Performing Arts

Where should I move? What should I do to meet like-minded people?
any tips how to act great??
good Christmas songs to sing and play on piano?
Can someone please explain Max Weber's rationalization?
How can I become more confident to play music to a live audience?
Where can I find the piano piece for "use somebody" by kings of leon?
When putting heavier gauge strings on, do you always have to mess with intonation/action/bridge?
How to play guitar?
Whats Your Talent and what are you good at?
What are the requirements to becoming a Professional pianist?
Where would talent scouts for Cirque du Soleil actors look?
im trying to strum realy fast on my bass guitar with a pick i can use my fingers?
Do u like Jonathan Ross from BBC's Film 2006 I don't?
Houstonians, how do you dress for a broadway?
Does musical talent really exists?You get born with it or it's just hard work?
what is the staff composition?
bass guitar for beiginers?
How do you patent a magic trick?
Where can I sell my guitar? Like a forum?
What is the most popular jazz piano piece of all time? Or Jazz piece?
what time does wango tango the concert part start?
what are a few quotes about tap dancing or tap dancers?
What percentage of actors actually become famouse?
Guitar Help For Beginner?
how can i learn how to play and sing guitar at the same time?
Looking for a Jazz costume?
Im 23 it too late for me to learn how to play guitar?
Can someone suggest a song to sing for a concert?
Are there programs like the one in Withering Tights?
What pickups should I get for my new guitar?
how long do you think each artist will perform?
Which is the best opera to go see for a beginner?
Is a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar a good guitar? ?
What was famous work of leonardo da vinci" MONALISA" originally named as ?
Are there any schools for the arts in the Greater Toronto Area?
best way to learn to play drums?
How to stop being shy?
Funk - Horn Lines Help Needed!?
I suck at rhythm guitar, bad timing, can't sing at the same time, what can I do?
can anyone please help!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
where can I purchase rubber sardines to use as stage props for my son's play?
Is it hard to read tablature (guitar tabs)?
I'm a lefty, and I want to learn to play the guitar. Should I learn to play right-handed?
What should I teach my cousin for gymnastics?
How can you get the voice as an announcer, do you have any tips?
are there any poetry reading clubs in jacksonville, FL and where.?
Does David Gilmour use a pedal steel guitar in the opening few bars of Comfortaby Numb or is this a guitar?
Is there a way to fix a guitar from constantly going out of tune?
Good guitar for about $300 CAN?
Parallel Fifths and Octaves?
do you know how to perform a magic trick? how many friends do you have that can perform magic tricks?
For Tattoo lovers only! What do you think?
Is the Cecilio CCO-100 cello any good? What about the Cecilio brand in general?
For those that have the influence or connections please read( details) and answer,.?
Getting my voice to project?
a good meaningful name for a students cultural programme.?
what do you think of my song?
Which monologue should I do?
Orchestra auditions excerpts?
What kind of guitar should I get?
What guitar would you suggest that is good and a decent price?
What does a movie/t.v. producer do??
Is this a good electric guitar?
performers of the nuter ballet? ?
Mormon EFY dance...sandwhich?
How many professional orchestras are in the United States?
Pop Punk Amp Under $600?(Blink 182, Greenday)?
A few questions on the preforming arts school "Interlochen"?
How should i set up my amp for this?
Immortal Technique?
How heavy is a Kevlar marching snare?
is Starcaster a good brand?
topless cabaret?
Will switching from a plastic to bone saddle, and plastic to ivory or wood pins enhance a guitar's sound?
is slash a virtuoso performer?
i struggle?
What trumpet solo should I play for my jury?
How can I get my develope jete (sautecha) up higher?
Need To Decorate My About Me!?
What is the opera Matt Damon attends in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"?
Is every mahogany made guitar expensive?
What do the performing forces in Lux aeterna consist of?
Are u ready to marry not able to do extinct human?
I need help with a 2-minute comedy skit for my son, can you help?
have yo ever been creative?
Does it matter if a keyboard doesn't have a USB Midi port?
What makes a theater a Broadway theater?
Why did the director and his staff give me bad looks during my audition?
Where can I find 100% free sheet music for tenor sax?
Why don't I have a talent?
what is moana lisa's potraits about?
i need finger exercises and picking for the guitar?
Music help! if you can at least please read this?
How do you become a MI6 agent?
Where can I find a Bb Clarinet Fingering chart? from the lowest possible note to the highest?
low self-confidence but no stage fright?
fingers hurt from the guitar? im new to guitar?
how do i prepare for an interview?
How to help my friend solve major problems with Orchestra?
What are the musical instruments from Mesopotamia?
What is the best way to learn a new voice or accent?
I have no idea who fall out boy is or what they sing - am I getting old?
What are some kinds of auditions for competions or tours or something in Ohio?
What is a decent price for a juipiter student oboe?
My knob is loose on my Epiphone Les Paul, how do I fix it?
The strings on my acoustic-guitar are too high from the fretboard help ?!?!?
What are your thoughts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Advice on writing songs?
Why does your bridge pickup need more output and how much more output does it need to have?
What TV cook-off did one Japanese critic describe as: “Julia Child meets the World Cup Metropolitan Opera”?
Does Juilliard have a dress code?
What instrument do you play?
Are there any schools for the arts in the Greater Toronto Area?
How can I audition to appear in High School Musical 3?
How come some country singers don't eat before performing?
RENT-Mimi Marquez- I want to dress up as her for Halloween. Not sure what to use. Can't find any good pictures
Good Shakespeare comedy scene with 4 people?
acoustic guitar background music for talking over (like demetri martin)?
