Performing Arts

Where can I find free sheet music scores?
Does anyone know of any amature dramatic clubs in BB area, uk? Im 23 and I can only find youth theatres.?
What position is a Low D on the Trombone?
MOZART. what makes him so famous ?
How to help new teacher?
local violin leasons?
"Ballerina To Be" Questions. Please help :)?
good musical song?
how to make fake rocks?
Any one interested in.....?
In the 1990's there was a band that their song was called Popular. Who sang this song?
Anyone got a horror monologue?
what is a good taylor swift song for an auditions?
What could my stage name be?
What's your best talent?
are their any low end guitars by fender?
How do i play dance with the devil, by cozy powell on the drums?
How can I remove the label from my clarinet?
What would be a good instrument to learn?
I would like to study drama at a performing arts school, but I need some advice! Please help!?
Easiest way to learn to play guitar or violin?
whats the most legit brand of acoustic guitar?
Hi i have a snare from a drumset and i'm trying to put a new wire on it but i can't figure it out.please help!
What type of french horn should I buy?
What will you sing to me on karaoke night?
im tuning too low?
violin vs flute vs clarinet?
How to start a career in music?
Help For Show Choir Auditions?
I'm looking for a good drum.?
Getting Tickets For Avenue Q Day Of?
What is the name of the lady who played Fantine in the original broadway cast of Les Miserables in London?
Is a Jupiter 869SG too good to be true?
Do I have to learn guitar scales?
why do singers stand in the crook of a piano?
of what utility are sound spectra?
Please Rate Singing Out Of 10!?
Learning to play acoustic guitar?
How do I play an A minor scale on a cello?
Having trouble playing the bloody F chord on guitar?
Free irish viola sheet music?
Is there anything I can do to help my singing voice?
How to play guitar chords?
What is a good name for this pantomime?
GUITAR! how do i play this??? HELLPPP?
Getting people to come to Monologues?
I would like to learn how to play the piano/keyborad?
What piano theme should I play for my school show?
Help PLEASE Clarinettists!?
How can I sing better?
are any disney channel films fillmed in florida?
Help!! Advice Needed!!?
How much do comedians get paid (for a gig/ yearly)?
Does anyone here play trumpet?
How do i know if i can sing.?
is it hard to learn how to play gutair?
Does a lead guitarist have to know how to play chords?
will u be one day without lie?
Where do i sell antares acoustic guitar?
Yamaha W5: How do I get the sustain pedal to work?
What would be a good Acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Singing help..... well ...again!?
Could I Become A Singer/ Dancer?
Is it good to me to buy this guitar?
From which musical do the following lyrics come and where are they now regularly sung?
Acoustic drum set - Can anyone recommend a good drum set that my sons must share?
what's easiest to play?
How do i not get bored while doing something that is boring at first but eventually gets good?
Is it possible to lick your elbow?? ?_?
When judging a theatrical perormance where costumes are not allowed, do the clothes the actors wear matter?
What song should my friend's and I sing and dance to for the talent show? URGENT!?
How does theater encompass all the other arts?
i am looking for the scenic design by darin keesing of a midsummer night's dream HELP! please?
I want to be an extra/dancer in music videos, movies, commercials, etc?
80's song starts with a harmonic whistle and the chorus says something like "don't you do that"?
Anyone have any good magic tricks? Variety show HELP!?
Acoustic or Electric guitar?
who is the cello teacher at the Boston conservatory?
In you opinion, which musical instrument is most difficult to play?
How can I work for rock bands?
How much is a 1986 Gibson SG (electric guitar) worth?
Whats the best bass guitar i can get for 300 dollars?
who was a famous blind music composer?
im looking for a guitar/bass what is easier it will be my first guitar im 13 it needs to be under 300?
im looking to become a talent scout. but i do not know where to apply can someone give me some info?
im a singer what is good for singing and the throat?
Vocal scales and exercises to build a stronger voice?
What songs are appropriate enough for a school talent show?
A good acoustic guitar?
about how much does it cost to take piano lessons?
How often d circus performers mess up during a show?
your favorite guitar solo?
easy songs to learn on the drums?
People always say I sing through my nose. What does this mean? and how do I fix it?
I need an answer for my Shakespearean Language skit for my comp-lit class.?
Trombone or Clarinet?
How am I playing the trumpet wrong?
How do you become good at playing guitar?
Is it possible to put EMG 707 pickups on this guitar?
What do you call a male ballerina?
programs to improve musical ear and where to download? or any tips tricks?
Does anyone in the Durham NC area know of somewhere i can learn to play bagpipes?
What can I do to become a roadie for travelling bands/singers?
Someone who plays guitar lol?
How much should I be selling my guitar for?
Solo Song?!?!!?!?!? please help me!!!!?
Should I do a solo?
into the night - santana feat chad kroeger?
piccolo? .?
Is it possible to have hands too small to play guitar?
What is your favorite musical, and why?
Can someone recommend some websites that have concert info in USA?
How to hold a saxaphone?
Are there any composers being commerated in 2007?
Anybody that went to the Long Island High School for the arts in Syosset?
Yum-Pak Cantonese opera CD.?
What is an easy string instrument to star on? No Guitar!?
When you practice do you sit in front of your amplifier?
Can i sing well (video)?
Christian songs to play on guitar?
What kind of acoustic guitar schould i get?
Which play should I do this summer?
Which is the best musical on West End at the moment?
What is the NYU in step up 3 ?
DJ Club Night: if I start one, how can I build up a reputation for good nights with good music?
