Performing Arts

Guitar: calloused fingers?
what the website for jamin 945?
Why aren't guitarist reverred like a violist or a piano player..?
Bands for homecoming?
Will this speaker cable work for my 5150 head?
Is it too late for me to learn to dance?
Is 15 too old to start playing violin?
jazz terminology?
good contemporary songs about places?
for a beginners, is harder to learn piano or guitar???
What is easier to learn how to play for a young person just starting, guitar (bass or lead) or drums?
Is it necessary to use a metronome?
How much is my Pearl Export series green drumset worth?
Is clairmont a good saxophone?
Why is it that violinsts can memorize so much music?
i would like to know what i need to fix dents in a flute?
Where can I find a cockney monologue?
Trying to fight nerves when performing???
guitar purchase advice please?
What is a good hindi song to sing?
What is the easiest way to learn how to sing in key?
What's a good substitution for an F chord on guitar?
please answer my?
Im doing a small reinactment of the tornado scene from the Wizard of Oz.?
The guitar center employee pissed me off?
What do you think of marching band?
How could I play this chord!?
Alice In Wonderland Photo Shoot Ideas?
I Need to make a toga?
What is a good song for a drum major audition?
What are songs you can think of for a Circus themed recital?
Phantom of the opera??
Effect solo?
Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for paino to the song "Dancing" by Elisa?
Good songs for a 16 year old?
What kind of acoustic guitar should I get?
If you were offered a job to perform in Disney World.........?
what kinds of people suit for learn magic tricks?Which store is cheap?
where can i find sheet music for the Army Strong theme?
What are some acoustic guitars under $500.00 that I should consider buying?
Dramatic Teenage Monologues?
how do i get rid of the calouses?
Where can I find credible sources for film information on the fallowing subjects...?
Is it too late to learn to play an instrument?
suggestions on selecting a new piano piece?
Will David Blaine Make it the full 9 minutes tonight underwater?
Should you dress up to see a high school play?
what unique values & adventages of the performing arts as a major element in community recreation programming?
Please help me with this scouts/rescue question!?
Do yall people know any numbers to call for an acting agent in Tyler, Texas?
pageant question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How long should a flute be left on its stand?
Im going to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar but idk what brand of guitar i should get?
Is it compulsory to learn Piano to become a singer...?
Songs for a waltz for my Quinceanera?
I want to find a poem or poetry that can be a stage play.?
where to find Mr.Cellophane karaoke version?
Does my voice have any real potential?
Performance anxiety..?
Is there a difference between a classical guitar and a regular acoustic guitar?
Will I ever be able to play an F chord on guitar?
Will a Drama qualification help my Dance career in the future?
can you find the first editions of ebony magazine.?
Where's a better placement for tubas in the stands?
were can i get a normal guitar ?
Guitar- Takamine EG463SC vs Takamine EG440SC?
Does anyone have any great ideas for promoting Community Theater in a small town?
What Guitar Should I Pick? Some Serious Expert Help Needed!?
TaLeNt ShOw MiX?!?!?!?!?
I wanna learn guitar?
How Can I Tell If My Guitar is properly tuned?
In addition to guidance, should a conductor also be a showman?
what ever happened to alan vega?
easy guitar tabs?
How do I fix a break in my singing voice?
Who is the greatest performer for you and why?
What's a good song to sing at a talent show?
How do I get rid of my stage fright?
Where can I find longer monologues?
How to perform a duet so that it sounds good and looks good?
Can a person's vocal range really be increased? What is the proper way to sing?
Should I learn acoustic guitar via strumming or finger-picking?
How do you know if you mastered the piano?
im gonna learn to play the guitar, is there a difference between learning on the acoustic or electric?
There is no female around the world Imagine what wouuld be?
Any middle school musical ideas?
Violin, Viola and Cello?
Need guitar help.?
Does music really mean anything? Is it possible to convey ideas through music?
How can I achieve a pop punk/rock guitar tone?
What are the best acoustic guitar brands?
I want to start directing, but?
where can i find a good program that i can download to teach me how to play the guitar?
In colorguard, how do you stop your flag from rolling up/ wrapping around your poll?
What are 10 of Antonio Vivaldi's songs?
music degree?
How can I learn to sing?
What should a guy wear to a dance recital?
slipping pegs, how to fix?
Is this writing any good?
How do you audition for big break?
Ibanez rg 370dx changing from stock strings to 13-65's and tuning down to C?
Can anyone guitar tab peter green's fleetwood mac . Hiding in shadows or where can I find it?
Abstract artists of the 20th century?
who influnced stravinsky's firebird?
Drum specialists...?
Should i play Guitar or drums?
Songs to sing for a High School Chorus Show?
Guitar Learning. Help?! D;?
Is my acting headshot good?
If I'm short can I still succeed in theatre?
Where can I get a minecraft guitar pick?
It is bad to leave a guitar permanently suspended by the neck?
What are some good songs to try out for Drum Major with?
Im getting my first guitar which would be better a classic or acoustic?
i need a funny skit for a 4-H share the fun event?
I want to become a famous actress, but dont have alot of money for an agent. how do i get noticed?
Britains got talent audition... song ideas anyone?
i would like to get an acting agent how?
What song should I sing for my Little Mermaid audition?
Good acoustic guitar?
Is there a way to make my ride cymbal decay faster?
What song's can my school's chorus perform?
what do you think about my voice?
What is your favourite Broadway song?
Epiphone Les Paul Studio or Squier Deluxe (Non Hot Rails)?
Learning how to play guitar is hard how do I get better?
Why does a lady hold an atom?