What is the saddest monologue you ever heard?
How much would this drum set cost?
Artist manager or an agent can help a new artist?
looking for a left handed guitar?
Shall I buy my guitar with the case or only with the strap for the start?
Does orange juice effect the quality of your voice?
Where can i find free piano sheet music online?
what are the variety arts?
How i can play Accordion?
what is a good uni to go to for performing arts?
Rate my singing from 1-10?
Does anyone have free flute notes for "Feliz Navidad"?
how can you get a magician to be your mentor?
Tell me everything you know about Tomas Kalnoky. Where can I find Smiles for Macavity cd?
In the play, Macbeth. Are there parts in the script where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are together?
who is the best guitarist in the universe?
Does anyone know where I can find Jane Fonda's 1982 Original workout on DVD? Please Help!?
Where is the nearest full time stage school?
Any good performing arts schools in Illinois?
Easy songs to play on electric guitar?
How do you find the brand name of a violin?
safe to detune guitar without adjustments?
What pop song reflects the style of "Hairspray"?
Is a Ibanez a good guitar company?
What songs are on the new Disney's Sing It Pop Hits?
How does a cello work?
Is this Amadeus Viola a good deal?
i need help finding a pin up name?
Looking for any information on Harry La Pearl (circus clown)?
Will playing a flute after eating ruin the pads like candy will?
How do I ask my strings teacher if I can play the first violin part for the songs in our concert?
Where can I find a trumpet clamp for marching?
Is the clarinet easier to play than flute?
How can i sing better?
How to win a beauty pageant?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
What's a good drum solo to learn?
Saxaphone players I need some help?
Booker T. Performing Arts school?
Should I get a 12-string guitar?
What would be a good instrument to learn?
How can i get better in playing a guitar?
Are weimar flutes any good?
Does Renaissance fairs fall under the category of performing arts or is this only for plays and such?
How can I get good at drama?
How do I become a better guitarist?
Guitar talent show help please!?
glastonbury festivals!?!?!?
I would Love to learn how to draw?
Guitar tips?
Solo male musical numbers?
why does my lower G sound off on my flute?
Should I get a Maestro By Gibson cheap acoustic guitar?
where can i see pamela and tommy's sextape?
what's a metronome??? and where can I get one?
Questions about playing drums?
What are some good songs to sing for a Kpop audition?
Do I need my left pinkie finger for cello?
how do i sing better?
Where can I join a choir for beginners in Chicago?
Who teaches hypnotism in Northern California?
how do i become popular on youtube?
Help ScreenWriting Plzzzz?
I need Clarinet help?!!?
Can someone give me a really good and explainable reason why someone will have stage fright?
I want to purchase a piano recording of Falling Waters:Waters of Yosemite by Truax. Does a recording exist?
Fingering??? HELP!!!?
What is it called when a character's arrival is announced by a trumpet call in Shakespeare? (not sennet)?
What are some songs I can play on the guitar?
What anime/fandom/doujinshii are these pictures from?
Why can't women do standup comedy?
my guitar needs a namee! =]?
Can i play an electric guitar in a council house?
What should 3 women therapists sing together at a company holiday party talent contest?
How can i learn to play the paino?
what is religion of the potomac?
Is it possible to play, Jerry C's Canon Rock, on an acoustic violin?
What is the quickest way to learn how to play a guitar on a LOW BUDGET?
How can I find out what my range is in singing?
Does anyone kow where i can find cheap Evah Pirazzi full set strings for violin?
What is a C# chord on the guitar and how do you play it?
Should I take Choir or Theater?
what are some excellent play choices for community college shows about 6M 4W or so?
What instruments do you play, and what (or who) was your motivation or inspiration for learning them?
Are you interested in playing the trumpet with dentures?
What makes a good dancer?
What to bring to a broadway show?? ?
how do i learn to do my backhandspring?
how to play this guitar chord?
1x 12 or 2x12 amp?????
Can people LEARN to sing?
Marching Band vs. Volleyball?
What are some easy rock guitar solos to learn?
high school musical occurs in what city?
Is the circus bad for kids?
my aunt gave me a chromatic tuner for my guitar but it has no instructions because she cant find them?
How are plastic guitar bracings?
is learning guitar easy?
How do i find auditions?
What's a good piano piece to work on if I just finished up Clementi - Sonatina 1?
I just got this new acoustic guitar and i need help finding a place where I can get lessons in scottsdale?
Calming techniques for stage fright.?
What guitar should i get?
what is the perfect location for a cultural facility?
Stiffness While Playing Guitar?
why do people like to sing and act?
How to look caucasian with makeup(needed for school project)?
Suppose Indonesia earth quake will happen ur house?
Does anybody have any tips on drawing and sketching?
What is a brass monkey?
Is it possible to expand your vocal range w/ practice?
how do minor scales have sharps AND flats>?
im becoming interested in opera, but i dont know where to start?
im a singer in a musical and i have shows all next week...?
Will learning opera help my chest voice?
I have to make a 1 min long movie without using actors. Does anyone have an ideas. (10 points to best answer)?
compare Frida Kahlo to Edouard Manet?
Should I just give up?
how do i get good at guitar?
Do you know I am very talent ?
Musical Songs?
How should i upgrade my pdp z5?
What are the best websites to go to for beginner guitar lessons?
If you play guitar please answer?
how can i get a better singing voice?
Who would have known The Beatles more intimately than anyone else?
do you eventually develop an ear for guitar?
