Performing Arts

How can I improve my guitar playing and fret fingering speed?
what does it take to become successful in modeling?
Guitar Hardcase Rubber Feet Replacement?
How do I know if I can sing?
will it be hard to learn acoustic guitar?
where can i find an instrumental version of "big bow wow"?
How can I earn much money?
Violin, wondering if lessons or learn by book would be the best approach for this instrument ?
How do you become a famous sing?
Which way can I learn sight reading guitar standard notation but not the classical way?
Nunsense audition songs?!?
Will the Pearl JG16 Jungle Jig Floor Tom to Bass Drum Converter Kit work for a 14' floor tom?
Versatile Guitar in 500-700 range?
how do u become more confident?
WhoseLyrics..The pained I pained..somewhere in my muddled brain not Gary Glitter!?
What should I play for my piano audition?
Dancing, modeling, acting, or basketball?
What guitar player uses wax tips?
How do I hit the low notes on my alto sax?
Is it ok if a classical guitar has wood nodes?
What kind of pick and what kind of string 4 ur guitar?
Can anyone tell me about Margaret Vance, the arranger of Shenandoah?
Where can I buy a B-Flat Rosewood clarinet?
are there any band geeks out there? or anyone that plays in a college marching band?
How can I share my talent with the world?
And Then There were None Monologue?
Transpose to trumpet?
What are your favorite musical/or arts related movies? animated or live action?
Can I use a plastic clarinet mouthpiece on a wooden clarinet?
Does anyone know where I can get hold of Guitar tabs for Hymns?
I'm looking for a good prose piece...?
Can someone help me develop some stage presence? Pretty urgent here?
Nervous for piano recital?
Any Ideas on why the 2005 movie Phantom of the Opera received bad ratings?
What Are Some Good Pageant Songs?
How do you use a viola dampit?
Getting a Career In Music?
Is mendini by cecilio a good brand for piccolo?
Should I do my Grade 4 guitar this December or next March?
led zeppelin!!!!?
Freshman year Songs?! <3?
Dana guitar information/value?
Any good acoustic guitar songs like "If It Means A Lot To You" by ADTR?
Is there a shorter term to use than classical composer?
What instrument(s) do you play?
What's the best brand of "metal" guitar?
good song to sing?
Music theory needed for what I want to do?
JAZZ instruments?
sheet music needed!!!! help?
Any info on this Decca guitar?
Can someone who is really dumb learn to play a music, is emotional motivation enough?
How can I teach myself to play the electric bass better?
Piano teachers! What is your method for teaching students?
I play the violin and want to be alot better. What can i do?
Whats a good 2 person skit? and simple thanks!?
What is the best ukuleles for amateurs to buy?
advise on recording myself screaming PLZ HELP?
WHo has been to School Of Pop in Los Angeles ?
need help about guitars...?
I am looking for a specific monologue from the play Brighton Beach Memoirs. Can anyone help please?
can any one teach me to play guitar??
How do you sing from your diaphram?
Britains got talent dog?
Theme ideas?
How can I improve my singing?
Is Wilhelmina Minneapolis a scam?
Is there anybody performing KATHAKALI or KAKLARIPAYATU in the US or Canada?
I want to change my surname. What should it be?
don't you have to learn the scales when you first start to play the electric guitar?
How did Jimi Hendrix learn guitar?
can anyone give me a wacky drug users name?
what is opera carmen?
Need songs that 2 boys and 2 girls can sing for talent show?
how does the sword change over time?
Piano Performance college audition repetoir?
Dead string when playing f sharp minor how do I fix it?
Nunsense audition songs?!?
where can i find such good humorous duet acting scripts?
Are Pearl PF-771 Flutes any good?
Songs to play during a party on a guitar?
what are some sites for skits of the 1920s?
Is my guitars intonation off?
I want to start playing the guitar but i need a little help.?
I know what a prolation/mensuration canon is, but how do you write one without changing your time signature?
How much would my clarinet sell for?
Is it too late for me to start violin?
Where can i find good trio music for violins for free on the internet and what piece is good?
whats a good kind of guitar to get to learn on?
Do they have any modeling agencies that takes short models?
colleges for voice and opera?
How to act like a sick person?
Which playwrights have won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Why do my fingers still hurt from playing guitar?
Do Band Nerds rule the school?
performing arts schools for 16 or 17 year olds?
What do you think my chances are? All Ireland Talent show.?
Learning how to play acoustic guitar? Any good places to learn?
Can singing harmony be learned, or is it a natural talent, or is it only acquired after much practice?
Im going out for a scholarship that requires me to get on stage and make a speech?
Schumann's Arabesque in C major: Written for Clara?
How to script write? ?
Can you help me critizise this dance performance?
What personality traits are becoming of a good performer?
Guitar Tabs for "I Don't wanna stop" by Ozzy?
I want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar - any help and tips?
Question for guitar teachers and experts?
Bassist Hand position?
which song should i audition with?
Advice on diet and training?
Broadway show question?
What MIDI keyboard should I get?
What is a good modern/lyrical solo song?
Is there anybody performing KATHAKALI or KAKLARIPAYATU in the US or Canada?
How can I make memorizing (musical) notes easier?
about what time does shakespeare in the park start?
Where do I get information on classical music concerts in New Delhi ?
How can I improve my guitar playing and fret fingering speed?
wher can i find simple lessons fr guitar ?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a cold FAST!!!?
How to get into show business? Please read?
Who are all these NYC hipster/scene people?
What should I do if I am in a chours and never had to sing or dance before?
Need help with guitar?
How can you get rid of stage fright?
Where do I start if I want to play guitar?
