Performing Arts

What is the easy type of brass instrument to learn?
Does anyone know how magicians do the quick-change act?
How can I be an amazing free style dancer?
What level would this song be on piano?
Does anyone know where I can find a classical monologue that is 2 minutes long?
Hey! Singers Advice Needed!?
How early should I get to a general admissions Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys concert?
Does anyone have any ideas for me?
Are their any ritual dances I can perform to make my internet faster?
Popular and strong duets for two girls to sing?
Tool old to play the Piano?
Have you ever lit a fart?
does taylor swift have any vocal range?
what is the standard key for acoustic guitar ?
someone tell me if i can sing? at least a little bit?
I want to buy a new electric guitar.Which one should i go for?
I have this old accoustic guitar. . . .?
What are the quintessentially French attributes of Lullian opera?
Have you ever gone to US performing arts camps?
just got my flute repad by the store, and it wont make a sound, what did the repair man miss?
How should my pedal board be set up?
Good name for a metalcore band?
Is it possible to master the drums, piano, and violin?
How do I get clarinet scholarships?
Community Chorus?
What are all the stage theaters in Beaverton, Oregon, and what are their websites?
Who sings the song better...girl A or girl B?
Should i give up searching?
suggestions for buying Drums?
ANYONE KNOW A GOOD SONGG or songs that i can sing?
which guitar is better?
is PDP a good drum brand?
Is there a recording of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 29 "Hammerklavier" actually played by that instrument?
Can someone relate one of the following Shakespearian plays' theme or a character from one list to the next...?
Playing a guitar underwater, could it be done??
is there any website that tests your musical hearing skills?
How do you develop advanced tone recognition?
am I weird?
Online Guitar Lessons!?
How do you play clarinet if the clarinet is broken?
whats carole bayer sager upto now?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
should i get a saxophone or a guitar?
what expression pedal get for DD7?
How to actually play Basket Case by Green Day on guitar?
if i buy alot of guitar pedals how do hook them up at the same time?
Which broadway should my High School put in production?
Is it too late to learn GUITAR?
Where can I find the script for Bugsy Malone?
I need a good acting scene for two teenage girls. Comedy please! 90 secconds, ages 13-16?
Thank you Warrior Gaurdian for your quick response. Do we just show up on the first day. Do they give us a #?
que es danza academica?
New instrument to learn ideas?
what is the bass that Flea used for stadium arcadium?
what is a good song to sing for a talent show?
How to learn bass guitar online?
I want to learn to play the guitar so badly, but I've never even touched a real guitar in my life, so like,
how much do people in the music producing endustry, just starting out usually make on average a year?
One handed piano pieces?
How am I supposed to play this note on my guitar ?
How to clean a flute?
Rock Music, FAVE BANDS...?
do you need a lot of ballet training to be on broadway?
i can't hear instruments in Guitar Pro 5?
What in your opinion would be the best songs to be played on acoustic guitar?
how to read guitar tabs?
If you were to learn how to play a musical instrument, (besides one you already play) what would it be?
Bassoon Solos?
What would be the best?
How often should i humudify my guitar?
Online Sites for Slam Poetry?
Alto song appropriate for The Producers audition?
Help choosing a string instrument?
Good poems for audition tomorrow..?? ASAP!!!?
Whats the name of this play?
Do you have info about a play titled "Breakfast Madness"? I've looked everywhere.?
I am taking a survey?
Stage Make-up, how to make somebody look gaunt/ ill?
does anyone know how to spell fergey (fergee?)?
Any auctioneers that could type a good auction holler style for me?
how old do you have to be to get into live lounge?
Do you practice playing fast on guitar by............?
Gibson Studio Thunderbird?
Thoroughly Modern Millie Audition Song!?
do u sing in the shower? and if so?
can i do this dance for an audition?
writing an excellent speech???
Left Handed Guitar: Can you just restring a right handed guitar or must you buy an actual left handed guitar?
no rehearsal before pageant!?
need a really fun song?
Does anyone know the name of the opera song in k-drama Dream High?
The best question. I'll pick a winner?
How do you start out to become a songwriter?
Are there any kind of software for windows that teaches you to play guitar?
is there anything bad about one source talent?
What are some good flutes in the $1500~ price range and do I need a new one?
is there some online thing I can use to start learning to play guitar?
who out there loves music? i mean truly and entirely loves it?
know any good musicals?
communication skill?
what kinda of guitar book should i get?
Experienced French Horn Players Only, Please??
Make sure to read the description! Why do most of my notes sound alike?
Should I take guitar lessons?
What's a 12-string guitar used for?
My guitar broke, should I buy a cheap 80 dollar epihpone or save up and get a guitar for $150?
Help me please! Taylor guitar! 10 P O I N T S !?
What are the letters called when you write letters instead of music notes?
First jazz class, do i need to be flexible?
How to play Umbrella-Manics cover- guitar?
What are some good songs for a tap audition?
I need some good songs to play on my acoustic guitar for people at parties next year at college!?
What is a soloist expected to wear for a performance?
Is a guitar scale pattern different in every key on the fretboard?
Is 15 too late to start doing pageants?
can u sing?
is anyone familiar with Jollysun instruments? ?
What is the funniest musical for us to produce on a small budget?
Into the Woods audition ideas?
I've just joined the Drama Club of our university. How can I improve myself?
whats the difference between major and minor cords on acoustic guitar. i'm a begginer?
Ideas for a Solo Pantomime performance?
Zakk Wylde Bullseye guitar rating?
14 yr old wanting to act?
Drum major/conducting help?
Good Acoustic Guitar For Beginners?
How do i get free sheet music for the phantom of the opera?
