Performing Arts

Where can I find videos that teach you how to play closer to the edge on the electric guitar?
which is a better dancer and who is prettier?
is bass guitar same as regular guitar?
Is it okay if I learn violin from Youtube? I'm 16 already and there ain't any violin class in my place?
anyone play guitar?.. help! :]]?
clarinet help?
Annie (Broadway Musical)?
What song from phantom of the opera has a high bit right at the end?
where can i sign up for a musical?
What brand is widely considered the best acoustic bass guitar?
who likes dr dre?
Will the South Korean b-boys Expression Crew be performing Marionette in the U.S. anytime soon?
Do you personaly like Phantom of the Opera?
I am fifteen years old and?
u have to sing on here?
can i find some pretty girls who can act as dead bodies to play with?/?
Good acting and stage fright tips?!? Please help!?
what does R&B stand for?
How many "cents" is a guitar tuning?
i've heard that i write some amazing poems that can become songs.i just don't know how 2.?
what scene should i do for drama?
How to become a more advanced dancer?
Favorite brand bass/guitar?
how does criss angel levitate a footballlll?!?!?!
Is Tom Cruise gay?
what does vocal lessons involve? what do you do there? or what questions are you asked?
do u use tremelo picking to play duality by slipknot on guitar?
Learning to play keyboard?
Which should I play Clarinet or Flute?
Where can I buy cheap belly dancing costume?
guitar tabs - what does 6s7 mean?
How much is a Gibson Explorer Bass worth?
Want to learn to play the guitar!?
who started the rituals of sati and ahinsa?
What is your favorite Coldplay song?
guitar help?
I love theatre and theatrical arts and i'm just dying?
Minimizing airiness (flute)?
is it illegal to perform monologues you find online on youutube?
Tips on becoming a drum major?
Do you prefer Beethoven or Mozart? How do you rate them on a scale of one to ten?
Want to take up guitar-Where to start?
what is the most expensive violin in ireland?
Trumpet players.... can you help?
Performing Arts help!?
Do you like to sing? Please awnser.!?
Performing arts group name ?
What is the best guitar pick for a beginner?
Why don't people like it when I play the piano?
is it hard to play the guitar?
what are some good love songs?
Can someone give me the original cast of the musical Bright Lights, Big City?
What are some good thinline acoustic/electric guitars?
How did you learn relative pitch in music?
what is the notes for the battle of the hymn?
What is the best acoustic guitar I can get?
What is a Good Electric guitar i should buy?
How are Martin guitars made?
What do they call the guitar technique that plays bass lines, melody and harmony all at the same time?
Do you play a musical instrument?
How is the guitar jasmine nex s34c?
Should i play guitar or piano and why?
how do i transpose chords?
How do I sing louder in front of people?
FOR GUITARISTS: In your oppinion what is the best brand of electric guitar have you come across??
what is a guitar scale?
Help with acting!!!!?
How do you play the guitar?
First full set,first big show THIS SATURDAY!! HELP?
I don't have a talent?
Singing help?
How long did it take you to become REALLY GOOD AT YOUR INSTRUMENT?
What is the history of the muslim dance called maglangka?
Which flute should I buy?
Which song should i use to audition with?
'm auditioning for a musical and can't sing well, what's a good song for me?
First upgrade to a decent guitar!! Help please?
Do nlpac drama get kids an agent?
How much does an A string on the cello cost?
Would you like to eat an acoustic guitar?
i need to present a warm up for chorus but i am stuck? can you help?
Do you think matching band is a sport? Why or why not?
Has anyone ever been in a violin solo competition, if so tell me how it was??
Whats a good song for a contemporary duet ?
How much experience and talent to be considered an intemediate guitar player?
calculate the sum 1+1/2+1/3+1/4+......+1/n?
Does anyone know of any free talent search websites that offer information and audition sign-ups?
What does " screen play" mean ?
Do you think matching band is a sport? Why or why not?
How many facial expression does human have?
What is the emotion for this Shakespeare monologue?
I'm looking for some more songs to play on guitar?
Help reading a piece of tabluter?
Hey Guys, I have a stage fright problem.?
Awesome songs to sing at a Talent Show?
Bass Clarinet high notes?
Why do so many people dislike Fall Out Boy?
How do you play the overblown notes on a Bflat Clarinet?
Is the 50 dollar rogue mandolin a good one to get?
What are some reasons to go to an opera?
Becoming a contortionist - what's first?
I love Richard Wagner music dramas but don't know where to enjoy them.?
======*****Are cellos used in jazz bands?
Why is my saxophone playing high?
What are the most common keys people sing in ?
Is orange oil suitable for firebreathing?
Help With Electric Guitar?!?
Does anyone know about any pageants in broward county coming this year or next year?
What personality-"quirks" did / does the character RUPUNZEL have in The Shakespearean plays?
Best Martin acoustic guitar for strumming mostly? (indie band sound)?
what is the easiest way to learn to play guitar?
how much for the cello?
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
should i use my design or someone elses?
Musician solo performance?
what can I do with an Associates dergree in theater?
What should I learn to play next?
Hans Beckert's monologue in "M"?
What is your unusual talent ?
Parents forget the fact i want to play guitar?
Female Teen Monologues?
best acting schools in london?
Trombone Mouthpiece Help?
Guitar tuning nightmare!?
Is it better to learn on acoustic first or electric?
Advanced Piano Technique Help- Qualified Instructors Only Please.
Wont the clarinet play the same note?
What song should I sing?
Tempo question for Canon in D?
What's your favorite musical?
Moving from Kansas City to Minneapolis? Good idea or bad?
How to be like a Dancer?
Flute Help?
Guitar pedal effects order?
is india on the worlds stage?
