Performing Arts

Why do so many folks say that Guitar Tabs are a good way to learn how to play the Guitar?
b flat clarinet scales?
i need a site to find out every thing abot making the walt disney lion king can you help me?
To improve singing?
Is the acoustic guitar a "cool" instrument to play?
What can I do to silence my drum pedal?
i sing well. I wanna make my voice very sweet. how to maintain my voice.?
How to play the guitar?
key designers of memphis milano?
What University or town near a university has a good Power/Progressive metal scene in the U.K?
What would be a good guitar for a beginner?
when playing the guitar do i slide my fingers or pick them up and move them to another fret?
How do I improve single stroking on a snare drum?
Flute chords of only hope?
what color would the name alison be?
How many different things can you make out of an unstrung guitar (no musical instruments)?
Where can i find opera singing lessons?
Do you like my singing?
To all Musicians, Dancers, Artists out has your world been impacted by Michael Jackson's death?
How well can you play the Banjo ?
i have an interview with a talent agent and i dnt know what to wearrr? help! please?
Free Voice overs for podcasts?
bass string lies on fretboard?
How can you use your face and body during Drama?
When/How to audition for X Factor?
I want to learn how to sing without a teacher??
Is a plastic oboe good to begin with?
Can I use any C-tuned instrument book?
Is the movie "Harvey" appropriate for children (K-5th Grade)?
where can i find a joseph Technicolour dream coat?
What can I do with a Rubber Chicken?
Do I suck at the piano?
Does anyone play the banjo?
what can i do if i want to sing for money?
What do you think of my actors headshot?
who has seen...?
What should I be on the look out for when buying a used cello? ?
Do I need to get licensing permission to record these songs?
What song should i do for my talent show ?
Is my acting headshot good?
were can you get the david russel cd with caprichio diabolico on it?
Is It easy to play guitar?
How do you play jingle bells on the clarinet?
What Does The X symbol mean in music ?
are there any good websites to find a short monologues for a teenage female?
Is my Electro/house music i make any good? please need advice!!?
Where can I get easy sheet music to practice my readings?
Good dancing songs for anime convention?
Is learning to play violin hard?
What is the best website for beginners to learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
Easy acoustic Guitar songs to play?
First yr going to french woods will i fit in?
what are the instruments used by artists or architect in drawing or lettering?
Does anyone know of any acting lessons available in Florida (perferrably the Southern)?
What are the seats like at LA's Greek Theater? Comfy or concrete?
how do i downlaod my song?
bill bojangles?
sss static information?
When did Gillian Lynne have her hips replaced?
What's the best piano brand?
is 50 bucks a week too much for flamenco guitar lessons?
I would like to attend the Today Show Summer Concert. When is a good time to get there?
What does "leading with the left hand mean" in Snare Drumming?
The hills song?
which instrument should i learn next?
How hard will it be for me to learn Acoustic Guitar?
Is learning to play the guitar easy or hard?
How does one get sponsored by a musical instrument company (like Fender, Zildjian, etc)?
Help on flexibility?????????????????????????
Who has ever heard of WICKED?
How to play guitar beginner?
If you were offered a job to perform in Disney World.........?
HELP Me...i have no voice...?
Cheapo guitar, novice player?
How much does a flute cost at Laconia Music Center?
modeling and acting?
would you attend a musical that has symphonic metal influences?
which instrument is older the lire or the flute?
Question about buying a new drum set.?
Ok I got a big guitar problem.?
Why can't I play trumpet!?!?
Taking up new instrument?
What is the best brand and type of guitar?
what songs does cathy sing in whistle down the wind?
Please help...I need a good audition song, any suggestions?
What other bands do the members of slipknot play for?
Where can I find music for this duet?
How do i do an input list for sound design?
Who would win a Ninja or a Knight.. and the knight is magical..?
I'm really conflicted right now?
Does anyone know that red special guitar of brian may?
Orchestra arrangement for a song from The Simpsons (not the theme)?
I'm looking for the 'U can't touch this' video where girls are doing a routine?
Witch one of theses guitars will sound better?
I really wanna sing but my voice is horrible. Is there any way i can learn how?
What type of guitar should I buy?How can I learn it?
so you think you can dance?
Writing rhythms? Dotted notes?
Can you help me with my audition?
Did you sing in your High School choir? ?
How can I properly set up my own electric guitar?
best strings for a bc rich wmd warbeast?
Should I sing in public?
nyfa question PLEASE answer?
What song should I sing for an audition?
Have you ever lit a fart?
Checking out a used saxophone tomorrow--what should I look for?
Whats your favorite kind of guitar to play?
Is any one in all-county guitar for 8th grade in VA?
How can I improve my improvisiation skills?
Can anyone direct me to sheet music for the Glee version of How Will I Know?
Singing makes me heart skip a beat in a good way =D?
Songs to sing for Little Shop of Horrors auditions?
Cameo 60's 70's acoustic flower vine on pick guard?
my middle trumpet valve keeps getting stuck only when it clicks in?
What type of guitar does Carly Binding play in her music video 'So Radiate'?
So how long (prison break) Lane Garisson's sentence?
Indiana-Are they good bass guitars?
What are some steps I should take in order to become good at guitar playing?
how do i make myslef cry while i am acting!!????
Phantom, Tarzan, or Lion King? Which one is better?
Did u just see Rhydian's performance on the X Factor?
Female Duo Interp Piece?
What song should I sing for Peter Pan tryouts?
What should I name my Horn? Don't answer if you are going to be a jerk about it.?
Who should I use for inspiration?
who's next?
writing a 2nd draft screenplay?
best instrument for scholarship?
