Performing Arts

What instrument should I learn to play?
Tamil actor kamalhasan's email id ?
who plays the role of censor?
where can I get Inuyasha's Every Heart Sheet music for violin?
which music instrument is you usually use to play for romantic music?
Who knows the secret behind David Copperfield's Levitation??
What is your talent? I play guitar and keyboard and sing.?
Is it possible to learn an entire guitar scale by ear?
Is being a charactor a bad thing? Are they too over the top/dramatic?
what song should i sing for the talent show (no song with curses school rules) i need to know write back soon?
How to get better at piano?
Who has ever heard of the band Hanson?
What university has a good music program that isn't too liberal?
What instrument should i play?
Can a bass guitar be acoustic?
What do you think of my singing?
my guitar string broke?
My cello has started to make a rasping sound especially on the A string when played hard. What could it be?
"In the Heights" national tour? ?
Thinking about learning to play the flute?
what is your least favorite part of theatrical rehearsals?
Monologue help please!?
What are the best films worth watching?
Help with Drama monologue?
Do the Israelians make the best PSY Trance?
Can anyone play guitar or do you have to have a natural talent?
How can i get better fast.. i have a play production in a week?
do u play an instrument?if so wut?
Where do I learn how to play the piano like Zach Galifiankis?
What is a good distortion pedal that can help achieve korns sound?
where can I find giovanni bottesini's biography ?
Any one get or try that new m67?
Most Broadway show titles are concise The Broadway hit show RENT sounds better than the would-be desciption?
please help!!"for god sakes?
How can I stop squeaking?
What audition piece should I use? (tenor sax)?
I bought this guitar two ago?
give me a modern song about someone u love?
how early should i be at a venue for a concert?
What musical instrument would you like to learn to play?
Is Stephen Sondheim in a relationship?
Marching Band problems?
What instruments do you play?
Which 1 of 2 Sonatas is easier?
What's it like to buy a marimba?
what is a good audition piece for treble clef baritone?
does guitar center do guitar repairs?
What is my drum set worth?
My teacher suggests Juilliard?
Vocalist audition question?
What reed strength should I go for?
Question about an MXR Dyna Compression Pedal?
Acoustic guitar questions!?
how to get a venue to become popular at night - any ideas ?
Is there a community theatre in Junction City, Kansas?
Looking for info value cello reinhold schmidt saxony germany 19?
I need a good song to do a jazz dance to for a talent show at my school?
What songs feature two handed tapping?
Does anyone have any voice tips?
How can i earn money for my california trip for choir over the summer? And please, nothing to kiddish.?
where did jasmine villegas start showbiz?
Performing in theatre?
will i get over stage fright?..PLEASE ANSWER!?
I have an audition tomorrow but I have a sore throat, any quick fix?
How to play loud on trombone?
what would be a good song for an audition?
Why does my guitar make this weird buzz/vibration noise when I play the string?
please tell me where is the bhubaneswar audition center.?
where is a poetry Club in Detroit, MI?
What do you think of this song?
How do I get in to the Studio Audience?
Guitar question?? BASIC?? free points lol!!?
Tips for getting a new violin teacher?
Is the circus appealing because it is intended or interpreted to deal with magic?
guitar question?
What song should i sing for the talent show?
Looking for a vocal coach in San Diego?
How do I fix a break in my singing voice?
Whats the easiest way to learn a script on your own?
i want to become famous without paying anything?
College audition song ideas?
How to become a guitar prodigy?
What do I wear to see phantom of the opera?
Call back for Disney Character Performer?
Do i have a good beginer guitar?
lip sync assignment for theatre?
i want to perform under two genras how do i do that?
Which is better? Violin or flute?
who is the best sing out there today?
Can you come up with a magician's stage name for me? Best Answer 10 points?
Trying to find a Female monologues?
Does anyone know an easy foreign language song that I could use?
How much should I sell my guitar for?
I need a idea for a script?
what is the website for the "High School of Performing Arts"?
PIANO: Do you play? Or only wish you could?
Is there any scope for ARTS nowdays?
Playing for Movie Scores?
Is playing the ukulele anything like an acoustic guitar?
Does Disney have their own Orchestra?
what are you watching on the telly right now?
What do you think of serial killers?
Does Anyone Know The Chords To The Anthology Version Of Hey Jude?
in which direction can my career point if i like rock,skateboarding is my hobby,and bam margera is my idol?
Where does creativity come from?
I'm in marching band and we have to take an 8 to five step.?
Amateur wanting to buy an ACOUSTIC GUITAR?
what type of guitar strings do i get?
Is there a high A alternate fingering for the flute?
for my solo for i need a Piano karaoke thing for the climb by miley cyrus?
Which one of these is the best audition song for Legally Blonde?
Grease Audition Songs?
What do you people think of this guitar?
Which North Carolina college has the best dance program?
I am creating a fictional character for a story...need your help?
I have a bass signed by Oteil Burbridge, how much would it sell for?
Guitar pickup/electronics questions?
can i drink a gallon of milk?
What should I wear to my audition?
Could YOU spare some time to record me some vocal sounds?
Good broadway audition songs? (details within)?
if you want to look at all of my art you can now i can send a Copy of sutff ok so you can look at it in.?
Not sure if I should buy JB?
Help Advice Please!?
Classical, one of the greatest pieces?
when to a directing number?
would love to learn how to play the steal drums.!?
How can I raise upper body/arm strength for Aerial silks?
Can anybody help me find a humorous duet acting piece for a speech and debate tournament?
