Performing Arts

good chinese drama?
How do people perform this trick? A magic trick?
How does one go about becoming a licensed talent agent in NYC?
Is it too late to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar? Im 14.?
The Nuter Story?
What is auditioning for las vegas academy like?
what the action measurements on a fretted bass guitar?
Song to preform for a Talent Show?
are there any sing ing contest for 12 year old girls in wisconsin?
How can I become an amazing singer?
Was Hamlets Hatred Of Woman genuine? Or did he hate women because he was turning mad? Ophelia Specifically?
How to tongue on the alto sax?
Is it true that about anyone can sing if you get the proper training?
Does anyone know the steps to reel around the sun from riverdance?
i've written some songs lyrics,how do i go about getting them put to music?
What is the cheapest Acoustic Guitar you could find?
Bass guitar question..?
How can i become an actress????
Is highschool lessons are hard?
Gibson... Epiphone... ?
What Guitar Scales Should I Learn First?
Is Bolero Africana an motif or a sonata?
which is better raptor,stage crew or break dancer?
Where can i buy backdrops for show choirs?
Does anyone know of a site where I can watch authentic hula dancing?
Guitar Chord and Rhythm Help?
funny 3-5 minute monologue(for teenage female) ( free)?
How do i tune my guitar?
Don't know how to read tabs?
Don't new bands make you feel old?
How can I find lyrics to Black Gospel songs online?
What would cause a slight rasp in my voice?
what color is the name bethany?
I need some tips on how to panhandle people on the street...?
would it be awkward to post this on craigs list?
audition songs.............?
Catching Fire audition?
What's your favorite song to play on your guitar?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
Did you ever appear in a school production?
does anyone know where i can get the music notes for yiruma river flows in you for cello?
Where can I find black and white illustrations of the 5 ballet positions online?
I love to sing but im really shy what do i do??
DO YOU reckon that your voice sounds different when recorded?
My daughter and I are going to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, do we have to dress up?
Is music a language?
what is the best guitar for beginners?
What guitar would you rec. for a beginner? And that's good quality?
How much is a jackson guitar crafted in india worth?
arsonists get all the girls?
Should I become a balley-dancer?
Learning Guitar??
Where can i buy a harp guitar in Australia?
where can i buy jazz and tap shoes?
The Suzuki Books for Viola?
Has any of you ever auditioned for anything?
Phantom of the Opera Tickets for Sale/Exchange?
Audition songs for "High Society"?
are there any men out there high school or beyond that would like to sing in a choir in Lakewood, NJ?
What are the best exersizes and etudes for mastering all the natural (and fingered) harmonics on the violin?
What Song should I sing??
Music GCSE solo and group piece suggestions?
Pageant Talent.... Good Idea?
could i start playing alto flute or bass flute after i started playing flute last september?
What guitar should I get?
What song does Glinda sing in the Wiz?
how can i teach myself to play guitar??
X Factor Audition 2009 info please...?
What are some good songs to audition for Junior University with?
What is favorite natural talent you were born with?
I'm a mime. What should I imitate?
What do you think about Criss Angel Mindfreak?
I need examples of Nigerian literature, music and theatre,during the 20th century?
What are some tips for a beginning Pointe dancer?
Who would you consider to be some of the best actors/actresses?
Is it a good idea to sing a song to a girl I like on-stage?
does any body play the clarinet?
Your opinion on musicals?
Can someone help me find the recording of Inverarry Overture?
Your Open Question: What is the difference between a Yamaha yas 23 alto saxophone and a Yamaha yas 52 alto sax?
how to memorize things quickly....................?
Does star now work on getting auditions?
How can I get to perform on the live stage as a new artist at Midem 08 in France?
Im a 13 year old director?
How do you start your own Dance Company?
PLEASE HELPWriting an article on three different warm ups on what types of dance they would be used for?
Pearl Jam or Nirvana?
Intellegent Band Question ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ole Bull violin, what is the cheapest price for it? is it around $600 or $500?
what is the easiest way to learn how to read music?
Where can i buy a cheap gibson les paul guitar for less than £200?
What is an actor's reel?
Anyone know where we can the dresses that the dancers wear on the Take That Shine Video?
Violin is squeaking?!?!?
Magicians and Michael Jackson sometimes perform the illusion where they lean 45 degrees?
Where can i find guitar tutors/lessons that range from $10-$20/hour near Los Angeles?
how to tune my guitar to drop c with standard tuner?
Is it possible to teach yourself how to sing?
Cheap Violins in Long Beach ,California?
Can hollow bodied guitars be played without an amp...?
What is my voice type?
How hard is the violin to play?
Learning a new instrument: Bass or Guitar?
the violen?
What selmer clarinets are made of wood?
how to not get ripped off by a recording studio?
how do theatre performers "give back" to the community?
Has anybody ever performed in Fine Arts with the Assemblies of God churches ? i need some advice.?
How do you play Brahms lullaby ?
How can I exercise my fingers to moving from one guitar chord to another faster?
hi all.. so I am interested in buying a about 2 foot long or so?? so there any cheap & good ones?
Left Handed Guitar: Can you just restring a right handed guitar or must you buy an actual left handed guitar?
Who's for a sing-song.?
Voice lessons?
acoustic electric?
Guitar for a clueless beginner?
how would you define theater arts from your own perspective?
Help! Piccolo Judge. What to look for?
How to get a free acoustic guitar?
i need help learning the guitar!?
what esactaly is a solfeg, in music?
what is the name of the female american artist that french kissed on stage?
how to perform well for an audition in front of a camcorder?
is gutiur awsesome?