What is ur favorite band and y?
should i buy a yamaha F36S guitar ?
Which euphonium is better?
Why do so many people dislike Fall Out Boy?
Do you know of any good Cub Scout Camp Fire Skits? Needs to be short and not profane!?
Renaissance Faire actors/actresses?
Good website on guitar information?
I want to sing a song at my schools talent show with my friends any suggestions?
guitar help? : )?
How do I tune my acoustic guitar (I have absolutely no experience with guitars at all)?
How to work hard for Juilliard?
when did Louis Vuitton die?
casting calls and talent scout searches?
How to use MOTU Digital Performer for live performance?
I am in desperate need of a monologue. I am auditioning for the Prince in Cinderella on Tuesday...?
how do i become a famous star without singing, acting, dancing or modelling?
How to become an onstage musician for singers..?
how could i find a acting agent?
Child's guitar - need help choosing?
how hard would it be for me to get on broadway?
who knows the number for the ACE Performing Arts school in Castle Hill, Australia ?
where in ohio can i get a acoustic guitar cheaper than i usally would pay for it?
Does Anyone Know Where There Are Acting Classes ?
What are the chords in the minor scale?
Is F Major a "bright" major key?
Want to take up guitar-Where to start?
What (non-string) instrument sounds good with a violin?
Instrumentalists out there.?
How to convince your parents to get you a high quality acoustic guitar that is $300?
The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down?
How do I start to write a screenplay?
Release date for Lestat Cast Recording?
How do you get into Performing Arts School?
What is a principal flautist?
What does A&R stand for?
for anyone who writes songs?
I'm a 'late bloomer' musician, is that OK?
Nuter audition!?
Need a good girl's STAGE NAME. *Will Award Best Answer.*?
How do you write a script and/or screenplay?
is it normal to go through a period of time where you're suddenly not good at you're talent?
What can we call our Musical acoustic duo? Two females?
What is the range of a marching euphonium?
What is the song "a whiter shade of pale" by the band Proko Harum about?
I want singing lessons, but I don't know how to choose a teacher? you like to ask?
Have you used the voice canceling songs in a performance?
Can anyone tell me any tips on the flute?
How does one properly sing screamo?
Trumpet: playing with tightened lip corners?
Hey i am choreographing a contemporary duet on two boys and i need a song to use. Any ideas?
What is your favorite part of being in color guard?
How to start your own pageant?
Are you happy you learned how to play the guitar?
If you find the following assertions plausible, can high heels then provide competitive advantage?
Is Aristotle still right? Is plot still the most important part of present-day live drama and filmed drama?
Advantages of a triple french horn?
Totoro flute sheet music?
Does any one no how to get an agent, i am an actress?
What are your thoughts on Kelly Ripa?
who's starring as the 'Herald of Galactus'?
Who wrote the play No Exit?
I'm a mime. What should I imitate?
where can i find singing lessons/classes in england/birtley??
Good humorous interp piece for a girl?
stage name that starts with M?
Large beer mug ( _ _ _ _ _ r _ )?
musical theater song choice...?
projekt revolution line up?
There's a song from a West End Show called "My Love". I've got a recording of it by Carmen Bright. Which show?
I just realized my voice isn't very good and I'm feeling depressed about it?
Audition help and tips?
How to get into your local theatre groups?/ overcoming nerves?
what are some really sad depressing orchestra songs???
what guitar should i buy for beginner?
help with my voice?
What kind of clothing would an alcoholic abusive loud spoken senile mother wear?
What brand of electric guitar strings do you prefer?
What are some places i can volunteer at if i want to be in the music indstry?
What kind of guitar does Brantley Gilbert use?
What are the tabs for blue moon of kentucky by stray cats on guitar?
is there anybody that can tell me a good way to learn how to play my electric guitar?
Does Connie Talbot (Britains Got Talent) still sings songs?
Why can black people sing better and with more tricks than whites?
Would this guitar be too big for me? comment please?
I need published monologues for Dramatic Interpretation?
guitar tabs?
If There Were a Sandwich Day Parade, What Role Would You Play?
flute playing violin music?
GCSE drama performance ideas?
Any good songs to play on the piano and possibly sing to to impress girlfriends/family/audiences?
question about being a professional ballerina?
Should I keep taking piano lessons?
Am I too old/ heavy to start gymnastics?
high E string on guitar?
Which one of these instruments are the easiest to learn for a beginner?
Learning to read guitar sheet music?
Handel's Opera Giulio Cesare question?
What are good acting classes in Cary nc and what is a good age to start?
What would be the best way to decorate my guitar?
The best way to start an Acting Career?
How do you play a G2 chord?
Pipa chinese instrument question?
Should I still play guitar?
How Much are Tickets for Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas?
Why are certain intervals in music scales called perfect as the 4th and 5th are called?
Would a classical fingerstyle guitarist be able to play travis picking or chet atkins with his technique?
whats a good program for making drum backing tracks to play guitar over?
How do I make my own unique sing style?
How long does it take to learn Guitar?
Different culture-based musicals?
how can i learn to become a ventriloquist?
I have no talent at all?
Easiest guitar question ever? Haven't played in 5 years?
How to become a trapeze artist?
Does the tuning of a guitar have to be perfect in order to play it the right way?
Which is harder strumming chords or finger picking on a guitar?
Can I convert my solid state amp into an effects processor?
How to Write Good Music?
Can I sing please help!?
how do I renew our subscription on the internet. directions on not obvious?
Is it frowned upon to sing a song from a musical you have recently done for an audition?
How much is a poster autographed by five finger death punch worth?
What is the best method of vocal training for rock, pop and country music?
What to wear for fright night as a teenager?
