Performing Arts

Bass Guitar, Guitar, or the Drums?
where can i find the shirley valentine script for free?
how to get better at guitar?
Find job modeling/Acting?
Where to turn to when you want to improve your voice?
Who performed the role of 'Maxim de Winter' in "Rebecca" (1940) ?
What soprano saxophone companies are good?
can i actually sell my simen?
i can do a triple pirouette and i never had a lesson is that raw talent?
Is NYU Tisch School of the Arts a possibility for me or a fool's dream?
Can I get cheap but good guitar lessons in Mount Laurel, NJ?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical?
Does any one know where i can listen to online radio...WHERE I CAN PICK WHAT I WANT TO LISTEN TO?
Acting Question help !!!!!?
What are some good websites to learn more about theater?
Girls, do you find a guy more attractive if he plays the guitar really well?
what does madame armfeldt sing in a little night music?
Are Saga electric guitar kits good?
where can i fi nd the free sheetmusic of henry mancini`s "nothing to lose"?
How we call the person who wave their hands(sometime with stick) in front of the players at orchestra?
Drama drama drama drama.?
What kind of guitar strings do I need for my acoustic?
Do you have to be in marching band to be in jazz band?
Dreadnought guitar and spinal problems?
Dpes anyone know what these are called?
What is the primary difference between a US Fender Strat and a MIM Strat?
yes please let me sing to you mrbeecleboop?
Would this be a good piano keyboard for a beginner?
Is it common to be scared and get on stage and do something?
how to play fur elise on the keyboard?
Musical Instrument Question?
should i play piano or guitarr?
Monolouges for teenage girls?
Does anyone go to this school? Etobicoke School of the Arts?
Where is the toliestr?
Would a slow etude be okay for a marching band audition (flute)?
What are some songs sing for a talent show?
Trill Fingering C Flute?
What is the Idyllwild Arts Academy like?
Please help save my music/arts department! Will you please help?
how can i learn how to fake cry intensly?
All pointe dancers! I just got over surgery and i need help!?
Can anyone think of a play which has a Native American head-dress as a prop?
Camera or guitar? (points to best answer)?
Any good ideas for a gift for dancers?
advice for an amateur solo musician?! (more info)?
Name a choir you know the name off?
How should I sing on YouTube?
Where can I listen to these compositions:?
What is the best kind of acoustic guitar?
What chords are these?
Takent show?
Performing arts PRIVATE high schools in LA?
HELP! writing an short acting monologue (easy 10 points!) x?
I did'nt get the call back, does that mean I'm not in the show?
Is in Cats Old Deuteronomy a lead role,does he sing any solos,is it a good part? Any Advise?
Help! I need help with this idea!?
can i connect vocal mic to guitar peocessor for the voice modulation?
Is Len Goodman Jewish?
can u dance 24hours?
Can anyone please help with Viola fingerings?
What's the difference between soprano, lyric soprano and legit soprano?
How do i sing better?
what are the rest of the notes for brahms lullaby on flute?
can u make a living as an actress in america?
Trumpet, hard to hit G above staff?
What are the best cover songs to play at a bar acoustically??
does anyone know a website or an agency where someone could get into doing voice work for cartoons?
I need advice on which, of these pieces, to play?
How many hours a day can I safely practice singing?
What's the easiest green day song to play on the electric guitar?
Do you know Italian translation of Mozart Duet from Marriage of Figaro titled "On the Breeze" in English
I was tuning my guitar and while I was tightening one of the strings it started making noise?
Too old for acrobatics?
What's your opinion on an ibenez Jem 7BDK?
What Steps Need to be taken to make it in the Music Industry?
Is Somebody to Love a good audition song?
How do I get started with modeling and acting?
What props would you use?
Is 21 too late to start learning a guitar???
Fiddling with my guitar pickups?
using a 20 watt guitar amp to play with drummer?
I'm looking into getting an ocarina, where do I start?
Did you know I used to model for the covers of romance novels?
How do I make unweighted piano keys feel and play like they're weighted?
I need a Dramatic Monolog!?
P-M-I versus P-I-M on Asturias/Leyenda?
How old is Ashton Kucher really?
I play the piano and I was asked to play background music at this social event.?
What is a good audition song?
where can i buy jazz and tap shoes?
how do people play music by ear? or how do they develope perfect pitch?
Marching band is social suicide?
Where is the Mary Poppins (Broadway) script?
Should i play electric or Acoustic guitar?
what instruments do you play?
Whats better, Les Paul or SGs?
keyboard synthesizer recommendations?
how long does it take to learn how to sing well?
should i be embarrassed to play flute at high school?
What is a quick, fun, violin song possible/around 3 minutes?
help with summer programs?
One direction tickets question?
Is theatrical make-up good as a career? HELP!?
talent introduction ideas?
What instrument should I learn how to play?
Types for learning guitar?
when did Louis Vuitton die?
Didgeridoo playets, what are the basics on how to play one?
When Starkid comes to Atlanta for the Space Tour, what production(s) will they perform?
Electric guitar output problem on a Les Paul?
Good duets for two girls for music gcse performance?
A question for classical guitarists?
Cheap flying v guitar knockoff?
Which acoustic guitar should I get?
Stage Fright PLEASE HELP!?
What are Aristotelian Tragedies!!?
Showcase America??
How many stages will the rockstar energy mayhem festival have?
In the nursery rhyme "Pop goes the Weasle" what does the weasle actually "pop?"?
How to have an opera voice?
to anyone who plays guitar try playing this on guitar?
Beginning Guitarist!! Help NEEDED!?