How many guitar chords do you know? (ppl who play)?
Would "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid be considered a ballad?
How hard is it to get on broadway?
Is 12 a good age to learn violin?
How do i get over my biggest fantasy?
Is there any place I could find Wicked sheet music for free?
Can *anyone* become an opera singer?
How do I position my fingers to play Ab and G on the flute?
how can i get started living my dream of being an actor at my age of 33?
How to play guitar and sing at the same time?
Are there any amazing modern guitarist?
do you know a song i could do for my audition?
I'm 21 now and want to learn how to play piano or violin, is it too late?
Natural pageant questions? Please help!?
Pedal Steel Guitar Players?
Where does the lyre go on my clarinet? (hurry please I march in an hour!)?
What do you think of learning or playing the guitar for the sheer joy of it?
what is "strap" in publishing?
White or Black Guitar?
start playing the guitar?
Where is a good place to find dramatic monologues online?
How does a capo change a guitar chord?
How can I improve my singing?
why does my clarinet screech?
what is a good bass distortion pedel?
where can I buy a new bass clarinet for under $1000. ?
how will you have vibrato like the tenors have?
What are some good clarinet music books?
is a tuba the same as a baratone/euphonium?
Help with my acoustic guitar sound?
What is a Sustain Pedal Piano for and where do I have to place it?
please help!! i have written a monologue for an exam for drama class!!! please help?
how do you feel when you are having diarrhea?
Decca Acoustic Guitar?
Do you think this is ok for a band performance?
My husband loves Tchaikovsky - which ballet should I buy him tickets for for Christmas?
For those who have performed with the piano, what is it like?
Which Guitar is better?
Is my husband good enough to be in a band?
Is there a band called Ritalin Rats?
is there different type of nexon audition around the world?
What is the best acoustic guitar I can get?
Hot Rods Drumstick help?
Is it ok/possible to learn to play the violin with an electric instrument?
who did musician johnny rivers marry. did he have children?
International talent showcase waiting for Callback?
Starting drama classes soon, need info on CRB check/public liability insurance?
Tips for a drum major?
This a good idea for career?
On a guitar pedal, What do the Highs, Meds, and Lows really do to the sound?
good pieces to perform at a piano at recital, for an advanced level.?
Theater Arts question!!! Please help me?
Song and dance musical theatre numbers please? FOR SINGING! <3 ASAP ANSWER?
Copyright Questions: Band Member Leaves?
How long will it take for me to be able to play guitar pretty well?
On a chromatic tuner what calibur would you set to to tune a ukelele?
Who Do You Think Will Be The Final One Standing On I Love New York, Tango or Chance?
is it expensive to start modeling?
What piano piece do you suggest me doing?
Does anyone know any dirt on Debra Adler????
Is it possible to play circus galop on piano?
pirates of the carrebean flute trios?
What is the musical term used to describe playing a guitar solo and singing it(same notes) at the same time?
guitar ><><?
Who Sings The Song "Chicken Noodle Soup"?
help stage fright?
Which instruments have only a 2.5 octave range?
Violin : left or right?
I need to know what to sing.?
what are some good church choir songs?
Does anybody know which day Eminem is performing at the Voodoo Experience Music Festival?
Can someone teach me the ways of magic?
Where is best to get a cheap guitar for a beginner???
What is the difference between a muppet and a puppet?
Where are the Members of the Techno/Dance Band:Book Of Love?
I need to get better at ballet.?
Alto Saxophone Notes?
Am I a ok or good singer?
Do you know any good songs from the 1940's?
Playing the french horn?
I'm taking my acoustic guitar to get restrung...?
any body interest in starting a music band?
What exactly is a thespian?
what are different talents?
Is Auxilary Percussion good?
Stage Fright.?
What song should I play at a talent show?
Guild Wars 2: I'm Having a very difficult time choosing a profession?
What should I sing at my audition?
How can I teach myself to play the electric bass better?
where can I get free choral pieces? Can you please send it to the philippines?
Do you need a strong core to be a ballerina?
HELP! A'capella Doo Wop group needed!?
Buying my first acoustic guitar?
What is the most romantic dance in the world? And why?
How can I learn to sing without taking lessons? Thanks?
Are Sky Musical Instruments as good as the others? I want a Sky saxophone instead of Selmer.?
If I choose trumpet as a secondary instrument will it mess up my sax embrochure?
Should I buy this drum kit? :/?
What are some good sites for drum majors?
how do I tell my parents that I want to go into theatre arts, not become an engineer?
What are the worst and beat audition songs?
For Flute Players?
Which guitar should I buy my husband?
What is a good song for Hairspray?
Hairsparay Schedules?
what is the very first ballet that pops into your head?
How can I audition better? (READ DETAILS)?
What would I need to get this guitar tone?
Shakespeare Monologue Audition?
What do you need to do to get on Broadway?
Where do you buy a replacement piano key if you break one of your keys?
Is a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar a good guitar? ?
is this a good rap song hear it please im only 12?
does piano consider as an instrument?
Do people in marching band usually practice individually outside of rehearsals?
Classical Singing competitions on the US east coast?
What to sing for Little Shop of Horrors audition?
Guitar for beginners?
Cheerleaders and dancers....stretching tips?
How to sing like Vanessa Huygens.?
Blues instumental guitarists?
How come english people that talk with an accent dont have an accent when they sing???
Where to start learning the bass guitar?
When is a quack not a Quack?
cleaning a trumpet mouthpeice?
Band students: Bassoon help?
Phantom of the Opera?