Musicians: Which note does piano gives to flute to help it tune before a performance?
great broadway songs to sing for auditions?
Guitar peg popped out Low E. (Halfway and stuck)?
what insturment is best?
Guitar tuning??????????????
Has an arabic opera ever been composed?
My clarinet is old and doesn't play well, how can I improve it's sound?
International Dance Academy Hollywood Real College?
Guitar Buzzing? (Nut buzz)?
Would this be a good guitar?
Any good songs for a contest?
i need interpretative dance for my grandmothers birthday?
what are some good songs to learn on guitar?
what is the importance of lighting design in theatre?
GYMNASTICS (read)!!!!?
Dramatic Prose Pieces for Forensics?
Please help me!!!??? Guitar ?
What are the copyright issues for podcasting worship services?
How to Quit Piano? Any suggestions?
Where's the best place to get a murder mystery script?
Where can I get free sheet music for alto saxophone ?
what can i do to make my talent agent call me more?
Help with stage names?
Is it worth it ?
Drum Key; key chain. Help?
Do I have a good voice?
Is It Okay For A Girl To Play Bass Guitar?
whats a guitar solo thats easy to play?
How would you describe Luciano Pavarotti's powerful voice?
What, to you, is the best sounding instruments and type of music?
How does a local drum teacher go from 20 students to 40 in 2 months?
What do you think about the Piano?
Talent show song ideas? Middle school girls?
I am entering a movie into a film festival. I want it to be funny, but not stupid. Do you have any ideas?
vocal exercises for someone who loses their voice often?
Do you know of any good acting classes in L.A. Area?
How do I get started as a screenwriter?
what's better: clarinet or saxophone?
How can a 13 year old get famous?
Who do you think can sing Nessun dorma the best out of all the singers you have heard performing it?
How do you play jingle bells on the clarinet?
How much does it cost to Rent a Flute?
what is a good pop/alternative song for a mezzo soprano voice (NOT TOO HIGH PLS! lol)?
Guitar strings and tuning?
why do people hide whats inside,its so hard to draw when they wont let me in?
What book do you recommend for learning the altissimo range of the alto sax (for experienced players)?
Is it too late to learn to play an acoustic guitar?
TIPS for what to do before singing (performance)?
How do you....?
A Cute/Catchy Stage name ?
Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for paino to the song "Dancing" by Elisa?
how can i become a male model at 16?
krsitin chenoweth book?
Can someone help me learn intro to From the Inside Out by hillsong united on alto sax?
how to become famous at 10 Years old quickly?
Can you tell me where a stand-up comedy singer could perform as a featured act in Chicago?
Am i the only one who thinks Miley Cyrus cant sing or dance?
what can you find out about the actor paul robeson and how he played othello in london and new york?
Is it easier to make it in T.V. film, rather than Broadway?
HELP! can somebody give me the guitar tabs for "watch me move" by fefe dobson?
Can you be good at something if you have no talent?
How long will it take to learn Little Wing on guitar?
What to do for year 10 Work experience?
Percussion instruments?
Going rate for playing for weddings and social groups?
please answer......???
Easy songs on Guitar with Barre Chords?
Gladys knight sings a duet with a Latin singer I believe its called feeling good??? I cannot find it anywhere?
What instrument could I easily switch to from clarinet?
What would happen if I liquidised my guitar and than drank it?
٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Can you plug a bass guitar in a guitar amplifier, or do they require their own kind of amplifier?
I'm looking to buy my first electric guitar and need some help with a good brand and model?
Which of these guitars would you recommend?
When i become an ultra awesome rockstar..What kind of guitar (or guitars) should i have?
What should I do with my talent?
I need cool stage names?
hey i want an anchoring script for group song competition....pls help?
I have a mucus (or something) that's constantly stuck in the back of my throat...?
Acoustic guitar fingering help/excersises?
What would you do in this situation? I NEED YOUR HELP FOLKS!!?
Where can I find the sheet music online for Ave Maria?????
Is It Possible?
How can I keep my fingers close to the keys(For Flute Instrument)?
I m going for a audition and i m going it for the first time how do i present myself there?
hey..suggest some programs that can be performed in stage in single?
Everyone time I try to sing for someone I hyperventilate thus causing me to not be able to sing well.....?
I have lots of excperince in singing and acting. I tried some agents but they got me nowhere :(. ?
Is , life is a cabaret, a drag queen song?
Looking for someone to write a song...?
How can a tenor get more power and better tone?
transcribing songs enough for ear training?
Changing guitar pickups?.!!3$3&/@?
This guy i know is starring oposite of me?
How to get a professional film crew?
Replacing the Sound Post on my Violin?
Where can i perform online for free?
Broadway songs for theatre class?
Piano recital in NYC?
Should i cut my hair for my head-shots?
is a parttime acting course as good as a full time one?
i wanted to sing for my talent show but im afraid to sing in front of a lot of people.what should i do????????
What should my next clarinet model be? Or do I need a new clarinet at all?
Okay, your house is on fire and....?
What type of guitar should I buy?How can I learn it?
what are some good effects for guitar.?
Should someone yank Selena Gomez off stage with a big hook?
Can anyone become an extreme contortionist or an intermediate?
How long should it take me to learn tabs on guitar?
Does anyone know where I can get free sheet music for pirates of the caribbean for violin?
what are the types of Indian classical music gharanas?
For Frank Sinatra HS audition do we have to sing the whole anthem?
Band Help!?
how does one determine the cost of a production.+ what percentage does each party get?
how many organ pedals is enough to play most music?
Are coratone guitars good?
Song ideas for an acro/modern duet?
How did Jimi Hendrix learn guitar?