My husband wrote a play - a brilliant political satire but can't market it.?
Hardest Decision i have to make.?
How do stripper sign up to audition?
Guitar Lessons?
what people/bands sing opera?
good bass rifts to learn?
Are there any famous guitar players that started learning at age 15?
How to play different rhythms with your hands on the piano?
What is alternance art-wise?
What are the job titles of all the people who work backstage at concerts and tour with the artists?
Poem number 2! fire away :)?
I am looking for free scripts for Readers Theatre at the adult, not child, level. Thank You.?
Does anyone know where I can get a good book on the acoustics of the harp?
Can guitar picks work on basses?
Six Flags Fright Fest auditions. Help?
Do I buy a left handed or right handed guitar?
Where on the internet can I find Cheap, GOOD Bari Sax's?
How much could I sell a Fender Squire Stratocaster 20th anniversary for?
Where can i find gran torino chords?
Its my first time planning a activity and i need to know step by step on how to plan a activity?
What is a skin flute?
Any suggestions for good fingerpicking songs for beginners??
Self confidence in singing?
how to use guitar tabs?
What Would Be a Good Color Guard Uniform for the Field Show STYX?
Trying out for drum major?
How to improve my amps sound?
what is bhangra?
Is A Full Size Acoustic Guitar - Black by Austin Bazaar Any good?
whats a good rock/metal song to play by myself at the talent show?
What's a good legit website that gives guitar lessons for beginner/intermediate players?
i love to sing i i am 11 can any one tell me how i can become famous???
What songs should I choose for my audition for The Voice?
Why can I sing with more power and more beautifully and fluently with my ears closed?
How much would it cost to pay for a decent violin and lessons?
Where to find glitz pageants (on a website) in New England, New York, and New Jersey?
Need advice on a playing Brahms - Intermezzo in A Op.118 no.2?
is Josh Strickland gay? (Tarzan Broadway)?
how can i ssing better?
What are some good Heavy rock/metal band settings for the Boss ME-25?
if it is a symphony in g minor then why isn't all of the symphony in g minor?
Wondering how much I could get for my bass guitar?
Whats a Good Epiphone Les paul i can buy for about £300?
who is w. alexander . he is a painter?
How do you not sing in your nose?
Who else here enjoys playing a musical instrument?
does anyone know any good magic tricks?
Do you like mimes?
How do you get an agent in LA/NYC?
Do I understand musical Key?
should i buy a baritone or a euphonium?
favourite rnb artist? :P?
Should I dance or just stand there?
Do you know your music? Can you answer this question?
Give feedback on a song?
Audition coming soon need advice?
Anyone know how i can get violin music for "Volver, Volver"?
Where can I donwload sheet music for Jiggle a Bit for trumpet?
How can I learn how to play the piano perfectly?
What kind of loop pedal should i get?
Any good bands that anyone knows?
How do I best prepare for this audition?
What do you call the light control room in a performing arts center or theater?
Why are trumpet players so arrogant?
How to play a guitar????HELP!?
This question is about Union films vs. Non-Union films? Important!! Acting Career and Performing Arts?
I >Need< To Call In Sick Tommarow. Any Ways Of Making Fake Throw-Up?
How much can I sell this limited edition Esteban acoustic guitar for?
Jonas Brothers General Admission / "Pit" ?
How is mt personal website coming along. Constructive Criticism Only Please.?
Rate my singing and performing?
What is the guitar in this video? /+ suggest a guitar for a newbie?
Learning Guitar??
does David copperfield put on a good show?
How long does it take to learn guitar?
Cost of Acoustic Guitar? Self taught?
adding rests in music with compound time signature?
I cant keep my violin in tune. What do I do?
Can anyone help me with a contrasting piece for Turegano by Federico Moreno Torroba?
What is the best movie of this century?
Do girls voice change?
How should I start giving flute lessons?
how can i learn violin in tbilisi?
why does my guitar sound weird?
Musical Theatre or Vocal Performance?
Why are some guitars so much more than others?
I play guitar what can I do to not mess up when I play in front of people?
How long does it take to become a competent pianist?
what type of things do I need to know to get a violin scholarship?
Guitar jamming over using Skype?
Anyone know anything funny i can talk about at a stand up comedy gig?
is 28 too old to learn music production?
Help with getting nervous -_-?
I'm an aspiring actor, tell me how to break into the business?
what r sum tips on keeping ur vocal chords healthy?
I need a new musical theatre song.?
Need help fixing my alto saxophone?
is megan wyler the new it girl?
which support muscles am I supposed to use for singing?
what are some really cool, fun things to to with Friends ?
Do you strum two notes with a beam up and down or just up on guitar?
Is it OK to clean your instrument's strings (on a cello, viola, or violin) with 70% isopropyl alcohol?
Do mimes ever talk, even when they're "off duty"??
Violin Vibrato?
Which guitar equipment should I buy?
Are digital pianos good to get if you can't afford a real one?
Is my acting headshot good?
What's a good, serious monologue for a woman?
What song should I sing for high school choir audition?
what is a possible way for a 12 year old to get discovered? ?
How to decide what I want to do in the music industry?
What was the best broadway show that you have ever been to?
Is the epiphone les paul 100 a good guitar to play a small gig with your band?
How does one produce their first (elementary) school musical?
What is your favorite Beatles song?
I HAVE A DANCE PROGRAM THIS THURSDAY. I am doin' a a solo. I am scared to eath about it. please help me.?
Rennaisance piano??
How much would it cost to get a guitar custom painted a whole different color?
barbershop entertainer?