Advice - Writing songs and singing!?
How to get into Juilliard for opera?
I'm a first time guitarist.?
Gustav Mahler - Symphony no. 1 free sheet music for viola?
Have you tried defying gravity?
What can I do?
How did you learn to play guitar?
How Do I Get My Voice To Stay Good?
Average time to learn vibrato violin/viola?
what guitar is this?
Is this real life?????????????
How competitive is flute playing at julliard?
Best free online guitar lessons?
How do a improve my voice?
i lost my flute!!!?
Please! I need Help! Its Urgent!!!?
How do you make a Drum Major mace?
How many actors have played James Bond in the movies?
What is the Best acoustic guitar for beginners?
What's the most attractive instrument a girl can play [guys]?
How to stretch my fingers to play bass guitar?
Guitar mainetenace (Is this a good way to hydrate your guitar)?
i was just wondering where i can find a violin!?
Talent agentssss????
Learning to play guitar. Should I learn all the pentatonic scales first instead of the major scales?
For advanced guitarists?
Are Sky Musical Instruments as good as the others? I want a Sky saxophone instead of Selmer.?
if you've seen grease on broadway..?
how much can i sell my madame alexander dolls for?
How Do I Over Come Stage Fright?
how to convert electric guitar notation into acoustic guitar notation?
Good monologue for 15 year old, important audition!!?
who like to sing and when did you ?
How to get better at piano?
Will learning opera help my chest voice?
What's so special about Stradivarius violins?
Help me choose a additional major and/or minor to compliment my BFA Acting Major?
guitar teachers in poughkeepsie ,new york?
why do bands bring recording engineers on tour?
Do you think that Hamlet's madness is an act?
What should I play for my audition?
Can someone give me a link to a GOOD instrumental version of jasey rae by all time low?
What to practice for a guitar duel?
What to get get a contortionist dreamer as a gift?
What song should I sing?
when playing a baritone, how do i get sharper or flatter? i need to change my tone.?
Where can i get slow floor music for gymnastics?
Help with a talent show PLEASE READ!!!!!!!?
A girl who loves to sing.How do I get discovered?
Do you recall an old British film titled "An Inspector Calls"? It starred Alastir Sim. Is there a DVD?
how can you get different notes out of a guitar by putting your full hand around the first frets of the guitar
How can you sing, I'm a beginner?
First guitar- electric or acoustic?
Snare Drum?
How should i learn to play guitar standing?
What is a hemi demi semi quaver?
Where can I buy a new good violin in Germany?
Upright pianoss cheappp?
What is your favorite musical instrument?
Why did a Guitar Center Employee take a picture of me?(Read details)?
Whats and epic clarinet solo to have in a portfolio?
One handed piano pieces?
Who is the greatest pianist of all time?
Quick question about music. If a trumpet plays the note C what note should I play on the guitar or violin?
what is a LARGE group of musicians called?
Should I get an acoustic guitar or keep my classical guitar?
Relative pentatonic scales?
Who, in your opinion, is the greatest living actor (M/f) ?
What kind of flute should I buy?
which should i learn, piano or guitar?
Is 14 too late to start dancing if i want to go into a career on stage/?
How much money would an average stands up comedian make?
Are you involved in music?
Should I switch from clarinet to oboe?
Recommended props for a Frankenstein performance?
Why do i keep hearing to play the guitar with my thumb behind the neck, not on top of the fretboard?
How do pop stars feel so confident on the stage ?
I didn't get any sleep. Those cats in the flat upstairs made a ruckus all night long...?
Do Pianos get nervous before a performance?
how can i become good to myself?in performing such things to be good?
How much do xylophones cost?
Has anyone seen the 'Phantom of the Opera'?
I'm taking a survey...?
is there any stuff that you put in your eyes to make yourself cry?
Im a dancer and i would love to audition for a disney channel movie or show. Have any ideas?
How can I improve my focus during my piano practice and performance?
Good starter guitar?
What is the theatrical show that involves horses & music? It's been to T.O. before. I think it starts with a C
Who has the new CD of Christina aguilera? if you do is it good or bad.?
Regina Spektor tickets?
What's a good tryout song to sing?
What is a melodrama?
Where can I find Advanced/Challenging Christmas solo violin music?
I want to learn guitar, but my dad said NO?
Correct Bass Drum Tuning?
Guitar recommendation?
(re-asking) what is it about dancers bodies? ?
what is gharana?and wht are its distinguishing features?
can i join a band when i go to college?
What's a good guitar learning ebook for beginners?
Happiest place in the world?
Somgs to play at 7th and 8th grade dances?
Songs needed for competition! Advice on vocal range desperately needed!?
Easy beginner songs to play on the guitar?
Ideas for a Medieval Themed Drama lesson (Ages 10-12)?
Out of The Box Broadway Numbers?
SM Entertainment Email Audition?
Im thinking about to learn to play guitar. Acoustic? Electric?
Which should I learn?
What instrument do you play?
Help me choose & Buy an Irish Flute!?
what do you learn from private violin lessons?
What is a good college for acting, dancing, singing?
what should i wear to an instrumental music audition?
Any good online site that help you get better at guitar?
How do you find an agent?
Do you think im ready for a 5c bass clarinet mouthpiece?
How much should I spend on my first guitar?
Do you know any famous black women known for playing the guitar?
Where can I find a good electric-acoustic violin at an inexpensive price?
Why does mi body itch when I contact-juggle?
any one know any cool websites? where do u like 2 go?
can any one think of a good ending to this script? ?
What would be the best way for me to seat my violins?