Might go on x factor next year what shall I sing?
What is the average cost of a string bass? (orchestra, not bass guitar)?
why are women objectified in Shakespeare play???
What are some brands of inexpensive good quality full size acoustic guitars?
What do you think of my song?
Do you have to be able to read music to learn to play the clarinet?
Does anyone know any SOULFUL musicals?
a good dj controller for beginner/ intermediate???????? (detailed answers please)?
What Do You Think About The Irmo High School Marching Band?
Why can't Tally Hall play under 21 concerts?
How can i learn the side splits? ?
Where is a good place to find good pop flute books?
Need help with my audition!?
Anyone who has an esteban guitar, do you know if the parts can be replaced?
Where do I learn to become an exotic dancer?
Should I buy this violin?
whats a good guitar amp for $150- 200?
teaching yourself alto sax?
How can you become a producer, for musicals? (like moviee musicals not broadway)?
How can i stop being nervous?
What will I learn from a high school guitar class?
Am I a freak? I love the way the guitar is hurting my fingers. Ha!?
Were is Lime Wire?
One word.....Help!?
HELP me WITH my SINGING please?
qestion about tuning my guitar?
how does this sound?
I need a dramatic duet script for two girls.?
How can I find my TRUE talent?
Should I buy a new guitar now?
I really need a monologue/poem?
Bass or Acoustic Guitar?
what is your favorite musical?
Pageant song ideas appropriate for a pageant?
any music composers out there??
How not to tear apart my guitar string when re-stringing it?
What exactly does a lap dance consist of at most strip clubs?
Where Can I find the Carrie Prejean Sex Tape?
Places to audition in California?
Places to film my choreography? ?
What is a really good guitar that can play metal?
How to create live dubstep with actual music instruments?
Good shoulder rest for violin?
Whats the the easiest instrument?
What are some really good chord progressions that sound good?
What is a model's lifestyle like?
What are some songs to play on acoustic guitar with a good strumming pattern?
University for singing/dancing/acting?
How to hone my stand up comedy skills?
I want to see more funny singing vids onlne.?
poetic word for "gladly or ready"?
I want to know about adult dance classes at Bruce Lee Dance Factory?
How do you get a Five Finger Death Punch "Canto 34" guitar tone?
Please let me know the amp settings for Wipeout by The Surfaris?
how do you add triplets on finale 2008?
Can anyone tell what's the university with the best theater program in the whole world??(personal oppinion)
What is a good monologue to do for a Junior Thespian Competition?
How to develop the passion when you have the talent? has to do with instruments!?
What would be a good cheap guitar amplifier?
what were william shakespeares major works?
I really want to become a Color guard Instructor?
What is a Regional show and a National show? is it not as big as a broadway show?
Why learn guitar scales?
Organs and Synthesizers are not real instruments?
Why is it hard for me to play the guitar using a pick?
Piano or Guitar for a beginner?
Are there any songs on the guitar that....?
I'm so nervous about performing a monologue?
What song should I sing?
What song/songs would you have chosen for this character to sing karaoke?
how do i get better at ballet?
Drama exercises I can do at home?
acoustic guitar...?
Is it hard to play guitar?
Is it too late to learn how to play the bass guitar?
where can i find a a cheap gibson les paul?
How Do You Put A Coin Through A Soda Can?
What is easy ? Push or Pull?
please give me violin and guitar tabs of "dream sky high"?
Help from doors fans.?
First time changing guitar strings?
What should I sing for my audition?
How can I hit the higher notes in the bass cleff in choir?
"Ever After " monologues?
where can i find a club i used to belong to where you could buy concert tickets before they went on sale?
SM ent. Audition Question?
Know any good songs????????/?
Good audition songs for Grease?
Do you think i can sing?
Are drums easier to play than the guitar?
Where can I buy a marching baritone at a good price?
Has anyone tried David Leisner's 6 golden rules as a way to prepare for a performance? Did it work for you?
What is the most stress-relieving piece of Classical Music?
Do people use an ear plug during presentations to feed them their speech?
Feedback on my guitar covers?
Best sitars for around $800?
Shouldn't we have a Music category here to separate "art music" questions from entertainment questions?
What do you think about this artist based on her name?
Costumes starting with 'O'?
Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Violin!?
Why are the strings on my bass rattling?
what do you think of schneider violin?
Left hander playing right handed guitar.?
Good websites to learn intermediate guitar?
What piano song should i play ? [beginner]?
What cymbals and drums should I get?
Where can I find a vocal good coach?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Ok bored! Worst big musical act.?
why do your fingers get calist when you play the guitar?
Violin Mater Pro - any good for absolute beginners?
i am just asking this question so dont think i am stupid do u have 2 be able to sing to be an actress?
The following are all components of what? •Positioning of actors on stage •Scenic backgrounds •Props and co?
Has anyone ever known a medical doctor with musical talent?
How can I do this? Please help?
Can anyone direct me to a site where I can find piano sheets?
some guitar chord help?
Is "Over The Moon" from Rent appropriate to use for an Audition into an Arts school?
can I use more than one guitar distortion pedal at once?
Good Drumming technique books?
What's the key to a good tone on an alto saxophone?
can anyone identify what brand guitar this is?
Is it possibly to become a succesful musician without lessons?
do you think music should help people beleve and dream est..?
Any Guitar classes for beginners in Surat !?
Should I leave my guitar out?
whats the latest age to be a ballerina im 15 and i would really like to be one ?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
Do I sound like I'm tone deaf?
Ring finger hurts after playing guitar?