What talent can you perform if you don't know any?
How Should I Learn Cello?
What kind of guitar has a set of mirrored A's on the headstock?
Trying to get out?
advise for a audition (singing)?
Good audition song for Spring Awakening?
What are some good theatrical songs to sing?
Songs to sing for all state audition?
Songs to sing to parents to thank them?
does anybody know how to do this?
what is romeo and juliet?
Does anyone know of a good poem to recite for a competition?
does anyone gone through or know about ?
Whats a good song to sing for a musical tryout?
Where can I find sheet music to Public Enemy?
Why do people cry?
What are some fun and easy songs to learn to play on the ukulele?
Can you give me any information about piano competitions?
How to improvise and shred guitar?
Does anyone know of someone who could help me songwrite?
What would be a cool gift to give the members if my colorguard team for the end of the guard season?
♪♫♪♫Which Marching Band Insturment is Best?♪♫♪♫?
Good songs to sing for a 9 to 5 audition?
Please help!!! I keep failing because of these horrible nerves...?
Is it ever too late to learn how to play the guitar?
Asking violists: What excerpts of music do you run into most of the time on auditions?
am i the only guy that likes phantom of the opera???
Bach's Violin concerto no. 1 in A minor? further studies?
Oboe Reedknife stuff...?
How long does it take to learn to play the flute?
Who are the characters , what's the plot of Shakespeare's "King Lear"?
When I was fingering a girl what crusted up on my finger?
Need music games for all age in a piano recital, thx?
a question 'bout guitar locking nut.....?
i just got an acoustic guitar. I don't know anything about it and want to learn. where do i start?
What is a good female alto song?
What does rate/play mean on this webite!?
CHORUS MPA what to do so RMS dosen't get a 3 or lower cause of ME![solo!]?
Looking for space to do work?
I'm having trouble blending instrumental and vocal melody?
Vincent Bach Selmer Bundy trumpet?!?
I want to audition for Frank Sinitra high school in Queens.?
Why can't I tell the difference between a chord and a scale?
I'm trying to find pictures of singers that I can save on my computer for free.?
How to protect my thorat/ voice ?
having problems learning to play drum kit (bass pedal)?
I'm a pianist. Could i ever be the next MJ?
What is a good musical to do with two major male leads.?
What are some popular duet songs for females for this era?
Should Mandolin Playing be Outlawed?
Help! Singers Please! Advice! I Really Need It!?
How do you make yourself cry on cue?
Female Readers??
Do you think I can find replacement bolts for a Paul Reed Smith stoptail bridge anywhere?
How to improve my singing voice?
Any Squier Strat Mod/Upgrade Ideas?
life without mcdonalds.............?
Maxim Vengerov?
is it me or is paris hilton's song stars are blind actually good? and her voice is actually nice?
What are some tips to memorize music?
what is the term for this person?
How do you not sing in your nose?
Nobody is really answering my question! Please!!!?
Any suggestions for an acoustic guitar? Ovation, Gibson, Fender?
Pepper, July, Duffy in annie. what songs to sing for an audition for these three parts?
chrous question?
Do you know any famous black women known for playing the guitar?
How often to use bore-oil on a wooden clarinet?
Which guitar amp should I get?
Female musical theatre-type solo songs?
why does my edge 3 bridge changes tuning after everytime i pull it back?
What double bass drum pedal to buy?
How can I find out how much a scrimshaw script is worth?
I'm left handed using a right handed guitar, will it work?
is 84 too old to learn to play a guitar?
My Fair Lady?
best violin case for travel?
Who won the Grammy Award in 1976 for “(I’m a) Stan by My Woman Man”?
I'm a singer, how do I get myself out there???
How do you??? and music whizez (or maybe im just stupid :P)?
I am looking for a fun upbeat musical theatre or standard to sing as an encore. any suggestions?
How can i learn the guitar myself?
Clowns, what are your thoughts on Mimes and vice versa?
how exactly would drama clubs offer me an acting agent?
How is this guy i know getting this kind of attention?
Are you looking for a song writer buddy ?
How high's the water, mama?
Can someone finish this monologue for me?
Dunlop Crybaby Guitar pedal?
How much does a Taylor electric/acoustic run for?
The best electric drum kits?
Do you think somebody HAS to be born with a talent to be good at what they do?
So what is the best marching band instrument?
Who is the woman in the picture?
Does anyone know any 2-minute monologues, from theatre?
what amp Should i Buy!! 10 points to best answer?
I need a cool Indian stage name!?
MusiciansFriend refunding money?
Teardrops on my guitar strumming pattern?
Seeking new improv comedy show, suggestions?
how can we save music dept from being cut from the schools ?
Would this be a good song to audition with?
your admired musical instrument to listen to ....please.thanks?
What are Oedipus's characteristics and how do they lead to his demise?
is book of mormon tour coming to dallas tx in 2012 or 2013?
What is a pentascale?
What are some good solo songs (Broadway-Musical) for competition?
Will the organ and guitar sound good together for church.?
Bye Bye Birdie audition song?
How did broadway go from being entertainment for everyone to an enetrtainment for the upper middle class?
Do you like dancing your a_ss off?
Can someone suggest me where to join Guitar class near Madipakkam?
i was wonderin if anyone can tell me wat guitar i have i know its made by Kay but i cant find any that match?
Powerful/Emotional Alto solo to audition for a musical with?
Competing in pageants?
Do you think i can sing?
NEED help with MARCHING BAND.. . Should I play the clarinet?
Any violin/viola/cello/bass players out here on this site????
What is the best way to learn scale modes?
What is the best electric guitar for a 13 year old beginner? ?
