Performing Arts

How can I find the individual songs of an Opera????????????????????
How do I make a grand staff on Guitar Pro 5?
I want to learn to sing?
who sings donky donk?
where are the best peforming arts schools in ny?
How do I get an audition?
What Broadway song should I sing?
How much would my clarinet sell for?
Can you lick your elbow?
What is your favorite Musical??
.Audition song help.?
Does Dekalb school of arts have acting classes as well?
electric guitar question which electric guitar should i buy if it is my first electric guitar?
What violin should i get when starting out?
How do you make a scratchy throat go away?
Know any good fine arts camps?
vocal birthday!?
When playing a gig, where do i look at the audience?
Can you help me with finding a monologue?
Need Good Violin Duets?
is liquid latex the same as latex primer?
Using The aux in on an Amplifier with an EQ?
What is the title of this classical piece of music?
Invisible Thread...?
question about the boss gt-8 guitar effects processor or gt-8 pedal>>?
Good Songs for wide range Belt voice?
Does anyone know any songs that involve wanting to become famous.?
I want to start my own theatre & dance company, what should I major and minor in?
Plays with the theme of Racism, Deceit and/or Manipulation?
What are some good Theater schools?
What instrument doesn't require your hand/fingers...if there is any ?
How do you become a US marshall?
How will taking frets off my bass affect it?
guitar purchase?
How to strenghen your fingers for guitar class?
how much will it cost if i take to the repair man shop to polish my flute?
How can i tell if the keys are silver plated on my Clarinet?
Any piano student in Chicago in search of a Teacher?
Is Derren Brown Legitimite or Fake?
Judging by this video clip, do YOU believe I should pursue acting?
What are the chances of finding a piano under $1000?
What book is this music in?
Guitarists! critical question!?
How do I make my own rolling capo?
Advice for portraying teacher with alcohol problem?
Do you think your voice sounds annoying when recorded?
What is your favorite type of guitar?
Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero 2 Guitars?
If i was playing the piano for 3 years, what grade would i be roughly?
should i dance or sing ?
Funny video project?
What is it about dancers bodies?
is theater equal to life or equal to our dreams?
How do i read bass scales that are shown like this? ?
How Much Is My Pearl Export Drum Kit Worth?
Should I hold a flute straight or sideways?
What would you do if you had a tiny ballerina at your disposal?
How to build an empty tomb for a passion play?
Is there such thing as an illegal musical instrument?
What is the genre of the opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi?
I love musical theater passionately...What should I do?
What are the four parts of a Dayereh?
When should children begin taking piano lessons?
What would make someone physically unable to play violin?
Im trying really hard to increase my beat boxing skills, what can i do to further my developement?
Is it too late to become a dancer?
Is 5 hours of weekly guitar practice decent as a hobby 17 minutes 3 times a day = 51min/day?
Can I learn guitar without teacher? Pls HELP?!!?
does this apply to anyone out there?
Photos of Bretta Gerecke set designs?
should i buy a new clarinet mouth piece?
Classical guitar pieces/recordings?
Takamine G260C-WR vs Washburn EA10 or anything else?
How long does it usually take to be able to sing and play guitar at the same time?
Will the video image dominant the performing art?
Mr. Question asks: I want to play lots of Flute Etudes/Studies, any advice?
Where can i find Spanish or African Christmas songs/carols on C.D?
Wher's the best voiceover school/training in the nation?
Can I sing slightly well? Audition?
How does one develop an appreciation for Opera?
Me and my friend are gonna sing a duet in a talent show. What song should we sing?
what type of rap music do you listen to if you like it? (survey)?
How can you tell what string is each on guitar if you don't have the strings packed in order ?
High School Musical question....?
Can every one give me a good piece of song for duet?
What is the difference between a solo and ensemble sonata?
Trying out for drum major?
What is good boy band besides 1D ?
im searching for the guitar tab to a song.........?
I'm so unenthusiastic, do i need a life coach?
I need a professional stage name..ideas?
So...What do you think of me as a BEGINNER girl drummer?
How note is a 4 string bass guitar?
Does anyone know any good, affordable portable drum sets?
What brand/model guitar would have the fast neck of a Kramer, and the tone of a Strat?
Where can I find Alicia Keys "No One" Flute printable sheet music?
how can i learn to play guitar by myself?
How important is marching band to you?
Acoustic, electric, or electric hollow body guitar ?
What is a great site for electric guitar learning for free?
were to go to get a pome copyright?
What are some simple spanish and classical songs to play on my classical guitar?
two talent show questions on looks and violin!!!! help?
Can I fit a full SG pickguard to an Epiphone G-400?
I need a good monologue!!!? Hurry!! ?
How to get better at the acoustic guitar?
What would be a good idea to raise money for a marching band/concert band?
How much money is a nice cello?
What's the best book to get on How to become a Stand-Up Comedian?
Do you think you have to be a guitarist that does long, complicated guitar solos to be one of the best?
Isn't there a museum that allows a violinist to play the Stradivarius?
Can you name some popular Chinese singers/groups from the 60's and 70's?
How do i know what type of flute i have?
Broadway songs for two people?
How can I become famous?
learning guitar is easy or hard?
how do you sing while dancing or moving but you voice will stay clear and smooth??
What is the purpose of the 3-foot square screen that a grip holds behind the Steadicam on a film set?
Which guitar should i start of with?
If you are deaf or hard of hearing, where can I join the poetry in motion?
Marching Band T-Shirt Ideas!! Help Please!!! =]?
Did you know I used to model for the covers of romance novels?
How does one increase speed on legato picking?
