Performing Arts

Is this a baritone singer?
Is This Normal For A Guitar?
wat song is betta 4 a performance?
guitar writing tips?
Who can I contact to help my son get an scholarship to go to Berkely School of Music?My son is USA/Peruvian.?
were can i biy a copy of G.F Handell's the masshia .used is not a proublem,perfer good condtion?
what talent would you like to do eg singing,dancing,comedian,acting,panting?
Best acoustic guitar to buy for a college student?
Does anyone know any good duet songs for two females?
How would the Phantom of the Opera have sex?
How can I make money with card tricks?
i need an agent anyone?
What is the proper way to sing?
can kids under 18 watch?
What is the back story/ history of FAME THE MUSICAL?
Where can i find scripts for skits and dramas?
what is the easiest musical instrument to play?
about how much is studio time?
What's wrong with my voice and how can I correct it?
Looking for ppl in and around Sulphur, Louisiana to start a band with. Interested?
How can i teach her to play clarinet?
Truss rod problem?????????
How to not lose ones voice? 10 points!?
Where can I find free alto saxophone sheet music for yakety sax?
Guitar Tab. Ultimate Guitar Help.?
Is the banjo an easy instrument to play?
Can breaking a guitar string hurt you?
Phantom of the opera??
What is the best way to practice?
¿Did ATB do a material with Tiësto?
Paiste Ride Cymbal?
Alternatives to voice lessons?? Singers, Please Help!!?
I'm looking to take up violin. I'm going to rent-to-own. Should I use a website or a store?
How do I sing?
How do i sing better?
Guitar Center Question?
Where is the best place to sit when seeing a broadway musical?
how do you find the grade level for a piece of music?
Is Chopin's Berceuse in Db Major considered a "major" work?
How to play loud on trombone?
Are there free ballot classes for preteens and teens in the U.S.?
Want a Recorder!!?
If tickets are sold out on Ticket Master, will they be sold out at the actual Showbox where they will preform?
Where is the the setting of Terra Nova by Ted Tally start?
How would you count a group of 7 32nd notes while you're in subdivision?
Phantom of the Opera Tickets for Sale/Exchange?
What monologue should I do!?
I cant play guitar without a capo?
What do you think of serial killers?
Relatively easy but effective Shakespeare monologue?
How do people seriously play instruments?
French horn players' acceptance rate into Juilliard?
Which guitar do you think I should buy out of these two?
I got a Peavey VK 212, wondering how to get good metal sound?
what do you think of these lyics?
Where i can learn a good drums solo tutorial in the net?
Do you have to pay for an audition for a talent competition?
do you think I have the voice?
How do i get free sheet music for the phantom of the opera?
Help! Singers please! Advice!!!?
What is the difference between Romanticism and Realism?
Whats A Good Age To Start Playing Guitar?
what are the risks of being a musician?
What can you do to stop stage fright?
Where can I get a copy of the instrumental music played in Disneyland Paris at Christmas?
What are some good topics for a speech competition????
this is my ?
Does anyone have a photo of a Starforce guitar headstock logo?
Could anyone become a good singer?
How do I Buy Danzon no. 2 by marquez for first violin?
A performance (need help)??please?
Can anyone recomend me any good intermediate level violin solo's i can play?
Should I learn how to play a Saxophone?
Where can I watch traditional dance performances in Singapore?
If you were a talented singer, would you pursue your dreams or finish college first?
how to get over stage fright??
If I get an acoustic electric guitar...?
How much would a libretto vocal book for hairspray cost if it's used?
How can I improve in voice acting?
How Can a Harmony Singer in a Worship Band Get the Crowd Into a State of Worship?
Is Andrew Lloyd Webber going to make another version of the phantom anytime soon?
How hard will it be for me to pick up the trumpet again?
The Best Way To Increase Your Guitar Strength And Speed?
how do i whistle?
Why is my clarinet squeaking when nothing is wrong with the way i'm playing it?
Which Southern California city.........................?
Can you play guitar in single notes?
Emergency Musical audition help?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
Anyone want a bagpipe set?
Percussion instruments?
Im confused with this?
What audition song should I use?
What are the dates of the Bare Bones Dance Show at UCI?
How do we learn advanced guitar?
where can i find bella's lullaby sheet music?
Is this normal? should i be worried?
what are some good jazz solos to sing for an audition?
what is the difference between a play and drama?
Is a monologue from an adaptation of an old Greek play considered classical?
What musical theatre songs can really show off my voice?
Do you really think the violinist Paganini sold his soul to the devil?
What are the acoustic guitar chords for What makes you beautiful by one direction?
whats the name of the instrument that looks like a flute but you hold forward?
Many talents but no Passion...?
Any choreographers in Rhode island
Button Box Accordion?
Where can I (legally) purchase acoustic Byrds music?
What are chamber music ensembles?
bass guitar positions?
was this a good performance?
Could i become a very good salsa dancer?
"GILLIGANS ISLAND" themed party, upon arrival they have been rescued what would B cute items/notes left bhind?
LLAM is an acronym. It has to do with qualifications and LAMDA. Who can explain it?
How can I start myself out as a part time stand up comedian?
Help learning guitar?
How does a beginner go about shopping for his first guitar?
Is there any movie prop websites.?
how do you play a AM7 BM7 and a Dsus on bass?
I need a song that is really easy to sing!?
i wanna learn black magic......can any1 tell me where i can get books or website learning material????????
How to shred on guitar?
what is happening to the members of (ABBA)the disdanded hit musicians of the 70s?
