Performing Arts

what guitar is better; Gibson Les Paul or Epiphone Les Paul?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
commedia dell'arte stock characters equals what looney toons characters?
Where can I find acting jobs with Canadian TV shows available?
Do anyone know how to use telekinese if u do can u tell me.?
How do I make my guitar inlays shine?
Is Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean" really hard to play on bas for any of you guys?
my guitar doesnt play when i bend me e string on the 3rd fret?
What influence and significance brought us Shakespeare's Julius Cesar?
What age is best to start music lessons?
How do I become good at playing guitar?
Which drum set do you recommend for a beginner/intermediate?
Is there a substance or material that is typically worn by fire twirlers to decrease chances of combustion?
Would fingerless gloves get in the way of playing the marimba?
Comedian Teina Manu? Website? Seattle area?
What makes you want to give a preformance a standing ovation?
Where can I get Les Paul guitar sound in a smaller body?
In my piano exam, will I be allowed to photocopy the last page of my piece?
Am I Paying To Much For Guitar Lessons?
alexander mcconnell?
modeling and acting.!?
best place to buy tickets?
how to choregraph modern damce routine?
what exactly is double tonguing?
I want to start playing music, but I don't know what to play!?
what are some love songs?
A good audition song?
How do I play super F on a Euphonium?
how can i translate sheet music into bass tab?
What's your favorite musical instrument, for listening purposes?
is it possible to learn to play the guitar to a really good standard in just 4 months with just a home course?
Why are arts important to you?
How to create feedback while playing the electric guitar?
What are fictional character ideas?
vocal technique name?
whats ur opionion on this?
Good Broadway Audition Piece ?!?
Any arab who lives in israel or palestine cosplays ? :/ let me know please thanks!!?
how do you not break oboe reeds?
Who is the best stand up comedy performer of our generation?
Violin Question[s]!?
How do you make that drum tapping sound while picking strings at the same time on a guitar?
Can a Fender Stratocaster be a rock instrument?
can you help me send my dream to tyra, maybe she can help me acheive it?
Are there any video contests to enter?
how would i go about getting into the acting buisiness?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to?
Where to download the 6th edition of the tonal harmony workbook?
Can you rent an instrument instead of buying it?
What are some songs you love?
Clarinet tonguing trouble?
Is ibanez the best guitar for shredding?
where can i buy used dance shoes for contra dancing?
where can i fnd every man?
guitar strings HELP!!?
What does the "E" stand for in Chuck E. Cheese?
Guitar Question: What is Contour on an amp?
Rent the musical? Out Tonight Sheet Music? HELPPP?
Where can you find mime skits for one person?
Where can I sing other then my home ? help !?
What is a protocol that all successful actors and actresses follow?
My voice i deep should I learn to sing..?
How do I slow down a loop on AUDACITY?
How do I find the solfege of a song?
Which pedal would be appropriate to achieve that Chet Atkins tone?
Do you think i could play the guitar?
When and where is Zirak Hamad going to be performing next in Birmingham?
Do you like this guitar riff?
Looking for a great selection of music for a Christmas choral concert for December?
Who here agrees that colorguard is the BEST sport ever.?
What do you think is the best musical?
Is a Major in Liberal Arts a real Major??? I thought it was just Major in Arts without the liberal..?
Singing help..... well ...again!?
How long do I have to play guitar?
female musical solo that involves dancing?
what should i wear for a headshot?
Your Open Question: I have a custom acoustic FG37E? It only been with me for less then a year how much is it w?
do you need an agency to go to an audition?
what are some good break up songs...?
Is there anything i can put over my fingers to stop them from being sore(guitar)?
where can i download tarantella by Franz liszt for free.... can you please answer my question..?
well i wanna sing?
My teacher suggests Juilliard?
Why does my guitar pick slip out of my hand?
Is this Epiphone guitar top laminate?
Any Talent Show ideas?
what is the easy and best way to learn how to play guitar??
Why don't bass players get any respect?
How can I increase my memory when it comes to music?
Why should a play ( Medea) take place in one setting?
What are "musical processes?"?
Good Broadway Musicals??
How can I learn to sing like Marilyn Manson?
alto solo piece for audition?
Easiest Instrument To Pick Up Quickly/Play?
Why should children explore the performing arts? Should they be devoted to practical subjects (maths/science)?
Should I go to proscout again?
Does anyone have the tabs for Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
How to read this guitar tab?
is learning how to play drums hard?
I would also like to sing professionally?
I have a friend who would really like to become an acttress?
How many pieces were in the "Fiddler" orchestra on Broadway?
where can i get a connecter for a double bass pedal?
I'm trying to reach for the stars, but they're a little far away ftom the gutter im can i get to them?
Im auditioning for the John Parker All Star Revue....what should i sing?
How could i make the character Amanda from "The Glass Menagerie" more exciting?
Who else will be performing at tonight's Kelly Clarkson concert in Dallas, TX?
What are some good strings for a 4 string bass?
Do i have a chance of becoming a professional dancer?
Suggestions about how to learn to play a C on the guitar?
Will the REAL Chicago lyrics please show up?
Do you think juggling with full cups of tea could be possible?
What DVD Can Teach Me Ballet?
How to/tips to ascend in notes VERY quickly on clarinet?
r u / were u a class clown?
What is the name of the song from a musical.?
does any1 else find it hard playin guitar standing up?
Agents? Talent? Scouts? Schools? Auditions?!?!?
Are there any acting auditions around the southeast area?
Where can I buy a digital copy of Moscow 1941 for Tenor Saxophone?
Does anyone know the name of the Australian Street Poet who is called ' the egg'?
why do people tear up when they sing a song?