I think I have a talent for creating skits, jokes, etc. What do you think I should do with it?
what type of music is the clarinet used for?
what are some interesting facts about frida kahlo?
Calling anyone that knows what a baratone is!!!?
What are the best Talent Agencies in LA & Beverly Hills?
how long does a harmonica last before it goes out of tune? Does temperature affect it?
Is highschool lessons are hard?
whre can i find some pantomime shows on the internet?
Is it too late to learn how to play the guitar at 18?
Question about stage makeup?
When do you consider someone to be good at guitar?
Can you learn to play the acoustic guitar by yourself?
If you could have any kind of superpower, what would it be? Why? Would you use it for good or evil, or both?
Is LJ Hutchen a good flute brand?
I have a question about broadway?
Would it be okay to ask my agent if they could get you an audition of something you found online?
What Inspired You To Play Guitar?
Is this a decent drum set?
what is the difference between head,chest,falsetto and full voice?
Easy Songs to play on guitar?
Guitar chords question?
How can i sing better?
do any of yall sing good?
when did broadwaY START?
How do i get into the Baltimore School for the Arts?
Can i still be a dancer?
Whats easier to learn Piano or Guitar?
what do i sing best?! (videos included)?
What is a good song to audition for one of the three girls in little shop of horrors?
How can I make money as a pianist?
I need some character names quick!?
Advice for a young filmaker.?
Anyone know a good Drama School in Derbyshire?
who is the worlds best guitarist?
Does anybody know of some great rock pop tunes that could be 'air banded/guitar' to?
should i put electric strings on my acoustic guitar?
Is humor rooted in absurdity?
How to make h years and5 weeks got really fast.?
Song for Talent Show?
Top entertaining musicals?
What it is a good brand of guitar/amp for playing psychedelic/progressve rock?
solid-state amp, modeling amp, and tube amp difference??
What are the most calming/relaxing, beautiful instruments?
Ok question about guitar tuning and how to tune?
What is david bowie's net worth?
Does anyone know what "playing in kind" means, in a musician's scenario?
hey. so me and my friends made this cool website...I NEED YOUR HELP!?
Are you afraid of singing in front of people?
why do people close their eyes when they sing?
How do you show that one play is better than another?
Essential elements for viola?
What is a song that i can play to make my girlfriend sing?
Why is it difficult to progress on guitar?
What are some good serious duo forensics pieces?
What song should i sing?
Does anyone know an easy way to learn vibrato on a viola?
Who are some good women alto singers? I'm an alto and it's hard to find alto songs.?
When was Anndretta Lyle born ?
Where can i find weather report music?
Good beginner electric guitars?
Who is performing at the LG arena this year? ?
how to be an amazing dancer?
How to make a career out of playing clarinet?
what would you pay for a PRS CE22 guitar with damage?
What is this technique called (and how can I learn it)?
Can tall people sing like 6,8?
What amp\effects\pods on my epiphone les paul standard?
So i have been playing guitar for 5 months now? I wanna get way better but i dont know whats good to practice?
How do u play A on the E string on a violin?
I'm Looking for a Professional Ninja Turtle Costume, know where I can find one?
whatis a good of brand for an acoustic guitar?
from where can i get free Guitar lessons[blues]?
Where would be the best place/website to learn the solo for November rain?
I can play the guitar, but whenever I try to sing along with the chorus I can't do both at once?
Can I get signed? through direct Skype Audition but how?
What instruments have the same fingering as flute?
Do you think this is in the whistle register?
Do you sing in the shower?
Walnut Hill Dance for Theater Majors?
How can I become a actor answer please!!!?
What is a good intense opera?
Is the Barbizon is a scam?
i need help strumming my guitar?
Can you teach yourself to sing?
Whats the ing in my hands mean, when i play guitar or piano please help? am i injured?
How can i learn to play acoustic guitar really well without any lessons????? Please help!!!!!!?
Advice on how to play my poem on stage?
Whats A Good Age To Start Playing Guitar?
Female Readers??
I need guitar advice! (electric guitar)?
Harness for bass clarinet?
Hope solo...........?
How do I Improve my voice?
How is my singing voice?
Do guitars with a floyd rose have a wider neck?
How Do I Convince My Parents To Let Me Play Our Piano?
How many of you know what a viola is?
Is it too late for me to be a professional dancer?
how do you write songs that work to launcha career out of it?
Aria Acoustic Guitar?
how long does it take to learn to play guitar?
I'm in need of help with a violin tuner.?
Looking for a manager to help me with my music career, any ideas??
whats a good audition song?
I live in Dubai and am interested in taking acting classes, anybody knows any place that conducts workshops ?
What Instrument should i Learn for Grade 7 Band? HELP!?
What is the song "a whiter shade of pale" by the band Proko Harum about?
If you had to learn a ballroom dance, Which dance would you chose ?
how many feet of tape for 40 inch hula hoop?
Capo Guitar Help Needed.?
Where is there a theater with a proscenium stage?
What book should I get for my grade 1 violin student?
Do you love your guitar?
can anyone help me find a vocal coach?
fun guitar songs to play?
So I want to learn how to sing, but I suck so how do I get better?
Is it normal for a voice to fluctuate?
Songs for Mother's Day.?
How to be a unique musician?
Where would I find a strip club with both male and female dancers? In LA or surrounding areas.?
What is an appropriate song for a 7th/8th grade talent show that includes the guitar and maybe a little vocals?
is it me or is the performing arts section full of a bunch of snobs who think they know it all?
Which should I go see? Ka? or Zumanity?