Just wondering?
How to play the drum fill played after jokes?
Does anyone know if the 2005 London cast of Guys and Dolls made a recording?
What are good songs to learn on the guitar?
bela fleck other cd?
Need an audition song!!! Plz help?
What would be a good song to sing at a talent show?
Should I take up another instrument? If yes, what would you recommend?
How do u make yourself cry?
i want to become an actress but im quiet and shy so how can i get out of my shyness?
is this a good guitar?
How do I get rid of my stage fright?
Can someone help me and my friend?
i have to learn these lines.....?
Just like Kristen Chenoweth...?
how much strings does a violin have ?
Questions about Little Shop of Horrors' female leads?
Best guitar for me to use?
Are there any really cheap guitars with tone similar to Gretsch?
is N.Y. Ballet theater coming to wisconsin in November?
Are there any Performing Arts high schools in Oklahoma?
Piano Players: are there any books or websites that show notation with fingerings written. ?
Electric Bass notes/fingering charts! (HELP!?)?
How do you....?
What musical instrument might also be called a "Kurmur?"?
How many people apply for an online audition for Korean companies everyday?
place for practicing Vocal in delhi without restrictions (preferably south delhi)?
Any Good Sites for Free Etude or Solo Music for Clarinet ?
What's a Good Audition Song for Little Shop of Horrors?
Color Guard: Does this sound reasonable?
Does anyone know where I can find FREE Barbershop or beautyshop quartet music?
Where can a 15 year old do stand up comedy in Sacramento, California?
How would you describe the role of an Artist in the Music Industry?
wat's the best film in ur opinion ?
What do I need to record myself playing guitar in my room?
Learning how to play guitar?
Can anyone give a list of good casting/acting agencies that I can apply to in London?
Do i suck at the piano?
Who teaches the contortion.?
Should I play oboe..?
How can I share my talent with the world?
Monologue for theater class?
If you were ahead of a successful business, what would you look to gain from sponsoring a musical event?
best epiphone for less than $400?
Wooden peg inside viola?
French Horn??????!?
If i buy a tele pickup, will it work with a strat?
What things to learn first on electric guitar?
Is there a recording of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 29 "Hammerklavier" actually played by that instrument?
my daughter wants to learn to play the drums?
Is there any good websites to learn songs for guitar?
Script Frenzy question?
What are some good love songs?
Is phantom city records a scam?
what are the cultural, ecomic, and moral implications in both "our countrys good" and "Vinegar Tom"?
Musicians From Connecticut?
Fighting Tips Please!! Help me! (bullys)?
Modern musicals. I need help with dialog and a song?
I want a list of all Oscar winner pictures to establish a video/dvd library for my home theatre? pl. help me?
How to dress at an adition?
How difficult would it be for me to learn to play guitar?
What are the best broadway songs?
Can tuning your guitar break it?
what are good names for a dancer?
Low B-String Sound Keeps Going?
i want to learn how to play guitar, how long would it take to get fairly skilled?
I recent changed the bridge on my acoustic guitar and it's making a twangy noise...?
Take a guess, please!?
Help with my flute... Intonation problem...?
How do you play the D# harmonic near the beginning of Portrait of Tracy by Jaco Pastorius?
A7X: zacky vengeance acoustic guitar?
what are some songs you just can't get over?
How can i play lower notes on my alto saxophone easier? tips please?
identify two emotions that cause the tension leading to stage fright?
How can I enjoy practicing piano more?
I need help finding a song for a modern solo?
How do i get an audition for a record company?
To the guitarists in the world!?
I have arthritis! Can I learn classical guitar?
what are the names and key signatures of the vocal keys?
I have a gemeinhartt flute?yay!!!!!!?
Well... I'm back with more clarinet questions!?
Anyone know some good songs?
What Kind of Guitar?
Was I out of line? I will tell you the situation with our guitar player & then tell you how I handled it. Our?
Pleeeeeaseeeee answer this question the best you can!! :D?
How can I make a orphanage backdrop for a play?
Jackson Performer Replacement Knobs?
Do i risk damaging an effects pedal by running it through a bass rig?
How can i get into voice acting?
Guitar came with no winds on tuning pegs....?
What did Jimi Hendrix invent?
what are some.healthy things to do for your voice?
a monologue from "how she played the game"?
x factor who is pleased?
when i bought my guitar, i never noticed it was missing a strap button. where can i get one?
78 records of opera carmen in 8 acts?
where can someone get cheap but really good voice lessons in richmond bc or vancouver bc?
Need model in los angeles?
To all singers...genre doesn't matter?
Can someone give me the notes for the Dust In The Wind violin solo?
Does anyone know about any good air guitar teachers?
Who likes the play/movie Angels in America?
i need a broadway song by next week to sing for an audition, does anyone have any good ones?
Whats the smallest musical you can have?
Whats a good solo broadway song?
Is this a good way to spend money on guitar stuff?
Need advice: acoustic or electric guitar?
Suggestion for a Disney waltz?
what is the difference between these two reeds?
What guitar should i get to customize?
Can I get into NYU (Tisch-Drama)?
Acoustic Guitars- Steel String vs. Nylon String?
Can you help a 9 year old with stage fright?
I want to buy puppets from the show Avenue Q is there anyway i can? Or ones that look like them?
My cousin want my electric guitar so if i send him through shipping will he have to pay custom for it or not?
How can I sing with more emotion?
Has anyone played La Folia?
Has anyone ever did this monologue?
Has anyone tried David Leisner's 6 golden rules as a way to prepare for a performance? Did it work for you?
Do long guitars stay in tune better than smaller guitars?
