enroll in a performing arts school?
What are some of the best musicals to watch for beginners in the genre?
where do you take a hip hop class?
does anybody know a Christian song that a i could sing at church?
how to wright a song?
Do You like to sing in the shower like you on stage?
Good Broadway Shows?
When opera singers sing in their highest voice, what is it called?
What is a dancers body?
Help writing a (musician's) resume?
I want to be a prima ballerina?
How do I get started with a new expressive gospel dance group?
I am a Beginner and want to learn Guitar. Please suggest some Good Guitar Coaching class in Anna nagar.?
i want to learn string instrument but i can't choose between Cello and Violin?
im magician and i want to start a career with a partner but a cant find one would anybody here be interested?
What talent do you like to have, acting, singing, dancing or painting?
Making a living as a Guitar player?
Can you have two passions?
How to play percussion?
Are Lazzaro clarinets any good?
Do i need to know how to play every single chord on guitar to be good?
can someone help me with my guitar problem?
I need an audition song....?
How To Start An Acting Career?
Drummers:please help i have a few questions?
Can anyone tell me a good song for a guy and girl to sing for a duet?
How to read guitar tabs?
how i go to india?
how can i become a star? I'm 16 and don't have any connections and no way out from where i am.?
Who performed at live 8?
Tips on teaching alto sax?
What's the best electric guitar for a beginner/amateur?
When is Equus, starring Daniel Radcliffe, coming to Broadway? Exact time frame and where I can find infoplease
Where can i buy a Vox Cooltron Brit Boost pedal in Britain?
Need a memory jog!!!!!!!?
How do I choose a beginner electric guitar? + more?
Where can i get rent or buy a snow white magic mirror for a production?
What is the frist step to learning to play guitar?
My piccolo pads?!..please help?
What's a good guitar brand to start off with for beginner's?
Why do we Artists have to SUFFER and STRUGGLE?
whats some really good i miss you songs of the rock persuasion?
Can anyone guitar tab peter green's fleetwood mac . Hiding in shadows or where can I find it?
which instrument is better a guitar or a drum?
has anyone here been sawn in half?
When Starting Guitar What Is Better Acoustic Or Electric ?
How do I apply a guitar scale?
How to deal with performance nervousness?
When Daft Punk plays Human After All at concerts, it sounds exactly like the original recording, why is that?
What is the best way to teach myself guitar?
Do you know I am very talent ?
Is there any way to play Bad Boys by Inner Circle on piano?
Where can I find a small cast play....?
Really good song to preform at an important audition?
Bass guitar question?
Anybody get annoyed by people who claim to play instruments here?
What should I Do For Thailand's Got Talent?
What are some crazy talents that are fun?
Does anyone know a good duet/solo song for an 11 year old girl?
what do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
im so ANGRY??????????????
How to lead a percussion section?
Can you give me some songs related to these?
i am very very bad at the guitar but.....?
calling all musicians, is this normal?
Whats a good acoustic guitar?
What brand(s) of "low-end" $ TROMBONES are reliable?
Dancer at the end of Hairspray?
My daughter plays the violin and wonders what is the best second instrument to go with it? Can anyone help?
Is Truth that Paris is the Universal Capital of Arts in general worldwide? Because i'mthinking to study there.
how do you do pinch harmonics on guitar?
PNC Arts Center [holmdel nj]?
What inks are used in printing shops to print in color ?
dancers how do i make my leaps higher?
What stuff really annoys you?
If my singing voice sounds good in my own ears, could it still be bad when heard by others?
Is there a website that has exercises that can increase my vocal range for free?
How can I pursue my dream?
What would be a good song to sing at a talent show?
What EMG pickups can i put into my gibson sg?
I just got my first violin a couple of weeks ago....?
When are the new schecter guitars going on sale?
I need advice! Singing advice!?
Acoustic guitar help!!?
hello.........o could someone please tell me how i could improve my voice?
What strings should I buy for my uke?x?
Are there any online resources for the secrets behind magic tricks?
Monologue help needed! pleasee help!?
What drum sets are great for starters?
good acoustic songs for guitar?
fiorello h. laguardia high school of music & art and performing arts?
Is there any chance that my guitar string would be able to use?
What instrument should I play in my high school band?
I have done Arts, can i learn Tally ?
why should we improve our character?
Film Music?
what is divertissement?
I need a dance theme for talent ASAP?!?
Cello problems?