I lost my guitar pick, what do you recommend I use instead?
NEED voice back by TOMORROW!!!?
What do I need to learn in order to become a stagehand?
Can you learn how to play guitar?
Do i have a good singing voice?
I am looking for a good agency website do you know one?
Is french horn truly hard????
Where can I find costumes for ballroom Dancing?
who designed the stage at FIFA world cup final match in Berlin?
Any decent guitar @ $200-400 ?
Help for National American MIss spokesmodel?
ISO Music Selections for Young Children to Enjoy?
What are some good newer comedy acts with a low amount of foul language and possibly free downloads of standup
SASHI CAPOOR . the famouse Indian actor . Any iformation about him ?
what guitars does Mike Oldfield have in his collection?
What are the different schools of comedy ?
How do I get started with modeling and acting?
19 year old musician. how do i break into music.?
Bass guitar for beginner/ Intermediate player?
Why do the first 3 tabs on my guitar sound the same?
does anyone know any good emo/screamo bands?
Can you help me choosing a theme for my arts?
Traveling drummer... What's the best style drum?
Switching from a trumpet to a mellophone?
how to get over stage fright?
Oboe 2nd Octave Key!?
Have you ever went to an Opera or Ballet?
what does it take to be a great performer?
Any good ideas for songs?
If I play a guitar using my electric guitar gear will it mess it up!?
Where can i find the sheet music for How Lucky You Are (Mayzie's Reprise)?
What's the name of the Japanese folk dance with the red hats after the recital in Memoirs of a Geisha?
Im Trying to teach myself Violin..Any tips or suggestions appreciated!?
Should I get an acoustic guitar?
difference between copper, brass, and sterling silver guitar picks?
Is improvisation a natural talent?
A song performed on the piano?
How do I choose a beginner electric guitar? + more?
I want a new flute and I need some advise.?
start spangled banner clarinet notes for kids?
Too fat to make a dream come true?
Im a senior in high school never did drama before and i thought i was a really good dancer and singer but.....?
hate broadway, but i have to see Wicked?
What is a good online guitar course website?
Is there a fan page for the Bulgarian acrobatic troup "Ikar"?
Marching Band Flute?
Where can I find the step by step moves that were done in the final scene of Dirty Dancing?
Where can i found interesting stories for radio play?
Am I too old to become a good guitarist?
can i be good at palying violin?
Is there a lot of dancing involved in "Once Upon A Matress"?
What is this guitar chord named?
Does anyone have a "Furry" drum set for sale?
what are the guitar chords to Sara Smiles, hall and oates?
What are some good musical songs to sing for a soprano that have a lot of feeling in them?
how can i become a good dancer'?
Am I too old to learn learn how to play guitar?
Why did my guitar strings wear out so fast?
Do I need a licence or permission to busk in London, from street corners to shopping centres? Not tube.?
provo, utah performing arts middle schools??
How can i become good at guitar fast? and not have to pay for lessons?
Wich headphones play bass the best?
What instrument should I play this year in band?
I'm beginning to play the oboe and...?
What is the proper way to hold/use a microphone during a performance?
Should I do a solo?
Some performing arts schools?
I have to write a monologue about fire HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!?
What do you think of my lyrics? Are they good?
What should I sing at a nursing home?
How can I become famous???
Question Question Question?
Good broadway duets for a middle schooler?
What is "good music" based on?
dieas for a year 8 class performance on friday!!!?
How to make things fly in time-lapse?
Which ventriloquist is this?
Review my fire tricks?
Is Margaret Cho married? If so to whom?
Acting Resume/Agents/Auditions?
I have a problem with my xaphoon (pocket sax)?
Reviews for a Peavey Composer ParlorStyle Acoustic Guitar?
Need help with ideas for a talent show?
What are some good 2+ octave female solo songs for an audition?
Can someone listen to my playing and give me some feedback?
how to become inspired to play the piano?
Violin or Piano lessons?
Will a guitar tuner work on a cello?
does anyone go to pineapple or urdang performing arts school?
Can anyone identify this vintage Scandalli accordion?
Should i buy this clarinet?
Talent Agencies KY or IN?
How can you play a bar chord without straining your hand?
I want to play two instruments...?
Which is your favorite: oboe or violin?
Why do you have to waive you hands in the air like you don't care?
Good multifunctional guitar Pedal?
If someone says u have a decent voice is that a good thing?
does somebody know how to play stars spangled banner by jimmie hendrix on the guitar? if so teach me!!!!?
How to you produce glissandos, smears and altissimo on the alto saxophone?
What do you think about
I need to know what to sing.?
flute camp?
Help? Acting classes?
(on sheet music) what is the C next to the treble clef (right where the time signature should be) called?
any good script writers..or any good script wiriting sites?
should I learn to play the piano?
Bob Dylan - Jokerman - Chords??
How do I get into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts? ?
how to get a modelling or acting scout?
What Is A Monologue?
Why is it that someone with as little of talent as Sanjaya is still on.?
what instrument should i play?
Do Talent Agents Buy Stuff For You?
Guys please help me to choose a guitar. I have never played a guitar before and I want to get electro-acoustic?
Sigma/martin 12 string guitar?
do you sing or play guitar? if so whats your favorite song to play or sing?
Acoustic guitar problem?
are these songs contrasting enough for a mt audition?
Am I too old to be a pro guitarist...I'm 30?
Did Verdi in his opera Don Carlos reveal his understanding of relationship between Eve and Lucifer?
I am currently 16 and want to start ballet, am I still able to?
Do talent scouts actually go to talent shows?