What is a good quality brand for ukeleles?
what is the difference between mad ads and mad acts?
Should I sing??! ??!?!??!;:) ?
Wagner's Siegfried was represented at Palais Garnier Paris France?
what is the karate place called in Alpine,Tx?
Is there an instrument that looks like a piano, but plays little bells.?
How can I impress Disney?
Whats a good 2 person skit? and simple thanks!?
Dancers: Would this be a good song for a lyrical solo? Why or why not?
I Need New Hip-hop Solo Songs. Has Anyone Got Ideas?
How difficult would it be for me to learn to play guitar?
Will flute mess up my trumpet embrasure ?
Which Bach trumpet should I get?
Help finding sheet music?
Is 4 octaves a good range for a fifteen year old?
What is the difference between a laminated bass and a carved bass?
Hey I play saxophone and i am really good do guys think the saxophone is kool?
Doing Shakespeare in the spring and I need tips!?
What schooling do I need to go through to become an Art Director for a magazine or film?
I can go to bass and start alto, but is there anywat I could get up to soprano?I'm pretty sure I'm a tenor
Do i have a chance for Juilliard?
is it too soon for me to get a second uke?
I need to pick a burlesque name. Help me decide between these please!?
What sheet music should I get for a solo?
How sucsessful would a girl bass player become?
How do I play Somewhere only We know on bells?
Acting tips?
I was dead, how do I get back to life?
Do you think one can learn to play an Instrument like a Piano or Violin as an adult?or its harder & Hopeless?
Problems with my guitar after restringing?
What are some talents aside from singing, dancing,drawing, acting, and playing instruments?
How to play the guitar? ?
How do I get over my stage fright?
What do you think of my latest video?
what is burlettas ?
where can i find the script for The Complete Works of Willaim Shakespeare?
Is it too late for me to learn how to play guitar?
Why doesn't anyone look at the composer?
Acoustic guitar: A topic to write about.?
What body type for belly dancing?
talent show.?
Thanks for insight on previous questions,... does anyone have any info on real legit song/lyric contest?
Anyone Got A Spare Kings Outfit...?
Can I find a acting agent at age 16?
What bass strings should I get?
How can i improve my acting skills?
Did anyone see Sebastian Bach in Jesus Christ Superstar?
where can i get private singing lessons?
what are the 2 easiest chords to learn to play on a acoustic guitar?
Audition songs for alto female?
do u find this funny?
deaf composed music???
I am 17 i just wrote this song what do you think please please answer and please please be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do I keep this special place available to artist?
What is the best affordable guitar under $300?
Which publishing of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto should I get?
i can hit any note, but my voice isn't so great?
saxophone reeds?
Best affordable marching band trumpet?
What is the main idea for the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett?
are drums a good instrument to?
How can I learn to play guitar? ?
How do I start a monologue?
Have you ever written a celebrity for help accomplishing your dream?
How Does One Play an Instrument with One's Heart and Soul?
The Phantom of the Opera US Touring cast?
What are the top 3 music schools in the U.S.A.?
What guitar should I buy?
Where can I buy an Erhu?
What heavy metal songs are easy to play on the guitar?
Help please-s to best answer?
Who was the famous latin guitarist who played Malaguena and Granada?
Have you ever written a play?
some guitar chord help?
The venue for bangalore boogie woogie audition?
for the Las Vegas Academy (LVA) audition, what should i do to get full points?
Help! I accidentally my dad's whole guitar !?
Section 5 of Appalachian Spring (“Simple Gifts”) is in ________ form?
interior design or pastry cooking? witch got more opportunities?
How do you find out what kind of strings your guitar came with?
I'm getting shocked; I need help preparing?
How to be like a Dancer?
What's the difference?
Do you hate "Cats" as much as I do?
Help finding music website?
What should I name my guitar?
How do you hit higher notes on a tuba with braces?
How to sound good as a band live?
what kind of amp can i use for a microphone?
My girlfriend is coming to visit me. What is the best song to play and sing for her?
Who can give me a piano piece of "Eagles Wings" ?PLs send me?
Where Can i Watch Phantom of the opera online for free?
What should i sing? ?
I am great singer but i dont want anyone to know it but i want to what should i do?
What scale degrees are secondary dominant chords?
What are a list of improv ideas?
1982 Marshall Jcm 800?
once a stripper, always a stripper?
Buying good quality MIDI/USB Keyboard under Rs7000/ in India?
is it just me or katty perry's face isn't symetrical at all ?
Have and audition!Going crazy need help!!!?
what are some country songs that are easy to play on guitar?
When will "The Sopranos - Season 6" be released on DVD?!?!?
which instrument would be better bassoon or saxophone?
Arsenic and Old Lace script?
what is the best book to learn how to play guitar?
How do you find a good talent agent?
Spring Awakening---- Does anyone know if it is going to make a tour like other musicals such as: Wicked?
i can't get the sturming right for "one time" by justin bieber on acoustic guitar?
Can any girls that know how to play bass can you teach me ?
Can dancers have pop? ?
what musical is the song money money money by abba from???? PLEASE HELP?
Which acoustic guitar should I choose?
Can you play an actual song on google's home page now that they have a guitar?
does anyone know where i can get the music notes for yiruma river flows in you for cello?
does anyone do mime here, or is interested in mime?
i want to do radio and tv commercials?
Is this a good guitar?
is an electrric violin more quiet than an acoustic?
My tuba always sounds like it has spit in it?
What Guitar Should i Get?
what are the basic techniques to attract children when I talk on public stage?