Selling antares acoustic guitar wats price?
Help me please!!! My drama teacher...?
In the acting world, how do people become ultra famous?
Where can i perform online for free?
Guys and Dolls?
Did you see the musical WICKED?
do you know how can I get a TAYLOR guitar? I can not find that brand anywhere?
what is required for an audition to work at six flags?
¿Did ATB do a material with Tiësto?
How can I impersonate a cockney accent?
music production in berklee audition?
What is your favourite Pantomime? And why?
How do I get over stage fright?!?
Bass Guitar Question?
My concentration is very short, therefore is it okay to practice guitar 17 minutes 3 times a day?
Song choice?
What does the F chord on the guitar look like?
Be honest can I really sing ?
E3-F5 vocal range?? What am I?
What is the curriculum for training in the French School of Ballet?
What flute should I get?
could I begin playing piccolo? I have oboe experience.?
Good MODERN Acoustic guitar songs to learn?
QLD Safety public safety?
What is my voice type?
Can you still enjoy playing a electric guitar even though your not in a band?
How do I heel my fingers in two days enough to play the bass?
would i be a tool if i get a guitar?
An overture is he first voice part to enter in a chorus of a Baroque oratorio. True False?
Exposing Entirely new instruments to the world...where to go?
How would you travel with a harp?
what changed in the phantom of the opera?
can you list theatrical plays inspired by W.a. Mozart life?
singing help !!!!?
What are some musicals with lots of roles for girls?
I have a naural ability to write songs and poems, but why am I so afraid to preform when someone ask?
What's one talent you have?
what should i be when I'm older?
What to sing to audition for Mimi in RENT?
I can write good
Topic for a Movie?
What do i do? (Sing + Dance)?
Do soprano clarinet and regular clarinet use the same reeds?
Routine? need a song or story?
Stage Performing?
can i learn guitar at home?
I'm new to guitar and I have gotten decent at chords C, D, E, Em, and G...what other chords should I learn now
Is this a good acoustic guitar?
Help picking a good audition monologue?
good way to learn guitar?
Getting into the Curtis Institute?
This girl's singing- any good? Need Positive and Negative opinions.?
What is the instrumentacion of David Amram's "Giants of the Night" flute concierto?
Can i still be a dancer?
Is it possible for one to learn saxophone at the age of 40 and master it in a few years. how long does it take
Honestly, who on this planet likes Celine Dion????
How do I get signed to a Talent Agency? or Find an Agent?
Epiphone Hummingbird or Dove?
Is anyone interested in African dance in the central coast area?
Where can I find the score?
What does that switch on semi-acoustic guitars do?
Help, my parents don't know anything about good guitars!!?
I messed up my audition...?
Are we good singers? 1-10 please?
what happens if someone plays drums next to my electric guitar?
Why am I not excited?
Songs for girl alto's, and my tryout.?
What's in a nuter drink?
What songs should I learn on the Ukulele?
can you answer this please?
When it comes to a performance..?
I want to play piano for a church?
What Guitar Should I Pick? Some Serious Expert Help Needed!?
Whats the Central Conflict of the Plays "The Bald Soprano & The Lesson"?
Pop genre singers sing in their chest voice or head voice ?
I can't do a backbend!?
good acting/performing tips?
what is the easiest instrument to play and what is the hardest?
What are some easy instruments to learn to play?
Is it true that to be a skilled musician you should start at a young age?What is that young age(5?,15?) &...?
How could psychic abilities be incorporated into a performance/circus?
How old do u have to be to join a improv club?
Acoustic Guitar for Intermediate Electric Guitar Player?
Any tips to march smoothly without having it affect your sound?
GCSE in performing arts?
The open 3rd on Metallica's One.?
What YoYo to start with?
Britains got talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i learn to sing?
does anyone know of any trombone songs if so please email me the sheet :)?
Is it too late to start acting at 14?
Are you a musician? You only had to put in one given word! Easy 10 points!?
Marching Snare is Pearl better or Yamaha?
how can i learn kalari?
How can a DJ or Mixer or Techno musician start?
what is Kerala's art form?
Is classical music elitist?
what is the best yamaha keyboard for a beginner?
music or acting programs?
A7X: zacky vengeance acoustic guitar?
sustain for guitar switch?
What is the best guitar brand out there?
Good exscuse to quit my choir?
Is there something similar to in the UK?
making a fake ticket or any other ideas?
Can one say E Minor is difficult? ... HURRY !!!?
