Performing Arts

Hardest Decision i have to make.?
How can I persuade my audience that brand name clothing isn't the better choice?
Any orchestra concerts in the SF bay area before the end of the month?
How to make my bow changes less obvious?
How long would it take someone to learn relative/perfect pitch?
How can i be famous at the age of 14?
Please answer this...?
What is the hardest Instrument to play?
What is the Saddest Story you can think of? (I need it for a dance)?
how do u buy r&b beats?
Plz find me a suitable name for this concert?
Is tom cruise really gay? I know people in the industry that swear he is.?
Who wrote "Nancy Drew the Musical"; where/when was it performed?
Can a Fender Stratocaster be a rock instrument?
I practice but I don't get better (clarinet)?
Equipment bands should have while playing on stage?
What is a good acoustic guitar starter kit?
Are there any specific musicians being commemorated in 2007?
Jessie J guitar for beginners?
How long does it take to be good enough for Broadway?
looking for an album by magic touch, step into my world. 1970's?
I wanna learn how to play the ukulele, how long you guys think it would take to master it?
i'd really love to be a do i get there?
Where can I find Jamie Foxx sheet music?
Which trombone solo will win in a contest against all instruments (flute, piano trumpet etc.) ?
A good acoustic for 650 dollars and under?
Does anybody have a biography of Paul Schilawsky??
What is your opinion of this dance, and do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Mimes...A question to ask yourself.?
how can i be a good ventriloquist?
What is the name of a Japanese Stringed Instrument that Looks like a Banjo?
Will someone please hook me up with an orchestra in Denver? i'm 16, and play piano proficiently.?
how can i learn to play the guitar?
If you are gifted, have you ever made fun of the mentally disabled people?
What kind of guitar do i have?
who Can sing?????????????????????????
Morgan Rose / Sevendust Signature Snare Drum?
My Fair Lady?
I'm thirteen and really want to perform on stage..?
Help, I'm beat deaf/tone deaf! :( Please help? I would really appreciate your answer.?
Who is your inspiration? :) ?
What year was 'Fantasie C-Dur Op.17'-Robert Schumann written in?
What can I play to get better at guitar?
I'm 15 and I would like to be an actress.?
Can someone help me with my monologue?
HELP!! I am really nervous?
Are you double jointed?
which sing fit to female cancer?
what are the slide positions for the g scale on trombone?
How do I get over stage fright???
How can I become really flexible?? ?
What is the best guitar brand?
PA Speakers - Carvin vs. Peavey?
Want some help with a Choir Solo?
What guitar did Jim Root from Slipknot use on the 'Disasterpieces' tour?
who made the best performances/recordings of the Scriabin Etudes?
should i learn just a gigalo on the guitar?
On Saxophone. How do you slur octaves into the altissimo register?
is there a bandshell at deleon springs park?
What's a good electronic dance song to sing?
Help for Dance and Catwalk First time?
does anyone know where i can find a clarinet repair book?
Performing arts and practical arts,are graduation requirements but what is this?
drum lessons?
Is Bari Saxophone hard to switch too?!?? Help?!?
Is it natural to feel awkward while singing with people home?
'Stage name', should I use it?
My husband wrote a play - a brilliant political satire but can't market it.?
What do female stage magicians wear?
how does and extra become one without all the EXTRA charges and scams?
what are some sites for skits of the 1920s?
where can i find sheet music for fringe?
What is the meaning of a violin down-bow symbol written upside down?
all 12 scales for b flat clarinet?
Really need help in finding these songs?
How would i break into acting?
how often should i tune my guitar?
Guitar Practice/Lessons Advice?
What is a good tuba mouthpiece that produces good volume? Not the loud mouthpiece brand...?
What is the proper way of cleaning a flute?
Buying an acoustic guitar?
How do I write a flute duet?
if i was doing an oral presintation on Frank lloyd wright..what props would be a good idea to bring with me?
I broke my High E string but?
What kind of guitar is this?
Does anyone have the New set of guitars by Esteban, Reflections?
can i become a profession musician?
how can I get my voice to sound the way I hear it?
when is the garageband artist lessons going to be available in the phillipines?
I always miss notes on guitar?
Where Can I find the Carrie Prejean Sex Tape?
How hard is it to learn to play an acoustic guitar?
What are some great lyrical costumes with long sleeves?
How do i get better at a russian accent?
How long does it take to set up a stage setup for a concert in a stadium, and what process does it involve?
im looking for a guitar teachers or music schools i want to learn how to play guitar any suggestions ? it has?
Ibanez AEG10E Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar?
the most expensive guitar?
Does anyone know what a nose flute is? Can any of you play one?
how has gay and lesbain theatre impacted or changed the landscape of American theatre?
when were the steel pans made what year?
a good song for talent show?
Musical instruments...?
How to work hard as a aspiring Stand-up comedian?
whats your favoret broadway musical song?
Siegfried or Roy?
Do you think I have what it take to be Annie, in our school musical, Annie?
What is a easy instrument to learn?
What is the best Jackson guitar for metal (up to $2500)?
Ear plugs for a symphony musician?
My voice teacher says that it is best if my support is coming from my epigastrium. Is this true.?
12 major scales and arpeggios for clarinet?
I love to sing, but I would love some experience. Advice, please help!?
What things or tips i need to have in mind in order to play the gender of pop rock?
Does anyone have auditioned fo AMDA NY or LA and have made in? was it hard or difficult to enter? help please!?
What do you girls think of the 'Sawing a Woman in Half' illusion?
Will Chef come back to South Park?
Guitar players only!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you think I'd be able to play the bass clarinet?
Have you ever seen the Beatle's Acrosse The Universe?