Who else will be performing at tonight's Kelly Clarkson concert in Dallas, TX?
What should i major in high school?
Is it harder to play a ukulele that is strung with a low-G?
What do you do when your shoulder rest scratches your violin?
Violin or cello: which is considered harder to play?
What's a list of names of great performing arts High schools in Chicago il?
My daughter's going to play the flute?
I have an audition tomorrow but I have a sore throat, any quick fix?
Music note scale - EASY 10 pnts????????
Can a 13 yr old play piano and make money?
Hey, this is another one for you!?
Has anyone played a Lyrique clarinet , the hard rubber instrument made by Tom Ridenour?
how did YOU learn to play the guitar?
Do you believe in magic?
Hey which one ur prefer ( guitar stringS )?
Guitar tuning w/out capo?
i need to find free be our geust from beauty and the beast for piano, where can i get it?
Tips on learning songs by ear?
How can I audition for Maximum Ride?
digitech hardwire metal distortion pedal or line6 uber metal?
If you play an electric guitar without it being plugged in will it sound acoustic?
what is a good alternative song i can play on my acoutic guitar.. something easy i sorta just started.?
Switching from bass clarinet to tenor sax?
How can I learn lines reasonably quickly?
Where can i find an agent?
Anyone want to be my dance partner for britains got talent?
National American Miss Missouri Pre-teen! HELP???!?
its called liquid glass and you can pour it on anything and after it dries it turns to glass?
Is natural talent real?
where do i find a good teenage humorous monologue?
Question about becoming an actor?
can i create a personal portfolio?
Talk about "One Life To Live", Will Todd die?
Is playing bass guitar as easy as it looks?
What brand of Acoustic guitar should I get as a novice?
Does anyone know where I could find free Monologues online?
When I sing my voice sounds funny? ?
Should i learn acoustic, classical or electric guitar?
What guitar from $450- $700 should I get?
whats a good song to learn on guitar that..?
How do you get an agent to like your resume?
who`s going to win the best actress award?
Suggestions please.....?
why do actors fall on empty boxes when shooting a "falling scene" rather than something softer like, pillows?
Does any one have the tabs to the song sucide and redemtion from metallica?
Guitar tab help?
Do you think Shakira sings through her nose?
The Clarinet price around 1000$ ?
What language should I pick? and What instrument should I pick?
Which future Labour MP starred in a Morecambe and Wise Christmas special?
Do I sing really good ?
What song should I do for audition?
GUITARISTS! Got any ideas for a beginners guitar?
Tips on being a better director?
what is the best modern christmas song?
Violin is squeaking?!?!?
what is 'mime/charade'? Is it a specific dance exercise?
Repair a snapped off violin neck?
How do you play this chord on guitar properly?
Do you play an instrument?
What is legal to perform while street performing?
What is magic? and how can somone gain the abilties to make magic?
Dont violin players go deaf on the ear that is closest to the violin?
Which musical instrument would be best for me to learn next?
Booking talent for all ads for a major dept store - salary?
How to play "ties" on guitar?
what is a good Acoustic guitar for around 115$?
Can a 13 yr old play piano and make money?
are there any happy guitar pieces 240 to 270 BPM?
y do my guitar strings feel so loose when i play???
What is a good song to sing when auditioning for Into the Woods?
what was the first song you learned how to play on guitar?
What intruments does Jimmy Cliff play?
What is a good acoustic guitar to buy for my boyfriend?
I need to learn how to sing REALLY GOOD in 48 hours HELP ME!?
Yamaha W5: How do I get the sustain pedal to work?
can u make a living as an actress in america?
What level would this song be on piano?
What do you call a group of people who stand together so they make a shape or words when viewed from above?
Anyone know the notes for Westside story Somewhere on saxophone?
mammies boy?
How was the Lisa Marie airplane transported to the Graceland museum?
How do you clean the inside on a flute?
Any Bass guitar tips?
What is the hardest instrument to play?
Is it bad to use your whistle voice?
How good is the Suzuki guitar program, compared to the piano program?
What song should I play on horn for an audition?
Dress code at Ahmanson Theatre?
in orchestra what is the easiest instrument to play?
What are some good names from an all girls a cappella group?
What is the best acoustic guitar?
What's so special about Stradivarius violins?
What is your opinion on this?
Easiest Drum Cover for a beginner?
How can I be a ventriloquist? How do they do it?
songwriting someone please help?
"Dark side" guitar tab?
What are some popular mariachi songs?
Requesting a voice-over?
should i play guitar or bass?
How do you get away from a met?
Flute Sheet Music?
Good Songs for a 6th grade chorus?!?
Do any of you guys know any heartbreaking songs?
I want to become an actress. I take drama classes and am pretty good. But how can I get recognized?
Violin Problem..?
How to make a brass instrument REALLY shine?
how does criss angel levitate a footballlll?!?!?!
Why is my clarinet always sharp?
What are some tips about becoming an actor?
how can i start shooting a documentary?
musical auditions coming up!!?
a girl i know says i am talentless?
looking for the website of DGRW Talent Agency?
How can I sing in front of friends without being nervous?
What shall i sing?
who is your favorite band and why?
What are some famous Acapella, Trio and Barbershop Quartets?
Views on abortion?
How do I do the first bending lick in the Mr. Crowley solo?
Auditions tommorow but sick....?
Bass Guitar... What one is better?
who would you contact if you wanted to be on stage as a back up dancer in a concert?
what adresses can u send your music demo in to get a record deal?