What are some steps that I can take to become a famous teenage singer?
Can anyone tell me what brand of bass this is?
about music (piano/keyboard)?
Musicals - What is the contrast between "Gimme Gimme" & "What I did for love"?
what are the best salsa songs of all times and their composers?
Why is it that singers with an exceptional few are not good looking whereas most dancers are good looking?
I want to get into acting and i need some advice/tips.?
Plz help with guitar effects.?
Does anyone know where can I find information about the history of musical theatre in the USA?
i need a job any clue which one should i get or how should i get one?
Easy way to learn to play an acoustic gutair?
What is a good cello sonata?
Wicked Presale Password Tickets Columbus Ohio Theater?
Can A Drummer Help Me With Something?
Does the glee cast sing on the cd's?
Alto Saxophone issue?
what were william shakespeares major works?
Who sang Cucurrucucu Paloma?
Although it's traditional to use fingernails to play classical guitar, is it ok to use finger picks?
How can I maintain my violin chair placement?
What guitar would you recommend?
Do girls like a guy that can play the guitar?
Carvin Guitar questions, please answer! ?
Good songs to play on acoustic guitar?
should I look at the guitar notes and play or what?
what did award ribbons look like in the mid 1800's?
Where can I find a drum set creator like the one below?
How'd they do that flying shot from U2's "Even Better than the Real Thing" video?
What are some good exercises to strength my fingers for bass- and guitar-playing?
Are you happy you learned how to play the guitar?
How do we sound? ? ? ?
Best Place To Get A Violin And Lessons ?
what do you think is better? The Hammond B3 or the Piano.?
How do I start as a stand-up comedian when I'm only 14?
How do I become a sucessful comdian im 13 and decided this is what I wanna do?
Recommendations for mallets?
I've lost my guitar pegs, what can I use instead?
How do you drop a guitar down half a step? can you do it with a tuner?
Glee club help and questions.?
Does anyone enjoy singing contemparay christian songs?
Soulja Boy dance!!?
about music (piano/keyboard)?
X-factor audition - what to sing / wear?
How hard is it to learn the piano?
How to become a working actor?
Changing seats at a concert?
What magic principles does Paul Kieve use to pull off such amazing, realistic stage illusions?
is it hard to learn to play the guitar because i wanna be a rockstar?
in improv- is there a general idea where to go with an offer"?
Acting? how does one go about getting into it?
What songs to sing at an old folks/retirement home?
What guitar tremolo system is better zr or floyd rose?
What are some easy and cool songs i can learn with acoustic guitar.?
listen to scheme glasgow easterhouse band?
How do you start a band and get famous really fast?
how to become an actor?
what are the three chords played on the synth in the first 17 seconds of Deep Forest's Radio Belize (Comparsa)
How can I become a piano?
What is the form of a rondeau?
How can I become a great guitarist?
How do i change my singing range?
Best Musical Theater College Program?
Are you a classical music lover?
how to be a good talent show host?
How to I start to become a rich and successful Actor?
When you take acting classes do you overcome stage fright?
could anyone listen to the part of a song and make a tutorial on how to play the guitar part?
Does anybody know any good modern day songs that AREN't about love?
Is it okay to ask the actors for their autographs with an older playbill ?
Why can some people sing, but others cannot?
What song should a 12 year old sing for a competition?
Have you ever been to a Muse concert?
How can contortionist bend so easily, and do they have side effects do to all the bending?
Voice actors needed!?
Dramatic female monologue?
Help on the movie Cast Away!!!?
What do you know about Judy Garland?
Can I use the "Ultra vibrato" (Vibrating trem) Trick with heavy strings?
How do i play guitar and use a microphone?
What is the difference between a multi-effects pedal and a stompbox? (Analog pedal)?
How do i re size videos so they fit on youtube?
Les Miserables is the greatest musical. Anybody disagree?
I Need a 6 - 10 Minute Online Monologue?
when and where are the highschool musical 3 auditions?
Church duet?
Wanna start playing electric guitar but don't wanna pay for lessons, and good online tutorials?
What Instrument Should I Learn 2 Play Next!?
Can anyone learn to sing?
How do I laugh?
Does Performing arts include acting ?
How can I sell my violin fast?
What's your favorite aria?
How can I prepare for a Susan Pevensie audition?
can you put a floyd rose tremolo on a guitar without a whammy bar?