I cant play guitar cords, my fingers touch other strings, my nails are a prob 'cause i cant cut them too deep.?
okay i need to find love songs...what are some good ones?
Can Jorma Taccone play drama?
studio 24 performing arts sacramento,ca review?
holly Sh*t Tomorow Im having my guitar test lesson..?
I bought my first guitar and this **** is too HARD!?
Snoop Dogg or JayZ?
how many years must i do to reach a cap of business?
How much is a George Washburn guitar worth?
what size is a 36 inch guitar?
Would it be a good idea to self teach myself piano while I'm self teaching myself guitar?
I want to be an actor but were do i start?
easy songs to play on guitar?
What is Vide Cor Meum about?
List five ways a Drum major can show and build a positive (good) example for the other band members:?
Why can't I play that funky Music?
How do I make my own rolling capo?
pointe dancers, i need your help!?
How can you get a mouthpiece that's stuck in a trumpet out?
I can't play an A major chord on the acoustic guitar?
What are the best BitTorrent sites for Jazz recordings/videos?
I just bought an acoustic guitar and i am teaching myself. what are the first things ishould learn?
I want to be in a performing arts school!?
What is the most attractive instrument that looks good in a girl?
if your guitar string you fix it yourself or take it to a shop?
Why do I suck at playing tests but can play fine regularly?
I am looking for a female monologue?
What's that one song where they sing about minutes?!?
Information about footloose?
How do you play this chord on guitar properly?
What is the difference between a film producer and a film director? Who is the one who creates the story?
Where can I get free Irish sheet music for violin?
who Can sing?????????????????????????
What's the best kind of mandolin to learn on?
What is the most stress-relieving piece of Classical Music?
What is Dhrupad in the Art Music of North india?
Who thinks there should be a musicians' subcategory on Y!A?
do you think hip-hop and r&b will die out any time soon?
Promises promises schedule?!?
What is the best clarinet choice?
color of marty mcfly's underwear-back to the future?
Will taking marching band make it harder for me to become a proffesional flute player?
Free 3 Female Scene From a Play?
Criticism is primarily a process os a. ______________, b. _____________, & c. _____________?
Need a name for my guitar?
What is the name of the operatic duet played at the Bellagio water show?
Is 17 too old to start voice lessons?
Looking for the name of a song with the following lyrics?
What should I run my Vocal Microphone To you? Can I use stereo speakers, a guitar amp?
Where can a 15 year old do stand up comedy in Sacramento, California?
About how much do these types of drum set cost?
Denver Acoustic/Classical Guitars?
I got the part of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, what do you think is the best way to portray her?
If a clarinet key is in F, what key is a flute in?
how about the quality of my guitar?
The enormous success of which piece helped to end handels career as an opera composer in london?
Is humor rooted in absurdity?
What is a good song to sing a solo to?
How to choose an ukulele?
Developing Whistle Register?
Pay scale for the RESIDENT CONDUCTOR of an orchestra like Salt Lake City Symphony, Knoxville Symphony,etc?
Please answer my question ? performing arts higher education?
Can I install a Seymour Duncan SH-14 Custom 5 bridge pickup on my Ibanez rg350ex?
What are some U.S. colleges where I could major in music recording or music production?
What are the differences between oil and acrylic paints?
What do you think of my voice?
Tips on teaching alto sax?
i can't afford guitar lessons.?
how does my voice sound?
What instruments can you play?
how to write a movie treatment?
Weird clarinet noise?
Vocal literature for High school Contest/Scholarships?
How do i connect guitar effects pedals?
How to make dance performance/carnaval costumes and head pieces?
learning to play guitar any advice learning basics at mo?
I will state here. "I do not like Madona" Please tell me why she is someone to praise. Please?
How to be a class clown?
Terrible stage fright! ?
What is the proper job title for a professional flute player?
Can anybody tell me the guitar tab for First Aid Kit's version of When I Grow Up?
Do you know any websites that I can match the notes of my Double French Horn to so that I can practice?
Choir help! I cannot read music but I am singing in a church choir.?
love to sing but not loud enough...?
How do I play notes using the register key on the clarinet?
Tips on improving alternate picking on guitar?
guitar help ...eeks :]]?
Why are Enter Shikari allowed to live?
15 bar upbeat song for audition ideas!?
I have created a free web site for church at geocities .Now it is not opening
Where can I find a summary of Der Freischutz?
what's a good flute brand?
Is it weird to feel nervous after you meet someone rather then during?
How much is my Yamaha Recording Custom 9000 drum set worth?
What is the best way to start a band? I can sing, and am in the process of learning to play the guitar.?
Suddenly sounds horrible when playing melodies on frets 4, 5, and 6?
In Guitar tab, each line represents one of the strings. What's the Line?
does this sound like 60's jazz to you?
did jimi hendrix play right or left handed?
does anyone know of any audition websites that is not connected with explore talent and is free to submit ?
peter pan script?
How do you play the drums?
Should everything look stretchy after playing guitar hero!!?
when will you say a beginner guitar player as real talent?
can someone tell me a good agency uk?
looking for a Christmas song?
Does anyone else out there march Baritone?
Which instrument is easier to play, a piano or guitar?
Shoes for dancing in an ensemble?
Texas UIL Easy Trumpet solo?
question about the warped tour?
I want to learn how to play guitar and piano?
Can I Sing!?!? 10 Points!?
What are the best stage plays (classic and/or modern) for women/girls?
i get to sing the anthem at a marshall (collage football) game.?