I am looking for the Guitar Tablature for the star spanged banner?
Please any Duet Girls Songs!?!??
Is tuning an acoustic guitar important?
Sarah Brightman sang First of May by the Bee Gees.?
what does "3ts" mean for electric guitars?
How can I convince my parents to let me buy a new guitar?
For the Pyknic Partery tour 2010 what is the line up?
Fret board?
Why would a director do this?
LAGQ Los Angeles Guitar Quartet?
Note problems.? (Bassoon)?
What Christmas songs should we sing?
How do I know if my 6 hours per week guitar practice is enough to get better fast?
My Yamaha Acoustic Guitar needs parts!?
what is the best way to learn lines and poetry off by heart?
violists here?
spring awakening???
why is G listed as the 5th of the key of D in the guitar grimoire?
how to tune a guitar?
How long does it take to learn to play guitar?
I want to start learning close up magic, how can I start?

Do I follow my heart or my mind?
Should I use a Jean Baptiste mouthpiece or a Vandoren mouthpiece on my Jean Baptiste Clarinet?
Good Opera.?
whats a good audition song?
who artests sing theres a hero?
Hey I need an easy....Quirky talent....?
Does anybody know any good monologues for a teenage girl ?
what are limits of artistic expression ?
How many months do I have to pay for Flute?
The Toledo School of Performing Arts?
Writing a new play...need some suggestions for the title can anyone help out?
My son wants to be a stage actor. He is currently going to UARTS in phila.?
i need to know the tabs/chord of do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do in the guitar please?
What are easy to perform talents besides singing and dancing?
I play trombone, should I double on baritone or bassoon?
I have a very small pianist...?
At what level/percent should the Hygrometer in my violin case read?
What do you think about this?
Guitarists that play Guitar Hero...?
Help with findind a good acoustic?
Is it possible for adults to learn to play an instrument?
Am I being really stupid?
Are Ovation Guitars really uncomfortable to play?
How do you play B on the piano with the right hand?
Any tips for flute vibrato?
Good songs for singing a Capella for an audition?
Is a sagbut a type of cello?
who is a peak performer?
if you taught yourself how to play guitar, do you have any tips for me?
who was the black singer denied permission to sing at Carnegie Hall by the DAR?
Any good busking ideas? What can I do?
what songs has melissa etheridge done that were sung before she did them?
Does anybody know good agencies for actresses I should look into (Florida)?
My partners left handed and i want to get him a guitar for christmas do you have to buy a left handed guitar?
guitar songs in DADF#AD?
Which capo would be best to use for a regular acoustic guitar?
What are some percussion instruments that you play using only your feet?
How can I find an Acting agent?
Did Pavarotti have a musical education. Could he read music.?
How would the following job roles in Performing Arts progress in their career?
any girl rappers or any girl producers intrested in being friends with me?
Am i too old to be moving into a new and creative industry?
What are some good violin competition pieces? And some performance pieces?
How I would act while singing this song?
I need advise about this specific Guitar?! Help!?
What's a good pop song for a mezzo soprano and a light lyric soprano to sing together?
Porn scene Questions.....?
Know any decent magic tricks?
How can I start a punk band??
how can i cry ??!!! help im having such a hard time?
Where did the musical genre Rock n Roll originate?
How can I not be shy when I sing?
What do you think of these band names i thought of?
choir high school levels?
What song should I audition on?
Where can I learn to play Hate Me on the piano?
I squeak when I play my saxophone, but why??
Violin basics and resources for a beginner??
What is the diference between a disney character performer and a character look a like audition?
How can you play above an F# on the alto saxophone?
How to improvise and shred guitar?
How much does it cost to see one direction?
is explore talent reliable?
is romeo and Juliet really that good of a story?
wha steps do i take to make my voice sound better for singing tommorow?
What are some good songs to use for baton competitions?
Opera need help?
Which is better for me, Flute or Clarinet?
What instruments do you play and what instruments are you good at?
Does Juilliard have a dress code?
How do you write "Nobody's Love" in japanese? Please someone tell me I have to know!!?
Problem with e minor chord?
what is the significance of sound effects and music in a film?
where do i go or what do i do in order to start my acting career? where can i go online? where can i go in LA?
How can I become a screenwriter?
What guitar settings would I use for "Know your Enemy" by Green Day (Pickup settings, tone, overdrive)?
Does anyone know W Talent agency?
what is the group activity where random people show up in one place all dressed the same and act crazy?
is my singing good, okay or..bad?
What to wear to go see a play in Los Angeles?
what did cantinflas have to do with latin culture?
I Play guitar, where would you rank me?
The Ballad of Sweeney Todd for Band?
I'm SO nervous for my cheer competition tomorrow! Any advice?
What is the story behind cirque du soleil and Quiddam?
What is the best instrument for me to play?
any good piano pieces out there?
Horn problems?
Advice on starting Musical Theatre?
I'm trying out for the junior drum major spot?
Should I quit marching band?
Where can i find a monologue for high school musical audition?
how to get my voice back by tomorrow?
anyone have fun ideas for performance pieces ? "performance" "performance art"?
Where can I find free viola sheet music?
Audition Songs?
Do you think this is a good audition?
where do i find a good teenage humorous monologue?
How can I learn guitar without lessons?
How do you get better at playing guitar?
Can someone help me with learning some important Guitar skills?
Good places to buy tools for making bassoon reeds?
Cheap cello found in shops.Not in internet?
Do you think my daughter is a good singer (part 2)?
Would I have to go to performing arts college..?
