Performing Arts

A good song to sing for a soprano?
what is a hook line in blues music?
Is this is a good beginner violin?
I am in the church choir and i need songs to sing that are sung by men please help?
Where could I buy an Accordeon in Indonesia (Jakarta)?
Where can i buy a guitar capo?
Is it possible to do marching band for a living?
should i get a boss rc 30 loop pedal?
Humorous duets?
How do I play guitar tablature that doesn't show the strumming pattern?
Who is the comedian that sweats a lot on stage?
what on earth is it!?
Is it a good idea to start a Soundgarden acoustic duo?
How can I sing better and clear?
How to measure a trombone spit valve?
Where can I find a private place to practice?
School or Career?
help make a dream come true to a girl?
Ballet, any advice on how to get a better looking profile for my feet?
Registration suggestions for toccata and fugue ?
how can i make myself sound like i can sing?
Am I teaching myself acoustic guitar too quickly?
How do i find a good talent agent?
where can i find the sheet music for "I'm not waiting" by Andrew Lippa?
Where can I find a good quality clarinet, used?
I need to organise a school concert with the theme "around the word"help please?
can anyone can do a magic trick?
What should I sing for my school talent show?
Guitar novice seeking guitar expert's advice?
do you think I have the voice?
Could I combine 2 different single bass pedals to make a double pedal?
what are some good family songs?
adult baton twirling classes is there such a thing ?
Have you seen The Broadway Lion King Musical?
should i play precussion or piano for jazz band? plz help! 10 points!?
Where can i get a blue navy skirt? (Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp)?
SM entertainment/JYP audition?
What song should I sing at my school talent show?
What to do about.......?
do you eventually develop an ear for guitar and how soon?
I'm going to learn how to pay guitar, but I have a few questions!?
Where can i find music for flute?
Should I get an electric guitar or an acuostic guitar?
x shaped electric guitars?
on a scale of 1-10, hard is it to teach yourself to play piano?
how does the keys and the flute work?
I want to join the school choir?
What are the very good christian background music?
Wicked touring company any good?
Violin vs Viola?
Performing Arts colleges in Los Angeles?
I'm fourteen- can I learn to play the guitar on my own?
Please citisize my brothers singing, tell me his flaws and his errors along with what hes good at... please..?
Best low volume tube amp.?
How to sing for theater?
Where can i find smooth criminal sheet music for cello?
People have told me I have a great voice for radio or commercials. How and where do I go to make a voice demo?
Please can Someone leave me some good monologue links from all ranges of emotions ?
what is your favorite broadway show?
Does anyone have sheet music for karn evil 9?
How do you become a conductor of an orchestra? I want to be a conductor of like the San Francisco Symphony...?
What song should I sing at my talent show?
Which country having maximum good people?
Scholarship to go to French wood art camp?
What are some good colleges in Kentucky that have great Performing arts programs?
PLEASE, PLEASE advice???
ahhhh please i suck at playing guitar?
Guitar lessons?
Which acoustic guitar should I get?! ?
What kind of song should i use for tryouts if I am an alto. Broadway please!?
What should i practice to play guitar like this?
what do these notes mean?
How would I make it in the music industry?
First year in colorguard.?
All singers and vocal coaches...?
Was Paul Weller an art student and did he go to Eton college?
Who Do You Think Will Be The Final One Standing On I Love New York, Tango or Chance?
Guitar Problems I'm having trouble playing a D Chord?
Piano, acoustic guitar, or drums?
Suggestions for a clarinet solo?
Whats this song from shrek 2? 10 POINTS urgently needed?
im 13 and want to be a dancer. is it to late? would i be able to learn?
High School Musical Play Audition?
Please help a 15 year old?
Does nail biting affect guitar playing?
Should i get a Schecter Synyster Gates custom or a Jackson rr24?
should i buy a baritone or a euphonium?
People in Winterguard/Colorguard?
Help me find a violin bow with synthetic hair?
What's the easiest instrument to play if you have little hands?
What is a good hip-hop song for a 10 year old boy to do a solo to?
What is this ammerican obcession with guitars?
How to transpose a single melody line into a 4 part melody? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
which is better acoustic guitar or electric?
can you play bass guitar on a regular amp?
Guitar size 39" or 41" ?
Preforming schools?
does anyone know of any good tricks?
What are some hand imagery in macbeth?
000 style acoustic vs dreadnought?
How are some people born with perfect pitch while most of us are not?
difference between an acoustic-electirc guitar and an acoustic guitaR?
stage fright?
Is the Martin D-28 the best Acoustic guitar?
Easy songs to play on guitar?
Anime Fest coming up, is this considered cosplaying?
what was the first romeo and ju?
Middle octave range on piccolo?
beside recording, How can I find out if my singing is good? why does some ppl block one ear when they sing?
i have stage fright... but only from my parents...?
If there was a golden rule of acting, what would it be?
Is Puppy Love a good song for my 11 year old son to sing at his 6th grade Talent Show?
The mouth piece on my flute is VERY sticky. What can i do ?
Who sing don't fear the reaper?
What should I do about my acting and sing career how do I get it up and off the ground?
Can Somebody Finish This Dark Monologue For Me?
Weird question,but why do alot of the accomplished guitar players in losangeles?
Best Songs Ever on Broadway??
Is drama club for losers?
What do you do if your sister sings an octave higher and you lose your hearing?
why did elizabethan actors chose to do their job?
Should I change my guitar strings?
My great grandmother was miss universe?
Did you hate piano lessons as a child?
In the Nuter, what was the name of the girl?
I wish I was pretty and had talent?
Need Help With Starting This Script?