Looking for an impersonator in N.Ireland for a hen party to sing a song - Do you know of any?
what do u call a group of musicians while somebody directs them?
How to improve my flute playing skills?
Little mermaid broadway?
Is rubber cement safe for skin?
A chorus line Hello love deffinition?
who is your favorite band and why?
What are the top 10 longest running Broadway shows as of now?
Can you buy individual guitar strings from guitar center?
history of string quintet?
guitar tabs for "all the same" by sick puppies?
What are your feel good songs?
What musical instrument is most annoying in your opinion?
which instrument should i play?
How do I get my mom not to come to school performance?
mystery and terror the story of edgar allan poe?
How would a 13/56 string gauge sound in standard tuning?
How do you get over shyness?
What is your favorite quot if its the same as mine i will give you the best answer?
who was koday zoltan and where can i find information of the basset horn?
skintight Levi Jeans Womens Size 8?
Is it easy to get a job in the film industry in Hollywood?
what artist sang the original song heaven as performed on american idol?
Where are a couple of big places to perform around walnutport?
How to buy a guitar a how many it cost (accoustic).?
What's the fingering for b flat 2octaves above the scale on flute?
I need an Academic definition for a Choral Concert.?
music theory class?
Which trombone should I get....or keep?
does anyone have a tendency to either sing higher or lower when you listen to a song that's not your pitch?
I bought a guitar with a Roland GK-2A attached to it. What is it, and how can I use it?
what can you compare playing guitar to?
what are some ways celine dion trained her voice??
is their a dance Evolution 2 for choir?
Is there a way to train your voice to sound better when you sing?
I need a song for a Godspell Audition!!!?
Can banjos be dangerous?
why are band ppl so annoying?
who has the greast singing voice in the world for a soprano?
Instruments least played by kids?
How can I use the guitar to train my ears?!?!?
if you want to be a singer do you ABSOLUTLEY have to go to college?
I know it sounds stupid?
how to become a good composer?
How do you get your voice to sound better?
wat song is betta 4 a performance?
learning how to play the guitar?
Creative artist should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas without gov't restrictions.?
How do you make noise/music with a glass?
How much would an actual Broadway STAR make?
Tip for violinist, pain around neck?
What is it about dancers bodies?
How do i stop my drums from moving when i play?
Has there ever been a solo piece or work written for Treble Flute?
Do men EVER play the flute?
What are some good techno/screamo bands?
What Songs do you recomend for a violinist in High School? (Freshman)?
How difficult is it to be selected for high school vocal program at the interlochen arts summer camp?
what does it take to become a famous musician?? what would one have to do?
Can Music Scales Help Playing By Ear?
do u play any instruments?
playing two trumpets at once?
Where to buy a good used trumpet or an old trumpet you can still play?
Is this a descent Viola?
music lyrics hushaby?
What is a good swich from a trombone?
good (kinda old songs) for an audition!?
How does the tab on songsterr hold up?
what is the yearly salary of an actor?
Is bass guitar more difficult than acoustic?
What do you think of this soliloquy? Does it work?
Can't play D Chord Guitar?
which artist has produced the most albums in a ten year period?
whats a good website to find spare snare drum parts?
What are some good clarinet songs to have in your repertoire?
Who sang 'too girlie girlie' in soca?
How do you audition for The Voice UK?
How easy is it to learn to play the guitar?
Whats 1 talent that you would like to have?
How do I make my guitar inlays shine?
10 scrips you must read before you die?
what is the name of this guitar chord?
What is a good beginner electric guitar for a relatively low price?
what is the best guitar to start lessons with?
are concerts becoming to expensive?
do i have to know how to play all instruments in order to conduct a band/orchestra?
Don't know if I should go to MA Warped Tour?
What is the easiest type of guitar to play?
Has anyone ever met the Polish Composer Krzysztof Penderecki?
What do I tell my rock lesson guitar teacher to prepare me for 1 yr to take fingerstyle guitar?
How can i receive alerts about upcoming theatrical productions?
Audition Song Help..Please Help!?
How to become a proffesional trumpet player?
which of these is the best? Don Giovanni,la nozze di Figaro,cosi fan tutte,the magic flute?
Do you think I can sing?
What do critics have to say about the song "Oh My Luve's Like A Red Red Rose" by Rene Clausen?
What are some good acoustic guitar strings?
I want to know if there is a circus school in VA i want to learn how to work the fabrics.?
which is your favorite violin concerto?
what kind of guitar should i get (more details inside)?
Do you like the musical 'Oliver'?
Explain which side should strings be put on a guitar?
Is it possible to adjust a marching drum harness for a girl's chest?
Any websites for free short skits?
another word for a dancer?
What guitar amp tubes should I buy?
Where can I go to perform?
How to play some songs on acoustic guitar?
the quote goes something like "there is more to...philosophy" it Shakespeare? What is it?
playing guitar through a speaker thing similar to an ihome?
Can guitar picks work on basses?
Who has the best musician joke?
Where can I find an Ableton Live tutor in Boston?
What are some popular plays produced between 1900 and 1940?
What angle should I hold my pick when I strum?
Will filing the nut on my guitar make it easier to play?
which song?
Looking For some tabs of . Judas Iscariot?
Can you play a woodwind instrument and still play another even if the mouthpieces are different?
Girls, do you like guys who play trombone.?
How do you finger this chord? 5x5553.?
How would you characterize the music of Les Miserables?
what is your fav. color black,blue,green,or purple?
Who has the best classical ballet company in the world these days - performed with live orchestra?
instruments...? how to learn to play or something?
How can i learn to play acoustic guitar really well without any lessons????? Please help!!!!!!?