Is this dress appropriate for the Nuter?
can u sing good?
why we treat some humans as god? Is this is ethical in our approach?
How do i Know what note im hitting?
Does anyone have any tips on how to become really popular?
What are things you need to bring for a piano performance at NYSSMA(reply ASAP)?
New at playing guitar, please help!?
Am I any good at the piano?
Good Songs To Choreograph too?
Any seasoned flutist out there?
How do you read guitar tabs?
What to do when I am Bored?
What electric bass would you recommend to get for a beginner bassist who doesnt have alot of cha ching?
Good songs?
If your a have a bad singing voice, can singing lessons make you better?
Guitar Tabs & Tuning....?
On how many chords are barre chords based?
easy guitar songs to learn?
Must sell 314 tickets by February?
where can i find vocalists to form an emsemble, in utah?
oboe help please!?
Free saxophone "blips"?
How can I calm myself before I go onstage tomorrow night?
Someone gave me a good Ukulele and I am trying to learn it,how?
which of these showbiz careers would you choose from the following: actor/actress or musician/singer?
How are the humanities distinguished from other modes of human inquiry and expression?
is there brain training technology to learn musical instruments?
Program to help me play guitar by ear?
Does anyone know any good musical performing arts schools in Atlanta Georgia ?
How do I become a tenor as a female? (I can already sing pretty low) ?
What does this mean?
Choir Question (middle school)?
what do you call those fake knifes that slide in when it touches something?
Tips for flexibility?
Why does my voice sound so scratchy when I sing?
How can I get into acting?
What is your talent?
what is your favorite piano concerto by mozart and why?
How long should i practice violin to get into cleveland institute of music?
is there away to plug a guitar in and play along with drums?
can someone explain this to me about a bass guitar?
Who are some female singers with soft voices?
Help with translation to Spanish.?
i bought an E (thickest) string for my acoustic guitar and it's too thick (wont tune) what size should i get?
Which guitar should I use?
I need gray hair?
I like u xxxxxx?
jfdksjk(: help please?
any cello music?
Need help with guitar!?
I need help with stage fright!?
chippendale dancers!!!!!!!!?
What would you consider the best guitar learning method?
Best earplugs to wear at a loud concert?
Could you suggest any plays with monolgues that a good for auditions?
Keys to playing guitar?
what would be a good guitar practicing schedule?
What is your favorite Broadway Show?
Where can I sign up to play in a small concert?
Can you help me with guitar?
what are sides in acting?
How much is my Selmer Flute Worth?
Where can I find a private place to practice?
Acoustic guitar question?
Can you help me find pages of the Charlie Brown script online, or send it to me through email?
I play guitar hero really weird.?
How to write a treatment for a script?
What are the best but cheapest symbols for drums ?
mama mia or wicked..??? which one should i go see or if you suggest any other broadway showes..go ahead..!?
For all marching band pepole out there, what is the best thing about marching band season?
Would this face paint glow in a black light?
Do silent brass mute systems really work? How much do they cost?
What would be the best guitar gear?
i want to learn string instrument but i can't choose between Cello and Violin?
anyone wants to buy a 800 violin?
help with yamaha digital pianos?
Summer Drama Camp- I need ideas? I have to produce three or four mini-productions in three weeks. 3-5 grades?
What Is Your Talent? what are u best at?
Should I get a talent agent?
What is the website to the dance company in diamondhead, MS?
Using a pick on an Acoustic Guitar.?
I cant read sheet music....?
What is a good site for printing sheet music?
Phantom of the Opera rights?
Ok who here likes the "phantom of the opera"?
Is this a good girl group name?
Anyone know some great Drama warm ups??
what would u do if ur musical instrument becomes untuned while performing on stage?
what do u think?
Does anyone have the piano letters to the Seize The Day guitar solo's?
Where can I learn classical guitar in London?
What can actor's write off on their taxes?
females in local bands?
how to whistle loud without fingers?
what is a good site for accoutic guitar
I want to become a guitar god?
What's easier,Oboe or Piccolo?
who was nettie moore?
I want to march in Drum Corps but I don't know who I should try out for?
Songs for a lyrical duo dance?
how to whistle loud without fingers?
.....I have no talent?
Guitar compared to violin?
I saw an ad on PBS with a Black female musician playing (I think) the cello. Who is she?
you want to be a GAY ACTOR??????????????
hwo do i get a clean sound on my Amp when i do hammer-ones and pulloffs on high E?
Is Amourous a good name for a girl group?
What would be an appropriate price for guitar lessons?
Hey I was wondering what do you think of my cousins vocal ability?
How do I set up the lock on my Gibson Guitar case?
What are a few arias for a lyrical coloratura soprano?
is guitar easy to learn?
What does this Bass Scale Mean?
What's your favourite musical?
What would you do?
Why do humans kiss and then lick, but dogs for example start licking without first kissing, any similarity?
anyone else as crazy over shakira's new song as i am?
It hurts to play guitar?
Who else feels warm in the heart after seeing beautiful examples of the performing arts?
Don't you hate when songs get stuck in your head?
Why do famous porn-stars come to the local strip-clubs to perform ?
How do I become an actor in film in America?
How much would it cost to repair this guitar, and how much could i sell it for?
stringed kurt cobain used for his guitar?
Ukulele beginner?
Looking for info on 70'S band Company Cain?
Do I sound good, horrible or average.....?
what is a good free site that teaches me to read music?
While growing up, did you realize how moralistic "The Wizard of Oz" is?
Latest age to start training for trapeze and/or acrobatics?
what is the bass that Flea used for stadium arcadium?
Gibson Supreme or a Jackson Rhandy Rhoades V?
