Performing Arts

what is a good song for the finale of a birthday presentation?
Where are the cadences in Prelude No.6 in D minor BWV 851 by JSBach?
What song should a big group of girls sing for a talent show?
Oklahoma - Ado annie character/ traits and kisses?
What is a good musical for high school that features 3 great female singers?
I want to get into acting and i need some advice/tips.?
does every one have a talent?
Other than Weeki Wachee Springs, where is the best underwater ballet?
Why do all guys that play guitar have long hair??
on guitar, should the scale change when the chord does?
Playing an electric guitar?
Is it too late to start training your voice at 19?
What can i do to have a good voice?
How much does it effect the sound of the guitar how thick the maple top is, or if it is vener or not.?
Who was the phantom of the opera? What did he do mostly?
What is the difference between an extended flute and a regular flute?
i need info on history of english and american theater from 1720-1900 and the differences?
Does a b-flat sound different in Denver than in Miami?
Guitar lessons?
How do I tune my Acoustic Guitar to play "Awake" by Secondhand Serenade?
how come the little mermaid the musical came off broadway?
Where can I find songs for an 8-holed ocarina?
Good Plays For Drama?
Looking for guitar tabs for Shostakovich waltz no.2 or will pay for a copy!?
What are some Good Audition songs?
Shows similar to breaking pointe?
Are Poms okay to use for color guard?
If I spend roughly 75 hours a month practicing guitar, how long should it take me to reach grade 8?
good songs for acoustic guitar...?
What is Forum Theater?
what book or dvd would be best for me at guitar center?
How do you do a fouette?
How can I sing better?
how can i learn how to play the star spangled banner on flue in one day?
does piano consider as an instrument?
who ever had a piece for a speech choir, can you give me some...?
which song should i sing for auditions?
How do I create my Artist Portfolio?
Dropped my guitar on its face, dont know whats wrong?
dance moms music please read(partypartyparty)?
audition requirements?
who was catherine peto?
Which instrument do you like to hear and enjoy most, the one that touches your soul deeply?
do you have to go to college for this?
Does anyone know where i can find the full Corpse Bride script?
What guitar should i get?
How can I do magic?
What are guitar requirements to learn before taking acoustic fingerstyle / picking lessons?
My lips! Please help!?
problems about fnding the right monologue?
When does act 2 of Grease start in the Musical?
My daughter and I are going to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, do we have to dress up?
How much do you think artists pay an orchestra to play a few gigs with them?
I was dead, how do I get back to life?
What are my chances of becoming a good contemporary dancer?(video included)?
Is it too late for me to learn how to play guitar?
how to learn to play a guitar?
Toss the feathers,the name of some irish type of musicband,3women playin very good music,do u know more about?
Looking to buy Broadway tee shirts (Chorus Line & Hairspray)?
I JUST got my guitar but I don't know how to start :/?
Ibanez GRGM21 Mikro?
Are there any aerialist classes in Oklahoma?
Which is better? Cello vs Violin?
Know any Child Acting Agencies?? In New York?
I need a great dominatrix name? help!?
٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Does my guitar need a "set up" (10 points for Best Answer)?
How can I be sexier in this dance routine?
at home with 4 and 6 year old little girls we are board what are some fun things to do?
I want to become a busker (street performer), what are some good instruments to play?
Who is performing with Justin Timberlake at the conecrt in Sydney on November 1st?
Is there a copy of the play, "Blues" by Kirk Ristau anywhere on the web?
Good things to eat/drink if you're voice is starting to feel tired?
I want to know about drum corps.?
What are some fun peices to play on the violin?
So i have been playing guitar for 5 months now? I wanna get way better but i dont know whats good to practice?
What language does Daler Mehndi sing in?
Do you have to be asian for the JYP auditions?
Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
Does anyone recommend a good guard camp besides Smith-Walbridge?
what should i wear for my piano performance ?
What would be a good idea for something to happen in a pary scene?
Who is the funniest US standup comedian and what makes him/her so?
Question on learning guitar?
Pantomime Fairytale Help Please!?
Guitar Pickup Bar Pole Piece?
is 50 bucks a week too much for flamenco guitar lessons?
How do you sell a song to a recording artist?
Female Tenor? My full question is in additional detaild, since there arent enough characters.?
What is wrong with my voice?
Ideas for a middle school theater production?
Does anyone have a recording of 'Missing You (My Bill)' from The Civil War - An American Musical?
Good Les Paul copies ? - Electric Guitar?
im looking to purchase a clarinet. what is a good brand. ive played before & want a nice brand?
don't want to be in a band or play out...?
How much does a good string bass normally cost?
First time audition help!?
calling all proffesional dancers. need help?
name a cirus ? sorry for spelling i meen where clowns come from?
How old do you have to be to go see Jeff Dunham?
In which way is TRIPS agreement bebeficial to a developing country like Uganda?
does anyone know where i can get the corinne bailey rae single "put your records on" as instrumental?
[Affordable] Upright Bass suggestions for Beginner Classical Student in college?
best guitar for beginners ?
Can I get opinions on a song I wrote?
Viola Tuning?
What are good schools for the arts?
My acoustic guitar won't tune?
Whats better a violin or an electric one?
Poll: A or B....musically?
Can you plug an acoustic electric guitar into any type of speaker?
What guitar strings should I get? [<$10]?
What is the hardest instrument to play and what is the hardest instrument to play well?
whats your favorite singer or band?
Singing major scale in audition?
What is this piece by Dvorak?
Where can I get sheet music for a wind quartet?
Is this a good guitar?
Who is edward cocker?
Upcoming marching band audition friday,,, HELPP!!?
What if I'm not good enough?