I'm in a play and I need a last name. My first name is rumplesiltskin. Any ideas?
How can i become a better guitarist?
What is the best sound and quality electric guitar?
As a beginner, with next to no musical experience, how hard would it be to learn bass guitar?
PLEASE HELP: Should i stick with being a majorette or should i go out 4 cheerleading?
What is the message in the Phantom of the Opera?
What's the best guitar tuner app?
how does an actor play a character?
How do I get over my stage fright?
Can you disable headphone speaker ouptut on digital pianos?
Theatre major or performing arts lessons?
How do you prepare and perform prose/poetry for Speech & Debate?
my guitar frets seems wrong. help?
How to get into the Curtis Institute of Music?
What are your feel good songs?
Fret Buzz on fresh strings?
Creative talent show ideas?
Is there any reason to learn to play guitar from regular sheet music?
Do you know any good Monologues?
Ukulele Chords for "When you wish upon a star"?
Which of the following is suitable for me? and why Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn?
Can anyone help me with a really good definition of extemporisation(as in Baroque music).?
Is it an advantage to have thinner and longer fingers to play the guitar?
i want to get divorce .i have two kids .and he wants to take one of them or not to ask for divorce?
What is the best way to learn how to strum the guitar?
Guitar and lessons?
Where can I find a Trumpet for cheap?
what does "Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes," mean in Phantom of the Opera?
Need help altering this fun invite? CREATIVE PEOPLE, where are you?? =) ?
my voice is hetting higher?
What guitar does Jack White play on "Another Way To Die" ?
I want to be an actor but were do i start?
How do you play guitar for hours or all day without getting bored?
Audition TIPS!? PLEASE!?
What size acoustic guitar should I get?
how can i cry ??!!! help im having such a hard time?
Will Lady GaGa be touring the UK next year 2011?
Flute players, what does this mean?
What are good recital songs for an "Around the World" theme?
Tips on Vibrato (violin)?
How can you learn to sing well?
Is the Vox ac4tv combo giggable in small venues?
How would you say 'Madame Butterfly' in Italian?
Are De La Rosa accordions a good brand?
How much can I sell my Acoustic guitar for?
How do i get rid of stage fright?
What's the real name of John Wayn?
oboe vs guitar?
Positive modern/contemporary songs to dance to?
How much does it cost to replace a guitar string?
Difference between a dual humbucker or a singlecoil/humbucker on a bass guitar. ?
What is a creative way to switch from tap to hip-hop shoes as part of the dance?
I need a name for a webshow/comedy group. Help?
How can I sight read well?
Guitar Chord Formulas.?
What Song Should I SIng For The Talent Show?
what are some facts about the globe theater?
Is a member of the late 60's musical group Jethro Tull now a transexual?
rate my monologue for me?
What do gymnasts do for their arms?
what information is needed for children to fly solo?
What musical instrument would be easiest for me to learn since I already play piano and a little bit of guitar?
How do i learn to play the guitar please help!?
Good song to sing to a girl?
What is it that opera singers spray into their mouths/throats before singing?
What is the brand of this acoustic guitar?
Does anyone know what channel 'the phantom of the opera' is on?
i am a composer looking for unusual sounds for a percussion piece?
what is needed to write a song?
good jazz songs to sing for a school musical audition ?
Can I Sing!? 10 Points!?
Is it hard to teach yourself to play guitar?
In Shakespeare's play Othello, Did Othello kill a Turk?
How does a vocalist "touch" your senses?
Where can I find a light weight colorguard rifle?
What are your favourite songs of Michael Jackson and Mary J Blige?
I Really Need Gymnastics Help Please?
Why do many people believe they’re a GREAT SINGER and have such WONDERFUL VOICE, while in fact they do NOT?!?
is it ok for a dancer ti lift heavy weight?
What are the dates of the Bare Bones Dance Show at UCI?
can anyone define modern drama?
How much would a Broadway set designer/costume designer make?
If i learn to play electric guitar will girls get naked fo me?
How to get better tone quality in lower notes on trombone?
what's the best p.a. system for a flute?
i am piano teacher. is there any differences about piano education in different countries?
a question on making music and practising ballet?
Can you share an talent agent?
Guitar amp emits buzzing noise... HOWEVER....?
Too young or untalented? (Piano)?
Baton Twirling songs??
What is better: guitar or Bass guitar? (hoping to play electric)?
Female Monologues set in the Tudor Times?
where can I find free videos of live kiss performances?
I need help finding places or websites preferably!?
voice acting?
What is your favorite kind of music?
What is the lowest price for a good banjo?
Height to be a Stunt Double?
What makes the vibrato sound when people sing?
Where can i find O canada music sheet for Alto sax?
Audition for Interlochen?
Do you think dancers r athletic or lazy?
...And Justice For All Bass Drum sound?
Does anybody know any good duets for a female and male voice (for charity)?
Type of guitar strings?
Thinking of getting an electric-acoustic fiddle?
Is it better to change you guitar strings one at a time or all at once?
Where can I get Canon in D for Clarinet solo or duet for clarinet or clarinet&flute?
What should I sing to him?
Does anyone know any good famous tenor saxophone players(or any saxplayers really)?
What sax brand, model & mouthpiece does Boney James play?
What is a good bass cello duet for a middle school player?
What should I sing for rock cabaret auditions?
Funday pawpet show?
guitar soloists help?
How can I learn to play guitar quickly?
Audition Song for Anything Goes?
Does anyone know the lyric from the Vinette Carroll musical, don't bother me i can't cope?
How to Audition for Canada's Got Talent?
Where can I find a script of Glass Menagerie?
What is the percussion instrument used on Pat Metheny's 'It's just talk'?
I'm a soprano and I fear I'm becoming an alto?
