Performing Arts

Name all the actors that have played Outlaw Jesse James?
Guitar Tab. Ultimate Guitar Help.?
What is the alternative name for a tightrope walker?
good way to learn guitar?
Eletric Guitar - Floating bridge question?
Are there different types of Banjos?
Hey, what's your opinion?
When you yodel the most famous line, what are you saying?
Marcel Marceau has died. What were his last words?
Help choosing a new trumpet mouthpiece?
Do you think these two pieces would be appropriate for a piano audition?
Where i can find free sound effects like Kabuki sounds and other famous sound effects?
Darien Lake Performing arts center Seating?
Sing to boyfriend?
What's a good jazz/Frank Sinatra-esque song to sing for like a talent show?
who plays the role of censor?
Which instrument requires more than one person to play it?
what is the fastest way to learn to play the guitar?
What can you do to get fast at moving your finger and better at guitar?
A little help on my essay please? Musical related...?
What's a good way for me to learn guitar?
What am I going to have to take to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
How can I get a good part for a middle school musical?
What specific model of guitar do I have?
Could I get into Julliard?
guitar tab help?
Drop C# guitar tuning?
Help! I can't get the ligature back on my clarinet!?
can you guys help out and give us names of people that let u send in demos to recording companies ...?
breakdancing class?
do meyer music flutes suck?
I am a voice artist. I have been told that i speak from the throat. How do i learn to speak from the diaphragm
A/B Box questions for Bass/Vocals!?
how is the carvin cyclops bass combo?
Bought left handed guitar but I'm a righty!!!?
What are the best songs sung by a male in a musical?
wtf is this song called?
what will you do if you are unvisible to all for one day?
How can I find someone in Ismailia, Egypt, to teach me the 'Ud instrument?
What is the easiest way to tune a guitar?
Where do I buy a good guitar for cheap?
I know this is a stupid question; but?
How much does it cost to have strings put on a guitar?
How do I strum better?
Hey Brass Players With Braces!!!!!HELP!?
how to become famous at 10 Years old quickly?
Please help me find this theatre play.?
I just got a violin, and it wont make a sound. =S?
HELP! I love to sing, anybody pls give me some tips on my FALCETO! i'm dying to ask advice from anyone!?
how do i hit high note softly on the oboe?
Tips on music counting?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Peavey Vypyr amp problem?
Which is easier to play? Saxophone or Trumpet?
how do i learn to do my backhandspring?
man in the box?
How to ship a Boss Guitar Pedal in mail?
Which professional model Eb Alto saxophone would you recommend?
Please explain the Nuter?
Ideas for Nukkad competition?
how to create skin colour using water colours ?
What Guitar Strings are equivalent to Fender 350L?
What are a few countries where Realist plays were performed?
Tips on metal soloing and soloing techniques?
How to start a girl group?
Why can't everyone sing?
Rockstar: INXS Levi Shoot?
acoustic fingerstyle teacher in southern california chino hills/chino/corona area?
What instrument should I play?
music colleges?
i want to buy a clarinet which one is better?
How to play 16th notes (flute)?
Is a shecter omen 6 fr a good guitar?
Help with translation to Spanish.?
What kind of drum heads should i use on my pdp x7 maple drum kit?
Does any one have any good memorization tips?
Does anyone know what music was used in Mayerling the ballet - choreographed by Kennith Macmillan?
How do actors not get boners when doing sex scenes?
i want to learn to play guitar?
Who likes free Shakespeare in the Park in the summer?
Do you think this girl is a good drummer (with PIX)?
What song should i sing to an audition ?
how do you schedule a tour at the lisa frank factory?
How should i start learning how to play guitar?
What do I learn from private lessons?
How do you read improvisation sheets for jazz band?
What level should a guitarist have after a year?
HELP!Does anyone have ideas!I'm trying out for my schools 3-5Th show choir!?
Universities for performing arts in the UK?
Where would i find BAAM in brooklyn, ny. Egyptia?
How do I get into a good choir next year?
i am auditioning a dance for my schools talent show. does anyone have tips?
A good Monologue In Charlotte's Web?
Clarinet or Saxophone?
What to name my rifle?
Hi, I am looking for a good upright bass size so i can practice?
What are some simple songs to play on guitar?
So i want to be a voice actor, tips?
i would like to know where i can find a african-amreican male lead singer for my accapella group in milwaukee?
What kind of pick and what kind of string 4 ur guitar?
Guitar brand for reggae?
Concerto for Clarinet!!!?
Is it possible to train your musical hear to hear notes and recognize them?
How to learn to play piano free?
How do i get over stage fright?
where can i buy cheap bass guitar and Bass Amp?
Which Aria should I start with????
My acoustic partner is booking solo gigs without me- is this fair?
Broadway shows with 13 year olds?
Backing/Instrumental/Karaoke Track for "Springtime for Hitler" or "Betrayed"?
How do you play the pit on percussion? HELP!?
What instrument should I learn next ?
Is vallejo music theatre for adults or kids?
Does anyone know any good musical theatre torrent sites or links?
How Do i make a B minor cord on guitar ?
What is a principal flautist?
What makes an Agent an Agent?
Honest opinion of my voice?
How easy is it to pick up guitar?
How do i become a successful singer songwriter?
is Andrew M. really bored? or does he have too much time to spare ;-)?
Are there any actual free singing lessons online? Any links would be much appreciated! :)?
Best metal guitar equipment for cheap.?
How can I become well-known/famous?
Can anyone tell me of any UK based websites where I can buy 'My Winter Storm' -the new album by Tarja Turunen?
Which instrument is harder to get good at: Drums or Guitar?