Where do I find opportunities to speak publicly?
How can i become a DJ?
acting/drama classes melbourne?
How do I get over stage fright? Please Help!?
Guitarists to idolize? ?
Music Conservatory Help?!?
How to know if i did well on an audition?
how to sing screamo and growl? help quick!?
Bass guitar lessons?
What's the dance called that's done around a fire?
What pieces of classical music could I like?
What are the chances of finding a job as a Coloratura Soprano in opera?
if you could play any instrument, what would it be?
If you were send to study as an apprentice what style would you pick Catholic or Protestant?
Is it wrong to strum on the neck of a guitar?
How can i improve my electric guitar playing?
Is Ibanez a good guitar?
which is better to play clarinet or flute??
I JUST got my guitar but I don't know how to start :/?
is PDP a good drum brand?
How do you make a fire sword for performances?
who plays an alto sax?
What is the c note on the flute?
Where can I find the four part harmony of Afternoon Delight (Anchorman) broken down, so I can learn each part?
Who was the phantom of the opera? What did he do mostly?
Is there a "perfect" vocal exercise for my voice?
Bass Guitar Amp Question?
How can I get over StageFright ?
Are Jodi Head guitar straps for girls?
I am looking for a pink tuxedo style costume.?
Good middle schools in San Antonio that have great performing arts programs?
A month ago my 5 year old granddaughter sat down at her family piano and proceeded to play?
What website do I get on to find out if my guitar is tuned?
Does anyone know where I can find a traditional script of the Christmas story based upon Scripture?
i love dancing, but....?
Buying my first guitar !?
Where can I find a chronological discography of the Cleveland symphony orchestra for free?
Musician bio????????????????
i get nervous when on stage...?
How can i become popular?
Question about learning Guitar?
Who would you say is the current world number 1 ballerina?
Flute owners/players........answer this question please.?
Is15 too late to learn to play piano?
mp3 플레이어 뭐가 좋아요?
Which is the best painting?
Monologue or Website?
is it right?
good riddance on guitar?
Guitar fret buzz???? Help?!?!?
where can i go to learn genjutsu?
I need a monologue for a comedy?
How do music group auditions usually work?
Free Tickets for Britains got Talent HELP!?
i bought some EMGs from a friend and...?
How to become a model?
Should I Run Away to the Circus?
Why did my guitar strings wear out so fast?
I have a mitchel acoustic guitar I was wondering what type of strings I should put on this to make it sing?
Do you think she can sing?
how do i play green grass grows all around on guitar?
What does it really take to become a dancer?
which is easier to learn; electric or acoustic guitar?
Is David Archuleta participating in the 2008 summer tour?
how do i pick out the right case for my acoustic guitar?
How do you wrap a drum major mace?
How do the roadside magicians perform the tricks of guessing one's features and thoughts?
Whats a good snare drum to buy that's $200 bucks or less?
Why do I get horrible headaches when I sing loud and powerfully?
Quick help I've got an audition for dance and music tomorrow?!?
Will being short effect my chances of being chosen as drum major?
To all the dancers out there...?
Marching Band question?
what is the easiest guitar solo to learn?
JAZZ instruments?
Can someone in LA help me?
what is the best way to get quicker hands in drumming?
No talent at it possible?
where MC Hammar todaay? He been missin from U can tuoch this?
Is there a new star treck movie in the works?
What's the difference between sweeps and shredding?
I can't sing like I used to?
In what year was Shakespeare born?
What brand and kind of tubes does John MAyer use in his amps? and can you switch types of tubes in amps?
Would the Epiphone ES-335 guitar be to big for me?
How do "Quick Change" artists do what they do?
What are some good Love songs?
Why is it usually Asiatic kids who are music prodigies? ?
What's your favourite musical and why?
People can legally sit nude on their front porch in Lebanon Ohio. What about your town?
Where can I find a headband with big flowerpetals attatched?
What disney songs are under 1 minute long?
What should you do when you are into acting and your parents do not want to move to a big city?
My grandmother left me a Silvertone guitar over 100 years old, what is it's value?
Good comedy monologue?
Will I be able to play one of the lead roles in my arts center's version of "Guys And Dolls"?
Does any one know how I can get a literary agent to sell a screenplay?
Difference between baritone and euphonium?
I play the saxophone and now want to play the flute?
What musical instrument makes the sweetest sound in your opinion?
What was the name of the dog in the story containing the Pointed/Pointless Man?
Where can i find opera singing lessons?
how much money does a porn star really make?
What's a good beginner electroacoustic guitar ?
Which is the best Drum Corps to join in Southern California?
The Gothic era has been called an “Age of Faith”; how is this epithet reflected in the arts?
Does anyone here like "Phantom of the Opera"?
What is the best guitar to play barre chords on?
need help trying to find a good wooden clarinet?
What do you think of these guitar riffs?
What singing career should I go for?
what is a good TUBE distortion pedal for deathcore/hardcore music?
Best FREE Acoustic Guitar Course? 10 POINTS!!!?
How can I learn to play guitar?
what are some good acting companys?
What audition piece should I use? (tenor sax)?
Have people died hearing Beethoven's ninth symphony?
For what play did William Shakespear write "Who is Silvia"?
What is Eddie Van Halen doing with his guitar when...?
Is a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar a good guitar? ?
Advice on (guitar + lyrics) songwriting?
What are some good ideas for fundraisers for an orchestra?
Bass songs for beginners?
I want to become a singer but I don't know what to do?
Dose Anyone Know any acting Schools?
help hooking up piezo to input jack?