What brand of electric guitar strings do you prefer?
Music lessons???
Should I get this keyboard (piano) at Best Buy?
what is project talent?
Where can I get guitar lessons in Tallahassee??
Do you look at the conductor?
How can i self teach myself to play the guitar?
how are operas and musical theater related?
Is it Harder to Make it as a Writer or as a Musician?
I have some questions about Active guitar pickups...?
What can a 12 Y/O girl learn how to do?
Important audition - need a contemporary monologue, where can I find one?
Should I switch to playing guitar left-handed?
What should I sing for Middle School Talent Show?
What do you think of the EMG-89 humbucker pickups?
Criteria for backup dancers in a Korean Entertainment company.?
What's the easiest green day song to play on the electric guitar?
Buying a new guitar question ?
where can i find costume makers in singapore?
What musical instrument can I play with tiny hands and fingers?
what kind of acoustic and acoustic electric guitar should I buy?
Do you think i can sing?
Opinion on singing average/good or bad?
Do girls like teenage boys that play guitar?
Where do people post castings/auditions that I can apply to for free?
What kind of books or plays are you in to?
Classical music: When and where did Richard Goldfaden was born?
what is wrong with my guitar?
What song should I use to audition for Martha in "The Secret Garden"?
Can someone teach me how to do a ghost/snap inhale?
Should guitarists have short or long fingernails?
I need help/suggestions!?
Who would have made the best king? Prince Hamlet, Claudius or Fortinbras?
Relative pentatonic scales?
what are the salaries of actors in the year,2004.?
what is rennaisance?
A good name for 2 girl dancers auditioning for Britain's got talent?
how to play the guitar?
can anyone tell me the difference between finger vibrato, hand vibrato and arm vibrato?Which one is the best?
what size marching bass drum is suitable for a 5 foot 3 inch person?
Should I reply to this ad?
Are Alvarez's good guitars?
do any of yall sing good?
What are good duet songs?
Should i see Wicked or Phantom of the Opera on broadway?
have super mario or simpons for the trombone?
i just don't know what to do. i don't know if i'm good enough, if i should do something better w/ my time.
Can someone suggest any male/female Musical Theater love duets?
Broadway shows ending?
Should I bring ear plugs to this?
Should I play guitar left or right handed?
How can i sing better?
Huge promblem!?
besides x ray vision what magical power would you want?
What to bring to a drama competition ?
When does Charlie St. Cloud come out in theaters?
where can I find info on Black Performing Artists?
what is a good 50's song to sing for someone who likes rap?
is "confrontation" from jekyll and hyde a ballad or up-tempo piece?
How To Count Beats While Improvising?
Normal for an electric guitar?
Where do people post castings/auditions that I can apply to for free?
Songs For A New World?
what makes a nocturne a nocturne and not an opus?
how would actors work with dancers? and singers?
guitar pro 5 help?
What are good monologues to practice to myself?
What are some songs I can play on the guitar?
Can you teach yourself saxophone?
guitar multieffects petal?
The Who's 'Tommy': a non-singer auditioning?
if i practise enough could i become a really good drawer or do you have to be born with it?
addiction??? mental illness or character flaw???
do you think I have the voice?
do you have to have a resume & headshot with you when first meeting with an agent or can you wait?
what is the phantom tollbooth script?
Help! Piccolo Judge. What to look for?
guitar tuning question?
Is it hard to play the guitar?
How do I sing better?
Should I bring ear plugs to this?
I'm having trouble learning to play the guitar...? :(?
What is the best guitar pick for a beginner?
Should I loosen my violin bow before i put it away?
what is the best modern christmas song?
i would like to know where i can find a african-amreican male lead singer for my accapella group in milwaukee?
should i quit band in school??
How do I get signed to a Talent Agency? or Find an Agent?
How do I fix a broken piano pedal?
Help! Need to do a performance with my lookalike daughter for a contest.?
do you think my teacher would let me have a 5 string cello?
Do you think I can sing?
Guitar Center Help!!!!?
Modeling or dancing situation? I need YOUR opinion.?
When was the last time you were physically on your knees?
How do download songs performed on America's Got Talent?
Which is better Squier or Ibanez?
How to get acting experience at 11 years old?
For anyone in Plano or Region 25, do you know if you can change Orchestra Solo/Ensemble Fest info now?
How to create live dubstep with actual music instruments?
What happens at the end of the musical "Pippin"?
Good audition peices for teenage actors?
what's a good love song to sing to a girl?
How do you play happy birthday on the guitar?
Is actors rep a scam? Can you take your own actors headshots to them?
Audition Song for drama camp?
Which acress died in Monte Carlo by strangling on her scarf?
What order do you record in the studio?
Singing with a cold?
What is it called when one time signature is added to another?
What vocal exercises can one do to deepen his voice?
How do i train my fingers to perfrom a bar chord while playing guitar??
where to find shop that reconstructs vinyl records?
1. if i want to shoot a movie where can i buy the equipment and 2. what equipment would i need?
Duz any1 know a Ninjitsu school in MA?
Difference in guitar picks?
Judy Garland and Stephen Sondheim?
Is there a convention for Musicals?
where do I find the story abt. Itzhak Perlman and the broken violin string at Kennedy Center?
Why the media award some talents when they are already famous?
one part of my solo for chorus was taken away from me because it was a little to high for me !?
Are there any laws about talent shows?
why do the southern/eastern most universities marching band have the most energy of performance?
What is a good recent R&B song to sing at MS talent show?
Requesting a voice-over?