Who are the top 5 actors in your list ?
My singing?
Shoes to wear for a piano recital?
Any help with getting over my fear of handstands?
I need some constructive criticism?
Cymbal pack good starter?
bass string lies on fretboard?
what are some really good songs?
What are some exceptional solos for contralto voice?
Any good musicals to fit this criteria?
need help finding a song?
Can you train yourself to hit higher notes than your normal voice range?
Getting a script w/o an agent?possible?
Easiest instrument to play?
I want to Learn to play bass Guitar where should I start?
Im looking for a monologue called "the mascot" but i cant find it anywhere...?
Are there any online resources for orchestral composition techniques?
What is the best brand of reed for an alto sax?
Which is better, dancing or singing?
What Shall I Play On Drums In Front Of MY College Class?
Is guitar hard to learn?
best acoustic guitar strings?
What is your dream role to play?
Need Bugsy Malone Script sound?
which instrument to play? decision help!?
if u were an artist wat would u draw?
Good books for a beginner guitarist?
if you were to learn a musical instrument, and wanted to be able to play multi-instruments later, which one?
How do you play a snare drum louder in a marching band?
Would you rather play the oboe or the clarinet?
i like Sweden , you?
I want to learn to play guitar..are there kinds of guitars??what's the difference between them?
why do my eyes water when i sing?
i want to learn how to sing, my voice is terrible?
What's a good duet for an 18 year old guy and a 15 year old girl, not a love song?
What song should I sing for Xmas?
Is the Squire by Fender bulletstrat a good electric guitar for a beginner?
how do u kno when ur guitar neck is warped?
Ideas for a Medieval Themed Drama lesson (Ages 10-12)?
How to get to front stage seats?
What song should I sing in my talent show?
when i play guitar i put band aids on my fingers, is that ok?
How to play a guitar?
where can i join acting classes also art of living, anger management therapy. People wont change we shld?
Can you help me?
is playing a flute cool?
What's a good audition song?
Help! My voice s when I'm nervous! And why do altos want to be sopranos?
Who does Mercuti keeping,"A plague o'both your house"?
what is the difference between child's guitars and short scale guitars (acoustic)?
Does anyone know where I can find a good 30-second monologue?
Does this look like a good guitar for a beginner?
What do you think of my voice?
Have you ever experienced an intense feeling when you write music, almost too intense?
i want to learn to play drums. i don't read music and have little $... where can i start? thanks!?
What is a good song for Hairspray?
Stiffness While Playing Guitar?
Trinity River double cutaway electric guitar.Good or Bad?
Do you think matching band is a sport? Why or why not?
What brand and kind of tubes does John MAyer use in his amps? and can you switch types of tubes in amps?
What is a cute opening scene idea for a pageant?
Singin Divas!?
windmills of your mind = CD?
where to go audition in la?
Took off too long from French horn? Help?
Guitar styles and technique tips?
What is the best electric guitar for classic rock and country music?
How exactly do I find a Talent Agent?
How hard is a double major?
Can a person learn acoustic guitar all by himself/herself?
The strings on my acoustic-guitar are too high from the fretboard help ?!?!?
Is it a bad idea to teach myself piano.?
Should I play th e Cambodian Xylophone or the Cambodian Pin?
Is This a Good Guitar Set Up for metal?
how hard is it to play the violin?
I own a trombone and I want to self teach myself how to play. What is the best self help book for this?
What is the best way to teach yourself guitar?
where does meryl streep live?
I have a question about a movie. Please help?
What is the best songwriting podcast?
Baba o riley guitar tabs?
Free 3 Female Scene From a Play?
Need a christmas play?
how long does it take to learn how to sing?
what are some facts about contemporary dance?
what is this song? and we can i get more of it?
What should you do to became an actor in holywood.?
what size guitar do i need?
I want to learn to play the piano?
I'm considering purchasing this violin. Would you reccomend it to a beginner ?
Should I get this guitar? (really really cheap for some reason)?
I have to learn a piece of music in 3 weeks! HELP!?
What do you think Mozart might have composed if he had not died so young?
How do you play this segment of notes?
where can learn how to sing online?
when does daren criss start acting on glee?
Looking for genuine Black Magic performer?
Which stringed instrument is more fun/rewarding/easy...?
Is learning to play the guitar really as ridiculously hard as it seems?
Question about guitar strings.?
I have choir first period next year! how do i warm up my voice?
french horn cool or no?
Acting & singing? Hellllp?!?!(: ?
Is "Berceuse in Db Major, Op.57" by Chopin a standard audition piece for college?
How many hours a day should one practice in order to become a virtuoso?
so tell me ... dancers, or cheerleaders ?
Girly Girly Girly?
Please help!!! Need help with my guitar pedalboard!!?
Black stuff on/inside my flute, how to clean?
What does it mean when you can "belt" in singing?
Who would have liked to live when the 'beatniks' were around?
Is bass guitar harder than electric guitar?
How do you choose between "alto saxophone" or "tenor saxophone"?
Bocelli isthe greatest singerof ur lifetimes.Agree?
Besides Annie, What are some Broadway songs that kids can sing?
flute and health problems?
How do you play a chord that is one half-step down from g?
Correct Bass Drum Tuning?
I really really want a guitar but im 16 and my mom thinks its a waste of time and wont pay, any ideas?
Should I try out for the musical?
how to build up picking speed on guitar?
TonePros Tune-O-Matic or Floyd Rose?
Ballet School? California Bay Area?
How can I hit the higher notes in the bass cleff in choir?
am i the only guy that likes phantom of the opera???