How far can you go with learning to play the drums, without an actual drum kit?
at home with 4 and 6 year old little girls we are board what are some fun things to do?
singing, dancing, acting lessons in reno ?
record producers?
auditions for performing arts??
what are dreams... do they really come true..anyone with the experience?
who is more famous worldwide: michael jordan or luciano pavarotti?
How to fix a flute when it doesn't play low C#?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp...?
what is the best for the money electric pickup to install on amedium priced acoustic guitar?
Modeling/Acting help?
Opinions from other musicians about any remote chance of being accepted to Juilliard?
What are good spoken word songs?
What does the percent looking thing on a music score mean?
I have stage fright and I have a program tongiht?
Is there any limit to how high or low an alto saxophone can get?
What is a good place to find already composed music that I can play and sell?
Is this a guitar for me?
Renaissance or medieval-esque guitar songs?
Niece, 17, wants to act, perform, in Broadway shows. Any good schools for that?
learning guitar?
What do I need to be a music composition major?
Learning how to play guitar?
Can you help me with my monologue?
How do people perform this trick? A magic trick?
Should I join HS marching band?
Do you think this is ok for a band performance?
Whats better hearing music or making music?
what are some good love songs?
which stage name is best?
what are some easy upbeat broadway songs?
are guitar center online sale prices the same as the actual store price?
What should I sing next?
dose walmart sell guitar strings?
Do you think i could make it as a singer?
This is a ? For everyone....!?
Where can I find a Lady Gaga Commencement Speech?
Can you name this comedian who didn't speak but played the piano on Comedy Central?
Is this a good pace for learning guitar?
In a college Marching band, which is more important:?
double bass question about level of skill required?
Does anyone here have a fear of clowns?
can you help me with a tremolo effects pedal for my guitar?
Can you names these Broadway shows???
Guitar Tabs for "I Don't wanna stop" by Ozzy?
"How to" speech topics?
I am a flute student who would like suggestions on where to apply for a BM next year?
how did Criss Angel put a quarter through a soda can?
Whats a good song to sing for a musical tryout?
What's the play with the song saying "One singular ----- every litttle thing she does"?
Becoming an actress and finding an agent?
My parents won't let me play bass guitar?
How can I get my viola to make a prettier sound?
How do I become a famous singer and actress?
Jupiter jfl-511 essc flute reviews?
What are some good flute and clarinet duets?
Auditioning for 42nd Street what is the best song for a female to try out with?
Is it ever too late to learn how to play an instrument?
How can get involved into gymnastics as a male?
hey i wanna learn how to sing screamo without hurting my throught...?
What are some good Contemporary songs?
80's song starts with a harmonic whistle and the chorus says something like "don't you do that"?
music or acting programs?
i play trumpet and i'm trying to get my range higher. can anyone give me some help full exercises?
why can i only scream in the shower? can i fix this?
Is Orchestra 8 a good seat for the gibson amphitheater?
anyone knows the pianist cecile licad?
A unique audition song?
Whats the thing tom morello does with his guitar?
What are the words to The World Turned Upsidedown?
Who is performing at the LG arena this year? ?
How old do you have to be to be a comedian?
any good women's monologues?
Choir At Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
What is a good guitar under $200?
Guitar, eigths, triplets. (Decoding my music book)?
Where I can buy guitar strings online that can be shipped to Indonesia ?
Is the mitchell company (brand) good for an acoustic guitar?
What Smells Do You Associate With Performing In a Theatre?
A question about the clarinet?
How do you develop a career in guitar playing as a solo artist?
I have a musical theatre audition in a week and don't know what to sing?
Does anyone know the lyrics to john rutter's prayer of st. patrick?
How does blending in a choir actually work?
Advice from other exotic dancers?
How to sing like Vanessa Huygens.?
Musical Theatre Duet Songs?
I wanted to know if anybody died at Woodstock? Like during the festival?
Why do people degrade me for playing electric guitar?
Gun's N' Roses Tab Question?
Does anyone know a good kind of guitar to get for a beginner?
I really need help its sooo important?
What's the song "American Pie" mean?
where can i buy a flamenco guitar online?
How do you.....?
Where can I get good deals on broadway tickets?
Can you learn guitar without lessons?
Would this guitar be good?!/1 HELP?
can you sing?
Where do I get female costumes/shoes for ballroom dancing? Good website?
what are some of the best high strung comedians?
Dreadnaught vs. Jumbo & Acoustic vs Electric/Acoustic?
how old is this clarinet and is it worth anything?
Where can I find information on harnessing my superpowers? Have you any superpowers?
performance arts schools in li and ny?
Why does my guitar go out of tune so fast?
How do i know its just a stage?
Marching band camp? ?
Who is the beauty queen in the US?
What in your opinion would be the best songs to be played on acoustic guitar?
What instrument looks like a clarinet but is very small?
What R the influences of the GREEK scientific, philosophical&religious concepts on the development of music?
Is 27 to old to start playing piano?
Is it possible to find a real good sounding snare for under $200?
What Song should I sing??
what instrument fits me?
Isn't it nice to have a president who can pronounce words correctly, and construct a proper sentence?
Question about music notes- black x?
i was seraching for info on an actor ross o'donovan who was in the 80s aussie musical starstruck but nothing
Roll stepping help! (marching band)?
I just got an Acoustic Guitar and I really need...HELP!?
Hello, Does anyone know any good songs to be played with guitar?
Can anyone help me?
How to get to Piano NYSSMA showcase?
How to learn hisrtory answers faster?
Is this a good idea for a high school club?
Which acoustic guitar to begin on?
What is the best brand of reed for an alto sax?
How do I become a she-male porn star?
How can I get my television series idea (a great one; edgy and funny) to someone who can help me get it done?