So I start marching band camp this week...?
This is a really big problem!?
What are some easy (popular) songs to learn on guitar?
Which instrument would be easier to learn?
What type of guitar should i get?
should artist focus on creating things pleasing to themselves or an audience?
I have been looking everywhere to join a hip hop dance class. I live near park ridge, I prefer close location.
what do you think of my music?
what [if any] would be the objections to having a huge screen for landscapes and backdrops, in a theatre?
Which music video do you like better? Vanessa Hudgens- Come back to me or Ashley Tisdale- Kiss the girl?
does anyone know where i can find?
HELP ME! Audition soon!?
H.K. Schmidt violins, good brand? okay brand? or bad brand?
How to make playing acoustic guitar less hard on my fingers?
What are the electric guitar(NOT BASS) tabs for Mr Krinkle by Primus?
Vox Amplug Help Question Please?
Gear setup boosting tube amp?
What songs should I learn on guitar?
guitar lessons for my little brother?
Stage Presence or just Stupid?
Anyone feel like sharing stuff they wrote with me? i love writing.?
Who is the best stand-up in Canada?
I can't find theatre work experience!?
Why won't my brand new wah pedal work?
im doing a report on the spanish guitar but cant find any info..?
Guitar Question?
Please Rate The Following Singing Voice!?
Proper breathing for singing?
Where do I go next to learn guitar?
What Instrument do you play?
is anyone a manager for singers???plz get back @ me...?
How should i learn to play guitar standing?
What is the best way to learn how to play the acoustic guitar?
easiest way to learn to play the guitar?
electric guitars?
Solo male musical numbers?
What shape guitar is your favorite based on looks and feel?
What tuning is your guitar in?
Have you ever noticed that British singers don't sing with a British accent?
Does anyone know about the show Dance moms and what are your favorite dancers?
Is it so difficult to make it as a dancer?
What makes a good screenwriter?
At The moment where Is The rock scene better L.A or NYC?
What is a good beginner bass, or guitar in the acoustic style?
How much is this Old Scandalli Accordion worth?
Does anyone know of jazz being played by an Alto sax?
Are Soprano Saxophones used in professional concert bands or symphonies? Sorry if this is a dumb question...?
Musicians Help Please?
Where is the root note in a guitar chord?
Amplifier gain mod help!?
do you think i can dance..vid included?
what is the original copyright date for the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" (Carousel)?
Stage Names!!!???>>>?
i have an instrumental competition coming up?
Costume - 5 year old in 1953?
I'm supposed to sing amazing grace for an should i sing it?
where do i get the scripts of musicals if i want to put on a show?
show business...?
What was Noah of the bible wife's name?
what are bands from the 50s?
When you are at a festival.....?
Best Music/Dancing school In Asia?
how heavy is a fiberglass sousaphone?
How can i prevent shaking when performing?
hello........can i, in any way, learn kathak online???
What are some good ideas for my 18th birthday?
Should I take performing arts?
can i learn how to play acoustic guitar on my own using all the stuff on internet?
Help me find a monologue from Hairspray?
please tell me if this poem i wrote is good or bad?
who is performing at big gig 2011 (girlguiding concert)?
Monologues and scripts?
what to do before getting a guitar ?
how to sing?
What is a "fixed Wah"?
The body of my violin, and it's strings have lots of white rosin on it and looks ugly...?
Can music instructors play instruments at a professional level?
What do you call it when someone starts singing a song, sings the first line then the next person starts...?
What are some FUNNY one person pantomimes?
Anyone Got A Spare Kings Outfit For Panto...?
How can i make money for a guitar?
AMDA admission letters help?
can you lick YOUr OWN ELBOW????????TRY IT I DARE YOU ........?
How did you learn to play the guitar?
Similarities and differences between clowns and mimes?
How do I trill from fourth-octave D to fourth-octave E on the flute?
Is a bamboo didgeridoo not good?
what size is a 36 inch guitar?
I live in California; how can I contact a music publisher and a music promoter in Spain and/or Italy?
My left hand is smaller than my right, Can I play musical instruments?
Alto Clarinet and Timpani duet sheet music?
How can i sing better?
Oklahoma violinists, what violin strings do you recommend for NE Oklahoma?
i'm seeing lewis black on new years eve, how long will it last?
If I get a right handed guitar, could i get it restrung to a left handed guitar?
what are some really sad depressing orchestra songs???
I need extrememly big help here. asap?
Does no one out their no anything about Roland dyens ? fantastic french guitarist and composer.?
Super Mario or Legend of Zelda theme on ukulele?
What is an equal opportunity talent agency?
What is the approxmate running time of Cirque du Soleil LOVE in Las Vegas?
Need advice - want to buy guitar amp for aroud 250 euro.?
When I sing or dance, I am off the beat most of the time. How can I improve my sense of the beat?
Does anyone know of any Christmas films coming out this year at the cinema?
Guitar Tab , Guitar slim , JG watson?
What Song Should I Sing?
WTF is wrong with Britains got talent?
how do you play break by three days grace on guitar?
What would be a really good song for a performance?
How do I get 2 of my friends to stop fighting all the time in our club?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Should I play guitar on top of the first pick up or between the two pick ups?
How much keyboard would i need to learn to start a band?
How do I find a place to teach piano? ?
how to become a stand up comedian?
If you are going to an open call for movie extras, what should you wear? Do you dress the part?
Becker or Scherl & Roth violin?
what kind of guitar does Klara from the band First Aid Kit play?
Would he sing with me?
how much is the jago peternalla venice 1965 violin worth?
how do you describe a flute?
which is the best acting school in india?