Does it even matter anymore that i can play guitar?
Customizing guitar question?
i need help on humor ideas for a hospital skit.?
My fingers hurt from playing guitar...?
Which play would be best to take a family to?
How do you start a drum solo?
How can I start writing a realistic fiction?
Song suggestions for a lyrical solo?
Audition tomorrow, help!?
Whats the one talent you wish you where born with??
is dance or figure skating better?
I don't think I have any talent or skills in life. What do I do?
Does anyone know where I can get free sheet music for pirates of the caribbean for violin?
Could u play an acoustic guitar tune on an electric one.....??/?
Which is the A and which is the D string?
Whats a good song i can play the flute for on christmas?
I want to be in musical theater but I have a different style voice?
What's the point of having more than one guitar pickup?
I am a 15yr old male and when i sing some notes my voice s can anyone tell me what to do.?
i want to buy tickets to the philadelphia opera?
What's a good intermediate acoustic guitar?
What is a cold reading?
What else do I need to start playing electric guitar, other than guitar?
What is the secret meaning behind Mozart's Magic Flute?
i want to know if there is any singer called India Ary?
Lol Its Right Im Holding and Plucking Guitar?
Is it possible to train your musical hear to hear notes and recognize them?
What is the general genre or type of music that involves these instruments?
Voice lessons oline free?
Can anyone give me a list of all the costumes used in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat?
Dizi flute suggestions?
what does adagio mean on "adagio on strings"?
who is the greatest metal guitarist of all time?
Does any one have the P.O.T.C. 3 script?
What is the best way to get a difficult passage down?
Whats the best michael kelly guitar?
Guitar Strings!!!!!!!?
where can i get free "prelude in c sharp minor" (by rachmaninov) sheet music?
Is there going to be a "Wicked" movie?
Good songs for a talent show?
Hello, I really need your help. I have an audition coming up, and i really need a good musical theater song.?
My saxophone sound isn't very good?
What are the most popular marching band shows?
How much did you improve when you got your second guitar?
Is "You'll never walk alone"an inappropriate audition song?
I have a new band, but I don't know what to call it.Anybody have any Ideas?
Should i quit marching band?
Weird guitar chord?
i need some screenwriting advice.?
What character from a Broadway/West End musical would be considered a Simonist?
How should i deal with this asshole in marching band?
How to get a talent agent.?
when the saints go marching for flute?
Any tips on being able to sing and play the piano at the same time?
Tips on increasing lung capacity?
would these be good to do?
How do I get over stage fright?
How do you play eighth vs quater note staccato on piano?
URGENT!! 1 minute disney songs?
Do YOU use keys (major, minor, etc.) when you're writing music, and how?
Did you watch the Beijing Olympic opening yesterday? What are your thots?
question about pick ups?
Musical or Honor Choir?
Does anyone know the tuning for Apologize on guitar?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
Your favorite song to play on the acoustic guitar?
how can i sing better and write better songs without hiring a teacher?
how can i find something to learn very quickly and be good at it.?
Hotter for a girl to play drums or guitar?
if i was doing an oral presintation on Frank lloyd wright..what props would be a good idea to bring with me?
Was the Renaissance Festival good?
how do you put emotion in guitar playing?
Teen Plays?
How is the guitar jasmine nex s34c?
Do you consider yourself a good story teller?
Which sammut rotation is the hardest?
What is a Christmas song?`?
Do u like the way I sing?
How to write guitar solos?
Should I start playing the drums or guitar?
whats wrong with this slash sweet child o mine solo 3rd part?
i need a good female dramatic monologue for drama class?
Will guitar be easy to learn if I play the violin?
Intense male monologue from a play?
Fun songs to learn on the guitar?
How can I hook a saxophone up to a guitar FX pedal?
Do you play an instrument? If not, Why not? CLICK HERE?
Advice on bass plucking? Also, should I try guitar?
can piccolo be your first instrument?
How to get rid of dead notes in my guitar?
what else can a guitar pick be used for?
What colleges offer an MFA in theatre?
How much could I sell my drum set for?
wat do u think of my poem?
Alvarez 5044 Acustic guitar price?
Will a line selector pedal help switch between instruments?
how long would it take to learn to play a bamboo flute?
how much is a yamaha snare drum and glockenspiel worth.?
Since it seems to be flute night..Any advice on proper decrescendos on flute?
How much does a banjo cost?
What is the name of this guitar technique/riff style?
when we are in trouble who helps us god or parents ?
How do I reduce snare drum resonation?
I am 13 and is this alright? Do you think if i practice everday for 3 years my voice could become good?
What do I learn from private lessons?
Is acoustic guitar easier to start out on for a beginner than electric?
What are the Pros and Cons of being in drum corps? (in all aspects)?
Which is harder to learn base guitar or regular guitar?
Start playing guitar? help 12 yearold?
How to be a very good ventriloquist?!?
My left shoulder hurts while playing violin?
what do think about my singing?
How to start off becoming a magician?
i want to start playing electric guitar/ wich brand is good?
I play the flute?
Im reaally nervous about my trumpet audition, can anyone help?
Music for lyrical solo?
is shakespear still interesting in this age?
Can anyone recommend breathing exercises?
Venues for bluegrass bands?
What websites offer free drumming lessons?
Having Trouble, HELP!?
what's better lawn or general admission to ozzfest?
Does anybody else love the musical "Little Women" like I do?
Ragtime Audition Help Please!?
anyone like Gluck?
Can i play regular career where i control everything and if so how?
Direct website to santa monica college of performing arts?
i havent played my flute in a while and forgot how to play a B natural, so how do i play it?
Did Dimebag ever play these guitars?