What city is the suburb of Mexico that starts something like Zapotit???
How do you do this it seems so impossible?
should i play piano or guitarr?
What type of singing voice is a: Vox populi?
Help me find a script/short piece to perform?
What are some good Broadway songs for a belting voice?
Where can I find free classical music sheet on the internet?
Anyone know of a good Translation of "Se Vuol Ballare" from the Marriage of Figaro?
What should my practice routine consist of for bass guitar?
does anyone know any clarinet lesson books or videos?
Favourite musical?
What are easy heavy metal songs to learn for a beginner?
Is it good if your Guitar (Electric guitar) buzzes?
Jessica Yeh sad RO MANCE violin NOTES.............where can i get it?
What are some good bands?
What is the title of the musical composition that uses no music??
What site can I get a monologue from The Color Purple?
Best scales to audition on for flute?
Musical Instrument Chimes?
DALIDA Marjolaine does anybody know the guitar chord and guitar tabs?
Why is it so difficult for me to play separate things on each hand for piano?
Where to go 4 a 2 person comedy script 8-10 minutes?
Songs in the same style as Penelope Cruz's - Cocaine?
Is there a website that has exercises that can increase my vocal range for free?
Is violin or viola better?
doing headshots mw2..?
Im terrified to sing in front of people..?
Is it possile a 21 yr old adult learns to play piano from beginning?
How do I sing Good? I have a good voice but do not know how to keep it in pitch and conrol it very well?
Can anyone tell me what french?
Is Alliance Artist Management Group legit?
Does Marching Band Drill software include color guard , majorettes/feature twirler and Dance line on it?
the little mermaid on broadway?
which instrument should i learn next?
Why do I still suck at guitar?
is it ok to offer a foot rub to the female dancers at the dance studio i work in? please explain?
Farting: has anyone ever truly mastered the 7 note change?
Which of these skills would you want to have :)?
What is the best graduate school for conducting?
Online Saxophone Retailers?
Looking for a good small portable keyboard to play on the go?
what do you think of this song i made?
Is it possible to master the drums, piano, and violin?
deaf composed music???
Acoustic violin to electric?
I want a guitar Is anyone having it...................?
How to get over stage fright and nervousness?
Do you think its too late for me to start playing guitar...acoustic specifically?
how can I make an expanding pregnant belly for a play?
Does anyone know the best way to mic drums for recording if I can only record two inputs simultaneously?
What Girls gone wild dvd is best?
Easy Musical Theatre song for alto?
Musicians with gig experience?
Can you Learn to play guitar without having lessons?
Who are some good traditional Native American Musicians?
Do u blieve on white & Black magic ???
what to do to make career in acting in america?
does anyone know any clarinet lesson books or videos?
trumpet repair cost???/////////?
How much..?
First time director?
Should I Play The Violin Again?
what song should sing for my solo in chorus?
i feel difficult to play guitar. wat should i do to make it easy?
Can Fantasie Impromptu Be Played On A 76 Key Keyboard?
I'm looking for a way to start an acting career?!?
What is the suitable age for starting playing violin?
Where can i get an epiphone les paul for $200-300?
I hate the practicing the piano?
What do you think of my poem?
Is there any parkour schools in The DC- Maryland area?????????????????????
music notes for wicked the musical?
I Need A Contemporary Song?
Does anyone else think that this was the worst performance EVER?
How many musical instruments can you play?
How do I get auditions for reading/other voice work on radio?
I hate being me. What do I do?
Is playing R&B guitar the same as Blues, Jazz,or Funk?
How can I calm my nerves?
howmany girls out there would fall in love with a guy who plays the guitar and piano ?
Any ways make my finger tips hurt less when playing the guitar?
How to make myself flat-chested for a play?
Does guitar lessons teach you how to play guitar better? Or just teaches you the chords and stuff?
Break up songs sung by a female?
I need some character names quick!?
Whats a good editing site for drum covers?
wohoo Brokebackmountain lost out!what do you all think bout' the oscars?
Scooby-doo monologue?
Im struggling with guitar?
please tell me if this poem i wrote is good or bad?
help with this guitar tab?
how to play this tab?
Where can I find the score?
Do you have to pay for an audition for a talent competition?
differences of Indian dance and western dance?
i REALLY LOVEE to sing! but i suck!?
Is a degree in music production worth the money?
Is this a bad deal (electric guitar+amp)?
Becoming a contortionist - what's first?
what is a "turnaround" in music?
How do I get my mom not to come to school performance?
Can I play in public?
I practice the guitar for 75 min daily. I took lessons for 6 months. Is that enough?
is it appropriate to play Boogie Woogie piano in a concert hall?
what's your favorite dish to cook?
Songs to learn on acoustic guitar?
Is it possible for me to become a professional dancer?
Would you recommend a electric or acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Do acoustic bass guitars exist?
What Should I Play on Piano for a Nursing Home?
What dance style can be turned into a Martial Art?
Can you tell me some songs from suessical the musical?
What is the most romantic dance in the world? And why?
Is there an easier way to break into voiceovers than auditioning all the time?
in Serlock Holmes.. what is Dr Watsons firsst name?
How to keep a straight face when you're ?
How can I find thesis and dissertation topics about modern English drama?
Could/should I try the keyboard?
Short, Comedic Monologue Help?
music: is there such a thing as a double sharp? is is connoted with an 'x'?
should i quit guitar?
How to become a more advanced dancer?
Extras..Films Music Vids Adverts Jobs
theatre of living arts?
easy acoustic guitar songs?
I started playing my flute again. Is it acceptable to use lip balm for dry lips while playing?