Is there a software or an online course that teaches novice guitar players to play?
How many watts does a home-use bass amp need?
What songs do you sing in the shower?
Free music??
Can you play trombone music on a bassoon?
What do you think is the first step to being sucsessful?
What would be the funniest song to perform at a talent show?
ASCAP payment for performers?
How do I teach guitar to someone who is autistic?
IfBeethoven's skull was exhumed to be examined, does a headless corpse now reside in his grave?
what are musical bars?
Where can I get free Irish sheet music for violin?
What are some good theatrical songs to sing?
Ibanez semi hollowbody guitars?
Royal blue or black leotard?
I want to learn to play guitar, any recomendations?
experienced pageant girls, please help me!?
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood?
What's a horn on an amp?
Anyone have suggestion's on a great song for two people to sing preferably a male female song?
good audition songs, pop,classic rock. ( NO MUSICAL SONGS!) for a17 year old girl, mezzo -alto ?????????please?
What is the easiest metal genre to learn to play on the electric guitar?
How do you feel when you play an instrument you love?
Why do you play an instrument?
I need a song to do for the talent show?
what is the easiest instrument to play?
Any tips for playing piano by ear?
does anyone know any universites with superb choral programs?
What would be a good music college for a flautist?
I have an audition tomorrow but I have a sore throat, any quick fix?
What would be problems of a modern day Sandy from Grease?
What kind of guitar is this?
Criss Angel does a trick where he uses several forks and bends then and stuff, How does he do it ?
good acting/performing tips?
i write songs. how do i get someone in the business to check them out?
do we still need live performances?
Is Karl Pilkington really that stupid? Or is it all an act?
How much does an anime voice actor make?
why doesnt love last?
Which stage name sounds better: Olivia Shay, Olivia Fisher, or Olivia Shaded??
How should I fix the bubbles in my drum wrap?
What song should I sing for high school choir audition?
What to write a song about...?
Which King George did WS Gilbert refer to in Iolanthe?
what kind of ukulele should I buy?
Guitar notes and chords?
Should I start off learning acoustic or electric guitar?
I want to create and write comedy.....where do I begin knowing who should read it?
Do you like my Just the Way You Are/Marry You mash-up? :D?
Do you have any good colorguard stories?
does she sing good ??????
Indian classical music schools in Toronto or west of Toronto that offer music courses for gr 11 & 12 credits?
How to paint a black felt hat?
how is the action on the taylor big baby?
read description to understand?
Am I a good enough violinist for a high school orchestra?
I'm trying to find a scottish dancer poster. Do you know where I can find one?
where can I find a list of acting classes in los angeles california?
Should i see Wicked or Phantom of the Opera on broadway?
i need a open mic to start off my career, where do i go?(san diego)?
Does anyone know some super fun upbeat female-female duet broadway songs?
I am interested in classical guitar but dont want to spend money on it.... read please?
If i become an actor do you guys think my agent would change my name?
Need help with my guitar playing?
Emilie Autumn's Enchant Puzzle?
Should I play guitar?
How do you make harmony using Musical modes ?
Does anyone know a site where you can find Civil war era piano repertoire?
i need help choosing a fast, advanced cello piece for a very difficult audition
Can someone sing me my song??
Can you help me, I'm thinking of starting to play the Bass?!?
What are some good audition songs for someone with a weak voice?
How can you tell if you're Alto or Soprano?
What is the best acoustic guitar company?
Violin or Piano lessons?
Why is using my voice so hard for me?
Problems tuning guitar?
I practice the guitar for 75 min daily. I took lessons for 6 months. Is that enough?
would it be easy to learn how to play guitar ?
Since the french mime Marcel Marceau died, do we like have a moment of silence?
how can i play the guitar really fast?
National Tours / Regional theater auditions for teens?
What is this meant on the guitar?
Any advice for song writing?
pictures of Alberto Ferreiro?
Can someone give me some advice about what to do about my band?
Is the suzuki ss100 a good piano?
i wanna know what is my talent?!?
What song should David Cook sing in the Finale next week?
What is a good song for a guy and a girl to sing as a duet?
I want to learn to play guitar. I don't want private lessons. I need something free,easy,and accessible.?
How do you get an SAG card and how do you get an agent if you live in a small town?
What can I use to clean violin strings?
where can i buy an acoustic guitar and how much does it cost?
how to become famous?
how many irish dancers are there in the world?
i have a classical guitar, can i play acoustic style songs on it?
i need help with my persoanl statement !!!!!!!!!!?
How do you lower the range an octave on an electric piano?
Where can I find oral interpretation pieces for free?
what do you think of me as a guitar player?
Guitar Lessons in NYC?
do i have a better chance at getting a "Q" anwered if i have a avatar, just wondering?
Why does my epiphone les paul say gibson on the truss in bold letters?
Tennessee Performing Arts Center Stage Door?
Is 25 years too old to learn to play the guitar?
Am I good at guitar????????
What are some musicals with lots of roles for girls?
what is a good non boring way to learn to play the guitar?
How should my pedal board be set up?
I am a upcoming r&b artist looking for opinions on a stage name is Leslie Noel Jr please take serious
I really want to learn the solo for one. What do I need to do to get started?
I need the artist and song?
I can't identify the piece I'm thinking of! It sounds similar to . . .?
some good trumpet brands?
What is it that gives the Viennese waltz its characteristic lilt?
A good broadway solo to sing for a thirteen year old?
What To Do at a Acting Audtion And You Feel Nervous?
Great audition songs and improving your voice?
What song should i learn on guitar?