How to be a very good dancer?
Musicians, how easy was it to return to playing after a long break?
Is the guitar easy to learn?
night on broadway...what song should i do?
Please answer "yes" or "no": if a gay person jumped on Tom Cruise's back, would he beat him off?
which is better keyboard or guitar??
What kind of guitar should i get?
Chances of being accepted in Juilliard's voice program?
Clarinet--- Is my mouth position okay?
what do you you when you lose hope?
does this make me a genius, or jus a good musician?
What to wear to a preforming arts auditiom?
PLEASE RESPOND!! Can I sing? A Bit?
I need help trying to find an agent...?
Where can I find a small cast play....?
Help! Freaking out! plz! Help! Advice Needed!?
How to improve non-actors ability to act?
Does Everyone Have A Talent?
what do you you when you lose hope?
give me songs that i can sing really badly, loudly, while crying?
Do I have to be a certain age to busk?
What exactly is the Circus Act that involves the use of horizontal metal bars?
violin music sheet maker.. needed tomorrow?
What is a good jazz song?
what does an agent do?
how to write a 45 minute acoustic set?
Who is the comedian that sweats a lot on stage?
i need a monologue for a talent show for marching band camp?
What is your favorite Beethoven Symphony?
Looking for Christian puppet skits !?
What instrument should a six or seven year old child learn to play first?
What is a decent price for a juipiter student oboe?
Has any one watched the movie "Rusland and Ludmila"?
Is there a reason why I am losing my voice when I sing this song?
flute teacher in delhi?
stage fear.............?
How do you become a concert pianist?
Guitar Question?
Trouble with my Native American flute?
How do you get a famous performer to come to your party?
good music to make love too?
what are good break up songs?
Need help with Bb Clarinet Reeds?
Where can i find the song Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked?
I want to start pointe but....?
F Chord on Guitar?!Help Please?
Hard songs to play on guitar?
what are some ACOUSTIC songs that will make any girl fall in love with you if you play it on guitar?
What's a good brand for Soprano Saxophone.?
Guitar Question?
how to play this tab?
How much does an orchestra player earn?
when is too late to have vocal lessons?
HELP!!! i don't understand the book THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, i'm so confused!!!?
how do i make myself sing better?
Has anyone heard of gypsy and did u like it?
Good play for a high school theatre class?
Music question??????
Becoming flexible positioning help?
I need a sarcastic or just really funny monologue for a teenage girl! HELP?
You or Me?
Valencia or Audition guitars?
is your voice considered an instrument?
What are some really great singing tips...?
What Sting song did Cas Haley sing on America's Got Talent?
Are Dale Carnegie courses helpful?
how to paint good?
How to turn your hand into a ocarina or hand flute?
Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Function?
All dancers on ! Please help!?
What does my band director mean by "calm air"....?
i've been a flute player for three years.what else can i play in that family or some other instruments?
Do you need an exotic dancers' liscence in OHIO?
What guitar is best for beginners... Please Help!?
Can someone give me a harmonic analysis of Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor?
i love dancing- but is there any hope for me?
Cool tricks to impress girls? ideas?
question about using my diaphragm to sing?
Which guitar amp do you think is better?
Tuning guitar from drop b to standard? Will I break a string?
performing artss audition?
what should i name my circus?
finger coordination(sp?)?
How to sabotage a play?
Anyone out there play Cello?
Drum Major Try-Outs?!?
What's the name of the violin band that is all women and is gaining alot of popularity?
what is talent and how can we develop it?
Is it okay for me to play my classical guitar just like a steel string?
Promises promises schedule?!?
Learn to play guitar?
Do you write a monologue?
What major could I pursue with producing music?
(on sheet music) what is the C next to the treble clef (right where the time signature should be) called?
Last minute tips for extempore speech?please please please help this is the 5th time ive asked tis question?
When to go on pointe?
Violin bass, cello, or viola vibrato help?
Anything else mimes do besides not talk and pretend their using objects with thin air?
If there is, can you give me the Flute Sheet music for these touhou theme songs?
shakespeare for ninth graders?
Is Berkeley a good violin brand?
Im a begginer on guitar i can play a few songs but i dont know what a scale is or what they are used for?
I have an antique mandolin, on the sticker it reads: The WASHBURN BEST IN THE WORLD No. 201756?
What's a good song to dance for at a talent show?
What kind of dancing do the dancers do in the movie step up 3?
Stage Fright =[?
How not to stare at the camera or the audience?
I need help with conducting for my Drum Major audition...?
Why is it relatively easy to whistle a song you only heard once even if you don't know anything about music
can you tell where a note you want to play is, your first try, on guitar?
is a dancer a good money making career?
Where can i find music schools that teach drums?
Why can't I get any better at guitar?
Would it be a good idea to self teach myself piano while I'm self teaching myself guitar?
What violin should I get? What brands? What websites?
Can an Odyssey of the Mind Team coach themselves?
What is the best way to learn guitar?
Does anyone know where Winter Sonata Classics - Missing You Violin music sheet is?
Can't Choose Metal Band Name! Help?
Who is Shakespeare?
What does a Keyboard Accompaniment do?
how to get over STAGE FRIGHT!!?
do you think ballroom dancing is gay?
what is the best place for free piano sheet music?
I'm a good actress (for my age)but I dont like to be in front of people.what to do?
Britain's Got Talent?
How can you best prepare your voice for an audition?
How to play stacked actors?
How do you make it so a Hohner Marine Band harmonica doesn't cut your lips?
Any oboe piece help please?
how do churches which do not baptise mark their birth?
would a chipped tooth interfere with tone quality?
i want to know the date, time & place for audition indian idol 4 and my registration no 1108225?