Confidence with dance classes?? Help!?!?
Help!I need a play or speech or a good idea for teachers day. I am in 8th grade.?
where is a good place to find acting agents?
why should we improve our character?
What is the music genre of the scarlet pimpernel musical? O.o?
What is the best tension for a double bass pedal? please read?
tips for auditions?
What instrument should I play?
How often do you have to change the strings on the guitar?
I really want to learn an instrument.?
What is a good song to sing for a children's musical?
Calling all dancers! Jazz shoe question?
How long does it usually take to learn the violin?
Does anyone know what going on tour is like?
what are the kinds of theatrical plays?
Why does keep declining my bass tabs?
Which Bass to Buy for gigs?
Does anyone know where to find a screenwriter's agent?
How do you learn how to read music??
what are some good non clasical songs on the piano that are kinda simple but popular?
Is there a difference in notes between a electric and acoustic guitar?
Is Lance Bass even really relevant anymore?
Im going to drama school to do musical theatre, what tap shoes do I get, and what new pointe shoes?
is this a real magician?
How to get people for Musical?
what do you give as an gift to a female performer on opening night?
what effects pedals can i use for 311 songs?
Can you say something HUMANE about Michael?
Can a person learn to sing??
Im in Drama, and i have a skit i have to do, but im really uncomfortable with it. should i ask to change it?
What is nihavent in Arabic music?
Strumming pattern for Smelyalata by Nevershoutnever.?
First yr going to french woods will i fit in?
How much should I practice?
I Need a Song!?
How do I get into theater?
How To Get Over Fear Of Being On Stage?
Short Audition Song For an 11 year old?
What should I wear for my play?
Tips to being a better guitar player?
I need 15 facts about italian opera fast!?
What's the best CHEAP ($100-$200 range) acoustic guitar?
what is the difference between a 212 fender hot rod deville and a 410 deville?
Have you ever been to an Opera or Ballet?
does hilary duff go out with benji or joel madden?
would this be an appropriate audition song?
Guitars for shredding.........?
3 older celebrities that don't look their age?
What is it called when guitarists completely throw out theory in their playing?
Isn't it nice to have a president who can pronounce words correctly, and construct a proper sentence?
studying opera, where should i start?
Does any one know the name of the music beyonce danced to?
Do you think i got what it takes to become a singer?
Where can I get the piano sheet music for Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'?
Hello, Does anyone know any good songs to be played with guitar?
Where can I go to download the radio versions of songs?
How do you score a Timpani Kit (put down as sheet music)?
do i have a better chance at getting a "Q" anwered if i have a avatar, just wondering?
How to calm nerves before a performance?
how i make mokume gane?
What voice part (1st soprano, 2nd Soprano, etc.) does Beyonce sing?
what is your favorite soap opera?
what type of guitar strings do i get?
How do you fare Singapore produced musicals? How can they be improved?
What is your favorite song on the Piano?
how can i learn how to fake cry intensly?
How do you fix a muffled tuba?
Tips for fashion show tryouts/ auditions??
What is a good Taylor guitar for beginners?
What foods should vocalists eat/avoid?
What are some good interview questions for an ethnomusicologist to ask native musicians?
Hey, musicians out there, some advice?
How do you usually play guitar solo's and licks just like that ? what do I have to learn ?
Is the Martin D-28 the best Acoustic guitar?
What instrument should I switch to for marching band?
Where can I get guitar tabs for Adam Rafferty's guitar cover of man in the mirror?
Whats the best....????????????????
whats some really good i miss you songs of the rock persuasion?
Rockettes Summer Intensive 2011?
what classes do you need to run a venue?
In guitar playing, why are there only five pentatonic scales? Why not eight?
i'm 30 and my dream is to play guitar. Is there still a chance that I may learn?
I have no idea which guitar sizes suits me!?
guitar, pedals?
ever studied in NYC?
What are some of the main differences between french and italian opera?
which is harder, acting, dancing or singing ?
Any tips on how to sing better?
Is it possible to play 3 instruments at once? How hard it it?
what type of pickup for solid body ukulele?
Do Les Paul guitar owners actually know who he was?
How old is Ashton Kucher really?
What all do i need to get into juilliard?
What are you an expert at?
How do you dislocate your arm to become a contortionist?
Need a good Songwriter?
I was just wondering if it's too late for me to learn how to play the violin at 21 years old?
what are some song that are easy to play on the recorder for a begianer?
What are these numbers? Something to do with major scales?
I am missing my front teeth on top can i still form a good emboucher on alto sax double lip maybe?a?
Is the Ibanez JamPack IJV50 Quickstart Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Pack a good guitar for a beginner?
Percussionists that dont play drumset/play something else w/ drumset!?
What is the name of a Verdi opera set in Egypt?
Have you heard of Avalon guitars?
Is playing the piano hard when i know how to play the violin?
How can I keep my guitar in tune?
what are some good love songs ?
Good alto saxophone audition music?
Does anyon know where I cna find an acting adition in Ohio for the ages of 14-16 yrs?
Is it too late for me to start gymnastics at age 11.?
Does anyone know the steps to reel around the sun from riverdance?
I have this old accoustic guitar. . . .?
Where can I find Sheet music of Hungarian Dance No.5 for violin?
Should I get the EHX Germanium 4 Big Muff or the EHX Big Muff Pi? (If money is no issue)?
I like Shakespeare and Art......but my mates say I'm weird?
is 84 too old to learn to play a guitar?
notes to ode to joy for viola?
can you tell if the speech in the video provided could be count as a monologue?
Whats the diff between the Marshall MG30DFX and the Marshall MG50DFX?