Originally an electric but given a pickup to make it an acoustic electric? Still Good?
What kind of guitar strings should I buy?
I need to get my voice back! PLEASE HELP!?
What is a good audition song for me?
HELP he thinks he can sing!?
does anyone know where i can find the musical notes of the final fantasy X piano ending theme??
what is facility management?
Websites for Student project actor searching?
What are some forums with a lot of traffic where I can post links to my videos.?
How can I make this FUNNY??
Are there any Voice acting schools in Tx?
could i be a model/actress?
Upper register and belt audition songs?
Does being most liked on disney channel's make your mark competition increase your chances?
What notes do you use to play when the saints come marching is when your playing alone?
Do I need New guitar strings or whats wrong?
what r some really good books that would make really good movies????????
Should I follow my dream?
Songs to play at a middle school dance?
What are some jazzy songs from broadway musicals for a tenor?
what does a contemporary guitar mean?
How much money to attend an opera?
Do most girls like guys who sing or guys who play sports?
Opera or musical theater?
what are the easy way for beginners to play la la land by demi lovato on acoustic guitar?
What is better: salsa L.A. or salsa Casino?
style of acting during the spanish renaissance?
How long does it usually take to be able to sing and play guitar at the same time?
Does anyone know about the musical Bye Bye Birdie?
Where can i find beginner guitar lessons near stephenville TX?
Talent Show Idea!!?
Is the song "Accident Waiting to Happen" for The Drowsy Chaperone considered modern?
I'm a girl and I have a stupid low voice, are there any exercises to make my voice higher?
Where do I locate india sheet music using western notation?
I sing as stargatesgone9906 and my friend,s see my reil name?
i need a one minute comic monologue for an audition... HELP?
I want to be an exotic dancer. Are there any places that would pay me big $ to do that?
who is the best composer in the history of music?
Tickets for the lower left loggia of a theater- good seats?
Can anyone think of a Broadway or Disney song about a clumsy person?
Donald Peers?
im a dancer but im looking for a great name that will give some momentum? What do yall think of utopia?
Who's your favorite composer?
schools to major in music?
How can i change my voice from low to high?
wher is syd barret?
What's the best way to calm nerves for drama school auditions?
in your opinion is the piano harder to play then a guitar?
Which electric guitar is better?
good place to buy a guitar?
What are some good male burlesque songs?
Where to find orchestrations/sheet music for Broadway songs?
a good meaningful name for a students cultural programme.?
any legit talent agencies in seattle?
Help with a film?
Where can i find video of pianos playing rhapsody in blue at the olympics?
Whats the name of this play?
Is it hard to learn how to play piano?
Why are so many people asking the same Tchaikovsky question?
Does anyone know where to buy an Union Jack acoustic guitar?
I need to pick a song to sing at a addition??? HELP!!!!?
Is it to late to start acting?/ Acting classes?
In 1787 'Don Giovanni' was first performed in which city?
Best way to remeber each note on each fret of the guitar?
Why does my guitar sound different?
Why are pop stars considered talented and "musical geniuses" when their music is repetitious and....?
Is Justin Bieber a good singer?
I need to dress up as a 'circus freak' HELP?
Talent agentssss????
the musical notes for halo CE or halo 2 songs?
HELP!! My voice is messed up even resting for 3 days after a baseball game HELP !!!!any vocal advice will help?
What are good magic tricks to learn?
violin, violin, viola trio songs?
Install guitar strap button?
Question about songwriting?
do you have to be hot or good looking to dance and sing in front of an audience?
I need a monologue! PLEASE HELP!?
How to play this song on guitar?
where can i find free printable green day sheet music but not in tab?
Where Can i get Full Tabs (Lead,Rythm,BASS)?
im looking for a video, bam bam death man, can someone help me?
What is the best brand of reed for an alto sax?
Is there a website where there is a piano you can click to hear what the notes sound like?
How many symphony orchestras in Weimar Berlin?
BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal?
How Do I Become A Dj?
if you were to learn a musical instrument, and wanted to be able to play multi-instruments later, which one?
what are some cool songs to play on guitar?
San Diego Wicked Cast?
a question for experienced guitar players?
Ten Points to whoever knows what this is from?
I want to write a musical/opera but can't come up with a topic that I like.?
As a guitarist, do you make love to a girl or your guitar?
where to find drum beats?
What does this guitar symbol mean? (kinda looks like wants me to slide but not sure if i should hammer)?
How do i get over stage fright?
Trying out for Titania or Puck advice?
How do I become a voice actress?
Do anyone one know of a great vocal coach in Connecticut?
Can someone please explain how to play this?
who here knows how to play an instrument and if you do what kind?
What are some good musicals to do at a High School with a lead male with a lot of dancing?
how can i train myself to be left handed?
what famous people have been fired by disney?
It's okay to wait a few years before going to university isn't it?
How to improve my voice?
What is a good pedal setup for a heavy metal guitarist?
will i ever find love? i play drums almost all the time and to be honest more on description?
King of Anything sheet music?
What is the difference between a Roland V-Compact and a V-Tour electronic drum kit?
whats song should i sing at the talent show?
Any suggestions for a duet?
How to play along with another guitarist?
is there a site i can go to, that i can customize my guitar?
I need a monologue... suggestions?
Playing the soprano sax?
Little Shop Of Horrors audition?
Which play by J.B.Priestley is the one that gets highly complicated?
What do you think is a most popular form of stand up comedy?
What guitar string are good for playing deathcore or hardcore riffs?
what should I do for my audition video?
a song for a show?