Would this be an okay guitar for a 16 year old beginner, or is to to "kiddish"?
Are you a good dancer?
A good musical theater solo song?
Where would i find online no downlaod violin lessons for begginers?
Looking for Christian puppet skits !?
Did anyone happen to snag a picture(s) of a drow elf at the sterling renaissance festival this year?
dirty dirty fingernails?
how do you sing silent night?
I need to find a song for a Grade 4 solo for Cachetti?
Is Michael Jordan dead?
i need someone to sing my song Dont Shed A Tear?
pre-screening for classical musicians for college/conservatory admission?
Do you think matching band is a sport? Why or why not?
Thinking of buying a solid body ukulele?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Great Gatsby Opera?
i have a good turkish voice but i like to sing english ihate turkish.What should i do??
Whats up with the acoustic guitars with the metal circle instead of a sound hole?
Where can I live and play loud music?
How do you memorize 10 choir songs in 2 days?
Is is hard to learn how to play Guitar?
is there any video footage of lewis black's "the carnegie hall performance"?
Does this sound like a good song to play for a open mic (for extra credit in one of my classes)?
Is it normal to not feel anything when playing the guitar?
Whats a good song for a duo lip sync?
What guitar should i get?
Do i need special requarments to go to laguaria high school of music, art and the performing arts?
How do I refurbish a Spanish Guitar?
What notes are the concert F scale? (Clarinet)?
What kind of venues can I perform at locally with an adequate sized audience?
What musicals should I know about?
Words used at a performance center, concert hall?
Does anyone know why Aussies are so freaking awesome?
Hey, do you guys think a Gibson guitar with hard case will fit in a balikbayan box? and will it be safe?
Is the flute a good instrument?
who are Powell Lindsey and Oscar Michot?
after how much time can i become good at piano?
Proper guitar effect pedal chain order?
Someone said i remind them of Sue from the middle?
Help with acoustic and electric guitar please?
DO you play an instrument?
Band Camp Pranks!?!?!?
How can I be more graceful in my piano playing? I seem to be off-rhythm a lot of the time :(?
stage fright?
Is KidRock A good performer or Not?
How heavy is a trombone?
How old are you??????
my previous school name was apeejay?
Saxophone Players?
What musical term is this describing?
Beginner at guitar....chromatic me?
What to do if you don't have a talent?
What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?
Can you give me some songs related to these?
What site offers DVDs of "Douche Froides" ("Cold Showers") & "Garçon Stupide" for sale?
How can i improve my guitar playing and accuracy when playing?
What Talent Is Better: Singing, Art, Dancing?
How to play piano can you suggest any website?
What gauge electric guitar strings..?
What are some good songs to learn on an acoustic bass guitar?
What has been the biggest challenge in your musical learning and growth? How have you overcome it?
Can I learn guitar without teacher? Pls HELP?!!?
Jupiter jfl-511 essc flute reviews?
What is the style of the play 'Blood Wedding'?
What do you think would make a good Broadway show? (10 points! Just curious)?
Any ideas for a funny puppet play?
Ibanez V70ce ~ Guitar center mistake...should I keep it?
Do you have to be able to read music to learn to play the clarinet?
Will I ever be able to play an F chord on guitar?
what are some classical guitar pieces i could learn?
Do you have any suggestions for childrens plays that have anything to do with Africa?
Good Comedians for Girls Speaking Contest?
whats the notes and slides for the g flat scale on a trombone?
anyone know the lyrics to the gospel song called im so glad i dound the lord jesus in time.?
How long does it take to become a professional at playing piano?
Ever heard of Radney Foster?
Looking for bass, treble clefs and in between notes with keys for piano. Anybody know a site for this?
What are good songs about positive emotions that are able to mime?
What are some good Lyrical duet songs?
Professional trombones?
I really i feel i have a talent but i don't what it is?
I'm looking for slow/epic guitar solos?
How do I overcome my nerves?
What is Herbert von Karajan best known for in classical music?
any good songs for duet?
Where can I get an acting agent and how?
My Fair Lady?
What does one wear to an evening performance of the New York Philharmonic?
How to do live Spoken Word??
Can someone in Pit become drum major?
Is it hard to hard to learn to play the cello without lessons?
Does anyone have sheet music to The Inferno?
Why My Hands Shake When I Play The Piano ?
Any ideas for a funny puppet play?
What is a palm mute and how do I play it ?
how can i change my Avatars from a boy to a girl?
Which is a better musical?
In the Musical Bye Bye Birdie....does Hugo sing in any of the songs?
Does "Jumping Jack Flash" really have gas?
Want to do something?
What would be problems of a modern day Sandy from Grease?
Is it possible to play "slap" bass while using a 5-stringed bass?
Can any 1 tel me the best site free to learn guitar for beginner?
dose any one got any references for the ballet "Femina" ?
How many of you play guitar? and what kind of?
I have a bass signed by Oteil Burbridge, how much would it sell for?
Is my teacher a clown?
how can you speed up fingerings on sax?
How do I match a Native American Flute to Magix Music Maker Sound Loops?
learning to play guitar?
how much is my 1975 S. Yairi classical guitar worth?
How can you sing "Take Me Or Leave Me" with 3 people?
One Minute Pantomime Proposal Scene?
What are some good 2 minute songs?Help Please!?
Need Agent Im 17 years old And I'm A Actor?
What are note relationships ?
I have just been told I have reached level 2 and decided to celebrate by listening to La Cumparsita a tango.?
guitar the difference?