Modeling modern confusion?
what are the golden seats box at the First Midwest Bank Center in Tinley Park IL?
What is a good way of starting my acting/modeling career?
what is the lowest-priced, easy-to-find, high gain guitar amp cabinet?
what is a good piano solo to play for competitions?
britains got talent help?
Are there any good electric guitar pedal boards or amps for £130?
where can i get the best prices on an alto saxophone for a begginer?
How do you sign with an agent?
I want to learn to play an Acoustic Guitar, im 15?
i wish to read imani woomere's poems?
What would be a good electric guitar for me to buy?
I found a vintage king super 20 symphony silver-sonic Trumpet for $500 ?
What is the name of the song in the opening scene of The Pianist?
whats your talent? :)?
Where can i get a good guitar meeting these requirements?
Musical Solo Song ideas?
where can i find a nuter doll with a removable head?
How can I learn to play my 4 string banjo?
What's the best way to learn guitar without an instructor?
Although it's traditional to use fingernails to play classical guitar, is it ok to use finger picks?
How to play fast and clean on guitar?
How to convince my mom to buy concert tickets?
what do you prefer violin or piano?
Did Ibanez Make A single humbucker guitar in the Rg series?
When should I replace my reed?
Can all good guitarist do this?
I'm new at guitar, and I'd like some tips on how to stroke?
How easy would it be to learn guitar from scratch?
Motivational 'theme' for a high school dance team?
Is a soprano the same as an opera singer?
How to fill a hole in a bass guitar?
What songs do the Rockettes sing to?
How to become a better dancer?
how much are singing teachers usually?
How do I keep a steady tone while marching?
Belting? Any tips?
what is meant by 5 1/2 g flute?
HELP! How do you keep calm before performing?
I want to become a choreographer but...?
Juilliard Questions?....?
What is the best websites that shows easy Guitar tabs for Begginers?
How to measure drum skin tension?
Is Andrew Lloyd Webber a postmodern composer?
What's your favourite musical?
what's a lyre???
Don't you agree that Gangstas are stupid and lame??
what is a good way for an adult to learn piano?
do you know the jonasbrother number?
Dropped my guitar on its face, dont know whats wrong?
which is your favorite musical instrument?
Was the LOVE show ever filmed? (Beatles/Cirque)?
what is the Enlightenment and when did it happen?
Are their any ritual dances I can perform to make my internet faster?
does anyone know a great musical theatre song? (solo)?
The play 'Godspell' is it blasphomous or no? Honestly please?
Where's the best place to get a murder mystery script?
How do you choreograph a musical?
What would be a good song to sing at a solo night?
How to learn guitar? Fastt?
Does anyone out there have musical perfect pitch? I have a question.?
Where can i watch the Blooper from Wicked where Glinda's bed is missing?
is there a music store in Roseville, CA that sells guitars?
What is the difference between bass and guitar ??
Audition fright/anxiety!!!?
easy and fast recital hair styles?
Songs for a lyrical duo dance?
songwriting question?
What shall i do..? I don't understand. Please tell me...?
How would one get into screenwriting?
Any good jokes about singing/acting/dancing I could use for an audition?
What are some good r&b love songs?
How does the billboard music chart work. What does a number one record mean?
i need a good female dramatic monologue for drama class?
Can I begin a screenplay with anything other than FADE IN?
did kevin spacey make a movie about bobby darin?
What acoustic guitar should I get?
your admired musical instrument to listen to ....please.thanks?
What is the longest time you had ever taken to finish peeing?
Are Indians (from India) the Best Artist in the world ??
Guitar String Gauge question?
Who sings in choir?
song choice for an audition?
Is it better to start learning piano or guitar?
How can I create a skit about the daily life of a king in ancient Greece?
what do you call this type of guitar player?
I want to learn a musical instrument. I was thinking guitar. Is this difficult or expensive to do?
is it possible to play a trumpet through your butt?
what are some interesting facts about frida kahlo?
If I get a right handed guitar, could i get it restrung to a left handed guitar?
Once Upon a December on flute???
is it hard to play guitar??
Is it hard to hard to learn to play the cello without lessons?
what length guitar should I get?
I have to sing a very high note for a recital this Wednesday.?
suggestions for rock style songs?
girls: do you find it hard to play guitar?
Whats the Central Conflict of the Plays "The Bald Soprano & The Lesson"?
Help!! Stage fright issues?
Were doing Grease and I want Sandy!Im black with short hair,but i can act/sing/dance! go for it?what song?
How many symphonies did Frederic Chopin compose?
do you prefer to play an instrument (or sing), act, or dance?
For Clarinet Players.?
dance performance question?
Is this a good idea?
What is a good online degree for Recording Arts?
House of the rising sun, tab do guitar, but vocal instead?
How does one become a model?
i am looking for someone to teach a group of teens the waltz for a sweet sixteen event?
Should I play acoustic or electric guitar?
Which electric guitar should I get (link included)?
Help! Im too shy!?
How do I act like Meg from Disney's Hercules?
do u know a beautiful woman name??
I think i failed the ABRSM Grade 8 piano exam. what do you think?
What do u think I should be model, singer or actor?
What is the best and the worst thing about you as a person?
Beatboxing Equipment?
I thank angelvigilante for his answer but it did not answer my question. Is Kevin Spacey in the UK now.?
Is it easy to teach yourself the violin?
What Dr. Seuss story is General Genghis Kahn Schmitz from?
Is it possible to find a real good sounding snare for under $200?
Help me please?
What is a good song that a 16 year old girl could sing for her church?
How many are accepted into Indiana State University's music program?