Are there any upcoming step competitions in florida?
i love musicals? What is your favourite?
do you know where to buy guitar picks?
Is it a good idea to homeschool if you want to make it to broadway?
Singing voice problems?
How do you learn magic?
What would 16 bars be in 'Green Finch and Linett Bird' from Sondheim's 'Sweeney Todd'?
How hard would it be to learn how to play a (6 string) banjo if I can play guitar?
Is this instrument is real or fake?
What is better the clarinet or violin?
Which brass instrument plays the lowest notes?
benefits of being a musician?
What is a good Broadway song to use to audition?
what are some good casting websites for actors?
Playing trumpet for a month and a week, need some advice!!!!?
who thinks the paino is a dorkey insterment?
I'm singing for my friend on her B-Day how do i get over the stage fright??
A question for classical guitarists?
Can Any One Recommend Two Elizabethian Monologues?
What do I get my boyfriend for his senior recital?
for an audition, should i put my resume on top of or under my headshot?
What are things that make a skilled pianist?
Im running for president and i was wondering how to spell P-I-N-K?
How much is my guitar worth?
should i keep playing the cello?
What brand of acoustic guitar does Shim from Sick Puppies play?
does anyone know a website where I can print out alto saxophone natural minor scales?
Help! Drama in drama!!!!!!!!?
How To Play A Note On The Bass Guitar?
What is the easiest instrument to play that is the easiest to learn?
Which one would be the best musical instrument for a kid to start learning music?
Best distortion pedal? Metalzone? Grunge by Digitech? Metal core by Boss???
Where can i buy a ibanez RGT42MDX?
Proper marching technique for band?
Using songs in a Pantomime ?
What is a good intermidiate to advanced level trombone solo book?
Which online retailers sell good violins?
What hardshell case will fit this guitar?
why is it important to attend band rehearsals?
What Are Some of Your Favorite Musicals?
Band Name Needed!?
What "brand" of violins (full size) produces the best tone?
I am looking for a Bicorne hat for Mr. Bumble in the musical Oliver. Can you help?
music counting help!!!!!!!!!!?
Defying Gravity solo instrumental...?
What am I going to have to take to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
is it hard to learn how to play jeremy by Pearl Jam on the guitar hard?
How do I become a sucessful comdian im 13 and decided this is what I wanna do?
are there any poetry reading clubs in jacksonville, FL and where.?
Classical literature with trombone solos?
how do you go about becoming a back-up singer? Are there specific steps that yoou should take?
honestly do you think mandisa was fat? do you think that her fat was a part of the reason she got voted off?
How do I play guitar better?
how bad is my guitar imrpovisation?
Desperately Searching for sheet music from Trailer Park Musical!?
Why isn't my violin playing/working??
I Need New Bass strings, What Are Some Good Companies?
What can I put on my shoes to make them more slippery for turns in dance?
Starting to learn guitar - tips please?
wats a good voice lesson program any one know?
Are instruments grouped into ranges, and what counts as these ranges e.g. bass, tenor, alto?
Guitar questions.....?
Is the lace Helix MAYA HG01 a good guitar?
Rokaxe Electric Guitar?
What are the props used in the play Pippin?
the musical notes for halo CE or halo 2 songs?
Do you think I could become a Putnam fellow?
What would be a good set of songs to play in a bar?
Is this ABUSE?
How much would a clarinet Lyer and flip book cost?
Do you have any NON religious Christmas plays for free?
Do you know how to go to the Heavy Side Layer?
Where can I find out more about Dance?
Which do you like better: Nylon Acoustic Guitars, or Steel Acoustic Guitars?
How Do I Get Nightmares?
Am I good? Or just average?
Which comedian did the musical typewriter skit?
Singing "Amazing Grace" without accompanyment.?
What musical instrument can my 3 year old learn to play?
if there a way of changing the way the guitar is tuned by using a capo?
Is it rude to leave a performing musical?
Easy guitar solo for beginner?
What is the Musical analysis of Defying Gravity?
Practicing piano?
My friend's bass string popped while I was tuning it, is it my fault?
Does any one else not get why twilight is so big?
top 4 favorite stand up comedians of all time?
Songs like "repo the genetic opera"?
Processors or effects for electric guitar ?
What is the best instrument to switch from trombone?French horn,Barritone horn,or Trumpet?
Too late to learn guitar?
Pageant Talents?
What age do you think is too old to begin taking guitar lessons?
How to perform in public?
What classifies an organization as non-profit?
URGENT ! Where Can I Buy A Arabian Gypsy Flute?
What do you think makes a great actor?
keyboard synthesizer recommendations?
whats the easiest and most effective classical guitar piece to learn?
What songs should I sing for a musical theater audition?
a poem by ME!.......let me know your thoughts after reading it..thank you...~~?
audition songs....?
Why is the drummer always positioned at the back of a stage?
Help please???
Will singing lessons make me oversing?
Am I a decent singer? How to improve?
how long does a givson acoustic guitar last?
What's an estimate as to what I would get paid for selling my clarinet at a pawn shop?
Dose Orlando Bloom have a girlfriend?
Why do I suddenly have stage fright?
Do you have a special talent?
Fret buzz on Ibanez guitar?
Is my script copyrighted?
In the movie Step Up, what art school did they go to?
Can you "speak" into the pickup of your guitar?
Does anyone know a good classical Violin Duet?
The Merchant of Venice?
Can someone type/find Cece from Shake it up's monologue?
Guitar string buzzing?
What will a Music Performance Major get you? (Jobs)?
What is your Favorite Guitar player?
Why do I still suck at guitar?
How to deal with stage fright?
What should two girls sing for their granduating year talent show?
Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier on Acoustic Guitar?
wHaT InStRuMeNt Do yOu pLAy??