What is the script actors need to learn at disney as a princess?
can i train my voice to sing higher?
how to do you learn to shred on the guitar?
If there is a b sharp and the key signature has c sharp, do you play c or c sharp (for the b sharp)?
who won america's go talent?
does anyone know where joaquin phoenix lives?
My 14 yr old sis wants to start acting but lives in the middle of nowhere in aus where can she go to act?
I want to start dance?
Scale exercises for cliffs of dover intro?
Hey is it easy to play the guitar?
How can I learn guitar pretty fast ?
how do you play melodies with rythm guitar?
I want to know something about 52magic.?
which one sound better, Jupiter flute or Armstrong flute? WHICH ONE?? VOTE VOTE?
Is Justin Bieber having dancer auditions for his tour?
What are a few good songs to learn on a 12 string acoustic guitar?
Are orchestra seats better than the second floor seats?
What are Good Solos For Women (Alto-Soprano)? Theatre!!?
Where can I rent an affordable Cogsworth Costume?
Question About Stage Fright?
Where would be a good city to live if your really into theatre and dance?
Good Les Paul copies ? - Electric Guitar?
I have an evil drama teacher who hates me for no reason, what should I do?
Which is better, a refurbished Yamaha acoustic or a new Jasmin by Takemine acoustic?
Sing with confidence?
How to assemble and start flute playing?
i just put on lighter gauge strings on my acoustic guitar, 11s and now i get some fret buzz. will it go away?
What age did you have to be to perform in broadway theatre in early 1900s?
What are some exceptional solos for tenor voice?
Monologues for male teen?
would you attend a musical that has symphonic metal influences?
Advice for a contemporary speech for an audition?
I wrote this poem for you girls what do you think?
how is the walking through glass trick done?
Ok, i really want to sing and play the piano, my brother can do ANYTHING and i want help?
Learning trumpet and having difficulties?
Fractured fairytale performance ideas for kids ages 8-10?
can anyone give me tips on how to play cliffs of dover as fast as possible and making it sound really good?
why do people hate screamo?
Should I sing in the talent show?
In home recording studio?
Where online can I find videos of musicals as performed on Broadway?
What guitar tuning is this?
Marelle, from Cirque Du Soleil's Quidam is in a language I don't recognize. Anyone know?
I can't figure out how to use my multichannel guitar amp foot-switch.?
How can I get an agent?
Where can I find a recording of Yardbird Suite on clarinet?
GUITAR HELP? Im Having Trouble UNDERSTANDING This MUSIC? Thanks...?
what 3 main chords you have to learn for guitar?
Is it worth it ?
How to clean a flute?
Should I learn the Piano or Violin?
Question for anyone in the UK... Next years UK music festivals cancelled due to Olympics?
I'm choreographing a dance about change, and i need a song!?
If I put a .12 gauge e string on my Fender Squier it will stay in tune?
Is it too late to start piano now?
Headshots question.. Please answer?
I recent changed the bridge on my acoustic guitar and it's making a twangy noise...?
What song should I sing to audition for my schools production of into the woods?
How to teach yourself beyond AP Music Theory?
Nervous about my guitar recital tomorrow?
How do I fix a broken piano pedal?
Best type of guitar strings for this?
List of French Operas and summery?
is ballet a dead art form?
How to sing better ?
Hey! I need help please! Thanks!?
Does anyone know who Freddie is in Bye Bye Birdie?
anyone already get their reply for sm youth audition?
how to prepare for an audition?
Guitar help!!!!!!!!pleassee....?
musical audition song ideas ?
What are really good drama schools?
What Can I Sing for my audition?
What instrument should I learn to play for a rock band?
Dare to dream...?
Did Didi Conn (Frenchy) sing any songs in Grease?
Do you need a degree in Music to play in the London Symphony orchestra?
Disney Channel Show audition?
Any good musicals to fit this criteria?
is a signal processor required for guitar effect pedals ?
How do you cure stage fright?
Why is it that tone deaf people thunk they can sing?
Can singing without training damage your voice?
What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?
how do I become a famous/successful actress/singer?? please answer if you can help!?
What was Johnny Cash's vocal range?
How difficult is it to learn how to play violin?
What instrument is harder to learn to play, the flute or the guitar?
Music Major Question?
Not sure if my guitar is tuned correctly?
Can somebody think of a scene name for me?
where on the web can i find a professional photography studio in my own city.?
What's the best guitar for the money?
Song for two girls to sing.?
What should i write for this?
guitar help needed???
Where can i learn to make good music?
What should I do to prepare for a one hour singing concert?
contracts in Cirque du Soleil?
How to use make-up to make it look like you have cancer?
How to get rid of stage fright?
What are some good Monologues for a girl teen around the age of 13-15?
How can I teach myself to sing?
7 year old girl should be on tv or broadway. how to?
What a good way to do at home vocal training?
What guitar brand should I buy from?
Best way to learn ukulele?
Anybody on a h.s. dance/drill team?
how do i get rid of stage fright?
joining colorguard?
why do u have to b 18 to go in to the chatromms i dont go under the grose stuff ig o under the teens?
Should I quit playing trombone?
Can I use weapons and flags for Make Your Mark?
what are good tips to learn treble clef?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
Performing arts school in new york city?
SM Audition question?
Help for talent show?
Guitar Help!?
What is the best metal band to learn songs from?
What is important in order to sing well an anthem ?
yamaha YTR4325S?
do yall know about any CHEAP potery classes?
I'm auditioning for AMDA with "Let Me Be Your Star"?
Script writing? fonts?
DW9002 double kick pedal tuning/adjusting for speed?
If I start playing the violin, will it affect my studies?
What your favorite acoustic rock song?