How do I play guitar?
Is there anywhere where there is youth low hyperfuse?
What French Horn mouthpiece would be best to extend(not do the work for me but help) my range upwards.?
What talent would you exploit to become a celebrity?
What are some good insturments I can make with home objects?
How do you write a film script? please help?
Can I sing ?? Please please answer?
Why is the first violinist always positioned to the left of the listener in a string quartet?
Is chlamydia reoccuring on its own?
What are some good Acoustic Amps?
Good Audition Song ? ?
Ideas for a Drama Scene?
mannerisms/characteristics of a mentally ill person PLEASE HELP?
How can I get my play put into a short story book?
what is a tied note mean on a guitar?
Am I Drum Corps material?
About playing the flute and choosing one?
What type of tuning fork do i have to use to tune my acoustic guitar?
Help! Why doesn't my voice work anymore?!?
My high e string is making a buzzing noise when I play it?
My performing arts future?
I asked my mom for an agent and acting classes?
guitar covers???
Difference in guitar picks?
what song should i sing for my audition? i want more of a simple song.?
song title for song with lyrics"can't keep my eyes off of you"?
What is a good audition song for a 15 year old male tenor?
is it to late to study acting?
What is included in guitar grade 1! HELPP?
does anyone know how to contact Adrienne kennedy the black playwrite / artist from USA?
how do you play the high notes on a clarinet?
What other band is Maynard James Keenan in?(Not Tool)?
What instruments do you all play?
what is your favorite musical?
Is my teacher a clown?
How to sing louder??????
What is the best Jackson guitar for metal (up to $2500)?
Trying to find some ukulele songs to play?
What are some broadway songs good for a cabaret?
Cool tricks to impress girls? ideas?
What is a good song for Hairspray?
Should I start bass clarinet before the "normal" Bb clarinet?
Is musical talent genetic?
I need help on playing the guitar!?
How do I become a voice actress?
I want to know what kind of professional flute is the best to buy and relatively affordable. Thanx?
Who knows how to sing really good!?!?!?
How can I learn to write songs and to get over stage fright?
Has anyone here led a children's choir?
Could you tell me how could i be a singer?How can i start a career?What shall i do?Where shall i go?
darari obi?
Where to find a replacement tuning slide for a tenor trombone?
I want to learn a technique, but which one is best for girls?
Has anyone read the book "wicked"? or seen the plaY?
Funny Songs to Sing for a Cabaret?
I am a beginner guitar player, what type should i get? ?
Which electric guitar to go for?
what is a song for a begginger saprano to learn?
Percussion instruments?
please help?
How to buils singing confidence?
Stage Door protocol/etiquette in London?
I injured my pinki finger and I used to play the guitars?
What is a good monologue for a guy?
help meeeeeeeeee?
trumpet question!?
Can anyone recommend any good modern female British monologues?
What is good contemporary female Christian song/solo to sing?
what composer starts all of his works in the key of c?
Where can I find a harp teacher that's cheap and lives or works around Burbank?
Bassist Hand position?
how to sing in whistle range?
sounds on a digital piano?
Cool sound setup help, electric guitar. Metal.?
what kind of food should be taken by the singers.?
Is it possible for me to learn how to sing despite having no natural talent?
Is Rosie Alvarez an ensemble role?
Anyone know a good teenage monologue for 14 year old?
How do you stretch your vocal range?
What song song should i sing for hsm2 Auditions?
Any tips for playing high notes on trumpet?
I need suggestions for a male 2 minute monologue for a college audition in performing arts?
Getting my guitar set up in Chicago?
Bow or curtsy after solo recital?
guitar like a jagmaster?
How do I choose a concert snare etude for auditions?
Writing a guitar song?
Song and Dance Solo for Male Tenor?
'Forbidden Food'?
I wish I could sing...?
Violin sheet music for irish drinking songs/flogging molly/dropkick murphys?
How do I play this chord and what is it called?(Guitar)?
Waht is your wierdest talent?
Usually how long does it take to master double or triple tounging on a trombone or baritone?
Broadway Stars?
what did you want to be when you were little?
Where can I study magic spells?
Synyster Gates pedal?
where can i be in stage plays in my area?
Where can I find A Postcard for Henry Purcell for a cello solo or string quartet? ?
Fiddle vs Violin?
How can u do at home singing lessons?
I want to become an actress. I take drama classes and am pretty good. But how can I get recognized?
Can I learn to write with my left hand?
How much can audiences- particularly young people.?
guitar pickup wire cut to the business end! now what?
What song should i sing and what should i wear to audtion for the role of mad hatter in Alice in wonderland?
Good songs to sing at a talent show?
What violin should i get when starting out?
Why is bass pronounced base? It's so annoying?
How do modern pop composers relay to pop artists how to sing their songs?
does everyone have the ability to sing good? is the problem they just dont know how?
which would be a comfortable to play electric guitar around Rs.20000 ?
How much should I sell my clarinet for?
How do I fix my flat clarinet?
where are the PIT sections seats at the Alpine theatre in East Troy?
how could i make a native drum?
Im looking to buy a Soprano Trombone/Slide Trumpet and I'm wondering what the best brand is?
How much is a classical guitar? and would I be able to play it well since I have short fingers?
For anyone who knows about the Cinderella pageant System.?
native instruments battery 3: does this program only provide sounds or is programming available?
Statistics for Chinese who play the piano or violin?
Looking for affordable and space efficient full size piano keyboard?
Which Vocaloid song should I sing for the school talent show?
How do you make Hollywood connections?
is ballet a dead art form?
Creative artist should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas without gov't restrictions.?