Whatever happened to those eggs in "This is your brain on drugs" commercial?
What r Miley Cyrus's backup dancers 'names?
Do you think i can sing good?
I want to hear arabic music please advise .?
Do i suck THAT bad! WTF!?
is Josh Strickland gay? (Tarzan Broadway)?
what is the first part of ..........make strange bedfellows?
How do I keep this special place available to artist?
How do you deal with failure or rejection after trying your best?
what is a good piano solo to play for competitions?
Is being a comedian the hardest profession?
how do i make my vocal cord stronger?
hey. so me and my friends made this cool website...I NEED YOUR HELP!?
What do the so you think you can dancers do between shows?
Need music help for flute!?
Where are we at stage wise?
I need a list of great guitar players for my 11 year old to get inspired by.?
How do you buy an A (5th) string for your guitar online???
What are some good and easy solos to play on guitar?
Can a girl play The Phantom (Of The Opera)?
What is the best way to learn to play the acoustic guitar? E.g. Looking for book references and DVD titles?
karaoke/ mp3 of "my junk" from spring awakening?
Self taught guitar what should i start with ??????
What's the hardest instrument to play in your opinion?
Does anyone know the name of the musical that has the song "water ballet" in it?
What are some easy songs for beginner acoustic guitarists?
Can I use an overdrive pedal with a distortion pedal?
Do you agree with this quote from the film 'The US vs John Lennon'? Why or why not?
How can you train your voice to sing better?
Does anyone know how i can get into acting?
would you go to say goodbye to her?
Does anyone know where I can get free sight-singing drills?
EMG 81 and EMG H4 Pickup Hum?
alto sax Reassembly help !?
Any reviews for the Broadway Show STOMP?
What is a good song to?
What are some fun songs that i can learn on the guitar?
Tips on learning to play guitar?
How do i get my voice back?
Good/ reasonable/ right vocal teacher?
performing arts middle schools in nj?
What are some good quality violin brands.?
Questions about a professional oboe model before i purchase?
how was the art form of limbo dancing developed?
Who is the brightest star ever on Broadway, living or dead?
What is independent films?
i know I seem to ask the same question in different ways like a news reporter but....?
waht are some differences and similaritiesto the acoustic and the electric guitar?
I need a really cheap flute?
When you saw Aida the Musical (if you have seen it), how did you react at the end?
guitar tabs?
What kind of Double Violin Case should i buy?
How much could I sell this guitar for?
Is this a good song for a soprano to sing?
How do I adjust my double kick pedal? Heavy music taste!?
how do you sing better?
I'm taking band in high school this year....?
where's the best place to go if i wanna be in a movie?
Why does Detectivie Hoffman become the new apprentince in Saw IV?
Help for acoustic guitar making?
If I learn to play classical guitar, would I be able to transfer my knowledge to acoustic guitars?
Ocarina Soprano fingering chart?
Does anyone know of a man that has an unearthly beautiful singing voice?
Does anyone know how you go about becoming a Talent Agent in Australia?
does everyone have the ability to sing good? is the problem they just dont know how?
is there any video footage of lewis black's "the carnegie hall performance"?
Any tips & tricks for filming shooting scenes with blood?
good thing to do in a talent show?
How long would it take someone to learn relative/perfect pitch? on singing?
Vocal Training?
which ampfier should i buy?
What do I need to be a music composition major?
Height to be a Stunt Double?
Is my script copyrighted?
my hammond organ bass pedal continues to play after i release the pedal. how do i fix it?
Acting Questions? Please Help?
how do you put emotion in guitar playing?
like watching guys on cam??
hey guys i need to know.....acoustic guitar?
why do people use a condom and what if it leaks ?
How hard is it to learn to play guitar? Should I play guitar or ukulele?
Is it a bad idea to teach myself piano.?
my flute pads has turn a bit black and has a black stain mark from the key, do i change it?
Is it ok for a ballerina to get a tattoo?
Is guitar hard to learn?
Trumpet Help?
Help. How can i fix this?
If I get an acoustic electric guitar...?
What is the marching band style called at U of M-Ann Arbor?
Are Alvarez's good guitars?
Drama Teacher: I have an interview where I have to teach a lesson about dramatic irony. Any novel approaches?
Which Broadway musical is better?
Where can I order a left-handed ukulele?
review beethoven symphony#9?
Any mental tricks to supporting a high E?
Is there any differance in sound playing f sharp minor in these two different ways?
i am 22 and i would like to learn how to play the piano. is it possible to start at my age?
How do you write a script and/or screenplay?
Which publishing of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto should I get?
What song should I sing!?
do you play the cello ???
an item or artifact that represents the college experience?
What are some steps I can take to become a screenwriter?
what is the cost of rebuiling an old Steinway baby grand?
Would it be possible to learn an audition song in 5 days?
Best quality 1/2 size electric guitar for my child?
One piece doujinshi yaoi question please help?
what's dj aligator and tom cruose's email address?
Breathing Techniques For Flutes : Solo Coming Up And Need Help?
Do violin strings age?
Needing Bass guitar help?
how can a 12 year old girl find a way to make money?other than making purses for 5 dollars a piece.?
I just need to listen to beethoven sonaten?
Is the acoustic guitar a "cool" instrument to play?
Is the Greg Bennett Samick Guitar a decent quality guitar?
Fellow musicians, Do you ever feel "alone" in your instrument.?
A mate is turning 21 in a week, what should i get him?
I want to give up on guitar! Can you PLEASE HELP ME!!?
monologs? know any??
How does an artist qualify to win a Grammy?
What sheet music should I get for a solo?
What are the ten things that are not performance ?