Good beginner banjo for 200?
what are the sharps for an F# major scale on a clarinet?
Is Karl Pilkington really that stupid? Or is it all an act?
how do i find a modeling agent?
Clarinets-I am unable to play C natural?
Im a dancer and I cant seem to find a good college where I can major in dance. What are some good colleges?
Why are my guitar strings loose?
what website can i learn how to play guitar without charge?
I don't have any talent. How can I build one?
Whats so special about Mozart?
which instrument would be the best to learn for a beginner- violen, flute, or soprano sax?
Trumpet Mouhpiece?
Can my friend go to my broadway audition with me?
Would you like to eat an acoustic guitar?
Is it best to learn the basics of reading music before learning an instrument?
how can you make the story "little red riding hood" funny/comical?
How many works did Johann Sebastian Bach compose?
Drama research? Bluebeard help!?
Did singer Barry Manilow recently win an Emmy? If so for what?
What's the scale for E2? on guitar of course?
What notes are they playing on the guitar?
What's a good name for my chicken?
why did bbb gave explore talent an A plus on their rating?
I want to be an actor, so is modeling a good idea?
favorite broadway musical and why?
Searching for an intense, allegro, classical piano piece to accompany a play. Any suggestions?
Help! My voice s when I'm nervous! And why do altos want to be sopranos?
Is it realistic to be on broadway?
Easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners?
Young Americans Tours/performance?
How is my acting in this monologue?
how to play mary had a little lamb on clarinet?
If you put electric strings on an acoustic, will you be able to bend?
Any idea what guitar this is?
Does any one know where I can get info on Violins?
Guitarists, how do you know where to play the note when reading music?
Do good guitar players play guitar hero?
question for recording songs?
What would a maid where in Romeo and Juliet's time?
What type of guitar should I buy?How can I learn it?
Is it hard to learn how to play the guitar?
I am at a frustrated stage of guitar playing. I feel "boxed in" and can't break through to lead playing. Help?
What do you think of my voice?
Is a sagbut a type of cello?
How do you play chromatic scale on trumpet?
Do violin strings age?
Humorous Interpretation pieces.?
what is the best acoustic guitar?
First Time Playing A Guitar, Any Tips?
Am I making good progress in learning guitar for six months?
Nice songs to play on piano and sing (solo act)?
Are singing lessons similar to elocution lessons?
I need to find my talent?
People how play the flute, I need your?
Hey! I SUCK at writting poems...But, I wrote one! CAN YOU EDIT AND GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS? SeizeTheDay SaulBell
Is my guitars intonation off?
how hard would it be for a fourteen year old to learn violin?
What is the name of the song in Phantom of the Opera when they are going down the tunnel?
What would be two good monologues to perform for an AMDA audition?
what's the best technique for writing jokes?
What is the easiest way to learn to play guitar?
sticky-notes? questiooooooon?
'Heads Will Roll" By The Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Synth?
Who can write poems>?
How do you work a metronome?
how do u play a trill if its for a half note? how many trills i guess im asking and plus slurred to anoth?
is musical theatre training the best type of training for someone who wants to go into the performing arts...?
How hard is it to play an acoustic guitar?
Anyone know good voice teachers?(New York)?
Where to find Maksim's music sheet other then
Acrylic nails for guitarists who only finger pick?
Is it to late to start an opera career?
Composers' Production levels?
How much are One Direction VIP tickets?
Will I be called a poser for learning Guitar?
what kids acting agency is reliable?
Can you learn to play priano by ear?
What will exactly happen to my guitar if I play it with out tuning it?
Switching from clarinet to trombone?
should i join colorguard?
What I should do for for Marching band?
How does my voice sound?
Need a great wah pedal?
How could I become a support act?
Guitar recording help?
Should I do Pointe or the school musical?
Who is the most famous drummer in the world?
I wanna sing in the talent show but im WAY to shy! Help on being more confident!?
how do u vibrato on a violin help me plzzzzz!!!!!!!?
please help how do i tune my acoustic guitar?
Where do I buy a good guitar for cheap?
EMERGENCYY! i need a song by today for a tryout tomorrow!?
How should my pedal board be set up?
Do You think that it's gay for guys to play the flute?
What is the fingering system for an E flat alto horn?
What are your opinion on second hand alto saxophones? As a starter, should I purchase one?
If Marlon Brando was not the greatest american actor of the 20th century who was?
What's the correct way to attach your headshot to your resume?
Tips on how to sing for beginners?
I'm looking for track info from a CD called Sergio & Odair Assad and their family: a Brazilian Song book?
Roll stepping help! (marching band)?
If all the worlds a stage, what are the streets?
How can I increase projection of on my acoustic guitar?
Help with barre/bar chords?? Please they hate me!!?
funny/good band camp skits?
Research history of male and female stand-up comics in America?
Why does my bridge on my violin keep poping off everytime i try to tune it?
Cort vs Epiphone Les Paul?
Ukulele shortcuts possibly a bad habit?
beginner guitar player....I can't play for too long cuz it hurts my do I solve that?
Do you have to do a stage audition to major in music theory/composition?
Anybody going to WGI?
how can i get a myspace and sing on?
What are some good books, or DVDs or whatever that teach you how to sing?
What is the difference between a musical and an opera?
How do you play Waiting On the World to Change on guitar?
how to levitate like chriss angel?
singapore!!has anyone in singapore bought the criss angel levitation DVD?
Is black and white filming back in style?
can someone please help me identify this handsome man?
What instruments do you play and what instruments are you good at?
How much is this guitar worth ?
when are the oscars?
How to tell if I have a Classical guitar?