How do I get better at acting?
Can i choose a career studying shakespeare?
What is the best way to take off a mouth peice of a trombone without breaking it?
Magic Trick question?
Does anyone know where I can buy a cheap set of marching quints?
Should I switch from flute to mellophone?
Does anyone know good opera songs/ artsists/ plays? ?
Acoustic guitar lessons?
Rapunzel Audition Tips After Not Getting Grease?
What “granddaddy of all comedy clubs” is found in Chicago at 1616 N. Wells Street?
Help with writing a monologue - any ideas?
What kind of strings should I get for my acoustic guitar?
I am nervous about open mic night?
What are some good modern and fun camp songs?
how do u get really good at tabbing drums to standard notation or tabs?
Solo Ideas for a Cruise Performance?
Where do i sell antares acoustic guitar?
I can't do a backbend!?
Good song for my voice?
Gibson Sg vs les Paul?
dancing queen free web piano sheet.?
Songs to perform in front of people?
Beginner Flute Buying Help!!!?
Why has Country M.T.V.been taken off air???
How long did it take you playing the guitar until you no longer had to look down at your fingers on the fret?
What do you think about your current local music scene?
Star spangled banner for Bb clarinet?
I'm trying to learn how to play guitar at a beginner level, so does anybody know any good websites or books?
what's the value of mint opera vinyls c.late fifties to early sixties?
Learning how to play violin?
Cannot match pitch in singing?
Hello, Acting?
Help! Can someone tell me the name of this musical?
How to get discovered by Disney?
How do I start to learn the Oboe??
Pantomime Music ideas?
i need a place to practice with my dance team but i have no money?
I would love to dress up for halloween as someone from a musical, who should I dress up as?
What instruments can you play? If not which instrument do you wish you can learn?
Having problems playing guitar I have club hand?
What kind of guitar pick do you use, and what genres do you play?
Is being an actor or actress a lost dream? Is it completely unrealistic?
is there a performing arts school outside of Milwaukee in southeastern Wisconsin?
Whats the best way to learn the violin?
why does everyone say im a bad dancer?
Need Some Guitar Rhythm Help?
How to learn guitar online?
How to become famous/discovered?
Need a funny song to sing at school?
Who plays Troy in the High School Musical:the Ice Tour...?
Tips for drumline tryouts!?
Can anyone help me with an idea for my pantomime?
specific age limit for violin?
What is the fastest, easiest way to begin learning how to play the guitar?
How do you find or get in touch with a talent agent?!?
How and where do I attach the ribbons/elastic on ballet point shoes?
Cat in the Hat banjo tune?
I have auditions in a week for a haunted house lunch lady. What are some good lines to rehearse for that part?
What guitar plays miley cyrus in hannah Montana the movie 'butterfly fly away'?
Any advice for a flute player?
Have i finally gotten over my stage fright ?
I need help with singing?
Will a step team improve my dancing?
what is the best fender jagaur to get?
Should I try playing bass?
do you have a talent?
i just got a guitar for my bday i wanna learn how to teach myself .?
What are the benefits of bellydancing?
Can you name voice over schools in southen california please?
What is your favorite Opera?
Best song to sing for a talent show.?
Best mixer around 8-12 bands for a rock/punk band?
Ballerina disease that ends career?
What are some good songs for a Men's Choir?
Question about guitars?
Should I just accept I have no talent and give up?
weird guitar problem?
Help with singing ?
What pieces made Mozart Famous?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
is a guitar, violin or piano better?
Where can I find a talent agent in pittsburgh?
Guitar size 39" or 41" ?
Limited child modeling realistic?
How good is suzuki 4?
Electric or Acoustic guitar which is easiest or what would you reccomend?
Do i need to set up my guitar?
good mouthpiece for a begginer?
Do singing lessons work..will I be able to sing?
Who was the actor who was at a friends place, took a tylonel, laid down and passed away?
Hello guys. Can someone who plays guitar help me please?
Where should I keep my fingers on my musical keyboard?
National American Miss Contestant-?
Do you think you have to be a guitarist that does long, complicated guitar solos to be one of the best?
What are some tips for using a microphone in live, public speaking?
What do you call the person that warms up an audience before the main act starts?
Do you have a guitar?
What are some good female names for my acoustic guitar?
The violin teacher said that to pratice the violin 15min a day = 90min a week do you think it is good enough?
I have confidence issues , how can i possibly follow my dreams now?
What to sing and wear at my America's Got Talent audition ?
Why does my 3rd string on my guitar always fall apart the quickest?
I need a long prose reading piece that is humorous and is 6-8 minutes long please. Thanks guys?
What's the best Bar Song?
How do you know if you can REALLY play the guitar?
I need a piece to sing from a play?
What song should I play at a talent show?
What should you already know before you go to film school?
Singing/acting? URGENT?
Who can give me some banjo tips?
how do you get on the voice if you are under age do you wait or what...?
I've plateaued on electric guitar?
Any suggestions for a duet for a Soprano & Bass/Baritone appropriate for a high school graduation?
What artistic skills are the most impressive and least impressive?
Guitar Hardcase Rubber Feet Replacement?
can white people rap?
Help with A guitar tuning in Tabit?
Flute question?! Im a beginner so don't worry there simple! ;D?
What's "Van Gogh Magic Cube" or "Van Gogh Cube"???
anyone wanna start a writting club?
Paiste Alpha and Sabian Xs20 High hats?
How much will Synyster Gates's new guitar cost?
