Performing Arts

URGENT!: Does the brand Fender make good guitars? & would this be a quality guitar?
What Music Do You Consider Nourishing?
What scales I can use?
I want to quit marching band?!?!?
I think I have a talent for creating skits, jokes, etc. What do you think I should do with it?
gymnasts working out?
what is the last stage of love?
What things can damage/increase your singing voice?
Violin Solo?
I'm 14, I have never danced before, but I want to learn how to professionally, is it to late to start?
does anyone know of a good public speaking course in London?
Are national touring companies affected by the stage hand strike?
Has anyone heard of a "The Broadcast"?
What do you have to use a metronome for?
Where would I find a strip club with both male and female dancers? In LA or surrounding areas.?
whats the diff between a "poser" homo and "actual" emo? pulleeeeaze?
I want to start playing guitar, should I start with an acoustic or electric guitar?!?
Do acoustic guitar strings contain Lead ?
How much should I sell an electric guitar for?
What is your favorite part of being a musician?
What guitar should i get?
Musicals!? i need help!!!?
Where are the Members of the Techno/Dance Band:Book Of Love?
What is the best way to deal with stage fright?
How can I get a talent agent?
good song to sing to my boyfriend all the man that i need by whitney houston?
could i learn to play guitar this way?
What type of person would this classify as?
Who are some actors that became Hollywood stars from Broadway?
Does UC Davis have a colorguard or winterguard program???
Auditioning for movies...?
What are some good books, or DVDs or whatever that teach you how to sing?
question about the boss gt-8 guitar effects processor or gt-8 pedal>>?
whats the difference between major and minor cords on acoustic guitar. i'm a begginer?
Any experienced instrument player please help.?
what are some great pop songs that sound good on the piano?
If poll dancing was an art, how many artists do u know?
Beginning Guitarist!! Help NEEDED!?
After 20 years which country will be powerful in univers?
Can someone annotate/analyze Everlong by Foo Fighters?
Why is vibrato desired if a "shaky voice" isn't?
When your writing songs, what's the easiest way to right the melodies on paper?
What is the best college for fine arts to go to for major in dance and minor in violin in medwest?
Are there any tricks or advice to quickly learn how to play in tenor clef? (on trombone)?
Help me! We have a big concert tomorrow, and I"m starting to lose my voice?
hip hop dancers do you like my mix for a talent show i am in?
Performing Arts HIgh Schools In NYC Without Residency Requirement?
Can you miss match instrument valves?
How to be a jazz drummer?
Flute players, what do you recommend?
Good exscuse to quit my choir?
a on guitar is the same as what on tenor sax?
How Long Will A Standard Silver Flute Will become Tarnished after Bought Brand New?
there were rumors that Russian actor, Oleg Efremov was gay. Is that true?
Guitar Tutorials?
A quick theatre/textiles question?
How did I do in my clarinet exam?
HELP! What song should I choose for audition?
Which kind of wood is better for a fretboard on a guitar?Rosewood or Maple?
Say darlings..if you right leg was?
I might buy the Yamaha Digital Piano, DGX-620. Is it any good? Reviews? Does it come with a pedal? at Costco.?
Who performed at live 8?
Is it advisable to buy a 2nd acoustic guitar for $88.?
Best Guitar for a beginner?
There is an Acadian opera debuted at the NAC in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada about the expulsion. What's the name?
What are these guitar tabs?
I want to be a model, where should I start?
What is a good broadway or off broadway show to take 14 n 15 yr. old girls to Nov. 1?
What would be the best classical piece to learn on piano?
Chill electric guitar songs to play?
Where can I download free Jim Croce songs?
What is a good age for a child to start learning piano?
modelling through talent modelling management a scam?
What should I sing to my show choir audition?
I need gospel song with skills that i can sing in an audition?
How much would my guitar...?
What do you think of my poem?
What should I play for my audition?
Does anyone know where I could possibly download an instrumental of 'Beauty and the Beast'?
What's the best bass guitar for a long term investment?
What do you call this type of strumming?
Where can I create drum tracks for free?
Americas Got Talent Girl?
what is the best 5 string banjo out there for under $400 ?
how do you play (0) on a guitar?
What is the significance/ meaning behind the opera aria "Nessun Dorma"?
Ballroom/latin dance lessons (Victoria)?
Do Accidentals Carry Over If Its Tied?
HELP! What song should I sing for a musical audition?
What songs are necessary to learn on an acousitc guitar???
Help with finding vintage tuxedos for groom and groomsmen?
I need a stage Name... any ideas?
for a musician, please help me...Can a person.....?
Permanent vocal Damage?
Where can I get a guitar string on Thanksgiving?
can anybody help me become an actress!!!! please?
Should I be playing electric/acoustic songs with a classical guitar?
What do you think harry houdini was trying to escape from?
Did you ever attend the Fusion model search in Las Vegas? And if you did what was the cost? I plan on attendin?
Good Musicals For Small Youth Groups?
singing techniques, need help?
can u sing good?
do you want poems??
Wound strings (E A D) on electric guitar too soft?
Is it too late for me?
whats the point of drop D tuning on a guitar ?
Please help me find this monologue?
What kind of guitar is this?
how to march and play a brass instrument?
Hi, I'm a young filmaker, do you know if there's any film schools for young adults?
Okay so what do girls find more SEXIER a guy who can play the guitar or the violin?
Is NYCDA or NYFA better?
How much time it is neccessarilly needed to be able to learn the guitar in a playable state?
What is the guitar in this video? /+ suggest a guitar for a newbie?
Can you train yourself to hit higher notes than your normal voice range?