What Are Your Top Ten Fav Musicals?
Tips for starting lead guitar?
Learning two instruments at the same time?
Playing Guitar? Help?
Hi. Are there any singing classes open to teens in Seoul, Korea? [English]?
Saxophone yas-575AL????
What should I do to fit the neck heel into the neck slot?
Guitar Scales? (20 characters)?
I am Trying to write a musical! But I am struggling with the manuscript!?
if you switch from french horn to the mellophone for marching band, do you have to play with the right hand?
Good flash mob songs?
what do you think of my voice over demo?
15 year old, female, live in the UK, looking for acting jobs?read for more info.?
Why do people like rock music when it is total c*r*a*p ????
Good song to sing for a talent show?
will guitar hero 3 be the last one they make?
Good songs for singing a Capella for an audition?
What is the English meaning of the word "deuxieme"?
nice, melodic cello solos? No classical stuff, plz.?
Improvising on the guitar?
What is this thing that goes across the sound hole in a guitar?(video in description)?
The Break Pedal Is Soft What Reason This Could Be?
What's the best way to write songs?
where would i find props for advanced magic tricks?
How do we get consuntrate on studies when workig (for job holders)?
Hayley Westenra?
Sorry for the unclear intention of the guitar question? Could I redux it please?
fender modern player strat hss vs tele plus vs jaguar?
How can I get a heavy evil guitar tone?
i thought i could sing!?
Anyone been to see The Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil show? What section is the best place to sit?
Getting into acting help?
How can I learn to play my 4 string banjo?
what are some good songs to play on an acoustic guitar?
Can anyone give me an idea for songs?
how do i get people to stop staring at me?
Is the Bassoon a really stupid instrument or what?
" the first activity in design is imaging " but this would have reinforced the false popular idea that using o
What are the differences between a viola bow and a violin bow? Can a violin bow be used on a viola?
I have a situation......!!?
Which capo would be best to use for a regular acoustic guitar?
Is being a musician worth it?
Advice for portraying teacher with alcohol problem?
What electric guitar should i buy with a 1100$ budget?
What does it take to become a good comedian?
Sheet music for violin/cello?
what are some good songs to get high to?
I'm 25 and I want to learn the violin.Am I too old?
Yall, is James Maslow gay?
Could U plz suggest me any company where my English voice will be used for play back?
Violin lessons in , Illinois, Chicago (Skokie or Morton Grove)?
What are some intense/complex orchestral pieces?
fur elise free online sheet music?
Is It Hard to Play a Song Higher on Piano?
What kind of music can a sigma dm-2 martin play?
Seagull Entourage Rustic Acoustic Guitar?
Strengthen and toughen my fingers for playing guitar?
Can you change the nut on a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar?
how to play a 16 holed harmonica?
i cant find my space, i sign in as independent steed productions,can someone help me find it?
Hello! I am competing in a pageant this August for my local fair. What is a good way to introduce myself?
I want to learn guitar and maybe start my own band lol?
the violen?
If Not Football,Tennis?
where can i find cheap ticket fpr an opera?
is it legal to get a movie script off the internet if so can somebody get me the lnk 2 the script of get smart
Female Musicians - Little Talent All beauty?
What is a good quality starters guitar to begin with a jazz type electric hollow body I am told is the best ?
Where can i find a good agent to start acting in Miami?
I have to sing the Alleluia tomorrow for Church and im really nervous. HELP!!!!!?
which one should I see: Lion King, mary Poppins, or Tarzan?
Who is better in Grease the musical?
How to fingerstyle on a guitar without thinking about it?
Best electric guitar for a beginner?
Do you know something about Odon von Horvat?
what do u think of my guitar playing? (video)?
what make of guitar should i buy for my 10 year old?
What are those things called that you clip onto your guitar strings to make the sound higher?
Tahitian drums?
I need help with my flute solo: Winter Spirits by Katherine Hoover?
i have a guitar but i dont know how i cud sell it for and i dont want to sell it for to less or to highwhat2do
I want some nice songs. Thats easy to sing along and is sliw and melodic! Any help?
Help me find the perfect amp?
Can someone get bass tabs for "Kilo" by Passafire that are correct?
Can I get some violin knowledge?
How do I loosen up my fingers?
Any good prons out there?
is a good horse faster than a motor bike?
how carlos santana holds so long his notes in song europa?
whos the best agent to go to if you want to become an actor?
Do you think I have talent?
How do you play the drums?
Is a Taylor 114ce a good guitar, or is there a better guitar I can get in that price range?
What are the top 10 Guitar Manufacturers to buy an acoustic/electric guitar from?
Does anyone know of any great summer music camps.?
****Alto Saxaphone****?
Sing your favorite song for me?
how easy is it to learn bass 1 or 2? and i have no percussion expierience? a good website?
How do you read rythmns on a tabulate for bass? Is it possible?
Where can I find a monologue for my drama final?
Is this true?
my guitar sounds too deep? :(?
Where can I find traditional Celtic music for feis?
What ever happened to Sasha Alexander after she left NCIS?
What are some popular musicals performed in high schools?
What gear does Mike Patton use live with Fantomas on his big electronic desk with mics, baby dolls heads etc.?
Is the remake of footloose exactly like the original? ?
I changed 3 strings on my violin, to make the sound better, but the D string does not sound well at all.?
What's the song in the nuter where that dolls dance?
Does anyone know where I can find a violin besides ebay?
Marshall stacks?
Why does my guitar string keep breaking?
Ok now, who's funnier Jay Leno or Death?
what should I get for a first guitar pedal?
need help getting into my mix?
Simlar Keys and Scales?
What is my Broadway "Type"?
performing arts industry?