How much can I sell this electric guitar for?
is it weird for two band members to play the same kind of guitar?
tell how oratorio and opera are similiar and tell how they are different.?
how to get over stage fright?
Let's see who's the most creative. Write the rest of this monologue?
What is the song Twilight Zone performed by Debbie Byrne?
Is Table Hopping as a magician illegal if you are under 14?
what is the price range for a good acoustic guitar?
what is number one song in india today?
Am I too old to win an orchestral audition?
Recommendations for Journalism/Performing arts colleges?
Im a rapper, and my first ever stage performance is tomororw, and ideas to calm my nerves while up there?
Is it a bad idea for a beginner guitarist to pick their guitar with fingers?
Custom Case for bass? (hey, that rhymes)?
Where online can I get some free sheet music for viola?
Who is the best tenor of all time ?
How should I make a working model of any Indian festival?
Where can I listen to all of Aram Khachaturian's "Sonatina for piano (1969)?"?
How do i become an actress, singer, and/or a musician?
Whats Your Favorite Musical?
What do you think about my voice?
Male Broadway Monologues?
I need a character description list for the show "heres love"?
Is it weird that I sing in my sleep?
whats the best learn to play electric guitar book?
does everyone have the ability to sing good? is the problem they just dont know how?
Which monologue should I do?
How do I get 2 of my friends to stop fighting all the time in our club?
My opera can't watch videos online. I need help.?
Violin Audition help!!!?
What's the best type of Music?
it's a silly question,but here it is who sing's elbow's up side to side song?
Wall Mats to Muffle Instruments Sound?
How much would an acoustic guitar sell for?
How do you stum a guitar with just your hands? When I try, it hurts or sounds I just use a pick.?
Just got braces off, I play the trumpet?
How do you fit in time to practice all your music pieces?
where can i buy used dance shoes for contra dancing?
Which instrument should my son learn in school?
How is my singing (please be honest)?
I am looking for info on past cast and crew members for Pollard Theatre in Guthrie OK.?
What's the best bass guitar for a long term investment?
Should I learn the guitar?
What are love songs that can be easily played in guitar for beginners?
What does a conductor do in an orchestra? all of the players are either looking at their sheet or instrument?
what is peoples general view on rap music?
Looking for genuine Black Magic performer?
Why are there so many EXTRA talented people who are NOT famous?
Want to do something?
is there anything without sex?
Is it realistically possible to learn to play the violin well at age 40 with no previous musical experience?
Ways for dealing with Stagefright/Stage Paranoia?
Why do you hate Demi?
Does anyone have the sheet music for...?
What guitar should i get to customize?
What are some good heartbreaking/sad songs?
should i teach myself the acoustic guitar?
Why is it that tone deaf people thunk they can sing?
Where can i learn indian clasical singing hindustani in Chicago?
I need a song for a lyrical solo!!!!! Please help!!?
I have no talent whatsoever.?
Need help finding a dramatic interpretation piece?
I think I am going to dress up as Billie Joe Armstrong for Halloween. Is this a good idea?
Dana guitar information/value?
Any good ideas for making acoustic song covers for live performance?
Am I too old to learn to play the guitar?
Audition songs for alto female?
who was group of the year junos 1975?
Would I need to audition if I were to sing at a club?
how to hold onto my pick?
would it be possible to learn how to play an acoustic guitar by....?
I want to become a director, where do I start?
a good recording product for guitar?
Is it hard to get accepted to USC for "performing arts", or just in general if you are a Canadian?
should I learn to play the guitar?
How to change your voice at will?
I want to play the violin can anybody tell me where to start?
how much should a performer be getting paid for a gig?
What character in A Midsummer Nights Dream is described as, "Though he be but little, he is fierce"?
Is anyone on here familiar with the Geauga Lyric Theater Guild? Can you contact me if so?(click to contact)?
Is it difficult to learn to play the guitar on your own?
Acting Auditions In Melbourne, Australia?!?
I have just started learning the guitar, and need some help.?
Is an overdrive a good way to tell if your pickups aren't up to par?
how to play this guitar chord?
why wont my clarinet make noise?
Is there an abundance of a smoking at Michigan's Womyn's Music Fest?
I havent chose drama for GCSE but i want to study Musical Theatre at a college! Is this possible?
What is Herbert von Karajan best known for in classical music?
Does a set for a musical have to meet fire code for the building?
does anyone else out there like performing in puppet shows?
What subjects do you need to be an anime director?
Are there any websites that offer free sheet music?
How can i become a musical performer?
Is it too late for me to learn how to sing?
Are these good special skills to put on my acting resume?
What's a good song to sing for a competition?
Who is the best background/extras talent calling service in LA?
Any suggestion for a good song for father's day for me to sing it to the church?
I need to find a comedian for a charity event in middlesex. HELP! aNYONE?
How can I become flexible?
Am I too old to start playing the drums? (young teen)?
I really hate to ask this sort of question, but what RCM level would this piece be considered..?
what should i teach to flute beginners?
Romeo and Juliet -- Question one -- What were their ages?
Can you suggest plays or playwrites that might have material like this?
This is BS?
Do What I Want To Do When I Grow Up or What I Have to Do?
Permanent vocal Damage?
Does anyone have or know wher to find the bass guitar tab for sign by flow?
Is 24 too old to start learning guitar and eventually start a band?
What's more important to you: fame, money, or artistic expression?
Playing the organ???
Does anyone have a picture of a fouette?
How long is a Bb bass clarinet and a C bass clarinet?( just the black wooden or plastic part, no bell or neck)
I'm ljust earning guitar and would like to know what the "&" means in count notation?
Need help on what guitar I should buy??
Brass Players - Is This Normal?