I need published monologues for Dramatic Interpretation?
Who has the best guitar solos?^?^?
Calling all really great dancers!!?
should i go straight to a performing arts 3yr course or go to normal college first (uk) ? please help :S?
How to tell which strings are good for my bass?
Acting Schools!!!! :D?
Will this really make a difference?
How to choose the right open tuning? Should i go with which i'm comfortable with?
Why do people take private lessons?
I love myself some Johnny Cash how abouts you!?
Does any one know all the scenes in the story the nuter?
Any violin or string players? Pizzicato question...?
What guitar should I get that will play "Sweet Child O Mine" good?
Pom squad warm up music?
How do you say Bob Fosse's name?
What are the cheapest guitar picks on eBay?
is it easy to play the guitar?
Contemporary comedic monologues?
Upbeat audition song for female with wide range?
What instrument do i learn???????????????????????????????????…
Is it impossible to lick your elbow?
Aside from professional instruction, what is the best/easiest/most effective way to learn to play the guitar?
What does "your fault" mean in music?
What would be a good idea to raise money for a marching band/concert band?
What should i name my guitar?
What are your favorite parts fromt he work of Richard Strauss?
Boarding School Help?
singing help !!!!?
this haunting melody of the piano does chill into the bone?
Hey, does anyone know if "First Act" brand clarinets are good?
Have people died hearing Beethoven's ninth symphony?
What opera has a white clown in it?
How do some people talk so.. idk, brilliantly?
How can i fake cry? I just wanna start fake crying in front of people and see the look on their faces lol?
What's your favorite opera?
I can't identify the piece I'm thinking of! It sounds similar to . . .?
Girl Guy Duets like Darling I Do...?
What are your favorite musicals?
Im 14 years old and i would love to join ballet classes the trouble is i dont think im much good : ( ?
Where can i find tabs for old Neapolitan songs?
How much does an A string on the cello cost?
guitarists would you consider this embarrasing?
How long will it take me to learn to play an acoustic guitar?
What else can I learn on the guitar?
What guitar should i buy him....?
Guitar fret buzz???? Help?!?!?
how do I find sponsors to make a video for my song?
Complicated poems, for an audition?
Is there ANYTHING I'm good at?
Is anyone interested in African dance in the central coast area?
what's your talent?
Guitar Chords? HELP ME PLEASE!!! I need to know about a capo!?
whats a good guitar to buy for a beginner?
i want a new drum kit free if possible where can i get one?
_______ music is intended for performance by two or more groups of performers.?
Singing: Someone told me about "head voice"?
HELP!! I have auditions tomorrow!!!!!!?
Should I learn the violin or saxophone?
What are some good talent agencies in Florida?
Violin & Myself! I NEED Help!?
Whats a good song to sing a cappella that will show off your voice.?
Do I sing good, or bad?
is doing marching band worth it in the US?
What should i sing for next years highschool promotion (im currently 7th going on 8th n july)?
Can anyone give me a Female Comedic Monologue?
What were some of Shakespeare's sources for plays?
Might be a dumb question and a dumb dream, but could you help me out?
mellophone spit problem?
Unscramble the following letters to reveal a female tv stars name. REALLY IS MACHINE.?
what do you think?
Is there anything you can buy to put on a normal snare drum to make it sound/feel like a marching snare?
How to Show My Friends and Others I can Sing?
Stage name for Emily?
girls, would you rather have a boyfriend who can sing or dance?
Do actors wear contact lenses to play someone in glasses?
Who know a love spell?
Why haven't I improved with my guitar playing?
Any tips for barre chords?
Which guitar is better to start of with?
About How much are my drums worth?
If Hitler had only gone after mimes, would anyone have blamed him?
i need ideas!!!!!?
how to play school of rock?
help on essay for guitarist?
Floating dollarbill magic trick?
what are some good songs for a grade 8 graduation?
How to write a concert report?? Need help with the musical vocabulary!?
Brodway female solos? Preferable alto but I can do soprano if needed?
What is it like to be a musical theater major in college do they teach how to sing even as a novice?
why do my acoustic guitar strings snap so easily?
I need a monologue for a knife with its owner trying to catch its target.?
Why can't I count beats?
What do you think of my "Friday" Parody?
What is it about dancers bodies?
i play a great 72 fender jazz bass and i want to join local 368 in reno nev. how do i join?
While growing up, did you realize how moralistic "The Wizard of Oz" is?
Guitar Question! Help?
Do you like classical music?
What broadway song should I sing for a Sound of Music audition?
Ambasure giving out to fast on Clarinet?
Can Bass be a Lead Instrument?
Changing seats at a concert?
Does anyone know a good classical Violin Duet?
who sing the song that says "freaks are the beauty of the world"?
What did you do when you were learning to play the guitar?
Why is it that i lose my breath so easily in my usa goldstar flute than my selmer? please read?
Have you heard of "Broadway to Bagdad" recently?
Who should I take improv classes from?
I LOVE singing do you think i should continue?
Who is the best tenor saxophone player?
“If you had a good voice and had the opportunity to record a duet with any singer living today, whom would?
What are some good recital themes for my upcoming recital?!?
when did the tv soap "Days of our lives" first screen on tv?
If a person is moved to tears by his own music, is he conceited?
What's the minimum depth of concrete below an edge rebate?
Was this s good or bad sign for an audition?
I'm looking for a doris day version of "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake"?
which SINGER/PERFORMER could i DESIGN an oufit for?
Which Valve Oil to use?
What are some modern violin-filled songs?
could you tell me what self-defence is the best?
I'm SO MAD!!!!! iwanna practice, but where?
u have to sing on here?