I bought a new guitar and it has one major problem. The distance between the fretboard and the strings is larg?
how do exotic dancers loosen but muscles?
Can anyone recommend some good vocal warm-ups?
Are instruments grouped into ranges, and what counts as these ranges e.g. bass, tenor, alto?
Where can i find free arpeggio tabs for an acoustic guitar ?
Online Screenwriting classes!?
Tell me why do you suppose the songs of Stephen Foster remain extremly well known?
who is the kingston trio?
How to play bar chords on guitar?
I will play the flute in the seventh grade band and i was wondering if it is a b flat insturment?
I need to locate a childrens choral group in Waco, TX?
what did you want to be when you were little?
Am i too young to play a guitar?
Note differences between trumpet and alto sax?
What kind of guitar should I buy?
What instruments do you play and what instruments are you good at?
Hey what are some really really intense and dramatic songs from musicals for males?
Is 21 to old to start learning how to play the guitar?
Who designed the current Wachovia logo?
I'm learning to play guitar, and i have meaty fingers?
modeling and shyness?
I'm auditioning for a flute solo, but I'm SUPER nervous. Help me get over my fear?
opera solo?
What is a good, but not too expensive, instrument to buy in order to learn to play the bagpipes?
Does a guitarist needs to know how to play piano?
How to cry?
If all the world’s a stage, where does the audience sit?
Who is considered as today's most proficient flutist? (flautist)?
How to create depth in voice?
Would a normal flute tuner work for a piccolo?
Baritone Saxophone playing tips....?
How do I set up a DBA?
Where can I buy an acoustic guitar in the twin cities of MN?
where can i get d theme of splitsville which agni had performed?
Street Performing?
i just don't know what to do. i don't know if i'm good enough, if i should do something better w/ my time.
What instrument(s) do you play?
Monologue Help?!***20***?
stop blood from congealing?
How can My sister (A noob) Get into acting?
What's a good Song to sing to a girl?????
Theatre major or performing arts lessons?
what do many people accomplish by being in the performing arts profession?
Should I follow my pipe dream, or do the practical thing?
How do you get into voice-over acting?
singing and playing gutiar together?
need feedback on this metal sample?
OK i play the piano but idk how to read music. pz help!?
What is the proper way to breathe when you sing????
dont cha just hate it when...?
Does anyone have any good tips for the piece devils trill (cadenza)?
My Dream is to be on Broadway in New York. But my parents tell me i need to have a backup plan.?
Why do modern female singer's have to show their body?
Anyone know where I can where I can find films & DVD's starring Scottish actor Robert Covanah?
Drama and Dance Audition for LaGuardia Highschool?
What song shall i sing for my x factor audition?
How much do Guitar lessons cost int he UK?
Do you think the dancers from the Radio City Rockettes can't sing well?
any legit talent agencies in seattle?
Valve amp help - small watt but big speaker?
What is a good broadway song to sing for an 18 year old girl?
Looking for a great selection of music for a Christmas choral concert for December?
I'm reading the book "wicked" has anyone else read it yet? anyone seen the play?
Is learning to play acoustic guitar easy?
1000 Ways To Die Show Help please (LARPing)?
Singin Divas!?
what makes the woodwind instruments unique?
What do i do if my mouth piece just suddenly rusted...there are tiny spots but i need help?
Where can I buy a Mark Cohen scarf?!?!?
Has anyone seen Disney on Ice let's celebrate?
Music theory ruins music?
What's the difference between Viola and Violin?
What Guitar Looks More Sick!!?!?!?
what woods should i use to make an electric guitar?
I don't know how to read music, yet I still play the piano. Is that bad?
What is your favorite music artist?
Stuck in a rut with my guitar playing?
How can I stop being so nervous when singing?
Does everyone have talent?
I'm trying to decide between an electric guitar or bass. Any advice?
colorguard gooodie bags ?
It's okay to wait a few years before going to university isn't it?
Humorous Interpretation pieces.?
Can anyone recommend a good comedy act. - or just a really good show you saw about anything.?
First jazz class, do i need to be flexible?
My most best talent needs help?
sorority row script?
Los Angeles or New York?
What are the benefits of bellydancing?
Any good techniques to sing well?
Is the hush sound a christian band???
Anyone ever wore earplugs to a concert?
when did alexander gudenov die and from what?
what would be some good musical acts for an elementary school's talent show?
Stopping a bassoon from smelling ?
what kind of parts are there in the musical, the little shop of horrors?
Where can i find good dance routines on the enternet for free?
Help! Where do I start?
could you tell me what self-defence is the best?
What do 8-14 year olds wanna watch?
i need a song to sing! help?
when do you become good or decent at guitar?
can anyone offer me cheap guitar lessons as I,ve always wanted to learn but am on benefits?
What actor plays the role of Jacob on "V"?
Where can I find information on the song Music 4 Tubas by John Stevens?
Beginner at playing the guitar, please help?
When i play the guitar theres no sound?
Do i play the piano good?
what is the price for this guitar?
Projekt revolution?
Using a french horn mouthpiece in a mellophone?
What do I need for a guitar ?
Where can i find halo sheet music for the clarinet for free?
How to become famous at age 14?
what is the left cloud club at the hippodrome?
What do you think of learning or playing the guitar for the sheer joy of it?
I have a problem when I play the piano?
Choir and swing: What is the best conducting pattern?
Anyone know of any good choir performance dresses?
Should I take a singing class?
Who could I learn from if I wanted to be a fire-eater in Maryland?
Any ideas for songs for a talent contest final?
guitar tunning?