Looking for affordable and space efficient full size piano keyboard?
What to practice for a guitar duel?
love to sing but not loud enough...?
Who's opening for AC/DC?
Which of these songs should I sing for Annie Audition?
how to deal with musicians block?
How can I teach myself to play guitar?
Need Suggestions for a performance for 12 10 - 16 yr olds to do on stage in 10 - 15 mins?
Duets? Talent Show.....?
Female monologues....?
Does anybody know where I can find a cartoonist, I write skit's but cannot draw. I wish I could find someone
In Madame Butterfly, is Pinkerton a cad, or does he really fall in love with Cio-Cio San in Act 1?
when u become a major for playing bassoon do u have to be a pro for ur hole life ........?
I've just taken up drama classes?
Goodbye Duet songs please?
Im auditioning for a teen talent show.?
how do i lift my soft palate in singing?
I'm going to a Performing Arts High School... ( please read )?
What are the better brands of flutes?
How do I get a talent agent?
Gimme a joke that ALWAYS works for you in a pressure situation?
Roll stepping help! (marching band)?
Piano playing?
Inspiration for my play?
can you get enter sandman on guitar solo tour?
Can you help me make a stage name?
Should I play the violin?
where would i find props for advanced magic tricks?
Why do mime artists always have sad painted faces?
Can i still become a dancer?
I have a mini Peavey Epiphone guitar unsure of exact name/type... pics included?
which is the best zodiac sign?
My friend is learning to play the recorder but has a hand deformity. Are there any known tools to help?
I want to get back into playing music...where should I start?
How do you make a scratchy throat go away?
I want to ask about any problems that D&G company(clothing) has been facing with during 20 years?
Is it necessary for you to be a good vocalist before you can be a good vocalist critic?
Can somone help me with learning the guitar? or give me the link for a good video explaination series?
can you sing good?
What should i play : banjo or mandolin?
Can Perfect Aural Perception be learned?
what is the correct way to hit whistle register high notes?
Can you play music by ear?
Where can I find information on harnessing my superpowers? Have you any superpowers?
Big El White is performing tonight at the Comedy Store in West LA. How do i get Informaion on Him Or Adverstim
Question for the ladies? Even though I'm a guy asking this...?
SERIOUSLY? Phantom of the Opera and sex???????????
Who would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and a chimpanzee?
How can I build up the confidence to sing in public?
URGENTLY need a drug dealer monologue!?
Which guitar would you choose?
Footloose the Musical - The Music?
What is this song called?
where can I find the script of UNLUCKY CINDERELLA by Marilee Jackson? I want to perform it in my ESL class?
were can i find a aplicacion to act on disney channel or a place to a call like a website?
Is mariah carey completely insane or am I just a bottle of mayo?
Why do I have such bad stage fright ?
is it right?
Being a survivor means being vunerable?
I'm really nervous..!!?
what kind of ukulele should i buy?
what is the best indtrument u can play? Percussion, strings, woodwinds, ect.?
What are some easy songs to sing from the 50s-70s?
Is there any exercises that can really increase your vocal range?
Are violin lessons a good idea for my 7 year old son??
I have no talent what so ever?
Guitar Rig Kontrol Pedal?
Are there any songs that match this monologue?
How do I get over gymnastics?
Where in Shibuya (Tokyo) can you hear jazz flute?
Is it possible for a guitarist to work hard and to never achieve his goals?
Vocal Techniques to Increase Range?
types of dance in performing arts?
What is Blaines new stunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
High School band Song?
is the play wicked coming to boston ma? when and whats the cast?
did isadora duncan have a daughter named maria?
How did "Chewing the scenery" come to mean over-acting?
Are the ZBT series of Zildijan cymbals any good?
How do I get my voice to have vibrato?
What type of guitar should i get?
How does the guitar chord C7#9 go?
What are songs similar to Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) from Jesus Christ Superstar?
anyone have the chords or tabs for imagine by john lennon?
What pedal do you recommend I get for my guitar?
Mermaid Tail for a play!?
What are some good tips when trying out for a DCI group? (Drumline)?
is playing a guitar dangerous?
trembling lip when playing flute?
does anyone play a cecilio brand clarinet?
What should I do about my bad guitar habits?
How can I start a career in acting?
guitar soloing?
Are there any composers being commerated in 2007?
How can I raise upper body/arm strength for Aerial silks?
What's your opinion on Jimi Hendrix?
I bought drum sticks but aren't sure if they are the right ones!?
What are the best films worth watching?
Which Graduate School should I attend?
Need help with monologue?
Is it too late for me to start doing gymnastics?
How does a teenager break into a singing career at the age of 12 ?
How do you tune a tremolo bridge system?
where can I find the script of UNLUCKY CINDERELLA by Marilee Jackson? I want to perform it in my ESL class?
Where was the first American theater built? NEED THE CITY?
As an old guy of 73, is it physically and mentally hard for me to learn to play clarinet?
Is it Theater ot Theatre?
Do you think I can sing well? Or should I give up?
Guitar help please? Easy ten points?
British singers sing in an American accent?
We are producing Peter Pan and we need help to make a Tinker Bell, who is only a ball of light.?
Question about bending notes on a guitar?
Does anyone know where can I find information about the history of musical theatre in the USA?
I would like to learn to play the piano, Can you give me tips on where to start from. I am 25, Sacramento CA?
Talent Managers?
was shakespeare gay?
Does anyone known a role in a musical that has to be casted as a little girl with some solo singing?
what are the easy way for beginners to play la la land by demi lovato on acoustic guitar?