What street does Broadway start?
What cymbals and drums should I get?
im searching for the guitar tab to a song.........?
Where should I buy an acoustic beginner guitar?
How can I sing better?! Help?
Where can I find Clown equipment and supplies in th UK?
What are some techniques on making my voice louder?
Are there any sites where people post auditions for children?
How can I learn to sing like this?
How many feature movies a year are produced by Hollywood?
How to put a guitar string on a old guitar?
how can i get my songs heard?
Old spanish guitar made by Bandurrias y Laudes?
How would you suggest learning guitar with no help?
Taking theater in college?
i am a beginner at guitar and is it right for your fingers to hurt when you press down on the strings?
Where can I find pageants to compete in?
How do I write a song?
How to sing and play guitar at the same time?
Whats a monologue????
Was Antonio Lucio Vivaldi ever pictured without the powdered wig?
plaese help?
How epic is Roger Waters' scream in Careful with that Axe, Eugene?
Anyone know any talent agents?
Hi everyone. Freddie Mercury or Mozart?
Violin suddenly sounding screechy.?
When is it too late to be in a band and play for real audiences?
which of the following music instruments is easier than others to learn and play?
Where is the tenor part written on vocal music?
Ten Points to whoever knows what this is from?
Have you ever taken music lessons? If so, how many years were you with your first teacher? What instrument?
Guys please help me to choose a guitar. I have never played a guitar before and I want to get electro-acoustic?
My Parent's Don't Know I Can Sing!?
Is learning to play the guitar with an electric guitar a good option?
Did Christine really love the Phantom?
How do you play a keyboard? Please read on for more information.?
How much does an Ibanez Xiphos cost?
How can I become a great drum major for my high school band?
Can I discover my talent by joining contests??
how 2 arrange a stage show?
Can someone suggest a song for grade 3 talent show please?
do you play an instrument if so which?
Anime club contributions at school, any suggestions?
i dont know which bass to 14 yrs old and 5'4" i have quite small hands.?
What would a judge do if...?
Sad Songs to play on guitar?
How to be a musician?
How can I become more confident to play music to a live audience?
Which is the Best Opera in History?
what is bali barong?
How low does my larynx need to be for singing?
Make video recordings in my room?
Am I able to re-create this on my guitar?
Whats better a violin or an electric one?
guitar question?
What musicals feature a leading Alto Woman?
Should you learn how to play Guitar Hero or should you learn how to play a real guitar?
what are the most loved musicals of all time?
How many auditions should someone who is with a talent agency go to every month?
Our spring musical's theme is 70s, do you know of any good songs for me to sing?
How can I sing with more confidence? ?
In a talent show, I know you usually end with the best act. Do you usually open with the second best?
Popular classical songs?
Any opinions on Bellas Artes Academy of Dance in Brownsville, TX?
Can anyone suggest good learning tools to play guitar?
Taylor Swift's Guitar?
Need advice and ideas?
What is a good song for a guitar ensemble audition?
was rick nelson gay or bi?
how can i learn to play piano really fast?
where can i buy "congatulations you sure made a man out of him" by Arlene Hardin?
I plan on getting my first electric guitar any Ideas?
How can I start an acting career?
why is guitar so hard?!?
sites to learn how to play a casio?
How do you tell if your flute angle is straight?
how long before i get real good at guitar?
does anyone have the sheet music for someone to fall back on?
Blue lake fine arts camp!?
What comedian / actor makes you laugh just by looking at them...?
Who was the first black Broadway star?
Need guitar help.?
what are those two faces or masks commonly associated with drama called?
How do you know if you are a Soprano, not just an Alto with a high vocal range?
How hard is it to be a professional musician ?
Can anyone recommend a good double violin case maker?
'Sad' Grade 8 piano duets?
How to play guitar fast?
Do you know any bands that sound like the Unicorns?
birthday gift daughter 17 year old?
What should I wear while perform "Seasons of Love" from Rent?
Symbols in Surrealist art and literature?
What is the best ukuleles for amateurs to buy?
is it right?
What are the best seats for the Blue Man Group in Boston?
I love soft smooth music a whole lot,now what musical instrument do you think I play?
What to sing for auditions?
Is there any differance in sound playing f sharp minor in these two different ways?
The Beatles, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones, etc.?
Orianthi - suffocated TABS?
What date did Andres Segovia die?
Just wondering whether I can sing or not?
Which is more worthwhile to learn? The guitar or the drums?
What string is the one with the red dot on aquila strings?
how do drum head tuners that read tympanic pressure work?
what is the best acoustic guitar brand?
who would be my pen pal?
Does anyone know the name of this Irish song?
who is gay in hollywood?
How do I get signed to a Talent Agency? or Find an Agent?
where can I find a free recording of D. Schostakowitsch op. 47?
I need to find a monologue.?
What instrument looks good?
How do you maintain composure in front of others when something sad is going on?
where can i get really good decently priced color guard equipment?
NOBODY IS ANSWERING PLEASE HELP ME.. I sound desperate cos I am..?
How do I sing louder in front of people?
How do you teach yourself to play the guitar?
Does anyone know any sites for free flute sheet music?
When do people think Phish will officially end the break-up and tour again?
rock in shoe? lol?
I want an anime that has a beautiful church choir or opera soundtrack?
Pageant Speech..Help?
my ex boyfriend told my brother he has a girlfriend that doesn't care if he treats her bad, they just started
Whar are some good Marching Band Slogans?
my first GIG: what do i do during the bass break(as a guitarist )?
Does anyone know why Amanda Schull left San Francisco Ballet?
how can i tune my guitar to DGCFAD?