I need help to come up with a scene for four actors!?
Can anyone help me with Agencies? Please?
Musicians...How much do you make for a bar gig?
what does the "Z" stand for in guitar tabs?
Concert Center Stage Rows?
What's the best way to write songs?
Any useful information on buying a guitar for beginners and playing as well?
What is your favorite song from Lloyd Webber's versiom of "The Phantom of the Opera"?
question for girls?
Tell me what you think!!?
doesn't 'perfect pitch' go hand and hand with musical training?
what is a reasonable fee to pay a rising recording artist to perform at a show ?
Do I even need to learn scales on guitar?
Flute Duet for All I Ask of You?
Does any one know of a good MONOLOGUE For theater tryouts?
What is the purpose of a conductor in an orchestra?
Tips For Strumminh Up?
How to read tabs on a guitar?
Why is it so hard for me to sing ina small room part 2 !!! ?
What are the beats called that the drum line playes when the marching band is walking onto the field?
i'm planning to sing at graduation?
One Direction opinions?
Ah!!! You've just become...?
Any good places to take guitar lessons in WV?
Can somebody like give me an explanation on the time signatures, most common aren't to important.?
I don't know what guitar strings to buy?
Is it ok for me to play the guitar the right-handed way even though i'm left-handed?
How much does a flute cost at Laconia Music Center?
What do you think of these 2 shots of my guitars?
Why can't I tune my guitar?
I just got a callback audition that includes a body check. What should I expect?
Comedic monologue for 14 y/o teenage girl?
Marching snare drum question?
did mozart play a stradivarius?
did miley cyrus lip sing in the hannnah montana and miley cyrus best of both worlds concert?
Can anyone name...?
How can I really overcome my stage fright?
Can anyone help me which acoustic guitar to buy?
define music?
Suggestions for a new Bass player? Books, Websites or just helpful tips/insight?
Will Guitar Center Refund This Pedal?
Does anyone know of any Technical Theatre scholarships?
What are the four ways that jazz listeners pay attention to a jazz performance?
How do i sing like a pro?
why are theatre lights called lime light?
What's a good Radiohead album to start with?
Dramatic, short violin solo with orchestra, a song 5 minutes or so any thoughts?
Why is my voice so scratchy when I sing?
every year my school has a talent show and i want to sing a song for it. any (appropriate) song idaes?
Have you ever gotten piercings for a play?
what's a good way to find out if I can sing?
How can I find an agent in the Orange County, California area, or at least SC?
How can i get over my stage fright?
What is the Saddest Story you can think of? (I need it for a dance)?
Can I sing please help!?
Why can't I count beats?
what instrument?
I am soooooooo nervous?!?!?!?!?
How can I get out of music camp?
Scalari's feelings towards Mozart?
Help with guitar pedal?
Is it easier to go from playing nylon string guitar to electric guitar? or is it the other way around?
Can learning to play piano help you learn to sing?
what are some metalcore amp settings?
if you have a board and a brush now, what would you paint?
Does anyone know where I can listen to the marching band show Symphony No. 1 "The Divine Comedy"??
What are some good Broadway audition songs for a soprano?
Help on choosing a guitar :)?
is it rare for your voice to improve very quickly after 3 months of singing lessons?
Which dancing style is most versatile?
Are there any simple ways to make a backdrop for a park scene? What materials can I use?
If you would support me.?
How much may my violin be worth?
Are anyone of you interested in Musical Theater, such as the stuff they do on Broadway?
Where can I find more info about Ricardo Castro?
Are Maestro Guitars Good?
Why Learn Musical Counterpoint?
Pop/ disco song for an audition for a female?
What song should I sing for a auditon?
NYSSMA All County Question?
What do you prefer the sound of: a mic'ed acoustic guitar or a plugged in acoustic-electric guitar?
Audition tips?
How do i make a guitar solo out of power chords?
How is the violin vibrato learned?
How do hipsters become hipsters?
Cool song to play at my school talent show next year (guitar)?
How much does it cost to get an agent?
what frog was afamous comedian?
How can i play the flute louder louder?
Favorite instruments.............................…
how good should i be on the snare drum to be in my high school's band?
What do you call the light control room in a performing arts center or theater?
Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
Anyone know about a band called A World Beneath Me?
How long will it take to learn guitar from scratch?!?
Is it possible to be good at guitar without knowing how to read music?
What are the best exersizes and etudes for mastering all the natural (and fingered) harmonics on the violin?
How do I get into a good choir next year?
why are pirouettes in parallel so much harder to do than with turn-out?
Audition for Catching Fire?
Who has more distinction, a playwright or screen writer?
Looking for a great selection of music for a Christmas choral concert for December?
Musical Theater career?
What do you this of this guitar?
Universities for performing arts in the UK?
best combo trumpet mute?
How to play The Con by Tegan and Sara?
What is a good beginner cello?
how can i become really flexible?
Original Oratory ?!?!?
Best drum set under $1,000?
Baritone Audition Songs?
What would be a good acoustic electric guitar for 200 to 300 dollars?
Do people learn guitar based on hearing or they learn from tabs?
Where can I find free sheet music for flutes?
How do I audition for amarica got talent?
The Little Mermaid Broadway show touring?
How long will it take for me to get the bass guitar i ordered off amazon?
Does anyone know what musical the song Do, do ,do is from? It's by Ira Gershwin.?
What are the differences and simalarities of Jazz dancing and Modern dancing?
Which is more difficult and easyer ? Violin, Cello, Flute, Guitar ? and Why?
Best role for me to audition for?
What's some good ways to calm your nerves before going on stage?
If a person is a bad singer, can they become a good singer?