What would the result be like if you were to make an acoustic guitar made entirely of steel?
Can non flexable people be good dancers?
Anyone know any tips for learning to play the bass?
Does this look like a good guitar for a beginner?
How to not be nervous?
How to get rid of monotone voice?
Any oboeist/saxophonist who plays in a famous orchestra ?
How to fit into an old costume?
Guitar strings for Ibanez rg321?
Is 14 to old to pick up the guitar?
How to become a musician?
Okay Can Anyone Help Me Find A Specific Acoustic Guitar?
Can I become a dancer?
What's your talent?
how to learn the guitar ?
Where can I see a shakespeare production in Miami, FL?
How do i train my fingers to perfrom a bar chord while playing guitar??
Online Vocal Lessons?
What is your best talent?
Sheet music for 76 trombones?
What are good songs to sing when trying out for a musical?!?
Does anyone know any sites for free flute sheet music?
How to I get over my kinda 'stage fright'?
vocal technique name?
Is this a good saxophone?
Where can I get free sheet music for the flute?
im looking for some techno music i would prefer something in the same style as 3oh!3?
If I learn to play the recorder, and harmonica, will it be extra helpfull to learn the soprano saxophone?
Microsoft Plus Dancers?
What a good song to play on acoustic guitar?
I really like to play guitar, and sing. And people like it when I do it. But it's really scary up on stage!
How do you make an authentic Muppet?
How to not be nervous at auditions???!!!!?
Can I attend a performance of "The Book of Mormon" without an adult?
Which is the best music academy in the world?
What type of stage is this?
What are some entertaining things someone can do on "open mic" night?
Which guitar is better?
Such a thing as a good cheap violin?
How Much Can I Get For These Three Instruments?
The bridge fell off the Viola how to I get it back on?
Good beginners electric guitar?
Anyone have any idea of whos playing night two of kroqs almost acoustic xmas at the gibson in l.a.?
i want to start playing the guitar and be okay in a few weeks any ideas?
What's the name of this guitar chord?
What is the perfect piece for a tenor solo?
how do teens become actors?
What type of cameras are used on solo girl adult websites such as next door nikki, katesplayground?
Has anyone tried this website for gigs?
Which of these Guitars is the best quality?
disti h between anticipatory listing and comprehensive listining.?
Can you audition for Las Vegas Academy as a freshman for Sophmore year?
Good places to go for online bass lessons?
What is the name of the greatest violinist of our century?
Acoustic or Classical Guitar for beginner who likes Pop?
Zildjian or Wuhan or Sabian or Paiste?
any technical theatre people online?
I really want a ukelele, what type should I get?
i just broke my bass guitar?
Who's got personal experience of Drama Schools in England?
tell me the greatest 'rock song' of all times?
i'm 30 and my dream is to play guitar. Is there still a chance that I may learn?
5 importance of arts?
What are some intense/complex orchestral pieces?
Play avenged sevenfold on guitar!!?
free monologues for a Funny Teenage Boy!!!!!?
Where do I learn to do circus tricks?
Funny monologues for pre teen girls?
Im performing at West Park and 150 people are there?
does anyone know where i can submit and sell an idea for a script?
How to get into the Curtis Institute of Music?
Urgent! I dont know where to start on soliong my guitar!?
How do you string a drum major mace?
What did Neil Young do to anger Lynard Skynad?
frech words?
Where can I find a play appropriate for youth theatre with cheap royalties?
How can i become an actor/singer/dancer?
Should I use this name as my performer name even though _______________?
Where can i get Grease Theater Rentals?
Is guitar hard to learn?
Can you sing without taking voice lessons?
How to learn guitar online?
What do you think about fat guitarists?
Is the piccolo harder to play than the flute? Ive been playing flute for 6 years and im a guy as well.?
What about love by heart?
Can you list some old musicals?
Need TO Impress this girl..i have a guitar?
when you play a guitar chord, you strum all the strings right?
I would like to become an actress?
do you know any sites to help a beggining clarinet player?
How to become a better oboe player?
What are some personal/embarrassing questions a 15 year old girl may want to ask her grandma?
can you tell if the speech in the video provided could be count as a monologue?
Do IMTA auditions cost money?
Where can I get Idina Menzel's CD "Here"?
I need a new dance lesson :((?
What are the ear pieces that singers have in their ears while performing ?
Monologue HELP PLEASE!?
Does anyone know...?
What Tuning For 3 String Lap Steel?
Which is easier learning to play guitar or piano?
Who are the great lyricists of our day?
where can i find a talent agent in ohio?
How do I become a famous singer?
How to become a successful model?
Where to find an audio recording of Handel's Messiah online?
How clever are you?
Bad taste from breathing in, harmonica, any ideas?
Is Lean On Me in the Style of the musical Color Purple?
Hungarian dance?
me and my friend need a song for our school's talent show...?
I've just got my acoustic guitar, how best to spend my time prior to my lessons starting?
question about electric and acoustic guitar fret?
I need to find my talent?
Is there any peforming arts boarding school in Orlando Florida just for teens?
Where can I get karnatic music krithis as ring tones?
Guitar recommendation?
Beautiful musical songs to sing?
how does and extra become one without all the EXTRA charges and scams?
what should i put on her? A soft color so the focus is on her or a nice fancy outfit?
trying to decide a stage name, junior morte,junior cash, junior ???junui?
Looking at buying a used Baldwin spinet 1024 but need help!?
What I love doing?
What does everyone think?
Has anyone ever seen someone play a daf at a school concert?