I wanna be a singer, dancer, model,actress when im older?
Pageant song ideas appropriate for a pageant?
Is Equus still playing anywhere?
ow do you spell collodge, i dont think i spelled that right. im talking about the paper with lots of picture?
What's a great way to start an acting career?
what is "strap" in publishing?
My daughter and I are going to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, do we have to dress up?
With classical guitar training, will I be able to fingerpick acoustic songs like Travis, Chet Atkins, etc?
is there a video for breakout?
What strings are better for a guitar with high action?
Should I play acoustic or electric guitar?
what's a lyre???
Should i quit marching band?
SRV guitar question. Real guitarist answer?
Performing Arts highschools in BC?
Who's the better pianist, Lang Lang or Li Yundi?
What song should I sing for my pageant?
Guitar Price needed!!!!!?
Why did the g string tune to g in one wrap?
What would be a good electric guitar for me to buy?
does anyone go to pineapple or urdang performing arts school?
Be honest...ever taken a?
do kids play instruments any more?
what is the difference between dpi and ppi in a fotto;?
What are some good tips for playing the guitar as a begginner?
Does anyone know where I can find a violin besides ebay?
How do I play guitar better?
Can a 13 yr old play piano and make money?
Do you think this is a good guitar for a beginner like me?
Who knows anything about Daniel Radcliffe?
Should I wear a back brace for marching snare?
what's easiest to play?
Will dancing for Juilliard bring be happiness?
It's sometimes hard to get a note out of my clarinet and it's hard to find a reed that sounds decent?
Do you like to sing in the shower?
What is this? (picture)?
Which colour Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar should i get?
can anyone help me to find a website for learning how to make a good mag cover ??
How do ur become a dancer on shows like America's got talent?
Bass guitar lessons?
Where do singers find there dancers?
guitar songs in DADF#AD?
Where can I find a used pro model soprano sax?
I want a list of all Oscar winner pictures to establish a video/dvd library for my home theatre? pl. help me?
Is it possible for a sixty year old to learn piano?
CRAZY FOR YOU- video/dvd/movie?
i want some English song for my school talent show with dance?
best settings for marshall dsl 401?
any good songs for duet?
what's a lyre???
Performing On The Piano?
How do I get over being nervous with singing by myself?
Problems with cello bow hold?
Does anybody here plays the alto SAXOPHONE ?
Music people: How long do you practice daily and what do you play?
How do you sight-read sheet music?
What song from a musical do you recommend a 12 year old should sing for a talent competition.?
Does each note on the piano have a specific space on the music staff?
need motivation playing guitar?
People tell me i am good at singing but i am nervous to enter a compo what shall i do?
Does Lyn-Z play bass with a pick?
all about comedy,types.allabout comedy.?
What is a good song to sing for a audition?
any acting jobs?
Help! My voice s when I'm nervous! And why do altos want to be sopranos?
How can I sell a song I wrote to a potential music artist?
What songs were the Yardbirds best known for and what were they famous for creating?
is john casa blanca a good agent here in orlando? i need to know they call my child for an interview?
About how many people actually are in Walnut Hill School for the Arts?
I'm 13 and I wanna be a burlesque perfomer?
Is I Got Talent a modeling and acting scam?
Is anchoring a bad technique for guitar?
What physically happens to the body when you sing?
how to become inspired to play the piano?
where can i find good respectable 30 second monologues for musical theatre auditions?
where can i apply for a grant/scholarship/help with funding for a private performing arts college course?
can someone name a good song that i can sing for my music exam?
Is the book of Mormon tour coming to Dallas tx s?
Belly-dance or Arabian-influenced Designers!!!!!!!?????/?
can anyone give me suggestions for a costume?
What should I wear for me singing "I Want It All" from HSM3? ?
I am looking for a performing arts college (Dance and acting) in london for my 15 years old sister...?
Can I SING???
Can someone give me some advice about what to do about my band?
Any ideas for a talent show song?
What is the best way to learn to play the acoustic guitar? E.g. Looking for book references and DVD titles?
Is being a soprano 1 a good thing?
i was wondering if anyone has a retual-type things that they do before they perform so they don'y get nervous?
is there any difference in sound quality between normal ovation guitars and applause by ovation guitar?
I want to start learning an instrument such as piano or violin. im 20. am i too old?
What guitar should I buy for my first guitar?
Is the length of your feet always the same as the length from your elbow to your wrist?
What's a good audition song for Sander's Family Christmas?
can i make a living as a musician?
What should I sing for my audition?
How do you get better at singing?
broadway alto songs under 3 minutes?
How do I learn to read Travis picking standard notation, do I need classical training?
People In Marching Bands!?!!?
learn how to play spanish songs with the acoustic guitar?
Whats the best....????????????????
Describe what you think is meant by the term “the Performance Arts Industry?
What's funnier than a rubber chicken?
What are some nicknames for the name Ashleigh?
How did you learn to play guitar?
guitar question? help please?
Should I try out for America's Got Talent?
Audition songs for Grease?
Is a Gibson guitar really worth $1,000 - $2,000 than an Epiphone (quality and sound)?
Can you play a piano chord as a single note?
What song should I sing to audition for my schools production of into the woods?
Fake Ninja Swords?
wat's the best film in ur opinion ?
Guy/girl duets?
What song should I sing?
(re-asking) what is it about dancers bodies? ?
Best music artist to lipsync to?
Does anyone know a good classical Violin Duet?
I lied that I played guitar for a long time?
Is The Guitar Hard To Learn ?
does any one know criss angel and if so can anybody tell me how i can learn to levitate like he does?
What is a CC Waterback?
What are some good solo pieces for trombone?