How can I improve my voice?
Where/What brand of violin string should I buy for my violin?
What skills are imperative in order to play the piano well?
What would a northern (England) landlady wear?
what instrument should i play?
Sonare Flute - Polishing?
I need a covergirl script ?
what does en exclsis deo mean in a christmas song i heard?
Similarities and differences between clowns and mimes?
Is modeling a good way to break into the biz?
Saxophone help?
I'm looking for a published copy of a play called Almost Love, performed at Playhouse West in N. Hollywood, CA
What does an Acoustic-electric guitar sound like when it's not turned on?
What type of guitar should i get?
how is ballet the same as modern dance?
I got a call frm a woman saying she saw my TVN KPOP STARHUNT 2 video and wants me to see her?
Does anyone know where I could find free Monologues online?
2012 fender american standard, i play all styles, can u recommend amp and/or effects for under $1000?
Good musical theater duet song for two 15 yr. old dancers?
Snoop Dogg or JayZ?
If you were a musical Instrument, what would you be and why?
How hard is it to master theremin?
How can I sing in whistle voice?
I have an Olds Ambassador Trumpet Fullerton CA with Serial Number 601250. What year was it made?
Where are there natural beauty pageants for begginers in the south bay, California?
I want to find musical theatre trio ideas for women, but my search doesn't give me anything good.?
I have a question if i am good.?
60's mod dress for a playy?
if i learn one type of guitar can i play them all?
help with warped tour 09?
what song?
im in need of a really good 2 minute monologue for a female, any ideas??
One minute to impress at an audition - what should I do?
What are some good songs to sing when auditioning for "The Drowsy Chaperone"?
I want to be a model, where should I start?
Challenging guitar piece to learn?
HELP!!I'm undervocal stress... : (?
How cats can you own before it start become?
What musicals can a lot of adults do on stage?
What should I bring with me to music camp?
Music Piece [I heard in a movie] Not sure what it is? ?
I need some great ideas on how to advertise private voice lessons.?
is it hard to learn to play the guitar because i wanna be a rockstar?
Arts RESCUE needed!! How do I make exposed Grahams become harder?
I have written a screenplay, how do I send it in?
does my friend sing good, link provided?
Songs to play on guitar?
Do you know any good acoustic songs i could play?
Do you have to be in marching band to be in jazz band?
Has anyone heard or peformed J.S. Bach's Sonata(s) for solo keyboard?
What amp\effects\pods on my epiphone les paul standard?
Online Guitar Lessons!?
Is John Casablancas a good modeling place?
I am writing a script for a movie. I need to know what kind of person would steal from a con-artist/card shark
Summer Gymnastics Lessons for TEENS?
Is there a band called Ritalin Rats?
J. Donjon...?
where u want to go heaven or evil why the reason?
Why Does Amp Cord Buzz?
Where do i sell antares acoustic guitar?
Does anyone here play the clarinet?
did zac efron and vanessa hudgens lip sing in The Start of Something New?
How do you become a legitimate go-go dancer?
Do you have stage fright?
how can i increase my vocal range??
On average, how much does a musician make?
Performing arts schools?
help on custom bear totems?
How Can I Become A Freelance Music Composer?
Please help me choose a monologue?
How long did it take you to play the guitar properly?
Is my monologue okay?
What songs have female/female duets?
How do I teach myself to play guitar without taking lessons?
Are there any broadway shows i can audition for currently?
What language should I pick? and What instrument should I pick?
instrument question!! ...?
Whats the best guitar brand i can buy?
True Bypass on a guitar pedal?
How do you go about opening up for an artist?
What artist has the longest improvisation recorded?
Do you think I do have a chance?
What music do I write for this?
What kind of factors for portfolios might attract the eyes of judges for application for theatre art ?
What do you think about my singing voice? Tips?
my middle trumpet valve keeps getting stuck only when it clicks in?
Need music for my solo, duo and team performance?
What are the different theatre styles?
what musical instrument is this?10 POINTS?
How do illusionists levitate with no visible wires?
Fun acoustic guitar songs?
Question about guitar notes?
suggestions for rock style songs?
B flat clarinet reed question?
How to read tabs and more guitar questions?
How to learn to play guitar?
can some give me a link for free bass guitar sheet music?
i need a website that i can find the jist of what the broadway musical "cats" is about?
Where can I find a lesson to print out to learn how to play the piano?
Songs to learn on guitar for beginners?!?
Cross Dressing in Renaissance Theater?
Can you help and support this artist ?
how much can i sell a used Buffet E11 Bb clarinet for?
How can I play 'lavender's blue' on the ukelele?
There is no night only day is available?
Whats Your Talents?
How much should I sell my Takamine Acoustic guitar for?
Should we go see Hamlet, The Comedy of Errors, or The Lion in Winter?
Advice on becoming a comedian?
How would I incorporate my skills as a high school band director in the US into helping people world wide?
Any good musical theatre songs for NOT strong singers?
What are the difference between BBb tuba, CC tuba, Eb tuba and F tuba?
Electric guitar noise headphones?
How can I get over stage fright?
Do you hate "Cats" as much as I do?
can left hander play a right hand electric guitar?
where does the phrase as in musical event GIG come from?
jamie foxx had a number one album what was the name of the record?
I get stage fright when I sing in front of people on a stage!?
whats better southern california or ny for an aspiring singer/actor/model/author? a good website?
Do u blieve on white & Black magic ???
Whats the best type of guitar?
Is changing my passive pick-ups to actives worth it?
Is 19 too late to learn the Violin ?
How can I get out of music camp?
What are some tips to sing well?
