Performing Arts

How can I learn to play the piano online?
are acoustic guitars sort of the same as electric guitars but with different sound and looks?
is it possible to play a trumpet through your butt?
who is the funniest stand up comedian?
Don Grady Of my 3 sons recorded a jazz record. where can I find it?
If you could be a tree, what tree would you be?
where are you right now?
Does anyone know what is a good site for online banjo lessons?
I NEED help on my Telethon Audition?
musical theater dance song?
Can we still increase our vocal range? (singing)?
Professional Dance Schools?
Acoustic guitar- smoke on the water?
Need help with my guitar.. =[?
In what key does a bassoon play?
dieas for a year 8 class performance on friday!!!?
Solo mime project...?
Is the Mellophone a good instrument to play in marching band?
How to prevent getting your Trumpet mouthpiece stuck?
singing tips?
Song - Everytime I close my eyes Not by babyface but a solo artist?
question about PIANO please help...?
What is it that makes a guitar easier to play than other guitars? And what is it that makes it sound good?
Can anyone recommend a good beginning guitar instructor in MN (preferably in the South TC suburbs)?
What type of dance must I learn to stand a good chance of performing in Musical Theatre in the future?
World's most popular violist?
which dci bluecoats show is the one where the guard takes the drumline's jackets off?
What to do after learning the chords on an acoustic guitar?
Please help with connecting guitar hero world tour, guitar drums and mic so that they all play at same time on?
My acoustic guitar strings are too far from neck, what should I do?
what are some good songs rite now 4-12-10?
What are good songs appropirate for girls ages 5-9?
How do you choose chord progressions when writing a song?
What are really good drama schools?
what are the lyrics to the theme song of wicked?
Electric guitar????????
Which musical instrument would you love to be brilliant at playing?
What are the notes and positions to the A scale on trombone? (A, not Ab)?
Is it better to learn on acoustic first or electric?
Where can my high school band perform in New yrok City?
Performing Shakespeare Sonnet??
What level is the nyssma solo: Caro Mio Ben?
So, is it vital to know ballet if you want to play Christine Daae in the Phantom of the Opera?
Question about these Violin Outfits?
Have you ever drawn a little smily face on your genitals and then danced naked in front of an audience?
How to write an awesome drum solo?
Duets From Musicals. Any Ideas?
What is the address and contact number of Pandavani exponent Teejan Bai?
Question about Scottish dancing.?
any ideas for a monolouge?
what information is needed for children to fly solo?
Where can i find a prop list for "The Music Man"?
does anyone know of a good public speaking course in London?
Can you carve designs into clarinet bells?
What do you think of Hearing actors acting as deaf people?
What do you think about this? (if you have drumming experience that could help answer this)?
How tall for a Bari sax?
Should I learn to play acoustic guitar or piano?
Why does voice get higher when I'm doing standup?
What is a good Pop/Rock Audition song? Female Voice!?
Anyone know any theaters near Gilroy that are auditioning for a musical?
Is the Fender Smart Capo made of Plastic?
"how can we learn the piano ?"?
Where do you go to record a CD?
Piano pieces for intermediates?
How do dancers learn dance?
Does anyone know if the walking dead t.v series is casting at all?
Single word about mother?
What's the best acoustic guitar brand or specific acoustic guitar for an older teen? A few questions! HELP?
What are some of the main differences between french and italian opera?
do i sound like this biggest emo ever? lyrics..?
Trumpet to Tuba transition?
What costume would I need for characters especially Benvolio inthe very first scene of Romeo and Juliet?
Everyone time I try to sing for someone I hyperventilate thus causing me to not be able to sing well.....?
Where can you buy a violin over the internet? Websites?
Learning to play the mandolin?
why beatles-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da is the worst song 1st?
Guitar advice!!?!?!???!?
how should a soprano exersize her voice?
a simple wish play title?
building guitar picking speed?
How to remember a guitar breakdown?
Please help! Totally losing it. Musical Theatre Q?
what is the spray stuff that gymnasts and dancers use to make their leotard stay in place?
questions for experienced musicians?
Bridge Pins on my Guitar?
Hey i took a interest in Beat Boxing (making sounds with the mouth) just wondering is it easy to learn?
Would you recommend the Epiphone Les Paul Jr. for a beginner ?
I wana learn play guitar?
how can i drum faster?
Whats your favorite broadway show?
where can i find a biography of Izak Pearlman?
how to play crazy frog on the piano?
What are some acoustic songs that are radiohead and alice in chains like?
Is It Possible To Learn Piano On Your Own?
Tips on metal soloing and soloing techniques?
I do professional stage theater. Can anyone help me with crying ideas?
Anyone have a copy of Virtual Drumline 2????
I am learning how to play guitar?
College Vocal Audition Undergrad?
How long did it take you to understand how tablature works?
FLUTE - Does the E mechanism make a huge difference?
What sort of stories do Commedia Dell Arte characters tell?
Subsidised to commercial theatre shows.?
Which is the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas?
Can someone who did not start young, still learn to play the Saxophone very well?
what should you do if you where in this situation?
Epiphone Les Paul Junior Modification?
Do you think this song is apporpiate to sing at a 7th grade talent show?
Does a normal guitar amp cable work on a bass guitar?
Can you give me the basics to having a great voice for singing?
Reading A Monologue Tomorrow. Need Tips?
Is this a talent? Lol?
Where can i find the script for Little orphan annie for real cheap?
Tips to prevent me from passing out during my all-state choir audition on Monday?
This is a ? For everyone....!?
Good songs to sing for an alto girl?
Emotional Lyrical Song for Male and Female Duet?
i am 32yrs old. i am doing a good job. but still i have a dream to become an artist. is it possible now?