I need a GOOD song to do for a 8th grader talent show, what should I do?
what instrument can i learn in 2 weeks?
Do performing arts conservatories (like AMDA or whatnot)require core classes like math, reading, science, etc?
How can I sing infront of a crowd?
How long should I wait before buying my first drum set?
How are you meant to hold a guitar without a cutaway?
Any tricks to ease nerves??
Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
why dancers need communition?
I'm scared to sing in front of people?
Is anyone here going to Burning Man?
Where can I bring the spring for Rockband guitar?
What is your favourite brand of guitar?
Is it Easy to Play the Ukulele?
Composers' Production levels?
What should our band change our name to?
Who sang," Along came Hopalong Cassidy, Maverick & Billy the Kid"?
What does "tapping into your richness" make you think of?
does anyone have any ideas for a duet? were trying to pick a song!?
How to fix my playing in flute? Advice strongly needed.?
How do I buy the right to use one musique of Cold play group in one video I am making ?
do u know who betty page is?
your guitar?
Someone help with talent school song?
When was "We are the Champions" by Queen first performed?
Guitar effects/tone question?
Bass line on a non bass guitar?
Where can I find a great keyboard/piano transcription of Bach's famous Badinerie?
I'm doing the school pageant?
What your special talent?
Is $50/hr a reasonable cost for piano lessons?
How long should I wait before buying my first drum set?
Switching mouthpieces on the clarinet?
I want the world to hear my voice.?
I want a listing of Oklahoma composers of choral music?
A sample experimental guitar demo track i'm working on...?
Have you ever seen "The Lion King" musical?
Does any one have any ideas where i can send a comedy film script.?
What is a good broadway song to sing for an 18 year old girl?
America's had LENNY BRUCE, RICHARD PRYOR and BILL HICKS..when is the uk going to produce a comedian with heart
Does anyone know anybody interested in new talent?
i totally froze during my first audition. help?
What is the easiest instrument to play?
Where can I find the lyrics of papageno-papagena duet of Mozart's "The magic Flute"?
What Else Is In my Guitar Package?
Can breaking a guitar string hurt you?
Does anyone have information on the Lowell Folk Festival ?
can i sing very well?
Are there any good ways to help me sing better?
What is a BLUES GUITAR! Is it easy to learn?
tell me that how can i improve my com skils , am a shy person.....?
Could I get arrested for running on stage during a concert?
What guitar should I get?
How do you get over stage fright???!?
Is it true that a 4 string base guitar's notes are just the last four notes on a normal guitar?
Question about guitar chord diagrams?
How to level my Floyd Rose tremolo?
Free Music Creating Program?
How do you get a street performer's license in New Orleans?
How do I get rid of my stage fright?
What is the raga of Sri Abhayaambaa of Muthuswami Dikshithar?
How can I become a famous singer?
How does someone become a songwriter?
From where can i get the song "Main Baitha Hoon Rahon Mein" from "Love And God"?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
I'm a girl & my voice is surprisingly low, i find it hard to sing high notes in tune? Wat can i do to practise?
If all the world's a stage, where does the audience sit?
Do you have any special talents?
I have to sing a very high note for a recital this Wednesday.?
How long will it take for me to learn bass?
Can i upgrade american idol live concert tickets?
Is it possible to learn how to sing or do you have to be born with this ability?
How to write a concert report?? Need help with the musical vocabulary!?
Do you play guitar?
Is this an ideal Djent Guitar?
Are takamines good guitars?
What's a really funny duet scene! Or skit! ?
Any tips on how you can get recognized by a record producer or someone like that?
good broadway songs to sing?
does any body here recommend a good guitar?
How can i become Confident in drama?
what step do i have to do to make a drama?
What exactly are the standards for an audition to become a voice major at a university (Shenandoah)?
What are the best lower end cymbals?
help stage fright?
Upper Register(Trumpet)?
Choosing a scene name...?
Why was Peter Pan always played by a girl in the play?
is it better to get guitar lessons or be self taught?
Know any good guitar solos I can learn to play?
When would you suggest voice lessons?
Do you love/respect everything thats living? And if so what do you consider to be alive?
I have a P-60 Yamaha electronic keyboard?
I am a singer/dancer... i also want to act and model and im looking for a manager/agency?
Who sings I will always love you?
what stage plays(english) are suitable to act for english learner kindergarteners?
how can i increase my accuracy and speed on guitar?
how can turely become an excellent singer??
What is a good intense opera?
Guitar sequences that sound good fast?
Should I get 80/20 or phosphor bronze strings for mahogany guitar?
Do i need a haircut? (pictures indside)?
Flute or Clarinet which is easier?
I'm 25 and I want to learn the violin.Am I too old?
Help with child learning piano?
What are some beginners' drum exercises?
anyone play guitar i do and i want advice?
F325 Yamaha guitar or FD01S for a starter guitar?
When I play my violin, I can't keep my bow in the same place. How do I fix this?
i want to become famouse but im only 12 people say im good at singing and ive been in plays but i want more?
What is the best ukuleles for amateurs to buy?
Is this a good idea: Harry Potter performer?
how you with space to grow time to think tools to use?
Anybody know where to find a good pitch tendencies list for e flat clarinet?
Tom Cruise?
What do you look for when you try to see if someone has a "good voice"?
I need to organise a school concert with the theme "around the word"help please?
what are some good songs about memories?
where can i find the FREE steven cravis sheet music for "through the kaleidoscope" read details?
What is the best venue?
What do I wear to see phantom of the opera?
Why do mime artists always have sad painted faces?
What are good settings to play Pantera songs on guitar?