How do we get people to come and listen to our band?
I want to sing in my talent show- I cant hit high notes. What song should i sing?
How can I sing better without lessons?
How much does a good acoustic guitar with bag costs?
Which of these headshots is best do you think?
Is Amourous a good name for a girl group?
Do you play an instrument worse when you're high?
What is a good boy girl duet that can be sung in a talent show?
What musical instrument(s) do you play?
Where can I find just the piano part for Paul Hindemith's flute sonata?
I would like to become an actress?
When you tune on a flute, are you supposed to use vibrato?
"I am giddy, expectation whirls me round.?
How hard is it to learn the guitar?
learning debussy arabesque #1?
How come all guitar teachers give me tablature or TAB when learning fingerpicking?
Will Les Miserables still be in the west end in 10 years?
Should I start playing the drums or guitar?
I would like to attend the Today Show Summer Concert. When is a good time to get there?
Can anyone help me find out more about this guitar?
Violin bow question?
What is the best guitar for beginners?
best websites for model/actors castings?
Best school in Pune for Karate,Vocal music,Instrumental Music classes in PUNE?
What musical instrument is good for a child to learn and not too expensive?
How to find the right acoustic guitar strap for a beginner?
flute music sheet...................................…
I dont get it. There is a chord called an Eb but how does that make sense? It has G A# D#.?
Some good male/female duets?
Did justin bieber really broke hiz foot on stage?
What would be a good set of songs to play in a bar?
How can I join the marching band?
what is siyahamba?
How do you memorize a lot of lines for a play?
for an audition, should i put my resume on top of or under my headshot?
Where can I find popular music without the vocal parts? Like acoustic versions. Is this even possible?
what is the phantom tollbooth script?
If there's a sharp (#) behind a note it goes a note higher right?
Advice on a buying a guitar that fits my needs...?
Auditions at Manhattanville College?
what is a good duet for two teenage girls to sing?
How to memorize marching band music in 40 days?
My Guitar is Making a Buzzing Sound! Help?
Harry Styles shirtless picture?
What is the value of my Emerson flute?
would this be a good song to learn on the guitar?
What is your favorite Broadway or off Broadway musical or play?
What's your favorite Broadway musical?
What was W.R. Hearst's mistress name?
Any tips on how to sing "What's This" from The Nightmare Before Christmas?
I want guitar lessons but...?
how to use bot in audition?
Compare Petrof and Nordiska pianos and which would you recommend? What are strengths and weaknesses of each?
Need help with learning how to "tongue" on the harmonica?
What are the notes for A minor scale for the cello?
Looking for a Jazz costume?
Why do black people always sing so good?
Guitar Center Certificate???
Where can i get the karaoke track for 'purpose' from avenue q for free?
What guitar strap does the edge use on his gibson explorer?
problem with bending strings on guitar?
how to make a spray foam pumpkin?
What are the names of the four string instruments of the violin family?
Absolutely at a stand still with finding a dramatic interpretation script...?
MIMES!, I hate MIMES, how do you feel about them?
Would a guitar be at any risk of damage(warp etc) from sleepy hollows,NY to Alberta at this time of the year?
how many watts is a 1988 CRATE G 60 XL ELECTRIC GUITAR AMP?
Musical Scales (C,D, E, G, A Scales For now)?
is it confusing to play the guitar?
what instrument should i play?
am i a good singer?
How do i get this girl group started?
what should i do to play better on my own?
can i become singer?
What to write in a Bio for a play?
What are schools similar to Interlochen, in Michigan?
How to Adjust Yamaha 275 Alto Saxophone?
if you came back to life as an item of clothing?
ok I really need help.. it's gots to do with music.?
Has anyone heard of gypsy and did u like it?
what is the definition of Rhythmic activities? and it classification?
can u sing good?
is learning any instrument at 14 going on 15 to late?
Help me to buy myself a good electric guitar.?
what songs are easiest to learn on guitar?
How does costumes and make-up enhances an actor in Performance in stage?
What do you think of my singing?
is it weird to sing lion king?
Why do I feel a newbie when I practiced 700+ hours on guitar for 2-3 years?
Is it modesty that holds an artist back from showing his/her creative side?
What's a good story to use with only 3-5 characters? (with dialouge)?
what exactly do i practice?
How can I get over stage fright?
What instrument do you play?
i live in the uk .. what is a good musical to go and watch?
i want to learn to play guitar?
Learning to play guitar?
I really hate my voice on recordings...?
Julia by a German singer Wolfgang?
Who is your favourite musical theatre performer?
Does anyone know any dramatic contemporary female monolouges from plays?
Are violin strings made of sheep fur or guitar strings? What about the bow?
does performing arts discriminate?
What do you think of my guitar playing?
What is the range of income for a Las Vegas Dancer?
Can you tell me some script on stage whose was dead more than 50 years ago.?
any butlins audition ideas?
How do I level out my tremolo?
Why don't my diddles sound right? (video)?
Are drums hard to play?
How do i become a comedian?
How do master classes on an instrument work?
What should I do about my NAKED room mate?
Who remember's Amanda Lear?
How do i clean white marching gloves with Velcro and grip?
dean guitar, yamaha, or fender?
unfinished nuter?
When i play the trumpet, (i'm a TOTAL beginner)why does it sound like fartingg?
question about oscar wilde and rupert everett....?
Dog names?
Hey, does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on the Virtuoso Student Clarinet?
is it too late to learn how to paint when you are in your thirties ?
Hey what do you guys think of my stage name?
Auditioning for SM Entertainment as a Model. Questions!?
Is it appropriate to take an 11 yr old boy to see the holiday ballet "The Nuter"?
When Do the 2013 One Direction Tickets Come Out?