Taylor NS62CE good??????
How do you do a handspring at home with no help or soft carpet or flooring?
Where can I learn more about guitar?
Need some acting tips!!!!?
any one know?
what is a good age fo a child to start playing piano?
What's a good song to sing for a Middle School talent show?
have to do a pantomine
When will the ncs start recruiment?
Is the Dean Markley DMC-40 amp made for acoustic or electric guitar?
Does anyone know where I can download a great keyboard transcription of Beethoven's 7th symphony?
How can I learn to scream and improve vocal range?
Getting better at trumpet?
How to not be nervous at auditions???!!!!?
Looking for an appropriate Piano Learning book?
If you don't know how to play solos well does that make you a bad guitarist?
Guitar or Bass Guitar?
What is a good stuck-up sounding (like a step-sister) audition song?
What composer do you look up to the most?
A song for a performance about natural disasters?
On what website can i get the piano sheet for shadow of the day by linkin Park?
Can anyone help answer my concern?
How many inches across is the lower bout of a Washburn EA-22 Nuno Bettencourt Festival guitar?
what is the largest instrument in the orchestra?
how to built up confidence in me...i sing really well but get dump on stage..?
A Good acoustic guitar for £50 ish?
acoustic guitar chords for "a world apart" by vedera?
Im looking for an uptempo Female Solo or duet?
How can i get my Guitar Pick out of my Guitar!?!?
What is the pattern to crochet a scallop edge on a blanket?
is taylor swift's song hard to play on guitar?
Which flute should I buy?
how to record yourself singinging without a real camera?
Is the Kramer Jersey Star guitar reissue good?
Who can write me a quick monologue?
what are the notes for a flute chromatic scale? ?
whats this world class band in japan?
What to name my clarinet...?
whats alice coopers realname?
Is 14-years-old too late to learn piano?
where can i find an instrumental version of "big bow wow"?
Harmony guitar value? H162?
how do you become a food vendor at warped tour?
What are some really good upbeat songs with A LOT OF PERSONALITY?
is it hard to learn how to play jeremy by Pearl Jam on the guitar hard?
Do you always have to move to Hollywood to become a Filmmaker?
What steps do you need to take in order to successfully get a girl in bed?
What can I practice on my guitar?
is it easy to play 1,2,3,4 by the plain white t's on the guitar for a beginner?
I have a recent french horn range problem. Professional advice much appreciated, please?
I want to learn to play rock/metal guitar, but don't have the money for lessons?
What is the best site to find guitar songs to play?
Roller Skating Party?!?!?!?
What was Adams phone # to vote for him? for 5/12/09.?
In your opinion, how would you best prepare for playing the role of Marian Paroo in "The Music Man" ?
Glasgow Am Dram!!?
What kind of drum set should i get for begging metalcore stuff?
if you taught yourself how to play guitar, do you have any tips for me?
Did the guitar originate from the lute?
What's a good instrument you can teach yourself?
Break up monologues for girls?
what does the saying break a leg mean like when u go on stage?
Is it really hard to play the guitar?
Any middle school musical ideas?
How much could i get out of these guitars?
Little mermaid on Broadway tour?
What are some cool acoustic guitar songs that i can sing to get me laid?
Is the piano or guitar harder to learn?
I`m 15, How do I learn circus arts?
What does guitar center usually pay for used gear?
What would you do if you met EminƎm?!?
IM looking for a frank zappa album/recording? HELP?
Should I try out for America's Got Talent?
Band Camp...........?
What is the name of Herbie Hancock's latest album?
WBA and Miss west in 1923??
Splits help me pleasee?
8 beats for a whole note in 6/8 time?
Suzanne Weyn 'Empty'?
What kind of acoustic guitar schould i get?
My son wants to play guitar he is only four which is easier electric or acoustic?
Anyone here playing double bass?
Violin, Viola and Cello?
Easy dancing chareography for musical school auditions?
What is a good guitar for a beginner but will still be useful, far after I've learned all there is too know?
What is the best acoustic guitar I can get?
where can i find the lyrics for the song The Moment (Short Chorus Mix) by vargo?
What is the BEST acting summer camp/program in NYC?
I need a monologue that will stir emotion?
Starting playing piano?
Can someone recommend me a good performing arts university in new york?
Speed Kills Metal Method?
Anyone ever heard of, met or seen Rasta Eruore Ariyeonoga?
Help me become a better dancer?
I have to do a part in a play as an old senile, yet smart man..?
Help with a band name?
what material can be used to build own guitar?
how can i get more sustain??!??!?!?
Is pre pointe needed?
Is there any other music that would be well suited at a Sweet 16 other than...?
Dance information please?
What constitutes as being a part of the "traditional broadway repertoire?"?
What kind of guitar strings should I put on my Gretsch hollow bodied electric guitar?
Do old acoustic guitars sound better?
Can playing in a concert/marching band damage your hearing?
i need to find the FLUTE version of bellas lullaby!! i really need it as soon as possible!!?
Can People See You When You are Marching in Marching Band?
What are good performance songs for a jazz/blues alto voice?
I can sing act and dance i want to be an actress can anyone help me im 16?
Who is the woman in the picture?
Can learning to play piano help you learn to sing?
Anyone know a great FREE website to learn how to play the guitar?
Can you provide information on a flute?
Guitar amp emits buzzing noise... HOWEVER....?
How to measure drum skin tension?
Songs for Mother's Day.?
where can i get violin notes?
What was the best live performance you've ever seen? (music )?
okay i have signed up for cabaret for school but im not really sure what song i should do...any ideas?