Can anyone help me find a good dramatic monologue?
Can anyone recommend a book on subdivision or a clear process ?
I need help on a humbucker and pickup changing on my guitar?
do you need to have long fingers to be good at guitar?
Why should dance be supported by consumers (why is it important?)?
What are some easy violin concertos?
where is B flat on the 2nd string on the guitar?
a question for experienced guitar players?
Any legal minds out there?
How do you become a famous sing?
Best strings for my guitar?
Why is my clarinet always sharp?
Question for guitar players (bass)?
What is a good pop song for a 12 year old boy to audition with.?
How would you describe the person in this picture?
Who is the beauty queen in the US?
Where is New Britain High, in Connecticut?
On magic piano how do you share a performance with a friend?
methods of arnold schoenberg?
Help me please... i need as much input as possible?
How hard would it be to learn cello?
Trumpet players.... can you help?
flute music selection question?
What do you think of my guitar? Do you like it?
When creating a song: Should you start with the instrumental or lyrics?
SHINee costume designers.?
when did broadwaY START?
What do you think about music being cut from eelementary schools?
I have an amazing script to sell. Who is interested?
What are "Woolies"?
Great acoustic-guitar songs to learn?
guitar picking technique?
Fun songs to play on acoustic guitar?
what kind of guitar is this? (picture)?
what exactly is a music recital?
What Song Should I Sing?
What year did 2PAC and Notorious B.I.G. died?
How to play the same piano note on the guitar?
what is the difference in brief between phantom of the opera and beauty and the beast?
Dunlop Crybaby Wah-Wah pedal help.?
What would be the best job for a skilled liar?
What “granddaddy of all comedy clubs” is found in Chicago at 1616 N. Wells Street?
What does this mean in guitar tabs?
How much does it cost and where can i replace a guitar string?
Are the Electric Violins sold at good quality?
Why do Gibson guitars sound so good?
which of these songs is more challenging to learn?
Should I try out for colorguard?
release date of "over the hedge" movie?
I get to choose a guitar out to buy, what is something good for $200-300?
Anyone ever fell while marching?
hey i'm trying out for drum major the tryout overview sheet says i have to do a 3/4 fast in one?
Traveling drummer... What's the best style drum?
Actors: How do you become another person?
How can I NOT fall asleep during a play or performance?
hey....can i connect any pedal(DOD yjm308 )in roland micro cube 30?
I want to learn to play the acoustic guitar but...?
Does guitar grounding issue require new pots?
A question about proffessional acting.?
How can I be found I want to be a model and actor I can dance sing and model?
for an agent to represent you as an actor does it cost you money?
What's good for your voice?
whats the B flat monochromatic scale for trombone. (positions like 1st,3rd, not Ab or F sharp or something plz
im 5'3 160 is that to big to be an exotic dancer?
i need a site that teaches me to play guitar from the very begining?
I want to get a clarinet...?
Is playing the violin hard?
good music to make love too?
Why are tickets cheaper in the first four rows of the orchstra cheaper than front orchestra at Avery Fisher?
What vocalist can melt you into romance when you hear them sing?
Has anyone seen the Nuter in San Francisco.?
do you think i could be a good singer?
Have you heard of Avalon guitars?
What exactly is a "project"?
Am I a good singer? please i'd like to hear what you think?
For guitar players: how did you learn to play?
Can anyone play guitar or do you have to have a natural talent?
Has Anybody Ever Written A Song?
How To Write A Monologue?
what to do when i broke my cymbals and want to play drums .?
Where do i get the passive pickups of my guitar changed to actives EMGs in North London?
Questions about Babes in Arms? The musical?
How do you improvise guitar scales?
Do you think it's impressive to be able to play the guitar and sing at the same time?
What should you do with rusty frets?
How to play 16th notes (flute)?
What Title Sounds the Best for a Pageant?
what happend when i played my flute?
What is the most popular jazz piano piece of all time? Or Jazz piece?
Does a pipe organ need to be played every week? Would playing it once/month save $ for the church?
are these songs contrasting enough for a mt audition?
How do I become famous ?
How long should I practice guitar each day?
What Is a Broadway Gypsy?
Which opera do you like best and why?
I need suggestions on making a fake Christmas tree grow, for the Nuter play.?
How to practice Trumpet?
Whats a good phaser pedal for my bass.?
if you went to french woods what do you think about it?
Who's your favorite tenor?
What should a sign to get people to go to a performance say?
What's the best way to get an acting agent?? ?
I'm looking for script of the film CHARADE.?
How to get better at strumming on a guitar?
What song would you sing?
Staying motivated to learn guitar? any tips?
Does anyone know where I can find The play fences by August Wilson for free online?
Do you know this monologue?
What is the working enviroment of professional dancers?
Is 15 years old too late to learn how to play guitar? I understand tabs I just never tried it.?
best acoustic bass from dean that i can get for under $200?
What are the chances of finding a piano under $1000?
In terms of performing arts agencies, what does the term 'books' mean?
Does any know how to build Piff the Magic Dragon's Tacular?
Poll: Which do you prefer, "Bohemian Rhapsody" performed by Queen (band) or "Yesterday" by the Beatles ?
what should i wear to an instrumental music audition?
Which electric guitar should i buy?
What kind of clothing is appropriate when going to watch a musical such as " the lion king"?
How many times should you get an electric guitar set up?
How fast should a musician be able to learn a piece of music?
Without voice coaching, what are ways to improve you singing by a lot???
I need copy of cd for the new revised earl scruggs banjo book.?
Dramatic Interpretation Scripts?!!!1?
Drum questions (Beginner)?
What are some good serious duo forensics pieces?