Please help me, im miserable. I cant play my instruments somethings up with both of my hands?
Will using heavy strings damage a guitar?
Where to buy a very cheap guitar?
How are Bandai anime figures compared to other figure companies?
How do I find arpeggios to fit my solos?
Do you have, or close to, perfect pitch?
So? Guitar Help??
Can somebody tell me tips so i can sing?
can i have an example of a speech choir piece?
sss static information?
I suck at Color guard, what can I do?
Ive got a Drama assesment coming up and i have to do a Monologue for a Bounty Hunter. any ideas?
What to do what to do?
What is a good guitar to buy for an adult beginner?
I got very good voice and i faced so many singing competition but now i m fed up bcoz i m married .?
have you ever done any gigs?
Musically related, waking up at 4:00 am thinking of music Help?
Do you like writing poetry and if so for who?
i feel like i have no talent!!!?
Good upbeat song for audition?
Which instrument should I take next?
Soreness while playing guitar.?
Guitar neck size? Which one?
who does how do I love thee and in what play or poem?
How to act out a song?
Is this a b-flat clarinet?
Odyssee of the Mind? Do they have a web site?
How much would my gemeinhardt flute be worth?
Good tips / ways on improving your vocal range?
what is a good musical to perform in a community theater with a cast of ages 8-18?
what is the best section in band ?
Will guitar effects work with a bass?
What would be a suitable audition monologue for me?
My youth group is looking for some new songs to sing..any suggestions??
What web site sells the monkey/cymbol music box from the 2004 production of Phantom of the Opera?
College Marching Band Question:?
Who is the invetor of the flute fingering chart?
Burlesque Stage Name?
MUSIC HELP! Elements on Music?
Lyric Soprano here or not?
wat is a good guitar i can buy for $300-$350?
What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
what are the chords to the nuter?
Does anyone know the Vera Sanders Monologue from "Smoke on the Mountain"? Or where can I find it?
Any mental tricks to supporting a high E?
What acts or scenes did your director use when you auditioned for A Midsummers nights dream?
I'm thinking about getting a Fluke Ukulele...please help!?
if you play metallica to your nutsack does it make you testorone higher?
What is the instrumentacion of David Amram's "Giants of the Night" flute concierto?
What kind if guitar is this?
How much do piano lessons cost in your country?
when was ballet introduced into colorguard?
Anyone know a duet song that a girl and boy can do.?
what song should I sing for that talent show?
Acrobatics where you drop and dance from two ribbons of cloth. What is it called?
Which of the following are NOT performing at Live Earth?
i would like to have the correct spelling for the artist mimi listschauer?
Could I apply for a performing arts college?
Straining my voice?
How can i sing better?
Good songs for a female, 20's, repertoire?
Where can I buy a version of the orginal Phantom of the Opera script?
Will a guiter tuner work with other instrument, such as a trumpet?
I've been playing the drums for two years now and am now looking for a drum kit, whats the best?
what are the rest of the notes for brahms lullaby on flute?
Question regarding vocal range?
How to belt . . . ?
What scene should I do for my Drama performance?
im a musician. i want to play and sing songs. where do i start?
How does Criss Angel Levetate?
Is it hard to go from tenor to bass trombone?
Where can I find GOOD guitar lessons online?
how do you teach a cat to do a back flip?
how does rick smith jr. escape the locked box?
How to play jingle bells on the keyboard?
I want to buy a guitar?
Does guitar grounding issue require new pots?
How can I learn the art of fire walking?
carears in french horn?
Is there any guitar tab app or website that actually has the right tabs?
Are there any sites where people post auditions for children?
I have no Dance Experience but I want to study Musical Theatre at Sixth Form (College)?
Interpretive reading from late '60s early 70s. Called "The Button". Involves prisoner in solitary and button?
how popular is ballet?
Does anyone know where I can get a really, really cheap Cole Clark ukulele?
is 30 to old to start to learn to play guitar.?
Dancers please help me!?!?
when playing a guitar, if your a righty, do you strum with your right hand or left hand?
Bass Clarinet high notes?
How to refill an already empty cooldrink can...?
ok so i can't choose.?
Can Guitar Center install a strap button on my guitar?
Guitar Tabs?
Under Milk Wood characters?!?
Which electric guitar?
Positive modern/contemporary songs to dance to?
best way to get into theatre and acting?
I need African dancers & drummers for my wedding in Long Beach, CA. Can anyone make a recommendation?
whats the difference between a stilleto bass guitar and any others?
What do i need to become a sith?
Where could I buy an Accordeon in Indonesia (Jakarta)?
Help with monologue ?
How much do you think it'll cost to get Justin Timberlake to sing at a private party?
Im auditioning for Oliver the musical and I need an Audition song, any ideas?
What are good upbeat audition songs?
how to get better at guitar?
What it takes to become a successful classical musician?
Any experience with these guitar kits?
Is there a good video or DVD about the life of brahms? Something like a portrayal of him?
PLEASE ANSWER. question about my voice?
Music Festival: Mixed Duet - Under 18?
how can i find the piece of choral recitation?
If I'm 13, What Should I Be Doing If I Want To Be an Actor (for the camera) or a Director?
Jazz is the BEST kind of dance!?
Which do you think is more superior, Dance or Music?
what is a title for the playbill in event?
If you were to pick one talent that you dont have right now, what would it be?
what is frequency in guitar tuning? I've bought a guitar tuner and I want to tune my guitar.?
Too scared to sing, help!?
How can I teach myself to sing?
Help Please! Singers Advice Needed!?
If I can sing very well but can't go VERY high in notes, can play saxophone very well, dance very well......