When did Cameron become a philanthropist?
How do yo feel when you feel the word MUSIC?
monologue suggestions short/funny?
Is it absolutely necessary that a guitar player be able to shred?
Acoustic Guitars for beginners...?
How can I improve my guitar playing and fret fingering speed?
how many professional ensembles actully use contrabass clarinets?
Suggestions for a miming performance????
What is my talent?(Im confused)?
how do they do quick changes at the circus?
how to use guitar tabs?
What is a good song for a middle school chorus to sing in a concert?
what exercises or warmups can i do before singing?
What is "horo"?
Audition tomorrow, help!?
Help with a video?????????????
Electric guitar?
What are the methods to study nuceic acid and protein interactions?
ok this may be a bit of a dumb question...but...?
How can I make my voice more grungier?? Like Kurt Cobain?
tap dancing :D?
Basic requirements for high school color guard?
What is the purpose of and "Act" In a play?
How to read chord diagram?
did biggie smalls have any talent?
Is this a good headshot?
Proper way to clean the inside of a guitar amplifier?
Best DVD for learning bellydance/ tribal bellydance?
My fingers want to move and play the wrong note in piano?
Is 19 too late to learn the Violin ?
Gibson Les Paul or Fender Tele or Fender Strat?
What would be a good Cello Concerto to play for a competition?
Upright pianoss cheappp?
What does the Boss FS-5U do?
hey any one intrested in starting a a Capella group?
Is it a bad idea to audition for contemprorary with no experience?
where can I buy a concertina made by Cozzy?
Is this song too overdone?
Did anyone see Madonna's performance at Live Earth in London?
Beginning bass player, where do I start? I have no idea?
Does this sound like a good stage name?
What's a pretty song in Italian that I could sing for a high school choir audition?
Why does my sister always sing?
How do i sing like this?
HELP please?
Help! My singing voice changes when I sing for people?
How do I tell my brother to not fear stage fright?
Need to change instrument for marching?
What is two pianos being played at the same time called?
What are things you need to bring for a piano performance at NYSSMA(reply ASAP)?
Does a matched set of tubes sound better than mismatched tubes?
What do you think about my singing? any tips?
How many male ballet dancers are in the world?
im on americas got talent what should i sing?
im starting to play the guitar and i need to kno the best one for a beginner?
i need ideas!!!!!?
when and where was the first ballet preformed?
How to look like you've been crying?
When will LeGrande Cirque play in Youngstown, OH and price?
how do you get over writers block and stage fright?
How do you make a GCSE gymnastics routine?
What type of guitar is best for a beginner?
Whats a good male song for Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions?
5 Minute Dramatic Speech?
Help with playing Open-Holed Flute?
Good acoustic guitars?
Can anyone tell me a good song for a guy and girl to sing for a duet?
how do you play ode to joy on the recorder?
Talent show confidence tricks and song ideas?
Who here agrees that colorguard is the BEST sport ever.?
Why does my pinky curve inwards when playing the guitar?
Anyone want a bagpipe set?
How much is this Taylor Guitar worth?
Is There a Better Recording or Artist's Interpretation....?
Tenor or Bari Sax donation?
folks song to sing at a school audition?
what are limits of artistic expression ?
Where can I find the fingerings for all three octave viola arpeggios online for free?
Spanish Guitar Method Book?
I'm doing a pageant and need some help?
Oboe and Tenor Saxophone?
Is this a reasonable price for a guitar?
What Row Do I Have To Be In At A Concert To Get To The STAGE When The Concert Starts?
Learning to play guitar and I need help?
How long does it take to learn how to play the drums?
How can I get back my embochure after not playing the trumpet for 2 years?
the biggest fear is coming true - please help me!?
I lost my guitar pick, what do you recommend I use instead?
What do you think of Julia Roberts on stage in Broadway?
Is this guitar worth buying?
guitar for a beginner?
I have a question about a movie. Please help?
What classical piece is played in the movie Love Actually?
Identify This (Woodwind) Instrument?
Need HELP for a stage names.?
where online can i find some good solo guitar christmas tunes?
Will There be any room for the EMGs battery in my mexi Fender Strat?
Dare to Dream...Act?
Guitar solos?
Where can I find vocal lessons?
Creative Arts Emmys 2009?
What should I name my guitar?
stage name that starts with M?
how to become a model/actress in new york?
hey, i need a script for a play called "clap Trap", what do you have?
Any experienced instrument player please help.?
Homemade musical instrument any ideas please?
the death of Lenny Bruce?
I need the fingering chart for the three octave chromatic scale for the flute please.?
So, I'm preparing for an audition...?
Where is Johnny Mathis?
Tips for home produced headshots?
Can you help me think of a talent?
Does anyone have advice for beatbox funk guitar?
Is an Upright Bass to loud for home use even with a mute?
Do you think I sing good?
how to make better tone quality on my flute when i play a high A?
what is a great way to practice my drumline stuff at home?
where can i find the original nytw script of rent online?
Should I pursue Acting or a career in Business?
Question about the "Fermata"?
What is a good (cheap) clarinet for marching band?
What are the top 3 music schools in the U.S.A.?
How can I convince my parents to let me join marching band?
is playing a flute cool?
What is a good Michael Jackson song to sing?
i wanna be a singer and i luv to sing but i am to shy what do i do?
Basics in dancing for musical theatre?
Did Didi Conn (Frenchy) sing any songs in Grease?
What is a good Mezzo-Soprano or alto song to sing for a performance?