How can i learn to play jazz and blues on guitar ?
what song can i perform?
ahem. my, uh, friend wants to know if anyone's had personal experience with "super dating" methods.
How much is my guitar worth?
How do you not get nervous for a talent show?
good audition songs, pop,classic rock. ( NO MUSICAL SONGS!) for a17 year old girl, mezzo -alto ?????????please?
What song shall I sing for a FAME audition?
what is the song at the end of american idol? Had a bad day...?
Easiest Instrument to play?
difference between Pin type tailpiece and a clamp type tailpiece on a guitar?
What is legal to perform while street performing?
Why do dancers and gymnasts hate cheerleaders?
is anyone else fed up with the world cup already?
What is a good piano piece to play for people?
Do you believe musical education is important?
what kind of classes do you have too take too become a talent director?
Will marching in the rain ruin my flute pads?
How can i play the flute louder louder?
how do ya sing opera? omg its urgent!?
sme or jype audition questions :)?
Theatre Career workshop for teens, I need ideas of what to say?
Could my "Giles USA" guitar be a collector's item?
does one need to be fluent in Korean to enter SM?
Can you learn or be taught to harmonize?
BASS TABS for "I'm looking thru you" by the beatles, read on!?
People say i can sing but i CANT!?
How do I go about fixing the bridge saddle on my acoustic?
Which guitar solo is harder to play?
Can someone help me put some action in this Macbeth excerpt I have to perform?
What is the difference between diaphragm breathing and shallow "everyday" breathing?
Bow or curtsy after solo recital?
Can someone help me and my friend?
What are a few Tenor solo pieces with piano accompaniments that are available for free online?
theatre: use it as a career or what?
Where is Gabriel iglesias performing next?
Will the Book of Mormon musical come anywhere on Europe?
How do you think a deaf student can go to Hollywood to become an famous actress?
is 14 yrs old late for piano lessons?
new at guitar -- quick question?
Who knows Johann Pachelbell-Canon In D's tablature for two guitars??? I only know for solo guitar..?
How can I apply to take part in a west end musical?
How does the opera 'Aida' end?
Can a person learn to play solo guitar with only 2 fingers, index and middle?
pink floyd...?
Does everybody have the ability to sing well.?
Why is Land of a Thousand Dances in the key of b flat?
What is the problen with my bass or amp,help?
What to do for the Talent part of my pagent?
Does anyone know where I can get an instrumental to "Cry" by Mandy Moore without buying it or youtube?
Fender starcaster?
Can i start winterguard if i didnt do fall colorguard?
Is it better to use a pick or your fingers on the bass?
Just wondering if my singing is any good?
Which book do you think would be better for a beginner drummer?
Is it possible to level a whole continent to its foundations?
i have a debate and need help?
What is your favorite modern day Musical?
what are some good songs to impress people with on an acoustic guitar(girls)?
What is a good male theater song that is very emotional?
How can I become famous in such a small unheard of town?
My mom is upset that I quit piano lessons. Should I go back to make her happy?
What kind of Aquarian heads should I put on my Tama Rockstar?
How can I stop squeaking?
what is the best college choice for an acting major?
Can someone post a link for a printable ukulele chord chart?
Guitar Exercises for Guitar Pro?
What musical should I see next?
Where did Steven Segal study marital arts or did he?
Dropped my guitar on its face, dont know whats wrong?
Looking for any information on a Vargas Acoustic guitar. Friend of mine had one.?
Learning to play guitar?
i need a song i am trying out for my school play and need a good song to sing something about love are sad !?
Anybody know any Performance songs?
what country did the oratorio originate from?
Conn 8D vs. Holton 179?
Is it hard to play the drums softly?
Is it impotant to know how to read music for guitar?
britains got talent, should they ban the singers?
where is dame edna everage from?
does anyone knows where can i take violin lessons no too far from bacoor cavite?
I need a one minute monologue for teen boys and I cant find a website that has one HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Would this be a good contemporary solo song?
does it matter what type of acoustic guitar tuner I buy?
Songs to learn on acoustic guitar?
Top Three Female voices?
How do I start?
What are some Broadway songs that'll make you cry?
What's the best type of guitar?
should i join marching band again?
Guitar? Can i still learn how to play guitar?
What is a good audition song for a 15 year old male tenor?
Is Karl Pilkington really that stupid? Or is it all an act?
Does anyone has pics of escape artists?
I hav found some used fender guitars is it worth buying ?
whats your favorite broadway show?