Cello problems?
Why is my violin partially black?
what should I ware to a theme based holloween party. the theme is old movie characters and play characters.?
Fat tap dancing ladies.....?
s to the longest list. Can someone list out all the broadway musical - to - movies there are?
How to convince my band teacher to give me 1st chair?
Flashmob idea songs/choreographing?
Is Chicago Performing Arts Academy a scam?
is there anything without sex?
How to improve non-actors ability to act?
Do you guys know how to ease the pain on your fingers while playing the guitar?
Stilt Walking?
Who loves the Phantom of the Opera with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler?
Good audition songs for Annie?
What are the steps to become a professional actress?
Guitar chord diagram generator?
What are some good songs from musicals that a guy could sing?
how many feet of tape for 40 inch hula hoop?
How long would it take someone who has never played piano before to learn Debussy's Claire De Lune?
guitar chords for HOLD ME CLOSE david essex?
Do you think poems are a good way to express your self at a funeral?
I'm going to be preforming a music solo and I'm nervous, help!?
Why do people hate mimes?
What are some good cheap (inexpensive) amplifiers for an electric guitar?
As a performance artist, how do you keep your 'stage fright' under control?
I Need A Monologue! please send me some?
Is there a way my friend can wire my 4 ohm cart head to his 8ohm randall 4x12 cab?
Any info on this Decca guitar?
How do I get out of doing guitar lessons?
Please any Duet Girls Songs!?!??
Do I look Like the Type to be a Model or a Singer?
Which instrument is the easiest one?
Is it too late to learn how to play guitar?
EVor JBL (for live sound)?
Violin, has it lost its touch?
Dramatic "about me" presentation?!?!?
can't get flute lessons?
i dont know the cause of my guitar buzzing?
How do I learn to become a model/actress at age 13?
what are the top 10 dance colleges in the UK for musical theatre?
Does winning a grammy mean anything anymore?
School pagaent tips and talent ideas?
what shall I sing for my drama school audtion?
where can I find a singing school?
What are some legit modeling agencies in Los Angeles?
Anyone Got A Spare Kings Outfit For Panto...?
Why does my bridge on my violin keep poping off everytime i try to tune it?
does anybody know about a violin school in cebu, philippines?
How is it possible for criss angel to levitate people at home? magicians i need you?
Is 22 years old too old to start a ballet career?
Audition help!!!!!!!!!?
What is a sound bridge, and what are its functions?
Music against my will?
Should I join HS marching band?
Where is the famous Russian Ballerina, Tatiana Riabouchinskaya buried?
Does anyone know where I can get a Phantom of the Opera bag?
What is a good ukulele for 100 bucks or less?
Who do you think is the best musical artist today?
Does anyone here listen to jazz???!!!?
Who makes the Bonetti accordion? Is it an Italian manufacturer?
Easy to Make Musical Instruments?
What musical instrument should I play?
What should a wear for first performance?
What type of guitar headstocks do you prefer?
I can't fit in at work so how do I play the cool outsider?
Need a Name for a Female Gospel Group?
I need help with my acostic guitar! can u help?
Best/Favorite voilin strings?
opinion of broadway??????????????????????????????? please?
What are some playing tips for Shumann's clarinet fantasy pieces first movement?
What is the best website to auddtions for musicals in your area?
how can i sing better when i have a speech deficiency?
Is it quite rare for Guitarists to be able to play by ear?
Has there ever been a successful blind guitarist?
Artists Like the Pianist Yiruma?
Tingly fingers when I play electric guitar?
In your opinion, what is the best musical ever...and why?
Good ideas for a flute section shirt?
What did you think of the Buddy Holly Musical at the 5th Avenue theatre in Seattle?
What is the easiest instrument to play with?
Is this acoustic bass worth getting?
What are some unusual instruments that not many people play?
Where can I find soundscapes and sound effects for a theater production?
i want to name new baby tortilla... what is your opinion in that?
How does a stage hypnotist pick his participants?
Sheet Music VS Tab for guitar?
What key signature is this?
Would it be smart to buy a fairly used, 10 yr old, Martin D-16t for around $550?
What explanation does Lysistrata give for occupying the acropolis?
How much would it take to replace all of my acoustic guitar strings?
Any websites that can give me bass scales?
What do you think of my singing? (please answer) link available!?
Participating in theatre performance and attend drama school are necessary for a career in the film industry?
A good song for a 6 year old to sing in a talent show!?
scene stage name please.?
which song?
is it true you can learn to play drums at 18?
Who composed the music to the broadway musical "Rent"?
some guitar work from me?
hs graduation ceremony STUNT SUGGESTIONS URGENT?
How can I find my TRUE talent?
Is Chopin's Berceuse in Db Major considered a "major" work?
how to play african thumb drum!?
LWWY where in hell is it?
Should an artist have to work for a living?
Are Dimarzio Cliplok's comfortable on heavy guitars?
Is This a decent setup to play heavy metal . Im on a pretty tight budget.?
Do guys really think it's hot when a female plays guitar?
Can sumone answer this guitar realted question(really dum question)?
Can you re string a left handed guitar to right handed?
Need help finding a dramatic interpretation piece?
Concerning the Hobbits tab for the Harmonica.?
A good quality violin that isn't insanely expensive?
What makes a good singing teacher?
What should I do to become a better guitar player?
Should I give up playing my guitar?
how much can i get for a Crate B200Xl half stack bass guitar amp?
What do you think about kids from the age of 3 or 4 taking musical instrument lessons like piano or violin?
How does this online Mind Reader work?
Beginning Bass suggestions?
What makes boys so retarted?
How do you tell if your flute angle is straight?