I have a 25 year old guitar, and despite seeing heavy use for some of those years, never broken a string??
Would you see Teacher's Pet as if it were ever a Broadway show?
How do you get over stage fright?
I wanna be 'scene' but I don't know how to start.Don't leave hate comments.Just give me tips(:?
How to sound sinister/evil?
Niece, 17, wants to act, perform, in Broadway shows. Any good schools for that?
How to I make a guitar effect that sounds like a steel string guitar?
Should I buy a double horn?
Desperately in need of the following karaoke/instrumental tracks. Does anyone have them?
In addition to guidance, should a conductor also be a showman?
what are some tips to start a band?
HELP with Electric Guitar PLEASE?
How can I make this FUNNY??
Just got a drumset- how do i tune it or get it to sound right?
beautiful soul, because you live, as long as you love me, or i lay my love on you?
what are some words ending in co?
Could you recommend a good basic drum set -- with a good, clean sound?
i take part in martial arts tournoments, and find that ti chi relaxes me.....?
Ring finger hurts after playing guitar?
I'm really worried about my voice ing?
Where can I find a talent agent in pittsburgh?
who are the best dancer?
Talent Show ideas for 2 girls and 2 boys?
Is there a big difference between ukulele and guitar?
Guitar tuning question?
looking for information on a record that came out between 1968 and1970 called A TALE OF TWO CITIES?
Any suggestions on how 2 get increased traffic to my band website ?
Would this be a good beginner's cello?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
Violin pegs keep moving backwards?
Help with guitar playing..?
what is a good guitar for beginners???
The phone number i gave for an audition is no longer working, what to do now?
ow ow ow!!! MY FEET AND MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!?
Whats the best way to remember a script for forensics (a humorous solo)?
How much noise could a 120--watt valve amp (a Bugera) pump out ?
Flute players, what does this mean?
what's the difference between INSTRUMENTATION AND PERFORMING MEDIA in MUSIC?
What Can I Sing for my audition?
I need advice on vocal technique?
what is the best Gage steel string for a 41" HUNTINGTON ACOUSTIC GUITAR .?
Performing arts and teaching schools and their programs?
Starting to play guitar?!?! NEED HELP!!!!!?
Hairspray movie/musical BASS sheet music?
I need your opinions and thoughts about my voice and how to improve it?
Thinking about upgrading from my current 7 string guitar?
Big Breasts = Good Flutist?
Looking for a good maker of concert quality native american flutes...?
Gymnastics pump up thxxxx?
What song should I sing for?
What is a nice upbeat song to open a play about a circus?
What is the best way to learn guitar?
What kind of dance is the best training for Broadway?
How much should a decent GIG WORTHY guitar cost?
Good comedic duet for male and female from a show? (possibly obscure?)?
Most Impressive Magic Trick?
What are some GOOD baritone songs in MUSICAL THEATRE??
how do you change a light bulb?
Where can i audition for disney scouts and stuff?
How do i get a manager as a 16 year old blues guitar player?
Do I have to act in theatre before pursuing film/television?
Do singing lessons work..will I be able to sing?
What's an estimate as to what I would get paid for selling my clarinet at a pawn shop?
Musical instermnet brands?
Do you have to be gifted to be able to have a soprano opera voice?
Newbie guitarist, need HELP!!!?
Where can i find a casting company in Boston?
does the use of a genre lable aid in your injoyment of a play? Explaine?
what website can you go on.....?
what are the odds of me being a mainstream jazz or opera singer w/o any previous training, but amazing talent?
music majors?
What song should I do for an audition for a musical?
How can i find a good screenplay agent?
it my first in marching band but I want to quit it now.?
Is it inappropriate for girls to wear heels while playing violin?
How hard is it to learn bass guitar if I already know regular?
What is the best way to get a scholarship with UCLA and have the performing arts program?
What is the easiest way to learn guitar sight reading?
do you think I have the voice?
I'm short and want to play Quads?
LEON How was his performance better tonight than Rhydians?
how to promote a singer?
In what order should guitar pedals be set up?
Could I do this song to compete at thespians festival?
Where can I get a black nickeled bari sax?
When was the song "Popular" from Wicked written?
Why are tickets cheaper in the first four rows of the orchstra cheaper than front orchestra at Avery Fisher?
How can I become flexible?
Complicated poems, for an audition?
I want to be a Christian Singer....any suggestions on what record company to contact or who to talk to??
am i singing right??
what are the lyrics for the song be good to me by ashley tisdale?
FULL Guitar lessons online?
I want to buy a ukalele. No experience. Please answer.?
Ok I have searched evrywhere for legit tabs on how to play Andrew Golds "Lonely Boy" on guitar?
How can our band form a Gay colorguard?
Is it possible to learn the acoustic guitar without lessons?
Is crescent keyboard good?
Is their a spit valve on a merano tenor saxophones?
What are the best ways to sell written songs?
Why does my Fender guitar amp have a maximum volume of 12 rather than 10? Does it have a 12 step attenuator?
How good are Rossetti Piccolos?
what are some good church choir songs?
Acoustic guitar lessons?
is der any free course for singing in the internet?
ARE there any singers online right now?
Do i have to buy special guitar paint?
Why do most Acoustic-Electric guitars have cutaways?
What is the correct spelling of the pianist Jacques Tibideau who used to perform with violinist Joshua Bell?
talent or no talent? please help!?
What to wear for a performance?
If I have a really deep voice, whats a great song to sing?
What do you think a good song to sing for a "talent" show would be?
What is a velvet voice?
what is a very good quality cheap guitar?
American equivalent of RCM?
nervous about tomarrow? school project- have to sing?
What are some good/cool songs that a beginner can easily learn to play on the guitar?