Is 15 too old to start playing violin?
Learning guitar by tabs?
What was your favorite marching band field show in high school?
How can I teach myself to sing/scream screamo?
Is a good singer BORN or MADE?
Can you fold a square piece of paper into halves, 10 times?
We need some help like tips,suggestions...whom to approach how do we approach ?
Wicked the musical tour question.?
Good poems for audition tomorrow..?? ASAP!!!?
Do you know any grade 4 drum solo pieces?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Have to write a musical autobiography for school musical?
i have a problem in singing?
how do I draw bumber cars?
Universities in Europe for studying singing(performing arts)?
Trombone ensemble music?
Why can't I see to read music notes?
Good cheap keyboard/piano for beginners?
Professional performers or people involved in the Arts: please answer!?
Is it easy for guitar players to learn piano?
How to add people in sing?
What songs would be good for a talent show?
I have an audition for the witch... how should I melt?
is it true that people who play violin can play guitar with ease?
Any song suggestions?
Question for violinists?
Where can i get tickets for a taping of The Suite life of zack & cody, hannah montana, or thats so raven?
What character in A Midsummer Nights Dream is described as, "Though he be but little, he is fierce"?
Good contemporary plays and musicals to Direct.?
Yamaha APX 200 i think is that real?
Can I learn classical guitar techniques using an acoustic guitar ?
what are some good ways to learn guitar?
As a guitarist who is your inspiration and influence?
Broadway songs with spanish in them?
where can i get hunters chorus?
Do I dare?
I have been playing guitar for a year, when should i start writing my own songs?
What should I do about my NAKED room mate?
Having problems playing guitar I have club hand?
What is the best instrument to switch from trombone?French horn,Barritone horn,or Trumpet?
What kind of colloring is this guitar?
Songs for Mother's Day.?
Inspiration for my play?
What are the odds of getting into nyt or nymt?
Are Sonatina flutes brand bad quality?
Is Bolero Africana an motif or a sonata?
Who thinks the lyrics from Lives Dolphins Cry song are really good ?
Jingle bells forever flute?
Help with guitar type comparison/advice?
What is the running time of the stage play, Dr. Doolittle?
Is Interface talent a scam? Should I go to the appointment?
Does anyone here like ballet?
My family doesn't understand?
When was this piece composed??? ?
i want to learn an instrument pls help me out? violin or guitar or piano or flute ,my details are below?
Is it normal to have scratches on an electric guitar?
in the little mermaid on broadway i saw the cast recording-are they lip syncing on stage?
strange question??? Does anybody know what they mean, in rap songs, when they say "diamond in the back" ?
stage The phantom of the Opera?
Can u really learn how to sing? I thought it was something that u already know how to do? ?
Basic things i need to know before i start to play the guitar...?
Just got a guitar yesterday?
How to play clarinet again after a year?
What is cinema and television arts?
If i decide to do a course in Performing arts instead of A Levels- where will it take me?
When are you ready ro play 12 string guitar?
if i play guitar for 1 day 1-2hours everday, can i play the guitar after 3-4 monhts?
What song should I sing for a musical audition?
Is there an instrument that looks like a piano, but plays little bells.?
PPAS/Laguardia Performing Arts Schools? Please help if you or someone you know goes there?!?
8310 Z review?
Am i making big mistake? starting guitar playing.?
if paul and ringo was going to fight who do you think would win?
I picked the same stage name as someone else?
How does high school choir work?
What is proper dance attire?
What are some good love songs i could play on my acoustic guitar?
How hard is it to self-learn keys?
What is the best way to learn lines quickly?
Do you think if I concentrate REALLY hard I can turn my peanutbutter sandwich into a pizza?
Does playing acoustic Guitar make playing an electric easier?
What brand of guitar would most likely have strings close to the frets?
Is the acoustic guitar a "cool" instrument to play?
seven deadly sins????
do i have a shot at becoming a famous actor?
anyone know a good place to buy viola shoulder rests?
What do you guys think?
Does anyone else play french horn?? I feel like the only one.=/ lol?
Which of the following productions was the first stage musical to incorporate dance in a featured manner?
Ways to help reduce muscle pain with mellophone posture?
How much trade-in credit can I get for my guitar rig?
I want to be a movie director..Help ?!?
How to look like you've been crying?
How to become a singer?
How do you prepare yourself for a kiss (theatrical)?
What is your favorite flute music?
is there a site i can go to, that i can customize my guitar?
How can I do a NY accent?
I want to sing but I to afraid in front of crowds and my family?
What are some good middle school plays?
Help me find a preforming arts boarding school?
the most expensive guitar?
Does anyone know where one can read poetry like poetry readings in Monterey County in CA???
Simple question for guitarists?
when the saints go marching for flute?
Flute question, help me please?!?
I need a bass guitar which can double up as a weapon (if needed)?
Step Team Uniforms?
I need help buying a guitar?!!?
What should I do to prepare myself for a career in the performing arts?
solo guitarist names?
i write poems and am taking a guitar could i make my poems into songs?
Need to find Private club/hip hop dance lessons in Maryland?
What makes a guitar sound bad/good?
where can I get all A.R Rehman songs sung by himself?
How do you set up a bass guitar effect pedal?
What would cause intonation problems on a wraparound bridge?
What was Mary Pickford's height and weight in the mid 1920's?
can I sing?
Marching Band question?
name one talent that you don't have, but wish you did have .
is explore talent reliable?
What are some of the Cons of having a Low Action on a Guitar?
FREE Violin lessons online??
What suburb doea Dame Edna come from?
What do I do about playin with me cheeks "puffed out?"?