I sing well without a mike but when I sing with one I go all pitchy. What causes this?
what is a easy, slow love song that I could play on piano?
I have written some play scripts I'd like to get published, could someone please suggest publishers?
When should I go from a 3 1/2 reed to a 4 reed (for Bb clarinet)?
What are some songs like "Who You Are ' by Jessie J?
whats the best dvd that teaches you acoustic guitar?
Violin Sheet Music For Pirates of the Caribbean?
<-------Me..Why won't you sing to me, I'm getting sleepy?
How to play a guitar?
How often should I practice guitar?
Love Drumming, but Neighbours complaining?
How often do Broadway musicals rehearse (how many hrs)?
do you need a electric guitar amp for the guitar to sound good?
What are your favorite radiohead songs??
Tabs for 'A Boy Named Sue'?
Where can I get sheet music for Once?
How can I find an arrangement of this song: Blessed Are by Bob Ahlander of the a cappella group Extempo?
are these songs contrasting enough for a mt audition?
Answer me please.?
Am I tone deaf or not?
What is the name of the opera song that used to be on a spaghetti commercial?
How do I act more sexy?
Why did Nat King Cole sing about love?
what should i name my guitar?
Does anyone know any good, affordable portable drum sets?
Where can I buy a laser harp?
I'm looking for a good guitar company besides the obvious fender or gibson?
Flute Care Kit....would you buy it?
What kind of guitar should I start with?
Why are certain intervals in music scales called perfect as the 4th and 5th are called?
any songs that relate to a "booty call"?
Should I wear a back brace for marching snare?
Please recommend some Broadway songs?
Where can i find phoenix rising by universal jones?
Is there a way I can become a majorette without having any lessons or experience?
What is a good FREE Monologue?
my performing arts commission is based on heroes and villians what should i research and who?
For piano teachers: Is a Grand Piano really necissary to own if I want to major in music?
What instrument to play?
What's the average length and width of a classical guitar?
How do I turn off the wah effect with a Dunlop Crybaby?
How to choose a beginner electric guitar?
Does anyone have the piano letters to the Seize The Day guitar solo's?
What should I look for when searching for potential performing arts universities...what should they have..?
What is the difference in breathing technique for opera and musical theater?
violin strings?
Friends , Romans , countrymen could you lend me your ears ?
should I study theatre arts?
How can I get rid of my cold before I have to sing?
Does Marc Platt actually read and respond to his fan letters? What it contact information?
What kind of guitar do i have?
best websites for model/actors castings?
What kind of electric guitar should i get?
What is in these delightful pleasant groves by henry purcell about?
best colleges for Musical Theatre?
Which is the Best Opera in History?
Is it a good deal if i buy the Line 6 G50 for 200$ for a bass guitar?
can you find the first editions of ebony magazine.?
how do i emo screetch???
Does playing guitar help you sing better?
I need music help quick?
What is a good song for a drum major audition?
How do you know when you are ready to PERFORM magic (ie sleight of hand etc)?
What are some good "open mike night" songs that I could just grab my guitar and perform?
Is Barbizon a good place for modeling classes?
How do I sing with my diaphragm (not my throat)?
Will you watch my youtube video of me singing?
Where can I find a really good Singing teacher In Hartford, Connecticut?
Where I can find broadway songs sheet music for my chorus class?
OKay, what?
Why people tell me i can sing but when i record it i doesnt sound to good ? ?
Should i buy the guitar before or after my guitar lesson?
How to calm stage-fright?
Do you play an instrument? Which one?
Easiest instrument to play?Hardest?
trying to decide a stage name, junior morte,junior cash, junior ???junui?
what kind of music is everyone starved for but nobody is getting.?
Do song lyric syllables have to follow an 8 count?
Mixrcraft won't pick up my mic or audiobox?
The Movie "Three Days of the Condor" with Robert Redford, was the best movie ever made. Give me 10 reasons.
PEOPLE! is this going to happen in college?
Can someone give me a link to Kevin Jame's Sweat out the small stuff standup?
I cant effort to buy a new drum-set so is there any way make a set of drum pads?
how does this sound?
What are some things my county fair could add to seem less rednecky?
My acoustic guitar sounds terrible im a new player?
What is the best way to teach yourself how to play the guitar?
What song should I sing?
is a good horse faster than a motor bike?
How can I become good looking?
What's a good beginner guitar?
How to/tips to ascend in notes VERY quickly on clarinet?
I need broadway songs for a show I'm doing?
Im playing on a bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece on an LR 72 should i go to a 1 1/2 C for tone?
do we still need live performances?
Why do you step off on your left foot in Marching Band?
Musical Keyboard Question?
What is the regular tuning on 5 string base guitar?
I cant sing... HELPP!!!?
Double Bass Fingering Positions?
Can Bass be a Lead Instrument?
Guitar Strap/Strap Locks for Gibson Custom Shop Johnny A w/Bigsby?
Is $400 dollars a good price for the Yamaha Clavinova 300 digital piano?
Questions on "Theatre"?
Basic requirements for high school color guard?
what is your favorite soap opera?
What instrument(s) do you play?
Is there a high A alternate fingering for the flute?
A good song for a 6 year old to sing in a talent show!?
What is a funny two person skit or play scene that I can do?
what is a contemporary monologue?
Beginner guitar?
Where can I find free sheet music downloads from broadway musicals?
Are you a musician? You only had to put in one given word! Easy 10 points!?
Whats a good song to sing?
Another Riverdance question?
I saw Danielle Spencer on The TVLand awards walking with a cane. What is wrong with her?
Whats middle school choir like? ?
How do I play louder on the Bass Clarinet?
First Full Set, First Big show- THIS SATURDAY?