I need a good 3 - 6 minute male monologue for a senior exam!?
first day of colorguard (marching band)!!?
Quarter Tones On Guitar?
Relative pentatonic scales?
How much should I sell an electric guitar for?
if i was doing an oral presintation on Frank lloyd wright..what props would be a good idea to bring with me?
Should I get an electric guitar or an acuostic guitar?
how can i learn to play the piano and guitar fast?
Points?! What are the simple notes for little donkey on the clarinet?
Which hand should I learn guitar with?
Anyone know any easy at home CD repair methods?
why am i nervous when i play the guitar?
Play Cello and Bass?
Why the heck won't the 2nd draw reed in all 7 of my harmonicas work right?!?!?
Transposing question.?
Did Rossano Brazzi sing Some Enchanted Evening or mime it?
how do i memorize scales for a audition? (alto sax.) help?
In the acting world, how do people become ultra famous?
What is the purpose of a magician using a cape?
clarinet vs alto sax?
Good, appropriate songs to play in music class?
Stage Fright?
Action planning in performing arts gcse?
Guitar Price needed!!!!!?
VaRiEty ShOw? AnY IdeAS?
do you know how can I get a TAYLOR guitar? I can not find that brand anywhere?
The Pegs On My Violin Arent Sticking!!!?
Guitar string help please!?
what is a good monolouge for my audition?
Berklee Audition: Do I have a chance?
Is there any website which can give me casio lessons for free?
Iam beginner in guitar my fingers are paining (ounch) ?? Need advise?
Bass Guitar Pickups Wiring?
What's the cheapest way to get a wearable chain mail shirt?
What is name of flutist?
People in show style marching bands who play tuba?
can you play bass on a guitar?
If Gone With The Wind were redone who would you cast?
anyone no who sings that song was just on britains got talent.people were dancing 2 it.?
Do I have to live in California to get a job voicing a cartoon and/or writing for one?
I'm looking for the best acoustic electric guitar under $1000 for fingerstyle.?
Does Fiona Apple compose most of her music?
Band nerds: What's your favorite thing about playing your instrument?
will i evere be good enough to get into a music collage?
Can anyone tell me where can I find Acoustic Guitar?
How do you become a singer?
How to not be disappointed if I don't get the part?
what is a good play for a groups of 10 year olds can perform.?
Does any one know any easy dream theater tabs? and if not them, at least some sugustions on some easy prog mtl
whats a good saxophone to move up to?
guitars lessons?
Guitar Strap?
Where can I find an accompaniment track for the Into the Woods song: "He's a Very Nice Prince"?
How can I get my singing voice back?
Musical Ideas Please?
Where should I be wth piano? a little over a year in?
singing and playing gutiar together?
How easy is self teaching yourself to play guitar?
What is the best way to practice the piano?
Jobs involving music?
What type of guitar should i get?
Is this the name of the play The first day by Mary Krell-Oishi or ...?
How to find a legitimate talent\acting agent?
who sing i would do anything for love....but i wont do that??
How did you learn relative pitch in music?
Ottman Elementary Harmony music theory book answers?
Whats a good song for a soprano to sing for an audition of "The Music Man"?
Looking for a guitar with a floyd rose for >$550.00...?
Song suggestions for school talent show?
should i join colorguard?
I want to learn Mouthorgan(Harmonica) !!! Please help?
guitar string problem?
What company does the lighting production for Skrillex shows?
What is the meaning of "Corteo", the title of Cirque du Soleil?
What is a good monologue to audition for Monologues?
should i play the 1st or 3rd movement of concerto in a minor?
Does anyone now how i can develop myself as a young alto sax player?
Trapeze questions?
I'm a trombone player, And i want to switch to french horn?
where can I find the script of the movies?
how to sell tickets on stubhub?
And want to be more talented?
I cant find this music anywhere!? Want the solo piece for the saxophone.?
My son is about to start high school in the fall, and he thinks it's going to be like High School Musical?
Does anyone know which Wicked broadway cast is the best?
Is it possible for an adult to learn to play the cello?
At what age is it too late to start a career as a studio musician?
My 11yr son wants to learn to play violin. Should I invest in new or rent a used one? What else does he need?
Got the Rolling Stones playing here Easter Sunday. They should have retired years ago (age 50). What U think?
What Shall I Play On Drums In Front Of MY College Class?
How do i do some colorguard tosses???
How to become a Broadway performer?
Looking for a orchestra or concert band to join and play.?
does any one have a good name for a spring middle school concert?
Non-existing karaoke file needed! Got permission to strip vocals from audio file but dont know how.?
How long does it take to learn how to sweep pick on guitar?
What are good magic tricks to learn?
Colour psychology & stage lighting design?
What Is A Better Guitar String?
My snare drum has a very bad creek and overtone?
Help picking a good audition monologue?
What's a Spodify premium code?
Do Asian actors get any good roles?
is there any way to play guitar?
how do i check whats wrong with my flute ?
Solo songs for young soprano?
Is a Tromboon considered a brass or woodwind instrument?
Poem number 2! fire away :)?
What are the live auditions for Juilliard like (for a flute audition)?
Is this a soprano ukulele?
Help with becoming punk!?
What level should I be playing tuba at?
if you were to stand up and say something what would be your special message for the world?
Anyone else a musician?
What is the easiest way to learn how to sing in key?
I want to join guitar class but I hv no idea on which guitar to buy nd join classes bass or electric?
I have to buy a set of strings for an acoustic guitar, which one should I buy?
Is a bass easier to play then a guitar?
in Georgia what is the second round all state audition process like?
what elements did the choreographer use when creating dances?