Cabaret Audition ballad piece?
What Are Some Good Songs For A 14 Year Old To Sing ( I Have A Low Voice)?
what musicals should i watch?? im obsesses with glee and want to know some good musicals :)?
How do I hit the low notes on my alto sax?
How to fix string buzzing in steel string acoustic guitar?
Where can i find Spanish or African Christmas songs/carols on C.D?
Are there any free dance leassons available around Troy, OH?
How do I tell my parents i have a good voice, and want to take lessons?
Can someone tells me what is the different between Mefistofele and Don Giovanni?
Guitar effects/amp settings for 'one' by Metallica.?
Theater blocking question?
Am i musically gifted?
What's wrong with me? Is it stage fright?
Can Anbody tell me which insturment I should play. Tuba Saxaphone or clarnet.?
good music to dance to?
When you tune on a flute, are you supposed to use vibrato?
What are the best songs to sing in the shower??
Acoustic Guitar Recommendation?
Good ideas for a flute section shirt?
can i sing? what should i work on?
Does anyone have some simple magic tricks that work?
What do the metal knobs do on a guitar???
I want to become a better singer. How do I become better with out taking vocal classes?
what is your favourite piano brand?
How do I sell a cello?
crate tube amp head temperature weather?
If u play the flute...?
does every one have a talent?
can anhow much does Jazzy B charge for a live performance in a college?
What fret do i put the capo to put the guitar to the key of C?
Eb Key or C Key Saxophone?
How can I "soften" a violin rosin?
Do you consider yourself as a good dancer?
jazz best recordings?
What kind of guitar pick-ups does 40 Below Summer use?
How to become a successful musician and boost my confidence?
I am an aspiring dancer/model/poet/singer in desperate need of some exposure what websites should I relate to?
Does it look bad doing marching band if you're not a music major?
Is Josh Groban using falsetto in this song?
i need help with my persoanl statement !!!!!!!!!!?
Any tips for overhead 11018 T plate welding?
What moves should I do for my audition?
In the middle of May, I purchased a Buffet R13 Bb from Lisa's clarinet Shop?
Is it true that Gibson Les Paul necks break more often than those of any other high-end guitar?
Why does guitar cause me problems?
How long would it take to get good at the guitar?
would it be easy for me to learn guitar now that I am 25 years old and never played before?
is it too soon for me to get a second uke?
I need some constructive criticism?
Any good guitarist site where beginners ,professionals hang out together?
confused about lou reed and andy warhol?!?
I can sing, but I cannot sing high?
if i use a capo on my guitar do i treat the fret after my capo as the 1st fret of the guitar?
What sre some good songs from musicals?
Should Woodwinds in DCI.... or?
Any good performing arts colleges?
how old do you have to be to perform music at a bar?
Do you have to be a good singer to be an actress?
what is the easiest way to learn guitar ????
How to act out a song?
How much would guitar center give me for 3 Guitars?
What is the name of 'Phantom of the Opera' In Japan and Korean?
shakespeare for ninth graders?
criss angel???
What are some stereotypes on French?
As a beginner I practice the guitar daily for 75 mins. Is that enough?
I can read music, and want to play piano. Where to start?
what do you think of me as a guitar player?
What's your favorite musical instrument?
Which song should I sing....?
Need help finding a beginner's guitar?
Does race really matter when auditioning for SMent?
How tall do you have to be to get a part as a dancer on broadway?
Why is it that someone with as little of talent as Sanjaya is still on.?
are guitars any good?
How do I best prepare physically to audition for a low brass instrument position in Bluecoats?
spartans drum corp information please?
a female solo tamil song needed!?
Which guitar should I buy?
I need help on Buzzing with the Trombone.?
How do i play the guitar at home without any teacher ?
What happens if you lose your tickets? Is it a big deal?
Can A Bass Amp To Close To A Guitar Amp Break?
What song should i sing?
How to stop questioning my gift/talent?
How can I learn to sing?
I'm going to a Broadway should I dress. Does it need to be formal?
How can I get a grant for a playwrite and a songwriter?
i repad my flute and theres no sound when i play?
Do you have to be gifted to be able to have a soprano opera voice?
Where can I enter guitar contests?
How can you stop being shy in front of audiences?
Does anyone like marching band?
Could I Become A Singer/ Dancer?
What can I do to become a successful Voice Actor?
Indiana-Are they good bass guitars?
acoustic or classic guitar?