What are some good songs to play on an acoustic?
Is $130 a good budget on my first guitar?
What are some songs from musicals for about 7 girls to sing for a drama club project?
What's the best type of guitar to buy if I'm just beginning?
Becoming a piano performance major without previous experiance?
How well can you play the Banjo ?
Tango app Help (owners only)?
where can i find the sheet music for pans labyrinth for the flute?
Do I Sing Good!? 10 Points?
What are the pros and cons contrasting playing the electric guitar or bass guitar?
What are the qualities of a good guitar?
Can you give me the basics to having a great voice for singing?
Middle School Talent Show Songs ?
Broadway Musical help! (songs) s!?
What are the qualities of a good HS drum major?
Can I use my orignal songs composed by me as collateral for a loan?
Can you become famous, if you tryed hard enough?
What is the difference between an intermediate and beginner violin?
What is Avenue Q all about?
Is it worth getting voice lessons if you sing terribly?
Can Someone please suggest to me a dramatic classical or contemporary monologue?
What is the difference between a bass pick and a guitar pick?
What is a good Ballad for a beginer singer who is a Bari-tenor?
singing and playing gutiar together?
Acoustic or classical guitar for a beginner?
skyrim: i lost delphine but still have esbern where can i find her?
What USB mic is the best?
where can i watch high school musical?
Who is the best classical cellist out there right now?
music GCSE?
Should I learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
What are the fingerings on an Eb Trumpet/Cornet?
How do I gain the title of Concert Pianist?
How can you get a mouthpiece that's stuck in a trumpet out?
Does drama explore real life issues? Why or why not?
What happens in The Glass Menagerie?
Any good singers out there who can offer a gal some tips?
Looking for song suggestion for Boy/girl duet.(Vocal Students)?
in which direction can my career point if i like rock,skateboarding is my hobby,and bam margera is my idol?
Humbucker in stratocaster?
guitar experts! buying my first guitar (HELP)?
Can a song be a monologue?
Hi, out there! What is the website for FX network situation comdedy script contest?
Bands with female vocalists?
What are the best acting workshops/camps to go to during like the summer or something?
How much would it cost to install a bigsby B5?
What are some good songs to sing at year 7 formal?
What is the best brand of guitar to buy?
How long does it take to become intermediate to advanced drummer?
How can i meet the stars of a Broadway show?
Do you get stage fright?
How do you learn magic?
please teach me how to play the song just the way you are in guitar.whats the chords of that song.?
violin player?
is it easy to play the accordion?
Is 50 dollars for an hour voice lesson expensive?
Is Interface talent a scam? Should I go to the appointment?
Which scales are major and which are minor?
What microphones does Sufjan Stevens use?
Is it possible to do marching band for a living?
I need an audition song- any ideas?
When should a student switch from a closed hole Flute to an open holed Flute?
How is the play 'Romeo and Juliet' relevant to a modern day audience?
guitar question!?
What type of intermediate/professional alto saxophone should I get for college?
I have a pointe audition tomorrow?
Aerial Silk Classes in NYC?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named vanMeck gave him the cast to compose
how can i sing over middle c and is it not that high for a guy?
Part of Your World Key- Help por favor!!!?
My distortion pedal won't distort it only makes the sound louder?
what kind of amp can i use for a microphone?
Do you know any good Monologues?
what is easier violin or guitar?
why does no one realise my talent?:(?
What string is the one with the red dot on aquila strings?
How old and how much money is a Custom Les Paul Epiphone Guitar?
is playing trumpet as a profession a good career choice?
How should guitar pegs look ?
What kind of bass guitar should I get?
Reputable Talent Agencies in Toronto?
how can moms and dads hit there kids. if i hit my kids i whoed cry and say sorry?
what effect/distortian does synester gates use for his lead in beast and the harlot?
Question about acoustic guitar chords?
Any good cabaret ideas?
What scale should I play over this Chord progressions?
How do I safely sing rock music?
Am I Holding My Guitar Pick Right?
What is the easy type of brass instrument to learn?
basics to tenor sax??
Have any of you ever seen Gone With The Wind? It's such a great movie. I fell in love.?
Its my first time planning a activity and i need to know step by step on how to plan a activity?
i want to learn how to play the drums, but i'm overweight?
what is a good place in houston to preform for a new music artist?
RECENT acoustic/indie songs about love?
Whats a good keyboard/digital piano to learn on?
How to become a stand up comedian?
Why guitar hero? Why not learn to play a guitar?
Good Drumming technique books?
what do u call a group of musicians while somebody directs them?
help with "guys and dolls" set?
Height to be a Stunt Double?
Best acoustic guitar to buy for a college student?
Where can I get sheet music for "Stranger On The Shore" for free?
Something useful for a guitarist (gift ideas?)?
What number can I call or website to get an acting/singing agent (Broadway)?
Guitar for thin guy?...?
Piano: Quaver in treble clef and bass clef?
do you need a permit to play guitar in public in oceanside?
What does "11b12r11p9" mean in this guitar tab?
How to sound like a jewish new yorker?
Should I play Drums or Bass?
Is it true that Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is a homosexual?
Guitar Chords? HELP ME PLEASE!!! I need to know about a capo!?
do you need a lot of ballet training to be on broadway?
Which of these musicals have you heard of / do you think are well known?
Great mezzo rock song?
I need a good scene for my drama class!!?
Getting better at guitar?
How much would an acoustic guitar sell for?
guitar biginner....?
How should i strum without a pick on a ukulele?
Old Boosey & Hawkes Clarinet? How Much?
Whats better to play the violin or the clarinet?