What should i name my Performing Arts studio?
Marcel Marceau has died. What were his last words?
Singing Audition..nervousness?
How to perform the perfect murder?
How can I get a good tone on alto saxophone?
What should i practice to play guitar like this?
I want to learn to play the guitar but I just can't do it?
Which famous or good/great guitarists started to play the guitar at age 18+?
Would it be easier to learn to play piano if i already know how to play violin?
how to audition for the x factor?
Audition Preperation?
Ukulele shortcuts possibly a bad habit?
How can i make money for a guitar?
Where can I get custom-length signal batons/maces?
Help learning a knew instrument?
I want your opionion?
first time going to the recording studio?
How do people do Music Mashups like these?
What's the difference between these Epiphone guitars?
What does it mean when someone wants you to sing match tone?
I keep dropping my pick!?
What is the best way to improve your singing voice?
What Flute Should I Get?
how to play nuter on drums? or any other romantic era music?
Which of these two drum pedals should i get?
Trios for One Alto Sax and Two Clarinets please?
where can i find cheap ticket fpr an opera?
Are you a musician? You only had to put in one given word! Easy 10 points!?
Classical guitar teacher in greater boston?
an essay on shaw's man and superman?
Help with learning guitar?
Guitar effects questions?
what is the most difficult instrument to play ?
i want to become a dancer?
can i use acoustic guitar with pick up as electric?
What is your best talent?
the little mermaid on broadway?
Where would I be able to film videos of my choreography?
Is it good if your Guitar buzzes?
im 14 and i really want to become a professonial dancer how do i achieve that?
I live in Dubai and am interested in taking acting classes, anybody knows any place that conducts workshops ?
what do you think of the Beatles?
How do you play its all right here *guitar*?
Do you know any poetry contest?
Should Young Girls Play the Saxophone?
ok i know some awesome people did a string quartlet for panic at the disco's enntire album so i was wonderin..
Has anyone seen Swan Lake? I am going to see it tomorrow night, it's my first ballet, i am so excited!!?
Who invented the very first piano???
about how long does it take to master sweep picking?
Which song should I do for my next autition?
To improve singing?
Can you learn how to play guitar?
recording guitar with only a pedal?
What is considered stealing choreography?
Ibanez Montage or Michael Kelly Hybrid?
Can you watch rent online?
Heyy everyone, do you think i can sing ok?
An easy instrument to play?
Which song should I sing for my audition? Help!?
Where are there ani difranco myspace graphics?
IMEA orchestral flute?
Help with thumb position (cellists help me out here please!)?
what are some good acoustic/indie bands?
What is the cause of the buzzing sound when I turn on my effect pedal?
What is a good acoustic-electric guitar for an absolute beginner?
Explain certain magic trick?
Are there any good jobs out there for people with perfect pitch?
what is the best seats for a broadway show?
Where is the best place to find monologues from any Angolina Jolie movies??
Who is your favorite Classical Pianist?
How many people attend the BIGBANG sound check parties?
What is it like being a MUSICIAN for Cirque du Soleil? Any idea how much they pay?
How much do voice lessons usually cost?
In 1787 'Don Giovanni' was first performed in which city?
Funny Appropriate Broadway Songs?
Guitar playing habits for beginners?
If you stick food up your butt, will it come out your mouth?
Do girls like guys who can play the piano?
Who should I cosplay?
Drama drama drama drama.?
Why do people hate mimes?
What are some newer songs to play in a spinning class?
HELP - Musical Theatre Audition Song??!?
How to keep a level head when trying to learn guitar.?
What are good cello strings?
best quality guitar for 250-300$ for...?
How can I learn to play my 4 string banjo?
im beginner in guitar.but now my fret fingers are hurt.should i stop plying for a while until my finger ok?
What topic should I talk about for a duet act?
Like, 50 people just saw my butt on stage?
how a painter can become a femous painter?
How long does it take to get used to a sousaphone?
Did anyone watch the Hamlet production at Stratford in May this year?
what notes are needed to play photograph on guitar(def leppard)?
What is it like to be in a DCI corps?
Is Juilliard pre college difficult to get into for trombone?
best band instrument?
Presentation about italian renaissance theatre?
Is it easier to make a living by.....?
Why can't I learn music?
When will the ncs start recruiment?
Am i too old to start learning to play the violin?
Checking out a used saxophone tomorrow--what should I look for?
What would be a good audition song?
I need a good audition monologue?
Why didn't Gustav Holst write an "Earth" movement for the "The Planets"?
new guitar, which is best?
my school is having a talent show and i have no clue what to sing. any suggestions?
How do I get my composition performed?
I guess I have no choice but to quit the guitar?
What is the BEST saxophone you can get for under $4000? (Professional model)?
How much would you pay to see modern dance?
Is Sheryl Crow a squawker?
where can i find a biography of Izak Pearlman?
i have heard that guitar lessons are not necessary to learn how to play guitar well. Is that true?
What should one wear to the Ballet or Opera?
What kind of stand do I need for a China cymbal?
sheet music needed!!!! help?
What is the word used when an actor gives a one person talk or performance?
My daughter is 12 years old and would like to start playing the guitar. and i have a few questions?
acting agent not doing her job right?
Drum major audition help?!?!?! plz?
How to fix a dent on Acoustic Guitar ? Free of Cost?
whats a way to play a c# chord on guitar?
key designers of memphis milano?
what are some easy songs to learn on a acoustic guitar? i just started playing.?
This is for a Guitar player?
which monologue?????
What does -1 mean in guitar tabs?
I Need a web address for 'La Fenice' opera house in Venice.?
what is my guitar worth? Yamaha Acoustic FG 332 (Not Jumbo) Bought in 1981.?