What song did Malik from "Taking the Stage" sing for the top of the charts concert?
I have to go to the bathroom but my husband clogged it. What should I do?
How long untill?
in the market for an open holed flute!? maybe?
What play should my school do?
In the musical guys and dolls, what songs does Adelaide sing?
how can you tell if the neck of your violin is separating?
What musicals have drinking in it?
What instrument should I play?
I want to play an instrument...but I'm 14, isn't that too old to start?
boccherini cello concerto in b flat major no. 9 video?
Starting A singing group?
I can't play any ones guitar but my own?
Can anyone help me with tips on playing an acoustic guitar,am trying to learn?
Have you ever seen a play on words ??
what is the most thing that people would expect to get out of an person?
"mournful day" by mozart?
How can i start my acting career?
How to work in the Renaissance Faire circuit?
Hello: Tell me what you love about Portland, ME. The pros and cons?
Any suggested Performing art camps?
Oboe fingerings question!?
I'm to shy!?
classical guitar going out of tune?
Musical Audition, Help?
I play bass clarinet... Is there a DCI group or professional group I can join after high school?
Can you help me with this amp question?
How to become a techno / pop artist?
Which should I play Clarinet or Flute?
what is your favorite musical?
What guitar should i get?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Questions..?
Having problems with attaching guitar strap to guitar, help!?
What are good songs to sing for a talent show?
What did Neil Young do to anger Lynard Skynad?
Tips on becoming a drum major?
i am trying to find please help me?
How do you get a talent agent?
Advice on starting Musical Theatre?
What to do with my life?
Can somebody help me finding something?
what is a good subject for writing a song?
Would it possible for me to play a guitar that Kurt Cobain has also played?
What would I learn at a beginners piano lesson?
who did a cover of "today" by smashing pumpkins?
Could somebody suggest a good concert flute for a beginner and give a rough idea of price ?
can anyone think of a song we can sing when we audition for X factor?
Does anybody know any information about Mccormicks drums?
i wont to see people who are black and hawaiian?
What is UR favorite color?
Can Ozzy Osbourne still sing?
Eletric Guitar - Floating bridge question?
I really want to learn an instrument?
What do they call the guitar technique that plays bass lines, melody and harmony all at the same time?
brok shales she is x wife of andray aghasy?
Is my voice good? Do you think I can improve on it?
how to sing better...?
Can cymbal get paint chipping?
i love to sing and how do i submit my song to itunes?
Can anyone suggest some, Going to the Opera "Do's and dont's"?
Guitar tuning.?
Do you understand modern FLUXUS?
Where can I find a handmade violin?
is this a good rap song hear it please im only 12?
How do I stop myself from hitting other strings on my guitar?
Are these good marching shoes?
I just got my first violin a couple of weeks ago....?
Where can I buy theater character shoes?
What is your favorite showtune?
I`m 15, How do I learn circus arts?
What is a good acoustic guitar to buy for beginners?
Are these concert scales right on bassoon?
What does it take to beomce a break dancer?
Where can I find some good Timpani Lessons free?
well i want to make a request l am a writer and i need a laptop and i can not afford it?
how i make for kiss a famous singer, because I love him?
snapped a cello string!?
How do I become an actress?
How good is The Lion King on Broadway?
Do you need to be strong in dance to be in Musical Theatre?
How do I start playing the guitar?
Can you learn/play both classical guitar and acoustic?
which one is easier? Bass or Guitar?
What would you suggest I do differently on my show ?
How to impress a drum major judge?
what would be a good guitar for this type of music?
Fingering of the G chord?
What is the correct pronunciation of the opera Turandot e.g. is it Turando or Turandot?
Learning the Violin Opinions?
Does anybody have this monologue from The Odd Couple?
How many plays should I do to have a talent agent consider sponsoring me?
Agencies; Scam or not? Opinions on finding/auditioning for talent agent?
i need a place to practice with my dance team but i have no money?
violin wrist? Any violin players have wrist problems?
where to get free music sheet for Dan Hill's sometimes when we touch?
Do you like mimes?
Clarinet A Concert Scale?
Does anyone know the WAAF artist that performed the Under the Covers song on 2/11/10 at 10pm?
i get to sing the anthem at a marshall (collage football) game.?
Euphonium and braces?
i wanted to sing for my talent show but im afraid to sing in front of a lot of people.what should i do????????