Why am I such a gifted guitarist?
issues while playing euphonium/baritone?
list your screen name hear so i can get over 200 and beat my friend?
Why did Neil Diamond have to pay royalties for heartlight?
How can I Learn guitar completely free?
Cdn music schools question?
Which of these songs did I sing best?
Tips on Urinetown audition?
I need a good stage name....any ideas?
Guitar finish questions??
Cunard royal singers and dancers?
What si the difference between a thespian and an actor?
Should I get another flute?
Drummers.. (Cymbal Help)?
please make me a rhyming poem about a annoying older male cousin at age 12?
Best voices for a god? or Best idea for god voice?
Song 2 minutes or less for audition?
Is it good to loosing strings daily of guitar after finished playing, and retuning next day?
what can u tell me about my poem (be truthful)?
how to sing more in tune?
What are some good insults for basses? (Like, in choir)?
thinking about switching from tenor to bass, need help and advice?
learning to play guitar?
im looking for an amazing duet to sing that is a guy-girl duet.?
any Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Grand Funk Railroad british fans here?
Are you ever too old to make a career move?
two contrasting peices of music?
Jobs involving music?
does my voice sound good enough for americas got talent usa?
What exactly would you sing if you were auditioning for a college acapella choir?
I am left handed and would like to play the guitar. Should I get a left or right handed guitar?
What lessons should I take?
How can i perform electronic music?
How to play the flute?
Is the length of my fingers important to play the piano?
Is my guitar cable broken?
where can i listen to opera arias online 4 free?
What guitar Should I get?
When playing the guitar, for really fast songs, is it really cheap to fingerpick it?
I want to go to the opera and learn more about it?
What are the best lower end cymbals?
Who's the best artist of all music?
Up Beat duets for girls?
stuff about theater class?
the audience that attended shakespeare's plays?
Guitar Players Poll: What was the very first chord you learned???
What do you sing in the shower?
looking for information on a record that came out between 1968 and1970 called A TALE OF TWO CITIES?
Have you ever coined a phrase? What is it?
Fingers Sore After Playing Guitar. I need better strings help please.?
Can anyone become a street performer?
What are some good ballads for guys from broadway songs?
Two violin questions.?
How hard is it to play a woodwind??
Dose any one here play electric guitar?
Guitar tuning question?
When did the Beatles arive in the U.S?
how to store guitar when one uses it daily(acoustic)?
what kind of guitar does Klara from the band First Aid Kit play?
Can a 13 year old get a gig in NYC?
A question about the play Pippin?
Do they do music lessons at the Y?
Besides Legally Blonde, did MTV cover any other Broadway musicals?
What is David Mitchell's middle name? (The comedian not the writer).?
What is your favorite song on the Piano?
What would be a good song to sing for a Wizard of Oz audition?
To all guitar players...Do any of you suffer with my problem? I have played guitar now for many years, But?
What's a good story to use with only 3-5 characters? (with dialouge)?
Could you lose your talent if you dont use it?
Clarinet mouthpiece as weed pipe?
Guitar Question for Norm Jones?!?
Is it legal to play guitar at a public place in India?
What's the cheapest way to get a wearable chain mail shirt?
How can I loosen up my fingers for the piano?
Where to find a Cheap Banjo (cheap price, not cheap quality)?
Need a Monologue example?
How much does it cost to join John Robert Powers?
Who can I contact if I know a young piano artist that should be heard?
What personality-"quirks" did / does the character RUPUNZEL have in The Shakespearean plays?
Opera need help?
Beautiful modern piano solo pieces to learn for piano?
What would they think if I stripped down to my men's brief on stage?
Why does my epiphone les paul say gibson on the truss in bold letters?
what songs will blake and jordin sing tonight?
how can u start playing drums?
Im doing an audition for Montclair University and i need two songs from standard american theater for altos.?
did all of J.S. Bach's flute sonatas have basso continuo?
Where is the root note in a guitar chord?
Who are some actors that became Hollywood stars from Broadway?
What is the name of the operatic duet played at the Bellagio water show?
What is a good contemporary song for a soprano? (Like really high soprano...has to be modern though)?
what i need to do to get into berklee?
What song should I sing at my audition?
How do you stop squeaking on your violin?
How to get rid of stage fright!!!!!?
Somgs to play at 7th and 8th grade dances?
What are some simple songs to play on the guitar?
Is there a difference between a classical guitar and a regular acoustic guitar?
"Guess the card" magic trick?
Could I be a one-man orchestra?
What does one wear to an evening performance of the New York Philharmonic?
Raunchiest stand up comedian?
Which role should I hope/audition for?
can pachelbel's canon be played with one violin?
Poll: A or B....musically?
tips on how to get over stage fright?
How many of you are in Marching Band?
Again...does anyone know this piano song on Smallville?
how to make a sexy video?
gah!! how to remember scales??!!!!!?
how do i become signed to be an r&b artist and sonqwriter?
Can any one help me find a store or person who sales, or makes streamers for praise dancers?
What is the difference between an extended flute and a regular flute?
Can you help me choose a name for a web-series?
can a clarinet be formed into a trumpet?
where can i find a good acoustic guitar for $80?
I need help for my violin?
Where can I find talent scouts for music in London?
is it true that if you sing more you will get better?
So, what is a callback? ?
What advice do you have for Alto's attempting tenor parts?
I just ordered my first guitar. What is the best source for learning the basics of the guitar "language"?
Do people really need to havemusical talent to play an instrument?
what should i play next year trombone or trumpet?
how do professionals that paint designs on violins do it?
What is F And G major chord in guitar?
how would you difine emo?