Guitar question?? BASIC?? free points lol!!?
what were william shakespeares major works?
I want to get into a performing arts high school?
Where are some good plays that havent been cast? And how old do you have to be?
What size is this Guitar ?
A topic of research involving performing arts?
Adagio and Allegro Telemann the trills. Above or below the original note?
What musical instrument would you most like to learn?
i'm trying to find out when the renacance festival will be in holly michigan?
Does anyone go to this school? Etobicoke School of the Arts?
If you could play any one instrument flawlessly, what would it be?
Hey, I'm looking for a decent quality guitar capo. I'd like to know about how much a normal one is (in $US).
What is this instrument called?
Performing Arts School's in Indiana?
Would you consider the Jasmine Takamine S-35 Acoustic Guitar worth $40?
whats a cool guitar strap design?
Where can I find DVD's to buy that show step by step how to do a famous dance from a movie scene?
What's a good instrument to play?
Professional Dance Schools?
About how much do these types of drum set cost?
what kind of instrument should i learn?
how can i become famous?
Where can I find mistress in India to serve?
what is good audition song ?
Which is the best music academy in the world?
whats the easiest instrument to play?
What is 'improvising' on guitar?
What should i sing at my Grandmothers funeral?
Singing problem?
Is there a machine I can use so I can improv on piano and it will write what I play? (keyboard would work too)?
What drums should I get?
how do you get rid of stage fright?
What's a good way to teach a kid how to actually read musical notes like a book?
Is 'The Rhythm of Life' a good song choice for an Urinetown audition?
Is this monologue okay for drama class? PLEASE ANSWER!?!?
Big band (small band) pieces?
What is it that makes a guitar easier to play than other guitars? And what is it that makes it sound good?
Ok I really need help finding a song I would greatly appreciate it!?
any good songs about growing up in a small town??
i really need a funny monologue from like a tv show or movie?
Is 32 too old to learn to play piano?
what i have to do to propose a sweet girl bindh?
I am a really great singer, I just dont have the guts to sing in front of anyone.?
What is a dancers body?
I need to know absolutely the best mic preamp that there is.?
How do I best clean my wooden clarinet?
electric guitar help?
How much (average) would a decent electric guitar cost? Australian dollars please.?
how can i sing better and write better songs without hiring a teacher?
How long were you playing guitar before you started learning barre chords?
clarinet vs alto sax?
Where has better school of the arts; new york or LA?
are The Beatles too much overvalued by the media?
Guys and dolls audition!!!??!?
What are some good ways to stretch my voice so I can reach higher notes?
What's a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
How do I get over stage fright?
Is it too late to learn to play the violin at age 14?
what poem or story did the phrase "something wicked this way comes" originate from? And how does it go?
Getting Tickets For Avenue Q Day Of?
I really like to play guitar, and sing. And people like it when I do it. But it's really scary up on stage!
Please help me find this monologue?
Question for girl drummers!?
How can i learn to play the guitar at home by myself?
are girls getting strong physically ?
What is harder to learn Guitar or Bass?
Should I switch to a diffrent instrument for jazz band?
how do you know if you're a good singer?
What song should I sing for the role of Jester In Once Upon a mattress?
Made up duet acting scene.?
Record Deals?
Is is possible to teach even a bad (but not tone deaf) singer to sing very well?
What do you think about my singing? Any tips?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Whats the one talent you wish you where born with??
what is the meaning of the word "ballettmarchen"?
What are some good love songs?
I have been asked to appear in a commercial for a major car company. How much should I expect to earn?
I'm in need of clever, humourous, villainous, or animated songs preferably with an alto range.?
whats that little b at the beginning of sheet music? how do u play it?
Do you think i sing good!?
Does anyone know W Talent agency?
in music if u have a c-flat and b-flat does that make the c-flat b-flat?
On average, how much is a broadway ticket?
How did the opera singer kirtsen flagstad die?
Where can I find Harry S. Truman impersonator Neil Johnson?
worth it for my 1st guitar??
how to tune my baritone?!?
Problems producing straight tone on a flute?
Musical theatre song choice for alto ?
How long does an average stand up gig last for a well known comedian? ?
How to becoming a hot and Famous Singer ?
which bach cello suites are generally acknowledged as the most difficult?
In your opinion, what was the greatest moment in music history and why?
Union Musicians?
Help Smelly Violin!!?
alto solo piece for audition?
Songs To Sing For Auditions?
What guitar did Jim Root from Slipknot use on the 'Disasterpieces' tour?
preparing for keyboard audition?
Where can I get guitar tabs for Adam Rafferty's guitar cover of man in the mirror?
I am in desperate need of a monologue. I am auditioning for the Prince in Cinderella on Tuesday...?
Acoustic Guitar Tab Help?
what's the best technique for writing jokes?
Do anybody actually have a chance to make it in the music industry now day?
What is the best performance you ever been to?
What is your favorite musical?
what is an opera libretto?
what are different talents?
What are the top 3 music schools in the U.S.A.?
How do I become better at guitar?
any asst. designers required?
Should i play bass or Guitar ??????!?!?
Can I use a regular bass tuner for tuning a double bass?
Im confused about using bass guitar......?
My Flute Is Severely Out of Tune?
How can I Summon A Spirit?
Talent show song ideas?
Rate My Singing? (Easy Points)
making it big and getting my name known?
backing track for "why so silent" from the Phantom of the Opera?
What acoustic guitar should I get?
what do you prefer? alternative or classical theatre?
I need the dates the the opera Tristan und Isolde was performed at Bayreuth in 1963.?