Black Wedding backdrop?
What is the difference between diegetic and nondiegetic sources of sound?
How Do I Walk On The Pageant Stage?
How to win a chair challenge in band?
What is perfect pitch and relative pitch?
Can anyone help come up with a stage name for me?
Why should I play guitar????!!!!! *mini panic attack*?
Can you start learning a ocarina with a 12 hole?
is 50 bucks a week too much for flamenco guitar lessons?
Is it possible to teach yourself how to play (acoustic) guitar?
How much should I sell my used clarinet for?
a good song to sing for the talent show?
electric guitar question which electric guitar should i buy if it is my first electric guitar?
anyone knows where can i find jugglers and fire breathers in the philippines?
Is it possible nowadays to learn flamenco guitar from a master in Spain by living with him for some time?
What should I play for a music scholarship audition for clarinet?
What is the best prank you have ever pulled?
Is there a way I can learn to play these by myself?
How can I prepare for a Susan Pevensie audition?
how do musicians change the lives of others?
can any type of stompbox replace a whammy bar?
help me please, i have no voisce and i have contests on saturday!1?
How do you become a good singer?
This is a question for Green Day Haters!?
Is there a difference between Selmer and Buffet professional clarinets?
When writing a screenplay, how much detail do you put in it?
trying to locate Daddy Cool directors to give my resume too for audition for the show?
What makes a good guitarist?
What do you think is a good song to sing at a talent show?
STAGE FRIGHT?? For the NEXT ADELE? Please take you're time out of you're day to read this! : )?
Where is the best place to pick someone up after Warpd Tour in Tinley Park?
I play the flute already, but I want to venture into either trumpet or saxophone next band season.Which one?!?
Do you think I failed my Grade 4 ABRSM piano exam?
Guitars:push pull pot treble cut?
Has Hollywood lost its relevance?
My friend Wants me to play guitar at his house but I'm terrible at it (he doesn't know this) READ ON?
How easy is it to get production jobs in theatre in New York?
Any musicians ever get sick of music?
Art Of Dining Monologue?
Which one would be the best musical instrument for a kid to start learning music?
The opening scene of Pulp Fiction is an example of?
What do I play for the circle of fifths on an Alto Sax?
Is 15 years too old to start contortion?
has anybody ever been to a cirque de soleil, if so what did you think of it?
how do you write a guitar solo?
I want to fit for gymnastics?
Choir teachers help 20 characters?
Speech and debate? Mostly Interps.?
What is Performance Studio?
What should i learn next in Guitar?
How do I find Piano Competitionsor other piano activities for youth in the Detroit , MI area?
Any other Guitar Players inspired by the movie Back to the Future ?
looking for a flute, plz help!!!?
where can i find prelude and dance sheet music for the flute?
Good songs for jazz and/or ballet dances?
what song should i sing at my school's talent show?
Guitar Chord Help (sus)?
Why do musicians on The Muppet Show always play their guitars left-handed? A tribute to Hendrix and Sir Paul?
Is there such a thing as a practice attachment for a grand piano to reduce the sound level?
Ducle et Decorum Est.. performance ideas?
Decent, inexpensive acoustic guitar for beginner?
what was the first romeo and ju?
Guitar thumb placement?
needing help on buying a ukulele?
Anyone got dimensions for the average drum kit?
Where is a good place to take piano lessons?
Anywhere where I can get free tenor sax sheet music?
What can I do to stop an airy sound from coming out of my flute?
In the Rogers and Hammerstein's version of Cinderella, does the queen sing?
One for musicians:How do chord progressions work?, I mean, how is it possible a G7 and an E7 in a same song?
French horn oiling?
Guitarists....does your interest in guitar vary?
another word for a dancer?
Requirements to go to a performing arts high school?
Strong theatre programs in college...?
How to get a full sound out of my horn while marching?
how can i get lessons for heavy metal drumming and than years later heavy metal guitarist?
I want to play guitar?
Help Me With This Guitar Question?
Okay so... good broadway song for a baritone...preferably upbeat?
A song that had the lyrics ha ha ha ha recuring all thought it - 90's hit, what was it?
Is the phantom of the opera good?
How can I find acting auditions without an agent?
What is the best way to learn guitar?
Do I sound childish? Singing?
should i learn to play the piano??.... i'm going into HS as freshmen this fall..........?
Whats a song three guys, a tenor, bass, and bariton could sing that people would know and relate to?
Does Shen Yun Performing Arts have any releases on DVD?
Is a josef viola a good viola?
What kind of music should i play in my Bachelor pad?
How can you play notes faster on the flute?
Creative theme!!!!?
what ever happened to Margret O'brian?
What Instrument do you play? Or if you have played one in the past?
How to become a proffesional trumpet player?
what is the difference of carnatac music and Hindusthani music?
A good bass guitar?
What major could I pursue with producing music?
What is your talent?
i want to becom pono actor?
good slow songs about friendship and life to sing.?
What is the best guitar tab site you know?
Guitar experts - what is the strumming pattern?
32 bars of good morning baltimore?
Best guitar to buy on a teenage budget?
auditions for a magent school?
who is karen kain, please give me a little detail about her?
Nuter in the Simpsons?
Morgan Rose / Sevendust Signature Snare Drum?
What is the best way to warm up my voice?
What are some easy to learn, Beginner guitar tabs?
Me and my friend want to sing a duet for a talent show and we need some suggestions?
how do you prevent yourself fom becoming deaf?
Guitar for beginners help?
marching band question haha?
What to sing at the talent show?
How much should I sell my used clarinet for?