What was the indian style music on britains got talent dance flavourz?
Does anyone get bruises from play thw drums (on the insides of you legs)?
How many of you are in Band?
whats the perfect ballerina foot?
How long does it take to get "good" at piano??
how is the gad?
Does anyone want free voice lessons?
Can I audition twice?
do places like samash and guitar center sell keys for guitar cases?
What to do what to do?
Can sing in front of school but can't talk in front of class?
does anyone know of any good websites to learn how to play the guitar?
Any Pianists or people who play any instrument?
Alto kung studio recorder, an alto moeck flauto rondo. or the mollenhauer denner?
how to keep your throat open and your jaw relaxed when you are singing?
Why they call "Oscar" for the Cinema ceremony?
how can i get over to my negative approach?
A piece of music changes to 6/4 and the dotted half note is set to 100. What do I set my metronome to?
Americas got talent audition question!!?
need three songs for my highschool "sprachfest"?
when is monica naranjo coming to north america?
Is there a term to describe this person?
Has anyone played the new Miraphone 1293 5/4 5 valve CC tuba?
Can i get some good songs? Talent Show! :)?
Need help with stage fright?
Good audition songgg?
what are some good a'cappella rock songs?
Do you think i know how to sing?
What are some good preforming arts schools?
I would like to sing a song for a school assembly what song would you reccomend as a singable song?
Tips on increasing lung capacity?
Will the switch to bass drum be difficult?
What's your favorite musical?
Do you know the music group "Der Arbeiter"?
As a guitar hobby, to progress at a decent pace, are 50 minutes of daily practice too little?
Has anyone ever taken the filmmaking option at the North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Session?
is the actress Sandra Bullock of jewish descent?
Guitar rests help!!? Very confusing !!?
are drums diffucult to learn if so why is it hard?
Where can i find really easy but effective guitar tunes to learn, and they have to be easy?
what in your opinion are the greatest and famouse phrases in songs of the latest 4 decades?
how can i get over to my negative approach?
What guitar solo should I learn?
Fundraiser Ideas for Dancers?
Easy guitar solo for beginner?
i just got a letter from juilliard?
HOw can i tell that a used flute is good on ebay?
my brother does not know who soulja boy is! do you think there is something wrong with him?
How to get out of doing class drama performance.?
Best way to master the B Chord? On guitar.?
what key is the harmonica in in Xavier Rudd's "Choices" ?
How do I restring my classical guitar?
Should I become a Stripper?
What are some musicals with ragtime tap dancing in them?
Questions about casting calls/headshots/acting ?
Who is the composer of "Jerusalem"?
What should I sing to audition for the role of Johanna in "Sweeney Todd?'?
Can anyone help with learning an acoustic guitar?
How much should you pay a mariachi group?
What Steps Need to be taken to make it in the Music Industry?
Gorgeous Male Opera Singers of Today?
HELP!! I have to sing and im terrified to sing in public?
What copyright and licensing would I need to perform Brokenville with my college?
Guitar lessons??????????
the role of management in theater arts?
do you think i sing good?
how much would it be to ship a upright string bass/ double bass?
I am new at learning the guitar, is it hard to learn? And is there any books I can buy for a beginer that?
How can I play loud music in public?
How much is a regular acustic guitar?
what do you think of the name tara?
Does anyone own a Yahama P-120?
I am taking a survey?
How do you cope with being untalented in what you love?
Bass Guitar Learning Tips...?
Does this girl sing good?
Inhale screaming help?
Is one sorce talent a scam? is it good? bad?
How do you turn on a Mesa Engineering amplifier?
can a clarinet be formed into a trumpet?
Can you decapitate someone with a violin bow?
Question about benefit concert?
Do you think i can...?
I am in love with the Phantom of the Opera - anyone else passionate about it? movie or opera?
is M-Audip Fast Track compatible with Adobe Audition CS6?
good electric guitar under 300 dollars?
I'm learning the guitar. What are some good websites that teach you how?
How does being a suicide girl work? do you model once then thats it?
what's mixed choir?
How do you read guitar tabs?
What's a good age to start learning guitar?
is 21 too old to learn guitar and start a band?
Can we still increase our vocal range? (singing)?
What are the best pickups for guitar?
led zeppelin!!!!?
What guitar equipment us next?
ow ow ow!!! MY FEET AND MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!?
Musical Theatre Schools In London?.....?
Poi groups near Philly?
I want to learn how to play the guitar and piano, what is a solid beginning instrument for each?
Problem with flute buttons?
How do you sing with a free voice?
Can vocal improvisation and scatting be learned? How?
Why are violin bows so expensive?
I need advice for creating a dance warm up for show choir...?
voice exercises ?
energized 2inch bellow belly button?
what song should i sing?
How long will it take to learn Little Wing on guitar?
I need a a monolouge from the 50s!?
Can I add cymballs on to my electric drumkit?
I have a naural ability to write songs and poems, but why am I so afraid to preform when someone ask?
How do you sing with your diaphragm instead of ur head voice?
can u suggest a song for me to sing on a stage?
I have a problem when I play the piano?
MCBA Flight 2 please only marching band people answer?
Is Mary Poppins on Broadway worth seeing?
What do I need to do to get a record deal? I am a very good pianist and singer...?
What bass strings should I get?
Yamaha W5: How do I get the sustain pedal to work?
Romeo and Juliet FREE modern translations?
easy guitar songs to play?
What is a good starter acoustic guitar to buy a 44 year old male who is a serious music buff and 6'4"?
What is the guitar tabs of ONLY HUMAN by K in 1 litre of tears?
What are the ethical responsibilities of artists (musicians, painters, filmmakers, actors)?