1-800-295-4441 anyone know the access code to call for that number?
Electric guitar help! i may have knocked my bridge pickup out of alignment!?
can anyone write me a RNB song that i can sing?
whats a good name for a white guitar?
Can you be good at something if you have no talent?
does anyone where to find full score of phantom of the opera?
How to be a nature girl?
Hi: Looking for modern female & male comedic monologues .?
Where can I find the best deal on an Emily the Strange electric guitar.?
Which hymn is featured in the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky?
Why do country musicians wear cowboy hats?
Can I become famous playing electric guitar?
I want to persue a career in acting,but I don't want to interupt my education.what should I do?
I'm going to audition to get into the performing arts program at the high school I want to attend!?
what is the difference between a marching trombone and a marching baritone?
im gonna learn to play the guitar, is there a difference between learning on the acoustic or electric?
Is Riverdance truly over?
What is the value of my guitar?
how do i hold a marching baritone?
Is NYCDA or NYFA better?
What can I play to get better at guitar?
what are some solo pantomine ideas?
Anyone have jokes for the emcee of a middle school talent show?
are The Beatles too much overvalued by the media?
Do I sing bad?????????????
Can you play any type of sheet music on the guitar?
Program to turn solo guitar into tabs?
has daniel rowland recorded vivaldi's four seasons if so where do i get cd?
Need help with guitar scales?
How do you clean the inside on a flute?
Where can I find Cinderella's maid dress?
What happened to the US tour of Phantom of the Opera?
Have you been to see an opera?
Lennon or Dylan as the most important songwriter on the 20th Century?
What do you think of my friends singing?
Who are good female singers to sample?
Acoustic guitar or Classical Nylon guitar better for big hands?
Is Kelly Clarkson's tour good this year?
What’s a successful way to get a start in the performing arts? Or how do people get started?
Is 21 too old to start playing accordion?
What's your favorite musical?
Is an Upright Bass to loud for home use even with a mute?
Easy Musical Theatre song for alto?
how do i get rid of stage fright?
Help! Why doesn't my voice work anymore?!?
In need of female musical theatre solo!?
Nylon or Steel strings for guitar?
how can i play guitar clean in distortion?
Harmony guitar value? H162?
What song should I sing for my audition?
Should I stick with a 6 string guitar or switch to a 7 string?
Sharing instruments with friends?
what should I sing for an audition?
I need a song for a relatively high young teenage voice for an audition!!! please help!!!?
What is a funny talent?
what is your favorite corp in dci?
What would be a good gift for a violin player?
Where can i find cheep Broadway RENT tickets in Seattle?
What's a good song for a lyrical solo?
Hey what are some really really intense and dramatic songs from musicals for males?
How do you use guitar picks?
How would I become a dancer for musicals/shows?
Is it possible for adults to learn to play an instrument?
How can I sing better?! Help?
What kind of paint is used to paint a guitar?
Eb Sax to F French horn, transposing?
Can anybody recommend a good website to learn to play Guitar?
Is it bad to go into falsetto when singing a Broadway solo?
Good upbeat song for audition?
In which year did Pyotr Tchaikowsky write 'The Nuter' suite?
What are some SONGS that I can sing to myself to cheer me up and distract me?
Where can I find some Epic music?
what is harder to learn how to play guitar or piano???
What do you think of this group's performance?
How to prove that I am talented to my choir teacher?
What are some good songs to try out for Drum Major with?
Before Learning a bass guitar?? PLEASE HELP?
In playing guitar and ukulele?
I love the artistic enviroment but i need to choose between Dance,acting and filmmaker,please help me decide.?
Do you have any tips for a beginning guitar player?
how has gay and lesbain theatre impacted or changed the landscape of American theatre?
A new guitar learner?
Good broadway audition songs? (details within)?
Is it bad to only remember the fingering but forget the notes?
Is it possible to play a guitar with only one hand?
the meaning of the name Keyana?
What is the most over-rated opera or play you've ever seen?
is it easy to learn to play a violin ? ?
Best and Quickest way to learn the Classic Guitar?
how did the universe come from nothing?
is guitar actually hard to learn?
Can I re-use a used guitar string?
What kind of guitar strings do I need for my acoustic?
Stage Presence or just Stupid?
What is the most common form of chamber music?
What are ten great dramatic plays that are not Shakespeare?
Acoustic guitar or acoustic-electric guitar?
Question about the film "RENT"?
Which guitar is good for a beginner and also affordable?
Is this a special talent ?
What do you think about Christian Music?
Where can I fined a good short comedic monologue?
What should a sign to get people to go to a performance say?
If you ever took trapeze lessons,what was it like your 1st time on there?Did you ever fall?
okay, be honest. were you at all surprised that the CROCODILE HUNTER died?
Am i good enough to become a model?
how would actors work with dancers? and singers?
I need to get over my stage fright, and I don't know what to do.?
What do you think of opera?
Anyone have a free annie script?
Which australian band did David Manning sing for?
How much does a flute cost at Laconia Music Center?
I usually vibrato by pulsating my diaphragm. Is this right?
My wrist keeps cramping up (Guitar)?
what are the notes for E flat dim7 & B flat dim7 scale?
Why doesnt the rock group Boston go on tour anymore?
What is a non-equity touring theatre cast?
where can i get a free download of ron kenoly's music?
I need a talent song that i cna sing for a pageant.?
Am I right to assume most male actors are "on the pink team"?
Would it be okay to wear vans high tops while marching?