Which Les Miserables album has an international medley at the end?
What should I wear to my audition?
Please help me, im miserable. I cant play my instruments somethings up with both of my hands?
i have my first theater audtion saturday do you guys have any advice for me?
Do chord variations on guitar sound the same or does it matter?
has anyone else noticed this with some musicians?
Funny broadway solos for females?
Pickguard for my guitar? It has a a small sound hole..?
lead acoustic guitar players, what do light acoustic guitar strings sound like on an acoustic?
Was William Shakespeare against women and if he was why didn't he put women in his plays?
How many jugglers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Why can't I dance?
How can i learn the music notes to play guitar?
is playing the bass clarinet as easy, or harder than the regular clarinetis it the same? Is it the same thing?
is roger daltrey deaf?
Help with exaggerated and omitted parts in The Glass Menagerie?
what's easier to learn?
Help... another acting question.....?
Comedic Monologue? s best answer!?
Any tips for flute vibrato?
why are men suddenly so shy, when tey have to.........sing karaoke ?
Should I play the drums or electric bass?
how to get trumpet notes to come out nice soft smooth and clear, and whats the easiest way to play high notes?
What is the best show on Broadway now?
looking for a song for a team at work?
Have you played Faure's "Fantaisie" Op 79?
denny's allnighter warped tour?
is Andrew M. really bored? or does he have too much time to spare ;-)?
List of of things a vocalist would need to perform?
is it possible to teach myself to play the viola? i've played piano most of my life. will that make it easier?
Anyone else ever listen to ABBA?
Is an overdrive a good way to tell if your pickups aren't up to par?
Becoming flexible positioning help?
Getting better at trumpet?
How can I find a talent agent and get one with no resume?
Is it healthy to make love to your partner more than three times a week?
So if my talent is making people laugh and i dont practice it can it go away like can you lose it?
If a note is flat in one measure, is it assumed to be natural or flat in the next if nothing's indicated?
Finding a good Agent!!?
What musical instrument should I play?
Musical SONG question?
What comedian / actor makes you laugh just by looking at them...?
what the hell can i do for a talent show?????????????
Is a Peavey 5150 good for metal lead guitar?
Which performer to you is the best?
What is Your talent.......?
Is it possible to learn how to sing or do you have to be born with this ability?
Want to teach myself how to play guitar?
Good songs for a High School Talent Show?
Am I too old for the violin?
Calling all dancers! Jazz shoe question?
i want to become an actor?
Anyone good at singing and is willing to lend a helping hand?
i want to be an actress!?
I'm trying to find a song to sing?
Switching instruments?
what are your talents?????
I need songs to sing for my audition?
Do you sing or play a musical instrument?
How do I ask my strings teacher if I can play the first violin part for the songs in our concert?
Where to find solo arrangement for guitar pieces?
Who has seen the musical "Rent" It is Verry Cool..What do you think of it?
Beginner guitar help?
how many ppl here know how to play the piano but only hav a keyboard?
how hard is it to learn bass? How long does it take?
Is mariah carey completely insane or am I just a bottle of mayo?
why do we watch millionaires on screen?
Difference between premium and default Aquila Nylgut strings?
what should you drink to have a clear singing voice?
does anyone have sheet music for trumpet accompanied by acoustic guitar for "your guardian angel"?
What Flute or Whistle Should I buy?
Are George Schlatter (creator of Laugh In)and John W. Schlatter (author of I Am A Teacher) related? Thank You?
Does anyone know where i can find the full Corpse Bride script?
what are some good songs?
Who played the role of Christina in the "Phantom of the Opera" when it was in Atlanta last month?
Buying a new guitar?
Alto Clarinet and Timpani duet sheet music?
PLEASE rate my singing out of a 10 and be honest about it!?
How do you read guitar tablature?
I want to learn a musical instrument... any suggestions ?
Does anyone know the lyric from the Vinette Carroll musical, don't bother me i can't cope?
What is your talent or skill that sets you a part from all the rest?
is a ibanex a pretty good bass guitar for a begin er?
i love to sing, should i go for it?
What was Mozart's favorite instrument?
What instrument is this?
What are some of the best musicals to watch for beginners in the genre?
Please someone help me to learn How to sing like this?
how can i make guitar sound like metallica?
i need to change my guitar strings?
What is my Talent?
Question for singers, vocal teachers??
who can i take my songs to and get them published?
Need free guitar lessons?
What can I do to regain range and endurance on a trumpet?