Working as a burlesque dancer?
How to learn lines quickly?
What guitar chord is this?
anyone know any good audition songs?
In FL Studio, can I rig a button to tap the tempo at any time?
what is easier violin or guitar?
Who was a influence to you play instrument ? Why?
i play trombone and want to learn how to improvise what progams or excercises can help me with that?
song writing tips?
Is 8 hours per week guitar fingerpicking or fingerstyle practice a good amount?
is it possible to read and sing at the same time?
what were costums,staging and props like in realism plays?
I want to know something about 52magic.?
Which animal's hair do circus performers consider very lucky?
How Do You Sing From Your Stomach?
Who thinks Andrea Bocelliis thas he greatest voice of our lifetime?
What was the last piece that Beethoven wrote?
Costuming Question...?
i get nervous at competitions?
What are some basic information of the instrument daf?
Help with Blue Lake placement audition?
Should I play guitar or piano?
how come only some left handed people play the guitar left handed ?
Fractured fairytale performance ideas for kids ages 8-10?
What band do you prefer, The Beatles or The Strokes?
Who's better Back Street Boys...OR...Nsync?
How high can a piccolo go?
Good Audition Songs................?
Who is Wonder Woman?
Trouble with my clarinet Please help!!!?
What should I do to my clarinet if it gets wet?
Guitar hero?
how can i look up a dean guitars serial number?
i want to dance but...?
What exactly are the standards for an audition to become a voice major at a university (Shenandoah)?
Could I be an actress (please answer)?
Is GH3 much harder than GH4 on guitar?
can deaf people learn to play instruments?
Can anyone find a website that has Colonia Patroits NJ Cheerleading info on it?
is this enough to become a model?
How do you play a chord on a guitar when there's only one note shown?
I am going to perform a dance based on gender roles in society. What kinds of songs would you recommend?
what is a good song to sing at a school talent show?
what insturment should i play?
Are saxophones usually the ones who are to play a solo in a band?
Is my jaw harp good enough to play?
How much does a guitar cost?
What are the best songs to play when you have a headache?
Using Capo on Baritone Guitar?
How long does it take to rehearse...?
how is my guitar progress after 6 months ?
Rate my singing pls from 1-10.?
Is it better to learn on an electric guitar or an acoustic?
what are all the percussion instruments you use by hand?
Does anyone go to this school? Etobicoke School of the Arts?
Colorguard positions???
what would be good bass arias and arts songs to sing for a major conservatory audition?
I lost my voice and I have an audition?
Problems tuning guitar?
Shakespeare fans: Was Caliban a lecher or was Miranda asking for it?
How many octaves has an average voice?
Help with guitar tabs?
My audition piece length?
How do you get an arceus without an azure flute?
How long does it take to be good at fingerstyle guitar?
I want to learn to play bansuri(flute) plz help?
What are the chances of getting a career playing in a orchestra?
Guitar geeks/experts needed!?
Who could link me up with an American Producer, likely to be interested in an insider's story of slavery?
Does anyone know where I can find a violin besides ebay?
What are the ten things that are not performance ?
help.... please if you can!?
what do u think of my weird talent?
Who was the painist who played a piece by just sitting in his bench?
are there any good talent agencies in houston?
I need dark, creepy, fast music.?
do you know how criss angel does his magic tricks...?
How do i get into osa high? the school for the arts in hollywood?
What does the percent looking thing on a music score mean?
any good Christmas story plot ideas?
Looking for a song. not sure who it is by. its a choir song. one two three four five?
where wud you show your dancing skills( or read any talent -gifted) mostly? on stage or on any walk of life?
Can someone PLEASE give me screenwriting tips?
How do you get the sound effect for a school bell?
piano competition.trouble.!?
I want to play snare drums, but play the flute (marching band)?
What should I sing for my Wizard of Oz Audition?
I might buy the Yamaha Digital Piano, DGX-620. Is it any good? Reviews? Does it come with a pedal? at Costco.?
Please Help Me With Musical Try Outs help me pick a song to sing for the musical?
how to get better at soloing on guitar?
I'm new at guitar, and I'd like some tips on how to stroke?
What's that under there?
"Joe Turner's Come and Gone" does the title have a meaning?
Alto Sax Fingering Chart?
What should I look for when buying a new guitar?
I'm looking for and indian pow wow in ludlow massachusetts?
Where can i start becoming an actress?
how do you sing while dancing or moving but you voice will stay clear and smooth??
does any 1 know a video or website that teaches me how to fingertap on the guitar?
I need help choosing a guitar?
Is it really hard to learn guitar? ?
honestly, i don't know what to do!?.. how can i fulfill my dream?
Does Borders sell music sheets?
What is performing arts special?
How can i prevent loss of quality when i use FX pedals with my amp?
Any ideas for an interesting drama piece?
How do you tell someone that you like them?
I need 15 facts about italian opera fast!?
Hi, out there! What is the website for FX network situation comdedy script contest?
Are mimes always silent or just while they're in public performing?
How do I overcome stage fright?!?!?
how much should a guitar lesson cost in a rural area?
What are the best shoes to drum in?
I'm planning on going to a concert, but don't know which ticket sites to use. Which ones can i trust?
what are harmony two part songs?
when does the new season of american idol start?
Is wicked going on tour soon?
what is the perfect location for a cultural facility?
What's an easier guitar to teach yourself to play...electric or acoustic?
I just started playing the guitar, and my fingers hurt so much from holding down the strings...?
What's a good guitar?
should I follow my dream of being a comedian/actor/writer?
everyone who plays guitar?
kinds of guitars, any help?