What are some good duet songs for a female voice and a male male voice?
What guitar should I get?
CLASSICAL MUSIC: What are these 5 songs?
Can you learn the splits in one week? If so, how?
Should I buy this guitar amp?
question about marching band color guards?
will there be matinee theatre performances on broadway today?
looking for a classy and fabulous burlesque stage name?
How do I adjust my pearl pedals for double bass drumming?
What do you Wear for a dance/ vocal audition?
Advice for buying a guitar?
Hey I play saxophone and i am really good do guys think the saxophone is kool?
how to play this guitar chord?
American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York?
Can someone help me for guitar tabs?
What can I perform on stage in 30 seconds?
Your fave female singer and your fave male singer together for the 1st time doing a duet.who would it be?
Is the Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone a good brand?
Switching Drum Kits, Need Help?
Best way of practising guitar that will help me progress faster? (10 points)?
explain what happened musically as Britten introduced the orchestral instruments?
The history of Rock n Roll in 1 to 3 words (tounge firmly in cheek please)?
I need a flute solo Asap!?
How do I become a sucessful comdian im 13 and decided this is what I wanna do?
How do i sing with my diaphragm? 10 POINTS!?
how do you play real fast on guitar??
beginner songs to learn on electric guitar?
Is Hairspray the Musical available for high school productions yet?
Who would win in a farting contest between Big Aunt Philomena and Jabba the hut?
why do i get this popping/clicking noise on bass guitar?
What is needed to become a good musician/guitarist?
I am nervous about open mic night?
What to do with my life?
Trying out for Titania or Puck advice?
have a heart like jesus skit ideas?
why do guitar lessons cost so much money?
how do i get script i can read?
Buying a new guitar.?
do you think I have the potential for singing?
i play the clarinet and now it's getting hard...:(?
Which is a better Clapton pickup?
How hard is it to learn the violin?
how to become an actor?
Have i screwed my chances of full filling my dream?
Which would be better? Online Guitar Lessons or Self Taught.?
stage fear.............?
Is "Berceuse in Db Major, Op.57" by Chopin a standard audition piece for college?
How do I become a better musician?
What exactly is a "Contrasting Monologue"?
Is learning to play the guitar hard/too late?
What is a good brand for valve trombones?
I need examples of Nigerian literature, music and theatre,during the 20th century?
Does anyone else think Morecambe And Wise were overrated?
As a beginner should I learn acoustic or electric guitar?
how do you play the metal gear 2 theme on violin?
Full, half, deceptive cadence?
when playing a baritone, how do i get sharper or flatter? i need to change my tone.?
Mellophone Bb scale (concert F) Scale??
How heavy is a Kevlar marching snare?
Star wars skit ideas?
What to do when you feel like you failed an audition?
What do you guys think about this?
To those that feel their careers were their life calling - what is that you do?
Yamaha APX500II electro-acoustic guitar - YES OR NO?
what is the best way to improve finger dexterity to play faster lead guitar?
What is your favorite broadway (or not) musical?
How do I tell my mom that i want to be a actress/singer? Please reply, I'll take anything.?
Is there full band sheet music for Panic! at the Disco?
Why is the tuba important in a concert band?
Going to learn to play guitar. Looking for opinions on good type/brand for beginner?
How do I keep a steady tone while marching?
Is it legal to play guitar at a public place in India?
How to strum a guitar well?
Guitar necks similar to Ibanez Wizard?
Training yourself to hit the high notes?
Could I be a dancer if I went for lessons for 5 hours a day for a year?
Where can I buy guitar strings?
What are some good alto saxophone brands?
How do you not sing in your nose?
do you poses magic every one does did you no that .?
how do i get a good job in hollywood?
how to sing more in tune?
What has been your most significant achievement so far? What motivates you?
Can playing a different saxophone harm embouchure?
Are you know about Origamic?
All i wanna do for a living is play music in bands?
are palatino violin good quality or bad quality?
How can I be more confident when I sing? ?
How do I ask for an audition?
anyone knows the pianist cecile licad?
what are some really good vocal duet songs?
several questions for musicians?
Ear plugs for a symphony musician?
How hard is it to master theremin?
is legit?
Guitar tab question.?
How do you play low C and B on Alto Sax?
What kind of guitar should I get?
Is it hard to get accepted to USC for "performing arts", or just in general if you are a Canadian?
my piano sustains every note i play even without holding the sustain pedal down?
How do you talk through the tuba?
Is Je Suis Titania too ambitious! ?
How should I get into acting?
Between the greatest tenors of all time, who had the most thrilling High C?
Cello or French Horn?
Do you need a license to preform street magic for tips?
How to play the flute?
Does anyone here play the Flute?
Is college marching band worth it?
what guitar strap is best to use whilst playing a black les paul?
I am so nervous for my first guitar lesson!?
What's the average length and width of a classical guitar?
Some tension in my wrist from barre chords?
What musical instruments should I learn?
I want to buy a clavinova but i don't know what type to buy or the prices (please any cheap discounts)?
What are some beginner drum songs?
Guitar Scale question about AC/DC' "You shook me..."?
How do I make a name for myself playing guitar?
Do me and my friend sing good ?
Playing the guitar for a little over a month...?
Reccommend Erhu music please?
Can i still be a dancer?
Ive been looking in to the ovation acoustic guitar and i like how they are different and i was wondering?
Spectrum Keyboard question?
What is the melody and harmony?
What's a good song to sing for a talents show?
who ever had a piece for a speech choir, can you give me some..??
Should I strip the finish off my saxophone for better sound?