What are some free screenplay compititions or script compititions?
Good Acoustic Artist?
Which is faster, andante or andantino?
Can you give me any advice you have for an all-county orchestra audition?
how to harmonize scales?
I want to be a comedian.?
does anyone know where I can go to find beats or insturmentals?
What are some good songs?
I need a lot of tips to win a pageant and talent ideas?
How do I do the first bending lick in the Mr. Crowley solo?
help with singing?
are the any examples of private funding for the performing arts in the uk?
Song to sing for prom.?
how do you get over writers block and stage fright?
What does -1 mean in guitar tabs?
There is this note For the drum and I dont know what it is and how to play it help.?
Advice for wanting to start DJing?
Magic Tricks That Don't Require Sleight of Hand?
Who is the Winter Guard on the Creative Costuming website?
Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier on Acoustic Guitar?
Good acoustic guitar?
Am i too old to play guitar?
Romeo and Juliet??
violist playing piano?
I'm looking for info on the Aces and queens tour 1923-24. In 1925 on Broadway the show became Lucky Sambo?
Where in brisbane has restaurants that provide live JAZZ performances?
Left-handed trumpet?
have to do a pantomine
Which scale are the following notes all found in?
good/easy songs to play on the guitar?
Is this a special talent?
Does anyone know any good broadway music for one girl to sing?
Best way to learn the guitar?
OK i just got a wooden 6 hole flute.... and i need help!?
Good DRAMATIC or hilarious monologues for older teens???
I wrote this random poem...?
What song should I juggle to for the talent show?
List of Performing Arts Schools In London?
which one should I see: Lion King, mary Poppins, or Tarzan?
What are the ten things that are not performance ?
10 points!!! Is this sentence is correct in grammer?
I am auditioning to sing for a wedding band....Can you offer me any advice?
Would it be a good idea to self teach myself piano while I'm self teaching myself guitar?
If a manager represents a performer, what percentage does the manager usually get?
What is a good boy girl duet that can be sung in a talent show?
Okay...basically i just need lots of peer pressure!?
how can i learn to sing(yell) like atreyu and some other hardcore bands?
im doing a talent show at my school i play guitar what do i play?
What is competition? What are the 2 main kinds of competition?
Am I a bad singer???????
ROLL UP PIANOS.... are they any good or a waste of money??
Samson G-Track, very ugly noise.?
Cheerleaders or gymnasts: Round off Handspring tuck?? Help!?
does my voice sound good enough for americas got talent usa?
Drum Major outfits?!?
is a 39 inch full size electric guitar a good size for me?
Where does creativity come from?
What kind of bag should I bring for blue lake fine arts camp?
duz anyone no the 7 main elements of drama (performing)?
fidding person?
National American Miss Missouri Pre-teen! HELP???!?
what is the difference between acoustic and classical guitar?
what is the song Eleanor Rigby about?
how is it possible to go from beginner to advanced guitar in less than a year?
Is it advisable to play guitar and do aerobics at the same time? I enjoy doing both at the same time.?
does anyone know any monologues from "glass menagerie"??
Can I start doing rhythmic gymnastics?
I need a good song to sing, something sad, and something classic or old!?
i really love to sing and i really can't. Are there some people who simply can't do it ?
what is a good broadway song to audition for Aladdin Jr?
but the spelling is correct?
does any one know if the play Wicked is actually playing in Connecticut?
how to sing more in tune?
What guitar scales should I learn in order to play this style...?
Do you have, or close to, perfect pitch?
Tips on learning to play guitar?
Help finding music sheets!?
What's a good inexpensive electric guitar?
Which is harder: Violin or Piano?
Good Song to Sing?
Looking for a heavy key MIDI keyboard not too expensive?
what causes that man at the beach with the huge gut and the hair on his back to strap on a speedo?
How do I contact a talent agent?
do you think it's possible to become an awesome pianist if i don't take lessons?
What are some really good songs?
how to a good vibrato on guitar?
Did the Beatles preform at Woodstock?
Can I use a classical guitar for this? ?
What guitar should i get?
What model guitar does Ed Sheeran play......?
How to do a backbend?
I need to find a song for a Grade 4 solo for Cachetti?
I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 2 years....?
Do other movie goers have a problem understanding dialogue drowned out by sound mix?
How low does my larynx need to be for singing?
is it important to know the guitar chords to play guitar and be a good guitarist?
What to expect on the first day of drum lessons?
Whats it called on a keyboard when you play two of the same notes but in different keys at the same time?
Help with Mallet Technique?
Is 15 years old, too old, to start modeling and acting?
I'm buying a used bassoon?
First time buying an acoustic guitar!?
Short Audition Song For an 11 year old?
Songs for dramatic skits?
Which song should I sing for the cabaret?
What is the best material to make a bass clarinet from.?
Peavy amp problem buzzing noise?
Will Guitar Center Refund This Pedal?
What is a good solo musical for a boy to sing?
how do i get this sound from my guitar?
Whatever happpened to all the heroes? All the Shakespeare'os?
I need help finding a Monologue!?
how can I be super flexible?
Why does my guitar sound out of tune?
how do i ROCK the stage with my dancing?
Difference between young couple & old couple?
I need Violin help!!!?
What are the notes to play "All of the Lights" on the flute?
does singin in the shower help ur voice?
names of performing arts college around ny?
am i weird?
song writing tips?
I am looking for a Youth orchestra that travels around the world preforming, any help?
can anyone offer me cheap guitar lessons as I,ve always wanted to learn but am on benefits?
Epiphone Firebird Studio/VII?
Would you see Teacher's Pet as if it were ever a Broadway show?