What are some careers that involve instrumentalists and musicians?
Not overly cheesey Musical Theatre Song, help!?
Need a song for an audition!?
How do you create fake rocks and bolders for a stage play?
I want to get into some kind of guitar lesson, but I'm not sure how to approach this?
Why didnt Brecht set Threepenny Opera in Germany?
How do I play piano without coming off as a conceded show-off doughebag?
Can you sever a finger playing the viola da gamba if a string snaps?
Chant Premier tenor sax solo?
What grade do you think i am at acoustic guitar?
How do I found out what model my Epiphone guitar is if it doesn't have a serial number?
what is a good easter song to do an easter mime dance to?
guitar thumb position "neck" ?
how can i sing over middle c and is it not that high for a guy?
How to tune your guitar down ?
What makes a good singer?
Should I play the clarinet or the flute?
how to become a stand up comedian?
do u guyz think that male or female models should be tall and handsome?
Teaching myself to play guitar?
I Bent My Guitar pickup?
Anyone up for a?
Which instrument should I play?
Instruments used in the Fugees - Killing me Softly?
hiphop is GOOD OR BAD?
Please I need your help!?
Within a week of learning how to scream, I can't scream anymore, please help!?
How can i stay hygrated without having to use the bathroom a lot?
!!! What Brand of Electric guitar is good to buy?
which is you most appreciated male atcor(movies or other plays)?
Highschool level monologues?
Do you know my age ?
I want to teach myself how to play guitar?
What second instrument should I take up?
Does anyone have a Buffet R13 Clarinet?
how can i do a front walkover without a full backbend?
Guitar beginner. Chromatic scale. Help?
What are good duet songs?
learning to play keyboard/Piano?
I have a 15 inch kiso suzuki viola made in 1978. very good condition. value?
Is there a 'Macbeth' movie out there that's in actual movie form, and not play?
can i use acoustic guitar with pick up as electric?
suggestions with the performance/ where to find the music fortime of your life by green day?
Age of Buffet flute recently acquired?
Years on the Acoustic Yamaha's symbols.?
my 5 year old wants to play the violin, would that be wise to start her on the violin instead of another..?
Any good names for guitar/music shop?
How is the broadway play mamma mia?
What is a good name for a band with 4 members?
Guitar Experts? How on earth do I read this?
What are the letters called when you write letters instead of music notes?
What notes are the concert F scale? (Clarinet)?
so you think you can dance?
Music translated to tablature?
How can i play my guitar without looking at my left (fretting hand)?
Accomplice sample Script?
Help with violin?
Guitar help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What songs are good to learn for classical guitar.?
Performing Arts - sorry about the previous message?
What is the easiest instrument to play?
Hello, I have several jazzmusic projects that I am trying to sell to third world countries and I can't?
Does anyone know where I can find an orchestra sheet music translation of Nothing Else Matters - Metallica S&M?
does anyone know of a really good song to sing if you're a girl??
What's RioFunk bass solo?
Why do I always leave my clarinet at home?
What's your opinion? Piano or guitar?
What is a good instrument that might get you a scholarship?
How hard is it to learn how to play the guitar?
Which string instrument do you prefer?
How do you pickpocket by bumping?
i just decided i wanted to learn acoustic guitar & i need help pleasee! easy 10 :)?
Penn State Blue Band Question!?
what are the odds of me being a mainstream jazz or opera singer w/o any previous training, but amazing talent?
I need a song for a Godspell Audition!!!?
beginner songs to learn on electric guitar?
What is your true talent?
What guitar chord is this?
methods of arnold schoenberg?
I really like singing.......?
What does a "Dancer's Lines" mean?
How to play Alternative Metal on guitar?
Could I play the piccolo? Current advanced flute player?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how awesome is this?
Difference between Distortion and Overdrive Pedals?
Any Tips For The Next Verse?
How much should I ask for for a second-hand SX bass?
What is a good taco?
What are some musicals similar to RENT that people reccomend?
after 10 years i picked up the violin again :)?
britains got talent 2009?
A quick theatre/textiles question?
is the french horn tenor or alto?
Is there a classification for a person who is a bodybuilder?
Should I take a girl to Blue Man Group or Cirque Du Soleil?
Whjo in opera sings the national anthem and where can I get it on cd?
Which musical instrument?
Has anyone gone to the Phantom of the Opera?
Anyone want a guitar?
im trying to learn chord progression?
Are George Schlatter (creator of Laugh In)and John W. Schlatter (author of I Am A Teacher) related? Thank You?
what bass guitar to get?
Can you give me some tips?
i need help finding a pin up name?
what is the dumbest thing to do?
What choices do I have at 16 shy and not very experienced?
Why do many people believe they’re a GREAT SINGER and have such WONDERFUL VOICE, while in fact they do NOT?!?
Is there any differance in sound playing f sharp minor in these two different ways?
Cique singers????????????????
How Do You Become A Music Manger?
Are sensitive people also very creative?
Looking for new trumpet??
Is electric keyboard the same as a piano?
WWI Songs for Violin?
My saxophone won't play a G or under it a leak?
How high can guitar strings tune too?
Poem search?
what to wear to high school forensics invitational?
Learning to play a keyboard?
Who actually knows what a Donkey punch is?
Do you think I can sing?
how to march and play the mellophone?
Criss Angel, Real or Fake? Whats your opinion.?
beginners songs for our band?
i want to take guitar lessons but...?
How to break in a reed (clarinet)?
What gift should i get for my conductor?