Nervous about solo? Please help?
Do you think I'll eva become famous.....?
Has anyone ever wondered?
Name for my beautiful guitar?
What key is the Peggy Lee version of the song "Fever"?
How do i get over stage fright??
Should I learn the violin??
can anyone come up with a little phrase that my saxophone section could put on our shirts that would be funny?
Do you have any special talents?
What should i start learning on guitar now?
How to be more confident in a solo talk?
Two acoustic and vocal live recordings. What can I do to best improve the experience for the listener?
What constitutes as being a part of the "traditional broadway repertoire?"?
Do I have to attend the concert?
Is this a good guitar?
How did Sonny Payne die?
A few clarinet reed questions from an experienced player?
Is it possible for someone who can't sing to learn how to?
Which Richard Mills opera tells the story of a Dutch ship wrecked off the coast of Western Australia in 1629?
Do you have suggestions for fairly easy classical violin solos?
what is a good theme for a choir camp?
What are some good modern and fun camp songs?
What technique do u call to make a very high pitch screaming sound on electric guitar?
If want to major in Jazz studies,so I can play my guitar Which classes should I be taking?
what is the cast list for westward ho! the play?
where to go audition in la?
I want to teach myself how to play the guitar, what is the best book to teach me how?
Does anyone know if Roger Corman's Company: New Horizons is still hiring or has any contact info?
I can't find any chat rooms in messenger. How can i join a chat room in messenger?
how to worte a play?
What should I expect from sending out my demo to record companies?
Should I go to UNT or SMU for Acting/Music major?
Who was apart of the Original Broadway cast of Rent?
Help Identifying a Dutch song?
How can I get more comfortable in front of crowds?
what is a good place in houston to preform for a new music artist?
why when I try hard to sing is sound soo bad but when I don't try hard and don't care it sounds really good?
What TV cook-off did one Japanese critic describe as: “Julia Child meets the World Cup Metropolitan Opera”?
what is artistic integrity?
I did'nt get the call back, does that mean I'm not in the show?
Does the Yamaha DGX 620 come in different colors?
How to play high notes on flute?
How do I try out the flute without buying one?
who is sergio mendez?
Audition Song for the musical "Gypsy"?
Should there be more opportunity for actors to get into productions if they don't go to an acting school?
How do I secure the rights to preform a piece from love never dies for a competition?
High octave aladdin ( a whole new world) violin duet?
where can i find good bass tabs?
What are some good tips for playing the guitar as a begginner?
Is 20 (+) to old to start learn how to play piano?
Does Nova make good instruments?
Are there any amazing bassist with small hands ?
Is the first guitar that starts to play in Aventura's Ensename A Olvidar song, an acoustic or electric?
Does anyone have any ideas for a two-minute movie?
Can I sing a duet by myself in a talent show?
Touring musician... am I getting fairly compensated?
I am trying to start my portfolio as a model, how do I look for auditions?
Does "standard musical repertoire" mean any song from any musical?
Talent Agents in Los Angeles!?
How do I make practicing guitar more enjoyable?
could I sing opera?
Is phantom city records a scam?
I have a new band, but I don't know what to call it.Anybody have any Ideas?
Acoustic guitar bridge pin types?
Does anyone know any simple, good magic tricks?
Is learning the guitar hard? And how do you play?
How to know concert names of all 12 major scales on bass clarinet? Help please!?
Should I help my cousin?
How do I refurbish a Spanish Guitar?
What is a skin flute?
Do you think My Cuzin can sing?
How did Native Americans originally make their Musical Flutes?
How to play a guitar????HELP!?
How do you not sing in your nose?
Are the Warped Tour 2010 tickets on sale yet?
Is 7 old enough to start playing the clarinet?
Which Shoes Look Better?
what is technical production?
If a clarinet key is in F, what key is a flute in?
Which Guitar is better?
what are the odds of me being a mainstream jazz or opera singer w/o any previous training, but amazing talent?
Does being a bassist pay the bills?
I need some beautiful Broadway duets. For a mezzo soprano and a baritone/ bass?
Do beginners have to be all fancy?
New Knabe baby grand sounds dull?
what is a good univesity to attend if i want to dance and when i get out of college and do choreography?
La Vie En Rose Bass Clarinet lowest notes?
what francis ford coppola movie did 16yearold lawrence fishburne star in?
How can I overcome stage fright?
Can you play acoustic on electric?
my arm gets tired when i play my accustic guitar?
there is no prospect for arts in singapore. to what extent do you agree with this?
Where to find Madness the Musical Instrumental Songs?
What musical makes you happy?
What instrument do you play?
I want to learn how to play the cello?
Song For Senior Solo?
What do you think of Cio-cio-san's character in Madama Butterfly?
What's the hardest instrument to play in your opinion?
how can i become an artist or amusician?
Good musical audition pieces? I need expertise :-)?
How to learn to play piano free?
What to do what to do?
Which song should i sing for a high school talent show? ( I have made a list)?
Warped tour 2011 question??????
Our university started a pep band for the basketball games and we're looking for ideas!?
where do you find d.gray-man sheet music for violin of 14th's Song?
scream/growl sing in class?
Have you ever wondered how many children might grow up to be outstanding musicians but may never touch an ?
Last minute tips for extempore speech?
how do i take in my shirt? it's too wide and it's slim fit already?
Anyone else here play the flute?
Humorous Interpretation pieces.?
APPROPRIATE audition songs for an alto 13-year-old girl?
I need to make a music video using my cell phone?
Classical piano pieces...?
I need a lot of tips to win a pageant and talent ideas?
i need some ideas for a theme around the color green for a camp, please help, last year was the green beret's
Fiddling with my guitar pickups?