Crazy for You musical character question?
i want to email dean gaffney?
Would you take a few minutes to listen to the songs i wrote?
music help??? 10 points for best answer.?
Is Karl Pilkington really that stupid? Or is it all an act?
Good workouts for girl dancers ?
is having a "good" voice only the people who is naturally accepted?
Tips on achieving a clean slur on a french horn?
What are some singable mid-tempo songs?
How to become a pick up artist?
What is the name of the humor Jim Carrey is famous for again?
I just started to play the piano...?
Should I learn the piano or guitar (acoustic) first?
I am a beginner in acoustic guitar?Which is a good guitar for a beginner and where can i buy it in bangalore?
did the Gershwin song Summertime originate before and/or exclusive of Porgy and Bess?
Which is easier to play? And rank easiest to hardest on a scale from 1-10.?
I need to learn how to sing REALLY GOOD in 48 hours HELP ME!?
Are there different sizes of baritone horns?
how is the walking through glass trick done?
What is a good guitar for a beginner but will still be useful, far after I've learned all there is too know?
How Is The Gibson Les Paul Studio?
What makes a good guitarist?
What is the first step in becomming a performer in the entertainment circle?
Looking for theatre software.?
Do I sound good?
Guitar Customisation Help?
do you play an instument?
How do singers/artists sing for one whole hour without visual or any visible hearing aids, on the lyrics?
how do i tuna my 12 hole ocarina?
How does skipping notes affect alternate picking on guitar?
Good songs to play on the guitar?
Do good guitar players play guitar hero?
how can i become way jmore flexible and fast?
Should I Do This?
Anyone have some tips on teaching guitar to myself?
good music to make love too?
Do blondes like "blonde jokes" and do women that dye their hair blonde like blonde jokes?
What instrument should I learn to play for a rock band?
What was the name of the song that Benji's sister danced to on So You Think You Can Dance tonight?
" MOTHER INDIA " . who plays the role of the poor young boy ? Any information about this great actor ?
Looking to mod. my Gibson Les. Any help?
What's the cheapest bass amp with a line out port?
what female disney charactors are at least 5'4?
Are actors allowed to go home and talk about the script?
i need help finding a song?
Does anyone have any tips on how to sing "let's hear it for the boy" from footloose... important audition
What are some easy sad tabs to play?
Electric Guitar Blueprints?
Should I fire our guitarist?
What are some really good upbeat songs with A LOT OF PERSONALITY?
How can I explain a musical arangetram (aka rangapravesha) to a Western audience?
What to do? Sore throat, but have to go to a musical audition!?
Audition Process Sucks! - You Go To College To Learn Right????? :-(?
Ok I am giving my first guitar lesson today and I have a question!?
How to obtain interwiews with Amercan Actors?
Cheap Acting colleges in the uk?
What is a good private music lesson company in Los Angeles?
Audition song for Cabaret - Emcee?
what is rythm?
Best dance song from The Nuter Suite?
What is the most romantic dance in the world? And why?
What's the term in music to describe when people drag out one note, instead of briefly saying word?
music colleges?
i play the clarinet and i lately started to the black spot on my lips what is wrong?
Waht are some easy songs to play on the guitar?
What are good audition songs for..?
Can anyone help me with Agencies? Please?
Did anyone go to the 11/20 Barbra Streisand concert?
I sing well without a mike but when I sing with one I go all pitchy. What causes this?
can anyone tell me?
Why does Christine pull the Phantom's mask off a second time (Phantom of the Opera)?
Does any one play guitar, bass, drums or sing?
New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts?
Is playing the piano hard when i know how to play the violin?
Which one is more difficult to learn, GUITAR or PIANO?
How to use an auto tuner for an accoustic guitar?
know any good places for studying?
Ten Points to whoever knows what this is from?
Has anyone ever performed in the Nuter Suite? If so, what part did you have?
Greek Fraternity Like Name for Schools Step/Stomp Team!!!!?
Anyone Play Guitar????
Joanie Cunningham - Happy Days?
What instrument should I learn to play after the guitar?
I am 20 yrs it ok to start learning how to play guitar?
How good should a concert pianist's sightreading skills be?
how to connect guitar to reason 5?
Solo female musical theater song? For Districts competition?
I need a good song fora jazz dance?
I can sing and dance but i'm afraid to go in public and let them judge me, what should I do?
Jazz piano advice?
What exactly is an acciaccatura, and how do you play one on guitar?
My Flute won't play d but it did yesterday?
If the temperature is zero outside today and it's going to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be?
What are the musical instruments from Mesopotamia?
What is the song Massachusetts by Bee Gees all about and why was it so popular?
How Long Does It Take To Mature Vocals?
do you know any good monologue sites?
What should I wear for my play?
How to Start a Band?
How come Viz can't test the subtitles to the Japanese track to make sure that someone is speaking when there?
Are there any easy and memorable ways of learning to read music?
The Nithari duo are cannibals, are we not the same on the reverse, we eat animals.?
Need free guitar lessons?
what are the names of the different pitches? tenor, saprano, alto ,beartone, what else?
Are these good seats for Allstate Arena?
contemporary opera?
Learning basic acoustic fingerstyle guitar?
What is your favorite Opera?
What can you do to stop stage fright?
Are there any real-time overdubbing programs?
Should i continue to sing? Who would you compare my voice to?
How do I get over being nervous with singing by myself?
Do theatre restraunts pretend they have gigs when they don't?
How long does it take to learn how to play the acoustic guitar?
whos right ? playing a game <--- URGENT?
how does the dlite magic trick really work?
how do i find out about concerts in my area?