I need a professional stage name..ideas?
I need 2 contrasting 2 minute monologues where can I find good ones?
what's best calculater for stat class?
What are the instruments in hello dolly (the musical)?
Where can I find the sheet music for Schadenfreude from Avenue Q for free?
Im looking for a Buxen saxophen but unsure if thats the correct spelling. Its pronounced buxer.?
I want to buy a guitar, but I have no idea! Help?
Is there any simple way to learn to play a Guitar without going to classes or engaging a teacher?
How do I write a telephone conversation for a play ?
Buying a Drum Set?
Pom squad warm up music?
do i have a better chance at getting a "Q" anwered if i have a avatar, just wondering?
Soprano clarinets? Bb?
Using a bass amp with a guitar?
How can i practice the up-bow staccato?!!?
I'm choosing a musical instrument?
How many Bari Saxes Usually make into All State Band where You Live?
I lost all my talent?
How can I change the background color of this picture to a pink?
Will I be able to learn to play the harmonica without being able to read music?
What is a good jazz song?
Bass Guitar lessons - online or with a real instructor?
What's a good way to put fake blood on a white shirt?
I want to start a band, but I don't know how to play an instrument.?
Invisible Thread...?
Any good online site that help you get better at guitar?
Know where I can rent the libretto for Margaret Garner or a recording of the songs?
Ball end of my guitar string slipped off?
Does anyone know where I can find the Bye, Bye Birdie script at?
I want to play the cello and violin, where do I start?
What are some of the differences between the scripit and the movie for Oedipus the King?
What's the term in music to describe when people drag out one note, instead of briefly saying word?
Musicians - Sibelius 4 ? Using different note values?
Tips to make my performance better to get the role of Liesl in The Sound of Music?
how do i become a better comedian?
who sing scarafice his life for you and me?
I want to know about drum corps.?
what are some good flute..........................?
Is it easier to learn to play guitar on acoustic or electric guitar?
Cant choose. Need help deciding?
good songs to sing for a talent show for black people?
Is it to late to learn how to play the violin?
how many toilet sign design in malaysia?
How do you know your true voice type?
Does anyone know where I can find the Bye, Bye Birdie script at?
How difficult is it to get into music school for opera?
Auditioning for HSM and need a song?
1982 Marshall Jcm 800?
Why do Gibson guitars sound so good?
where to find volunteer dancers in a festivals in dallas?
I'm after a bug costume for my daughter, she's 4 and has a competition soon.?
what can i do with my vocal range?
i need help with guitar strings?
Can I get into the Met Opera?
Does anyone have the sheet music to A Time For Us? Or even That's All I Ask of You?
mama mia or wicked..??? which one should i go see or if you suggest any other broadway showes..go ahead..!?
can i play the cello online?
how to get over a guitar plateau?
What age did you start drumming?
How much can I sell my used met alien beh ringer electric guitar for?
who is the worlds best guitarist?
how can i learn to play guitar?
Which Beethoven piano sonata do you prefer?
whats better tenor sax or alto sax?
How do I get over stage fright???
WTF is wrong with Britains got talent?
DREAM CHARACTER . you watch movies ; which character ; you dream to play ?
Bass songs for beginners?
Where to get these for orchestra...?
Name 1 good Soulja Boi verse?
Humorous Duet Speech Script?
Name this bass pedal?
how to play a guitar with only 3 strings?
Is Edward Herrmann a Democrat or Republican?
What instrument should i play?
I have an acoustic guitar (Texan, dreadnought size) but only play it twice a year....?
Which musical instrument to learn in Chennai? Pls help.?
Has anyone seen Swan Lake? I am going to see it tomorrow night, it's my first ballet, i am so excited!!?
Easy character to dress as from a musical?? ASAP?
Do you like my piano composition?
Is it okay to learn piano on a digital keyboard?
What do you think about my singing?
Theatre audition songs? Please help!?
Are anyone of you interested in Musical Theater, such as the stuff they do on Broadway?
Could i still be a stripper if i have small boobs?
A question about flute features?
Looking for a drum?
Would running sectionals on my own time be considered community service?
Well, my band did terrible...?
Solutions for Toggle Switch Problems on Les Paul?
is it easy to play a guitar?
Guitar Help!!!?
Contemporary dance HELP?
are there any opera singer that love Jesus and sing gospel music?
How can I be a better 2 weeks?
i need some help!?
would I have privacy to have sex in a private box at an opera house?
What type of Tango is danced in the film RENT to 'The Tango Maureen'?
What should I pick? Alto or Tenor Saxophone? ?
What are the top acting agencies in Los Angeles?
Are Pearl Flutes any good?
What voice ranges are used in a trio?
What size acoustic guitar should I get?
how do I know what key to do a guitar solo in?
Left handed guitars? String order?
Is there such a thing as ''the most difficult instrument to learn''?
How can I street perform?
How do I overcome stage fright?
Is there any musical software which I can take out the main vocals of a MP3 file and make it an instrumental?
Who would win in a farting contest between Big Aunt Philomena and Jabba the hut?
Is it common for people to name their guitars?
How to find out your talent?
What are some good love piano songs?
What languages are the majority of operas sang in?
Can I put a guitar in a bass gig bag?
Guitarists that play Guitar Hero...?
What Colleges are best for a music degree in New York?
Teaching yourself how to play guitar?
would u rather have the ability to dance or sing?
how much do madonna's dancers ger paid?
All Clarinet Players and Music Teachers! Please Help?
What are some bands that sing and scream?
A song that had the lyrics ha ha ha ha recuring all thought it - 90's hit, what was it?