I need the help of someone who is familiar with musicals?
I feel crushed?? Please help?
Can someone help with my 5-7 min Thea. Art. Group play script?
Does anybody know who sing those spanish songs?
How to make a D note on the flute?
Street Performing?
Film Music?
How do I laugh?
What do I do about the buzz on my guitar?
Elvise Presley's his real life ?
in your opinion is the piano harder to play then a guitar?
Miley.., Demi...., or Selena, The best voice., the Best look and the Best talent?
What's the general range of a male tenor.?
In Guitar Pro how can I have the notation move as the song plays?
What are good ideas for a pageant talent?
where can i find free alto sax sheet music?
are instruments becoming obsolete?
Where can I find a synopsis of the Nuter?
How much do Slash's Les Pauls weigh?
Hello, I really need your help. I have an audition coming up, and i really need a good musical theater song.?
what does this mean?
How can I get a talent agent?
who knows how to play the tuba?
Broadway songs for a female musical audition?
what is the age of blanche in a streetcar named desire?
To play heavy metal bass?
Funny girl's monologue a minute long?
what are the advantages of having an 'air guitar' rather than a real guitar?
What’s that thing called that’s on top of a cymbal?
can i learn violin at any age...?
what "key" is the standard concert flute in?
What do you like better singing or dancing? And why?
What is Vide Cor Meum about?
What are good female monologues you can suggest?(they don't have to be from the internet)?
Why do so many people play guitar and very few know how to tune it?
Is it wrong to pursue acting because my role model is an actor?
Where can I find a translation for the song "Tutti Contenti" from The Marriage of Figaro?
how does the raven magic trick work?
i need a good love song ? help please :)?
What is the best method of playing backing tracks as a vocalist performing in public?
Flix sticks drum help?
things to use as a guitar pick?
HELP!! What's a good way to get my voice back quickly?
What are good acoustic guitar exercises, scales, etc.?
why does my B natural sound like a B flat on the flute?
Are there any acoustic guitarists out there that know of a good online acoustic guitar community site/forum?
What is your absolute favourite instrument to play?
How do you make little things look bigger..?
whats that song thats like i sing in the shower, if you want i'll sing with you or something?
Name the single largest collaborative art project ever undertaken in the U.S.Clue:it consist of 2.5M of art?
where can you learn how to draw?
In your opinion/experience which brand of flute is the best? Yamaha, Jupiter, or Armstrong?
Creative ways to get some one to leave a scene?
Should i learn to play the piano?
How do I learn to strip naked in front of 2000 people with confidence?
do any of u guyz like BONE,THUGS,N,HARMONY.?
I need help with pentatonic major excercises on guitar?
How do i audition for a movie?
Is the Fender CD-140SCE a good guitar?
what is a mary sue in roleplay?
boens season 3!?
productions in which jacques barigant was involved?
can you ever be a good guitar player with short fingers?
How can one get started in doing voice over work?
Does John Cudia (phantom of the opera, les miserables) have any children?
Is circus as a performing art dying ?
How do download songs performed on America's Got Talent?
Has there ever been an instrument that you wanted to learn how to play, if so what ?
acoustic guitar strings?
What should I sing for the glee club I am trying out for?
Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpet has a rare defect.?
Where can I find a book of RENT songs with harmony in them? I've found two and one doesn't have it. Help!!
Violin Audition help!!!?
Guitar Tab Help... Read! :)?
What are some good, English tango songs?
Windy and Warm guitar tabs?
how did lucille ball change your world?
Guitar help (again): How does this guy get this tone?
all 12 scales for b flat clarinet?
How can I eat a light bulb?
Where can I get a Phantom of The Opera script online for free?
How well can you play the guitar?.?
What should I wear to the ballet?
I want Information about Colleges in South Africa.Performing Arts Schools in Gauteng,Durban & Cape Town.?
What is the best type of violin for a reasonal price and...?
I am 13 and people say I have a beautiful voice.So how can I get noticed.?
Who won last years olimpics?
Electric guitar tuner?
Im running in a Cinco de Mayo pageant and haven't the slightest idea what to do for the talent portion?
Should I go to the audition.?
1-2 minute female monologues?
Who here loves classical music?If so who are your favorite Composers?
where do vocaloids preform (concerts)?
Learning to play violin, acoustic or electric?
What is the best guitar brand out there?
Any experienced instrument player please help.?
bela fleck other cd?
learn to play the guitar?
Do you need a permit to have club dancers for event ( no stripping )?
Why is my saxophone chirping on notes it didn't before?
wat instroment is easiest to play?
what is a good audition song for an 8th grade girl?!?
Flute player problems....?
what guitar has these specs?
What is the easest instrument to play?
How to book performances in sydney?
Which is a better musical?
where to sing and become famous at 15?
"Vorresti, il so, amor tiranno"?
I am looking for a contemporary christian band name. Any thoughts?
Should I quit marching band?
violin audition requirements_help!?
What are some good anniversary songs to play on the acoustic guitars?
What is broadway music? Please answer?
will it be too hard to switch from flute to french horn?
difference between lead and secondary guitar?
Disney can you please turn Pete's Dragon into a Broadway Musical?
do we actually sing better when we are in the shower?
What is a good idea too put on band tee shirts?
learning guitar , whats good easy songs to learn?
Boss DS-1 or EHX Big Muff Pi?
rate of pay for theatre stage hands?
How do i become a dancer?
is there anything that the guitar can't play?
i am 15 i love to play guitar and want to move to Ca when im 18 but people say i wil never make it should i go?
Where is "middle C" located on a standard-tuned guitar?
how long does it take to learn to play this ?