Should i take drum lessons 4 a set? My band teacher told me and my friend we were the best drummers in 6 grade
Guitar strings for Ibanez rg321?
Musical problems?
Female Solos from Broadway Musicals?
How did Guru Arjan compile the Adi Granth. What are the main compositions in the Granth Sahib.?
Public Guitar Playing?
Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
What should my practice routine consist of for bass guitar?
West Side Story or Wicked on Broadway?
How to develop a powerful voice?
I don't want to join marching band next year?
What should I sing for my audition?
Need help. Buying a guitar?
what is the group activity where random people show up in one place all dressed the same and act crazy?
Big favor... Guitar help...?
What is the normal range for a female chest voice?
is it just me or katty perry's face isn't symetrical at all ?
answer if you play guitar please?
how can i learn how to fake cry intensly?
Who is Minister Vitus Eze?
i need ideas!!!!!?
Why acoustic fingerstyle guitar teachers don't teach or use standard notation but tabs only?
Where is the coolest place to get an MFA in experimental theatre and performance art?
where can i find a full length still of mehmood from padosan, preferably dancing?
Intermediate Songs for Guitar?
all dancers and actresses please answer...!!!?
Is it too late for me to learn guitar?
Which of these guitars should I get?
WICKED: The Musical - Mind helping?
How do I find arpeggios to fit my solos?
Can anyone tell me where to find FREE FOOTLOOSE SHEET MUSIC?
I dont know anything about music(how to play instruments,the terms used).Can you tell me where to start?
What is a good metronome?
which is better to play clarinet or flute??
what is the ISBN of Wicked(the musical)?
another one for the sound enginieers/computer people out there?
Is an Armstrong 80B flute adequate for a college music major?
What is a good website to get electric guitar tabs that are good for begginers?
Are there any good acoustic Guns n roses songs?
Which song should I audition with?
Help with pinch harmonics?
How to sound good when you sing?
Hispanic monologue for a teenage girl?
What mood does the orchestra fit to?
What is the best brand of solid body electric guitar?
Which guitar would you go for,,,?
What type of dance must I learn to stand a good chance of performing in Musical Theatre in the future?
Should I Go For X Factor Audition Tomorrow?
what kind of symbols express elphaba in the book/play "wicked"?
Should I learn oboe, french horn, or bassoon?
Neil Hamil emailed me twice?
What are flute or recorder chords for Bad end night by vocaloid?
What is your favorite Christmas song?
which instrument is best to learn music theory with?
Can I sing? honest opinion guys!!?
How is Whitney Housten's state of health?
what are the top 10 dance colleges in the UK for musical theatre?
What is the difference between an extended flute and a regular flute?
trying to design a new body for my guitar, ideas??
why do people close their eyes when they sing?
Why do all guys that play guitar have long hair??
Has Zia By Cirque Du Soleil Stopped Being Performed ?
How can I be more like Hyuna (4Minute) personality wise?
I need a catchey sloagan for treasurer please help!?
How do i get over stage fright?
Would I make it big as a pop/rock star?
I visually see music? why and how?
Does Nickleback sing Kryptonite??
Does the Cirque du Soleil hire full time physical therapists/doctors?
what is an easy Italian aria?
Women: what is more appealing, electric vs acoustic guitar?
What is it that opera singers spray into their mouths/throats before singing?
does anyone know where I can go to find beats or insturmentals?
how long before i can play guitar well?
I was wondering, what does it take to start a band.?
Why doesn't fingering feel good to me?
Looking for a guitar effect pedal?
Is this a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
What grade are these songs?
Need Some Guitar Rhythm Help?
Where can I find a good monologue?
How can I become famous?
What's should I call my fans?
Which instruments have only a 2.5 octave range?
what is good for my voice...i sing a lot... what should i do?
Where can i get a stag beetle dance costume or a design that i can make myself for a 7 year old?
How can I tumble and jump high in 5 months?!?
I can't fit in at work so how do I play the cool outsider?
Is this normal for a brand new flute?
okay i have signed up for cabaret for school but im not really sure what song i should do...any ideas?
How do I set up a Fender Strat for 10's?
Does anyone know about UN Orchestra Audition for middle/high school students?
What is your best talent?
Where do I find genealogy material re: Joseph Taylor, a member of Shakespeare's company, The King's Men?
How Do i make a B minor cord on guitar ?
why does it take two to tango.?
my daughter though mentally retarded is a very good drummer and wants to work how do I go about it?
I'm so confused! DANCE OR THEATRE?!?
Voice lessons in college?
I am going to start my own demo albulm and i do not know what to sing a bout?
zig zag lady?
Phantom of the Opera question?
Guitar Strings Snapping?
What is a good electric guitar for beginners?
Where can you study opera?
RENT on Broadway?
Mozarteum master class piano audition piece?
Clarinet - to rent or buy?
Is an acoustic guitar or an electric one better for starters?
Going to learn to play the drums?
Is Mason Jennings the son of Waylon Jennings?
Is it hard to learn play the guitar by yourself ?
can old people sing well?
Hedwig and The Angry Inch?
How do i make my penmen ship better?
what are the muscles to use when singing?(exhale)?
What is a good lyrical song for a duet with my little sister?
Audition song????
Recommended violin for someone Grade 6 standard?
do you have a short play on gratitude/ gratefulness?
where can i get hunters chorus?
All Guitarist! Answer! Just no beginners?
Why does Jason Durulo always sing his name in his song?
Is the brand K mate a good brand to buy a drum kit off from ebay??