Is a violin a good instruments to play?
What was the cast list for The Glass Menagerie, London 1965 production?
Learning to playthe Guitar? (help)?
Good songs to play on an acoustic guitar?
What insturment(s) do you play?
Songs that are good examples of poetry?
What woodwind instrument is easier to play for a petite child, besides the recorder?
Someone sing to me.!? Plleaaaaaase?
Best acoustic guitar for around $200?
I'm experiencing "grunting" when tonguing in the clarinet's high register. How can I fix it?
Pom squad warm up music?
I already know how to dance, and really want to pursue acting, what are some tips for me?
Please rate my poem from 1-10?
Where can slow dancers go to be in music videos and perform on stage?
G&l guitar static problem?
Please read the details:?
is a bach a good brand for a trombone?
I need help picking a song out for my performance. . .?
Which Practice Pad should I get?
Problem with orchestra.?
does any one works for a circus?
Why are people in band class so NICE!?!?
I want to be a model, where should I start?
what are the different classification of instruments(in the orchestra)?
Songs for a Short Film?
What are the different thicknesses of guitar picks used for?
To those that play the drums: how do you train your feet to use your foot pedals? Looks very tiring?
Charlotte Church?
name a cirus ? sorry for spelling i meen where clowns come from?
I need a monologue about Control! a girl growing into a woman! something like Janet jackson album control?
How should I end a guitar lesson?
Anyone know how to play Cat Stevens' song Crab Dance?
Why does everybody wanna learn how to play "slap" bass?
words that rhyme with festival?
Trouble with Guitar Hero Drums.?
Do girls like teenage boys that play guitar?
How are music performances organized at the Coachella Music and Arts festival?
Acoustic guitar strings?
WHO WILL be the President of Mexico in 12 years, unless ASSanimated, by evil Doers,who!!!?
How do I use a metronome for debussy arabesque no.2?
Is the Fender Alkaline Trio Malibu a good good guitar?
Audition monologue for college question?
who is the producer, lyricist, and director of the broadway show "Chicago"?
Need music games for all age in a piano recital, thx?
What is the contact information for Terry Schonig?
What are some good quality ukulele brands?
How are dance classes?
Why don't people believe someone when they say that they can play a musical instrument?
West Side Story Audition!?
Do you think my guitar would look good with a mirror pickguard?
How does a trumpet player hold a high E with a good sound without overshooting to an F or F#?
What does lento rubato mean?
do u think im any gd?
mark rylance appeared in richard the second,live on b.b.c.,2004,where can i obtain a dvd of this performance?
Is origaimi easy for begginers ?
is this too dear please help!!!!!??????
What's a guitar scale and how do i use one?
Guitar Crisis?
tab websites?
Best strings for metalcore?
What style of dance should I do for my audition?
i want to work in states! i come from south africa. i am living in DC. will work anywhere?
how do i become a performer on broadway?
What kind of electric guitar should i get?
Does anyone have any ideas for a name for a girl band?
New clarinet advice?(:?
Starting as a comedian?
Just wondering.... :\?
How do you sing a song like Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas"?
Are penguins naturally good dancers?
Hey, musicians out there, some advice?
Music theory needed for what I want to do?
Where can I buy an Ashton ba150 bass amplifier?
singing with your mouth shut?
How can you prepare to play bass drum for college marching band?
I have to sing a solo in front of my class in a few days and I have no idea what to sing any ideas?
How much should I be selling my guitar for?
Easy songs to play on guitar?
who is sweeny todd???
st.michael's the archangel church,st.cecilia choir?
Guitar fingering position?
What is the strumming pattern on guitar for Bother by Stone Sour?
Does anyone find me the music of ouverture FIDELIO for orchestra or piano reductin?
How to play my ocarina?
What shall i sing?
where can i get a used dance floor for ballet, jazz?
For Serious Ballet Dancers?
where can I find a cartoon about children's musical compositions for a presentation?
Can anyone sing the Star Spangled Banner better then Whitney Houston's Super Bowl Performance?
Music suggestions?
Can you learn how to play guitar?
Are there any online sites that give free ear training?
Is this an ideal Djent Guitar?
Why are violin bows so expensive?
i have stage fright... but only from my parents...?
Which is a good acoustic/electric guitar to buy?
Is it worth joining band just to...?
Rate my guitar playing?
Give me your story about your experience in music?
songs to sing (like gravity sara bareilles)?
Is a pick up on a acoustic violin as good as an electric violin?
what are some easy upbeat broadway songs?
Learning How To Play An Instrument?
I'm a 'late bloomer' musician, is that OK?
How to learn to play piano free?
How can I get into pagents?
how can i look up a dean guitars serial number?
How can I persuade my parents that I need a base guitar?
Where can you study opera?
What song should i sing for the talent show?
Which instrament should i play?
New guitar strings - only wrapped around once :S?
What are your favorite guitar solos of all time?
What's the scale for E2? on guitar of course?
Dancing Queen or Mamma Mia?
is playing a flute cool?
how come when british singers sing, they seem to put on an "american" accent?
Britains Got Talent.?
Where can i make a custom bass guitar?
I've got a chorus concert tonight? Any quick singing fixes?
when is the next america's got talent competition? just curious?
Flute microphone and equipment advice?
how many people play the piccolo?
Performing in front of my class? Help!?
When over the Rainbow's too far, where should I go?
Should I switch to guitar?
I Need Your HELP!!?
Can anyone tell me what make of violin the group scala use on britains got tallent please?
guitar help?
Where can I find the entire script for Lucy's Vitameatavegamin monologue? Thanks!?