Who was there at the concert of Green Day in June 2005? I'm Italian. Sorry, my English, is not perfect.?
How the vina, the sacred instrument, is made?
Choir At Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
What is an interesting song that you could play at a talent show in front of a 1,000 people with a band?
How many think this guy ought to be the next James Bond?
Good guitar for about $300 CAN?
Does anyone know a site or place i can find and autobiography or info on Ken Ruta?
What band did Marky Mark play in?
can some one help me ?! (singing issue)?
I have no idea who fall out boy is or what they sing - am I getting old?
What should I do for my snowdaze walk out?
what genre and what audience did charles bukowski write for?
Where can slow dancers go to be in music videos and perform on stage?
Why do British accents disappear when they sing?
What is your favorite music artist?
What are guitar players doing when it sounds like they go from a high note all the way down to a low note fast?
Does anyone know of someone who could help me songwrite?
Would this be a good approach for mastering a Instrument, (guitar specifically)?
guitar tab signs help?
Violin - Little Crack?
how do I find out whats playing at Emens Auditorium (in muncie)?
how good should i be on the snare drum to be in my high school's band?
how can i learn to play guitar?
How to be an agent like James Bond?
How can I learn to play the guitar fast?
looking for some free sheet music for piano?
How can I sing better?
I'm in performing arts in school!?!?!?
In Cirque Du Soleil, there was a man and a woman on blue silk that hung from the ceiling. Can anyone find it?
Good band name for acoustic-ish duo?
I am nervous about open mic night?
where is the best web site to buy a nice acoustic guitar?
How to sing like Vanessa Huygens.?
what is war dance?
What does it mean if a broadway musical is performed in "concert style"?
hey. im looking for a play with 4 characters for my A level practical exam, anybody know any good'uns?
What strings should I use?
Who is the brightest star ever on Broadway, living or dead?
Where can I go to take some sort of class in Oboe reed making?
How can I find a good. glamrous france 21 years old girl friend?
Where can I take these lessons online?
Violin and Double Bass duets?
I am 14 years old and I am participating in my school talent show, does anyone have any good songs i can sing?
What song should I sing for my audition?
Fully nude pole dancers??
help!sick!!! I have to sing,advice?
How much do vocal lessons usually cost?
Easy ways to tune an acoustic guitar?
When shaving a scrotum, is there a secret method or technique to prevent in grown hairs etc. ?
HELP!!!!! my flute grade 3 exam tomorrow and I don't know my scales!!?
I can't play or do aything special man wtf? I've been trying so hard at piano every day for a year...?
How do i get over my stage fright?
Learning the major scale?
How can i tell where my guitar was made and when?
Suessical the Musical Question!?
Cheap Acting colleges in the uk?
Good songs for girls with a small vocal range?
Should i take up the guitar or the piano?
what does the word broadway conjure up for you..does it mean the same today as 50 years ago?
are all guitar strings the same?!?!?
is there such thing as over rehearsing?
What are some good love songs?
increasing trumpet range?
How old is to old to go to the circus?
Where can I find footage of Eva Peron?
What is a good intermidiate to advanced level trombone solo book?
what should I do for my audition video?
How do you play this measure on the snare drum?
Any ideas on sites where I can look up accompaniment (lyricless) music tracks?
Agency interview, what should I say, sing and wear?
is 19 years old too late to start learning ballet?
Can you rent an instrument instead of buying it?
Music video I saw on FUSE?
How do you write a funk bassline for rock power chords?
How do you play guitar tabs on piano?
What song from a musical do you recommend a 12 year old should sing for a talent competition.?
Delayed harmonic technique?
What does it sound like I did to my wrist/hand while playing guitar?
What is a good guitar body style and wood?
How to help new teacher?
What is concert master and all that?
Help how do i get out of doing, a pantomime!?
How do you become a film director/script writer?
Switching mouthpieces on the clarinet?
Guitar stuff help! Where to find music online! for free?
Ok so i have to write a monologue and sing for an audition i have my monologue but no song any ideas??? ?
violin or cello?..........?
How to play louder on Sousaphone in marching band?
Trying to find sheet music?
i am a male 12 yr old singer nd wanted to know wat i should sing at this talent show?
What instrument to play?
Please help me in making a monologue Script. How should I start? and I'll be portraying Kapitan Tiago.?
Does playing guitar help you sing better?
A good Shakespeare monologue?
Circus question?
Which is the better musical?
I'm having trouble performing in the sack?
can someone help me identify and price my acustic?
what can i use in my home to polish my cymbals without buying anything?
Universities for performing arts in the UK?
Is a ukelele a childish instrument?
Can you share an talent agent?
The enormous success of which piece helped to end handels career as an opera composer in london?
Where do you go to meet new people in Ipswich. I have just moved here and don't know anyone.?
As a starting guitarist, what's the easiest song to try to self teach?
How can I sing without anyone hearing me? ?
what is stiffening batten?
What's the encore song between Maria Callas and di Stefano in Sapporo, Japan?
is it possible for me to learn, or train to be a contortionist? if so, how?
Does anybody know a good shredding technique for guitar. i just can't seem to get it down.?
What song to sing???!! In audition?
How to become a better dancer?
What grade (music wise) would the piano part in My Immortal (Evanescence) be?
Bob Dylan to extend his 2008 tour?
where can I get discount tickets for New York City Broadway shows?
Who was the last person to play Grizabella in Cats on Broadway?
i want to go to a performing arts high school but my dad thinks it is stupid?
What are your BEST Guitar tabs?
Guitar Tabluture help?
does anyone know how to spell fergey (fergee?)?
Anyways on how to story tell in a creative way?
Where can I find out more about Dance?