What instrument should my son learn to play?
Where can I find Sheet music for "Up Calvary's Moutain"?
Who was there at the concert of Green Day in June 2005? I'm Italian. Sorry, my English, is not perfect.?
Would the feedback guitar technique work with an electric acoustic guitar ?
Looking for a monologue/scene for a girl who is insane?
Is my jaw harp good enough to play?
What do you think of Lana Del Rey?
Which Taylor acoustic/electric guitar would be best for me?
What string should i buy for my guitar?
sing and play guitar at the same time? on singing?
My band teacher is being very unfair?
What guitar is right for me?
Has anyone got any ideas for a modern day version of Snow White?
What would the Quartermaster do in a High School Marching band?
Is there a website that will allow me to submit an application for my firearm owners I.D ?
What is your favorite line in a film? What movie is it from?
Does anyone know any easy 2min monolouges?
Which acoustic- electric guitar is better ... Yamaha or Ibanez?
R u happy that Paul Potts won britains got talent?
Why do I suck at guitar?
What instrument looks good?
Need help fixing my alto saxophone?
Acoustic vs Eelectric Guitar, which to start with?
variations on a guitar.?
Do you like Passion's and days of our live on the TV?
What national arts programs are there?
Does anyone know anything about Bach's Jesu Meine Freude Motet?
Guitar tuning.?
What's a good theme that can be played by string instruments for a dragon scene in a play?
joseph and the amazing technicolor coat on broadway?
What grade is Stairway to Heaven intro by Led Zeppelin (classical guitar) ?
I dont think im tuning my guitar right?
What's a good story to use with only 3-5 characters? (with dialouge)?
So for a audition i have a strange tempo i never heard of?
Some Guitar Workouts?
How can I learn to sing without taking lessons? Thanks?
what are the dancers that dance in shows and performances called?
zig zag lady?
Does anyone remember the Half-Man/Half-Woman? It was a guy in half a dress/half a tux.?
Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can somebody help me about my guitar exam?
do small hand like girl hand affect your capability when playing guitar compaed to medium and big hand?
good college in europe for either musical theater or opera?
The broadway musical wicked?
How do I gain the title of Concert Pianist?
whats a really good song?
Would you use this monologue ever?
I have to write a death letter for my drama monologue help!?
what would be something you would want to see at a talent show?
4/4 School 'GENIAL 1-Oil' Violin Outfit is it a good violin?
How long would it take to learn guitar?
A good song for a duet with two girls?
Do I have a god voice? I mean, do you like how I sing?
Colorguard Click?
I NEED HELP...seriuos help. Need to know more about BANGSAWAN.Anyone familiar with this topic, please do help?
Thinking of a Stage Name?
Button Box Accordion?
I am interested in classical guitar but dont want to spend money on it.... read please?
What is a Guitar Cabinet?
What are the names of the four string instruments of the violin family?
How should I act as Hamlet?
Technique for trombone high E?
what musical instrument do you play?
plectrum banjos?
Musicians: when you play in a key with 6 sharps or flats...?
How do I make a youtube video become famous?
Where can you find the serial number on the flute?
is my singing good...?
What Careers can I go into with a BTEC national diploma in performing arts?
What is a guelaguetza?
my 5 year old wants to play the violin, would that be wise to start her on the violin instead of another..?
How do I make it as a screenwriter?
what guitar effects pedal(S) are used on the begining of (bvb) ritual?
How do I guarantee a spot in my school musical?
I heard the term Bauhaus used to describe musical style. what does it mean?
Homestuck Help: Horn attachment?
What type of GUITAR should a beginner buy?
johnny marr,the smiths,what height is he?
What to do when you have no talent?
What are my chances of getting into these universities...?
How long are sharps, flats and naturals effective?
Who has ever heard of WICKED?
why did the lute lose out to the guitar in popularity?
Help! Plz With Singing!?
What the diffrences between the salsa dance and la Rueda dance?
Do acoustic bass guitars exist?
I need help in editing my sponsorship letter version 2 for our drama comedy at the end of July 2006.?
how to learn playing piano?
Can You......?
Stage Fright PLEASE HELP!?
What to do when you feel like you failed an audition?
What is an "audience comic"?
Is Explore talent a scam ?
What are the best schools of music out there?
Should I quit guitar?? Pls help!?
How can I convince my mom to allow me to play violin!?
good first guitar brands?
Happy birthday Mozart! What are you going to do for his birthday?
Singers, any tips on giving a recital?
what shows would you reccomend to watch in London?
I live in GB, What was the Music the Dancers were dancing to on Monday?
How much is a Westone electro accoustic guitar worth please? Model drw-9716oecs?
Is it ok to leave my guitar in the case for long periods of time?
How important are guitar pedals?
who sells cheap guitars?
What Song Should I Sing in Front of a third of my 7th Grade?
what is a musical insturment that starts with either w, i, n, or, e, or r????
Get Sound on the Flute?
Hello i was just wondering whats the fastest way of learning how to play guitar?
soloing on trumpet advice?
Which bass amp should I buy?
How do you hit the higher octaves on a dizi?
how many watts is a 1988 CRATE G 60 XL ELECTRIC GUITAR AMP?
Audition songs? please!?
what do you think of Karl Willhelm Model 44 Violin?
My wrist hurts when i play guitar what do i do?
How many hours a day should one practice in order to become a virtuoso?
To be or not to be?
How to write a chromatic scale.?
does anyone know any monologues?
Is anyone familiar with a good piece for a singer and piano duet?
Audition help Pleaseeee!!!?
is this a good guitar?