As a performance artist, how do you keep your 'stage fright' under control?
So, how do you double tongue on the oboe??
Does anyone have Flute Sheet Music?
alto sax question?????
Music people: How long do you practice daily and what do you play?
Performing Arts High Schools in Canada?
what do you think? opinions?
need musical drum pads?
What's the proper way to use the Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal ?
Is changing my passive pick-ups to actives worth it?
where kind i find a good online place where i can get help with teaching myself the guitar?
What guitar should I get?
Where can i get free sheet music for trumpet?
What is your opinion on "Kohlert" clarinets?
is it normal to go through a period of time where you're suddenly not good at you're talent?
Anyone know a good Disney song to sing?
Why are agents in Hollywood so stuck up?
Why do songs sound the same regardless of accent?
SINGERS! How do I get my voice OUT and improve my PITCH?
What is the cause of the buzzing sound when I turn on my effect pedal?
Is a guitar scale pattern different in every key on the fretboard?
Bass clarinet or Clarinet?
When can I remove the felt from a new piano string?
Is it important to learn to play the acoustic guitar with the fingers?
Stripper stage name, need opinions?
does anyone remember a few years back when there was a x factor site that you could sing on and record yr self
Why can't I play trumpet!?!?
Where do I start? Self piano lessons.?
What are good props to jazz dances?
can i sing very well?
Anyone want to be my dance partner for britains got talent?
how can I know my best talent?
Which instrument to learn?
is Mapex 500 Double Bass Drum Pedal a good pedal to buy?
I have small hands. Can I still play guitar?
A good Monologue In Charlotte's Web?
How do you play the triplets with your left hand, yet at the same time play sixteenth notes with your right?
how to wright a song?
Help me select a distortion pedal for my electric guitar?
Does this sound fishy to you? - advice needed?
what is the best brand when it comes to pianos?
Is starcast auditions open to the UK?
what are good karaoke songs for people who sing bass?
in music if u have a c-flat and b-flat does that make the c-flat b-flat?
How can i use my musical gift to my advantage?
I need some advice please.....?
song choice help please help?
Where can i find hedwigs theme for the flute ... but for free!?
Choir Tryouts?
Any one know where I can get the transposed version of Old Man River?
What acoustic guitar to buy?!?
Performing arts schools ?
What songs does Jesus sing in Godspell?
I just got a violin, and it wont make a sound. =S?
what films have lots of footage of those chorus girls with really glittery costumes and tall feather headress?
Any Tips on learning how to sing, Like how to write my on songs?
What is your favorite band instrument?
famous duets from musicals?
What is my Talent?
Brit School Help Pleasee?
what instrument fits me?
why dosn't anywhone write perfect or drow perfect?
how can i start my career?
How can I get all rosin off a bow?
Easy songs to play on guitar?
Has Kyle Landry ever had sex?
How to take letters of a piece of paper?
What are some beautiful piano solos and who is it by?
Can I become a good piano player?
need motivation playing guitar?
Whats A Good Age To Start Playing Guitar?
something different for a talent agency?
i really need a picture of someone doing a battement *related to dance*?
How do I get back my voice?
Violin or Viola??????
How much are nuter tickets?
I need help writing a script?
violin fingerboard moves?
Is robin williams doing any live shows in 2006?
shoud i take piano lessons, flute lessons, or clara net?
can someone please answer my question?
Please help me find this theatre play.?
How do i get over stage fright???
What is the best Broadway musical?
If i can't make it as a famous musician what other jobs can i make it as?
i want to learn how to read sheet music?
Parts needed to build bass guitar. ?
What are some good songs to sing for a solo?
Which is easier to play-Acoustic Guitar or Electric guitar?
What are some good songs with Ukelele in them?
I picked the same stage name as someone else?
Looking for a Funny Poem for Competition?
Is it easy to learn to play a uke?
Can I still enjoy playing guitar even if I don't play in a band?
How to make a splitter for a guitar? so i can connect 1 guitars ?
am i considered a contortionist?
Nonpainful methods to strengthening/thickening finger calluses?
Guitar amp HELP? =]?
Step Team Uniforms?
Do Dancers Achieve Complete Fitness Dancing Alone? Why?
anyone know about this guitar brand: PROFILE??
Problem with mobile phone company what can i do?
anyone know any good interesting easy spells?
I Kissed The Pope's Ring, But Didn't Use A Sani-Wipe. How Long Before I Die?
What is the best acting agency in Boston that is NOT a scam ?
How come most girls dont want to learn to play guitar?
how do i tune my fender starcaster?
Theatre Audition?
when we performing repetitive task,it is easy to get bored and overlook the important details,How would i mana?
What Club Do I Sign Up For ? Drama or choir ?
how to get enough money to buy a guitar?
Does learning guitar help improve your memory?
Acting conservatory or university?
i need help deciding between activitities to join!?
is cecilio a good quality brand of violins, do they stay in tune?
how do you trill a D and a G on flute?
Do I have a shot at being professional ballerina if I start at 13 ?
This is why I can't do barre chords (guitar)?
Is there a piece of canon arranged for a flute? If yes, please send me one, even your own will do.?
is bonplay a good brand for acoustic guitar?
Bassoon seat strap?
C Major and G Major (three octave) scale on the violin?
I am 13 do i sing okay for a 13 year old? Can i become better?
On basic flute - what's the minimum age to teach a child?
how to play a first act accordian?
Simple guitar questions...?
can i join a band when i go to college?
How to you remember bass tabs?
Phantom Of the Opera dresses?
in the power ranger series was it the actors in the suits?