How to stay motivated to practice guitar?
Is there a type of music school I can go to?
Has anyone got any ideas for a modern day version of Snow White?
what was the name of the movie with jennifer lopez and vincent d'onofrio a few years back he plays total psych
Why are asides, monologues, or soliloquies often so important to the genre of drama?
what piece of music is this?
Learn bass or guitar?
hi! i'm looking for someone that would sing with me. (sorry4the bad english i'm italian girl)?
Any ideas about a skit about the word, astounded, but you can't use the word astounded in it?
How Do You Sing Good?
Please help me, im miserable. I cant play my instruments somethings up with both of my hands?
Problems with cello bow hold?
How to get more versitility out of my voice.?
where can i find vocalists to form an emsemble, in utah?
What should i learn next in Guitar?
Is it easier to learn to play guitar on acoustic or electric?
who played the lead roll in the motion picture Ice Station zebra?
Where is a good place to get some play time on a drum kit for free?
where can i find sheet music for chrono trigger '600 ad in piano'?
i need a play for my college?
I heard acout a high school musical play in a theater in Austin, Texas. Does anyone know about that?
i need a 45 second humorous monologue for teens?
Is This A Bad Embouchure?
Just want to know?
what song should i sing?
Does anyone enjoy singing contemparay christian songs?
What is the lowest age to start learning to play a guitar?
Fretboard buzz! Ibanez w/ edge 3?
Words used at a performance center, concert hall?
How can I get good at drama?
i want to learn how to play piano?
Actors: Should one send 8x10s or post cards to casting directors if you already have an agent?
What would be a good song for a duet with a best friend?
Any Ideas on why the 2005 movie Phantom of the Opera received bad ratings?
can a man at the age of 37 begin the carrier of a singer?
Where do you by body paint for people?
How do you get an agent to like your resume?
Were can I find free guitar tabs.?
Guitar question about octaves?
is Broadway dances are the same as theatrical dances?
What song should I use for an audition?
Places for me to sing at?
How could I find an sponsor for my son who is a talented third year student of conservatory-piano?
can apple juice be unhealthy?
what are some colleges with singing and acting?
what is the oldest a female model can be? to start out?
Marching Band Drumline Question...?
Do you play any instruments?
What does the Boss FS-5U do?
learning to play the bass guitar?
Piano help, please? Speeding up left-hand chord readin...?
apart from bach's suites for cello, what are some good songs to play on the cello??
Need musical career help?
does anyone know chords for (alittle to late)?
The movie/play "Rent"?
Who is the woman in the picture?
We need trio Ideas for three girls.?
What Song Should I Sing?
Recommend a guitar multieffect processor around Rs10000!!?
Who wants to come on my G6?
why do patterns like these seem to appeal to shredders?
Looking for sheet music for a saxophone quartet...?
On basic flute - what's the minimum age to teach a child?
How much should I sell my clarinet for?
Can't decide : learn VIOLIN or continue Guitar?????
What is one early realist play performed in one of the countries below?
2 Guitar pre-amp D.I. box questions?
What kind of viola do u play?
What strap locks should I use on my guitar?
Guitar strings problem?
I can't do a backbend PLZ HELP?
Do classical and acoustic guitars sound the same?
How do you overcome stagefright?
Whats your favorite electric guitar solo?
When does fingering yourself become too much?
How can I better my comedian skills?
Which strings from a 12 string pack would you use for a six string guitar?
what are some good guitar scales for certain emotions?
What guitar do you have?
I have to sing the Alleluia tomorrow for Church and im really nervous. HELP!!!!!?
Who, in your opinion, is the greatest living actor (M/f) ?
How do i learn guitar without hurting my fingers?
I have choir first period next year! how do i warm up my voice?
can I get grade 8 for cello in 2 years?
Flute/Piccolo: Which is easier to refurbish?
What is the value of a Cleveland The H.N. White Co Cleve O. c85005 C Flute worth?
is there a good rave scene in san jose?
what is the job of the orchestrator?
I am 15, and really want an agent for acting. Does anyone know how I could get one? How does it work?
Is there dialogue in The Nuter?
Which instrument Should I play?
Is oboe even needed in band?
Any tips on how to sing "What's This" from The Nightmare Before Christmas?
did the Sitar influence the guitar? vice versa? history of the intruments?
Why'd the spice girls decide to do a re-unite consert anyway?
What is the fastest way to learn scales on the guitar? Is there anyplace with an explanation for scales?
do you think the judge was unfair??
I need a Teen Monologue by tomorrow! ?
Snoop Dogg or JayZ?
Statistics on Ballerinas???
Good audtion song(s) for Javert from Les Miserbles?
What's your favorite thing about Marching Band?
I'm an intermediate Heavy Metal electric guitar player, what are some good songs for me to learn?
is there any stuff that you put in your eyes to make yourself cry?
dont you think miley cyrus is the ugliest person? she has the voice of a man and she is a fake she cant sing?
Learning to play guitar....?
Which song is the best ever song?
Guitar Holding?
what is a good song for a dance recital that starts of slow then has a big finish?
What should I play for my piano audition?
How do I read Shakespear?
How Do You Learn To Play Fingerstyle Guitar???
why does my Spectrum acoustic guitar keep untuning itself, had it for 3 years now?
What is the greatest musical of all time, and if it were turned into a "Junior" version, what would be cut?
Flute player problems....?
Name suggestions for my violin?!?
Where should i have my guitar setup in san diego?
does learning piano help guitar songwriting and how does it?
I need a 5 min. skit for 3 people. any suggestions?
How do I make a song?