Do you guys know how to ease the pain on your fingers while playing the guitar?
what are some words ending in co?
A video where i can watch cirque du soleil contortionist?
Audition Songs!!?
What are good songs to sing on guitar?
Guitar Frets?
Was Shirley Bassey offered the chance to sing the theme for Skyfall?
Why are there so few good alto parts in musical theatre?
Me and my friend are doing "who's on first!". any suggestions?
Have you ever farted right in someones face, like when you stand up in a really crowded restaurant?
What does a violinist train to, in terms of pitch? A piano?
Are there any websites that can e-mail me when a concert is coming up in my area?
How can i play mexican music on my acoustic guitar and does it have to be tuned some certain way ?
What thickness of guitar pick should I use for Reggae/Ska Guitar?
can you ever be a good guitar player with short fingers?
what does the 's' mean in guitar tablature?
What is the easiest instrument to play?
Audition songs for seussical?
I want to learn how to play an instrument, but which?
I'm auditiong for Drum Major for my Junior year, and we have other Juniors and one Seniors. What could set?
What is a good song with some creepy violin in it?
If you haven't played electric bass guitar in about 3 years, will your fingers bleed?
Flute Players Has anyone heard of the flute brand 'Austin'??
Are there any kinds of honor bands for college students that travel around and perform during the summer?
What could i do better with this?
Can you make a living with a theater degree in Ohio?
Will this speaker cable work for my 5150 head?
Do voice lessons help even if you have a mediocre voice?
How many singers would sing a Madrigal for 5 voices in Elizabethan times?
What is a good song to sing for the talent show?
How much would you be willing to pay for a piano?
Where can I learn classical guitar in London?
What was the first joke ever written?
Which taylor swift song is easiest to play on guitar?
How does one check what year my GSR200 was made?
What songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Any tips on how to beat nerves?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm feeling discouraged in my career in life as a guitarist?
Parts needed to build bass guitar. ?
Taking up violin at age 19?
Can i still be a dancer?
The basics to learning how to Play guitar?
I'm in performing arts in school!?!?!?
Do you know how to play guitar?
What instrument is the easiest to learn? Guitar, Keyboard, or Violin?
Big Breasts = Good Flutist?
what are the requierments for the presidents own band?
how big is a standard size electric guitar?
Would I benefit from two guitar lessons a week from two teachers on occasion you think?
Monologue ideas for drama?
How can I fake kiss?! Help!!!?
Selling guitar, what price do you think?
What are some exercises to extend my vocal range?
Question about stage makeup?
Guitar question?? BASIC?? free points lol!!?
I have a deep voice. How can I make it softer and higher?
If u can play the clarinet will it be easier to transfer to the trumpet since they read the same notes?
Can you be a contortionist without being double-Jointed?
Can I fix my violins bridge?
EXPERIENCED PLAYERS ONLY: A draw hole on my harmonica plays a wrong note. Help?
Where can I find a decent beginner cello for a reasonably low price?
How do I get the best sound quality when doing my own guitar recording using webcan ?
yesterday i was playing the flute and an evil spirit flew out of it, how do i get him to go back?
I am a brand new piper. I cannot inflate my bagpipe bag no matter how hard I try. What could be the problem?
How can I become an actress?
What can i do if my violin pegs wont hold a tune?
Did the grateful dead get kicked out of woodstock?
what is a great way to practice my drumline stuff at home?
should i enter a beauty pageant?
What musical instrument should I learn?
Why are trumpet players so arrogant?
what is my bf name?
Will this dialogue, "Tuesday Lunch," help me in my course in Playwriting?
16 is not too old to start on piano right?
Is there a way to make yourself sing better?
Is "Long As I'm Here With You" from Millie a good audition song?
Do you like playing the Cello?
What is a good arguement to make that bass guitar is better than regular guitar? are there any?
Could I do this song to compete at thespians festival?
Audition songs for sopranos?
when to a directing number?
How can I get into Juilliard?
What does specific performance mean?
If you were a talented singer, would you pursue your dreams or finish college first?
Should I get an acoustic or electric guitar?
Does anyone know where I can get free sight-singing drills?
College Vocal Audition Undergrad?
How to promote a christian musician?
How to teach yourself to play the guitar?
should a quarter size guitar sounds like a full one?
burlesque name help!?
How do I learn to play guitar faster?
What do I look for when buying my first acoustic guitar?
In contemporary dance what is the turn called when...?
Worried About Guitar Strings Snapping?
Help understanding key signatures?
Do you know any good skits about friendship?
Any book suggestions?
If Justin Bieber was about to jump off the side of a building would you......?
what if i just cant cry when acting?
how long for an average person from 0 to descent guitar player?
What the hell happedn to Gary Busey?
How do you strum like this?
are there any good talent agencies in houston?
How hard is Rachmaninoff's Etude Tableu?
Is the piano piece, La Campanella by Franz Liszt, considered to be a sacred piece?
What is the formula for finding a note that is a certain interval below a given note?
Is my flute damaged or Am I blowing wrong? Easy 10 points?
Why are American men phobic of ballet?
1 Minute Monologue??????
What song should I sing?
I need a good audition monologue?
having problems holding bow of my violin?
Classical or Classic Rock?
How long do you have to wait until you can play clarinet after you eat?
wht is the color of my panty for today?
In addition to guidance, should a conductor also be a showman?
what happened with Maurice White?
Hey gals!!! What do you most prefer? A sporty guy or a guy who loves music???
How can i play guitar w my teeth without damaging them?
How do I get over stage fright in one night?
Exercises to start pointe work?
i get really bad stage fright and it's very difficult because i love music?
What is the best way to learn how to play the acoustic guitar?