What musical instrument would you most like to learn?
what sites have info about the sounds of an orchestra and the sounds of a synth/keyboard?
Female Musical Theatre solo songs?
can just anyone learn to sing?
i need help finding a pin up name?
Sheet music of I have found by William Finn?
What website can i be thought how to play a base guitar?
what are your opinions on my singing?
is there any way that i can have the drumming part of the song Passion by Kutless to play while I play guitar?
How do you apply/record the manual wah pedal effect to a guitar track in garageband? Thanks a lot.?
How can I prevent guitar strings from getting dirty?
How do you restring a bass?
How do I play sixteenth notes on the clarinet?
How do I start a choir for teenagers?
does the type of string on a guitar affect its quality?
Do you ever wish you were a celebrity?
How do you subdevide polyryhtms over two or more beats?
Should i play guitar or piano and why?
Where can I find one minute comedic monologues for kids ages 8-12?
What guitar and amp settings should I use for playing 1) neoclassical metal and 2) power metal?
Anyone know where I can find...?
What is your general idea of a cheerleader?
Can anyone give me any tips?
I want to learn Soothsayer on saxophone?
Playing my instrument in front of my peers...?
I need to learn to play slapbass!?
violin bow on violin?
Good acoustic guitar?
Decent electric guitar i can get for about £100?
Audition help and tips?
Where can you get sheet music of the songs in High School Musical?
Paint + Violin?
ISO the name of a operatic (?) song... It has something to do with two butterflies? Quite beautiful.?
Oklahoma violinists, what violin strings do you recommend for NE Oklahoma?
Did the Bee Gees do drugs?
Can my mom be my agent?
can i be a professional dancer ?
Where can I go to find out auditions for Broadway plays?
Whats Your Talents?
What is your favorite Musical - either Broadway or TV?
What was the best broadway show that you have ever been to?
How can I be a big superstar artist in music?
I need some advice on buying a guitar.?
When and where is Jill Scott performing?
Where can i get good voice lessons?
guitar tabs for super mario theme?
has anyone seen Jersey Boys on broadway? is it good?
alto saxophone linkin park notes?
What's the price of a Stradivarius (violin)?
Good Monologue?
Why is it bad to go en pointe without training for years?
I want to learn to play guitar?
what it is a good site to learn magic tricks from videos?
I want to win a community pageant. Any advice?
Where can I find FLUTE music for songs by The Veronicas?
How can you sing "Take Me Or Leave Me" with 3 people?
Looking for full instrumental sheet music?
Is "And Then There Were None" appropriate for a High School play?
Is it possible to have a Deep attraction to someone through their writings or songs?
Good solo guitar tab?
Track for "Rose's Turn" from Gypsy?
Is anyone an Impressionist?
Is BC Rich a good guitar brand?
what kind of insturment can you play?
Poem advice!?
i have a ballet question :)?
I've got to dress up as someone from a musical, but who!?
What should I learn first, the piano, or the Guitar?
How difficult is it to learn to play a Penny Whistle, if you have no experience or musical talent what-so-ever?
what song should i sing?
What sax brand, model & mouthpiece does Boney James play?
Shall I Try Out For My School Talent Show?
Do you miss school when you go on America's Got Talent?
What would be a good song to sing for my dads wedding??
flute duet?
Do I need an acoustic amp?
Does anyone know what Aris Sas is doing now and how to contact him?
Is learning guitar hard?
What's wrong with the pickups on my guitar? Are they fried?
I saw website for singing lessons ( Singing Success by Brett maning ) ,is it good trusted site to buy course ?
Very important-guitar?
How to not have stage fright?
how can i become a good dancer?
How do I contact David Mamet's agent?
what are advantages of being a choreographer?
While playing my trumpet I breathe out of my nose and my neck bulges. How can I fix this?
Why does my guitar keep going out tune?
How does Gershwin's songs reflect his 'classical' training?
are there any theatrical circus schools in wisconsin?
Does anyone have any ideas for a name for a girl band?
What do Marueen McCormick, Eve Plumb and Susan Olsen have in common?
Are violin strings made of sheep fur or guitar strings? What about the bow?
Any good online site that help you get better at guitar?
I'm a beginner looking to start playing ukelele?
How to learn choreography quickly?
How can I make a puppet from a stuffed animal.?
whats a good monologue to audition for gypsy with?
What kinda of degree is required to open a Performing Arts Studio?
What's the best place in MA for vocal lessons?
Can you train yourself to hit higher notes than your normal voice range?
Does anybody know any good drama games for children aged 4-8 years?
who is your fav character in beauty and the beast?
what instrument plays haunting notes opening Dvorak's "Largo"?
In your opinion, are pageants bad if the child wants to do them?
Does anyone know that red special guitar of brian may?
Tips for an audition?
violin thing..?
What are my chances of getting into these universities...?
guitar playing?
Searching for an agent for my scriptwriting...?
Instruments least played by kids?
Middle School Musical Auditions?
Favorite Broadway Show?
how do you feel when ur performing ??
How do you get a meeting with a rep from a talent agency?
how do i keep my tongue in the right position when i'm playing my clarinet?
How can i get into the music industry?
Which instrument should i play?
Why were you born?
What is needed to become a good musician/guitarist?
any good learning ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading, or other dance websites?
What is your opinion on the phantom of the opera stage production?
What other instrument can I play that is similar to clarinet?
I want to write a song but how ifyou don't play an instrument?
What song should I sing and play on guitar for a school variety show?
Weird question... but can you answer it without to much criticism?
What are some good, sad broadway songs for two girls?
Good accordion for beginner?
What are the best brands of the Recorder instrument?