I'm thinking of learning to play an instrument. Which should I look into?
What kind of case comes with the Franz Hoffmann Etude Violin Outfit?
I don't have any talents?
Drumline questions, traditional grip?
how to reduce upper lip swelling after playing french horn?
as a singer, do you need to be confident?
Do you use the register key when playing F on tenor sax?
If you visit me in my dreams?
Law&Order Trial By Jury?
Sininggg :)?
How do you play the ocarina?
How many feature movies a year are produced by Hollywood?
Transitioning from a classical vocalist to a musical theater vocalist?
What is a good song for a middle school chorus to sing in a concert?
What is the difference between bass clef and treble clef?
What is the story of Sweeney Todd?
Why do people hate on the Bass Guitar?
What wood gives a snare a deeper tone: Mahogony,Bubinga,Cocobolo?
How do i start an acting career?
What is the primary difference between a US Fender Strat and a MIM Strat?
are girls really crazy for guys that play guitar?
is it okay to sing amazing grace for a christmas concert?
What is your favorite type of theater?
Where can i find a free online published play?
does anyone happen to have the guitar tab for Crazy by Royal Bliss?
How do you find the serial number on a stella guitar?
what were FRANKIE LAINE`s main hit records?
What is david bowie's net worth?
Is a musician career really that hard? Why?
What are some things my county fair could add to seem less rednecky?
Guitar questions.....?
Has anyone seen 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, the musical?
How to become an onstage musician for singers..?
Help with performance advice?
10 famous persons?
How hard is learning guitar?
Songs to learn on acoustic guitar?
Did Beyonce get paid to sing at the inauguration?
Would you date the uglyest boy if he was the last guy on earth if you were despert?
Vocal singer self recording kit while doing stage performance?
Guitar: Pick or Fingers?
In DCI, why do some people hate the Blue Devils?
Basics things to know about guitar?
keyboard players? how do you choose to amp your keys?
Does anyone know where I can find a violin besides ebay?
Real World Audtion tape?
What to do when I am Bored?
is prelude by selmer a good wind instrument brand?
What would you recommend as an audition song for girls 10-15?
What's the song for signature on Britains got talent?
Help!.Soprano who got got sick and has gotten better but cant hit the high notes any more. Help!?
Who is the greatest guitarist of all time?
What's the funniest Broadway ever?
How do you play the role of Antigone?
Looking for an outrageous one act play that has musical numbers in it. Any suggestions?
historical background of cordillera music in the philippines?
Pepper, July, Duffy in annie. what songs to sing for an audition for these three parts?
Ukulele buzzing noise help?
My daughter's boyfriend wants to become a stunt double.But does not want to go to California. What can he do?
What kind of guitar should I get now...?
electric guitars?
Wheres a good place to find Duet monologues for Drama Class???
i can sing some what, but i would like to be better at it. i need lesson but i don't know how much it cost?
do i need to beable to read music in order to play electric guitar?
Stage Name Suggestions?
acoustic or classic guitar?
who sang "i like that old time rock and roll".?
Wedding singer the musical help!?
Any tips on how to beat nerves?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best way to learn to play the acoustic guitar? E.g. Looking for book references and DVD titles?
should i enter this extremely elite international competition?
Foo fighters DOA lyrics and ur interpritation of what the song means.?
where can i get free acoutsic guitar lessons online?
Keyboard vs Violin vs Guitar?
how do you prevent yourself fom becoming deaf?
which is the most popular place for ayurveda?
Even more singing help?
Any rants/ monologues/ speaches/sorties about being short?
How difficult is it to learn acoustic guitar?
Recommended props for a Frankenstein performance?
Who's your favorite Hollywood director/producer?
Where can I find Ang Lee's Oscar speech?
What accents should I learn?
were to go to get a pome copyright?
How do I read this guitar chord?
can someone tell me about commedia dell'arte is please.?
I can't afford to learn to play the piano?
i wanna play guitar?
what can i do to make my strat look more vintage?
Fingering for a clarinet!!!!?
How to stop being shy?
What guitar should I get?
what do the lyrics in Una voce poco fa mean?
Whats a good v-day gift for a girl that likes to dance,sing,and act?
Rehearsal Techniques Needed ?
would it be alright to learn bass guitar without knwoing how to play guitar?
How do you keep from strumming notes you don't want to strum when playing a guitar chord? Any tips?
How can I split my pants on cue?
What is the best acoustic-electric guitar in your opinion?
How do you string a Harmony, Roy smeck, 5 string banjo?
Need Help Choosing Musical Instrument - Please Help?
Guitar players can you critique my playing?
I want to go to a Performing arts school but my family's against it!!?
Ideas for Madness and Insanity presentation?
Is the Vox ac4tv combo giggable in small venues?
who wrote the song Doris Day sang called "Que Sera, Que Sera"?
Please help me choose a monologue?
What is the easiest instrument to learn?
How do you sing low without your voice getting all gravely?
eiii.. i need a script of an interesting story for our radio drama... please help me...?
What should I be??? I'll choose a best answer!?
are used guitar's safe to get in guitar center.?
Which guitar should I get?
What are some good warm-ups for a choir?
If you were to pick one talent that you dont have right now, what would it be?
!!!####I NEED HELP WITH My VOCALS#####!!!!!?
What is performing arts special?
Wooden peg inside viola?
Is it possible to lick your elbow?? ?_?
Tap dancing musicals? 3 words? easy 10 points?
Can I sing or not? Am I good or bad?
how do i stop a dream i can never fulfill?
how do i tuna my 12 hole ocarina?
Can i learn guitar even though my friend plays it?