What's a good way to teach a kid how to actually read musical notes like a book?
is 16 yrs. old too late to learn how to play the harp?
How do you play christmas through the eyes of a child on the flute for beginners?
is it all India know how to sing?
are girls getting strong physically ?
How can i become a musical performer?
My friend asked me how to finger an open G on the clarinet!!!!?
What is your favorite guitar?
What are some good piano magazines out there?
Check out my singing on youtube?
when was jamiroquai established?
for guitar, does the way you play a chord really matter?
I need material to record for a voice-over audition. What's ear-catching and would sell?
I need 2 contrasting 2 minute monologues where can I find good ones?
howmany girls out there would fall in love with a guy who plays the guitar and piano ?
If you were a broadway star what would your stage name be?
What brand (or kind) of acoustic guitar should I get?
funny scripts for forensics (best script wins)?
Should I go to New York or Las Vegas to pursue my dream?
How come dogs can go up to girls an start humping them without getting in trouble but us humans cant?
Which guitar is best for a begginger?
Performing arts boarding schools?
does anyone know what it takes to get on Broadway?
What non disney musicals can a small 7th and 8th grade do THAT HAS 7 BIG DANCE NUMBERS AND ONE LARGE GIRL LEAD?
are there voice acting schools in Florida?
What is the best guitar brand out there?
soloing and improvising question?
Can't fix the action space on my guitar?
How often should you change your guitar strings?
best site to learn how to play the keyboard/piano?
on a scale from 1 to 10, how good can you sing?
Ron Nelson Music?
Does anybody like Eurythmics but not Annie Lennox or vice versa?
Did you know that I use to be an Opera singer then I turned to Pop and I love it?
What is the easiest wind instroment to learn how to play?
Do you love Tracy Ulman?
what is a Mozart progressive chord or Mozart's progressive chords? can someone explain them to me please?
what kind of amp should i buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a very easy love song to play on the acoustic guitar?
Need a funny song to sing at school?
What mood does the orchestra fit to?
i need help looking for a free place to audition on sax?
What are some easy love songs I can play on guitar?
How to get this done permanently? Plz help.?
What don't people understand about the difference between the fiddle and the violin?
How To Be Spacey, Ditsy, And Noncaring?
rock guitar pickups cheap?
how can i become a DJ??? read details :)?
What are the boundaries of friendship?
I want to learn guitar, where do i start?
HELP! I need assistance formulating a thesis statement based on the following topic:?
I have an audition in 5 hours!!!?
I want to learn how to play guitar, what guitar should I buy?
I need female HDA scripts?
What to look for, when buying first guitar?
learning to play guitar?
Which acoustic guitar should I get?
Does it take two to tango?
Where is the best place to purchase an erhu?
Explain certain magic trick?
where is judy kahn?
I'm looking for a doris day version of "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake"?
So I'm thinking of buying this Yamaha 221... flute?
Yamaha gigmaker starter guitar pack?
guys on broadway. do they have to know how to belt and riff?
What are good ways of staying in tempo?
watch the american idiot broadway opera online?
What are some nice preteen songs?
What are some good Broadway/musical soprano songs?
Why does my Jackson get detuned when I use the whammy bar?
I wish to learn Pottery. Can anybody suggest me how to go about it in Pune?
Why is the royal academy of dramatic arts so good?
Electric guitar tuner?
What are good electric guitar multi-effects and amps to buy within $100-$250 dollar range?
why do bands bring recording engineers on tour?
What grade do you think i am at acoustic guitar?
Tips on improving alternate picking on guitar?
Is it good to buy piccolos from Amazon?
Is Black and Block Talent a good talent agency?
Do gynecologists go to "girlie" shows?
what should we do to perform?
Should I switch to bassoon?
When you yodel the most famous line, what are you saying?
Advice from singing experts?
Any Good Violin Solos?
What is the official USA music chart?
Please answer "yes" or "no": if a gay person jumped on Tom Cruise's back, would he beat him off?
Anyone know this song? All I know are the lyrics.?
Paranoid by black sabbath help?
Printable snare drum solos?
How do I win Miss Congeniality?
What are the elements of a movie?
Would I be able to switch from flute to Bari Sax?
On magic piano how do you share a performance with a friend?
How does one audition for the USO? How are overseas acts chosen?
Is it easy to learn how to play the piano? ?
Johnny cash song? "god said to abraham..."?
Good Disney song for an audition?
For an expert: What kind of mouthpiece did John Coltrane use on his tenor?
On the clarinet, what is the fingering for . . . ?
Are there any circuses that still have lions and tigers and elephants?
Guitar Help?
keeping your nerves for auditions/tryouts?
Ever woke up with an original song in your head, or dreamt of an original song?
Which should I play Clarinet or Flute?
What guitar case can fit an Ibanez Mtm2? ?
If you were going to audition on American Idol, what song would you sing?
Why do some orchestras need funding from the arts council and others not?
Wake Up Acoustic?
How can I contact Off-Broadway producers?
Why don't people believe in me?
What are the liscenses or requirements you may have to obtain to open a performing arts school?
what are the top 10 universities for theatre majors?
What are the types of drama?
What motivates you to play guitar?
How do I inspire myself to practice my guitar?
what are good break up songs?
do u know who betty page is?
How do you sing well?
what is the barney song that they sing about houses. the different types of houses.?
Will a passive magnetic pickup work on a classical guitar?
How to pre-design a Set for a Stage Play?
I'm gonna be in a talent show dancing and singing,What song show I do?
What is a popular fine arts college?
Can someone who did not start young, still learn to play the Saxophone very well?
What is the best prank you have ever pulled?
Is it possible to play the Acoustic Guitar by ear?