Break the ice... A song I wrote do you like?
Where can you study opera?
In Les Miserables, what does Fantine die from?
Who was the first artist to record "The Real Nity Gritty"?
Confused with guitar?
Where can you find Steve Tyler version of the national anthem he sung for the world series?
What should I look for when buying a new guitar?
My vocal range?
Is it too late for me to start playing the guitar?
Criss Angel?
Is this too ambitious of me?
acoustic fingerstyle teacher in southern california chino hills/chino/corona area?
How to improve non-actors ability to act?
Bassist Hand position?
is it just me or katty perry's face isn't symetrical at all ?
Does anyone have suggestions for the type of music I like?
What is on broadway? What is expected?
Do you play guitar?
Stage Fright Problem Music related, I need to have my problem fixed by the 10th if possible...?
I have a stage name i want to use, how do I find out if someone is already using this name ?
What gear does Mike Patton use live with Fantomas on his big electronic desk with mics, baby dolls heads etc.?
i have an interview with a talent agent and i dnt know what to wearrr? help! please?
Two questions about trumpet range and increasing volume?
What can i do to get better at guitar?
How can I make a puppet from a stuffed animal.?
How do you rate Bono as a guitarist?
Flying V or Explorer?
How much to pay for a guitar?
can u make up raps just type em up?
What is Lizard man?
What would be a good musical for an all girls school?
If your a have a bad singing voice, can singing lessons make you better?
I already know how to dance, and really want to pursue acting, what are some tips for me?
Taylor 314CE or Martin GPCPA4R full gloss?
How can I sing better?
Challenging and really pretty songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Do any dancers have pirouette tips?
How long do you have to wait until you can play clarinet after you eat?
What are some good love piano songs?
Does a street performer need to get a permit from the city of Santa Monica?
What does this mean?
can anyone can do a magic trick?
Spector Vs. Ibanez bass. Please help.?
Famous Latin Dancers?
I need a jazzy nickname?
What is Performance Studio?
best amplifier with a Fender Telecaster?
Should I drop out of college and pursue my dream of becoming an Actor?
Whats the best guitar brand i can buy?
Help picking a good audition monologue?
what are A 4 bits, O 4 bits and OO 4 bits ????
What Song Should I Sing?
Why do backing dancers wear earphones?
Should I get a talent agent?
Guitar question.........................?
what could I use as improvised bass drum legs?
How to loose stage fright?
Ibanez RG problems again?
question for good guitarists ?
Acoustic Guitar Question ?
I'd like to learn to play the marching tenors?
Good electric beginner guitar?
wat is the dandy stile??
How much would you pay to see modern dance?
Where can i find dancers who is advance ?
I would like to become a background singer , how can I get started?
What is a good website to get free guitar backing tracks?
Best comedic plays for fringe?
help stage fright?
I made iron lantarn you whant to parchase?
High school theater question: How do you write how a scene in a play is blocked?
what is mean by theatrical tour de forceĀ ?
how do you play the trombone?
What sound does a bell make?
Where can I find the script to... ?
what is the greatest challenge in life? living like a human being???
Female solos from musicals?
can a minor be an agent?
based on this lil snippet, do you think i can sing?
Is my guitars intonation off?
What are some reasons why performing arts should be just as important as sports?
rent and wicked?
Everytime i drop tune my floyd rose sinks?
what type of amp should i get w/ a podxt live?
How would a classical pirate feel in the contemporary world? What would surprise him?
How can I become popular?
Can you guess the musical we are doing?
I am 15 and am i to old to learn the guitar?
Better guitar songs to learn?
What artist(s) would you want to play at your college end of the year Spring festival.?
Effects on home recorded videoclip?
What is the longest time you had ever taken to finish peeing?
Which nut size for my acoustic guitar?
In DCI, why do some people hate the Blue Devils?
How do I get over my stagefright?
Is the lone coaster's union lonely hearts club band in the performing arts anon ?
What do you think of Hearing actors acting as deaf people?
I just saw wicked yesterday and i loved it! Are there any other musicals as good as Wicked?
Good quality, cheap soprano ukulele for beginner ?
What happens at the end of the musical "Pippin"?
help with monologue!!!!!!!!!!!?
whats better? guitar or paino?
Does being most liked on disney channel's make your mark competition increase your chances?
What sort of stories do Commedia Dell Arte characters tell?
Is there a helpful trick for moving my singing sound from my throat, into my diaphragm? My voice is strained!?
How do a improve my voice?
What does "16 bars" mean...?
is the British Actor Anthony Andrews still alive?
can I get grade 8 for cello in 2 years?
seattle audition of so you think you can dance?
What note is the same as E sharp on Clarinet?
I am a 17 year old teenager who is from new orleans but I stay in corpus christi,tx and I need a job.?
Band nerds: What's your favorite thing about playing your instrument?
Where can I study to become a orchestra conductor?
In a time of Funk ,Hip Hop, and Free Style dance is Ballet a Must anymore or is it outdated?
Should I do a solo?
beginner guitar player....I can't play for too long cuz it hurts my do I solve that?
What do you think about learning guitar via Skype?
How can I become calm while playing piano in front of an audience?
What happens when contortonist get older?
Musical for a high school production?
Does being a bassist pay the bills?
Is the Notre Dame bagpipe band difficult to get into?
do you think it's important for children to learn a musical instrument?
How to Clean My Guitar?
What do you girls think of the 'Sawing a Woman in Half' illusion?
How much does an acoustic guitar cost?
voice tone improving?
Help! Freaking out! plz! Help! Advice Needed!?