How Do You Play Bella's Lullaby on the Piano?
Which of the following is a long work for orchestra, usually?
What is the best way to learn guitar?
guitar solo?
why can't i sing quietly???
Funny trumpet sound as background for comic actor?
What are these keys and how many semitones are there between them?
IN WEST VIRGINIA: How many people audition for instrumental music for Governor's School of The Arts?
Why do opera singers say "toi toi" to each other before a performance?
is alice in chains performing some of there new stuff on stage today?
Question about Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
Any Ideas on why the 2005 movie Phantom of the Opera received bad ratings?
i am trying to find a song i heard in belly dancing class...?
I have 3 choices for and instrument: clarinet, violin, and flute.Which one?Need someone's influence to pick.
Should I just accept I have no talent and give up?
How do I putv the strap on my guitar?
So who else loves the musical Hair ?!?
what is your favorite musical?
FLUTE VS KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can anyone recommend a book on subdivision or a clear process ?
Would it be okay to wear vans high tops while marching?
Where can i go to get a Motown outfit?
Chair tryouts tomorrow in band... don't know any of the music... help please! :]?
What do you think about girls who plays piano?
Who thinks David Blaine will break the record for holding his breath underwater?
What do you think of my guitar playing?
finding learning guitar difficult?
What would you name this guitar?
Why my acoustic guitar fingerstyle teacher told me to practice 50-60 mins daily? Is that enough?
What should do..not sing the song or sing it? HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
How long does it take to play electric guitar?
Help with buying first electric guitar? (Preferably Gibson?) ?
What do you think of my acting?
i want to adopt an animal, is this proer to wnt to adopt an albino gorilla?
which is harder to play?electric or classical guitar?
Does anyone get bruises from play thw drums (on the insides of you legs)?
Who is doing the National American Miss Pageant in Northern California??
Guitar book for beginners?
Is this a good idea for a high school club?
Learn how to play the guitar?
how to become an actor?
Why dont singers know their place?
which is easier to learn electric guitar or acoustic?
Is anyone else a fan of il divo?
what is the best broadway show in your opinoin?
How hard is it to teach yourself to play the drums?
Could I still play gutair with my small hands?
What are the best brands of violins?
When did the song "Chicken Fried" come out?
Where can I find a list of duets for female voices?
What strings are better for a guitar with high action?
How to improve tone On flute?
Using a pick on an Acoustic Guitar.?
i wanna learn how to sing but dont wanna take lessons out there, is there a way?
How does one become a model?
Piano? Is it worth it?
i need some really catchy acoustic songs to play ?
Creative Skit Ideas for Social Studies?
Is it okay if my guitar isn't perfectly tuned?
Is 15 too old to learn how to play an instrument?
if you went to french woods what do you think about it?
Playing guitar: hard for fingers to move apart?
Please rate this song!?
What accents should I learn?
what are scales and how do you do them?
I am thinking of writing a song, does anyone know any good poems or quotes i could use as the base?
Things everyone does on a daily basis?
Has any one ever heard of a dramafest in Portales?
Can i still be a dancer?
Who is taking drum lessons?
Giorgos Demirci?
How to keep a straight face?
I am singing in a wedding next year and am looking for song suggestions. Any ideas?
What was the onstage question asked of Miss Michigan/Miss America, and what did she answer?
tone deaf?
Who wants to produce my stageplay?
Why did Lecy Goranson leave the show Roseanne a second time?
Does anyone know where to get a flute fingering chart?
if i wanted to record mutalple instruments with garageband at the same time how would I do that with 1 port?
how can I buy Xmas song by Robbie Robertson. Starts with come down to the manger, see the little stranger...?
Does anybody know a general plot summary for the musical wicked?
I started violin one day before my 13th birthday, :D, but is there a chance i could become professional?
i am looking for a serious 8 minute story for forensics (female). i need it already cut and available online.?
I lost my flute, do you know where it is?
Where can I find a cello player in Maine?
how do I know what key to do a guitar solo in?
who do I contact to improve the action on my electric guitar?
What is the difference between a fiddle, a violin, and a viola?
How do parlor style guitars sound compared to dreadnaught guitars?
Has anyone successfully added a MIDI pickup to an acoustic cello?
Stage Performing?
Please help me with my headshot!? Should I use this one?
Help with a single person scene - What do you think about my idea?
Does anyone know how he loves us on guitar the lead guitar riff thing does any one know how to play it?
Colorguard IS a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
learning to play guitar any advice learning basics at mo?
My stomach just made a sound like "Nevermore". Can I get a grant to help exploit its full artistic potential?
What to name my clarinet...?
Pageant Questions???
Who should I contact in New Zealand to start acting?
Should we bring back castratos into the opera world?
How soon do you have to have a d&c performed?
what notes are needed to play photograph on guitar(def leppard)?
husky, raspy or clear?
strings that come with Yamaha fg720s?
What are some good screamo/techno bands?
Can't Find Sheet Music...?
How do you remember guitar chords?
what is baroque guitar????
Does anyone have a suggestions to a girl/girl duet to perform at a talent show?
Is anyone else in love with Lindsey Stirling's Phantom Of the Opera Piece on Youtube?
Good *Pop* Contralto Audition Songs?
how do you tune a guitar using a pitch pipe?!?
How to help a dry voice?
Tuning- Jackson Ps-4?
Acoustic Electric Guitar help?
Anyone have a guitar they don't use and don't need.?
Where can i find, and purchase the multi-colored "RENT" the musical T-shirt?
is college-age too old to start competing in pageants?
Should I quit marching band for orchestra?
I need help on my theatre homework?
is there a difference between a c chord and a c power chord? (10 points)?