What song should i sing to an audition ?
What is a good age to start a child on an instrument.?
How long should it take me to develop vibrato?
What is a good monologue to audition for Monologues?
does anyone have any ideas for a chior fundrasier?
What is a good instrument to learn after Clarinet?
Marlin Lesher Oboe Reeds?
I want to be in Ads on t.v, but how?
Higher voice version for "Isn't it Romantic"?
What is the easiest instrument to learn to play?
How can I find chinese style lion dancers to hire for a wedding in Miami?
What does a non profit theatre school mean?
Best Electric Guitar Finish?
What do you think of my actors headshot?
Which Multi-effects pedal for my guitar?
Which size of Gibson guitar pick to buy?
I Need A Contemporary Song?
Is this a good Vocal Exercise?
in RENT the movie...?????
Which festival would you rather attend: Burning Man or Reggae on the River?
Hard-ish songs to learn on guitar?
How can you get a mouthpiece that's stuck in a trumpet out?
How should I deal with a choreographer who says that something is bad, but doesn't provide feedback.?
Which Graduate School should I attend?
who are superstar singers of both Greece and Turkey who have actively supported peace efforts in Cyprus?
what kind of insturment can you play?
Real World Audtion tape?
Should I audition for SM Entertainment? Q & A's?
Cheapo guitar, novice player?
hwo do i get a clean sound on my Amp when i do hammer-ones and pulloffs on high E?
Is there special music for the Pan Flute, or can I play regular flute songs?
What is the easiest instrument to play?
is this a good ukulele?
Can you play electric guitar through bass amp?
How much would it cost to get my guitar stringed at guitar center?
what's the best song for an old maid?
I have a stage name i want to use, how do I find out if someone is already using this name ?
Higher and Sharper Voice?
My acoustic guitar is a big badass that refuses to be tuned?
What are good duets for a 15 yr old girl and 16 yr old boy in high school?
What is your favorite Broadway musical of all times?
where is one direction right now in the world?
I have P1 Visa, can I work as background for movies and TV?
Where do I go from here -Acting for film.?
what is a good brand for tenor saxophones ?
How to unscrew flute screw that is stuck.?
i want to do something with music when i grow up but i don't know what to do?
Easy guitar tabs...libertines?
Which Guitar Strings are the best for heavy metal. (Thrash or Death)?
Are there any stage musicals that straight guys like?
how come they stop doing blues clues for kids?
Am I a good singer? please i'd like to hear what you think?
What instrument do you play?
what kind of a strum is this on the guitar?
can i get short drama scripts on safety in work places?
What play/musical do you reccomend?
Electric guitar- Low E string REALLY rattly?
How can I persevere through marching band?
im thinking of redecorating my room, and i want to do it broadway style. any advice?
professional piercing?
“If you had to enter a talent competition tomorrow, what would you more than likely do on stage?
Good alto songs for a girl to sing?
C instruments?
how to dich school?
Place to meet other musicians and play guitar?
Being a great male lead? PLZ only real answers (10 points on the line :P)?
pantomime ideas 2-5 minutes long?
What's the difference between an electric guitar and bass guitar and which is better to play by yourself?
Brit School Help Pleasee?
Is this a good headshot?
I need a song to sing for a talent show coming up? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS?
Broadway songs for females?
whats a good medium fast marching band tempo? can some one help me?
is it a good or bad sign when you audition for practice and the director wants you to audition again for real?
followup to my Opera question what if there was a person that made you find a new found love for classical?
Concert pianist? too late?
How much do acoustic guitars cost?
What songs has André Rieu composed?
stage fear..........?
What music did stavros flately dance to on their first audition?
should i learn to play guitar or skateboard?
Where can i go to read the play 'To Burn A Witch' Online By James L. Bray?
Piano action regulation problems?
Ukulele question????
flute honor band auditions!!!?
Is Original Sound Track of movie Red,directed by kIESLOWSKI IN 1994 AVAILABLE?
Monologue on how to write a monologue?
Walnut Hill School for the Arts is a great high school. I just need to know one more thing.?
Does anyone have suggestions about how I can become a more well rounded percussionist?
Does anyone know if Sam Elliot has a email address and what is it?
Ole Bull violin, what is the cheapest price for it? is it around $600 or $500?
Does the structure of the Shakesperean 'Globe theatre' have any significance to why it was built?
I need help finding a Monologue!?
Do you think the Theatre (broadway,dancing,acting,etc.) will ever die?
I can sing everyday from high school musical perfectly people tell me, whats a good duet?
Can someone explain to me how to read these guitar tabs?
How to be a Solo Acoustic Musician?
Is it gay that i want to be on broadway, and i'm a guy?
what middle schools in charleston WV are big on drama?
What is your favorite talent out of all talents people have?
history of string quintet?
Whats the best place to get started as a band in the Portland, Maine music scene?
Comedic Song for Theatre?
what's a good monologue for a female?
Musical theatre song choice ?
How to fake cry question?
HELP!! What sort of drama performances would a 6 year old like?
What would be a good song to sing for my dads wedding??
Sad Songs to play on guitar?
Stagedoor Manor???????
can u unicycle juggle and walk on stilts and still be cool?
What is Vaastu Shastra?
Honestly, who on this planet likes Celine Dion????
what is the worst music invention ever?
Finding an affordable electric guitar?
What are the tabs for blue moon of kentucky by stray cats on guitar?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Which wah wah pedal should i buy?
How do i get guitar center to lower their price 25% on two amps i want?
Will there be a High School Musical 3 and 4?
how to become a successful actress?
How is marching band?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
Great mezzo rock song?