Should I quit guitar?? Pls help!?
Does anyone know where i can get full Translation of ACt 3 Scene 4 of Macbeth Shakespeare?
Difference between the Mapex Horizon HZB and the Mapex Horizon Big City?
What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
Is a Mandolin a respected instrument (like the violin)?
is my friend and me a good duet?
what's the best p.a. system for a flute?
Any ideas for a talent show song?
ANYONE SEEN THE PLAY DEADLY DEAL BY BILLY ST. JOHN??????? please help!!!! (Eldridge Publishing!!!)?
Should i join Choir or Guitar?
Yeah, What do you guys think is the best Christian Rock band to buy a CD of?
When do Leonard Cohen tickets go on sale for the Paramount theatre?
Where are we at stage wise?
Should I play the Acoustic or Electric Guitar?
guitar tabs for "Night Time"?
Will a standard acoustic guitar fit in a classical guitar case?
Does anyone out there have an Major or minor in oboe or any other wind interment?
Any music festivals in Spain June 2008?
is this a good guitar to get for my first one? what are the pros? what are the cons?
Is it hard to learn to play an instrument ?
What are some lower-toned (alto) female broadway songs?
Clown Monologue ideas?
Who is Rob Snieder?
can you lick YOUr OWN ELBOW????????TRY IT I DARE YOU ........?
I want to become a model, How should I get an agent?
I wanna learn to play "freely": make up chords & harmony w/ both hands to accompany the melody on a piano.How?
Please help! Will my chances of getting casted be ruined?
Describe what you think is meant by the term “the Performance Arts Industry?
Please help me find a powerful alto audition song!?
difference between flute and piccolo..?
When can I remove the felt from a new piano string?
Which songs could I learn (guitar)?
Old Boosey & Hawkes Clarinet? How Much?
Are electric drum sets mobile?
i want to try out for my school talent show next year BUT...?
What will happen if a dancing group did like the 4.1.0 did in step it up 2?
Where can I find a brand new, left-handed, fretless, acoustic guitar?
How much does it cost to license a musical?
tell me about genuine free poetry competitions to participate and get some reward?
Broadway song suggestions for baritone/tenor?
Good acoustic songs to play?
Where can I get this bass in the UK?
what do you call someone with very flexible voice?
Is Alliance Artist Management Group legit?
Which is the better instrument?
what is the proceedure set out in rigveda to perform seemandham and the seervarisai therefor?
which is the best musical keyboard for stage performance?
How do you beat stage freight?
Children's songs?
How many songs has Frank Sinatra recorded?
Does anyone have or know where to find the tab for the acoustic version of "Slow Dance" by Framing Hanley?
I want to start screenwriting where do I start?
What are pentatonic scales. How are they different from regular scales. How do they help?
Frank Sinatra was the entertainer of the past century!!!! How may others could sing in 3 octaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any good tips for starting to play bass?
how do i know what i want to become,hat is my aim in life?
.Friend i want to Sing better what to do.........?
What should i play, bass guitar or electric guitar?
What does the word "Cabaret" evoke for you?
Can someone help me with a modeling career? ?
What specific type of drum is this man playing?
New X7 help Please!!!?
if your guitar string you fix it yourself or take it to a shop?
How much does it cost to get pads on a flute replaced?
Could I get arrested for running on stage during a concert?
my boyfriend just broke up wit me !?
What award did Jennifer anniston win at the peoples choice awards last night?
I need a funny one minute monologue that is high school approprite. please?
where can I find the information of Somalia dance?
Where can I get a copy of the CD that contains the soundtrack of the Cirque performance "Imaginique"?
can u make a right footed double bass pedal left footed?
how can u start playing drums?
where can i find sheet music for fringe?
wat's the best film in ur opinion ?
I need advice on vocal technique?
How do you memorize 10 choir songs in 2 days?
Singing, acting, or dancing?
What are really good talent agencies in New York City and how do you get an interview or audition with them?
please translate - ti amo?
Japanese guitar group?
i dont know which seats to get at the met opera...?
Where can a teenager get singing lessons in Chicago, Illinois?
How to show potential at something?
Is Lita Ford retired or does she still perform rock and roll?
Can i get some good songs? Talent Show! :)?
Good Performance Arts Colleges?
what is a character monologue?
How many people can play an instrument, explain why you like that instrument and your fav piece to play?
Shostakovich piano quintet in g minor?
1000 Ways To Die Show Help please (LARPing)?
Do you have to warm up before singing?
How do you mime and what do you mime in acting ?
Madrigal costume tips?
How is this illusion done?
what are some fun songs on guitar? i just started and can play some so something moderately easy?
only local people may come in?
My guitar is not working properly?
What plays should I read?
who is a composer or Dreams can become true? is it Kelly clarckson?
What do you prefer the sound of: a mic'ed acoustic guitar or a plugged in acoustic-electric guitar?
What is Lizard man?
would this be a cute idea for a talent show? =]?
John Stainer Crucifixion libretto score?
Should I take beginner guitar lessons or intermediate?
my mom wants me to try out to et into Howell Highschool for performing arts in Freehold NJ?
Is there a singer named Jim from 1944?
how can i get a pro trumpet?
I messed up my audition...?
Most dangerous martial art?
Is a Huntington sunburst 41 acoustic guitar good for a beginner?
Is it ok to play guitar but not sing?
should i play guitar or bass?
the cause of Luther Vandross'death?
My double kick pedal is being stupid?
I need to find my talent?
are u a true artist?
Which instrument to learn?
what album is the song "Keep It Coming" by BB King and Heavy D on.?
How do you know your true voice type?