What is it that makes a guitar easier to play than other guitars? And what is it that makes it sound good?
How come cheerleaders hate dancers?
Is this a good piece to use for an audition to a college music program?
What I Did For Love - Sheet music?
when u have girl who likes u and another girl whom u love most but she means nothing 2 you WHAT SHOULD I DO?
How do I start my essay about my talent?
What else can I do to prepare my voice for a choir audition layer today?
A good middle school talent show song?
do you think i can overcome my problems.?
How to tribute bands find out the harmonies and orchestral parts?
What would be a good song to sing (i have a wide rang of voice) for a Pageant Talent Portion??
What are the A-G requirements for a preforming arts high school>?
What is it called when a person can act, sing and dance?
Is "I Think My Girl Is Bi" by Omarion appropriate for a SYTYCD audition?
What do you need to sing?
how much does the yamaha c370 classical guitar cost?
where can i buy spirited away music for the piano?
Should I learn piano or guitar?
Dunlop Crybaby Wah cuts power off to entire board?
For CLASSICALLY TRAINED baritones what feeling are you suppose to be going for when you sing.?
HELP!!!I lost my instrument identifacation!!!?
should i play bass or acoustic?
guitar amps?
What is the purpose of rhyme in poetry or a song? Specifically half rhyme?
when was haydn's cello concerto in d major written? what year?
How do I start training or getting a great career in performing arts?
dramatic monologue ideas?
How much is a normal baby grand piano?
My name is sarah and i'm looking to change my name so it will be more of a musician name. any ideas?
Guitar compared to violin?
Guitar or Piano?
Is it to late to start with music?
is it hard to learn to play piano?
Rico plasticover reeds? ?
Good songs from musicals?
who won on "america's got talent"?
schools that offer volleyball and dance?
what r some good private high schools, that aren't too hard to get in, that has a good performing arts program?
how do people play song on the piano just by listening to it?
How Can I Get Used To An Odd Key Signature?
Any ideas for Audition Songs?
How to perform the perfect murder?
I want to quit marching band?!?!?
Who is the best female character in Fiddler on the Roof?
What do I need with a Shure SM57?
i struggle?
What is a good acoustic guitar to buy for my boyfriend?
What do you people think of this guitar?
I want to pursue music, but i suck?
My audition piece length?
Picking a 1 Minute monologue help?
Broadway songs for females?
is it too late to learn to play guitar for me? I'm 18?
Following on the success of Maria and Oliver, is AWL looking for a Fiddler on the roof?
should i play bass or acoustic?
i need skits for drama helppppppp?
Poll: Is this cocky, arts wise?
Who is vita ? russian opera singer? who sang opera II?
i want to have a career in flute.My parents, being the average asians they are, want me to be a doctor?
More detail on the Open mic competition ?
takamine guitars?
What should I do for my pantomime ?
Am I the only one who hated "Avatar"?
I'm wearing my heart like a clown what does that mean?
My daughter has the ability to become a stunning ballerina, but her adult height is 6'1. What can we do?
Guitar Hardcase Rubber Feet Replacement?
Good drama festival scripts?
How to be a stunt double?
how do i build a tree for a set for a play?
My friends are nervous to sing?
Fender Acoustic/Electric CD-140SCE guitar?
Do I search for a new group of girls to sing with!?
Monologue needed on paranoia?
does any one know a good comedic monlogue that is possible to memerize by tomorrow?
does any one know a good accordion tab website i need help. or the tabs to a nadie como to by ramon ayala?
plz suggest a good institute for personality development & dancing in mumbai, especially in western suburbs..?
Which actor was your favorite Batman?
When were Organ Grinder Monkeys banned in the UK & are there any countries where they can still be seen?
Can someone explain something about musical key/scales, bass guitar?
how can you get an agent?
How do I get into voiceover?
Why does my electric acoustic guitar sound better than my Stratocaster when it comes to heavy metal?
How can I make it big on Broadway?
I'm auditioning for the part of Hope Cladwell in Urinetown, could I sing Look To The Rainbow?
Have you ever coined a phrase? What is it?
Beginner drummer; Hi hat question?
did pablo picasso really learn how to paint before he actually walked?
What guitar string is it?
How to teach a musical workshop (6-8 year olds) ?
can give me some ideas for my performing arts performance?
What is a good way to get into performing as a contortionist?
Do you like the commercial "Punky Chips Ahoy, oy oy oy?"?
Saxophone or Clarinet?
Where to find cheap electric cellos?
Quick question for dancers?
Which is better for me, Flute or Clarinet?
What do you think of my dark/depressive composition in Guitar Pro?
What's better to have? An electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?
Are the producers of the new Broadway Grease going to use the second place finishers as understudies?
Is there sheet music to Wicked Witch of the East?
What guitar should i get?
Clever costumes for two girls?
My stomach just made a sound like "Nevermore". Can I get a grant to help exploit its full artistic potential?
is it ever too late to learn something new?
what is the high voice called?
I'm 14, I have never danced before, but I want to learn how to professionally, is it to late to start?
Help with guitar bridge?
Any relatively cheap beginner bass?
is there any dress up websites with a cirque du soleil doll to dress up?
Can I add cymballs on to my electric drumkit?
At what age is it too late to start a career as a professional musician?
Do you regret not playing a musical instrument when you were younger?
What can you do to get yourself to sing better?
What do you think is the best musical instrument?
How much should I sell my guitar for?
i just bought a guitar and i wana know the easiest tune to play on it?