How should i strum without a pick on a ukulele?
Do you have to major in musical theatre to audition for a broadway musical?
What are the folk dances of Great Britain?
Are saxophones usually the ones who are to play a solo in a band?
Do you play an instrument?
What are some really unique instruments for under $1000?
What is song does Garrison Keillor sing at the beginning of his radio show A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION?
Morning Musume Asian Auditions - will they ever come??
Advice from singing experts?
what is an easy way to memorize your major scales?
What guitar effects are being used in Green Day - Hitchin' a ride solo?
Just auditioned for GLEE! Please vote for me and COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK!!? Just auditioned for GLEE! Please?
Im looking for a college that has a Theatre Arts and/or Stage Management program.?
How does one go about getting into the piano bar business?
Avenged Sevenfold-Second Heartbeat drum tabs help PLEASEE?!?!?!?
what do you think about the drums? are them easy to play?
Songs for an amateur guitarist?
What is a good prose performance piece? Can't be a movie, play, or drama. Can ONLY be book!?
Does anyone know a place online where I can get free drum and/or bass loops?
will there be high school musical 4?
What kind of guitar does Brantley Gilbert use?
My dance class announced that there is going to be a spring recital *read description* What do I do ?
Want to start Guitar lessons, but...?
HELP!!! A special gift for a special person?
what are some alternative 2 page epilouges to pgymalion (the play)?
Male/Female Broadway Duets?
Should i stick to the irish flute or change to the boehm?
Alto sax and flute?
Does anyone know of a DVD or CD available by accordionist Oliver Deviney?
How does the wicked witch melt?
What type of violin should I get for my 7 year old son?
What does yg entertainment audition likely like , need to perform dance or sing ?
how do I perform with heartache?
does anyone know of any comical female/female duets for the holiday season?.... but not "Sisters".?
What does "a tempo" mean in a piano song?
How to feel confident when doing a solo talk?
Is there anywhere I can get the sheet music to "New York New York" from Shame?
Guitar exercises and wrist problem?
What is the greatest play of Asia?
Why do so many people dislike Fall Out Boy?
How would you rate the musical "Wicked!"?
what are the basics of a guitar?
Do you know any Music artists who were in college and started there music careers while the were in it?
questions about joining the circus?
What Instrument should I learn to play?
How much did I depreciate the value of this trombone?
who sang "As Time Goes By"?
Could I learn how to play the piano?
Which electric guitar package should i buy ?
can i sing? rate from 1-10 please?
should i replace my C foot or the whole flute? please read?
I can't find work experience in theatre, please help!?
Does anyone know a good new love song that I could sing for our talent show?
What guitar should I get?
How do I play Crab Dance by Cat Stevens?
How can i get gigs to play for?
What instrument(s) do you play?
I need a TITLE for my PLAY? 10 points?
Bass strings buzzing?
How does one go about playing by ear?
How do i read the chart thing showed on here? (ukulele)?
Songs for alto voices?
guitarists and pianists question please?
How to assemble and start flute playing?
What are some good practise lessons to build up speed and accuracy with my sweep arpeggios?
What piano song should I learn?
What's a good quality but reasonably priced guitar for a beginner?
Easy audition songs for Zombie Prom?
im teaching myself guitar n finding it hard finding an easy popular song 2 practise. anyone know any? help?
please watch video and tell me if i am good at singing?
Marching band: stepping off with which foot?
what exercises or warmups can i do before singing?
What word means less than virtuoso?
Do you think i am a good dancer?
Would you rather be extremely wealthy or be young forever?
How do those people in Zentai suits breathe?
Where can I find street scenes from "HELLO DOLLY" that I use on flats for our high school musical?
The question of Bizet's Carmen?
Songs to Sing for audition?
how do I repair a clarinet?
how can i become a werewolf?
can any type of stompbox replace a whammy bar?
Where can you get good hip hop/street dance training in the US and UK?
Hi, I'm a young filmaker, do you know if there's any film schools for young adults?
My High School is having a Talent Show. Does anyone have suggestions what a 16 year old girl can sing?
Can I use a plastic clarinet mouthpiece on a wooden clarinet?
What do I have to do to regain my musical ability?
I need help!?
Which scenario is best? (important question)?
How do you string a guitar so that there are loops at the pegs?
how do I become confident enough to sing infront of others?
What are the odds of getting into nyt or nymt?
Should I still play guitar?