Does anyone know the name of the performance art group that did the shadow figures at the Oscar's last night?
Guitar help please? Easy ten points?
I need help playing the Piccolo?
should i learn to play the piano??.... i'm going into HS as freshmen this fall..........?
this is my ?
What's a good guitar for an advanced player?
If a guy says he has an 11incher' woudl you belive him..?
Monologue for audition at Disney?
would American music exist as we know, it if not for the influence of the west Africans 18th/19th century?
how did lucille ball change your world?
what is the best book to learn how to play guitar?
Do they give you a scene to read in the audition room?
Right handed Plays Left handed?
Who owns the rights to classical musician's work?
where can i find acting and dancing classes for my two teenage kids in surbiton?
Is playing The Bass Hard In Orchestra ????
Whats the best way to find your vocal range...without a vocal instructor?
what is the easiest flying V guitar to play?
Learning flute in Bangalore?
Easy popular songs to play on acoustic guitar?
What size amp should I get?
Hi,what is the best music conservatory in montreal?
Does anyone know how he plays this song on guitar?
I really need to talk to some one or have some one just listen?
Im a songwriter......Need help!!?
do you think i can play outside my house singing/guitar please look?
what's a great song for accapella?
what are some good love songs?
does anyone have any ideas on how to re-guide or change the mind of someone from switching music instruments?
What is the name of the song used in the Chips Ahoy commercial? Who wrote it?
What Instrument should I play?
how do you use the same guitar methods as andy mckee and don ross?
Music and drama groups?
what are the best selling music singles in New zealand of all time?
For CLASSICALLY TRAINED baritones what feeling are you suppose to be going for when you sing.?
berklee college of music question.?
How does the National Arts Council choose the acts that will perform at the Singapore Arts Festival?
how long does it take to be really good at playing the guitar?
easy guitar songs for begginer.......?
What is love ?
What size facing should I get for my jazz clarinet mouthpiece?
How do I get rid of Oprah on my tv ?
need a really fun song?
Can someone tell me the rules of four part writing in Music Theory?
How do you become a male stripper like Magic Mike?
Where can I find sheet music for the violin part of M79?
ahhhh please i suck at playing guitar?
Comedy skit relating to the sea?
Is violin easy to learn?
Need help with piano music? Anyone play piano?
Where can I learn to play the guitar online?
what did earth symbolize?
Clarinet Fingerings : help !!?
If Genevive Nnaji is alive is she still performing?If yes then can someone tell me her latest release.?
Is it healthy to make love to your partner more than three times a week?
Is it hard to learn marching band routines?
How should I dress for my piano recital?
What's the best piano brand?
what is the mood of this Shakespeare monologue???
What does Model Agent do?
The talent show is coming up... HELP???!!!!?
B minor!!!!! how do i play it on guitar ? ?
What career opportunities would you like to take advantage of in the music industry?
How can I get comfortable singing in front of people?
i want to learn how to dance but there are no studios or classes were i live?
why are spoken thoughts good for an audience when doing drama?
Where can i find a Cinderella monologue?
can I play my guitar even without the capo? what is a capo?
keyboard synthesizer recommendations?
s to the longest list. Can someone list out all the broadway musical - to - movies there are?
Do I sing bad?????????????
Do you agree that Mayor Shinn is the antagonist of The Music Man?
Is anyone interested in taking an 8 week course on TV/Film Audition prep in NC from a Network Casting Director
can anyone send me a good link for guitar tabs please?
What does a "scooped mid" mean when referring to pickups?
How does one attain the head voice?
Do you know any good websites about singing?
Serious Interp pieces?
What does it mean to learn how to play the piano by ear?
How to teach yourself beyond AP Music Theory?
How dressed up does a man have to be to go to the Opera in Paris? Suit? Blazer? Tux?
How do you play notes on the flute?
Do you think i am a good dancer?
What Are Some Great Musical Songs From Any Broadway Musicals?
Do you think this girl can sing well?
Is it too late to start a career in dancing?
Do you think that cheerleaders are HOTT??????
How do I help my singing voice stay smooth during and before performance?
What's a good inexpensive electric guitar?
how can i become Famous?
Good song to sing at an audition?
What is a good monologue?
How can I get the confidence?
Who is the best stand up comedy performer of our generation?
What should my acting resume picture look like (sizes, pro., ect.)?
whats the FUNNIEST book or play you've ever read?
Flute repair cost estimates?
First time restringing an old guitar?
Can i sing or play the guitar well?
Can a tenor or lyric baritone sing i was here by beyonce in the orginal key without falsetto?
What are some places i can volunteer at if i want to be in the music indstry?
Where is this Alice in Wonderland monologue from?
help with stage name?
Music means what to you?
i want to get a new thing to entertain me?
wat 2 where on a violin recital???
Does anyone how to do an irish dance that is easy to teach preschoolers?
Can I learn all the notes for flute in two months?
What's a cheap way to ship congas (a set of three and bongos)?
Too self conscious: how can I immortalise my improvisational ideas?
What to major in to become a screenwriter?
How can I loosen up my fingers for the piano?
what do you think of the musicians Institute (Los angeles, California)?
What is the best guitar brand for acoustic-electric guitars?
how can I learn kathak through internet?
a love triangle story idea?
What is a good bass guitar for metal?
I need help with solo songs?
guitar lessons - never played before - is it hard?
Why do i still get stage fright ?
What is the name of this musical bass line?
What are some good clarinet songs to have in your repertoire?
Help with the basics of being a DJ.?
I am taking a poll here on instruments.?
Should I get a 12-string guitar?