When is it the right time to get an acting agent?
when is the next brain surge audition?
What is one gift or talent you wish you had?
is this rare? i can play anything i hear by ear without knowing notes, and i can also play any instriment.?
how do you play an A sharp in third position??
looking for a brief .wav or .mp clip of a crowd chanting "USA! USA!" any thoughts?
Cecilio Violin cvn700, is it good for in between advance and intermediate?
Enter Shikari at The Roundhouse. Seating vs Standing?
Should i go for it? please answer:)x?
how can i become more popular in 5th grade?!?
selling performance rights for a script....?
Music to improvise on...?
Are there any stage musicals that straight guys like?
Good Sacred Choral Piece for Tenors?
Acoustic electric guitar?
Trombone Mouthpiece Help?
i think i lost my falsetto voice PLEASE HELP?
easy guitar songs to learn?
Are there student/rush ticket options at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan?
Which part is making maximum attraction in our body to others?
Show Choir Competitions in Adelaide?
How do the bass peddals work, such as used by Mike Rutherford of genesis on a song called "Afterglow"?
Interlochen Summer Camp Question?!?
Could I learn how to play the piano?
is anyone about to go to percussion camp?
What are violin notes for Mat Redman's 10000 Reasons?
For ladies not girls, Do you think that playing the Piano,Rolling cigarettes and being able to Sing are an?
anyone have any songwriting tips?
How can I mentally prepare to perform?
Aristophanes' play Lysistrata - when was it written?
I want to sing Opera
Questions About the Bass Clarinet?
What are the first things to learn for jazz style guitar?
What is a really good guitar?
the phantom of the opera is my all time favourite song. anyone else.?
What are some things Broadway producers do/are in charge of?
What kind of guitar should I start with?
Is being an actor or actress a lost dream? Is it completely unrealistic?
Is it bad to be 5,11 when your a male dancer, and does being taller make you less flexible?
what is a good musical to perform in a community theater with a cast of ages 8-18?
What can I expect if I become a special effect makeup artist?
how to make my pedal sound good with my new amp?
What should I learn to play?
Help me find decent tickets for Eric Clapton at the New Orleans Arena 3/6/10?
What do you think of learning or playing the guitar for the sheer joy of it?
Do i have to be dancing for YEARS to be good?
What is required in a dancer to join the Royal Ballet School?
Am I a good singer, please answer??!?
What is a good quality brand for ukeleles?
If you're stuck on a desert island what one thing would you bring?
Please help, SCALES??!!?
Does anyone know how much it costs to rent from ZFX Flying?
What are good acoustic songs to play on the guitar?
Are guitar or drums more likeable than piano by audience?
Where can I find a background track for Bebo Norman's "Come and Worship"?
Flute keys are kind of weird?
8th grade-wanna be opera singer?
Do you believe in natural talent?
Why do we say merde before performances? Where did it start?
what is a choral arts society?
Having trouble with my first acoustic guitar?
can someone please answer my question?
How do you start to learn guitar?
To play heavy metal bass?
Anyone has the fingering for chromatic scale section (Right-H) for Flight of the Bumble Bee and Bumble Boogie?
Wushu and splits?
Do you have any tips for my show choir tryout?
duets for two 13 year old girls?
wats a good voice lesson program any one know?
do any of you write scripts? ?
How to calm stage-fright?
Guitar recommendation?
I need theatre help!?
What is the advance price of a cinema ticket and a theatre ticket?
56 Hours?!!!!!?
Bagpipe lessons?
What would you say in a three minute play?
What do you think is the first step to being sucsessful?
movie duet songs? please help?
iv played guitar for a whole year and im left handed and play with a right handed guitar?
What do I need with a Shure SM57?
How do you play WMYB on the guitar?
Contemporary comedic monologues?
What is the advantage of a fretless guitar or bass?
I need help on getting statistics of guitar players!?
Is 15 years too old to start contortion?
Proper pedal use for piano?
What is concert etiquette for performers?
Where can I get an idea/screenplay for a short film?
Is burswood electric guitar a good guitar?
Beautiful violin cello duet?
what did you want to be when you were little?
Tips on learning heavy metal songs by ear?
can i get good at guitar?
I am auditioning for Julia in the play The Wedding Singer. What song will they most likely have us sing?
i am looking for basic music notes or symbols?
I need a tube amp under 300ish?
There is a guitar effects pedal of vintage design using rare transistors. The web has inconsistent info?
How do I break in new heals?
what should i wear to an instrumental music audition?
What do I call this script?
How can I get Beatle songs to put on my Ipod?
Do you like to sing in the shower?
What's Better than This Saxophone?
Guitar Audio Interface for Laptop?
How to start a career in acting?
walnut hill school, idyllwild or interlochen arts academy for a dancer?
What should I replace my Martin DR with?
Have LOTS of knowledge in FLEXIBILITY? Love Gymnastics,Dance,or Contortion? BEST ANSWER FOR 10 Points!!!?
value of this guitar? :)?
Do your eyes well up when you sing with everything you have?
How do I write a basic film critique?
deaf composed music???
What are some good beginner guitar songs?
does anyone have some tips on how to become better at acting ?
Who was the pitchman for lays who said "Betcha ya can't eat just one"?
How do you get the sound of david gilmour's stratocaster?
how do I do Mozart's Laugh from 'Amadeus''?
Making a band seem professional?
tips for playing the double bass?
Performance fright? D: (winter guard)?
What exactly does a lap dance consist of at most strip clubs?
Some one want to learn MAGIC TRICKS?
What Broadway songs should I sing for an audition?
How to be more confident?
What's the best way to write songs?