Who is the best Carmen?
I am audition for America's Got Talent and i need a song to blow away the judges, I'm 12?
Beginner: learning to play guitar?
what was marylyn monroes bra size?
Help me find a monologue from Hairspray?
Good name saxophone?
how can i learn to play the guitar the easiest way?
AAaaggghh............Saxophone help.?
How do I overcome my nervousness when I'm about to sing for judges?
Decent acoustic guitar for beginners?
Is an acoustic guitar the same as an espanola?
pointe class teacher?
is it better if a girl can play piano or guitar?
Is contralto and alto the same? Is it normal for men to be contralto or alto in singing?
I'm looking for the best acoustic electric guitar under $1000 for fingerstyle.?
Which one is better for a beginner? Yamaha FG700MS Acousitc guitar or a Jasmine Takamine guitar?
How to learn "Rylynn" by Andy McKee?
what is the best brand when it comes to pianos?
Please rate my poem from 1-10?
Is Cort a good guitar or would a Freshman (not sure of spelling) be better?
Please critique this song i wrote!?
Does any 1 know the 36 places in our body where if hitten can cause death?
When the soloist in a concerto plays alone a paraphrase of the themes, it is called a cadence.?
does this violin look good off of ebay?
I really want to become a voice actor but don't know how or where to start.?
What is the normal size on a mouth piece for a tenor trombone?
Where did drama begin?
What are some good upbeat, modern male/female duets?
What are the 12 Major scales (for flute if that makes a difference)?
How can u become flexible asap? ?
Why is the flute considered to be a woodwind? It has not reed or double reed like the other woodwinds?
stretches to be able to do a backbend?
which australian or american online sites are best n cheap to buy musical instruments and accessories ?
cheap mellophones?
how to weather check my les paul copy guitar?
How can I learn to play guitar?
What kind of distortion green day uses?
What are the top 10 Guitar Manufacturers to buy an acoustic/electric guitar from?
What songs are good songs to sing?
Where can I find out more about Dance?
how do I improve on my flute?
Where can I get my acoustic guitar painted?
Should a tenor and baritone sax sound like one?
Floyd rose tuning! help!?
What's my vocal classification?
Does MatchBox 20 sing"closing time"?
What's the best way to teach other people parts of my music?
Does anyone know a site where you can print snare drum sheet music for free?
I have a question about the Miss California pageant?
What are some FUNNY one person pantomimes?
Drake Concert Seating & View Help?
How do i get over stage fright???
Guitar tuning??????????????
Does anybody know how to read music?
What do designers take into consideration when choosing a model?
What broadway show should I see?
why do people use a condom and what if it leaks ?
ive always wanted to have and learn the glass armonica?
Do you believe in magic?
Is it a good of idea to buy a violin with no fine tuners?
what do u think of poetry do u think they should be able to write about what ever they want?
America's Next Top Model + Audition for cycle 9?
Why does my guitar keep going out tune?
How to play Bass 1 in Drumline?
Best acoustic guitar to buy for a college student?
marching band is a sport, yes or no?
Marching band camp? ?
Doing a resume for talent agencies?
Would it be appropriate for me to do this monologue?
What should I play on my electric guitar to impress 8 year old kids?
What's the best brand of "metal" guitar?
What 2 do?
Why do my finger tips hurt when i play guitar? And Do you have any tips for beginners?
How to shred really good(clean) and fast?
who is Simon Rattle?
Singers only please.(Not Rock) What type of music do you like to sing, and why?
A recording of Paganini Fantasia for Cello and Double Bass Klaus Stoll, Jorg Baumann?
how do i hold a marching baritone?
have you got a song that i could sing for britains got talent!?
What is a good way to get front row seats for a One Direction concert?
why does justin beiber sing like a girl?
Sm entertainment auditions 2013?
Looking For A Song Title/Band?
What are some good liberal arts, non-conservatory university dance programs?
Drama club... Please help!?
How do I start playing again?
What is the next step after doing a roundoff?
What's the difference between Cabaret and Burlesque?
What does it means when an acoustic guitar has a "solid top cutaway"?
Elphaba in Wicked Highest Note in Defying Gravity?
Where can I find Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE performance?
is an electrric violin more quiet than an acoustic?
How do some people rap so well?
Favourite musical ever? (inclusing musical films)?
why do my hi-hat cymbals buzz i can't seem to find the problem?
Whats the best, most thorough way to learn music theory without taking classes?
What are some good insturments I can make with home objects?
is it possible not to achieve vibrato at all? i really want to sing great?
What makes expensive guitars expensive?
Musical Theatre audition songs? (Read details please!!)?
in RENT the movie...?????
Does anyone know the price of this mandolin?
Gymnastics? Is it an option?
I'm trying to learn slide guitar in open 'D'?
A good Shakespeare monologue?
dancing help please i need 2 hip hop dance?
Do You Play Better After a Couple Weeks Break? Musicians?
Advantages of being a lefty?
any websites that teach guitar for free ?
Does anyone need a magic act age 12?
Should i ut the guitar?
Who composed Gaudeamus Hodie?
Was Michael Jackson........Mozart incarnated?
Best type of acoustic guitar strings?
What are people's opinion on lap dancers?
How to make a good stage name?
where can I find ideas for a 25 year anniversary logo?
after 10 years i picked up the violin again :)?
What is the most dramatic monologue you ever heard?
Help writing a (musician's) resume?
why cant i find any information on TARA DONOVAL? One hit wonder in 84' pop/dance?
how does an expression pedal work?
Why do girls play guitar?
what do Coldplay sound like?