Does anyone know what band Jack Strong was in before The Acacia Strain?
what do you think about the drums? are them easy to play?
How many years of practice does it take to become an opera singer?
Can You sing or are you like me and people pay you to shut-up?
what do you need to know to be a guitar pro?
Are takamines good guitars?
Is Karen Zoid really pregnant?
Are there any programs or organizations that give away free musical instruments?
What to do in a talent contest?
Are there any fiddle players out there? What is the best way to learn to play the fiddle?
Difference between shell drum set and complete drum set?
How to become successful at YouTube?
Vocal Lessons,how long till perfect singing?what is the price you paid?Is it wise to check different places?
How can I get over stage fright?
whats a good title for a page for homecoming week with a disco theme?
suggest unique songs for choreographed poetry?
What seats are better for concerts GA floor or High Orchestra?
I want to learn to play guitar, dont know how to start.?
Which mouthpiece should I use?
how do you become a bad singer?
Help learning keyboard?
Happy Christmas - appropriate to sing this year?
Where can i find a cheap guitar?
How do you count 16th notes in Spanish?
what website can you go on.....?
How to improve singing and acting skill?
What's this guitar chord?
Guitar tonal qualities over time?
Isn't it nice to have a president who can pronounce words correctly, and construct a proper sentence?
Priddis Performance Series No Background Vocal Karaoke Tracks?
Is it to late for me to become a contortionist? ?
How can you start a career in singing opera?
All I want to do is sing?
who is the best selling singer of all time?
So, I started playing DOUBLE Horn, little problem...?
Auditioning for musical in a couple days- Help please?
How do i find "do" in different key signatures?
Musicals: Your favorite?
what is a good broadway show for guys ages 18 to 24?
How can I find a program from Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1974?
what are some good break-up songs?
Back stage passes to all concerts?plss answer ?
How do youi send in a Demo for songs? Also how do you make a demo to send in?
Suppose Indonesia earth quake will happen ur house?
Gymnastics ?(: money ?!?
busking tips?
Is playing Violin Very hard?
i want to make it into my high school musical, but i get nervous on stage what should i do?
I've had my guitar strings for a year and a half, should I change them?
i need a little help...........?
Does a set for a musical have to meet fire code for the building?
Are the flute and the oboe similar at all?
Do you have to be able to read music to learn to play the clarinet?
Where can i find free sheet music for a dream is a whish your heart makes or.......?
I don't have a guitar anymore - now what?
Peavey Firenza Guitars and Peavey in general?
What strings would sound good on a Takamine?
Am I a good dancer?
I need a song to sing by next week?
Two contrasting pieces need for audition?
Gonzalez vs.Vandoreen? ?
What are the laws surrounding recording/performing other people's songs?
What is the best way to learn guitar?
Will be coming out with a mp3 upload site for rookie music artists?
I would love to sing opera but...?
United States National Anthem? Confusing! (Read the Details plz)?
who ever had a piece for a speech choir, can you give me some..??
If i am an aspring music artist?
How can i practice how to sing?
At Royce Hall UCLA, where does one look for people selling (scalping) tickets to a sold out performance?
I'm auditiong for Drum Major for my Junior year, and we have other Juniors and one Seniors. What could set?
(If you have seen the Macbeth 1983 BBC Version) What is your opinion about Macbeth films compared to the play?
How do I get my music solicited to producers or publishers?
What Can I Sing for my audition?
Why does my sustain pedal stick?
Does anyone have this guitar...?
How can I calm myself before I go onstage tomorrow night?
I want to play slither on guitar but don't have a tuneer to tune to drop d how can I improvise?
Is It to late for me to start learning?
What instrument do you play?
What is a good monologue to audition for west side story.?
Do you consider yourself as a good dancer?
How does one become a virtuoso?
What gauge strings are the best for different tunings?
Around how much does an acoustic guitar cost?
How do you tune drums?
How to tell your parents you want to audition for something ?
Handel's Music For the Royal Fireworks?
Solo performance question?
I need a southern monologue?
Sad, Slow, Beautiful songs from movies/musicals?
how does the keys and the flute work?
What's the absolute largest audience that an artist ever performed on stage for?
how to mike accordion?
World's most popular violist?
Are there any talent shows or gigs I could sign up to?
What are the best seats for Cirque Du Soleil?
High school american idol auditions?
where is the soprano saxophone in the orchestra?
MIMES!, I hate MIMES, how do you feel about them?
where can you learn how to draw?
Should I play the violin?
Competition solo help?
Breathing Techniques For Flutes : Solo Coming Up And Need Help?
How to come up with a stage name?
Do I have an alright singing voice? ?
So the talent show is coming up and I need a good monologue....?
If you get your tongue web piercing can you still play your saxophone instrument?
My Lordi!how did they win?
Can a beginner take violin lessons from a instructional DVD?
led zeppelin!!!!?
which is easy to learn and use guitar or violin?
Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for the Back To The Future theme?
What is Performance Studio?
How do u get rid of scratchy noise in acoustic guitar?
how do guitar lessons work?
Is international performing arts academy real?
what is the worst music invention ever?
I love to sing, and my voice is actually not bad. Only i suffer extreme stage fright.?
What's a Spodify premium code?
why do people sing?
Suggestions for (teenage) monologue for Las Vegas audition?
What's in a nuter drink?
historical background of cordillera music in the philippines?
help i need an guitar?
i really think i have a good voice...but how do i get any managers or producers to listen to me?
Do you like cheerleaders or dancers more?
i have a question for professional dancers?
wherr can i get FREE printable happy birthday music for the oboe?