Guitar case not safe?
can any one give me some tips.......?
Bass Amplifer Question!?!?!?
Where can I buy a Gonzalez reed ?
HELP, bought my very first guitar today!?
how do i fix this squeak on my clarinet?
how do singers such as steven tyler,axel rose,robert plant,brian johnson,etc sing?
i'm 15... anyone have any good songs?
How can I get better at guitar?
Art/Folk Songs for a Soprano Voice Please?
How do I overcome my nerves?
How can you become a stand up comedian?
Theatrical preformances in Michigan?
Audition Preperation?
What are some musicals with lots of roles for girls?
question on playing acustic guitars......?
Male actors with DEEP VOICES?
Is there a website that has music for choirs?
what guitar should I buy?
Is there a USB guitar that can tab what you play?
Need some tips for playing the trumpet.?
How can can I overcome stage freight?
How to speak with more enthusiasm?
ahhhh please i suck at playing guitar?
What's the appropiate attire to attend a NYC philharmonic concert? Is a tie neccesary?
how do you get a superior in marching band fba? what are the different ways you can get a superior?
Female Tenor? My full question is in additional detaild, since there arent enough characters.?
Sterling from Disney 365 told me that I have to be non-union when I audition for 365. What does that mean?
Nervous before a performance?
Philly question?
Yiruma Piano Sheet Music?
Was Brandy an actor first or a singer?
How hard is it to play guitar?
figuring out acoustic guitar quality?
How to play different rhythms with your hands on the piano?
Be Italian sheet music?
i need a scene for drama class?
Break up songs sung by a female?
guitar players only?
Singing: How do you reduce vocal swelling/edema with a cold virus?
why did the founder of lsd live to be over 100 years. did brain expansion have to do with it. Or was it the 2?
How much does the victor wooten bass by fodera cost?
which singing is better to be honest?
What would you say is the importance of The Performing Arts?
what do you think(please dont copy!)?
any good songs for duet?
does anyone know where i can find a flute dowload of Menuet from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2 by Georges Bizet?
Does anyone know where & how I can get piano music to the original compisition to "My Heart Will Go On"?
Which Red Hot Chili Peppers song should I play on bass for my school talent show?
Melody, Harmony, Rhythm of a Song?
Where is a place where I can practice music and be around other musicians full time?
Favorite Broadway Show?
How do I fix a break in my singing voice?
Are actors allowed to go home and talk about the script?
how much money does a porn star really make?
So You Think You Can Dance...!...?
A guy wants $60 to adjust and change strings for my guitar.?
How to get into a preforming arts school?
how do you become a mime when you talk so much?
How to play down to earth on guitar?
Is it weird for a guy to play thr ukulele? ?
If you can have any talent in the world, what would it be?
Is Sheryl Crow a squawker?
PLEASE! Please does anyone have any unique mime ideas. ASAP! =)?
Does an alterate fingering exist for the low dflat on the oboe? if so what is it?
Im 22 years old.. and i know how to sing... Is it too late to learn how to dance and act for broadway?
Do you think its possible to learn to play an instrument just by..?
Anime Voices (female)- Techniques/Advice?
How long do you have to wait until you can play clarinet after you eat?
What is the Idea behind burlesque?
how to answer in an interview for freshers?
what is the best acoustic bass guitar on the market for under $500?
I can sing act and dance i want to be an actress can anyone help me im 16?
who was koday zoltan and where can i find information of the basset horn?
who wrote "lift every voice and sing," often referred as the ***** national anthem?
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe...?
where can i get silicon candle molds in india?
JB Brubaker from August Burns Red Guitar?
London vs. U.S. Music Scene?
bass guitar vs upright bass?
Where could I find a studio....?
Should i get an acoustic guitar?
I want to learn guitar......?
Inspiring Dance Music?
What strings would be best? a little guidance would be appreciated?
Who played Mary in There's Something About Mary (1998) ?
what is a percentage that a girl that lives in georgia will become a singer if she loves to sing?(me)?
Guitar Yamaha C70 OR Valencia CG-160 ?
What do you think is the first step to being sucsessful?
Please help me with my guitar?
how do i record?
Does anyone know any dirt on Debra Adler????
How Do I Over Come Stage Fright?
I have a student playing the National Anthem at a recital. Do people need to stand?
Are there any performances I can take children to at the 2008 Singapore Arts Festival?
how can one sing without fear in an big competetion?
Where can I find ringtones containing funny dialogues and mimicries. Also abusive dialogues.?
are the strokes still together??
is it possible to buy a violin without varnish on the back?
How can I be a serious writer??
Do you have any suggestions for childrens plays that have anything to do with Africa?
Who designed the dress Bjork wore that was made with more than 30 yards of fabric?
Question about violins...?
Should i go for it and audition?
What is the best thing for cleaning a flute? my uncle gave me his old flute so i could use it for scho?
Giorgos Demirci?
Is this solo i wrote good?
what are the general types of lettering?
What can I use as a pick for my guitar?
how come guitar is harder for me?
What grade is Moonlight Sonata?
How can i sing better?
Thinking of learning to play - is it too late?
What would be a good song?
How can you switch strings (with the bow) on the violin if you have to play the same finger on both?
tell me about WARN CURTAINS which is a drama technique?
What is a good union for aspiring songwriters?
Interlochen Summer Camp Question?!?
Those with dual profiles: Is your personality really that of a Jekyll & Hyde?
Where to submit short stories, and screenplays?
When dancers where knee braces, do they where it over nylons or under the nylons?
Why is it important to put your finger as close to the fret on guitar as possible when playing a note?
Broadway Help?
What are the best schools to study Recording Arts or Audio Engineering ?