Should I try out for a Disney Character Look-a-like Audition?
When starting to learn piano, is it best to learn on a full sized 88 key piano or digital piano?
Official Fan Page for Fred Dyer.?
any programs where u can type in musical notes?
Where are some websites or videos to help me become a better drum major all around?
what would be a good brand of mandolin?
does anyone play the violin besides me?
Can Broadway tunes (ex. No good Deed, Memory, Seasons of Love, etc.) be played on acoustic guitar?
What do the metal knobs do on a guitar???
Does any body know what my real name is????
Idea's Needed For LiL Girl Pageant Theme Outfit?
When you strum on a guitar do you only strum the strings you hold down?
Is justin beiber the worst singer?
Am I good enough to audition for a musical at my school?
Is the ibanez grx20 a regular sized guitar?
How can i watch phantom of the opera full length online?
I discovered I am good at the harmonica but I have no idea what an affordable good brand is.?
if you sing to yourslef, does it only sound good to you?
i need some help on contortion?!?!?
Whats your favorite broadway play?
Can one learn to play an instrument at 16?
which phantom of the opera character?
Where can I find an orchestra arrangement of Queen's 'Who wants to live forever'?
what are scales and how do you do them?
Where are a couple of big places to perform around walnutport?
I have a fever NOW!?
Advice on becoming a comedian?
What stuff really annoys you?
Audition song for a girl?
What are some Theatrical songs?
does anyone know how to play danity kane's ride for you on the piano?
What brand of acoustic guitar does Shim from Sick Puppies play?
Ibanez Guitar Question?
when playing hold my hand by new found glory, do you strum or pic?
ABSRM Flute?
What is the difference between analog and digital?
How to handle srage fright?
How do you find out the difficulty of a music piece?
What would be a cool marching band show?
Does Juilliard Have a high school program?
what is the name of this song?
Is 15 too late to learn Guitar?
I want to play electric guitar, but my parents wont let me?
Finding a Guitar, what is good?
Who sings the dance version of "dont panic" which is origanally performed by coldplay?
Could I get arrested for running on stage during a concert?
How to be a trance artist?
What are some good acoustic-electric guitars for 200-500 dollars?
What is your favorite percussion instrument?
Would like to start playing guitar but?...?
Have a few questions about distortion pedals...?
Does anybody know where I can get the sheet music for beethoven virus??
Need help with music! urgent!?
Does anyone know of any good talent agents in the DC area? Any advice on getting an agent in NY?
Are There Alternatives for Violin Rosin?
What makes overweight people sing better?
Ideas for Middle School Talent Show besides singing?
Funday pawpet show?
What are some good poems/speeches I can perform?
what's the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
Can you learn how to play guitar?
I need help trying to find an agent...?
How does one get to Carnegie Hall?
what are the dancers that dance in shows and performances called?
What size amp should I get?
how can I connect with Luisana Lopilato(argentinian actress)?
Music is an active experience lived through by composer performer and listings alike what does this mean?
Can someone learn to sing good even if they don't have a good voice to begin with?
Electric guitar????????
Should I sing this song to her?
How do I play a four note turn in piano?
How to lead a percussion section?
Is this a good song to sing to an audience? how can I get rid of my stage fright?
Who's this?
when should a child start voice lessons?
im joining band what is the easiest instrument to play?
How Do I Change My Guitar String? EMERGENCY?
Can i sing, honest opinions and tips please?
Is this a good bass for beginners?
Antonius Straoivarius faciebat cremona 1713?
Help with high B flat on piccolo?
Starting a band?
Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo Interpretation script ideas?
where can i find studio versions of songs?
How easy is it to pick up guitar?
Do you play drums, Bass Guitar, Lead guitar or anything else?
How large of a music program?
what the hell can i do for a talent show?????????????
Flute notes for Narnia song: The battle?
How can I teach myself to play piano?
has anyone out there started the central challenge in Destination Imagination 08-09 season?
is this a good bass to get?
Flute Lesson? On Mp3?
Where can I find hard to find sheet music on the internet?
hi, i am 14 and i dream to be a singer.but i have major stage fright...any suggestions?
which clarinet should i get?
What is the best way to tell a very entertaining story?
Is it possible...?
best song to play on accoustic guitar?
For the filmmakers...?
I can't decide if I should buy a guitar to play?
How do i take off a string?
Musical SONG question?
Are you happy you learned how to play the guitar?
I need female HDA scripts?
Any good belty upbeat musical theatre songs?
Acoustic or electric guitar?
Shall I Try Out For My School Talent Show?
Is learning the violin at 59 to old to learn?
s to the longest list. Can someone list out all the broadway musical - to - movies there are?
What's the best musical, in your opinion?
How can I support my voice better?
What is a very good bass and cheap to buy?
what are the guitar tabs for Enter Sandman By Metallica?
i cannot get over how much it costs to see a broadway show. who sees the money???
i need a tenor sax rental for the summer and possibly beyond. i am going to learn to play and need it soon?
My Friend has this talent and was wondering if it has a name.?
FLUTE VS KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do people get so upset at magicians when they discover their secrets?
Gibson Les Paul 3-Way Switch and 4 Knobs?
can someone help me find the script or monologues for the movie/play Chicago?
Help with guitar bridge?
How do I sing in front of someone without being scared?
Why do so many people play guitar and very few know how to tune it?
Why My Guitar Always Out Of Tune?
Plays recommendations question?
I am auditioning for Julia in the play The Wedding Singer. What song will they most likely have us sing?
good audition song please?