Should I audition for dance company with my experience?
my finger hurts....?
What to look for when buying a speaker cabinet?
Why can't I sing higher?
What is a dancers body?
guitar playing help?????
learn to sing?
How does one become a screenwriter (a.k.a) a script writer?
Playing Guitar with broken pinkies?
How do you make the bottles of liquid that seems like sea waves?
i'm writing a new screenplay adoption from a book i know i need copywrite but who get it?
My 10 year old sister has a talent show comming up soon and we need ideas.?
is there any website that tests your musical hearing skills?
who designed the stage at FIFA world cup final match in Berlin?
How can i stop my hands shacking from nerves when im on stage when im not really that nervous ?
Ibanez bass SR series - What is the difference in models?
what are some ways to remove tarnish from a flute?
What is a good song that I can sing to help sing better?
Creative artist should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas without gov't restrictions.?
Up-beat audition songs.?
How can I make my voice sound deeper?
I would like to buy a viola or cello. what are the Specs that i should be looking for. It will be my first one
Guitar for an intermediate player?
looking for a pome i writtened two days ago.?
what is a good script idea that centuralizes around following your dreams?
Acting as a career and stage frite?
whats a good way take care of my vocal chords, while training for singing?
Clarinet Question Help?
can someone please help me identify this handsome man?
Where can I find some free jazzy saxophone quartet songsonline?
Could you recommend a good basic drum set -- with a good, clean sound?
Need help transitioning from flute to saxophone?
How do I heal my fingers after Guitar Hero?
Can anyone identify this vintage Scandalli accordion?
Scared of taking lessons?
Does anyone know where to find information on Alvin Ailey?
Theatre, I would like to join but never have.. help?
With a $3000 budget for an acoustic electric guitar, what are good choices?
Does anyone now how i can develop myself as a young alto sax player?
How to build a guitar amp using old speakers?
mother is acting kinda.. sketchy about warped tour this year.?
What is good contemporary female Christian song/solo to sing?
What do you call the person that warms up an audience before the main act starts?
Why has RENT (the musical) not come back to Houston?
Is it better to do all your physical actions before learning the lines?
how does an 11 year old start an acting career?
In Guitar Pro how can I have the notation move as the song plays?
Cual es el mejor lugar para estudiar teatro en España?
Do you play a musical instrument?
How do you know if your scene?
HELP! what are some really good prose peices?
how 2 do the soulja boy dance!!!?
how 2 develop good sense of humor?
Does anyone know some songs like...?
I have a question about the Jembe drum?
I seriously need help!!!?
Audition Song!!!!!?
What does this mean?
does any one know if the play Wicked is actually playing in Connecticut?
Is a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar a good guitar? ?
How about Jasmine Takamine Acoustic-Electric Guitar ?
i wanna go tot his wicked awsome dance/acting camp this summer, but my fmaily cant aford it. what do i do?
Question about acoustic guitar chords?
please answer this.........?
How do I get back into acting?
how do i become signed to be an r&b artist and sonqwriter?
What are some medicines for dancers?
I have a crazy idea, and I dont know how to execute it?
If there was a golden rule of acting, what would it be?
Having trouble playing part of my audition piece!? (Flute)?
Do solo singers make up stage names?
I really want to be able to sing and dance but mostly sing and ideas to learn how?
Playing the guitar?
Good song for auditan?
For experienced actors only Chicago > Photographers you reccomend?
Easy songs to learn on guitar?
I own a Viola, can I take Violin lessons for it?
Questions about a professional oboe model before i purchase?
Can I use guitar strings on my ukeulele?
Please help!!! I keep failing because of these horrible nerves...?
Sheet music for Fiona Apple's "Never is a Promise"?
Need help with drag king ideas!?
What song should i play for a bass audition?
Why do Teens always sing about Love?
SONG NEEDED ASAP!!!! (for audition)?
Why is it that singers with an exceptional few are not good looking whereas most dancers are good looking?
would u...?
looking for talent ???
Should I get a Peavey Zodiac SP4 or a Epiphone Thunderbird IV?
Can you get an acoustic guitar to be as quiet as an unplugged electric?
How do most people learn how to play guitar?
What Instrument should I learn to play?
Why are films better than plays?
When do I humidify my guitar?
Where can I buy the Spring Awakening Score/ Sheet Music Book?
What do u think about Sing is KInng ?
Need a copy of cd for ABRSM exam pieces viola 2006 grade 4. Can anyone help?
Know any good Serious Prose for competition?
Am i a good drummer for my age?
Whats A Good Song To Sing At Beta For Nationals?
does any one know how to yodel?
When can I start becoming an actor?
Is it worth it to give 50 Euros to see New Order?
I'm considering buying an acoustic/electric guitar so I can hear myself when I jam with my buddies.Any suggest
IM LOOKIN FOR A DRUMMER, any one intersted?
Screenwriting! How to write a pitch!?
do yo think graffity is art and do you think it sould be free to write it in walls with permition?
My performance is tomorrow...?
When playing violin does your...?
Which name is best for artistic, dark haired, feminine, unique female?
hey need to know fast?
How can I remove mold and tarnish from my flute?
Is the Flute and Piccolo played in any High School Orchestras/Bands?
are there any good guitar amps you can get for under 150 bucks?
What is the difference between a euphonium and a baritone?
What are some fun, blues songs to play that have small solos?
Do you think an old(about 25 years old or older) SILVER trumpet is worth anything?
What's the best brand of shoulder rest for a 4/4 violin?