What is the hardest instrument to play?
What sized guitar do I need?
Whats A Good Song For Me To Sing?
favorite musical instrument?
Shows similar to breaking pointe?
i need help finding a song?
If you get your tongue web piercing can you still play your saxophone instrument?
about violin bows and prices.?
i have a singing audition?
Is bass guitar easier to learn than lead guitar ?
Ideas for songs to cover?
What is a prodigy and why do they fascinate us?
Drama performance for final gcse?
Is this a good guitar?
which is more difficult and easyer ? Violin, Cello, Flute, Guitar ?
Cheap Drum Set, Medium Quality?
How do you avoid strumming strings you not suppose to strum in a guitar chord?
Where can I find Frankie Valli's long version of Swearin To God?
How may I contact Thora Birch?
What's the best concert you've ever been to?
What are some more good Christian songs with fun movements?
For all my broadway lovers, im looking for a solo male musical peice that i can DANCE to for a competition.?
Could I Start guitar Im 14?
Recommend a digital multitrack recorder.?
How do i write a death monologue?
Trying to decide on a stage name?
Who else loves RENT?
Debate club or drama club?
Why is the term guardie degrading to color guard members?
why should we improve our character?
What are some good "rituals" to do before a performance?
Can anyone name...?
i have some questions about the bass guitar?
Am I too old to start learning to play bass guitar?
I'm making a programme for a class production - what do i need to include in it apart from cast and crew lists
how much can i get for a Crate B200Xl half stack bass guitar amp?
Are Dean (acoustic electric) guitars good?
I need to make a paint remover, WITHOUT household lye. Any options?
other good duets like nas's hero ft. keri hilson?
What is vibrato in musical instruments?
Why can't I bass slap on my guitar?
How do i stretch my voice to sing higher?
Question About Playing The Tenor Saxophone?
Why does my guitar make this weird buzz/vibration noise when I play the string?
looking for the website of DGRW Talent Agency?
what is a good drum set to buy?
Can I use Not-Boss adapters for their pedals?
What's the easiest musical instrument to learn and play?
Help with comedy?
PEOPLE! is this going to happen in college?
advice for an amateur solo musician?! (more info)?
where can i get free sheetmusic for a french horn?
how do I get half price tickets to Broadway shows?
I played clarinet years ago, and am about to pick it up again. Used the H.Klose method then. Is it still used?
Do u enjoy reading/writing poetry???
Are these good audition songs?
please suggest me some ..................?
What are the basic steps in learning to play guitar?
How many hours a day should one practice in order to become a virtuoso?
How do I make a flaming coat?
Please rate my poem 1 to 100 and give your interpretations, thanks in advance!?
What can I look for in a vocal coach?
i love dancing- but is there any hope for me?
Are Livingstone electric guitars any good?
Self taught guitar what should i start with ??????
How big is the Kramer Focus 420SL bass guitar?
How do I get over the fear of doing flips?
How long does it take to have a very flexible back(like a contortionist)?
5 importance of arts?
What would you do?
Takamine, Fender, Yamaha, or Gibson?
Butterflies in stomach won't go away?
Tips for being a director?
What careers would be great for me as a musician?
What's the difference between a marshall 1960A and a 1960B?
Is the clarinet girly for girls to play ?
which one should guitar learner watch to play guitar between the note tab and string tab?
Good songs for freshman to walk in with? Captain America themed?
Looking for the name of a song with the following lyrics?
talent show songg?
What guitar should I get?
Jeff dunham's daughter story?
Which guitar is better? Ibanez RG120 or Ibanez GSA60?
Is Active a good drum kit make?
My daugter who is 11 years old she wants to be an actress.?
Is there a band called Ritalin Rats?
Where can I buy a b bender kit for my telecaster?
What do these guitar chords translate as on the ukulele?
My son is starting guitar lessons with a 3/4 Fender guitar. What picks are best to buy?
With only knowing a lot of guitar TABS, can my teacher teach me to play intermediate/advanced fingerstyle?
what are the notes to the "merry, merry, merry, merry christmas" part in "carol of the bells"?
i can't stand my mom!!!?
suggestions for a good guitar pedal?
Britains got talent audition... song ideas anyone?
What is a good christmas song to sing if i have sort of a medium vocal?
Help me decide which songs to sing for my arts supplement?
What does puerto rican mean?
What song is the quote "sing as if no one is listening" from?
How should I continue my screenplay (my script)?
Who else likes The Phantom of the Opera?
Should I play drums or guitar?
Help needed with replacing guitar strings!?
Stringed Instrument?
Guitar Help Please Anyone?
What would you rate the difficulty of, "Babe I'm gonna leave you" On guitar.?
I want to be a movie director..Help ?!?
Piano recital in 3 hours!?
i'm 19 years old , can i start learning how to play the piano in my age ?
What's wrong with my voice and how can I correct it?
where is there a jesus christ superstar free music download?
Marriage of Figaro?
if i wanted to customize my guitar...?
what is a good title for a christmas program?
can good voices are makes or a good gift .?
What Guitar and Guitar Strings Should I Buy?
What is the best los angeles acting school?
im having trouble playing?
Can I play an electric guitar in a snowstorm?
Where can I find a review or interpretation of the Tennessee Williams short play Municipal Abattoir?
would this be a god comedy skit to send to an rts college in the U.S?
How do you transpose alto saxophone music into tenor saxophone music?
Jaffe Strings Method anyone tried it?
How do you act like you're in love?
What is a Divo, not Diva.?
Is Daniel Baldwin Dead?
Does everyone have a talent?
Was called by Barbizon Modeling tonight...?
French Horns?????
Gcse music performance piece?
how to teach yourself to sight read?