Disneyland Paris Parade auditions?
Is the clarinet easier to play than flute?
Where can i find free sheet music for a musical audition? Also, what is a good song to sing?
Violin and flute questions?
Viola 3rd position half steps?
Guitar cords for behind blue eyes?
what are some good beat songs?
what is a good song for a dance recital that starts of slow then has a big finish?
How do you play air guitar?
How can I increase my voice register (range)?
I want to learn the cello. How should I approach it as an adult? Private Lesson? if so where?
flute festival?
Is there such a thing as ''the most difficult instrument to learn''?
can i help the candidate to tune up in an ABRSM grade 2 exam?
How did I heighten my natural range?
If you lived through the 60s, Did you hate the Beatles?
are there any colleges for writing music or performing arts in illinois or indiana? close to oak forest etc?
Any good contemporary dance studioes for 10 year olds in San Antonio?
Is it foolish to write a screenplay on a college c?
Is it possible to use programmed drums in a live setting?
What style of dance should I do for my audition?
is the crafter ashland AFCE10 a good guitar?
I have a right handed guitar but I'm a lefty. What should I do?
What size acoustic guitar should I get?
how to go to britains got talent final...?
Brokback Mountain? What is the draw.?
Why was my question on Once Upon a Mattress Jr. removed?
Legal question about selling musical arrangements?
Where can i get rent or buy a snow white magic mirror for a production?
does my flute has a major leak?
Rhythm Guitar question?
How far can the high e string on a nylon string guitar tune up too without snapping?
What band do you prefer, The Beatles or The Strokes?
guitar tuning?
Did adam have two wives i think lilith and eve?
Is a classical guitar the same as a acoustic guitar?
Is my daughter a good pianist?
Need songs for lyrical solos!!!?
Any good bands with a violin in them?
Is there any difference between a squier strat and a fender strat in playibility and sound?
I CAN'T SING!?!?! Does this really matter?
How much is this guitar worth?
What is a good school audition song for the musical 'Grease'?
What kind of Guitar do you play?
Ability to sing well?
how many toilet sign design in malaysia?
What styles/ genres of dance are incorporated into the dances at cabaret shows?
Should I play the drums or electric bass?
How do you lubricate a flute?
i am left handed and i play guitar right handed?
Is The Guitar Hard To Learn ?
Do You Play An Instrument?
Michael Jackson's thriller sheet music.?
where can i perform as an unsigned artist?
What song do I sing in the highscool talent show?
My friend is learning to play the recorder but has a hand deformity. Are there any known tools to help?
How to play classical guitar with shakey hands?
"It's strange how clouds that look like mountains in the sky are next to mountains anyway" What's the meaning?
How to tune a violin by ear?
What do you know about Nagyvary's violins?
who would be my pen pal?
What is the screaming all about in opera? Why they sing like ghost screaming?
your guitar?
Is it harmful to tune an acoustic to drop c?
What should I wear for a duet I am singing?
Good guitarists answer this...?
What Are Some Of The Best Broadway Shows?
can any one roll their rrrrrs i feel like a total freek when people tell me they can't?
I sing cantralto and need an acapella song for an MLK day audition. The song must be suitable for my voice.?
I need to learn to speak with a Chinese accent...?
Need examples of Christian singers/performers who can't dance or play an instrument?
First open mic in a couple of weeks?
I need some major creative help!?
Fellow Muscians: Do you remember why you chose your instrument/What other did you consider/What do you play?
Tips for playing guitar? Just starting out!?
what's the difference between INSTRUMENTATION AND PERFORMING MEDIA in MUSIC?
Why do you need to learn guitar scales?
whats a good upbeat broadway or oldies song for a 14 year old girl to sing for a solo?
whos your fav on american idol?
Question about acting?
did anyone go to warped tour?
Are electric drum sets mobile?
where can i get FREE piano sheet music for modern songs?
Commedia Dell'arte, please help! Easy s?
How can I modify my Conch Horn to play a full scale?
Americas got talent audition?
I heard that some university marching bands financially compensate you to play for them, is this true?
Is it possible to put a marching snare head on a concert snare?
How to prevent stage fright?
So...What do you think of me as a BEGINNER girl drummer?
What is the difference between constraction paper and cardboard papaer?
What is Erika's last name who tributes as Lady Gaga at Canobie Lake Park?
The Glass Menagerie help?
should i give it a go?
i want to start playing the guitar and be okay in a few weeks any ideas?
Who played Maddy in Quills ?
Is anybody out there a majorette?
Bagpipe Chanter Reed Help?
When are SmartMusic due dates? What time?
How can I overcome my fear of performing??
How do i sing like this?
High School Musical-dancing on ice?
Has anyone ever been in a violin solo competition, if so tell me how it was??
how do u get to the fisher music center?
is it still possible to play a guitar well at my age?
Electrokinesis Help.?
Anyone know the most likely location for the cirque du soleil corteo performance in Chicago?
What are some instruments to play after a Guitar?
Where can I find a travis picking guitar beginner book to buy to learn to read and play?
what are the english lyrics for the song L'evau by the french artist Garou?
Any good guitar theory books?
Who was the phantom of the opera? What did he do mostly?
The history of Rock n Roll in 1 to 3 words (tounge firmly in cheek please)?
What church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, puts on "The Living Cross"?
Why do so many musicians lack emotion these days? Why aren't people striving for their own individual sounds?
Saxophone Scales??
what r the names of sum songs that u can booty shake to?
Whats a good american monologue for the role of 'hattie' in kiss me kate?
Is is possible to learn to play ukelele without having one?
What do you think about Criss Angel Mindfreak?
Polychorus - Echoflanger?
Who sings the Dukes of Hazzard Song?