Where can I study Musical Theater performance as a GRADUATE degree? Know any good schools?!?
My first name (or first part of my name) is Ish and I played with a friend named Kay. Who am I?
What do i start on my bass guitar?
If all the world is a stage, what part are you playing?
ii'm a young female actor/singer looking for some paying jobs iin NJ!!!!?
I am teaching myself to play piano and i need help?
How do I get my singing voice back?
where can i study acting school in the website.?
Guitar amplifier or Loudspeakers?
is anybody out there looking for guys to start a singing group?
I did an acoustic arrangement of Firework by Katy Perry?
How do you learn to sing and play guitar at the same time?
When writing a script, how do I start with a black screen and a voice over?
How to become a Stand-up Comedian?
What is the best place to go for doctorate in piano performance?
baton twirling question.
Is 22 too old to begin learning to play the piano?
How is my singing (please be honest)?
Can i change the strings on my guitar?
What are some magic tricks that might fool a kid into thinking you have supernatural powers?
How to levitate?
What Can You Play On Guitar?
where to download english libretto of the merry widow?
Attn clarinet players! anyone familiar with 'fight song' (usc) and 6/8 time signatures?
Crack in my clarinet bell- fix or replace?
I need music help!?!?
music producer question?
Is there a scripted play version of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?
Anyone out there play the banjo?
how long does it take to be really good at playing the guitar?
Which do you like better: Nylon Acoustic Guitars, or Steel Acoustic Guitars?
Is this a good or bad oppurtunity?
Why do you like marching band?
how to tune a 16 cybal, pearl double bass?
where to start an acting career?
Need help with guitar scales?
what is the first part of ..........make strange bedfellows?
Is it possible to install EMG 81/85 pickups on a fender strat?
What Can I Do With Sore Fingers From Guitar?
Does orange juice effect the quality of your voice?
audition songs?
Is the ukulele easy to play?
what classes can i take to travel around the world such as chorus.?
At age 46, is it too late for me to learn how to play piano and get master at it?
What were some the plays performed for Commedia Dell Arte?
Who is the most popular graphic designer?
Who's your favorite tenor?
What is a 'National Pageant'?
What musical should I see next?
Opinion of mendini violins?
Should I drink to get buzzed before improv or would that make it worse?
what to wear for an audition, 10 points best answer !!!! xx <3?
Can I sing ?? Please please answer?
How can I improve my vocals?
Anyone here playing double bass?
Is Steve Sandvoss Gay?
My Clarinet Rattles When I Play Low C?
Whats a good, high alto range, slow song?
i really like to sing and have quite a good voice but dont know where to go with it?
what is a good GCSE music peice to play on the drums?
What does it take to keep young musicians playing?
is music theory necessary when learning guitar?
What is the best and cheapest guitar i should get if im just starting?
How do i get into the music industry? I have a year to make it happen?
What poem should I read for the Black History month showcase?
What instrument doesn't require your hand/fingers...if there is any ?
what are the three chords played on the synth in the first 17 seconds of Deep Forest's Radio Belize (Comparsa)
Song suggestions for 2 violins and a cello?
was david mamet's; glengarry glen ross a political play?
Can u define what is beauty?
are there any colleges that major in performing and media arts? if so what are they?
Will miley cyrus be biggar than celione dione and can she sing better?
Questions about joining Winterguard for the first time?
Tell me ur meaning of this poem?
I have two seymour duncan rail pick ups?
When and where was music invented?
Important I find this people - the musical number sung by the Two Ronnies don't know what it's called but?
Where can I get the Jefferson Airplane "Somebody to love LIVE AT WOODSTOCK version" guitar tab?
Could I tune my guitar strings up to Capo?
My friend is learning to play the recorder but has a hand deformity. Are there any known tools to help?
What guitar songs?
I need help with a monologue?
so whats a good song i could sing to my girl friend that is done with an acoustic guitar?
Are there any acting or talent camps you can go on in England?
Can I Sing!? 10 Points!?
Are you right handed or left handed?
where to build guitars online?
what is a good stage name?
Define standard vocal literature?
Hey , where can I find an acoustic guitar below RM100?
Songs for an amateur guitarist?
Has anyone taught themeselves to play an instrument?
Has anyone ever met nick jonas?
Anybody answer a Riverdance question?
What guitar scales should I start out with?
Can anyone please help with Viola fingerings?
How can I find Rachael Yamagata scores? (buy, find...) I would so enjoy to play her songs (piano+voice) !!?
where can i find the script of the Opera 'Marriage of Figaro"?
Does any one have tips on writing songs?
How many male ballet dancers are in the world?
what is your favorite corp in dci?
What song should I audition with for Guys and Dolls?
is it illegal to place mp3 file on my blog for visitors to listen?
singing or dancing camps in easter !?
How do I get over gymnastics?
how to learn to sing?
why do people close their eyes when they sing?
What is the proper way to breathe when you sing????
Broadway Dance song Ideas?
how do i tell my stand partner her c#'s are flat?
Is anyone touring with One Republic?
Ok im a really good singer but im to scared to sing in front of other people ecsept my sister Help me!!!!?
Clarinet vs. Bass Clarinet?
I want to do my senior project on Broadway. what are some topics?
Are there any good drag shows in Austin?
can i be a cheerleader even though im a chubby girl?
What sort of music soothes the inner soul?
I'm teaching little girls flamenco and I need a website that has basic step by step, flamenco steps. Help!
duz anyone no the 7 main elements of drama (performing)?
i need a site that teaches me to play guitar from the very begining?
I saw Danielle Spencer on The TVLand awards walking with a cane. What is wrong with her?