Would Writing a Song for a Girl Creep her out?
What instrument do you play?
what are some good pageant appearances to make?
Good website to find FREE Broadway sheet music?
Who should I use for inspiration?
Is it hard to learn the harp?
How would you block a monologue from the play As You Like It? ?
If you could bring any actor/actress back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Contemporary Dancers?
How do I get a Talent Agent?
Tips to make my performance better to get the role of Liesl in The Sound of Music?
What is the best way to act as a jolly old man?
Should I join color guard?
How do i clean white marching gloves with Velcro and grip?
Which magician do yo like best?Criss Angel,David Blaine or David Copperfield?
Where can I find a cheap acoustic guitar?
Are coratone guitars good?
I would like to study drama at a performing arts school, but I need some advice! Please help!?
Choosing a broadway song for Musical Theatre class?
I Need Guitar Pedal Advice?
Do you play drums, Bass Guitar, Lead guitar or anything else?
What were the first songs you learnt to play on guitar ?
what is the proper attire to attend cirque du soleil in orlando?(woman)?
theater groups in kansas?
Is the DG11E a good acoustic guitar?
I have no real aspirations and there's nothing I'm really good at, so, how can I find my talent?
can someone tell me a short story that i would be able to adapt in to a screenplay?
How much is having a custom guitar built?
I'm looking to purchase an acoustic guitar. What acoustic guitar would be best for me to get?
Summer Gymnastics Lessons for TEENS?
Help!! What's a good instrumental song for a modern/contemporary dance?
Should i use a seymour duncan jb or seymour duncan invader?
Which it better Jasmine by takamine S34C or Jasmine by Takamine S35 acoustic guitar?
Anyone know a good tab for guitar?
What is this on the guy's guitar? I want one!?
Why did my guitar strings wear out so fast?
If you like opera, name an opera you like? Why? Can you understand the opera? Or do you just like the music?
how to become a wildlife presenter in Britten?
How can I learn to flutter-tongue on trumpet?
what is a piano?
Are linkin patk songs easy to play on guitar?
On average, how much is a broadway ticket?
PERFORMING hELP?????????___?
Is it too late to learn GUITAR?
What does C2---------------\ mean in guitar music?
Paste 2002 or Zildjian New Beat Hi hats? I love the sound of new beats, but ?
What type of singing voice do I have?
On the clarinet, what is the fingering for . . . ?
What instrument do you play and why did you choose it?
What is to do or perform ?
im a guitarist but i wanna also start the piano is it a easy transformation?
Where Can i get Full Tabs (Lead,Rythm,BASS)?
Are there still any dance/singing groups in America?
What is that plastic ON a acoustic guitar's pick guard?
my guitar pedal wont work...why?
Contemp. solo song PLEASE?
About how many people are 13 at Walnut Hill's Summer Theater program?
when did marcel marceau die?
Which guitar should I buy?Acoustic-electric or acoustic?I'm beginner.?
Is this a good song for auditions?
Summer Camps?!?
info on trombones?
How do you finger a high D on a trumpet?
Should everything look stretchy after playing guitar hero!!?
can dramatic poetry be a monologue?
Any good experienced clarinet players out there?
Most Versatile Electric Bass?
What do you think?
Is Oberlin Conservatory a good Conservatory?
Was at the opera last night and started to sing along when the Tenor jumped all over me and slung me out..Why?
busking tips?
what capacety, qualety, interst that you need to be a dance teacher?
Harmonic Analysis, please help!?
Can I get some violin knowledge?
What's the best way to write songs?
what do acotrs/dancers do in a music video?
how to you truly become a guitar pro??
does anyone know anything about this brand of saxophone?
is clarinet better or saxaphone?
If You Play Alto Sax, what good does it do for you?
What is your favorite musical.. or song from a musical?
What is the best way to teach yourself guitar?
How to get an autograph from the Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas?
Question about guitars?!?
What are good songs to sing on guitar?
How hard is it to play an acoustic guitar?
How do you get the sound effect for a school bell?
Can you sing real well, but you've ever been insulted by a judge at an audition?
could I begin playing piccolo? I have oboe experience.?
Why is John Lennon dead and Michael Jackson still alive?
can anyone help me think of a really powerful, pop song/ballad for an audition?
What do you think of Debussy's string quartet?
skills it takes to be a theatre arts major?
best performing arts schools in northern california?
Honestly, am I a bad singer?
When should a student start piccolo?
How much should I sell my clarinet for?
Does any body know any good sad songs?
top 4 favorite stand up comedians of all time?
Reading Guitar Tabs (Bass)?
How can I fake an American Accent?
What is your special talent ?????
How much is too much??
Modern music lovers,Philip Glass or John Adams?
how to paint good?
A question for every musician here...Do you...?
I'm 18, about to go off to college, but i REALLY want to learn to play the I in way over my head??
Where can I find a Nativity Scene Script?
How come Viz can't test the subtitles to the Japanese track to make sure that someone is speaking when there?
Is playing the violin hard?
Need help buying new guitar!?
How to choose the right open tuning? Should i go with which i'm comfortable with?
What is more Fullfilling instrument to play the ukulele or the guitar?
what is frequency in guitar tuning? I've bought a guitar tuner and I want to tune my guitar.?
can somebody give me the quote from jean anouilh's antigone where the chorus speaks of tragedy?
How can i get that Paramore sound out of my electric guitar and equipment?
Did Hedi Klum Dump Anthony Kiedis?
What musical instrument should I begin learning?
How can a free-lance jazz pianist who burned some bridges & is now more out of favor, rebuild her image?
Violin or Saxophone?
Performing arts school?