Which instrument should I take next?
how can i hit those high notes when singing? my parents wont pay for vocal lessons?
Want to pursue a career in the music indust. playing a bass guitar. Where do I start?
How do I convince my parents to by me a guitar?
how does the quick change illusion work?????
are tabs for electric guitar, and acoustic guitar basically the same?
Dean from "All Shook Up" Audition Song?
Is this an impressive vocal range?
Could I be experiencing lingering laryngitis?
does anyone know any good songs?
Where to get a cheap student flute?
whats the best way to learn guitar without paying money for lessons?
I'm way to nervous for Frank Sinatra Audition ?
which instrument would be better bassoon or saxophone?
What do I need to play on my guitar to impress my friends?
Flutes. How difficult to change from closed holes to open holes?
Learning the guitar, without a tutor, is it worth it?
What do you think of One Direction?
what are the william shakespeares theater/play symbols?
Which is faster, andante or andantino?
What's a good 5 string bass bridge i can buy for my Bass?
Can anyone do any good (or not so good) circus tricks?
I am trying to learn how to play my guitar.?
How can I improve my voice ?
Is it a good deal if i buy the Line 6 G50 for 200$ for a bass guitar?
I've been playing guitar for 40+ years. Should I give it up?
Is the ukelele hard to learn?
who sang night and day in the movie the gay divorcée?
What instrument is harder to learn... Violin or French Horn?
what does buona fortuna mean?
Im a 15 year old girl and I want to learn to play the guitar, how should I do that?
Desperately Searching for sheet music from Trailer Park Musical!?
Can anybody tell me full name of singer Abhijeet who used to sing more for Amitab Bacchan?
help i need a upbeat pop song?
help! how can i get rid of my stage fright?
Can anyone recommend any really good 10-20 minute plays?
Anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area who sells handmade oboe reeds?
What's the best way to improve my singing voice?
Acting School Help!?
John Casablancas modeling &career?
what is black magic?
I need to find piano lessons for my 5 year old son in lakewood,co area. who do I call?
How to play the lead guitar?
what instrument(s) do you play?
is Blunderbuss by Jack White a good guitar audition song for berklee college?
How much is my 1953 Martin guitar?
How do most people learn how to play guitar?
Good Musicals for High Schools?
Italian Girl In Algiers by opera pacific in irvine. Iwant to know whats the story line of this play.?
Will my thick fingers deter me from playing the guitar?
Is my husband good enough to be in a band?
Making a name for yourself as a standup comedian?
I want to tour europe with my rock band in november of this year, what's the best way to go... rent equipment
Oboe Tonguing and Help!?
i need a pretty song to sing, something very smooth and flowy?
Who was there at the concert of Green Day in June 2005? I'm Italian. Sorry, my English, is not perfect.?
How do you read guitar tabs?
its vaccation and any one can say me how to spend my vaccation in a good way?
Any guitar shredders out there?
How do I put shoulder straps on my hardshell guitar case?
Should I sing in talent show?
i am ubsessed with wicked the musical what bout u?
Guitar warped? Help!?
Where can I find the sheet music for Schadenfreude from Avenue Q for free?
Voice/Singing lessons near Farmington, Connecticut??
I need a monologue for a comedy?
How to improve my trumpet range?
DJ equipment for starters.?
PLease help!!! I have a nice voice, but its not great and I need to no how to sing well for an audition coming?
where can i find a funny piece for speech and debate?
can anyone suggest a few songs i will want to play on guitar at an italian restaraunt,?
How do find a good guy????
How to play 2 octave d scale?
how is my poem?
Broadway songs???????????
Which strings to get?
Guitar Chords?
If I learn to play the guitar, could I play the Ukelele too?
Is it Hard to self teach Guitar?
Where can I find High School Musical 2 images?
guitar string problem?
What is a good song to play on French horn for solo and ensemble festival?
Piano question about left and right hand?
What kind of foot drums are good?
should i sing acapella at a disney audition?
How long did it take you to pick up on the guitar?
Is this a good acoustic guitar?
What are some good broadway shows with leading ladies?
whats the secret to fight stage fright?
When are YG Entertainment company audtions?
What kind of roles are there in "Bridge to Tearbithia"?
help choosing audition songs?
where can i print pound notes for a drama?
Any tips on how to beat nerves?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
new guitar strings buzz?
Do Banjo players read Guitar Tab or Staff Notation?
What to sing for school thing? Help!?
Buffet-Crampon C-13 Clarinet?
How to be a better bass player?
Clear or Coated drum heads?
Can I use guitar strings on my ukeulele?
please help me audition question?
If my singing voice sounds good in my own ears, could it still be bad when heard by others?
My lips! Please help!?
What should I sing for the talent show???Help! need song!?
Can you be a doctor in arts?
Are there any girls out there who play quads in their marching band? Any one know of any contests in Georgia?
why dont they put gorillas in the ufc, they would be a real fight?
What should I consider purchasing In a theatre production budget?
where can i get a free and fast background image code???/?
How can i use my electric guitar amp. . . .?
Where can i find some CHEAP irish solo dresses?
How did people dress in the 1970s?
How do you know if there is something wrong with your violin tailgut?
where can someone get cheap but really good voice lessons in richmond bc or vancouver bc?
What is a good boy girl duet that can be sung in a talent show?
How to Play Eternity: Memories of Lightwaves in Violin?
need help getting started doing pageants!?
Dizzy by standing in heat at marching band?
does anyone know a great musical theatre song? (solo)?
In Guitar tab, each line represents one of the strings. What's the Line?
what is winter colorgaurd like?
Hey, I'm an aspiring actress and in need of a knowledge of how to select a reputable agent. Can anyone help?