How to improve my flute playing skills?
What do I do about my amp?
Do you know any easy cool guitar songs?
What can i sing for my talent show?
How do you become a singer?
im nervous and unprepared for my piano recital?
is shakespear still interesting in this age?
What Are Some Great Big Words To Use IN A Song?
what website can i visit to find phil. folk music w/ lyrics & chords? or can u juz give me one? juz post it ty
Using a Yamaha PSS-170 keyboard as a MIDI keyboard?
Need To Learn How To Read Music Notes For The Flute?
can i put olive oil in a tuba valve?
How do I learn to play the Guitar?
A Cute/Catchy Stage name ?
people say when i sing i sound like a professional...ive tried alot but,what are some ways to get noticed?
what do i learn first on guitar?
I need to learn a easy and simple song to play on acustic guitar. EASY AND SIMPLE! lol?
Is 13 years old too late to learn guitar?
When I'm trying to play high notes on trumpet, it feels like I'm squeezing them out. Any advices?
What to do with my life?
Good starter drum kits?
How do you annoy your girlfriend ?
chrous question?
What is the classification of someone like this?
female Christian songs for a 13 year old to sing?
What is Ophelia's brother's name?
What to do about a rattling Steinway?
I have an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, which one?
what would be a good song for an audition?
Musical for a high school production?
I pad or new acoustic guitar?
What Song Should I Sing For My School Talent Show?
Whats a good pantomime idea for 3 6th graders?
Do you encourage or go against guitar scales? everyone tells me something different?
Cello or Violin............ Which do you prefer?
question for teenage girls...?
Should I do Performing Arts of Film Production?
What do you think about this monologue?
What is the best brand you can buy for a Acoustic Guitar?
What are some easy begginer songs to play on clarinet?
Am i musically gifted?
Is a Boost stompbox necessary on my pedal board ?
why do some people think they can sing but really....?
Emo screaming?
Talent Show Act? ?
What is your favorite Christmas song?
what is exactly a theremin?about it, & some other info on it??
How do I join a band (playing guitar) in Edinburgh?
Some good guitarist?
Do you guys know how to ease the pain on your fingers while playing the guitar?
NYSSMA level?
What are some good books for begginers for actors?
What do you think is the best guitar ever?
What do you guys think of this joke?
Are there any advanced techniques for playing piano faster?
So I'm thinking of buying this Yamaha 221... flute?
what is a good name for a reggae band?
What do u think about using nylon string on acoustic? How will the guitar sound?hmm...?
talent show songs?
I'm planning a concert, where do I start???
Where can i get an electric guitar for $60?
Good songs for me to learn? (Guitar)?
what are some good duet songs?
what kind of guitar did tom delonge play when he was in blink 182?(10 points)?
What are some postives about being in marching band?
Help!! What's a good instrumental song for a modern/contemporary dance?
I'm 16 , am i late to start playing guitar ?
How much time short hand takes to learn?
Is it easy enough to play a bass guitar if you know electric?
What are the best drums for beginners?
Is it possible to teach yourself violin?
I have to sing in front of everyone!!!!?
How do orchestra players look at the conductor?
can some one please help me????
what is the difference between a bass guitar and a regular guitar?
How many plays should I do to have a talent agent consider sponsoring me?
What song should I sing for my school's benefit performance?
What should I do to my clarinet if it gets wet?
a good way to start out...?
Do you know where to find an instrumental track for this song?
Accents.Why do people lose them when they sing?
I need to find the instrumental (no vocals) version of "Ronda de los enamorados" It's a zarzuela.
What guitar hero guitar?
How much can I sell this electric guitar for?
HELP? I need a MONOLOGUE for tomorrow! Please help!?
A good Monologue In Charlotte's Web?
What is the best and fastest way to learn how to play guitar?
What is a good 2 minute presentation to perform in front of my class?
does learning piano help guitar songwriting and how does it?
How to master a handstand?
Is too late for me to learn how to play a violin? And what about this song?
How many hours does a dancer work?
Is gutiar easy to play for beginers?
Helpp me find some songs please?
Should you learn how to play Guitar Hero or should you learn how to play a real guitar?
How do I choose the right electric-acoustic guitar?
dose any one know the piano and violin parts ?
I'm scared to put myself out there and be discovered,help me?
Are there any costuming schools in VA or MD *sewing* ?
Help with this monologue? Pleassee?
What's better, drums or guitar?
Audition Advice and *IMPORTANT* Question!!!!!?
A "Symphony For Yorkshire"?
How long do i have to play violin before learning this song?
What's the musical term for Statement and response?
romeo and juliet props and costumes?
Recommend a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
fiorello h. laguardia high school of music & art and performing arts?
What are some beginner guitar songs that have few small chord changes?
What do you do when your director has his/her head wedged in a warm, tight place?
How much is my drum kit worth? Drum world uk jam master?
The name of a song I could sing?
If you were to audition for any k-pop ent. which one would it be? and why?
What kind of pick and what kind of string 4 ur guitar?
Are there any guitar plays who can help with a small problem im having?
If you could pick one instrument to hear a solo from, what would it be?
How does a good singer get noticed?
Ok....does anyone know where I can get some sheet music for my Bodhran? (Irish Drum)?
How can i get to sing on x-factor or America's got talent?
My guitar amp is just giving off feedback?
What kind of guitar is model number m 851461?
Could anyone come up with a scene name?
do you want poems??
Can a digitech whammy pedal tune down a whole or half step?
favorite broadway musical and why?
Is playing The Bass Hard In Orchestra ????
Songs for an amateur guitarist?