What is a good amp head for metal?
Do people use an ear plug during presentations to feed them their speech?
Where can I find and purchase the movie Daugthers of the Dust?Has anyone seen the movie ,how was it?
What is your all-time favourite musical?
Is the violin hard to play?
Does any one know how to strum Stand by Me? I have the cords just need the strumming pattern?
Hsm Audition?
Talent show songs?!?!?
Guitar lessons florida?
Romantic era pianists.?
How do i know if i can sing.?
What do you think of my actors headshot?
How do you make your voice go higher pitched?
How should I prepare for my leading worship the first time?
Can someone help me find the recording of Inverarry Overture?
does anyone know when the following 3 phantom of the opera song were written composed...?
does anybody know what guitar this is?
Lip pressing against teeth trumpet?
on avreage how many layers are in a pancake tutu?
I want to learn guitar can you help me? (A bit long but I really need it)?
hi i wanna play a nice romantic song on my acoustic guitar for my girlfriend but i dont no what to play for he?
what do you think of my poetry idea?
Trying out for Titania or Puck advice?
Upbeat solo for an alto?
Should I get the Silver Creek Model 8 Violin or the Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin?
What are the disadvantages to having a 4 piece drum set?
If you could have any single guitar for free what would you choose?
What are your talents?
hey guys i need to know.....acoustic guitar?
i need the script for the play woolgatherer anyone know where to find free scripts?
I'm not getting ANY commercial/print auditons what so ever?
Suzuki No. 700 Guitar? Is it any good?
Drum major audition help?!?!?! plz?
I currently play a squire Tele. I dont know wether to get a new one or custom my current one?
where can i download Back to Basics Tour performances for free (i need it for SCHOOL)!!! 10 points?
Did any of you go to a theatre or performing arts school?
Which brass instrument plays the lowest notes?
How can I improve my singing(Really short cover)?
help my trombone tone?
Which is better clarinet or bass clarinet?
Who were the only father and son to win Oscars for their work on the same motion-picture?
how to march and play the mellophone?
Is Juilliard pre college difficult to get into for trombone?
I need an energy boost during a long rehearsal?
why cant i sing in front of people??
What are good duets for a 15 yr old girl and 16 yr old boy in high school?
Fingering for second octives on Trumpet major scales?
What is a Good Song to sing for the American Mall Model Search?
Cheapo guitar, novice player?
Does anyone else out there march Baritone?
A question about RENT?
What is the best way to book an interview with a talent agency and how much experience do you need?
Is this ok to sing for a contest?
I HATE self taught pianists!?
Is it very hard to learn violin in one year and try to get to the Julliard School?
Flute keys are kind of weird?
would it be a good idea to switch to bass guitar to become more flexible?
What kind of stuff do they teach you in acoustic guitar classes?
The Break Pedal Is Soft What Reason This Could Be?
What are the basic steps in learning to play guitar?
Great monologue websites?
what are echo rythmic patterns?
How do i figure out if my school has theatre performances?
i have to do a 3-5 minute monologue for my drama class, i'm 15 any suggestions??
How come some sopranos can hit really high notes but cant hit the notes in between?
Question about a musical set back in the 60's/50's Guys and Dolls?
Do You have lyrics for contemporary christian music?
What are ways to overcome stage fright when playing an instrument?
Please could someone help me?
How good do you think my chances are?
Large Wall Mounted Chromatic Tuner?
Do What I Want To Do When I Grow Up or What I Have to Do?
How can I get more popular on youtube?
What's the difference between a Fender Percussion bass and a Fender Jazz bass?
Helpful hints on playing high notes with a good tone on french horn? And maybe some help with double tonguing?
do you have to have an american accent to audition for we bought a zoo?
What's the best way to buy a used violin?
how can i become a kid actor?
what the role of arts council ,what they do , etc.?
How to become a Drama Teacher?
I want to go to laine theatre arts!?
Can you sing? What kind of voice do you have? or don't have?
Is this a good guitar?
I have to perform this week!! since I'm dancing. What can i do to perform my very, very best!!??need tips?
can you belive magic?
cheap broadway tickets?
Are Guitar Lessons worth taking and do they help ?
Who's better Back Street Boys...OR...Nsync?
is £79.99 a good price for a steel string guitar?
Would it be easier to learn guitar if i learn to play bass first?
what is the name of the orchestral piece in....?
acoustic guitar?
How much would a clarinet Lyer and flip book cost?
Can you play a Paloma guitar like an acoustic?
Does anyone know a good classical Violin Duet?
Can minors attend acting audition's alone?
sticks go all over the plazce when drummingisnt?
is a tuner needed for a clarinet?
Publishing Rights with MixCraft/GarageBand?
What an easy instrument to learn to play?
my chemical romance?
Ideas for a Broadway Duet for 2 girls!? *NO WICKED*?
Need a good christian song to sing in front of church. HELP!!?
Where can I buy a good viola on line?
who killed suzzy williams a ghanaian actress who died and no body knows who killed her?
what are they looking for in a pianist when auditioning?
Trio Music?
guitar practice?
Where can I find the clip of the scene that Morgan Freeman ask the kids to sing the school song in lean on me.
What is a good monologue to use for an audition?
What is Swell Unison Off on a pipe organ?
what do you think? opinions?
When will I need to replace my guitar Taylor 814ce 2011 version for a new one?
i am trying to get a message to patti labelle?
What ways of picking a bassoon to buy?
venom piercings and woodwind instruments?
is this a good mouth piece for a saxophone?
What is your hidden talent?
Ukulele: Good quality for beginners?
what would u do if ur musical instrument becomes untuned while performing on stage?