What is the difference in sound of the Cello and Viola?
Can you play music by ear?
can left hander play a right hand electric guitar?
Im confused switching my guitar , help !!!?
Is it possible to find a real good sounding snare for under $200?
How do I go about finding a company who does all charcters for birthday parties?
what do you think about contortion?
Classical literature with trombone solos?
Were you ever bullied when you were in school?
What is this instrument called?
I Want to learn to play guitar, What are the basic stuff i should know?
good bass rifts to learn?
Any good violin music?
Can you recommend me a good british pianist I can identify with?
I need help finding the perfect song?
My daughter recently ask me if i would take her to an Opera for her 22ed birthday present...yes i will...does?
when was jamiroquai established?
whats a good fun not anoying instroment i could play?
I need help choosing music for this choreography?
found old opera glasses and don't know much about them?
Copy of Nicolaus Amati fecit. E Reinhold Schmidt Saxony?
Is clairmont a good company to purchase a saxophone from?
What's the best way to prepare for getting back into a concert band with my clarinet?
How can i improve my Guitarring skill?
What do you think of one direction?
How much should I charge per 30 min. piano lesson?
If i was playing the piano for 3 years, what grade would i be roughly?
What is the dress code for the musical WIcked in chicago?
Is this a good reason to fund raise?
Guitar Strings. Thick vs Thin?
can you name what this guitar this is?
How difficult is it to learn acoustic guitar?
where can i customize my ibaniz acoustic guitar?
Is Puppy Love a good song for my 11 year old son to sing at his 6th grade Talent Show?
I'm having trouble playing guitar?
i want to learn how to play guitar . which should i get .?
what type of bridge pins do i need for my GA-45sce Fender acoustic guitar?
Any advice on how to sing?
What is the shortest performance to win an Oscar?
Is classical music elitist?
Why do I suddenly have stage fright?
i need some good love songs...?
Where can I find sheet music for Into The Woods and The Mystery of Edwin Drood (specific songs)?
I need to know what kind of pointe shoes I should get?
any tips how to act great??
can a 16 year old learn to play the piano and paint?
How do I become a good squad leader?
Does this look like a good guitar for a beginner?
where u want to go heaven or evil why the reason?
How can I share my talent with the world?
Baritone Horn sheet music????
What is a good song to sing for a talent show?
how much does the yamaha c370 classical guitar cost?
Good book to learn guitar chord family and some scales?
whats the best song from a musical to do for an audition?
Should I quit marching band?
Composing Music....?
How fit do i need to be to be a stripper or pole dancer?
Where can I find free sheet music for vocals?
How to contact an acting agent the right way?
Really good song to preform at an important audition?
Can you please name four poets from the 20' in 30's from african american and latino community?
I play the Clarinet and I'm trying to learn baritone so i could march in drum corps.. Could someone help me?
I have a boss me-25 pedal ?
Do you like going to the Opera?
Do you ever use the G and D strings in 6th position + on Violin?
*HELP PLEASE* Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
when is the garageband artist lessons going to be available in the phillipines?
Will Bicep Curls Make My Piano hands Stiffer?
do you think I have the voice?
why should we improve our character?
In my piano exam, will I be allowed to photocopy the last page of my piece?
Taming of the Shrew?
Does anyone have any tips on how to become really popular?
How would I go about doing this? (musicians??)?
What qualification do i need to become an actor/actress??
where can i find informatiuon on the Cherry Orchard?
What sound does a bell make?
What guitar pedals should you suggest? And should I get a Marshall Micro Stack??!!?
How To Get a More Solid Sound Out Of An Alto Sax?
What's a great song to sing and play on the guitar at a talent show?
How do parents become agents?? Do they need any kind of permission/training or what?
How do I level out my tremolo?
Peavey Firenza Guitars and Peavey in general?
What school plays have you been in?
What is a good, affordable travel guitar?
Can I learn to sing good or no?
1 minute monologues for teens
I want to learn to play guitar. Help?!?
HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any suggestions for a song/dance routine for 4 girls?
What are some easy sad tabs to play?
good piano pieces by these bands?
Is 15 too old to learn how to play guitar?
teaching myslef to play guitar! which chords are which letters?
Good flash mob songs?
is the flute gay?
anyone else as crazy over shakira's new song as i am?
Should I pick up Piano Playing, Violin Playing, Acting, singing, or dancing???
Rap Or Rock ? Need some opinions?
What should I do with my life?
I am looking for A Transylvanian Lullaby from Young Frankenstein for violin.Where can I find the sheet music?
Is it better to sing in a larger room, or a smaller room?
Should I learn the Violin or Guitar?
what would be a good stage name for me?
i need a single person script for a modeling audition in the morning! please help asap?
Songs that build tension?
What Summer Concerts Got You Fired Up?
Advice on how to play this piano song better?
How to become a Broadway performer?
what actresses smoke cigarettes?
How can I make my singing voice less shaky?????????????????
What are good female audition songs for Guys and Dolls?
I want to be on Broadway?
What should I teach a 7 year old on guitar?
what is the fingering for A6 on a guitar?
Where to get a good quality Electric Left-Handed Violin?
Is this a good headshot?
Why does my bass clarinet squeak when Im playing?
i want to learn salsa from good non-arrogant people. who can i learn from? in bangalore.?
What exactly is "Wicked Day"?
Tunning my guitar?
miss saigon musical?
Should I use a guitar pick or fingers?
Are acoustic brand bass amps any good?
does anyone play the flute?
How can I get really good at guitar?