Is Aristotle still right? Is plot still the most important part of present-day live drama and filmed drama?
Good songs for me to learn? (Guitar)?
where can I take an acrobatics class?
I wanna buy an acoustic guitar,any recommendations?
Is dance (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, modern,ect...) considered a sport?? i think so!!!!!?
How can I get more air in my lungs so I can play trombone better?
Is it possible for adults to learn to play an instrument?
acting opportunities in the dallas fort worth area?
How can I get ready for an acting agency interview?
how can i become a werewolf?
If you are in a school band, where did you learn to play your instrument?
I want to Runaway to the circus!?
How do I know if my 6 hours per week guitar practice is enough to get better fast?
How early should I get to a general admissions Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys concert?
Does anyone know where i can get a FREE copy or the Annie script and/or song lyrics?
I need a quiet musical instrument that I can learn in secret...?
What are the best songs to sing to a girl to make her fall in love with you?
How to make/where to buy cheap peasant costumes?
nasally voice?
What are good monologues to practice to myself?
How do I play these notes on the saxaphone?
How long do you think it takes to become flexible?
Learning how to play bass?
Why must I keep tuning my guitar?
I want to put on a show! How can I do it and cheap?
Bippitty boppitty Bip?
Help with songwriting?
MIMES!, I hate MIMES, how do you feel about them?
Is it normal for new guitar strings to...?
Itzhak Perlman?
how can i get better at music?
WHA WAH! Watching people is amazing?
Trying to set up stage lights to alternate with each beat of my bass drum. Any suggestions?
Should I stop playing the guitar?
Inmate Monologues?
Funny 10 min. monologues for girls?
recording music?
how can i learn an accent other than my own?
I am Trying to write a musical! But I am struggling with the manuscript!?
Villainous Monologue...?
Who or what is "Harry Komo"?
Can I tech myself how to play the guitar?
I just took the strings off my guitar and the bridge and tail fell off!?
What is the normal size of a Acoustic Guitar?
What song should I sing and play on guitar for a school variety show?
Franz Hoffmann Violin?
how to buy little big band music sheets and charts?
Audition Songs/Monologues for teen girls?
Pick slides down strings slightly?
Anyone know a brass octet for 2 trpts, 2 hrns, 2 tbns, 2 tubas for advanced players?
where to sell my guitar?
What clubs in Los Angeles can I do Open Mic (Comedy).?
Trying to find DVD Comedian Yokav smirnoff As long as we both shall laugh 2004?
My daughter is 12 years old and would like to start playing the guitar. and i have a few questions?
Where can I publicly play guitar? just wondering?
where can i buy a bugs bunny suit like the one at six flags?
How do i train my fingers to perfrom a bar chord while playing guitar??
Guitar sounds out of tune, but my tuner says nothing is wrong?
How can i get my parents to let me go to an L.A audition?
How much does a 12 string guitar cost?
How do you alternate pick?
How do I get my guitar to have that really fat and creamy overdrive sound?
Trumpet Dating?
Whats the difference between a Harmon Mute and a Extending Tube Mute?
Is it possible for an adult to learn to play the cello?
How can I learn a piece of music quickly?
Does anyone know how I can get a magnificent love song duet to Barbara Streisand???
I want a new flute and I need some advise.?
How to over come stage fright?
How do you get to perform for schools?
How can I learn to sing?
How do I become a member of the actors guild?
Can't get over a Broadway musical?
is it better to get guitar lessons or be self taught?
favrit color?
Do you think i have a good voice ?
Where can I get the SATB arrangement of the Simpsons Theme?
how can improve my improvisation on guitar?
Is there a program that can transpose non-digital sheet music?
What are the names of some good open mic places in nasville that a minor can get into?
would guitar hero help me get better at real guitar?
I need suggestions on making a fake Christmas tree grow, for the Nuter play.?
what is a backstage whitney?
who ever had a piece for a speech choir, can you give me some...?
Which guitar body should I use for build?
Acoustic Guitar Recommendation?
What is velocity switching in digital pianos?
Shows similar to breaking pointe?
do you think this video is worth a hoot?
what instrument should i take up?
Where can I get Online Acting - Theatre Lessons?
Thinking of buying my first guitar. don't know what to choose?
Where can i find a casting company in Boston?
Which out of these songs....?
When you get a DBA, and want to use a penname...?
Questions About Reading Sheet Music?
Singing lessons, please be truthful?
Do you know any where or websites for me to become a famous person or for my voice to get heard?
What Do Guitar Pedals Make Your Guitar Sound Like?
I never learned how to tongue on the trombone!! HELP!!!?
How long does it take to play a guitar?
help with monologue!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can you make a song a cappella?
Is it to late to start an opera career?
what is the left cloud club at the hippodrome?
i need one direction tickets?
A list of songs for a teenager with a low voice to sing?
Where Can I see pictures from kaws solo show in Paris?
which metal guitar would u suggest for me to get?
Why are remastered recordings never as good as the original big hit? And what the heck is remastering anyway?
how can i learn how to read music?
do yo believe in magic?
I have to sing a solo at a choir concert.?
I read that Eric Bana the actor started as comedien. Why did he act in serious role now?
Why do I have such major stage fright?
Can someone PLEASE give me screenwriting tips?
Good first guitar to teach myself how to play on?
how can turely become an excellent singer??
Short Audition Song For an 11 year old?
What a good song to play on acoustic guitar?
How selective is Berklee College of Music and any audition tips?