What type of music would you play with a Semi-hollow Luna Deco Telecaster?
Sore fingers while playing guitar, please help!?
please can you help me find a video i watched in the early eighties in 3parts title Holocaust /meryl streep?
How much time it is neccessarilly needed to be able to learn the guitar in a playable state?
What song by the red hot chili peppers would sound good to be played by a brass ensemble?
Guitar Experts - Help?
When I go to New York, should I see Wicked or The Lion King?
Do any of you know where to find sheet music for The Point of No Return from Phantom of the Opera?
do any guitars come with killswitches already in them?
How Can I Recreate The Sound Of A Sickly, Wet Cough?
What should I do? Should I quit marching band?
Questions for ballerinas? :)?
who is the best classical guitarist now?
I have a lester grand upright piano in almost excellent condition. anybody know anything about this piano?
Epiphone Dot or Epiphone SG?
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
easy acoustic guitar songs?
what do you think of my guitar playing?
Ahh! Monologue Question.?
What is the hottest instrument?
Describe attention given to unity and variety in art music as opposed to design principles in folk music?
Rocket Special Electric Guitar?
i wanna play my guitar?
Whats a Good Epiphone Les paul i can buy for about £300?
What is a really good humorous interpretation for a girl or whrere could I find one?
Why did david blaine freeze himself??????
How can I be a serious writer??
How do I learn to read Travis picking standard notation, do I need classical training?
Are my Acoustic Versions of Linkin Park's Songs good?
I suck at flute, I feel like quitting already? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER I'M DESPERATE?
A comedic scene for two teen girls?
What should I do??? Please Help....?
Advice on bass plucking? Also, should I try guitar?
i need a sonnet writen by a west indian wrtier?
How do I get sharp pick attack on guitar?
How to become more confident ?
How can I get over stage fright?
How hard is it to learn to play the acoustic guitar?
how to make graffiti sketches ferfectly?
Does anyone have a favorite duet (man and woman)?
What makes a good singing teacher?
what is your fav.?
How can I find the best seasoned guitar teacher fingerstyle for $85 per lesson (30 or 45 minutes)?
comedians: what was your best comeback to a heckler?
where can i hide a small piece of music on my drum? ?
How to cover Paramore's "For a Pessimist" song?
Was this ok for her to do?
Acting dancing job? help?
Who Plays Guitar?
How , as an introverted person, can I be an extrovert musician when I perform?
Which instrument is the easiest one?
Do you think my poem is good enough to be published?
Should I learn a song first then use a metronome to try to stay on the beat or keep metronome on always?
Setting up a large sound system with 2 inputs. I need to duck one of the inputs. Can I use a gate to do this?
How can I make my own guitar brand company?
Best ways to start of an acting career?
My dad says the country is only safe when a Texan is in charge. true?
Can I get an acoustic guitar restrung for a left handed player?
Is anyone else noticing these trumped up questions?
Is west field a good make of guitar?
How can I fix my guitar?
I need help with finding an acoustic pickup for guitar?
Which is the best major--vocal performance, music education, or something else?
what do you guys think of this monologue and how should i end it?
can you play bass guitar on a regular amp?
How to sing like a little girl?
whats a cool guitar solo thets easy to play dont say smoke on water?
How do I become a better dancer to pop & music?
When over the Rainbow's too far, where should I go?
What can I use to make a fake diamond suitable for a dance show? And I mean big diamond. Hope Diamond size.?
If you don't play the piano regularly, will your skills deteriorate?
what are the must-see shows in New York?
How do i become a singer????????
Is my voice good? Answer honestly!?
i am learning guitar..but i just cant relate what i am learning to what i see on the net?
what art subject is used in melencolia i ? art work?
I'm singing in my school talent show, but i don't know what to sing!?
how does rick smith jr. escape the locked box?
Does anybody on Q and A tonight have a special talent?
What does that switch on semi-acoustic guitars do?
when is love become a magic?
I want to get into Burlesque so badly!?
What is the deal with "La"???
it is salsa an art?
Where can I listen to the song "It's Love (And It's a Wonderful Thing)" ?????
What should I wear to see Phantom of the Opera?
how do you become a bad singer?
How to Create a Pageant System?
What are the best cover songs to play at a bar acoustically??
Why do I sound like I can't sing on a video,but I feel like I can when I sing I myself?i feel like Ican't sing?
how do you feel when ur performing ??
custom guitar shop in the uk?
We need trio Ideas for three girls.?
How can I keep my guitar in tune?
What makes a good guitar player, in your eyes.?
What are the guitar Die cast tuners ?
Is it okay to ask the actors for their autographs with an older playbill ?
Where can I find sheet music for Ouverture a la Francaise by Luis de Pablo?
Can a left handed person play guitar?
Am I talented? (for my age)?
I've just been offered a job as aporn star?
How can you become one of Hannah Montana's background dancers?
question about this tab?
Does this piss you off?
What's easier to learn on a Acoustic guitar or electric?
Does anyone know a scene (duet) for someone with braces?
What is the alternative name for a tightrope walker?
Lol Its Right Im Holding and Plucking Guitar?
what would be a good stage name?
16 to old to try to start a music career as a singer?
Broadway shows with 13 year olds?
a Christmas song you can make up a routine to?
good song to sing with a lower range?
My parents are forcing me to play the flute and I hate it!!!?
I need a Shakespeare monologue...?
How much experience do I need to study opera in college?
Can you change the nut on a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar?
does any1 no where a 11 year old can get an agent 4 singing and acting?
Where can i find a 2-4 minute teen monologue??
What is the best method to learn guitar for a total novice?