Acoustic guitar bridge pin types?
Can playing in a concert/marching band damage your hearing?
Which one of these is the best audition song for Legally Blonde?
What should i do to be screenwriter?
Any Bass guitar tips?
what is a good contemporary music school in the U.S.?
What's it like to major in music?
what do i sing best?! (videos included)?
Guitar help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
mercedes benz voice over actor? ("I love you")?
What should i sing im 10 and want a broadway song for a soprano?
A quick simple favor?
Why are some guitars so much more than others?
i love to sing and write my own songs, any tips for a perfect written song?
Guitar?? ?
how do u know when a Guitar is a good Guitar?
Would writing a song about a Girl creep her out?
For a girl at school How do you play wonderwall?
Easy songs to play on electric guitar?
Is there a school or classes on making custom drums?
How do you fake cry for acting?
Is a Piano Considered an Acoustic Instrument?
Why do dancers wear leg warmers?
Is the Yamaha FG700S a decent beginner guitar?
What are some musicals?
How should I learn to play the guitar?
I want to play snare drums, but play the flute (marching band)?
How long should I wait before buying my first drum set?
where can I get voice lessons at Rancho Palos Verdes?
i have no idea how to tune an acoustic guitar. help!!?
What are some great lyrical costumes with long sleeves?
Is there a monologue in The Phatom of the Opera?
I live in philly,pa and i want to be a model, what do i need, where do i go?
Should I do a solo?
anyone learned how to play guitar using a dvd, book etc.?
How Important Is It To Warm-Up for Singing?
Should I take guitar lessons, or should I teach myself off the internet?
what mina mean?
Good acoustic guitars for beginners?
What Year Was My Guitar Made? ?
Human by The Killers... denser, danser, dancer, dancers?
acoustic/classical guitar?
Does playing acoustic Guitar make playing an electric easier?
My husband would like an Acoustic Electric Guitar for christmas.?
Was I born in the wrong time?
got any good leg stretches? (for dancers)?
Does anyone know a good female duet?
I have a mucus (or something) that's constantly stuck in the back of my throat...?
Should I learn piano or guitar?
Appropriate Choir Performance Heels?
How do people know how to play songs on guitar?
which is the best Will Young song ever?
Help with this monologue? Pleassee?
Good guitar to start out with???
looking for a guitar?
How can you play hard to get if that person is out of your sight?
What are some international performing arts companies?
I wanna sing but I don't think I'm good enough to become a singer?
what is the greatest challenge in life? living like a human being???
Should a Crow musical be made?
Good Monologue for Annie Audition?
What recent developments in music and the performing arts are there? Such as MIDI etc.?
How to vibrato on a violin?
weird guitar problem?
Is there a helpful trick for moving my singing sound from my throat, into my diaphragm? My voice is strained!?
Do you think the Internet helps or hurts musical artists? And how?
Should I take up drawing or piano?
Do you think my daughter is a good singer?
SOCAPA summer programs?
songs name??
Does anybody know what the musical accompaniment De Ushuaia a la quiaca by gustavo santolalla is about?
Should I learn to play the violin or guitar?
why is mozart a great musician?
who sing i would do anything for love....but i wont do that??
What to do about trouble notes on trumpet? (Screamers only)?
Does anyone know if they make a script for the musical Hairspray for high school fine arts programs to perform
Musical theatre song choice ?
What are good audition songs to sing acapella?
What tricks can i do tht involve flexibilty?
Why does Mozart, in his Operas, rely on a Contralto or a Mezzo Soprano to sing in male roles?
Do girls like guys who play metal songs on guitar?
Which electric guitar should I get (link included)?
how much should i get for working as graphic designer?
I Really want to learn how to play my instrument.?
Should I take forensics?
Famous Latin Dancers?
need help about guitars...?
are 24fret dragonfly x a good guitar?
Goood quality cheap performing keyboard?
What are the best pointe shoes for a beginner?
if you came back to life as an item of clothing?
Should I audition or not?
How to get to front stage seats?
how do singers such as steven tyler,axel rose,robert plant,brian johnson,etc sing?
What is your favorite Coldplay song?
First upgrade to a decent guitar!! Help please?
HELP: Which instrument should I learn?
Define creativity.?
Talent Show ideas for 2 girls and 2 boys?
How many of you play and instrtements? And What instrument do you play or are you in a choir? School 0r Home.?
What is the name of this performing "clown"?
lyrical/contmeperary dance song?
How to start a pop group?
Seriously need someones opinion whose funny!!?
Where can I find A Postcard for Henry Purcell for a cello solo or string quartet? ?
What's the best Powell flute?
Is there any sites or any information on becoming an actor, singer, director? I do all?
Any Talent Agent Suggestions?
How do I talk like...?
Which Strings would sound more like paul mccartney's early hofener?
What songs did diversity use in their royal variety performance?
What alto sax reeds should I use?
who here is in orchestra?
Did any of you go to a theatre or performing arts school?
Good song to do a contortion routine to?
What do I need to join a college band?
Does anyone know of really good plays to read?
if halloween is about being scary, should i dress up as hitler and walk through compton & beverly hills, CA?
what song should i sing?
Auditions in a few days!!! Please help me!?
How is the violin a schizophrenic instrument?
i cant seem to get this song ''unchanged melody''?
Do you think that cheerleaders are HOTT??????
I want to grow a guitar...?
Does an electric guitar work better on a computer or on a guitar amp?
Scales on violin?
Is it bad to do the same audition song?
where to sell my guitar?