I wish I was pretty and had talent?
what aspects of a play do you include when asked to give a critique of its direction/how it was directed?
are there any colleges that major in performing and media arts? if so what are they?
help with my voice????
In your opinion what is the best reed for alto sax?
Best guitar for a beginner?
i can't hear instruments in Guitar Pro 5?
What are some things my county fair could add to seem less rednecky?
ok what are some good punk songs for a talent show?
Question for band geeks?
Who's playing for this years Warped Tour?
do you poses magic every one does did you no that .?
What Is Everything NEEDED to Correctly Use An Electric Guitar?
Songs like "repo the genetic opera"?
I am interested in learning to play an instrument but i cant decide between guitar & drums. Which 1 is better?
Glockenspiel Key Diagram?
how hard is it to play the guitar?
What is a good audition song?
How do I know if the lyrics of the song are sung on beat?
What's the saddest thing that you could ever write about for a monologue?
do music schools like it if you can play more than 1 instrument?
Do Atheists like the song "To where you are" performed by Josh Groban?
Jeckyll and hyde fans!!??
What are some small instruments?
is it hard to learn how to play gutair?
Help with a band name?
What is a group audition?
thee balcony scene?little comment?
I need help with writing a screen play?
What day do Living Statue/Human Statue performers usually perform?
Which intermediate alto saxophone brand is the best?
Do you get a better view at an opera in the back or behind the orchestra?
can I do my own monologue?
Sing to sing in 2012 for talent show?
Event names in NYC which are "Musical or Technical" in nature ?
how do you get the gibson guitar catalog?
how do you hold the trombone when you play?
i really need your help . please?
Do Schecter Make Synyster Gates' Schecter Replica's Left Handed?
What acting tips can anyone who's competent in acting give me?
what kind of guitar should i get? ?
Solfege Notes?
The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down?
i have a guitar competition in school,i'm 12 years old.i want to know which song will i play for the program?
What songs does the character 'Scaramouche' sing in the musical 'we will rock you'?
Why is my flute not able to play D E or F?
I KNOW I'd be good at drama, but I'm too scared to get up in front of audiences...?
Why is my guitar making these nasty sounds? s HELP?
Where can I find free classical music sheet on the internet?
What're the best strings for violin?
I need suggestions for a scene between a boy and a girl?
Peavy Vypyr 15w question?
Any good(simple)songs that people know for playing on the guitar?
what is the name of the female american artist that french kissed on stage?
What is a song that i can play to make my girlfriend sing?
programs to create midis with different instruments?
Guitar strings for beginners?
do girls like guys that can play gutair?
I have my first audition at my college on the 21st and I need a monologue. It HAS to be from a published play.?
How do you play this measure on the snare drum?
What is a "Standup" ?
what are the different kinds of sports?
Opera or musical theater?
Any good ideas?!?
Good contemporary plays and musicals to Direct.?
Are there any specific musicians being commemorated in 2007?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Is there a shorter term to use than classical composer?
How can I be a serious writer??
Choir and swing: What is the best conducting pattern?
Once Upon a December on flute???
for an audition, should i put my resume on top of or under my headshot?
How can I boost my chances for Broadway? Plus singing tips?
my younger brother is wearing white tights in the nuter,how do i make him feel better about it?
Name 3 rythmic elements that composers cud useIN thier compositions How Wud it afect the overall sound?
What are the pros and cons of learning how to play the guitar?
will guitar hero 3 be the last one they make?
guitar question: floating tremolo?
Musical Theatre?
Are Motets and Madrigals the basis of some music styles used today?
Good price for this guitar?
an easy song to play on the piano and sing to?
What is an audition like for a college choir?
baritone, soprano, contralto (alto) tenor, basso, mezzo soparano in order from lowest to highest?
who is more famous worldwide: michael jordan or luciano pavarotti?
My Guitar is a Ibanez AEL black guitar and I don't know what to name it. Could use some help! Thanks!?
where can I find royalties for The Producors as well as other productions?
If anyone is pro at guitar and has nothing better to do, would you figure out these chords for me?
i would like to know where i can find a african-amreican male lead singer for my accapella group in milwaukee?
Good fun songs for intermediate guitarist?
I need a cool nickname for my guitar?
Saxophone Instructor?
Can some one list all major scale fingering for trumpet?
What songs does frank ocean sing in?
do professional guitar players get blisters on their finger tips?
Help with songwriting?
Do you have any tips for a beginning guitar player?
What is the English translation for the lyrics of Faure's Pavane?
How do you learn how to play the guitar without any lessons?
Which rap artist/actor was born March 9, 1987 as Shad Moss?
Is a Gibson guitar really worth $1,000 - $2,000 than an Epiphone (quality and sound)?
What happens if I don't attend my music lesson?
Can I sing good???Please Answer?
Is anyone here like REALLY involved with Theatre?
what would be a good piano performance piece by a russian composer (someone like rachmaninoff or prokofiev)?
i need to get better at guitar soloing and need help?
How to stay motivated to practice guitar?
Improve my voice?
Is ait a good idea to have back up string for electric guitar?
GUITAR MUSIC? easy 10***?
I`m looking for the name of a song a i like it goes like this: forever will be blue , its sung by a man , it`s
on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard is these warm ups?
Do What I Want To Do When I Grow Up or What I Have to Do?
How do I get signed to a Talent Agency? or Find an Agent?
How much does a new top string for a guitar cost?
Did Luciano Pavarotti ever sing the Italian Anthem?
HELP! what are some really good prose peices?
Should I watch 2 girls 1 cup?