What makes a good dancer?
Could a play such as "Waiting for Godot" could be done in the fashion of a Cirque Du Soleil show? would u go?
I want to learn how to play a guitar?
Who is the weirdest Musician?
Best audition song to sing?
I need to find a scene to perform for Drama class.?
I need a Broadway song for an audition?
What is the name of the song in Phantom of the Opera when they are going down the tunnel?
Does anyone know how I can obtain dissertations from professors?
New Bach Trumpet cleaning advice?
Can anyone play stairway to heaven?
how much should i get for working as graphic designer?
Can I Sing!?!? 10 Points!?
how to get rid of stage fright ?
Interlochen or Socapa for Arts Camp?
should I play guitar or piano?
How can I purchase a recording (lp or tape) of "Mozart is a Dirty Old Man"?
What is the Education Life for Celebrities?
why can't I find Verizon offers "Listen to This with James Earl Jones."?
does anyone know the piano part for the spill canvas?
How can i sing better?
What Guitar pedal should I get?
GUITAR: Why does my B string buz when the capo is on the 3rd fret or when I press my finger on the 3rd fret?
Is an Upright Bass to loud for home use even with a mute?
Who sing that love ballad?
Songs to sing for a 50th birthday?
Does anyone know how to play E.T by katy perry on guitar?
i love to sing and my parents dont want to pay for perfetional help so i can become a perfetional what do i do
can somebody tell some links where I can find free christian sheet music?
Does anyone have the guitar tabs for...?
what do u think?
How do I keep from losing my voice?
Epiphone casino electric guitar what should i do?
how often should my guitar strings be snapping on an average of 2-3 hours of playing a day?
How to NOT be nervous when playing my instrument?
how to strum a guitar?
How much for electric drums?
What's a good quality keyboard I should buy?
Can i get some tips on guitar solo'ing?
I want to take piano lessons, but is it worth it?
Oboe/String players! or anyone musical! :D?
bass trombone scales?
What are some good songs to sing for a solo?
issues in drama production?
Ocarina playing help?
I need ideas on which instrument to play!?
Please! Can someone tell me how to toot my skin flute!?
Flute question?! Im a beginner so don't worry there simple! ;D?
what song should i sing?
Classical Music: ballet, opera, mass...?
Have any of you used Epiphone's ESonic2 pickup system and if so how do you like it?
What do you think??? Opinions from musicians requested...?
Any oboists from Interlochen?
what do you think of this guitar song i made?
Better country comedian?
What are any of the one direction boys kiks?
What audition song should I use?
How do i put my tunning peg back on my B. C. Rich Warlock Guitar.?
I love to sing but im really shy what do i do??
Notes on my new guitar keep buzzing?
Help with finding vintage tuxedos for groom and groomsmen?
How can I increase my range on the trombone?
MXR Delay Pedal Problem?
B.C. Rich Mockingbirds?
Question for drummers about drum beats?
What are some high quality electric guitars for $300-$500?
Has anyone here led a children's choir?
Never failed a test before in my life...does this mean I suck at music?
Is 'tone deafness' a real condition or is it something that one can overcome through practice?
Why is hip-hop so popular?
Can we use a fx pedal to reproduce clean sound from distortion amp?
West End Kids Audition?
what is the difference between a Baritone B.C. & Baritone T.C. ?
Auditions tomorrow--What can I do to fix my sore throat? 10 points for best answer!?
Does anyone know any weird and or odd facts about Sassafras? If you do I would greatly appreciate it!?
Can I still learn or is it "too late"?
do i sing good honestly??? lol?
How can I strengthen my diaphragm?
calling all oboe players!?
Guitar Chrods?
What are some really good YouTube videos that can teach me Guitar?
Having trouble blowing the clarinet? Help?
Acoustic Guitar Question?
What is the easiest way to memorize lines?
where can i find flute sheet music free for the artist lights.?
best guitar case brand?
I need a boy girl duet?
How is my singing? Be honest!?
What will exactly happen to my guitar if I play it with out tuning it?
Can someone give me tabs to take five? Prefferable for saxophone...?
i need an answer from a person with performing arts experience? Please i need it as soon as possible?
Where can I find the full audition in Britain's Got Talent? (READ)?
where can i find a 2 person comedic skit?
Should I drink anything before I sing on stage?
Is college marching band worth it?
The Unredeemed Captive John Demos?
What are good ways of staying in tempo?
I need to become mute?
How to get a higher note on a trumpet?
High School Musical Copyright info. If you've done it or know how to please comment!!!!!!?
I'm a male pianist and all the GOOD pianists I know are girls...?
I want to learn to play an instrument?
where and when is auditions for talent shows?[in greensboro]?
Simple, non capo songs to learn on guitar?
what song should i sing for my school talent show?
are there punk rock/hardcore record labels in northern virginia area?
If music be the food of love, play on .... True or False?
How can I gig with a small tube amp?
How Do You Play A Didgery-Do?
Is there any other child stars from the 1920's or earlier that's not shirley temple?
good songs to sing and play on the piano that are "undiscovered" or unpopular?
What is your opinion on this?
Is tenor higher than alto?
How to write using your left hand if you are a right hander?
will i find a best answer?? if i get an answer that i asked for sure?
TonePros Tune-O-Matic or Floyd Rose?
is 14 years old too late to start taking guitar lessons?
What is a good solo musical for a boy to sing?
What kind of bass guitar should i get if i'm only 5'6?
Should I take up another instrument? If yes, what would you recommend?
Why are there so few women magicians?
Seussical Junior question?
My Guitar is a Ibanez AEL black guitar and I don't know what to name it. Could use some help! Thanks!?