Is there a way I can learn what the performers ‘body positions’ are saying in ballet?
how can i learn how to play the guitar when i got no money for lessons?
where is the fuse on a vox ad50vt amp?
Name of snare drum hit?
Do you like Passion's and days of our live on the TV?
How to get this done permanently? Plz help.?
I've got a chorus concert tonight? Any quick singing fixes?
can i become a profession musician?
Good drama festival scripts?
Can a 5oz bird carry a 10 lb coconut?
Looking for the book "Beginning Studies in the Altissimo Register" for sax, by Rosemary Lang?
Which off-broadway play is the best?
When can I tell people that I am a guitar god?
Need an audition song!!!!!?
Can you switch out bass pickups?
How do I stop myself from hitting other strings on my guitar?
Singing is my passion but.....?
Beautiful violin cello duet?
marching band help taking bigger steps?
How to play this round turtle flute?
How can i get out of the boring rotine my life is & do something that i really want to do? Use my potential!?
Do you think poems are a good way to express your self at a funeral?
Is there such a thing as ''the most difficult instrument to learn''?
Electronic drum set or silencing pads?
What kinds of tremolo bridges can i use with my gibson maestro double cutaway?
Which wah wah pedal should i buy?
Could someone suggest a good site for skits and short dramas???
Best cello making company/brand?
What are some good band Ensemble ideas?
The body of my violin, and it's strings have lots of white rosin on it and looks ugly...?
If your a have a bad singing voice, can singing lessons make you better?
I play flute and piano. What should i pick?
Am I A Baritone with Tenor Quality?
Am I breathing properly for singing?
learning how to play guitar?
Can a marshall JVM205H head work without a cabinet?
How much beats does a half note have?
What is the proper way to sing?
magic tricks for kids?
Guitar Speaker Cab HELP ASAP!?
How do ur become a dancer on shows like America's got talent?
What note does he play if I use a capo?
One Direction Concert Expierience?
In the musical, "George M!," is the Director a large role?
How do you find out what kind of strings your guitar came with?
why is the sax your favorite instrument and why?
When do you recognize the piano accompaniment?
Recommended Size/Gauge Guitar Strings?
I think that I can sing good but I don't know how much it costs to try out for American Idol, anyone know?
I need help with a guy who plays classical GUITAR!!?
I need a 3-5 min creative performance idea?
American Songs for violin?
How can I become a Go Go Dancer?
I need a good song for a Talent Show.?
drumming classes?
I have a callback audition. It is going to also include a body check. What should I expect?
String feedback from guitar?
Looking for girls to make a girl dance group in singapore, anyone interested, leave a comment?
Help with Digitech Whammy pedal?
This Youth Star Audition will only accept teenage from what age?
Is it temperature that causes new strings on a guitar to strum itself sometimes?
What instrument should a six or seven year old child learn to play first?
what is the name of the Olympic Theme song played every night on NBC?
What drum pads should I buy?
Bad taste from breathing in, harmonica, any ideas?
What's a talent show song to sing?
what is a good way to begin to learn how to play music?
I want to know how to get Mariah Carey's telephone number. Because I look up to her as another mother.?
For someone that cannot sing, dance, act, play sports, and is not highly intelligent, can they rise to fame?
How often should you change the strings on an electric guitar?
will i get good in guitar without guitar lessons?
is there a recorder for acoustic guitar?
where can i find sheet music for the Army Strong theme?
Should I take up another instrument? If yes, what would you recommend?
Who loves T Pain?
Funny Topic For A Vlog??
What do you think of this soliloquy? Does it work?
How much will it cost to buy new acoustic guitar strings?
Favorite electric guitar?
The Best Way To Increase Your Guitar Strength And Speed?
What are some good acts for a variety show?
Cinderella Monologue?
How do i pulloff on a higher string while the finger im going to do the pulloff to is on the lower string?
What makes a guitar teacher a good one?
whats the difference between a normal strat and a fat strat?
If i am trying to ose my voice should i scream high or low?
Guitarists, What is one thing you never perform without?
How long should I practice my flute for?
How can I position my thumb on the guitar neck?
I want to learrn how to play the guitar.... does anyone know any good sites??
Instrumental version of Human Again from The Princess and the Frog?
Which instrument should I learn during the summer?
How do you know if an AMP has nice tone?
SM/JYP Audition Questions!?
Gig with only acoustic guitar?
How to go about signing on with a talent agent?
What type of guitar should I buy?
acoustic electric guitar for a beginner?
whats the best dvd that teaches you acoustic guitar?
Where can I download On the Dock of The Bay (Sara Bareilles) for free?
What to name my clarinet...?
When and where did the play Romeo and Juliet take place?
What is the easiest way to learn to play the piano...should I take lessons or should I learn over the internet
Alto Sax Country Sheet music? Piano music?
What are the maj/min/7th chords in the key of "C"?
What size guitar should I get?
Can you list some old musicals?
Band nerds: What's your favorite thing about playing your instrument?
Where can I find singing lessons in Marlton, NJ?
Is playing the flute in band dorky?
When will start SM weekly audition 2012?
Why do people learn to play instruments? ?
Good Mandolin brands?
Can you get an acoustic guitar to be as quiet as an unplugged electric?
Hello are an artist as you can show them to the America I am Italian?
Is it better to drink hot or cold water for your voice?
Jimi Hendrix or Mozart?
What is good way to not be so nervous???
How do you eat a whole incandescent light bulb?
who was Linda McCartney's first husband?
Hey, who are some new smooth jazz artists today, (preferably sax and flute!)?
How can you Play "pumped up kicks" by foster the people on violin (1st or 2nd violin)?