How hard is it to learn the guitar?
Does miley cyrus sing miley cyrus songs at a hannah montana concert?
How do I search for sponsors for an all Male gospel Mime dance group.?
Does anyone know where to find tabs for Michael Spriggs's guitar music?
i need one direction tickets?
How to keep up with clarinet?
How to get used to Orchestra?
what is the best song to learn to play with 2 hands?
What are your five favourite....?
Whats a song three guys, a tenor, bass, and bariton could sing that people would know and relate to?
Door County performer? ?
Where can I find A Capella sheet music cheap?
Flash mob...any suggestions??.......?
On average, how much does a musician make?
any good monolauges for a drama tryout ? :) urgent .?
Song Help???
Where can I find a private place to practice?
Will the switch to bass drum be difficult?
how do you get out of an emotional funk?
Good method for playing chromatic scales fast on piano?
what is the easiest way to learn guitar ????
can you play bass guitar on a regular amp?
How do I play an Fmaj9 on guitar?
Where can I buy the schecter hellraiser black flame guitar?
where can i find bella's lullaby sheet music?
Finger picking patterns ?
What instrument should I learn to play after the guitar?
calling all dancers!?
I want to cut a perfect silowet of my friend and place him on another picture.. Is there a way to draw around?
Good songs to learn on guitar...?
my guitar input jack broken..?
Who here has heard of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND the musical?
RENT live on Broadway or other play houses ?
How to increase stage daring?
Does anyone know what going on tour is like?
Guitar slapping question (acoustic guitar) ASAP?
how to tune my guitar?
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
is this a good rap song hear it please im only 12?
duty of artistic and music director in an orchestra?
acoustic Guitar?
What Dance lessons to take for Musical Theatre?
Does anyone know any russian pop stars and/or musicains.?
how to play crazy frog on the piano?
How do you maintain composure in front of others when something sad is going on?
can deaf people learn to play instruments?
Violin and flute duo for GCSE?
Bass line on a non bass guitar?
Zildjian Cymbals vs Sabian Cymbals?
I go back and forth to new york to act so my dad is kind of upset that I am going back but acting is my dream.
How to handle srage fright?
If you play Shiya then read?
Which song should I sing for an audition?
Talent show?? I want to do this dance?
What is the specialisation of musician L.Athira?
Is PST3's a good set of cymbals for Rock/Metal drumming for a intermediate player?
good bass effect pedals for under $150?
where did they perform jazz, hip hop, break dance and funk dancing?
best acoustic bass from dean that i can get for under $200?
Which pedal would be appropriate to achieve that Chet Atkins tone?
Where can I purchase a Ciel Phantomhive (Girl Version) Wig?
Is the Martin D-28 the best Acoustic guitar?
WAAPA Audition song - Certificate IV contemporary?
I want to learn to sing?
How can i learn how to actually sing and sound good?
Would it be safe for a 16 year old to go to an Avenged Sevenfold concert standing?
What is Folklorico?
Whats easier to learn?
How to become guitar luthier?
Learning to play guitar?
Have a bass and an electric guitar but can't decide the one that I should learn better to play?
Can I join the SM global audition 2013?
Where to get a cheap student flute?
Good book to learn guitar chord family and some scales?
any one know any thing about Roth Pfrekschner violins?
What should i wear for my audition?
Can i sing a popsong to audition for juilliard?
can somebody tell me what should i be prepared to do in the berklee auditions for electric bass?
does anyone know where i can download london philharmonic orchestra stuffs 4 free?
baritone, soprano, contralto (alto) tenor, basso, mezzo soparano in order from lowest to highest?
How to get a elite model agent?
is there such thing as over rehearsing?
How do i get my clarinet cleaned?
Learning Guitar?
Maddie Ziegler's Star Power solo?
Question about modeling?
how many notes on a saxofone?
When recording your voice what is an Easy way to alter it to make it sound better (I'm using audicity)?
trombone solo; ballad?
Can a girl play electric bass?
Does anyone know of any Dancing or Theater Auditions here in Singapore?
Is this my acting teachers way of telling me to give up acting? Please help!?
How do I prevent stage fright?
What are some good singers/bands/songs from the 60's?
Help! I can't act at all!! Plz!?
Learning to play guitar?
Need to list parts and types of theater ie proscenium arch, center stage, portal, sound board?
How long should a flute be left on its stand?
What's an awesome thing to do with a tuba?
beginner songs to learn on electric guitar?
mercedes benz voice over actor? ("I love you")?
What acoustic does Jack Johnson Play?
finding learning guitar difficult?
what's your favorite song from phantom?
Which is the best Cirque du Soleil show to see?
I'm thinking of changing pickups on my guitar.?
Musicians and Singers, please help me out!?
I wanna start producing music, where can I start?
Should I buy this guitar?
My lips! Please help!?
What is on broadway? What is expected?
My flute has black spots on it?
Queen Mary Dark Harbor?
Do you think ELVIS is alive? And if you do, where do you think he lives?
Projekt revolution?
Summer Drama Camp- I need ideas? I have to produce three or four mini-productions in three weeks. 3-5 grades?
When does an agent call you back after a showcase?
SERIOUSLY? Phantom of the Opera and sex???????????
Which are the coolest songs of 2009?
HELP! What song should I sing for a musical audition?
the name of a Spanish comic group?
Songs to play on guitar?
How does the christian song "Sunrise to Sunset" go?
What intermediate/step-up trombone is the best value for the quality?
How to act really good!?10 POINTS!?!?
What brand of acoustic guitar strings should I get?
My play is tomorrow, and every time I go on stage I forget my lines. What do I do?