Help me choose a additional major and/or minor to compliment my BFA Acting Major?
What has been the biggest challenge in your musical learning and growth? How have you overcome it?
Need help with making guitar harmonies?
Can someone recommend some websites that have concert info in USA?
Whats the point of a Guitar Capo?
How can I dance in high heels? Im performing express burlesque??? HELPPP?
What is your dream role to play?
I want to learn how to play a guitar?Please help!!?
Anyone know anything about the Jasmine S35 by Takamine?
How to play down to earth on guitar?
Decent, inexpensive acoustic guitar for beginner?
In the play 'Equus'?
what kind information are perform?
Which is cooler? french horn or OBOE?
Is it ok if a classical guitar has wood nodes?
How can i tell which clarinet i have?B flat or alto? I can see make of Rossini? Help?
how do you get guys to like you?
Do you think Classical music is dying? if so what can be done about it?
Does anyone else think that Ralph Fiennes is the next male actor to make a 'breakthrough' in Hollywood?
What case should i get for my epiphone es-333?
Can you play an acoustic guitar with only four strings!?
What instrument do you play?
Getting lighter gauge guitar strings?
how should i get over my stage fright cause i absolutly luv 2 sing?
Good songs on the bass for beginners?
How long untill?
What is a good college audition piece for Bass Clarinet?
Is dancing essential for a career in Musical theatre?
Which instrument is easier and better to play? Electric Guitar or drums?
Up Beat duets for girls?
Can we do Street performing?
i am left handed and i play the guitar right handed?
Learning guitar seems next to impossible.. is it?
Is learning guitar hard?
What are some good Winterguard songs?
Where can I find a vocal good coach?
Is there any way to play Bad Boys by Inner Circle on piano?
so you think you can sing?
Best brand of clarinet reeds.?
What would happen if I quit band?
what are the odds of me being a mainstream jazz or opera singer w/o any previous training, but amazing talent?
Who has seen the musical "Rent" It is Verry Cool..What do you think of it?
Does anyone know the lyrics to Beyonce's new song "Ring The Alarm"?
What would you say about the Council Members on Hairspray?
How to calm stage-fright?
Do you beleive in love?
popular broadway duets for two teenage girls?
which should i get bass or wireless?
Any Chris Cornell fans out there?
Songs to sing at a talent show that is upbeat?? I will answer your question!?
Instrument/Synth Generator Programs?
What's the typical procedure for a band audition?
Why hollywood pays more Tom Cruse than Robert Deniro?
What makes a good guitar player, in your eyes.?
I just watched a video of a 2 year old playing scales on piano, when should I blow my brains out?
Can you give me Jason mraz songs that he plays on acoustic guitar?
When do Leonard Cohen tickets go on sale for the Paramount theatre?
i realy want to learn telekinesis, any good websites that would help?
I wanna sing but I suck?
Where can i make a custom bass guitar?
What song should I play on flute for Solo and Ensemble?
Can anyone recommend a solid wood guitar for under £1,000 (roughly?)?
piano or guitar?
How to get an audition?
will i did sign in a new photos just what go ok so i need to know it works or not? ok?
How long does it take to learn guitar?
Should I give up on my dream of becoming a photographer?
Audition song for a girl?
What shape guitar is your favorite based on looks and feel?
Guitar neck, please help!!! possible warping? please read?
What do you call the Bachata guitar, what is it? Base, acoustic?
Does anyone know where I can see the script for Anything Goes online?
what is the violin accessory that fits btw bridge and fingerboard making students bow in a straight line?
what is a feedback loop?
IS this trumpet good for the 6th grade.I need a cheap one.Check this one out..?
What type of oboe reed should a beginner use?
What is the musical Book of Mormon about?
What do critics have to say about the song "Oh My Luve's Like A Red Red Rose" by Rene Clausen?
wats the best acoustic guitar to start out with?
electric guitars?
Where do I find the instrumental for the song The Mad Hatter from the Broadway musical Wonderland?
What kind of guitar do you have?
how can i break bad habits on trumpet?
popular broadway duets for two teenage girls?
How can I sing in front of friends without being nervous?
who is carrol burnetts brother?
So I want to become a band director but...?
Guitar Problems I'm having trouble playing a D Chord?
ABRSM Performance diploma programme notes ?
tell about great touch or kiss i want to show my girlfriend an unforgetable tast that she cant get from any 1?
I'm embarrassed to tell girls I was in marching band. What sport should I tell them I played?
Does anyone know any songs about Cities?
how do i overcome my shyness?
How much would this guitar cost & extra info?
Oboe Comparison... Yamaha or Buffet?
Am I really a soprano?
Does anyone know of a good alto voiced foreigh language piece i can audition with?
"Life is not a rehearsal." So what is it?
Should I get a classical guitar?
How does David Copperfield do his "Laser illusion"?
Need guitar help.?
I have guitar guru. How do i go about making my own guitar guru sessions ?
What guitar strings should I buy for my fiance's Alverez DY74?
What is the best music theory book for me (a guitarist)?
Is six pages too long for fan mail?
where can i find tha name of a song if i only know some of the lyrics and not artist/?
What's a good song to sing for an audition?
how can I sing better??
BJCC seating chart question?
when was frida kahlo married to diego rivera?
What are/is the fingering(s) for a G flat on a string bass?
What's the best way to learn how to play the Recorder?
White or black guitar?
for an agent to represent you as an actor does it cost you money?
Is the Bellafina Model 50 Cello Outfit worth the money?
How would you describe the person in this picture?
Would he sing with me?
What should I sing for the talent show?