Fingerings for 2 octives of the concert F scale for Euphonium?
Do they allow you to go back stage after a musical?
Any info on the life of the German ventriloquist Gottlieb Geere?
guitar strap, how to attach it to a classical guitar?
I have a pointe audition tomorrow?
For the owners of Finale Songwriter...?
hey i need a monologue by mary katherine gallagher! any ideas where i would find one?
Questions about learning guitar?
Fill in this poem.?
What would be a good instrument to learn?
my yamaha bell mallets?
In the world of Geisha, what is a danna?
EMG 81 active pickups supposedly don't work with Squier Fat Strat stock electronics.Help?
Where is the best place to buy an acoustic guitar? ?
How hard would it be to learn how to play guitar if you already know how to read music?
How do I clean my acoustic guitar with home stuff?
Am I a good enough singer?
does this sound like 60's jazz to you?
Guitar Tab?
Is marching band worth doing?
Can't get up from a bridge?
What are some good banjos?
flute or clarinet?
How can think of a term or name for...?
Looking for a certain opera duet song?
What is your favorite opera?
What is the best acoustic-electric guitar in your opinion?
How to make a splitter for a guitar? so i can connect 1 guitars ?
what kind of music do you like to play on guitar?
I Need Guitar Help! this instrament is being my worst enemy lol?
What is the frequency of the lowest note on an 88 key keyboard?
would you play the role of sweater tucker?
Should I play an electric guitar ?
Has anyone gone to the Phantom of the Opera?
who do u think should have won the britains got talent?
good or bad?
Acoustic guitar question: If you were an absolute beginner, would you start out with a crappy but cheap guitar?
what are the flute notes for mary had a little lamb?
Dtxplorer electronic drum kit+MacBook Pro's GarageBand?
Is the Vito V7133SS soprano saxophone a good choice for a beginner?
Any sad emotional songs?
Does anyone know what ever happened to Jerri Adams, who was a fine singer in the 1950s?
Do you think i should pursue this dream?
How Do I Tell My Parents I Want To Be A Burlesque Dancer?
Is 25 years too old to learn to play the guitar?
Are there any videos on you tube that ?
Why do you play guitar?
what is cryptex?
I need an audition song ASAP!?
What I love doing?
What can I do to get noticed as an actor?
what music should i play?
opera themed 'save the date'?
Learning guitar?
Shakespeare pronunciation?
What is a VTR, when talking about acting?
how can i sell my stories and articles on line?
Are there any Manson guitar shops in L.A.?
Does anyone have an internet presale code for Robert Plant and Alison Krauss at the Madison Square Garden?
How can i get work as a voice artist but have no eperience other than I can mimic accents.?
What is a good first electric guitar?
Advice on guitar lessons needed! Help me!?
How can i find what key my guitar riff is in?
Does anyone know real gypsy violin players in New York New Jersey area? How can I find them?
i know this is going to sound really stupid?
I need opinions on Boss pedal effects? HELP?
Where can i find a guitar encyclopedia? (on the computer)?
How can I dance in high heels? Im performing express burlesque??? HELPPP?
What song should i sing for my audition?
Hello Dolly the musical- is Cornelius or vandergelder the main male lead?
Why does my voice "break" when singing through vocal registers?
Is it too late to start training in rhythmic gymnastics as 23 years old?
Why can some people sing perfectly without any training yet others sound awful even with training?
What is some useless but interesting information about the oboe?
Whats the cheapest Gibson Acoustic Guitar?
need to get a good violin you know where?? i live in jersey city, nj?
Pieces for a small orchestra?
I need monologue ideas for drama!! pls help!!?
Does anyone know any dirt on Debra Adler????
we need help for our a stage performance.How to do rehearsal?
Is there anything I'm missing out on Piano?
attire for opera?
Best beginner electric guitar?
what would be a good song for these instruments to play, as a duet or trio?
Does anyone know a beautiful, classical piece to sing for a recital?
Fender American Standard Jazz Bass?
What's a ten minute scene between two people?
Squier Affinity quality?
Can a B foot be ordered or made for a 2SP Gemeinhardt flute?
Is Karen Zoid really pregnant?
What is an easy talent to learn?
should i sing for the school talent show?
Are there any good bands, where there is a lot of guitar, thats sort of emo, but not depressing? Any bands? ?
Does anyone know were i can find the video of Carrie the Musical?
What do you think of our singing?!?
Help me pick guitar pedals? :D?
how do ya sing opera? omg its urgent!?
How can I learn to sing without taking lessons? Thanks?
Which one of these instruments are the easiest to learn for a beginner?
Where do i find online texts of Khayal compositions?
What is the audition process for an art school?
How much would my guitar cost?
l i wrote a song tell me if it is good im only 12?
best way to get into theatre and acting?
How do you make scented sea salt?
Where to find grants for youth clubs, seniors?
An easyish song to sing/play on guitar
Pursuing acting career in Hollywood as a European?
Should i see Wicked or Phantom of the Opera on broadway?
Cdn music schools question?
Are you a voice artist?
people can you just suggest me some good websites where i can get free guitar lessons?
How can someone who does not read music call himself/herself a musician?
How would you play this guitar tab, I understand the "x's" mean to not play it but how exactly..
How to fix muted/dead banjo tone?
who loves the song by The Veronicas, When It All Falls Apart?
I'm feeling discouraged in my career in life as a guitarist?
Does anyone have "Ice Dance" sheet music?
what is the difference of music from noise?
my first GIG: what do i do during the bass break(as a guitarist )?
Frank Sinatra was the entertainer of the past century!!!! How may others could sing in 3 octaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need a dramatic monologue.?