How easy is it too learn guitar?
children of bodom synthesizer?
Film scoring at Berklee (Boston)?
please tell me about i.c.'s .chips &micoprocceser.?
What BRAND guitar do you own?????
Best acoustic electric guitar?
Is there any other music that would be well suited at a Sweet 16 other than...?
Tips for a rookie tenor in a 5-part a cappella choir?
IF I TAKE Guitar LESSONS at my community college, how long'd it take me to get to a level to play Cover songs?
how do you have sex with your guitar?
What are some good Broadway bass solos?
*UK ONLY* Pricing up my old Squier and amp?
has any been to the platnuim 1 performing arts school in Edmonton county in north London?
Britains got talent audition... song ideas anyone?
why I should be chosen to win a chance to go to a shortland street workshop?
How do I protect my script?
Popular soprano names in opera?
Are dancers hot? if so what about them?
How do I download Garage Band to my create own music?
Any body else notice the death of Syd Barret.?
Where can I buy violin strings?
Ever heard of the play " The Complete History of Americe(abridged)"?
Do you HAVE to learn the lower positions on the violin?
what song is this? contemporary?
songs and or artiartist that have a lot of violin or other classical inserument in it!?
what was that london dance performance video called?
does anyone have good instrumental music?
How do you tell what model a clarinet is?
Opera Singers - I know nothing, but am very curious ... ?
How do you play this on the guitar?
Rate my cover of My Kinda Party please?
WHat is a good talent show song that resent and appropriate?
HELP! Phantom of the Opera DVD question...?
are 24fret dragonfly x a good guitar?
How long does it take to be good at fingerstyle guitar?
how to play triplet bass notes on piano?
What's cubism?
Will chap stick work as cork grease for a clarinet?
does any one have any tips for getting my name out there? (as in preforming arts)?
Which Woodwind Instrument should I play - Clarinet vs. Flute?
What instruments are played in this?
Should I take violin lessons?
Bass or Electric guitar?
Is there any reason to learn to play guitar from regular sheet music?
Can you please recommend a good book that deals with concerto form and analysis in the Classical period?
What steps should I take to become involved in Opera?
A short song and contemporary monologue?
Is this a good guitar to get?
how do u sing and play guitar?
What would a judge do if...?
Should i stop my ballet lesson?
is shakespear still interesting in this age?
I'm taking my acoustic guitar to get restrung...?
I want to get into a performing arts high school?
Who wrote Flosst mein Heiland by Christmas Oratorium by J. S. Bach ?
Good male songs for an audition?
how to make the 8th grade pom squad?
Drums or Guitar??????
Does anyone ever thank the people that answer their questions?
guitar question!?
Wicked or Rascal Flatts?
College Marching Band Question:?
Can i use these gloves to play on clarinet.?
How do you become a US marshall?
How many movements does a sonata, concerto, and a string quartet have?
What songs can i play at a wake and a furneral?
How do you play eighth vs quater note staccato on piano?
How many pieces were in the "Fiddler" orchestra on Broadway?
What are some ways to increase my chances of becoming drum major at my highschool?
Has anyone ever heard of Doug Rhodes?
What is the play containing the monologue that begins with "Richard, are you awake?"?
I need an audition monologue?
PLZ answer this question!!!!!!!!!?
Drama and Dance Audition for LaGuardia Highschool?
I want to learn to play guitar, dont know how to start.?
will you please keep your eyes on the road?
Do I buy a left handed or right handed guitar?
what music plays in this black swan scene?
Notebook of blank sheet music?
how do you sing and play the piano at the same time?
What is the name of the humor Jim Carrey is famous for again?
Is the Flute an uncommon instrument?
What are some good Acoustic Amps?
Regular show has lost its awesome?
Sm Entertainment auditions in following years?
how can i learn how to fake cry intensly?
what are the tunings for a sitar?
How can i find my talent?
What is the tracklist of Now 74, and also the 2nd disc of Now 68?
Which nut size for my acoustic guitar?
what is a good but inexpensive option for a second guitar?
How smart do you have to be...?
What's good for your voice?
what is the title of a slapstick comedy play written in the 19th century that takes place in the 18th century?
My wrist hurts when i play guitar what do i do?
Britains got talent; Who's going to win???
tips on performing for a live gig?
Funday pawpet show?
How to use a guitar tuner?
Guitar pedal ? Please help ?
How to Stage Manage Effectively?
Do you think I sing good?? Plz be honest!!?
HOW to PLAY note F on the FLUTE?
What can I do with an M.F.A in musical theatre?
Good musicals for a wide range of age level?
can any Turkish tell me who sing this song ?
How to learn lines quickly?
Learning cello and/or violin?
what is mezzo?????????????
How can I lose stage fright?
i need help learning the guitar!?
I can do a girls find that sexy or not? Wondering...?
what are some things you can do to improve your voice?
Stage Fright?
guitar chord theory question: 11/13 vs 13?
Does anyone here remeber Vera Lynn? Remember how she said that we would meet again some sunny day?
is ludwig a good drum brand?
im going to get my first acoustic guitar tomorow and i got 400 hundred dollars to invest in it somebody help?
Buying a new guitar?
When playing a guitar while standing up, does anybody find it harder to form bar chords?
can anyone sing in male and female voice?
Question about stage name?
what is the best way to learn your lines in a play?
schools to major in music?
How Do I Sing!? 10 Points?
If the chords are in B Locrian with one chromatic note, then what scale to play?
A song for a male to audition for the musical Legally Blonde?
Ukulele Info, Pleasy?
Want to start dancing but im 13?
who is miss world africa 2005?