Can I learn to write with my left hand?
is there a club or something that does acting on camera rather than on stage??
What is my vocal type?
What is the difference between a light guitar pick and a heavy guitar pick?
why do people hide whats inside,its so hard to draw when they wont let me in?
What brand (or kind) of acoustic guitar should I get?
What are the notes for Happy birthday on saxophone?
Do you have to look good in order to become a succesful actress?
Can anyone give me names of upbeat female solo songs from broadway musicals?
Training yourself to hit the high notes?
Anyone know where i can send my 10 yr old for voice lessons in Schaumburg, IL???
Best brand if student flute?
Eeyore stuff?
Why does my guitar sound out of tune?
Whats a good audition song and monologue?
how do you make that gurgly sound with your voice? like, for style? when your swooping?
Why do people get so upset at magicians when they discover their secrets?
Why do you have to be a contortionist to be a rhythmic gymnast?
anyone paint guitars?
Is my way of learning the Acoustic Guitar alright ?
What if Jesus had gone around doing stand up comedy instead of parlor magic tricks?
one minute screenplay ideas?
Do you agree with this idea?
What Beatles songs use an Acoustic?
long island school?
BASS Guitarists.! Can Anyone give some Ideas.?
Louder pickups for a fender telecaster?
Empro Beginners Acoustic Guitar?
whats a good saxophone to move up to?
what do you think about magic?
What is the name of a Verdi opera set in Egypt?
Which one takes longer to learn how to play guitar or piano?
Poem search?
Am I good? Or just average?
What is the salary of a magician?
Need suggestions to help my son enact his role in a play?
What should I do to my clarinet if it gets wet?
Will it look bad if I have a drink of water in the middle of my audition?
Is it okay to use lysol disinfectant wipes on my guitar strings after playing?
All I want to do is perform..? How can I convince my parents?
Do drugs make you more creative?
it will take how much time to learn guitar completely?
High School Musical...wut do you think?!?
Electric Guitar for music college?
How do I become a punk?
Pickups used in Jerry Garcia's Wolf, circa 1974?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Does Slipknot use the diminished guitar scale?
Do i have a potential to sing?
what talent should i do? please help!?
Are these the right power chords in guitar?
I have to do a part in a play as an old senile, yet smart man..?
dirty dirty fingernails?
Does Portland Youth Philharmonic send audition results to private teachers?
What is a secret talent u can learn easily?
Is it too late to learn the piano?
I Need A Stage Name :-), Any Suggestions?
Tell me about High Comedy and French Moliere and comedy of Manners? WHat is the basic backgorund info i need?
What are some good beat songs for the talent show!??
How long does it take to know how to play the violin?
How can I change my "choir" voice to a belt?
How to become a successful play producer?
Where do i pick up my mail order guitar?
where I can learn Violen in Noida?
What is the appropriate dress when going to a Broadway musical?
Fun acoustic guitar songs?
Where can I listen to the these clarinet pieces online?
Is the piano hard to learn?
How Can I Succeed as an Actress?
Should I buy a dirt cheap Acoustic Guitar?
How could you use the spotlight at a play to change the performer’s clothes suddenly from yellow to black?
i get made fun of :( can i sing?
Large pix of Country Rock icons, The Eagles. Where can I find some usuable ones of good size on the net?
how can i improve my singing voice?
How can I sing like Jordin Sparks or Kelly Clarkson?
i want to be an actress?
Did any of you go to a theatre or performing arts school?
Help: I want to act but I feel like I don't have any talent. (long post)?
Accordion experts: Hohner not making sound when keys & bellows activated. Advice?
Buying a base Guitar for my boyfriend. Help?
what if g major videos sounded normal?
I need some guitar tips?
How hard do you hold down guitar strings when playing?
movie duet songs? please help?
Any tips on how to get better at piano?
Where did the Christmas tree in our office learn to sing like that?
i take voice lessons is it effective?
Online composing helper? (Orchestra Double Bass)?
How to loosen up on stage..?
Why does mi body itch when I contact-juggle?
Brass instruments: what makes the sound?
Is there a difference in sound between rosewood and ebony fittings on a violin?
To improve singing?
How to get over stage fright?
what is the best way to get free music downloads?
Things to check when buying a 2nd-hand upright piano?
What grade is Vitali's Chaconne on violin?
Raj Kapoor, any insider info on him?
Funny things to do in a forest? (while filming)?
What are pageant tricks for 12 year olds ?
How can I calm myself before an audition?
should i move to the USA to resume my acting career and go a step further ?
what do u think of my weird talent?
Can any please describe the music in Hairspray?
Identify an instrument?
Should I sing a Rent song or go with what I know?
Britains got talent; Who's going to win???
What's your favorite musical?
How to make my bow changes less obvious?
What is the greatest Broadway play ever?
Where can I get custom-length signal batons/maces?
Steps you take to become a choreographer?
How to memorize music notes easily?
What songs are good examples of Sonata Form?
Guitar players answer this?
Which company makes the better sticks & mallets and why: Innovative Percussion or Vic Firth?
I'm a lefty, and I want to learn to play the guitar. Should I learn to play right-handed?
the traveler speedster guitar...good or bad?
where would i find props for advanced magic tricks?
Im looking for a college that has a Theatre Arts and/or Stage Management program.?
Is there any way that I can recycle used drumsticks?
Why do a lot of people give up playing guitar when they 1st start out?
Is ' Fame' The musical suitable for a 7 year old?
Perusing acting... are looks everything?