I want to write a script of a drama. I have a perfect thaught obout it but i do'nt know how to write.?
Fret buzzing on acoustic guitar! Please help.?
does anyone know where i can find the sheet music for the river flows in you?
What's an Alternate Major?
Stage fright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH.....?
can i pick a electric guitar and amp for my art theme?
Are kahler bridges easy to manage?
Have any of the old "beatnik" style bars and coffee shops survived in NYC?
Drummer of ides or martch?
What musical instrument should i play?
What is needed to become a good musician/guitarist?
I need some good songs to play on my acoustic guitar for people at parties next year at college!?
Funny skits about teaching?
WAAPA Audition song - Certificate IV contemporary?
What do you do at District Band?
i want to be a singer whaen i grow up ware do i start?
I really hate to ask this sort of question, but what RCM level would this piece be considered..?
Is it hard to play acoustic guitar?
Help? Acting classes?
what was Ginger Rogers real name?
Talent Show songs?
Alvarez AD60 guitar or another?
Who knows the secret behind David Copperfield's Levitation??
Can the ISP Decimator G String be used for bass?
Good website to find FREE Broadway sheet music?
guitar tabs to beginning "solo" of this afternoon by nickelback?
is it hard to learn more than one instrument at once ?
show songs?
Is it hard to switch from Trombone to French Horn and why?
Guitarists: What was your first guitar?
What are the key characteristics of theatre/drama, architecture, literature ad music/dance?
Drama Schools In London?
Lowering my guitar's action (strings too far away from the fretboard)?
Are there any good upbeat duets that are fairly new?
Theme ideas ????!!!!!!!?
Has anyone ever met nick jonas?
Is Explore Talent a good site?/?
How to be a musician?
What is the salary for world-leading orchestras?
An overture is he first voice part to enter in a chorus of a Baroque oratorio. True False?
costume idea for talent show?! HELLPPP!?
How much should i sell my guitar hero guitar for?
16+ Performing Arts Colleges?
Where can i buy a Lion Dancing Drum?
Why my acoustic guitar fingerstyle teacher told me to practice 50-60 mins daily? Is that enough?
How do i know im not being played?
Does anybody wanna buy a Country Fair 2007 ticket for Saturday, May 19th?
stratocaster or les paul?
Would you rather be a belly dancer, an ice skater, or a circus performer?
How to get over my stage fright?
How to improvise and shred guitar?
Why is dancing not in performing arts?
How about this poem?
Should i take up acoustic guitar or drums?
What voice type am I? (alto,soprano etc)?
What did you want to be when you were a child ?
i need to know a trumpet fingering?
should i join colorguard?
What guitar did kirk hammett use on master of puppets, ride the lightning, and ...And justice for all?
What is the best Mic and Amp?
Am I too old to learn learn how to play guitar?
A good beginner's guitar?
learning guitar.?
what is the name of the orchestral piece in....?
give me a modern song about someone u love?
Would having glasses harm my chances of being an actress?
Which instrument should I Play?
what are the qualifications for a stunt performer?
I want to persue a career in acting,but I don't want to interupt my education.what should I do?
Closed Hole flute to Open holed?
Can a deaf person become a musician?
what's the male equivalent of a diva?
Can i learn to play guitar entirely from internet?
Will stripping hurt my future career?
Why do some guitarists exaggerate that a high-end guitar (expensive) will last for a life time?
Great guitarist or Greatist Guitarist?
what composer or song would be good for an audition for a music school for a mezzo-soprano voice?
are there any performing arts school like hollywood arts in texas?
does singing with power require strength or breath control?
How do you hit high notes?
electric guitars?
what is the order of karate belt colors? i know white is first & yellow is second & black is last...?
Do i look like a disney princess?
How can i change my voice from low to high?
Ah!!! You've just become...?
How big is the box for a digital drum kit?
Have you been to the Ford Center for the Performing Arts?
what's the name of the rock&roll song which has words "great bolts of fire"?
learning to play guitar?
So what is the best marching band instrument?
I want to learn to play the Guitar, what type of guitar should I buy?
vocals only to practice guitar?
Dancers, convention costs?
Do I sing good!? 10 Points?
What's the difference between P65 and P70 Keyboards?
Classic guitar or acoustic ?
Can i change my reed strength? ヽ(#`Д´)ノ?
What are some good dance songs for lyrical/contemporary or musical theatre?
What is the difference between stage Performance and dance transition?
What should a guy wear to a dance recital?
Is there anything I can do to help my singing voice?
monologue ............?
Im good at acting and id love to be an actor but i just dont know how to start?
How do I get something copywrit?
Im reaally nervous about my trumpet audition, can anyone help?
Which actor do you aspire to emulate and why?
Just wondering?
fun guitar songs to play?
Who holds the record for most Broadway shows done as a child?
I just Bought an epiphone les paul standard plus top...?
Please answer questions about learning how to play the piano? It would be greatly appreciated!?
What's the name of the Japanese folk dance with the red hats after the recital in Memoirs of a Geisha?
Hi Hat not working correctly?
What kind of guitar is this?
What is a good beginner bass, or guitar in the acoustic style?
What is "Pre-Juilliard?" I've heard that phrase before and I'm curious. Would someone over 18 be allowed?
Is marching band worth doing?
What are your favorite oldies songs?
Can someone give me walking directions from Grand Central to the Nederland Theatre on ....?
i want to join fear factor how to join it?
Which electronic drum set to choose ?
were can I find dance classes for my 4 year old girl in brooklyn?
I need a great dominatrix name? help!?
Dance audition for Puck?
What is one early realist play performed in one of the countries below?
What is a good brand of electronic tuner for an acoustic guitar?
What is your favorite musical?