What song would be appropriate for a 12 year old to sing for a pageant?
What's your electric guitar? ?
How well can you play the guitar?.?
Would an epiphone les paul be good for all styles of music?
CLASSICAL GUITAR, Rosewood Vs. Mehogany..?
In you opinion, which musical instrument is most difficult to play?
Who is the actor in the Bud Light "First Time at the opera, boys?" commercial (the one who says that line)
good contemporary songs about places?
I need music help quick?
Is this a good acoustic guitar?
What year did the Beatles COME to AMERICA?
is Writers cafe down again?
what are the golden seats box at the First Midwest Bank Center in Tinley Park IL?
I have a marshall MG250DFX and i hate the distortion. Wut kind of distortion peddle should i buy? a Pocket Pod?
How should I buy my guitar?
music theory (guitar)
I want to become a dancer, but Im hopeless:( Advice for a beginner?
Are there any good books on learning how to read Drum Charts? How did you learn?
Can anyone become a street performer?
OPERA buff ?Which are the difficult Arias /Operas to sing for both genders?
Saratoga Performing Arts Center Lawn seating?
Alice in wonderland monologue?
what are some love songs like unchained melody?
How much can audiences- particularly young people.?
I can read music, and want to play piano. Where to start?
What are the objectives of a scene designer?
what are some internet sites where they can teach you to play the electric guitar?
Basic slide positions for Trombone scales?
Which Beethoven piano sonata do you prefer?
What are the best Music Programs(vocal)?
Electric or Acoustic Guitar?
Who is the greatest pianist of all time?
How do I start cosplay?
Wound strings (E A D) on electric guitar too soft?
This is okay..isn't it?
To all singers... HELP!!!!?
My violin bow is leaving white marks on the strings.?
Will a teleprompter help my fave give a Convention Speech? 10 points?
Is "Ibanez" a good make of guitar. Im thinking of buying a AEB 8E Acoustic bass.?
What Guitar Rig, Gear, and Equipment does Brian Baker (Minor Threat & Bad Religion) Use?
flute players help?
Copyright Questions: Band Member Leaves?
What are the fingerings for the B scale on trumpet?
Is 15 too old to start playing electric or acoustic guitar?
why is it called drum roll?
Why do so many beginner guitarists want dreadnought guitars?
How easy is it to learn guitar?
Does anyone know of any genuine 'unusual' performance acts based in the uk?
I am doing a research?
When do you consider someone a good pianist?
How to talk-sing(for a musical audition)?
Where can you get sheet music of the songs in High School Musical?
So You Think You Can Dance TOUR Question!!?
any good acoustic bands?
Which headshot should I use?
do any of yall sing good?
what's a good musical?
Other musicians: does it bother you when...?
how do i tune my fender starcaster?
Jackson Licenced Floyd Roses?
why can't i find belly dance mittens?
Do you know how much it is to get any of these performers/ bands/ groups to perform?
Did anyone notice that Harry Potter's scar is on the wrong side in movie 3?
Can anyone give me some Trumpet advice?
What key has these notes?
picking up an instrament:I AM DESPERATE FOR A gutair?
i want to play guitar in public for money?
What bass amp is better?
Is the lyre an easy instrument to learn, what about the ukulele?
What is the message in the Phantom of the Opera?
piano or guitar harmony expert please help?
Can anyone tell me what is happening with Ruth Ann Swenson's career?
Is it difficult for you to play the clarinet when you have the flu/ bad cold?
Why do I play guitar with my left hand?
I want to start playing the guitar but i need a little help.?
What song should a 12 year old sing for a competition?
How can I teach myself to play guitar?
whats a good food list for dancers?
how can i train myself to be left handed?
doesn't 'perfect pitch' go hand and hand with musical training?
what should i sing for my audition?
What is the best way to teach yourself how to play the guitar?
What are the best musical based schools in the U.S?
How long will a clarinet reed last if I use it everyday for half an hour to an hour?
Musical Theater career?
Any tips for drum major?
what are some good break up songs...?
What are the liscenses or requirements you may have to obtain to open a performing arts school?
What is the difference between a music hall and a variety show?
what does tiyatro mean?
Can hollow bodied guitars be played without an amp...?
would u rather have the ability to dance or sing?
I want to audition for a part in the play Peter Pan at my school...?
Do talent scouts actually go to talent shows?
why is guitar so hard?!?
Does anyone know where you can download/or buy Nissan Live sets (Incubus)?
Aria Suggestion, PLEASE ANSWER :)?
Ebony fretboard worries!?
Don't new bands make you feel old?
how to memorize things quickly....................?
Ibanez RG2ex1 a Good Guitar?
I'm a guy but I think I have an alto voice?
How can i keep my oboe in tune while I play?
When someone asks you to, "play me something" on the guitar. I never know what to play. What do you play?
ok, i play guitar and the other day i was playing in guitar club and my fingers started bleeding.?
im a singer in a musical and i have shows all next week...?
What kind of 12 string guitar did Arlo Guthrie play in Alice's Restaurant?
Which guitar should i get and why?
Interlochen or Idyllwild?
A question about time signatures?
I am looking to join a non-church choir in Montgomery County, MD.?
how much is a used travel size acoustic martin brand guitar worth?
Where can I order a left-handed ukulele?
Good name saxophone?
" MOUSE TRAP" ..the most famouse play in the world . how long it lasted ?
Who here plays the saxophone?
Can the corruption in India be eliminated by hanging a few corrupt Indian people?
How much does an acoustic guitar cost?
In songwritting what is the verse and what is the chorus?