Finding a song!?!?! Need help?
Your busking experiences?
Guitar Callouses, when will they come?
I play guitar and now I cant?
Does anybody listen to Casting Crowns?
How to get discovered by Disney?
is there such a thing as a soundproof bubble that someone in an apartment can use to play the violin in?
does anyone know chords for (alittle to late)?
Play Proposal question?
Is guitar easy to learn and how long does it take?
How big is this guitar roughly?
Fantasie Impromptu question?
Any contemporary songs to dance to?
How do I gain confidence when performing on stage?? Please help .s rewarded best answer.?
Acoustic guitar questions!?
where can I get a dvd of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass performing in 1969 at the Royal Festival Hall?
Any suggestions for an acoustic guitar? Ovation, Gibson, Fender?
which song?
Hairspray: What songs does penny appear in?
How to become an Actor?
what instrument should i learn to play?
Can a lefty learn to play an electric guitar right handed?
Website help?
I want to take up playing the recorder. Can anyone give me any advice on a good recorder for a beginner?
I wanna become a stand-up commedian. Tips/hints?
Which Broadway should I see?
Piano songs for Pageant talent?
how can you speed up your double bounce strokes?
What is Sondheim's masterpiece?
How often should i change my acoustic guitar strings?
Any singing assignments?
Cheap guitar lessons in Ilinois,Chicago?
can anyone help me: Steve Morse´maqgnificent solo guitar - The Well Dressed Guitar?
What is your favorite Coldplay song?
which guitar to buy Jackson RR3 Rhoads or a epiphone les paul?
how do you become endorsed by yamaha?
im looking to become a talent scout. but i do not know where to apply can someone give me some info?
thoughts regarding my song?
How do I increase my playing speed?
When to stop doing covers?
what are the different types of comapnies in the music industry?
10 famous persons?
I want to learn to play keyboard?
musical theatre songs for baritones?
pantomime ideas 2-5 minutes long?
What should I do to prepare for a one hour singing concert?
What sort of details should go on a poster for a stage production?
How much would it cost to fix my acoustic guitar neck?
Help with audition songs?
If a note is flat in one measure, is it assumed to be natural or flat in the next if nothing's indicated?
Who all died in Into the Woods? ?
Where do I find genealogy material re: Joseph Taylor, a member of Shakespeare's company, The King's Men?
Musicians Help Please?
for all those singers out there, how did u become a singer?
which phantom of the opera character?
Audio Source File for Thud?
How can i improve my electric guitar playing?
how can u become a singer at 12 years old?
Songs to play during a party on a guitar?
What size guitar should I get (15 y/o)?
How do I become a ballerina in Louisiana?
do you think the theatre industry( music dance and drama) has been affected by media technology in any way?
how can you perswade your parents to take you out of band???
Can anyone give me information on the play 'Defying Gravity'?
how many people are needed to start a band and what a they?
How can I improve me voice?
what are some ACOUSTIC songs that will make any girl fall in love with you if you play it on guitar?
what is the best book to learn how to play guitar?
Guitar help (acoustic)?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Questions..?
Bon Jovi stealing Van Halen's DOA?
Trying to find sheet music?
I have confidence issues , how can i possibly follow my dreams now?
who was the famus hispanic tenor?
Since it seems to be flute night..Any advice on proper decrescendos on flute?
if the name bethany was a number what number would it be?
What is the greatest musical of all time, and if it were turned into a "Junior" version, what would be cut?
How much does a ukulele cost?
my violin's g string cant play fast?
What instrument should I start playing if I'm going to teach myself to play?
Can the corruption in India be eliminated by hanging a few corrupt Indian people?
Does a $479 violin has a better sound then a $259 violin that are same brand?
What are good musicals for a high school to do with a good Pit orchestra score?
Audition Song for Anything Goes?
hello im playing Joseph in the nativity and i was just thinking how he was thinking when mary told him ?
Guitar Tablature Slide?
Anyone know any talent agents?
what is considered a good quick Warm up before performing Flexibility Stretches?
i dream to be famous, how can i get there?
Can you critique my script?
Is Manchester a good place to be part of creative arts?
Question about Done to Death?
What does it mean to have an 8 octave range?
Is this weird for a guitar player?
I feel bad, but I need to know how to confront a clarinet player?
How come sometimes I sing good and other times, I don't?
What are some important aesthetic valued ?
Is my friend a musical genius?
What are good ideas for a talent show?
What are first-time screenwriters typically paid for a screenplay in the U.S. and UK?
How do I get my mom not to come to school performance?
qualifications needed to get into performing arts, broadcast and media sector?
Do you know where any auditions are being held close to okc and edmond and tulsa?
What is the best type of mouthpiece for a tuba player to use?
Did Ludwig von Beethoven ever perform any music?
i need to find a web site with the history of the detroit jazz fest anyone know where to find it?
Where do i get the passive pickups of my guitar changed to actives EMGs in North London?
how do you play "lost woods" on flute?
I need help learning to play guitar?
I want to be a dancer but I don't know how to start :( any advice?
How can I make memorizing (musical) notes easier?
is there an easy way to play hey there delilah without the strain on your fingers?
dancers should i tryout for a university danceline or go to a dance studio?
Broadway Song For Girl Not Too High?
help me find this monologue s 4 best aanswer ?
how to not get nervous when performing alone?
Is the clarinet easier to play than flute?
How do I get over stage fright in one night?
Love songs?
What is a simple song to play on guitar and sing?
Help with Drama monologue?
What is a good guitar to buy?
Who thinks Andrea Bocelliis thas he greatest voice of our lifetime?