Electric guitar riffs?
Pianists' or organists' improvisations for silent films of the 1910s and 1920s were often based on?
When you are at a festival.....?
Electric Guitar!?
where can I download the 5 preludes for piano by Malcolm Williamson from?
Please help me! I need your suggestions! 10 POINTS to the best answer!!?
How do I convince my friend to play trumpet?
who wrote "strange brew" (which dear billie holiday sang so well)?
What guitar did Sid Vicious play?
When was Herbert Kingsley's, the composer who wrote the music and words to "The Green Dog" birth and death?
Cort acoustic guirars?
What is the date of the Jacksonville Irish Festival 2010?
who is the sole dancer of the phantom of the opera (most recent one)?
i want to email dean gaffney?
Clarinet fingerings?
how long would it take to be good at alto saxophone?
how does someone (like an artist(musician,actoretc.)) go about finding someone who needs a tax write off so?
is it necessary?
Help finding strings for my cello?
place for practicing Vocal in delhi without restrictions (preferably south delhi)?
getting a good sound out of a bass drum?
bass guitar, fingering question?
Switching from trombone to tuba?
What's the highest note in "Beyond My Wildest Dreams"?
90's dance track?
What play would you suggest to make a costume portfolio for ?
so, just *how* innovative can you be?
Who was Art Carney?
What is the hardest instrument to play?
how do i get an audition for a talent agency?
Movie Plot ideas????
string orchestra diagrams?
Is a shecter omen 6 fr a good guitar?
What is the difference between a musical and an opera?
In film, what is the term for a series of cuts showing the same thing slightly varied, in rapid succession?
Is it to late to learn how to play the piano?
Does anybody know the vocal technique?
has kc coleege fyjc arts students black list come?
Audition Feb. 6th, need help?
What's easier to play guitar or piano ?
I suck at rhythm guitar, bad timing, can't sing at the same time, what can I do?
I'm trying to find a monologue from Clare Booth Luce's "The Women" (The 1939 version)?
Can I take out all guitar strings when changing strings, or should I go one by one?
I can sing wonderfully, but can't draw for beans. Am I artistic?
Does anyone know about guitars and how to play?
Is Memory from Cats an overdone audition song?
I'm interested in acting, but how do I start?
What are the official names of the pieces in Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)?
What do you call the area where the orchestra plays during a ballet?
What do you think of me being an architect and an actress?
How Do You Put A Coin Through A Soda Can?
Any musicians ever get sick of music?
Jeffrey Sweet, the value of names?
How do you make noise/music with a glass?
How come people on don't understand your questions?
does anyone go to pineapple or urdang performing arts school?
How to shred on guitar?
what song should i sing for a talent show?
Nails or fingerpicks for steel string guitar?
Are there any voice actors who can't sing?
Learn drums, guitar, or bass?
Looking to upgrade my acoustic what to get next?
Will I have to play the whole Moonlight Sonata for my ARCT's?
how to paint with hard brush?
i need a upbeat broadway solo for a mezzo voice any suggestions i desperatly need some please?
Can I sing with a sore throat?
what are some good acoustic guitar songs?
where can I find free videos of live kiss performances?
Is crescent keyboard good?
What is a good musical to perform at the middle school level?
Can anyone recommend upper or lower level for end stage concert at HP Pavilion in San Jose?
Help with stage presence?
Am I Cool??? i really wanna know!!?
Is it hard to sing??????
Would playing the drums on the game Rockband be appropriate for a beauty pageant?
i can hit any note, but my voice isn't so great?
Is it possible to do ballet for many years and yet not go on pointe?
'Stage name', should I use it?
Which are the best stage schools for 18+ students?
I want to learn how to play guitar?
Left-Handed Guitars?
What is a good song to sing for my school talent show?
Singing Audition..nervousness?
for how many years do you have to play guitar so you can teach other persons for money?
How to sight read?
Should I just accept I have no talent and give up?
how to play nuter on the violin?
Moonlight Bells--the Short Story version--do you like it?
Can you sever a finger playing the viola da gamba if a string snaps?
I just saw wicked yesterday and i loved it! Are there any other musicals as good as Wicked?
Flute Players Has anyone heard of the flute brand 'Austin'??
Which acoustic guitar produces a similar sound as this one?
Performing arts colleges in north east England?
Good starter songs for beginner acoustic guitar player...?
Is Original Sound Track of movie Red,directed by kIESLOWSKI IN 1994 AVAILABLE?
Will marching in the rain ruin my flute pads?
GUITARISTS! Got any ideas for a beginners guitar?
What's the difference between the quality of an Epiphone EJ-200 and a Gibson EJ-200 guitar?
Make sure to read the description! Why do most of my notes sound alike?
How do I sing louder?
What's an easy song for a show choir audition?
Got any ideas for monologues i can use in audition?
guitar knowledge questions?
Could I put clay or something over a regular guitar to give it a different shape without messing up the sound?
Do they make a guitar capo that can selectively capo individual strings?
Best type of guitar strings for this?
Les Miserables Madame Thenardier costume? READ DETAILS PLZZZ! THX!?
should i continue to play cello?
I'm trying to reach for the stars, but they're a little far away ftom the gutter im can i get to them?
I'm 15 and i would like to start the process of becoming an actress?
Music Colleges in US?
What should I look for when buying a cello?
Singing and playing guitar?
hi my twin and I are singers we need a manager?any1 know what can help us...we reside in NC...PLZ!!?
HELP! I am in need of a song?
Eb Alto clarinet won't play?
what microphones were the beatles singing through on the rooftop concert?
Where can I study to become a orchestra conductor?
Does race really matter when auditioning for SMent?