Where can I learn how to play the guitar online?
Anyone want to wish me luck?
How to play "Lost in Hollywood" on electric guitar?
What is a good acousti electric guitar is good to buy?
Help me find decent tickets for Eric Clapton at the New Orleans Arena 3/6/10?
I bought a guitar....?
who is the worlds best guitarist?
I want to find where the ulead4 is?
What do you think about my voice?
What are you good at?
What are the best cover songs to play at a bar acoustically??
Im looking to buy a Soprano Trombone/Slide Trumpet and I'm wondering what the best brand is?
Is a Cececlio Purple Alto Saxophone a decent instrument?
What should I do?!?
guitar string hits fretboard?
who is the female lead in twelth night?
magicians? why do so many of you buy magic, deem its too hard to do and not pursue it?
All i wanna do for a living is play music in bands?
What guitar would be better?
GUYS: what are your turn ons and turn offs?
How fast should a musician be able to learn a piece of music?
the best how to play guitar instruction books?
where can i find the sofia Gubaidulina Viola Concerto sheet music?
What is the difference between Boss OD-3 and and Danelectro Drive?
I need some epic songs with lyrics!?
What song should I preform for my Talent Show?
How to Start a Band?
I need HElP to find a name of a poem?
Band students: Is marching band fun?
should i quit guitar?
How do you get songs to play together during a jam session?
Is the Piccolo an uncommon instrument?
Help finding a long-lasting, mid priced guitar?
Ibanez RG350DX? Good Guitar? What do you think?
I have my grade 8 piano exam tomorrow and feel unprepared!?
What is a good name for this pantomime?
Can anyone be good at guitar?
Where can I buy a custom flute crown?
my boyfriend has a violin performance tonight that he has a big solo in what would be a good gift to give him?
need a broadway female duet?
What is a good book on how to make oboe reeds?
How can I play loud music in public?
Is legacy a good Alto sax. Brand?
what was the name of the baby Murfy Brown had on the t.v. show?
I want to learn how to play the guitar...?
Big Decision! Please Help!!?
How do you play, " somebody to love" by justin bieber on acoustic guitar?
What's my vocal type?
When you string an acoustic guitar does it matter what string you put on witch loop the head?
I'm 17 starting piano... is it too late for me to become at the range of a concert pianist? (song attached)?
Top performing arts schools in New York that would accept me?
Does anyone know where & how I can get piano music to the original compisition to "My Heart Will Go On"?
How to fix muted/dead banjo tone?
can you play a piano if you already play a keyboard?
Will a step team improve my dancing?
How to become a great wizard nd a great confessor?
Mujer en el espejo?
How many songs can a tribute band play for one artist?
loud screeching noise when switching chord on acoustic guitar?
What is the best brand of solid body electric guitar?
Most Impressive Magic Trick?
I'm very nervous about audition? Any tips please? HELP?
What do you think of my acting?
What Instrument do you play? Or if you have played one in the past?
can i impersonate michale jackson?
Should I go to the audition.?
can u give me any songsthat i can sing ?
Can a freshmen play piccolo for marching season?
Casting Directors for Musicals: What 'type' of characters in musicals would suit me best?
What's the best guitar chord learning method software, program or book?
What is a good stage name?
what facials should i do for these dances? ballet musical theatre and jazz? at would you like to ask?
can i put a batter base drum head on the front of my bass?
What was your favorite marching band field show in high school?
"Saturday in the Park" by Chicago: Is the 10 note horn run-up in the bridge that ends G an Eb major scale?
Pickups used in Jerry Garcia's Wolf, circa 1974?
How do i do a backbend?
should I go to lipa or brit skwl or lipa?
Help Help Help!!!..... Part of Sandy (Seriously easy 10 points :D) ?
anyone like Gluck?
What's a name of a solo that's generally easy for the Alto Saxophone?
how can i sight sing?
What is your favorite musical?
Ladies, 35-50 years, do you regualrly shave the bikini zone? Do you Dare to be Bare or is Fun in the Fur?
“If you had to enter a talent competition tomorrow, what would you more than likely do on stage?
When is it too last to start gymnastics?
What electric guitar should I buy?
How do I win Miss Congeniality?
do music schools like it if you can play more than 1 instrument?
How can I fake an American Accent?
What three major events effected the Beatles during their era(late 50s early 60s)?
Do I look old enough to play 25 in a show?
What type of guitar should I buy?
Should I take Photography or Modern Dance?
Come up with a vision for a potential production of 'Hamlet'?
On your period as a dancer?
Do you agree with this quote from the film 'The US vs John Lennon'? Why or why not?
what is the best guitar piece for an assessment?
Anyone have some tips on teaching guitar to myself?
how to become a voice dubbing artist?
What do I need to make oboe reeds?
Is there Chinese love songs that are like american soap opera's or musical's?
Which is usually more expensive;a clarinet, a flute?
where can i find skits for kids performed by one person but containing 3 characters?
can someone help me by helping me find talent agents?
Help with child learning piano?
I can sing really good. except i am super shy =// what should i do?
Best University in England for Acting/Playwright?
I'm a good singer, but I can't sing well in front of strangers. I have a scholarship audition soon. Advice?
Is it hard to learn how to play guitar ?
What yoga asanas are good to practice while spinning poi?
Good metal/metalcore/post hardcore bands that play in Drop D tuning?
I need two one minute female contrasting monologues from published plays?
how much would it cost to get a new bridge put on an acoustic guitar and have it restrung in a repair store?
What's my talent , does everyone have some sort of talent ?
What would be a good instrument to learn?