Can i install and floyd rose on my fender stratocaster ?
Oklahoma - Ado annie character/ traits and kisses?
Is this a good deal for a gibson ?
Do you play the guitar and write your own songs?
What is Performing Arts A-Level like, and how will it help me?
What bass guitar do I need to get for at or around 500?
What would be a good dramatic monologue for a drama class?
i play guitar...any way to get fingers working faster?
What can I play to get better at guitar?
What is the point of a monologue?
which one sounds cuter for a contest site: magical dreams or a magical fantasy?
How do I become more funny?
How can I sing rule good?
Where can i buy a guitar?
Steps to join an orchestra?
Beginner drummer; Hi hat question?
Do you think i should learn guitar?
where can i get piano sheet music for When I Look at You by Miley Cyrus?
I`m 15, How do I learn circus arts?
weird guitar problem?
Is this a special talent?
how to play Good Charlotte-I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) or other good songs in guitar?
where can i find good FREE sheet music for vibraphones?
How to become a stand up comedian?
What are the types of drama?
How have you found AT2?
Don Rickles show?
Does anyone know a good solo for a teenage female mezzo-soprano?
Inspiration for my play?
Favorite songs from Musicals?
What should the title of this poem be?
How much are the tickets for the 2006GrammyAwards this February?
What are your talents?
How many people go into Broadway Composing and dont come out alive?
Best Arts Colleges?
On the coast of Coramandel, dance they to the tunes of Handel?
Guitar for beginners - Where do I start?
is this a good rap song hear it please im only 12?
my younger brother is wearing white tights in the nuter,how do i make him feel better about it?
Is the eastman school of music really so good?
Where can i find a 2-4 minute teen monologue??
What should i buy if i want to learn to play the violin?
Would this guitar be too big for me? comment please?
how do you build criss angel's levitation gimmick?
Where can i get help with script writing online?
Is the Yamaha FG700S folk acoustic guitar any good? And what does the "folk" really mean?
Is learning guitar difficult?
vocal exercises for the bass/bass-baritone voice type?
Alto-Range Broadway Songs?
are there any colleges that major in performing and media arts? if so what are they?
What are the best books to own as future screenwriter/filmmaker?
How to learn to use the Synthesizer?
should i use a left handed guitar?
what are good online drum stores?
whats a good name for a white guitar?
Do you enjoy acting? As in, would you enjoy playing a big part in a Play?
How Do I Improve My Memorization Skills and Confidence While Dancing?
how can i improve my falsetto??
Where can i find online sheet music for flute?
What do you think of this song my buddy and i wrote?
Does cultural arts include performing arts?
What are some good love songs?
What would be an interesting talent for a pagaent?
do you need to sing to become an actress?
Anywhere I can buy online personlized Guitar Picks?
how do i get better at ballet?
Hi I think moi biological mum's pretend sister tried to hurt moi?
Would it be awkward for two girls to sing a girl/guy duet?
Trumpet improvisation?
Do talent agencys support music?
Good Drumming technique books?
Why do musicians have so much energy on stage and off stage ?
Where would be the best place to get a solo sheet music for "Someone to watch over me" by the gershwin bro's?
What are some cool acoustic guitar songs that i can sing to get me laid?
IS this trumpet good for the 6th grade.I need a cheap one.Check this one out..?
what is your natural talent?
How do I keep my voice from craking or drying out?
can anyone help me to find a website for learning how to make a good mag cover ??
Will dancing for Juilliard bring be happiness?
So I start marching band camp this week...?
Who teaches the contortion.?
How do i become an actress, singer, and/or a musician?
How does a violin produce sound as compared to a guitar?
How to write music on a bass guitar?
What was the cause of Beethoven's death?
Whats the switch on my guitar?
what is you all time favorite broadway play?
Cyrano de Bergerac Help?
Please critique my piano playing?
How much does it cost to re-lacquer a trumpet?
Which acoustic electric would you recomend?
Is this a good brand of guitar?
Flute anyone?
How much money do opera singers make?
How can I hit the whistle register!?!?
How do I re-learn the clarinet?
need feedback on this metal sample?
How do i sing with my diaphragm? 10 POINTS!?
what does the american dance therapy association actually do?
What program do you use so when you type it will say it in a robotic voice but kind of sing it?
What is the difference between the Mellophone and the marching French horn?
My fingers keep touching other strings when I try to play the chords (Guitar)?
Is it possible to watch high school musical 2 online for free??
Can a 13 year old die from fright?
Help to identify the brand of of strings or guitar?
If Genevive Nnaji is alive is she still performing?If yes then can someone tell me her latest release.?
PA Speakers - Carvin vs. Peavey?
which of these guitar pieces do you think is more difficult?
Does anyone know where i can get full Translation of ACt 3 Scene 4 of Macbeth Shakespeare?
flute to the saxophone?
What is better as a first guitar- electric or acoustic?
i need a website in which i can doenload digital guitar tuners for free...?
How Hard is High School Level Electric Bass Jazz Ensemble Music?
whats wrong with you ppl?
how to become a Famous classical pianist?
is phantom of the opera considered a play?
How long did it take you to play the piano?
How many songs has Frank Sinatra recorded?
how could i find a acting agent?
Mamianka. Read this. Here's the link to my song. Will you review?
Can you bring a guitar to a musical audition?
How much will Synyster Gates's new guitar cost in philippnines?
Help with trumpet mouthpiece?
Is it best to learn tablature or standard notation to learn acoustic fingerpicking?
have you ever self taught yourself how to play an instrument?
As a beginning guitar player how long will it be until I can master this song?
Is mariah carey completely insane or am I just a bottle of mayo?
Has modern dance made dance available to all kinds of people? how exactly?