Want to be an actress!?
I am 14 and i want to learn to play the piano?!?!?
black skit for church?
Clarinet or Sax?
Can some one help me with the bassoon?
Is 4 octaves a good range for a fifteen year old?
guitar strings HELP!!?
Please answer questions about learning how to play the piano? It would be greatly appreciated!?
how to reach the target in life ?
Buying a flute for my HS daughter?
What is a good song of the Beatles to sing to your class for a musical play with more then to people ?
Can somebody tell me how to teach myself acoustic guitar over the internet?
How long untill?
can someone help me and teach me how to cry on stage when acting?????????????
How much would my GWL Acoustic Electric guitar sell for? PLEASE HELP.?
Calling all dancers! Jazz shoe question?
Why does watching anime make me upset?
Can you help me read this music?
what are some good songs that are kinda old?
I think I have what it takes to become a professional singer. Does anyone know what I can do to achieve that?
How hard is it to learn the violin?
where can i read kanashii hito wa doko ni mo inai?
Darien Lake Performing arts center Seating?
Any1 know of warm ups that singers use?
What songs could I use for my routine?
is there a published biography of Yuzo Kayama? Do you know his address? How can I contact him? His agent?
i want to learn how to sing, my voice is terrible?
What the heck is " THE ACOUSTIC HOUR ?"?
How do you start a band and make money?
What would be a good ukulele brand?
I need Bella's Lullaby Guitar Tabs,?
If I have to sing 16 bars of Maybe from Annie, where do I stop?
What are some good performing arts summer camps in BC?
I love one direction?
how much does the yamaha c370 classical guitar cost?
What size guitar slide should I get for a size 12 finger?
What guitar does 331erock use?
How long does it usually take to learn and memorize a suite like Debussy's Pour Le Piano Suite?
Should I take up drawing or piano?
If a pianist is at least reasonably good, should teachers discourage performance and competition?
whats a good song to do a lyrical dance to? also hip hop songs for hophop dances?
How much would it cost to get an instrument plated?
How do you fake cry for acting?
Best Martin acoustic guitar for strumming mostly? (indie band sound)?
Quick question about string bends?
Which guitar should i get?
What band do you prefer, The Beatles or The Strokes?
What Guns N Roses video has Slash rising out of the water while playing a guitar solo?
What is the right way to learn guitar?
What do you think of my guitar?
I hurt my finger playing bass guitar?
Auditioning: Help/Tips?
Which acoustic guitar should I buy?
Tell me everything you know about Tomas Kalnoky. Where can I find Smiles for Macavity cd?
What is the highest note ever hit in full voice?
Sing to sing in 2012 for talent show?
Which musical instrument is easiest to become pro at?
What are some ways to increase my chances of becoming drum major at my highschool?
Guitar beginner... I need help???
Age of Victor recording #12006-A (Marche Slave recorded by Boston Pops)?
What's a good monologue?
I sound nasally when I sing?
would you class Pocahantas (spellng) as a musical?
what is a good college to go to with dance acting and singing?
I seem to experience some sicomfort in my lower back when playing the bagpipe, also have no endurance.?
How hard is it to get into AMDA or Tisch?
Which brand of strings would one recommend for intermediate violists?
What's a good, popular upbeat pop-song I can sing? See details...?
My Multi effect machine F***ed up my amp?
Why does marching band have to do gay little ballet moves during shows? Why can't we just march?
Does someone know where to get the Tequila song notes?
What are the fingering scale of the third octave of key D on an alto sax?
Do you think 11th grade is too late to start marching band as a majorette?
Does anyone know of a good vocal coach near Lancaster, Pa? PLEASE!!!!?
How can i sing better?
do the vitamin string quartet play concerts?
Phantom of the Opera question?
Can I put an 8 ohm speaker in a 4 ohm guitar amp?
What do you call the part of a piano that protects the keyboard - the thing that raises and lowers?
What's your favorite musical?
What is a good character name??
How do you play guitar without a pick?
can you help me make a stage name?
What groups have the same sound as Senses Fail?
How much should you pay for a begginer flute? Is mine a good flute?
PLEASE ANSWER! When I sing F5# it isnt as strong as F5. Is it supposed to be softer? 10 POINTS!?
Anyone out there have sheet music from the film Pride and Prejudice?
Why is it that violinsts can memorize so much music?
What's the easiest way to keep my arm steady while doing vibrato on the violin?
which is the best mp3 player for classical music?
keyboard players? how do you choose to amp your keys?
in written music,what+is+a+5+finger+pattern?
how do I increase my range on the trumpet?
Do you think juggling with full cups of tea could be possible?
are there any sing ing contest for 12 year old girls in wisconsin?
Music help !!?
Best guitar to buy on a teenage budget?
When are the new schecter guitars going on sale?
what is the song Wicked Woman performed by the rock band Coven?
Who is the worst pianist in the world ?
can you sing??
What is considered the vocal range?
Would you bust out a person who sucked at poetry?
What is a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Does Hanah Montana have a boyfriend?
should i learn to play guitar or skateboard?
I want to learn guitar?
Guitar tuning w/out capo?
How can i use my electric guitar amp. . . .?
All-State Tips? (Flute) Tone quality tips?
What do these guitar chords translate as on the ukulele?
Ending for drama script?
Have any of you used Epiphone's ESonic2 pickup system and if so how do you like it?
.Friend i want to Sing better what to do.........?
which is an easier instrument to learn, piano or guitar?
how physically strenuous is marching band? exercises?
How to teach yourself to play the guitar?
Putting together an Ohio motion picture. Experienced and known talent. Need Non-Cash partners for Credit.?