I wanna perform a solo salsa performance...suggest some songs?
How do I get involved in student films in my community?
Using a Mac laptop with guitar and/or keyboard?
Wanting to be an actress?
I want to quit my band?
how to start an acting career?
How do I start a monologue?
i have guitar next semester....?????
colleges for voice and opera?
how do I find a manager for my music?????
types of guitar?
Need help with stage fright?
how long does an extras casting for a movie last? what do u wear? if it says 10-4 does it start at 10 ?
what should i look for in used drumsets?
Can you help me find Sinfonie In C sinfonia 1 that was edited by....?
What's a good acoustic, professional-level guitar?
How long does a guitar pick usually last you?
Why are tickets cheaper in the first four rows of the orchstra cheaper than front orchestra at Avery Fisher?
Does anyone have piano sheet music for...?
How can I get over stage fright?
Where can I find a cockney monologue?
how can i start an acting career?
Sweeney Todd auditions: can a girl play Toby?
Good monologues and songs for audition?
Help! I need a song to sing for a talent show!?
Is it easier to learn how to play the drums or guitar?
Is this real life?????????????
Does anyone know a good duet/solo song for an 11 year old girl?
I've been in a choir for a long time. How to start as a soloist now?
Where can i find out how much my electric guitar is worth for free?
Who are good artists similar to Jack Johnson to play on acoustic guitar?
10 points to best answer! i need help :-(?
A good summer music camp?
can i sing???please look?
Do you think i got what it takes to become a singer?
Aside from invisible thread, what are some alternate ways for a magician to levitate a coin in mid air?
Fully nude pole dancers??
Where can i find an on-line course of interior design available for high school students?
*ive been playing GUITAR for two months but i dont think im getting any better! HELP!?
Can i add a strap on a classical guitar taht doesnt have a strap hook?
Acoustic guitar bridge pin types?
I am interested in taking opera classes or singing class anyone know any good schools in California?
What a good website to learn about script writing ? I also need to know how to my script without connections?
Instrument Questions?
Trouble with upward strumming on guitar?
What guitar should I buy for my first guitar?
Tension while playing guitar?
Advice for a contemporary speech for an audition?
playing upright bass live?
Twilight monologue for girl!! more details underr?
How to survive marching band?
Guitar string problem?
How do you get a good vibrato on the flute?
I am so nervous for my first guitar lesson!?
drumming advice, drum pads.?
What are good settings to play Pantera songs on guitar?
I'm 14 years old, and i have a raspey voice, i don't know how 2 sing without sounding scratchy?
Where can i find sheet music for 1812 overture for my flute?
What should i do if somebody is better than me at guitar?
Setting my guitar amp and peddle?
How is this illusion done?
First jazz class, do i need to be flexible?
Whats a bridge humbucker? (Guitar)?
How many bags do you normally take to blue lake fine arts camp?
If you had the musical skill and money...?
Is there such a thing as a competitive marching band for people past college age?
what are musical bars?
What program lets you compose your own sheet music?
Is it better to start learning with tape or not?
How do drummers in Chicago move their drum set around?
how to play swing music?
fiorello h. laguardia high school of music & art and performing arts?
When I am using vibrato on violin, does it sound different to me than to other people?
any sites that have free dance steps tutorials...?
How can i start learning how to play guitar?
How to become a good guitarist?
will power drama school ,wigan?
Does an electric acoustic guitar sound different than a regular electric guitar?
Straining my voice?
Learning trumpet and having difficulties?
How is it that?
Whats a good song to sing for an audition?
Should I play acoustic guitar solo or lead guitar in band for the girl i like ?
How do I play faster on guitar?
dramatic monologue ideas?
What's this guitar chord?
Are there any plays (not musicals) casted for only 6 females (preferably comedy but I'm open to ideas)?
I tend to think of my violin as my life but my family doesnt.?
who is the composer of "lonely shepherd"?
Anyone have experience with Ibanez Artcore guitars?
Does anyone know what the actual title of the VBODA district 8 prepared piece is or where to hear the piece?
Ibanez acoustic V72e Guitar?
Does anyone know what flat and shape notes are in each alto saxophones major scale thank you?
What is a good electric guitar to start playing with?
violin playing issues...?
What is the first song you learned on the guitar?
i need a broadway song by next week to sing for an audition, does anyone have any good ones?
What is a rasg in Guitar?
Digital delay pedal noise problem?
What is the play taming of the shrew about? (played at shakespeare orangecounty)?
Best way to increase your vocal range and strength ??
is my singing good, okay or..bad?
Which Guitar brands are better, Epiphone or Yamaha?
Help! My voice s when I'm nervous! And why do altos want to be sopranos?
What to expect at an audition?
Are there any really cheap guitars with tone similar to Gretsch?
Lemme try again!!!!?
i want to be a singer but i am too shy?
Free drama scripts? Needed for GCSE!?
How can I get more air in my lungs so I can play trombone better?
Performing Scene 2 of The Glass Menagerie...stage help please?
Do you like to act or sing?If you dont what is your favorite hobbie?
talent show!! please answerrrrrrrrr?
what do you think about the drums? are them easy to play?
What is your favorite song?
PROSCOUT?! tips advice anything?
What do you think your best talent?
Irish accent for music man?
do i even want to ask how you got those bruises and scrapes on your knees???
Should i continue to sing? Who would you compare my voice to?
Answer This, If You Can Play The Flute.?
How do I choose a concert snare etude for auditions?
Does anyone know how to find someone locally who gives voice lessons?
Too late to audition?
Wagner's Siegfried was represented at Paris Opera?
How do I know if I can sing?
What are some broadway like songs?