Acoustic guitar??
New Acoustic Guitar buzzes?
Is this a good idea?
what is moana lisa's potraits about?
Help! I need to find a really easy song to sing from a musical!!!!!!!?
Show Choir Competitions in Adelaide?
Best online free program for learning acoustic guitar?
I love theatre and theatrical arts and i'm just dying?
Who can tell me where can i found "Chris Rock Stand up show " in French ?
How to sing better?!?
Phantom of the Opera tickets?
i love to sing and my friends say im really good at it but i get nervous when i see the crowd what do i do?
Please answer - What are your thoughts on musical artist's who have topics that are political?
What is the easiest way to learn to play the piano...should I take lessons or should I learn over the internet
Roommate sings Chinese Opera non-stop?
Does any one have any ideas on what I should do for my drama performance?
am 15 and i want to start a music career of singing how do i start?
EMERGENCYY! i need a song by today for a tryout tomorrow!?
What supplies do I need for a saxophone?
Would playing the drums on the game Rockband be appropriate for a beauty pageant?
Guitar slapping question (acoustic guitar) ASAP?
Is it easy to teach yourself how to play the guitar?
How can I overcome stage fright?
Guitar Theory Question?
Video script? Buddhist nativity scene?
Guitarists: what's the number of songs youll learn in a time period?
where can i see taiko drums?
which song is the saddest song and why?
Acting classes in Orange County?
What kinds of mallets are good for playing bass marimba rolls?
What about acting appeals to you?
Guitar? Can i still learn how to play guitar?
I had a dream but is it impossible?
I am 18 and have never done pagaents before and I am wondering how hard is it for me to start now?
how can i get wonderfull fonts?
were can i learn how to practice witch craft?
good song for a contemporary solo?!?!HELP?
In a 2 to 5 minute stage play (skit) is it neccessary for the "actors" to wear costumes. I am new to drama.
What are some good 50's songs?
Can someone please give me a tab to van halen euroption tab for guitar?
Song for a musical to sing for talent show?
How do i get my clarinet cleaned?
who is your favorite artist? or picture/sculpture and why?
Can a guitar go out of tune even if you don't touch the tuning pegs?
Is there any simple way to learn to play a Guitar without going to classes or engaging a teacher?
Should I just give up?
what does it mean to have a good speaking voice?
Girls, if a guy can play the guitar and sing, is that hot?
should i play the drums or the guitar?
Is the musical Dirty dancing appropriate for children?
Experience with Rutgers/Montclair Music Ed programs?
In order for Greek tragedy to have its proper psychological effect on the spectator, the drama must be perform?
what are some good 80s classic rock songs to learn on guitar?
Is the Sonare SF5000 Open hole flute good?
how much is my 1975 S. Yairi classical guitar worth?
What's a good Song to sing to a girl?????
How do I get a concert for my band?
I'd like to learn how to play the Godfather theme but I'm a complete dummie?
How do you know when to change the strings on an acoustic guitar?
The Pirate Queen (Broadway)?
do you play the guitar?????????
Does anyone have piano fingering tips?
Your favorite Drum Corps?
What instrument is the best to play?
What's the best way to buy a used violin?
why do we have to pay first to a modelling agent?
Mercadante's opera "VIRGINIA"?
Classical music: When and where did Richard Goldfaden was born?
Your Open Question: What is the difference between a Yamaha yas 23 alto saxophone and a Yamaha yas 52 alto sax?
From a 1930s jazz devotee: can anyone source the 1960s swing version of Sweet Georgia Brown with Bill Mcguffie
How can I sing good/better?
Are there any Burlesque lessons in Connecticut near Wallingford?
i need to write a monolouge and i want a funny one .. any ideas?
What is the simplest instrument to build?
Why does my erhu squeak when I play it?
Will there ever be a 4th INDIANA JONES movie? If so, would Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford want to do one?
no experience ok /just have a positive attitude and ability to be funny (fun cast to work with)?
How do u become a big time singer?
how can I find an agent to represent me as a vocalist?
in your opinion is the piano harder to play then a guitar?
Need ideas of a classical vocal audition song!?
How to learn the guitar without getting bored?
What would a gypsy have worn in the year 1940?
Drum Head Advice?
i need a new bass but i have no money and im too young for a job?
what are good theme days for band camp?
any good songs for duet?
Am I a good dancer? ( 10 points )?
How to screw in an electric guitar pickup?
is it true that it's hard to play the acoustic guitar?
Yamaha FG700s vs Seagull S6: which is better beginner guitar?
How did Joseph Haydn impact history?
Should I take my adderall before performing at solo and ensemble?
Name that tune - heard it before but can't find it!?
Do you play any instruments?
Nightmare Before Christmas: The Musical?
Any tips for convincing my parents to take me to LA?
Saxophone question, please help!?
What is a good first song to practice on the electric guitar?
Is it OK if my finger joints ("knees") for 1 and 2 stick together when I play the violin?
Why won't they succeed on Broadway if they don't have any Jews?
Is there a good 5 piece drum set i can get for under $1000?
REPLY SOON: How can I get involved with local talent shows?
What model is this flute?
I love being dyselxia,?
How to sing for a musical?
how to get smat in marketing?
What is Jack White's(White Stripes) new band called?
I want to play guitar!?
does anyone know any place online to get samples of traditional new england states folk music?
How can I build guitar calluses?
A good broadway solo to sing for a thirteen year old?
Melodic scales on guitar?
How do you start writing a song?
Any ways to Learn your multplacation 1-12 pretty fast?
What is one talent or skill you don't have but always wanted?
What is the effect of movement on the audience in a drama?
How can i become a musical performer?