What is your favorite song from the Phantom of the Opera?
I am looking for info on Penco acoustic guitar model A-330. Does anyone know aboput this guitar?
Where is the "nut" on a Violin?
why do you need a license to preform a play?
How do i change my singing range?
what is your favourite piano brand?
what should i play next year trombone or trumpet?
How can I become drum major?
What brand of acoustic guitar strings should I get?
How can I become popular?? ?
Should i get an acoustic or electric guitar??
How long did it take you playing the guitar until you no longer had to look down at your fingers on the fret?
Can't find this guitar?
do i need to put rosin to my violin before it makes a sound?
Im overly anxious way too much!?
what do i do if i want to sing?... i have stage fright though...?
Challenging guitar piece to learn?
Should I use sand paper to file down guitar bridge where strings keep snapping?
What should i sing for my school talent show?
How to play this on the guitar?
How to best learn guitar?
How can I enter bollywood music industry as a composer, guitar player?
Keyboard piano under $300?
What is it called when guitarists completely throw out theory in their playing?
How does one become a model scout?
Feedback on my Fall for You cover?
Buying my first guitar?
Teenage is....?
Proper marching technique for band?
Where could I find a studio....?
Are my seats good?
Singing without Talent?
My young son wants an electric guitar, any ideas for a good value guitar kit?
Good song for a soprano?
What are some easy Songs to play on acoustic guitar by Taylor Swift?
Music For A Drama Peice...?
Can i still learn to play the piano at age 22?
Should I learn to play the piano or guitar?
how did Criss Angel put a quarter through a soda can?
Which one: Flute or Guitar?
Tips For Starting Comtemporary Dance?
what are the monologues?
Contortionist Classes??
Tips on playing drums louder?
What's the easiest musical instrument to play?
does anyone know where i can find ONLINE kareoke songs and sing them?
Are there any online resources for orchestral composition techniques?
how to sing/scream?
who is the richest man in the world?
Who knows some basic jazz dance moves?
i have i horrid singing voice how can improve it?
Does anyone else think the poeple from highschool musical can't act, can't sing, and can't dance?
Trouble with my Native American flute?
what could I use as improvised bass drum legs?
where can i find DigiTech XMM Metal Master Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal in india?
im planing to sing at a friends wedding any tips?
How Can I Show Positive Energy Instead of Nervous Energy?
how do i be come famous?
What key signature is this?
Is any person here from Model Science College?
looking for free piano lessons?
What do you look for when you try to see if someone has a "good voice"?
Acoustic Guitar Shipping With or Without Case?
Was I born in the wrong time?
Too old for acrobatics?
Orange Blossom for Viola?
what facials should i do for these dances? ballet musical theatre and jazz? at would you like to ask?
Is their such a chord as Cmin13 & A7b11 ?
why is so hard to play the piano?
Guitar warped? Help!?
Learning to play guitar?
for a beginners, is harder to learn piano or guitar???
Where Can I Find Violin Sheet Music For Black Diamond (Shugo Chara)?
How to prove that I am talented to my choir teacher?
opera schools in the uk?
best acoustic bass from dean that i can get for under $200?
How hard is it to march with a bassoon?
whatis a good of brand for an acoustic guitar?
Over come stage fright?
could I sing opera?
I've been playing violin for 5 years and i got suzuki 4?
Do you know what this is called?
Why female voice actresses are better for boy character voices?
What is the difference between stage Performance and dance transition?
Techniques for learning lines?
Do most famous contemporary musicians know how to sight-sing?
Is it easy to sprain your wrist or pinch a nerve while playing guitar? What does this sound like?
Is the 'Rusty Trombone' safe?
I am going to start my own demo albulm and i do not know what to sing a bout?
Can someone recommend me a good guitar..?
Are Livingstone electric guitars any good?
Violin at home?
does hasbro power tour guitar teach you how to play ?
Fingering for second octives on Trumpet major scales?
The Grinch on Broadway?
How much would a brand new violin, viola, cello,bass, and guitar cost at Music and Arts?
Why do I screw up while playing the piano in front of an audience?
what sound should i sing for my audition?!?
Here we all are - it's your turn to sing - what would you sing?
ok i kno u hav to pay to be a overcast kid but do u have to pay besides for the yearly memeber fee?
What's the difference between theatre acting and television acting for an actor?I mean I know that you have
What is your first favorite song?
What's this kind of gymnastics called?
Looking for a musician to sing outside the American Embassy in London?
Zales Commercial song?
What song do I sing in the highscool talent show?
I heard an awesome monologue from this play, but I can't find it anywhere. It was called Urges? ?
carears in french horn?
What song should I sing/play?
how can i learn to set the tune of my guitar correctly?
Which electric guitar amps are the best these days?
on guitar hero...?
Where on the internet can I find Cheap, GOOD Bari Sax's?
I just saw the movie 'Rent' based on the play. How about the play?
Does drama explore real life issues? Why or why not?
When are SmartMusic due dates? What time?
Do I sing good, or bad?
what steps would i have to take to get my foot in the door with all my music and talent?
Sing-a-long then?
how do you make that rough edgy sound on the alto saxophone?
Whammy bar help (Tremolo arm bar) ???!!!!?
Music theory needed for what I want to do?
What is the most impressive instrument to play?
what do i have to do if i want to become a teacher and/or scout for Julliard?
For Clarinets only......................?
what are the skills to be a disney star???
what does blowing harder into a trumpet mean?
Instrumentalists out there.?
Which websites have free online magic tricks?