Storing or displaying Broadway tickets?
What Makes Up A Chord?
witch guitar should i learn first?
Where can I find original piano scores for musicals?
anyone know how to be able to sing this fast part of blinded in chains by avenged sevenfold?
Performing double pirouettes?
what exactly is a music recital?
Guitar video help?? A video with the begining step in guitar lessons??
How far does culinary arts date back to?
Can you get hole covers for clarinets?
Have any other musicians...?
How can i play lower notes on my alto saxophone easier? tips please?
I am right-handed but...?
What techniques does a person use to paly a shakespeare character? Henry IV specifically.?
where can i get a good but not too expensice acoustic guitar?
What is a Sustain Pedal Piano for and where do I have to place it?
does anybody have any songs that would be good for a lyrical piece to get out a good message or issue for?
What are some good contemporary plays and monologues?
was there an all girl chorus group that used fans in their act called the fan fan girls?
Does anyone know what theatre and where The Phantom of the Opera is playing right now?
Does my son have a gift or is he gifted? Or both?
Hey i just bought a boss ml2 metal core, can anyone tell me how to get a good as i lay dying tone?
i write poems and am taking a guitar could i make my poems into songs?
Whats a good bass guitar to start off with?
how to get ride of guitar inlay?
Broadway Halloween Costumes?
Is it too late to learn a new instrument?
who conducted the los angeles philharmonic from 1945 thru 1950?
Can a guy sing higher than a girl?
what's the tuning of guitar when bands like gunsroses play in a concert?
In a choir, where are sopranos and altos physically placed?
Help! What song should I sing for my performing arts college interview/audition?
What pick do you use to play guitar/bass?
DANCERS: What's that move called where you spin and at the same time, do vertical splits with your head by...?
i need help making a human pyramid?
is kuch na kaho a indian music?
What was your first Broadway musical?
How do i know its just a stage?
i need to find a jazzy upbeat song for an audition.?
Is my headshot professional looking?
What do you think of my singing? (w/ video)?
What brand of flute would you recommend if I am interested in buying an intermediate or better flute?
guitar: finger tip not healing?
What is the best way to learn guitar at home ?
Dancers: Would this be a good song for a lyrical solo? Why or why not?
I'm recording a drum set, I have one microphone, how can I get the most out of it?
Female Solos from Broadway Musicals?
What strings should I use for a guitar I need to make for school?
Texas UIL Easy Trumpet solo?
What music book would you suggest to a nw begginer at Electric Guitar.?
Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to make a psi ball? (or any kind of instructions at all?)?
When playing a gig, where do i look at the audience?
Need an oldies band.?
Which acoustic guitar strings are better?
Where can i find opera singing lessons?
What is the best way to learn how to strum on a guitar?
Any recommendations on good drum books or DVDs that address improvisation?
I'm looking to build a beginner voiceover recording studio. What are the essentials that I need?
When/How to audition for X Factor?
When will the tickets for "the big sing 2007" be available from the Royal Albert Hall?
What is this monologue from?
How To Read Bass Guitar Tab?
How To Get Wicked Tickets For Broadway?
Meredeth kaye clark From Wicked Fox Cities performing Arts center?
Does anyone know of any talent agencies in Hamilton Ontario Canada?
how to play in the key of D?
Does anyone have instrumental for Defying Gravity?
is it all India know how to sing?
What is the play "Arsinic and Old Lace" all about?
A midsummer nights dream helena monologue?
What shall i pick triple science or performing arts?
Can you recommend a good comedic play?
Whats a good song to sing for the talent show?
value of this guitar? :)?
Names for a guitar?!?!?
Does voice ing in Gents who sing a lot lead to some unpleasantness in singing?
How to address group of people in mail?
Would "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid be considered a ballad?
Is an award for strongest voice in the world?
What type of guitar should I buy?
Would you attend Pavarotti's funeral?
Why can't bands keep undergarments thrown on stage?
Are Stentor cellos good?
Is The Jackson DXMG a good guitar?
What do you think i should do?
How may I contact Thora Birch?
guitar help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much time short hand takes to learn?
What is good Musical Theatre Duet song to sing?
what is the ingredient of plastic materials, how can i make plastic models as car model in house?
Nylon strings on a steel string acoustic guitar?
flute fingering chart?
Singing they work?
For guitar players: how did you learn to play?
How to master a C aug (guitar chord)?
Help with this song for my musical theatre class?
ABRSM? What is it?!?!?!?
is ludwig a good drum brand?
dirty dirty fingernails?
Need an idea for a video im making?
Can someone give me some advice?
Why is it that sometimes you can sing really well and other times you suck?
Is my voice good? Answer honestly!?
what r really good websites for learning guitar?
I can't play my piccolo?
Talent Agents In Columbus, Ohio?
What Instrument should I play?
Guitar Center Help!!!!?
Do anyone know who gives the voiceover for shinchan in hindi?
Connect Electric guitar to home theater?
How to keep a straight face?
Whats a good song that 3 teenaged girls can sing together?
Snorting while playing the clarinet
Which Broadway/off-Broadway play do you consider the all-time greatest?
what shall I do to act in amovie?
Whats Stretches can incress Flexibility?
Songs to audition to?
azure flute?
i need to play louder?
What song would you sing to a guy?
Don Grady Of my 3 sons recorded a jazz record. where can I find it?
What is a good beginers Acoustic guitar?
guitar pro 5 help?
How to tell if it's correctly guitar is correctly tuned?
singing for talent show?
Easy acoustic Guitar songs to play?
What would you wear to Avenue Q?
What instrument should I play in my high school band?