Does anyone know a good, upbeat, non-rap, alto song that I could sing?
listen to me sing?
how can i copyright mys songs/compositions here in the philippines???
What is the The latter system when it comes to playing guitar ?
Guitar Question ////???????????>.........??
What are some good places to start to get into old time folk, bluegrass, and jug type music?
Can you please check out my singing video, "If Momma Was Married" from Gypsy?
Is this song appropriate for my audition?
where to download guitar audios?
What is my Talent?
Who is your choice singer on The Voice?
Guitar chord transposing?
Is violin easy to learn?
whats wrong with my electric guitar?
dose walmart sell guitar strings?
What are the letters called when you write letters instead of music notes?
How do you sing from your diaphram?
Help me figure out a price for a Nylong String Guitar?
Beautiful songs to sing?
What do you think is the hardest instrument to play?
DANCERS: I need your help!?
Is this a good audition song?
Any good websites on learning to play drums?
What are the benefits of bellydancing?
Where can I learn the major, minor, dominant 7th, pentatonic, and blues scales for all 12 keys?
Theatre major or performing arts lessons?
Is violin easy to learn?
Where can I find a professional transposition?
What exactly made The Beatles the greatest group in history?
How difficult is it to get into WVU's music department?
Where can i find an updated soap opera casting director address list so that i can send my headshot/resume?
your admired musical instrument to listen to ....please.thanks?
A virtuoso is someone who is very skilled in performing. True False?
I need the hardest song from Footloose?
Are there any voice actors who can't sing?
What are some good songs to learn on an acoustic bass guitar?
is john cusak gay?a gay relative says yes.?
What are some of the titles of good Italian songs (not opera) that can be sung with a Soprano voice?
where, in texas, is a good place to audition for theatre?
How to get over stage fright?
Is there a male part in the Monologues?
Confused with guitar?
Dance-Leaps! Help me pleaseee!?
female christian guitar solo songs?
where can i find a $200.00 teen acting camp in Kansas?
what is the powerful word arounf the universal?
County Chorus?
What are some good senior gift ideas for the Saxophone section of the marching band?
Good pick up lines that would actually work?
wat does "spit 16 bars" mean?
How do I develop stage presence as a guitarist?
should i stay in school or do something to follow my dreams?
Does anyone else feel like this when they hear music?
is the mellophone hard to learn?
Should i dress in drag and do the hula?
What are the accessories that I need to buy along with an electric guitar to be able to play it?
I need to sing a song from a musical for a urinetown audition, i am a female. any suggestions?
because i play the trumpet, dose it mean i rule the world?
In Van Halens "Ice Cream Man" whats the line before "and dixie cups, all flavors and push-ups too"?,
Stage name for actors?
help make a dream come true to a girl?
where can i find the sheet music for 'Life is just a bowl of cherries (reprise!)' from Fosse?
True or False Questions?
Guitar strumming issues?
How many plays should I do to have a talent agent consider sponsoring me?
I lost my flute, do you know where it is?
Does Brittney Spears actually stay in Kentwood, LA?
how old should you be to play 7 minutes in heaven?
any Guitar expert , plzzz help?
rent and wicked?
I messed up my audition...?
WOMEN: Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar?
How to play the same piano note on the guitar?
What is a geisha???
What is the percussion instrument used on Pat Metheny's 'It's just talk'?
Accents in monologues?!?
If you went to a talent show, what song would you want to hear? ?
I was dead, how do I get back to life?
How much are One Direction VIP tickets?
What universities or conservatories in florida off a piano camp for the summer?
How does Criss Angel levitate over water?
What performances of The Phantom of the Opera on broadway does the Christine alternate perform during the week?
What time signature is Sixteen by The Heavy in?
where can i get silicon candle molds in india?
wanting to start playing guitar?
Is burswood electric guitar a good guitar?
How can u become flexible asap? ?
where is judy kahn?
what song should i sing for my talent show plz give me some ideas cuz i cant think of a good song to sing?
Good price for this guitar?
Isn't "Grease" just the most ridiculous film musical of all time?
Best acoustic guitar?
Please tell me according to my chart can i take up performing arts especially dance as my career and will?
Does Fiona Apple compose most of her music?
I need a TITLE for my PLAY? 10 points?
Where can I find a background track for Bebo Norman's "Come and Worship"?
How to calm nerves before a performance?
I'm looking for a good guitar company besides the obvious fender or gibson?
How many or u play an insrument if so what instrument?
Musicians, how easy was it to return to playing after a long break?
performing arts industry?
I need help with websites containing information about double reeds?
I want to learn to play the Electric Guitar...?
whats a good song to learn on the guitar?
What are some of the titles of good Italian songs (not opera) that can be sung with a Soprano voice?
Do you have to be 'gifted' to be a good musician or can you learn it?
how do I perform with heartache?
I need help tutoring a beginner in viola?
I'm so nervous about performing a monologue?
is a tuner needed for a clarinet?
Does anyone know what the song that Signature on Britains got Talent danced to is called?
help me for my audition PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ( what song ? )?
Guitar question?
How do i get over my biggest fantasy?
music scene in Charlotte?
what are some really good songs?
How does costumes and make-up enhances an actor in Performance in stage?
when using a distortion pedal, do you set your amp on the clean channel?
True or false - you can play an instrument..?
What time would it be in the UK if it's 7pm ET and 4pm PT?
Is it possible to learn how to play a piano or any other instruments without having a teacher/tutor?
Can i still be a dancer?
is it true that if you can play the piano that it's easy to play other instruments?
how do you sing from the diaphram?
What is the easiest instrument to play with?
Can someone who is really dumb learn to play a music, is emotional motivation enough?
Dpes anyone have the playwright for The Phantom Of Thhe opera?