Funny monologues for pre teen girls?
Are you jealous of me because..?
How exactly does a screenwriter come about getting an agent?
where can I find quality guitar lessons online?
what is the bass that Flea used for stadium arcadium?
What songs were the Yardbirds best known for and what were they famous for creating?
What do you do when you feel unmotivated?
Interesting tour help..??!!?
What is the difference between a violin & a fiddle?
My daughter is 12 years old and would like to start playing the guitar. and i have a few questions?
Does anyone know how to find your own uniqueness for guitar?
Instruments easy to learn!?!? EASY 10 POINTS!?
Transposing question.?
Why do people sing better?
What is a good ballad or part of a ballad that can fit in 60 seconds?
A good guitar for a newbie like me?
What's a good song to sing for a solo competition?
what are two ways in which baroque concerto grosso differs from the concertos written in classical periods?
Need Help Finding Female 7min+ Monologues?
Does anyone enjoy singing contemparay christian songs?
How much should I charge for work as a Voice over talent?
What copyright and licensing would I need to perform Brokenville with my college?
What is the History of the Miss Black and Gold Pageant of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.?
does anyone know where i can download london philharmonic orchestra stuffs 4 free?
what is the political reasons why and when noh theatre developed when it did?
Pay scale for the RESIDENT CONDUCTOR of an orchestra like Salt Lake City Symphony, Knoxville Symphony,etc?
How to add fast transitions to videoclip?
Is a fender a good guitar for heavy metal ?
How to sound like a jewish new yorker?
I really want to learn to play the piano!?
Relearning Baritone Horn...having trouble hitting high notes?
Any1 know where to print Tenor Saxophone sheet music?
Is there a college program anywhere for set design for plays and movies?
Is it easy to fit in at French Woods Festival?
Where can me and my band perform in silver spring?
whats the best song from a musical to do for an audition?
Dancer problem? Advice anyone?
should I switch to bassoon or stay with clarinet?
Whats your favorite musical note?
what is an educational podcast?
Where can I find free 60 beats per minute baroque music? I haven't found any yet.?
Broken scale can someone help?
Is it Easy to Play the Ukulele?
I want to be famous so badly!?
I just receive a 6 hole flute and I don't know what comes next... like how do play it?
Help with monologue ?
kkk heres one for ya?
What are some female monologues?
who would be my pen pal?
What is the best and free way to know how much money rock musicians have made and how much money they retained
Auditioning for beauty and the beast?
How is my singing? Is it okay?
Can you serenade with a tuba?
How well is John Robert Powers acting agency?
What is the best Visual and Performing Arts class in College?
how do you get rid of stage fright?
Keyboard question about octaves up?
i want to record my voice for my application on voice talent where can i go?
What song should I sing for my audition?
NAILS! UKULELE! How long is too long?
I can't find any chat rooms in messenger. How can i join a chat room in messenger?
How do you get over a GUY??????
Ibanez SGT122 Sage Series 12-String Acoustic Guitar?
What should I do to become a guitar player?
If "theoretically" someone wanted to make a flute out of human bone...?
how do i become a famous singer (which im going to be).?
what are some really sad depressing orchestra songs???
what drum and bugle corps accept women?
Tuning high E string up to G?
should i keep playing the cello?
Has anyone gone to Governor's?
What electric bass would you recommend to get for a beginner bassist who doesnt have alot of cha ching?
Would you be impressed if you found out i play 4 instruments?
How do you perform a monologue?
A good summer music camp?
what length guitar should I get?
Anyone know the song that starts: Amedus Mozart had a lovely little go cart?
i just bought a blues overdrive pedal?
What dancing class would you recommend?
is it easy to play a guitar?
How does one go about getting to sing for a gospel music group!?
Why does everyone assume that the easiest musical thing to play is the drumkit?
What shops in michigan book gigs for musicians?
What are cheap theatre camps in NC?
What do u think of this guitar?
What song should my band and I play at our high school talent show?
PERFORMING hELP?????????___?
I really want an acoustic guitar?
Who owns the performance rights to Hotel Sorrento?
How to win a chair challenge in band?
best answer 10 points?
"Cats" the movie vs. the musical?
Synyster gates guitar?
how to find gigs to sing (amatueurs)?
Good audition songs for high school musical, non broadway songs?
What is the best way to learn the drum without buying a drumset?
Difference between young couple & old couple?
How to do a "king cobra"?
What's the best piano brand?
UK drama schools: Should I do an acting or musical theatre course?
Performing Arts Colleges in California?
When were Organ Grinder Monkeys banned in the UK & are there any countries where they can still be seen?
Can I start rhythmic gymnastics at 21?
What guitae should i buy?
What's the best piano brand?
When you take acting classes do you overcome stage fright?
which is harder to play acoustic or electric guitar?
What the difference between a Fender guitar and it's Squire counterpart?
I want to learn the elctric i too old??
how can you make the story "little red riding hood" funny/comical?
Why does my guitar pick slip out of my hand?
What can be done about Swollen Vocal Cords?
What are the Job requirements for an audio engineer? (College)?
can you really get a good singing voice through singing lessons?
If I want to go into musical theatre as a career, what type of dance should I take?
why would you even care about this guy?
what song should a 7 year old girl sing as a talent in a pageant show?
Why am I so scared to sing in front of people?!?
how am i suppose to be feel when i sing?
accessories for drums?
I want to know about drum corps.?
What's the best acoustic guitar brand or specific acoustic guitar for an older teen? A few questions! HELP?
Is clarinet a feminine instrument?
Broadway Majestic theater Phantom of the Opera seating help. Center orchestra row B vs H?