What was it that you got the unforgettable applause for?
Get sheet music or similar sheet music from the essential elements 2000 alto sax book 2?
What is a scale on guitar?
Whats good for someone to drink when they sing a lot?
Which of these 2 guitar amps should I get?(fetures and everything about the amps included)?
Can I get any cheap violin lessons in Toronto?
Should Kristen Stewart considered one of the greatest actresses of all time ?
Good opera songs for a first soprano?
where can i find some snare drum battle planning music?
Is OCHSA hard to get into?
what are the time period eras of symphony music (romantic, baroque ect)?
i need a great male song to sing in church?
What is the next date that the Stereophonics will be performing live?
How do I protect my script?
What is that long thing inside a metronome called?
Will an accoustic guitar work for learning how to solo well?
what are the risks of being a musician?
What is Public Funding for an Performing Arts Project?
What was your first guitar that you learned on? A acoustic or electric?
I need some monologue, song, poem, articulate, etc, about the racialism?
What is the strongest marching snare head?
Where should I start if I want to do voice acting?
I am singing in an Art song competition and....?
What song should I sing for my audtition?
What are some good schools for Recording Arts?
How do I find my natural talent?
Does anybody know if the First Act Guitar Acoustic is okay?
so this girl i like i coming over tomorrow and i need to know a good song to play for her on the keyboard.?
how to develope my speed in classical guitar?
Does anyone know of good skits or ideas for skits?
Dotted quarter note tempo?
Where can I buy acoustic guitar tabs online ?
Have i finally gotten over my stage fright ?
monologs? know any??
Oboe or Clarinet or Flute - which to learn?
What is the best flute for my 10th grade intermediate flute player Amadeus AF700BOF or Yamaha 461II?
How do I protect my script?
What are the simple guitar chords for "Dream On" by Aerosmith?
What is the difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar by its sound and notes?
How do I fully prepare for a piano examanation?
does anyone know any good 1 person skits that i can preform in a talent show...reasonably long...??
I have stage fright and I have a program tongiht?
Whatever happened to the Original Pin-Up Girl, Bettie Paige?
I want to play keyboards, can you recommend any up to £100?
Something is up with my guitar?
How do I become what I want to become?
Is this monologue okay for drama class? PLEASE ANSWER!?!?
On buying my first electric guitar?
In a women's choir, is treble two soprano two?
Anyone know of some good classical music guitar tab books?
the best grammy performance of all time?
How can I produce a small, inexpensive puff of smoke for a scene in a high school musical?
How do we do away with scripts in theatre?
Fiddle tabs?
monolouge for tryout?
Does English Horn march?
Could a play such as "Waiting for Godot" could be done in the fashion of a Cirque Du Soleil show? would u go?
Who are some good traditional Native American Musicians?
Acoustic guitar anyone?
My braces keep cutting into my lip when I play clarinet?
Does anyone know where i can find the full Corpse Bride script?
How much would my guitar cost?
Cats The Musical?
How to cure a cold fast for performance?
What is a good guitar to buy for someone trying to learn to play for the first time?
do you have to live in dallas tx to go to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts?
SINGER-ACTOR . who's the singer that we could call him a real actor ?
Whats a good music store that will sell guitars for a beginner?
is there i site that helps u how to sing?
on the flute, iif the key signature for a piece of music is 2 sharps, then what are you supposed to play?
How can I find good guitar lessons and effective praticing?
When choosing an electric guitar, does brand matter?
I need Violin help!!!?
What Taylor Swift Song should i sing and play guitar to for a bgt audition?
Strengthen and toughen my fingers for playing guitar?
Is it wrong to pursue acting because my role model is an actor?
Am i too old to start Piano lessons?
Auditioning for the role of Ariel in Footloose. What should I sing?
is a tuner needed for a clarinet?
Are saxophones dangerous?
How can I become a famous singer?
What is the best way to learn how to play piano?
My parents doesn't support me wanting to do music when I get older?
hey guys do you know any good place in mumbai where you can buy a second hand piano in mum?
Good Lines To Practice With For An Anime Voice Over?
What is the music played in the original Dracula?
What musical part would you most like to play and why?
Why are Enter Shikari allowed to live?
What is a good song to sing for a high school audition?
I did something so crazy need help.....?
dance camps?
Which scales should I learn to play first on keyboard?
practicing trumpet with old cranky neighbors?
Is Julian Lloyd Weber blind?
Highschool orchestras?..?
Seriously need someones opinion whose funny!!?
Thinking of buying a solid body ukulele?
Permanent vocal damage!!!!!?
where can i find sing sing sing with harry james's solo written out for trumpet?
How fast should a musician be able to learn a piece of music?
Im in L.A. Ca, Does ANYONE know if and when The Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables is coming back?
Is it easy to teach yourself to play guitar?
Looking to buy a piano keyboard.?
Who is the young Russian opera singer training with Kiri Te Kenawa?
Can you suggest a beginner art song for my college music audition?
What shall I name my guitar?
What instrument should i play?
I watched a sickening video the other night about what really happens to elephants behind the scenes?
Piano action regulation problems?
What is your own special talent?
Where can I find info on Opera Shows and Music Concerts?
where or how do i learn magic/illusions??
Review of WICKED the musical?
What is the difference between realism and naturalism?
Takamine G260C-WR vs Washburn EA10 or anything else?
country fiddle music?
When you strum on a guitar do you only strum the strings you hold down?
Im dressing up for halloween as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. How can I get a syringe to stick out of my chest?
does piano consider as an instrument?
Best gauge of guitar strings?