Does your whole index finger have to be calloused in order to play barre chords on guitar?
I'm trying to build a drumset. What is the best wood and how many ply's should I use. What is the difference?
Is it better to change the pickups of my guitar or buy another guitar?
Good Performance Arts Colleges?
pol how well you can sing?
Clever costumes for two girls?
Do me and my friend sing well? (videos)?
Is it common for people to name their guitars?
Why do many people dislike Gaudi's work?
Why do so many metal guitarists have such horrible technique?
Marching Band: Trumpet, Oboe, or English Horn?
Anyone know what guitar would be similar to this guitar?
How do you organize a Middle school talent show ?
Why do I suck at guitar?
give me the finest scene of the world?
Is the pit in marching band fun?
I want to learn a new instrument, any suggestions?
whats the best audition songs?
What are you some good Analog Chorus Pedals that won't bust my Budget of $70?
I'm having a hearing for misconduct and I want to make myself break into tears, how can i do this? Onions?
How come some country singers don't eat before performing?
What is Hamlet by William Shakespeare all about?
can i sing how do i sound?
My brother has special talent...?
Where can I find the individual instrumental scores for the accompaniment of the Yellow River Piano concerto?
Quitting guitar lessons?
How to trill a high d flat on flute ?
I'm looking for audition pieces. I'd like to have a modern song and a musical also. Can someone help me?
Who played rusty in footloose?
hey i want an anchoring script for group song competition....pls help?
What is the song Massachusetts by Bee Gees all about and why was it so popular?
Guitar care? Cleaning/ sprucing up?
A level solo, please help! Ideas needed urgently!!!?
how much should you spend on an accoustic guitar if you are only starting to learn?
Is this a good amp to start off with?
If given the chance to perform on stage, which would be your priority?
How can I learn to play guitar & sing at the same time?
comedians like ck louis?
good musical song?
what is the best Taylor guitar for me?
What kind of reed, and mouthpeice should my 108cm alto sax get?
Hello, anyone has the piano solo sheet for Por Una Cabeza?
Question about drum kits? PLEASE HURRY?
I want to play guitar?
What is title and singer of the theme song to HBO series The Sopranos?
Does anybody know the birthday of the lead singer/guitarist Thomas Erak of The Fall of Troy?
dancers..what would you look for?
Looking for some good prog/death metal bands, and maybe hardcore?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Are tricks important to becoming a professional dancer?
Does anyone get bruises from play thw drums (on the insides of you legs)?
guitar players only?
How hard is it to learn the violin?
Guitar lessons? What should I do?
Messiah sing-along in NJ/NY?
What are the best audition tips?
I need female HDA scripts?
Did Audience Members Actually Throw Tomatoes At "Bad" Performers In The Past?
Who likes "Twelve Angry Men"?
has anyone seen the nuter ballet? how is it?
SURVEY: Multi-instrumentalist vs. Master of One?
anyone have any info on steam heat from the pajama game?
does any one what a youth band to play for them or any ideas on where we could go to play for some one?
celtic insruments???
How to get the sound of a P-Bass on my bass?
Question About America's Got Talent?
Please! Can someone tell me how to toot my skin flute!?
BROADWAY PEOPLE- for how much longer will Andrew Rannells be touring with the Book of Mormon?
How long will it take me to do this (guitar)?
How Do I Sing!? 10 Points?
Help! Freaking out! plz! Help! Advice Needed!?
Tabs for "Tired and Uninspired" by My American Heart?
When to stop doing covers?
What are some good broadway duets for 2 GIRLS around 14 to sing for a talent show?
Is playing The Bass Hard In Orchestra ????
when does the new season of american idol start?
First jazz class, do i need to be flexible?
Have any of you auditioned to be a parade performer at Disneyland before? Any advice?
is this a good deal for my band studio?
what country songs would you sing and perform to older adults for fun?
Im having trouble understanding the Telemundo chanel but i speak perfect english. Any suggestions?
I want to learn guitar, but my dad said NO?
How to get permission to use an artist song?
What songs to learn on an acoustic guitar?
I'm singing for my friend on her B-Day how do i get over the stage fright??
How do orchestra players look at the conductor?
how to do a really good audition?
I need Vibrato!?
i lost a bet and now i have to play guitar and sing a song to my girlfriend. which song should i sing?
what are some good love songs?
Phantom of te Opera?
Should I switch from clarinet to oboe?
Performing Arts School's in Indiana?
Does anyone know of any boarding schools that will accept applicants based on rawtlent rather than aportfolio?
Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center?
What would be a good song to sing or a song to dance to in a YG audition?
Does anyone know where I can get a flute with....?
How many pictures did Andy Warhol paint with semen?
What is David Bisbal's voice range?
where can i find a place to take dj classes?
What's the best music for a cheer dance?
How to prep for guitar lessons?
Drop D and C Tuning Question?
How do i ship a guitar?
How can I learn how to dance on my own, and not look like an idiot in a couple weeks?
Notes C and G: Tone deaf?
Accomplice sample Script?
Piano/Guitar Teachers in Philadelphia area?
Good Musicals for High Schools?
DOES ANYONE know any goooood facts about broadway?
Stage fright? I really need help?
Which Tremolo guitar FX pedal should I get? - MaybeVoodoo or ZVEX?
Guitars...Acoustic, or electric?
What type of voice range do I have?
What to use for a guitar pick?
Does anyone know the width of saxophone or clarinet reeds?
what is the pitch of a clarinet?
choir high school levels?
what is paul mc cartney's middle name?