Where can I get easy sheet music to practice my readings?
is there anything you can tell me about aminal preforming circus?
Good Beginners Guitar?
Where can I get Cheap tickets for the musical "Wicked" on Broadway?
can I mix Chinese and Japanese arts?
Guitar effect pedal question'? any of u sing?
do guys like girls who can sing?
What is a good trumpet competition to go to and try out for?
New cello sounds metallic?
What type of Ukulele should I get?
What is the standard instrumentation of an H.B.C.U. marching band?
Lack of motivation to do violin practice?
what contributions has sean paul , bob marley and AC/DC have done to society?
what to do about corroded flute keys?
Songs to sing for a 50th birthday?
what are 10 essential skills actors/Actresses need?
Do soprano clarinet and regular clarinet use the same reeds?
NC All-District Solo's?
Creative things to do for a concert?
What Career can I get with a BFA in Musical Theatre?
What is a good site for printing sheet music?
I really want to learn to play the piano!?
how to destruct the world in 5 mins ?
Which one sounds better with a piano- violin, flute, saxaphone or harmonica?
Electric guitar tuner?
how can i make my own music on a piano?
i am a 16 year old boy want become an actor.?
Can somebody PLEASE help me with piano?
what is a good song for a modern solo?
Is this a good headshot?
Anyone know of any places to buy/rent a cello for less than 400$ USD near Florence, SC?
what do we call the japanese art of flower arrangement ?
Should I go to a performing arts highschool ?
What is sexier to woman, being able to sing or dance?
where can i rent a baritone saxophone in california?
is hogwarts for witchcraft and wizardry real?
does anyone know good songs,,?
Any drummers that impacted the world in anyway?
If you are gifted, have you ever made fun of the mentally disabled people?
Violin songs to play such as 'Sad Romance'?
Is flute better than piano, or vise versa?
Songs to sing for a talent show?
What would be a good male baritone to bass musical song for a cometition?
Does anyone know what channel 'the phantom of the opera' is on?
My saxophone is making a poor sound?
is 16 years old too late to start learning an instrument?
What Instrument Should I Learn 2 Play Next!?
Why is my musical intrest always mocked?
best alto saxophone to buy?
Which should I learn?
How to get over stage fright?
Shakespear Unabridged?
where can i find a classical music performance in new york city?
what song should i sing for my talent show plz give me some ideas cuz i cant think of a good song to sing?
If all female actress go on strike, for one year in all world, how we will see new glamours scenes?
What Guitar Should I Pick? Some Serious Expert Help Needed!?
Is the bass clarinet 5c yamaha mouthpiece right for me?
What's the hardest instrument to play? (In your opinion)?
What songs were the Yardbirds best known for and what were they famous for creating?
I have an "eagle" guitar thats identical to a stratocaster ... i cant find any information on it or the value?
Which of the songs on "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. 2" are previously unreleased?
What is a good song for a lyrical hip hop solo?
If you could get any type of ACOUSTIC guitar, What BRAND would you get?
what instrument do you think is easier, the guitar or the keyboard.?
Well I'm thinking of picking up Mandolin (details)?
Did justin bieber really broke hiz foot on stage?
Can you get into the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH if you are under 18?
DANCER HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Soundtrack of your summer?!?
Do you think The Beatles could reform?
Guitar or Drums, which should I play?
"Little" Furgue in G Minor?
How do I become what I want to become?
What are the different schools of comedy ?
How fast can you say 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'?
What are the bad side-effects after an abortion?
Bass Clarinet plays sharp. Any suggestions on how to fix this? ?
Actors did you always have a good vocal presence?
Help! I'm Freaking Out!!!?
PLEASE HELP! I need to know where I can find and instrumental version of All I ask of you?
What's your favorite Broadway musical?
AMTC - Worth the money?
does any one have skip to my lou notes for flute?
What is the best and the worst thing about you as a person?
Good name saxophone?
Is 8th grade to late to start snare drum?
Whys the sky blue?
I just got the Spanish solo in the nuter and i need some pointers?
Simple, alto, audition song?
Is 14 to old to learn how to read and play music?
Is it scary being infront of a crowd? [plz answer this!]?
How do I find a drummer?
I'm looking into buy a Bari Sax, but how do i know if its more suitable for marching or for concert playing?
What makes Jeydon Wales so popular?
What should the set deisgn for the glass menagerie look like?
I want to learn how to play drums, where do i start?
Taking theater in college?
what color are an aliens eyes?
Anyone feel like sharing stuff they wrote with me? i love writing.?
Question about finally following my dream? I'm scared.?
which instrument should i learn ?
What are the music movements of Tchaikovsky's Nuter Suite Ballet in order of preformance?
where can i get a danelectro 63' scratchplate?
Can somone help me with learning the guitar? or give me the link for a good video explaination series?
Do I Sing Awful?? please!
Is there any need to learn standard notation when learning to play solely acoustic fingerstyle guitar?
Tips for an Audition and a Good piece to audition with?
When do you tighten a violin bow?
Pick ups for guitar, i need help deciding?
Why do you H8 Bieber?
Where should I be wth piano? a little over a year in?
Need help choosing audition songs?
what's a good gift for a band director?
Ten Little Indians Script.?
Help! Starting on concert Eflat 2 octaves cromatic scale. HELP! (b flat clarinet)?
Avenged Sevenfold song question?
How to sing like a little girl?
What did you name your guitar?
How do I learn to write comedy?
Why do Bollywood dancers wear those costumes?
What audition song should I sing for Thoroughly Modern Millie?
A teenager want to start playing will change his behavior?
Where do I get started for my solo career musician website?
Am I a decent Guitar player yet? 10 points!?