What are pentatonic scales. How are they different from regular scales. How do they help?
Learning guitar with short fingers?
Marching Band problems?
What performing arts sixth forms are there in the UK?
Mixrcraft won't pick up my mic or audiobox?
what is your favorite musical?
Can you perform brain surgery using the information from the internet?
How to make a guitar with a box?
How to join an Orchestra?
what are some good UPBEAT alto songs thats NOT broadway.?
butler high school ..?
What is the best guitar for a beginner?
what bands were around in the 1950s?
There are no violin teachers anywhere nearby where I live...?
What are the ten things that are not performance ?
What is the difference between a Fiddle and a Violin?
What other instrument can I play that is similar to clarinet?
How do you walk off stage after an intense and emotional monologue?
Guitar Question! Help?
Does anyone have any great ideas for promoting Community Theater in a small town?
who is the best female musician in the world.?
Which Song Should I Sing?
Can a girl play The Phantom (Of The Opera)?
Can you microwave colorful clay?
What guitar is this? Cant seem to find it.?
Should I learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
where is there a list of different exam boards who do singing exams - particularly pop singing?
tips on how to play the guitar?
Regarding William Shakespears play Macbeth....?
Can I get a guitar instruction manual somewhere on the internet for free? I bought a guitar and need to...?
15 year old, female, live in the UK, looking for acting jobs?read for more info.?
Can anyone come up with a name for a female only performing arts groupv?
can I do my own monologue?
Here's the deal: I'm going to an audition for a play today, I'm not nervous, but I'm nervous when I ge........
Where can i find a cechetti(sp?)method ballet class for my 8 year old daughter near Fanwood, NJ?
What individual person has won the most Academy Awards?
If my singing voice sounds good in my own ears, could it still be bad when heard by others?
Does the violins sound improve with age(mine is an inexpensive chinese made)?
What is the second lowest string on a guitar?
Some Help Please..?
What should I wear to a drama workshop / audition?
whats a good way to learn to play guitar like this guy?
Can i be excellent at everything i do?
acoustic guitar?what is the name of this piece?
How do I get over the fear of doing flips?
Alternates job in marching band?
Similarities between A Doll's House and A Streetcar Named Desire?
Have you ever been in a parade?
What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
Where can I find traditional Celtic music for feis?
Will a Satin finish guitar get glossy after a while?
Is this a guitar for me?
Vocal Exercises?
guitar help please?1?
which Guitar lesson to take?
Are violin strings made of sheep fur or guitar strings? What about the bow?
cheerleading or dance?
how can i learn how to play the star spangled banner on flue in one day?
What is a good song for a 2-3 minute ballet audition?
Does anyone know any casting/talent agencies in Toronto?
I need help with my acostic guitar! can u help?
Have any audition tips?!?
What's the coolest Electric Guitar out there called?
My piano doesn't make any sound, HELP?
how can i contact the writers of CSI.?
I need a good flute fingering chart that is free. Can anyone help?
what is the phone number of sa re ga ma pa little champs?
How do i begin a career in doing voice overs?
I play guitar but I cant get over the fear of being in front of alout of peolple?
Is OK to take singing lessons even though I do not have great voice?
Tricks to learn??????
Exotic dancers?
wat 2 where on a violin recital???
Funny female Broadway solos for an auditon?
Using a medal guitar pick?
How do can I project my voice better?
Good song ideas for an audition?
Anyone have any tips to help me sing better?
how to get rid of a tension during examination??
Monologue topic?
How do you practice guitar 12 hours a day like the pros did?
Is John Rutter (composer) still alive?
how does this sound?
does actress lucy liu have breast implants?
Should i switch from electric guitar to bass?
I want to know the value of my kohler and campbell piano cerial #682008?
Can you play an instrument?
Can I become a model?
I kinda look like Lea Mitchele, do you think I have a chance of being a disney face character?!?
With some modifications, is it possible to put bass strings on a guitar and guitar strings on a bass?
are pick up artists despised?
What do you think of the performance of this kid ?
I have to do a Performance on remembrance day, I don't know what to do?
can u help me even though u might not really feel like it!?
Is kids Talent network a scam?
what is it called when 3 people sing together?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
what are some good chords to put together on acustic guitar?
What is the c note on the flute?
where can you find sheet music for a bflat clarinet for free?
Talent show ideas please?
Bass player looking for solo material?
Is a drum machine hard to learn?
Can you help me with this violin warm-up?
Is this a good acoustic beginner guitar?
Is it possible to self-teach myself the flute?
things to use as a guitar pick?
Who is teh author of: "Arts dialect"?
How to choose a good beginner flute?
How do you play a D sharp and a D natural?
Can you please tell me what can I make for best out of waste competition in my school?
What's a good song to sing for an audition for a musical?
What is the true responsibility of an ARTIST?
Clarinet or Oboe ?
where do bands perform?
Good store to buy guitar?
Plywood acoustic guitar?
Is it easier to sing or play an instrument?
School Play Audition?
Sweeney Todd auditions: can a girl play Toby?
how to come up with a unique stage name?
Is it proper for a girl to give a boy flowers after a theater performance? Or, has that gone out of style?
dance colleges without singing?
If your singing voice sounds good when you are about 13, will it sound good when you get 21?
Do you ever get bored of performing?
What should I do next?
Help with juggling clubs.?
What instrument do you play?
What are good finger picking tecniques?
who`s going to win the best actress award?
What songs does the character 'Scaramouche' sing in the musical 'we will rock you'?
What is the difference between a Martin Guitar D40 and D41?
What kind of piano does owl city use?