I need cool stage names?
Favorite Shakespeare Play?
What does it mean to be 1st violin or 2nd violin in music groups?
can u make a right footed double bass pedal left footed?
3 guys 1 hammer question?
Where can I find a free recording of Devonshire Overture by James D. Ployhar?
wat d artists d every night?
Mathematics & Music (guitars, etc)???
best guitar for shred?
How to make a splitter for a guitar? so i can connect 1 guitars ?
what means DOLCE VITA?
what does this mean?
Songs to sing for Little Shop of Horrors auditions?
Who wrote the play No Exit?
Good alto songs for a girl to sing?
How Do I Play A LOW D on my Baritone BC? (euphonium)?
what songs are popular to play on a guitar but still not difficult??
HELP! I am in need of a song?
Short wigs for cosplaying?
Guitar Help Please Anyone?
How do I get my place back in a performance?
where can i get some sheet music to play on the violin?
What was the last live show you went to see?
whats the best electric drum kit for under 500 bucks?
public speaking help!!!!!?
Is it true that Santa Clara VanGuard drumline (snares or course) switched to match?!?! and if so when?
How can I practice and improve my singing ability (excersises?)?
What is your favorite musical?
I need a one minute monologue for teen boys and I cant find a website that has one HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Which string should I put my violin mute on?
Learning to play the acoustic guitar. Help?
anyone already get their reply for sm youth audition?
any programs where u can type in musical notes?
What are some interesting Oboe Solos besides the classic repertoire?
Do I have any professional singing potential?? (video included) 10 points?
How am I supposed to play this note on my guitar ?
who is better marie taglioni or anna pavlova?
Would you trust your boyfriend is he was a TANGO Dancer?
Auditions run like a class?
Why do people get so upset at magicians when they discover their secrets?
How do I become a singer/actress??Only 14?
where is the play The Glass Menagerie showing now?
i need help on a bass guitar question?
Stage Fright?
Serious/tragic monologues?
how do i get my singing voice back?
How much would my GWL Acoustic Electric guitar sell for? PLEASE HELP.?
what are the lyrics, music notes to sing melody and harmony, and the notes on how to play it on the piano?
I need comedic monologue ideas!!!!!!!! 10 POINTS!!!?
How to fingerstyle on a guitar without thinking about it?
what is the aristotelian structure or theory&pls break it down4me need it4an assignment. thanks?
I am looking for the band Sundown Radio and their offical site if they have one. Can you help?
10 points! Hey can you please help me? What song can I sing?
Marching band questions?
HELP Me...i have no voice...?
what is the name of the warm up artist or band that comes on before the feature?
ever been on stage?
Is the lyre an easy instrument to learn, what about the ukulele?
E sharp is the same as what other note on flute?
problem with a korg triton le 88 key?
I'm auditioning for a musical and the part I want is a soprano/belter... help me...?
Help WIth Nameing A CD?
Tuning a guitar online?
Does anyone know the best website to teach your self the bass guitar?
Acting Schools!!!! :D?
F Chord on Guitar?!Help Please?
Popular soprano names in opera?
What is the simplest instrument to build?
Drama conventions GCSE HELP !! (p.s thats not yelling ;) )?
Is A Squire Fender electric guitar good? It'll be my first electric?
Audition Feb. 6th, need help?
guitar chord theory question: 11/13 vs 13?
What song should I sing to audition for The Drowsy Chaperone?
should i play afterlife for talent show?
How do i start a band if i dont no anyone that plays?
Should I pick up the electric guitar?
can someone help me and teach me how to cry on stage when acting?????????????
What are the hours of "Dance City" in Santa Maria, California?
female musical solo that involves dancing?
What is the EASIEST way to play healer from hillsong on guitar?
I am a magician and I can fart out of someone else's butt. Whose butt should I fart out of?
what do you think of jasper hale?
If the world is a stage , where is the audience sitting?
What would be a good for a magician?
Define 'Talent'? Please Answer!?
Is there such thing as an illegal musical instrument?
Singing Opertunities?
How can I get better at music, when I can't practice at home?
Jackson guitar question?
How old is to old to go to the circus?
Learning the guitar, couple questions! ?
How many years of training do most broadway stars have?
Is ther anyone into Neo-soul? i myself use my music to express feeling i want 2 see if any 1 else doe's..?
What is a good farewell gift for our technical director's last show?
What is your favorite Musical??
the effect gender has on contemporary performance.?
I want to cut a perfect silowet of my friend and place him on another picture.. Is there a way to draw around?
any good songs for my voice type?
Flute????????Or drums?
what is the funniest thing that has EVER happened to you during seating auditions?
Can I get into NYU (Tisch-Drama)?
what is frequency in guitar tuning? I've bought a guitar tuner and I want to tune my guitar.?
Should I still play guitar?
Do good guitar players play guitar hero?
where can i get agent for acting?
how can i make it sound smoother when playing fast runs on the guitar?
what is the easiest song to learn on guitar?
What is better: guitar or Bass guitar? (hoping to play electric)?
Is playing the piano hard when i know how to play the violin?
violin strings?
In music, what does 8 ad lib. mean?
what is a good website to buy cheap concert tickets last minute?
What are some easy circus acts or skills to learn?
How many different things can you make out of an unstrung guitar (no musical instruments)?
What song should i sing for the talent Quest?
Are there any critics for realy good and original english or romania poetry?
Guitar, I need HELP!?
Suzuki Acoustic Guitar?
Which one should i stick with the Fiddle or the Viola im great at bothe im 15?
help buying strings for acoustic and electric guitars?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
joans brothers question?
What size guitar would be best for me?