Audition Advice and *IMPORTANT* Question!!!!!?
suggestions for fundraisers for a highschool marching band?
Can I use a A type Clarinet in band class well will my teacher allow it?
Anybody watch the Royal Variety Performance?
I want to be an actress on disney. Does anyone know people who work there.?
How important is an AUTHORIZED Martin luthier?
How do you get discovered?
Would anyone be interested in a blog about someone's progress in guitar?
What instrument should i learn to play?
Music theory--I play the trumpet.?
Playing guitar: hard for fingers to move apart?
Why won't my guitar make the right sound?
Why Not Just B Natural? Why the C Flat?
Where do you buy pick guards for acoustic guitars?
*HELP PLEASE* Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
Male ballet dancers body?
Ideas for a flashy violin piece to play at a competition?
favrit color?
What Beatles songs use an Acoustic?
I have a guitar question please help me?
How do you produce a script?
A teenager want to start playing will change his behavior?
What is this thing that goes across the sound hole in a guitar?(video in description)?
why would you even care about this guy?
If you really cannot sing well, can you still go to singing lessons?
What songs i should sing and play in the guitar?
Good violin stores in Pennsylvania? Please answer!?
How do you properly play fretboard diagrams ?
does anyone know what it takes to get on Broadway?
how can i tell wether or not i can sing? i love to but dont have the confidence to sing infront of people.?
How can i get better in playing a guitar?
If I didn't like flute would I like piccolo?
Does anyone know a good contempory theatrical text? A monologue that lasts for a minute?
what is the easiest flying V guitar to play?
the birds and the bees?
would it be a good idea to switch to bass guitar to become more flexible?
how quick can I learn the guitar?
Learning how to play guitar is hard how do I get better?
how do i become a good actor - theatre , filmi, bathroom , anything?
How do u get accepted to a colloge that u dont have to play for ?
Modeling audition tips!?
How are video game music composed?
What are Good Solos For Women (Alto-Soprano)? Theatre!!?
What Instrument Should I Play?
Why do you play guitar?
To You: Which Guitar Seems Better ?
How to read this guitar tab part?
Does anyone know where i can find scripts for a play online?
who was the original artist of Raw Hide?
which electric violin is better?
If I want to start learning violin, which is the first violin I should buy?
Do whammy bars work without springs?
Easiest instrument to play?
Do comedy clubs allow teens to preform?
Metric Displacement in Music?
What are the lyrics to the entire Turandot opera?
What program do you use so when you type it will say it in a robotic voice but kind of sing it?
Why do you like marching band?
is it all India know how to sing?
And what happens when reality..just isn't anymore..?
how can i get in the spotlight?
Recording, band practice, and instrumental advice?
how would i get rid of stage fright?
need song ideas for musical theatre duet?
Are there any truly free music download sites?
Can you help me write a quick 3 minute play?
What are the origins behind Swan Lake and how has it evolved over time?
Is never let me go a good modern/lyrical dance song?
celebrities as role models?
How well is John Robert Powers acting agency?
worried about my career? singing/ acting?
I need a boy girl duet?
Paramore - We Are Broken keyboard notes?
Restringing an Ibanez for lefty?
check monologue please help!?
What requirements does an actress need???
Modern songs for piano?
How to play different rhythms with your hands on the piano?
What do you think of Cio-cio-san's character in Madama Butterfly?
modeling classes for teens?
is it true that if you can play the guitar, you can play the banjo?
Problems....with Flute!?
What types of musicals are West side Story, Singin in the Rain and Hairspray?
How Do You Know if You Can Sing Well ?
Will drilling 4 more holes into my snare drum hurt it?
What is the greatest live performance of any song?
Do Asian actors get any good roles?
I need more info on the behringer autoquad XR 2400?
How is my singing? Is it okay?
only local people may come in?
What is a plot?LANGUAGE ARTS?
are there any music producers in the house?
What brand of reeds are best on a Bass Clarinet?
duty of artistic and music director in an orchestra?
SONG NEEDED ASAP!!!! (for audition)?
Help with performing on stage for audition?
Which chromatic harmonica should I buy?
Help with my flute... Intonation problem...?
How do you play the D# harmonic near the beginning of Portrait of Tracy by Jaco Pastorius?
What do you do if you don't have any courage while playing your instrament?
Changing key with Saxophone?
what career is a good one for going into the arts? HELP?! going to highschool need to know what to take?
Exercises to help you play piano with two hands?
What French Horn mouthpiece would be best to extend(not do the work for me but help) my range upwards.?
Some good soprano solos?? Italian, Latin, or French?
wut r the notes for happy birthday on the g major scale for violin??????????????????????????????????…
Which trombone should I get....or keep?
Tips on script writing?
Anyone good at singing and is willing to lend a helping hand?
I need a funny monologue about a psychotic female. Anyone help?
Do u like one direction?
What I should do for for Marching band?
Do you despise people who say "marching band is not a sport?"?
Who has a better custom shop: Paul Reed Smith vs. ESP vs. Schecter?
Is it possible to learn the guitar online for free?
Lady gaga concert tickets? Trusted Websites?
is a hollow body electric guitar too advanced?
I 've been trying to get the name and the singer of a beautiful song through its lyrics, can you help me?
What is a good Opera on dvd to write a reaction paper?
Will the Sac. Ballet Co. have a performance in April?
Are there any websites looking for talent that don't cost money?
Can i play guitar without a capo?
Is anyone capable of playing guitar?
Help with time signatures?
Is there a name for this guitar trick?
Just found out my gymnastics teacher is also a stripper!!?